GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, standing in the middle of his Roman Empire allies. He is smiling, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title sitting comfortably on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The cameras quickly focus on the crowd here in the arena, who are energized as always. A group of fans are pictured to the side, apparently all with a specific goal in mind: they're all holding up signs that read "GCWA Will Be Remembered!" Other signs are more specific towards wrestlers, including "I've Got A Bad Case Of Arachne!" and "Darkness Comes In Many Shaydes!" We head towards the announce booth, joining Jones, Hood, and Rockwell as they sit, waiting for the signal to begin.*

Jones: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome once again to Friday Night Inferno! We're two weeks away from Heat Wave III, our final show of the year, and the excitement couldn't be greater as we build towards a tremendous show!

Rockwell: I'll second that, Jones! Ace is truly a master at bringing us great events, and I think he's going to outdo himself this time!

Hood: Maybe, but only because The Great One's now pulling the strings and putting it all together!

Jones: Tonight, we expect several matches for Heat Wave to be announced, including who's involved in our World Title Match!

Rockwell: Yeah, it's in the air tonight, at least until Chris Cortez shows Liam Shayde that he's the true #1 Contender!

Hood: Hah! Shayde is going to mop the floor with Cortez, just you wait!

Jones: That's not all, though, as Derek Mobley is putting his GCWA World Heavyweight Title on the line tonight against one of our longest-running competitors, Dangerous Dan!

Rockwell: Think of it as a warm-up match for Mobley, although potentially a great one.

Hood: You can guarantee that, Adrian. Dangerous Dan is going to do it, he's going to win the World Title tonight!

Rockwell: Wait... you're backing Dangerous Dan tonight?

Hood: Yep. What's wrong with that?

Rockwell: Nothing... I suppose...

Hood: Tonight's going to be a night of change, just wait and see!

Jones: Another huge match tonight is our Champion vs. Champion vs. Champion match, pitting the Intercontinental Champion against the Hardcore Champion against one-half of the World Tag-Team Champions!

Rockwell: That one should be damn good as well, with Bucky finally showing the world what he's made of!

Hood: This one's all Demarco. He's got it in the bag for sure. El Linchador's too old and Bucky's too, uh, well, I'll be police and just call him a *bleep*.

Rockwell: How is that polite?

Hood: Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Jones: It's set to be an amazing night, almost pay-per-view caliber itself! So we might as well get started! First off, though, I'm being told that we have Cynthia Hall in the back, so let's go to her, live!

*We cut to the backstage area, where we see Dangerous Dan entering the building with Crazy Chris and Madyson following behind him. Dan is rolling his luggage, as he makes way to his locker room. Several of the staff members say hi to the number one contender as he makes way through the hallway. Dan has a smile on his face knowing that tonight could be the turning point in his career by winning his first ever World Heavyweight Championship. He approaches his locker room door and reaches to open the door. He manages to place his on the door handle but before he can twist the knob, Cynthia Hall appears in view.*

Cynthia Hall: Dangerous Dan, can I get an interview right quick before you go inside.

*Dan releases the door handle and smiles at the brunette. *

Dangerous Dan: Sure Cynthia. What's up?

Cynthia Hall: Well tonight you get your shot at the World Heavyweight Championship against Derek Mobley. After nineteen months, you are competing in one of the biggest matches of your career. Can we get some insight are what your thoughts are about tonight?

*Dan smiles as he scratches his head while glancing around the room, almost intrigued by Cynthia's question.*

Dangerous Dan: My thoughts are simple Cynthia. I started in the GCWA nineteen months ago. I was just breaking into this business. My very first match here was against Derek in the Warriors of the Ring World title tournament. Unfortunately, I lost but over time I stepped up my game plan and became what I am today. I'm a two time Television Champion and only three time Tag Team Champion in history with Chris. I took what I learned in that match with Derek and improved. Over the year Derek and I became allies and at times foes. I beat Derek twice for the Tag Team titles, so I proved that I can beat him. Now, the GCWA is closing its doors in a couple of weeks and Derek asked for this match personally. He knows I am a contender and he knows I have what it takes to beat him and become World Champion.

*Dan turns his attention from Cynthia to the camera. The camera zooms in as Dan addresses the man he'll be facing later on.*

Dangerous Dan: Derek, I have all the respect in the world for you. I honestly look up to you. You are what this company and this business is all about. I am honored to have worked with as well as against you. You motivated me to become the person I am today. But with all that aside, you have something that I have worked for over the year. Tonight, you and I will have one last battle together. This time it isn't a Tag title match or a tournament match. It is for the grandest prize in this company...the World Heavyweight Championship. Derek, I have beaten you before and tonight I will do it again and take the World Heavyweight Championship. I am going to give you a run for your title and you know I am capable of that. Tonight, we will find out once and for all whom the better man is. Tonight, Dangerous Dan becomes GCWA World Heavyweight Champion.

*Dan turns to open the locker room door. He enters inside as we fade back to ringside.*

Jones: No shortage of confidence from the young wrestler, who really does have his biggest opportunity yet here tonight.

Hood: It's that confidence that is going to help Dangerous Dan go all the way tonight! We need a new champion!

Rockwell: ... Well, it's true that Dan and his brother, Crazy Chris, have title victories over the House of Pain. But a singles match can be a whole ˇ®nother beast entirely. You can bet, though, that Mobley is going to be ready.

Jones: Well, before we can get to that match, we have an awful long way to go! Let's head to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will have a 10-minute time limit. Making his way out to the ring, he's making his debut here tonight and is looking to show the world that he's the most important meal-related luchador of the day... standing 5'10" and weighing 185 lbs, from the Sunnyside of Mexico... here is Desayuno!

*The fans don't know what to think as Desayuno comes out to "Macarena" by Los Del Rio. The masked man does a quick dance before heading down the aisle, possibly already within his own world.*

Jones: What can you say about Desayuno?

Hood: Is that a piece of bread attached to his mask?

Rockwell: Looks that way.

Hood: You realize that this makes Xtreme possibly the more sane wrestler in this contest?

Jones: That's a scary thought.

Minos: His opponent is a hardcore expert who is always seeking new ways towards pain... standing 6'3" and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown... here is Xtreme!

*A small cheer carries through the crowd, showing that Xtreme at least has a little support from the GCWA fans. He appears to "Give It All" by Rise Against, pushing his weapons cart down towards the ring as always.*

Jones: Surprisingly, Xtreme's been less vocal in recent weeks, refusing to talk to any interviewers.

Hood: Think his shrink is keeping him from talking?

Rockwell: Maybe he finally took one too many hits to the head. Speech requires brain cells, you know.

Jones: It could just be that he's tired of the comments of guys like you.

Rockwell: It's the wrestling business, Jones. We're paid to insult these guys. It probably helps their popularity... if they talk to us, that is.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Xtreme has already pulled a baseball bat from his cart and steps up onto the apron, preparing to knock the mask right off of Desayuno, who is backing up at the sight of the weapon. Referee Trixie steps in front, telling Xtreme to drop the weapon, once again reminding the man that this isn't a hardcore match, so the weapon isn't allowed. Disappointed, Xtreme drops the bat to the apron, then steps through, moving towards Desayuno to try and corner him. Desayuno, in response, darts around the slower wrestler, landing a few punches around him as he circles. Xtreme swings back, but misses, with Desayuno using his superior speed to keep up the assault.*

Jones: Well, Desayuno's fast, so he has that, at least. Will he be able to knock down someone as large as Xtreme, though?

Rockwell: We've seen in the past that it takes a lot of force to knock Xtreme out, but it definitely can be done.

Hood: I can't stop looking at the bread.

Jones: I think it's meant to represent toast.

Hood: So his head's a toaster? Now I've seen everything.

*Desayuno, continuing his unique attack strategy, goes off the ropes and comes back with a leaping forearm, which staggers Xtreme, but doesn't knock him down. Desayuno, confused, hits the ropes and comes back again, getting a second one, but Xtreme still doesn't fall. The masked man goes to the well for a third time, rebounding and leaping in the air... and then getting powerslammed, with Xtreme crushing him on the canvas! Xtreme stays on top, as Trixie slides in... 1... 2.. but Desayuno kicks out. Xtreme stands back up, dragging Desayuno over to the corner. He starts banging Desayuno's head into the ˇ®buckle, doing as much hardcore damage as legally possible.*

Hood: He's squashing the bread!

Rockwell: Toast.

Hood: Whatever!

*Xtreme now has Desayuno up on the turnbuckle, getting him sitting up on top. Xtreme then climbs up with him, punching Desayuno a few times before then grabbing hold of both of Desayuno's arms, trying to yank him off to the mat below. But Desayuno blocks it, sending Xtreme stumbling down to the mat but staying on his feet. Seeing this, Desayuno jumps in the air and flies downwards, getting a flying standing headbutt!!! Both men collapse to their knees, holding their heads after that impact. Referee Trixie stays close by, watching to see if either man can recover and capitalize for a cover.*

Jones: That head butt may have been ill-conceived, guys.

Rockwell: I don't know which guy has a harder head, but they must both be pretty solid after an impact like that!

Jones: Maybe the mask has some padding, Adrian.

Rockwell: Could be... hey, who's the guy on the outside?

Hood: Huh? Hey... is that guy stealing Xtreme's baseball bat??

*The image switches to outside the ring, where a man in a trench coat and hat has appeared. He has Xtreme's baseball bat in hand, and appears to be studying it. In the ring, Xtreme is struggling to get up, with Desayuno using the ropes to drag himself up. As the two men stand, the trench coat man suddenly slides into the ring, raising the baseball bat!! Referee Trixie steps towards him, but quickly changes her mind as the swing comes her way, causing her to dive for cover!! Hearing the commotion, Xtreme turns around... and takes a wicked hit to the side of the head!!!! Xtreme collapses, already bleeding, as Desayuno tries to leap over him for his own strike, only to take a shot to the gut, flipping him around to a devastating landing on the canvas!!! Outside the ring, Trixie is waving her hands, trying to get security to intervene.*

Minos: Due to outside interference, this match has been ruled a No-Contest!

Jones: What the hell just happened? Who is that guy??

Hood: I can't say I recognize him, but I can't get a good glimpse with that hat on...

*The fans are booing as the man with the baseball bat stands over the two men. He drops the bat to the ground, and then turns towards the camera, taking off his hat and throwing it to the crowd. The trench coat also falls, laying on top of Xtreme.*

Rockwell: Hold on... is that... it is!

Jones: Holy crap!! It's SCOTT CAINE!!!

Hood: The former X Division Champion?? What's he doing here??

Jones: Apparently making a statement, Hood!!

*The fans are booing harder now, realizing who it is. Caine, for his part, has a large smile on his face. "Automatic" by American Pearl begins to play, even as Caine slides out of the ring and starts for the back, with GCWA Security meeting him halfway. Xtreme is still down under the trench coat, not moving, while Desayuno has rolled to the outside, clutching his midsection. He's in complete agony. We leave the ringside area and head backstage, to a shot of the GCWA hallways. Walking towards us is the GCWA Hardcore Champion, "The Retarded Beast" Bucky Johnson! He is approaching the President's office at a good pace, at least until GCWA Head of Security Reed M. Shin steps in his way.*

Bucky Johnson: What's going on, Shin?

Reed M. Shin: Sorry, Bucky, but the Accelerator asked not to be disturbed.

Bucky Johnson: What? But he asked me to come by tonight before my match! Who's he meeting with?

Reed M. Shin: Can't tell you that. It's Ace's business.

Bucky Johnson: So, what, I have to wait?

Reed M. Shin: Looks like that's your option, yes.

*Grumbling under his breath, Bucky spies a nearby bench and heads over to it. As he takes a seat, annoyed, we fade away, heading to a commercial break.*

*We come back backstage where we see Ataxia walking around with a marching band behind him playing "So long, farewell" from "Sound of Music". He hands off presents to everyone in the backstage area. He seems so happy as he hands out the presents that the people look at him strangely until they open the boxes. He's giving away money! Lots of money! At least a few thousand dollars to each person. Cynthia Hall walks up to him as this hoopla continues.*

Cynthia Hall: Ataxia! ATAXIA!

*Ataxia stops leading the band and tells them to take five.*

Ataxia: Yesss?

Cynthia Hall: What is wrong with you? You seem to be happy that we are closing.

Ataxia: Well I'm not gonna be upset about it. These people here deserve their pay for what they have done and I'm making sure they get a bonus for losing their jobs. I have more than enough money saved up from years in the wrestling business to make up for a bit of a loss. Hell this isn't even putting a dent in my wallet.

Cynthia Hall: But you just seem glad that GCWA is closing.

