GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, standing in the middle of his Roman Empire allies. He is smiling, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title sitting comfortably on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are going wild, cheering for the fireworks and pyro, as the cameras pan across them. Suddenly, though, the cameras veer upwards, and we get multiple shots of the massive structure floating above the arena. The cage seems to cover a wide difference, with the cameras coming down to show that two rings are currently set up in the middle. We head away from there and go to the announce booth.*

Jones: Hello everyone, and welcome to a special edition of Friday Night Inferno! Tonight, we’re pumping things up, as it’s FNI: Crescendo!

Hood: Hell yes! What a glorious night it’s going to be for NFB!

Rockwell: Hopefully, it’s the LAST night of NFB!

Hood: In your dreams, Adrian!

Rockwell: Better than being in your homoerotic fantasies, Hood!

Hood: What? I’m not gay!

Rockwell: Well, you’re definitely a…

Jones: GUYS!!

*For a second, there’s silence from the announce booth.*

Jones: Wow… just wow… we didn’t even make it one minute into the broadcast! Now, can we all just relax?

Rockwell: Fine.

Hood: He started it.

Jones: I don’t care who started it! Don’t make me stop this show, because I will!

Hood: Yes, sir…

Jones: *ahem* Ok, then. Folks, tonight we’ve got one of the biggest matches in the history of the GCWA, as three factions will be going at it inside a massive, two-ring War Games Match!

Hood: The NFB is represented by the best young talent in the business. Liam Shayde, Landon Chase, and GCWA World Tag Champion Lorenzo Demarco are going to dominate!

Rockwell: The President’s Cabinet is pretty strong, too, Hood, with young superstar Johnny Vegas, the GCWA Hardcore Champion Bucky Johnson, and the uncrowned Intercontinental Champion Chris Cortez!

Jones: And to round out the groups, Roman Empire member and GCWA World Champion Derek Mobley will be paired with the Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, and the enigmatic Ataxia!

Hood: All I can say is, the match is going to live up to its name!

Jones: That’s not the only action we have tonight, though, as two other matches are currently booked. We have the former World Champion, The Big Bifford, in action against hardcore expert, Xtreme, and we’ve got Jaiden Rishel taking on the NFB’s enforcer, The Lost Soul!

Rockwell: Two solid matches, Jones, but let’s face it, we’re going to spend all night waiting for the main event!

Hood: Damn straight!

Jones: Well, try and control yourselves, because we’ve got a couple of matches to go first!

Rockwell: Well, then, let’s get started!

Jones: Not so fast, Adrian. We need to go backstage first, to catch up on a few events taking place back there!

Rockwell: Awww…

*We head backstage, where Crazy Chris is seen walking down the hallway with his two special guests from Big Brother, Brendon and Britney. Both are taking in the sights, clearly satisfied at being out of the house. All three now approach the buffet table.*

Crazy Chris: This is the buffet table. It's where many of us eat, but only if you can get past Big Bifford first. He's the fat guy running around that likes to eat everything in sight.

Britney: Well it all looks so tasty. Can I have some?

Crazy Chris: I will get you something personally. Don't want to upset fat man for eating his food.

Brendon: This is all so surreal. I can't believe we are actually here.

Crazy Chris: Down here is our locker room. C'mon I'll show you our nice fancy locker room.

*Chris leads his special guests down the hallway towards the Danger Boiz locker room. Chris opens the door, where Dangerous Dan and Madyson are seated on the couch chowing down on their own personal meal. *

Crazy Chris: See I told you we have our personal meals back here. Got our very own microwave, television, furniture, the works. So sit down, make yourselves comfortable, and just have a good time. If you will excuse me, I have to go take care of something right quick.

*Brendon sits down on one end of the couch, while Britney takes a seat next to Madyson. Chris grabs the Unified X Division title and heads out of the locker room. We cut away from him and head to another hallway, where we see the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, walking towards his office. He opens the door and walks in to see GCWA Commissioner Lurrr standing next to his desk! The crowd, which had been booing Ace, now cheers, even as Ace steps back, debating whether to leave *

The Accelerator: What the hell are you doing in here?

Lurrr: I got asked here by someone.

The Accelerator: Who?

*The chair swivels around to reveal Ataxia. He smiles at Ace and Lurrr as he stands up.*

Ataxia: Gentlemen.

The Accelerator: What is this all about?

Lurrr: Apparently Ataxia here has an idea that he thinks we should both hear.

The Accelerator: Why would I want to team with you on anything?

*Ataxia looks at the argument about to break out and he holds up a pipewrench. *

Ataxia: Ahem. Boys. Don’t make me hurt you.

The Accelerator: What is the meaning of this freak?

Ataxia: Nice words. I put the proposal on your desk. Lurrr’s already seen it.

The Accelerator: So then why the hell are you still in here?

Ataxia: No reason. Just think about it.

*Ataxia walks out of the room leaving Lurrr and Ace. *

Lurrr: It’s something I think even you and I can agree on.

*Lurrr leaves as Ace opens up a folder on his desk labeled “read me and try not to smile”. Ace opens the folder and then starts to get a sick smile on his face.*

The Accelerator: Ohhh this is beautiful.

Lurrr: I’ve already signed it. I think you should too.

The Accelerator: Don’t tell me what to do, ‘Commissioner’. You can leave my office now.

*Lurrr’s eyes darken, but there’s nothing to be gained by superkicking Ace at this time… although he’s sorely tempted. Lurrr leaves, with Ace again reading Ataxia’s proposal. He goes to sign it, as we head back to ringside.*

Jones: So Ace and Lurrr agreed on something? You think Saddam’s freezing in Hell right now?

Hood: I don’t like it… there are only a few things I can think of that they would agree on, and most aren’t ideas I’d like… then again, maybe they’re agreeing to hand full power over to The Great One!

Rockwell: That’s not going to happen, Hood. Whatever it is, Ace would only sign it if it benefited Ac, er, I mean, the GCWA.

Jones: Hopefully, we’ll find out more about it as the night goes on. For now, let’s continue our show!

Hood: Yes! Matches!

Rockwell: I can’t wait until the War Games match, I wish we didn’t have to see these jobber matches…well everyone’s the jobber besides The Big Bifford…

Hood: Are you kidding me?! Bifford epitomizes the jobbing art form.

Jones: There’s an art form?

Hood: Hells yeah! It’s called how to lose to overrated hacks like Derek Mobley…

Rockwell: HEY!

Jones: He’s our World Champion you know!

Hood: TGO is the true World Champion! Just you wait!

Rockwell: Just because he was in ONE match doesn’t mean anything Hood…

Hood: It means that he has a title….

Rockwell & Jones: …..


Minos: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from parts unknown, he is what his name says…XTREME!!!

*”Give it All” by Rise Against plays over the PA as out walks Xtreme with a baseball bat laced in barbed wire. He slides into the ring as the referee immediately goes over to Xtreme and starts to ask for the weapon.*

Rockwell: Get that away from him!

Hood: Don’t! I want to see Bifford’s fat ass gutted!

Jones: Yuck! Definitely not an attractive thought…

Hood: But maybe you can rescue the 5 babies he ate today…

Rockwell: He would do no such thing!

Hood: Apparently you don’t know Bifford too well…

Minos: And making his way to the ring at this time, he is the former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, he is weighing in at 41…*Minos starts to laugh* this card is not right, this dude is way fatter than this…THE BIG BIFFORD!!

Hood: At least Minos knows that Biff lies about his weight…

*”Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio starts to play over the PA system as out walks the former World Heavyweight Champion. It appears like he just got done eating something as what appears to be catsup is on the side of his mouth.*


Rockwell: It’s catsup!

Hood: Or it’s the blood of a baby.

Rockwell: IT’S CATSUP!

Hood: Baby blood.

Jones: I don’t know, I mean, it IS blood red…

Rockwell: CATSUP!

Hood: Baby blood.

*The Big Bifford climbs into the ring as he starts telling the referee to get the weapon that Xtreme has out of the ring. The referee is still trying, finally Xtreme gives in, but throws the barbed wire baseball bat at TBB, at the last moment TBB moves his head just to avoid the bat, creating a great distraction for Xtreme to charge in and land a spear on the former World Heavyweight Champ. TBB is down flat on his back as Xtreme goes for the cover really early in the match. 1…2…NO! TBB avoids the pinfall and kicks out of the spear.*

Rockwell: That’s right Bifford!

Hood: God, I can’t wait until the NFB wipes the floor with the Aceholes…

Rockwell: Don’t call them that! It’s the President’s Cabinet!

Hood: Same damn thing.

*Xtreme stands up and helps out the big man by pulling the hair of the kilt clad warrior. Xtreme finally gets TBB up and starts to wail on him with left AND right fists. TBB looks un-phased by the onslaught of brutality that Xtreme is trying to serve and will one big right hand to the chin TBB sends Xtreme down to the mat holding his jaw. TBB shakes his head as he pulls the downed Xtreme to the middle of the ring. Bifford bounces off the ropes and performs a giant leg drop right to the throat/chest of Xtreme.*

Jones: Damn, that had to hurt…

Hood: I hate saying it every week, but I’ll do it again. Good job Captain Obvious.

Rockwell: Yeah that’s old by now.

Hood: Well if he would just stop stating the obvious I wouldn’t have to say it!

Jones: We are color commentators you know!

*TBB plays to the crowd, holding his hands up like he’s accomplishing something, to immediate boos from the audience who starts a chant of “Fat Ass.” Bifford ignores the chants as he starts to go back to work on Xtreme. Bifford pulls up Xtreme and whips him into the corner. TBB runs in after him and gives him a huge splash in the corner. Xtreme walks out of the corner dazed, TBB sees a perfect opportunity and bounces off the ropes hitting extreme with a clothesline that makes Xtreme do a back flip that makes Xtreme land right on his face.*

Hood: Boring…Where’s TGO when you need him?

Rockwell: Getting ready to get his ass handed to him by The President’s Cabinet!

Hood: You know that once he wins he’s going to fire you again…

Rockwell: I’ll kick his ass!

Hood: I’m tellin’!

Jones: Children! Stop bickering!

*TBB gloats at the fact that he’s kicking Xtreme’s ass, starting to yell down profanities at the fallen opponent. He starts to pick up Xtreme as the referee sees a piece of trash in the ring. As the ref goes to kick the trash out of the ring and Xtreme has made it to his knees with Biff’s “help,” Xtreme gives TBB a low blow sending TBB writhing in pain down to his knees. Xtreme senses an opportunity and gets up quickly, bounces against the ropes and delivers a shining wizard kick that echoes throughout the building. Bifford goes down like a ton of bricks as Xtreme goes for the pinfall. 1…2…3! NO! Bifford puts his foot on a nearby rope at the last second.*

Rockwell: That’s right Bifford! You can’t lose to another jobber!

Hood: I predict more losses to jobbers in Bifford’s future.

Rockwell: Good thing you aren’t a fortune teller.

Hood: You didn’t know?! That’s my side job, everyone can call me at 1-800-…

Jones: You can’t plug another business unless it’s approved by our marketing team!

