GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 10/02/99
(Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina)

- Before the show, the Accelerator and Ric Flair arrive at the arena, only to be met by Marty Jannetty, who wants to know if Ace did the attack on Blade. The two shove each other, but security keeps a fight from breaking out between them.

- A red BOO limo is shown, with a beaten Derek Brown thrown out of the side of it. The license plate on the limo reads "LH". Joshua Curtis gets a forfeit victory over Brown.

- Titan 3 defeated Trasher with a top-rope neckbreaker, after first causing Trasher to bleed. Postmatch, Animal Thug and Bobby came out to check on their Wolfpac partner.

- A tape shows a replay of Hawaiian Heat-Crusade from February '99. The two then meet in the ring in October '99. After a rigorous fight, Crusade locked Heat into the Crucifix. Before Heat could either escape or submit, though, the time limit ran out, and the match was declared a draw. Afterwards, both men fight to the back.

- Tower is pictured walking into his locker room, followed by Outcast, who hits him with his Singapore Cane. Tower, holding his head, is shown going after Outcast as we go to commercial.

- A still-injured J.Y. Kidd, wearing a protective mask, faced X-Dog, the Internet champ. In a surprisingly long match, the Kidd came close many times, but X-Dog still pulled off the victory with the X-Factor, retaining the Internet Title.

- After Phoenix became distracted by Chloe Barnes, Napalm knocked him down, then used a modified Back Suplex (Agent: Orange) from the turnbuckle to get the victory, becoming the GCWA European Champion.

- The two announcers talk about the attack on Blade, and the many suspects, including the Accelerator, X-Dog, Shag-Nasty, Jannetty, Nightmare, and Wildfire.

- An incensed Marty Jannetty tried his best to defend the tag-team titles w/o his partner, Blade, against Dynamic Dynamite and Shannon Shag-Nasty. He was mostly on the defensive. Midway through the match, Shorty appeared in Jannetty's corner. Jannetty reversed the Dynamic Pain into the Rocker Dropper, but then, instead of making the tag, he knocked down Shorty. This allowed Shag-Nasty, despite not being the legal men, to come in and knock Jannetty out with the Nasty Snap and make the pin. Shag-Nasty leaves with both tag-team titles (with Dynamite following soon after), while Jannetty blamed Shorty for the loss.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 10/06/99
(Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Winston Salem, North Carolina)

- The announcers talk about Darkstarr's forfeit to the Cruiserweight Champion, Shorty, and the current crumbling of Degeneration-X.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin dominates Spaz, hitting two Stone Cold Stunners for the victory. After the match, Crusade walks out and the two exchange 'hand gestures' before he leaves again.

- Animal Thug retains the Hardcore Title in a bloody match that sees property damage all over the arena. It ends when the Thug puts Lan Ragus through the remains of a table with Da Killa from the apron. Postmatch, Michael Breaker attacks the Thug, laying him out, then helps Ragus to the back.

- Outcast, with another sneak attack, hits Joshua Curtis from behind and runs off, leaving Curtis on the concrete.

- Michael Breaker defeated "Superstar" Ryan Reed with the Manbreaker.

- Ace is seen walking down a hallway with a black 'n' white uniform in hand. Someone is spotted following him.

- With the Accelerator as the special referee, and Animal Thug as the guest enforcer, X-Dog challenged Nightmare for the Heavyweight Title in a Casket Match. Marty Jannetty walks out shortly after the beginning of the match, standing by Animal Thug as another "Enforcer". During the great match in the ring, Titan 3 comes out and fights with the Thug. Shannon Shag-Nasty runs out and surprises Ace with a Nasty Snap. Jannetty gets rid of Shag-Nasty, then surprisingly turns and gives X-Dog a Rocker Dropper, in retaliation for X-Dog's accusations about Blade. Jannetty leaves the ring, as Nightmare comes to (after a X-Factor) and rolls X-Dog into the coffin for the victory, staying the Heavyweight Champion.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 10/09/99
(Knoxville Civic Center, Knoxville, Tennessee)

- Chloe Barnes, accompanied by Napalm and Shorty, enters her locker room, only to find it completely destroyed. A note says "You're mine. Titan 3". Napalm crumples the paper, and the three leave the room, with Chloe crying.