Ataxia: I'm not glad Cynthia. I'm upset as everyone else is but I'm not going to gripe and complain. What's done is done and we will all end up losing in the end. Well I won't really. But that's a surprise as to why I won't be. I hope you don't take my joy as a insult to everyone here. We're mourning this place like it's some tomb in a Greek Tragedy play. Oh forsooth and threesooth even. We are those which fight for the honor each week are aided by these noble workers, designers, and technical advisors. They hone their craft and yet they never get face time. They never get to be seen except as background people in the backstage brawl scenes. These people are the real tragedy of this hostile washout that has been caused by every damn idiot corporate fool that has been put in charge around here arguing over who is king of the hill. Well bobby that don't sit right to be honest with you. These people suffer and who really suffers! Who really feels the pain! Not me. I'll get work. Not Ace. He'll keep his severance pay. Not TGO, even though I'd be selling that stock if I was him. It's these guys. Matt who builds and takes apart the ring every night. Jayne who helps fix out suits if they're torn. Bill who...I forget what you do Bill but your awesome! These guys bust their butts and they are the ones that might not even be able to find a job with another promotion. The on-air talent have it easy Cynthia. These guys don't. So I'm trying to brighten up their days. But don't worry I'm brightening up mine. Because tonight I'm going to give the people what they really want...

Cynthia Hall: Which is?

Ataxia: I'm going to put TLS back on the shelf where he belongs! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

*We cut to the announcers.*

Jones: Ataxia promises to take TLS out.

Hood: He couldn't take TGO out what makes him think he can do that with TLS?

Rockwell: I dunno...maybe because TLS is a pansy?

Hood: You shut your mouth...

Jones: Stop it. I don't want to hear this anymore.

Hood: Then plug your ears while we talk, because it isn't changing any time soon!

Jones: Moving on...

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he has been touted as one of the great young stars of the future, and has travelled throughout the GCWA... standing 6'0" and weighing 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Jaiden Rishel!

*Rishel walks out of the back to "The Broken" by Coheed & Cambria, earning some cheers from the crowd. He looks a little bruised and battered for some reason, but is still moving easily on his way to the ring.*

Jones: Rishel was revealed last week to have been one of the masked men who attacked The Great One at Crescendo.

Hood: Yeah, and the turncoat should have been laid out and put out of his misery!

Jones: Turncoat? Didn't NFB turn on him?

Hood: It's a coat that can be worn many ways, Jonesy.

Rockwell: Well, it looks like Rishel might not have stayed unscathed, as he's definitely got some war wounds to show for it. Did NFB hunt him down during the week, Hood?

Hood: How would I know? I'm not their secretary!

Jones: But don't you answer their phones and go and get them food when they want it?

Hood: ... I'm still not their secretary.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, seeking his place in his newfound religion... standing 6'0" and weighing 200 lbs... from Toyokawa, Japan... representing the President's Cabinet... here is Arachne!

*A recording of the Solesmes monks from France chanting Iudica Me Deus from the Graduale Romanum beings playing over the speakers in the arena. Arachne comes out once again with a white robe on, looking at peace as he makes his way towards the ring.*

Jones: Arachne's beliefs were tested this week, as he at one point believed that The Big Bifford's ring had been stolen!

Rockwell: Yeah, but it all proved to be a test of his faith by the monks. Crappy test, if you ask me.

Hood: He may have found religion, but Arachne's still a nutcase. The question is, does his new way of looking at the world make him less dangerous, or more?

Jones: Do you ever go to church, Hood?

Hood: Are you kidding? I'd burst into flames!

Rockwell: Same here.

Jones: I really do feel sorry for both of you.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Arachne starts off the match by doing a strange sort of prayer maneuver, leaning over next to the turnbuckle as Rishel circles him. Arachne finishes up, looking skyward for a moment, before turning around and nodding to Rishel that it was time to begin. Rishel goes for a punch to the face but Arachne ducks it and grabs Rishel's elbow. He pulls on the elbow and falls down sending Rishel off balance and tumbling down to the mat. Arachne leaps atop of Rishel's back and starts smacking the back of his head. He leaps up fast as Jaiden leaps up angry at Arachne. Arachne surprisingly bows his head towards Rishel, apparently trying to teach his own lesson. It only seems to infuriate the young superstar, with Arachne trying to signal for peace. Rishel, not having any of it, starts chasing him around the ring. Arachne ducks under the ropes and goes to the outside and runs towards the commentator table. Rishel follows.*

Jones: And they're coming over here?

Hood: What the? Oh hell no!

Rockwell: Incoming!

*Arachne hops on top of the table, turning and trying to once again get Rishel to calm down. Rishel, though, throws a middle finger at him, and then leaps up on the desk himself, only to get a double fist to the chest that sends him backwards!! Arachne then bounces back, landing a flying elbow into Rishel's face. He then grabs Jaiden and tosses him into the ring barrier back first knocking the wind out of the superstar. Arachne looks to the sky again, as if doing a quick confession for his deeds, before once again moving. Referee Mitchel gets to a four count before Arachne leaps back into the ring to break the count and then runs to the turnbuckle and hops to the top. He lines up Rishel for a diving clothesline and hits it hard sending Rishel flipping to the hard floor. Arachne gets up and grabs Rishel taking him back into the ring.*

Jones: Dear lord Arachne is moving super fast tonight.

Hood: He's worried Biff is gonna eat him if he loses.

Rockwell: Biff wouldn't eat Arachne. How dare you say such a thing.

Hood: You're right, oriental food isn't filling.

Jones: Oh good another FCC fine is in our future.

*Arachne eyeballs Rishel as he starts to get back up. For some reason, Arachne's waiting now, as if wanting to give Rishel another chance to back down. Rishel's pissed, though, and lunges at Arachne who sidesteps him. Rishel bounces off the ropes and Arachne puts something from his left hand into his mouth. Rishel comes off the ropes going for a clothesline when Arachne ducks down and spews the green mist into the eyes of Jaiden Rishel! Rishel grabs his eyes and screams out trying to get the green mist out. Meanwhile, Arachne does the sign of the cross, as if the mist he just sprayed has holy water in it! Kick to the gut followed by a DDT from Arachne who doesn't go for the cover but instead leaps onto the top turnbuckle and hits the "Spider Bite"!. Cover. 1...2...3!*

Minos: The winner of this match...ARRRAACCHHHNNEEE!

Jones: Well Biff's crazy sidekick picks up a upset victory here.

Hood: You're right it is a upset. Because I'm upset an Acehole won a match.

Rockwell: We are the "President's Cabinet"! How many times do I have to tell you that!

Hood: What is Arachne then? The secretary of sucking?

Jones: Dear lord will this argument never end!

*Arachne wipes his mouth clean, looking down at Rishel, who's still out of it. Arachne shakes his head, and then drops to his knees next to Rishel, doing another quick prayer for both Rishel and himself. We cut to the back where we see the Unified X Division Champion Crazy Chris and Madyson talking with some of the backstage employees. Both seem cheerful and excited at tonights main event match between Dangerous Dan and Derek Mobley. Madyson is full of smiles, but soon that changes. Frozen, she stares at Crazy Chris, but as the camera pans out we find Landon Chase staring at her from behind Chris' back. Chris notices Madyson's reaction as she points for Chris to look behind him. Chris turns to find the number one contender to his title standing in his presence. *

Landon Chase: What's up...CHAMP?

*Chris stands there motionless giving Landon the stare down. Madyson pulls herself closer to her big brother not sure what Landon might be up to.*

Landon Chase: Relax dude. I'm not here to cause any problems...yet. I just wanted to come talk to you face to face.

*Chris does nothing but stare at Landon not believing anything his future opponent says. *

Crazy Chris: What do you want Landon?

*Landon stares at the champ then turns his attention towards Madyson. Madyson rolls her eyes at Landon but stands close to her brother. *

Landon Chase: Well what I want is your sister, but she likes to play hard to get. I told you I'm not done with you.

*Madyson steps out from behind her brother and stands face to face with Landon, although she is a tad bit smaller than he. *

Madyson: Like I said last week, you're not my type. I prefer...

*Madyson stares down below the belt of Landon. *

Madyson: Bigger men!

*Madyson steps to the side and stands next to Chris. Landon smirks as if he is enjoying playing her game of hard to get. He then turns his attention towards Chris. *

Landon Chase: I like her. But I just wanted to approach you and say that I'm looking forward to taking that Unified X Division title from you at Heat Wave. Although I will only be champion for one night. But at least I will get to be the final Unified X Division Champion.

*Chris moves closer almost nose to nose with Landon. There is a spark of hatred in the Unified X Division Champion's eye. *

Crazy Chris: You may think you are going to win the Unified X Division title, but you haven't faced me one on one. You might have beaten me in the past, but your boyfriend Lorenzo has always been there to help you out. At Heat Wave you won't have any help at all.

Landon Chase: What makes you think that I will have any help?

Crazy Chris: You're a member of the NFB..or TFB as I like to say. You guys always have something up your sleeves. But I have a proposition for you. You and I battle for the Unified X Division title in a Danger Zone match. Just you and me inside a steel cage with the title hanging high above us. Ladders and chairs surround the ring. The only way to win is to climb the ladder, grab the belt, and escape through the door. If you accept I will beat the living hell out of you and be the first and only Unified X Division Champion. Think about it Chase. See you at Heat Wave.

*Landon watches as Chris and Madyson exit from the view of the camera. A sick smile is smirking on his face. He seems to be thinking over the request from the champ. He turns around to head off into the other direction, but is stopped by someone tapping him on the shoulder. Landon turns only to be clobbered in the face by a slap from Madyson!! Landon grabs the side of his cheek as Madyson turns and leaves leaving Landon to sulk in embarrassment. We leave them behind and head back to ringside.*

Hood: Oooo, Madyson's going to pay for that insult!

Rockwell: Chase deserved it, Hood. You have to be a little more civil to a woman these days.

Jones: Our night will continue soon enough, but we've got to take a commercial bre...

*"Hey Ladies" by the Beastie Boys blasts through the arena. The crowd hops to its feet!*

Jones: ... on second thought, we're staying right here guys. We know what that means.

Hood: Get me a barf bag!

*El Linchador walks down the aisle, wearing a "Roman Empire" t-shirt and clutching a microphone. He's slapping hands as he jogs down the aisle. The crowd is cheering like crazy!*

Rockwell: I guess Linchy is still a fan-favorite.

Hood: I'm surprised they still cheer for him, especially after Liam Shayde kicked his Spanish ass!

*He climbs into the ring and jumps onto the top turnbuckle. He raises the mic to his mouth.*

El Linchador: HElllllllllllllllllll-o!

*The crowds answers "Hellllllllllll-o!"*

El Linchador: Hey, loyal Linchy-ites, tis I, your fortunate fighter, your blessed brawler, your lucky luchador on this Friday the 13th, El Linchador! Oh, and the GCWA Intercontinental CHAMPION!

*The crowd cheers and Linchy holds the mic out to the crowd. He hops back down and walks to the center of the ring.*

El Linchador: I come to you tonight not about Lorenzo and Bucky, although those two are in for a Linchy-ing. That's actually the first time I've ever used that joke. But, I come to you about Big Bifford.

*The crowd erupts in boos.*

El Linchador: Yes, the Big Fat One, angry about my boy Mobley taking his title belt, is coming after me? For this guy??

*He points to his IC title.*

El Linchador: Really? The Big Biff, passing on his aggression to me. Well, the Big Bifford wants to talk about Grand Slam Champions? How about we meet a REAL Grand Slam Champion! Put your hands together and give a warm welcome to tennis legend and MILF Steffi Graf!

Rockwell: Steffi Graf?

Hood: She's ok. I'd make out with her.

*Steffi Graf comes down to the ring, looking a little embarrassed. She's holding a racket and a tennis ball.*

El Linchador: Steffi, please step into the ring.

*Steffi climbs into the ring and waves to the welcoming crowd.*

El Linchador: Steffi, I know that you're a tennis Grand Slam Champion, which is very different from this crazy sport we call wrestling, but can you tell us what it took to achieve that honor?

*He passes the mic to Steffi, who looks slightly thrown off at first.*

Steffi Graf: I guess hard work, determination, and mental toughness.

*The crowd claps and cheers as Linchy takes the mic back, nodding his head.*

El Linchador: Steffi, let me cut to the chase. Does being a Grand Slam Champion involve, oh I don't know, attacking someone in a back hallway?

*Steffi shakes her head 'no.'*

El Linchador: That's what I thought. So, Big Bifford, to be a Grand Slam Champion is to have honor and dignity and respect. But I also can't let you just get away with your attack on me. So, fellas? Can we lower the Big BIG Bifford?

*Suddenly, from the ceiling, descends a GIGANTIC balloon of Big Bifford.*

Jones: Now THAT's big.

Hood: A new Macy's Day float!

El Linchador: And now, Steffi, a REAL Grand Slam Champion, will demonstrate for us how Grand Slam Champions win. Steffi?

*Steffi laughs as she takes her tennis ball and cues it up. She hoists in the air and smacks it, and the ball hits the Big Big Bifford ballooon that it POPS it! The ropes holding it in place release and the large balloon takes off through the arena, careening to and fro, finally landing in an upper deck. The crowd is uproarious.*

El Linchador: To the Big Bifford, I like to play by the rules. I like to respect this ring, this federation. But I'm through being nice. Next time you pull a stunt like that, Biff, I won't be so hands-off. OLE!!!!!!!!