Hood: Damn…

*Xtreme goes to the top rope awaiting TBB to get back to his feet. As TBB does get back to his feet, looking extremely dazed, Xtreme flies off the top rope head first aiming straight for TBB’s gut, apparently looking for a spear, but to no avail as Bifford side steps ever so carefully and catches Xtreme in front headlock and immediately dropping him down to the ground with a ddt!*

Jones: A spear turned into a ddt?! That’s amazing!

Rockwell: It DID come from our former World Champ…


Rockwell: Why you sonofa…

*TBB wastes no time as he pulls Xtreme’s limp body up from the mat and puts Xtreme’s head In between his legs. TBB sets him up in a piledriver position and then jumps hitting The Biff End! He immediately goes for the cover. 1!...2!...3!.*

Minos: Here is your winner The Big Bifford!

Rockwell: This win couldn’t have been any better!

Hood: I think it would of if he was wearing a tutu…

Jones: What?!

Hood: You know, those things that ballerinas wear.

Jones: Yeah I’ve heard of them…but I don’t think that there’s enough material to make one for him.

Rockwell: HEY!

Hood: I think that’s true…

*The Big Bifford is back up and out of the ring now, having gotten himself a good victory. Xtreme is struggling to rise to his feet, dazed but still able to function. We cut away, going backstage. Back inside the Danger Boiz locker room, Dangerous Dan and Brendon are having a conversation at whom is the better arm wrestler.*

Dangerous Dan: C'mon, I bet I can take you down.

Brendon: I highly doubt that. I am a scientist and a swim coach. I am pretty strong. Don't let these good looks fool you.

*Britney and Madyson both chuckle at Brendon's comment.*

Britney: Oh don't flatter yourself Brendon. You're not that hot.

Brendon: That's not what you said last night on the plane.

*Dangerous Dan makes the "OOOOH" sound pretty much siding with the other male in the room, while Madyson and Britney have a look of "oh no he didn't just say that" on their face. Brendon continues his conversation with the Danger Boi.*

Brendon: Alright, I will give it a shot. But let's make it interesting. If I win, then I go to ringside with your brother.

Dangerous Dan: Deal. If you beat me, then both you and Britney get to be at ringside, but if I win then you have to stay back here and sit in our locker room.

Brendon: You're on!

*Dangerous Dan and Brendon begin the arm wrestling contest. Brendon has a smidge more strength than the Dangerous One, but Dan somehow manages to flip the table. Seeing her opportunity fading, Britney steps in and 'cheats' for her fellow BB housemate by grabbing Dan's hand and slamming it to the table.*

Brendon: OH Yeah Baby!! I win!

Dangerous Dan: No fair, she helped you that's cheating!

Brendon: There are no rules when it comes to arm wrestling. I won the BB Championship and I actually beat Dangerous Dan at arm wrestling.

Dangerous Dan: Yeah, but it took a GIRL to help you win.

Brendon: Looks like Britney and I will be sitting at ringside, while you two have to sit back here and watch on the television. Too bad, so sad!

Dangerous Dan: Yeah, yeah.

*As Dangerous Dan and Brendon argue over the results of the arm wrestling contest, we fade out.*

*We come back from the break in the backstage area. Madyson and Britney are walking down the hallway laughing and talking girl stuff, when out of nowhere a voice is heard from behind them.*

Voice: Hey Madyson! Where you going toots.

*Unfortunately Madyson recognizes the voice as she turns around to find Landon Chase standing behind her. He has a smile on his face and seems to be staring at her… well, that is definitely not her face.*

Madyson: What the hell do you want Landon?

*Landon steps closer to Madyson not taking his eyes off her, but apparently seems to be gawking at Britney as well.*

Landon Chase: You and I have some unfinished business to take care of. I see the way you look at me whenever I walk by. I saw how much fun you had a couple of weeks ago when I was chasing you around the building. I know and you know that you secretly think I am HOT and you know that you want me. And I see you have a little friend that could join in too.

*Madyson and Britney stare at each other rolling their eyes, and giving off one of those 'are you kidding me' type looks to each other. *

Madyson: Okay first off, eww. Secondly, you have nothing 'big' enough for me that I want. Besides from what I saw and heard this week, it seems like you like it a little on the 'freaky' side and with guys. So, I will pass. FREAK!!!

Landon Chase: Hey, I'm not gay and I don't like dudes. I enjoyed the camping trip a little bit, but still I don't like dudes.

Madyson: Sorry, but if I want to date a guy, I will find one that actually has something between his legs, and is not...well...YOU!!! C'mon on Britney, let me show you where the REAL men are.

*Madyson and Britney turn and head the way they were, leaving Landon fuming over her comments. However, there seems to be a little smirk on his face. He mumbles to himself.*

Landon Chase: This isn't over yet Madyson!

*Chase turns and leaves, as we cut away from him and head back to ringside.*

Jones: Landon Chase has really been obsessed with Madyson over the last month.

Hood: He just appreciates the finer things in life,

Rockwell: I’ll tell GCWA Security to start tracking him. We can’t have stalkers loose in this place! The women need to feel safe!

Jones: Weren’t you the one who was caught trying to hide in Cynthia Hall’s bathroom?

Rockwell: What?? No, that’s wasn’t me! Honest!

Hood: Y’know, I thought I heard the same thing…

Rockwell: Damnit, I got lost, that’s all!

Jones: Uh huh…

Rockwell: …

Hood: Did you get any good pictures?

Rockwell: Well…

Jones: Wait, hang on, guys… I just got word that Derek Mobley has been attacked backstage!!

Hood: What?

Rockwell: I say the NFB did it! Five bucks?

Hood: I say Aceholes! You’re on!

Jones: I say shut up and let’s find out!

Hood and Rockwell: Ass.

*We cut backstage to see the doctors bandaging up Derek’s head. Cynthia Hall comes running up to Warrick Hill who is standing right next to him.*

Cynthia Hall: Oh my God! Is he all right?

Warrick Hill: No! He just got hit in the head with a lead pipe. Dude ran off before I could get a good look at him. Linchy went after him while I went and got the medics.

*We see El Linchador come running up from the other way. *

El Linchador: I lost him. But I did get a good look at him,

Cynthia Hall: Was it Black Helmet?

El Linchador: No…it looked like…

Warrick Hill: Damn it Linchy who was it?

El Linchador: It looked like Ataxia…

Derek Mobley: I’ll…ow!

Cynthia Hall: Apparently guys. Ataxia might have attacked The World Champion!!

*We cut back to ringside.*

Jones: Ataxia attacked Derek Mobley?!?! I don’t buy it!!

Rockwell: You lose five bucks.

Hood: So do you.

Jones: Will you guys shut up!

Hood: Whoa! Calm down, Jonesy!

Jones: Our World Champion just got laid out, by his own tag-team partner later tonight!! What effect does this have on War Games??

Rockwell: Hey… that’s good news for the President’s Cabinet!

Hood: Maybe Ataxia’s not all bad after all!

Jones: *shaking head* Look, let’s just get to the next contest. We’ll learn more about Derek’s condition soon enough.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Coming towards the ring, he is a wrestler who continually surprises his competition, standing 6’0” and weighing 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Jaiden Rishel!

*The fans seem mixed as Rishel comes out to “The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria, stretching his arms back and forth in anticipation of confrontation with NFB. He rolls into the ring and immediately takes his place in the corner, making sure to keep his eyes peeled for any tricks.*

Rockwell: Here we have a kid who used to have such talent. Then he threw it all away by ditching the Accelerator. Too bad.

Hood: That’s not when it happened! It happened when he failed NFB and got himself thrown out!

Jones: I don’t know, guys. A lot of people seem to think that Rishel is really quite possibly the best wrestler in the GCWA to have not won a championship yet.

Hood: Bull*bleep*. That would be Liam Shayde!

Rockwell: No, Johnny Vegas!

Jones: Edward Jones!

Hood: Huh?

Jones: Sorry, just wanted to throw my name out there for consideration.

Rockwell: You’re an idiot.

Jones: I know.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA Intercontinental, X Division, and World Tag-Team Champion… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, representing Nobody’s F’n Better, here is The Lost Soul!

*As “The Friday the 13th” Theme blasts away, The Lost Soul comes out of the back. The fans seem to mainly be booing, although one kid can be seen in the front row still stubbornly wearing the TLS facepaint. He’s currently getting ridiculed by those around him. The Lost Soul doesn’t stop to talk to the crowd, as he heads straight for the ring.*

Hood: Now here’s a true star! Your Ace might have decided to throw him away, but NFB knows talent when we see it!

Rockwell: So TLS has had a good career. The wrestling business is all about what have you done for us lately!

Hood: He’s going to kick the ever-living hell out of Rishel once again, that’s what he’s going to do! Have you not been watching what the NFB has done?

Jones: It’s true, TLS has been a major factor in attacking Rishel, as the NFB enforcer.

Rockwell: Honestly, if he wants to put Rishel in the hospital, I’m not particularly against it.

Hood: Yes!

Jones: Adrian!

Rockwell: What? Just keeping it real.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The bell rings and Jaiden Rishel and TLS start to circle each other. Jaiden mouths off at TLS and TLS just stands still and gives Jaiden a free shot. Jaiden looks at him and smirks as he runs to the ropes and goes for a flying punch. Quick as hell TLS moves back a bit and waits for Jaiden to be in midair before he charges forward with a clothesline. Knocking the wind out of Jaiden he sends the younger wrestler to the ground with a sickening thud that makes the crowd get on its feet all ready!*

Jones: OW!

Hood: Understatement of the year. That’s why TLS is in NFB because he’s smart.

Rockwell: I thought it was just cause you needed a token freak!

Hood: So that means Ataxia will be joining The Aceholes.

Rockwell: We are not the ACEHOLES! We’re the…

Jones: Hey! (Whistles) Match! Call it! Or no cookies!

*As the two color commentators look at their straight man with a bit of confusion we cut back to the ring where TLS is on the mat now choking Jaiden Rishel by the throat. The official, Mitchell, starts a count getting to a four before TLS finally let’s go. Mitchell starts to warn TLS to stop with the chokes and TLS just smirks at him. TLS climbs up to the top rope and waits for Rishel to get up. Jaiden turns around disoriented at TLS comes barreling down with a flying elbow to the back of the head sending Jaiden back down to the mat. The Lost Soul starts kicking the hell out of the rookie superstar almost the beat of music. *

Jones: Those kicks just keep on coming.

Hood: You didn’t know TLS was a dancer?

Rockwell: What the hell are you talking about?

Hood: He’s a break dancer! Get it! He’s breaking Jaiden by dancing on him! HA HA!

Rockwell: Leave the bad puns to the professionals Hood. That’s Jones’ joke pile.

Jones: Yeah…HEY!

*After the horrid version of the non Irish river dance is over on Jaiden’s ribs, TLS reaches down and picks him up with both hands by the throat. Lifting Jaiden up over his head TLS holds him there for a few moments getting the crowd’s anticipation up. Jaiden rears back and kicks TLS in the face sending the bigger man reeling. Jaiden lands and just shoulder checks TLS right in the chest sending him back even farther. Holding his face and part of his chest TLS spins himself around only to be hit with a standing side kick to the side of the head sending him down to the mat. *

Jones: Don’t count out Jaiden Rishel just yet folks. He’s just full of surprises.

