GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing The Big Bifford, standing next to the Accelerator. Bifford has a dark smile on his face as he slaps the World Title sitting on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The place seems to have more energy than usual, as the fans are cheering wildly for the start of the show. One sign in particular is focused on, showing a picture of The Great One and a phrase stating “The end of the world is nigh…” We head past the cheering fans and go to the ringside area, joining up with Edward Jones and Adrian Rockwell.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Friday Night Inferno!! The GCWA is still reeling from what went down last week, as the formation of NFB shook the entire federation to its core!

Rockwell: Yeah, why would guys like Landon Chase, Lorenzo Demarco, and Liam Shayde throw away great-looking careers and side with The Great One, anyway?

Jones: Don’t forget, Adrian, TGO is currently the majority stockholder of the GCWA, which means he carries a lot of power!

Rockwell: He’s strong, yeah, but he’s not as powerful as the President! … Is he?

Jones: It’s hard to tell for sure right now, Adrian. What we do know is that Commissioner Lurrr took a hell of a beating last week from NFB during their debut.

Rockwell: That part was actually ok…

Jones: Of course you’d say that, Adrian, but it was still a shock to our great fans here in the GCWA Arena. We don’t really know Lurrr’s condition at this point, other than that he was supposedly able to leave under his own power after getting checked over by the medics.

Rockwell: The lucky son of a bitch always knew how to fall right.

Jones: We’ve got a ton of action set for tonight, and you can bet that we’re going to be on edge for every second! So let’s go to…

*Jones is suddenly interrupted, as “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm starts to play! The fans stand, but are almost immediately booing, as the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, walks out of the back! Right behind him, the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Bifford, steps into the light, joined by his tag-team partner, Arachne! Following them, although making sure to stand apart from each other, are Jaiden Rishel and Chris Cortez, with the whole group walking towards the ring!*

Rockwell: The President’s here! On your feet, Jones!

Jones: Not only that, but he’s bringing his crew with him! What could this be about?

Rockwell: I said stand up, Jones, and show some respect!

Jones: Ok, OK! Geez!

*The wrestlers enter the ring, with the crowd still booing away. They definitely aren’t pleased to see any of the individuals inside the squared circle tonight. The Accelerator, smiling, walks over towards his men, giving each one a confident nod before turning back to the crowd.*

The Accelerator: Good evening, boyos and girls! Welcome to my personal playpen, Friday Night Inferno!

*The boos are even heavier, with Ace, laughing, waiting for them to die back down.*

The Accelerator: Now, now, people, chill out. I just wanted to come out here to address two brutal attacks that took place last week. First off, I’d like to start with…

*Ace turns, suddenly stepping towards the World Champion. Bifford reacts in surprise, as if he didn’t know this was coming.*

The Accelerator: … you, Bifford… last week, I watched as you took advantage of Warrick Hill and Lurrr both being at ringside, and got in a surprise attack on the man you’re scheduled to face at Capital Punishment… Derek Mobley…

*Bifford nods, trying to look a little ashamed, although it’s really not working, as both he and Ace are now smiling.*

The Accelerator: Let’s roll that clip, shall we?

*The big screen switches on, showing a video from last week. We see the heavy beat-down that the Big Bifford dishes out on Derek Mobley, as GCWA Security held back Warrick Hill and Lurrr from being able to make the save. We see the Biff End on Mobley from several different angles, and in slow motion. Finally, though, the video ends, taking us back to ringside.*

Rockwell: What a great piece of video! Ace should get an Oscar for editing that one!

Jones: Well, it definitely got the message across.

*In the ring, despite the loud boos coming in from the crowd, Ace has turned back to Bifford.*

The Accelerator: So, Bifford… what do you have to say for yourself?

*Bifford lowers his head for a moment, taking the mic from Ace’s hands as he does so. After a second, he looks up with a smile.*

The Big Bifford: I say… show it again!

*Obediently, the video controllers start the beat-down of Mobley once more.*

Jones: Ok, now they’re taking it too far…

Rockwell: Hush, Jones! This is my favorite part of the movie!

*After the clip ends again, we go back to Bifford.*

The Big Bifford: I never get tired of seeing that. You think I should feel bad, people, that Mobley was too stupid to keep his guys in a group and protect himself? No, he’s a #1 Contender, he should know better! It’s his own fault! And now, well, he may not be able to fight me at Capital Punishment, which would be a terrible shame… but Mobley screwed Mobley…

The Accelerator: Now, now, Bifford, I know you still want to fight. I’ll make some calls, see if Aaron Styles is still available.

The Big Bifford: I have Makorpal’s phone number, if that helps…

The Accelerator: I’m sure it will all work out, Bifford, don’t worry. Now, let’s move on to the other big attack of the night… roll the footage!

*We switch to video from the end of last week’s Inferno, where we see the formation of Nobody’s F’n Better and the assault on Commissioner Lurrr. Once again, we see some slow-motion replays of the injuries incurred by Lurrr during the beat-down. The crowd can be heard, booing even louder.*

Jones: It was truly a shocking moment, as who could have foreseen The Great One’s power movement to go this far?

Rockwell: Somehow, he’s managed to get followers on his side. But don’t you fret, Ace will get everything back on track!

*Ace waits for the video to end before continuing.*

The Accelerator: Look, I can’t say that I was too upset to see what happened. That wouldn’t be honest of me. I mean, let’s face it, Lurrr went out there without provocation, so it might have just been self-defense. Either way, though, I need to talk to the important part of this… The Great One. TGO and I have had our difficulties, but we always had a common goal: the disposal of Lurrr. Well, TGO, congrats on getting in some good shots in that regard.

*The congratulations is reluctantly given, and the crowd reception is definitely mixed.*

The Accelerator: But TGO, if you think I’m just going to sit around and let you get away with stuff on MY show, you’ve got to think again. You see these men behind me? They are the true giants of the industry. You have the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Bifford, one of the greatest stars of any generation! You have the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion in Chris Cortez!! You have the greatest young star in my employ, Jaiden Rishel, who is going to teach you a lesson here tonight and show you that you’ve chosen your men poorly!

*Ace is about to go on, when Bifford clears his throat behind him. Ace looks back, and then shakes his head.*

The Accelerator: Right, right… and then there’s Arachne… anyway, moving on, the guys I’ve got here are truly the best in the business! So don’t get comfortable out there, TGO. You haven’t won anything yet.

*Suddenly, heavy music starts to play, grabbing everyone’s attention. Out of the back, The Great One appears, stepping out onto the stage! He’s followed by Lorenzo Demarco and Landon Chase. The three men head down towards the ring, stopping about halfway down.*

Rockwell: Damnit, what are these guys doing out here? This is Ace’s time!

Jones: I guess TGO couldn’t wait to answer the President’s comments!

The Great One: Ace, Ace, Ace… why do you have to make this personal? You know it’s all about business. What we did last week was make a statement, letting the world know who we are and what we’re about. Tonight, we’re going to show that again, as Demarco here stomps all over your golden child, Rishel.

The Accelerator: You’re dreaming, TGO. Rishel’s going to break Demarco like a government mule.

The Great One: You need to update your phrases, Ace. You always were a little behind the times.

*Ace looks towards TGO with dark eyes, shaking his head. He raises the mic to say something else… and then “Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to fill the arena and the crowd erupts!! Out comes the GCWA Commissioner Lurrr, who is showing some signs of his attack from last week as he limps out onto the ramp.*

Jones: The Commissioner is here tonight!

Rockwell: Damn, I was hoping that maybe he wouldn’t be making it…

*Both TGO and Ace look at each other with small grins acknowledging their satisfaction of last week’s events. While they don’t have much in common with each other, they definitely share hatred towards the Commission. Lurrr holds up his mic but before he can get any words out the crowd begins to chant.*

GCWA Crowd: Lurrr is Wrestling….. Lurrr is Wrestling.

The Accelerator: You people have no idea what wrestling is… SHUT UP!!

*The crowd begins to boo.*

Lurrr: Well if it isn’t tweedle dee and tweedle dum with their collection of puppets. I mean seriously how does it feel to have your strings pulled by complete dumbasses?? I would be embarrassed standing in the ring behind those two jokers’. But enough about incapable moronic minds who know absolutely nothing about putting together a group of guys who can put the stamp on this company.

The Accelerator: Give me a break, you have been in your position for barely two months and you think you know it all?? Why don’t you do this entire company a favor and whittle away like your wrestling career did!! You see what’s going on here right now is a pure example of how a boss should promote his champion, I have created an army, an army that cannot be stopped!!

The Great One: Can’t be stopped? Did you completely miss our name, Ace? There’s Nobody… F’n… Better!!

Lurrr: You see it’s funny you said that because while you two stooges have tried to put together an army, it’s not an Empire…..

*The crowd erupts wondering what that could mean.*

The Accelerator: What the hell is that supposed to mean???

*Lurrr flips his mic down and walks off the ramp, heading to the back without another word. The Great One’s nodding slowly, as if putting something together. In the ring, the Accelerator is talking with Bifford and Rishel, infuriated. We slowly fade out, heading to our first commercial break.*

*We come back from the break to a shot in the backstage area, where we see Bucky Johnson walking down the hall, with a phone pushed against his head. He’s talking away, barely able to concentrate on avoiding the people walking his way.*

Bucky Johnson: So it’s getting here soon? I was hoping it’d be here by now… ok, ok, just get it here, I need it by the end of the hour! Ok, bye!

*Bucky hangs up the phone and comes around the corner towards his dressing room… where Robert Santana is waiting. Bucky stops, surprised, and then approaches cautiously.*

Bucky Johnson: What are you doing here?

Robert Santana: I am not here to attack you, Bucky. But I wanted to remind you what you are in for now that you are fighting me for the Hardcore Title.

Bucky Johnson: We have fought before and I have beaten you.

Robert Santana: But you haven’t fought me, one on one, with no rules. Do you realize what I’ve been trained to do? I have always held back, because I am an honorable man, Bucky. But now? I don’t have to hold back.

*Robert turns and snaps out a huge kick into Bucky’s locker room door, splintering it into many pieces!!! Bucky, stunned, looks at the destruction delivered from one single strike of the Sensei, as Robert turns to him.*

Robert Santana: I look forward to our battle, Bucky. Wear your title proudly during the time you have left with it.

*Robert does a bow and walks away, as Bucky watches him go. Suddenly, in the now-broken doorway, Chucky Johnson slowly pokes his head out.*

Chucky Johnson: Bucky? You ok?

Bucky Johnson: I’m good, Chucky. Call maintenance and get us another door.

Chucky Johnson: Right.

*Chucky goes to call. Bucky picks up some pieces of the door, looking at them. He tests the wood, trying to figure out how Robert broke it so easily, as we go back to ringside.*

Jones: What a statement by Robert Santana!

Rockwell: Man, if he can kick Johnson just like he did that door, we’re definitely going to have a new Hardcore Champion!

Jones: Johnson earned that belt for a reason, though, Adrian. He’s got to shake this off and prepare himself for his match later tonight, and then set himself for the confrontation with Santana at Capital Punishment.

Rockwell: Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some wrestling action! Can we finally get to a match?

Jones: Sounds good to me, Adrian.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Making his way down the aisle… he’s making his GCWA Debut here tonight, after success in other federations… standing 6’0” and weighing in at 215 lbs, from Hollywood, California… here is “The Rock and Roll Outlaw” Axl Lionsworth!

*The fans don’t know how to react as Axl Lionsworth appears on the stage, with “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park playing behind him. He removes his sunglasses and smirks, tossing them to the side. He can always get himself another pair. He then heads for the ring, extremely confident in what’s going to take place tonight.*

Rockwell: Who the heck is this guy?

