GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, standing in the middle of his Roman Empire allies. He is smiling, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title sitting comfortably on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fireworks explode across the stage, as the crowd roars into excitement, ready for another tremendous show. We zoom across the fans, knowing an interesting pattern, as the three different factions in the GCWA all seem to be represented. The Roman Empire, the President’s Cabinet, and Nobody’s F’n Better merchandise is on display throughout the audience. People are picking sides. We head down to ringside, joining our three announcers.*

Jones: Hello everyone, and welcome back to Friday Night Inferno!! I’m Edward Jones, alongside Adrian Rockwell and, uh, Hood, and we’re set for an unbelievable show tonight!

Rockwell: For once we agree, Ed. Tonight, the President’s Cabinet is taking back control! The Big Bifford is going to be World Heavyweight Champion once again!

Hood: Yeah, right. Bifford blew it once, why should he even deserve another chance to be the champion? This is pure prejudice on the part of the Accelerator!

Jones: Last week, we learned that The Big Bifford was turning in his rematch clause, setting up an epic World Title match here tonight against the new champion, Derek Mobley! It’s extremely rare to have a World Title defense on television, so we know a lot of people are looking forward to that one!

Rockwell: It’s going to be epic, how badly Bifford’s going to beat down Mobley! Man, it’s going to be awesome!

Hood: I’m personally looking forward to the Intercontinental Title match myself, if only to see those two clods beat each other up.

Jones: That’s right, in our other major match of the night, El Linchador will be defending the GCWA Intercontinental Title against Ataxia, in what would already be a dream battle. Added to that, though, it’s going to be a Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match!

Rockwell: One of those guys might not be walking out of here tonight, and damn, I hope it’s Ataxia.

Hood: Ditto.

Jones: We could very well have two new champions after tonight, making it a very special Inferno! So let’s go to the ring and…

Hood: Hold your hoses, Jonesy! What’s your hurry?

Jones: Uh… I mean, I’m not hurrying… but… we have a show to do, so…

Rockwell: Yeah, what gives, Hood?

Hood: You didn’t get the memo?

Jones: Do people actually still do memos?

Hood: Seriously? I’m the only one that knows tonight is Ace Appreciation Night?

Jones: What??

Rockwell: Really? I mean, Ace deserves it for sure, but I think I would have heard about it before you, Hood.

Hood: Can I help it if you’re out of the loop? Besides, I personally know the organizers of the event.

Jones: The organizers?

Rockwell: Ah, hell…

Hood: Yep, and they’re standing by now, so let’s go over to them!

*We cut away from ringside and head backstage. We’re in a semi-large room with the Nobody’s F’n Better banner in the background. The Great One is standing on front of the camera, with the rest of the NFB around. The fans boo at the sight but The Great One seems to be unaffected by it.*

The Great One: Tonight I would like to talk about something serious. I want to talk about Ace, and how we in the NFB have, well, we've seen him in a bad light. We've called him many things, and have made many accusations. But the truth of the matter is . . . Ace is a visionary, a leader of men a creative mastermind, that we should all take a moment to appreciate. Which is what we will do tonight. Tonight I, and the rest of the NFB, officially declare this . . . Ace Appreciation night . . .

*As he says this Chase, TLS, Shayde, and Demarco all come into view with smiles on their faces. They clear their throats and sing . . .*


*The camera lowers itself to show a midget Ace extending his arms and finishing the song.*


*Lorenzo Demarco and Liam Shayde both kick the Midget Ace and he falls down to the ground.*

The Great One: Was that really necessary?

Lorenzo Demarco: He was a bit off key.

Liam Shayde: He ruined the whole moment.

*The group disbands as the midget Ace stays flat on the ground. We head back to ringside.*

Hood: Dumb midgets, always ruining stuff around here. Don’t even get me started on The Little Guy!

Rockwell: So you really think Ace is going to believe you guys are sincere? This is horse*bleep*!

Hood: Hey, now, give us some credit! It’s going to be a great night, after all!

Jones: I guess we’ll just see how that goes, Hood. For now, we’ve got Minos in the ring, ready to start our first contest!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is the hardcore extremist of the GCWA, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*Xtreme comes out to “Give It All” by Rise Against, his usual weapons cart sliding in front of him. He pushes it down to the ring, smiling wickedly at the fans who are rooting for him.*

Jones: Xtreme got himself a big victory last week by putting down Axl Lionsworth. This week, we’ll see if he can actually get a winning streak going.

Rockwell: This week, though, he’s not fighting a pushover, Jones. He’s fighting the Intercontinental Champion!

Jones: No, El Linchador is currently the champion, Adrian.

Rockwell: He may have the belt, but he’s not the champ! Cortez was unfairly stripped, and I know he’s going to get himself some gold back around his waist soon enough!

Hood: Not if NFB has anything to say about it, and trust me, they’re going to say plenty!

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, making his return to the ring tonight… he stands 6’4” and weighs 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland… representing the President’s Cabinet… here is “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

*Cortez walks out proudly as “Contagious” by Trapt blasts behind him. A few fans welcome him back, while others let out loud boos, not forgetting what Cortez has stood for in the past. He walks down the aisle, almost laughing to himself as he sees the guy waiting for him.*

Jones: Cortez had an ‘economic’ debate this weekend, when he argued the price of a hot dog with a vendor.

Hood: What a jerk. He couldn’t just pay the man what he owed him?

Rockwell: Would you pay five pounds for a hot dog?

Hood: Of course not! Because I’m American!

Jones: Oooo, be careful, Hood. You don’t want to offend our overseas viewers!

Hood: Whatever. They all love me over there, anyway.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As Referee Trixie signals for the match to begin, Xtreme leans out of the ring through the ropes. He’s reaching into his weapons cart! After a few seconds, Xtreme comes back out, hoisting a large baseball bat into the air!! Cortez, startled, backs into the corner, pointing Trixie towards the hardcore wrestler and telling her to get the weapon out of there. The fans are cheering as Xtreme steps forward, wielding the dangerous object. He’s ready to smash Cortez. The only problem is, this isn’t a hardcore match. Trixie steps forward, cautiously trying to explain to Xtreme that the bat’s got to go, as Cortez turns away from the action.*

Rockwell: Someone get that lethal weapon out of that nutcase’s hands!

Hood: Nah, let him swing away! Knock some sense into that idiot for daring to attack NFB!

Jones: Xtreme will be automatically DQ’ed if he does that, though, Hood.

Hood: So? It’ll be a moral victory!

Rockwell: No, it’ll be a loss and maybe a suspension, so someone disarm him!

*Xtreme, apparently not happy about putting down his weapon, steps forward again, swinging the bat back and forth. Referee Trixie instinctively steps back, right into Cortez, who stays right behind her. He again points towards Xtreme, ordering Trixie to do her job. She seems a little nervous, but she sucks up her courage and comes forward again, telling Xtreme to hand it over. He looks at her, then at the baseball bat, and then back, even as, behind her, Cortez raises up his hand, flipping him off!! Xtreme, furious, comes forward, pushing at Trixie, who wasn’t expecting it and nearly falls backwards while trying to prevent his charge. As Xtreme stretches towards Cortez, though, Cortez steps forward and smashes him in the head with a pair of brass knuckles!! Xtreme collapses, basically falling on top of Trixie, as Cortez quickly gets rid of the foreign objects in the ring.*

Jones: Hey! Cortez just knocked him out!!

Hood: And Trixie just got squashed! Someone, we need a forklift!

Rockwell: All I saw was Cortez defending himself, guys, and he did it in the best way he knew how!

*Cortez, now suddenly the gentleman, pushes Xtreme off to the side and works to help up Referee Trixie, asking if she’s alright. Trixie, confused at what just happened, simply leans on the ropes, dazed. Cortez nods, seeing that the ref is up, and then turns back to Xtreme. He gets on Xtreme and starts punching away, opening up the bloody cut on his forehead. After several good shots, Trixie finally realizes that he’s using a closed fist and says a weak warning. Cortez is immediately up, nodding to her. He turns, instead, and gets Xtreme’s legs… twisting them into the Roots of Envy!!! The submission hold is firmly applied, with Cortez gladly leaning back into the maneuver. Xtreme isn’t even struggling, showing that he’s been knocked completely senseless. Trixie comes over and checks on him, for the first time realizing how severely he’s bleeding. She then stands up and waves her hands, deciding to end the match right there! The bell starts to ring, with Cortez holding onto the maneuver for a little bit longer before finally dropping it.*

Minos: Here is your winner… “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

Jones: Cortez gets himself another victory, but only by using the same illegal weapons that he was complaining Xtreme wanted to us!

Rockwell: Hey, if Xtreme is too stupid to duck, then he deserves what’s coming to him. Cortez protected himself from harm, and he got a nice victory, too. Good start for the President’s Cabinet!

Hood: You mean the Aceholes?

Rockwell: Shut up, Hood! That name has no place in the GCWA Arena!

Hood: Aceholes! Aceholes! Aceholes!

Rockwell: Why I oughta…

Jones: *sigh* Here we go again. Settle down, guys!

*As Hood and Rockwell get into it, with Jones trying to keep them separated, Cortez can be seen, celebrating his easy victory in the ring. He walks away from the bloody Xtreme, who looks to be coming to. Xtreme sits up, seeing the blood on his face and trying to figure out exactly what happened. For once, he doesn’t look pleased at the sight of his own blood. We head away from ringside and go to the back, where the Accelerator is seen, making his way into his Presidential office. He looks completely oblivious to what NFB is planning tonight, having arrived to the arena a little bit late. He nods to Reed M. Shin, who is standing outside his office, then heads inside. A second later, though, he lets out a yell.*

The Accelerator: What the hell? Reed! REED!

