GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 3/03/99
(Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO)

- Azrael wins, via DQ, over X-Dog, when the Undertaker and Mideon interfere.

- When Master P failed to show up for Wrath's match, Wrath let out a challenge to anyone in the back. Dragon answered, and the two brawled to a Double Countout.

- The Hit Squad defeat Hellfire to earn a shot at the World Tag-Team Titles, when Hawaiian Heat used the Volcano Slam on Darkstarr.

- In the match that was supposed to decide who was the Hardcore Champion, the New Age Outlaws turned on their DX partners and joined Heavy P and LilPun in the Soldierz of Style.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 3/6/99
(Kansas Expocentre, Topeka, KS)

- Show starts with a montage of interviews by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Hollywood Hogan.

- After Mideon hit Crusade from behind with his jar, the Undertaker landed the Tombstone Piledriver to get the win.

- Where the Soldierz of Style/Tight Dawgs tag match was supposed to be, a brawl ensued in one of the lounges between SOS, the Ruff Ryders, Smoke and Mirrors, and DX.

- Darkstarr wins, via DQ, over Scott Hall, when Hall uses his taser on both Starr and the referee. Hall retains the World Internet Title.

- With Mankind keeping Scott Hall away from the ring, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin wins a furious Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title over Hollywood Hogan.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 3/10/99
(Henry Levitt Arena, Wichita, KS)

- Show began with a shot of DX arriving. Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels were arguing, with Hogan as the peacemaker.

- The Undertaker defeated Wrath with the Tombstone Piledriver.

- During the Dragon-LilPun match, Wrath interfered, knocking down LilPun and brawling with Dragon. Since he attacked LilPun first, LilPun was given the win. The two brawled back (and through) the entranceway gate.

- Hall was shown storming away from the DX Locker Room, with Shawn Michaels staring after him, then going back into the room.

- Bobby used the Gamble to defeat the Violator, earning himself a Hardcore Title shot the next show.

- After a long match between Michaels and Kevin Nash, Scott Hall reappeared and stood at ringside, apparently rejoining Nash as the original Outsiders. But it was all a sham, as Hall attacked Nash from behind with the tazer before he could Jackknife Powerbomb Michaels. The Punisher and the Violator made the save.

- In a furious three-way battle for the vacated Tag-Team straps, the Hit Squad got the win, after Hawaiian Heat and Austin combined their moves to take out Jesse James. The other two teams were the New Age Outlaws and Crusade/Marty Jannetty.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 3/13/99
(Myriad Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OK)

- A montage of Shawn Michaels and Hawaiian Heat starts the show.

- Thug Capri used all of 2 minutes to defeat the Raain Makker with the Shocker.

- The Cruiserweight Title match between Darkstarr and Shorty goes to a No-Contest when X-Dog and LilPun attack both wrestlers.

- In the first-ever Hardcore Title match, Bobby and Heavy P fought all the way around the arena and out of it, using trash cans, chairs, and other assorted items. The match ended when Bobby was thrown off the second floor balcony, followed by Heavy P's Belly Press. Postmatch, both wrestlers were helped to the back.

- Animal Thug seemed to be winning the Sealed Cage World Title Match over Phoenix, when the Cage rose up enough for a returning Pagus to enter and attack the Thug. Thug Capri made the save for Animal Thug, who got the DQ win, but no title.

- The Accelerator came out and made a few PPV announcements, including the name (IYN: No Blood, No Foul) and some of the matches already signed, including a rematch between Animal Thug and Phoenix, and a 4-Way Cruiserweight Title match.

- After a long, hard-fought match between Hawaiian Heat (who put the European Title on the line) and Shawn Michaels (who put his career on the line for the shot), Michaels managed to kick out of the Volcano Slam and was set up to give Hawaiian Heat some Sweet Chin Music. Hollywood Hogan then entered the ring and attacked Michaels, then threw Hawaiian Heat out of the ring. Due to a stipulation made by the President about any DX interference, Michaels lost the match and apparently his career. Postmatch, Michaels landed some Sweet Chin Music on Hogan, then did crotch chops for a cheering crowd as the show ended.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 3/17/99
(Donald W. Reynolds Center, Tulsa Oklahoma)

- Shorty defeats LilPun, using a version of the shooting star press (later called the Shortanation by Shorty).

- A clip from earlier in the day was shown... Pagus's interview was interrupted by Dragon and Wrath, who were brawling out of control. Pagus became involved in the fight, which was finally broken up by security.

- In a No DQ match, Vice defeated Sting after a Reverse DDT onto a steel chair.

- Crusade won, via DQ, over Mankind, when HHH came in and used the Pedigree to take Crusade down. Postmatch, Crusade attacked Mankind, since he didn't know who had attacked him.

- While Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan fight on the outside, Scott Hall defended the Internet Title, putting HHH in the Outsider's Edge. Postmatch, Hall broke up the fight between the two, but didn't strike either. Instead, with Hogan following, Hall walked away.

