GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*Unlike the normal openings, the picture starts to come into focus quietly, with no music. We see a shot of an office door in front of us, shut tight. After a few seconds, the doorknob moves, and the door swings open, revealing the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator. There is a mixture of cheers and boos, as many in the audience know that something special is happening tonight. The Accelerator walks slowly into the room, looking around. He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, turning to his right and walking over to a framed picture on the wall. It’s a picture from the first GCWA Friday Night Inferno back in January 2009, showing the Accelerator addressing the crowd about the Warriors of the Ring World Title Tournament. There’s a knock behind him at the door.*

The Accelerator: Come in.

*The door opens, and a man wearing a set of headphones and a mic leans in.*

Man: Excuse me, Mr. President, but we’re about ready to start the show.

The Accelerator: Thanks, Brad. I’ll be right there.

*The man nods and leaves, closing the door behind him. Ace looks again at the picture, reaching over and straightening it to get it sitting perfectly. He then smiles and steps back, straightening up with confidence.*

The Accelerator: It’s showtime, boyos…

*Loud cheers can be heard as Ace turns and walks away, leaving the office. We zoom in on the picture for a second, as the picture slowly fades to black. After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, standing in the middle of his Roman Empire allies. He is smiling, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title sitting comfortably on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The place has a high level of emotion tonight, as many of the fans know that this is the last time the company will be having its Friday night show. We see a bunch of signs in the audience, everything from “Thank you Ace!” to “You Will Live On In My Dreams!”. There appears to also be a strong contingent of OCW signs in the audience, showing that some people are already starting to switch allegiances in preparation of the move. We head down to the announce booth, joining up with Edward Jones, Adrian Rockwell, and Hood.*

Jones: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the last official GCWA Friday Night Inferno of 2010!!

Hood: That we know of, Jonesy.

Jones: Yes, that we… wait, what are you talking about, Hood?

Hood: There’s a pool running that says Ace will reopen the GCWA before 2010 is out. You in?

Rockwell: I personally think Ace is a man of integrity. I gave him a year.

Jones: Ok, well, let’s just move on. What matters is that, unfortunately, the GCWA is going to be closing down after Heat Wave III. The good news is that Heat Wave is setting up to be the biggest pay-per-view of the year, and it can only get better tonight!!

Rockwell: Hell yes, it’s going to be an incredible show! The Harvey Danger Hardcore Invitational continues to build up, looking like it’s going to be incredibly packed with talent. Expect to hear more announcements about wrestlers joining up later tonight.

Hood: Yeah, and we’ve got every championship going to be defended. You can’t do any better than that!

Jones: Yep, and we’ll get the final details later tonight, I’m sure. But what really matters to our fans is what they’re going to see today!

Hood: Yeah, gotta love our “Right Now” society.

Jones: It’s going to be a night of remembrances, as we are showcasing three matches featuring some great rivalries! First, Bucky Johnson will be defending the Hardcore Championship against the man he fought in April in a 200 Light Tubes Death Match, Xtreme!

Hood: We’ve got the feud of 2010 in most people’s minds, as Ataxia is going to get his ass handed to him again by the NFB’s Lorenzo Demarco, this time in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match!

Jones: Actually, I believe Ataxia won at Capital Punishment.

Hood: Semantics.

Rockwell: Then, in our main event, we’ve got Biffarachnephobia getting some revenge on the House of Pain in a “Tag Team Tables” Match!

Jones: Just those three matches should be enough, but we’ve also got two great Triple Threat Matches that are sure to be great! We’re definitely ending things in style for Inferno!

Hood: It’s going to be a huge night, so… why the hell are we still talking?

Rockwell: I don’t know…

Jones: You got me….

Hood: Start the damn show!!

*“Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica starts to play as the arena goes nuts as Ataxia is on his way out to the arena.*

Jones: Here comes The Messiah Pariah!

Rockwell: And there went our ratings. God I can’t stand him.

Hood: You can’t stand him! I want his head on a pike!

*Coming out of the back at full speed is Ataxia. He’s wearing the mask but his attire is entirely different. He’s wearing a black trench coat, black “Messiah Pariah” t-shirt, jeans, and black boots. Ataxia asks for a mic from Minos as he gets in the ring. *

Ataxia: I’m going to make this quick because you all want to get on with this card that has been made for you by our “glorious” people in charge. Tonight they made a mistake. There will not be a match between myself and Lorenzo Demarco.

Jones: What? He’s backing out?

Hood: He’s afraid of Lorenzo Demarco. I knew it!

Rockwell: Well this is a disappointment.

Ataxia: It’s not going to be a match…it’s going to be a bloodbath!

*The fans cheer at the thought of this. *

Ataxia: Tonight I’m going to beat that annoying little crack head within a inch of his life! I’m going to rip his damn face off if I feel like it! You know why? I am sick and tired of hearing all of his whining and complaining. You got a title! Your still complaining! Shut the hell up you little crybaby! You know why your crying? It’s because you can’t do anything by yourself. You can’t be anything but a second banana to a man who ACTUALLY beat me! You think your something special Lorenzo? Well damn I guess I got no bragging rights do I? I mean it’s not like I’m a former world champion of other places. Oh but to prove that I guess I got to reveal who I am. Or win a world title elsewhere.

*With that Ataxia pulls something out of his coat. It’s the CWF World Heavyweight Title! *

Jones: Ataxia is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion!

Hood: Someone gave him a world title shot! What were they thinking!

Rockwell: This is the blackest day in wrestling history.

Ataxia: Oh damn. I guess I just proved a point. I guess I just put another pin hole in your ego. But tonight isn’t about tag team titles or my world title from a place you are so against either. It’s not about the NFB or some other stable. It’s not about who I am under this mask. It’s not about who you pretend to be with yours! It’s not even about these fans…even though I at least give a crap about them. This is about one thing and one thing only. The fact that I want to beat the ever loving hell out of you ya sack of stereotype (bleep)!

Jones: Ataxia is spelling it out for everyone tonight.

Hood: You won’t beat Lorenzo! You were lucky last time!

Rockwell: Yeah and the time before that and the time before that.

Hood: Shut up Adrian!

Ataxia: Simply put…tonight is going to be about that match. However I am calling this out for Heat Wave right now. Tonight…I’m calling out the front office. I want my damn match announced. I want to know what lame excuse for a battle you got planned for me so I can plan on what I have to do. Because we all know at Heat Wave it’s not going to be the world title that you’re watching for. It’s not going to be what the NFB is going to do as their last attempt at attention. Like it or not. I’m the biggest draw at this pay per view. There is nothing that can take the spotlight from me. So whatever match you want to book me in Ace…go right ahead. Anything goes! So set your clocks kids. This is going to be just about an hour or so excluding commercials till we see exactly what we all want to see. Me kicking Lori’s (bleep) ALL OVER THIS DAMN ARENA!

Jones: The confidence of Ataxia has got this audience on its feet.

Hood: He’s a cocky fool whose going to get his butt handed to him!

Rockwell: Maybe. Or maybe he’s going to kick your boys teeth out!

*Ataxia leaps up on the ropes with the belt over his shoulder to get up close to the camera. *

Ataxia: ONE NIGHT ONLY! The final Inferno! I guarantee…that it’ll be a show that you will never forget. Oh but one other thing.

*Ataxia walks out of the ring. He walks over to the commentator’s table. He stands right in front of Hood. *

Jones: This is a interesting stare down.

Hood: What the hell do you want?

Rockwell: To take off that mask right now! That’s what you want!

Ataxia: Hey it’s my “best friend” Hood! How you doing buddy!

Hood:…stay away from me. You can’t touch me!

Ataxia: What are they going to do? Fire me? I’m putting you on notice…watch your damn mouth. None of you have got job security after tonight.

Hood: Screw you!

*Ataxia throws the microphone to Minos and grabs Hood pulling him towards him. Ataxia rares back to hit him but instead just give him a big hug! Hood looks freaked out as hell as Ataxia drops him and walks over to Jones. *

Rockwell: Aww he likes you.


Jones: What’s this?

*Ataxia hands Jones a whistle. He says something to him that brings a smile on Jones’ face. With that “Die Die Die My Darling” starts to play as he heads to the back.*

Rockwell: What did he give you?

Hood: I feel violated!

Jones: He gave me a rape whistle. He says if you two get me mad…I call him to rape you!

Rockwell: Oh, HELL no! Give me that whistle!

Jones: Hey, he gave it to me!

*There’s a brief scuffle over the whistle, with Hood staying out of it, as he’s still shaking from being hugged by ‘the freak’.*

Rockwell: Damnit, Jones, I want that whistle!

Jones: Relax, Adrian! I won’t blow it, I swear… at least, not tonight.

*The camera cuts to the backstage area, in TGO’s office. TGO is rather exuberant tonight with a smile ear to ear, also looking pretty swank as well, paying homage to Miami Vice with a all white suit and a black button up shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned. He’s currently on the phone so, like usual…we listen in…*

The Great One: YES!…OK!!…Is everything ready?!…WOOT!…Time for this place to go nuts!

*TGO then pulls the phone down from his ear and hangs up his latest toy, the Droid X by Motorola, brought to you by Verizon Wireless. We then cut back to ringside.*

Jones: What is that guy planning?

Rockwell: Whatever it is, I don’t like it…he’s smiling too much…

Hood: A happy TGO is a good TGO! I’m stoked!

Jones: I’m sure we’ll find out more as the night goes on. For now, we have some great contests to get to!

Minos: Our next match is a Triple Threat non-Title Match! Due to orders by President Ace, this match will not feature our normal commentators! Instead, it will be called by an alternate commentary team!

Jones: Huh? What!?

Hood: Why weren’t we told about this!?

Rockwell: I got the memo…

Minos: Allow me to introduce to you the guest commentators for this match… Rockwell and The Big Bifford!

*Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio begins playing and Bifford makes his way from the back. Several stagehands walk behind Bifford carrying two very plush chairs and a beautiful mahogany desk. They set the chairs and the desk next to the regular commentator table and both Bifford and Rockwell sit behind it, grinning widely.*

The Big Bifford: Well, hello there Rockwell. How’re you?

Rockwell: I’m well! These are some nice digs we have here…

The Big Bifford: Yes. Yes they are.

*We can see Jones and Hood both apparently talking, but their mics have been cut off. Annoyed, the two men depart to the back, arguing with each other as they go. The music cuts and the stagehands exit with haste.*

Minos: And now introducing the competitors: first… from St. Charles, Michigan, weighing in at 182lbs, he is London Chase!

*Your Betrayal by Bullet for my Valentine begins playing and Chase makes his way to the ring.*

The Big Bifford: Well, here’s Chase.

Rockwell: Yep.

Minos: And one of his opponents… he is the current GCWA Intercontinental Champion, the grand-daddy of all luchadors, El Linchador!

*"Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" by 98 Degrees screams onto the PA system as Linchy makes his way out to the ring. He stops at ringside and looks over at Bifford and Rockwell at the new commentary table with a disgusted look.*

Rockwell: Look it’s El Linchador.

The Big Bifford: Yay.

Minos: And the final competitor… From Dundee, Scotland, weighing 320lbs… He is Chris Cortez!

The Big Bifford: OH MY GOD! CHRIS CORTEZ~!


*Contagious by Trapt begins playing and Cortez makes his way to the ring. Rather than entering the ring, he immediately walks over to the commentator table and shakes hands with both Bifford and Rockwell.*

The Big Bifford: Now that is a true competitor…

Rockwell: Indeed he is. We need more Chris Cortez-like people in the world.

*Finally climbing into the ring, Cortez looks at his competitors and looks ready to fight. The bell rings and all three men look around, sizing each other up. Chase is first to move as he makes a run at El Linchador. Linchy, however, sees him coming a mile away and side-steps out of his way. London Chase runs past Linchador and is sent over the top rope to the outside by his own body’s momentum and tremendous speed.*

The Big Bifford: OH! Chase has been eliminated!

Rockwell: Um… I don’t think this is a battle royal, Bifford…

*With Chase outside the ring, hurt after hitting his head on the floor, Cortez and Linchador begin circling each other in the ring. They lock up in the center of the ring and Cortez shoves Linchador, who falls backwards. Cortez smirks and plays it up to the crowd, who boo him loudly. Linchy gets back to his feet and again locks up with Cortez, who Irish whips Linchador to the ropes. Hitting the ropes and running back to Cortez, El Linchador is hit with a hard clothesline. Pulling himself back up quickly, Linchador is hit with another clothesline, this time by a half-running Cortez. Cortez laughs and stomps on Linchador on the ground, as the crowd boos.*

The Big Bifford: Could this be the end for El Linchador? One can only hope…

*Cortez scoops Linchy up and lifts him into the air for a bodyslam. However, El Linchador gets out of it before the slam can be executed by kicking his legs furiously. Cortez drops Linchador who lands on his feet. The two men exchange a few punches and Linchador Irish whips Cortez towards the turnbuckle. Cortez hits the turnbuckle and Linchador makes a run for him, hitting a body-splash in the corner. Cortez takes a few steps out and it hit from behind with a bulldog by El Linchador. The speed of Linchy picks up as he runs to the rope and springboards off, hitting Cortez with an elbow drop. He quickly makes the cover.. 1… 2… kickout.*

The Big Bifford: What is happening!? Get up Cortez! Get up!

Rockwell: Yeah get up!

*Cortez does get to his feet, but once there he turns to find El Linchador on top of the turnbuckle. He charges towards him, but is hit with a missile dropkick. Both men get quickly back to their feet where Linchador drops Cortez with a drop-toe-hold. El Linchador quickly gets up and slides over to lock a headlock on Cortez. Cortez fights to get to his feet, pulling Linchador with him, as the headlock is still applied. He pulls Linchador into the corner and slams him against the turnbuckle, forcing Linchador to release the headlock. The men begin exchanging punches in the corner when Chase comes running at them from the other side of the ring. They both see him coming and quickly move away from each other. Chase’s own momentum, hitting the turnbuckle, sends him again over the top rope and to the outside.*

The Big Bifford: Chase has been eliminated again.

Rockwell: Again, this is not an over-the-top-rope elimination match, Bifford.

*Getting back to the matter at hand, Cortez grabs Linchador and Irish whips him towards the ropes. Linchy hits the ropes and comes running back at Cortez who hits him with a strong spinebuster. Cortez gets up and begins taunting the crowd, leaving his back to El Linchador who has already gotten to his feet. When Cortez turns around, he is met with a superkick to the jaw and falls backwards hard. El Linchador makes the cover.. 1… Kickout! El Linchador is back to his feet quickly though and runs to the ropes. He springboards off the middle rope and comes back towards Cortez with a leg drop. Cortez rolls out of the way, though, and El Linchador hits the canvas hard. Chris gets back to his feet and walks over to El Linchador, leaning over to pick him up. As he grabs Linchador, though, he is rolled up into a small-package. 1… 2… Kickout!*

The Big Bifford: This guy is annoyingly quick…

*Cortez gets back to his feet quickly and so does Linchy. Cortez Irish whips Linchy to the ropes again, and lifts his foot for a big boot as Linchador comes running back at him. Seeing him and thinking quickly, Linchador ducks under the big boot and slams his shoulder into Cortez’s knee. Cortez screams out in pain as he falls to the ground, clutching his knee. El Linchador runs to the ropes and bounces off, running back and nailing a drop-kick to Cortez’s knee. Cortez screams out again and El Linchador stands up, stomping again on the knee. The crowd goes wild as El Linchador runs to the ropes and jumps high, springboarding off the top rope back towards Cortez and nailing an elbow-drop that was aimed at his knee. Cortez screams out again and rolls to the outside. He limps around at ringside, but then turns just as El Linchador comes sailing over the top rope towards him and nails him with a splash. Both men hit the ground hard.*

The Big Bifford: El Linchador is insane! What is with all this jumping!?