*Shin races into the office, expecting someone else to be there. Finding no one but the President, though, Shin turns to him.*

Reed: Yeah what is it boss?

The Accelerator: You see anything out of the ordinary here?

*Reed looks around then shrugs his shoulders.*

Reed: Umm… No?

The Accelerator: Take a look again, you’re being paid to keep me and my things safe.

*Reed looks around again and still can’t find anything out of the ordinary. *

Reed: Uh.. someone put up a poster of Justin Bieber?

The Accelerator: No no no…. I’m a fan. But look behind my desk? Do you the frame there?

Reed: Yes.

The Accelerator: Do you see the ICWF World Heavyweight Title that should be sitting in it?

Reed: … No.

The Accelerator: Exactly. Somebody stole my prized possession. One of the greatest titles I ever held in my career, and you let someone stole it!! How incompetent are you?? Now go find out who did this!!

*Shin nods and heads out the door. He gets on his radio, contacting various members of GCWA Security, even as Ace fumes, looking at the empty glass window. We head to commercial.*

*We cut to a pre-recorded video clip. Nobody seems to be in front of the camera at the time, just a black backdrop. Suddenly out from behind the camera TGO appears dressed in an all black suit, black shirt and a red tie. TGO sits down in front of the camera.*

The Great One: Are we good?

*Apparently someone from behind the camera gives TGO the thumbs up and he starts to speak, his voice laced with sarcasm.*

The Great One: Oh Ace, like I said earlier, unfortunately we have seen you in a bad light and that’s partly my fault. You have done many great things for the wrestling industry and my career…wait, actually you’ve done nothing for my career, but I digress. Ace, you are one of the greatest this sport has ever seen and you have graciously blessed us with such great talent as Axel Lionsworth, Ataxia and Bucky Johnson, without them the wrestling industry wouldn’t be the same.

I have come to appreciate all of the little things that you have done for me behind the scenes as well, for one you have single handedly screwed me over many times in past federations by giving title shots to undeserving people, looking past me, but Ace that is not your fault. Some people are just blinded by money signs and unfortunately you were one of those people, BUT sir you are a great man inside and outside of the ring. There have been many of times where me and you have sat down and had a few drinks…wait who the hell am I kidding? I’ve never been to any kind of establishment with that jackass.

Nonetheless Ace, you sir are the guiding light of the GCWA and without you we would be stuck with just Lurrr, but hell he could have been out of the picture easily then it would just be me…now wouldn’t that be a sight to behold. A GCWA ran solely by Trevor “The Great One” Kent and of course on Kent World Broadcasting Network, oh how the world wouldn’t be the same without you, I’m actually kind of enjoying the thought…

Ace, we have big things planned tonight and I hope that you enjoy them all! Good luck!

*The camera goes fuzzy as we see TGO get up and leave the testimonial area. We cut back to ringside.*

Hood: The GCWA on KWBN! What a show that would be!

Rockwell: It’d be terrible! TGO would just do anything he wanted! He would use his control to keep other wrestlers down! He’d just fire people without reason! He’d abuse his power like no one else!

Jones: That actually kind of sounds familiar, Adrian.

Rockwell: Eh? What do you mean?

Jones: … Nevermind. Let’s just get to the next match.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming down towards the ring, he is one of the newest stars of the GCWA, standing 6’7” and weighing 300 lbs, from Las Vegas, Nevada, representing the President’s Cabinet, here is Johnny Vegas!

*As “Die For Metal” by Manowar starts playing, Johnny Vegas steps out onto the rampway. He isn’t bothered at all by the reaction, pointing out to some of the women that they know they want him. He heads for the ring, strutting all the way in pure confidence in his abilities.*

Jones: Vegas spent some time in jail this past week, due to some sort of misunderstanding during a party.

Hood: Misunderstanding? He tossed a rich mother*bleeper* through a table! That’s not a misunderstanding, that’s assault!

Rockwell: Hey, now, it’s all been straightened out. The guy attacked him, and Vegas defended himself.

Hood: The guy attacked him because Vegas was sleeping with his wife!

Rockwell: And you haven’t done the same?

*Both men look at Jones for a second, possibly thinking about the times they’ve spent with Jones’ wife.*

Jones: What? Why are you looking at me? I’ve never cheated on my beautiful wife!

Rockwell: Yeah, we know, Jones. You aren’t the cheater in the family.

Jones: Exactly! Wait…

Minos: His opponent recently struck gold in the GCWA, and is hoping that he has just begun the road to riches. Standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, representing Nobody’s F’n Better… here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… Lorenzo Demarco!

*Demarco comes out to “Things Done Change” by the Notorious B.I.G. He has the gold around his waist, seemingly proud to have it there as he walks towards the ring. The crowd is booing heavily, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting Demarco’s disposition, which seems brighter this week.*

Jones: Demarco seems a little less angry tonight, guys.

Hood: He just won himself some gold, Jones. That’s going to make anyone happier!

Rockwell: I hear he also got to spend some quality time with his lady this week. Sadly, we don’t have the video.

Hood: You’re sick sometimes, Adrian.

Rockwell: What? That girl’s fine! I’d love to see her come walking to the ring, so that I can show her what she’s missing by being with that addicted loser!

Hood: She’d chew you up and spit you out.

Rockwell: Probably, but it’d be a great ride…

*The Bell Rings.*

*As the two wrestlers step forward towards each other, Referee Logan nods to them to get started. Vegas steps in, extending his hand in friendship. Demarco laughs, then, playing along, goes to slap the hand, only to have Vegas pull it back. The two men jaw at each other for a minute, showing that neither really has much fondness for the other. They’re both getting fired up… and then suddenly Demarco, with wide eyes, points behind Vegas and shouts out “The Empire!” Vegas can’t help but look over his shoulder instinctively. As soon as he realizes his mistake, Vegas tries to raise his hands in defense, but it’s too late, as Demarco is there with some closed punches, smashing them into Vegas and knocking him back towards the corner!*

Jones: Demarco pulls the “Look Behind You” trick, and Vegas reacted to it!

Rockwell: Hey, the Roman Empire is known for attacking people from behind, Edward! Vegas was protecting himself!

Hood: He’d better worry about NFB first, because Demarco’s got control! Hah!

*Demarco has Vegas by the head now, and runs out of the corner, jumping up and dropping with a running bulldog. Vegas twitches, stunned, as Demarco works to roll him over to go for a cover. He only gets a 1 count, though, as Vegas has a lot more left in him. Demarco nods and gets up, pulling Vegas to his feet. He wasn’t expecting an easy win. Instead, Demarco shoves Vegas’ hair into his face, blinding him temporarily, and then steps back to get some distance. He comes back with a leaping clothesline, no, Vegas catches him and turns it into a Rock Bottom!! Vegas then throws the hair out of his face, clearing his vision, before then diving onto Demarco to try and hold him down. Referee Logan is there… 1… 2.. but Demarco easily kicks out in time. Vegas, growling, pulls Demarco back up and takes him to the ropes, as the fight continues.*

Jones: Vegas has looked pretty good so far in his GCWA career. His only loss came in a “Gauntlet” Match, after defeating two other men.

Hood: And who did he lose to? NFB! This is just going to be another win for us here tonight!

Rockwell: Yeah, but this time, Vegas isn’t exhausted! He’s fresh, and Demarco’s going to learn what happens when you fight a fresh Vegas!

Hood: It won’t matter! Demarco’s a champion! Vegas can’t stand against that!

Jones: I guess I’ll have to be the impartial one in this contest.

*Vegas shoots Demarco across the ring, sending him rebounding against the other side. As Demarco returns, Vegas runs at him, jumping up for a bicycle kick! But Demarco slides like a baserunner going into home plate, going underneath Vegas’ foot! Before Vegas can figure out what just happened, Demarco’s up and behind him, grabbing him and twisting him down into a roll-up! Demarco clearly has a grip of Vegas’ trunks as Referee Logan slides in, not seeing it… 1… 2… but Vegas is able to kick out! Demarco is immediately in Logan’s face, wanting a quicker count, with Logan angrily snapping back at him. Meanwhile, Vegas, getting himself back up, seizes on the opportunity and latches onto Demarco from behind, getting his own roll-up!! This time it’s Vegas who is using the illegal tactics, as he has a handful of fabric during the count… 1… 2… but Logan stops, seeing the grip! He calls for the break, now getting in Vegas’ face, as Demarco manages to roll away.*

Hood: What a cheater! He should be disqualified!

Jones: Which one?

Hood: Vegas, of course!

Rockwell: What? Demarco was the one who tried to cheat first! Vegas was just responding to what was done to him!

Hood: Did the ref see anything illegal about what Demarco did? No! So it wasn’t cheating!

Jones: Well, at least both of you can admit that Demarco and Vegas are both willing to go outside the rules in order to win. You could almost say they have a lot in common.

Hood: Nope.

Rockwell: Not a thing.

Jones: *Sigh*.

