GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 8/04/99
(Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan)

- Shorty, Shannon Shag-Nasty, Rey Mysterio Jr, and the Outsiders are shown arriving. Nash look upset about something.

- In a Three-Way Match for the vacated Internet Title (Blade won the World Title the week before), the Rock pinned Brimstone after a Sure Shot to get the victory and the belt, despite Chris Jericho's best attempts to stop him.

- Outcast and X-Dog are pictured talking in the back. X-Dog tells Outcast to do just as they practiced.

- The Accelerator does an interview, wearing his old wrestling gear. He talks about the next PPV, Crescendo, and matches that are being locked up for it. He also says that his 'friend' has finally arrived. The camera is blocked before we can see who it is.

- Darkstarr, forced to wrestle twice in one night, defeats Shane Douglas in the first match with the Starrdust, retaining the Intercontinental Title.

- After the break, Darkstarr faces off against the Undertaker. In a bout that was mostly on the Undertaker's side, Darkstarr hits a desperation bodyslam from the top rope, and gets the victory, defending his IC Title twice in one night. Postmatch, Phoenix comes out to celebrate with his partner, and the Accelerator is shown applauding.

- Mike Tenay talks about the injuries to Marty Jannetty, Nightmare, and Douglas, then speaks on X-Dog's reappearance in the GCWA. A rumor has another great star making his return soon.

- In a match for tag-team contendership, Shannon Shag-Nasty and Shorty win over X-Dog and Shorty after the Accelerator comes to ringside and throws some ashes into Outcast's face, ashes from a picture in Ace's office that Outcast had burned. Shorty rolled him up for the victory. Afterwards, Outcast went after Ace, but was stopped by the sudden appearance of the Iceman, a friend of Ace's from the EEWF. The two fought as the show ends.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 8/07/99
(Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

- After a few minutes of Da Total Package and the Roaddog's fight, Chris Jericho and Michael Breaker came to the ring and took both out. They talked about the strength of the Shag-Nation. Shannon Shag-Nasty appeared and said he deserved his status in the GCWA. He tells everyone to prepare for payback, and 'unveils' the Bastards of Oblivion, each member switching to a different uniform.

- After Outcast hit Iceman from behind, knocking him off the turnbuckle, Booker T landed the Harlem Hangover and got the singles victory. In the back, we're shown the Accelerator and Stevie Ray fighting it out.

- A tape of Rey Mysterio Jr getting badly beat on by the Brood is shown, explaining why he won't be able to compete against the Cruiserweight Champion, DMX. As the announcers are talking about Lan Ragus's challenge, DMX comes out and lays down a challenge of his own. Surprisingly, Marty Jannetty, DMX's teammate with the Fatal III, walks out. DMX tries to walk away, due to Jannetty's knee injury, but Jannetty pressures him, wanting a title shot. Blade comes out and breaks up his teammates, walking with Jannetty to the back and leaving DMX in the ring.

- Mike Tenay talks about some of the injuries to GCWA wrestlers (Mysterio, Shag-Nasty, Jannetty), then mentions the PPV and the matches signed, focusing on X-Dog and the Accelerator going at it.

- In an Internet Title match, the Rock wins, via DQ, over Chris Jericho, when Shannon Shag-Nasty comes down and knocks him out with a pipe. Shag-Nasty also drops the ref with the Nasty Snap, as Jericho puts the unconscious Rock in the Liontamer. Jericho takes the Internet Title and leaves with it. The Rock, coming around, gets up and chases after both of them, but doesn't catch them.

- Shannon Shag-Nasty and Shorty, due to beating X-Dog and Outcast the last card, get a shot at the Tag-Team Champions, Hellfire. After a long match, Shag-Nasty and Darkstarr fight on the outside while Phoenix and Shorty are in the ring. The lights go out suddenly, then come back on, with apparently no change. Shorty is surprised by a spear, then the Phoenix Storm, allowing Hellfire to retain their belts. Postmatch, Rage is Reality come to the ring. Shag-Nasty runs for the hills, as Ragus and Reizrok ambushed Darkstarr and Phoenix.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 8/11/99
(Carrier Dome, Syracuse, New York)

- During the Outcast-Marty Jannetty match, Christian comes to the ring and attacks Outcast, giving him the DQ win. Iceman runs down the aisle and takes out Christian, then goes after Outcast himself. Security breaks the three men up, while Jannetty watches from the ring, his knee still bothering him.

- Blade comes out and announces that he wants to give Darkstarr his World Title shot a few days early, if Darkstarr wants it that night in the main event.

- Jannetty is shown walking to his locker room in the back, where he discovers DMX waiting for him. The two start talking, closing the door behind them.