*Linchy raises Steffi's hand in the air as they take a bow. The crowd goes wild as "Hey Ladies" blasts through the arena. We then switch over to the planned commercials.*

*We come back from the break to a shot of Bucky Johnson, who is still waiting outside of the President's office. He looks pretty frustrated, and close to bolting. However, when he hears the activity in the office coming closer to the door, he stands, waiting. A voice can be heard inside, speaking loudly.*

Voice: Thanks a lot, Ace. You won't regret this, I promise you, it's going to be huge!

The Accelerator: It better be...

*The door suddenly swings open, and a man walks out, looking behind him. He bumps into Bucky, with the two men locking eyes for a second.*

Harvey Danger: Oh, hi there... have we met?

*The live crowd can be heard, cheering loudly, as Danger turns away from the speechless Johnson and looks back at the Accelerator.*

Harvey Danger: So should I go make the announcement in the ring later, or do you want to...

The Accelerator: You go ahead, Harvey. Have at it.

Harvey Danger: Thanks!

*Harvey turns back towards Bucky, looking at him as if expecting him to move. When Bucky doesn't, Harvey coughs, but still doesn't give the movement he was hoping for. Harvey then pushes his way around Bucky's side, working against the edge of the door in order to get out. He heads on down the hallway, but then turns to Reed M. Shin.*

Harvey Danger: Hey... is the ring area still in the same place?

Reed M. Shin: Yep.

Harvey Danger: Oh, good... and, uh... where is that, exactly?

Reed M. Shin: Take two rights, a left, head down the hallway, make a left and a right, and you're there.

Harvey Danger: So... two lefts...

Reed. M. Shin: No, two rights... y'know what? Let me call someone to escort you.

Harvey Danger: That'd be great! I could use a security escort! The Danger Champion can't be too careful, after all!

*Danger and Shin head down the hall, with Shin trying to answer all of Danger's questions. Meanwhile, Bucky Johnson is still trying to figure out what's going on.*

The Accelerator: Yo, Bucky! You coming in or what?

Bucky Johnson: Ace... what's going on?

The Accelerator: Just get in here, and we'll... discuss it.

*Confused, Bucky heads inside, taking one last glance over his shoulder at the departing Danger. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Wow!! First Caine, and now the former 3-Time World Tag Champion, X Division Champion, and Television Champion appears!

Rockwell: Don't forget his coveted Danger Championship!

Hood: Man, they're coming out of the woodworks this week!

Rockwell: But what deal did Danger make with the Accelerator?

Jones: Well, apparently, we'll find that out when Danger gets out here to make an announcement himself!

Hood: If he can find the way...

Jones: It's already been an exciting night, and we have a great deal more to go! Let's get back to Minos to keep the momentum going!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming down the aisle, he is a completely unknown quantity as speculation continues regarding his true identity... standing 5'11" and weighing 215 lbs, from parts unknown... here is Ataxia!

*"Die Die Die My Darling" by Metallica starts playing, with the masked Ataxia appearing from the back with his usual flair. He throws a couple of boxes into the crowd (presumably with more money), before then heading strong down the aisle towards the ring.*

Jones: This week, Ataxia jumped the shark.

Rockwell: He did that a long time ago, didn't he?

Jones: No, I mean, he literally jumped the shark. It was in a tank.

Hood: So Ataxia risked his life for a pun? How... Ataxian... hey, I just created a new word! Call Webster's!

Jones: Ataxia vowed earlier tonight to put The Lost Soul on the shelf. We'll have to see if he can deliver on his promise or not.

Hood: After last week, Ataxia's lucky he's even still standing after getting his ass handed to him by TGO. Tonight, his luck runs out.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Tag-Team, Intercontinental, and X Division Champion... representing Nobody's F'n Better... standing 6'4" and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown... here is The Lost Soul!

*The fans are mainly booing as "The Friday the 13th" Theme plays. That kid in the front row is shown again, still defiantly wearing his TLS make-up, as he watches The Lost Soul come out of the back and walk towards the ring.*

Jones: The Lost Soul's participation with Nobody's F'n Better has been a major talking points at water coolers around the world.

Rockwell: The guy should have just stayed retired.

Hood: He wasn't retired... Ace fired him!

Rockwell: Same thing.

Hood: Well, the NFB knows when good talent is available, and since TLS was willing to do anything to get back into this great business, TGO was more than willing to take him on as his Enforcer!

Jones: I'm sure TGO would like nothing better than to see TLS lay the smack down on Ataxia here tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As The Lost Soul steps in through the ropes, lowering his head for just a split-second, Ataxia suddenly strikes! He pushes Referee Mitchell out of the way and immediately starts pounding away on TLS, keeping him tangled in the ropes while delivering a great deal of punishment!! The fans seem to be loving it, cheering along as Ataxia finally lands a dropping axehandle to the back of TLS' head, sending the man slipping out of the ropes to the canvas! Ataxia immediately slides in over TLS and grabs his head, applying a choke hold from behind!! TLS's legs are kicking the ropes as he tries to pull free, even as Referee Mitchell starts a mandatory 5 count. Ataxia breaks at four, but then reapplies it, with Mitchell again having a count before pulling Ataxia off.*

Jones: Wow! For all his good spirits earlier, Ataxia's seriously appearing to be in a dangerous mood tonight!

Rockwell: Yeah, I don't think TLS was anticipating the brutal tactics to start things off, since he and Ataxia apparently have some sort of history in other feds.

Hood: That choke is illegal! Damnit, this referee sucks!

*As Referee Mitchell delivers a warning to Ataxia about getting disqualified, The Lost Soul gets himself up, coughing. Once again, Ataxia pushes Mitchell out of the way and grabs TLS... who tackles him, swinging away!! The two men are now brawling, rolling on the canvas, with the crowd clearly getting into it!! The Lost Soul lands on top first, punching away at Ataxia, but then suddenly winces and falls to the side, grabbing between his legs in agony!! Referee Mitchell steps in, surprised, but he had no way of seeing the low blow that just landed!! Ataxia gets up and drops on TLS, slugging away, as the fight continues.*

Rockwell: So far, the ˇ®mighty' TLS is taking a beating, Hood!

Hood: It's going to change, Adrian... TLS will figure out a way to come back...

Jones: I don't know, Hood. Ataxia seems surprisingly determined in this one to teach a lesson to TLS, and, by extension, NFB.

Rockwell: Ok, seriously, we need to stop having Ataxia face guys I hate worse. I don't know how much my stomach can take, rooting for him!

*As The Lost Soul gets back up, still groaning, Ataxia comes up from behind, snapping him over with a side suplex!! TLS takes the hit, but rolls with it, working to get back to his feet in the corner. Ataxia's there again, though, charging in from behind with a running splash, crushing TLS into the ˇ®buckles!! As TLS sags on the corner, Ataxia reaches down and lifts him up, somehow managing to force him onto the top turnbuckle. Ataxia then goes up with him, repositioning the wrestler so that they're locked together.*

Jones: He's not going to do what I think he's going to do, is he??

Rockwell: Hell, I think he is!!

Hood: Oh, no! NO!!!

*Ataxia, with a wild laugh that's picked up cleanly on the camera's mic, launches himself backwards, taking The Lost Soul off the turnbuckle with a German suplex to the outside!!!! The crowd roars in disbelief as the two men crash into the ringside barricade, with TLS obviously taking the worst of the landing!! The crowd immediately lets their voices be heard.*

Crowd: Holy *Bleep*! Holy *Bleep*!

Jones: My god!! Why on earth did Ataxia do that??

Rockwell: He's got several loose bolts in his skull to try a move like that! I don't know if either man is going to be able to continue!!

Hood: Does anyone know if TGO is watching in the back? Because we might need him out here!!

*On the outside, one man is moving now, reaching out to the apron to pull himself up. Ataxia straightens his mask, making sure that it's on correctly, before turning and pulling the wounded TLS up. TLS struggles for a second against him, although most of the fight has been knocked out of him. Ataxia bangs his head off the apron, then rolls him into the ring, following behind. Ataxia then heads back to the turnbuckle, climbing up quickly, as if his fall didn't hurt him too badly. As The Lost Soul pulls himself up, staggering, Ataxia braces himself, and then leaps, flying towards him and landing the Peaceful Tolerance!!! TLS is down and out, with Ataxia dropping on top of him for the cover. Referee Mitchell is there... 1... 2... 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner... Ataxia!

Jones: Ataxia gets a big-time victory over NFB tonight, as he surprisingly dominated the veteran!

Rockwell: TLS definitely seemed off his game. It was almost like he didn't want to fight Ataxia or something!

Hood: Damnit, this sucks!

Jones: Uh oh... I think it's about to get worse, Hood!

*Ataxia doesn't wait for his hand to go up he's back on top of TLS and beating the hell out of him. Referee Mitchell is trying to stop him, but to no avail. We cut to backstage to see the NFB start to run out only to be blocked by...a group of Ataxia's?*

Ataxia #1: Hi...we're here to make sure justice is served.

*The NFB turns around and see's another group of Ataxia's coming up behind them.*

Ataxia #2: You boys look mighty purdy...

*The brawl starts with the NFB holding their on but sheer numbers keeps them down for now. We cut back to the ringside area where the real Ataxia is still pummeling on TLS. *

Jones: Ataxia is making his promise to take out TLS and the NFB tonight!

Hood: This isn't fair!

Rockwell: Really? How is it not fair? They messed with the lumberjacks this week. He messes with them this week. Fair is fair. You break the rules you deal with the consequences.

Hood: You're giving me a lecture on cheating?

Rockwell: Yes...what you gonna do about it!

*From under the ring comes Missy Vicious carrying a sledgehammer. She gets into the ring as Ataxia sets up TLS for another german suplex. This time into the held up sledgehammer of Missy Vicious! She spits on TLS as Ataxia picks him up and spinebusts him into the turnbuckle post. We cut backstage to see security breaking up the Ataxias vs NFB fight as TGO and Shayde make a mad dash to ringside. Ataxia see's them coming and grabs the sledgehammer and running slams it into the sternum of TLS. He then quickly runs out of the ringside area with Missy and they bolt into the crowd. TGO yells for the doctors to get out here as he and Shayde check on TLS. Suddenly the tron comes to life and we see Ataxia in a prerecorded segment. *

Ataxia: Hey boss man. What are you going to do? Fire me? Go ahead. Do it. See what happens. I'm through playing games with all of you. I'm through dealing with each and every one of you. The more violent things get is because of you. You're the one who brought him into this Kent. His blood...is on your hands now. You should have just taken your beating like a man and not got your boys into this. Now...I'm going head hunting. TLS is the first because he's the ONLY threat to me in your group. You think your cheating ways are going to go well. I promise you one more thing. Tonight...another member of the NFB is going down. Who did you leave backstage?

*TGO looks up at the screen only to see Demarco and Chase run out with the doctors. *

Jones: Medics are coming to check on The Lost Soul. The fans are actually...mostly applauding?

Hood: Sickos! All of you!

Rockwell: Screw you. That punk should have stayed home where Ace sent him!

Jones: But who was Ataxia talking about getting it tonight?

*We cut back to Ataxia sitting in one of the locker rooms as the film comes up in black and white. We just see the mask. It's on a dummy head. *

Ataxia: So I fibbed a little. No one is going to get it tonight. At least not by me. See I want you to have a week to prepare. I want you to plan things. I want your undivided attention. You see this night isn't about just taking out The Lost Soul for personal reasons. Granted everyone who knows me know that I have NO respect for him. He's always been a loser. He's always been a cry baby. He's always run when he should have fight. I hope he keeps running. I hope I woke his butt up tonight with the beating in that ring and afterwards. I hope he shows up at Heat Wave all ready to go. I hope everyone is ready for Heat Wave. See tonight I wanted to make a point. The point is this. You can't stop me. You have all tried with your cheating ways to beat me in the ring. Have we figured out yet that it's the worst strategy. You never could understand this...any of you.

*We see the mask not move but a shadow come in front of it. It's the hand of Ataxia. It gently strokes the mask. *

Ataxia: This whole thing has never been about the NFB. This whole thing has never been about GCWA. This whole thing. Has been about getting revenge. See I could go into a sob story about how I was wronged years ago by someone here. That would be a lie. Far from it. People here owe me an ass beating like no one's business. That's fine. I hope you get what you want. I hope you get to try and take me down a peg. What this has been about is simple revenge. Not for me. See I want everyone in GCWA to think. Think back to someone you have wronged. Think back to people you have screwed over. TLS...hell TLS was asking to be put out of his misery. I hope he misses the last show so he can stand to not be a disappointment for once in his career. Now I know the NFB aren't going to let me get away with beating one of their own. Ask yourselves a question guys? Are you tired of me? Are you tired of this mask? Are you tired of everything that has transpired here so far? Don't you just want me to go away? Tough luck. I'm not going away. However I am going to surprise each and every one of you tonight. The person I am after is none of you. The person I am after has nothing to do with any of you in grand scheme of things. Your all just play time. Your all just something to enjoy beating the hell out of. You boys tried a few months ago to beat me into submission. All it did was piss me off. What did it do when I did it tonight? Granted I didn't hang TLS up on a meat hook and beat him for hours but I bet it must have hit home. It could be Shayde next. It could be Chase. Hell it could even be Lori again. Or even better. Who says I have to go after any of them. I could go after family members if I wanted to.

