GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 6/02/99
(Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA)

- The Godfather defeated Kareem "The Dream" Campbell with the Pimp Drop.

- The announcers talked about the PPV, specifically the surprise appearance of Nightmare at the end of the night, after Austin won the Rumble.

- Warrior faced off against X-Dog, in a match with a lot of interference from Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Blade and the Rock came out to even the score. When Warrior became distracted by Blade, X-Dog got the X-Factor and the victory. Postmatch, Blade and the Rock announced they were leaving DX to form Backdraft. A mysterious third partner was refered to (later revealed over the week as Wildfire).

- DMX retained the Cruiserweight Title, getting a successful sunset flip on Shorty.

- The match between Nightmare and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ends quickly, when the rest of the Horsemen attack Nightmare. DX made the save.

- When Paul Wight failed to come out for the World Heavyweight Title match, Animal Thug (the champion) challenged anyone from the back. X-Dog came out and brawled with Animal Thug until security broke them up.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 6/05/99
(Idaho Center, Boise, ID)

- Chad Muska won, via DQ, over Billy Kidman, when Shorty attacked him from behind. Postmatch, Shorty also threw Kidman out of the ring.

- Shorty defeated Scott Steiner with the Shooting Star Press.

- Hellfire got the win over the DX Shadows, when Phoenix hit Edge with the Phoenix Storm. Postmatch, both Phoenix and Darkstarr took off their masks.

- Warrior won the Hardcore Title from Mankind after a brutal match, when Arn Anderson appeared out of one of the weapons carts and hit Mankind with his tire iron. This left Mankind open to Warrior's Armageddon.

- Before the Blanchard-Blade Internet Title Match, the Horsemen attacked Blade and brought him to ringside for Blanchard. Wildfire then made his first appearance to even the odds, along with the Rock. Blanchard eventually was forced to submit to the Wetstone, allowing Blade to retain the Internet Title.

- During the Heavy P-Dynamic Dynamite Intercontinental Title match, Ken Shamrock kept interfering on Dynamite's behalf. Marty Jannetty came down to even the odds, taking out Shamrock. While Dynamite was distracted, Heavy P knocked him down and took the win, and the IC Title, with the Belly Press.

- X-Dog and Animal Thug, in a battle for the World Heavyweight Championship, fought to a Double Countout. They continued fighting all over the arena as the show ended.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 6/09/99
(Bismark Civic Center, Bismark, ND)

- Bobby and Thug Capri defeated the DX Shadows, after Bobby hit Edge with the Gamble.

- Hellfire won, via DQ, over the Bone Busters, when Arn Anderson hit the referee with the Gourde Buster before he could count the pin on Blanchard. The Bone Busters retained the tag titles.

- While an unmasked Shorty and Marty Jannetty fought on the outside, DMX rolled up X-Dog to get the victory, and hang onto the Cruiserweight Title.

- The Accelerator came out and announced that the next PPV, IYN: Reality Bites, was scheduled for the 20th of June... he mentioned some of the matches soon to be signed...

- In a Long Way Down match, Nightmare managed to throw Warrior off the top of the cage, winning the match and the Hardcore Title. After the match, an unknown person raised the cage, nearly throwing Nightmare off of it from a good height.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 6/12/99
(Fargo Dome, Fargo, ND)

- Shorty manged to win over Chad Muska with a Shooting Star Press, earning a slot in the European Title tournament.

- European Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Arn Anderson defeated the Rock after a Powerslam, using the ropes as leverage to get the pin.

- The Accelerator came out and announced that, since the Godfather had forfeited his place in the tournament, X-Dog would face Scott Steiner for the final place. X-Dog was also granted a victory over the Godfather.

- Animal Thug did an interview, saying he would defeat Steve Austin in the Cage match later that night.

- European Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Shorty, in his second match of the night, was forced to submit to Blade, who retained the Internet Title in the match. Afterwards, both DX and Backdraft came to the ring. DX then turned on some of its members, knocking out the Great Milenko, Shorty, and Dynamic Dynamite. Blade and X-Dog then reunited in the ring.

- European Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Marty Jannetty defeated a slightly fatigued Dynamic Dynamite with the Rocker Dropper, apparently taking the "FU" Title from Dynamite. However, Dynamite got up after the match and knocked Jannetty down, then took the belt and left.

- In response to Animal Thug's interview from earlier, Steve Austin threatened Mean Gene Okerlund and dropped the cameraman with the Stone Cold Stunner.

- In an unbelievable match that lasted over 30 minutes, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Animal Thug fought in a Steel Cage for the World Heavyweight Title. Both used their finishers at one point or another. Animal Thug retained the Heavyweight Champion by hitting Austin with his second Da Killa of the match.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 6/16/99
(Saint Paul Civic Center, Saint Paul, Minnesota)

- After the Triple Threat attacked him before the match began, Ken Shamrock was easily hit by the Franchise Cutter and pinned by Shane Douglas. Postmatch, the Triple Threat continued to beat on Shamrock. Mankind tried to make the save, but was beaten down by the 3-on-1. Shamrock was taken out on a stretcher.