Hood: Like a piñata? GET THE PRESENTS!! BREAK HIM APART!!!

Jones:…no comment Adrian?

Rockwell:…Should I do a hat dance?

Jones: For the love of God no we’ve had enough dancing.

*Rishel gets some cheers from the fans as he picks up TLS and spinebusts him in the middle of the ring. It’s a strange sort of match fan wise because both men have their fans and haters. Jaiden goes up to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and hits “The Black Rainbow” frog splash! He goes for a cover. 1…2…KICKOUT WITH AUTHORITY by TLS. He gets up and meets Jaiden’s fist the hard way as Jaiden got up quicker to hit TLS with a straight jab. TLS responds with his own jab and now both men are duking it out with rights and lefts like its Ali vs. Foreman! The fans go nuts cheering or booing at each punch making a very strange sound for an audience to have created during a wrestling show. *

Jones: These fans are having a hard time picking a favorite.

Hood: TLS! Duh! He’s the best wrestler ever!

Rockwell: What about “The Great One”?

Hood: Err…he’s not on the roster.

Rockwell: What about Demarco?

Hood: He’s great too.

Rockwell: What about Shayde and Chase?

Hood: Awesome as well.

Jones: Someone picked a favorite.

Rockwell: I think you’re gonna have to apologize to the boys from the camping trip.

Hood: SHUT UP!

*Both men are still trading punches neither gaining the upper hand. Finally they stop throwing punches and both run to the ropes fast. They come at each other. Double duck. TLS goes for a high clothesline and Jaiden goes for a running leg sweep on the rebound both just barely missing each other. TLS bounces off the ropes and Jaiden stops at his. TLS goes full speed at Rishel who pulls the top rope down sending TLS out of the ring and almost hitting the commentators! *


Hood: Ahh!

Rockwell: (Bleep)!

*TLS gets up groggily after a few minutes leading Mitchell to start his count in the ring. He breaks it once Jaiden Rishel leaps from the top turnbuckle towards TLS. TLS see’s it coming and dodges out of the way. Rishel hits concrete as he was going for a dropkick. TLS comes down hard with an elbow to the back of the head.1 is the count from Mitchell! He grabs Rishel by the face and just slings him towards the ring barrier. 2! Rishel kicks TLS in the shin as TLS goes to life him up again. 3! Rishel sternum punches TLS! 4! TLS headbutts Rishel! 5! *

Jones: That’s a five count! They need to get back in the ring!

Hood: Oh it’s falls count anywhere!

Rockwell: No it isn’t!

*Rishel goes for a wild swing and TLS ducks it. 6! The crowd is chanting it now.7! TLS hears it and gets distracted for a brief second as Rishel catches him with a right hook! 8!*

Hood: It isn’t?

Jones: No. Normal rules!

Rockwell: Ha Ha! This is hilarious.


*Rishel goes for the steps but gets tripped up by TLS grabbing his right leg.9! He tosses Rishel leg pivoting back into the ring barrier. TLS goes for the ring but doesn’t make it in time for Mitchell to execute the 10!*

Hood: NO!

Minos: The results of this match…A double count out! We have a Draw!

Jones: Well no one saw this coming.

Rockwell: So can I do my hat dance now?

Hood: He was so close. He was robbed.

*TLS is arguing with Mitchell back in the ring as Rishel gets back in the ring as well. Mitchell is saying his decision stands and TLS looks like he is about to punch the ref in the face. Rishel turns him around and both men start fighting again!*

Jones: They do know the match is over right?

Hood: They should restart it! I demand a restart! I demand…

Rockwell: That you switch to decaf.

Hood: Exactly! I!...you’re…you’re…you’re…infuriating!

Jones: I am buying stock in Tylenol.

*Security finally shows up and breaks up the two superstars. GCWA Head of Security Reed Shin works hard to pull The Lost Soul backwards, trying to stop the fight from continuing. We leave them behind and return backstage to find Cynthia Hall standing with a microphone in hand, ready yet again for another interview. *

Cynthia Hall: Hello, Cynthia Hall here. For weeks there has been chaos among the GCWA. Three men are vying for the right to call himself 'boss.' Tonight, nine men step inside a cage and battle it out in a Wargames match. One of the opponents in this match is representing Team Roman Empire. The Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris.

*The camera zooms out where we now see Crazy Chris standing next to Cynthia. He has the Unified X Division title strapped across his shoulder. *

Cynthia Hall: Chris for months now the NFB have been on a war path to make a statement that they are the best in this business. Two weeks ago you and Dan faced TGO and Lorenzo Demarco for the Tag Team Championship where you lost the belts. Now, you are teaming up with Ataxia and the World Heavyweight Champion Derek Mobley to battle six other guys in Wargames. Are you mentally prepared for this match?

*Chris smiles at Cynthia wondering what kind of question is that. Cynthia lifts the microphone up to the Unified X Division Champion's mouth.*

Crazy Chris: Am I mentally prepared? Let's see, Liam Too Shay De, won a number one contenders match a couple months ago to face me for the Unified X Division Championship. Since then, he has done everything in his power to take me out, my brother out, and desecrate everything the Danger Boiz stand for. His butt buddy or the man he calls boss TGO decides to book himself in a tag match a couple weeks ago and both he and Lorenzo STOLE the Tag Team titles. Liam has been a thorn in my side for two months now. Am I mentally ready? You damn right I am mentally ready. I am ready to get my hands and beat the living hell out of NFB.

Cynthia Hall: Well Chris with Wargames tonight, at a later date to be named you are set to defend your Unified X Division Championship against Liam Shayde. Are you at all concerned about Liam winning the title from you?

*Chris directs his attention to Cynthia and begins speaking face to face with the blonde bombshell.*

Crazy Chris: No Cynthia I am not concerned about Liam taking MY Unified X Division Championship. You want to know why?

Cynthia Hall: Why?

Crazy Chris: I will tell you why. I have been Unified X Division Champion going on now for almost six months. No other champion but ONE has done that since the reopening. I have beaten Lurrr in singles battles for the title. I won the Ultimate X match back in April against three men including my very own brother. I have beaten Draco and everyone else that has stepped foot in my path. I have several of the big dogs around here. So Liam Shayde is nothing to me. He's nothing more than the scum on the bottom of my shoe. He's not even worthy enough to even be scum.

*Knowing where this is about to head, Cynthia relinquishes control of the microphone and lets Chris have full control. Chris turns his attention and addresses the camera.*

Crazy Chris: Liam Shayde, you may think that you are the next Unified X Division Champion, but everyone knows that you cannot win in singles competition. You are too frightened to face ANYONE in a one on one battle. You always have to have someone in your corner backing you up or protecting your ass. You are nothing more than TGO's little bitch, and when it comes to actually wrestling, you are stuck up so far up his ass that it's hard to tell who is who. Whenever you and I battle for MY title, I will be victorious. I have no plans of losing the belt anytime soon. Tonight, tonight is a different story. Wargames is going to be the match where I end your career. NFB is the thorn in the GCWA's side and it's time that you boys disappear for good. Ataxia, Derek Mobley, and myself are going to show why WE are TRUE GCWA blood. Two thirds of us are champions and quite frankly we are better. Laugh it Liam, because tonight will be the night when NFB becomes the TFD...TGO'S F***ING DOUCHEBAGS!!

*Chris storms off, leaving Cynthia Hall holding the mic. She almost looked like she wanted to ask another question, possibly about the Big Brother representatives, but there’s no chance now. The picture slowly fades out.*

*We’re back from the quick break. Backstage we see Crazy Chris approaching his locker room. He opens the door and enters inside, where we see Madyson and Britney on the couch, Dangerous Dan popping a bag of popcorn, and Brendon playing a Halo on the PS3. Chris places the Unified X Division title on the shelf next to the door, and takes a seat beside Britney on the couch.*

Dangerous Dan: So where did you go?

Crazy Chris: Had an interview with Cynthia.

Brendon: Dude, you had an interview with her and didn't bring me along? That chick is HOT!

Crazy Chris: Yeah I guess so.

Britney: So are you ready for your big match tonight?

*Chris smiles feeling confident in how the results are going to end tonight.*

Crazy Chris: I feel very confident that Derek, Ataxia, and I are going to be victorious.

Britney: We are confident too. I can't tell you how excited I am to be here right now. There is so much drama going on inside the house that it actually feels good to be away from it all.

*Chris, Dan, and Madyson all break out into laughter leaving Britney confused.*

Britney: What's so funny?

Madyson: Oh honey, there is more drama going on around here than you think. We all have our problems with at least one person. Mine's with Landon Chase.

Dangerous Dan: Big Fatord...I mean Bifford.

Crazy Chris: And mine is with Liam Shayde and the TFD.

Brendon: TFD?

Crazy Chris: TGO's F*n Douchebags.

Brendon: Ah..catchy.

*Chris checks the time and realizes that his matchup is a few short moments away. He grabs stands to his feet, heads towards the door, and grabs his Unified X Division title that is seated on the shelf.*

Crazy Chris: Well I have a Game of War to play. Britney, Brendon, I hope you two have enjoyed your time here, so I will see you guys after the match for some victory drinks.

Brendon: Britney and I will be watching at ringside. Good luck.

*Chris places the Unified X Division Championship around his shoulder and exits the room, while Brendon and Britney prepare to make their way to their ringside seats. We fade out from the Danger Boiz locker room, and head to another part of the GCWA Arena. Gentle panting can be heard from behind a wooden along with talking. Behind the door, Chris Cortez is jogging on the spot in preparation for the upcoming match. Revealing his boxing background, Cortez occasionally threw a combination of punches out, dodging and weaving his head as well. Not far from him sat Eli Jackson on a bench - dressed to perfection as usual.*

Eli Jackson: I can't believe you still don't "do" team matches... that's complete lunacy!

Chris Cortez: It's not lunacy Eli, I just can't bare relying on anyone else to help me win, alright?

*Outside his cocky personna, Cortez appeared focus for the match ahead.*

Eli Jackson: You can't win this alone though Chris, so you might as well work with your team.

Chris Cortez: Winning isn't even in the equation tonight... tonight, I'm all about revenge.

Eli Jackson: Do you want a title back?

*Instantly, Cortez stopped jogging and just started over at Eli with a look of intent.*

Chris Cortez: No more than I want revenge for a face full of glass.

*Eli shrugs as Cortez resumes his jogging on the spot. We leave the area behind and head back to the ring.*

Hood: I’m telling you, NFB doesn’t even need to work hard to win tonight! One team hates each other, and the other team is attacking each other! This is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Rockwell: Y’know, I actually tried shooting fish in a barrel once. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Hood: Huh, well, what did you use to shoot?

Rockwell: My double-barreled shotgun.

Hood: Blew a hole through the barrel, didn’t you?

Rockwell: Yep.

Hood: Awesome.

Jones: Back to business, guys. So Cortez seems to think that tonight’s more about revenge on NFB than it is about getting the victory for the Accelerator’s team. What do you have to say about that, Adrian?

Rockwell: I think he’s just psyching himself up, personally. I’m betting that Cortez will find a way to work with his team, and they’re so damn talented, there’s no way they’re not going to win.

