GCWA Monday Night Warfare, 2/01/99
(Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY)

- World Title Tournament, Preliminary: With the help of a foreign object, Phoenix defeated LilPun, retaining the GCWA Intercontinental Title and moving on in the tournament.

- Cameras backstage show DX beating on Marty Jannetty.

- World Title Tournament, Preliminary: Steve Austin uses the Stone Cold Stunner to defeat Crusade and move up the rankings.

- The Accelerator comes out and announces that LilPun is going to compete in the 2nd half of the tournament, and will face Phoenix at Blood on the Battlefield. He also instituted the GCWA Cruiserweight Title.

- World Title Tournament, Preliminary: Darkstarr wins, via DQ, over Hollywood Hogan, when the Outsiders enter the ring. Postmatch, Smoke and Mirrors comes out and brawls with DX, and LilPun comes out to attack both Phoenix and Hogan.

- World Title Tournament, Preliminary: Marty Jannetty runs out during the melee and starts the match against Shawn Michaels quickly. But he's too hurt from the earlier beating, and gets pinned after some Sweet Chin Music.

GCWA Thursday Night Tornado, 2/04/99
(Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY)

- World Title Tournament, Preliminary: LilPun, using the UG Movement, wins over Azrael to move on.

- World Title Tournament, Preliminary: Animal Thug, despite interference from Buff Bagwell, landed Da Killa on Scott Steiner and took the victory.

- Darkstarr and Phoenix give a "short" interview to Mean Gene about what they're going to do to DX.

- World Title Tournament, Preliminary: With aid from Crusade, Hawaiian Heat got the Volcano Slam on Heavy P, moving to the Quarter-Finals.

- World Title Tournament, Preliminary: After a long match, Shawn Michaels hit Lothar with a piece of his armor, knocking him out and allowing Scott Hall to make the pin.

- In the main event, Darkstarr and Phoenix (S&M) took on Shawn Michaels and Hollywood Hogan (DX). The match ended in a No-Contest, after the Ruff Ryders came to the ring and attacked everyone. The show ended in an all-out war between 4 stables, after the Wolfpac came to the ring.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 2/06/99
(Corestates Spectrum/Center, Philadelphia, PA)

- With Hawaiian Heat watching from the broadcast booth (and looking for Bobby "The Brain" Heenan), Crusade forced Heavy P to submit to the Crucifix, earning a match against HH.

- Hollywood Hogan wins, via forfeit, over the Scorpion, who never appeared. Postmatch, the Accelerator came out and told everyone that the Scorpion was on his way to the hospital, probably after being attacked by DX. He then announced a surprise match the next Monday for Hogan, against "an old friend".

- After 2 Stone Cold Stunners, Steve Austin finally manages to pin Hawaiian Heat in a good match. Afterwards, the two drank some beer together.

- Mean Gene interviewed Animal Thug, and got his opinions on the various stables in the Fed, as well as finding out that Thug's former tag-team partner, Bobby, had returned to the GCWA and became one of the Co-Tag-Team Champs.

- With Smoke and Mirrors keeping the rest of the stables away, the Outsiders (DX) defeated the Tight Dawgs (Ruff Ryders) when Michaels landed some Sweet Chin Music on Big Poppa Pump.

- During the Lothar-Phoenix Title-for-Title match, Shawn Michaels came out and distracted Lothar. Phoenix was then able to hit the Phoenix Storm to get the victory, and earn the GCWA European Title to go along with his GCWA Intercontinental Belt.

- In the Main Event, Azrael, Darkstarr, Marty Jannetty, LilPun, and Shorty all fought for the Cruiserweight Title. The end came after Azrael accidentally pulled down the top rope, dropping Darkstarr out of the ring. While Azrael was checking on Starr, LilPun rolled him up to get the victory. Postmatch, Darkstarr and Phoenix helped the injured Azrael backstage, while LilPun celebrated his first title.

GCWA Monday Night Warfare, 2/08/99
(Fitzgerald Fieldhouse, Pittsburgh, PA)

- World Title Tournament, Quarterfinals: The match between Phoenix and Shawn Michaels ends in a No-Contest when Lothar comes into the ring, knocks out the ref, then attacks both wrestlers. It takes security to separate the three.

- World Title Tournament, Quarterfinals: Steve Austin uses his Stone Cold Stunner on Darkstarr to get the victory and moves on to the next round. Hawaiian Heat is shown watching from the stage.