*Both men are back up now, with Vegas getting a couple of punches in order to get Demarco back into a corner. But as Vegas reaches down to try and lift Demarco onto the ‘buckle, Demarco goes to the eyes, blinding him. Vegas staggers back, as Demarco gets himself onto the second turnbuckle and leaps off, getting a double axehandle shot! Vegas drops to the mat, stunned, with Demarco circling around him. As Vegas works to get up, Demarco comes in from behind, wrapping both arms around Vegas’ head to apply a sleeper hold!! Vegas is immediately struggling for air as the hold is synched in tight. Referee Logan stays close, waiting to see what happens, even as Vegas tries to break free. He drives both men backwards, shoving hard, possibly to try and smash Demarco into the corner. But he’s offline, as the men hit the ropes instead… and fall through, dropping to the outside!! Both men are down, with the fans cheering their hard landing.*

Hood: *Bleep!*

Rockwell: Damn!

Jones: Wow! They both just flew through those ropes! Will this one surprisingly end in a double countout!

Hood: Get up, Lorenzo!

Rockwell: C’mon, Johnny!

*Referee Logan starts his count, slowly working his way upwards, as both men are working to get back to their feet on the outside. Demarco recovers first, catching Vegas under the chin with an elbow. Vegas falls back against the guardrail in a sitting position, catching Demarco’s eye. He starts to run in, possibly thinking about the Paid In Full, but Vegas manages to get a leg up and catch Demarco low, sending him flying backwards!! Since Demarco’s momentum was the controlling factor, Referee Logan keeps the match going, even as Vegas gets back up. He pulls Demarco up and with a great show of strength, lifts Demarco into the air, giving him a gorilla press slam back into the ring!! Vegas then comes in as well, sliding over to where Demarco landed and getting on top of him for the cover… 1… 2… but Demarco lifts his shoulder in time, avoiding the loss.*

Jones: These two have put on a great display tonight, as they’re really going back and forth against each other!

Hood: I swear, Jones, you say that any time a match is competitive. Come up with new material, man!

Rockwell: We need to get Jones a “word-a-day” calendar. He’s become extremely predictable.

Jones: Hey now, I happen to be extremely educated!

Rockwell: Yeah, how’s that high school degree worked for you?

Jones: I went to college as well! For a year or so…

Hood: And people think you’re the smart one…

*Vegas has Demarco up on his shoulder now as he turns towards the turnbuckle, throwing Demarco up and landing the Snake Eyes on the turnbuckle! Demarco’s badly stunned, with both knees on the mat, as Vegas takes a moment to strut. He comes back and lifts Demarco up again, saying something to him before then lifting Demarco back up and setting him in position for the Going Broke Powerbomb!! He lifts, getting Demarco up… no, Demarco flips over him and gets behind him for a sunset flip!! Vegas, though, has enough muscle to stop himself from falling backwards, instead punching downwards at Demarco. But Demarco moves, with Vegas only punching canvas!! As Vegas shakes his aching hand, trying to cool off the sting, Demarco gets up and comes over, grabbing Vegas’ head and twisting into a neckbreaker! Demarco makes the cover… 1… 2… Vegas shoves Demarco off in time!*

Jones: I wonder if either man was expecting such a fight tonight.

Rockwell: Oh, Vegas isn’t one to underestimate his opponents, unlike Demarco.

Hood: It’s impossible for Demarco to underestimate anyone, because he’s that much better than all of them!

*Demarco’s back up now, dropping elbows onto Vegas’ exposed spine. Vegas is hurting, but working to crawl away and get to the ropes. Demarco, though, doesn’t seem happy about that, shoving Vegas over. He sets himself, then and runs towards Vegas as he starts to push back up, going for the Paid In Full!! But Vegas straightens up in time, with Demarco hitting nothing but air! As Demarco turns and comes back, Vegas shoves himself up, then catches Demarco and flips him up onto his shoulders, before then spinning and dropping with the Majestic!!! The fans erupt, knowing that it might be over, as Vegas takes a moment to recover before twisting over for the pin. Referee Logan is right there… 1… 2… No! Demarco manages to kick out at the last second! The fans are cheering, if only because of the close match, as Vegas sits up in annoyance.*

Jones: Demarco survived the Majestic!

Hood: I told you, he’s the man!

Rockwell: He may have found enough energy there, but Demarco’s hurting bad now, and Vegas has even better moves in his repertoire to finish him off!

*Vegas rises up off the mat, resting his hands on his knees as he watches Demarco struggle to get back up. He’s letting Demarco expend all of his own energy to come up. As soon as Demarco is high enough, though, Vegas signals that it’s over and steps in, lifting Demarco up onto his shoulders for the Pay Day!! But Demarco is immediately punching away at Vegas, managing to get him to let go. Demarco lands behind him and grabs hold, trying to snap Vegas down with a backstabber, only to have Vegas shrug him off! Demarco does a roll and gets back up, as Vegas charges at him, only to get tripped up and sent into the corner headfirst!! Vegas, holding his head, struggles to turn around, dazed, only to have Demarco run and smash into him with a tackle, slamming him against the ‘buckles! Vegas takes a couple of steps forward, then falls to his knees, gasping for breath. Demarco, meanwhile, hits the ropes and runs back towards him… Paid In Full!!!! Vegas is down, with Demarco turning him over for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Lorenzo Demarco!

Jones: Demarco gets the victory!

Hood: In your face, Rockwell!

Rockwell: Damnit! Vegas will get him next time!

Hood: Fat chance of that!

Jones: Vegas had some strong moments in this match, but Demarco’s experience may have given him the edge at the end. That Paid In Full is such a dangerous finisher. If it lands, nobody’s able to kick out of it!

Hood: Wooo! Go NFB!

*Demarco doesn’t hang around the ring long, possibly having duties he needs to take care of in the back. He rolls out and gets his Tag-Team Title, making sure it comes with him as he leaves. Vegas is sitting in the corner now, rubbing the spot on his head where Demarco’s knee connected. He doesn’t look very happy. We cut away and go backstage, where we see Cynthia Hall standing next to Jaiden Rishel! She straightens up as the camera light comes on, turning towards Jaiden, who’s wearing street clothes.*

Cynthia Hall: This is Cynthia Hall, live, here with Jaiden Rishel. Jaiden, you’ve had a wild ride the last few months in the GCWA. First, you joined with the Accelerator, only to then turn on him to join Nobody’s F’n Better. But now that NFB has turned on you, you’re more of a lone wolf, appearing surprisingly last week to help up Ataxia in a fight with your former stablemates. So I have to ask, what’s next for Jaiden Rishel?

Jaiden Rishel: Well, Cynthia, I’m going to…

*Before Jaiden can even begin to explain what he’s thinking about his future, he’s suddenly attacked from behind, sending him flying into the cameraman!! It’s pure chaos for a minute, as the camera shows us shots of the ceiling, the carpet, and everything in between. Cynthia Hall can be heard screaming as she runs out of range of whatever’s happening. Finally, after a few more seconds, the cameraman manages to get hold of his equipment and point the camera towards the side. We see Jaiden Rishel lying on the ground, with The Lost Soul standing over him!*

Jones: The Lost Soul really has a grudge against Rishel, I mean this is the second time this month he’s attacked him!

Rockwell: Well, Rishel did quit on NFB, making him a target.

Hood: He didn’t quit on us. We kicked his ass out!

Jones: Then maybe this is revenge for last week… who knows what could be running through the brain of TLS? It will be interesting to see how Rishel will retaliate!

*The Lost Soul gives Rishel one last kick for good measure, then turns and leaves the scene. We see Rishel rolling onto his stomach, hurting but angry, as the picture slowly fades out.*

*We come back from commercial to a shot of Landon Chase and Liam Shayde standing next to each other. They’re sitting in the testimonial area from earlier.*

Liam Shayde: So we’re here to talk about the Accelerator.

Landon Chase: Ace sucks!

Liam Shayde: Ummm, I think we’re supposed to make it sound a little nicer than that.

Landon Chase: Oh. Ace sucks… good?

Liam Shayde: Nice.

Landon Chase: What else could we say nice about Ace?

Liam Shayde: He was willing to hire all of us, which allowed the forming of the greatest wrestling organization ever created.

Landon Chase: Oh, yeah! Cheers, Ace! Thanks for helping to create NFB!

Liam Shayde: It’s something you’ll always be remembered for.

*The two NFB members turn and leave, as we go back to the ring.*

Hood: That’s right! You could almost say, without the Accelerator, there wouldn’t be Nobody’s F’n Better!

Rockwell: …

Jones: Somehow I doubt Ace is going to be proud of that.

Hood: Hey, he should be! Sure, it’s his only success out of 100 bad decisions, but at least he’s on the board!

Jones: We are moments away from seeing a tag team potentially explode on itself with Ataxia challenging El Linchador for his Intercontinental Championship!

Hood: Two ego maniacs going at it! Yes! Maybe Ataxia will destroy him!

Rockwell: Like he did Demarco.

Hood: Shut up.

Rockwell: I think it's great that Ace made it actually for the title.

Jones: You’re just saying that because you don't want The Roman Empire to have any of the titles.

Hood: Which is true why should they?

Rockwell: I...have to agree...

Jones: You guys make me sick I swear. Well Cynthia Hall has a interview with “The Messiah Pariah” right now.

Hood: Why do we let him talk? He'd be scarier if he just shuts up.

Rockwell: Aww your just mad cause he's your best friend.

Hood: SHUT UP!

Jones: Cynthia...it's all yours.

