GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 7/03/99
(Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, Illinois)

- Mr. Ass and the DX Shadows defeated Gangrel and the Steiner Brothers after an Assault on Gangrel. Postmatch, the lights went out, and Mr. Ass and Gambit were given a bloodbath. Edge, mysteriously, was not.

- Wildfire is shown, looking for the Undertaker through the hallways of the arena.

- The Rock took the win over Shane Douglas after a Rock Botton from the turnbuckle.

- Wildfire enters and heads to the ring, demanding that the Undertaker come out to face him. The Undertaker, along with some cloaked men, oblige and walk towards the ring. When the Undertaker enters, the ring explodes into flames! After the explosion, the Undertaker is still standing, singed, while Wildfire has disappeared.

- At the beginning of the second hour, Bobby Heenan talks about Blade leaving X-Dog's group and joining with the Fatal III, namely Marty Jannetty and DMX. They talk about the strength of the group now, as well as other events in the GCWA.

- In a Lumberjack match, Outcast fought Nightmare, the Hardcore Champion. With the Fatal III out for Nightmare, and the Reckless Youth for Outcast, the fight rages both inside and out. Nightmare gets the advantage on Outcast, and puts him in the Nightfall. But Raven appears out of nowhere and attacks Nightmare, using a chair. X-Dog comes out to aid the champ, though, fighting Raven. Nightmare and Outcast end up on the turnbuckle, and fall off, onto the guardrail! Nightmare lands on top, and gets the three count to stay the Hardcore champion.

- Nightmare, still battered from the fight just moments ago, and X-Dog, the New DX Army, take on the Tag-Team Champions, Hellfire. After a good fight, Phoenix gets the Phoenix Storm on Nightmare, and the pinfall, to retain the Tag-Team Titles.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 7/07/99
(Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky)

- The Accelerator is shown before the show getting out of his limo. He and a young lady head for the private boxes, while an unidentified individual leaves the limo and runs in another direction.

- The announcers talk about Marty Jannetty's accusations towards X-Dog, that he's a part of the Corporate Wolfpac. They discuss the points made (Corporate interference in all of X-Dog's HW matches, leaving DX, etc).

- A video is shown of Dean Malenko and Shorty being savagely beat by the Reckless Youth. They're left laid out, signifying that they won't face the Hellraisers later in the night. The next feed shows Edge waiting impatiently in an empty bar, where he was supposed to fight Gangrel.

- Blade retains the Internet Title, putting Dynamic Dynamite into the Wetstone and forcing him into unconsciousness.

- Edge and Gambit are shown leaving the bar, Edge in a rage about not getting to fight Gangrel. The lights go out as they leave, and a laugh is heard. After a commercial break, the bar is shown completely coated in blood.

- DMX gets a quick victory on Vampiro with his Arm Rip. Once again, DMX retains the Cruiserweight Title.

- "Mean Gene" does an interview with the Accelerator, who has been taken out of the 'presidential' seat for a few weeks by the Committee. Ace claims that he's simply taking a vacation, and that he hasn't been forced out. He also talks about how X-Dog could have given DMX a much better match.

- Darkstarr defends the Intercontinental Title by defeating Shane Douglas with the Starrdust.

- In a furious match for the Heavyweight Title, Marty Jannetty (the European Champ) and X-Dog (the World Champ) go at it. Just as Jannetty takes the advantage, he gets nailed on the turnbuckle in the knee by a masked man. He uses the metal rod on Jannetty's knee a few more times, then leaves. Jannetty is counted out, giving X-Dog the victory. Blade and DMX come down to their injured friend's side, and try to help him. Jannetty is in agony, and taken out on a stretcher. X-Dog and Blade stare at each other as the show ends.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 7/10/99
(Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina)

- X-Dog is shown in the back, talking to someone. He says he has it all under control.

- Dynamic Dynamite wins, via DQ, over Nookie, after the DX Shadows attack him and hit the Shadow Factor. Outcast and Raven make the save.

- In a match for an Internet Title shot, Chad Muska gets a victory over the Rock when Drag-On knocks him out with a foreign object.

- In the first-ever Gauntlet match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley has to face 7 men due to a challenge by Mr. Ass. He defeats D-Lo Brown, Edge, the Godfather, and Jeff Hardy, but doesn't have enough left to defeat Big Daddy, who hits the Daddy's Out to win.

