GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 9/01/99
(Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut)

- At the beginning of the show, it's announced that Hyabusa did not make it to the arena, so Shane Douglas is awarded a forfeit victory.

- Santa Claus defeated Fire with his Merry Christmas maneuver.

- An "ad" talks about the X-Dog/Nightmare match coming at Sixpack.

- The Punk Rawk Show faced Rage is Reality for the tag-team titles. During the match, Michael Breaker tried to interfere, but was stopped by X-Dog. Blade & Jannetty won the tag titles after hitting their Blockbuster maneuver on Lan Ragus. Postmatch, the DX Squared members come out to celebrate.

- In a Singapore Cane Ladder match between Titan 3 and the Internet Champ, Outcast, Titan 3 grabbed the cane from the rope, but Outcast pulled one from under the ring and hit Titan first, then dropped the Burnout onto the ladder for the victory, retaining his title.

- In the main event, after Arn Anderson knocked Phoenix out with a foreign object, DMX pinned Phoenix to become both the European and Cruiserweight Champion. Afterwards, Darkstarr helps Phoenix to the back, as Phoenix demands to know who hit him.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 9/04/99
(Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey)

- Nightmare is shown, before the show, entering his locker room, hesitating slightly on the way in.

- In a battle for the "unsanctioned" FU Title, Marty Jannetty wins by DQ when Dynamic Dynamite's manager, OG Thug, hits Jannetty in the knee with Jannetty's belt, allowing Jannetty to keep the 'title'. Postmatch, Jannetty attacked both men, keeping them from stealing the FU Title. Blade helps Jannetty limp to the back.

- Three people are shown sitting in the dark, with the audience unable to tell who they are.

- In a rematch from Wednesday, the Internet Champion, Outcast, wins via DQ over Titan 3, when the Bastards of Oblivion attack him during the match. Titan 3 soon becomes a member of the BOO.

- After the break, X-Dog, during his workout, is told about the attack on Outcast, his DX partner. X-Dog is shown leaving the room.

- The "Loser-Leaves-Town" match between Chris Jericho and Micheal Breaker, both members of the BOO, starts. While they're fighting, a camera in the back picks up the three men again, wearing masks and attacking Shannon Shag-Nasty. At the end of the match, as Jericho got Breaker in the Liontamer, an unknown cruiserweight (later identified as J.Y. Kidd) came in and hit Jericho with a chair. Breaker pinned him, to make Jericho have to leave the GCWA.

- The three men drag Shag-Nasty outside, fighting all the way. One bodyslams Shag-Nasty onto a parked car, then the three take off their masks to reveal Animal Thug, Bobby, and Thug Capri, the core of the Wolfpac making their return.

- The Accelerator is hastily interviewed about his involvement with Animal Thug's attack on Shag-Nasty, who had been calling for a match against the President. Ace said "No Comment".

- In a Hardcore-like match, Nightmare defeated X-Dog to become the Heavyweight Champion after a Fame-Asser onto a steel chair, followed by the Nightfall. After the match, Shag-Nasty reappears and congratulates Nightmare, who just walks away.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 9/08/99
(First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

- Before the show, the members of DX Squared (Blade, Jannetty, Darkstarr, Rock) are showing talking about something. Blade sees the cameraman and tells him to leave.

- After Phoenix hits the ropes, unbalancing Arn Anderson, Shorty nails Double A with the Short Sensation to get the victory. This is Shorty's first of two matches on the night.

- The members of the BOO are shown watching the match on TV in the back. Shag-Nasty and Breaker talk, while Titan 3 practices in the background.

- As the commercial ends, Shorty is shown walking down the hallway after his match. He hears a noise (someone groaning?) and goes to check it out.

- Animal Thug, Bobby, and Thug Capri win a 6-man match by DQ over Shannon Shag-Nasty, Michael Breaker, and J.Y. Kidd, when Rage is Reality and Titan 3 attack them.