*We cut backstage to see Cynthia Hall trying not to laugh at Jones' predicament.*

Cynthia Hall: Sorry Jonesy. I'll be sure to get the tech crew to bring you more asprin. To the topic at hand though. Tonight. In a match made by “The Great One” we have Ataxia taking on El Linchador for the IC Title and...

*Ataxia walks on screen. He's already in his ring gear.*

Cynthia Hall: Tax. How are you?

Ataxia: ...Not well.

Cynthia Hall: Are you catching what Biff had?

Ataxia: No. I'm not catching a case of lazy ass syndrome! What I am catching is a lot of heat right now because I am being forced into a match that I do not want.

Cynthia Hall: Don't you want to be the IC Champ?

Ataxia: NO! I don't want it! I don't need it! I don't give a flying (bleeped out for five minutes because no way this is going on television) ABOUT IT!

*We cut to the announcers.*

Jones: I didn't know you could say that about rabbits and monkey wrenches.


Rockwell: Well the censor earned his money today.

*Back to Cynthia, who looks like she's about to bust a gut laughing at the cussing spree.*

Ataxia: ...go ahead and laugh for goodness sake.

Cynthia Hall: Sorry.

Ataxia: Look. I could rant about how much I hate Trevor Kent for doing this. I could rant about how I hate Ace for making it for this damn title. I could go on a rant about how much I just hate the whole situation. Do I want a title? No. That's not what this is about. It's never been about titles. It's never been about winning a stupid belt. You don't need a belt to be a champion, case in point look at Biff.

Cynthia Hall: What about Biff?

Ataxia: Here is a guy who took a belt from a real champion thanks to Ace. Ace screwed GCWA. Ace is getting what he deserves with Kent getting into his business affairs. Ace deserves Lurr screwing with his cards. But what do those people want? They want a real champion. I hate to say it...but it's not Derek Mobley.

Jones: What?

Rockwell: Ataxia is right about something!

Hood: This is the end of days.

Ataxia: Because he hasn't been tested yet. He hasn't had a match that was really worthwhile because Biff was and always has been a little (bleep) who can't wrestle! He just throws his weight around! I predict tonight that Biffcake is going down again and then with any luck he'll go home and overdose on powdered doughnuts! That fat (bleep) is the reason why...ARRGHHH!!! Excuse me for a second.

Cynthia Hall: You seem really fired up about this.

Ataxia: World Championships mean more than just political power. That's something no one in this little war can understand. I'm going to say this and it's going to probably bite me in the butt but I don't care. The people deserve a champion who has fought a legitimate challenge. So far it's been nothing more than paper champions since Draco left!

*The fans explode at the mention of “The Hellacious One”.*

Ataxia: Damn right! That man bleed for this company and got tossed on his butt because fatboy didn't like him. Well you know what? I don't like where this company is going. I don't like what's happening here. So I am about to do something about it.

Cynthia Hall: What are you going to do?

Ataxia: I'm going to give the people what they deserve...So I'm going out there tonight for a fight. At least Linchy will get a good defense out of this if I don't win.

Cynthia Hall: But what about the world title?

Ataxia: Fatboy goes down. The aftermath is what Derek Mobley should worry about. Have a good night guys. I'll see you out there.

*Ataxia turns and storms off, as Cynthia Hall watches him go. She turns and sends it back to ringside.*

Jones: Strong words from Ataxia about the World Title situation. Will his words turn out to be prophetic?

Rockwell: Nope, the *bleeper* is completely wrong, as tonight’s going to be The Big Bifford’s redemption!

Hood: Or his funeral. Either way, neither he nor Mobley deserve the belt. It should be NFB property along with the Tag-Team Titles!

Jones: Well, we’re not worrying about those belts right now. It’s time to decide who’s Intercontinental Champion after tonight!

Hood: Whoo hoo! It’s time to see Ataxia and El Loseador get their asses handed to them by each other!

Jones: I would watch your mouth Hood, you know that Ataxia’s gunning for you…

Rockwell: *Bleep* Ataxia and his *bleeping*…

Jones: Woah! Family show!

Hood: Such animosity!

Minos: This next match is an Intercontinental Championship and it is a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match! First making his way to the ring, he is the King of Crazy, Ataxia!!!

*”Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica starts to play over the PA system as Ataxia makes his way from behind the curtain. The crowd is giving him a mixed reaction as he heads down into the ring that is lined with chairs on the mat. Tables line the arena as 2 ladders sit on opposite sides of the ring.*

Jones: I hope that Ataxia doesn’t hurt Linchy too much…

Hood: Oh God! Rockwell, we have a homo in our presence….

Rockwell: I could of told you that.

Hood: Well thanks for letting me find out myself…

Rockwell: Anytime good friend.

Jones: I thought you two hated each other…

Hood: I hate him, BUT I hate fags more…

Rockwell: I feel the same….

Minos: And now making his way down to the ring, he is the Intercontinental Champion! He is the Mexican from Spain, El Linchador!

*”Hey Ladies” by The Beastie Boys blares over the PA system as the fans immediately start jumping for joy as El Linchador makes his way from the back with his IC Title strapped firmly around his waist. He slowly makes his way to the ring where Ataxia starts to pick up a chair. Linchy shakes his head in disgust as he lets the referee get in between of him and Ataxia and slides into the ring. Right as the ref calls for the bell Ataxia charges in, chair in hand and tries to level The Linchy One, but El Linchador ducks out of the way. Ataxia spins around after he misses and gets a spinning kick straight to the head where the chair was conveniently located, sending the chair crashing into Ataxia’s head.*

Jones: Wow! It looks like this match has gotten underway quickly!

Hood: Once again, stating the obvious…

Rockwell: I never thought I’d be rooting for El Linchador…

Hood: Me either…

*Ataxia is slow to get back to his feet as the title belt that Linchy wore to the ring has been given to the ref and hoisted about the ring; El Linchador is waiting to take him back off of his feet. Ataxia has made it to his feet, pulling himself up with the ropes, his back towards Linchy. Ataxia is turned around only to be met with some close-handed punches. With Ataxia’s back still against the ropes, El Linchador whips him across the ring, Ataxia bounces off and is met with a leg lariat, once again sending him down to the mat, but this time he bounces back up pretty quickly and tries to go on the offensive, but Linchy utilizes his quickness and hip tosses him right into one of the chairs that is laying on the ground, Ataxia arches up in pain.*

Rockwell: OUCH!

Hood: That’s going to leave a mark in the morning.

Jones: I’m thinking it might leave a mark now.

*Linchy spots another chair that is laying on the ground and gets a rather devious look on his face. He goes over and picks it up, Ataxia is still down on the mat. Linchy walks over to the fallen Ataxia and grins. He raises the chair high above his head…*

Jones: NO!!!!

Hood: DO IT! DO IT!!

*Linchy comes down hard with the chair, but Ataxia rolls out of the way. Linchy rushes over to the spot where Ataxia has rolled to and tries once again to bash Ataxia’s skull in, but Ataxia moves once again, but after rolling nips up drop kicks El Linchador. Linchy has dropped the chair but gets up relatively quickly only to be met with a tremendous clothesline that almost decapitates him. Ataxia quickly goes to the outside and climbs the turnbuckle, Ataxia perches on the turnbuckle waiting for Linchy to get up off the mat. Linchy finally does and is met with a high cross body block. Ataxia goes for the cover but the ref refuses to count.*

Rockwell: Apparently the idiot forgot that pinfalls don’t count in this type of match.

Jones: I would watch out if I were you Rockwell…

*Ataxia, obviously frustrated, gets back up and runs against the ropes towards a still down Linchador, he then jumps on the second rope and comes off with a springboard moonsault, and almost hits Linchy, but El Linchador moves at the last second making sure that Ataxia doesn’t his The Reviver. Ataxia is rolling on the mat in pain. Both men are slow to get on their feet but they eventually do. Both men look at each other as if they are respectful of the showing that they both have put on thus far. But without too much hesitation the match resumes as both men lock up in the middle of the ring. Ataxia gets the upper hand due to the weigh advantage and backs Linchy up into the turnbuckle. The ref asks him to break it, Ataxia raises his hands and starts to back off, but decides otherwise and starts pulverizing Linchy with kicks in the corner.*

Jones: He’s trying to tell Linchy to Learn His Lesson.

Hood: The only lesson that he’ll be teaching is how to go to under-card really quickly.

Rockwell: Oh Hood, I hope you’re right…

*Ataxia has Linchy beat down to the ground. He picks up a chair nearby and puts in between the bottom and the second ropes, right above Linchy’s face. Ataxia then rushes into the opposite corner and charges towards El Linchador connecting with a dropkick right to the chair, sending it hurling into Linchy’s face. The crowd starts a “Holy Sh!t” chant.*

Rockwell: He might be dead!!

Hood: Let’s hope not!

Jones: Do it Ataxia! Now’s your time!

*As if he heard Jones, Ataxia goes to the outside and picks folds up one of the ladders and slides it into the ring. Apparently though Ataxia had some trouble folding it up and by the time he gets it into the ring Linchy has made it to his feet. Ataxia, still on the outside is met with an over the top rope plancha by The Linchy One sending both men crashing down to the outside mats. Linchy is the first to his feet as he picks up Ataxia and whips him into the barricade. Ataxia’s body goes flying halfway over the barricade, leaving his head on the outside towards the crowd. Linchy sees this as a prime opportunity and runs to the other side of the ring and hauls the ladder over to where Ataxia is at. Linchy climbs it and stands up top as he takes the crowd’s chants all in.*

Jones: Oh My God! What is he thinking?!