Rockwell: I know. We should ban all of this jumping and leaping.

*Both men pull themselves back to their feet and exchange punches on the outside. Cortez grabs El Linchador by his head and slams it against the ring apron. El Linchador nails a stiff elbow to Cortez’s midsection, though, and then remembers the knee he hurt earlier in the match and nails a kick to Cortez’s knee. Cortez tries to limp away quickly, but El Linchador throws all of his bodyweight into throwing himself shoulder-first into Cortez’s knee. Cortez goes down. Just as El Linchador gets to his feet, however, London Chase comes running at him from behind. El Linchador turns around and kicks Chase in the stomach. Chase’s own momentum, mixed with the kick, sends him down hard on top of Chris Cortez. Linchador, seeing his opponents stacked one on top of the other, quickly runs and climbs into the ring. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and poses for the fans. All of them go nuts as he measures the distance mentally between himself and his opponents. He jumps off the top rope and nails a leg drop onto Chase’s back, which puts an awful lot of weight onto Chris Cortez. Linchador quickly gets to his feet and pulls Chase off of Cortez. He pulls Cortez to his feet and slides him into the ring. Linchador slides after him and makes the cover… 1… 2… Kickout.*

The Big Bifford: Uh.. that was kinda close. Time to start trying, Cortez!

Rockwell: He is trying! El Linchador is cheating though!

The Big Bifford: YES! Jumping is cheating!

*El Linchador gets back to his feet by pulling himself up using the ropes. He looks at Cortez and breathes heavily, waiting for the much larger man to get to his feet. However, London Chase slides back into the ring and runs towards El Linchador for a third time this match. Linchador steps out of the way, for a third time, and Chase’s momentum launches him over the top rope to the outside where he hits the ground hard. El Linchador shrugs his shoulders, not sure why Chase continues running at him. Chris Cortez gets to his feet and limps in the opposite direction of Linchador, not seeing him. Linchy runs at him from behind and hits a jumping snapmare. Cortez gets up quickly and so does Linchy and the two men exchange some punches. Cortez Irish whips Linchador to the ropes, but Linchador jumps into the air and springboards off the second rope, coming back at Cortez with a flying clothesline. Cortez gets hit hard and falls to the ground, but gets up quickly only to be met by a kick to the knee that sends him to the ground hard, holding his knee and cringing in pain. El Linchador grabs his legs and quickly locks in a single-leg boston crab on the hurt knee.*

The Big Bifford: Oh *bleep*… This doesn’t look good!

Rockwell: Don’t worry about it! London Chase is back up and in the ring!

*Chase runs at El Linchador from behind, but just as he gets to him Cortez powers out of the submissive maneuver and sends El Linchador falling forward. Chase trips over Cortez’s body and falls to the ground. Cortez gets to his feet and lifts Chase up. He hits a powerbomb that leaves Chase out on the ground. El Linchador gets to his feet just as Cortez does, but Linchador is prepared and drops Cortez with a DDT. Both men are down in the ring with El Linchador standing as the crowd cheers.*

The Big Bifford: This is bull*bleep*.

Rockwell: Complete bull*bleep*.

The Big Bifford: I hate El Linchador.

Rockwell: Me too.

The Big Bifford: I also hate Dangerous Dan and Derek Mobley.

Rockwell: What does that have to do with this match?

The Big Bifford: Nothing… I just thought we were listing things we hated.

*London Chase gets to his feet and walks over to Linchador, who Irish whips him towards the ropes. Chase hits the ropes and comes running back at El Linchador who ducks and backflips Chase over the top rope. London Chase, for the fourth time in this match, hits the ground outside the ring hard.*

The Big Bifford: London Chase has been eliminated!

Rockwell: That joke never gets old…

*Linchador watches as Cortez gets back to his feet and charges, running to throw his shoulder into Cortez’s knee again. Cortez sees it though and leaps out of the way. El Linchador’s momentum carries him as he connects with the referee, knocking him out.*

The Big Bifford: Downed referee! Time for me to interfere.

Rockwell: You would never!

*As Bifford gets up from the commentator table, El Linchador checks on the referee. Cortez sneaks up behind him and grabs him for a German Suplex. He throws Linchador over his head, but Linchy lands on his feet because of his amazing flying skills. He runs and hits a dropkick to the back of Cortez’s knee, knocking Cortez down. As he does this, the ring moves as The Big Bifford climbs onto the ring apron, outside the ropes. As he does this, London Chase slides back into the ring with a steel chair in his hands, behind Linchador. Linchy, distracted by Bifford, pays no attention to Chase or his chair and walks towards Biff. Chase runs at Linchy from behind and swings the chair, but El Linchador rolls to the side, out of harm’s way. Chase’s momentum carries him right into Bifford with the chair and Biff falls off the apron to the outside. Chase turns around and is hit with a dropkick to the steel chair that connects with Chase’s head. Chase goes down hard. Cortez gets to his feet and El Linchador has picked up the chair and nails Cortez between the eyes with it. Cortez goes down and El Linchador throws the chair out of the ring as the referee gets back to his feet. El Linchador runs to the ropes, springboards off the middle rope and nails a cross body on BOTH Chase and Cortez who are laying next to each other like they’re dead. Linchador makes the cover over both men at the same time and the referee slides in to count… 1…2…3!*

Minos: Here is your winner… EL LINCHADOR!

Rockwell: Damnit!! That cheating son of a bitch! What kind of champion uses a steel chair to get the win?? I hope Bifford break you in two at Heat Wave, Linch!

*The referee comes in and raises up El Linchador’s arm, as the fans are cheering for the luchador. Behind him, though, Bifford is sliding into the ring! The massive wrestler nails El Linchador from behind with a double axehandle, knocking him to the mat! Bifford drops another double axe-handle, and then another, trying to get El Linchador to stay on the ground. El Linchador, though, does a roll and gets up, coming back at Bifford with right hands! His rally, though, is cut short as Cortez gets back up and grabs El Linchador’s arms from behind, allowing Bifford to nail the man! He gets in a few good shots, and can be heard yelling at El Linchador.*


Rockwell: Yes!! Time to take down the cheating *bleep*!

*El Linchador’s down now, with Bifford and Cortez moving in to stomp on him. However, suddenly, the curtain hanging around the ring apron starts springing up on all four sides, as four masked men come rolling out, each dressed in a ninja style with a different color!!! They are red, green, blue, and yellow, each with their faces covered. They come in and quickly surround Bifford and Cortez, who suddenly find themselves cornered.*

Rockwell: What the… oh, hell, The Luchador Army!!! I thought they were retired or dead or something!!! Bifford, Cortez, get the *bleep* out of there!!

*The four ninjas, representing El Linchador’s Luchador Army, attack at the same time, chopping and kicking away. Cortez knocks one down with a tight left hand, but then falls to his side after a chop to the throat, showing that he’s still worn out from the previous match. Bifford, meanwhile, lowers his head and charges, running over one of the men, only to have another one leap onto his back and wrap an arm around his throat, squeezing away. The other ninja gets back up and starts punching at Bifford, working to weaken him, while the other two ninjas beat on Cortez.*

Rockwell: Damnit, where the hell is security??? These aren’t sanctioned GCWA wrestlers, someone get them out of there!!

*Bifford manages to toss the red ninja off his back into the green one, freeing himself temporarily. Seeing that the numbers are against him, though, he quickly turns and rolls out of the ring, then jogs around to the next side and reaches through to grab Cortez’ foot, dragging him out as well. The Luchador Army doesn’t move in pursuit, instead helping up El Linchador, who is battered but not broken. He stands under his own power and stares out at Bifford, who angrily glares back. Bifford lets out one more yell, making sure that El Linchador knows that he’s going to be the first and only Grand Slam champion, before turning and leaving with Cortez. Meanwhile, stage hands come down and start to remove the beautiful mahogany desk and plush office chairs from ringside. El Linchador is seen, thanking the Luchador Army for their service, as we fade to the back. We see the Accelerator sitting in his office, as a knock sounds at the door.*

The Accelerator: Yeah, come on in.

*The door swings open, with the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, walking in! The live audience can be heard cheering, as Chris walks up to Ace’s desk.*

The Accelerator: Ahh, Chris. Good to see you. I heard you’ve already secured your future after the GCWA. Nice.

Crazy Chris: While I appreciate the chit-chat, Ace, I have a match that I’m participating in next. So what was so important that I needed to come running to see you?

The Accelerator: Important? Well, I mean, it depends on if you think your Unified X Division Title Match against Landon Chase is ‘important’ or not.

*Crazy Chris frowns, even as his hand subconsciously goes up to his championship belt. He takes a seat in front of Ace.*

Crazy Chris: You know it’s the most important thing to me. What’s happening with it?

*Ace takes a deep breath, thinking things out before continuing.*

The Accelerator: Well, Chris, you know how you made this one a Danger Zone match, one of the more risky matches to be part of in the wrestling business?

Crazy Chris: It’s also one of the most exciting.

The Accelerator: Yes… well, unfortunately, none of our referees seemed too interested in being part of it.

Crazy Chris: Well, the beauty of the Danger Zone Match is that referees aren’t needed. It’s all about getting the title.

The Accelerator: True. Still, I didn’t think it’d be right to tradition to not have anyone there, and I wanted to find someone who could, well, take care of himself. So I made a few calls, and wouldn’t you know it? I found someone who wants to be part of the match.

*Chris looks up quizzically, wondering what Ace is up to. At the same time, there’s another knock at the door.*

The Accelerator: Ahh, good, perfect timing. Come on in!

*The door swings open, with Crazy Chris getting up to face the newcomer. He has a definitely shocked look on his face as the man walks in, as confident in himself as ever.*

*Mr. Excellent and Crazy Chris do a quick stare down, with Mr. Excellent smirking towards him. He turns towards Ace, who has come over to welcome him.*

The Accelerator: Great to see you, Mr. Excellent, really wonderful! We love having former champions return to the GCWA! Oh, you two know each other pretty well, right?

*Neither man says a word, but their history is etched across both of their faces (at least what you can see of Chris’ face). Two men who have both allied with each other and fought against each other continue to lock eyes, neither wanting to be the first to look away. Ace laughs and backs off, knowing that things have gotten a lot more interesting. We fade out.*

*Upon returning from commercial, we go backstage where Cynthia is standing outside of the House of Pain locker room. There is smoke coming out from underneath the door…she stares at it and then looks up at the camera.*

Cynthia Hall: Professionalism? Is it REALLY professional to be forced into working in a room filled with marijuana smoke week in and week out? How am I supposed to get a job when GCWA closes?? Surely they are going to drug test me…ugh!

*The cameraman reminds Cynthia that they are live…she straightens up.*

Cynthia Hall: Oh! Hey there, GCWA fans…I am outside the House of Pain locker room, looking for a comment from Derek and Warrick about their match tonight against Biffarachnaphobia…

*Cynthia knocks on the door…it is quickly opened…a huge cloud of smoke engulfs her…she starts to cough, instinctively…however, soon realizes it isn’t marijuana smoke. She starts to wave her hands around, as if she’s really hot…Derek, who opened the door, looks around, he is wearing a bathing suit and goggles…he yanks her in the room, yanks the camera man in and slams the door shut. Inside, we see the room is filled with steam…there are humidifiers everywhere, steam machines, heaters, anything you can imagine that would raise the temperature in a room. Warrick is in a speedo, seated in a chair, relaxing…Derek remains standing…Cynthia is already beginning to sweat. She starts to undo some of the buttons in her button up shirt, hoping to allow her body to breathe a little easier.*

Warrick Hill: Woohoo!!! Take it OFF!

Cynthia Hall: Shut up! What the hell is going on in here…why is it so damn HOT!

Warrick Hill: Because you walked in the room, babe.

Cynthia Hall: Really? That’s your pick up line?

Warrick Hill: Is that a microphone in your hand, or are you preparing for later?

Cynthia Hall: OH MY GOD! Derek, please…help me out here.

Derek Mobley: It’s cool, Cynthia…we all cope with insanely hot conditions differently, Warrick’s sex drive must kick into high gear.

Cynthia Hall: Yea, and how about the 5,249 other times he’s hit on me?

Derek Mobley: Well, GCWA is located in Texas, you know.

Cynthia Hall: Fine, whatever…first question…the hell are you guys doing to this room and why?

Derek Mobley: Big match next week, Cynthia…World Title match…my final match in GCWA…my chance to end this great run as the final GCWA Champion.

Cynthia Hall: Okay…and what does that have to do with this insane heat???

Derek Mobley: The event is Heat Wave…I gotta make sure I’m ready.

Cynthia Hall: That has got to be the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.

Derek Mobley: Really, Cynthia? Dumber than Bucky Johnson as GCWA Hardcore Champion?

Warrick Hill: Dumber than the Pet Rock?

Derek Mobley: Dumber than Carlos Mencia?

Warrick Hill: Dumber than Dumb and Dumberer 2?

Derek Mobley: Dumber than the rave review for Avatar?

Cynthia Hall: Hold it right there! Avatar was a GREAT movie!

Derek Mobley: Sheep!!

Warrick Hill: Baaaahhhh!!!

Derek Mobley: You’re one of the Sheeple! Why was Avatar so GREAT, huh?

Cynthia Hall: It was extremely moving and original!

Derek Mobley: Original? Hmm, let’s see…you’re telling me that a plot consisting of indigenous people fighting for their survival against the big, bad corporate government looking to destroy their home for financial gain…only to face opposition from the rogue members of their outfit who actually ‘get’ the indigenous people and are willing to sacrifice everything to save them is an original thought?

Cynthia Hall: Well, ummm…

Derek Mobley: The Last Samurai, Dances with Wolves even Disney’s Freakin Pocahontas had the same damn plot!

Cynthia Hall: Yea, but it’s James Cameron…it had great graphics…it…it…

Derek Mobley: Okay, so the graphics were cool…you want to half way enjoy this movie? Rent the DVD from Red Box, put it in your Blu Ray player, turn on your HD TV and, once it starts, mute the *bleeping* thing…then it might be halfway enjoyable…well, only after like 30 min or so…cause even the greatest firework shows get stale after so long.

Cynthia Hall: Well…I…I loved it!! And I’m not going to stand here and listen to you bash it, it was groundbreaking!

Warrick Hill: Speaking of Ground breaking…there’s some ground I wouldn’t mind breaking right now…

Cynthia Hall: I am out of here!

*Cynthia bursts through the door…Derek and Warrick follow her, feeling the need for some cooler air as well. They spill out into the hallway…Derek and Warrick fall on top of Cynthia…they are all drenched in sweat…a GCWA official walks by with a suitcase in his hand…he surveys the scene and makes a comment towards Cynthia.*

GCWA Employee: Must be nice, being able to use your body to find work once GCWA shuts down. A middle aged, overweight, marginally talented employee like myself…well, I’m just out of luck. If I tried to sleep my way to the top, I’d be arrested for sexual harassment…damn society…damn them!!

