GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 5/01/99
(Sports Arena, San Diego, CA)

- The announcers discussed the happenings of the week, including the resignations of the Ruff Ryders, Heavy P's forfeiting of the IC Title to Darkstarr, LilPun's departure leading to the vacancy of the Cruiserweight belt (probably to Marty Jannetty), and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin getting an ok on his physical.

- Although scheduled to be the DX Army vs. Marty Jannetty/Billy Kidman, Jannetty was forced to wrestle alone when Kidman didn't appear for the match. Jannetty fought hard, but lost to the odds after a Powerbomb/Frog Splash combination.

- "Amish" Larry Destiny defeated the Rock with his Thrilla Killa Piledriver.

- In a Freezer Match, Animal Thug retained the European Title, escaping the Freezer and closing it on the Undertaker. When the freezer was reopened, the Undertaker was nowhere to be found.

- The Accelerator handed Darkstarr the Intercontinental Title, which was forfeited by Heavy P. He then set up a match for the next week against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

- Phoenix held onto the Heavyweight Title, defeating Dynamic Dynamite after DMX hit Dynamite with a chair.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 5/05/99
(Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA)

- "The Ghetto Thugsta" Chad Muska defeated Raven with a Ghetto Driver onto a char.

- The Accelerator came out and announced that the tag-team title match later in the night would be a Four Corners match. The other two teams to join the Hit Squad and the DX Army were not announced.

- X-Killah easily defeated X-Treme with the Killah Drop.

- Jesse James won a Hardcore Match over Jimmy Snuka Fly, partially due to Mankind's Mandible Claw, which was applied to Snuka.

- Marty Jannetty hit the Rocker Dropper on Billy Kidman to get the win, and officially become the Cruiserweight Champion. Postmatch, Shawn Michaels came down and talked with Jannetty.

- The four teams competing for the tag-team titles were announced: The Rockers (Michaels and Jannetty), the Bone Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard), the DX Army (Blade, X-Dog) and the reigning champs, the Hit Squad (Austin/HH). After a furious match, X-Dog dropped a Frog Splash on Blanchard to get the victory, making the DX Army the new tag-team champions.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 5/08/99
(Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, CA)

- After being distracted trying to help Ryan Shamrock (who was being manhandled by Judd the Stud), X-Killah was put in the Thrilla Killa Piledriver by "Amish" Larry Destiny and pinned. Afterwards, Destiny absorbed a slap from Ryan and kissed her.

- While talking in the back, Larry Destiny and Judd the Stud were met by Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. The 4 men continued to talk as the show went on.

- Dynamic Dynamite got the win over DMX, when Paul Wight and the Union knocked DMX into unconsciousness while the ref was down. After the match, Heavy P tried to make the save, but the Union took him out. Ken Shamrock applied his ankle lock on Heavy P, badly injuring him. Heavy P was taken out on a stretcher. Marty Jannetty surprisingly was shown helping them take Heavy P out.

- In a shockingly short match, Blade rolled Vice up for the pin, and the Internet Title. Vice attacked Blade afterwards, but was forced from the ring by X-Dog and Jesse James.

- Animal Thug retained the European Title over Arn Anderson by DQ, when Tully Blanchard hit Thug from behind with a tire iron.

- During the IC Title match between Steve Austin and Darkstarr (the champ), Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard returned and beat on Darkstarr, DQ'ing the match. Hawaiian Heat came down to help his tag-team partner, but Austin surprised everybody, using the Stone Cold Stunner on Heat. Austin then raised "one" finger, then four fingers, joining with Anderson, Blanchard, and Larry Destiny as the new Four Horsemen.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 5/12/99
(Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, California)

- The two announcer talked about the events of the past week, focusing on the surprise growth of the Four Horsemen.

- Paul Wight used a two-handed Chokeslam to defeat Big Daddy.

- The Bone Busters defeated the New Age Outlaws, when Arn Anderson hit Billy Gunn with the Gourde Buster.

- The Accelerator came out with Shawn Michaels, and temporarily gave Michaels control over the GCWA, while the Accelerator went to work on other business for a few weeks.

- During the IC Match, the champion, Darkstarr, came to the aid of his ally, Phoenix, who was being attacked by the Union. However, this allowed Larry Destiny to get in a shot, then dropped Darkstarr with the Thrilla Killa Piledriver to get the win and become the Intercontinental champion.

- The Union then mercilessly beat Phoenix, then rolled him into the ring. Dynamite used the Dynamic Pain on him, then pinned him. However, the Accelerator and Shawn Michaels both came out and reversed the decision, due to the tactics used to get the pin.

GCWA Sunday Night Sloberknocker, 5/16/99
(United Center, Chicago, IL)

- Chainz won, via DQ, over "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, when Larry Destiny came to the ring and tried to interfere. Austin accidentally hit Destiny with a chair afterwards, aiming for Chainz.