- The announcers talk about the actions between Chloe and Titan 3, and how Chloe, abused by the big man, left Titan's side to join Napalm and Shorty. They then talk about the tag-team matches that night. The winners of the three tag-team matches go to a Battle Royale at the end of the night, where the remaining member gets his team a tag-team title shot.

- The Hit Squad won over the Thug-Nation Troopers when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin hit a Stone Cold Stunner on Thug Capri.

- Chloe Barnes is shown being put in a car and driven away from the arena to a safer place. Someone is shown watching the car leave.

- In the 2nd of the tag-team matches, Napalm and Shorty defeated the Acolytes 2001 after Shorty landed the Short Sensation on Farok. After a commercial break, Napalm and Shorty, in the back, are attacked by Titan 3 and Dynamic Dynamite. Before any injuries can occur, the rest of the Wolfpac come to their aid.

- Despite a good fight from the cruiserweight, Crusade defeated Dead Willie with the Crucifix. Marty Jannetty was seen watching the match.

- The Accelerator gives an interview, announcing that the October PPV will be on Halloween night in Atlanta, Georgia. He also accepts Shannon Shag-Nasty's challenge for a match at the PPV.

- In the final tag match, the Ringmasters get the victory over DX Army II thanks in part to Outcast, who knocked X-Dog out with a chair, leaving him easy pickings for Scary Ass Clown's Pogo Stick. The Ringmasters go on to the Battle Royale.

- Napalm is searching throughout the arena for Titan 3, despite Shorty's attempts to calm him down. After a commecial break, with his opponent, Trasher, waiting in the ring for his European Title shot, Napalm finds Titan 3 and fights him, with both falling down a flight of stairs during their brawl. The two are broken up by security. The match doesn't occur.

- Members of the Hit Squad, the Ringmasters, and Napalm and Shorty all come in for the Battle Royale for the Tag-Team Title shot. Shannon Shag-Nasty and Dynamic Dynamite, the champions, watch at ringside. During the match, Trasher is shown in the back, torching Dynamite's car. Dynamite immediately runs to the back. Elimination order: Hawaiian Heat is grabbed by the throat by the Boogy Man and tossed out; Shorty gets clotheslined over by Austin; Napalm catches Scary Ass Clown on the run and tosses him over; the Boogy Man tosses Austin over the ropes; finally, after Scary Ass Clown grabs Napalm's leg from the outside, the Boogy Man eliminates him, getting the Ringmasters the Tag-Team Title shot. At the very end of the show, the cloaked person appears again, swinging the sledgehammer at Shag-Nasty, who just barely gets out of the way. The cloaked figure vanishes into the crowd as the BOO run to the ring.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 10/13/99
(Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee)

- Marty Jannetty's increasing tendency towards violence is analyzed by the announcing team, as well as his match against X-Dog later that night for both the Internet Title and a shot against the Cruiserweight champion, Shorty, the next Sixpack.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin just barely manages to hit the Stunner and defeat Bobby in a great opening match.

- Napalm and Shorty escort Chloe to her room, making sure she locks the door behind her. As they leave, Shannon Shag-Nasty is spotted nearby.

- Leon "Fender" Bender, debuting against Crusade, tried to put the big man in his own finisher, the Crucifix. Crusade reversed it, locking Bender in it, but they were too close to the ropes, and Bender grabbed them for the break. Trouble is, Crusade didn't release him. Bender won by DQ, due to Crusade stubborning keeping the Crucifix locked on, leaving Bender hurting in the ring when security finally got him to break it.

- Animal Thug hit Da Killa off off the stage-ramp on Boardshaw, getting the victory and retaining the Hardcore Title. Postmatch, Breaker and Lan Ragus are shown, talking to each other after watching the match.

- The door to Chloe Barne's room is broken off its hinges, with no sign of Chloe inside.

- The three-way "Wolfpac" European Title match between Shorty, Trasher, and Napalm went back and forth, with no wrestler getting a major advantage for long. While the match is happening, the BOO invaded the Wolfpac dressing room, attacking Animal Thug, Bobby, and Thug Capri. After the attack, the BOO headed to the ring, ambushing the other half of the 'Pac and keeping a decisive winner from being named.

- In a bout between Tower and the Intercontinental Champion, Shannon Shag-Nasty, the BOO interfere, attacking Tower and getting him the DQ win.

- Napalm is angrily shown searching for his manager, Chloe. He grabs an attendant and shakes him, demanding to know where she is. The attendant nearly faints.