- Shorty is shown dragging a badly-beaten Shawn Michaels out of a stairway. He yells at the camera to move, then takes Michaels to the first-aid station.

- Outcast and X-Dog are talking in the back, with Outcast saying that both will hold big-time belts by the end of the night. X-Dog says little.

- In the vacated Hardcore Title match (since Nightmare won the HW Title), X-Dog, with some unwanted help from Outcast, defeated Sting with an X-Factor into a table to claim the belt. As the two go into the ring to celebrate, DX Squared comes out. Blade enters the ring, where he's met by Outcast. X-Dog surprisingly knocks Outcast offbalance, setting him up for a combination Powerbomb-Frog Splash! X-Dog then gets on the mic and announces that he is reforming DX with the DX Squared members, and that Outcast was out. X-Dog and Jannetty are shown putting their differences aside, as the rest celebrate the union. Outcast heads to the back.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is pictured in the arena, walking down a hallway, as we head for the second hour.

- Shawn Michaels, the Commissioner, walks out and states that the reason he's been missing since Crescendo was because he was being held hostage by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He starts to give Austin a lifetime suspension, but Austin comes out and rolls a videotape, supposedly proving he had nothing to do with it. As the two talk, a black truck pulls through the entryway, with an unknown driver, who says that HBK's worst nightmare has returned. We go to commercial.

- The Handicap match between Santa Claus and the team of Titan 3 and Shorty doesn't occur, when the BOO (including Titan 3) attack Shorty from behind. The Wolfpac, Iceman, and Fire come down to help, and another brawl breaks out, as Santa Claus just leaves the ring.

- The Punk Rawk Show retain the Tag-Team Titles, defeating Rage is Reality in a rematch from the PPV. Blade and Jannetty hit the Time Bomb on Lan Ragus to get the victory.

- In the main event, a solemn Outcast faced Nightmare in a Buried Alive match for the World Heavyweight Title. Both fought a great match, with many weapons coming into play. After Nightmare hit a Pumphandle Slam on Outcast into the hole, he climbed back out and started burying him, to get the victory and retain the World Title. Outcast, once he got out, stayed the Internet Champ.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 9/11/99
(Columbo Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

- After the introduction by Heenan & Zbysko, the BOO are shown in the back, with Titan 3 asking Shannon Shag-Nasty who his partner will be later that night in the tag match. Before Shag can say, Michael Breaker stops him and gets rid of the cameraman.

- In a Hardcore-Style No Interference Match, Derek Brown won via DQ over Trasher and Napalm, when X-Dog came after him. Outcast came out to help Brown attack X-Dog after the match was over.

- Arn Anderson and Farok win over Money Inc due to interference from Chris Benoit.

- IC Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Marty Jannetty defeated Crusade with a surprise Rocker Dropper to move on to the semis. Postmatch, Jannetty chased a masked man to the back, where he was jumped by Dynamic Dynamite and Shannon Shag-Nasty. The masked man turned out to be OG Thug. Crusade is shown picking up the tag belt Jannetty dropped.

- The Accelerator appears via tv and talks about the upcoming PPV, IYN: Capital Punishment in Washington D.C. He announces a few matches.

- IC Title Tournament Quarterfinals: In what was supposed to be a Lion's Den match between Shannon Shag-Nasty and Iceman, Iceman never showed. Shag-Nasty won via a forfeit, and moved on to face Jannetty.

- IC Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Darkstarr and X-Dog go to a No-Contest after Outcast and Derek Brown come out and go after them. The two DX teammates fight Outcast and Brown off, but the tournament spot is undecided.