Derek Mobley: Hey, dude, what did you think of Avatar?

GCWA Employee: Way overrated…I liked it much better when it was called Ferngully.

Derek Mobley: Boosh!! Call Dean, he’s got a job for you my good man!

*Derek flings a soaked business card at the GCWA Employee, he smiles happily and sprints off.*

Warrick Hill: Wait a minute, did that fucker admit he ENJOYED Ferngully?? I think he’s got bigger issues than job security.

*Cynthia shoves Warrick and Derek off of her…she gets back to her feet…and storms off. Derek and Warrick return to their feet…the camera man tries to follow Cynthia, but Derek stops him.*

Derek Mobley: Whoa, dude…where do you think you’re going…we haven’t waxed poetic on Bifford and GCWA yet.

Warrick Hill: Don’t forget Arachne.

Derek Mobley: Of course not.

Warrick Hill: So, it’s like this…we face Biffarachnaphobia tonight…they can get revenge and we can get one more win against them. Personally, I enjoy tossing that little bastard around the ring…never gets old.

Derek Mobley: You’re talking about Arachne, right?

Warrick Hill: Hell yes I’m talking about Arachne! His partner is Bifford…I mean I’m badass and all, but c’mon!

Derek Mobley: True that…tonight’s match is going to rock faces off and create moist nether regions in females eighteen and above! Now, having said that…it is with great sadness that we witness the end of an era tonight. Warrick and myself have been here since the first GCWA telecast in its rebirth…the Christmas show…we were here for the first Inferno…we’ve had our ups and downs, however, we’ve remained one of the few constants on the GCWA roster. While we haven’t seen eye to eye with Ace throughout this entire run…I gotta say, it’s been an honor and a privilege to be a part of one of the greatest federations of all time. GCWA, Inferno and its fans, thanks for having us.

Warrick Hill: *Bleep* yea, you guys *bleeping* rock.

*Derek and Warrick return to their extremely hot dressing room as we cut back to the announce table*

Jones: Great finishing words from two legends in the business!

Hood: Warrick Hill? A legend? Have you been digging into his stash, Jonesy?

Jones: They aren’t the best role-models, I’ll admit, but Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill have definitely been a major part of the 2009 – 2010 run of the GCWA.

Rockwell: Yeah, I’ll give them that, they’ve been awe-inspiring at times. Too bad Mobley won’t get to keep his title, since Cortez is going to be taking it from him at Heat Wave.

Hood: Seriously, you think Cortez has a chance against Liam Shayde? How many drug addicts are sitting at this table?

Jones: We’ve still got a long way to go tonight, so let’s keep it moving. Minos?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a Triple Threat Non-Title Match! Introducing first, he is one of our youngest and brightest stars, representing the President’s Cabinet… standing 6’7” and weighing in at 300 lbs, from Las Vegas, Nevada… here is Johnny Vegas!

*Vegas comes out to “Die For Metal” by Manowar. He flexes his arms back and forth on his way down towards the squared circle, grinning at the thought of the violence that he gets to dish out on this fine evening.*

Rockwell: Who can stop this man? He’s huge, powerful, and ready to destroy!

Jones: He’s also looking for work. Isn’t it a little suspicious to you, Adrian, that he’s already going on interviews before the GCWA has even ended?

Rockwell: Nope, not to me. I’ve got two interviews this next week!

Jones: What?? Hood, do you believe this? You’re not already interviewing, are you?

Hood: Of course not.

Jones: See, Adrian? He’s waiting, too!

Hood: Oh, I’m not waiting. I just already got hired by OCW. I’ll be going back there after the GCWA wraps up.

Jones: He already hired you?? … What about me?

Hood: Yeah, uh, I’ll see about putting in a good word for you.

Jones: Right. Sure.

Minos: Coming out next… he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and X Division Champion, and is one of the legends of the sport… representing the NFB… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs… from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The boos continues as TLS comes out to the Friday the 13th theme, looking strangely at the crowd before starting on his way to the ring. The kid wearing his face paint is shown one more time in the front row, looking on sadly as TLS rolls into the ring.*

Jones: Things have strangely been quiet on TLS’ front. In fact, he’s been a changed man ever since joining the NFB.

Hood: He’s an enforcer! We didn’t hire him for his personality, we hired him to kick ass and take names!

Rockwell: I guess we’ll see what he’s able to do tonight.

Minos: Finally, making his way out from the back… he is a former World Tag-Team Champion and Television Champion who has excelled in his time in the GCWA… representing the Danger Boiz… standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs… from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Unified X Division Champion… Crazy Chris!

*The place erupts as Crazy Chris comes out to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead. He shows off the championship that he has held for many months, grinning as he holds it aloft above him. The crowd starts up a Danger Boiz chant, while Chris walks down the ramp and approaches the ring. Two men watch his approach, preparing themselves for battle.*

Hood: I can’t believe Crazy Chris allowed himself to get dragged to a gay bar this week. There was just something really wrong with that picture, y’know?

Rockwell: You mean the masked man standing next to a bunch of…

Jones: And I’m going to stop you right there, Adrian, and save you a lawsuit.

Rockwell: I’m just saying…

Jones: Nope, you’re not saying anything, Adrian. Try to contain yourself.

Rockwell: Fine, whatever… you homo…

Jones: Damn, Adrian!

Hood: Hah!

*The Bell Rings.*

*All three men start off by circling each other. Suddenly from the side Johnny Vegas makes a mad dash for The Lost Soul who sidesteps Vegas. Vegas turns only to get hit in the face with a leaping boot to the head from TLS. TLS doesn’t get a chance to celebrate as Crazy Chris leaping splashes him sending him down to the mat. A few quick punches later and Chris rolls off as Johnny Vegas comes from the top rope with a elbow to the throat to TLS, which was originally aimed for the back of Crazy Chris. Before Vegas can capitalize though Crazy Chris leaps off of the rope sand does a diving dropkick into the chin of Johnny Vegas as the crowd goes nuts!*

Jones: Obviously the fan favorite in this match is The Unified X Division Champion.

Hood: Screw the fans! TLS is the man!

Rockwell: Vegas! Vegas!

Jones: Ladies and gentlemen this unbiased commentary brought to you by GCWA. Where we never pick sides…ever.

*TLS is up and starts trading punches with Crazy Chris. Both men are going nuts with brawling with each other that neither one of them notices that Vegas has recovered. Vegas eyeballs each man trying to pick which moment to strike. He finally does by hitting a chop to knee on TLS sending him down to the mat. Crazy Chris capitalizes by hitting a hard hitting high knee to TLS’s face sending the man down to the mat hard. Chris see’s Vegas get up and runs towards him. Vegas sidesteps him and hits Chris hard with kick to the gut. TLS gets up and charges at both me. Vegas rolls over Crazy Chris’s back while he is still holding his gut and kicks TLS square in the head as he whips around. Using the force of the rollover he grabs Chris’ head at the last second and scores a float over DDT on the United X Division Champion. *

Jones: That float over DDT just took out both men!

Hood: Bad form! Each move should only take out one man. The ref should DQ him!

Rockwell: Bullcrap. This is why Vegas is in the President’s Cabinet. He is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the best tactical men in the ring when it comes to scoring a advantage against the odds.

*Vegas stops for a moment and surveys the damage. TLS is somewhat struggling grabbing the side of his head as he starts to get up. Vegas see’s this and does a dropkick to the back of TLS’s head. As TLS hit’s the mat Crazy Chris gets up and bounces off the ropes. Vegas see’s him coming and jumps over Chris. Vegas takes the momentum and runs to the opposite ropes and both men start going full tilt at each other. Chris goes high and Vegas goes low and both men miss each other. The speed keeps going as they both seem to be going for a running clothesline when TLS comes in between both of them with his elbows out. Both men get hit in the sternum and hit the ground hard. TLS falls onto his knee’s and tries to regain his sense of bearings as his two opponents are gasping for air. *

Jones: Out of nowhere TLS makes his presence known.

Hood: Now that is how you take out two losers. Shots to the sternum is the weakest point on anyone’s body.

Rockwell: Vegas miscalculated on that one but he’s not out yet. Besides the way TLS is bumbling around he’s probably got a concussion and was just trying to get out of the ring.

Jones: Well he did get hit with that sledgehammer by Ataxia last week. That could be playing in on how well he’s fighting.

Hood: Damn that Ataxia. Come on TLS! Go for it!

*TLS tries to get his bearings but quickly falls down to the mat hard. Vegas and Crazy Chris get up and instead of attacking him they go back after each other. Chris goes for the high road and uppercuts Vegas in the mouth after a exchange of punches. Vegas rolls with the punch and gets back up fast as Chris leaps right back on him with a running knee to the face. TLS hobbles over to one of the corners and tries to pull himself up. Crazy Chris is now mounted atop of Vegas punching him over and over again. TLS starts slamming his foot down in the corner and the crowd starts to get behind him as he makes a mad dash towards the two fighting men. Crazy Chris rolls off just as TLS lands a body splash on Vegas. TLS kicks up and glares at Crazy Chris with a fiery look in his eyes. Chris and TLS lock up and TLS slams Chris back to the mat. Vegas gets up and charges at Chris. He kicks Crazy Chris square in the ribs and then gets to get a boot to the face courtesy of TLS. TLS stands with both men down and raises his arms up. The fans go nuts! *

Jones: TLS is winning over this crowd even though he’s hurt.

Hood: He isn’t hurt! He’s a machine! He is the second best wrestler in this federation!

Rockwell: Who’s the first…wait TGO right?

Hood: You’re damn right!

Jones: I love this unbiased commentating. Come on Chris!

Rockwell: Jones stop showing favoritism.

Hood: Yeah way to make us look bad.

Jones: Screw you.

*TLS grabs Vegas and kicks him in the gut. He’s going for a power bomb maneuver but Crazy Chris runs up and spinning leg sweeps the bigger man sending him down to the mat with Vegas landing on top of TLS. Crazy Chris runs to the turnbuckle and backflips off of it hitting Vegas square with his body. Chris gets up fast and starts bouncing off of the ropes. Vegas sits up but it’s a fatal mistake here. Chris grabs the back of Vegas’ head and running snap mares it! Vegas’ head bounces off the mat and he flies back hard on his back looking dazed. TLS is starting to get up but gets clocked in the jaw with a massive dropkick from Crazy Chris. Chris runs to the turnbuckle and as TLS starts to get back up he gets hit with “Crazy Man‘s Suicide”! Here is the cover. 1...2...Vegas starts to get up and lunges at the pin attempt. 3!!! Vegas breaks the count just after the ref calls for the bell. Vegas can’t believe it as Crazy Chris rolls to the outside of the ring. *

Minos: Here is your winner…Crazyyyyyy CHRIS!

Jones: Crazy Chris always the opportunist pulls out a impressive fast paced victory.

Hood: That was a fast count!

Rockwell: I agree Vegas broke the count but the ref was going too fast!

Jones: You two always complain unless one of your guys wins. Someone had to win and two men had to lose. Sucks to be you tonight I guess.

Rockwell: Somebody’s got a backbone today.

Hood: Yeah why don’t you just call the match instead of playing favorites.

Jones: Why am I honing in on your territory! You know something I am getting sick and tired of this. Every week I have had to put up with you two arguing with while I have to stay impartial. You know what. Screw both of you! If you can’t stand it then do my job. You know actually call the match. Because I am the only one carrying this three ring circus!

Hood: Hey we contribute!

Rockwell: Yeah but he’s threatening to make us do his job.

Hood: You mean remember wrestling move names and such?

Rockwell: Yeah…

Hood: We’re sorry.

Rockwell: Yeah totally.

Jones: You two put the pain in pain in the ass you know that.

*Chris has already left the ring, collecting his championship, as Vegas futility argues with the referee. The Lost Soul is working his way back up, leaning on the ropes. He sees Chris leaving, and the two lock eyes. TLS seemingly gives him a nod of respect, with Chris nodding back to him before departing, knowing that they might meet again someday. We cut away from them and go backstage to find a sign taped next to the door to Ace's office. The large sign reads "Harvey Danger Hardcore Title Invitational Sign-In Sheet." The sign reads 1 through 20 vertically, with blank lines for signatures next to the numbers. Pathetically only a few names are listed: Harvey Danger, Aaron Styles, Xtreme, and Scott Caine. The camera slowly pans down and the crowd outside in the arena erupts in cheers. Seated next to the sign on a small folding chair is Harvey Danger. Harvey is holding his 1980's brick sized Zack Morris cell phone to his ear while rubbing his forehead to relieve his stress headache.*

Harvey Danger: Uh, hi... Draco? This is Harvey again. Message number, uh, 6? Maybe 7. Just wanted to make sure you received my other messages and were thinking about coming back to the GCWA for the final Pay-Per-View Heat Wave. Uh, I'll try to make it really quick here. Um... So, like I said in my last couple of voice mails and texts and emails and letters and, well, I tried smoke signals but my Mother always said to not play with fire. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, right. At this show, GCWA is going to go out with a real bang! The "Harvey Danger Hardcore Invitational" will feature a junk yard brawl to be the final Hardcore Champ, and I thought you might be interested in... hello? Hello? … Hmm, must have run out of time. Who's next on this list?

*A throat clears off camera. Harvey jumps out of his skin throwing his cell phone and list of numbers into the air. A GCWA agent hands him a slip of paper then skulks off to do whatever it is these people do when not on camera. Harvey's lips move as he reads the paper before his eyes begin to light up. Leaping to his feet, he bashes his head on the camera and the cameraman stumbles backwards a step or two.*

Harvey Danger: Oh, uh, are you alright? Nevermind, that's not important. This is big news! THIS is important. We have a new name to add to the list for the big Invitational! According to this note I received just moments ago from a high ranking employee within this organization, it says: "The latest to sign up for the Hardcore Title Invitational is..." But that's all it says. Doesn't say who, though.

*The door to Ace's office swings open and Ace leans out. He sighs and shakes his head.*

The Accelerator: Harvey... just... ugh. Just flip the paper over, would you?

*The crowd cheers in anticipation of the announcement. Harvey flips the paper over and his grin fades away quickly.*

Harvey Danger: Oh. Pete "The Janitor" Vaughn.

*In the background, a collective groan from the audience is heard.*

Harvey Danger: He's still alive? Boss, does he HAVE to wrestle in my match? This is my one last hurrah, my last big sha-bang! The last thing I'll ever do for this great sport. And my mother! You don't want to embarrass my mother, do you Ace? You remember Mother, don't you? Maybe you'd like me to tell everyone...

The Accelerator: Eh... Harvey! No, not necessary. Just go out to the ring. NOW! We er... have a major surprise for you.

Harvey Danger: Surprise?! I love surprises! Cue my music!

*Harvey takes off running down the hallway towards ringside as Ace shakes his head and steps back inside his office, closing the door behind him.*

The Accelerator: Where in the hell am I going to get a surprise for that idiot?