- Thanxs partially to Hawaiian Heat's interference, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin retained the Intercontinental Title over the Undertaker with a Stone Cold Stunner. After the match, the Undertaker rose back up and Tombstoned Hawaiian Heat as the night ended.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 3/20/99
(State Fair Grounds, Little Rock, Arkansas)

- X-Dog used the X-Factor to beat "Bad Ass" Beefcake.

- Although the Rock and the Undertaker were supposed to wrestle, instead the Undertaker came out with the people's champ on his shoulder. The Rock was left, injured, in the ring, while the Undertaker disappeared from ringside.

- After a commercial break, the Rock was helped into the Ruff Ryders dressing room, while his teammates headed out in search parties to find the Undertaker and Mideon.

- The "original" Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) defeated the New Age Outlaws, when Nash used the Jackknife Powerbomb on Billy Gunn. Postmatch, Scott Hall left the ring without celebrating with his partner.

- A clip was shown of Pagus appearing during Animal Thug's World Title match last week. Speeches by both wrestlers over the week were highlighted.

- Animal Thug basically destroyed Pagus, due to the weight difference between the two. Thug got the win after Azrael and Phoenix came to the ring. Thug took out the other members of Smoke and Mirrors, but was stopped from fighting Phoenix by Crusade, who had a World Title match against him.

- Crusade took Phoenix to the limit, even getting him in the Crucifix at one point. But Phoenix came out on top, defeating Crusade with the Phoenix Storm and retaining the World Title.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Heavy P wrestled a long, tough match. Near the end, Heavy P was thrown into the referee, knocking him down. While Austin went to check on the ref, the Undertaker came out of the crowd and Tombstoned the Rattlesnake. This allowed Heavy P to get it together and land the Belly Press. The groggy ref counted to three, and Heavy P became the new Intercontinental Champion.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 3/24/99
(Hirsch Coliseum, Shreveport, Louisiana)

- "Bad Ass" Beefcake destroyed Raven with multiple Beefanations.

- During the Lion's Den match between the Undertaker and the Punisher, Crusade appeared at ringside, cheering on the Punisher. HHH ran out of the back and attacked Crusade. Meanwhile, in the cage, the Undertaker breaks free of the Jack-in-a-Box and tries to choke the Punisher down, prompting the Rock to dive into the cage and attack the Phenom. Mideon then appears, coming to the aid of the Undertaker. The match is thrown out.

- Pagus, after hitting Dragon with a low blow, uses the Pagus Splash to get the victory.

- The "original" Outsiders, Hall and Nash, challenged the Hit Squad (Austin/Heat) for the tag-team titles in the main event. During a melee near the end, Hollywood Hogan ran in, but Nash stopped him with a Jackknife Powerbomb. Unfortunately, this left him open to the Stone Cold Stunner on a steel chair. Austin pinned him for the victory, retaining the tag titles for his team.

GCWA In Your Neighborhood: No Blood, No Foul (PPV)
(Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas)

- After a Death Penalty and the Meltdown, Wrath pinned Dragon for the victory.

- In a No-DQ Grudge Match, Sting and Vice fought all around the ring, eventually spilling into the crowd. This allowed Lex Luger to step out of the audience and apply the Torture Rack on Vice. Sting then used a Scorpion Deathdrop to get the win.

- Using his Last Don Chokeslam like never before, the Giant Milenko defeated Paul Wight in a "Clash of the Giants" match.

- After a hard Fatal Fourway Barbed Wire Steel Cage match involving the Rock, the Undertaker, Crusade, and HHH, Crusade got the major victory, locking the Rock into the Crucifix.

- The match between Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash was supposedly fought to decide whether Scott Hall would be allowed to leave the nWo. However, it turned out to be a farce, as Hall entered the ring and gave his former tag-team partner, Nash, the Outsiders' Edge. After a Big Leg Drop from Hogan, both nWo members left, laughing. Nash won by DQ.

- In a Hardcore Title match between Mankind and "Roaddog" Jesse James, the two fought all the way around the arena (including through the broadcast booth, scaring Bobby Heenan away) and then fought their way outside into the rainy Dallas area. Mankind won when he applied Mr. Socko (the Mandible Claw) in the parking lot. This made Mankind the new Hardcore Champion.

- Shorty fought long and hard in the Fatal Fourway Cruiserweight Title match, finally winning the Title over Darkstarr (the former champ), LilPun, and X-Dog, when he landed the Shortanation (shooting star press) on X-Dog and made the pin. Postmatch, Darkstarr gave the title to Shorty and shook his hand.

- After a brutal match between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Heavy P (with a title shot, either tag-team or IC, on the line), both wrestlers were laid out after a Superplex applied by Austin. As the ref counted, the Undertaker entered the ring and Tombstoned him, then attacked both wrestlers, making the match a draw. The three brawled out of the ring, before security could break them up.

- In the main event, a ragged-looking Animal Thug was defeated by Phoenix, who retained his World Heavyweight Title. Phoenix took the weakened Thug out with his Phoenix Storm. Afterwards, both Crusade and the Accelerator tried to talk to Animal Thug, but he walked away from them.

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