GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 4/03/99
(Astrodome, Houston, TX)

- The Blade Runners defeated the New Age Outlaws, when Luger used the Torture Rack on Billy Gunn.

- Backstage, Vice attacks both Blade Runners with a bat, knocking them out, then goes to the ring, calling out Scott Norton for their scheduled match.

- Vice and Scott Norton battle to a double countout. Postmatch, Sting comes down to help Norton double-team Vice, who fights out of it. Security breaks the three up.

- LilPun defeated Jushin "Thunder" Liger with his UG Maneuver.

- Since Scott Hall did not show up for the match, the Accelerator awards the Internet Title to Kevin Nash. He also tells him that he'll have to face the #2 Contender, Vice.

- After a long match, Hawaiian Heat retained the European Title, landing a variation of the Lava Flow on the Giant Milenko to get the pin.

- Heavy P and Phoenix wrestle to a draw for the Heavyweight Title, after "Stone Cold" Steve Austin came down and stunned both wrestlers, as well as the referee.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 4/07/99
(Municipal Coliseum, Lubbock, TX)

- Marty Jannetty beat Rey Mysterio Jr with the Rocker Dropper.

- The Accelerator came out and talked about being back in his home town. He then announced the next PPV would be in Phoenix, Arizona, and would be called Heat Wave. He orders the Ruff Ryders to show up at his office the next day. He also says, cryptically, that he's going to go see some old friends.

- The Soldiers of Style (LilPun/Heavy P) defeated Vicious and Delicious, after a combined UG Movement/Belly Press on Buff Bagwell.

- Hawaiian Heat came out and said that he deserved a shot at Phoenix's Heavyweight Title. He also talked about "slaying the Giant" the last card.

- In a brawl that started out under the ring, went through the audience, and eventually involved both Lex Luger and Vice, Mankind retained the Hardcore Title by beating Sting with the Mandible Claw.

- Shorty defended the Cruiserweight belt, defeating a returning X-Dog with the Shortanation.

- Animal Thug comes out, announcing that the two "mystery men" who had sided with him were Hawaiian Heat and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Austin came out and talked about how, if either of the three won the Heavyweight Title, they would grant another one the title shot. Thug and Austin shared a beer as it went to commercial.

- Animal Thug and Darkstarr fought a long hard match, which was decided when Shorty and the Giant Milenko interfered, attacking Animal Thug. Postmatch, Darkstarr and Shorty had a falling out over the interference, while "Stone Cold" came down and attacked Giant Milenko with his cooler.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 4/10/99
(McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, CO)

- The match between Bobby and the Undertaker didn't occur, with both wrestlers being attacked backstage. Animal Thug went after the attackers, who were unknown.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin defeated the Rock with the Stone Cold Stunner, after the Rock missed the People's Elbow.

- In a clip shot earlier in the day, the Ruff Ryders are shown arriving at the arena and going to their 'dressing room', which, thanks to Vice, turns out to be a utility closet.

- Vice wins, via DQ, over the Internet Champ Kevin Nash, when the Ruff Ryders interfere. After Hawaiian Heat comes down to help out, Vice grabs the Internet title and leaves with it, even though Nash is still the champion.

- As the Ruff Ryders were faning out to find Vice backstage, Dynamic Dynamite puts in an appearance, hitting DMX from behind with a chair.

- Shorty retains the Cruiserweight Title over Azrael, when Darkstarr came down and hit him with the Stardust, signifying the end of the alliance between the Ruff Ryders and Smoke & Mirrors.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 4/14/99
(E-Center, Salt Lake City, Utah)

- Before the show starts, the Accelerator is seen talking to an unknown person in his limo.

- Backstage, Kevin Nash and other Ruff Ryders start searching around the arena, where Vice has supposedly left the belt. DMX and the Blade Runners head out on their own.

- Billy Kidman easily defeated Rey Mysterio Jr, landing two Shooting Star Press moves before making the pin.

- Kevin Nash and the other Ruff Ryders with him are shown going into a room with "Vice" on the door. They start to tear up the place looking for the Internet Title, only to find that they're in the Accelerator's room.

- Marty Jannetty and Crusade defeated the Imitating Angels, after Crusade made Pagus pass out while in the Crucifix.

- Backstage, a cameraman finds Sting and Lex Luger, the Blade Runners, out cold in a locker room.

- DMX, in his first match of the night, beat Dynamic Dynamite with the Arm Rip, followed by a facesplash.

- The Accelerator came out for an interview, and announced that a new Commisioner had been signed. He then introduced Shawn Michaels, who came out to a roar from the fans. Michaels made two matches: Animal Thug vs. Giant Milenko, the winner to face Hawaiian Heat at Heat Wave; and the Hit Squad vs. SOS for the tag-team titles.

- Hawaiian Heat and Vice, despite some problems working together, won via DQ over Kevin Nash and Kane, when Kane threw a fireball into Heat's face. The fireball didn't seem to affect him. Postmatch, Kevin Nash grabbed the "Internet Title" and hit Vice with it, only to discover it was a fake title. Vice and Heat left, keeping the Internet Title away from the rightful champ.

- In the Handicap match of Heavy P vs. Shorty and DMX, DMX betrayed the Ruff Ryders, helping Heavy P beat down on Shorty, with Heavy P getting the pin. Afterwards, DMX became a Soldier of Style.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 4/17/99
(MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV)

- While members of the Ruff Ryders fought with Master P and other music members, DMX defeated the Punisher, hitting the Arm Rip then smacking the Punisher with a foreign object that the Ruff Ryder leader had brought into the ring.