Hood: Whatever it is, it can’t be good for Ataxia!

*Linchy then flies off the ladder and nails a crazy front flip leg drop right to the back of Ataxia’s head sending both men to the fan side of the barricade, laying in a heap.*

Rockwell: I think they’re dead…

Hood: We can’t be that lucky, I think they’re still breathing.

Jones: You insensitive bastard…

Hood: Hey, that’s what I’m here for…

*Linchy seems to be the first to his feet albeit slow. The ref is still checking on the condition of Ataxia, but before he can finish Linchy pushes the ref out of the way uncharacteristically, but quickly apologizes. He points down towards his feet and starts to ask the ref some questions. The ref realizes what he’s saying and then climbs back over the barricade and grabs something. He then hands it to Linchy who holds it up to the crowd, it seems as though it was his shoe. Linchy says a quick “OLE!” and then gets back to the match.*

Jones: What?! His shoe?!

Hood: Wow, Captain Obvious obviously doesn’t know that the shoe is a vital part to wrestling!

Rockwell: Well, the Von Erichs didn’t wrestle in any…

Hood: I could take that comment to a very low level but I prefer not to stoop THAT low…

Rockwell: That’s a first…

*Linchy bashes Ataxia over the head with the shoe right before he puts it back on. He then eyes the gold that’s above the ring and goes towards it. He slides in the ring and sets the ladder up perfectly in position to capture the gold and retain it. El Linchador gets up to about the sixth rung on the ladder while by this time Ataxia has also been revived and hurries into the ring obviously noting that El Linchador is getting awfully close to the gold. Ataxia tips over the ladder in a last ditch effort to keep El Linchador for getting the title. El Linchador goes flying towards the outside of the ring towards a table that was set up. He flies off the ladder side first, crashing through the table.*

Hood: This is crazy!

Rockwell: I don’t know how much more falling Linchy can do before he gets seriously injured.

*Ataxia musters up the strength to go after El Linchador after who has been laying on the ground for about a minute now starts to get up. Ataxia runs towards the outside of the ring when Linchy gets up and starts to take a dive out of the ring, but Linchy realizes this and ducks out of the way, but what Linchy doesn’t see is that Ataxia has hung onto the top rope and pulled himself over to the outside. El Linchador turns back towards the ring only to be met with a springboard moonsault.*

Jones: The Reviver!!

Rockwell: Lay off the Kool-Aid Jonesy!

*Ataxia gets up to his feet as if he has a fresh burst of energy, and goes about 15 feet down the barricade and awaits Linchy to get up. Linchy slowly gets up and as soon as he gets to his feet Ataxia comes running around the barricade and dives off, delivering a spear…NO! El Linchador seemed to have grabbed a steel chair on his way off the ground and nails Ataxia right on the top of the head as he tried to spear Linchy, sending Ataxia crashing down to outside mat face first!*

Hood: I wonder if he still has his head after that shot…

Rockwell: He never had his head, you should know that

Hood: Yeah, what was all that talk anyways about The Great One’s nipples? I told TGO to hire extra security just so Ataxia doesn’t get anywhere near his nipples…

Rockwell: Good idea…

*The crowd is still going nuts after the chair shot by Linchy, but Linchy is extremely focused and starts to stack two tables on top of each other inside the ring. Ataxia is still down on the outside, and instead of going for the title El Linchador seems to be on a mission and goes outside and picks up the lifeless body of Ataxia, but Ataxia seems to of been playing opossum and gets out of Linchy’s grasp giving him knife-edge chops across the chest. As Ataxia gets the upper hand he whips Linchy shoulder first into the steel steps. Ataxia lets out a guttural scream and grabs the same chair the Linchy just hit him with. Linchy’s back is against the steel steps, Ataxia charges in with the chair cocked at an angle so he can implant it straight into Linchy’s skull against the steel steps, but Linchy moves and the chair goes straight into the steel steps, but Ataxia doesn’t release it. Linchy quickly gets up but is met with a chair into the gut. Ataxia drops the chair and finishes Linchy off with a ddt straight into the chair on the outside.*

Jones: This match is crazy!

Hood: Just about as crazy as Ataxia is…

*Ataxia quickly gets up and throws the other ladder into the ring. He opens up the ladder and positions it just right so he can climb up and retrieve the IC Title. Linchy starts to pull himself up on the apron. Ataxia is about three rungs away from grabbing the title. Ataxia steps up one more rung and Linchy slides into the ring as he sees Ataxia reaching for the belt. Ataxia’s fingers just graze is, Linchy gets into panic mode and races up the same side of the ladder as Ataxia is on. Ataxia tries to kick at Linchy but Linchy somehow gets Ataxia into a powerbomb position as the crowd goes crazy as it sees that the two tables that Linchy stacked on top of each other are currently on the same side as Ataxia and Linchy. Linchy notices as well and sends Ataxia through not one, but two tables with a tremendous powerbomb, but as he does this there is a lot of wobbling going on on the ladder and Linchy falls off, crashing into the ropes groin first.*

Jones: This crowd is going nuts!

Hood: These two men are putting it all on the line tonight!

Rockwell: You’re starting to sound more like a pussy Hood…

Hood: Why you sonofa!

Jones: Boys!

*Both men manage to get out to the outside of the ring, Ataxia rolling out in a heap an Linchy falling off onto the apron from the top rope and then to the floor, still holding his family jewels. Linchy seems to be the first to recover and goes after Ataxia. As he goes after Ataxia, Ataxia makes his way to his feet and blows something into the eyes of Linchy.*

Hood: What the hell! He’s cheating!

Jones: It IS no rules Hood…

Rockwell: It doesn’t matter Jones! Cheating is cheating!

Jones: It doesn’t seem to stop your two groups from doing it…

*Ataxia then takes advantage of a blinded El Linchador and locks a reverse bearhug on him outside of the ring. Ataxia squeezes tightly, but then performs a release german suplex on El Linchador. Linchy seems to be out of it as Ataxia starts to clear off the announce table.*

Rockwell: Ref! Stop him!


Jones: I don’t think they’re going to help you too much Hood…

*Ataxia has finally cleared off the announce table and then lays El Linchador on top of it. Ataxia then climbs into the ring and sets up the ladder towards the ropes.*

Rockwell: MOVE LINCHY!!!

*Ataxia then climbs all the way to the top and raises his arms as the crowd cheers for the display of pure raw talent that both men has shown tonight. Ataxia then jumps up off with a 450 splash but just in the knick of time El Linchador moves out of the way sending Ataxia crashing through the announce table from 25 feet in the air. The crowd once again starts a “Holy Sh!t” chant.*

Hood: HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! I hope he’s dead!!!

Rockwell: Where’s a damn stick when I need one?

*El Linchador noticing that the time is now goes back into the ring and positions the ladder that Ataxia flew off of right into the center of the ring. El Linchador takes his time climbing up partly because he’s been exhausted after a hard fought match. He reaches the last rung and also reaches up for the title, unbuckling it from the contraption that held it in place. The bell rings as El Linchador straddles the ladder holding the title close to him.*


Hood: That was one hell of a match!

Rockwell: Now I can go back to hating him!

Hood: Now I can go back to hating you AND him!

Rockwell: The feeling is mutual prick…

Hood: Who the hell are you calling a prick, jackass…

Jones: Gentlemen! QUIT! That was probably one of the most intense IC matches we have had on Inferno in a long time.

Hood: Oh whopdee doo.

Rockwell: Yeah they're both still functioning.

*El Linchador is out of the ring now, heading up the aisle. He’s a little bruised for sure, but definitely still functioning, especially with the gold still in his possession. Ataxia starts to get up slowly. He looks around at the crowd and gives a slight bow as he exits the ring. As he walks up the ramp a chant starts up in the crowd. “Messiah Pariah!” CLAP CLAP CLAP “Messiah Pariah” CLAP CLAP CLAP.*

Jones: This crowd showing their appreciation for Ataxia's well fought match.

Hood: He lost! Why are you cheering for him?

Rockwell: Aww. Is Hoodie mad that the fans are cheering for the guy who makes NFB look bad?

Hood: He isn't one of Ace's boys either.

Rockwell: Yet.

*Ataxia turns around at the top of the ramp and holds his hands up high as the fans just scream out. “Die Die Die My Darling” starts to play as he exits the ringside area. We cut away and head to the back, where we see the Accelerator still sitting in his office. The phone rings, and he quickly picks it up.*

The Accelerator: Yes? Oh, Reed… have you found it yet? … C’mon! With our metal detectors, there’s no way that belt has gotten out of the arena…

*Ace listens for a few more seconds, clearly fuming.*

The Accelerator: Hey!! This isn’t about the locks on my office! This is about you doing your job and getting my ICWF World Title back to me! So get it done, or don’t bother calling me again… or coming back to work!