- In a 2-out-of-3 falls match, Jannetty challenged X-Dog for the Internet Title. First, X-Dog got a fall with the X-Factor. Jannetty evened it up with a Sunset Flip. Titan 3 came out during the match, watching both men fight it out. Jannetty got the victory after many nearfalls, landing the Flying Rocker Dropper and defeating the champion. After the match, Jannetty, rather than taking the Internet Title for himself, dropped it at Titan 3's startled feet and leaves the ring. Titan 3 gladly takes the belt, as the show ends.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 10/16/99
(UTC Arena, Chatanooga, Tennessee)

- The match-up between Arson and D-Bo was cancelled, since neither wrestler showed up.

- With Leon "Fender" Bender watching, Crusade defeats Kane with the Crucifix, making him submit. After the match, Crusade again refuses to release the painful submission hold. Bender comes into the ring and hits Crusade with his guitar, breaking the hold and leaving a dent on Crusade's head. After Bender leaves, Crusade stands and puts Kane back into the Crucifix.

- During the tag-team title match between the Ringmasters and Dynamite/Shag-Nasty, the cloaked figure again appeared, hitting Dynamite in the head with the sledgehammer and leaving him easy pickings for the Boogy Man to Lithium to pin the man and win the tag-team titles for the Ringmasters. After the match, Shag-Nasty again left Dynamite laying out in the ring.

- Napalm is shown once again asking various people if they know anything about the disappearance of Chloe Barnes. No one seems to be able to tell him anything.

- After a long, grueling match, Marty Jannetty defeated Shorty to become the Cruiserweight Champion, hitting the Rocker Dropper at just the right time. Postmatch, Jannetty and Crusade, who was at ringside, shake hands, possibly signifying a reunion.

- In a Extra-Large Cage Match, with a Tunnel at the end of it, the Wolfpac team (Animal Thug, Thug Capri, Trasher, and Tower, who was not in the Wolfpac) and the BOO team (Michael Breaker, Titan 3, Dead Willie, and Joshua Curtis) battled it out for the Hardcore Title. When Titan 3 was able to get out of the cage first, the BOO got the victory. The fight continued long after the end of the match, however.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 10/20/99
(Mississippi Coliseum, Jackson, Mississippi)

- The announcers talk about a serious car accident that Animal Thug was involved in, that will apparently keep him from wrestling against Leon "Fender" Bender.

- "The Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis landed the Angel Splash to defeat "Superstar" Ryan Reed.

- Buzzing the Rage defeated the Acolytes when J.Y. Kidd nailed Boardshaw with the Buzz. Postmatch, Union Jack comes to the ring to antagonize Farok.

- Leon "Fender" Bender comes to the ring, and demands that the "coward" Animal Thug show himself. A badly injured Thug comes to the ring and fights as well as he can, but Bender seals the victory with his Telecastration maneuver. Postmatch, Bender and Titan 3 continue the attack, with Bender knocking the Thug out with his guitar, Pearle.

- The Accelerator makes another appearance and talks about some more of the matches signed for October Oblivion.

- In a scheduled No-Interference Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title, Shannon Shag-Nasty allowed Tower to climb the ladder and get 'his' title. After Tower became the IC Champ, the BOO rushed the ring, knocking down the ladder and brutally beating Tower. While the attack goes on, however, a disgusted Dynamic Dynamite threw away his BOO shirt and left.

- With Trasher and Shorty watching from below, Napalm and Titan 3 fought in a Title-for-Title match on a Scaffolding. Both men fell off at the same time, though, so neither title changed hands. Postmatch, Dynamic Dynamite reappeared and attacked Titan 3. Napalm attacked Dynamite. Trasher surprisingly hit his own Wolfpac teammate, Napalm. Shorty separated the Wolfpac members, as the commercial came on.

- In a great match that went from the back of the arena to the middle of the ring, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the Heavyweight Champion Nightmare fought it out. During the match, the Accelerator came out to watch, partially distracting Nightmare. Austin capitalized with a bodyslam onto a steel chair, followed by the Stone Cold Stunner, earning the Heavyweight Title with a shocking upset victory over the former champ.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 10/23/99
(Montgomery Civic Center, Montgomery, Alabama)

- Marty Jannetty is pictured in Blade's hospital room, talking. He says he's sorry, and asks for Blade's forgiveness.