Jones: He’s another new recruit, Adrian, with a musician’s background. I hear he’s a hard drinking, hard partying, Saint of the Sunset Strip kind of guy.

Rockwell: Well, he didn’t draw an easy first match, taking on one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champs.

Jones: Some would say it’s a great way to get off to a monster start. He gets a win here tonight, he propels his career straight into the spotlight right off the bat.

Minos: His opponent is an accomplished veteran now in the GCWA, having earned many accolades throughout his career with the company… standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee… here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, representing the Danger Boiz… Dangerous Dan!

*The crowd pops huge as “Hero” by Skillet starts up. The pyro goes off, with Dangerous Dan walking out after the explosion and hopping around on the stage, energized. He heads down the aisle, giving out some high fives, while keeping his championship belt around his waist.*

Jones: It was a rough time this week for Dangerous Dan, as he had to watch his brother, Crazy Chris, recover in the hospital after the assault from Lorenzo Demarco last week.

Rockwell: What a wimp. One baseball bat shot to the head, and he has to be hospitalized.

Jones: Sometiems I wonder if you’re even listening to what you’re saying.

Rockwell: Well, I wonder if this Coke bottle would break if I hit you in the face with it.

Jones: It’s a plastic bottle, Adrian, it won’t break…


Jones: Ow!!

Rockwell: Nope, didn’t break, you’re right.

Jones: Son of a….

*The Bell Rings.*

*Dangerous Dan finishes stretching on the ropes, and then walks forward, smiling as he goes to greet the newcomer. He reaches out a hand, offering it to Lionsworth. The respectful gesture isn’t returned, though, as Lionsworth steps forward and boots him in the stomach, bending him over! The crowd is immediately booing, but Lionsworth isn’t paying attention, as he slugs away at Dan, moving him back towards the ropes! As soon as they reach that side, Lionsworth scores a couple more knees to the stomach, before grabbing Dan by the arm and whipping him towards the other side, no, a reversal by Dan and now Lionsworth is on his way across the ring. As Lionsworth rebounds, Dan charges and leaps, getting a corkscrew dropkick!! Lionsworth crashes hard onto his back, as Dan pulls himself back up, anger clouding his face!*

Jones: Dangerous Dan tried to show Lionsworth some respect, and Lionsworth just tried to take advantage of it!

Rockwell: That’s why respect is for losers, Jones. Dan needs to just beat the hell out of this guy and call it an evening!

Jones: There’s nothing wrong with trying to show sportsmanship, Adrian.

Rockwell: In another sport? Certainly. But in wrestling, sportsmanship is greatly overrated.

*Both men are back on their feet, with Lionsworth having used the ropes to pull himself up. Behind him, Dangerous Dan approaches, planning an attack. But Dan sees something in Lionsworth’s stance and suddenly moves to the right, ducking low as Lionsworth suddenly leaps backwards, going for the Black Toothed Grin Pele kick!! Unfortunately for him, he misses, dropping on his own momentum to the canvas! Lionsworth tries to get right back up, but now Dan has a hold of him, lifting the wrestler up onto his shoulders, then spiking him down with a juvi driver!! Lionsworth shudders on the mat after the move, as Dan gets himself up and goes to the ropes. He steps out onto the apron, even as Lionsworth struggles to get back to his feet. He makes it up, staggering around in a half-circle. Dan, timing it perfectly, springs over the ropes and flies towards him, grabbing his head and dropping with a springboard DDT!! Lionsworth is down, as Dangerous Dan makes his first cover of the match… 1… 2… but Lionsworth manages to kick out.*

Jones: So far, the experienced GCWA competitor is dominating!

Rockwell: Yeah, Dangerous Dan is really getting to let loose tonight against his competition. He probably had a lot of pent-up energy, watching his bro sleeping in the hospital room.

Jones: Have I told you how much I hate hospitals?

Rockwell: Frequently.

*Dangerous Dan is back up now, with Referee Trixie backing away from him to leave some space. He drags Axl Lionsworth to his feet and gets him in a headlock, taking him over towards the corner. Lionsworth struggles, but Dan lands a couple of punches to soften him up, then jogs at the corner, going for a tornado DDT! But Lionsworth reacts, shoving Dan off and sending him onto the ‘buckle! Remarkably, though, Dan is able to maintain his balance, stopping himself from falling off. Lionsworth, seeing it, tries to swipe Dan’s legs out from under him, but Dan does a complete backflip, flying over Lionsworth and landing behind him!! A shocked Lionsworth spins around and tries to charge, but Dan stops him with a well-placed shot, then grabs him and lifts, taking Lionsworth down with the Danger Zone!!! The place is going wild, but Dan’s not making the pin yet. He heads, instead, for the turnbuckle, climbing up to the top. With the audience firmly behind him, Dan takes flight, coming down with the E.N.D.D.!!! It’s almost academic, now, as Dan makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Dangerous Dan!

Jones: And Dangerous Dan gives the newcomer a rude welcoming to the GCWA!

Rockwell: Yeah, I gotta say, I’m disappointed. I heard some good things about Lionsworth, but he really had trouble getting things going tonight. Maybe he can learn from this and make it back to full speed next time.

Jones: As for Dan, he gets himself another victory to add to his long list. He’s gone from rookie to veteran, becoming one of the key staples of the new GCWA!

*Dangerous Dan celebrates, title in hand, by climbing up on the turnbuckle. He shows off the belt, smiling, as the fans cheer for one of their favorites in the organization. Behind him, Lionsworth works to recover, dazed but apparently not that bothered by what’s happened. He shakes his head and pulls himself up, dusting himself off. Dan, seeing his movement, turns back and watches him for any sign of an attack, but Lionsworth just shrugs, saying that it’s only business.*

Jones: I guess Axl has no hard feelings about the loss, Adrian.

Rockwell: Considering the beating he took, he’s probably just in shock.

*As Dan comes back down off the turnbuckle, Lionsworth staggers for a second, leaning on the ropes and shaking his head. Dan then comes over to him, checking on him and whispering something in the rookie’s ear. Dan raises the left arm of Axl, as the crowd cheers for the rookie. Suddenly, Dan kicks Axl in the gut and sets him up and lands the new version of the Danger Zone!!*

Jones: Whoa!! Dangerous Dan just got in another assault on Lionsworth, out of nowhere!

Rockwell: Wow, I didn’t think he had it in him…

*The fans are split, some booing and some cheering, as they do not know what to make of Dan's actions. As Dan sits on the mat, there is a madness in the eyes of the Danger Boi. Dan stands to his feet and asks for a microphone.*

Dangerous Dan: Lorenzo Demarco, last week you decided to interfere in mine and Chris' match by attacking my brother with a baseball bat. You think you can waltz into this company and attack anyone you want. I don't *bleeping* think so. You should have kept your sorry ass out of our business. You will regret messing with the Danger Boiz, payback's a bitch!!

*The fans are now in unison as they cheer Dangerous Dan hoping to see some retaliation for Chris' beatdown.*

Dangerous Dan: Karma is a bitch Lorenzo and tonight you are going to experience the same actions as you showed last week. Watch your back Demarco, Shayde, I'm coming for your ass!

*The fans scream loudly excited to see some possible retaliation. Dan throws the microphone down to the mat and quickly exits the ring.*

Jones: Strong words and even stronger actions from Dangerous Dan, as he throws down the gauntlet!

Rockwell: Well, we know Demarco’s already booked to fight Ataxia at Capital Punishment, But he and Shayde had better watch their backs, because Dangerous Dan’s out for blood.

*As Dan leaves to “Hero” by Skillet, the referee checks on the condition of Axl Lionsworth. We head to the back, where we see Arachne making his way down the hallway. He’s got a box with him, apparently filled with Cocoa Puffs for Ludwig the Seal. As he turns the corner, though, a chair comes swinging down, crashing across his forehead!!! Arachne falls, sending the boxes of Cocoa Puffs flowing across the ground! The fans are cheering as a man steps in above him, smiling. He reaches down and picks up one of the boxes, opening it and pouring the contents out onto Arachne’s prone body.*

Warrick Hill: How’s it feel to be cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

*With a laugh, Hill turns and leaves, walking away. We focus in on Arachne, laying out cold with a pile of Cocoa Puffs poured on top of him. We fade out.*

*The camera takes us to the back after the break, where we’re immediately in the Presidential office of the Accelerator. Ace sits at his desk going through some paperwork, but as the camera zooms out both Jaiden Rishel and Chris Cortez can be seen sitting in fold-out chairs several feet away from each other. Neither man has a very happy look on their face, but as Ace looks up from the paper in his hand he definitely has a smile planted on himself.*

The Accelerator: Gentleman, it’s great to see the both of you. Now I have called you into here for a couple of reasons, one of course pertaining to your triple threat match at Capital Punishment. I was very pleased when I made you two against each other, but of course Lurrr has to come out and screw it up just like everything else he’s done since he has became the commissioner.

Jaiden Rishel: That’s for sure, that guy isn’t worth the two pennies that you pay him every week, Ace.

The Accelerator: I’m glad you’re finally starting to see things straight again, this tension between us over the past few weeks has to come to an end tonight, Jaiden. I told you a long time ago that I recognize you as the future and now present of GCWA, you are a shooting star just waiting to tear through the roster, but if we go into the battle tonight with any kind of distrust or worry…TGO and his henchmen will make us look like fools. I will not let that happen, so you must go into tonight’s main event ready to send Lorenzo Demarco back home to whatever hood he came from.

*Chris Cortez clears his throat, obviously getting a little irritated from being ignored.*

Chris Cortez: So why was I called in here to the office again? I have better things to do with my time than to listen to this love fest for Jaiden Rishel, because we all know the truth about you, boy. You came into GCWA with a golden spoon hanging out your mouth, you’ve been handed practically everything you have gotten to this day. Well at Capital Punishment, your time in the spotlight is up.

*Ace puts his hand in the air, trying to stop a confrontation from happening.*

The Accelerator: Whoa, whoa, whoa, come on guys I’m sure you can settle this without getting into a fight here in my office.

Jaiden Rishel: You’re right Ace, I can be a real man and let my actions be spoken out in the ring. But before I go out there and destroy Lorenzo just like I have every other loser in my path the last few months, I’ve got a little deal for you boss. Why don’t we add some extra special odds to tonight’s main event? If…no, when I beat Da’ Rappers Delight tonight and embarrass him in front of the world, you let me choose the stipulation for the three way at Capital Punishment. It’s the least you can do after I rid GCWA of another one of TGO’s fumble squad.

The Accelerator: That sounds go…

Chris Cortez: That sounds like a pathetically one-sided ordeal, just like all the other crap that comes from your mouth, Jaiden. If we want this stipulation thing to be fair, why don’t we turn the tables in both direction? If you win tonight then you get to choose the stipulation, but if Lorenzo Demarco beats you one, two, three then the Intercontinental champion himself gets to pick how he’ll defeat you and El Linchador at Capital Punishment.

The Accelerator: Great idea Chris, now before this situation gets any more intense, I think you both should see your way out.

*Chris Cortez gets out of his seat with a smile, slapping the IC gold around his shoulder as he walks out of the office. Jaiden just looks over at Ace, a small amount of discontent in his eyes, but he just sighs and leaves behind Cortez. We head back to ringside.*

Rockwell: Yes! Ace is a genius! He just found a way to motivate Jaiden Rishel to victory even more now!

Jones: Well, it definitely gives him motivation. But it also gives Cortez the chance to have a win either way. If Rishel beats Demarco, it’s a win for the President. But if Rishel gets pinned, then Cortez can choose the style of match at Capital Punishment!

Rockwell: Well, I’d definitely rather see Rishel win, personally, but I can see Cortez’ side of it, as well. It’s his title on the line.