Hood: Hah! NFB is the most unified team by a mile! TGO’s a genius for having them camp together this week!

Rockwell: Camp? I thought that was all a dream of Landon Chase’s?

Hood: Was it? Or was it just seeing the future?

Rockwell: … huh?

Jones: Well, guys, it’s finally time. They’re beginning to lower the cage, and the War Games match is about to begin!

Rockwell: Hell yeah!

Hood: Bring it on!! It’s going to be epic!

Minos: It is now time for the main event of the evening. Tonight, three teams will battle inside the steel cage, in order to determine who are the greatest wrestlers in the GCWA today. It’s time for War Games!

*The roar from the crowd is even louder than usual, as the fans here in Dallas know that they’re getting a pay-per-view caliber match tonight. Signs supporting each faction are shown, held by different fans throughout the arena. Suddenly, fireworks go off from the ceiling, as the steel structure slowly lowers from above. It covers both rings, enclosing them inside the ominous cage. This just riles the crowd up more.*

Minos: The rules to this match are as follows. Two wrestlers from each faction will start out inside the steel structure, fighting it out for the first five minutes. Every two minutes after that, another wrestler will be selected to come to the ring. Once every wrestler is inside the two-ring structure, pinfalls and submissions will become legal. The first person to score a pinfall or submission for his team will get the victory and be named the winner of War Games!

*This gets another cheer from the audience, although they almost look a little impatient. One guy is waving his hands, trying to get Minos to move on and introduce the wrestlers already! Anticipation is at a fever pitch.*

Minos: The three team leaders earlier tonight had a random draw to decide tonight’s order. Introducing first, coming down to the ring… he is a man blessed with many talents, including allowing him to have a successful career in the rap industry, as well as building up a great career here in the GCWA… standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, here is one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, representing the NFB… Lorenzo Demarco!

*”Things Done Change” by the Notorious B.I.G. leads the way for Demarco as he comes out of the back, intense. Behind him is his tag-team championship partner, and the leader of Nobody’s F’n Better, The Great One. The two men walk to the ring, with Demarco only stopping for a second to hand off his title to TGO before turning and marching right into the steel cage. He heads down to the second ring, sliding underneath the ropes and standing up.*

Jones: Demarco’s been put in the starting position for his team!

Hood: Yeah, from what I remember, TGO thought that Demarco would have the most stamina. Because, y’know… he’s black.

Rockwell: It’s racist, but it’s true.

Jones: That means that Demarco has a long way to go in this contest. He’s going to be in that cell for at least the next 20 minutes, surely taking some brutal punishment.

Hood: You’re wrong about that, Jonesy. Demarco’s the one who’ll be dishing out the pain, all night long!

Minos: And now, his first opponent… he is a relative newcomer to the GCWA, but has made a sizable impact since coming to the federation… standing 6’7” and weighing 300 lbs, from Las Vegas, Nevada… representing the President’s Cabinet… here is Johnny Vegas!

*”Die For Metal” by Manowar starts through the loud speakers, as Johnny Vegas steps through the curtains and starts towards the cage. He’s got a smirk on his face, apparently happy with his selection. He starts pounding his fist into his other hand, warming himself up for a brawl. The fans don’t seem any happier to see him than they were for Demarco, but there’s still a buzz in the air.*

Jones: Johnny Vegas comes out #2! The biggest man in the match is going to be there the whole time!

Hood: What is Ace thinking? This guy’s going to be gassed by the end of the match! Does he really have the stamina to start things off?

Rockwell: Ace knows what he’s doing. He’s got a strategy in place, for sure.

Jones: I’m betting that Vegas would have wanted this anyway, Adrian. He said that he was going to be looking for Demarco tonight, after the two had their encounter last week.

Hood: You mean when Demarco pinned Vegas cleanly? Hopefully, we’ll get to see that again tonight!

*Demarco’s bouncing back and forth in anticipation as Vegas climbs through the doorway. Vegas immediately heads his direction, making for the second ring, as referees close the door.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And War Games has begun!

Rockwell: This one’s gonna be good! So good that I don’t even mind being next to you two for once!

Hood: Well, I do! Scoot the *bleep* over and make some room at the table!

Rockwell: Ever tasted steel, Hood? I can make it happen.

Jones: Guys, the war stays inside the cage tonight, ok?

*It doesn’t take long for Vegas and Demarco to start going at it, showing that neither man really cares for the other. They’re swinging away at each other, starting things off with a true brawl!! Vegas’ punches seem to be having more of an effect, driving Demarco backwards. But Demarco immediately reacts to the momentum change by going to the eyes with his thumb, blinding his foe. As Vegas steps back, trying to clear his vision, Demarco goes off the ropes and runs back towards him for what appeared to be an attempt at a Lou Thesz Press. It did not succeed, as Vegas turns into it, catches Demarco… and then throws him hard upwards, smashing Demarco’s back into the caged ceiling!! Demarco then plummets back downwards, with Vegas catching Demarco on his shoulder and snapping him down with a powerslam variation!! Knowing that pinfalls are irrelevant at this stage, Vegas climbs on top and punches away at Demarco, looking to do as much damage as possible early on.*

Jones: Amazing!! Vegas’ power is undeniable, as he threw Demarco up into the air with ease! And Demarco’s no lightweight!

Rockwell: C’mon, Hood, you have to admit, that was impressive! He bounced him off the roof for pete’s sakes!

Hood: Ok, I’ll grant you, that was cool. But it’s only a temporary setback. Demarco will be back in control before you know it!

*Vegas has Demarco back up now, taking him over to the ropes. With one quick motion, Vegas clotheslines Demarco over, sending him flipping to the outside. Vegas then follows, stepping over the ropes and dropping next to the hurting Demarco. Vegas, smiling, picks up Demarco on his shoulder and prepares to launch him into the cage wall headfirst! But Demarco gets a grip on Vegas’ shoulder and manages to shift his weight, dropping behind Vegas and pushing so that Vegas runs into the cage wall instead! Demarco doesn’t stop there, grabbing Vegas by the head and taking him over to where two cage walls connect. He slams Vegas’ head into the gap again and again, using it as if trying to reshape Vegas’ skull!! Vegas slumps down, hanging onto the cage, as Demarco steps away, looking backwards. Demarco takes a few steps back, then comes in, getting a running kick that smashes Vegas against the wall one more time! Vegas falls to the ground, showing that his forehead is now bleeding, even as Demarco presses his advantage.*

Hood: Unmatched ferocity by Demarco there!

Jones: We’re only two men in, and we’ve already got blood! This is going to be a hell of a battle!

Rockwell: It’s just a flesh wound…

*Demarco drags Vegas up, taking him to the side of the cage and giving him a quick ‘facial’ against it to increase the blood flow. On the outside, The Great One is watching with a pleased smile on his face, applauding Demarco’s savagery. Demarco finally finishes and turns towards another wall, holding onto Vegas by the hair. He dashes forward, no, Vegas is able to put on the brakes by grabbing the side of the wall next to him, causing Demarco to stumble forward, off-balance. As Demarco turns around, Vegas lashes out with a bicycle kick, knocking Demarco to his back!! Vegas then leans against the cage, checking his forehead and seeing the blood appear on his fingers. Angered to say the least, Vegas gets Demarco up and pushes him towards the cage wall to try and return the favor by grating Demarco’s face. Demarco, though, gets his hands up and tries to block it, pushing backwards to keep him off the steel. In response, Vegas drops to his knees and flings up a low blow, scoring directly between Demarco’s legs!!!! All of Demarco’s resistance is immediately knocked out of him by the shot, as he lays forward on the cage, gasping. Vegas then gets back to his feet and starts grinding away on Demarco’s head, shoving him into the steel!!*

Hood: Goddamn cheater!! Real men don’t hit each other in the nuts!

Jones: Might I remind you, Hood, that Demarco and his allies have used the same tactics to win in the past?

Hood: Shut up, Jonesy! This is serious!

Rockwell: I think I see some blood coming out!

Hood: *Bleep!* TGO, get Demarco a band-aid, stat!

*After repeated grating across the wall and to the next one, Vegas has cut Demarco open as well. Both men are bleeding, as Vegas turns and lifts Demarco up, bodily throwing him back into the ring. Vegas follows, moving a little slower now as the match takes its toll. He has Demarco back up, landing a right hand. Demarco, though, answers with his own shot, and the two men exchange a few hits. At one point, both men go back for a punch at the same time, clobbering each other and causing them both to stagger away in a circle. Demarco shakes his head clear first and comes back with a clothesline attempt… only to have Vegas try the same move! Both men clothesline each other and hit the mat, exhausted, as the 10-second timer suddenly appears in the corner!*

Jones: It’s already been a bloody battle, and now we’re going to add another body to the mix!

Rockwell: Who’s it going to be, and will he side with Demarco or Vegas?

Hood: Or will Demarco and Vegas put aside their differences and double-team him?

*The fans are already turned in the direction of the entryway, watching with heavy intent as the buzzer sounds. A second later, “Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica begins to play, signaling the entrance of the next wrestler.*

Minos: Introducing the next competitor in the match, standing 5’11” and weighing 215 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Ataxia!

Jones: It’s Ataxia, starting things out for Mobley’s contingent!

Rockwell: Yeah, but he attacked Mobley earlier, right? So I guess, in a way, he’s a complete wild card for who he’ll go after!

Hood: Unfortunately, I know one thing: he won’t ally with Demarco, not after the wars they’ve had!

*Ataxia walks towards the cage, although he’s apparently not in any great hurry to get in there. He gets to the cage door and stops, simply standing there, as the referees try to motion him inside. In the first ring, Demarco is up now, wiping blood out of his eyes. He sees Ataxia standing there and immediately challenges him to come in, cursing the masked man, but Ataxia just stays where he is. Behind Demarco, Vegas is back on his feet, rubbing his sore head. He sees what’s going on and immediately takes advantage of it, grabbing Demarco from behind and taking him over with a German suplex!! For a second, Vegas leaves it as a bridge pin attempt, before remembering that pins don’t count yet. He lets Demarco go and gets up, looking out to where Ataxia has finally stepped inside the cage. Ataxia, though, motions for Vegas to keep fighting, not entering the ring!*

Hood: What is Ataxia doing?? He needs to get in there and save Demarco!

Jones: Ataxia didn’t really want anything to do with this match, Hood. He wasn’t too pleased with any of the factions involved. Clearly, that’s showing in his attitude thus far.

Rockwell: What a coward. But as long as it allows Vegas to distribute the punishment, then more power to him!

*Vegas has no problems continuing the assault on Demarco, lifting up the bloodied wrestler and taking him over to the corner. He slams Demarco’s head into the padded ‘buckle, causing Demarco to fall onto his side. Vegas, though, doesn’t seem satisfied with the impact. He works on the padding, ripping away at it. The fluff inside flies everywhere as the metal underneath is exposed! Vegas, smiling, then turns to grab Demarco… and Ataxia’s now in, grabbing the surprised Vegas by the head and banging him into the exposed ‘buckle!!!! Vegas falls away, badly stunned, as the crowd cheers the hit!! Demarco, meanwhile, is working to stand up, as Ataxia steps up behind him. Ataxia starts laughing, which causes Demarco’s eyes to widen, realizing who’s behind him. He spins and swings, but Ataxia ducks under it, then grabs the off-balance Demarco and launches him into the exposed ‘buckle as well!!! Both opponents are down, as Ataxia stands over them!*

Jones: Ataxia has decided to get involved after all!!