- Bobby Heenan discussed the movements with the SOS, including the dismissal of the DX contingent and the adding of Billy Kidman and DMX.

- Animal Thug beat the Giant Milenko with a version of Da Killa. With this win, Thug won a match for the European Title at the PPV against Hawaiian Heat.

- Shorty was shown leaving the arena, with Marty Jannetty chasing after the limo. This meant that Jannetty wouldn't get his Cruiserweight Title shot. Jannetty came to the ring and asked for a 3-way match against Shorty and LilPun at the PPV.

- The Accelerator came out and announced a couple of matches for Heat Wave, including the 3-Way Cruiserweight Title match, the Animal Thug-Hawaiian Heat match, and the Vice-Kevin Nash match.

- The Hit Squad defends the Tag-Team Titles, after Hawaiian Heat used the Volcano Slam on LilPun to get the win.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 4/21/99
(Lawlor Events Center, Reno, NV)

- After Shorty pulled Mysterio out of the range of a Kidman suicide dive, Mysterio took the victory over Kidman with his Hurricanrana. Postmatch, LilPun took out Mysterio.

- After a Hardcore match, Jesse James used the Fame-Ass-Er to defeat Sting, which earned him the right to face Mankind for the Hardcore Title at the PPV.

- Since the Giant Milenko was injured, a forfeit victory was given to Dynamic Dynamite.

- DMX won, via DQ, over Konnan, when both Rey Mysterio and Shorty came to the ring and attacked him. Due to the 3-on-1 odds, DMX was put into the Tequila Sunrise. Heavy P and LilPun made the save.

- After a furious Casket match that saw both finishers of the wrestlers, Thug Capri and the Undertaker were given a draw when Kane surprisingly knocked Capri back into the casket and shut the lid with both of them in it. Postmatch, Crusade and Marty Jannetty ran down to help free Thug Capri from Kane. Crusade and Kane brawled to the back, while Jannetty went to the ring.

- Darkstarr and Marty Jannetty fought for a long time, before Jannetty landed the Rocker Dropper to get the win. Postmatch, Crusade returned to celebrate with his partner as the show ended.

GCWA In Your Neighborhood: Heat Wave (4/25/99)
(America West Arena, Phoenix, AZ)

- Dynamic Dynamite defeated "Bad Ass" Beefcake with the Dynamic Pain.

- Blade forced Hunter Hearst Helmsley to submit to the Wetstone, earning his first win in the GCWA.

- A shot of the fans entering the arena was shown. The fans showed off their signs, talked about their favorite wrestlers, and got autographs.

- Darkstarr & Pagus beat DMX & Billy Kidman, after Darkstarr caught Kidman with the Stardust while DMX was tied up with Pagus.

- After Judd the Stud (the manager) distracted "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, "Amish" Larry Destiny hit his Thrilla Killa Piledriver on a steel chair to get the upset victory.

- The Jesse James-Mankind Hardcore Title match started early, as the two fought down the hallways and into the Boiler Room. Mankind retained the Hardcore Title after using the Mandible Claw.

- After Marty Jannetty used a Suicide Dive to take out members of the Ruff Ryders, LilPun used the opportunity to land the UG Maneuver on Shorty to become a two-time Cruiserweight Champion. Postmatch, Jannetty seemed to have trouble getting up, but shrugged off the help of Animal Thug and LilPun.

- While a brawl broke out between members of the Ruff Ryders and members of SOS, Vice used the Breakdown to defeat Kevin Nash in a Steel Cage Match to become the new Internet Champion. Postmatch, security broke up the brawl, while Vice went on top of the cage and retrieved the title.

- In the biggest match of the night, Animal Thug and Hawaiian Heat both used their finishers but were unable to make the pin. With both exhausted, Animal Thug managed enough strength to hit the Accelerating Thug, becoming the new European Champion. A slightly reluctant Heat shook Thug's hand after the match.

- In an Inferno match, Phoenix defeated Heavy P with the Phoenix Storm, defending the World Heavyweight Title once again.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 4/28/99
(Convention Center Arena, Tucson, AZ)

- Blade & X-Dog defeated Jim & Mark Right in a tag-team match, with both men pinning Jim Right after X-Dog's Frog Splash.

- The Accelerator and Hawaiian Heat were shown in the back arguing, apparently about Steve Austin's condition.

- Billy Kidman won, via DQ, over Konnan, when Rey Mysterio Jr attacked him. Surprisingly, Marty Jannetty made the save for the SOS member.

- Outside of the arena, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin arrives, walking slowly but purposefully from the parking lot.

- A montage of shots from the PPV is shown.

- Animal Thug was awarded the special "Wolfpac" European Title.

- The match between Darkstarr and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin does not occur, due to the Accelerator telling Austin he would not wrestle until he got a doctor's ok. Austin and the Accelerator had a confrontation, but no punches were thrown. Darkstarr was given a win. After the commercial break, Austin was shown knocking down the doctors and leaving the arena.

- Hawaiian Heat defeated "Amish" Larry Destiny with the Volcano Slam, after Destiny became distracted by Animal Thug's attack on Judd the Stud. Postmatch, Heat watched Animal Thug leave with the European Title.

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