*The hand now makes the mouth move up and down mouthing out the words to the speaker. *

Ataxia: I could skip next week and do something really awful. I could go after someone really close to each of you. Tell me Lori how is Amir doing? Have you talked to him tonight? Chase and Shayde how is dear uncle and father doing? Have you talked to him lately? Have you seen him around? Now I could go after someone important to Trevor Kent...so I will. Tell me Trevor. Just how good is the security at your home? I could take the things you love the most. Maybe even that old OCW Title you got in mothballs in some trophy case. Hell I could be burning the place right now. The beauty of this...you don't know who I am. I can get away with it. I can make your lives hell and all I have to say is...storyline. You know for people who say wrestling is fake it sure is easy to convince police what a work and a shoot are. Things to think about. I took out TLS tonight. If he comes back that's fine. I want you all to think real hard about what I did do tonight...and what I could have and just might do to all of you. You don't want to play with me anymore Kent. I'll rape your boys and then leave you with the blood on your hands. So think very carefully about what you're going to do next. If I were you...I'd let it slide before I really get angry. You haven't even seen me slightly miffed yet. You don't want to see me when I see red!

*The screen suddenly turns to blood red as blackish blood come down the screen and we fade out on this. *


*The lights cut back on and we cut to the announcers.*

Jones: Wow. That's dark as hell.

Hood: This is the man these people cheer for! He's threatening family members and friends of The NFB! This isn't right!

Rockwell: Right? Since when have you cared about right! This place is folding because of your boss!

Hood: Your boss was a screw up and it was too late for The Great One to save this place!

Jones: You two just need to chill out.

Hood: And what about you! You support this man Jones!

Rockwell: Yeah...how does it feel to support a psycho?

Jones: Feels great.

Hood: What?

Rockwell: Huh?

Jones: You know it's amazing to me to think that you two actually think anyone cares about this anymore. It's gonna soon be our last show and all you care about is a grudge between two men who have to settle it sooner or later. This is not about what I think. This is about how far people are willing to go for what they believe in right now. Do I support Ataxia in this? No. Do I want those jerks to get what's coming to them on all sides...I think so. Now sit down. Shut up. And we'll move on.

Hood: Somebody grew a set.

Rockwell: Yup but you're still a little girl.

Jones: And thus it begins again.

*As the medics continue to look into The Lost Soul's condition, we slowly fade out.*

*We come back inside the Danger Boiz locker room. Dan is seated on the couch taping up his wrists. Beside him is Madyson while Chris is in the chair with his Unified X Division title on a shelf next to him.*

Madyson: Are you ready for tonight?

*Dan continues taping up his wrists looking confident and determined for tonight's World title match. *

Dangerous Dan: I'm more than ready. I've waited for this opportunity for over a year. Tonight, I make a turning point in my career and capture my first World Championship.

Crazy Chris: Who would have thought that you and Derek would be fighting over the World title. I still remember your very first match against him. It's like you two are friends one minute and then competing against each other the next.

Dangerous Dan: And because of that I am a contender now, and Derek knows that. That's why he personally asked for this match. Lurrr knows how much of a competitor I am as well. He gave me my first opportunity last year. Now I get my final shot at becoming champion and I WILL beat him for that title; friends or not.

*Dan reaches over and grabs his boots and places each one on the designated foot. He begins lacing them up. Madyson watches her brother getting ready and realizes how important this match is to Dan. *

Madyson: I know you will do well. This is your night and you WILL beat Derek and bring the World title to Tennessee.

Crazy Chris: Just think, after tonight both of us could be champions at the same time. Both go to Heat Wave and walk out as the final Unified X Division and World Heavyweight Champion.

*Dan ponders in thought for a moment knowing that his dream may possibly come true after tonight. He's waited for this opportunity since he first walked through the GCWA doors. He snaps back into reality, and finishes getting himself ready. Once finished he stands to his feet and heads towards the door. *

Crazy Chris: And where you going bro?

Dangerous Dan: There is something I have to do before this match. I'll be back in a few.

*Dan exits the locker room leaving Madyson and Chris curious as to what he has planned. We fade out to ringside. *

Jones: It's great to see how badly that Dangerous Dan wants this. I think we're going to see him at his best later tonight.

Rockwell: Yeah, I only hope he keeps himself focused. I mean, let's face it, he's getting a dream shot here tonight that a lot of other guys would LOVE to have. He has to try and make the most of it.

Hood: I'm telling you, that's what he's going to do!

Rockwell: ... NFB doesn't have anything planned, do they, Hood? Like, trying to take Mobley out of the World Title match at Heat Wave?

Hood: What? No! At least, not that I'm aware of...

Rockwell: Damnit, Hood, I'm going to figure out why you're rooting for Dan...

*Suddenly, the conversation is halted, as "No Rain" by Blind Melon begins to play.*

Hood: What the...

Jones: Looks like he finally made it out here, guys!

*The fans are cheering as Harvey Danger walks down the aisle, waving and trying to look more confident than he really is. He manages to get into the ring while grabbing the mic extended to him by Minos.*

Jones: Now we get to learn why Harvey was meeting with the Accelerator earlier tonight!

Rockwell: Great! I'm tired of secrets around here!

*Harvey clears his throat and tests the mic, before turning and speaking to the crowd.*

Harvey Danger: Hello, Danger lovers!! It's great to see you again!

*A chant begins in the crowd, with the audience yelling "Harvey, Harvey, Harvey". Danger seems a bit embarrassed by it, signaling for the chants to die down.*

Harvey Danger: Thanks, all, really, but I have no idea how long I have before Ace cuts me off. Thank you. You're too much. Thanks.

*The crowd has already quieted, but Harvey gets in a few more thank yous before continuing on.*

Harvey Danger: You're a terrific audience. Now, let's talk about business. I heard about this great place closing down the other day, and I just couldn't believe it. I also couldn't see it ending without yours truly coming out of semi-retirement and bringing the Danger Title back to the GCWA!

*The crowd cheers as Danger awkwardly lifts the Danger Title, his own personally made ˇ®belt', off of his shoulder with his left hand.*

Harvey Danger: So I was thinking about that when I went to sleep the other night, and I had this awesome dream. Well, actually, I had several, but the giant squid Baywatch dream will have to wait for another time. The one I'm talking about is that I saw the greatest event imaginable! I described my dream to Ace, and he agreed that it would be a super sweet idea!

*The fans are interested, and so, apparently, are the announcers, who aren't even bothering to speak.*

Harvey Danger: So since Ace agreed, here's what's going to happen at Heat Wave: The Harvey Danger Hardcore Title Invitational!!

*Danger grins, loving the sound of it, even as the crowd reacts... at least, as much as they can react, not knowing anything about the contest.*

Harvey Danger: Oh, right. Well, to explain it the way I did for Ace... we're arranging for a junk yard to be available to us on the night of Heat Wave. What will happen is that there will be a 20-minute period, where the Hardcore Title is available to anyone who can score a pinfall on the current champ, who, in this case, is that Bunny Josias guy.

*Minos shouts something from the side, and Harvey jumps for a second.*

Harvey Danger: Oh, sorry. Bucky... Johnson? That's really his name? Huh. Ok, well, he'll have to defend the title for 20 minutes against all comers. And by that, I mean everyone who accepts my invitation to be in the match!! I've already got a few famous names involved that I can throw out to you... including... drum roll please!

*A weak drum-roll sounds over the speakers.*

Harvey Danger: ... Aaron Styles!

*The crowd gives a minor cheer, with one fan quickly raising a sign that says "No Rest For The Wicked!"*

Harvey Danger: ... Xtreme!

*The cheers continue, knowing that the hardcore environment will be best suited for Xtreme.*

Harvey Danger: ... Scott Caine!

*This actually earns some boos from the crowd.*

Harvey Danger: And, of course... myself!

*Louder cheers hit at the thought of Harvey Danger once again competing for the GCWA.*

Harvey Danger: Of course, I've got several more guys on speed dial who I'm sure will be calling me back at the earliest opportunity to be a part of this. I mean, I've left messages for Draco and Donovan, so they'll waste no time contacting me... soon... I'm sure... anyway, anyone who wants in? You're in! It's going to be great! It's going to be awe-inspiring! It's going to send out the GCWA on a great high! And when it's all said and done, you're going to see Harvey Danger standing tall as the GCWA Danger Hardcore Champion!

*The crowd roars, even as Danger shows off his ˇ®title' again. "No Rain" by Blind Melon begins again, signaling Danger's exit from the ring.*

Jones: So it's going to be the Harvey Danger Hardcore Title Invitational at Heat Wave??

Rockwell: You know... this could actually be pretty cool!

Hood: Yeah, but can Harvey really manage to get enough talent to come in for the contest?

Jones: I guess we're going to find out!

*As Danger thanks some fans along the aisleway, we cut away, going to the backstage area. In the President's office, the current Hardcore Champion, Bucky Johnson, is pacing back and forth, as the Accelerator is sitting calmly behind his desk.*

Bucky Johnson: Why would you do this, Ace? You're stacking all the odds against me with this one!!

The Accelerator: Now, now, Bucky, I wouldn't have booked the match if I didn't think you'd win, would I?

Bucky Johnson: Well... maybe not, but still...

The Accelerator: Look, your match is coming up soon, so why don't you go concentrate on that? We'll hold the fort down here.

*Johnson runs a frustrated hand across his forehead, as if feeling a migraine coming on.*

Bucky Johnson: Ok. But we're not done talking about this!

The Accelerator: Like I said, don't worry about it! I have complete faith that you're going to retain your title, no matter who Harvey brings in!

*Bucky turns and leaves the room, with the Accelerator giving him a wide smile... at least until the door shuts. Ace then chuckles to himself and looks over his shoulder at the man standing there.*

The Accelerator: Vegas?

Johnny Vegas: Yes, boss?

The Accelerator: You're in.

*Vegas grins, knowing what this means for his career. Ace goes back to his work, filing out some paperwork, as we head to commercial.*

*Backstage Dangerous Dan is standing in front of a door. He knocks on the door and when it opens we find the World Heavyweight Champion standing on the other end. *

Derek Mobley: Hey Dan, what's up?

Dangerous Dan: I just wanted to have a face to face talk before you and I go out there and battle it out one last time.

Derek Mobley: Sure thing. Come in.

*Dan enters into Derek's locker room as well as the camera man. We see Warrick hiding something under his chair, but a puff of smoke rising to the ceiling. Warrick acts innocent. Dan thinks nothing of it as he turns and stands face to face with Derek. *

Dangerous Dan: Look, you and I have been through a lot over the past nineteen months. Most times we were aligned together and many times we fought against each other. I competed you in my very first match.

Derek Mobley: I remember that. You almost had me beat at one point.

Dangerous Dan: True. But I wanted you to know that I have the upmost respect for you and I look up to you. Like I said earlier tonight in my interview with Cynthia, I think you are the best in the business. You are by far the greatest World Heavyweight Champion.

Derek Mobley: Thanks man, I appreciate that.

Dangerous Dan: No problem. But, I also want you to know that even though I have the upmost respect for you, tonight, I plan on beating you for that World title. It's the final showdown between you and I. I want that World title, and I plan on getting it tonight at any cost. I plan on bringing my A-game and proving one last time that I can become World Champion.

*Derek smiles at Dan impressed about his attitude. Derek reaches and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and drapes it over his shoulder. *

Derek Mobley: This is what tonight is all about. Only the best in this business capture this championship, and I know you can win it. But unfortunately, tonight is not that night. I respect you Dan, and know you will bring your A-game. I asked for this match because I know you have it in you to pull it off and give me a run for the title. I too plan on beating you and keeping my title. It's you and me one last time, and only one of us will be the best. Good luck tonight.

*Derek extends his hand to Dan. Dan returns the favor, as the crowd erupts at the sportsmanship between the two allies. Dan stares at the World Heavyweight title, smiles, and exits the locker room with Derek smiling. We fade to ringside. *

Rockwell: Sportsmanship... ugh...

Jones: These are two men that have gone to war with each other and fought side-by-side, Adrian. They've formed a strong bond between them that will always be there.

Hood: Well, that bond better not keep them from beating the hell out of each other later tonight!

Rockwell: Damn straight! I want a truly great World Title match!

Jones: Somehow, I'm betting we're going to get it, guys. But we're not there yet! Minos?

Hood: Time for NFB to kick some ass! Let's go Lorenzo!

Rockwell: You must be dreaming again Hood...

Jones: Yeah dreaming about Demarco sucking his *beep*! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rockwell: Jones actually made a joke. I'm impressed!