Hood: That damn freak!!

Rockwell: He attacks Mobley, he attacks The President’s Cabinet, he attacks NFB… does this guy have ANY friends??

*With no pinfalls possible, Ataxia goes back to work, pulling up Vegas and sending the heavier wrestler into the ropes. As Vegas comes back, Ataxia jumps up, as if going for a leapfrog. However. Ataxia then grabs the top of the cage and hangs on, allowing him to get both feet forward, booting Vegas in the chin!! Vegas goes down, with Ataxia hanging from the ceiling for a moment. It’s actually an eerie sight, seeing him suspended there. Demarco, struggling back up, stumbles over, not realizing that Ataxia’s clinging to the ceiling! Ataxia then lets go and drops, catching Demarco and spinning him to the ground with a hurricanrana!! Ataxia hops back to his feet and turns, focusing back on Vegas, who is using the ropes to get up. Ataxia comes in for a 619, but Vegas rolls off of the ropes, with Ataxia just doing a 180 through them. Ataxia, seeing this, repositions on the apron and springs into the air, having to keep it lower because of the cage roof. Vegas, though, dodges again, even as a recovering Demarco leaps to meet Ataxia, scoring a flying dropkick!! All three men are down for a moment, as the countdown begins again!*

Jones: We’re up to wrestler #4!

Hood: So then, it’s NFB time, bitches!

Rockwell: Who did The Great One choose to come in second?

*The buzzer sounds, with the fans eagerly turning to see who’s next. The boos start as soon as they hear “Your Betrayal” by Bullet For My Valentine.*

Minos: Now coming to the ring, representing NFB, and standing 6’0” and weighing 182 lbs, from St. Charles, MI, here is Landon Chase!

Hood: Yes! Numerical supremacy!

Jones: Huh? By my eyes, it’s 2 on 2 now, Hood!

Hood: What, you think that Ataxia and Vegas will be able to work together? You’re dreaming, Jones!

Rockwell: Speaking of dreams, did Chase make up the whole camping trip or not? And if he didn’t, how the hell does he do that “Ninja Vanish” trick??

*Chase is already moving quickly towards the ring, apparently deciding that there’s no time to waste. Of course, it could also be The Great One’s motivation, since TGO is already standing at the end of the aisle, impatiently motioning for Chase to hurry up. He heads through the open door and into the ring, where he goes right over to Demarco, who has a hold of Ataxia in the corner. Chase joins in, with the two men kicking away at the masked man. Behind them, Vegas pulls himself up, but doesn’t immediately rush over to help. He’s working to clear his vision from all the blood he’s lost. Chase talks with Demarco for a second, with the two grabbing Ataxia and whipping him towards Vegas. Vegas, though, reacts with a big boot, knocking Ataxia to the ground! Vegas glares down at Ataxia, then turns his attention up, but the NFB wrestlers are already charging, catching Vegas with a double running clothesline that puts the big man on his back!! They start stomping on Vegas’ stomach and back as he rolls, working to take complete control of the contest.*

Hood: You see?? Perfect teamwork between these two! They’re best of friends, y’know!

Rockwell: Didn’t Demarco duct-tape Chase and leave him tied up inside a short bus?

Jones: No, that was a dream… I think…

Hood: I’m telling you, these guys are like brothers from different mothers!

*Chase and Demarco kick Vegas out of the ring, sending him under the bottom ropes. This leaves the two men to go against Ataxia, with Chase cockily stepping over to the man and pulling him up… and Ataxia punches Chase in the face! Chase staggers back, as Ataxia nails Demarco as well, driving both men back!! The fans are loving it, as Ataxia jumps up and drops Chase with a facebuster, then hops to his feet and charges at Demarco. But Demarco is too fast, getting a drop-toe-hold that bangs Ataxia off the mat! Demarco then gets on top of Ataxia, trying to yank off his mask!! Chase, behind him, starts to get up, rubbing his head and leaning on the ropes. Demarco has the mask partially dislodged, doing his best to free it, but Ataxia manages to shove him off and turns, rolling out of the first ring and landing between the two rings! He disappears from sight, as Demarco slaps the mat in annoyance.*

Rockwell: That close!! Damnit!

Hood: Ataxia lucks out again!

Jones: I thought NFB didn’t care what Ataxia looks like?

Hood: They don’t. But it would definitely be worth it to remove his secret from him!

Rockwell: I’d pay anyone a good amount of money! I’m sick of the mask, I want it gone, no matter who does it!

*Chase is outside the ring now, searching for Ataxia, but not finding him. Ataxia’s apparently pulled his own vanishing act. As Chase carefully peeks under the ring, Demarco heads over to Vegas, not letting the big man recover. He takes Vegas over to the side of the cage, giving him a shove into the steel, then kicking away at him. Nearby, The Great One is pointing towards one corner of the ring apron, apparently having seen something. Chase, following his advice, comes over and gets on his knees, checking underneath while apparently expecting an attack. He hesitates, though, then reaches into the darkness. He pulls out what is apparently a balloon! He stares at it, then lets it go, sending the balloon floating to the top of the cage. As Chase and TGO watch it rise, though, Ataxia appears from the other side, running forward and nailing Chase with a running knee!!! Chase collapses, as The Great One looks through the cage wall, furious as Ataxia takes it to his ally! Demarco, hearing the commotion, starts to head that way, only to get hammered into the cage by Vegas! As the fighting continues, the timer starts, with another man making his way down.*

Jones: The war continues, with Ataxia using any mind games he can to get ahead!

Hood: Who’s coming next? Which team?

Rockwell: I believe that’d be the President’s Cabinet coming next, Hood!

Hood: *Bleep*.

*As the fans look towards the entry, the countdown finishes, with the buzzer sounding. A second later, “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem begins to play, bringing many of the fans to their feet!*

Minos: Our fifth entrant, representing the President’s Cabinet… standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is the GCWA Hardcore Champion… “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!!

Jones: Bucky’s on his way to war!

Rockwell: Time to bring a little more hardcore into this *bleeping* contest!

Hood: Hey, he’s only the champion until Landon Chase takes the belt away from him!

Jones: Looks to me like Bucky’s come prepared for this fight!

*Despite his loose allegiance to Ace, Bucky’s still receiving the cheers from the fans as he heads down the aisle. In his hands, he’s carrying a steel chair, possibly custom refit to be used as a weapon for this fight! The door is opened for him as The Great One slides near, but then backs off as Bucky raises the chair his way. Bucky then heads in, with the door being locked behind him. Nearby, Vegas has Demarco up, turning him towards his ally. Vegas yells for Bucky to come over, getting a good grip on Demarco’s arms. Vegas is shouting orders, with Bucky, looking annoyed, nonetheless coming over. He lifts the chair up and launches it forward… with Demarco pulling free, causing Bucky to smash Vegas in the head instead!!! Vegas topples backwards, as Bucky steps back, stunned at his mistake. He shakes it off, though, and turns, swinging again at Demarco, who again ducks, causing Johnson to hit the cage instead, jarring the weapon loose from him. Demarco then dives forward, tackling Bucky to the ground and slugging away at him, as the War Games match continues to get violent!*

Jones: Man!! What a mistake by Bucky Johnson!!

Hood: Is he going to help your team or hurt it, Adrian?

Rockwell: Screw you! Mistakes happen… damnit, Bucky…

*Demarco is back up now, grabbing the chair that Bucky brought in. He turns and waits for Bucky to fight his way to his feet, then unleashes his own heavy swing, cracking the chair across Johnson’s head!! Johnson collapses, busted open, as Demarco continues to work him over. Behind him, Vegas pulls himself up, holding his aching head. He turns, sees Demarco working over Johnson, and then surprisingly smiles. He stumbles away, taking the opportunity to rest, rather than trying to save his teammate! On the other side, Ataxia and Chase are still going at it, having moved into the second ring. Ataxia has Chase in the corner now, and starts booting away at him, giving him the Learn Your Lesson treatment! With Chase slumped there, Ataxia walks away in a semi-circle, before then turning back and charging in with a hesitation dropkick! But Chase moves, causing Ataxia to hit the lowest ‘buckle instead!! Ataxia rolls, his legs hurting him, allowing Chase to recover. He steps in and grabs Ataxia’s hurting leg, immediately applying an ankle lock to try and worsen the damage!*

Hood: Yes! NFB is rolling!

Jones: They’re definitely looking pretty strong at this point, especially with Vegas and Johnson clearly not working well together.

Rockwell: This match isn’t over yet, Hood.

Hood: No, but it will be soon enough!

Jones: Yep, but we’ve still got to keep our advertisers happy, Hood!

Hood: Oh, hell no… you don’t mean…

Jones: That’s right, folks, we’re going to take our last commercial break of the night, as the War Games Match continues!

Hood: Son of a!

*The fighting continues, with a shot of Ataxia groaning from the torture he’s enduring. Chase is smiling, his face covered in sweat from the battle taking place. We fade out.*

*We come back from the break to a shot of Demarco, steel chair in hand. He’s using the top portion of it to choke out Bucky Johnson, keeping it set around the man’s throat! We cut away from him, showing the other ring, where we see Ataxia leaning on the ropes, with Chase lying on his back.*

Jones: We’re back, and the action continues to be furious in this unprecedented War Games match!

Hood: Damn you, Vegas!

Rockwell: Chase went down hard!

Jones: A quick show of what happened during the break…

*We go to a split-screen shot, one showing the live action, and the other showing action from a minute before. We see Ataxia managing to use the ropes to shove himself free of the ankle lock, knocking Chase backwards. But Ataxia was still hurting, limping away, causing Chase to size him up and run to the ropes. But as Chase rebounds, Vegas, having been watching from the outside, suddenly reaches through the ropes and trips him up, causing Chase to faceplant! We go back to the live shot.*

Jones: Vegas is now interestingly staying on the outside, while intervening when he can.

Rockwell: Vegas is a pretty smart young wrestler, Ed. He knows he’s already used up a lot of energy, and he knows that the match can’t end until everyone’s in the ring. So why fight when you can rest up?

Hood: That’s damn dirty, though, tripping up Chase like that!

Rockwell: Yeah, like TGO wouldn’t do it if he had the chance.

Hood: That’s different! TGO would do it for the good of the team! Vegas just did it to be mean!

Jones: Oy…

*Chase is getting back up, trying to clear his head, but he makes the mistake of using the ropes to get himself up. Seeing it, Ataxia runs forward and leaps, getting a splash that sends both men tumbling over the ropes!! They crash to the floor, in a heap, with the crowd loving every minute! Vegas, seeing them both down, immediately comes over and picks up Chase, lifting him up by the throat and chokeslamming him into the side of the cage!! Chase is down, with Vegas stepping down over him and wrapping both hands around his neck, working to choke him out!! However, with TGO yelling for him to do something, Demarco reappears, leaving the downed Bucky behind to come over and blast Vegas in the back with the chair, knocking him free of Chase!! Demarco checks on Chase, even as the timer appears once more.*

Jones: Another man is making his way in!