*Ace hangs up the phone violently, then sends the phone flying off his desk. He’s definitely pissed off as we fade out.*

*We’re back in front of the testimonials area, as we see Lorenzo Demarco, fresh off of his victory earlier in the night, taking a seat in front of the camera.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Ah yes Ace. Gave me my opportunity here in GCWA. Of course, he fines me, threatens to suspend me, and puts me in under card matches when I should be higher up, but never the less he gave me my opportunity here in GCWA. Ace has meant a lot to my career. Not as much as the Great One has been to my career, and really not as much as I myself have meant to my career. . . come to think of it Ace really doesn't mean much to my career other than signing my checks. Well you know, signing my checks is awesome enough. Ace has also given me a lot of encouragement. Actually, he really hasn't. In fact, I don't think Ace has once thanked me for my hard work, or the time I put in with this federation. Never the less, he signs the checks and that's good enough. Ace has also given me a lot of fair opportunities so far. Actually, he really hasn't. The Referee's have been giving me fast counts, I've been put in positions during the shows where it's obvious I deserve better, and really why don't I have a singles title shot yet? Still, he signs the checks and that's worth something. So I guess what I'm saying is . . thank you Ace for signing my checks. At least you're good at that.

*Lorenzo Demarco gives a thumbs up. The picture slowly fades back to ringside.*

Rockwell: If he wants those paychecks to continue, he’d better watch what he says to Ace!

Hood: Please. Now that TGO is in charge, Ace can’t fire anyone without his permission! That’s why NFB is going to rule this place!

Rockwell: Things change, Hood, and trust me, TGO isn’t going to be keeping control for long.

Jones: No matter who’s in charge, you still have to be excited about our next contest. It’s time for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title to be defended!

Rockwell: Awesome! The President’s Cabinet is going to get its gold back!

Hood: I just hope these two injure each other, and make room for the best in the business!

Jones: Minos, take us through the special ring announcing!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!

*The crowd roars, always excited to get a great World Title match on Inferno. It’s clear that there are a lot of Roman Empire fans in attendance, with one holding up a sign that says “Mobley, The Bifford Slayer!” with a hand-drawn pic of Mobley holding Bifford’s head. It’s disturbing, but you have to admire the artwork. We head back to a shot of Minos.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger… he is one of the most recognizable veterans in the world of sports entertainment, and is a former World Champion… standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs… from Columbus, Ohio… representing the President’s Cabinet… here is The Big Bifford!

*The fans are already heavily booing as The Big Bifford walks out to “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. He seems to have a strut about him tonight, signaling to the camera as he walks by that the belt will soon be back around his enormous waist. It takes a minute or two, but Bifford finally reaches the ring and pulls himself in.*

Rockwell: Tonight, we get to see one of the greatest wrongs in professional wrestling history set right!

Jones: Although Derek Mobley defeated The Big Bifford cleanly at Capital Punishment III, there has definitely been an aura of controversy around the win.

Hood: Only from Ace’s camp, Jonesy. Adrian there has been crying ever since Bifford got his ass handed to him!

Rockwell: He was sick! He was claustrophobic! It just wasn’t fair!

Hood: Life isn’t fair, otherwise TGO would be the champion!

Jones: Well, no matter the reason, there are no excuses today. Bifford’s got a clean bill of health, the match is being fought under normal rules, and the World Title is his to take, IF he can pin Mobley or make him submit!

Rockwell: He’ll do it! The Kicker Outer of the Thriller-er won’t let us down!

Jones: Well, he’s certainly confident, that’s for sure.

*Bifford is now in his corner, laughing to himself at a joke that only he hears. Minos, meanwhile, continues the introductions.*

Minos: His opponent has a tremendous record in the GCWA, achieving success numerous times in both the singles and tag-team ranks… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs… from Providence, Rhode Island, representing the Roman Empire… here is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*The crowd goes wild, even as “Shipping Off To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys begins to play. The spotlights are flashing all around the entryway, as all eyes are on the curtains there. Strangely, though, they aren’t moving.*

Jones: Mobley had a strange experience while visiting a rest-stop this week, and…

Hood: Wait, before you get into all the talking about gay stalkers, where is he?

Rockwell: Gay stalkers?

Jones: Yeah, we’ll get to that in a second… where’s the World Champion?

*There’s still no motion around the entryway, as the crowd starts to talk amongst themselves wondering what’s going on. We see a shot of the ring, where The Big Bifford looks like he’s the cat that ate a lot of canaries.*

Jones: This is odd, to say the least…

Rockwell: Hey now, Bifford made it to his match despite nearly dying from the flu! Mobley has no excuse for not coming out here and defending his belt!

Jones: Wait, we’ve got video from the back coming in…

*The shot goes to the backstage area, just outside of where the entrance to the arena portion is located. We see Derek Mobley, fighting off two GCWA Security Guards! He throws them aside, but then nearly falls down, as Arachne appears, leaping onto his back and clawing at him!!*

Jones: It’s an ambush!

Rockwell: Hey, whatever happens in the back, stays in the back! Mobley has to get his ass out here!

Hood: I think he’s trying, but he looks outnumbered!

Jones: Think again, Hood!

*Mobley starts spinning around, going in circles, as Arachne hangs onto his back. Suddenly, though, Mobley stops and leans himself forward, leaving Arachne’s head exposed. Before the dizzy Arachne can realize the danger he’s in, he’s nailed by the Wake Up Call, sending him flying!!! Lurrr, grinning, steps in and starts attacking a security guard, with Mobley stepping up next to him!! Behind them, we can see El Linchador, bruised but still backing up his stablemates, joining with Warrick Hill to send two guards flying with synchronized dropkicks!! To the side, the Danger Boiz have entered into range, with the Danger Zone and the Crazy Man’s Suicide taking down two more agents of the Accelerator!!! Guards are flying everywhere, with many of them deciding that minimum wage wasn’t enough for the beating they’re taking. They start running away, as the Roman Empire and the Danger Boiz stand tall!*

Rockwell: Hell…

Jones: The Roman Empire must have been anticipating something like this, because it looks like Derek Mobley’s come through this without a scratch!

Hood: Nah, I think Arachne scratched him up a little. But he’s definitely not badly injured, which is surely what they were going for!

Rockwell: … No, they must have attacked Arachne and security, that’s the only explanation! Those dirty *bleeps*!

Hood: Way to rewrite history, Adrian.

Jones: It looks like Mobley’s now back on his way to the ring, and Bifford doesn’t exactly look excited about it!

*We switch back to the ring, where The Big Bifford is slumped in the corner. He’s thumping himself in the head while looking down at the mat. He seems to be cursing about “Ludwig’s” plan, bitterly blaming someone else. The shot goes back to the entryway, where the curtains finally move. Derek Mobley storms out, sweating and looking fired up! The fans explode, cheering loudly as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion quickly makes his way down the aisle at a jog, energized!*

Jones: Mobley’s through wasting time!

Rockwell: Damnit, now he’s pissed off!

Hood: The plan just blew up in Bifford’s face. Now he’s got to find a way to win despite it!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mobley’s already in the ring now, with Bifford walking towards him, apparently trying to make a joke of what just happened. Mobley’s having none of it, though, immediately smashing Bifford in the jaw with punch after punch, driving the big man back into his corner!! Mobley hammers away at Bifford, treating him like a punching bag at the gym as he hits him again and again!! Bifford, almost in desperation, shoves Mobley backwards, sending him rolling. But Mobley gets right back to his feet and runs back in, leaping up and flying back into Bifford, knocking him back into the corner!! Mobley then starts kicking, driving his foot deep into Bifford’s gut! Bifford, groaning, twists himself around and manages to stick himself through the ropes, screaming that it needs to be a break. Head Referee Bell steps in, struggling to move Mobley backwards, with Mobley clearly in a bad mood!*

Jones: It’d say it’s obvious that whatever plan was in the works, it couldn’t have gone worse. Mobley’s hard to beat on a normal day, but tonight, he’s enraged!

Hood: Yeah, you guys *bleeped* up, Rockwell.

Rockwell: Hey, the match isn’t over yet! Bifford’s still got a lot of fight left in him!

*As Bifford pulls himself back out of the ropes and starts to walk, trying to clear his head, Mobley angrily pushes Head Referee Bell out of the way and comes in again. Bifford, seeing him charging, turns and goes for a shoulder lift, trying to use the World Champion’s momentum against him. But Mobley saw it coming, as he grabs Bifford’s slightly lowered head and immediately drops downwards with a huge spike DDT!! Bifford’s hurting from that one, rolling back and forth as Mobley gets back to his feet. He doesn’t let Bifford recover, immediately charging over and dropping both knees into Bifford’s stomach, amazingly bouncing into the air for a second before coming down again!! Bifford hacks away, all the air knocked from his lungs, as Mobley adds in an elbow drop before making a cover, working to hold the former champion down… 1… 2… but Bifford manages to escape in time.*

Jones: I think, coming into this one, everyone was expecting an extremely competitive match. But so far, Bifford’s getting absolutely crushed!

Rockwell: Maybe he’s not as healthy as we thought he was… some diseases come back, y’know!

Hood: Well, he certainly looks like he wants to be sick after those knees to the stomach…

Rockwell: See! He’s ill! Stop the match!

Jones: I don’t believe that excuse is going to work this time, Adrian.

*Mobley has The Big Bifford back up now, grabbing him by the arm and delivering a short arm clothesline to put him back on the canvas. Mobley then drops down next to him, turning Bifford over and applying a crossface submission! Bifford’s eyes bulge out of his head as blood quickly rushes to his face, turning it dark red. Head Referee Bell slides in and checks as Bifford struggles against the hold, not wanting to submit but running out of options. He still has his bulk, though, and uses it, slowly pushing Mobley along until he can reach the ropes, managing to get his arm forward. Head Referee Bell then calls for the break, with Mobley immediately letting go. Bifford starts climbing, using the ropes to pull himself up. He’s gasping as he slowly turns around… and Mobley lands a running clothesline, managing to knock Bifford over the ropes and to the outside!!*

Jones: Jesus! Everything on our table just jumped in the air from that landing!