Jones: You never can tell what’s going to happen on Inferno and with Capital Punishment coming up fast things are going to get even crazier Adrian.

Rockwell: You are right Ed. Things are going to pick up now more than ever with NFB trying to take over GCWA from our glorious president.

Jones: Can we go through one show without you kissing up to Ace?

Rockwell: You want me to punch you in the…

*“Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica starts to play as the fans leap to their feet. No pyro or smoke this time as Ataxia just walks down to ringside. Slowly and methodically. He’s not wearing his ring gear. He’s wearing plain clothes. “Messiah Pariah” t-shirt, black jeans, black shoes, and a black leather jacket. His fingers, gloved, gripping a GCWA mic with one hand and high fiving fans with another. His mask is unzipped as he glares at the camera but we can see medical tape over part of one eye and even under the makeup we see the black lips have been busted. *

Jones: Ataxia is here and he looks mad as hell!

Rockwell: Wonderful. Let’s see what hamburger face has to say.

*Ataxia gets in the ring and waits for the cheers and some boo’s to die down. *

Ataxia: Contrary to popular belief. Reports of my demise have been GREATLY EMBLESSISHED! As a matter of fact. Screw this!

*He puts the mic into the jacket and reaches up to the back of the mask and yanks it off. Fans rush forward to take pictures. We cut to the announcers for a minute as Rockwell almost jumps over the table! *

Rockwell: FINALLY!

*But instead of an unmasked Ataxia. We see every square inch of his face except for his eyes and his mouth, which are both covered in makeup and his contacts covering his real eye color. We can’t even see his hair. He looks over at Rockwell and smiles. The smile looks even freakier than usual due to the lips being busted wide open last week. *

Ataxia: Come on Adrian you didn’t think I’d do something this big and important on Inferno did you?

Rockwell: (BLEEP)hole!

Jones: He had us all going for a moment there. Ataxia sure knows how to get a crowd’s attention.

Ataxia: So for once I’m going to talk to all of you , live, without the mask! This is going to be what you “smarks” would call a shoot! I am going to air a little bit of problems I have with the organization and if this bothers any of you in the back. Go (Bleep) yourself!

*The fans are getting a little behind Ataxia as he starts going off. *

Ataxia: THIS WHOLE PLACE IS RETARDED! What the hell is wrong with all of you people who are supposed to be in charge? We got a three way split between the money, the president, and the commish. We got wrestlers aligning with guys to get a edge up on everyone else all because they think it’s the right thing to do. You guys make me want to puke. Every single last one of you will get what you deserve. This isn’t what’s good for GCWA. This is what’s good for all of your egos. All of your crap! All of your lies! All of you deserve to have somebody go back there and beat each of you into a bloody smear. I should be the one to do it!

*The fans start to cheer loudly as Ataxia looks around the arena at everyone cheering. *

Jones: Who is he going to go after? Ace? Lurrr? TGO?

Rockwell: Has to be The Gross One! Ace hasn’t done anything to him.

Jones: What about Lurrr?

Rockwell: Oh everyone wants to hit Lurrr.

Ataxia: But I’m not going to.

*The fans die down. *

Jones: He’s…not going to?

Rockwell: He’s chickening out!

Ataxia: Because it wouldn’t be fair to you. The fans. The fans deserve the best product we can provide as wrestlers. You guys deserve to see a real good main event tonight. You aren’t going to get it though. I’m not interfering in it. I’m not getting involved despite what everyone thinks. I have every right to. I should go back there and lay waste to that locker room! I should go back there and beat Lori, Liam, and Landon into submission. I’m not going to do it because it’s what they want! They want attention! They want people to see their point of view. Or should I say “his” point of view. Oh don’t worry. Neither of the other two figures is better. Ace is an egomaniac that needs to learn his place is not deciding world champions by what HE wants! It’s what you want that matters! Lurrr. Hell Lurrr just has a chip on his shoulder that needs to be knocked off and I think it finally did last week. Hopefully he’ll start impressing me a bit. However I’m done talking except to make one more announcement. I’ve talked to the proper channels. Not going to say who. Tonight. Ataxia versus Xtreme will be a Flaming Tables Match!

Jones: Holy crap!

Rockwell: Maybe they’ll set each other on fire and we will be rid of them both!

Ataxia: Oh…and NFB. I got one message for you. You say that Nobody is better eh? Well I got a question for ya then. Where’s your proof? None of you have a title. None of you have won anything noteworthy. You haven’t taken out anyone! I’m still standing! I’m still here! I can still function! I can promise you one thing! Tonight! I’m going to show you boys how to really beat a man near death! Tonight…Ataxia goes out the window. Tonight! I’m going to go a little old school for me! So I’m going to put my mask back on now and we’re all going to have a great time tonight! Because tonight I’m going to make GCWA learn a lesson…How to steal a show!

* “Die Die Die My Darling” starts to play again as Ataxia heads to the back. He puts the mask back on at the entranceway and holds his arms up to a cheer from the crowd.*

Jones: So a Flaming Tables match tonight!

Rockwell: What’s more we have a promise from Ataxia that he’s not interfering in the main event tonight.

Jones: But you got to wonder Adrian, whose side is he going to be on?

Rockwell: If he’s smart. Ace. If he’s stupid. TGO. If he’s wanting to be unemployed…Lurrr.

*As the fans continue to cheer for Ataxia, we leave the ringside area and head to the back, where an attendant can be seen, pushing something in front of him. He looks a little bewildered, but he’s still doing what he’s been told. He parks it in front of a locker room and knocks on the door.*

Attendant: Hello? Ummm, I’ve got what was asked for. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to convince the medic to give one up.

*The door slowly opens, allowing the attendant to look inside.*

Voice: Bring it in.

Attendant: Yes, sir.

*The attendant turns and pushes once more, and this time we can see that he’s got an empty wheelchair in front of him. He wheels it into the room, with the door shutting behind him. On the front of the door, we see the new symbol for NFB. We fade out.*

*We return from the break to the backstage area, where we see the President sitting at his desk in his office. Ace fills out another form, shaking his head at the expenses it’s costing to continue the federation. Ace loves making money. It’s spending it that he has a problem with. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.*

The Accelerator: Come in!

*The door swings open, and two men step into the room. One is Royal Powerhouse. The other is Ryan Rage. Ace smiles and motions them to come all the way in, standing up to greet them.*

The Accelerator: Ryan! It’s great to see you! And… do I call you Royal, or Powerhouse? Oh, nevermind, it’s not important.

Ryan Rage: Look, Ace, we’ve got better things to do since neither of us have a match tonight. So you want to get to the point?

*Rage and Powerhouse each move back, waiting, as the Accelerator clears his throat and forgets about the pleasantries.*

The Accelerator: Alright, let’s get to it, then. You may have noticed that The Great One is on a little ‘recruiting’ drive of our newer recruits. However, for some reason, he decided not to go for you guys, two of the best stars we’ve got. I want to prove that he’s making a major mistake.

*Ace walks around the desk, sizing up the two athletes standing before him.*

The Accelerator: I know things haven’t gone quite like you were hoping when you first came here. But I know you two can be great stars in the GCWA. You just need the right backing. And if you choose the right ‘team’, I can promise that you two are going to get your opportunities at the titles soon enough.

Ryan Rage: Are you making promises or guarantees?

*Ace grins knowingly, before turning and going back to his desk to continue the talks. We fade away from the scene and go back to ringside.*

Jones: Looks like the Accelerator is starting to circle the wagons.

Rockwell: He’s just being prepared. Ace is always looking ahead, and having two powerful individuals like Ryan Rage and Royal Powerhouse on his side would definitely be a good thing.

Jones: It’d give him the edge… assuming, of course, that TGO hasn’t actually talked to either one of them.

Rockwell: Yeah, he… huh? Damn, you’re paranoid, Jones!

Jones: I’ve known The Great One for a long time, Adrian. You can never be too paranoid when he’s around.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Handicap” Match! Introducing first, they have been given one more opportunity tonight in the GCWA to work together as a duo, weighing in at a combined 459 pounds, here are Jimmy Riot and Mr. Itt!

*The crowd reaction is pretty low as Riot and Mr. Itt walk out of the back together to “Through The Trees” by Low Shoulder. Neither seems particularly happy to be working with the other, but both know that they have to win this match in order to stay in the federation. They talk strategy on their way towards the ring, arguing about who’s going to start first.*

Jones: We haven’t seen much of these guys lately, but tonight, they can both turn around their GCWA careers.

Rockwell: Wouldn’t it be great if they worked together and took out Shayde?

Jones: Wait, you’re not a Liam Shayde supporter anymore?

Rockwell: The fool turned his back on the President and joined up with The Great One! He’s a backstabbing dog!

Jones: So it didn’t bother you when Shayde turned his back on Ataxia…

Rockwell: Nope…

Jones: But when he decides to join the NFB, you’re upset?

Rockwell: Come on, it’s completely different! I mean, he betrayed the President!

Jones: …

Minos: Their opponent is currently the reigning Newcomer of the Month, and will be looking to add his first championship at Capital Punishment… representing the NFB… standing 6’1” and weighing 227 lbs, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, here is Liam Shayde!

*Mr. Itt and Jimmy Riot are in the ring waiting for their opponent. “I’m Bad” by the Last Vegas resonates throughout the arena and the audience immediately disapproves. Liam Shayde rolls out to the stage in a wheelchair and the crowd, impossible as it sounds, disapproves even more. He has a microphone in hand and appears ready to make an announcement as his theme music fades.*

Rockwell: Did we miss an assault in the back?? Who took out Shayde?

Jones: You’re assuming he’s actually injured, Adrian. This could all be another NFB trick.

Rockwell: Ahhh, yeah, you’re probably right… but I can still hope that Shayde injured himself, right?

*The music ends, with Mr. Itt and Jimmy Riot both looking on from ringside as Shayde raises up the mic.*

Liam Shayde: Thank you, thank you. I’d take a bow, but, as you can see, I’m unable to do so at this time. I really appreciate you all being here tonight, cheering me on, hoping that I can someway, somehow overcome these unfair odds and defeat these two formidable opponents.

*Shayde’s clearly having trouble keeping a straight face, even as the crowd boos louder.*

Liam Shayde: Heh, who am I kidding? This match is a joke. When I was informed I’d be participating in a handicapped match, I assumed it would be against the Danger Boiz, for obvious reasons. One, Landon and I punked them out a couple of weeks back. Not only that, but we destroyed them in the ring the very next week with Crazy Chris passing out due to a lack of oxygen while being held in the “Cat’s Cradle.” Two, Dangerous Dan has been blabbering backstage about getting revenge for what happened last week. Cry me a *bleeping* river, kid. Three, I really thought Chris would try to get one up on me before “Capitol Punishment” by making a deal with Ace and having me face off against him and his brother.

Jones: I think a lot of people would have loved a Liam Shayde vs. The Danger Boiz handicap match.

Rockwell: Yeah, missed opportunity there, but oh well.

*The crowd continues to be hot, showing their disdain for the NFB wrestler. Riot looks frustrated, wanting to get started, while Mr. Itt is apparently thinking about taking the fight to the wheelchair-bound wrestler after his comments. Shayde, though, isn’t done.*

Liam Shayde: Well, you know what happens when you assume. I know what all of you smart people are going to say, but you’re wrong. I’m not here to make an ass out of me, no, I’m here to make an ass of those two losers down there. I know, it’s not fair, so I’d thought I’d even the odds by wrestling handicapped, so I’m going to wrestle them while in this wheelchair. Now, here we are, with me about to face off against these two curtain jerkers, these two jobbers…these two…

*Behind Shayde, the curtain suddenly moves aside. Dangerous Dan then appears from backstage, directly behind Liam as he speaks!! The crowd goes absolutely ballistic at his sight.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan is here!!

