GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*The scene opens up inside a hotel conference room. Tons of reporters fill the room with their respective camera crews, all waiting for someone. As the room comes to a hush TGO walks through a side door following him Lorenzo Demarco, both appropriately dressed in a suit. The reporter’s hush soon turn into an uproar as a thousand questions are being yelled towards the two men. TGO comes up to the microphone as Demarco flanks him. TGO starts to speak over the reporter’s voices.*

The Great One: Ladies and gentlemen, I need all of your attention…and if you idiots don’t know what that means, it means shut the hell up!

*The reporters suddenly go back down to the low tone that they had before the two men came out.*

The Great One: So let me answer a few questions for you that my office has received from a thousand reporters already. For one, I’m not answering any questions that you plebes may have, and two, Demarco is innocent!

*The reporters mutter to each other and take down notes.*

The Great One: With that being said I need to make it perfectly clear that my client Lorenzo Demarco had nothing to do with the murder of Stubbs McKenzie and the police obviously couldn’t produce enough evidence to keep my client on the suspicion that he did in fact commit the crime. So, we both are going to continue going along with our other business ventures. If you jackasses have any more question please direct them to our PR Agent, Mr. Kabuki Jo.

*With that being said both men step away from the podium and go back through the same door they came out of. As they step away the reporters start yelling more questions, hoping to get an answer privately. We cut away from this scene, going to black for a moment.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, standing in the middle of his Roman Empire allies. He is smiling, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title sitting comfortably on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are still hyped up, even a week after Capital Punishment III. Signs in the stands range from “Mobley Reigns Supreme!” to “NFB: Not F’n Boring!” We head to the announce table, where three men are sitting once again.*

Jones: Hello, wrestling fans! Welcome back to Friday Night Inferno! We’re only a few days removed from another great wrestling event, and we’re still feeling the reverberations here tonight!

Hood: I wouldn’t call it that great…

Rockwell: I’d say it sucked.

Jones: You’ll forgive my colleagues. The night didn’t quite go well for either of the men they support. For the President’s Cabinet, both Chris Cortez and The Big Bifford lost their titles, as Derek Mobley became the 2-time GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, and El Linchador earned the vacated GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title!

Rockwell: Both men were robbed! But don’t worry, we’re going to fix that soon enough!

Hood: Hah! You’re dreaming, Rocky!

Jones: As for NFB, they did get a big victory, as Landon Chase won the #1 Contendership to Bucky Johnson’s Hardcore Title. But with Liam Shayde being tricked out of his opportunity for the GCWA Unified X Division Title, Jaiden Rishel unable to get the Intercontinental Title, and Lorenzo Demarco losing to Ataxia, it was a rough night for the stable.

Hood: Hey now! Demarco got screwed by a fast count, as the ref was one of Ace’s faves! And Shayde WILL be Unified X Division Champion, you have my word on it!

Jones: And Rishel, who you guys beat down after the match?

Hood: He had no excuse. We set him up perfectly, and he blew it. Losers don’t stay in NFB, because Nobody’s F’n Better than us!

Jones: Well, we’ll see here tonight, because in our main event, NFB will be taking on the Danger Boiz for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles!

Hood: Yes! The Lost Soul and Demarco are a team that can’t be defeated!

Rockwell: I hope they get their asses handed to them!

Hood: You want to start something Huh?

Rockwell: Hell yes, I do!

Jones: GUYS!! Remember what you had to promise to be back out here??

*For a second, tempers are still flaring. But both men get themselves back under control.*

Hood: Right, right. We fight, we’re out of here.

Rockwell: You’re a lucky son of a bitch, Hood.

Jones: We’ve got a great show, so try to focus on that, ok?

*With that said, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm starts to play over the speakers, grabbing everyone’s attention. The President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, walks out of the back, to numerous boos and catcalls towards him.*

Jones: That’s the look of a beaten man, Adrian.

Rockwell: Are you kidding? Nothing can break Ace! He’s unstoppable!

Hood: I seem to recall the NFB putting him down not that long ago. Did he enjoy the hospital stay?

Rockwell: Don’t make me hurt you, Hood. Wait. On second, thought, keep it up.

Jones: Capital Punishment was chaos to say the least, and tonight is not going to be any different.

Rockwell: The TGO and the NFB are probably planning another surprise.

Hood: I wouldn’t be surprised.

Rockwell: And let’s not forget about Lurrr, I’m sure his group has got something up their sleeves. But Ace is a real man. He’ll take care of everything.

*Ace makes his way slowly to the ring flanked by Reed M. Shin and a couple other security guards. Ace is helped into the ring by Reed and grabs a mic.*

The Accelerator: First off, let me thank the GCWA fans for another great turn out at Capital Punishment. It was another historic night as we saw a new champion crowned. We had a record buyrate this Sunday. (Ace claps) Now along with that bit of good news come a little bit of bad news, depending on how you look at it. We have a jam packed card for you tonight. We have Xtreme taking on Axl Lionsworth.

*The crowd is indifferent.*

Hood: That has match of the night written all over it. Look at all these Xtreme fans in the crowd.

Jones: Are you being facetious?

Hood: How can you tell?

*The camera pans around the arena and sees one lonely fat guy in the front row with an Xtreme mask.*

The Accelerator: And then we have Warrick Hill vs Ryan Rage.

*The crowd gives Warrick Hill a nice pop.*

The Accelerator: And then Ataxia against Robert Santana.

*The crowd gives another huge pop, some chant Ataxia while others for Santana.*

Jones: That’s also another great match, pay-per-view type match.

Rockwell: I won’t argue with that one, both guys are enjoying to watch.

Hood: The only fun watching Ataxia is watching him get beaten to a pulp!

The Accelerator: And in the pre Main event we have Hardcore Champion Bucky Johnson in a non-title match against new comer Johnny Vegas.

Jones: That match is going to be Hardcore.

Rockwell: What is wrong with you tonight?

Jones: Can’t a guy enjoy his job?

The Accelerator: (takes a deep sigh) And in the main event, we will see tag belts defended by The Danger Boiz…..

*The fans erupt at the mention of the Danger Boiz.*

The Accelerator: Against NFB members Lorenzo Demarco and The Lost Soul.

*The fans boo at the mention of NFB, but some die hards are still cheering for TLS.*

The Accelerator: So the bad news is ladies and gentleman, I don’t normally do this, but on some occasions circumstances arise that cause me to change the card. Now I hate doing this and unfortunately I’m not sure how this got past me, but The Lost Soul is no longer a wrestler employed by the GCWA.

*The crowd is a bit confused, some begin to boo.*

The Accelerator: And because he is not under contract, he is not sanctioned to wrestle in a GCWA event.

*More boos.*

Jones: I don’t get it, Adrian.

Rockwell: Basically every wrestler under contract is insured by the GCWA should anything happen to them in a ring, because it’s in their contract. Because TLS is not under contract, should anything happen to him, GCWA would be liable.

Jones: So basically TLS would be able to sue the GCWA.

Rockwell: Exactly.

Hood: Oh, come on, you know that’s just a cop-out! Ace just doesn’t want the NFB to be winning gold!

Jones: I think it has more to do with Ace’s own violent past with TLS. Remember, after Ace fired him, TLS beat the hell out of Ace to end a show.

Hood: … True, that’s probably part of it as well.

The Accelerator: Now TLS is employed by The Great One, who to my knowledge is paying him out of his own pocket. So Lorenzo Demarco has to find a new partner.

*Ace lets the boos soak in.*

The Accelerator: I understand you are upset, you paid good money because the main event was advertised with TLS in it. So to make it up to you, everyone in the arena will be receiving autographed AARON HEDRICK PLUSH DOLLS!!!!!

*More boos from the crowd.*

The Accelerator: (points to the jumbotron) So to ensure that TLS does not wrestle in the match, all the entrances and exits will be guarded by Dallas police!

*The jumbotron flashes to the various exits.*

The Accelerator: With that said, we have one more piece of business to take care of. I want everyone to stand and welcome a true legend of the ring, and a man who has done it all in the wrestling business. Here he is, the former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion… The Big Bifford!

*The fans are immediately booing again as The Big Bifford walks out of the back to “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. He looks like he’s in a bad mood tonight, as he stomps his way towards the ring.*

Jones: The former World Champion! Bifford persevered this past week against Derek Mobley, but unfortunately, he came up short, dropping the title.

Rockwell: He was screwed out of it, I tell ya!

*Bifford enters the ring and walks over to the Accelerator, who hands him a mic.*

The Big Bifford: Everyone shut up!

*Bifford glares at the crowd, who simple respond with an “Asshole” chant. After a few seconds, it starts to die down, with Bifford raising back up the mic.*

The Big Bifford: Last Sunday, a grave misjudgment occurred. Greater than any that have ever come before. One that will be in the history books as a terrible miscarriage of justice rivaling that of Greek tragedies!

*The crowd isn’t buying it, booing loudly, but The Big Bifford is fired up now.*

The Big Bifford: I am a man who is inflicted with a horrible mental fear. Claustrophobia is known the world over as a serious medical condition. But does Lurrr-rr care about my health? No. He wants Derek Mobley to win, so he makes our fight a steel cage match.

Rockwell: That’s true, and well documented!

Jones: His only ‘documentation’ is a doctor’s note from Arachne!

The Big Bifford: But I was going to be a man and fight him. I do not back down on my word. But then I got sick, sicker than a dog who ate a piece of chocolate and then a box of dental floss. I feel lucky to still be here today after being so sick. Did Derek Mobley care? No. The son of a bitch said he wanted to win my title via forfeit and that I had to fight. And you cheer this cowardly piece of trash?

*The fans roar, saying, yes, we will be cheering for Mobley.*

The Big Bifford: So against doctor’s orders and against Ace’s wishes, I went into that match to win. But me being scared wasn’t enough. Me being sick wasn’t enough. Derek had to have Lurrr-rr and his buddies interfere. He had to use weapons like a common thug! And he had to have the ref cheat and count fast, because he knew I was about to kick out of the Thriller once again!

*More boos rain down.*

Rockwell: He’s done it before, and he would have done it again, if not for Bell being so biased!

Hood: All I’m hearing is a lot of whining…

The Big Bifford: So here I sit. My title is gone. But I’m telling Mobley right now. Don’t resize it. Don’t change it up. Because it’s going to be mine again. You know why? Because we both know you stole it, and that isn’t going to stand!!