*Ace gets on the phone to make a quick call, knowing one guy who might just be in the building and be willing to participate. We slowly fade out.*

*The commercials end, and we find ourselves back at the GCWA Arena. We cut backstage to the loading dock, where we see El Linchador and Rebel Chick helping guide a big delivery truck into a parking space. El Linchador spins toward the camera.*

El Linchador: Hey, there, guys, we'll just be one moment. We have a delivery for Big Bifford.

Jones: A delivery?

Rockwell: For Bifford?

Hood: You mean he's finally giving birth? He's been holding that one in for 5 years!

*The truck parks and Linchy and Rebel Chick run over to the back of the truck. A swarm of workers rush out and start to unload... food. El Linchador reaches into the back of the truck and produces a plate filled with pancakes, bacon, and tater tots. He runs up to the camera as the workers start unloading the food and running off camera.*

El Linchador: This just one combination you can get at Denny's. Now for those of you around the country that don't have Denny's, it's a chain restaurant joint. Food is "eh." But, what I want you to see is their specialty item. Say it with me... GRAND SLAM.

Hood: Oh bother... a segment revolved around a pun?

Rockwell: Well, it's not really a pun... rather a literalization of a concept.

Jones: You mean a literary conception?

Rockwell: No, that'd be re-enacting a novel about Grand Slams... possibly an Infinite Jest parody?


*El Linchador leads the camera crew away from the loading dock and down the back hallway, following behind the scurrying workers and Rebel Chick. Linchy stops at the entrance to Big Bifford's dressing room.*

El Linchador: His own room.

Rebel Chick: He's not fit for gen pop. Oh, This place was a mess BEFORE we got in here.

*Linchy opens the door, as more workers scurry in with more plates. Already, Bifford's room is filled with plates of various breakfast items, and more are being brought in and left.*

El Linchador: I have 4,924 plates of Denny's Grand Slam breakfasts to deliver to Mr. Bifford. Not sure where he is.

Rebel Chick: I would guess the bathroom!

El Linchador: Well, the point here, Linchy-ites and GCWA fans, is that not only do I think Biff can eat each and every single one of these Grand Slam breakfasts, but I hope he does. Because this is the only Grand Slam he'll be enjoying in the G... C... W... A! See ya at Heat Wave, BB. OLE!!!

*Linchy takes a bite of bacon, as the picture takes us back to the arena.*

Rockwell: So, what, does El Linchador think he’s punishing Bifford or something? I mean, that’s a gift! All you can eat!

Jones: I don’t think even Bifford can eat that much, Adrian. And having it all stacked in your room like that is probably not going to make him too happy.

Hood: It’s like a dream turned into a nightmare for the man!

Jones: Well, hopefully Bifford will be able to get everything cleaned out. He still has a main event match tonight, after all! Well, folks, coming up next…

* Jones stops his spiel as soon as "No Rain" by Blind Melon begins to play. Harvey Danger comes skipping through the curtain with his trademark Harvey Danger innocent grin on his face. The fans are cheering and Harvey is so excited about his pending surprise, he doesn't even stop to wave or shake hands with the crowd. Minos hands him the mic and rolls his eyes.*

Jones: Last week Harvey Danger surprised us all with his return to the GCWA after retiring from professional wrestling nearly a year ago! Tonight, Harvey will get one final surprise himself!

Rockwell: I hope it's a punch in the kisser.

*Harvey clears his throat and tests the mic, before turning to speak. His promo skills are rusty and he's looking off in the wrong direction with his back to the hard camera. Minos walks up to him and spins him around, pointing to the correct camera.*

Harvey Danger: Oh, right. Uh, hello everybody in GCWA-land! I'm ready for my big surprise now! Let's do this! Bring out the presents! Bring on the marching band! I'm ready for my balloons and confetti! This is the moment I've been waiting for my whole adult life!

*Harvey puts the microphone down and spins around facing the arena entrance. He's acting like a child on Christmas morning. The crowd is electric with anticipation for what surprise Ace has in store for Harvey.*

Jones: Who’s it going to be?

*Nothing happens. The cheers slowly drain from the arena before a chorus of boos begin to echo down from the rafters. Harvey is embarrassed and red-faced. Minos leans into the ring and waves him on, mouthing to him to keep talking. Harvey's shoulders are slumped forward and his eyes begin to well up as he picks up the microphone.*

Harvey Danger: Well, my Mother always warned me things like this would happen... I guess.

*Harvey mopes around the ring, shooting sad puppy-dog eyes to the fans in the front few rows.*

Rockwell: Whatever happened to old Marie Danger, anyway?

Jones: That woman used to scare me...

*Harvey looks longingly up at the ring entrance, but the marching band must have gotten the wrong address. He turns his gaze back at the camera and sighs. Minos again leans in and waves him on, pointing to his wrist as if to say "we need to fill time."*

Harvey Danger: I guess the boss just didn't want me hanging around outside his office and sent me out here to fill time. Even my old friends from back in the day Draco and Donovan won't even accept my invitation to the match. I've been calling everyone from every wrestling federation, wrestling school, wrestling convention... heck even people I met on airplanes or in airports! But just my luck, everyone has a "commitment" on the date of Heat Wave. Nobody wants to accept my invitation. It's the Harvey Danger Hardcore INVITATIONAL for crying out loud! No one even returns my invites. I've gotten so many "Thanks, but no thanks." Just once, I was hoping for someone to accept my offer at one last moment of glory!

*Just then, a familiar voice comes over the loudspeaker interrupting Harvey's self loathing.*

Voice: Harvey, I accept!

*The fans stand up, trying to figure out who the voice was, as Harvey glances around in all directions. Suddenly, from the speakers, a familiar tune begins… “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park! The crowd is suddenly on their feet, erupting like a volcano in cheers. The camera cuts to the entrance ramp to look at the person standing there. As the camera zooms in, it’s immediately clear who it is.*

*It’s none other than former two-time GCWA World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion Marcus Ka'Derrion!! Marcus is standing with his arms folded across his chest; a smirk forming on his face. The crowd has exploded with applause as many begin to chant Marcus' name. Marcus looks around, taking in the moment, then slowly bends forward placing the microphone on the floor, as his music continues to plays behind him! He locks eyes with Harvey, smiles his familiar grin, and walks backwards through the curtain. Harvey stands in the ring completely speechless.*

Jones: What the... Marcus Ka'Derrion is back! The Accelerator said he had a surprise and he wasn't kidding! One of the most popular wrestlers ever to set foot in a GCWA ring has returned and will participate in the "Harvey Danger Hardcore Title Invitational" at our final Pay-Per-View! I just can't believe my eyes, did that really happen?

*Harvey Danger stands dumbfounded in the ring. The audience has gone completely insane and the camera rocks as the GCWA Arena reaches decibels it hasn't heard in ages. Harvey slowly turns around wide-eyed. Minos, the ring announcer, has walked up beside him. Harvey and Minos exchange a quizzical look. Harvey leans in towards Minos.*

Harvey Danger: Who was that?

*Minos shakes his head and starts reminding Danger, as the screen cuts to the back. We see the Accelerator, once again standing in his office. This time, he’s looking at a picture on the other side of the room. It’s a shot of the Accelerator standing next to two other federation owners, Dean and ODJ. He’s smiling, probably remembering something that happened between them, as the door opens behind him.*

Ataxia: Embracing the past, Ace? I thought you’d be one to always be looking at the future.

*The smile disappears from Ace’s face as he slowly turns around, taking in Ataxia, who is standing easily in the doorway.*

The Accelerator: Time has a way of changing things, Ataxia. But that doesn’t mean I now like someone barging into my office without an appointment.

Ataxia: Like that has stopped anyone from ever talking to you in the past. If you really cared, you would have gotten bolts put on this door years ago.

*Ace crooks his head, acknowledging the point. He steps over to his desk.*

The Accelerator: Alright, Ataxia, what’s going on? You have another trick up your sleeve for The Great One?

Ataxia: Other than depriving him of his tag-team partner later tonight? No, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to cash in the favor you owe me.

The Accelerator: Wait, what? What favor is that, pray tell?

Ataxia: The one where I volunteered to fight TGO in a “Lumberjack” Match, and later gave you the idea for putting them in a tag-team match at the pay-per-view.

The Accelerator: So, what, you think I owe you for that? For ideas?

*Ataxia leans over the desk, studying Ace intently. To his credit, Ace doesn’t flinch. He’s been through so much lately, he’s probably numb.*

Ataxia: You know who I am, Ace.

The Accelerator: Of course I do. I’m the one who signed you.

Ataxia: You also know what I can do in the ring.

The Accelerator: A major reason why I hired you, yes.

Ataxia: You know what I’m capable of. So this favor, it will work out for both us. All debts will be cleared and you can go out with a clear conscience… and a lot more money.

The Accelerator: You’ve caught my interest, masked man. Let’s talk.

*Ataxia pulls up a seat, but this is not meant for our eyes. The picture slowly fades out.*

*We’re back in the GCWA Arena, as we focus on the three announcers waiting impatiently for the next wave of action.*

Jones: It’s already been an incredible night, with the stunning return of Marcus Ka’Derrion and two wild and crazy Triple Threat Matches! But, really, the truly great matches are still to come, as three of the greatest feuds in the GCWA this year are being renewed for one more night!

Rockwell: I can’t wait to see Biffarachnephobia take the champ down a peg!

Hood: And I can’t…

*The tron suddenly sparks to life as black and white film comes on. It‘s the inside of the arena from earlier today. Sitting in the arena is The Black Helmet.*

Black Helmet: Surprised to see me? It’s GCWA’s last show. You know ever since what happened with Mario everyone has been wondering what exactly is my purpose. Why have I been infrequent? Why have I not been making a impact? Simple. I don’t have to. I could have ended this war but no one wanted me to end it. Because of it. We all lost. Or did we?

*He leans forward and brings up a bloodied crowbar.*

Black Helmet: At Heat Wave I’m going to be there. I’m going to be in the building. I’m going to make my presence known for one reason and only one reason. Because I can. It’s going to be good. Because I promise one thing…Someone is going to burn.

*The film starts to burn…finally it breaks and we go to static.*

Jones: The Black Helmet making a threat to show up at Heat Wave. But after last week is it the returning “Hellacious One” Draco?

Hood: Figures he’d come back to draw the final blow on this company!

Rockwell: He’s screwing with you. It’s not Draco. Draco wouldn’t dare show his face after the beating Biff gave him!

Hood: Right…beating…yeah.

Jones: Well, if it is Draco, I can think of a couple of guys he might be targeting. One of whom is sitting at this table with me.

Rockwell: Who, me?

Hood: It sure as hell isn’t me!

Jones: Keep your guard up, Adrian. Heat Wave could be a long night for you.

Hood: If it is, I can’t wait to see it. But right now, what really matters is that the ring has been beautifully decorated, and it’s time to find out why!

Jones: I get the feeling you know exactly why, Hood.

Hood: Hush! Don’t ruin the surprise for the viewers!

*We cut to the ring where flyers and balloons are everywhere! The ring has a red carpet over it as another red carpet is stretched from the backstage area all the way to the ring. Suddenly “Here We Are Juggernaut” by Coheed and Cambria plays over the PA system as out comes the man of the night, Trevor “The Great One” Kent. He is flanked by the number one contender for the World Title, Liam Shayde. Both men walk to the ring as TGO is still ecstatic, smiling from ear to ear, paying no attention to the mounds of jeers that are directed to him and his cohort. Both men slide into the ring as Liam Shayde takes a mic.*

Liam Shayde: On this day many moons ago a “Great” man was born. This man single handedly shaped professional wrestling as we know it and he has also made huge contributions to many other fields. This man stands before you tonight and we know him as the CEO of the GCWA, Trevor Kent. So we must give him a warm round of applause!

*A rather flattered TGO looks down in embarrassment, but being the great human being that he is he sucks it up and receives the microphone from Liam.*

The Great One: Oh Shayde, what kind words. Now tonight is a celebration! A beautiful night! A night years ago, I kicked my way out of my mother’s vajay jay. So in celebration of my birth I have granted all of you in the audience free NFB shirts!! Which you will receive when you leave tonight…

Hood: LOOK! He’s a philanthropist too!

*By this time Liam Shayde has another microphone in his hand and starts to speak.*

Liam Shayde: Trevor, tonight me and the guys decided to give you something, since you’ve done so much for our careers, so guys….

*”Eye for an Eye” by Story of the Year plays over the PA system as out from the back the rest of the NFB make their way out from the backstage, each pushing out a HUGE cake, that reads “Happy Birthday Trevor”. TGO smiles at just the sheer thought that someone cared about him enough to do this for him. The men stop pushing the cake right to the edge of the mat as they climb in.*

The Great One: Guys, you didn’t have to do that…

Liam Shayde: It was our pleasure! Wait til’ you see what’s inside…boys….

*TLS takes a step stool out that he was carrying as well and sets it beside the cake. He lifts the top of the cake open and smiles evilly, suddenly Crazy Chris pops his gagged head out from the top of the cake as TGO’s eyes light up with excitement!*

The Great One: Does this mean….?!

Liam Shayde: Oh yes it does!

The Great One: Guys you’ve brought a tear to my eye! It’s what every baddy wants! Someone to kick the living hell out of!!

Liam Shayde: The only caveat is that I know how bad you’re going to hurt him and so do the production guys so they’ve decided to not let you kick his ass on national television…

The Great One: NO FUN!

Liam Shayde: So guys roll him back to the back and we’ll let our fearless leader beat the living hell out of him…

The Great One: THANKS GUYS!!

*The three men then continue to roll the tied up and gagged Crazy Chris to the backstage area as “Eye for an Eye” once again plays over the PA system as TGO and Shayde exit the ring as well.*

Hood: That’s one huge ass pinata…

Rockwell: Totally inappropriate…

Hood: Oh, you knew it was coming!

Jones: You guys, stop with the jokes!! Our Unified X Division Champion is being held captive! He must have been jumped after going back to the locker room after his match!

Rockwell: Yep, that’s probably what happened… and I’m sure Landon Chase is just as happy to have Chris subdued, since it will make his chances even better to take away Chris’ title!

Hood: I will admit, that thought has crossed my mind…

Jones: Damnit! I bet Dangerous Dan is tearing his ass over there to try and rescue his brother… but where were they taking him?

Rockwell: If we don’t know, I don’t see how Dan’s going to be able to track them down!

Jones: *shaking head* Well, folks, we’ll let you know more about Crazy Chris’ condition when we find out about it… for now, we’ve got some competitors waiting to throw down for the GCWA Hardcore Championship!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Parking Lot Brawl” for the GCWA Hardcore Championship!

*The fans cheer, even as the big screen comes on, showing us shots from a backstage hallway. One of the doors on the side slams open, with the cameraman spinning that direction. Stepping out of the room is the current GCWA Hardcore Champion, Bucky Johnson!! There’s a mixture of cheers and boos as the champ turns and starts down the hall, looking determined to come out tonight as the winner.*

Jones: Bucky’s been the Hardcore Champion for over two months now, having a respectable reign with the belt.

Rockwell: Yep, and the President’s Cabinet has been proud to support him during that reign.

Hood: Please. He hasn’t defended it against any NFB members, or else that belt would clearly be ours already!