Rockwell: Fresh off his dominant victory earlier tonight!

*The crowd continues to cheer, with Shayde, unfortunately, misinterpreting their reaction.*

Liam Shayde: I’m glad you agree about these two pieces of…

*Dan taps Liam on the shoulder, and as Liam turns his head, his jaw drops. Dan connects with a huge right hand and the crowd absolutely loves it. He continues to throw punches in rapid succession, much to the delight of thousands in attendance. Liam struggles to get out of the wheelchair as he attempts to block the barrage of fists. Dan puts his finger up and waves it in front of Liam letting Shayde know he isn’t going anywhere. Liam pleads with Dan, but Dan isn’t having any of it and connects with another huge right hand.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan is getting the revenge he promised!!

Rockwell: This is great!

Jones: Are you actually cheering for something Dangerous Dan is doing?

Rockwell: Oh, god, I am, aren’t I? Man, I think I’m going to be sick…

*Dan pulls a roll of duct tape out from his back pocket and begins to stretch it out. Liam tries once again to get out of the wheelchair, but Dan kicks him in the face. Dangerous Dan begins to tape Liam into the wheelchair, wrapping the duct tape around and around. Liam is struggling to get free once again, but this time Dan nails him with a super kick with so much force that the wheelchair begins to roll back and falls off of the stage!!*

Jones: Shayde takes a horrible plunge, and he hasn’t even made it to the ring for his match yet!!

Rockwell: And I don’ think Dangerous Dan is done with the punishment!

*Dangerous Dan looks down to the floor, takes a step back, then leaps off of the stage nailing the downed Liam Shayde with the ENDD!!! Both men are out on the floor with attendants coming to check on them. Mr. Itt and Jimmy Riot, nearly forgotten in the ruckus, notice the great opportunity before them and run up the ramp towards Liam Shayde. They fight with the attendants, shoving them out of the way, until they get to Shayde. Mr. Itt reaches down and hoists Shayde up on his shoulder and carries him to the ring, with Riot tagging along beside him. The two men roll Liam Shayde into the wrestling ring and motion for the match to begin.*

Jones: Shayde has been destroyed, and now… yes, I think the match is going to start!!

Rockwell: What a stroke of luck for Mr. Itt and Jimmy Riot!! How can they not capitalize on this for a victory??

*The bells rings while the two men begin to enter the ring, but as they step up onto the apron, Lorenzo Demarco and Landon Chase appear out of nowhere and pull both men back down to the floor!!*

Jones: Wait!!! The other members of NFB are out here!!

Rockwell: They’re attacking Riot and Mr. Itt!! Someone throw the match out!!

Jones: By all rights, this should be a disqualification… so why isn’t Referee Mitchell acting on it??

*Demarco aims low on Mr. Itt and connects with a vicious kick to the groin. Mr. Itt keels over forward from the pain, while Lorenzo takes a few steps back. Meanwhile, Landon Chase has taken Jimmy Riot down with a wicked reverse DDT that flowed perfectly into a north/south choke hold. Riot struggles for a moment, his feet kicking wildly, but his legs soon fall limp. Demarco rushes towards Mr. Itt as he attempts to get back to his feet and connects with the Paid in Full!! The brutal strike leaves Mr. Itt out cold, with Demarco standing over him with a snide smile. Beside him, Chase still looks angry, possibly at the assault that took place earlier that left Shayde in a bad way. He kicks away at the downed Riot, while, in the ring, a bewildered Referee Mitchell seemingly doesn’t know what to do.*

Jones: Why isn’t this match over??

Rockwell: Man… I hope this doesn’t mean… I mean, Mitchell has a history of allying with people, doesn’t he?

Jones: You don’t think Mitchell’s been paid off by The Great One??

Rockwell: Either that, or he’s just simply incompetent. Either one is possible at this point.

*Both Mr. Itt and Jimmy Riot are unconscious on the outside of the ring and Liam Shayde is still down on the inside. Referee Thomas Mitchell has a few words with the timekeeper, shouting over to him, as if trying to figure out what he should do. He also speaks briefly with Minos, before shaking his head and turning back to where the wrestlers are down outside the ring. He then walks forward, tentatively raising his hand… and starting a count out! Shayde, still hurting, struggles to sit up, his instinct causing him to react to the count. But he quickly realizes what’s going on and simply rests on the ropes, as Mitchell reaches 7… 8… 9… 10!! He waves his hands, ending the bout!*

Minos: Here is your winner, via Countout… Liam Shayde!

Jones: I don’t believe it! Despite the blatant interference, Mitchell just gave the win to Shayde!

Rockwell: That just *bleeping* sucks.

Jones: So, really, with all the odds in their favor, Jimmy Riot and Mr. Itt still found a way to lose this contest!

Rockwell: Never send two boys to do a man’s job. They won’t be missed. Still, this reeks of conspiracy, Ed.

*Chase and Demarco are now in the ring, helping Shayde up. Shayde is smiling now despite the pain, almost as if he’s trying to act like this was exactly how he planned to get the victory. Riot and Mr. Itt are still down on the outside, showing no signs of getting up anytime soon.*

Jones: Well Shayde picks up the win regardless of what you think of him Adrian and…

*Before Shayde and his friends leave the ring, we see a “GCWA SHOPZONE” logo come on over the tron. Suddenly we see Ataxia dressed up like the “Shamwow” guy but in GCWA logoed gear.*

Ataxia: (applauding) Great job Liam! Really awesome! Oh by the way I hope you don’t mind but the guys in marketing wanted me to show off your new NFB merchandise for all the fans to purchase as the GCWA shop zone!

Jones: Oh God.

Rockwell: This isn’t going to end well.

*Shayde, with help from Chase and Demarco, is still standing in the ring watching this as Ataxia brings up a cardboard box labeled “Lame (bleep) merchandise” He pulls out a white t-shirt. It has “I got beat down by the NFB and all I got was a bruise, a mild rash, and a bigger push”. Shayde’s face gets irate as Ataxia with a big creepy smile and wide eyes makes the fans laugh hysterically.*

Ataxia: You can buy this great t-shirt in all shapes and sizes for ten cents! That’s right ten cents. That’s including shipping and handling because we can’t give these things away without cheating the poor workers in china who made them so we’re going in the whole because these guys suck so much! But wait there’s more!

*Ataxia holds up a bottle of Vagisil and puts another label on it. It says “Shaydegisil” on it. Liam is irate as he starts getting out of the ring. Demarco looks pissed as well, although Chase seems to be trying to hide a chuckle.*

Jones: Oh…we’re so getting calls about this.

Rockwell: AHAHAHAHA! Oh man! Ha Ha!

Ataxia: Now this product is a little misleading because we all know Liam Shayde has never been anywhere near a VaJayJay. However! For something less irritating than sand we here at GCWA shop zone thought it as a better deterrent than a sand blaster. Hey where you going Shayde?

*Shayde stops and looks at the screen. Demarco and Chase flank him, with Chase looking away, so that Shayde can’t see him fighting down a laugh.*

Ataxia: If you leave now you are going to miss the Lorenzo Demarco tampons and Landon Chase butt plug!

*Everyone is laughing hysterically at this point as Ataxia holds up the boxes of these “fine” products. Demarco’s fury grows, while Chase’s smile is now fully gone. He looks disgusted by the ‘product’ bearing his name.*

Jones: This is why we don’t give wrestlers photoshop.

Rockwell: No it’s why we do! This is great!

Ataxia: Wait! I’m sorry. Look. In all seriousness I do have one thing that was made for you to use and there is a free one in your locker room Shayde.

*Ataxia pulls out a hat that has a giant two way arrow on it. The hat says “I’m with (bleeping) retards” on it. The members of NFB have had all they’re going to stand and storm out of the arena to a chorus of laughter.*

Jones: Where did he get these things made?

Rockwell: Who cares! This is great! I think Ataxia should just quit wrestling and go into comedy. He’s better at it than winning matches.

Jones: Ouch!

Rockwell: I call it as I see it.

Ataxia: Hmm. Oh well. There is one more item I do have to show you all.

*Ataxia rips off his “shop zone” shirt to reveal a new one. “I’m F’N Better” in red letters on a black t-shirt.*


*The feed shuts off as quickly as it started, sending us back to the announcers.*

Rockwell: That guy is crazy as a loon, but damn, he can make me laugh!

Jones: So far today, you’ve cheered for Dangerous Dan and Ataxia…

Rockwell: I must be coming down with something… seriously, it has to be like a 24-hour flu bug or something, right?

Jones: So despite the torture he underwent last week, Ataxia is still finding ways to enrage Demarco, Shayde, and Chase. We’ll have to see if that pays off or not.

*We fade away from the broadcast location, heading towards the back, where we see Bucky Johnson directing traffic. Movers are apparently unloading something from a large truck.*

Bucky Johnson: Be careful with it, guys. Let’s get it to the ring!

*The men grunt and bring out the item… a king-sized bed!! Bucky smiles as he walks ahead of them, presumably heading for the ringside area. The fans cheer, more out of curiosity than anything else, as we fade to another commercial break.*

*We return to the backstage area, where the cameraman seems to be trying to move stealthily along the hallway. He slowly inches around a corner, and we can see two men talking in the distance. One of them turns slightly towards the camera, allowing us to see that it’s The Great One. It’s impossible, though, to see who the other man is. The cameraman inches forward, trying to catch as much as possible.*

The Great One: This is going… fine. They’re never… coming….

*The mic’s only picking up bits and pieces, so the cameraman decides to be reckless, moving closer and closer in order to try and get a better shot of the person talking with TGO.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Heads up!

*The cameraman spins, but it’s too late, as Demarco smashes into him at a full run with what appears to be a food cart! The cameraman flips over and lands on his side, with the camera shot dying in a burst of static. We head back to the ring.*

Rockwell: Damn!! Just when we were going to get some intel on TGO!

Jones: We have a cameraman down in the back!

Rockwell: Could you tell who TGO was talking to? Damn, if only he could have gotten closer!

Jones: Unfortunately, he was caught before he could, adding another ‘cameraman silhouette’ to Demarco’s record.

Rockwell: Damn!

Jones: Well, maybe he got a look before he was knocked unconscious. In any case, we’ve got action inside the ring!

Rockwell: I still can’t believe that Bucky brought a bed to the ring!

*The camera comes back to ringside, where the audience is sitting on the ends of their seat, waiting to see what is coming next. In the ring, is a large, king-sized bed, and a nightstand next to it. Across from the bed, is a small ringside chair. “Crack a Bottle” by Eminem begins to blare on the speakers, as the crowd erupts with cheers for Bucky Johnson, who makes his way out of the back. He is not in attire, but actually an undershirt tank-top and his boxers. But wrapped around his waist, is his Hardcore Title. Bucky trots down to the ring, slapping hands with some fans on his way by. He gets to the ring, slides underneath the bottom rope, and flops down on the cozy-looking bed.*

Minos: Ladies and gentleman, introducing…the Hardcore Champion…Bucky Johnson!

*The fans cheer in excitement, wondering what Bucky has planned tonight. Minos hands Bucky a microphone, as he heads out of the ring. Bucky sits up in the bed, and begins to speak. *

Bucky Johnson: Hello everyone! How are you all doing tonight? Are you enjoying the show so far?

*The crowd roars, signaling that they have enjoyed the show. *

Bucky Johnson: That’s awesome. Well folks, I am here to introduce, my new ring show…Bucky’s Bedroom!

*Some of the crowd cheers, but most of them just have a confused look on their face. *

Rockwell: Bucky’s Bedroom? Dear God, please, I don’t want to see Bucky with naked women…

Jones: Hush, Adrian!