- The Accelerator comes out and announces that Lothar, Phoenix, and Michaels will all fight in a Steel Cage Triple Threat match at the end of the night to determine who goes on in the Tournament. He also brings out Hollywood Hogan's opponent later in the night: Wrath.

- World Title Tournament, Quarterfinals: Despite some great maneuvers, LilPun gets put in the Outsider's Edge by Scott Hall and is pinned.

- World Title Tournament, Quarterfinals: In a match which saw both wrestlers attempt their finishing maneuvers, Animal Thug finally landed Da Killa to get the win over Hawaiian Heat.

- In the No DQ, Steel Cage Match, Wrath seems to have the edge over Hollywood Hogan, when Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels enter the ring, making it a 3-on-1 contest. To even the odds, the Accelerator himself runs out to lend aid. Despite a high-flying Rollercoaster and the Meltdown on the Outsiders, Hogan manages to get outside the cage and surprisingly steal the win.

- In a NO DQ, Triple Threat Steel Cage Match to decide the final person to move on to the World Title Tournament Semi-Finals, Phoenix, Lothar, and Michaels fight it out. After Lothar lands a SuperSplash from the top of the cage on Michaels, Phoenix jumps on both of them and gets the pinfall victory.

GCWA Thursday Night Tornado, 2/11/99
(The Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH)

- With the Stardust, Darkstarr earned a shot at the Cruiserweight Title, defeating Shorty.

- During the battle between Hawaiian Heat and the European Champion, Phoenix, Lothar came to ringside, but was stopped from interfering by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. As Phoenix watched them, HH stunned him, then landed the new move known as the Lava Flow, getting the victory and winning the GCWA European Title.

- The Impact Wolfpac retained the GCWA Tag-Team Titles, after using the Gamble and the Blackout on Shawn Michaels of the Outsiders.

- As the Punisher entered the Steel Cage to face Hollywood Hogan, he was attacked by the Outsiders. While Michaels locked the door so that Shorty and the Violator could not enter the ring, the other DX members pummeled the Punisher, finally getting him down enough that Hogan dropped the big leg and got the win. Postmatch, the Ruff Ryders finally got into the ring, while DX made a run for it.

- Lothar, in a Hell-in-a-Cell match, defeated Master P with the Dragon Slayer. Afterwards, Lothar, Phoenix, and Master P all exchanged some right hands.

GCWA Monday Night Warfare, 2/15/99
(Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN)

- While Steve Austin and Phoenix are brawling on the outside, Hawaiian Heat uses the Lava Flow on Crusade, retaining the GCWA European Title. Postmatch, Austin and Phoenix fight backstage, where Darkstarr and security break them up.

- Darkstarr used the Stardust on LilPun, getting the victory and becoming the new GCWA Cruiserweight Champion. Afterwards, Phoenix tried to attack LilPun, but was stopped by Starr.

- The Giant Milenko is shown smashing into a locker room that said "DX" on the door, but it is obvious that DX had not been there. The Giant Milenko then continues looking for Hogan.

- World Title Tournament, Semi-Finals: While Animal Thug and Scott Hall go at it, Shawn Michaels and Hollywood Hogan fight with Bobby and Marty Jannetty on the outside. During the melee, a "masked man" comes to ringside and trips Thug, almost costing him the match. Then the Giant Milenko comes to ringside, attacks Hogan, then nails Hall with a big right hand, causing him to be rolled up by Animal Thug. Thug goes on to the PPV to fight for the World Title.

- World Title Tournament, Semi-Finals: After a long, bloody Main Event match, Steve Austin lands a "Super Stunner" from the top rope to counter the Phoenix Storm and get the victory, making it Animal Thug vs. Austin at Blood on the Battlefield.

GCWA Blood On The Battlefield (PPV), 2/21/99
(United Center, Chicago, IL)

- With Hawaiian Heat watching from the ramp, Heavy P defeats Hunter Hearst Helmsley with the Belly Press/Steiner Recliner. This makes Heavy P the unofficial Hardcore Champion.

- The Punisher lifts Crusade into the Jack-in-a-Box, getting the submission victory.

- What started out as a singles match between Bobby and Big Poppa Pump becomes a tag-team match, with Bobby and Marty Jannetty vs. the Tight Dawgs. Bobby wins the match for his team when he puts Buff Daddy in the Gamble and pins him.