Jones: Well, there’s no doubt that Bucky’s got a heavy couple of tests ahead of him. He’s got to get past Xtreme tonight, and then the Harvey Danger Hardcore Title Invitational awaits!

Hood: Are any NFB members in that match?

Jones: Not currently, Hood.

Hood: See? They’re ducking the true contenders!!

Rockwell: We ain’t ducking *bleep*, Hood! All your guys are busy already, remember?

Hood: True. But I still wish we had someone going for this one. Oh well.

*Johnson reaches the end of the hallway and slows down, opting to take on a cautious attitude. He slowly opens the door to the parking garage, peeking out to make sure that Xtreme’s not waiting to ambush him. Seeing no one, Johnson takes another step out, taking in the area. Meanwhile, though, the cameraman, hearing something behind him, suddenly dives back at a strange angle, showing us the ceiling for a moment before refocusing in the other direction… where Xtreme is running full-out, shoving his weapons cart in front of him!! The cameraman catches Xtreme flying past him as Bucky, hearing the commotion, turns around. He doesn’t move fast enough, though, as Xtreme smashes into him, running him over and, subsequently, overturning the cart!! Both men disappear as the door shuts behind them, with only the sounds of a violent crash being heard!*

Jones: Geez!! Did Xtreme reinforce his shopping cart??

Rockwell: That was like a battering ram!!

Hood: Holy crap! Wal-Mart should make all their carts that strong, that was awesome!!

*The cameraman pulls himself back together and hurries over to the door, shoving it open. On the other side, we see the shopping cart laying on its side, looking like it’s seen better days. Nearby, Xtreme has a hold of Johnson and is slamming his head repeatedly into the trunk top of an already beat-up looking Ford Taurus!! Johnson staggers away from the assault, holding his hurting head, as Xtreme turns back and grabs one of the weapons scattered across the ground after impact. He comes after Johnson, swinging a Singapore cane straight into Johnson’s back!! The loud crack gets the audience cheering, even as Johnson slumps to the ground, a large red slash appearing on his back. It’s soon joined by two others, as Xtreme continues to go to town!*

Jones: It looks like Xtreme is determined tonight to finally get the Hardcore Championship!!

Rockwell: These two had a hell of a match in April, when Bucky won a “200 Light Tubes Death” Match over Xtreme. It was the start of Johnson’s journey in the hardcore realm, and led him to the championship.

Hood: So you’re saying that Johnson owes his championship reign to Xtreme’s attacks?

Jones: It sure seems that way.

Hood: I love wrestling.

*Xtreme has Johnson back up now, taking him over to the front of the car. He goes to lift Johnson, as if to attempt a body slam on the hood, but Johnson fights his way free with repeated elbows to the back of Xtreme’s head!! Xtreme stumbles back, dazed, allowing Johnson to step forward with the Bowling Pin, smashing Xtreme in the head with a headbutt!!! Both men look woozy after that, but Xtreme falls backwards, landing on his back. Johnson, seeing this, reaches down and grabs Xtreme by the legs. Xtreme, realizing what’s coming, tries to wave it off, but Johnson’s got him perfectly aimed, as he drops backwards, catapulting Xtreme up and over him… and through the windshield of the car!!!! The crowd is roaring, as the cameraman zooms in, showing only Xtreme’s legs sliding slowly into the front of the car!*

Hood: Whoa!!

Jones: My god!

Rockwell: The resale value of that Taurus just plummeted. Then again, maybe some GCWA fans will put up big money for it. You never know in this business!

Jones: Can Xtreme even continue after such a serious crash??

*Johnson slowly pulls himself back up, rubbing the back of his head. He might have clipped it on the bumper on his way down. Johnson shakes his head clear, then turns towards where a crowd of fans have gathered. The fans are cheering, loving seeing the action so close by. Johnson gives them a grin, but his grin quickly fades as he hears a car engine turn over behind him. He turns with wide eyes back to the Taurus, where Xtreme suddenly pops up behind the wheel!!! His face appears to be a bloody mess, but Xtreme is still grinning, having hot-wired the car!!! He steps on the accelerator, speeding forward, with Johnson desperately leaping up and rolling over the side of the hood before crashing to the ground!! The car keeps going, with the fans immediately scattering in terror as Xtreme bails out the other side. The Taurus smashes into the wall with a loud, metallic crunch!!!*

Hood: Do we have insurance coverage on our parking garage??

Jones: Thank god those fans got out of the way in time!!

Rockwell: This isn’t a match for the timid, Jones! The Hardcore Title is on the line, which means this one starts at dangerous and heads towards suicidal!!

Hood: Did I mention I love wrestling?

*The car appears to be on fire now, as it sits against the wall. Meanwhile, Johnson is working his way back up, although he’s clearly limping from the shot he took. He stumbles over, looking around the damaged car for Xtreme, not realizing that he had jumped out. From behind him, Xtreme comes out from behind a truck with a tire jack in his hand. He slams it into Johnson’s back with a scream, knocking Johnson forward!! Johnson crawls on his hands and knees for a moment, hurting, before trying to get back up. Xtreme, though, is already there, double-underhooking Johnson and twisting him over with a jumping pedigree onto the concrete!!! Johnson’s down, with Xtreme slowly shoving him over and making the cover. After a few seconds, Referee Mitchell comes out of hiding and gets carefully within range, hitting the concrete… 1… 2… Johnson kicks out!*

Jones: Xtreme almost had his dream in his hands, but the Hardcore Title is still up for grabs!

Hood: How long can Xtreme go with that blood loss he’s experiencing?

Rockwell: I don’t think Bucky is doing much better at this point! Damnit!

*The cameraman comes around, showing Bucky’s face, which apparently now has a jagged gash across the forehead. He struggles to get up, with Xtreme immediately grabbing him and whipping him towards a large tractor-trailer. Johnson bangs hard against the trailer side, leaving a small red stain on it before turning around. Xtreme charges, letting out another yell, but Johnson sidesteps him, shoving Xtreme into the side of the rig! As Xtreme stumbles backwards, Johnson grabs hold of him from behind, locking around his waist. He then lifts Xtreme up and over, taking him back with a bridge suplex to the concrete!! Johnson holds on, with both men’s shoulders on the ground… 1… Bucky gets his shoulder up… 2… and Xtreme manages to push up as well, escaping the pin! Both wrestlers sprawl free, as the battle for the title continues.*

Jones: It would have been awful to end this one with a double pinfall, although both should get another opportunity at Heat Wave III!

Hood: Yeah, but are either going to be in any condition to fight in that match? The ‘winner’ of this one might have to vacate if they can’t wrestle!

Rockwell: Are you kidding? Both of these guys are crazy enough to show up no matter what the doctor says. They’ll definitely be there to defend!

*Both wrestlers struggle to get up, with Xtreme reaching behind him and picking up half of a 2x4 that was laying on the ground. He turns and swings, planning to knock Bucky’s head out of the ballpark. But Bucky ducks under it, then darts forward with a leaping clothesline, putting Xtreme on the ground once more! Bucky staggers away, thinking about something big as he heads towards a scaffolding that’s been set up nearby to work on the lights above. To his side, though, head lights suddenly coming on, blinding him!! Bucky steps back, trying to see, as a car comes speeding forward towards him!! Johnson stumbles to the side, as the car drives by next to him… and the driver’s side door swings open, smashing into him!!! Johnson spins and falls into the scaffolding, collapsing in a heap, as the cameraman swirls to get a shot of the driver.*

Jones: He’s wearing a mask!!

Hood: Not just any mask!!

Rockwell: Holy crap! Was that… The Stranger???

Jones: But which one?? Multiple men have worn that mask!!

Hood: Whoever it is, he or she just cleaned Bucky’s clock!!

*The car disappears into the distance, as Johnson is struggling to get up. He’s using the metal rods of the scaffolding to pull himself up, causing it to shake back and forth. Xtreme, heading his direction and having no idea what just happened, sees the swaying, and a nasty idea enters into his head. He runs forward, driving his shoulder into the side of the scaffolding, ruining its structural support. Instantly, the platforms above Bucky give way, toppling down on top of him!!!! A cloud of dust erupts in the parking garage, filling the air, as a loud, agonizing scream can be heard.*

Rockwell: No!

Jones: Jesus!! Bucky got buried!!

Hood: Even for Xtreme, that was… well, extreme!

Jones: I think this one’s over, if only Xtreme can find where to pin the man!

*Referee Mitchell moves closer, hacking away from the now-clouded air. As the dust starts to settle, we see Xtreme digging through the debris, searching for his opponent. A hand sticks out at one point, with Xtreme grabbing hold of it and heaving. He manages to drag Bucky out, with the Hardcore Champion looking like he can’t even stand. He’s clearly in bad shape, but Xtreme’s not worrying about that. It’s still all about the gold. Xtreme leans over and hauls Bucky to his feet, lifting him onto his shoulder. Xtreme then turns and twists Johnson over, plunging him to the hard cement with the Xtreme Measures!!!! Bucky’s completely out cold, not moving, as Xtreme comes over and almost reverently makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: The winner of this match… and NEW GCWA Hardcore Champion… Xtreme!!

Jones: My lord… Xtreme’s a champion!!

Hood: Someone check the thermostat in Hell, I think it’s broken!

Rockwell: Damn, I can’t believe it!

Jones: Bucky Johnson’s run has ended… and honestly, he’s in such bad shape, I don’t see how he’s competing next Sunday!!

Rockwell: Luckily, the ambulance parks down there, so they’re close by for both of these men.

Hood: The garage is completely trashed. Both men have bled buckets. We’ve got a burning car in the background. Does it get any better than this?!

*Johnson is already getting medical attention, as the medic places a brace around his neck to keep him secured. Behind him, Xtreme is getting looked over, although he doesn’t seem to be in the mood to get examined. He’s waiting for his prize. After a few moments, Referee Mitchell finally locates the title from where it ended up earlier. He brings it over, with Xtreme lunging forward to snatch it out of Mitchell’s hands. Xtreme’s got an enormous smile on his face as he hugs the Hardcore Championship to his chest. He then staggers away, ignoring the medic’s pleas to come back as he leaves. We cut away from the action and head to another shot, apparently on the other side of the arena. It’s along the street on the back side, away from the parking lot. We see the man from earlier, wearing The Stranger mask.*

Jones: Hey!! It’s the guy who did the hit-and-run on Bucky!! I thought he’d have left the area!

Hood: But who is it? Titan 3? The Lost Soul? The Little Guy? Who??

*The man in the mask turns, apparently not caring about being seen on camera. He reaches up and pulls off the mask, tossing it behind him. The camera zooms in for a close-up.*

Jones: Wait, is that… OH MY GOD!!!!

Rockwell: Holy *bleep*!!!

Hood: It’s... “PIC” Steve Wilson!!!!

Jones: The former GCWA X Division Champion!! We haven’t seen him for nearly a year now, since he got taken out by Titan 3, and The Lost Soul was blamed for it!!!

Rockwell: But why would he take out Johnson… unless… is he in the Hardcore Invitational????

Jones: Oh god, he must be!!!!

*Steve Wilson looks towards the camera and smiles, before turning and getting back into the car. He drives off, accelerating quickly as he squeals around the corner, disappearing from sight. We fade to commercial.*

*We find ourselves back outside the Accelerator’s office, where the Harvey Danger Hardcore Title Invitational Sign-In Sheet has seen some activity. Harvey’s standing by it proudly now, looking at all the names listed. We see Harvey Danger, Aaron Styles, Xtreme, Scott Caine, Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn, Johnny Vegas, Desayuno, Marcus Ka’Derrion, and Steve Wilson. Danger seems to be doodling along the edges with a pencil, as he’s awaiting any other participants. From behind him, there is a short cough, and Danger spins around.*

Harvey Danger: Hi! Do I know you?

*The camera expands, showing the now less threatening looking Arachne standing behind him!*

Arachne: You should. My name is Arachne.

Harvey Danger: The scary dude in make-up who spits green stuff on people?

Arachne: In a former life. I’m here to accept your invitation.

*Danger’s face lights up, excited.*

Harvey Danger: You want in the Harvey Danger Invitational?? My Man!

*Danger immediately raises his hand, wanting a high five. Arachne stares at the hand, but makes no move to slap it. He waits peacefully as Danger awkwardly clears his throat, then turns and puts Arachne’s name on the list.*

Harvey Danger: You think you can win?

Arachne: I can but try.

Voice: Try all you want, Arachne, but this time, I’m coming out on top!

*The two men turn… to find Dangerous Dan standing behind them! The live crowd can be heard cheering as Dan walks up to Danger.*

Dangerous Dan: Hello, Danger.

Harvey Danger: Hi, Danger!

Dangerous Dan: Just wanted you to know, in the Invitational? I’m in.

*The audience cheers louder, as Harvey quickly turns to put Dan’s name on the dotted line underneath Arachne.*

Arachne: So we are going to meet once more on the field of battle…

Dangerous Dan: You think I would miss a chance for the Danger Boiz to both leave the GCWA as champions?

Arachne: I look forward to the challenge, Dan, one more time. Peace be with you.

*Arachne turns and leaves, as Harvey watches him go. He turns towards Dangerous Dan.*

Harvey Danger: So, uh, did you find Crazy Chris yet?

Dangerous Dan: Huh? What do you mean?

Harvey Danger: Didn’t you see what happened earlier? The birthday cake? The Great One?

Dangerous Dan: I’ve been back on the phone with my Mom, checking up on my kid. What happened to Chris??

*Harvey starts to fill him in, as we cut away from the scene, heading to the backstage area once again, this time to find a beaten and battered Crazy Chris lying helpless in the middle of the hallway, outside a locker room. The door to the locker room opens up as out walks TGO with blood on his white suit, he looks down and laughs at the battered Chris as he speaks while walking away.*

The Great One: Look what you did! Now I have to go change. Maybe this will teach you to stay the hell away from us…

*TGO walks away, laughing, as Crazy Chris struggles to get up. His hands are still tied, having kept him from defending himself properly. We cut back to ringside.*

Jones: Someone get a medic to that hallway!

Rockwell: Which one? They all look alike to me… this place is like a labyrinth!

Jones: The Unified X Division Champion has apparently taken a pounding from the NFB, which has to put his competing in next week’s card in question! Will he be in any shape to fight in the Danger Zone match against Chase?

Hood: If he knows what’s good for him, he takes this ‘excuse’ and runs with it. No need for him to take another beatdown when he can concentrate on ending his career here in the GCWA in one piece… or at least however many pieces TGO left him in.

Rockwell: Something tells me Chris isn’t going to just go away, Hood.

Hood: His mistake if he comes back.

Jones: So both Dangerous Dan and Arachne are now in the Harvey Danger Invitational, bringing the number of competitors to 11!

Hood: I honestly didn’t think that Harvey was going to be able to pull this off, but he’s managed to get some serious competition set up!

Rockwell: Yeah, I’ve got to say, Xtreme really has his work cut out for him. The odds are extremely against him retaining, but then, in a match like this, anything can happen.

Jones: So who’s the favorite going in now? Xtreme? Dan? Arachne? Ka’Derrion? Wilson? So many possibilities!

Hood: I hope the junk yard can hold that many stars!

Jones: Well, it looks like the cage is about set up, so we’re ready to move on! This one’s going to be a truly great one, because these two men know each other like no other! Prepare for a bloody war!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a ‘Barbed Wire Steel Cage” Match!