Bucky Johnson: I’ll tell you what it is. Every week, I will have a special guest come down and talk with me. Have any of you seen where a wrestler has his own talk show, like Draco’s old one, the Complaint Department?

*Most of the crowd nods their heads and raises their hands. *

Bucky Johnson: Well this is a lot like that…except this is 100% better!!!

*The crowd gets on their feet and cheer, excited to see Bucky’s new show. *

Bucky Johnson: And if you ask why I called it “Bucky’s Bedroom”, it’s because I get to wear my Pajamas and I get to lie in bed!

*Most of the crowd laughs with Bucky. *

Bucky Johnson: Well, without further or do, I would like to introduce my guest for tonight. Ladies and gentleman, let’s give it up, for the Newcomer of The Month, Lorenzo Demarco!

*The crowd boos as "Things Done Change" by Notorious B.I.G. hits the speakers, and Lorenzo Demarco appears at the top of the ramp. He has a slight half-smile on his face, taking in the negative reaction, as he slowly saunters down the ramp.*

Rockwell: Shouldn’t this guy be under arrest for attacking that cameraman a few minutes ago?

Jones: It’s wrestling, Adrian. Cameramen don’t count as ‘assault victims’.

Rockwell: Right, right, I knew that.

*Demarco gets to the end, and walks up the steel steps and into the ring. Bucky motions towards the steel chair across from the bed, and Demarco walks over and plops down into it. *

Bucky Johnson: How are ya, Lorenzo?

Lorenzo Demarco: Well Bucky, I being doing a lot better if you just get to your damn questions so I can get preparing for my match with Rishel.

Bucky Johnson: Ooh, snappy. Well, I do have a few questions for you today. The first one...Why did you decide to start to team with Liam Shade?

Lorenzo Demarco: Why did I join up with Shayde? I'll tell you why. MONEY . . . . . let me say it slower for everyone out there to understand . . MON . . . EY. You see, I don't always see eye to eye with Shayde, and sometimes he even disagrees with me. The fact is though, together we can earn some serious cash, we can earn some serious dough. Whenever we're in the ring doing our thing, you hear the registers going off!

Bucky Johnson: Um, okay. Well here’s another one…Why go after Ataxia?

Lorenzo Demarco: That good for nothing masked freak decided to come after me first. It's a simple game of cause and effect, he came after me so the effect . . . I wrecked him. You see, what I want to do with Ataxia is send a message to the rest of GCWA. Demarco is someone you don't want to screw with. Demarco is someone you don't want to mess with. That's all P.G compared to what I really want to say, but a brother can only take so many fines don't you know. The fact is Bucky, Ataxia is like the oil spill in the gulf. Keeps on going, and for some reason on one does a thing about it. Well I don't just sit there talking and worrying about what to do . . I actually go and do it. If Ataxia thinks he's going to continue to be a pain in my side he has another thing coming.

Bucky Johnson: Well that is a big statement for a guy who is fairly new here in GCWA.

Lorenzo Demarco: That's a big question for a Hardcore Champion who I showed the world was really a softcore b*tch.

Bucky Johnson: I know, I know, you pinned me a couple times, but I'll be a man. I'll admit that I lost fair-and-square. I don't know if you'd be able to do that.

Lorenzo Demarco: What are you trying to get out Bucky? You know Bucky you really are retarded. If I got a nickel for everything stupid you've said in my time here in GCWA, Including this interview, I wouldn't be having to earn my checks beating Ataxia's ass. *Bleep,* Bucky, here you are now wanting to be a professional interviewer, try to enhance your image, and you know what . . . your still a *bleeping* *bleep*stain on the underwear of life.

Bucky Johnson: Whoa, dude. Calm your tits.

Lorenzo Demarco: Calm my tits . . you know what Bucky. I come on your show to help you out. To try to make it less pathetic than it was really going to turn out. And yet here you are, already stinking up the god damn place. You're like a big pile of dog *bleep* in the living room. Not only does it smell terrible, but everyone can see EXACTLY where it's coming from. There's nothing hidden. If GCWA was a living room, you'd be the big pile of dog *bleep* right in the middle stinking it all up and ruining the carpet!

Bucky Johnson: Listen man, I don't want to be talked to that way on MY show. Especially talked to in that horrible “gangster” language that we can all barely understand. Actually, I think if you didn't have Shayde, Ataxia could kick your ass any day of the week!

*The crowd cheers. *

Lorenzo Demarco: Is that right? Well I know one thing for a fact. . I don't need Shayde at all to send your ass down to the ground . . .

*Lorenzo stands and throws off his leather jacket. Bucky also stands, as Lorenzo puts his fists in the air. Just before they go at it, though, Ataxia come from behind Demarco and levels him out!! The crowd goes crazy. *

Jones: Whoa!! Where’d Ataxia come from??

Rockwell: I don’t know, but he’s doing what he came to do!

Bucky Johnson: You see that? Without Shayde, you're just a nobody.

*Ataxia continues pounding on Demarco's head, but the crowd slowly goes silent as Shayde rushes into the ring. He rips Ataxia off of Demarco, and Liam gives Ataxia a few punches. Ataxia falls back, putting his arm over his face, as Demarco gets up now, and both him and Shayde start kicking Ataxia and punching him. *

Jones: Damn, now it’s a double-team!

Rockwell: Demarco should have handled business on his own, like a man, not like a wimp!

*Five security guards rush down to the ring, toppling in and dragging Demarco and Shayde off of Ataxia, who’s struggling to get back up and continue fighting.*

Jones: Looks like security is keeping this from getting too ugly.

Rockwell: About damn time! Where were they last week?

*Shayde and Demarco get away and hop out of the ring, slowly backing toward the curtain at the top of the ramp. The scene slowly fades to commercial.*

*We head backstage upon our return. Cynthia Hall is standing in front of the Danger Boiz locker room, with a smile on her face and a mic in hand.*

Cynthia Hall: Cynthia Hall here, and I am standing outside the locker room of the Danger Boiz where I am going to try to get an interview with one half of the Tag Team Champions Dangerous Dan.

*Cynthia knocks lightly on the door and stands back. After a few seconds, the door opens revealing none other than the Danger Girl herself Madyson. *

Madyson: Yes, can I help you with something?

Cynthia Hall: Madyson, so nice to finally meet you.

Madyson: Likewise. Is there something you need?

Cynthia Hall: I was hoping to catch a quick interview with Dangerous Dan about the condition of Crazy Chris.

Madyson: Well unfortunately, Dan is not back here yet, but I can tell you that Chris is doing fine. He is out of the hospital and recuperating at home. I have a message from my brother.

*Madyson turns and addresses the camera giving us a closer look at the Danger Girl. The camera seems to be a little off focus, as more of Madyson's chest seems to be in view. *

Madyson: Ahem, I am up here.

*The camera tilts upward zooming in on the face of Madyson. *

Madyson: Now that I have your attention, my brother Chris would like all his fans to know that it is going to take a little more than a baseball bat to keep him out of action. My brother is going to be 100 percent come Capital Punishment for his Unified X Division title defense against Liam Shayde. At Capital Punishment, my brother is going to give Liam Shayde the beating of a lifetime. Chris will be walking in as Unified X Division Champion and walking out as Unified X Division Champion. Liam, Chris is going to beat the holy hell out of you at Capital Punishment. In the words of my brother, get ready because it is going to be one hell of a crazy ride.

*As Madyson wraps up the interview, Dangerous Dan approaches from behind Cynthia. Startled, Cynthia turns and is surprised to find the Danger Boi to be without a shirt. *

Dangerous Dan: Hello Cynthia, how are you doing?

*Cynthia smiles as she stares at the chest of the Tag Team Champion apparently liking what she sees. *

Dangerous Dan: Cynthia? Yoo-hoo..hello.

*Dan waves his palm out in front of Cynthia who snaps back to reality. *

Cynthia Hall: Oh, um, hi..I am fine. Uh, nice talking to you Madyson, I have to go.

*Cynthia turns and exits quickly leaving Madyson and Dan clueless of why she ran away so fast. *

Dangerous Dan: What's up with her?

Madyson: There is no telling.

*As Dan and Madyson enter the locker room, we head to the ring.*

Jones: I think Cynthia might have a crush on our young Dangerous Dan…

Rockwell: And I think I might have a crush for that Madyson! Ow! Have mercy!

Jones: Seriously, you’re old enough to be her father.

Rockwell: So? Experience counts!

Jones: Right… moving on!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Flaming Tables” Match! Introducing first, he is an icon of the hardcore world, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*Xtreme steps out of the back to “Give It All” by Rise Against, smiling as he pushes his weapons cart down the aisle. He looks pleased with the way the match has been changed, even admiring the tables set up around ringside before entering.*

Jones: Xtreme, of course, quickly agreed to the change in this match, since he’s always looking for new ways to hurt himself, as well as other people.

Rockwell: The fool’s sick, we all know it. How long will it be before someone commits him?

Jones: I am starting to wonder if this is one of those matches where we should be calling it from a little further away…

Rockwell: Like backstage?

Jones: No, like from a bomb shelter or something…

Minos: His opponent is one of the most mysterious to ever enter the GCWA, and continues to walk a thin line between madness and intensity, standing 5’11” and weighing 215 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Ataxia!

*Ataxia enters the arena in his usual style, with “Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica playing behind him. He looks to be moving slowly, both due to the beatings from last week and the fight he was just in earlier.*

Jones: Ataxia’s amazingly competing tonight, after the horrendous torture he took last week from NFB.

Rockwell: Yeah, first he asks for a match, and then he ups it towards a “Flaming Tables” match! You have to wonder what’s wrong inside this guy’s head.

Jones: Hopefully, we won’t be seeing that anytime soon.

Rockwell: No, but maybe, if he goes into the flames, his mask will catch on fire, and we’ll finally get to see his face! Charred or not, I bet I’ll be able to tell who it is!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: So just to make sure we know all the rules you have to put your opponent through a flaming table in order to win.

Rockwell: I don’t care as long as one of these guys gets grilled. Literally.

*Both men stare each other down for a moment. Ataxia walks over to Xtreme and starts yelling at him. Xtreme looks at him strangely for a second and then smiles as he nods his head. He runs out of the ring and goes underneath it. Ataxia just stands there and poses for some pictures while Xtreme starts throwing a assortment of hardcore weapons into the ring. Steel chairs, trashcans, and finally he pulls out a barbwire baseball bat. He smiles as he gets in the ring and Ataxia points right to his jaw.*

Jones: He’s not going to let him…

*Xtreme clocks Ataxia square in the mouth with the barbwire bat. It rips at the mask and we see blood already flowing from his previous beating from NFB! *

Rockwell: He did!

*Ataxia shakes his head for a second and starts laughing. Xtreme starts laughing to as Ataxia motions for him to do it again. Xtreme hits him hard in the ribs this time ripping up Ataxia’s suit jacket. Ataxia is still laughing as Xtreme keeps hitting him on the back ripping away at the suit as well as just going to town on his back. Head Referee Bell looks like he’s freaked out by all of this as Ataxia slowly gets up and Xtreme uppercuts him with the bat sending him back down to the ring. The fans are getting up on their feet chanting “Hardcore! Hardcore! Hardcore!” *

Jones: Ataxia isn’t putting up a fight at all!

Rockwell: That’s his stupidity. Come on Xtreme! Beat him down!

Jones: I don’t get it. If Ataxia is against NFB you cheer him on but your wanting him to get beaten up here?

Rockwell: Yes! For the simple fact of Xtreme might rip that mask and tape off and we will finally see who he is under that damn mask!