- "Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis, with a little help from X-Dog, defeated Outcast with the Dark Days.

- Union Jack, making his debut, got a victory over Farok with the Seven Round Salute. Postmatch, Farok was seen shoving his partner, Boardshaw, away and leaving the arena.

- Joshua Curtis appears in the arena garage, searching the BOO limo. He opens the trunk and finds an earring, possibly belonging to Chloe Barnes, the missing manager.

- The Accelerator gives an interview, talking about the "cloaked attacker of the BOO", who was revealed earlier in the week by Shorty as Chris Jericho. Ace explains how a loophole about interference from the BOO allowed Jericho to re-sign. Jericho takes the mic and promises that he won't betray Shorty and Napalm at their PPV match.

- Curtis, Napalm, and Shorty are shown talking about what the earring from the back of the BOO limo means.

- The battle between Arson and Dynamic Dynamite goes to a No-Contest, when Trasher shows up and attacks both men. They continue to brawl after the bell, and Titan 3 comes down to join in, going after Dynamite.

- The Ringmasters come out and echo their earlier challenge during the week, for someone to face them at the PPV. Hellfire comes out and accepts the challenge.

- Trasher faces Leon "Fender" Bender in a match, where both Titan 3 and Napalm, as well as many illegal objects, became involved. After Napalm hit Bender with a Leg-Scissors, Trasher gets the pin and the victory. It's later announced that, since he lost a match, Bender leaves the GCWA.

- Crusade pulled out all the stops against the Hardcore Champion, Michael Breaker, including lifting a 400-lb GCWA sign. Before he could use it, though, Leon Bender reappeared and knocked Crusade down with his guitar. While Marty Jannetty and Bender fought, Breaker hit the Manbreaker on Crusade and got the pin, securing his title.

- In the European Title match between Darkstarr and the champion, Napalm, the fight went back and forth, with neither getting a serious edge for long. The BOO came out in the middle of it, but was stopped by the two wrestlers, as well as Marty Jannetty and the Wolfpac. At the end, 'Starr put Napalm in the Wetstone, but the time limit ran down, making the match a draw. Afterwards, Starr and Phoenix argued the call, while Jannetty just walked to the back.

- During the contract signing between the Accelerator and Shannon Shag-Nasty, "HBK" Shawn Michaels, the Commissioner, reappears, telling Shag-Nasty that to get the shot at the Prez, he had to defeat Michaels Wednesday.

- In a rematch from the week before, Marty Jannetty defeated Shorty for the second time with the Rocker Dropper, retaining the Cruiserweight belt.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 10/27/99
(Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center, Birmingham, Alabama)

- The two announcers talk about Blade's disappearance from the hospital, whether on his own or with help. They also talk about the coming PPV.

- In a relatively short match, Dead Willie latched on Lucille to get the submission victory over Scotty B. Bluez.

- An unknown woman is shown stepping out of a limo and heading into the building.

- Despite the distracting figure of Jenna J, Phenomena defeated Buff Brian with the Sub Zero.

- Mike Tenay has an interview session with the new Heavyweight Champion, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake talks about his surprise victory over Nightmare, the upcoming PPV match, Hawaiian Heat's disappearance, and Shawn Michaels' reappearance. Austin seems to still be angry with Michaels.

- During the Phantom-Hellbent fight, the man who had attacked Mean Gene Okerlund earlier in the week reappeared and nailed Hellbent from behind. Both Phantom and the masked man beat on Hellbent, who got the DQ victory.

- The lady from earlier is seen again, exiting the offices of the Accelerator.

- In a brutal Hardcore match that featured men getting slammed through multiple chairs, fire extinguishers, and many hallway walls, Richter won over Union Jack with the 8.0 on the concrete. Postmatch, Dynamic Dynamite is seen approaching Union Jack.

- Before the Trasher-Titan 3 Internet Title match could officially start, Trasher was hit from behind by Leon "The Mind" Bender and his guitar. Although Trasher nearly turned things around despite the attack, Titan 3 hit the A-Bomb, retaining the Internet Title. Postmatch, Napalm and Shorty come out of the back and confront Titan 3 and Bender.

- While Shannon Shag-Nasty comes out with some BOO members backing him, Shawn Michaels brings out the GCWA's 'original' DX members, Paul Wight, Hollywood Hogan, and the Outsiders! While the two factions fight on the outside, Shag-Nasty and Michaels fought it out inside for the chance to face the Accelerator at Oblivion. After the ref accidentally gets knocked down, Michaels lands the Sweet Chin Music, but gets floored as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin surprisingly appears and knocks him out with the Stunner. Shag-Nasty made the pin to go on to the PPV.