*The fan’s violent urges are never sated, as they cheer for the potential bloodshed upcoming.*

Minos: Coming down to the ring… he is an enigma, a man who still cannot be explained after months in the GCWA… standing 5’11” and weighing 215 lbs… from parts unknown… here is Ataxia!

*The fans cheer as Ataxia comes out to “Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica. He walks slowly down the aisle, studying the cage as he walks up to it. He seems to approve of the look of the barbed wire wrapped throughout the walls, nodding before stepping through the doorway.*

Jones: At one point, we weren’t sure we were going to see Ataxia wrestling tonight. He didn’t seem interested in one more battle against Demarco.

Hood: You mean he was scared… and who can blame him? Demarco is a destructive force!

Rockwell: I don’t think it was fear, Hood. It sounded more to me like… frustration.

Jones: Well, for whatever reason, Ataxia’s here tonight to compete, and to try and get the final win over his long-time rival. But will he be able to survive the cage?

Minos: His opponent is a strong member of Nobody’s F’n Better… standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York… here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… Lorenzo Demarco!

*Demarco appears out of the back with a grim smile on his face, as “Things Done Change” by the Notorious BIG plays behind him. He’s got a few cuts and scrapes bandaged up after the fight he had the past week, but he’s ready to add to the collection tonight. He walks purposefully down to the cage door and slides right in, ready to fight.*

Hood: Did you see Demarco this week, guys? He and his girl took out four muggers! Four! I’d like to see Ataxia handle that many!

Jones: Hasn’t Ataxia been attacked by four NFB members before?

Hood: Well, yeah, but they weren’t muggers… they didn’t want anything but blood from his freaky ass!

Rockwell: Demarco’s a great street fighter, no question. The problem here is, this isn’t the street, and with that cage door locked, he’s on his own!

*The Bell Rings.*

Hood: So there’s no escaping this cage, right?

Jones: Nope, not with all the barbed wire lined through it. This one’s all about getting the pinfall or submission… and keeping as much of your skin intact as possible.

*Ataxia and Demarco meet in the center of the ring, surprisingly starting things off with a conversation. That doesn’t last for very long, as the anger each has for the other shows through. The punches start flying, and the fans cheer as Ataxia and Demarco fling shots against each other in a wild display of brawling! The two men fight back towards one of the cage walls, with Ataxia turning and trying to whip Demarco into it. But Demarco reverses, and Ataxia’s the one to take flight, smashing into the cage!! Fortunately, none of the barbed wire seems to catch him, but that’s his only lucky break, as Demarco nails him with a clothesline as he stumbles forward, then drops on top, punching away!*

Hood: Yeah, that’s right, Demarco!! You show him who’s boss!

Jones: I thought The Great One was the boss?

Hood: … shut up.

*Demarco has Ataxia back up now, taking him over to the side of the cage. He aims him towards one of the barbed wire portions, pushing Ataxia’s face into it!! Ataxia’s feet shuffle as the side of his head is grinded in, with Demarco apparently enjoying every minute of it!! However, Ataxia then throws an elbow back into Demarco’s chest, knocking him back! Ataxia then spins around and lets out one of his insane-sounding laughs, pointing up to his mask… which apparently prevented any punctures from getting through!! Demarco, grimacing in anger, jumps back at him, but Ataxia dodges, tripping Demarco up… and he falls into the barbed wire!! Demarco grabs at his face and pulls himself up, but now Ataxia has him from behind, turns him around, and gets an implant DDT!!! Demarco’s down, with Ataxia making the first cover of the match… 1… 2.. but Demarco is able to kick out.*

Rockwell: I think your boy is already bleeding, Hood.

Hood: Ataxia’s mask must be rigged! What the hell is it made of??

Jones: Whatever it’s made of, it’s given Ataxia the opportunity to take control of this contest!

*Demarco is still on the mat, shaking his head back and forth. It’s sending a few drops of blood down to the canvas, as he has been cut open. Ataxia sees it and immediately changes his focus, dropping and punching at Demarco’s cut to widen it, causing more blood loss! Ataxia then pulls Demarco up and twists, nailing him with a spinning heel kick that sends Demarco back into the cage! Demarco grunts, grabbing at his arm, where he’s got another wound now thanks to where he landed. He stumbles forward, with Ataxia, smiling, grabbing him by the head and dropping with a facebuster!! He rolls Demarco over and makes another cover, working to hold him down… 1… 2… but Demarco is still in it, kicking free. Ataxia laughs, enjoying the continuation of the brutality. He goes to Demarco’s legs and applies a Boston crab, apparently deciding to wear him down further.*

Jones: Ataxia is looking pretty strong so far, as he’s got Demarco bleeding from several cuts!

Rockwell: Yeah, now the longer this match goes, the worse it will get for Demarco. It’s hard to maintain your energy with a low blood level in your system!

Hood: Someone quick! Bring me a Gatorade from the back! Stat!

*Referee Trixie checks on Demarco, checking if the man is willing to submit, but Demarco shakes his head, refusing to quit. He manages to push himself up on one shoulder and reach back, yanking on Ataxia’s ankle. Ataxia, off-balance, has to drop the hold, stumbling forward. Demarco’s still down, trying to take a moment to recover, so Ataxia decides to head to where two walls meet, starting to climb up! He is preparing a high-risk move, but unfortunately, the barbed wire gets in the way, snagging his wrestling gear. Ataxia manages to pull himself free, but the distraction is a costly one, as Demarco is up behind him now. He grabs Ataxia from behind and lifts him off the cage by his arms, then turns and runs forward, tossing Ataxia over him with a crucifix powerbomb into the cage wall!!!! The fans gasp as Ataxia takes the hit and, due to the barbed wire, stays up on the cage, hanging!!*

Jones: Jesus!!

Hood: Exactly!

Rockwell: Oh, man, Ataxia’s been crucified!!!

Jones: Prepare for angry letters from Christians, guys.

Rockwell: Eh, our addresses are changing soon, anyway.

*Referee Trixie looks horrified about what’s happened to Ataxia, as he comes up, working to pull him free of the barbed wire. Demarco, though, takes exception to that, pulling Trixie backwards and shoving her away. He then climbs partially up the cage himself, before then grabbing Ataxia by the head and yanking him off the barbed wire painfully, using gravity to take both men hard to the mat with a neckbreaker variation!! Ataxia’s bleeding from several places now, his mask having not saved the rest of his body from the points of the barbed wire. He’s face down now, with Demarco pulling himself up and rolling over to him. He pushes Ataxia over and gets on top, holding him down and demanding that the referee counts. Trixie doesn’t look too happy, but she doesn’t let it interfere with her job… 1… 2… but Ataxia manages to kick out!*

Hood: Damn. I thought that was going to be it!

Jones: This one’s definitely become dead even, with Demarco controlling the pace of the match. Ataxia’s shown over and over that he can come back from a lot, but that crucifixion was nasty!!

Rockwell: I think there might still be shreds of Ataxia hanging on up there…

Jones: And I think I’m going to throw up!

Rockwell: Hell… Hood, quickly, the trash bin!

*The two announcers make sure that Jones has something to get sick in, as the action continues inside the cage. Demarco has Ataxia back up now, taking him over to the cage. He throws Ataxia hard against the steel, causing him to slump to the ground. Demarco then stomps hard on his back leg, as if trying to break it off!! Ataxia crawls away, hurting, with Demarco continuing to pursue him. He grabs Ataxia at another wall, pulling him up… and Ataxia spins and trips up Demarco with a drop toe hold, causing him to bang head-first into the wall!!! Demarco falls to the ground, hurting, as Ataxia achingly gets himself up, apparently cutting his hand on some barbed wire after instinctively using the wall for support. As Demarco tries to get up, Ataxia comes in and wraps him around the chest, setting for his German suplex manuever!! He launches Demarco backwards, causing Demarco to crash into the cage corner wall with the E.R. Stat!!! Ataxia then tries to put the match away… 1… 2… but Demarco refuses to stay down!*

Rockwell: These two warriors are giving us a hell of a battle!

Hood: The blood is everywhere now! I bet this mat gets burned after this contest!

Jones: Oh man… I still don’t feel so good…

Rockwell: Head in the bucket, Jonesy.

*Ataxia looks a little bit frustrated now, apparently having thought he had Demarco done for. He pulls the wrestler back up, almost having trouble gripping his arm due to the blood loss of both men at this point. He hangs on, though, pulling Demarco over to the cage wall, and continuing to hold on even as he climbs up the side of the wall! Ataxia then prepares to flip off with Demarco in tow… until Demarco’s other hand comes up with a fist, smashing Ataxia with a low blow!!!! Ataxia slumps forward, with Demarco managing to catch him on one shoulder… before spinning and powerslamming Ataxia into the cage wall, before rebounding back to the mat!!! Demarco stays on top, grabbing both legs and demanding a fast count. Trixie’s right there… 1… 2… No! Ataxia manages to escape in time!*

Rockwell: I keep thinking one guy’s in full control, and then it shifts so damn fast!

Hood: Demarco’s got him right where he wants him, though, Adrian!

Jones: I… I just can’t watch anymore… sorry, guys… *cough*

*Demarco has Ataxia against the cage wall now, shoving him into it sideways to do more damage to his right arm and side. Ataxia tries to break free, but Demarco hammers his head with a forearm, stunning him. Demarco then yanks on the mask, using it to flip Ataxia back over to the center of the ring!! Luckily for Ataxia, his mask is on very tight. Demarco comes over to him, having to clear his vision for a moment. Both men look incredibly weary at this point, due to the fierce battle going on. Demarco makes a decision, grabbing Ataxia’s legs and orienting him towards the cage wall. He drops back, and Ataxia gets catapulted up… and then sticks to the cage wall like Spider-Man!!! Demarco gets back to his feet, stunned, but as soon as he does so, Ataxia leaps back off, doing a flip and coming down with the Peaceful Tolerance!!!!! The kick lands perfectly, as Demarco drops to the mat from impact!! Ataxia, after a few moments of recovery, works his way over for the pin, putting an arm on his hated foe… 1… 2… three NO!! The crowd gasps, as Referee Trixie signals that Demarco got up his shoulder at the very last millisecond!!*

Rockwell: Whoa!! How did Demarco manage to kick out of that??

Hood: Because… he’s… the man…

Rockwell: So Jones is getting sick and you’re out of breath? Someone get Bifford back out here, I need a real broadcast partner!

*Ataxia seems to be in a similar state of shock, as he drops back down and tries another cover, this time holding onto the leg… 1… 2… but Demarco kicks out again! Ataxia shakes his head, then tries once more, this time clinging to both legs… 1… 2… no, Demarco’s out once more!! Ataxia sits back, breathing deeply, as he tries to get his gameplan back together. He stands up, pulling a badly dazed Demarco up with him. He takes Demarco over to the cage wall, opting to drag his face across the barbed wire repeatedly!! Demarco shouts loudly, tortured by the cutting motion that’s leaving several scrapes and cuts. Ataxia then gets Demarco over to the corner portion and climbs up, grabbing Demarco’s head and spinning for a tornado DDT!! But Demarco manages to stop the momentum and shove Ataxia off, sending him crashing into the cage wall instead… and leaving one of his legs hooked in the cage!! Ataxia hangs upside-down, helpless, as Demarco pulls himself back together.*

Rockwell: Geez!! Who the hell built this cage? It’s taking a beating but it won’t fall down!

Hood: Demarco is awesome!! I can’t believe he’s still fighting in there! Ataxia can’t stop him, nothing can stop him!!

Jones: Oh, god… the blood’s dripping…

Rockwell: Look away, Jones, think about puppies or something.

Jones: Oh… cute little puppies… bleeding… AAAHHHH!!!!

*Ataxia can’t free himself, due to the angle he’s hanging at, allowing Demarco to put the boots to him, kicking away repeatedly. Ataxia’s swaying, almost like a flag in the wind. Demarco takes a couple of steps back, smiling evilly as he lines up his shot. Demarco then rushes forward, going for the Paid In Full!!! But Ataxia, with remarkable lower back strength, lifts himself upwards out of the way, causing Demarco to slam his knee into the cage wall instead!!! Demarco howls and hobbles away, hurting, as Ataxia shoves with his other foot, finally managing to free himself. He slumps to the ground, then struggles to get up, leaving a trail of blood where he landed. On the other side, Demarco turns and angrily hops over to him, only to have Ataxia dart up and catch him, flipping him over with a roll-up!!! Trixie’s there… 1… 2… no, Demarco escapes!*

Jones: Man, what’s it going to take?? Is one of them going to have to die from blood loss? Oy…

Rockwell: Concentrate on keeping your stomach contents in, man.

Hood: It’s been an awesome match, but y’know, everything has to end sometime!

Jones: What? Hey… what are THEY doing here??

*We switch to a different camera shot, away from the action, as we see The Great One, Liam Shayde, Landon Chase, and The Lost Soul coming to the ring!*

Rockwell: I don’t know what they’re thinking, but the good news is they can’t get in. The door’s been locked shut!

Hood: You really think TGO would be down here if he didn’t have a plan?

*The attendant with the key turns and, without even a word, hands the key over to TGO!! TGO thanks him, apparently promising that he’ll have a good job in OCW after this is all over. He then turns and tosses the key to Chase, who unlocks the door. The NFB then climbs in as a group, with Ataxia, having been attacking Demarco with punches, realizing that something’s up.*

Jones: Damnit!

Hood: It’s amazing what a few empty promises and a couple of bucks will get you these days.

Rockwell: Normally I’d say this is when Ataxia needs to run for it… but where can he go??

*The Lost Soul can be seen, locking the cage door behind him, as Chase, Shayde, and The Great One surround Ataxia. Ataxia thinks about it for a second, shrugs his shoulders, and then leaps forward, attacking TGO!!! Quickly, Chase, Shayde, and a recovering Demarco grab at him, tackling him, and the group assault is on!*

Hood: What a jerk, attacking TGO on his birthday!!

Jones: Oh, C’MON!! This is completely unnecessary!!

Hood: Hey, the NFB had some loose ends, Jonesy. Tonight, we take care of them!

*Referee Trixie tries to stop things, only to have Chase hold her back (and get in a few free feels along the way). Meanwhile, TGO and Shayde hold Ataxia in place, despite his struggling, as Demarco takes a few steps back, then charges forward… hitting the Paid In Full!!!! Ataxia’s down, with Demarco collapsing on top. TGO, laughing, signals for Chase to let Trixie go, then brings her over, telling her to make the count. Trixie doesn’t want to, trying to back off, but they quickly hem her in and get her down next to the pin. She sighs, then hits the mat once… twice… and before the third hand comes down, Ataxia gets an arm up!!!!!! The fans roar, as Trixie looks on in astonishment… only to have TGO grab her hand and slap it on the mat again, nearly wrenching her arm out of its socket!!!! She rolls away in a great deal of pain, as TGO turns towards the timekeeper and signals that he’s calling it over. Surprisingly, the bell rings, as Minos has to think about it for a moment before finally making the announcement.*

Minos: Here… is your… winner… Lorenzo Demarco….

Jones: No!! He wasn’t pinned!!

Hood: I believe I saw a three count, Jonesy!