*Ataxia starts to get back up as Xtreme drops the bat and grabs a steel chair. He hauls off and slams it square into Ataxia’s head! Ataxia is still standing. Xtreme slams it hard into his head again and again until on the third shot Ataxia goes down. Xtreme drops the chair and picks up Ataxia. He sets him up for a piledriver on the chair! It connects! The fans cheer as Xtreme goes to the outside of the ring. Ataxia starts getting up slowly checking his neck. Shaking his blood soaked head he turns and see’s what Xtreme is getting next. A ladder. The camera focuses on Ataxia smiling as he grabs the messed up chair as Xtreme gets into the ring with the ladder. *

Jones: I thought this was a flaming tables match?

Rockwell: I don’t care if it’s a kitchen sink match. Hit him again!

*Ataxia is playing possum as Xtreme turns and gets hit in the gut with a chairshot! Ataxia gets up and spins around fast hitting Xtreme hard in the face with the chair. Ataxia looks down at the fallen man and waits for him to get on his back. CHAIRSHOT TO THE BALLS! The audience just gives out a collective groan. Mostly the guys. *

Jones: OW!

Rockwell: Hey that’s not…wait. Is that legal?

Jones: Hardcore match? Yes it’s legal but it’s just so wrong.

Rockwell: Well maybe he took Xtreme out of the genepool. Ataxia is such a humanitarian.


*Ataxia drops the chair and looks at the ladder and at the barbwire baseball bat. He grabs the ladder and sets it up. He grabs the bat and climbs up the top fast. Xtreme starts to get up as Ataxia yells from the top. He flips forward twice and slams the bat into Xtreme’s face! A “Holy (Bleep)” chant is started. Ataxia looks around and grabs the trashcan and starts climbing the ladder again. *

Jones: Ataxia said he was going to steal the show tonight and I think with that double forward flip move he just made the highlight real!

Rockwell: I don’t think he’s done yet.

*When he reaches the top of the ladder he sets up the trashcan under his arm getting ready for a elbow drop when Xtreme grabs one of the steel chairs and hits the side of the ladder. It teeters for a second causing Ataxia to grab onto it not dropping the trashcan. Xtreme runs up and kicks the ladder sending it over the ropes. Ataxia falls into the ring barrier with the trashcan landing in between him and ring barrier. He collapses on the outside grabbing his chest. Xtreme gets on the turnbuckle and leaps down with an elbow to the sternum of Ataxia. Xtreme goes under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick and a barbwired two by four. Xtreme looks at his options and drops the two by four. He starts kendo sticking Ataxia on the side and on the back when he rolls over. Ataxia can’t get up with each amount of force that is being slammed into him by Xtreme. He starts going faster and faster until we see blood almost gushing from the back of Ataxia. *

Jones: Xtreme is going postal!

Rockwell: Oh he worked at a post office? That explains so much.

Jones: Adrian! Ataxia is getting beat down like a scalded dog in front of us and all you can do is make jokes.

Rockwell: Color commentator. I get paid by the punch line.

*Xtreme finally gets tired of the kendo stick and grabs the barbwired two by four and slams it into the face of Ataxia. He keeps hitting it and hitting it and hitting it until blood is gushing from Ataxia’s face. Xtreme pulls back the two by four and part of the mask is pulled off. The bandages on his face underneath the exposed part of his face are crimson and barely hanging out. Ataxia starts to shake as Xtreme goes under the ring one more time. He pulls out a table. As he sets it up Ataxia starts to get up and he looks down at his “mask” on the barbwire two by four. He looks at Xtreme and a sick smile comes on his face as he grabs the kendo stick. Xtreme turns and charges at Ataxia only to get slapped right in the face with the stick. The sickening thud is so hard it busts Xtreme’s head open even more than the barbwire bat did. Ataxia lets out a primal roar that makes a lot of the fans back up from the ring barrier. *

Jones: Uh oh. That doesn’t sound good.

Rockwell: I think he’s lost it!

*Ataxia grabs Xtreme and snap suplexs him into the ring barrier. Ataxia goes under the ring and pulls out a can of lighter fluid. He sprays down the table as Xtreme starts to get back up. Ataxia turns and gets punched in the face hard by Xtreme. Ataxia returns the favor and both men start brawling it out. Finally Xtreme gets the upper hand with a massive headbutt to Ataxia’s face. He grabs the somewhat masked man and tosses him into the ring. Before he goes in. Xtreme pulls out a lighter from his pocket and throws it on the table. The table is lit. *

Jones: Could we move that it’s awful close…

Rockwell: Screw that let’s get out of here!

*The announcers bail because the table is right in front of theirs. Xtreme gets into the ring and grabs the baseball bat and starts wailing on Ataxia’s back again. Xtreme kicks Ataxia hard in the gut and sets him up for a powerbomb. He starts running for the ring side area where the table is and is going to powerbomb Ataxia over the ropes into the table! Ataxia slides out and Xtreme turns. Ataxia goes for a kick to the gut. Caught by Xtreme. Xtreme laughs as Ataxia flips him off. ENZUGURI! Ataxia gets up and rips his shirt and tie. He’s livid. The fans are on their feet and he grabs Xtreme and picks him up in a fireman’s carry. He leaps up to the top turnbuckle with the big man on his back and leaps into the air. Flying high Ataxia twists mid-air and slams Xtreme into the flaming table sending debris everywhere. Ring crew quickly extinguish the flames. Ataxia landed on the announcer’s table but didn’t break it. He starts to get up slowly and glares at Xtreme who is being helped up. He pushes the ring crew away and yells at Ataxia. *

Minos: The winner of this match…Ataxia!

*Ataxia walks over to Xtreme and looks out into the crowd who are on their feet applauding them. Ataxia grabs Xtreme’s hand and holds it up high. Xtreme doesn’t know what to do other than to stand their dumbfounded. “Hardcore! Hardcore! Hardcore!” chant is started as Ataxia and Xtreme start to head to the back. Ataxia stays back for a moment as the people keep cheering. *

Jones: What a fight!

Rockwell: Yeah but they are both still breathing so I’m disappointed.

*Ataxia holds up his arms as he walks to the entranceway. As he departs (and the debris starts to get cleaned up), we head to the back, where we see The Big Bifford moving through the hallways. He has a confused look on his face, as he turns and opens up one of the doorways.*

The Big Bifford: Arachne? Are you in here?

*Bifford heads inside, looking around, but finding no sign of his tag-team partner. He grumbles and turns, walking out of the room.*

The Big Bifford: I hope he didn’t get high again. It’s not like the Cocoa Puffs are going to deliver themselves. Mmmmm… Cocoa Puffs… ok, Bifford, stay focused. We need to find those tasty treats before Ludwig fades away from starvation.

*Anyone who’s seen Ludwig the Seal lately knows that starvation would be the least of his problems, at least for a while. Bifford moves further down the hall, looking around, when he sees a Cocoa Puff sitting on the floor. With a smile, Bifford heads towards it, following an apparent trail of the morsels.*

The Big Bifford: I think Arachne sprung a leak, but at least I can find him now. Not that I’ll be needing this trail once I’m past it…

*Munching on a few of the bits he pulled from the floor, Bifford follows the trail, which leads him to a dark staircase. This causes the World Champion to stop, wondering belatedly if he set up a trap of his own using Cocoa Puffs. Not remembering one, he turns and calls into the darkness.*

The Big Bifford: Arachne? Hello? Echo?

*With no response forthcoming, Bifford hesitantly starts into the stairway… only to get his knee chopped out from behind him by a mighty swing from Derek Mobley’s Singapore Cane!! Bifford, yelping, rolls down the stairs, disappearing from sight, as Mobley slams the door shut behind him. He quickly locks what appears to be a Master Lock and steps back, smiling. He leans partially on the cane, as he listens for Bifford to try and escape.*

Derek Mobley: Let’s see how claustrophobic you really are, Bifford.

*Pounding starts to be heard at the door, as Mobley simply sits back and listens. It’s music to his ears. We fade out.*

*We come back to another backstage area, where it seems to be relatively quiet. A delivery man enters the dressing room area, pushing a dolly that's holding 2 large boxes. The room is empty so he just shouts.*

Delivery Man: Looking for an E lichkadoor? Lich a door?

*Miss Grace walks into frame, dressed in long-flowing pink and red glittery dress. *

Miss Grace: This way, sir...

*The delivery man smiles big at the beautiful Miss Grace as she leads him out of the dressing room and down the hall, the cameras following. *

Delivery Man: Where are we –

Miss Grace: Just follow me to –

El Linchador: Me!

*They are now standing on a ramp. *

Delivery Man: Ah, are you E licha –

El Linchador: That's me, but can you drop the boxes off just through here? Follow me.

*The delivery man shrugs as Linchy leads the way through the curtain.*

Jones: Wait… is that…

*"Hey Ladies" by the Beastie Boys blasts through the arena as Linchy leads the surprised delivery man out to ringside! *

Rockwell: That was very "Swingers" of El Linchador with the camera following him like that.

Jones: You mean "Reservoir Dogs," as "Swingers" did that as an homage to Tarantino.

Rockwell: Whatever.

*Linchy leads the delivery man into the ring with the 2 boxes and calls for a ring mic. He signs the sheet and shakes the man's hand. The crowd cheers the smiling delivery man as he unloads the 2 boxes in the ring. When he's done, Linchy waves to him and the crowd cheers again. The delivery guy fists pumps. *

El Linchador: OK, you can go now. Grace?

*Miss Grace waves for the delivery man to leave the ring. He gives one last fist pump then leaves. Linchy hops onto a top turnbuckle. *

El Linchador: HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL-O, Linchy-ites.

*The crowd answers with their own HELLLOO as Linchy hops back down to the ring mat. *

El Linchador: Tis I, the pharoah of fans, the admiral of addicts, the Czar of Zealots, El Linchador!!!

Jones: He sure loves those tongue-twisters.

El Linchador: Now, I am here tonight because I'm sure you all saw what happened last week. Jaiden Rishel and Chris Cortez tried to attack me, I guess, because I was booked in a match. Can you believe that, Loyal Linchy-ites? I got JUMPED for being put into a match in a Pay-Per-View.

*The crowd boos. *

Rockwell: Well, yeah, I would've jumped him too! Show 'em who's boss!

El Linchador: What's interesting is that this type of behavior happens all the time here. Myself, along with my fellow competitors, are asked to come out here, to this very ring, and wrestle for you, week in and week out. And yet, when Jaiden and Chris attacked me, I can only assume the intention was to do 1 of 2 things. 1 - to injure me. Basically ruining that booked match! Unbelievable.

*More boos. *

El Linchador: I know! It's incredibly disrespectful to all of YOU for these guys to run around and try to change the match parameters. Not to mention how disrespectful it is to me.

Rockwell: And disrespectful to the guy running the website!

El Linchador: But, I'm not injured, as you can see.

*Linchy starts hopping and jogging around the ring, which is met with cheers and LIN-CHY, LIN-CHY chants. *

El Linchador: The other possible reason they attacked me was to intimidate me. Intimidate the Linchy-One? No. Jaiden Rishel and Chris Cortez are nowhere near the type of competitors I've faced over the years. Talk to me when you have to face Titan 3, or Twiztid or any of the other legends of this sport. And legends don't sneak attack. They proved their worth - and respect - in this... very... ring!

*The crowd cheers as Linchy leans over the ropes. *

El Linchador: But, I couldn't just sit back and do nothing. I couldn't just let those 2 get away with it. Sure, I'll be winning at Capital Punishment, which is enough revenge for me. But, come on, I wanted to do SOMETHING. So...

*Linchy walks over to the boxes and opens them up. *

El Linchador: I raided my warehouse and pulled one of every single item of my merchandise. One box is for Jaiden Rishel, the other for Cortez.