Hood: Not so much here, that was sick and disturbing.

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is a champion vs. champion vs. champion match! Introducing first from Boston, MA, he is the current king of hardcore, your GCWA Hardcore Champion, Bucky Johnson!!!

*"Crack a Bottle" by Eminem plays over the PA system as The Retarded Beast makes his way from the back holding his hardcore championship high above his head with one hand and a kendo stick in the other. The reaction from the crowd is poor as he makes he slides into the ring looking for some kind of reaction.*

Hood: Maybe the crowd feels the way that everyone else feels about him in the locker room...

Jones: Stop being mean!

Rockwell: Jonesy, come on man!

Hood: I've officially made it my goal for the rest of this evening to have Jones make a Bucky Johnson wise-crack...

Jones: Good luck!

Hood: No luck required...

Minos: Now making his way to the ring at this time, he is one half of the reigning GCWA World Tag Team Champions and a founding member of Nobody's F*cking Better. Looking to get Paid In Full tonight, he is Lorenzo Demarco!!

*"Things Done Changed" by Notorious B.I.G. blares over the speakers as Lorenzo Demarco makes his way to the ring followed closely by "The Great One" Trevor Kent. Boos can almost instantaneously be heard as the two men step out from behind the curtains. Both men soak in the atmosphere as the climb into the ring. TGO takes away the mic from Minos and await's the music to stop playing.*

Jones: Why the hell does he have the microphone?!

Rockwell: Why the hell is he even out here?

Jones: Good point!

Hood: Ummm...did you guys forget that since he IS majority stockholder that he has the right to do whatever the hell he wants...

Rockwell: But nobody wants to see him!


*The music stops playing as TGO puts the microphone up close to his mouth, turns towards Bucky Johnson and begins to speak.*

The Great One: Ok, let me first address the problem that is in the ring...the kendo stick. This Bucky is not a hardcore match, so I demand that you hand over the kendo stick to me so that way we won't have a problem during the match...

*Bucky looks around at the audience seemingly either asking for their approval OR he just doesn't know what TGO is saying...*

Hood: This retarded thing is getting boring...

Rockwell: Does he even know what TGO is saying?

Jones: Don't do it Bucky! It's a trick!

Hood: Maybe you should go over to his corner and use sign language to tell him what Trevor is saying.

The Great One: Maybe I should speak slower for you, being as though you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer...Give...the...stick...to...me!

*Bucky nods in acknowledgement now and has an "Oh, I got it" look on his face and walks over to TGO, he looks as if he's going to hand it over to TGO, but he quickly takes a swing at TGO, but TGO quickly moves and gives Bucky a low blow, immediately sending him to the mat. TGO picks up the kendo stick off of the mat and smiles. He then hands the mic back to Minos and walks out of the ring, leaving Demarco staring his fallen competitor.*

Jones: That was heinous!

Rockwell: Demarco should be disqualified!

Hood: It was either Trevor taking him down or Trevor taking the hit inevitably firing Bucky Johnson!

Jones: The latter would have been nice...

Hood: HA!! HE DID IT!!

Jones: Damn...

Minos: Finally making his way to the ring at this time, he is the current GCWA Intercontinental Champion, the grandfather of all luchadors, El Linchador!

*"Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" by 98 Degrees screams onto the PA system as Linchy makes his way out to the ring looking rather confused. The camera turns to TGO who just smiles and shrugs his shoulder. Linchy shakes his head and slides into the ring as the ref calls for the bell. With Bucky Johnson still on the ground writhing from the horrendous low blow from TGO.*

Hood: I knew he was gay! All of those flamboyant colors the he always wears!

Jones: Now THAT'S blasphemy!

Hood: Nonsense! I'm just stating the facts!

Rockwell: Well your facts suck.

*The two other competitors looks down at the fallen Bucky Johnson and they both make their way towards him, Demarco and Linchy look at each other, looking like they're about to explode on each other, but they decide otherwise and starting kicking the fallen Bucky Johnson. Demarco picks up Bucky Johnson and holds him for El Linchador, El Linchador cocks his right hand back and nails Bucky squarely in the jaw. Bucky slumps down a little bit, but Demarco is still holding him up. Demarco whips Bucky Johnson off of the ropes and towards El Linchador who quickly meets Bucky with a leg lariat sending him down to the mat.*

Hood: What is this?! I don't like this...

Rockwell: Me either, I'm beginning to get creeped out.

Jones: This scares me.

*All three commentators are apparently talking about the team work of Lorenzo and Linchy. The camera pans to TGO who is smiling and has apparently had a chair brought out for him with a waiter right beside him handing him a small glass with brown liquid inside, which has to be his favorite scotch! Back in the ring both Linchy and Demarco have picked up Bucky Johnson and both whip him across the ring into the ropes. Bucky bounces off the ropes and right into a double kick that lands in Bucky's midsection, making Bucky bend over. Lorenzo and El Linchador both wrap their arms around Bucky's head and then deliver a sensational ddt that has Bucky down on the ground.*

Hood: So I'm confused. Does this make Linchy a bad guy or does it make Demarco a good guy?

Rockwell: It's confusing me too...

Jones: My money is the Lorenzo has defected!

Hood: BS! Linchy has totally became bad! You DO remember that Linchy was a part of a TGO stable before...

Jones: How could I forget...

*Without a moment's hesitation Lorenzo goes for the cover on Bucky Johnson. The ref counts 1!...El Linchador quickly kicks Lorenzo Demarco, breaking the count, their partnership obviously ending the two men stare each other down and within five seconds of the stare-down they start exchanging right hands with El Linchador taking the first swing. Both men have exchanged about five punches each as the crowd is in a frenzy, Demarco quickly stops the exchange by sending a boot to the gut of Linchy. Lorenzo backs El Linchador into the corner and climbs the second rope, Demarco starts pouring on the punishment as he starts putting right hands squarely in the face of El Linchador. Linchy takes about eight punches before finally responding and wiggling around enough to get both of his arms around the legs of Lorenzo Demarco. Linchy comes out of the corner with Demarco in a power bomb position, but instead of power bombing Demarco he drops backwards sending Demarco's face into the top turnbuckle. TGO immediately gets up from his chair to encourage Demarco.*

Jones: That was some innovation!

Hood: GET UP!

Rockwell: If Lorenzo knows what's good for him he won't get up...

Hood: Shut up before I kick your...

Jones: Kids! Haven't we gone through this enough?

Rockwell: He's a bi...

Jones: PG show...

*El Linchador sees TGO talking to Lorenzo and immediately goes over and kicks the bottom rope, making TGO back up, he looks up at El Linchador and the two have a brief stare-down as Linchy pulls up Lorenzo Demarco and quickly sends him back down to the ground with a leaping hurricarana. Linchy then runs towards the turnbuckle and scales the top turnbuckle with ease, his back to the ring, Linchy then leaps off with a moonsault landing on Lorenzo Demarco. Linchy then goes for the pin, 1!...2!...Bucky Johnson intervenes at the last second and breaks up the pin attempt with a elbow drop, making Linchy move out of the way (since he saw it coming) and Bucky delivers the elbow drop to Demarco. Linchy laughs a little bit as Bucky gets up and is taken right back down by El Linchador who delivers a staggering clothesline, sending Bucky back down to the ground. *

Jones: It looks as if Linchy is on top of his game tonight!

Hood: TGO! I need you to do something!

Rockwell: I hate Bucky...

Hood: We all do...

*El Linchador keeps his attention on The Retarded Beast as he waits for Bucky to get back to his feet. Bucky slowly gets up and to one knee as Linchy runs towards Bucky and goes for a shining wizard kick but Bucky ducks at the last second as Linchy miraculously lands on his feet but with his back towards Bucky Johnson, Bucky quickly locks in a full nelson as Lorenzo Demarco gets back to his feet and sees what is going on. Linchy tries to squirm his way out of the full nelson but to no avail, the ref asks El Linchador is he gives up but immediately says no. Demarco walks towards Linchy who is still trapped in the full nelson, he then delivers a super kick right to the jaw of El Linchador while right after the super kick lands Bucky delievers a full nelson suplex and bridges for the pin attempt, 1!...Demarco quickly breaks up the pin attempt with a somersault splash on Bucky.*

Hood: These dynamics are killing me! I just need Demarco to kick everyone's ass and be done with it!

Rockwell: He's doing a pretty good job of it right now...

Hood: Of course he is! WHY?! Because he's part of the NFB!

Jones: Oh shoot me now...

Rockwell & Hood: Gladly...

*Demarco continues to work on Bucky Johnson by picking him up and whipping into the turnbuckle and runs right behind Bucky nailing him with clothesline in the corner. By this time El Linchador is making his way to his feet and has struggled to get up by using the opposite turnbuckles from where his opponents are at. Demarco notices this and runs straight towards El Linchador and nails another almost decapitating clothesline.*

Rockwell: When is this matching going to be over?! I'm ready to see Cortez kick Shayde's ass and become the #1 Contender!

Hood: It's another NFB type of night Rockwell!

Jones: That's ok because the Roman Empire will have the title by the end of the night...

Hood: Even if they do they won't have it but for like two weeks...

Rockwell: True...

*El Linchador wobbles out of the corner and falls on his face. Lorenzo Demarco sees that Bucky Johnson is still standing upright in the corner and decides to continue the massacre, by running straight towards him and looking for a splash, but Bucky telegraphs the move and delivers a boot to the face, sending Demarco down on his back. Bucky wastes no time and climbs middle rope and comes off with a forearm drop to the face of Lorenzo Demarco. Bucky attempts the pinfall, 1!...2! Demarco kicks out at the two count. Bucky continues his assault on Lorenzo Demarco and sets him in a suplex position, he lifts him up and drops him with a suplex. El Linchador has now made his way back to his feet as Lorenzo Demarco rolls over to the corner where TGO is standing by to coach his prot¨¦g¨¦. El Linchador and Bucky Johnson square off once again as both men go to a collar and elbow tie-up, trying to get the upper hand on one another. Bucky finally gets the upper hand with a knees to the gut of El Linchador.*

Jones: WAIT! What the hell is TGO giving Demarco?!

Hood: I don't know what you're talking about Jonesy, it looks like a friendly conversation from my point of view...


*Bucky Johnson takes his attention off of El Linchador for a moment and focuses on Lorenzo Demarco who is getting to his feet. Bucky starts to pull him up but quickly notices that he's up to no good. Demarco throws powder towards the eyes of Bucky Johnson, but Bucky moves out of the way and the powder lands in the eyes of the referee who is instantaneously blinded for the time being. Demarco quickly notices what just happens as TGO throws in the kendo stick that he confiscated from Bucky earlier in the match intending for Demarco to catch it, but Bucky intercepts and immediately cracks Lorenzo over the head with it sending him down to the ground.*

Hood: NO!!!

Rockwell: It looks like TGO's plans are backfiring on him!

Jones: Now only if El Linchador can get his ass up and finish off Bucky!

*With that being said El Linchador does get up as Bucky shifts his attention towards El Linchador and hits Linchy over the head with the kendo stick laying him down on the ground as well. Bucky notices that both of his opponents are down and goes to the top rope the is closest to Linchy. He signals for the Bucking Bronco frog splash and leaps off the top rope with tremendous height, but this time Demarco has made his way up to a standing position and runs towards the frog splash, El Linchador moves out of the way at the last second from the frog splash, and on Bucky's way down he gets hit with a knee to the side of the head.*

Jones: OH MY GOD!

Hood: A modified Paid in Full!! Bucky is out cold!!

Jones: This match is unbelievable!

*Demarco's knee obviously took some damage as he holds it, his back towards Linchy who has now made HIS way up to the top rope, Demarco turns around only to be met with a 360 somersault cross body (The Stampede). Linchy makes the pin attempt from the cross body block...1!...2!...3!*


Minos: Here is your winner EL LINCHADOR!!

Hood: Damn it!!

Jones: What an exciting conclusion, as El Linchador finds a way to win at the end!

Rockwell: Wow, I'll admit, there were times there that I thought Demarco had it, especially thanks to TGO's involvement!

Hood: We were robbed!!

Jones: So El Linchador gets a win over two champions, but will it continue for him against The Big Bifford at Heat Wave?

*El Linchador's still in the ring, celebrating, as Demarco slides out next to The Great One. The two talk it over, with Liam Shayde and Landon Chase running down to join them. The Lost Soul, of course, is out right now. TGO points towards El Linchador, who sees them gathering and realizes he's in a dangerous position. But before NFB can move, Shayde suddenly stops them, telling them that they need to remain calm and not lose control. TGO nods, and NFB turns and walks away, leaving a surprised El Linchador in the ring, next to the downed Bucky. We slowly fade out.*

*The camera cuts to the back where The Great One has walked into his office at the GCWA Arena after the Champions match. Suddenly a knock is heard at the door. TGO gets up to answer the door, only to see a messenger standing there. The messenger obviously afraid of the big man hands him the letter and runs off. TGO smirks for a minute and then opens up the letter. He starts to read the letter. TGO's face gets red with anger and throws down the letter on his desk and storms out of the office. The camera zooms in on the letter.*


Just letting you know that tag title that you're wearing is on the line at the PPV...