- Chris Jericho, true to his word, shows up before the Rock's Internet Title defense and hands him the stolen belt. As he walks away, the Rock hits him in the back with the belt, then starts pounding on him. Kevin Nash appears and attacks the champ, and the match is underway. The Rock, despite the surprise attack, comes through with the Rock Bottom, staying the Internet Champ.

- Just before the hour break, yelling is heard from the Accelerator's office. The door opens, and Heavy P storms out, yelling behind him that Ace needs him in the GCWA.

- In a handicap match for the Cruiserweight Title, DMX defeats both members of the DX Shadows, Edge and Gambit, to stay the champ, using the Arm Rip on Edge. Afterwards, Shorty appears and hands DMX a contract.

- The Accelerator announces a few new matches to the next PPV, including adding Heavy P to the bout for the Hardcore Title, Shorty vs. DMX for the Cruiserweight belt, and Tombstone vs. Shawn Michaels for control of DX.

- Phoenix hangs onto the European Title in his match against Lan Ragus, after Reizrok appears and throws salt into his eyes, winning by DQ. After the bell is rung, Rage is Reality beats on Phoenix, until Darkstarr and Blade run to the ring to make the save. Shannon Shag-Nasty is also shown in the back with a bent-up chair laying next to his body.

- The surprise Heavyweight Title match between Blade and Darkstarr goes to a No-Contest when X-Dog knocks out the ref, then attacks Starr. Blade shoves X-Dog away and checks on Darkstarr's condition, leaving X-Dog in the ring, shocked. Shawn Michaels makes an appearance on the ramp, looking at X-Dog, as we go to commercial.

GCWA In Your Neighborhood: Crescendo (PPV), 8/15/99
(Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York)

- The announcers talk about the history of MSG, from Wrestlemania to Muhammad Ali, then bring up all of the great PPV matches assigned for the night.

- While Outcast and Christian fight in the first match, Iceman comes down and does commentary. Outcast wins with the Burnout, then takes some brass knuckles and continues to pound on Christian, until Iceman leaves the broadcast location and fights him. As both fight down the aisle, Shorty and Rey Mysterio come to the ring, gather up the hurt Christian, and cart him away.

- It is announced that Shawn Michaels, who had apparently called from home, had to forfeit his match with Tombstone, which gave X-Dog the control over Degeneration-X. However, while celebrating, Tombstone was leveled by X-Dog, and left behind. X-Dog then gave an interview, saying that he and the Undertaker were not together, and that he was going after Ace later on that night.

- In the fight for the shot at Nightmare later on in the night, Brimstone, Heavy P, and Michael Breaker battle all over the arena, with most of the BOO, the Rock, and others becoming involved. Heavy P got the win after Gorilla Pressing Michael Breaker through a table.

- Chris Jericho and the Rock fought in a Ladder Match for the Internet Title. Many moves were used, from the People's Elbow to a Lion Sault off of the ladder. The Rock finally hit the Sure Shot from the ladder, then climbed it to get the belt and stay the champion.

- When Heavy P took out Rey Mysterio on the outside, Shorty was distracted, and caught with an Inverted DDT, allowing DMX to get the pin and retain the Cruiserweight Title. Postmatch, Heavy P gets a mic and tells Marty Jannetty and Blade that they can keep the Fatal III.

- In an Inferno Match, Nightmare held onto the Hardcore Title in part to Brimstone, who came out and threw Heavy P into the fire after both wrestlers had tired themselves out trying to beat the other. Brimstone then attacked Nightmare, burning him as well.

- Rage is Reality got their chance for the gold in a Double Elimination bout for the Tag-Team Titles, with Shannon Shag-Nasty substituting for Darkstarr in Hellfire. While Shag-Nasty appears to keep the majority of the BOO occupied, Phoenix hits the Phoenix Storm on Lan Ragus to pin him, leaving Reizrok as the sole member for his team. After Reizrok beats on Phoenix for a while, Phoenix manages to make the tag. Shag-Nasty comes in, but then shocks everyone by grabbing Phoenix and hitting a Nasty Snap. He lets Reizrok pin him, then Reizrok lands two Crushed Realities on Phoenix, allowing him to get the pin and win the Tag-Team Titles for Rage is Reality, with Shag-Nasty officially rejoining the BOO. Darkstarr comes to the ring and tries to fight every member, but takes some shots. However, Blade, the Rock, and Marty Jannetty even the odds, and the BOO depart.