Hood: Yep, we just had an earthquake tremor in Texas!

Rockwell: Damnit! C’mon, Bifford! I have faith in you! Less faith than I had when this match began, but still… get up!!

*As Head Referee Bell starts his count, Mobley rolls to the outside in pursuit of his foe. A countout victory isn’t going enough for him tonight. Bifford’s struggling to get up, holding his aching head from the landing. Mobley is there now, grabbing him from behind and thumping his head into the apron. Bifford staggers away, almost walking into the guardrail, causing the fans there to jump backwards in fear of being crushed. Mobley, though, is there, catching Bifford from behind and keeping him upright. Instead, Mobley turns him around and shoots Bifford towards the post, no, Bifford manages a reversal, with Mobley hitting the post instead! Mobley’s down, as Bifford drops to a knee, already badly spent.*

Rockwell: There we go! More of that, please, Bifford!

Hood: It looked like a pretty desperate move, though, Adrian. I think Bifford’s low on gas right now.

Jones: One move won’t win the match, and he won’t get the World Title with a countout. He’s got to find a way to keep Mobley down inside the ring!

*Mobley’s already working his way back up, but now Bifford gets him from behind and bangs his shoulder into the post again, causing Mobley to stumble around it and along the side of the ring. Head Referee Bell’s count is getting higher, so Bifford shoves Mobley into the ring, then rolls in after him, wanting his chance to regain the World Heavyweight Title. As Mobley works to get up, Bifford comes in from behind, wrapping his arms around Mobley to try for a bear hug. But Mobley immediately responds, stomping backwards on Bifford’s foot to break Bifford’s concentration. Mobley then spins around and gets Bifford by the head, taking him down with a spinning neckbreaker!! Bifford flops around and ends up on his back, with Mobley turning over for the cover, getting hold of a leg for leverage. Head Referee Bell slides in… 1… 2… Bifford kicks out!*

Jones: Maybe Bifford should take the match back outside.

Rockwell: Look at how much Bifford is sweating! It’s a relapse! Someone call 911!

Hood: Yeah, because the fat one’s getting killed by the World Champion!

*The fans are chanting Mobley’s name now, enjoying the fact that he’s been able to dominate. The chant then changes, becoming “We Want The Thriller”, along with clapping. Mobley hears it as he stands up, looking towards the crowd and showing a growing smile. Bifford’s legs are kicking, as if he still thinks he needs to get out of a pin attempt, but he’s not rising. As Head Referee Bell steps back, Mobley moves in, grabbing at one of Bifford’s arms. He hauls the heavyweight up and gets a grip around Bifford’s neck, setting him for the Thriller! Bifford, though, elbows his way free, recognizing his predicament. As Mobley stumbles back, Bifford steps forward and kicks him in the stomach, apparently deciding to just go for it all and set up for the Biff End!! No, Mobley is way too strong at this point, easily breaking free and nailing Bifford under the chin with an uppercut!! Like a punch-drunk fighter, Bifford falls back into the ropes, then rebounds, right into Mobley’s grip!! A second later, Bifford’s off the ground, as Mobley throws the big man down with the Thriller!! Mobley immediately makes the cover, hanging on, as Head Referee Bell comes in… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Derek Mobley!

Rockwell: Well, damn…

Jones: Derek Mobley gets himself his first World Title defense, and he really made it look easy!

Hood: I’m not a fan of the Big Bifford, but I at least respected his power in the ring. Tonight, he really didn’t have it at all.

Rockwell: He must still be sick… I have no other explanation.

Jones: Unfortunately, Bifford really wasted his chance at regaining the World Title tonight, and now he no longer has a rematch to use. Now we’ll just have to see who gets chosen as the next #1 Contender!

Hood: My vote’s for…

Rockwell: We know exactly who you’d vote for, Hood, and I’m not in the mood to hear it right now.

Jones: Congratulations to Derek Mobley. But greater challenges are still ahead of him.

*Mobley has the belt high in the air while on the top turnbuckle, showing it off to everyone in attendance. The cheers are loud in the GCWA Arena, as the fans are loving the new champion being back on top. The Big Bifford is still down, having been knocked completely senseless by the Thriller. We fade away from the scene and go to the back, where we see the NFB locker room. The door swings open and members of the hated stable start to come out. Strangely, they all seem to be carrying presents in their hands. The Great One walks out after them, putting the finishing touches on his ‘gift’.*

The Great One: Tell the decorators to get everything fixed up. It’s time for the big celebration!

*TGO walks away, as we fade out to our final commercial.*

*We come back in the backstage area, where Derek Mobley is walking down the hall with his GCWA World Title in hand. He’s grinning now with the way things went, as he goes to meet up with Lurrr and the rest of the Roman Empire. Suddenly, though, he stops, as a masked man steps in front of him. Ataxia studies Mobley for a second, with the crowd reacting outside at the ring.*

Derek Mobley: I heard what you had to say earlier, Ataxia. You think I’m not worthy of being the champion? If you need me to show you how worthy I am, just say the word.

Ataxia: You don’t understand, and you may never understand.

Derek Mobley: You don’t have to be on your own, you know. I heard from El Linchador what a good tag-team partner you were with him. You ought to side with us, and help us get rid of NFB and take care of the Aceholes!

Ataxia: I’ve never been one to ‘join up’. I’ll deal with NFB my own way… and you WILL be tested for that belt. I guarantee it.

*Ataxia walks off, even as Derek, shaking his head, turns and departs. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Interesting interaction between Mobley and Ataxia there. For my part, I think Mobley proved himself a very capable champion with his victory tonight. Does Ataxia want to be the next one to face him?

Hood: Hell no! NFB has the next shot at the World Title! We deserve it!

Rockwell: No way! The President’s Cabinet is going to get another shot, and next time we’re taking that belt!

Hood: Your guy already failed tonight! Make room for real men!

Jones: Who knows who’s getting the next shot. What matters to me right now is… why is the ring so made up?

*The ringside area is decorated as if it was ready for a birthday party. There are streams wrapped around the ring ropes, balloons hanging from the corners, and the ring mat is covered by a red carpet. The lights go out as the crowd dies down wondering what is going to happen next after an exciting night of GCWA action. "Eye for an Eye" by Story of the Year begins to play as the crowd gives out one of the biggest negative responsive of the night. The midget Ace comes out first skipping down the aisle with a smile on his face and waving to the fans. The rest of the NFB appear behind him. The Great One leads TLS, Shayde, Chase, and Demarco down to the ring. A few fans are even throwing debris at the group, as security begins to sniff those fans out so they can escort them out of the arena. Each member of the NFB seems to be either carrying a bag or a box that has bright colors on it. They are all smiles as they come to ringside. Each one is careful not to drop whatever it is they are holding as they enter the ring. Midget Ace for whatever reason is doing a little head banging in the middle of the ring as the rest of the NFB is looking at him amused. The Great One asks for a microphone and is given one. He lifts it up to his mouth.*

The Great One: Well so far tonight, you have heard testimonials from several of us, exposing the greatness that is Ace. We must admit, we all looked deep in our souls and found that we thought a lot about this man, this marvel, this intellectual giant of the wrestling world. We even brought Ace a mascot, a smaller version of him, who can handle his smaller business dealings.

*The Midget Ace starts dancing all smiles on his face. The members of NFB seem amused by him. *

Jones: I honestly don’t know how to feel right now…

Hood: Just enjoy the moment, Jones! This is going to be great!

The Great One: So at this moment we would like to call out the man of the hour. The man that tonight is all about. Ace come on down and have your moment.

*The crowd stirs wondering if Ace will actually come out. To their amazement he does. Ace walks out on the ramp way with several different emotions going through his face.*

The Great One: That’s not how someone should make their entrance. Come on give him the works!

*The Lights go out as a spotlight shines on Ace. . . .*

The Great One: Now give him some proper music to walk down to.

*”Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me” by TISM begins to play. Ace gets a “WTF” look on his face as the big screen behind him flashes random pictures of fat asses, ugly bastards, and a pictures of Bucky Johnson. Under each picture is the words “I’ve had more sex than Ace”. The Great One can be heard.*

The Great One: No . . No . . No . . that is not what we agreed on. Turn that crap off and give a man of Ace’s statue a song worth coming to the ring to.

*The song dies down, “Man I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain begins to play. The big screen comes alive with doctored photos of Ace as a cheerleader, Ace as a schoolgirl, Ace as a nurse begin to flash as the Great One is angry . . .*

The Great One: HEY! HEY! HEY! This is unacceptable. No more playing around. I demand that this great human being. This idol, this icon is shown his proper respect.

*The music dies down again. Ace is obviously not amused. This time the music plays “Now You’re A Man” by DVDA begins to blare through the speakers.*

The Great One: You know what, that’s good enough. Just get your ass down here Ace. We got presents for you.

*Ace gives out a sigh, but decides that so far it’s all been harmless. Ace begins to make his way down to the ring as the spotlight stays on him. Fireworks begin to explode behind him.*

Jones: I’m a little shocked that Ace is willing to come out here on his own, considering what has happened in previous weeks with NFB.

Rockwell: He’s a brave son of a bitch. Maybe too brave. But then, you just know GCWA Security is set to come out here if needed.