*The camera zooms out and back to the announce table.*

Jones: So the World Tag-Team Titles will be on the line at the show as well! But... against who?

Hood: He can't do that! TGO has all the power here, he can't be forced into this!

Rockwell: He's also a competitor here now, Hood, since putting himself into a match and winning the World Tag Titles with Demarco. That means that the President has control over the championship decisions! Now, if TGO wants to vacate...

Hood: Hell no! TGO can take whatever gets thrown at him!

Rockwell: Then he'd better get prepared, because who knows who Ace is going to get to challenge them for the belts!

Jones: Well, guys, it's time to keep moving, as we've got our #1 Contendership match to get to! Who's going to be facing the World Champion at Heat Wave?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a "GCWA World Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders" Match!! Introducing first, representing the NFB, he is an all-star competitor with gold in his sights, standing 6'1" and weighing 227 lbs... from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, here is Liam Shayde!

*The audience, predictably, is already booing as Shayde comes out to "I'm Bad" by The Last Vegas. He seems to be ably prepared for tonight's contest, although he has a few bandages that can be seen, especially around his leg. Shayde heads for the ring regardless, set for action.*

Jones: We heard this week that Shayde actually risked his life to save a young boy from a burning vehicle. The man's a hero now, guys!

Hood: I've been saying that all along, Jonesy!

Rockwell: Yeah, too bad the ˇ®hero' couldn't stop from hurting himself. What was he thinking, punching the glass like that? What an idiot.

Hood: Hey! He was trying to save a kid's life! Have some compassion!

Rockwell: Oh, I admire him for saving the kid's life. That doesn't change the fact that I think he's an idiot.

Hood: You son of a...

Jones: That's enough, people! God, you guys are so insecure!

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA Intercontinental Champion... representing the President's Cabinet... standing 6'4" and weighing 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland... here is "Simply The Best" Chris Cortez!

*The boos continue as Cortez comes out to "Contagious" by Trapt. He has a determined expression on his face as he storms towards the ring, ready to go all out for his chance at the World Championship.*

Jones: Chris Cortez has done a lot in the GCWA, but this would be his first opportunity to get to the top of the company.

Rockwell: If anyone deserves this chance, it's Cortez. I mean, he never even lost his Intercontinental Title. He was deprived of it because of the NFB, who couldn't even do it right, which is why El Linchador has the belt right now.

Hood: Hey, that was all Rishel's stupidity. We hold no ownership on it. And if Cortez was so great, why'd he fall for an obvious trap?

Rockwell: You just wait, Hood, tonight, Cortez is getting his revenge, and then he'll destroy Mobley or Dangerous Dan. That way, the President's Cabinet can end with all the gold!

Hood: We'll see, Adrian. We'll see.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Shayde walks forward, smirking as he starts talking trash to Cortez. But Cortez isn't in the mood, immediately swinging and sending a fist grazing across Shayde's jaw! Shayde dodged back at the last second, but he still took a slight hit, and it's enough to leave him vulnerable to a left hand to the gut, doubling him over. Cortez follows it up with a forearm across Shayde's neck, knocking him to the ground! Before Shayde can recover, Cortez locks Shayde's head in a front chancery, and then rolls backwards, putting him into a front sleeper!! Referee Logan moves around them, surprised at the suddenness of the move, as Shayde scrambles to try and find a way out of his predicament!*

Jones: Geez, that was fast! Cortez is looking to end this quickly!

Hood: Damn, this isn't UFC, guys! Short matches are a bad thing! ESPECIALLY this way!

Rockwell: C'mon, Cortez, squeeze him out!

Hood: Ok, I never want to hear you talking about squeezing something out again, is that clear?

Jones: Yuck, me either.

*Although Cortez seems to have the leverage, using his legs to get on an additional body scissors, Shayde appears to have too much energy left, as he fights hard to get free. A stray elbow connects, then connects again, slamming into Cortez's side. He finally relents, allowing Shayde to roll away, hanging onto the ropes and gasping. Cortez pulls himself up, dusting himself off as if he had been rolling around with someone beneath him. He walks over and goes for Shayde's leg, preparing to apply an ankle lock, but Shayde's already clinging to the ropes, yelling for the ref to do something. With no choice, Referee Logan intercedes, ordering Cortez back. Cortez angrily spits at Logan, who seems tempted to DQ him. As the two argue, though, Shayde pulls himself up and comes in from behind, kicking Cortez in the back of the knee!! Cortez stumbles away, off-balance, with Shayde following him and grabbing hold to twist him into a Lotus Lock submission!! Now it's Cortez groaning as he struggles to pull away.*

Jones: Another submission hold! We're seeing a rare battle of technicians tonight!

Hood: That's right, Shayde, show him who the better mat wrestler is!

Rockwell: We've got a long way to go before that happens, Hood... hell hasn't even frozen over yet!

* Shayde fights to keep the hold on, as Cortez is being tortured, but refuses to submit. Referee Logan keeps asking, but Shayde knows this is only a temporary hold. He releases Cortez from the surfboard-like maneuver, dropping him to the side, and then pulls himself up. He grabs Cortez and pulls him up, and then sets him for a snap suplex! But Cortez blocks it, both with his leg and his weight, keeping Shayde from getting him over. Cortez then snaps up a right hand under Shayde's guard, stunning the NFB wrestler. As Shayde turns around, staggering away, Cortez seizes on an opportunity. He steps in and grabs on either side of Shayde's back, ripping off the bandages there!!! Shayde shouts from the sudden tear, leaning on the ropes, as his wounds are exposed to open air! Cortez, with little sympathy, aims a perfect chop across Shayde's back, starting one of the wounds bleeding again!*

Jones: We've got blood!

Hood: You *bleeping* opportunist! Focusing on his injuries!

Rockwell: That's right, attack where he's weakest! This is about the World Championship, Hood! Only the strong can survive!

*Cortez now has Shayde in the corner, punching away at him to keep the man stunned. He then drags Shayde out of the corner and sets him, double-underhooking his arms from behind and lifting him into the air!! Shayde's legs are kicking frantically as his shoulders surely feel like they're being pulled from their sockets!! Referee Logan circles the two men, but Cortez can only hold it so long, before dropping backwards and suplexing Shayde over!! Cortez then rolls over for the cover... 1... 2... but Shayde is able to kick out in time. Cortez, annoyed, stands up and pulls Shayde back up, throwing him towards the ropes. Shayde, though, is able to stop himself from rebounding, hanging on the ropes. Cortez, seeing this, charges forward, but Shayde reacts by landing a legsweep takedown that sends Cortez throat-first into the ropes!! Cortez is stunned, falling backwards, with Shayde quickly diving in for the chance at ending things... 1... 2... but Cortez escapes!*

Jones: It's looking like a good competition so far, as both men are thought of to be worthy contenders to the GCWA World Title!

Rockwell: Yeah, but only Cortez has worn gold before. That's make him a hell of a lot more worthy!

Hood: Look at Shayde's record! He defeated the IC Champ last week, which means he deserves this shot more!

Jones: Past accomplishments don't matter. It's all about what you do here tonight!

*Shayde's back on top of Cortez now, applying a scissored armbar hold to try and take away more of Cortez's strength edge. Cortez, though, is already pulling himself towards the ropes, trying to reach out for salvation. After a few more inches, Cortez makes it, hanging onto the bottom rope. Referee Logan immediately calls for the break, with Shayde refusing at first, before finally dropping it to avoid a DQ. He gets up, ignoring Logan's threats, and hauls Cortez back up. He shoots Cortez into the ropes, and then tries for a clothesline, only to have Cortez run straight underneath it. But as Cortez returns, Shayde's already turned around, leaping up with a perfect dropkick to the face!! Cortez crumples to the ground, sliding from his momentum, with Shayde hopping over to make the cover... 1... 2... but Cortez is able to get out in time.*

Hood: Shayde is the prime example of being an athlete in his prime! The fact that he doesn't have gold yet around his waist is an absolute crime!

Rockwell: There's only so much gold to go around, Hood, and the GCWA has been extremely competitive lately. Besides which, didn't Shayde have a chance for gold against Crazy Chris?

Hood: Chris screwed with his flights schedule, remember? Shayde got robbed then, but he's not getting robbed now. This one's going to be a great victory for him!

*With Cortez in a bad way, Shayde decides to finish things off. He signals to the crowd that the Cat's Cradle is coming up next! As Referee Logan steps back to observe, Shayde pulls Cortez into position and starts to twist him over... and then Cortez fights back, getting in a couple of shots, then dropping Shayde to the mat and getting his legs, twisting it into the Roots of Envy!! Shayde, shocked, immediately shoves himself along the mat before Cortez can sit down fully, managing to scramble all the way to the ropes!! He grabs hold, hanging on, only to have Cortez drag him back towards the middle of the ring!! But Referee Logan has already seen the grasp and calls for the break, telling Cortez to let him go. After a few seconds, he does, knowing that it could all be over that fast if he gets the hold on again.*

Jones: The Roots of Envy is truly a damaging submission hold, but so is the Cat's Cradle! Really, either one can win quickly with a move like that!

Rockwell: The Roots of Envy is too strong; Mobley will be tapping like Cortez's bitch in no time!

Hood: Nope, because it's going to be Shayde's Cat's Cradle that causes Dangerous Dan to cry for his mommy!

Jones: Of course, you also have the possibility of the Thriller or the E.N.D.D. landing, giving the champ the victory and allowing him to retain.

Hood & Rockwell: Shut up!

*Cortez is on fire, Shayde stands up and he is wobbly. Cortez lands a punch, he lands another punch. He goes for a third punch and puts all he has into it but Shayde ducks down under it and then back body drops Cortez over the top rope. Cortez hits the ground with a thud. The referee begins his count. Shayde acts as if he is going to go outside after Cortez and Referee Logan gets in front of him breaking the count to stop him from doing so. Shayde starts arguing with the referee who has turned his back on Cortez who is now standing up. The crowd stands up and stirs, a few people in the front row trying to shout warnings to Cortez as Lorenzo Demarco comes down the aisle quickly with a crow bar and nails Cortez in the back of the head knocking him down. Demarco drops on his belly and rolls under the ring just as the referee turns around to begin his count again.*

1. . ..
2 . . . .
3. . . .

*Cortez is trying to push himself back up. There's a red spot on the back of his head.*

4. . . .
5. . . .
6 . . . .

*Cortez is on one knee. Amazingly the shot did not take him out.*

7. . .
8 . . .

*Cortez is on his feet he's going to make it back in the ri . . wait Lorenzo reaches from under the ring and grabs Cortez's feet! Cortez can't get in!*

9 . . .

*Cortez breaks free from Demarco's gasp but . . .*


*Cortez rolls in the ring just a split second too late as Referee Logan calls for the bell counting out Cortez.*

Minos: Here is your winner and the NEW #1 CONTENDER! LIAM SHAYDE!

Hood: Yeeessssss!!!

Rockwell: *Bleeping* Cheaters!!!!

Jones: Clearly, Demarco got involved, but somehow Logan didn't see it!

Hood: Shayde's the one who's going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion!

Rockwell: This completely sucks!!

*Lorenzo Demarco rolls out from under the ring and stands up. He begins to back up down the aisle sarcastically applauding Cortez who is in the ring seething at Demarco. However, behind him, a man walks out on the apron... the GCWA President, the Accelerator!! Ace has a mic in his hands, as he clears his throat in it, grabbing Demarco's attention. Shayde and Cortez, as well, look over at him.*

The Accelerator: So, what, you guys thought I'd just let that slide? Blatant interference?? I ought to strip Shayde of the title shot, and Demarco & TGO of the Tag-Team Titles!

*The crowd roars, loving that idea. Both Shayde and Demarco look extremely upset, with Demarco shouting disparaging remarks towards Ace.*

The Accelerator: But let's face it. I'm the last guy to be complaining about dirty tactics, aren't I? So congrats, Shayde. You're in.

Rockwell: What??

Hood: Yes!

*Shayde's nodding now, pleased that the Accelerator's going to just let it go. Cortez, for his part, looks completely pissed off. But Ace isn't done yet.*

The Accelerator: One caveat, though, guys. Sure, Shayde's in as the #1 Contender... but so is Cortez. It's going to be a Triple Threat Match for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title!! Get ready for some excitement, boyos!!

Rockwell: I knew it!!!

Hood: No!!

*Shayde's mouth has dropped, as he looks completely stunned. Cortez now has a grin on his face, as he turns and looks over at Shayde, showing him a splash of blood across Cortez's hand from the back of his head. Cortez starts to step towards Shayde, but he turns and slides out of the ring, going down to join the equally-shocked Demarco. The fans seem torn, debating about cheering for the great match, or being angry that a fan favorite is going to have two challengers for his World Title. We slowly fade out.*

*We cut backstage where Dangerous Dan is walking down the hallway back to his locker room. As he approaches he stops and stares ahead. Suddenly, Liam Shayde appears in view.*

Dangerous Dan: What the hell do you want Shayde?