*Bifford turns and points towards Ace before continuing.*

The Big Bifford: I talked to Ace, and he agrees that I got robbed. He also knew what needed to be done. So Mobley? Next week. NEXT WEEK!! I will have my World Heavyweight Title back!!

Jones: Wait, what??

Rockwell: Yes!!! We’re going to get a World Title match on Inferno!!

Hood: Whoa… that’ll put some butts in the seats…

The Big Bifford: Consider my rematch clause invoked!! Next week, Mobley, in the main event, I’m taking my title back!!

The Accelerator: That’s right, everyone! It’s signed, sealed, and delivered, as one of the biggest main events in Inferno history!! Enjoy the rest of the show!

*Ace, laughing, turns and gives Bifford a pat on the shoulder. Bifford’s still fuming, but he’s willing to contain himself until he gets to fight Mobley. We switch away from them and go to the back, where we see a shot of the Roman Empire locker room. Derek Mobley is standing there, smirking at the news he just heard. He pats the World Title sitting on his shoulder, clearly up for the challenge, as we fade out to a commercial break.*

*We cut to the parking garage, where Madyson, the sister of Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan, is seen attempting to enter the building. Frustrated that she can't open the main door, she turns and heads to a side door. She hears someone whistle and quickens her pace. Madyson arrives at the door, winded, and swings it open.*

Liam Shayde: Boo!

*Madyson shrieks and jumps back...into the arms of Landon Chase. Terrified, she begins to cry as he strokes her hair.*

Landon Chase: I've been waiting for this...

*The two NFB members drag Madyson off, with Shayde quickly covering her mouth before she can start to scream for help. The shot fades out.*

Jones: Hey! They just kidnapped Madyson!!

Hood: Kidnap is a harsh word to use, Jones.

Rockwell: What on earth would you call it, Hood?

Hood: Oh, I’d call it “kidnap” as well. I’m just saying it’s a harsh word.

Jones: What will that do to the World Tag-Team Titles match later tonight? Will the Danger Boiz be able to concentrate, now that their sister has been kidnapped?

Hood: Actually, I believe she’s just a half-sister of theirs. Details matter, y’know.

Rockwell: Damn, that’s cold.

Jones: Well, we’ll keep everyone advised on this story. For now, we’ve got a match to get to!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit! Introducing first, he made his debut last month and is still searching for his first victory in the company, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from Hollywood, California, here is Axl Lionsworth!

*The fans are booing heavily as Lionsworth comes out to “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park. He doesn’t seem too bothered by it, as it’s all business to him. He heads down the aisle, already having the ring in his sights.*

Jones: Axl Lionsworth has a great wrestling name. But so far, he hasn’t been able to back it up inside the squared circle.

Rockwell: Nope, by all accounts, he’s been a major failure. In fact, I’m betting that tonight is his last opportunity to shine.

Hood: I feel like we’ve said that before about him, and yet he’s back here tonight.

Rockwell: Yeah. I suppose some guys just enjoy the punishment.

Minos: His opponent is a hardcore master in the company, and is continuing to research new ways into pain, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*Xtreme comes out to “Give It All” by Rise Against, seemingly enjoying the cheers on his behalf. He’s got his weapons cart with him as always, pushing it towards the ring in the hopes that the lethal items inside can find a way to get used.*

Rockwell: Can you believe this freak is now trying to inspire kids to read?

Hood: I’m sure there’s a market for him in the horror section.

Jones: It’s definitely a normal goal, and if he can inspire even one child to pick up a book, it’s a success.

Rockwell: You’re not very good at cost accounting, Jones. One child? For all the money that went into recording and playing the ads? Hell no, that’s not worth it!

*As Xtreme gets near the ring, Axl suddenly comes through the ropes and jumps out next to him. Xtreme stops, puzzled, as Lionsworth approaches him, pointing to something in his cart. Apparently Xtreme has an acoustic guitar in there this week, which appears to be vintage. Lionsworth points to it, apparently wanting to see it. Xtreme, shrugging his shoulders, goes ahead and hands it over, and Lionsworth starts tuning it up.*

Hood: Wait, did we just leave wrestling behind and join American Bandstand?

Rockwell: American Bandstand? Damn, Hood, how old are you?

Hood: Nobody really knows.

*Lionsworth plays a couple of bars, strumming it out and enjoying the sound. He finally finishes and hands it back to Xtreme, smiling at him and thanking him for the opportunity. Xtreme takes it, seemingly fascinated with the guitar himself. He tries a few notes, although they don’t come out quite as well. Xtreme nods, though, enjoying it. He then spins, and breaks the guitar over Lionsworth’s head!!!!*

Jones: El Kabong strikes!!

Rockwell: Damn, that looked like a nice guitar, too!

*Lionsworth’s on his knees, badly stung by the strike. But Xtreme’s not done. As the fans cheer away, Xtreme reaches into his bag of tricks, pulling out a long steel pipe, apparently wrapped in barbed wire!! He brings it down on Lionsworth’s back, again and again, driving the man down!!*

Hood: Holy crap!! We’ve got blood, and it’s just our first match!!

Jones: Has this match even officially started yet??

Rockwell: I don’t think it has, Jones! The funny thing is, this isn’t booked as a hardcore match! But this assault is before the bell, so there’s nothing Bell can do about it!

*Head Referee Bell is looking on in absolute confusion, not knowing what to do, as Xtreme finally throws his weapon back into the cart. He reaches down and pulls up the bloody and battered Lionsworth, talking to him for a moment in an almost casual tone. He then turns and throws Lionsworth under the ropes and follows, coming into the ring. Bell shrugs, and then waves to the timekeeper to get things going.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Ok, now we’re official!

Rockwell: Good, because that means that Bell can officially stop this match! I mean, Lionsworth is bleeding all over! His back is shredded!

Hood: But on the plus side, Xtreme’s happier than I think I’ve ever seen him before.

*Xtreme brings Lionsworth to his feet, although the man can barely stand on his own. But Xtreme’s not cutting him any slack. He picks Lionsworth up bodily and turns, spinning him into a powerslam!! Lionsworth leaves a bloody mark on the canvas, eerily fitting his dimensions, as Xtreme is on top for a cover… 1… no, Xtreme suddenly lifts Lionsworth up, deciding that it would be too easy to cover him that way! Instead, Xtreme picks Lionsworth off the mat, then leans him on the ropes. Lionsworth is badly out of it, not even responding now, with Bell trying to move in to check on him. Xtreme won’t hear of it, as he charges forward, getting a Cactus clothesline to send both men to the outside!!*

Jones: Geez! I thought this was going to be a quick pin and it’s over match!

Hood: I think Xtreme is enjoying himself too much.

Jones: It sure seems that way… oh, man…

Rockwell: What?

Jones: He’s looking over here…

Hood: Oh, *bleep*.

*Xtreme is back on his feet now, having lifted Lionsworth back up once more. Xtreme’s eyes are indeed locked on the announce table, as he turns and whips Lionsworth that way! Lionsworth crashes into the table, landing on top of it, as the three announcers quickly run for cover. As Lionsworth tries to sit up, Xtreme steps over and grabs the TV monitor, as if preparing to smash Lionsworth with it! Head Referee Bell can be heard, though, yelling from the ring, saying that weapons are illegal now that the contest has begun. Xtreme, looking sadly at the monitor, tosses it aside, with Hood, for some reason, diving down to catch it before it breaks. Xtreme then pulls Lionsworth off the table and takes him over to the turnbuckle post instead, slamming Lionsworth’s head against it!*

Jones: Xtreme is getting as hardcore as he can under the rules!

Rockwell: Why the dramatic save of that monitor, Hood?

Hood: Are you kidding? You know how hard it is to follow the action without one of these? If mine gets busted, I’m going to be out of the loop the rest of the night!

Rockwell: Can I hold your monitor?

Hood: NO!

*With the count starting to get closer and closer to 10, Xtreme finally rolls Lionsworth back in. The wrestler is barely even twitching now, having been severely punished by the hardcore wrestler. Xtreme comes in after him, looking around as if to consider other options he can use. But apparently he comes to a decision that enough is enough, as instead, he reaches down and hauls Lionsworth up by his hair. With a little work, Xtreme gets Lionsworth onto his shoulders, hoisting him up. Xtreme then takes a step or two forward, before spinning Lionsworth into the Xtreme Measures!! Lionsworth is completely and utterly beaten, as Xtreme makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Xtreme!

Jones: Xtreme gets himself another victory!

Hood: A nice violent one, too. He’s going to be smiling for weeks after the destruction he just dished out.

Rockwell: I’m tired of Lionsworth, and I bet a lot of other GCWA employees are, too. So, although I still think Xtreme’s a freak, I can’t think of a nicer present than what he gave to Axl.

*Lionsworth is already being looked at by medics, as Xtreme gets his hand raised by Head Referee Bell. He looks pretty excited, either by the win or the sight of blood on the mat. He turns and leaves, heading over to where his weapon cart is, as the medics continue their work. We cut away to the back. A referee is lying on the ground backstage, obviously in pain as he lays on his side and is holding his head. We go in for a close-up, showing it to be Referee Mitchell! A figure is standing over him, but you can only see his legs so you can't tell who it is right away. The figure begins to kneel down and it becomes apparent that it is Lorenzo Demarco. The fans boo loudly at this revelation. Lorenzo Demarco grabs the referee's head and forces him to look him in the eyes.*

Lorenzo Demarco: You think your funny don't you. You fast count me at Capital Punishment, allowing Ataxia to steal a win against me? Thought that was humorous, was it good for you as it was good for him? Then, I get here early today, and what do I find. What catches my eye, why you're the referee for my match tonight. So I decided to take matters in my own hands. However, if you are by chance able to make it to officiate tonight, a word of advice . . don't screw it up.

*With that Lorenzo Demarco lets go of the referee's head and allows him to curl up in a fetal position as he simply walks away. Referee Mitchell is in no hurry to get up, as medical aid hurries over to him. We fade out.*

*We come back to the backstage locker rooms. Inside one are the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, the Danger Boiz. Crazy Chris is prepping himself up for the match later on, stretching out, but Dangerous Dan can’t stop pacing back and forth.*

Dangerous Dan: Where's Madyson? It's not like her to be late. She should have been here by now.