*He pulls out a plush doll, some t-shirts, and his first autobiography, tossing them onto the ring mat. *

El Linchador: I'll leave these boxes at ringside, as I'm sure they're planning their next attack. They're gifts of peace and of sportsmanship, but also to remind them how long it took me to get to a place where they make a plush doll out of you. It doesn't happen with back-alley stabbings. It happens here, in this ring, by winning. And note this - tonight, I will be the bigger man, the professional man, and will tell the both of you that I will not stoop to your level. When I defeat you both at Capital Punishment and take that belt, I'll be satisfied.

Jones: Linchy still trying to take the high road?

Rockwell: Doubt it.

El Linchador: But, you've truly upset me. Angered me. And I've got a LOT going on. So you only get one free pass. Next time either one of you attacks me outside this squared circle - all bets are off. OLE!!!

*The crowd answers with an OLE! El Linchador, smiling, turns and departs, having done what he came to do.*

Jones: Good thing El Linchador waited until after the Ataxia / Xtreme match, or else those boxes might have burned!

Rockwell: Oh well, maybe next time…

Jones: So we’ve got two boxes here at ringside… will Cortez or Rishel come out to claim them?

Rockwell: You’re kidding, right? Hell, they’re already removing them from the ring so that we can continue our matches!

Jones: But… what about El Linchador’s grand gesture??

Rockwell: I don’t know, maybe they’ll donate all of those gifts to needy children or something… is that grand enough for you?

Jones: I guess…

Rockwell: Wait… are you wanting one of the boxes for yourself??

Jones: Well, I mean… that plush doll was pretty sweet…

Rockwell: Sometimes, Ed, I really feel bad for you.

Jones: It’d be for my kids, I swear!

Rockwell: Minos? Keep us going…

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Coming down the aisle towards the ring, he is currently undefeated as a wrestler in the GCWA and made a major impact this past week, representing NFB… standing 6’0” and weighing 182 lbs, from St. Charles, MI, here is Landon Chase!

*The booing is heavy, as Landon Chase comes out to “Your Betrayal” by Bullet For My Valentine. He looks pretty cocky as he heads for the ring, pulling himself up onto the ropes before stepping through.*

Jones: Chase apparently had a lot to celebrate this past week, which left him passing out inside his hotel room after trashing it.

Rockwell: Damn, if only the police would have been called instead of Liam! Maybe we could have had a way to fire Chase and get him out of the GCWA!

Jones: Chase looked strong in his debut match, helping Shayde get a victory over the Danger Boiz. Now, he’s facing another champion. Will his winning streak hold up in singles competition?

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA X Division Champion who is now holding another prestigious title… standing 6’4” and weighing in at 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is the GCWA Hardcore Champion… “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*The crowd pops for Bucky as he walks out, smiling, to “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem. He has the Hardcore Title in his grasp, showing it off to the crowd before heading towards the ring.*

Jones: Bucky, thankfully, finally got his son back this week, managing to get him rescued from the kidnapper.

Rockwell: Yeah, but… the kidnapper got away!

Jones: That’s true, he was able to escape the authorities, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, now that they know who he is, before he’s apprehended.

Rockwell: I just hope that Bucky’s got that kid of his under lock and key until that freak gets arrested and pays for his crimes. Hell, Bucky should have kicked his ass when he had the chance!

Jones: He was more concerned about getting his child out of there to safety, Adrian!

Rockwell: Ok, get the kid out of there, but then go back and kick some butt!

*The Bell Rings.*

*The size advantage is clear from the beginning, as the two men face off. Chase, though, being a Marine, doesn’t let it phase him. He steps forward, full of confidence, and locks up with Johnson. After a second, though, Johnson powers up and throws Chase backwards into the corner! Chase, surprised, pulls himself up and looks in shock at Bucky, who gives him a quick arm pose, smiling. This annoys Chase, who comes in again to lock up… and once again gets thrown back! Chase slaps the turnbuckle pad in annoyance, then looks back at Bucky and moves forward once more, nodding as if he knows that he can get him now. They lock up, with Chase fighting with all his might to move Johnson back… only to be given a toss backwards as Johnson neatly throws him the other direction! Chase gets up, furious, as Johnson simply smiles towards him.*

Jones: They say the definition of insanity is trying the same maneuver and expecting different results.

Rockwell: For his size, Landon Chase is a pretty powerful guy. But Bucky’s got muscle to spare, which means that Landon’s going to have to find another way to go about this.

*Chase talks briefly with Referee Logan, shaking his head before turning and going back towards Johnson. He acts as if he’s going to lock up again, but then steps in instead, stomping on Johnson’s extended foot! Johnson steps back in pain, hopping, as Chase then starts swinging, landing a couple of good shots to Johnson’s chin, moving him back towards the ropes. Chase hits him a few more times before then grabbing Johnson by the head and running away from the ropes, getting a leaping bulldog facebuster! With Johnson down, Chase immediately goes for the cover, trying to hold him down.. 1… and Bucky easily kicks out, showing he’s got a lot of fight left in him. Chase, not bothered, immediately brings the Hardcore Champion up and takes him over to the corner, bashing Johnson’s head into the turnbuckle pad repeatedly! He continues working over Bucky in the corner, as Referee Logan gives him a quick warning about being in the ropes.*

Jones: You have to wonder how many bar fights a man like Landon Chase has been in.

Rockwell: He’s an interesting mixture, as he seems to love to brawl, and yet he can fly when he needs to. The Marines grow them pretty tough, don’t they?

Jones: This is a good test for both men, as they seem to be on almost equal footing currently in the GCWA. Can Johnson break out of his recent struggles with a victory, or will Chase continue to do well in his first month?

*Chase whips Johnson hard towards the other side of the ring, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle. Chase then runs after him, preparing for a springing elbow into the corner, but Johnson sidesteps, causing Chase to smash onto the pads!! Chase stumbles forward, grabbing his arm, which has to feel like it’s got a dozen needles stabbed into it after that impact. Johnson doesn’t give Chase a chance to recover, bouncing off the ropes and running towards him with a lowered shoulder, spearing the wrestler!! They both plummet to the canvas with a loud crash, with Johnson landing on top. He reaches over and grabs Chase’s leg, hanging on, as Referee Logan makes the count… 1… 2… but Chase is able to kick out in time. Johnson shakes his head, but is quickly getting up to continue the battle.*

Rockwell: Winning the Hardcore Title really added some pride to Mr. Johnson here. But he’s yet to defend the belt in a true, one-on-one hardcore situation.

Jones: A hardcore match is definitely a unique environment, where anything can happen.

Rockwell: After what Santana did to that door earlier tonight, I wonder if Bucky’s mind is completely on this match, or if he keeps thinking back to those broken splinters…

*Johnson has Chase back up now, planting him on his shoulder. He lifts Chase up and slams him down hard with a shoulder-breaker, sending Chase spasming onto the mat. With Chase down, Johnson opts to head towards the turnbuckle, possibly already thinking about going for the Bucking Bronco! He climbs up with his usual stride, getting to the top… but now Chase is up, too! In desperation, Johnson leaps off, trying for a double axehandle, but Chase is in mid-air to meet him with a dropkick!! Johnson’s down, as Chase pulls himself up and jumps over to the turnbuckle, hopping up on top of it. He wipes some sweat out of his eyes and takes flight, snapping down towards Johnson and landing the North Star!!! He makes the cover, as Referee Logan slides in… 1… 2… but Bucky is able to get out at the last second!*

Jones: That North Star is one of Chase’s signature moves, and he pulled it off like an old pro!

Rockwell: I’ll admit, it was a nice frog splash. Now he’s got to work on actually keeping his weight correctly on top of Johnson, or else he won’t be getting the pin. The guy’s got talent, though. Too bad he’s wasting it with TGO.

*Chase has Johnson turned around now, as he pulls him up. Chase looks pretty confident in himself now, taking a moment to shout out to the fans about how he’s doing. Predictably, they don’t agree with his assessment. Chase grumbles at them, then turns back and grabs Bucky by the head, preparing to take the first step into the Chaser!! But before Chase can drop, Johnson is able to yank himself free, saving himself from the end! Chase, off-balance, rights himself and tries to grab Johnson again, only to get grabbed by the head and nailed with the Bowling Pin!!! Chase drops like a stone to the canvas, as Johnson shakes his head clear, taking a moment to recover. Chase, meanwhile, struggles to get back up, but Johnson’s ready, running to the ropes and coming back with a leaping clothesline!! Chase is flattened, with Johnson coming back for the cover… 1… 2… Chase barely kicks out!*

Jones: This one’s proving to be a pretty close affair, as these guys are both showing why they’re in the GCWA!

Rockwell: Damn, this sucks…

Jones: What? What do you mean?

Rockwell: Well, I mean, I can’t root for Chase. He’s a TGO sympathizer. But that means I’d have to root for… Bucky…

Jones: The NFB situation really has you mixed up, doesn’t it?

Rockwell: Tell me about it!

*Johnson’s back up now, lifting Chase up into the air with him. He snaps Chase over, delivering a snap slam onto the mat. He then heads for the turnbuckle again, still determined to go for the Bucking Bronco! He climbs up, and this time reaches the top before Chase can move. Smiling, Bucky leaps into the air, delivering his incredible finisher… to an empty mat, as Chase rolls out of the way!! Johnson, gasping, holds his stomach and fights to get up… but now Chase is there, grabbing him and twisting him around, before dropping with the Chaser!! Seconds later, the submission hold is locked in, with Bucky positioned perfectly in the center of the ring!! The fans are desperately trying to inspire Johnson, chanting for him, as the wrestler struggles to fight free. But Chase is shaking his head with scorn, knowing that Bucky now has no chance. After a full minute goes by, Johnson stops moving, being choked out. Referee Logan moves in, checking the hands… once… twice… and the third time, it falls again! The referee turns and signals for the bell, ending the contest!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Landon Chase!

Rockwell: Damn.

Jones: This one was definitely a close contest, but Chase was able to turn one miscue into the end with that amazing finisher of his!

Rockwell: You do realize that this means that Chase has beaten two champions in his first two matches, right? The guy’s a serious threat! Why isn’t he on our side??

Jones: Clearly, the man’s got talent, although some would say his attitude will be a hindrance to him. We will have to see as his career continues. So far, though, he remains undefeated.

*Chase has already left the ring, not really caring to stick around and gloat. At least, not when there are drinks waiting for him in the back. He departs, ignoring the booing fans who aren’t happy with the way things ended up. We cut away from the scene and head to the back, where we see the NFB locker room. TGO is clapping his hands, pleased.*

The Great One: I knew I chose the right guys. It’s turning into a slaughter. Chase beat a has-been. Shayde beat some never-weres. Now it’s your turn, Demarco. Go out there and do what you have to do. The GCWA just doesn’t know what they’re in for!

*Demarco, smiling, gets up from his seat and pulls off his sweatshirt, getting himself ready for the competition. TGO, meanwhile, steps away, knowing that everything’s working out the way he planned it. We head to our final commercial break.*

*After the commercials finish running, we return to the backstage area. We see Ace walking around backstage outside of Rishel’s locker room ready for his pick to come out for the main event. Suddenly we see him look off to the side. We see the bloodied and partially unmasked Ataxia walking right up to him. He stops right in front of him with a sick smile on his face. Ace looks a little taken aback.*

The Accelerator: Can I help you?

Ataxia: Uh-huh.

The Accelerator: What do you want?

Ataxia: This!

*Ataxia hands a blood smeared contract to Ace. Ace looks at it for a moment and then looks up confused.*

The Accelerator: This is the contract for the end all match with you and Demarco. What are you asking me.

Ataxia: Change it.

The Accelerator: To what?

Ataxia: I want a match that should be to Lori’s advantage. So when I beat him on his own terms this will shut that maggot up once and for all!

The Accelerator: Which is.

Ataxia: Street Fight!

*Ace smiles. He likes this. He nods his head.*

The Accelerator: You got it!