- In a Taped Fist match, Phoenix managed to defeat Tully Blanchard with the Phoenix Storm. Afterwards, Arn Anderson and Warrior attacked Phoenix, but Darkstarr and X-Dog made the save.

- Warrior substituted for Tully Blanchard for one night, as he and Arn Anderson retained the Tag-Team Titles over Chris Benoit and Shorty. Anderson hit the Gourde-Buster on Shorty for the win.

- In the back, Marty Jannetty is attacked from behind by Dynamic Dynamite, who knocked him out with the FU Title. Dynamite then "gave" Jannetty the title and left, talking sarcastically about how DMX ordered him to hand over the belt. After the break, DMX helps Jannetty back to the locker room.

- The Accelerator came to the broadcast booth and talked about some of the signed matches for IYN: Reality Bites.

- X-Dog defeated "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner with the X-Factor to become the fourth and final member in the European Title Semi-Finals. Blade is seen saluting his former partner as it goes to commercial.

- Animal Thug came out of the back and did an interview, talking about Nightmare before their No-Titles Match later in the night.

- During the Intercontinental Title match between Darkstarrr and the champ, Heavy P, a fight breaks out at ringside between Phoenix and members of the Four Horsemen. As Darkstarr looks over at the fight, a masked man slid in and knocked out Heavy P with a foreign object. This allowed Darkstarr to get the Starrdust and the victory, becoming the Intercontinental Champion for the second time.

- The match between Nightmare and Animal Thug goes to a No-Contest, when the lights in the arena suddenly go out. When they come back on, Nightmare is laid out on the mat while Animal Thug is leaning on the turnbuckle, trying to pull himself fully to his feet. At the time, it's unknown who attacked the two. Nightmare heads to the back as the show ends.

GCWA In Your Neigborhood: Reality Bites (PPV), 6/20/99
(Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

- After Rick Steiner hit Mr. Ass with a chairshot to the head while the ref was down, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner locked on the Steiner Recliner and got the win over Mr. Ass.

- The Accelerator was shown in his dressing room, where he talked about the recent interferences in Nightmare's matches. He promised to be at ringside to keep the interference from occuring.

- DMX and Dynamic Dynamite squared off, with the match starting in the back, as DMX chased OG Thug to the back. Dynamite tried to hit DMX with a car, but DMX dodged, and the fight was on. The two fought their way back to ringside, with DMX being bloodied along the way. The fight then "officially" started. Shane Douglas tried to interfere, but was stopped by Marty Jannetty. During this, Dynamite uses a foreign object to knock out DMX and get the win.

- In the first Semi-Finals match of the European Title tournament, Marty Jannetty and X-Dog fought a good match. During the bout, Shorty tried to take out X-Dog, but was nailed by Jannetty. Later, Sable got onto the apron, distracting Jannetty, who knocked her out with an uppercut. This, however, allowed X-Dog to get the low blow and the X-Factor for the victory. Postmatch, Blade walked past X-Dog with a shake of his head and a disgusted look.

- In the second Semi-Finals match, Blade forced Warrior into unconsciousness with the Wetstone, getting the victory. This set up X-Dog and Blade, teammates, to face in the Finals of the European Title Tournament.

- As Phoenix and Tully Blanchard fight on the outside, Darkstarr hits the Stardust on Arn Anderson and pins him, winning the Tag-Team Titles for Hellfire over the Bone Busters.

- Before the Blade-X-Dog match starts, Blade makes X-Dog send Sable to the back, so she won't interfere. After a hard-fought match between the two, X-Dog breaks free of a Blade hold and applies the X-Factor, getting the win and becoming the new European Champion. Postmatch, X-Dog offers Blade his hand, which Blade takes. The two hug, showing they aren't breaking up just yet, as the crowd cheers.

- In a match for the Hardcore Title, Nightmare (the champ) and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin face off, with the Pres at ringside. When Nightmare gets an advantage late in the match, the Undertaker appears, coming out of the stands and attacking Nightmare, ending the match. As Nightmare's fighting off the Undertaker, the Accelerator enters the ring, apparently to help. But he surprises everyone by siding with the Undertaker and catching Nightmare with a Powerslam. As the two pound on Nightmare, Heavy P and Animal Thug, who wers supposed to wrestle in the final match for the Heavyweight Title, run to the ring to help Nightmare. Then Animal Thug turns and attacks Heavy P from behind, hitting the Accelerating Thug and showing that he had joined with the Corporate Wolfpac. The last shot is of the Accelerator laughing hysterically.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 6/23/99
(Sioux City Auditorium, Sioux City, Iowa)

- Shane Douglas defeated Drag-On with the Franchise Cutter.

- Before Mr. Ass reaches the ring to wrestle Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner comes out with a pack of dogs and attacks him. After the match, medics tend to Mr. Ass, while the Accelerator is shown laughing.