- In the main event, Animal Thug and Shorty came out to face Titan 3 and his partner, now BOO, Dynamic Dynamite. Shawn Michaels, still injured from his 'ordeal', came out as the referee. Michaels seemed to lean towards the BOO side a lot in this match, giving fast counts and the like. Near the end of the match, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ran out to hit the Stunner on Michaels, taking out the ref. The rest of the Wolfpac and the BOO come down, and chaos breaks out. During the fight, Shag-Nasty hits the Nasty Snap on Shorty, and Dynamite makes the pin, with a woozy Michaels making the count, giving the BOO team the win.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 9/15/99
(Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland)

- The announcers talk about the departure of DMX, Iceman, and (soon) Outcast, vacating many of the titles in the GCWA. Both men speak about who will get the chance to vye for the titles at the PPV.

- Shawn Reed wins over Farok with the Death Drop, getting the pinfall victory with "Flyin" Ryan looking on.

- The Rock, who was scheduled to face Outcast for the Internet Title, instead faces and defeats "Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis with the Rock Bottom, despite a strong showing from Curtis. Postmatch, Outcast and Titan 3 are shown fighting in the back. A few moments later, the Rock joins in.

- IC Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Shannon Shag-Nasty wins with a DQ, when, during his fight with Marty Jannetty, a masked man runs out and hits Shag with a chair in full view of the refs. Afterwards, Jannetty chases the masked man, while most of the BOO (minus J.Y. Kidd) come down to help Shag-Nasty up. Shag, therefore, is set up to go to the Finals at Capital Punishment.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin comes out for an interview, but it's soon stopped by Shawn Michaels, who appears on the Titon Tron. Michaels announces that Austin is still suspended, and won't be allowed back into the GCWA unless he wins a Handicap match over Rage is Reality at the PPV. Austin, in his own way, agrees to the match.

- IC Title Tournament Semi-finals: It was scheduled to be DMX vs. X-Dog vs. Darkstarr, but DMX left the GCWA, so it became the two friends against each other again. Michael Breaker tries to interfere in the match, but is stopped by security. As X-Dog is distracted, Darkstarr rolls him up from behind, earning his shot at the IC Title that he had vacated just the month before. X-Dog and Darkstarr argue briefly, then X-Dog shakes Darkstarr's hand, showing no bad blood between them.

- In the main event, Blade and Shorty face off, the winner to get a World Title shot against Nightmare at the PPV. In a great battle, Blade got the victory, hitting the Sure Shot and pinning Shorty. Postmatch, as Blade celebrates, a blonde-haired man is seen overlooking the arena from the upper reaches of the facility.

GCWA In Your Neighborhood: Capital Punishment (PPV) (9/19/99)
(MCI Center, Washington D.C.)

- Napalm and Trasher face off in a cage match. As Trasher seems to be making his way out, J.Y. Kidd and Titan 3 come down. As Kidd distracts the ref, Titan 3 throws Napalm a Singapore cane, which he uses on Trasher, then leaves the cage, getting the victory. Napalm later officially becomes a BOO member.

- Marty Jannetty and Dynamic Dynamite met, in what was announced to be the last time the two would contend for the FU World Title. During the match, OG Thug came down to interfere, but was stopped and T-Boned on the ramp by Blade. Jannetty hits the Rocker Dropper and pins Dynamite, sealing his grip on the FU Title that Dynamite started.

- In a match for the vacated Internet Title (since Outcast left), Titan 3 defeated the Rock with the A-Bomb to become the new champion.

- The Cruiserweight Title Battle Royale was held, with: "Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis, DaTotalPackage, Farok, Hyabusa, J.Y. Kidd, Mr. Ass, "Flyin" Ryan Reed, and Shorty. The eliminations went as follows:

1) Curtis was thrown out by the Kidd.
2) Hyabusa was Double-Clotheslined over the top rope by Mr. Ass and Shorty.
3) Mr. Ass and J.Y. Kidd collided thanks to Shorty, and Mr. Ass went over the top rope.
4) After a low shot from Ryan Reed, DaTotalPackage was easy pickings for Farok.
5) J.Y. Kidd splashed into all remaining wrestlers, knocking out both Reed and Farok.
6) Shorty, who hung onto the apron and was able to come back from the splash, hit the Kidd from behind and threw him out with a few shots, becoming the new Cruiserweight Champion.