- After a long cruiserweight Triple Threat match, DMX defeated "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty and Shorty to become the Cruiserweight Champion.

- In the back, Ken Shamrock attacked Jesse James, putting him in the Ankle Lock. Security arrived to help break up the hold. Mankind was seen watching in the background.

- "Amish" Larry Destiny put Paul Wight in the Thrilla Killa Piledriver, retaining the Intercontinental Title.

- The match-up between Jesse James and Mankind did not occur, due to the ankle injury.

- The interim president, Shawn Michaels, comes out and announces that, since Test could not make the event due to an "autograph session", Ken Shamrock would have to face Hellfire alone. Shamrock came out to argue the decision. As he was arguing with HBK, Darkstarr and Phoenix came out and attacked him from behind. As they fought Shamrock, though, Mankind came out and used a 2x4 on Hellfire, causing the match to be thrown out. Most of the GCWA's wrestlers then made their way down, fighting, as Michaels watched with a smile.

GCWA Thursday Tornado, 5/20/99
(Kiel Center, St. Louis, Missouri)

- Kevin Nash and Dynamic Dynamite fought to a Double Countout. Dynamite apparently 'retained' his FU Title.

- Before the DMX-Test bout could really get under way, "Macho Man" Randy Savage came to the ring and knocked Test out. DMX left the ring, so Savage used his elbow drop on Test.

- After a brutal Barbed-Wire fight, "Amish" Larry Destiny defended his IC Title, defeating Chainz with the Thrilla Killa Piledriver.

- Darkstarr defeated Ken Shamrock with a Sunset Flip.

- Before the Outsiders and the Bone Busters can start fighting, Hollywood Hogan and Randy Savage come to the ring and are met by Anderson and Blanchard. Steve Austin came out to help, stunning Hogan, Savage, and then Hall, which cost the Bone Busters the match.

- Phoenix and Animal Thug faced off in a steel cage, with a 4-foot chain connecting them, for the World Heavyweight Title. Despite interference from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Animal Thug was able to knock Phoenix out with the chain and make the pin, to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

GCWA Warriors of the Ring, 5/30/99
(Key Arena, Seattle, WA)

- Billy Kidman defeated "Scorpion" Gambit with the Seven Year Itch.

- The Bone Busters (Anderson/Blanchard) won the Tag-Team Titles from the DX Army (Blade/X-Dog), mainly due to Warrior's Armageddon on Blade. Anderson then made the pin. Postmatch, Steve Austin came down and nailed X-Dog with the Stone Cold Stunner. Warrior then stood as the new 4th Horseman.

- Dynamic Dynamite hit the Dynamic Pain in the air, defeating Heavy P to become the Intercontinental Champion.

- The 26-man Rumble was won by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The wrestlers' positions and eliminations in the Rumble are listed below.

Entry Into Rumble:
1) Shorty
2) Animal Thug
3) Dynamic Dynamite
4) Scott Hall
5) Warrior
6) Bobby
7) Blade
8) Marty Jannetty
9) Tully Blanchard
10) Test
11) Heavy P
12) Jesse James
13) Billy Kidman
14) Steve Austin
15) X-Dog
16) Big Daddy
17) Mankind
18) Gambit
19) Billy Gunn
20) Chad Muska
21) Kevin Nash
22) The Rock
23) Ken Shamrock
24) Arn Anderson
25) X-Killah
26) Paul Wight

Elimination Order (Eliminator):
1) Dynamic Dynamite (Scott Hall & Shorty)
2) Scott Hall (Animal Thug)
3) Shorty (Marty Jannetty & Bobby)
4) Marty Jannetty (Animal Thug)
5) Test (Heavy P)
6) Jesse James (Warrior)
7) Bobby (Warrior & Tully Blanchard)
8) Warrior (Blade & X-Dog)
9) Big Daddy (Mankind)
10) Billy Kidman (Gambit & Tully Blanchard)
11) Gambit (Tully Blanchard)
12) Blade (Animal Thug)
13) The Rock ( didn't appear)
14) Tully Blanchard (X-Dog)
15) Billy Gunn (Steve Austin)
16) Ken Shamrock (Heavy P)
17) Heavy P (eliminated himself)
18) Chad Muska (Kevin Nash)
19) Mankind (X-Killah)
20) Paul Wight (Animal Thug, Steve Austin, X-Dog, X-Killah, Kevin Nash, and Arn Anderson)
21) X-Dog (Steve Austin)
22) Kevin Nash (Animal Thug & Arn Anderson)
23) X-Killah (Steve Austin)
24) Arn Anderson (Animal Thug)
25) Animal Thug (Steve Austin)
Winner: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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