Hood: Wasn’t GCWA Security taken out earlier by the Roman Empire?

Rockwell: … Oh, damn, Ace, what are you thinking??

*As the Accelerator enters the ring The lights comes back on and all the members of NFB enthusiastically applaud him. The Ace Midget on the other hand runs over and begins to hump his leg. Ace gets a “WTF” look on his face again as he tries to shake him off.*

The Great One: Woah, Woah, Woah! BAD MIDGET NO BISCUIT! Chase, dispose of him.

*Chase puts down his gift and walks over and grabs the midget. He violent throws him OVER the top rope as the crowd gasps at the brutality.*

The Great One: Sorry about that, we wanted him to handle your small business, but I guess it just didn’t work out. Now, welcome Ace to your night. This is your moment. This is your appreciation!

*”Stars and Stripes Forever” blares over the speakers.*

The Great One: Now they get the music right.

*Balloons begin to fall from the ceiling as fans do their best to grab them as they come down. The majority of them fall into the ring though. Ace looks down at them and bends over to pick up one. He looks at it with a look of anger on his face. He turns it around to show to the Great One. It’s Ace’s face with donkey ears and a pig nose. The Great One looks shocked. . .. Shocked. . .by this.*

The Great One: Oh my. . someone is going to get fired for this. That was supposed . . That was. . I want my money back . . I’m so getting a refund. Sorry about that, this is not going as planned. But I promise you Ace you’re going to love what we have in store for you. We have presents. Who doesn’t like presents. Demarco, why don’t you go first!

*Demarco nods in agreement as he walks over to The Great One who puts the microphone up to his lips.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Ace, my man, my dawg, my bro, I tried to think of what to give you, to truly express what I think you mean to us all. I must admit, when it comes to creativity I am nowhere near your level. However, after a few nights pondering I finally figured it out, a cake! Not just any cake but a specialty cake. . .

. *Demarco removes the top of the box to reveal a cake. Not just any cake . . But a cake detailing Ace receiving oral sex from Derek Mobley and Bifford kissing the ass of the statue. Thankfully, it’s impossible to see exactly what’s happening, as it wouldn’t get past the censors. The image is put up on the big screen for all the audience to see (with certain areas heavily blurred out). They gasp and boo at the image as Ace’s face turns red and he is obviously fuming.*

Lorenzo Demarco: What? Don’t like it? Damn it, I knew I should’ve went for red velvet. I bet that’s your favorite. I’m sorry, my bad. But you got to admit . . It’s a pretty darn accurate description is it not.

The Great One: He obviously doesn’t like your cake Demarco.

Lorenzo Demarco: Awww . . . .

The Great One: We’ll discuss this later.

*Demarco puts the top of the box back on and walks away from The Great One. With Ace turning red in the face Lorenzo Demarco hands the microphone over to Landon Chase who in his hands holds a rather midsized box complete with a red ribbon. Landon smiles devilishly as he starts to speak.*

Landon Chase: Oh Ace, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal, you doin’ alright?

*The camera zooms in on Ace’s face, that shows he’s not too happy.*

Landon Chase: Good to know that you’re doing well. I thought that you’re really going to enjoy this present that I got you…go ahead, open it up…

*Landon stretches out his arm to give the gift to Ace as Ace hesitantly takes it away. Ace, in no kind of mood for jokes rips open the ribbon and pulls back the lid. Ace doesn’t pull out what’s inside the box, instead he slowly closes the lid again and turns a darker shade of red.*

Landon Chase: YES! I knew you would like that! Now you don’t have to have Lurrr or Bucky around anymore to give it to you in the *bleep*! I really hope you put it to good use, BUT! don’t let us know when or how you use it, we’re not into that kind of stuff…

*Landon once again smiles devilishly as he passes the microphone to his cousin, Liam Shayde. Shayde takes the microphone and gets rather excited, obviously excited about how excited Ace will be when he gets it. Liam starts to speak.*

Liam Shayde: ACE! You’re going to love my gift. I thought what a better way to honor a man as important to you as this. So I had this specially made, just for you…

*Shayde shoves over a rather small object wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper towards Ace. Ace furiously takes it away from Shayde and opens his next gift. Ace’s face isn’t upset though at this point. He actually perks up when he sees it.*

Liam Shayde: It’s a replica of you! There’s a string on the back of it as well! PULL IT!

*Ace so obliges as Shayde puts the microphone that he’s holding up closer to the Ace replica doll so we can all hear what it says.*

Ace Doll: Oh Lurrr I love your kung fu grip.

*Ace at this point is livid and throws the doll across the ring and into the rampway.*

Liam Shayde: Unfortunately that’s all it says at this time, but we promise that it WILL say more! Oh and by the way you all can pick this up on GCWA Shopzone for the bargain basement price of $29.99! Kids, please ask your parent’s permission before ordering.

*Shayde laughs a little maniacal laugh as he hands the microphone over to The Lost Soul, who has quietly been standing behind them in the ring. The Lost Soul’s ‘present’ appears to be wrapped up in a blanket, with nothing else on it.*

The Lost Soul: Unlike these guys, The Lost Soul has a gift you really want, Ace.

*TLS then ‘unwraps’ the item himself, showing it towards the camera. It’s the Accelerator’s copy of the ICWF World Heavyweight Title!! Ace, surprised for a second, tries to dart forward and grab the stolen property, only to have TLS snap it out of his range.*

The Accelerator: Give that back, you *bleep*!

The Lost Soul: I will gladly give it to you… once you reinstate me to be able to wrestle matches. You have something I want, and I have something you want…

*The Accelerator hesitates for a moment, not wanting to allow TLS to wrestle. But that belt is one of his pride and joys, a symbol of his past accomplishments. He would never be able to replace it.*

The Accelerator: … FINE!!! You’re reinstated! You can wrestle again! Now give me my belt!

*The Lost Soul casually tosses the belt over to Ace, having gotten what he wanted. Ace takes it and immediately places it on his shoulder, as if he was still an active wrestler. Meanwhile, the mic is handed over to the leader of Nobody’s F’n Better, “The Great One” Trevor Kent. The crowd boos as TGO has a smirk across his face that speaks volumes. TGO pulls out a manila envelope from the inside of his suit jacket. He holds in ever so carefully as he starts to speak.*

The Great One: Well Ace, I hope that you’re enjoying your appreciation night that we threw for you. This has been one of the best nights in the history of the GCWA and I want this night to go down in the record books as the most watched show in the history of the GCWA. So to do that I believe that my gift to you will be the best out of the lot! Here ya go Ace...

*TGO hands over the manila envelope as Ace’s face is beat red with anger. Ace opens up the envelope to see what’s inside. He pulls out some paperwork and shrugs at it. Ace grabs a microphone*

The Accelerator: I already knew this you son of a bitch. Everyone already knows that you’re the majority owner of the GCWA and that you’ve made my life a living hell ever since! So what’s the point of giving me this?

The Great One: Well for one it’s your copy, I told you that you’d get one, so I delivered. There’s more in there though Ace…keep pulling out the paperwork…

*Ace looks at TGO hesitantly, but continues on with pulling out paperwork. He starts to read over the new pieces of paperwork that he just pulled out, his eyes get wide and he starts shaking as you see the rage fuming off of him.*

The Accelerator: You can’t do this! You don’t have the authority to!

The Great One: Oh, but you see Ace, I can. That’s partly why I handed you the first set of paperwork first. By me having the majority ownership and since I’m the CEO of the company, I can make whatever match that I want, and this is it. It’s time to show every that Nobody’s *Bleeping* Better, so next week live on Inferno we have The Roman Empire’s Derek Mobley forced to team with Crazy Chris and Ataxia, versus The President’s Cabinet’s Chris Cortez, Johnny Vegas, and Bucky Johnson vs. Nobody’s F’n Better’s Lorenzo Demarco, Landon Chase, and Liam Shayde in a WAR GAMES match!

Jones: War Games???

Rockwell: Oh, *bleep*!!

Hood: Yes!!! It’s time for NFB to assert its dominance!! We take over next week!!!

*Ace’s starts to throw a fit throwing the paperwork back at TGO and knocking the cake that they bought him over. “Eye for an Eye” by Story of the Year plays over the PA system as the camera’s last shot shows all members of the NFB behind TGO laughing in unison.*

OOC: And another show is up! A little earlier than usual, too! *happy*

Thanks to The Great One for again writing a match, and to everyone else who put in some segments to help get this one up. We're really set up nicely now for next week, where I'm anticipating one of the greatest (and hardest to judge) matches in GCWA history!

Here's the card for next week:

Friday Night Inferno: Crescendo!

- The Big Bifford vs. Xtreme

- Jaiden Rishel vs. The Lost Soul (One RP Each)

- Nobody's F'n Better (Landon Chase, Lorenzo Demarco, & Liam Shayde) vs. The President's Cabinet (Chris Cortez, Bucky Johnson, & Johnny Vegas) vs. Derek Mobley, Crazy Chris, & Ataxia, War Games Match

Rules: Two men will start inside a cage; another man will be added every 2 minutes until the ring is full, and then the first pinfall/submission wins.
Six roleplays per team. If someone doesn't rp, another person can pick up his slack. (One person could do all 6 rp's if they needed to, although it's not recommended). Best overall team will win.

Roleplaying will be from Friday, July 23th to Wednesday, July 28th, giving you 6 days to post your roleplays, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!