Rockwell: Man, how many do we have to go? Four?

Hood: Crap, that means that this isn’t a guy I want to see!

*The buzzer sounds, with “Mental Health” by Zebrahead hitting the loud speakers. The fans are on their feet, roaring, as the spotlights encircle the entryway.*

Minos: And now, introducing our sixth entrant, he’s a member of the Danger Boiz, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris!

Jones: Crazy Chris is here, and he’s getting the loudest ovation yet from this live audience!

Rockwell: Yeah, looks like his Big Brother friends are giving him the biggest cheers from their ringside seats!

Hood: Did you see that guy beat Dan in an arm wrestling contest earlier? Hilarious!

Jones: The girl cheated, Hood!

Hood: Exactly! Dan needs to learn to cheat if he wants to get himself back some gold!

Jones: Well, right now, it’s all about Crazy Chris, as he’s looking to take this match to an even higher level!

*Crazy Chris runs down the ramp, not even stopping to talk with the two Big Brother castmates before heading through the door of the cage. Surprisingly, no one has turned to meet him, as Demarco and Chase are busy going at it with Vegas and Ataxia on the floor, almost between the two rings. Chris, seeing this, slides into the first ring and runs to the turnbuckle, hopping up onto it. Before any of the wrestlers can react, Chris leaps into the air and somersaults backwards, crashing into all of them with a shooting star plancha!!! The place is going insane as Crazy Chris hops back to his feet and immediately goes for Demarco, taking the bloody wrestler and whipping him hard into the side of the turnbuckle post, sending him flying! As Chase tries to get up, on his hands and knees, Chris runs back at him, putting a foot on Chase’s back and leaping over him to crash into a rising Vegas, taking the big man back down!! Chase, his back aching, pulls himself up, but now Ataxia is there, slamming Chase’s head off the apron! Chase falls, with Ataxia turning to lock eyes with Crazy Chris!! The two masked men stare at each other, as the tension is clearly in the air!*

Jones: What’s going to happen here??

Hood: They’re supposed to be teammates, but Ataxia took out Derek Mobley earlier tonight. I don’t see how Chris could possibly trust this man!

Rockwell: Hell, I’d love to see them go at it! We need a mask vs. mask match between them, stat!

*The fans are intense, wondering if the two men are about to duke it out. But the other recovering wrestlers keep that from happening, as Crazy Chris has to turn and knock Vegas backwards with some punches, while Demarco grabs Ataxia from behind, inspiring another brawl. Chase, hurting, slowly pulls himself up, taking his time. Meanwhile, Bucky Johnson is still down on the other side, having rolled onto his side. He’s got a sick-looking cut in his forehead, spewing blood. We go back to Chris and Vegas, with Crazy Chris sending Vegas into the first ring. Chris goes up as well, catapulting himself over the top rope and dropping a leg across Vegas’ throat! Chris then turns and goes to the turnbuckle again, preparing to leap. Unfortunately for Chris, Chase is back up, as he jumps onto the apron and nails Chris from behind, making him flip off the ‘buckle and crash hard to the floor!! Chase enters the ring as well, going after both Chris and Vegas, even as Ataxia and Demarco are still going at it on the other side.*

Hood: C’mon, Chase!

Rockwell: Guy just loves to attack from behind, doesn’t he?

Hood: It’s the best position, Adrian! Once you go back, you never go… er… never mind, that doesn’t work… I need another take…

Jones: Huh? This isn’t a taped show, Hood, this is live!

Hood: *Bleep!*

Jones: Thankfully, it IS time-delayed to allow our censors to do their jobs.

Rockwell: Hey, censor! *Bleep* your *bleeping* *bleep* off!

Jones: …

*We see the two Big Brother candidates on the outside, looking a little nervous for the man who brought them here. In the ring, Chase has Crazy Chris in the corner, punching away at him. Chase then lifts Chris onto the ‘buckle, setting him up for a superplex! Unfortunately, the cage roof is a little short for that, as Chris’ legs hit the top of the cage, allowing him to push off!! The two men crash down to the mat, with Chris landing on top!! He flattens Chase with his weight, and then starts to get up… only to get a boot to the side of the head, courtesy of Vegas! Vegas then leans over Chris and puts a knee into his back, grinding away! We cut away to the other side, where Demarco has retaken control on Ataxia, thanks to a well-placed low blow! He pushes Ataxia hard into the cage, grabbing at his hands. It’s unclear what he’s doing at first, but then the plan is laid clear as TGO is suddenly there, getting Ataxia’s hands from the outside. With Ataxia’s hands sticking through the cage wall, TGO gets a roll out and starts wrapping them with duct tape!!! The fans are booing, even as Ataxia struggles, realizing that he’s been trapped!*

Jones: Ataxia’s been immobilized!!

Rockwell: As expected, TGO is personally getting involved when he should be minding his own business! Security!!

Hood: Once again, we prove that duct tape is the single greatest tool known to man!

*With Ataxia temporarily out of his hair, Demarco stumbles back over to the ring, rolling inside. Vegas sees him coming, though, and drops Chris to head over to him. The two men exchange rights, showing that, despite their having been in the ring for a long time now, they still have a lot left in the tanks. Vegas gets a knee to the gut, allowing him to take control. He sets Demarco up in the center, preparing him for a powerbomb!! But before he can lift Demarco up, Vegas is grabbed from behind by Chase! Vegas shrugs Chase off, but Demarco lashes out with a low blow, freeing himself!! Vegas stumbles back, gasping, as Demarco, smiling, goes to the ropes to get some momentum. Unfortunately for him, Bucky Johnson chooses this moment to try and get back involved, getting on the apron. Demarco inadvertently collides with him, sending Bucky flying into the cage!! Demarco holds his side, hurt from the collision, as once more, the timer appears in the lower-right corner of the screen!*

Hood: Stay down, Bucky! You’ll live longer!

Rockwell: So who’s next? Oh, wait…

Hood: That’s right, it’s our turn again!! Here comes the pain!

Jones: Payne? The Payne Brothers retired long ago!

Hood: No, Jones, I mean… never mind, just look!

*As the timer hits, the fans turn expectantly towards the entryway. It’s not who they want to see, though, as “I’m Bad” by The Last Vegas hits the speakers!! The boos follow shortly thereafter.*

Minos: Next, our seventh entrant, representing Nobody’s F’n Better… standing 6’1” and weighing 227 lbs, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, here is Liam Shayde!

Hood: Oh, yeah!! NFB’s united once again!

Rockwell: I’ll admit, having someone like Shayde in this late in the match is worrisome. But I still have faith… at least in Vegas and Cortez…

Jones: Shayde’s been given the prime entry position by TGO! Will he show that he’s worthy of it?

*Shayde, unlike other members in the match, walks calmly down the aisle. The Great One is waiting for him, handing something off to the wrestler. Shayde takes it willingly and steps in, showing that he’s now brandishing a pair of brass knuckles! He enters the ring where most of the wrestlers are currently located, seeing Crazy Chris. The two men lock eyes, with Chris, pulling himself up, charging at him, his fist cocked. But Shayde, the fresher man, ducks under the swing, then spins into his own, clocking Chris in the side of the head with the knuckles!! Chris goes down hard, with Shayde immediately dropping down next to him and swinging again and again into Chris’ chest, looking to do some major damage!! Meanwhile, Chase and Demarco have Vegas in the ropes, tied up, and are pounding away on him, working to subdue the heavyweight.*

Jones: Jesus!! Pure violence coming through by Liam Shayde!

Hood: Shayde wants the Unified X Division Title that Crazy Chris has been hiding from him, Jones. If the only way he can get it is by putting Chris into retirement, then that’s what he’ll do!

Rockwell: Damnit, they keep double-teaming Vegas! Cowards!

Hood: I told you this was going to be NFB’s night!

*The shot picks up Ataxia to the side, who seems to be moving his hands up and down in a regular rhythm, concentrating on it. No one appears to be paying attention to him, as all the fighting continues in the ring. Bucky Johnson tries to make another return, sliding into the ring, but Demarco runs towards him immediately, nailing Johnson in the side with a boot to the ribs!! Johnson topples back out, as Chase makes sure that Vegas can’t get free, punching away at him. Meanwhile, Shayde has Crazy Chris on the bottom rope now, choking him by putting a leg across the back of his neck! Chris is struggling to get free, gasping, as Shayde continues to work him over, reveling in the fact that there are no rules. We cut away from the destruction to Ataxia’s position once again, as he continues to move his hands. Surprisingly, it looks like he’s almost free, as he has been using the sharp edge of the cage to free himself… with bad results, as his hands and wrists both appear to be cut up now as well!*

Jones: Geez! Ataxia’s looking like he’s stuck his hands in a meat grinder or a ceiling fan!

Rockwell: That’s just looking nasty!

Hood: Oh, hell, he’s getting himself free! TGO!! We need more tape!!

*Unfortunately for Hood, TGO can’t hear him. He’s too busy on the other side, rooting his men on. Shayde brings Crazy Chris up, talking heavily to him about how he’s not even worthy of being in the same ring as them. He laughs at Chris, hanging onto the man’s mask from behind as he points to him and turns to Demarco and Chase, as if displaying a catch on a fishing trip. His smile goes away, though, as Shayde takes a sudden shot to the side, then another, with Crazy Chris firing back up due to the insult! He starts hammering away at Shayde, driving the man backwards as the fans roar in response! But now both Chase and Demarco are there, grabbing at Chris from behind, holding his arms and dragging him back. Shayde, pulling himself up, no longer looks amused. He tells them to hold Chris higher, and then moves to the side, picking up the Bucky Johnson special chair. He holds it in front of himself, preparing to blast Chris with it… and then Ataxia comes flying in, remarkably coming in over Chris and the rest of the NFB to dropkick the chair into Shayde’s face!!!!*

Jones: Holy crap!!

Rockwell: Damn!

Hood: Crap!! I KNEW we needed to buy more duct tape!!

Jones: That might settle things, as Ataxia just put himself at risk to save Crazy Chris from a massive shot!

Rockwell: You can’t know that, Ed. Ataxia might have just wanted some revenge on NFB for taping him up!

Jones: Well, he’s definitely getting it, as the fighting continues!

*Stunned by the surprise flight of Ataxia, Demarco and Chase hesitate a fraction of a second too long, allowing Crazy Chris to pull himself free. He turns and grabs Chase by the head, amazing spinning Chase around and dropping him with the Danger Zone variation!!! Demarco angrily grabs for Chris, but now Ataxia’s there, grabbing Demarco from behind and lifting him up to throw him backwards with the E.R. Stat!! All three members of NFB are down, as Ataxia and Crazy Chris turn towards each other, with the crowd cheering. Suddenly, though, the forgotten Johnny Vegas is there, diving forward with a double clothesline that puts both lightweights on their back!!! Vegas crawls away, having used up much of his remaining energy for that move, as the timer pops up again!*

Jones: Two men left!