Liam Shayde: I just wanted to wish you 'luck' on your match against Derek tonight. I also wanted to let you know that you may be the number one contender tonight, but I'm the number one contender after tonight, and I get my shot at Heat Wave. Regardless if it's you or Derek, I will become World Heavyweight Champion. To be quite honest, you don't deserve to be number one contender. You haven't made an impact lately. So the question is why...why are you getting a shot at the title?

Dangerous Dan: I've done my fair share around here over the past year, and I've proved myself. If anyone deserves the shot...it's me. You've only been around for a few months, but I've been around since the beginning. I bust my ass each and every week for the fans, my family, and for myself. I respect those around me, and appreciate my co-workers. If someone doesn't deserve a title shot...it's you.

Liam Shayde: I've done far better than you recently. I will be watching very closely tonight. In a way I hope it's you that I face at Heat Wave. I would love nothing more than to beat you again one final time. Good luck.

*Dan watches as Shayde turns and leaves. He brushes it off and enters inside the locker room pumped and ready for his World title shot. We fade away from him and head to another part of the arena, where Lorenzo Demarco is walking down the hallway and he spots the camera. He motions for it to come closer.*

Lorenzo Demarco: I know what the crowd here is thinking, and I know what you're thinking at home. That wasn't fair, I screwed Cortez, I denied Cortez a fair fight. You want to know something. I could care less. We are the NFB, and when we want something we take it, by any and all means. Cortez could've avoided what happened tonight. He could've not showed up, he could've done the . . smart thing and forfeited the match. Because either he forfeits the match and loses his world title shot or . . he gets a little warning tap in the back of his head and still loses his world title shot. Different paths same results Cortez . . . that's just how your hopes and dreams crumble. Now if you'll excuse me fools . . .

*Lorenzo Demarco keeps walking away as the camera watches him do so. One thing that Demarco doesn't notice, though, that the camera picks up, is one of the doors opening behind him. As Demarco leaves, he doesn't see the small head poke out and watch him depart. The Little Guy does a quick laugh, then darts back inside the room, disappearing from view. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Was that The Little Guy again? Is he stalking Demarco??

Hood: That little freak...

Rockwell: Hey, if he wants to bash Demarco's head in, more power to him! Demarco tried to cheat Cortez out of his rightful #1 Contendership spot!

Hood: Yeah, and Ace is the only reason he's still in it, because he's a *bleep*!

Jones: Guys, could we? I mean, we've got a potentially tremendous match-up coming up, after all!

Rockwell: Oh, hell yeah! I can't wait! Let's get it going!

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening. This contest is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Heavyweight Championship Of The World!!!

*The GCWA Arena goes wild, with the fans knowing that something truly historic and exciting could happen in front of them tonight. With the end coming closer, there's the definite feeling that anything can and will happen on any given night.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger... he is a former multi-time World Tag-Team Champion and Television Champion, who is seeking his greatest victory ever here tonight... representing the Danger Boiz... standing 5'11" and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee... here is Dangerous Dan!

*The place goes wild as "Hero" by Skillet leads the way out for Dangerous Dan. He's followed by his brother, the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris. Chris gives his brother a pat on the shoulder, showing his support. Dan nods to him, with Chris smiling before disappearing back down the entryway. On his own, Dan marches towards the ring, focusing himself as he walks.*

Jones: It was January 9th, 2009, when these two men met for the first time. It was the young rookie vs. the established veteran, with Derek Mobley winning out to move on in the GCWA World Title Tournament. But today, after almost two years in the company, Dangerous Dan can no longer be looked on as a rookie. He is, quite simply, a major contender.

Hood: Sure he is, and I'm rooting for him, of course.

Rockwell: What?? Why on earth would you want to root for him??

Hood: Hey, I'd rather have Shayde face Dangerous Dan than Mobley, no question!

Jones: I'm sure you believe that, Hood, but no one can afford to take a man like Dangerous Dan lightly.

Minos: His opponent is a man who has been the heart and soul of the GCWA for many years... representing the Roman Empire... standing 6'3" and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island... here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World... Derek "The Thriller" Mobley!

*As "Shipping Down To Boston" by Dropkick Murphys begins to play, Mobley steps out into the spotlight, with the title on his shoulder reflecting back the light. Mobley has a confident air about him on his way towards the ring. He's not relaxed, but also seemingly not nervous. He's ready for this match.*

Jones: We got to see Derek Mobley's final resolution of his issues from a few weeks ago, when he was, well...

Hood: Being chased after by fat women, homosexuals, angry store owners, and who knows what else?

Jones: That about sums it up.

Rockwell: I'll tell you one thing, there's no way in hell I'm buying Derek Mobley's CD. Anyone who does is an idiot!

Jones: Ummm...

Rockwell: Tell me... you didn't buy it!

Jones: Well.....

Hood: Man, Jonesy... you bought the CD? What's wrong with you?

Rockwell: Exactly!

Hood: You could download the songs off of iTunes, man, it's a lot better!

Rockwell: ...

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And it's begun! We might be about to crown a new World Champion!

Rockwell: Can Dangerous Dan finally reach the top of the GCWA, or will Derek Mobley finish off their federation battles with another victory?

*Mobley finishes up getting his jacket off and turns, seeing Dangerous Dan waiting for him in the center of the ring. The two men come together, talking things out for a second, with Dan apparently thanking Mobley for this opportunity. He extends his hand, with Mobley immediately meeting it without hesitation. The two men shake and step back, nodding to each other. The respect is clearly there between the two wrestlers.*

Jones: It's rare to see such a sign of sportsmanship this day and age, guys.

Hood: Ok, great, they don't hate each other. Now start hitting, already!

Rockwell: I'm with Hood. Less sportsmanship, more violence!

Jones: You guys are hopeless.

*The two wrestlers circle around, and then lock up in a quick test of strength. Mobley's able to move Dan backwards, using his superior weight to get the smaller wrestler into the corner. Head Referee Bell is there to call for the break, with Mobley immediately backing off, stretching his arms out. Dan thinks it over for a second, and then comes back out towards the center, locking up with Mobley again. Once again, the World Champion moves Dan back, but this time, just as they reach the corner, Dan spins Mobley around and shoves him into the corner instead! The fans cheer, as Dan flexes his own arms while backing off. Mobley straightens up in the corner, some of his smile having faded.*

Jones: Surprisingly slow-going so far, almost as if these guys are both playing things cautiously to begin with.

Rockwell: This is more of a psychological battle right now, Ed. Mobley showed his superior strength, but then Dan showed how he could use it against the champion.

Hood: In other words, they're both marking their territory, before the real battle begins!

Jones: Well, friends or not, both men know what's at stake in this match. I doubt we're going to stay like this for long.

*The two wrestlers lock up again, straining against each other. This time, though, Mobley twists Dan down into a headlock, working to contain him in the center of the ring. It doesn't work, as Dan pushes Mobley off into the ropes and sends him running to the other side. As Mobley comes back, Dan turns and goes to the other ropes, springboarding himself off the middle rope and flipping back with an apparent attempt at a springboard crossbody! Mobley goes into a baseball slide, though, flying underneath, with Dan shockingly twisting himself to land on his feet! As Mobley gets up, Dan charges from behind, trying to grab him to roll him up. Mobley shrugs him off, though, with Dan doing a backwards somersault before hopping back up. Mobley turns and charges, but Dan matrixes underneath his clothesline attempt, and then straightens back up, with Mobley behind him. The champ puts on the brakes and dashes back again, but Dan turns and gets a hip toss, sending Mobley sliding out of the ring!*

Jones: We just had a great flurry of moves, with Dan winning out in the end on that exchange!

Rockwell: Mobley's got the advantage in a lot of areas, but he definitely shouldn't try to match speed with Dangerous Dan. He needs to ground the man as soon as possible!

Hood: What, like send him to his room without supper?

Rockwell: Not that kind of grounding, you *bleep*hole!

*Mobley takes a quick walk on the outside, trying to kill any momentum Dangerous Dan just gained. He walks along, keeping a close eye on Dan's movements. As soon as Dan takes a couple of steps his way, Mobley immediately retreats, watching for the aerial attack. But Dan backs off, grinning, with Mobley shaking his head before climbing onto the apron. He steps through the ropes, even as Dan then charges forward, going for the opening. He's a second too late, though, with Mobley seeing him and dropping a shoulder, backdropping Dan over the ropes and to the outside!! Dan crashes hard, with Mobley immediately turning around to go out after him, jumping down to the outside. He picks up the hurting wrestler and twists him under the ropes back in, with Mobley following to make the first cover of the match... 1... 2... but Dangerous Dan is able to kick out in time.*

Jones: Mobley has always been one to capitalize on the mistakes of others, which is a key asset for any wrestler in the business.

Hood: You do realize that you just called Mobley an opportunist?

Jones: That's not what I meant!

Rockwell: Sounded like it to me.

Jones: No, I mean, he's able to turn competitor's errors into his own advantages!

Hood: So he takes advantage of people? Man, Mobley's a jerk in your eyes, huh, Jonesy?

Jones: ... NEVERMIND!!

*In the ring, Mobley drags Dangerous Dan to his feet and immediately picks the lighter wrestler up on his shoulder. Mobley then backs into the corner for a second before running forward and spinning into a running powerslam!! The fans cheer the move, even as Mobley makes the cover... 1... 2... but Dan kicks out once again. Mobley, not surprised in the slightest, gets up again, bringing Dan back to his feet. He takes Dan over to the corner and throws him into it, before then delivering some boots to the man's midsection, doubling him over. As Dan sits in the corner, hurting, Mobley moves away, smiling. But Mobley then turns and runs back in with a charge, going for a spear... only to have Dan shove off with his arms and get his feet in the air, rising above Mobley! As Mobley goes by underneath, Dan twists down with a grip on the World Champion, taking him down into a beautiful roll-up!! Head Referee Bell is there... 1... 2... Mobley launches out of the pin at the last second!!*

Rockwell: Whoa! That was damn close!

Jones: A few milliseconds later and we have a new World Champion!

Hood: I'm telling you, man, I'm feeling something tonight... I think Dangerous Dan is going to do it!

*Mobley's back up first, looking shocked at how close he just came to losing his title. He sees Dangerous Dan getting up and moves in, grabbing him by the head and locking him in for a snap suplex. But Dan, instead, twists Mobley back down to the mat with another roll-up!! There's the count... 1... 2... and Mobley shifts his weight, getting on top... 1... 2... Dan shifts the weight back... 1... 2... the hold is broken, with both men springing away from each other. The fans are biting on every count, knowing that everything rides in the balance. Both wrestlers are back on their feet now, with Mobley landing a solid forearm to the side of Dan's head, moving him back against the ropes. Mobley gets Dan's arm and whips him across, then tries for an axehandle shot, only to have Dan duck under it. Dan then hits the ropes on the other side and springs off of them to drop down on Mobley, taking him to the mat with a springboard DDT!! Dan then makes another cover, hanging onto the legs... 1... 2... Mobley escapes!*

Jones: This one's going to be a heart-stopper, guys!

Rockwell: Both men realize that it's all about the pin or submission. It doesn't matter how you get there, just that you get it!

Hood: All it takes is one slip from Mobley, and Dan's gets to become the main target of the NFB!

*Dan is back on his feet now, bringing Mobley over towards the corner. He picks Mobley up in a good show of strength and bodyslams him right where he wants him, and then turns to climb up. Dan gets to the top, his back to Mobley, as he drops and flips himself backwards, going for a corkscrew moonsault!! But Mobley, always aware of his surroundings, grabs the nearby rope and yanks himself onto the apron, avoiding the hit!! Dan crashes and burns, hurting badly from the impact, as Mobley pulls himself up. He steps back into the ring and moves up as Dan recovers, turning towards him... and Mobley gets him around the neck for the Thriller!! No, Dan fights free with an elbow shot, then stumbles away, gasping from the close call as he takes a knee. Mobley, though, shakes off the shot and continues after him, hoping that another opportunity presents itself.*

Jones: The Thriller has ended countless matches in Derek Mobley's career. It's almost a guaranteed match ender!

Rockwell: Yeah, unless he's facing The Big Bifford, The Kicker Outerer of the Thriller!

Hood: That's because Bifford's so fat that even Mobley can't get him high off the ground to get the full impact of the move! Someone like Dan, though? He'll be airborne in no time if he's not careful!