GCWA October Oblivion (PPV), 10/31/99
(Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia)

- On an event taped earlier, Napalm is shown beating on Lan Ragus, with Josh Curtis holding his arms, as they demand to know where Chloe Barnes is. Ragus tells them she's in the building.

- In a surprise reversal, Crusade turned Dead Willie's Lucille into his own Crucifix, and got the victory over the man in the opening bout.

- The announcers (JR, Tenay, and Heenan) talk about their picks in the 3-Way Elimination Heavyweight Title match in the main event.

- Adolf von Ayrian, Phantom, and Phenomena faced off in a 3-Way Cage Contenders match. Phantom was apparently attacked by Hellbent before the match. After he hit the Kaiser Krunch on Phantom, von Ayrian got the victory, and supposedly a shot at the Internet Title.

- The unknown woman from Wednesday is shown entering the building with a bag over her shoulder. She walks through the halls.

- During the Outcast-X-Dog I Quit Grudge match, X-Dog hit the X-Factor. Soon after, before he could fully lock on a submission hold, the Dudley Boys entered the ring and attacked, causing the DQ. During the melee, Crusade and Marty Jannetty came to the ring and helped Outcast away. Nightmare made the save.

- The Dynamic Dynamite-Trasher match turns out to be a farce, as the two unite, along with Arson, Union Jack, and Buff Brian to form the New Age Cliq. Dynamite gets the mic and threatens the BOO before departing.

- In a relatively long match, Marty Jannetty hit not one, but two Rocker Droppers on J.Y. Kidd to get the victory and retain the Cruiserweight Title. Postmatch, Jannetty left with Crusade and Outcast, while Kidd was helped to the back.

- Joshua Curtis is shown searching for Chloe Barnes. He breaks into a sprint, leaving the cameraman behind.

- In a Title-for-Title Tag-Team Handicap Match, Chris Jericho, Napalm (European Champ), and Shorty faced Titan 3 (Internet Champ) and Lan Ragus. During the bout, Joshua Curtis came out with an apparent rescued Chloe Barnes. Shorty caught Titan 3 with the Short Sensation, but before he could make the pin, Napalm surprisingly turned on him, knocking him out and giving the win to the BOO team. Titan 3 awarded the European Title back to Napalm, as he and Chloe Barnes rejoined the BOO. Shorty and Curtis were left in the ring.

- Hellfire seemed to be winning over the tag-team champions, the Ringmasters, when the lights went out in the arena. When they came back on, Darkstarr and Phoenix were out cold, and Lan Ragus and J.Y. Kidd were seen leaving with infrared goggles. The Boogeyman made the pin for his team, retaining the Tag-Team Titles.

- Lady Chaos, the woman seen walking around earlier, came out and announced herself as the GCWA Woman's Champion.

- During the Title-for-Title Hardcore match between Michael Breaker (Hardcore) and Tower (IC), Leon Bender appeared and attacked Tower. After Tower was knocked off a balcony, Breaker dived off after him. However, below the balcony, Demon, Tower's apparent ally, grabbed and Chokeslammed Breaker, giving Tower the win and both titles.

- The "Presidential" match between Shannon Shag-Nasty and the Accelerator went for a long time. Near the end, Ace was setting up for the Rollercoaster, when Devo Croz, who was supposedly injured due to a hit earlier in the month by Jericho, suddenly got up and attacked with his crutch. Ace blocked the attack and took away the crotch, but then Chris Jericho appeared and "rejoined" the BOO by smashing Ace in the back with the sledgehammer of his, showing why Croz was not really injured. Shag-Nasty hit the Nasty Snap to get the victory, and control of the GCWA for a month.

- After the last match, Blade appeared on the Titon Tron and announced that it was Shannon Shag-Nasty who attacked him. Blade swore revenge in the future.

- The 3-Way Heavyweight Title Elimination Match between Nightmare, Animal Thug, and the reigning champ, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, was a brutal affair. Austin was eliminated after Animal Thug blocked the Stunner with his hands, then hit a modified Killa. Nightmare won the match and the Heavyweight Title for the second time with a Fame-Asser.

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