Crazy Chris: Traffic?

Dangerous Dan: She would have called. I don't like this. We should have all arrived together.

Crazy Chris: We have a title defense tonight, we had to be here early. What are you so worried about?

Dangerous Dan: I just...I have a feeling something isn't right. Shayde is here tonight, you know? Maybe...

Crazy Chris: If Liam Shayde is half as smart as he claims to be, he won't mess with us. That boy is in line for a serious ass kicking.

Dangerous Dan: I dunno, Chris, something isn't right. I'm going to go look for her.

Crazy Chris: I'm telling you, she is probably going to walk in right after you leave. Whatever, go. You better be back and ready for the match tonight. There's no way in Hell we're losing these titles to those NFB punks.

*Dan exits the locker room as we cut back to the ringside area.*

Jones: It appears word hasn’t reached Dan or Chris yet that Madyson was kidnapped!

Hood: Good luck, Dan! Something tells me you’re not to going to find what you’re looking for!

Jones: If something happens to Madyson, Hood, you know you’ll be one of the Danger Boiz’s targets, right?

Hood: What? Why? I’m just a color commentator!

Rockwell: Who is also seriously connected with NFB!

Hood: Connected? Er, no, I just… I just like them, is all! But I’m not responsible for anything they choose to do!

Rockwell: Uh huh. I’m going to laugh if Dangerous Dan comes out here and kicks your ass.

Hood: *gulp*

*“Die Die Die My Darling” by Metalica starts to play as pyro goes off at the entranceway. Barreling down to the ringside area is none other than Ataxia in full ring gear. Matter of fact that same bloodied and burned ring gear from the previous night. Same blood stained ripped mask and he looks angry as hell. He pulls a mic from his back pocket.*

Jones: He's back!

Hood: Damn it! Apparently no one can do their job unless TGO hires them.

Rockwell: Shut up!

Ataxia: YOU TWO! SHUT UP!!!!

*Ataxia is pointing right at our two “bias” commentators. He points to Jones. *

Ataxia: You raise your hand if they (bleeping) speak while I'm talking. I've had it up to here with this crap infesting my federation.

Hood: It isn't your federation!


*Hood sits down a little weary of Ataxia. *

Jones: Apparently he's a little miffed at you two.



Jones: God loves me.

Ataxia: Now. Tonight. I want to point this out to everyone. I want to make this a precedent for how things are going to go for the next few weeks. I got a announcement for Heat Wave. At Heat Wave I've got a date with destiny. I'm going to go ahead and double book myself. No one of these will not be a bloody massacre like last time but I guarantee it will be the best buy rate we have had all year long. At the end of the night. After all the crap is done with. I will turn up the heat when I meet two men in that very ring. One of them is Adrian Rockwell!

*The fans cheer as Adrian starts to get pale. *

Ataxia: The other one is Ace!

*The fans explode. *

Ataxia: It will not be a match. At Heat Wave! This mask comes off!

*The fans are going absolutely insane. Rockwell's eyes light up as Ataxia gets close to the announcers. *

Ataxia: That's right. You get a front row participation this. You've been hounding for months to find out who I am under this mask. I would think it a bad idea to not let you get a up close view. Oh and one more thing. *Bleep* TGO!

*Hood looks like he's about to say something and Ataxia gives him a look like do it. Hood backs off. *

Ataxia: Also tonight I want to make one other announcement. Since apparently someone is going around targeting us superstars to get a contract here I'm making him a offer. Let's see what you can do in the ring. Let's see what you can do with me! That's right I WANT THE BLACK HELMET! I want him before Heat Wave so we can bury this joker once and for all! Oh and one more thing...Thank you all for cheering me on at Capital. Much appreciated. Thank you.

*He drops the mic and starts walking to the back. He hops out of the ring right in front of the announcers table. *

Hood: Yeah get out of here.

Rockwell: I get to be there when he's unmasked.

Jones: Uhh Hood.

*Ataxia stands right next to him. Hood looks up and flips him off. Ataxia smiles. He grabs the spare headset at the announcer table. *

Ataxia: Your....my....new....best...friend! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

*The maniacal laughter echoes through the arena as Ataxia heads out of the ring area.*

Jones: That guy just creeps me out.

Rockwell: Yep.

Hood: Uh huh.

Jones: Should we get to our next match?

Rockwell: Yeah, let’s just keep moving forward.

Hood: Uh huh.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will have a 10-minute time limit. First, making his way out to the ring, he is a powerhouse who is still searching for his place in the GCWA, standing 6’8” and weighing 286 lbs, here is Ryan Rage!

*The fans are booing as “Given Up” by Linkin Park plays. Ryan Rage walks out of the back, and he looks pretty pissed off. He curses out some of the fans on his way down to the ring, defending himself from their derogatory comments. Referee Logan gives him some space as he enters the ring, looking ready to tear someone’s head off.*

Jones: Ryan Rage started out as one of our truly bright recruits, with a great history in the wrestling business. But lately, he’s really been stumbling.

Rockwell: Yeah, he didn’t look good at all at Capital Punishment. Maybe tonight he can start to find his feet again and get moving.

Hood: Didn’t you guys want this loser in Ace’s stable?

Rockwell: Opinions change.

Minos: His opponent is a former multi-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, representing the Roman Empire, here is Warrick Hill!

*Warrick steps out of the back to “Tom Sawyer” by Rush, laughing as the crowd cheers loudly for him. He strikes a weak-looking pose, staggers for a second, and then makes his way towards the ring. His ever-present smile stretches across his face.*

Jones: Warrick had a… unique… presentation this week for the match.

Rockwell: Unique isn’t the word I would use.

Hood: What do you expect from a guy who’s half-baked all the time?

Jones: Warrick may have a problem with addictions, it’s true, but he’s always been able to put it aside and compete in the GCWA. Tonight, he’s facing a man much larger than him. Let’s see what tricks he has up his sleeve!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Warrick steps through the ropes, apparently ready to fight, although Rage is still turned away, looking towards the crowd. A small chant starts up, growing in intensity, saying “Rage Sucks! Rage Sucks! Rage Sucks!” Rage is shaking his head, furious, screaming at them to shut up, with the crowd not backing down. Warrick is subtly encouraging them, as every time Rage looks away, he waves for them to get louder. When Rage looks back, Warrick adapts a different look, as if trying to get them to be quiet.*

Jones: It looks like this crowd reaction is really getting to Rage, guys.

Rockwell: I’ve never understood why some people care what the fans think. They paid their money, and that’s all we ever need from them!

Hood: Well, that, and groupie sex.

*Both Rockwell and Jones are speechless.*

Hood: What’d I say?

*Rage is moving back and forth along the ropes, again screaming towards the fans that he’s a real man. He turns and shouts at Warrick, who straightens up in anticipation. Rage walks forward, coming close to Warrick and sizing him up. He then turns to the fans and points out the size difference, flexing his own muscles to show off. Warrick doesn’t seem impressed, and neither does the crowd. Rage then points to Warrick to come at him, slapping his chest. Warrick shrugs, then runs to the ropes and comes back, throwing a shoulder into Rage. The big man doesn’t budge, while Warrick stumbles backwards from the impact. Rage grins a savage smile, again hitting his own chest. He tells Warrick to do it again, with Warrick first looking to the fans. He shakes his head slightly, as if showing how he feels about Rage, and then runs back to the ropes. He returns… and sidesteps Rage as he lowers his shoulder. Instead, Hill hits the other side, comes back, and leaps… nailing Rage with the Joint!!!! Rage collapses to the ground, with Hill quickly getting on top for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Warrick Hill!

Rockwell: Well, that was short and sweet!

Hood: Rage really lost his head there, and Warrick took full advantage of it to get the easy victory!

Jones: Another rough defeat for the powerhouse, which may spell the end of his run here in the GCWA!

*Warrick is back on his feet now, faking a yawn as he leans on the ropes. Rage is still down, as Warrick turns and leaves the ring, pleased with himself. The fans reach to give him high fives on his way out of the arena. The camera cuts to the backstage area where we see TGO with a gym bag walking from the parking lot area. Cynthia hall rushes in to try to catch an interview.*

Cynthia Hall: Trevor, what’s up with the gym bag?

The Great One: Cynthia, you should know there’s usually clothes in a gym bag, but since your blonde stupid ass knows just about as much as my ex wife, I’ll go ahead and spell it out for you…

*Cynthia looks a little miffed about the insult, but she lets it slide, as she waits for TGO’s explanation.*

The Great One: Ace banning The Lost Soul from the arena tonight was his worst move ever! Because tonight I will step back into the ring for the first time in five years; myself and Lorenzo Demarco will bring the first piece of gold to Nobody’s F*cking Better. You can bank on it…now Cynthia if you would move out of my way it would be awesome…

*TGO pushes Cynthia to the side as she has an amazed look on her face. We head to a commercial break.*

*We come back from commercial break back to the ring, where we see Jones, Hood, and Rockwell sitting next to each other, talking.*

Hood: I still say it’s a brilliant move!

Rockwell: Nah, the guy’s ego is writing checks his butt can’t cash! He should have put Shayde or Chase in there!

Jones: Folks, welcome back. We just learned before the commercial break that TGO has picked HIMSELF to replace The Lost Soul in tonight’s World Tag-Team Titles Match, making things that much more interesting in tonight’s contest!

Hood: It’ll be a success. You guys just wait and see.

Jones: Well, we still have two matches before that one, so…

*Suddenly, the GCWATron turns on and we see GCWA World Champion, Derek ‘The Thriller’ Mobley backstage alongside Warrick Hill. Mobley’s title is draped over his shoulder, he’s in street clothes and appears prepared for a relaxing evening. Warrick, in the background, is cooling down after his ‘match’ with Ryan Rage.*

Jones: It’s the new World Heavyweight Champion!!

Rockwell: Here to try and find a way to slither his way out of having to face The Big Bifford again, no doubt!

Jones: Somehow I doubt that, Adrian.

*Derek has a pair of shades on, he slowly slides the shades up, on top of his head and speaks.*

Derek Mobley: BIFF!! Nice to see you’re doing well, buddy. I’m oh-so glad you’re not six feet under due to that horribly debilitating disease you were suffering a week ago. I mean, there’s no doubt amongst everyone out there that if you had been a smidge above 30% you would’ve kicked out of the Thriller and retained the GCWA World Title. I mean, that’s a fact, right? Right??