Jones: He kicked out, damnit! Even after all the abuse he had taken!

Rockwell: Yep, he definitely escaped the pin… but unfortunately, TGO wasn’t going to take no for an answer…

Hood: Demarco’s the king of the world!

*The fans are booing heavily, even as TGO gestures for Shayde and Chase to help Demarco up. They raise his arms, cheering for him, before TGO turns back and points to Ataxia, who is still trying to get up. They head over to him, preparing to destroy him… even as a small cheer goes up as a man is seen, racing down the aisle to the ring!*

Rockwell: Here comes trouble…

Hood: Is that Jaiden Rishel?? What the hell is he thinking, these guys will murder him!

Jones: Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t, but it’s a moot point, since the cage door is locked up!

*TGO turns for a second, seeing Rishel reaching the door of the cage. He smiles and says something about ‘waiting your turn’, before he turns back to the assault on Ataxia. Meanwhile, Rishel and The Lost Soul stare at each other on either side of the cage… and then Rishel lifts the bat in his hand, pointing it towards him. He shoves it forward, sliding it through a hole in the cage!! TLS takes it, looking at it for a moment, before then turning back to Rishel, who has brought out a nightstick for himself. TLS nods… then unlocks the cage, swinging the door wide open!!!*


Jones: Holy crap!! TLS just let Rishel in!!

Rockwell: And they’re both armed… and the NFB doesn’t realize it yet!!

*As soon as Rishel’s inside, the two men turn and charge, taking TGO from behind with a double shot!!! TGO falls, completely stunned, as Chase and Shayde backpedal, trying to get some room between them. Unfortunately for them, the cage walls prevent that. The Lost Soul strikes first, catching Shayde across the chest with the bat, sending him flying!! Chase gets caught across the side of the head, toppling to the ground, as Rishel then spins and nails a rising Demarco, with the two men launching a major assault!!!*

Jones: Oh…. Oh Man!!!

Rockwell: What?

Jones: Two men have been attacking the NFB in masks… one we know was Jaiden Rishel… but WHAT IF….

Hood: No… no, it couldn’t be!! TLS was with them during one of those attacks… wasn’t he??

Jones: You mean when all of the NFB was wearing Ataxia masks, so they couldn’t be seen?

Hood: Yeah, then…. Oh *bleep*…

*The NFB is in full retreat, having lost the element of surprise. They scramble out of the cage, avoiding any more serious shots, although that doesn’t stop TLS and Rishel from trying. The NFB regroups outside, with TGO angrily complaining about what just happened. Inside the cage. Ataxia is struggling to get back to his feet, somehow still standing after everything that he’s been put through. The crowd cheers, giving him a roar as he shakily straightens his mask, then takes in the two men next to him. He smiles. Meanwhile, the NFB is headed up the aisle… at least until the big screen comes on, showing the GCWA Commissioner, Lurrr, looking down on them!*

Lurrr: Damn, you guys look like *bleep*!

*TGO spins, hearing the voice of one of the guys he hates the most.*

Lurrr: Sorry I couldn’t be there in person, guys, but sometimes I have my own personal business to take care of. But I didn’t want to miss out on this moment. TGO, Demarco? Meet your opponents for Heat Wave III…. Jaiden Rishel and The Lost Soul!

*The crowd cheers loudly, even as TGO angrily looks back at the caged ring with a snarl. Demarco looks ready to go back for more, but Shayde is keeping him from going, telling him that he needs to get a medic to look at him first. Ataxia, Rishel, and TLS are standing side-by-side in the cage, with Rishel smiling, pleased with how things have gone. With TLS, as always, it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking.*

Hood: That’s who they’re facing??? Damnit!

Jones: Looks like Sunday’s not going to be a cakewalk for the NFB, as they’ve got some major competition for those tag-team titles!

Hood: No… no they don’t… because Rishel and TLS are dead men!!!

*TGO can be seen, already making a phone call, as he and the rest of NFB head for the back. We see Rishel and TLS shaking hands in the ring, showing that there’s unity in hatred. We slowly fade out to commercial.*

*We’re back from the break, with a shot of the medical area of the GCWA Arena. Laying on one of the beds is Ataxia, getting some of his cuts sealed up and patched. He’s already refused to go to the hospital, at least not yet. As he sits there, Ataxia hears the door open, and he braces himself for more action. However, it’s just one of the runners that Ace usually employs, carrying an envelope. She comes over to Ataxia.*

Runner: Ataxia? The President wanted me to give you this. Can you, uh, take it now, or do you want it later?

Ataxia: Hand it over.

*The attendant gives the envelope over to Ataxia, who takes a peep inside. He clearly likes what he sees, as he sits back on the bed, laughing. We go back to ringside.*

Hood: I hate that laugh. I really do.

Jones: So what on earth could the President have given Ataxia to cause that reaction? I know they met earlier in the evening.

Rockwell: Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s for the best of the GCWA… although I don’t see how that co-exists with freaky boy over there.

Jones: As you can tell by the state of the ring, it’s been a hell of a night! But the cage walls have been taken down, the tables have been set up, and we’re ready for our main event!

Minos: The next match is scheduled as a “Tag-Team Tables” Match! The rules here are simple: each wrestler has to be put through a table to be eliminated. When both men have been eliminated, the other team will be declared the winner!

*The fans love it, cheering the multiple tables set up in and around the ring. Clearly, things have been prepared ahead of time.*

Minos: Introducing first, they are former GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World together, and one has been all the way to the top… weighing in at a combined 611 lbs… representing the President’s Cabinet… here are Arachne and The Big Bifford… Biffarachnephobia!

*The crowd boos even as “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio starts to play. At the entryway, The Big Bifford steps out of the back, a slightly haunted look on his face. He almost seems distracted as he makes his way down, deep thoughts racing through his head. Behind him, Arachne steps out, dressed as he has been lately, looking penitent. Surprisingly, a few fans start up an Arachne cheer, supporting the man’s recent life change. Bifford looks back, a dark look crossing his face before he turns and continues towards the ring.*

Jones: These two men seem to be going in opposite directions.

Hood: Yeah, Arachne’s cleaned himself up, which makes him a little less fun to watch, maybe, but it’s seemingly helping his wrestling career.

Rockwell: Personally, I like the changes in Bifford. I think embracing the darkness is always a good way to go in wrestling.

Jones: Yes, but Bifford’s decided to try and overthrow the Catholic Church, which Arachne has joined. How will they be able to work together?

Rockwell: They’ll find a way. I hope.

Minos: Their opponents have held the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles twice in their career, along with numerous other championships… representing the Roman Empire… weighing a combined 455 lbs… here are Warrick Hill and the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Derek Mobley… The House of Pain!

*As “Miseria Cantare” by AFI plays, the crowd goes wild, loving the two men who have come out of the back. Hill and Mobley appear to be pretty confident as they make their way towards the ring. Along the way, one fan tries to hand what looks to be a joint over to Warrick, who happily takes it, only to have it slapped out of his hand by Derek. The two argue, with Derek pointing out that it could have been anything. Warrick shakes his head and moves on, although he doesn’t seem pleased at leaving a ‘fallen soldier’ behind.*

Jones: Hill and Mobley had another adventure this past week, thanks to the overreaction of Eugene.

Hood: I still can’t believe it.

Jones: That Eugene actually showed some backbone?

Hood: No, that Eugene actually connected… and it worked!

Rockwell: Maybe this is the start of a wrestling career for Eugene…

Hood: No… please, God… no…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Hill and Mobley quickly talk strategy, analyzing where the tables are located and where the best locations will be. Bifford, meanwhile, is in a heated discussion with Arachne, apparently regarding whether or not someone is looking down on them from above. Seeing this, Hill points it out to Mobley, and they quickly charge from behind, looking to nail Bifford with a running shot. Arachne, seeing it, bravely shoves Bifford out of the way, taking the double clothesline himself!! Arachne flips over the ropes, but fortunately lands on the apron and rolls out, enabling him to avoid the table. Bifford, meanwhile, turns and attacks Hill with rights and lefts, releasing some of his pent-up anger, even as Mobley shifts to get behind him to stop the barrage.*

Jones: The big question here is, how are Mobley and Hill going to manage to get someone the size of The Big Bifford through a table?

Hood: Clearly, Ace rigged this match, because it really does work in the favor of Bifford.

Rockwell: Hey, Derek there likes to brag about being able to nail Bifford with the Thriller whenever he pleases. So he should have no problem tossing him through a table that way.

Hood: No problem except a horrendous hernia heading into Heat Wave.

Jones: Very nice alliteration, Hood.

Hood: I try to add something special to every show.

*In the ring, Mobley’s hanging onto Bifford now, as Hill gets in some free shots. They try to maneuver Bifford backwards, aiming towards a table that’s been positioned against the corner. The two tag-team partners work to whip Bifford into the table, but he’s not budging, keeping the breaks on. Annoyed, Mobley & Hill turn as one and give him a kick to the midsection, doubling him over. They then set to try again… but now Arachne’s back, springboarding over the ropes and crashing into Hill’s back with a flying double knee strike!! Hill goes down hard, as Mobley turns to face the returning threat. He and Arachne scuffle, with Arachne managing to spin behind Mobley and shove himself up on the man’s shoulders!! As Mobley struggles to get Arachne off top, Bifford steps in and pops Mobley in the jaw, stunning him. Arachne then uses the imbalance to throw himself forward, giving Mobley a hurricanrana that flips him to the mat!*

Rockwell: They might not be on the same side in their ‘holy war’, but Bifford and Arachne can still form an excellent team together!

Jones: A lot of people have discounted Arachne in the past for his antics, but he’s always had talent. It’s what helped him and Bifford get to the World Tag-Team Titles in the first place!

Hood: Yeah, but he’s always been a little out of control when he’s wrestled. The jury’s still out on whether or not the changes he’s undergone over the last month will help him or hurt him.

*The wrestlers have separated now, with Arachne taking Warrick over to a corner without a table in it and working him over. Bifford’s on the other side, using the ropes to choke down the World Champion. Bifford seems incensed at this point, making sure to shout at Derek that he should still be the champ, and that Mobley cheated. He finishes the choke, with Head Referee Bell watching from the relative safety of the outside. Bell’s only job, along with other attendants, is just to decide when someone has been eliminated. Back in the ring, Arachne lifts Hill up onto the turnbuckle, and then punches away at him, apparently planning another big high-risk move. Bifford, seeing what’s going on, turns and comes over, pushing a table in front of him to put it behind the unsuspecting Arachne!! Arachne goes up to launch off the ‘buckle with Hill… and Mobley dives over, knocking the table on its side and allowing Arachne and Hill to fly to the mat with a super hip toss!!!*

Rockwell: Mobley just saved his partner from elimination!

Jones: I think he also saved Arachne, too, as Arachne would have hit just as hard! Heck, I’m not sure which one would have been eliminated from that landing!!

Rockwell: Hey, it’s all about the team! Arachne would have taken Hill with him!

Jones: Yeah, but Arachne wasn’t even in on it, as he didn’t know the table was there!

Hood: All’s fair in love and table matches, Jonesy.

*Hill has rolled out of the ring now, trying to get his bearings back. Meanwhile, in the ring, Bifford goes to pick Mobley up, but the World Champion grabs him by the head and drops with a jawbreaker, snapping him back! Bifford falls into the ropes, as Mobley gets to his feet and heads his way… but then takes a dropkick from behind from Arachne, sending him sprawling to the canvas!! Arachne then turns and spies where Hill is standing, before then running towards the ropes. He springs over, but then grabs hold of the ropes, even as Hill, apparently knowing he was coming, ducks out of the way. As Hill gets back up, smiling at his own genius, Arachne readjusts on the apron, and then springs off the ropes with a moonsault, crashing down on top of Hill!! The two men are down, even as Bifford and Mobley both get back up in the ring, starting to go at it again.*

Jones: It’s hard to tell if the tables are helping or a hindrance so far. Arachne is definitely not letting it bother him, as he’s flying all over.

Hood: That’s the tough part of a match like this. Yes, you need to put your opponent through a table. But you have to be extremely careful about it. One reversal, and your night’s over.

Rockwell: Yep, any table that you plan to use as a weapon can be used against you just as quickly. Timing is everything.

*Mobley now has the upper hand in the ring, taking Bifford down with a quick neckbreaker to lay him out on the mat. Mobley then applies a crossface submission, working to drain Bifford of his energy. Bifford’s legs are in the ropes, but since submissions don’t even count in this format, they also can’t be broken that way. On the outside, Arachne, seeing what’s happening, slides back into the ring and comes over, breaking up the hold. He kicks away at Mobley, keeping him on the mat, as Bifford rolls away to recover. Meanwhile, Warrick is now underneath the apron, looking around for something. He comes back out, pulling out a steel chair with him! Hill enters the ring as Arachne sees him and charges, jumping at him. Hill ducks under it, though, allowing Arachne to leapfrog over him. As Arachne tries to spin back around, Hill lets loose, blasting Arachne with a shot, then turning and hitting Bifford in the back as well as the big man tries to stand!*

Rockwell: Hey, weapons usage is illegal!!

Jones: It’s no disqualification, Adrian! All that matters is if someone goes through a table!

Hood: About damn time someone started using a weapon!

*Hill gives Bifford one more shot to the back, dropping him to the mat, then tosses the chair onto the ground. He helps Mobley up, pointing to the smaller Arachne and signaling towards the tables on the outside. Mobley nods, liking the game plan. As Arachne struggles to get up, Hill & Mobley move in, grabbing him by the arms and whipping him towards the ropes. They then position themselves to toss him over. However, Bifford reaches out as Arachne goes by, tripping him and causing him to crash forward onto the mat instead!! Both House of Pain members look surprised by this, but then shake it off and come forward. Mobley goes over to Bifford and stomps on him, while Warrick grabs a recovering Arachne and turns, preparing to toss him out himself. He launches him over the ropes, no, Arachne grabs the ropes and hangs on, spinning onto the apron! Seeing this, Warrick darts in with a wild swing, but Arachne ducks under it, then grabs the off-balance Warrick from behind… lifting him up and backdropping him overhead and through one of the tables!!!! The bell sounds, with Mobley looking over his shoulder in astonishment!*

Minos: Warrick Hill has been eliminated!

Jones: Warrick Hill is down!! The House of Pain are one elimination away from losing this contest!

Rockwell: Did you see that move from Arachne? I swear, this guy’s suddenly got major potential!!

Hood: Yeah, Hill thought he was fully in control of this one, but just like that, he’s going to the back to pull splinters out of his ass!

Jones: The World Champion’s now facing a 2-on-1 handicap!

*Arachne is already back on the apron now, eyeballing Mobley, who steps towards him. Arachne answers by springing over the ropes and into the ring, flying towards Mobley… who dropkicks him out of the air!! Arachne crashes hard, as Mobley jumps up and spins, blocking a Big Bifford punch and fighting back with rights of his own! He gets Bifford back into the corner and works him over, even as Arachne gets back up and runs in towards him. But Mobley senses it coming and dodges, with Arachne splashing Bifford instead!! Mobley then spins Arachne around and pummels him, while he’s laying back on Bifford, keeping the two men pinned in the corner! The fans are loving it, as Mobley fights to keep the advantage.*

Jones: Mobley’s putting on a terrific fight now that he’s on his own!