Rockwell: The President’s Cabinet is about to get a serious boost by one of the greatest talents in the world today!

Hood: Uh, TGO? Got a plan for this?

*The buzzer sounds, and the spotlights shine on the curtains leading to the backstage area. A second later, “Contagious” by Trapt hits, earning the boos of the crowd once more.*

Minos: Introducing our eighth participant, representing the President’s Cabinet… standing 6’4” and weighing 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland, here is “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

Rockwell: Now your boys are in trouble! Chris is dead-set on taking apart Nobody’s F’n Better for their assault on him, costing him the Intercontinental Title!

Jones: I’m sure TGO was hoping that his guys would be in better shape when Cortez made his appearance.

Hood: Hey, he’s not allowed to have his manager out here, is he?

Jones: Why not? TGO’s out here!

Hood: Damn, well, he better stay out of it! Only TGO gets to interfere!

*We see Chris Cortez making his way down the aisle, still talking with Eli Jackson as they come down. Jackson is trying to give Cortez more advice on how to work with his teammates, but Cortez doesn’t seem too interested. Instead, he suddenly dashes away, but not for the doorway. Instead, he’s running around the cage, towards The Great One!! TGO, seeing him coming, immediately turns and yells at the security guards and attendants milling around. The guards reluctantly step in-between, with Cortez trying to fight his way through!! TGO seems smug, yelling at Cortez to not worry about him and get back to what he’s supposed to be doing. Jackson’s there now, talking with Cortez, backing him off, with Cortez nodding and finally heading back around to the cage entrance.*

Hood: That’s right, no one lays their hands on TGO!

Rockwell: What a coward! TGO couldn’t fight his own battle, he had to have protection?

Hood: Hey, TGO was just looking out for the great match we’re having! If he went and killed one of the competitors, it would have ruined things!

Jones: Yeah, I’m sure that was his reasoning, Hood.

Hood: Thank you, Jones… wait, are you being sarcastic?

Jones: Of course I’m not, Hood.

Hood: Oh, ok… wait, was THAT sarcastic?

Rockwell: Someone needs a sarcasm detector.

Jones: Back to the match!

*In the ring, Crazy Chris and Liam Shayde are going at it again, this time in one of the corners of the second ring. They’re swinging hard at each other, with Chris getting the upper hand and climbing up on Shayde, punching away on him… apparently having gotten the brass knuckles! Shayde is now busted open, and if you look closely, Chris is as well, with blood showing out the edges of his mask. There aren’t many left who haven’t been cut open in one way or another. Vegas has Ataxia in the corner of the first ring now, planting a boot into Ataxia’s throat. Behind him, Demarco has recovered and is coming up from behind, only to have Cortez enter into the ring and spin him around. He lifts Demarco up, landing a thunderous rock bottom!! Landon Chase, having recovered himself, tries to dive at Cortez, but the wrestler spins and grabs Chase’s head, snapping him down with a DDT! The fans love it, as Demarco rolls painfully out of the ring, even as Bucky Johnson reappears, rolling in to apparently join his team. He staggers over, touching Cortez on the shoulder… and Cortez turns and grabs him, dropping with a diamond cutter!! Johnson’s out, with Cortez getting to his feet and looking back, realizing who he took out. He doesn’t seem too bothered by it, though, as he walks away from Johnson to continue going after Chase.*

Jones: Cortez just took out his own teammate!

Rockwell: … Well, Cortez isn’t in this as a teammate. He’s here for revenge, and he’s getting it! Go Cortez, you can still get us the win!

Hood: I tell you, Bucky’s having an awful night, even by my standards!

Rockwell: I think someone spiked his Rogaine or something, that’s the only explanation.

*In the ring, Vegas has Ataxia up in the corner now, climbing up to join him. He grabs Ataxia by the neck and turns, lifting Ataxia off the ‘buckle and sending him flying to the mat with a chokeslam!!! Ataxia’s down, hurting badly, as Vegas leans on the ropes, trying to catch his breath. Nearby, Cortez is popping Chase with several right hands, enjoying the impact on Chase’s jaw. He rears back to swing again, but Demarco reaches through the ropes and grabs Cortez’ legs, dragging him out of the ring! Cortez, barely phased, starts swinging at Demarco, driving him back. Demarco, surprisingly, falls backwards, out of range, as TGO, along the side, sprays some mace through the gaps!!! Cortez grabs at his eyes, blinded, falling away with his face on fire! The Great One laughs, then steps back… and now Eli Jackson is there, tackling TGO and fighting him for the mace!!! The two men fight back and forth, with Jackson showing no fear in the face of the powerhouse! It doesn’t affect the match, though, as Demarco, blinking away tears from having gotten a slight whiff of the mace, puts his boots to Cortez, wearing down the fresh man!*

Jones: I hope Jackson gets that weapon from TGO! He’s been interfering all over the place tonight!

Hood: He’s the leader of NFB! He’s just looking out for his boys!

Rockwell: Ace should really be out here, taking care of business! He’d put TGO in his place, no sweat!

Hood: The old man? Are you joking? He couldn’t do *bleep* against him!

Jones: No, but I know one man who can probably do it! The 10-second timer has started!

Rockwell: Yeah, but… will anyone come out, after the beating he took earlier from Ataxia?

*The buzzer sounds, with everyone knowing that only one man could be coming out now. They rise to their feet and cheer… but nothing happens.*

Hood: Hah!! He couldn’t compete! This is glor…

*Fireworks explode all around the stageway.*

Hood: …iAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Jones: Here we go!!

*”Shipping Off To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys blasts into the arena, with the fans incredibly pumped up as they scream their heads off.*

Minos: Introducing our final participant… he is representing the Roman Empire…standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island… here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

Jones: Derek Mobley is here, and he’s ready to compete!

Rockwell: I guess he is, despite all the crap he’s been through this week. First he had to deal with anti-gay bashers, crazy dildo-bruised store owners, and fat chicks! Then he had to handle an assault from Ataxia!

Hood: Seriously, did the doctors clear him to compete tonight??

Jones: It sure looks that way, Hood!

*The fans are still cheering as Derek Mobley makes his way down the ramp, moving slowly but surely. He’s got a large bandage applied to his forehead as he moves methodically towards the ring, his eyes narrowed at the sight of the war going on in front of him. The doorway is opened for him, and Mobley steps right through with no hesitation. He rolls into the ring, with Lorenzo Demarco, seeing him, coming in to meet him. He’s grinning at Mobley’s condition and rushes at him… only to get a face-full of powder, yanked from Mobley’s jacket!! Demarco’s down, as Chase, seeing what’s happening, races at Mobley, only to get the same treatment!! The fans are going wild, even as Vegas gets his own dose, scratching at his face as he topples out of the ring through the middle ropes!!*

Hood: Hey! You cheating son of a bitch!!

Jones: Seriously, Hood, TGO was JUST using mace to…

Hood: I don’t want to hear it!! The World Champion is cheating, that’s all I want to hear from you guys!

Jones: It’s War Games. No rules, Hood!

Hood: Arggghh!!!

*We see The Great One on the outside, pacing back and forth, looking extremely frustrated. He’s been separated from Eli Jackson, but he’s clearly not enjoying what’s happening inside the cage. At the doorway, both Head Referee Bell and experienced referee Mitchell have stepped inside, knowing that pinfalls and submissions are now legal. In the first ring, Mobley is now going at it with Liam Shayde, who is working hard to keep Mobley from nailing him the way he did the rest of the NFB members. He gets behind Mobley, hanging onto his arms… but then Ataxia comes from behind, wrapping up Shayde and flipping him over with a German suplex, causing Mobley to fall to the side as well!! Mobley, having rolled with the fall, hops up and angrily turns, getting face-to-face with the masked Ataxia!*

Hood: Teammates collide, part three!

Jones: Ataxia badly attacked Mobley earlier. You have to think Mobley’s thinking about revenge above all else!

Rockwell: I sure as hell know I would be!

*Mobley strikes first, pushing Ataxia back with a shove. Ataxia answers with a shove of his own, with both men snapping comments back at the other. Around the ring, the NFB and the President’s Cabinet members are resting up, just watching what’s happening, even as Crazy Chris, in the corner, stays silent. Ataxia shouts something else to Mobley about the World Title, with Mobley pointing to his bandage in response. Both men rear back, about to swing… and then both turn and flip off the NFB and the Cabinet!!! Ataxia rips open his buttoned-up shirt, to reveal a t-shirt underneath. It reads “I Aligned With The Roman Empire, Kicked Your Butt, And Got A Cool T-Shirt!” Mobley, meanwhile, pulls off his bandage, showing that there’s no wound underneath!!*

Jones: It was a set up!

Hood: Awww, just when you thought Ataxia was cool!

Rockwell: I have never and will never think that!

Jones: This match is now live, and it looks like Mobley’s crew has the high ground!

*As Crazy Chris comes over, joining up with Mobley and Ataxia, the other two groups have separated to different sides. Cortez and Vegas are standing together on one, although they aren’t speaking to each other. Bucky Johnson has likewise gotten up, although he’s to the side, leaning on the post. The NFB has regrouped, looking into the ring. Mobley flips them off again, egging them on… and the NFB attack, sliding under the ropes!! Mobley, Chris, & Ataxia move to meet them, and we’ve quickly got a massive brawl, with Mobley going at it with Chase, Chris attacking Shayde, and Ataxia and Demarco slugging it out!! The crowd is loving it, roaring, as the fighting spreads out throughout the ring! Vegas and Cortez look at each other, considering their options. They then both get up on the ropes and enter the ring, joining in!! It’s an all-out brawl, with action taking place all over the one ring!*

Jones: This is exactly what I expected! Total anarchy!

Rockwell: Yep, not many fancy wrestling moves or attacks now, we’re into brawl mode! A pin here’s going to be extremely hard to come by!

Hood: C’mon, NFB, take control, damnit!

*In the ring, strange partnerships are forming, as Mobley and Cortez are working together to punch away at Chase. On the other side, Vegas is surprisingly helping out Demarco by holding onto Ataxia as Demarco hits him. In the corner, Chris is returning the favor on Shayde, choking him with the ring rope. With Shayde slumping down, Chris then turns and suddenly runs to his right, dashing in and chop-blocking Vegas’ leg out from under him!! Vegas topples and rolls out of the ring, as Ataxia uses the moment of freedom to grab Demarco’s head, banging him into the exposed ‘buckle! On the other side, Bucky’s back in the ring, grabbing Cortez and spinning him around to yell at him. Cortez answers with a punch, with Bucky firing one back!! The two men are suddenly fighting it out, rolling out of the ring, as Mobley whips Chase out of the corner towards the other two. Chris and Ataxia hit a standing double superkick, knocking him down! As Shayde tries to charge back in, Chris catches him and flips him over, applying a Boston crab! Ataxia, seizing onto this, dives over and pulls Demarco in, locking him into the rings of Saturn! Mobley adds in a Texas cloverleaf on Chase, and suddenly all three members of NFB are in submissions!!*

Hood: Noooooooo!!!

Jones: If any of these guys tap out, this one’s over!

Rockwell: Damnit, Bucky, Cortez, stop fighting each other and get in there!!