*The fans boo in response to Derek’s question with a resounding ‘No’. Derek smiles and continues speaking.*

Derek Mobley: Hmm…so, wait a minute here…what are you guys trying to say? Are you, in fact, saying that Bifford may be lying? Are you guys insinuating that The Large One is using every excuse in the book to receive a rematch?

*The fans cheer loudly in response to Derek’s second question.*

Derek Mobley: Some harsh accusations there, Biffster…makes me wonder if I shouldn’t confront Ace about canceling our rematch…

*The fans chant “Just Say No!” Derek smiles and speaks.*

Derek Mobley: D.A.R.E. would be proud. Drugs are bad, but lying runs a close second. Should I reward an obese liar by quietly allowing him to receive that which he desperately covets? The answer is…sure.

*The crowd grows quiet, confused over Derek’s willingness to show up for a rematch against Bifford.*

Derek Mobley: I’m fine with this rematch, Biff. I know our wonderful president never, in fact, asked me if I was or not…but I am. You know why? Because, I’m tired of the excuses, I’m tired of hearing people bitch and moan every time I beat them…there will be no excuses next Friday, at Inferno, after I smack you around. Fact is, Bifford…I’ve beaten you almost as many times as The Soul who is Lost. It’s become another one of my many arbitrary accomplishments. Been there, done that…time and time again. Can I do it one more time? Absolutely. Should I do it one more time? Evidently so. However, let me make one thing very clear, Bifford, when I beat you next Friday…that’s it…you shut your mouth, you quit whining and you accept your proper place on the GCWA pyramid…beneath me.

*The crowd cheers as the GCWATron shuts off.*

Jones: He’s accepted! We now have a lock for next week! Derek Mobley vs. The Big Bifford, the rematch for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title!

Rockwell: Yes!! Bifford’s getting his belt back!

Hood: That’s going to be a hell of a contest between two veterans. My only complaint? Why is TGO not being put in the mix as well?

Jones: Maybe because TGO has never wrestled a match in the GCWA before, Hood?

Hood: So? That didn’t stop him from getting himself a World Tag-Team Titles shot with Demarco!

Rockwell: Which he doesn’t deserve.

Hood: He’s the greatest living wrestler in the world today! He deserves whatever is coming to him!

Rockwell: Exactly.

Jones: Ok, guys, deep breaths. Let’s just get to our next match.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10 minute time limit!

Jones: Well it looks like up next we get to see Santana take on Ataxia.

Hood: Oh God, not that horrible masked piece of garbage again…

Rockwell: For once I’m agreeing with you Hood…

Jones: Mark it in the history books guys we may have the beginning of a truce!

Hood & Rockwell: HELL NO!

Minos: Making his way to the ring first weighing in at 253lbs, from Washington DC, he is the Ninja Assassin of the GCWA, Robert Santana!!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude begins to play over the PA system as out from behind the curtains steps Robert Santana. Santana makes his way to the ring and rolls in to a pop from the audience.*

Hood: This guy looks like a bad imitation of Bruce Lee…

Rockwell: And you look like a bad imitation of Howard Stern…

Hood: Your mom looks like a bad imitation of Bozo The Clown…

Rockwell: You son of a bi…


Minos: And now making his way to the ring, the man who has been a thorn in the side of NFB, the masked freak…ATAXIA!!

*”Die Die Die My Darling” by Metalica blares through the speakers as Ataxia makes his way to the ring with his normal gear on. The crowd cheers as Ataxia plays the crowd waiving his hands in an upward motion making the crowd go bananas. Ataxia climbs into the ring and starts to get ready for the match.*

Jones: It’s almost time…should be a relatively good match!

Hood: Don’t make me puke…

*The bell rings as the action gets underway. Both men circle each other and then tie it up in the middle of the ring, both men trying to get the upper hand. Ataxia ends up getting the upper hand by kneeing Santana in the gut. He backs Robert against the ropes and bounces him off of it. Ataxia lowers his head, going for a back body drop, but Santana telegraphs it and rolls off of Ataxia backwards, and bounces off the other side as Ataxia raises his head and turns around just in time to be caught with a flying forearm from Santana. Ataxia quickly gets up and is met with an arm drag. Ataxia gets up and rushes towards Santana only to be met with an arm drag once again. Same thing happens for the third time. As Ataxia gets up once again he realizes that Santana is waiting on him and ducks underneath the ropes and gets on the outside of the ring to regroup himself.*

Rockwell: Santana is showing that freak how you wrestle in the GCWA!

Hood: It’s about time he’s in a regular match! I’m tired of seeing his cheating tactics!

Jones: You’re just upset that Ataxia kicked Demarco’s ass…

Rockwell: I’m sure he is, but I’m sure he wouldn’t be if Demarco killed him just like he killed McKenzie!

Hood: IT’S ALL LIES!!!

*Ataxia is on the outside still as the ref has tired of trying to get him back in the ring and has started his 10 count. Ataxia is trying to soak up all of the wait he can, but as the referee hits 3 Santana takes a front flip dive out towards Ataxia, but Ataxia sees it coming and hits a clothesline on Santana who’s in mid-flip, sending Santana crashing down to the outside “padded” area. The crowd starts a “Holy Sh!t* chant.*

Jones: Oh My God! He could of just killed Santana!

Hood: Don’t be so over dramatic Jonesy…

*Ataxia lifts up a practically lifeless Santana and slides him into the ring and goes for a pinfall. The ref starts his count 1!...2!...3! NO! Santana seems to have put his leg on the bottom rope just in time.*

Rockwell: Thank God Santana just kicked out, I don’t think I could bear to see Ataxia win again…

Hood: Wow, I’m getting kind of scared that we’re agreeing again….

Jones: It looks like the start of a beautiful marriage.

*Ataxia starts to complain to the ref a little bit but decides it’s going to do him no go. He then picks up Santana and sets him up for a suplex. Ataxia hits a snap suplex on Santana but holds onto the position and hits it once again, not 1 more time, but 2 more times making it a trifecta! Ataxia then leaves Santana downed in the middle of the ring. Ataxia then runs towards the ropes and comes off with a springboard moonsault!*

Jones: Ataxia just hit The Reviver! We all know what comes next!

Hood & Rockwell: BBBBBOOOO!!!

*But Ataxia doesn’t go for the cover and he doesn’t look like he’s going to the turnbuckle setting him up for the Peaceful Tolerance, instead Ataxia picks up Santana and backs him into the turnbuckle with a set of knife-edge chops.*

Jones: What the hell is Ataxia thinking? He could of finished Santana off just now!

Rockwell: The longer the match goes on the better it is for me because that means Santana will win!

Hood: Just bring out an NFB member already…I’m tired of seeing chumps in the ring…

*Suddenly one of the chops gets reversed and Santana (with a sudden burst of energy) pushes Ataxia into the turnbuckle and starts to chop away. Santana tires of chopping Ataxia and whips him across the ring to the other turnbuckle, Ataxia stumbles out as Santana runs towards him and hits a leg lariat! Ataxia goes down to the mat as Santana runs to the top rope and comes off with a 450 splash! Both men are down on the mat.*

Hood: That’s classic! Santana used Ataxia’s own move against him!

Jones: ….

Rockwell: Is that all you have to say Jonesy?


*Santana reaches his feet first and instead of going for the pin he picks up Ataxia and whips him into the ropes. Ataxia comes off the rope only to be met with a powerslam. Santana follows the slam up with a running leg drop. He goes for the pin 1!...2!...NO! Ataxia kicks out!*

Rockwell: What the hell Santana!

Jones: Maybe Ataxia’s just going to win!

Hood: In your wet dreams Jones!

*Santana picks up Ataxia and gives him a tremendous forearm uppercut. Ataxia stumbles back against the ropes and gets whipped off once again, but reverses and sends Santana into the ropes instead. Ataxia meets Santana with clothesline sending Santana down to the mat. Ataxia raises his arms telling Santana to get up. As Santana does Ataxia meets him with an almost perfect dropkick right to the chin. Ataxia then goes on a rampage whipping Santana into a turnbuckle. Ataxia follows Santana and hits a big splash on him in the corner. Santana droops down to the lower turnbuckle as Ataxia repeatedly kicks Santana in the face and body, his trademarked Learn Your Lesson.*

Jones: Ataxia’s making a comeback and really taking it to Robert Santana!

Hood (asking Rockwell): Has he always been the one to state the obvious here in the GCWA?

Rockwell: It’s annoying isn’t it?

Hood: Hell yeah!

Jones: You know guys, I am sitting right here…

*Ataxia storms off raising his hands like he just had a victory. He then walks over to the opposite turnbuckle and then charges in towards Santana, who’s still on the bottom turnbuckle, and performs a dropkick that lands squarely on Santana’s jaw! Ataxia pulls Santana out of the corner and goes for a pinfall, 1!...2!...NO! Santana kicks out!*

Rockwell: Ataxia must be wondering what he needs to do to take this guy out!

Hood: Well he could kill him…

Jones: Not everyone is like the NFB…

*Ataxia pulls Santana to his feet, but Santana kicks him in the solar plexus and hits a facebuster on Ataxia! Santana looks like he has his second wind and backs up as Ataxia slowly pulls himself up on the turnbuckle. Ataxia gets to one knee and Robert Santana charges in looking for the Sensei-tion (shining wizard kick) but Ataxia somehow dodges the move and wraps up Santana and send him straight into the turnbuckle with a german suplex!*

Hood: Oh *bleep*! He just hit the E.R. STAT!

Rockwell: This isn’t good…

*As Santana starts to slowly get to his feet Ataxia climbs a nearby turnbuckle. Santana finally gets to his feet and Ataxia leaps off the top rope and hits the Peaceful Tolerance! He immediately goes for the cover. 1! 2! 3!*

Minos: Here is your winner, ATAXIA!!!

Jones: I knew he could do it!

Hood: I know you can get your ass kicked if you say another damn word about Ataxia!