*Head Referee Bell circles around, staying out of the way, as Mobley brings Dangerous Dan back to his feet. He sends Dan towards the ropes, no, Dan reverses, but Mobley adds in his own reverse, pulling Dan in tight to him, then throwing him overhead with a \belly-to-back suplex!! It's a great move, with Dan clearly stunned on the canvas. Mobley pulls himself back up and immediately hits the ropes before returning with a jump, dropping a knee onto the side of Dan's head!! With Dan out of it, Mobley twists over for the cover, getting the legs... 1... 2... but Dan shoves an arm up, fighting free once again! Mobley sighs, with sweat pouring down his face as the match continues onwards.*

Jones: You have two very determined wrestlers here. On one side, Mobley wants to go out as both the first and final World Champion of the GCWA's run. On the other, Dangerous Dan wants the belt that has eluded him throughout his young career!

Rockwell: A World Title almost is a necessity when it comes to Hall of Fame consideration. Sure, some have made it without the belt, but it's a hell of a lot easier with the gold on your mantle!

Hood: Do people even have mantles anymore? I live in a condo. Do people even still use it to display trophies?

Jones: I have a picture of my wife and I during our wedding on mine.

Rockwell: She didn't wear white, did she?

Jones: In point of fact, she decided she wanted to wear tan. Why?

Rockwell: No reason.

*Mobley has Dan turned over now, and has applied an armbar, looking to deplete the youthful wrestler's strength. But Dan fights to get up, raising up on his legs, and then doing a roll forward to yank himself free! Mobley, surprised, gets up and comes at him, only to take a boot to the gut that sends him stumbling back. With Mobley gasping, Dan hurries in and grabs hold, trying to twist him into position for the Danger Zone!! The fans are cheering, but Mobley isn't done yet, shoving Dan off and then taking a swing at him. But Dan ducks under it, then grabs Mobley and goes for the Danger Zone again... only to have Mobley reverse it and spin around and.... THRILLER!!!!! Dan gets planted, with Mobley staggering for a second before dropping down for the cover. Head Referee Bell's in place again... 1... 2... 3!! NO!!! The referee is waving it off, even as Mobley gets to his feet to celebrate! The camera zooms in, seeing Dan's hand holding weakly onto the bottom rope!*

Jones: It's not over!! Head Referee Bell is calling off the pin count!

Rockwell: Wait, he hit 3! It should be over!

Hood: Referee's discretion, Adrian! The contest is continuing!

*Mobley can't believe it, arguing with Bell as the fans are roaring at the surprise. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan has rolled over onto his side and pulled himself under the ropes, dangling off the apron. The Thriller definitely knocked him senseless, but instinct still kicked in. Mobley, disturbed, finally turns and comes over, seeing Dan struggling to get up on the outside. He reaches over the ropes to grab him... and Dan gets him by the head and drops, clotheslining Mobley on the top rope!! Mobley flops backwards to the mat, clutching at his throat, as the audience is roaring for Dan to make his way up! Dan, hearing the crowd, grabs at the turnbuckle and struggles his way up, looking down at the nearby Mobley. He braces himself and leaps, soaring into the E.N.D.D.!!!! Mobley can't move in time, as the move lands!!! The fans are cheering, even as Dan rolls away, unable to complete the cover!*

Jones: Dangerous Dan lands one of his best finishers, but he's got to finish it off!!

Hood: Get on him, damnit, you son of a bitch!

Rockwell: You got money riding on this match, Hood?

Hood: ... er, no, that would be illegal...

Rockwell: At least that explains why you're rooting for Dan.

*In the ring, Head Referee Bell is waiting anxiously as Dangerous Dan recovers, pulling himself over towards Mobley. As the fans cheer their hearts out, Dan finally makes it over, dropping an arm on top. Bell's there, making the fateful count... 1... 2... and the shoulder is up!!!! The fans gasp, having believed it was over, as Dan slumps to the side, devastated.*

Jones: It's not over!! Both men continue to go at it!

Hood: C'mon, Dan, get your ass up and put Mobley out!! Don't let me down, bud!

Rockwell: It's still anyone's game, if either man can muster the energy to continue!

*Slowly, Dangerous Dan works his way back to his feet, throwing his hair back out of his eyes. He's straining just to move, showing just how much has been taken out of him. But despite the pain, Dan keeps moving, pulling Mobley upwards. He grabs Mobley by the head and takes him towards the corner, driving the World Champion's head hard into the top turnbuckle. Mobley leans forward on the ropes, breathing heavily from the exertion, even as Dan backs away behind him. He sets himself and dashes forward, going for a double-knee smash into Mobley's spine!! But Mobley slides to the right, with Dan crashing into the ˇ®buckles instead!! Dan's down, with Mobley immediately capitalizing with a dropped elbow and a pin attempt, trying hard just to hold the young man down... 1... 2... but Dan fights free once more! Mobley, realizing how close he was, tries one more cover... 1... 2... no, Dan's out again!*

*Mobley has Dangerous Dan back up now, turning him around so he's facing away from him. After a couple of forearms to the back, Mobley pulls Dan in and locks around him, setting him for a German suplex! He tosses Dan overhead... and Dan reverses in midair, managing to land on one knee!! As Mobley gets back up, Dan dives at him from behind and snaps him backwards, frantically locking the World Champion into a victory roll!!! The crowd goes wild as Head Referee Bell slides in, with Dan hanging on with every bit of strength he's got left... 1... 2... NO!!! Mobley shoves Dan off in time and sits up, but at the same time, Dan uses the momentum and hits the ropes before returning with a well-aimed dropkick to the seated wrestler, knocking Mobley back down!! Dan then drops on top for another cover... 1... 2... and Mobley breaks free!*

Jones: Every pinfall could be the end of this one!!

Rockwell: Damn, Jones, that's even more obvious than your usual! Of COURSE every pinfall could end it! A pinfall almost always ends it!

Hood: Yeah, that was pretty stupid, Jonesy.

Jones: Alright, fine! I'm just trying to do my job here, guys, and this one's getting damn exciting!!

Rockwell: I'll agree with that! Even the fans look exhausted!!

*The crowd definitely looks worn out, having been cheering hard for both individuals. They watch as Dangerous Dan hauls himself back up, this time moving achingly over to the turnbuckle. He starts on his way up, getting himself pulled up to the top. Meanwhile, Mobley has sat up and is struggling to his feet. He stumbles, barely able to stay up, as Dan turns to face him from the top rope. Dan takes aim and leaps, flipping in the air to try and land on Mobley's shoulders. Mobley, though, shoves him off before a hurricanrana can take place, dropping Dan back to the mat. Before Dan can recover, Mobley steps in and grabs him around the neck for the Thriller!! No, Dan breaks out and twists around, yanking Mobley around for the Danger Zone!!! No, Mobley cuts free of that, trying to twist Dan around, but Dan spins with it, going for a high heel kick... Mobley underneath it, steps in... THRILLER!!!!! It's in the center of the ring, as Head Referee Bell dives in for the count... 1... 2... 3!!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World... Derek "The Thriller" Mobley!

Jones: What a victory for Derek Mobley, in one of his most hotly contested battles yet as the World Champion!!!

Hood: Damnit, Dan, you owe me $50!

Rockwell: Serves you right for betting against the champ, Hood!

Jones: Dangerous Dan deserves a great deal of respect, though, guys, as he really did take Derek Mobley to his limits here tonight. It was that damn close to having a new World Champion!

Hood: I really thought he was going to manage it!

Rockwell: I may not be a huge fan of either guy, but they've both got talent, you can't fail to see that! Man, how many great free matches are we going to be giving away as we head towards the end?

*Both wrestlers are slowly getting up, with Head Referee Bell bringing the World Title over to Mobley. He takes it gratefully, sagging on the ropes with utter exhaustion. Near him, Dangerous Dan has rolled onto his hands and knees and is slowly getting up, sadness in his eyes at coming so close. Mobley, seeing this, walks over to him and helps the man up, nodding to him and saying some things that we can't hear from our vantage point. He then turns and grabs Dan's arm, raising it in the air next to his!! The fans are cheering, as the two men stand side by side.*

Jones: This was truly a great night of wrestling history, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for being part of it!

Rockwell: Oh, it's not over yet, Jones!

Jones: What do you... oh no!

*As Mobley turns, raising the two wrestlers' arms to another side of the arena, Chris Cortez appears, sliding into the ring behind them. He has what appears to be a stun rod in his hands!! Before Mobley can react, Cortez jabs him in the back, sending a shockwave though Mobley's body!! The shock also reaches Dan, since Mobley had his arm in his grip, knocking both men to the ground!! Cortez then starts stomping on both men, as the crowd starts to boo heavily.*

Jones: Cortez just ambushed the World Champion as well as Dan!! He's looking to do enough damage to take Mobley out before Heat Wave!!

Rockwell: And why the hell not! It worked when Cortez was deprived of his Intercontinental Title! Turnabout is fair play!

Hood: Yeah, you just remember you said that, Adrian!!

Rockwell: Ah, hell....

*The boos grow louder as the NFB suddenly appears from the aisleway, running towards the ring! Shayde, Chase, and Demarco all slide in, with The Great One heading for the stairs, taking his time. Cortez, seeing them, immediately swings the stun rod, but Shayde is able to knock it away, and then the three men attack, working to beat Cortez down!! Meanwhile, TGO takes over on the stomping of Mobley and Dan, working to keep them down!!*

Hood: Don't touch that dial! The NFB is in full control!!

Jones: We'll see if that lasts, as here comes MULTIPLE calvaries!!

Rockwell: Ok, might be time for us to be thinking about getting out of here, guys!

*From one side, the Accelerator appears, directing The Big Bifford, Arachne, Johnny Vegas, and a hurting Bucky Johnson to charge down and get involved. On the other side, Lurrr is there, leading out the Roman Empire along with Crazy Chris!!! The three forces collide in and around ringside, igniting an insane brawl that quickly spreads all over!!*

Rockwell: Control has definitely been lost... LOOK OUT!!

*The announcers dive backwards, as Landon Chase rolls over the table, locked in heavy combat with Crazy Chris. The brawl is all over now, with no side seeming to have the advantage as of yet.*

Jones: This is going insane!

*Suddenly, "Indestructable" by Disturbed starts to play on the tron. The fans go nuts as everyone in the ring looks up momentarily from the fight to see the entrance of "The Hellacious One" start up. The fans cheer as the wrestlers go back to beating the hell out of each other.*

Jones: Oh. My. God!

Hood: What the hell is he doing here!

Rockwell: No! NO! Ace fired him! Ace fired him! Security!

*Out of the back comes a loud explosion and we see coming out of the smoke The Black Helmet come running down the ringside area carrying a baseball bat.*

Jones: Is Black Helmet Draco????

Hood: Who cares we're out of time!

Rockwell: No! Not another masked guy! Damn it! Wait...whose up there?

*On the tron, the image changes, and we see Ataxia standing outside of the arena eating popcorn.*

Ataxia: Damn...I guess I should be in there but I'm just enjoying this show...

*We see a backview of a completely naked Missy Vicious who is posing in front of Ataxia.*

Ataxia: Let's see get my butt kicked or look at boobies...Boobies win!

*We cut back to the action at ringside.*

Jones: Lucky jerk.

Hood: Who cares about boobs we're watching men beat each other up!

Rockwell:...think about what you just said.

Jones: I'm so jealous of Ataxia.

Rockwell: INCOMING!!!

*Warrick Hill goes flying by, smashing into the announce table and bouncing off of it. Johnny Vegas reaches for him, pulling Hill up, only to take a knee between the legs that sends him falling to his side.*

Jones: That does it! We're out of here! Good night, everyone!

Rockwell: Everyone go a different way, and hopefully I'll make it out while you two distract them!

Hood: Screw you, Rockwell!

*The announcers scramble for safety, as the brawl has gone completely out of control. On one side, you can see Lurrr and the Accelerator surprisingly working together, landing shot after shot on The Great One. Ace, though, then spins and clocks Lurrr as well, sending him stumbling away. The Great One hammers Ace from behind, using the opportunity, which allows Lurrr to come back with the Wake Up Call!! As Ace goes down, Lurrr and The Great One continue to fight, only to then both get attacked from behind by different factions!! The fans are loving it, with some of them even getting involved and battling fans wearing other faction colors. It's a complete war zone. We fade out, leaving the chaos behind.*

OOC: Another whirlwind of a card is complete!! Two more to go! Thanks again to TGO and Ataxia for each writing a match, and to everyone who contributed to the card (especially Dangerous Dan for his 5 segments and Ataxia & Demarco for contributing several as well!).

Here's the card for next week, the final Friday Night Inferno. I've decided to have this one go out with a band, with several of the greatest feuds in the GCWA's history revisited (among other matches, since I couldn't quite fit in everyone *lol*).

Friday Night Inferno: End Of An Era, August 20th, 2010

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Johnny Vegas vs. The Lost Soul, Non-Title Triple Threat Match

- El Linchador(c) vs. Landon Chase vs. Chris Cortez, Non-Title Triple Threat Match

- Bucky Johnson(c) vs. Xtreme, GCWA Hardcore Title Parking Lot Brawl

- Ataxia vs. Lorenzo Demarco, Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match

- The House of Pain vs. Biffarachnephobia, Tag-Team Tables Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, August 13th to Wednesday, August 18th, giving you 6 days to post your 2 roleplays, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!