- Blade comes out and challenges the masked man who attacked Marty Jannetty and injured him. The masked man comes out of the crowd and attacks Blade from behind, who gets saved by X-Dog! However, after X-Dog chases the man off, Blade stands and tries to attack X-Dog, thinking that's who hit him from behind. X-Dog dodges and leaves the ring, while Blade holds the back of his head from the metal rod shot.

- X-Dog defeats the Giant Milenko to retain the Heavyweight Title, as Milenko became distracted by the Undertaker and got hit with a Flying X-Factor. Postmatch, Blade and the Undertaker fought, with the masked man reappearing and attacking Blade again. They start to put Blade on a Crucifix, but X-Dog, Wildfire, and Nightmare fight back for him as the picture fades.


GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 7/28/99
(Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

- The announcers talk about Phoenix becoming the World Champion after X-Dog's forfeiture, Shane Douglas becoming the European Champion, and other items. They also talk about the break between the Undertaker and the Accelerator.

- The Rock defeats Sid Vicious with a Sure Shot, getting a major victory.

- Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Shadow fight in a Hardcore Contenders match that goes from the ring throughout the arena (breaking at least one camera in the process). Shadow wins with the Darkside. Postmatch, Shadow walks over and talks with the Undertaker and Paul Bearer.

- Rey Mysterio, the Outsiders, Lex Luger, the Brood, Outcast, Vader, Randy Savage, and Harlem Heat are all in a brawl in the backstage area. The match between Mysterio and Outcast does not take place. The fight continues until security arrives.

- The Accelerator is shown furiously talking on the phone, demanding to know where someone is. He orders the cameraman out of the room.

- In a Burning Table Match, Shorty wins the European Title from Shane Douglas, hitting a Suicide Dive that sends both into the tables. Since Douglas hit first, Shorty gets the victory and the belt.

- Before the big main event between the Undertaker and an unknown partner vs. Blade and Nightmare can take place, the Accelerator comes out and explains that the Undertaker left rather than fight in the match that he didn't agree with. Ace takes his place and fights both men on his own. Although he gets a few good moves, Blade and Nightmare dominate for the most part. Near the end, the Undertaker reappears and fights with Nightmare, while Blade knocks Ace out with the Sure Shot and gets the pin victory.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 7/31/99
(The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)

- Vader defeats Da Total Package with a Vader Bomb, off a ladder, through a table.

- A video tape shows Shorty and Rey Mysterio Jr attacking and knocking out Christian and Gangel. Afterwards, the announcers talk about who the Greater Power that Shorty keeps refering to might be.

- Rey Mysterio Jr uses an inside cradle pin to get the victory over "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Postmatch, Savage hits his Flying Elbow Drop on the referee.

- In an unassigned match, Shannon Shag-Nasty fought the Outsiders. There was no ref, and the match did not officially count. The Outsiders double-teamed Shag-Nasty despite his best efforts, and Hall 'counted' to three after a Jackknife Powerbomb.

- DMX is seen leaving the NBK locker room. After a commercial break, Shorty and the Outsiders return to the locker room, where they find it trashed, with Mysterio Jr out cold.

- Although Outcast put up a great fight, he was finally forced to submit to DMX's Arm Rip, allowing DMX to retain the Cruiserweight Title.

- In a Hell in a Cell match for the Hardcore Title, Shadow seems to have the upper hand thanks to Brimstone and the Undertaker appearing inside the cage. As all three men attack the Hardcore Champ, the Accelerator appears at ringside, waves at them, and awards Nightmare the DQ win, allowing him to retain his title. Ace leaves, and the three men rip the cage open, allowing the Undertaker to chase after the President.

- Tenay gives the first of his Tenay Reports. He talks about the injuries to Mysterio and Jannetty, then goes on to rumors about the Greater Power and that Shag-Nasty has gotten an official GCWA contract.

- Blade and Phoenix fight for the Heavyweight Title in a bout that lasts a very long time. At the end, Blade reverses the Phoenix Storm into a Sure Shot, allowing him to get the pin and become the GCWA Heavyweight Champion. DMX and Jannetty come to the ring and celebrate with the new champ about the upset, as Phoenix leaves the ring.

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