Rockwell: I’ll support him on this one Jones…

*Suddenly Ataxia’s music gets cut off by “Here We Are Juggernaut” by Coheed & Cambria. Immediately the crowd knows who is coming out, but in case they didn’t the letters “TGO” flash on the jumbotron one by one as Trevor “The Great One” Kent makes his way to the top of the ramp. Ataxia looks rather frustrated and starts to stare a hole into the skull of TGO.*

Hood: Finally our savior has come to rescue us from this catastrophe!

Rockwell: Kiss ass!

The Great One: I know that you’re so excited that you beat a two-bit jobber Ataxia, so I won’t take long with the announcement that I have to make.

*The crowd boos as “TGO Sucks” and “NFB Sucks” chants ring throughout the building.*

The Great One: Oh you people follow the losers of this industry so blindly…but enough of you chanting assholes, back to my announcement. As majority shareholder, which also makes me Chairman and CEO of the GCWA, I’m making a match for you next week Ataxia, hopefully killing two birds with one stone. Next week you are facing EL LINCHADOR!

*The crowd pops as this huge match has just been announced.*

Jones: This is huge!

Hood: TGO is granting Ataxia a title shot? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?!

The Great One: Now I know what everyone is thinking, why does Ataxia get a title shot? Did I ever say anything about a title shot? I don’t think so. This match will be NON-TITLE! This is just in hopes that you two kill each other. Which brings me to my stipulation! This match will be a TLC match!! That is all…

*”Here We Are Juggernaut” plays once again over the PA system as TGO makes his way backstage.*

Jones: A TLC Match??

Hood: Yep, and that doesn’t stand for Tender Loving Care in the wrestling world! Someone’s going to get *bleeped* up!

*Ataxia’s face, of course, is masked, so we have no idea what he really thinks about this announcement. We cut away to a darkened hallways, where we see Dan looking for his sister, Madyson. As he turns down a hallway, he notices her up ahead. He calls to her, but she apparently didn't hear him as she kept walking and turned down another hall. He runs down the hall in an attempt to catch up with her, but as he turns, she is nowhere to be seen. A door up on the right, closes shut, though, and he quickly opens it and goes inside. Inside, Landon Chase is wearing a wig and is dressed like Madyson.*

"Madyson" : Oh, big, strong brother, you came to save me. I was sooooooo worried.

*Landon begins to laugh as the door opens behind Dan. Dan spins around, just to catch a fist to the face.*

Liam Shayde: Gee, Dan, looks like there must have been a slip up at the "airport." Seems like Madyson must have missed her "flight" home from Capital Punishment. There seems to be a lot of that going around these days. Weird...ain't it?

*Overcome with rage, Dan tries to attack Liam, but Chase quickly chokes him from behind. Dan soon passes out and Chase drops him to the floor.*

"Madyson" : Sweet dreams, brother dear.

*Landon bends over and kisses Dan on the cheek.*

Liam Shayde: Let's see how Chris likes defending the tag team titles alone...

*Landon and Liam leave the room, laughing, and lock the door behind them. They walk away, as the picture fades out.*

*We return to a backstage shot, where we see Landon Chase and Liam Shayde walking down the hallway, joking with each other.*

Landon Chase: It felt so good to do that. You know how many times they’ve locked me away in a closet? Now Dan gets to know how it feels!

Liam Shayde: You made a convincing Madyson, by the way.

Landon Chase: Next time, you get to dress up as the chick.

*The two men laugh, turning the corner… and then the chair smashes into Chase’s face!!! Chase drops hard to the ground, as Shayde, surprised, steps away from him and raises his arms. He tries a charge, but it’s too late, as the chair comes back around, clocking him as well!! Both Chase and Shayde are laid out on the ground, with the attacker standing over them. The camera slowly zooms out, showing the man to be… Chris Cortez!!! The fans seem torn, wanting to cheer for the assault on Chase and Shayde, but not to cheer for Cortez. He drops the chair next to them, glaring down at both men.*

Chris Cortez: You Yanks ought to know by now. If you’re going to take someone out? Do it right, or else they’ll be back!

*Cortez angrily stomps on the backs of both men, before then turning and leaving. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Chris Cortez, the former Intercontinental Champion, just decimated Chase and Shayde!

Hood: Damn! What was that for??

Rockwell: My intuition tells me it was because NFB took out Cortez and cost him his title last Sunday, Hood.

Hood: What, the dude can’t take a joke?

Jones: Clearly, Cortez has recovered from the injuries he took that day, and now he’s gotten some revenge! You have to wonder, though, with Jaiden Rishel gone, who will Cortez be targeting next? After all, El Linchador is the man currently wearing his championship!

Rockwell: You can bet that Cortez is going to do whatever he can to regain that gold, Jones. El Linchador better start watching his back!

Jones: With that said, we’re one match away from the main event, so let’s keep it moving!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be a “Non-Title” Match. Introducing first, he is a growing star in the organization who is looking for another big victory here tonight, standing 6’7” and weighing 300 lbs, from Las Vegas, Nevada, here is Johnny Vegas!

*As “Die For Metal” by Manowar plays, Vegas comes out in his cocky manner as usual. He looks ready for a good fight tonight against Johnson, pounding his fist into his hand as he goes down the aisle.*

Jones: Vegas came very close to winning a title shot against Johnson, but instead faces him tonight in a “Non-Title” Match.

Hood: Insult added onto injury, in my opinion.

Rockwell: If Vegas is smart, he’ll use this as his golden opportunity and get himself a big victory over a champion.

Jones: Vegas had some trouble this past week, as he got on the wrong side of a slightly crazed magician.

Hood: Hey, think that guy could make Rockwell disappear for good?

Rockwell: Maybe he can put you through some of those saw blades, Hood.

Minos: His opponent had a successful title defense this past week, and is continuing to build himself into a powerful competitor in the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is the GCWA Hardcore Champion, “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*Johnson steps out of the back to “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem, holding his championship up proudly once again. He then walks down towards the ring, with the fans seemingly split on him. Many are still cheering, but others are a little reluctant, possibly remembering his decision to talk with the Accelerator this week.*

Jones: We saw Johnson talking with the Accelerator both last week at Capital Punishment, and also during the week.

Rockwell: The boy’s making a great decision, Jones. He’s joining a winning team!

Hood: Has he actually joined? Oh, it doesn’t matter, either way, Chase will be taking his belt soon enough so who cares?

Rockwell: Johnson will demolish Chase! He already destroyed Santana, so why would Chase be any different?

Jones: Ummm, Johnson vs. Chase will be a good match, but that’s not the one we have tonight, remember?

Hood: Right, right… Vegas…

Rockwell: Well, this should be a good one, too. C’mon, Bucky!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Johnson takes off his Hardcore Title from around his waist and hands it over to referee Trixie, nodding to her. He turns… and Vegas is there, smiling, in front of him. Vegas points over Bucky’s shoulder, acknowledging the title. He then runs a hand across his waist, as if to say he’ll be getting it soon enough. Johnson seems to take offense to that, getting into Vegas’ face. The two men snap off some comments at each other, which soon leads to Vegas snapping off a punch to Bucky’s face! He drives Bucky back to the ropes, then grabs Bucky and whips him, no, Bucky reverses and Vegas goes to the other side. He comes back with a shoulder block, with Bucky surprisingly absorbing it! He tells Vegas to go again, and Vegas turns… but then keeps spinning and swings, trying to catch the Hardcore Champion by surprise! But Johnson sidesteps the punch, then, as Vegas comes back around, nails him with the Bowling Pin headbutt!! Vegas falls onto his back, with Johnson dropping on top of him… 1… 2.. and Vegas kicks out.*

Jones: The Hardcore Champion is starting strong in this one, as, for once, he’s clearly got the experience edge.

Rockwell: That just tells you how much has changed in the GCWA during this run, Jones. Guys like Bucky Johnson, the Danger Boiz, and others who debuted in the company are now thought of as the old-timers, fighting off another new generation of wrestlers.

Hood: NFB’s going to rule all of them, though, especially Bucky-boy.

*Johnson hauls Vegas up to his feet and hangs him partially on the ropes by one arm. As Vegas tries to recover, rubbing his head, Johnson steps back, then runs towards him, trying to clothesline Vegas out of the ring! But Vegas, seeing him coming, drops his shoulder and flips Johnson to the outside!! Amazingly, Bucky manages to turn over and land on the apron, hanging onto the ropes. He gets his balance, but it takes him one second too long, as Vegas turns and leaps with a bicycle kick, sending Johnson flying from the apron to the floor!! Vegas gets his feet back under him and steps out, heading after his foe as Referee Trixie starts her count. Johnson is struggling to get back up, but Vegas doesn’t give him any time to recover. He hammers Bucky in the head with his knee, dropping the man to his knees. Vegas then grabs hold of Bucky through his arms and lifts, getting a double-underhook powerbomb on the outside!!!*

Rockwell: Ouch!! This Vegas is a destructive force in his own right!

Jones: At the very least, he has shown that he belongs to be here, Adrian.

Hood: That move could already be the end of the match, as Bucky-boy’s back just got broken!

Rockwell: He’ll recover! The guy always bounces back!

*Vegas, content to just get a victory, rolls into the ring and stands, moving to a neutral corner. Referee Trixie continues her count, watching as Bucky struggles to pull himself up. He’s hurting badly, but he manages to get an arm on the apron and yank, rising up. As Referee Trixie shouts out “9!”, Johnson desperately twists under the ropes, barely avoiding a countout. Vegas, seeing it, meets him with a series of stomps, trying to keep the Hardcore Champion down. He gets in some extra abuse on Johnson’s back, continuing to focus on it. With Bucky crawling away, Vegas steps up behind him and, while holding the ropes, steps up onto Johnson’s back! Johnson flattens out at having that much weight on his spine, with Vegas throwing in a jumping stomp before getting off of him. Vegas then turns and signals to the crowd, impressed with himself, although he doesn’t get a truly inspiring reaction from them.*

Jones: Vegas is truly a powerhouse. Johnson’s going to have to rely on agility instead of power!

Hood: Wait, you’re saying that Bucky Johnson’s only chance to win is by using his speed?

Jones: Yep.

Hood: He’s a goner!

Rockwell: Damnit, get up, Bucky!