Hood: Yep, but how long can he keep it up? The numbers are now definitely against him!

Rockwell: No one man can beat Biffarachnephobia! It’s just not possible!

*Mobley pulls Arachne forward out of the corner, looking towards a nearby table. He knows that he needs to cut the numbers down quickly, so he sets Arachne in place, planning for a vertical suplex! But as Mobley starts to lift the smaller wrestler, Bifford darts forward with his arms outstretched, catching Arachne’s legs and forcing them back down! Arachne drops to a knee, hanging onto Mobley and keeping him from pulling away. Bifford is immediately taking advantage, punching Mobley several times in the ribs, wounding the champion. Bifford then picks Mobley up out of Arachne’s grip, carrying him across his chest for a few steps before turning and slamming down to the mat, landing on top and crushing Mobley underneath him!! The fans gasp, knowing what that move could potentially do to a human body.*

Hood: Mobley flapjacks! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Jones: That’s utterly disgusting, Hood.

Hood: How about Mobley Frisbees? Think he’ll fly?

Rockwell: You’re failing right now, Hood.

Hood: At least Mobley won’t need his keys tonight, he can just slide himself under the door!

Jones: Terrible… simply terrible.

*With Mobley hurting, Bifford gets him back up, and then whips him across to Arachne, who is immediately airborne and nailing him with a leaping heel kick to the jaw!! The World Champion slides to the mat, with Bifford then coming in and dropping a heavy elbow onto his chest, doing more damage. Bifford seems to be reveling in the destruction of the man, while Arachne is looking displeased at the amount of violence. Still, he heads for the corner to climb up, even as Bifford drags over a table and then lifts Mobley up onto it. With Mobley down, Bifford turns and goes over to Arachne, who looks him at with a confused expression. Bifford apparently has an idea to help, as he reaches up and gets Arachne, then gives him a boost off the ‘buckle and towards Mobley!! The only problem is, Mobley moves off the table, with Arachne crashing through it instead!!! Bifford steps back, his mouth wide open, as the bell sounds, indicating another elimination!*

Minos: Arachne has been eliminated!

Jones: Arachne just took a horrible ride, with little payoff!

Rockwell: Wait a second, Mobley didn’t put him through, so it shouldn’t count, right??

Jones: I believe the rule is it doesn’t count if you go through under your own power, Adrian. Unfortunately for Arachne, Bifford was the one in control there!

Rockwell: That’s bull*bleep*!! I demand a second opinion!

Hood: This is wrestling, Adrian. No instant replays, no second opinions, what happened is what happened.

Rockwell: *Bleep*!

*Bifford still looks stunned as he cautiously steps forward, looking down at Arachne. The man is twisted in the wreckage of the table, as one of the referees comes in to check on him (and get him out of the ring). Bifford shakes his head, upset, although it’s hard to tell what he’s upset about. He steps over Arachne and goes to the nearby Mobley, who is still down. Mobley, though, has picked up a weapon, as he swings as soon as Bifford leans towards him, smacking him in the head with a piece of the broken table!! Bifford straightens up, but doesn’t fall backwards. He’s dazed, staggering left and right. Mobley, meanwhile, gets to his feet and lifts the wooden portion above his head, turning and bringing it down hard across Bifford’s head, shattering it!! The fans cheer, but no bell is heard, as that doesn’t count as a table strike. To Bifford, it’s hard to tell the difference, as he drops to his knees, with pieces of debris sticking to his head.*

Jones: Bifford’s looking like he’s in pretty serious trouble now, guys!

Rockwell: Don’t let it go down like this, Bifford! You can fight your way out of it!! Damnit, where’s Demon Buffy when you need her??

Hood: Yeah, I… huh?

Rockwell: Don’t you watch the promos during the week, Hood?

Hood: I, er, skim them… sometimes…

*Mobley’s moving slowly now, having taken some hits throughout the course of this bout. But he’s still more mobile, as he manages to get The Big Bifford back onto his feet. Mobley lands a few more forearm shots, weakening the big man, before grabbing his arm, preparing to toss him towards a table propped in the corner. He whips him, no, Bifford reverses, and Mobley flies in instead, hitting the table!! Fortunately for him, it doesn’t break. As Mobley leans against it, Bifford takes a deep breath, and then runs forward with a long shout, planning to splash him into his next life!! But Mobley, barely reacting in time, yanks himself out of harm’s way, with Bifford crashing through the table instead!!! The table is obliterated, with Bifford falling backwards to the mat, gasping. Mobley leans on the ropes, breathing heavily. He knows that could have been it. Instead, the match continues.*

Hood: Are we still going?

Rockwell: It’s like you guys said, if it’s under his own power, it doesn’t count, right?

Jones: Nope, this match is still going!

Rockwell: Yes! C’mon, Biff, shake it off!

Hood: Mobley’s still alive, but he’s facing an uphill battle, trying to get Bifford through any of these tables!

*Mobley, seemingly realizing that, has picked up the steel chair that Warrick previously brought in. As Bifford turns towards him, Mobley waffles him with a great shot, with Bifford barely able to get his arm up in time to soften the shot. It still rings his bell, dropping Bifford back to the mat. Mobley then turns and quickly scoots a table over towards the center of the ring. It’s the only one left in the ring that’s still in one piece. Mobley gets it where he wants it, and then steps over to Bifford and pulls him up, taking him over and rolling him on top! But Bifford immediately reacts to the touch of the table, rolling to the other side and falling off instinctively. Mobley, frustrated, comes over and kicks at Bifford to try and weaken him, only to have Bifford keep rolling, heading under the ropes and to the outside! With no hesitation, Mobley follows him, with the fans loving how this one is going!*

Hood: This one’s been a good fight, just like you would expect from these two!

Rockwell: Yeah, but Bifford’s got the upper hand still, thanks to his bulk. Mobley hasn’t figured out a way to put him out yet!

Jones: Ummm, guys…

Rockwell: Huh?

Jones: I think they’re coming this way.

Hood: Uh oh…

*With Mobley directing them, the two wrestlers move towards the announce table. Hood and Jones are immediately going backwards, with Jones even jumping over the railing and getting into the crowd. Rockwell takes his time, but also backs off, even as Mobley clears off the monitors and other equipment, then hammers Bifford head-first into the table before lifting him onto it! Bifford again tries to get away, but Mobley keeps him there, climbing up with him and setting him for the Thriller!!! But Bifford responds to the attempt with a knee, landing a serious low blow!!! Mobley’s mouth drops wide as his testicles take a trip he couldn’t have wanted. Bifford, though, isn’t through, kneeing him twice, three times, four!!!! The fans who can still breathe in the arena are booing their lungs out. Mobley’s gasping as Bifford pulls him in close, and then lifts him into the air for the Biff End!!! Mobley’s legs kick as he tries to get away, but he’s just in too much pain. Bifford jumps, and the two men go through the announce table!!!! The bell sounds, ending things, as Bifford sits back in the leftovers of the table, smiling darkly.*

Minos: Derek Mobley has been eliminated! Your winners… The Big Bifford & Arachne… Biffarachnephobia!

Rockwell: Hah!!! Give that man a World Title!!

Jones: Not going to happen, Adrian, but Bifford does get his team a major win, and sends a statement to El Linchador that their Heat Wave match is definitely not going to be a cakewalk!

Hood: Don’t say cake! Bifford’s too close to us!

Rockwell: It was an off-night for Mobley and Hill, and you have to wonder now what shape is Mobley going to be in for his World Title defense? You can bet Cortez and Shayde are smiling in the back right now!

Jones: Wait… actually, word has it something else is going on in the back, guys!!

Rockwell: Huh?

*We switch to a shot of the backstage area… where apparently a war is going down!! We see Chris Cortez and Johnny Vegas working together as they punch away at a wrestler, hammering him in the hallway. The wrestler staggers back… showing that it’s El Linchador!! El Linchador leaps back at Vegas, trying to slow him down, with Vegas nailing El Linchador with a right hand!*

Jones: Whoa! They’ve ambushed El Linchador in the back, while Mobley & Hill were out at ringside!!

Rockwell: Guess El Linchador should have gotten himself out of the arena when he had the chance!

Hood: Wait… here comes the Luchador Army again!!!

Rockwell: Ah, hell…

*We see the four different-colored ninjas come running in, causing Cortez and Vegas to spin and meet the charge. They start to fight it out, but quickly the Luchador Army finds themselves outnumbered, as GCWA Security starts pouring out from the doorways!!*

Hood: So much for that, I guess the Cabinet was ready for them!

Rockwell: Yes!

*The fighting seems to be going downhill for El Linchador and his allies, as, in the ring, we see The Big Bifford laughing, enjoying himself. Arachne, meanwhile, has pulled himself up, but doesn’t look very happy with what’s going on. In the back, we see help arrive, as Dangerous Dan appears, charging into the mix. He has a lot of anger to get rid of. The fighting gets even more fierce.*

Jones: We’ve got an all-out war in the back!! But, it seems like someone’s missing this time…

Hood: I know exactly what you mean, Jonesy. Fortunately, it’s not going to last, because here they come!!

Jones: What? Oh… OH!!

*As The Big Bifford watches the screen from the ring, still smiling, he doesn’t notice at first that a group is heading his way. Nobody’s F’n Better, led by The Great One, slides into the ring, with Bifford turning towards them… only to get nailed by Landon Chase, who knocks him back to the mat with a steel pipe!! The rest spread out, taking the opportunity to attack Arachne, Warrick Hill, and Derek Mobley!!*

Jones: Damnit!! The NFB is taking advantage of the chaos to attack our World Champion!!!

Rockwell: And help’s certainly not on its way, which means that Mobley’s in a lot of trouble!

Hood: Yep, looks like Shayde’s going to eliminate one of his adversaries from the World Title Match… right now!!!!

*It’s quickly clear who the target is, as TGO directs Chase and Demarco to throw Bifford, Arachne, and Hill out of the ring. Mobley, meanwhile, works to fight back, nailing Shayde with a right hand, then charging at TGO with an attempted clothesline. TGO ducks under it, though, and then Mobley gets his ribs crushed in by a steel pipe shot from Chase, dropping him to his knees!! Seeing this, Shayde comes over and grabs Mobley, swinging him into the Cat’s Cradle submission!!! The fans are booing heavily, with trash flying their way, as Shayde continues to torture Mobley without mercy!!*

Hood: Say goodbye to your title reign, Mobley!!!

Jones: Wait, Hood… more help is coming!!

Hood: Oh, damnit!!! Not now!!

*A massive cheer breaks through the crowd as we see activity at the entryway. Jaiden Rishel and The Lost Soul charge out, rushing down to the ring!!! Demarco and The Great One roll out to meet them, with the four men letting loose on each other!!! Chase, meanwhile, slides out of the ring, seeing Warrick trying to get up to help his partner. Chase knocks Warrick back down, even as Shayde keeps torturing Mobley in the hold!!*

Rockwell: I don’t know if they were coming to save Mobley or not, but it sure looks like he’s still in Hell!!

Jones: Maybe they were just coming to attack the tag champs once more… but what about this guy??


*Ataxia comes barreling down the aisleway, flying right into Demarco with a diving tackle to the back of Demarco’s knee!!! Demarco goes down, with Rishel quickly taking advantage of it. Ataxia then runs onwards, sliding into the ring, where Shayde has to let go of the hold to prepare for him.*

Hood: Someone get that freak out of there!! This is none of his affair, he doesn’t belong to the Cabinet OR The Roman Empire!!

Jones: Apparently he’s decided this IS his business, Hood, if only due to the assault he took earlier from NFB!

Rockwell: I don’t even see how he’s standing, much less running and attacking!!

*Ataxia’s running on pure adrenaline, as he blocks an attempted attack from Shayde, then starts nailing him with right hands, driving the #1 Contender backwards! Ataxia then lands a clothesline, sending Shayde over the top rope!! Incensed, Chase starts to come back in, but Ataxia stomps on his hand, pulling away the steel pipe!! Chase quickly slides back out, getting out of range, as Ataxia threatens the NFB members, keeping them from coming inside!*

Jones: Ataxia has saved the World Heavyweight Champion!

Hood: Damn… but why? He and Mobley have been able to work together before, but it’s not like they’re best of friends…

*Mobley struggles to get up, holding his back in agony. He drops to a knee, then reaches out, as if expecting Ataxia to give him a hand up. But Ataxia doesn’t make a move towards him, instead reaching into his back pocket.*

Jones: What’s Ataxia got there?

Rockwell: With this guy? Who knows… could be mace, could be handcuffs…

Jones: Could be a whistle…

Rockwell: Don’t even bring that back up, Jones!

*Mobley looks up, wearily, as Ataxia pulls the item out of his pocket and presents it to him. It appears to be a folded up piece of paper. Confused, Mobley opens it, as Ataxia turns away, once again watching the NFB. From behind, the cameraman zooms in.*

Hood: Wait… what is that?

Rockwell: It looks like… maybe a contract?

Jones: Hold on… that’s the World Title contract for Heat Wave!! What’s Ataxia doing with it?

Rockwell: I have no idea… but I can see the signatures on it… Mobley… Cortez… Shayde… oh, crap, there’s one more!!!

Hood: No!! It can’t be!!

Jones: Geez!! Ataxia used his favor with Ace to get himself put into the World Title match at Heat Wave???

Rockwell: Damn, we’ve got another contender!! The CWF World Champion is staking his claim to the GCWA’s gold!!!

Jones: We’re badly out of time, but we’ll see you once more, next Sunday, at Heat Wave III!!! Good night!!!

*The look of shock on Mobley’s face radiates his emotions through the screen, as he looks up towards Ataxia. The masked man tips an imaginary hat to him, then turns and departs, as Warrick, having recovered, slides back into the ring. The rest of the NFB is currently heading up the aisle, with Shayde leading the way. They’ve broken off from Rishel and The Lost Soul, who are watching them from the end of the aisle. The Big Bifford and Arachne have regrouped across the way, wondering what’s going on. We get an overhead shot, showcasing Mobley dropping the World Title down to the mat, as we slowly fade out.*

OOC: Whew! If it was going to be the last Friday Night Inferno card, it was great to have it go out with a 65-page epic!! Hopefully, everyone's in a good mood, as we've got one show left... Heat Wave!!

Thanks again to our match writers, Ataxia and Bifford, who both did a fairly good job on the Triple Threat Matches. Also thanks to everyone who sent in segments (there were a lot of you *l*).

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So it's time... time for Heat Wave III!! Good luck to all!

GCWA Heat Wave III, August 29th, 2010

- The Harvey Danger Hardcore Title Invitational!

Current Participants
Scott Caine
Harvey Danger
Dangerous Dan
Marcus Ka'Derrion
Aaron Styles
Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn
Johnny Vegas
"PIC" Steve Wilson

- Nobody's F'n Better (Lorenzo Demarco & The Great One)(c) vs. Jaiden Rishel & The Lost Soul, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match

- El Linchador(c) vs. The Big Bifford, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Landon Chase, GCWA Unified X Division Title Danger Zone Match

- Derek Mobley(c) vs. Chris Cortez vs. Liam Shayde vs. Ataxia, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Fatal Fourway Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, August 20th to Thursday, August 26th, giving you 7 days to post your 3 roleplays, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!