- Raven and Outcast wrestled Shorty and D'Lo Brown in a Raven's Rules Tag Match. During the match, Chris Benoit and Terry Funk were shown fighting in the back. A masked man came out to watch the match. After hitting the Evenflow DDT on D'Lo, Raven made the pin, getting the win for his team. Postmatch, the masked man called himself the Prophet, who had been taunting Raven through interviews. Raven ran at him, but smoke enveloped the masked man, and he disappeared.

- At the halfway point, the Accelerator hands a surprised aide a note, then orders him to deliver it.

- As Shorty walks down the hallway backstage, tired from his match, the Undertaker attacks him from behind, throwing him through the wall.

- X-Dog defended the European Title, defeating Chris Benoit with the X-Factor.

- The Accelerator comes out of the back with the Corporate Wolfpac. He offers the Steiner Brothers a place in the Wolfpac, then taunts Shorty. Before he can finish, though, Nightmare and X-Dog run out and attack. As Nightmare, X-Dog, the Undertaker and Animal Thug fight, Ace stands outside the ring, grinning.

- During the Darkstarr-Dynamic Dynamite IC Title match, Marty Jannetty ran out and took OG Thug, Dynamite's manager, out of the equation. Darkstarr hit the Starrdust to get the win, and retain his title.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 6/26/99
( Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Des Moines, Iowa)

- The announcers talk about Animal Thug forfeiting the World Heavyweight Title to X-Dog, and Thug's abrupt departure from the GCWA.

- The DX Shadows wrestled the Steiner Brothers. When Rick hit Edge in the back with a chair, he was easy pickings for Scott's Steiner Recliner. After the match, Mr. Ass and "another" wrestler enter the ring, attacking the two brothers with 2x4's.

- Shawn Michaels, the Commissioner, comes out and announces his position on the Corporate Wolfpac: namely, that he's standing against it.

- The match between Terry Funk and D'Lo Brown turns into a brawl between members of the Reckless Youth, Funk, and the NBK.

- The Accelerator appears in his office, giving a rebuttal to HBK's statement. He says that the World Title will not stay out of the Corporation's hands for long.

- In a great Hardcore match that goes all the way to the upper balcony, Raven defeated Mankind by knocking him off the balcony and through the stage floor, then coming down and hitting the Evenflow DDT.

- Blade defended the Internet Title, forcing Chad Muska to submit to the Wetstone.

- Shawn Michaels comes back out to hand the World Title to X-Dog in a ceremony. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin crashes the ceremony and attacks X-Dog, getting suspended by the HBK. Austin is dragged away, yelling that they need him against the Corporation.

- With X-Dog as the special referee, Phoenix faced Shorty for the #1 Contenders spot. Rey Mysterio Jr tried to be the second referee, but was ordered out of the ring by HBK. The match ended in a No-Contest, when the Corporate Wolfpac charged the ring. While the Wolfpac attacks X-Dog and Phoenix, Shorty is ordered to leave the ring. The "face" contingent (Darkstarr, Nightmare, Blade, and Michaels) come to the ring as well, as the show ends.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 6/30/99
(Metro Centre, Rockville, Illinois)

- Before the show officially starts, X-Dog and the Rock are shown prepping Blade for his match later in the evening.

- Vampiro got an easy victory on Rey Mysterio Jr, with the Sacrifice.

- While Dean Malenko represented the Natural Born Killas (both Chris Benoit and D'Lo Brown had left suddenly, leaving him alone for the match), Dynamic Dynamite, Outcast, and Shane Douglas represented Reckless Youth. All three men hit their finishers, then finally pinned the unconscious man.

- The bout between Christian and Gambit (fighting for Edge) ends in a Double Countout. Postmatch, the lights go out, and the referee gets a Bloodbath.

- Marty Jannetty is shown stretching and talking to DMX about their matches.

- Despite a good fight from Mr. Ass, DMX got the Arm Rip on him to get the submission victory, retaining the Cruiserweight Title.

- Jannetty and Blade go at it, with the winner to get X-Dog's forfeited European Title, while the loser has the Internet belt. In a furious fight that lasts for a very long time, seeing both finishers at one point. At the end, Jannetty leaps with a flying Rocker Dropper, the first time the move is ever used, knocking out Blade and injuring himself. Jannetty gets the pin and the win, becoming the European Champion, but is helped out of the ring on a stretcher with a knee injury. Blade stays the Internet Champ. The two shake hands before Jannetty is taken to check on his knee.

- Blade, dejected, is shown pushing past X-Dog and the Rock and entering his room, locking the door behind him. The Rock stays and talks through the door, while X-Dog goes to defend his title.

- Phoenix, Shorty, and X-Dog compete in a Three-Way Elimination Match for the Heavyweight Title. After battling for a while, Phoenix eliminates Shorty with the Phoenix Storm. Before a winner can be declared between Phoenix and X-Dog, though, the Undertaker comes to the ring and attacks both with a cross, making it a No-Contest. The rest of DX comes out to help, as the Undertaker leaves the ring. The last thing heard is someone laughing.

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