- It's announced that, since Scott Steiner is not in the building, the Steiner-Wrath match will not take place. It's also announced that Wrath has left the building and is searching for Steiner.

- The Giant Milenko gets the win, via DQ, over Hollywood Hogan, when the Outsiders interfere. Postmatch, Paul Wight made his first appearance in the GCWA, coming to the ring and attacking the Giant.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's arrival is shown, with him running over the Wolfpac limo with a Monster Truck.

- After a long match, Darkstarr retains the Cruiserweight Title, defeating Shorty with the Stardust.

- Scott Hall wins the Four Corners match for the Internet title, using the Outsiders' Edge on Master P. The other two competitors were Lothar and the Violator. (Special Note: During the match Jesse James and X-Pac attacked the Violator on the outside.)

- A remote camera shows a brawl in downtown Chicago between Wrath and Scott Steiner. Wrath is shown to be winning the fight, slamming him into a dumpster, throwing him into the wall, and eventually knocking him into the cameraman, killing the feed.

- With "Stone Cold" Steve Austin keeping Scott Hall 'occupied', Hawaiian Heat wins over Shawn Michaels with the Volcano Slam, retaining the European Title. Postmatch, Heat and Austin work together against the members of DX.

- Phoenix defeats LilPun with the Phoenix Storm, staying the GCWA Intercontinental Champion.

- World Title Tournament, Finals: After a long, fluid match, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin turns a back hit into the Stone Cold Stunner, defeating Animal Thug and becoming the first GCWA Champion.

GCWA Wednesday Night Warfare, 2/24/99
(Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI)

- Shorty catches X-Pac with the Shorty Sensation to get the victory over the Ministry member.

- Animal Thug wins, via DQ, over Mideon, when X-Pac and the Undertaker come to the ring. Postmatch, Bobby, Marty Jannetty, and Crusade come to the ring to fend off the Ministry, who were trying to 'kidnap' the Thug.

- The Accelerator is interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund, announcing that the Hardcore Title will be officially handed out the next Wednesday. The competitors are Heavy P and the winner of a Battle Royal the next Saturday Night Sixpack.

- The Soldierz of Style win in a Handicap match over the New Age Outlaws and Paul Wight, when Heavy P lands the Belly Press on Jesse James for the pin. Postmatch, the Giant Milenko and Paul Wight brawl to the back.

- The European Title match between Hawaiian Heat and Hunter Hearst Helmsley never takes place, as the New Age Outlaws reappear and attack Heat from the back. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin tries to make the save, but also gets attacked by other DX members. The night concludes with HHH dropping the European Title on top of Heat's beaten body.

GCWA Saturday Night Sixpack, 2/27/99
(The Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

- In a 6-Man Tag Match, Paul Wight, Hollywood Hogan, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley win over Azrael, the Punisher, and the Giant Milenko due to Wight hitting Azrael with a chair from the outside. Azrael was then given the Pedigree from HHH, who made the pin.

- During the commercials, a fight breaks out between HHH and Hawaiian Heat. Heat takes advantage and eventually gets Helmsley to the ring. Other DX members try to make the save, but they are stopped by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and a "fan". Heat, after laying out Helmsley, sends out a tag challenge to Heavy P. A masked "partner" appears on the screen and mentions a possible history with Heavy P.

- Although Marty Jannetty did get his Rocker Dropper on Darkstarr, he could not put the Cruiserweight Champion away. Darkstarr eventually took the victory (and retained his title) with the Stardust.

- The Battle Royal for a shot at the Hardcore Title included: Billy Gunn, Jesse James, the Punisher, the Violator, Bobby, Crusade, Mideon, and X-Pac. Crusade body-presses X-Pac out. Crusade then eliminates Gunn with a clothesline. Seconds later, both the Punisher and the Violator attack Crusade from behind and toss him out. Bobby, after an Atomic Drop, manages to toss Mideon out. James then lifts the Punisher over the top rope, and, partially thanks to a hit from the Violator, eliminates him. Bobby comes over and attacks both wrestlers, sending himself and James to the apron while the Violator falls to the ground. Finally, after Billy Gunn reappears and grabs Bobby's leg, James knocked him out, winning the Battle Royal. Postmatch, Heavy P was seen watching James celebrate.

- In a "Texas Rattlesnake Death" Match, Phoenix, with help from Smoke and Mirrors and members of the Ruff Ryders, overpowered "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and his allies to win the GCWA World Heavyweight Title after a long, bloody brawl.

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