*After cursing out the fans, Vegas comes back, pulling Bucky back up. He grabs Bucky around the throat, smirking at him, but he’s just taking too much time. Johnson makes him pay, knocking Vegas’ arm away and stomping on Vegas’ foot! As Vegas hops backwards in pain, Bucky runs away, hitting the ropes and coming back with his leaping clothesline, planting Vegas on the canvas!! Johnson then rolls over to try and quick cover… 1… 2… but Vegas is able to kick out in time! Bucky pulls himself up and brings Vegas with him, taking the larger man over to the corner. Johnson then works the man over with lefts and rights, bringing in some of his hardcore skills to the table. With Vegas sagging on the ropes, dazed, Johnson climbs up and starts punching away, doing as much damage as he can with the 10 count punch. The fans count along as Bucky gets in the last shot… and then grabs Vegas by the head and drops backwards with a corner DDT!! He covers again… 1… 2… but Vegas gets a hand on the ropes, causing Referee Trixie to stop.*

Jones: Bucky’s made a strong comeback, showing that he’s got the heart of a champion!

Hood: He’s also got the face of Uncle Fester!

Rockwell: Hey, now, don’t mock the Munsters, they were great!

Jones: I think Uncle Fester was with the Addams Family actually, Adrian.

Rockwell: Oh. Which one had the hot chick with the huge rack?

Jones: Elvira? She was on her own show.

Rockwell: She was hot.

Hood: That she was…

*Johnson has now decided on a ground game, applying a twisting leg lock to one of Vegas’ large limbs. He’s working on keeping Vegas from being able to get up, by wrenching at his knee. Vegas scratches at the mat, working to get himself some leverage. As Bucky shifts his weight, Vegas is able to twist around and kick with his other foot, managing to dislodge his opponent. Vegas then pulls himself up, and as Bucky comes back in, Vegas catches him and spins with a side slam, powering Johnson into the mat!! Johnson’s flat on his back, with Vegas coming back to make the cover… 1… 2… but Johnson is able to kick out. Vegas gets back up, shaking in either frustration or exhaustion. He leans over and grabs at Bucky’s bald head, trying to get a grip, although it’s not easy. Suddenly, though, Bucky twists and pulls Vegas down, getting him into a roll-up!! Vegas is kicking frantically as Referee Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… and Vegas barely escapes!*

Jones: These two are trading shots like true competitors!

Rockwell: Trixie was out of position there! That should have been the end of it!

Hood: The babe let you down… she was clearly hired only for her looks.

Jones: I’ll have you know that Trixie has been a dedicated and professional referee throughout her time in the GCWA!

Rockwell: Wow, a little quick to snap at us, eh, Jones? Something going on between you two?

Jones: What? Uh, no, of course not… I’m happily married! I love you, honey!

*Both wrestlers are back up now, with Vegas angrily kicking at Johnson to drive him backwards after that near fall. He gets Johnson into the ropes and grabs his arm, whipping him across to the other side of the ring. As Bucky returns, Vegas swings for a clothesline, but he’s aiming too high, with Johnson going underneath. Johnson then hits the other side and comes back with a leap, showing his agility by slamming into Vegas with a flying splash!! The two men fall to the ground, with Bucky on top for a second, but then Vegas shifts his weight, bringing both men around and getting Vegas on top! The ref moves in… 1… 2… but Bucky barely kicks out! The two men get up, with Vegas taking the control and getting behind Bucky to apply a full nelson! Bucky’s straining against the hold, trying to get free, as the fans cheer for the Hardcore Champion!*

Jones: Can Bucky come back, or will he be forced to tap out?

Hood: Vegas is really showing that he’s got a lot of talent under his belt!

Rockwell: Yeah, I admit, he’s looking pretty good, but Bucky’s still got a shot at turning things around!

*Referee Trixie asks Bucky if he’s going to give in to the hold, but Bucky shakes his head, refusing to quit. As Vegas continues to try and hold on, Johnson suddenly brings his foot up and stomps down, managing to catch Vegas on the side of his boot! Vegas releases the hold, hurting, with Bucky immediately turning and grabbing him by the head, getting a spinning neckbreaker!! He makes the cover… 1… 2… but Vegas gets his arm up again! Johnson shakes his head, upset, but pulls himself back together. He rises back up, hauling Vegas to his feet. Vegas, though, rises up and grabs Bucky by the throat! Johnson fights his way free, clubbing at Vegas’ arm and sending him staggering back. Johnson then hits the ropes and runs back towards him, planning to flatten Vegas… but Vegas is able to twist and catch him, lifting him into the air… Pay Day!!! Johnson is out, as Vegas makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Johnny Vegas!

Jones: Johnny Vegas just beat the Hardcore Champion!

Hood: Man, now he’s doubly wishing that he had won that contendership!

Rockwell: Damn. Well, Bucky did fight well, but Vegas was a little too much for him tonight. But Bucky will be back!

Jones: Vegas was definitely impressive tonight, and I’m sure people in the back will definitely take notice!

*Suddenly, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm starts to play, and the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, walks out of the back!*

Rockwell: Wow, instant confirmation of your prediction, Ed! Nice!

Jones: What’s the President doing out here? Is it because of Bucky’s loss?

Rockwell: Ace and Bucky have an understanding now. I’m sure Ace is just making sure he’s alright!

*Ace is now down next to the ring as he pulls himself through the ropes. Vegas is already back in his corner, watching warily. Bucky is working to get back up, holding his head. He looks pretty displeased with what just happened. In contrast, Ace is apparently smiling.*

The Accelerator: That was truly a great match. Wasn’t it a great match, boyos??

*Some fans cheer. Others want nothing to do with the Accelerator.*

The Accelerator: I must say, I was really impressed with what I saw. Two hungry competitors, going at it for a chance at moving forward. It was great! Bucky, tough loss, but sometimes that happens. It’s understandable. You’ll pull through, I have faith in you.

*Ace gives Bucky a pat on the shoulder, with Bucky staring at the hand, then at Ace.*

Jones: Looks like Ace is still trying to get Bucky to officially join with him!

Rockwell: It’s inevitable. What Ace wants, Ace gets! Besides, it’s a great deal for Bucky! Just think if he would have had Ace in his corner for this match? Maybe things would have turned out differently!

*Moving away from Bucky, the Accelerator goes over to Vegas next.*

The Accelerator: As for you… you’re looking like one of the biggest prizes I’ve gotten so far here in the GCWA! I tell you, can I pick them or can I pick them? And y’know, Vegas, you’re on the radar now. So it’s time for you to start thinking about what you want. Do you want to be on the good side of the Commissioner, the weakest position in the GCWA? Do you want a bunch of ego-centric loons to be ruling over you? Or do you want to be backed by true power?

*Vegas smirks, apparently seeing where Ace is going. Behind them, Bucky is looking on, looking bewildered.*

The Accelerator: So let’s make the offer public, shall we? The two of you join with myself, Bifford, Cortez, and Arachne, and we’ve got a force that can drive all those other weaklings underground where they belong! I promise you power, I promise you women, and I promise you success! What do you say?

*Vegas takes the mic from Ace, staring at him for a moment before responding.*

Johnny Vegas: I do what’s best for Johnny Vegas, and right now, that sounds like joining you. I’m in.

Rockwell: Yes!

Jones: Johnny Vegas is officially siding with the Accelerator!

*Ace turns back to Bucky, extending a hand to him as well. The fans are torn, as they clearly don’t want Bucky to shake Ace’s hand. But after a few seconds of hesitation, Bucky finally reaches out!*

Rockwell: Bucky’s in, too!!!

Hood: I don’t know, he looked pretty reluctant to me!

Rockwell: He’ll loosen up. After all, he’s just made the best decision of his life!

*The fans are going back and forth, with many trying to figure out what Bucky is doing. He doesn’t look very confident, even as Ace raises up his arm along with Vegas’. The camera cuts to the back where we see Ataxia walking through the hallway corridor, looking surprisingly upbeat after yet another victory earlier tonight. The Messiah Pariah walks past a few of the backstage crew who give him quick congratulations, simply nodding his head in response before going around the corner towards his locker room. However, just as Ataxia crosses over he is smashed in the face with a steel chair shot by Lorenzo Demarco! Almost instantly Liam Shayde, Landon Chase, and Demarco swarm on the prone body of Ataxia, stomping the living hell out of him!*

Jones: Yet another attack on Ataxia by Lorenzo and NFB, don’t these guys ever get sick of taking people out from behind!

Hood: It wasn’t technically from behind Jones, they were just waiting for him behind the corner!

Rockwell: Yeah…so much better. I love to see Ataxia getting beat down as much as the next guy, but NFB needs to be stopped.

*The Great One walks into camera view with a million dollar smile embroidered on his face, walking up to the destruction but happy to see his henchmen do all the dirty work. Lorenzo picks Ataxia up from behind, cradling his arms behind him as Chase gets in his face laughing maniacally, giving Ataxia a hefty slap across the cheek! The fans inside the arena continuing their loud booing as they watch on the screen, but seemingly nothing can stop Nobody’s F*cking Better from taking out the Messiah Pariah for the final time.*

Hood: What a beat down! These guys are the greatest!

Rockwell: Bull crap Hood, Ace’s team could put these fools out to dry any day of the week. Maybe that’s why you don’t see them going backstage and trying to attack any of them very often?

Jones: Whatever the case, it seems like NFB have a certain hatred for Ataxia. And they won’t stop until his career is taken at their hands.

*Lorenzo Demarco continues holding Ataxia back as Landon Chase gives him a stomp to the gut, doubling him over, but still Ataxia attempts to fight back with an elbow to the jaw of emarco. Unfortunately just as he begins to rise back to his feet to fight back, a thunderous clothesline from Shayde comes his way. Shayde then grabs the downed Ataxia and lifts him up into the air, crushing him down to the concrete floor with a powerslam into the Cat’s Cradle! A couple of the backstage crew members attempt to assert themselves to break up the beat down, but Demarco runs one of them right into the Armani shoe of TGO, who smirks as Demarco takes out the other crew member with a DDT! Suddenly the yelling of a very familiar voice can be heard from down the hallway.*

Hood: Oh my god! I thought that son of a bitch quit GCWA after he got pussed out by NFB at Capital Punishment!

Rockwell: I had heard the same thing, but somehow, some way…

Jones: Jaiden Rishel has returned to the GCWA! And he’s not alone, as he’s riding on a GOLF CART!?