- During the Hardcore Title match between X-Dog (the champ) and Michael Breaker, Brimstone came in, attacking both wrestlers. The fight went on, with Sting coming down to interfere as well. But Darkstarr took him out, with X-Dog dropping Breaker with a X-Factor onto the Hardcore Title to get the victory, hanging onto his belt.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin fought Rage is Reality in a Handicap match, for his GCWA career. To make things worse, Michaels made himself the referee. Austin fought hard, but was losing due to Michaels' interference as well as the double-team, when fire exploded from the entryway, and Hawaiian Heat came out, making his first appearance in months. Bobby Heenan nearly had a heart attack, and ran from the broadcast location. Heat came to the ring and leveled both members of Rage is Reality, while Austin hit the Stunner on Michaels. He pinned Michaels (thanks to another ref being close), thus earning his way back into the GCWA. He and Hawaiian Heat celebrated after the match.

- In a Submission-Only Hardcore Match for the European Title, Phoenix and Arn Anderson fought over most of the arena, with various submission holds. Phoenix won the title after putting Anderson in the Crucifix. Postmatch, as Phoenix hangs onto the title (his third reign), Crusade, the originator of the Crucifix, comes out and stares at the ring.

- A fight between the Godfather, Shorty, and an unknown wrestler is shown in the back (the unknown wrestler was later introduced as Dead Willie).

- IC Title Tournament Finals: Before Darkstarr, after a great match, can hit his Starrdust on Shannon Shag-Nasty, the BOO arrive. Most are stopped by DX, but Napalm comes through the crowd and shows his membership, hitting the ropes. Shag-Nasty then hits a Nasty-Snap to become the Intercontinental Champion.

- In a long match, Blade and the World Heavyweight Champion Nightmare go at it in the main event. Near the end, the ref gets knocked out, and then Wildfire (who had been mysteriously attacking Blade during the week) comes out and hits Blade with a chair. Nightmare, missing the attack, puts on the Nightfall, and gets the victory, retaining the World Title.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 9/22/99
(Patriot Center, Fairfax, Virginia)

- While Trasher goes after OG Thug (with the ref in tow), Dynamic Dynamite is handed some flash paper from Reizrok. He shoots flame into Trasher's face, blinding him. The ref gets away from OG Thug, only to be leveled by the blinded Trasher. The match goes to a No-Contest.

- During the Mr. Ass - J.Y. Kidd fight, Mr. Ass throws Kidd through the announcers' table, apparently injuring him. Kidd shocks everyone by hitting the Buzz in the ring, though, getting the victory. Postmatch, Kidd is taken out on a stretcher to go to the hospital.

- The Hit Squad (Austin & Heat) defeated Rage is Reality, in a semi-rematch from the PPV, when they pulled off a Shore Break-Stunner combination on Ragus.

- Shorty is attacked in the back by Dead Willie, who's joined by Shannon Shag-Nasty, his brother! Willie knocks Shorty into his dressing room, as Shag-Nasty shuts the door.

- Shannon Shag-Nasty walks out after the break, and announces that, since Animal Thug is missing, and since Shorty can't make it, the IC Title Match won't happen. While he's speaking, the Wolfpac music starts up. A small man pretending to be Animal Thug comes out. Shag-Nasty, although making things look hard, easily defeats the lookalike, hanging onto the IC Title.

- As X-Dog, the Hardcore champ, got the advantage over Brimstone with the X-Factor, Lan Ragus ran down and hit him with a sledgehammer. Strangely, though, Ragus puts X-Dog on top of Brimstone, allowing him to get the pinfall victory despite the attack. X-Dog stayed the Hardcore Champion.