- The Accelerator and X-Dog faced off in a 3 out of 5 falls match. Ace scores the first blow after the surprise Ace High, getting the first pin. X-Dog later answers with a Sunset Flip pinfall. After a few more minutes pass, Ace hits a grounded version of the Rollercoaster and is up 2-1. X-Dog stays on the defensive for a while, then uses the X-Factor to knock Ace out and even the score. But Ace finishes it, lifting X-Dog onto the turnbuckle and landing the Rollercoaster for the second time in the match, getting the final victory. Both men show each other respect after the bout.

- In the big main event, Darkstarr fights for a long time before using an angled Starrdust maneuver to pin Blade and become the new GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. Postmatch, Crusade comes to the ring, reappearing, first hugging Darkstarr, then dropping him with a Belly-to-Back. He then strikes Blade before leaving again. Darkstarr gets back up, stares after Crusade, then starts to celebrate his World Title victory.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 8/18/99
(Whittemore Center, Durham, New Hampshire)

- Shannon Shag-Nasty and the rest of the BOO are shown walking down the hall. They slam open a door and enter the locker room of DX Squared! Shag-Nasty, Ragus, Reizrok, Breaker, and Jericho begin brawling with Blade, Jannetty, Darkstarr, and the Rock, as the show begins.

- Hyabusa defeated Desconcido Campeon with the Stardust Press, in both men's debuts.

- While Chris Jericho and the Ultimate Warrior fight on the outside, Michael Breaker wins the match over Sting with the Manbreaker.

- Iceman gets a DQ victory over Wildfire when Outcast hits him from behind with brass knuckles. Wildfire, unhappy about what happened, attacks Outcast, suplexing him into the ring and proving that he's no longer with X-Dog's DX.

- Marty Jannetty and Blade (later named the Punk Rawk Show) used their finisher, a Flying Blockbuster, on Booker T to defeat Harlem Heat.

- In a grudge match between Phoenix and Shannon Shag-Nasty for Phoenix's European Title, the match becomes a complete streetfight, and both wrestlers are counted out. The fighting between the two continues up to and presumably after the show ends.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 8/25/99
(Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts)

- Hyabusa tried hard, but Dynamic Dynamite, in his return bout, still defeated him with the Dynamic Pain.

- Crusade comes out and talks about Heavy P, who was scheduled to face him, yet instead departed the GCWA. He says he's the Great One, and that he's better than everyone else. He also says he should have the belt.

- Intercontinental Title Tournament, Prelims: Marty Jannetty used the Rocker Dropper to defeat Christian (in Christian's last official match).

- Intercontinental Title Tournament, Prelims: Outcast, with help from Stevie Ray, knocks out the Rock with a Singapore Cane, then makes the pin when the ref awakens, becoming the new Internet champion. (Outcast would later forfeit his spot to Shannon Shag-Nasty).

- X-Dog, due to the stipulation in his match against the Accelerator at the PPV, has to fight 10 men in a Gauntlet match. The rules are simple: if he can't beat 1-2 men, he's suspended; if he beats 5, he gets a World Title shot; if he beats all, he gets the IC Title. X-Dog defeated Shorty, Christian, Pace, Sting, Brimstone, and Chris Jericho (with some help from Outcast), but then didn't have enough left to defeat Blade, his former teammate, who hits the Sure Shot for the victory.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 8/28/99
(Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island)

- Zbysko and Heenan talk about what's happened so far in the IC Title Tournament, as well as X-Dog's gauntlet match and the title shot he gets that night because of his performance.

- Iceman gets a DQ victory over Michael Breaker, when the BOO attack him after he locks on the Ice Crusher. The Accelerator and Fire come to make the save.

- Outcast and X-Dog are shown arguing in the back, with X-Dog saying he can win on his own.

- Intercontinental Title Tournament, Prelims: Blade used the Sure Shot to take down Brimstone and move on in the tournament.

- Intercontinental Title Tournament, Prelims: DMX, the Cruiserweight Champion, easily defeats an apparently injured Shorty to retain his belt and move closer to the IC Title.

- Intercontinental Title Tournament, Prelims: In a very confusing match, Nightmare and Chris Jericho go at it while the BOO and DX Squared fight on the outside. Dynamic Dynamite surprisingly appears and hits his Dynamic Pain on Nightmare, but it's not enough, as Nightmare twists Jericho into the Nightfall and gets the victory, defending the Hardcore Championship.

- In the main event, X-Dog challenged Darkstarr for the Heavyweight Title. Halfway through the match, Shane Douglas started to come to the ring, only to be taken out by a reluctant Outcast, who then left ringside again. X-Dog managed to use the X-Factor to get the pinfall, becoming the two-time GCWA Heavyweight Champion.

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