*A small golf cart zooms into camera view at the fastest speed it could possibly go, driven by the man nobody thought they’d ever see around these parts again, The Prodigy, Jaiden Rishel! Rishel wears a red t-shirt with the letters NFC written in the center of it, with the words “Nobody F*cking Cares” underneath, and a pair of torn up jean shorts. As soon as TGO sees him driving down the hallway his mouth drops open in shock, but he quickly regroups and tells Shayde and Chase to go after him. But as soon as Chase attempts to pull Rishel off the cart, he is blasted with a surprise steel baseball bat to the skull! Landon is dropped immediately, but Liam comes in from the other side and pushes the bat out of Jaiden’s hands. He jumps up onto the cart with him, trying to swerve it down the hallway but the Prodigy pulls the wheel back towards the rest of NFB!*

Jones: I can’t believe this, Jaiden is going to run that cart right into NFB and they only have a couple of seconds to find safe ground!

Hood: Come on Trevor, get out of the way!

*Liam Shayde punches Rishel hard in the temple, leaving him pulling the miniature cart sideways. Jaiden comes back with a hard forearm of his own, knocking Shayde back on his ass. But Demarco comes running up at a quick speed and swats the Prodigy right off the golf cart with a steel chair shot that he didn’t even see coming! With no driver in the cart, it goes wildly to the side and crashes right through the plaster wall! Demarco calls the rest of the group over to stomp down Rishel, but now Ataxia is back up and jumps on TGO from behind! He pulls back the leader of the stable with a Backstabber, taking him out with the painful move! Ataxia runs over to Rishel but before he makes it there Lorenzo Demarco locks up with him and hip tosses him down to the hard floor.*

Hood: It looks like NFB is back in charge, I guess that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Jones: Well no it shouldn’t be, when it’s like two on what…two thousand? These guys are practically a street gang.

Rockwell: Yeah, and they look like a bunch of street thugs tonight. Although Rishel and Ataxia probably deserve to get beat down, just saying.

*Demarco stops the attack on Rishel to go check on TGO, but Jaiden quickly is back to his feet sneaking around him and taking out Demarco with a stunning Roundhouse Kick. Rishel helps up Ataxia and for a split second the Messiah Pariah gives him a strange look, but they face the entire NFB group head on, running at them at the same and jumping in the air to take out Shayde and Chase with Body Splashes! TGO and Demarco grab ahold of them quickly though, a fist fight breaking out immediately but only seconds later GCWA security storm right in. There are not just five of them, more like fifteen maybe twenty of them, all with nightsticks placed in their hand. They push back to the two groups from each other, NFB steaming with hatred as they’re behind held back. Rishel and Ataxia say a few choice words of their own, and then slowly walk the other direction. After a few feet the two of them stop, the Prodigy puts his hand on the shoulder of Ataxia, offering his other out for a handshake.*

Jones: Are you serious! After Jaiden Rishel helped the NFB group take out Ataxia for some of the last few weeks, now he wants Ataxia to trust him?

Rockwell: Well he’s probably the only other person that Ataxia can trust. If you haven’t noticed he doesn’t have very many friends.

Hood: I wouldn’t go putting my trust into Rishel though, how many people has he turned his back on in the past?

*Ataxia seemingly hearing the announcer’s statements from all the way at ringside, looks Rishel in the eyes with a disdained appearance. Ataxia breaths in and out heavily from the nasty attack, but even through the mask it’s easy to tell that he’s not so accepting of Rishel’s help. Once again the Prodigy offers the handshake, even going as far as trying to grab Ataxia’s right hand himself. Instead of going in for the shake, the Messiah Pariah pulls back his arm and swings for the fences at Jaiden’s jaw! Rishel falls to the ground holding his face in pain, looking up at Ataxia who just shakes his head back and forth at him and continues walking away.*

Jones: It appears that there is still no friendship between Ataxia and Jaiden Rishel, if the returning Prodigy wants Ataxia’s trust it seems like he’s going to have to work for it.

*Rishel watches Ataxia go, shaking his head to possibly try and stop the ringing in his ears. We slowly fade out to a commercial break.*

*We come back from the break to another darkened shot, where we are back at the locked room from earlier. Dan is kicking and ramming the door repeatedly, trying to break out. It's no good though, the door won't budge. He bangs on the door a few more times but gives up and slides down to the floor. Suddenly, the door clicks and opens up. Madyson peaks her head through and begins to smile.*

Madyson: Thank God I found you, you need to get out there and help Chris.

Dangerous Dan: Maddy!! You're ok!! I was so worried...

Madyson: There's no time for that. Those two idiots were bragging about what they did to you, then they left me alone. I think something happened to them after that, because they didn’t come back. I escaped and came looking for you. Now go, Chris needs you!!

*Dan nods and starts jogging off down the hallway, as we go back to ringside.*

Jones: Dan has escaped!

Rockwell: Looks like your plan to have it be a “handicap” match just went up in smoke, Hood.

Hood: Once again, I must emphasize that it wasn’t my plan! But it was a good one. If Cortez hadn’t attacked Chase and Shayde…

Jones: What matters now, though, is that Chris isn’t going to be alone for long, although we’re not sure where Dan was being held, or how long it will take him to get back here.

Rockwell: What, were they out of the building?

Jones: I don’t know, but that didn’t look like a room here in the arena. He may have quite a run ahead of him!

Hood: In that case, let’s get this match going!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA World Tag-Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers… they are here tonight representing Nobody’s F’n Better… weighing a combined 550 lbs… here are Lorenzo Demarco and The Great One!

*”Eye for an Eye" by Story of the Year starts playing, bringing out Demarco and The Great One. Demarco walks behind TGO, clearly in a bad humor, but prepared to unleash it onto the Danger Boiz. TGO looks extremely pleased with himself for having placed himself in this contest. The two NFB wrestlers head towards the ring.*

Jones: It remains to be seen if The Great One joining this match is a bonus or a negative for Demarco.

Hood: What? Are you doubting TGO’s genius?

Jones: Well, it’s just that The Lost Soul has at least been wrestling this year in the GCWA. But replacing him with a man who hasn’t been wrestling, and when it’s for a championship? It seems like a risk to me.

Rockwell: It shows the guy’s humongous ego. He’s putting himself in front of his team. What an idiot.

Hood: You’ll eat your words soon enough. TGO is still a tremendous wrestler, and, hell, he towers over both Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan!

Minos: Their opponents have been quite possibly the most successful team in the GCWA’s history, as the only team to hold the belts three times… weighing in at a combined 448 lbs… here are the 3-time GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… Dangerous Dan… Crazy Chris… The Danger Boiz!

*”Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead plays, and the crowd cheers, looking back at the entryway. Only Crazy Chris walks out, though, holding onto both Tag-Team Titles as well as the Unified X Division Title. He looks seriously concerned as he moves towards the ring, taking his time as he goes.*

Jones: Crazy Chris appears to be on his own for now, but help is definitely on the way!

Rockwell: I hope Dan isn’t too far away from here, or else this could be a slaughter for the champions. This is the time where you think about entering the ring and attacking both men with title shots. You get DQ’ed, but hey, the belts are still yours!

Hood: That’d be the cowardly way out!

Rockwell: And what do you call trying to lock up one of your opponents before the match, Hood?

Hood: Strategy!

*Crazy Chris moves towards the timekeeper’s table, depositing the titles there. At the same time, Demarco suddenly slides out of the ring and comes his way, with TGO, after a second, doing the same. Chris turns, seeing Demarco coming at him, and immediately meets him with a right hand!! The two men start slugging it out, with Chris starting to drive his opponent back. But now The Great One is there, clubbing Chris from the side, and now the double-team is on!! The two men hammer on Chris, as the crowd boos, trying to destroy him before his brother can return. The Great One turns and points at the ring, with Demarco nodding. They slide Chris in and enter behind him, with Head Referee Bell having no choice but to signal for things to begin!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: It’s begun! The Tag-Team Titles are on the line!

Rockwell: Can Chris survive long enough, or will he be beaten before Dangerous Dan can return?

*Both Demarco and The Great One are still in the ring, bringing Crazy Chris up to his feet. They lift the champion up in the air with a double suplex, driving him down to the mat! Head Referee Bell then intercedes, starting a count and warning that one of them has to leave. The Great One argues for a moment, saying that he can get Bell fired, but Bell doesn’t want to hear it. He’s just doing his job the best way he knows how. TGO apparently can respect that, although he’ll also remember it. As TGO walks away, still talking with Bell, Demarco pulls Crazy Chris back up… and then drops to his knees, lashing upwards with a devastating low blow!!! Crazy Chris shouts out and falls over, landing in a fetal position after the shot! Head Referee Bell, hearing the shout, spins around, but Demarco is already stepping towards Chris, trying to act innocent as he goes back to work on the man.*

Jones: Jesus!! What a move to take, so early in a match!

Rockwell: TGO and Demarco are going to break every rule in the book in order to get those tag-team titles!

Hood: Hey, if the ref doesn’t see it, it’s not illegal!

*Demarco is already taking advantage of Chris’ pain, working over his leg with a half Boston crab. Crazy Chris is in a lot of agony, but he’s still fighting, refusing to give up despite whatever is put against him. He fights to reach the nearby ropes, when suddenly Demarco releases the hold, letting his legs fall to the mat. Demarco stands up and grabs Chris’ foot, dragging him backwards over to his corner. The Great One is waiting, a large smile on his face as he puts his hand out. Demarco tags him in, and TGO enters the ring as a GCWA wrestler for the first time! He looks extremely pleased, looking down on Crazy Chris, who is trying to recover. The larger man reaches down and hauls Chris up, looking him in the eyes… and then lifts him into the air with an overhead press! The Great One holds him up there for a few seconds, as if thinking about where to toss him, but then drops Chris on his shoulder and launches it down into a powerslam, crashing the Unified X Division Champion into the canvas!! The Great One makes the cover… 1… 2… but Crazy Chris is able to kick out!*

Jones: The Great One’s clearly still got it, as that was an immense show of strength.

Hood: I told you guys! He’s the man!

Rockwell: Well, “the man” better prepare himself, because Crazy Chris isn’t alone anymore!