*The fans are cheering wildly as the holds are applied, with a shot of TGO hammering frantically on the side of the cage, almost as if he wants to get in there himself. As the NFB members desperately struggle to get free, Mobley, Chris, & Ataxia continue to put the pressure on. But things get broken up, as Johnny Vegas returns, hammering Ataxia on the side of the head to knock him away from Demarco. Crazy Chris unlocks his hold on Shayde to charge Vegas, with the big man meeting him with a right hand. Meanwhile, Cortez, realizing what’s going on, grabs Chase by the arm, literally dragging him out from under Mobley, who falls forward. Chase looks happy for a second to be free, but Cortez quickly drops an elbow on his head, which was dangling over the apron!! Chase falls hard out of the ring, as Cortez rolls in, going after Mobley. Bucky, getting to his feet, takes the opportunity to kick Chase a few times, even as the fighting continues.*

Jones: Nobody’s given up yet, despite their best efforts! How is this one going to end? Any time a pin is attempted or a submission is locked in, someone will be there to block it!

Rockwell: Pure chaos! You have to basically take out everyone opposing you before you can cover, and that’s not going to be easy!

Hood: Damnit, I’m sweating right through my shorts!!

Jones: Oh, man, Hood… we didn’t need to know that.

Rockwell: That’s just sick…

Hood: Like you aren’t sweating too!

*In the ring, Vegas has Crazy Chris from behind, applying a full nelson to try and get him to tap out! Referee Mitchell is there to see, but before anything can happen, Crazy Chris manages to pull himself free after using the ropes, dropping to the side and putting Vegas on the mat. Ataxia then flies in from the turnbuckle, surprising Vegas with the Fall of Angels!!! Mitchell’s there… 1… 2… but Shayde is there, breaking it up! He pulls the hurting Ataxia up and yanks him over, locking him into the Cat’s Cradle!!! But Crazy Chris is still there, stopping the submission hold with a stiff kick to the head!! Chris then heads for the turnbuckle, leaping up onto it for the Crazy Man’s Suicide!! He flies off, nailing Shayde as he gets up!!! Chris makes the cover, 1… 2… no, Demarco races in and nails Chris in the head with the Paid In Full!!!! Chris is down, with Demarco dropping onto him… 1… 2… Cortez leaps over to break it up!! Cortez and Demarco get up, with Cortez snapping Demarco over with the Corplex!!!! The pin… 1… 2…. Mobley stops it!!*

Jones: Man!!! The action is intense!! Everyone’s coming close!!

Hood: I can’t breathe… seriously… need… paper bag…

Rockwell: Here, Hood, breathe deeply…

Hood: God, what’s that smell??

Rockwell: That’d be the dinner I had earlier. Sardines are great, don’t you think?

Hood: Oh, god…

*Cortez and Mobley are the ones standing now, as they swing away at each other, trying to get control. Meanwhile, Chase has managed to take Bucky down and has now rolled into the ring. He hits Cortez in the back of the head, causing him to stumble away. But Mobley, immediately taking advantage, steps past Cortez and kicks Chase in the gut, then locks him up… Thriller!!! Chase is down, with Mobley dropping for the cover… 1… 2… but Cortez breaks it up with an elbow, shoving Mobley away, and then covering Chase himself… 1… 2… no, Mobley stops it! The two men rise up, fighting it out again, with Cortez getting in a kick to the gut that doubles Mobley over. He grabs Mobley’s head for the Corplex, but Mobley shoves him away, then grabs at Cortez for the Thriller… Cortez gets free, spinning away, then darting back, leading to a double clothesline!!! Both men crash to the ground, hurting… and Bucky dives in, putting an arm on both men!! 1… 2… both manage to kick out, as Bucky slaps the mat in frustration!*

Jones: Geez!! Wouldn’t that have been a kick, Bucky winning the match by pinning Cortez and Mobley??

Rockwell: What might have been… of course, the pin on Cortez wouldn’t have counted. Remember, Cortez is his teammate.

Jones: Yeah, I think the ref was just counting Mobley’s shoulders.

Hood: Oxygen… oxygen… oxygen…

*As all the wrestlers are working to collect themselves, Bucky turns and tries to decide who to attack. He walks over to a recovering Vegas, deciding to take the biggest man down first. Big mistake, as Vegas immediately yanks Bucky in, then lifts him into the air, shockingly getting the Pay Day!!! Bucky’s down, with Vegas putting an arm on him… 1… 2… Mobley barely makes the save, despite Cortez’ desperate attempt to stop him!! Vegas and Cortez pull themselves up now, joining in to attack the World Champion, even as the rest of the wrestlers try to recover from the hits they’ve taken. As the fight continues, though, The Great One is suddenly shown, as he’s climbed a good portion up the side of the cage!!*

Jones: Wait, where is TGO going??

Rockwell: Is he trying to break in?? What the hell?

Hood: We always have plans, guys, believe it!

Rockwell: HEY! That’s Ace’s quote, don’t steal that!

Hood: Hah!

*The Great One’s now at the top, scaling across the roof, as GCWA Security looks up at him, not sure what to do. Eli Jackson wants to go after him, but he’s being prevented. In the ring, not knowing who’s above them, the fight continues, with Crazy Chris up on Vegas’ back with a sleeper hold, while Mobley and Cortez keep going at it. Surprisingly, it looks like Shayde, Chase, and Demarco have all made their way out of the ring at different points. Above the fighting, The Great One yanks something out of his pocket and drops it through a slot in the top… and a gray, dark smoke starts filling the ring!!*

Rockwell: *BLEEP!!* What the *bleep* is that gas??

Jones: That’s taking things way too far!!! A smoke bomb???

Hood: War is Hell, boys… WAR IS HELL!!!

*The smoke covers the area, with the wrestlers moving away from it, hacking away. It’s hard to see for a few moments, although we can see Liam Shayde moving around one side of the current ring, with a cloth wrapped around his face. As the smoke clears, we see Shayde manage to pull Mobley out, keeping him involved, as Chase, on the other side, does the same to Cortez. In the ring, Vegas is down, hacking his lungs out, with Crazy Chris laying near him. Ataxia has fallen to the outside. In the middle, we see Bucky Johnson, desperately trying to get up, with the bomb spewing right next to him. He’s, unfortunately, in the perfect position, as Demarco flies in, nailing him in the head with the Paid In Full!!! Demarco kicks away the smoke bomb towards the other wrestlers, then makes the cover, with Head Referee Bell, coughing away, entering to make the count… 1… Mobley struggles to get in, pushing Shayde into the wall… 2… Mobley dives through, only a few inches away… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners…. Landon Chase, Lorenzo Demarco, & Liam Shayde… Nobody’s F’n Better!

Hood: HAH HAH HAH HAH!!! Dear God, I need a drink!!!

Rockwell: Damnit, *bleepers*, cheating sons of bitches…

Jones: Man, my eyes are burning… what the hell was that??

Hood: It was brilliance, guys, pure and simple!! NFB lives up to their name!!!

Rockwell: I knew TGO wouldn’t play fair, but damn, he took it too far!! We have members of the audience in tears, and not because of the winners or losers! He just endangered our audience!

Hood: Oh, wah wah… they’ll be fine, just put some eye drops in or something… what matters is that TGO wins!

*TGO, still on top of the cage, is laughing at the ending, knowing that they’ve taken a major step tonight. The cage door is now open, and Demarco, Chase, and Shayde have worked their way out, avoiding any last minute retribution. Mobley, for one, looks seriously pissed off, standing nearby where Crazy Chris is still trying to recover from his exposure. Vegas has moved to the side, still a bloody mess, yet looking like he could fight some more. Cortez is hammering on the side of the cage, with Eli on the other side, trying to calm him. Ataxia, though, has moved to the ring, a mic in hand (who knows where he got it from).*


*The NFB turns to Ataxia. TGO’s still above, looking down at the masked man. Ataxia points up to him and smiles.*

Ataxia: You got away with one this time. Bravo. But next week, it’s a different story!

*TGO laughs, not really caring after their big victory. We see Demarco, Chase, and Shayde shaking their heads as well.*

Ataxia: One of you has me in a match next week. A lumberjack match! And who it is…is on the tron.

*The NFB are laughing until they see who is on the tron. It’s a picture of…TREVOR KENT!*

Jones: The Great One is taking on Ataxia next week?

Hood: They can’t do that he’s the CEO of the company!

Rockwell: Apparently Ataxia got it approved. Wait to go Ace!

Jones: And Lurrr.

Hood: They can’t do this!

*TGO is immediately ticked off, yelling down at the man. But there are no mics up there for him to use to state his opinion of the matter.*

Ataxia: Before you start…Let me make one thing damn clear to you. You’re not getting out of this. You are one half of the world tag team champions. That means that you are a active competitor in GCWA! CEO or not you are a wrestler on the books. That means Trevor that you can be BOOKED in matches! Since you want to stick your nose into my business I figured it’s only fair that I let you face the full wraith of what you have unleashed! At Inferno it’s going to be a lumberjack match. With everybody from all sides involved! I’m going to at least give you a fighting chance. But make no mistake about it! The lesson will be learned! At Inferno! I am going to break! You! In! TWO!

*TGO is fuming, even as Ataxia drops the mic. The fans are roaring, even as Ataxia keeps taunting TGO, keeping him looking down. Meanwhile, behind him, two men have surprisingly rappelled down from the ceiling!*

Jones: Ataxia’s made a huge challenge to TGO, and now he’s…

Rockwell: Whoa!! TGO’s got company!

Hood: Oh, *bleep*, NO!!!

*The two masked men are on either side of TGO before he realizes it. Before he can respond, TGO takes two hits, both into his side, from heavy-looking pipes!! TGO collapses to the roof of the cage, gasping, as the two masked men get in another shot!! Demarco, Chase, and Shayde are immediately headed back to make a climb up the cage, but the two men signal to someone above them… and the cage starts to rise back to the ceiling with the three men on top!!!!*

Jones: The cage is going up!! Watch out!!

Rockwell: Who the heck made that ruling?


Jones: Man, who are those guys?? Are they working with Ataxia?? Is this a separate attack?? What is going on??

*The cage continues to go up, with only Shayde making an abortive attempt to climb up before falling back. The crowd is cheering wildly now, as everyone watches the cage go up towards the ceiling with TGO apparently laid out on top! We slowly fade away, having gone way over our time. The next shows are ready to start, so we fade to black.*

OOC: Holy crap, that was a long match!

Thanks go out to Ataxia and TGO for writing their matches, leaving the monster one for me. If I had two other matches to write besides that one, this would not be going up on time! Thanks also to everyone who sent in segments (especially the 5 from Dan *l*), as it helped add to the show.

Here's the card for next week:

Friday Night Inferno, August 6th, 2010

- Desayuno vs. Xtreme

- Lorenzo Demarco vs. Arachne

- El Linchador vs. Liam Shayde, Non-Title Match

- Jaiden Rishel vs. The Lost Soul, Falls Count Anywhere Match

- Ataxia vs. The Great One, Lumberjack Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, July 30th to Wednesday, August 4th, giving you 6 days to post your roleplays, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!