- The Punk Rawk Show defeats Money Inc after Blade and Jannetty hit the Time Bomb on Ryan Reed. They retained the Tag-Team Titles.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 9/25/99
(Scope Coliseum, Norfolk, Virginia)

- The match between the Godfather and the DaTotalPackage ends with Tower making his first appearance in the ring, Chokeslamming both men. DTP is carried out on a stretcher.

- Hawaiian Heat is seen in the audience. Bobby Heenan starts to run, but is stopped by Zbysko.

- J.Y. Kidd, on crutches, is scheduled to face Trasher in a cage match. Trasher laughs at him, pointing at the crutch, then turns his back. Kidd knocks Trasher out with the crutch, then goes to the turnbuckle and hits the Buzz to show he wasn't as injured as he looked. Kidd gets the win.

- In the second cage match, this one with weapons, Napalm wins after a baseball bat swing to Farok's head. Immediately after the pin count, the ref is taken out by Boardshaw, who comes through the ring and goes after Napalm with a pipe. Napalm leaves the cage, while Boardshaw checks on his partner.

- Marty Jannetty comes close against the IC Champ, Shannon Shag-Nasty, but is beaten after Shag uses a foreign object with an uppercut to get the pinfall victory. Because of this, Shag-Nasty and Dynamic Dynamite get a title shot the next week.

- In a good match, Blade goes at it with Shorty for the Cruiserweight Title. Near the end, Wildfire comes out and tries to enter the ring, but gets knocked back out by Blade. Unfortunately, this leaves Blade open for a roll-up, allowing Shorty to retain the Cruiserweight Title.

- X-Dog, the Hardcore Champ, and Titan 3, the Internet champ, go at it. It seems that Titan 3 has the match all wrapped up, but at the very end, X-Dog reverses the A-Bomb into the X-Factor to get the victory and the Internet Title. Postmatch, the BOO come out and beat on X-Dog, until the rest of DX comes out to make the save.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 9/29/99
(Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

- After the intro, Blade and Marty Jannetty are shown talking in the back. Nightmare is shown doing push-ups in another place.

- Titan 3 defeats Mr. Ass with two A-Bombs. Postmatch, Napalm comes out, and he and Titan 3 fight to the back.

- The Godfather faced Tower, with Shorty as the special guest referee. Shorty was partial towards the Godfather. Dead Willie came out during the bout and talked with the hoes, distracting Shorty. Tower hit the Skyscraper on the Godfather, but Shorty would not count. Dead Willie knocked out Shorty with a chair shot to the back of the head, then had him "make" the count, making Tower the winner.

- X-Dog stayed the Internet Champion, defeating Joshua Curtis with the X-Drop. After the bout, Titan 3 was stopped by security, trying to get to X-Dog.

- The Dead Willie-Shorty match goes to a No-Contest when Tower reappears and hits the Skyscraper on Dead Willie, then attacks Shorty. Later, Tower gets hit twice from behind from Shannon Shag-Nasty's Intercontinental Title.

- In the vacated Hardcore Title match between Animal Thug, Farok, and Lan Ragus, basically everyone, from the Wolfpac to the BOO to Boardshaw, became involved. Reizrok was badly injured by someone in a cloak, who swung a sledgehammer into him. Kidd also took a bad shot from Trasher and a crutch. Animal Thug won the belt after an Accelerating Thug on Farok, despite an apparent 'save' from Ragus.

- The main event was scheduled to be Blade vs. Nightmare for the Heavyweight Title. First X-Dog and the Accelerator, the two special refs, came out. Then Blade's music played. We're shown a shot of the back, where Blade is down, in a pool of blood. Nightmare is standing over him, possibly checking on him. Marty Jannetty runs out of nowhere and spins Nightmare around, accusing him of the attack. The two start fighting. X-Dog sprints backstage, while Ace watches from the ring. Shannon Shag-Nasty is also seen in the area. The medics arrive to check on Blade, while the security tries to break up the two fighters, as the show ends.

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