*The fans can be heard, cheering loudly, as Dangerous Dan suddenly appears, sprinting down the aisleway! He books his way to the ring, fired up. The Great One, hearing the commotion, turns and motions to the referee, reminding him of who the legal men are. As Dan reaches the ring and slides in, apparently to go right after TGO, Bell intercedes, telling Dan that he’s got to go to his corner. Dan doesn’t want to, trying to push past, but Bell threatens a disqualification. As Dan argues with him, TGO suddenly turns and walks to his corner, with Demarco already coming into the ring. The two switch places without tagging, as Demarco plants a hard knee into Crazy Chris’ spine, keeping him down. He works over Chris, even as Dan finally goes back to his corner, frustrated. Bell turns back, surprised to see Demarco in there. He questions him, but since Demarco might possibly have tagged, Bell can’t do a thing.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s here, but there’s nothing he can do if Crazy Chris can’t make it to a tag!

Hood: Nah, he won’t be able to. He’s taken too much damage already. This one’s a slam dunk!

Rockwell: You should know by now, Hood, that anything can happen. Dan’s here now, and that can only be good news for the Danger Boiz!

*Demarco has Crazy Chris back up now, taking him over to the corner as Dangerous Dan watches helplessly. Demarco lands a few good knuckle shots to the side of Chris’ head, then tags in The Great One. TGO steps in, even as Demarco lifts Chris onto the corner, holding him there for a moment. TGO then reaches past him, grabbing Chris by the throat and flipping him off the ‘buckle and to the canvas, getting a massive top-rope chokeslam!!! Chris is down, with The Great One making the loose cover… 1… 2… but Dangerous Dan rushes in, getting in a quick kick to break up the pin attempt! TGO looks over at him, annoyed, as Head Referee Bell once again works to get Dan back. Meanwhile, TGO waves to Demarco, who steps in as TGO holds up Chris. Demarco charges, going for a beheading clothesline… but Chris sidesteps, causing Demarco to hit TGO instead! As TGO falls backwards, Demarco recovers and spins around, only to get a dropkick to the face that sends him flying!*

Jones: Crazy Chris is fighting back!

Rockwell: I was starting to wonder if there was anything left in the tank!

Hood: No, no, no, no…

Rockwell: If he makes that tag, it’s a whole new ball game!

*Dangerous Dan is jumping up and down, full of excitement as he waits anxiously for his brother to get over to him. Crazy Chris still seems dazed, though, as he struggles to get himself back up. He turns towards his corner and starts to crawl over that way, but both TGO and Demarco are starting to recover. TGO starts to head over first, but Head Referee Bell gets in his way, apparently thinking that Demarco is the legal man! TGO argues, but in the meantime, Demarco pushes past him, grabbing hold of Chris’ legs just as he was about to tag his brother! Demarco drags him back and lifts him up, with Chris’ foot still in his hands. But Chris immediately turns it into an enziguri, knocking Demarco in the head!! Demarco falls over, with Chris putting in one final lunge and tagging in Dangerous Dan!!*

Jones: The tag is made!

Hood: *BLEEP!*

Rockwell: If Dan can bring the Danger Boiz back, this will be a huge notch in their win list!

*Demarco, recovering, tries a sucker punch on Dangerous Dan, but Dan easily blocks it, then starts firing away, releasing all of his pent-up energy! He drives Demarco back into a corner and climbs up, still punching away with rights and lefts!! The Great One, seeing this, steps illegally into the ring and comes from behind, but Dan somehow senses him there and leaps off the ‘buckle, coming backwards with a moonsault splash that drives TGO to the mat!! As TGO rolls away, Demarco shakes his head, then charges forward, but Dan gets a hip toss, flinging Demarco aside! Dan then races in at Demarco and leaps up onto his shoulders, before throwing himself backwards and getting a hurricanrana into a pin attempt!! Head Referee Bell slides into position and starts counting… 1… 2… but The Great One dives in and breaks it up!! He starts punching away at Dan, as the referee has clearly started to lose control of this one!*

Jones: Get him out of there, ref!

Rockwell: Why is it these tag-team matches always break down like this??

Hood: You can’t stop wrestlers from wanting to fight, Adrian! It’s what they’re born for!

*The Great One pulls Dangerous Dan up, keeping both hands wrapped around the young man’s throat as he chokes at him! Head Referee Bell yells a warning, but TGO isn’t listening, wanting to end the threat of Dangerous Dan as soon as possible. However, he doesn’t see Crazy Chris coming to the side of the apron, having gotten some of his breath back. The masked wrestler leaps up, springboarding off the ropes and flying into TGO with a missile dropkick!! TGO releases Dan and stumbles away, even as Chris pulls himself back together. He turns to Dan and nods, with the two men charging forward and clotheslining TGO, sending him flipping to the outside!! The fans are loving it as Chris and Dan stare down at the veteran wrestler, enjoying themselves. But as they turn around, Demarco is back, rushing forward and hitting a devastating forearm hit that sends Chris over the ropes as well!! Dan angrily charges Demarco, with the two men exchanging shots, even as the other two wrestlers struggle to recover on the outside!*

Jones: We’ve got two down, but two still fighting it out! It looks like this one is down to Dan and Demarco!

Rockwell: Two of the most talented wrestlers currently in the GCWA are really showing why they’re in a championship battle tonight! It’s great to see true competition!

Hood: It’ll only be great if The Great One wins the belts!

Rockwell: And Demarco, too?

Hood: Of course Demarco too! Stop trying to create rifts in NFB where none exist, Rockwell!

Rockwell: I just call them like I see them, Hood!

*Inside, Dangerous Dan gains control, shooting Demarco into the ropes. As Demarco comes back, Dangerous Dan goes off another side of the ropes and comes back, getting a criss-cross facebuster! Dan then makes the cover, trying to hang on… 1… 2… but Demarco is able to kick out in time. Dan, annoyed, gets up and pulls Demarco with him, setting him up for a suplex. But Demarco answers with a shot to the throat, staggering his opponent. Demarco then grabs Dan by the neck and spins down with a neckbreaker, before trying his own pin… 1… 2… but Dan is able to escape in time. As the fight continues in the ring, we look to the outside, where Crazy Chris is trying to pull himself up, having taken a lot of abuse. He reaches for the ropes and starts to climb up… and then gets nailed in the back by a steel chair, courtesy of The Great One!!! Crazy Chris topples back to the ground, even as TGO quickly gets rid of the evidence before the referee can see it.*

Jones: Chris just got blasted!!

Hood: Hah!!

Rockwell: TGO might have just eliminated half the competition with that strike!

*Demarco, meanwhile, has Dangerous Dan back up in the corner. He picks Dan up, setting him onto the top ‘buckle, preparing for something big. But Dan fights back, getting a quick boot up into Demarco’s face that sends Demarco falling backwards to the mat! Not knowing what happened to his brother, Dan sets himself on top of the turnbuckle, preparing for the E.N.D.D.!! He braces himself, and leaps off… as The Great One reaches through the ropes and grabs Demarco by the ankle, sliding him out of range!! Dan crashes and burns, taking a serious impact upon landing, as The Great One pushes Demarco to his feet. Demarco clears his head, turns, and sees Dan struggling to get up. He snarls and runs forward… and hits the Paid In Full!!!! Dan’s out, with The Great One already celebrating on the outside! Demarco makes the cover, ensuring that no part of Dan is close to the ropes, as Bell makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, and the NEW GCWA World Tag-Team Champions…. Lorenzo Demarco and The Great One… NFB!


Jones: Turn down the volume, Hood! Geez!

Hood: Sorry, sorry, I’m just so excited!!

Rockwell: Well, they had to cheat and break rules throughout the whole match, but Demarco and TGO did it. They’re World Tag-Team Champs!

Jones: What an agonizing way to lose the belts for the Danger Boiz! They almost made a superhuman comeback, but TGO and Demarco found a way to win!

Hood: I hate to say I told you so, but… no, I love to say it! I told you so! I told both of you!

Rockwell: Grrrr….

Jones: Control yourself, Adrian. Don’t lose your job over him.

Rockwell: …

*In the ring, The Great One has joined with Demarco, arrogantly tossing him one of the titles. The two men stand proudly in the ring, having gotten themselves championships to hold. Meanwhile, Crazy Chris is painfully rolling into the ring to check on Dangerous Dan, who is trying to sit up. The two Danger Boiz talk to each other, making sure each is ok… and then Demarco hits from behind, knocking down Crazy Chris with a title shot to the back!! Dan tries to get up, but TGO is there, knocking him down as well!*

Jones: Oh, now what’s the point of this??

Hood: Looks like it’s time for NFB to send another message!

Rockwell: Or maybe it’s time for a message to be sent to them!!

Hood: Huh?

*As The Great One signals to Demarco to lift Crazy Chris up, wanting to do more damage on the Unified X Division Champion, movement is suddenly seen behind him. TGO, sensing it, spins around, but it’s too late, as the Roman Empire is already in the ring!! TGO charges forward, swinging at Lurrr, but Lurrr ducks underneath, spins… and then nails TGO with the Wake Up Call!!! TGO topples backwards, falling through the ropes to the outside!! Demarco tosses Chris aside and runs forward, more than happy to have another fight. But he’s quickly swarmed, as Warrick Hill, Derek Mobley, and El Linchador all beat him down!! Demarco’s forced to retreat, rolling out of the ring, as the Roman Empire stands tall!!*

Jones: The Roman Empire strikes again!!

Rockwell: Man, The Great One just took a terrible fall! I love it!

Hood: Damnit, they had nothing to do with this match!!

Jones: No, but the Roman Empire and the Danger Boiz have a partnership now between them, which means that you try and injure the Danger Boiz, you have to mess with the Empire!

*As Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris are helped up by the House of Pain, Lurrr is seen standing on the outside, looking out at The Great One, who is still down. Demarco’s over to his side now, and Chase and Shayde come running out as well to support him. The Great One’s holding his jaw, having tasted the Wake Up Call for the first time in years. He glares upwards at Lurrr, showing some serious anger, as Lurrr starts laughing down at him. The picture slowly fades out.*

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Thanks to The Great One for writing a match, and to everyone else who put in some segments to help get this one up. It was wild, but it's posted, so I'm definitely pleased.

Here's the card for next week:

- Lorenzo Demarco vs. Johnny Vegas

- Chris Cortez vs. Xtreme

- El Linchador(c) vs. Ataxia, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title TLC Match

- Derek Mobley(c) vs. The Big Bifford, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Match

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