Ataxia: Good. Oh and Ace…

The Accelerator: What?

Ataxia: Your fly’s open.

*Ace looks and then looks back up at Ataxia.*

Ataxia: Made you look. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

*Ace looks strangely as the masked man walks off. Suddenly, the door opens, and Rishel steps out. He gives Ace a questioning look, only to have Ace shake his head.*

The Accelerator: Never mind. Let’s just get to the ring. I’m looking forward to seeing you kick some ass!

*The two men depart, as we head back to the ring.*

Jones: Ataxia vs. Lorenzo Demarco in a Street Fight? Man, that’ll be a terrifying contest! Especially for us!!

Rockwell: Maybe they won’t even make it to the ring. You never know with these kinds of contests.

Jones: True, but still… oy…

Rockwell: Look, forget all that. All that matters now is watching Ace and Jaiden tear down TGO’s new formation before it gets a chance to settle in!

Jones: So far tonight, it’s been a pretty good night for NFB. This is Ace’s last shot tonight to get a win over them.

Rockwell: Don’t worry, it’s going to happen. I’m sure Ace has everything planned out perfectly!

Jones: Let’s find out! Minos?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and has been given a 20-minute time limit! Introducing first, he is a growing star in both the music business and professional wrestling… representing NFB and accompanied by The Great One… standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs… from Brooklyn, New York… here is Lorenzo Demarco!

*”Things Done Change” by The Notorious B.I.G. begins, with the crowd immediately booing heavily as Demarco and TGO appear in the entry way. TGO looks like he’s having a great time, walking confidently beside one of his new recruits. Demarco, for his part, appears to be showing a little bit of nerves, but he’s not letting it slow him down.*

Jones: Demarco actually seemed to have some respect for Jaiden Rishel this week, saying that this was going to be a very tough contest.

Rockwell: He may be making a stupid move by teaming with TGO, but I guess he’s not a complete moron. Anyone can see that Rishel is the future of the business!

Jones: Yes, but what if Demarco’s able to get a win over him tonight? Would that make Demarco the future?

Rockwell: You’re edging dangerously close to blasphemy, Jones.

Minos: His opponent has deeply impressed since coming to the GCWA, and will be seeking his first GCWA championship at Capital Punishment… representing the President’s Team and accompanied by the Accelerator… standing 6’0” and weighing 221 lbs… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… here is “The Prodigy” Jaiden Rishel!

*Rishel and the Accelerator walk out together, as “The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria play behind them. The fans are almost torn, but they soon decide on a course of action, as a huge “Acehole” chant breaks out. Ace walks besides Rishel, giving him a little last-minute advice as they head towards the ring.*

Jones: We got to see Rishel in competition this past week, although it was surprisingly a food competition!

Rockwell: It was just proof that Rishel is, indeed, better than Lurrr!

Jones: … Huh?

Rockwell: What, you don’t remember? It’s been months, but Lurrr once took on Adam Richmond in an eating contest as well. The only difference is, Lurrr lost!

Jones: Oh, yeah, I remember that!

Rockwell: Rishel’s stomach beats Lurrr’s stomach! That should be enough to get Rishel into the Hall of Fame, right?

Jones: Well, a few title wins would be nice as well…

Rockwell: Oh, those will come, Ed. Trust me.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Rishel finishes up his discussion with the Accelerator, nodding as he steps forward. Demarco looks set and ready to fight, meeting Rishel in the center of the ring. Head Referee Bell steps in, talking to both wrestlers about how he wants to see a good, clean fight from the two of them. Both wrestlers, though, turn and push Bell backwards, knocking him backwards! The two men then turn and start swinging at each other, showing some energy, as they fight back towards one of the corners. Bell, meanwhile, pulls himself up, upset. He turns, as if to call for the bell already, but the Accelerator jumps up on one side, while TGO hops up on the other. Both yell for Bell to just call the match, then stare at each other, each looking annoyed at the other. In the meantime, the fight between the two younger wrestlers continues.*

Jones: That was a dangerous move from these guys, as they nearly ended the match before it could really get going!

Rockwell: I’m betting Bell’s going to have to be a little more lenient in this one, what with the Accelerator right at ringside. Ace is going to want a winner in this contest, especially since he thinks it’s going to be his man.

*Demarco’s taken control in the corner, getting a few knees to the stomach to keep Rishel in place. He takes a moment to bring his fist up, wrapping it around Rishel’s nose and twisting, causing Rishel to shout out in pain. Head Referee Bell immediately steps in, warning Demarco, but the wrestler doesn’t really give a damn what Bell has to say to him. He releases the hold and pulls Rishel out towards the center of the ring, landing a few more hard shots before then setting Rishel into place and going for a piledriver! But Rishel kicks his legs frantically, managing to get himself back down onto the ground. He lifts up, flipping the taller Demarco over him with a backdrop! Demarco shakes off the landing and tries to hop right back up, but Rishel’s there to latch onto his arms and drop with a double-arm DDT!! Rishel then makes the cover, as Head Referee Bell slides in… 1.. 2.. and Demarco barely kicks out in time!*

Jones: Wow! That was a fast count!

Rockwell: Not fast enough, dangit! C’mon, Bell!

Jones: Wait, this is supposed to be an even contest!

Rockwell: Hey, when someone threatens your job if you don’t do the right thing, you do it, Jones!

Jones: … Are you saying Ace threatened to fire Bell if he didn’t get Rishel the victory??

Rockwell: … Uh, no, not saying that at all. You’re hearing things, Jones…

*Rishel brings Demarco back up, taking him over towards the corner. He climbs up, hammering away on Demarco for the 10 count (although only some of the fans count along). Rishel then climbs up a little higher, getting his legs around Demarco and coming off with a hurricanrana! At least, that’s what he was going for… but Demarco held on, instead getting Rishel dangling from his legs, with Demarco hanging on. Demarco then sets Rishel in place and comes off, jumping into the air with a Styles Clash!!! The place goes wild after that move, with Demarco resting for a second before rolling Rishel over for the pin attempt. Bell looks nervously at the Accelerator for a second, but then glances over at The Great One, who is nodding knowingly. Bell then drops, making the count… 1.. 2.. and Rishel shoots a shoulder up at the last second, staying in the contest!*

Rockwell: Hey!! What was that, Bell??

Jones: It appears that The Great One has some influence in this contest as well, Adrian!

Rockwell: Damnit, Bell, you blow this, and it’s your job!

Jones: Who knows, Adrian? Maybe TGO offered him something better!

*Rishel struggles to get back up, grabbing hold of the ropes and using them to get to his feet. Unfortunately, this leaves him vulnerable, and Demarco’s quick to take advantage with a couple of kidney punches! As Rishel gasps in pain, Demarco steps around, locking his arms underneath Rishel’s armpits and locking in a full nelson!! He turns Rishel around, so that Demarco’s the one closer to the ropes, as Rishel tries desperately to get himself free of the hold! The fans are chanting, although they still seem to be split as to who they really want to support in this one. Demarco lifts Rishel higher, using all his strength to cause Rishel’s own weight to break him. However, as Rishel struggles, Demarco suddenly loses his grip as both men fall forward, crashing hard to the canvas!! As Demarco rolls away, stunned, we see the Accelerator calmly walking away on one side, his job complete. Head Referee Bell, having not seen what happened, nonetheless shakes his head, knowing what probably just happened.*

Jones: The President’s getting physically involved!

Rockwell: First off, did you see anything? Did the ref?

Jones: No, I guess not…

Rockwell: Ok, then. Secondly… OF COURSE he’s getting physically involved! He’s the President!

Jones: I guess we’ll have to see if TGO retaliates against Rishel. This one could easily break down into chaos!

*The Great One, surprisingly, doesn’t seem concerned with the Accelerator’s actions. He’s leaning against one of the ring posts, watching calmly as the two wrestlers recover in the ring. Despite having taken a hard fall, Demarco seems to be in better shape at this point. He drags Rishel to his feet, taking the man over towards one corner and swinging away at him. When he has Rishel seemingly dazed, Demarco grabs his arm and whips him across the way, no, Rishel reverses, but Demarco does a double-reversal, sending Rishel back towards the previously-occupied corner. Rishel, showing amazing agility, leaps upwards, jumping straight up onto the top turnbuckle!! Before Demarco can do anything to stop him, Rishel immediately leaps back off the ‘buckle, flipping backwards with a moonsault splash!! He crashes into Demarco, sending both men to the mat, with Rishel landing on top. He scrambles to get the legs, hanging on as Head Referee Bell slides in for the count… 1.. 2.. and once again the wrestler only barely escapes in time!*

Jones: I guess, if Head Referee Bell’s counting the same fast count for everyone, it’s still… fair?

Rockwell: Ace is going to have to have a SERIOUS talk with the man after this contest.

Jones: As expected, these two wrestlers are putting on a great display here tonight. Either man could be walking out of here the winner, that’s for sure!

Rockwell: Keep it up, Rishel! You can do it!

*Rishel’s back up now, hauling Demarco along with him, as he backs towards the ropes. The Great One is there, looking up at the two of them, causing Rishel to suddenly shy away, realizing the proximity. TGO just raises his shoulders in a shrug, though, as if saying that Rishel was too jumpy. Rishel takes a second too long to stare out at the man before turning back, with Demarco catching him under the jaw with an uppercut! Rishel stumbles back to the ropes, with Demarco immediately moving in and grabbing him. He delivers a major-league headbutt, knocking Rishel into the ropes!! Demarco takes a second to recover from the strike, then reaches down and picks Rishel up again, dropping an elbow hard onto his forehead!! Rishel drops to his knees, out of it. With a smile, Demarco heads towards the ropes, rebounding to come back for the Paid In Full!! Ace can’t get there in time to disrupt it, as Demarco charges in… and Rishel sits up suddenly, surprising Demarco as he twists around the wrestler and drags him down with a quick roll-up!! With the ropes helping out, Rishel hangs on, as Head Referee Bell makes the count… 1.. 2.. Demarco kicks out an instant too late… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Jaiden Rishel!

Rockwell: Yes!! I knew it would happen!!

Jones: Jaiden Rishel gets the surprising roll-up, once again helped by the quick count of the referee!

Rockwell: Yeah, I guess Bell gets to keep his job after all!

Jones: I thought Demarco was going to put Rishel away a few times, but Ace and the ref both seemed to be aligned against him!

Rockwell: Awww, too bad, isn’t it?

*In the ring, Demarco’s back on his feet, looking ticked off at the fast count. He turns and goes after Head Referee Bell, who tries to retreat, raising his hands in the air to try and surrender. Demarco’s not hearing it, though, grabbing Bell by the sides of his referee’s shirt and, turning, tosses him over the top rope!!!! Bell disappears from view, taking an awful fall, as The Great One comes into the ring as well.*

Jones: Jesus!!

Rockwell: Maybe I spoke too soon… Bell may have to retire now!

Jones: That was the hardest fall I’ve ever seen a referee take!! Bell just got destroyed!

*Rishel had climbed the turnbuckle, celebrating, not realizing what took place behind him. Demarco gets his attention, though, by coming over and grabbing Rishel by the back of his trunks, yanking him back down to the mat!! Rishel stumbles, then turns, going nose-to-nose with Demarco. The two look ready to go again, with the Accelerator coming up on the apron behind them. All of the sudden, though, the odds get worse, as Landon Chase and Liam Shayde appear, sliding into the ring next to The Great One!!*

Jones: Uh oh…

Rockwell: Oh, damn… I think we’ve got some sore losers… wait, where’s our back-up?

Jones: Bifford got locked away by Mobley, remember? And Warrick Hill took out Arachne!

Rockwell: Which left Cortez alone in the back… oh, hell… Rishel, Ace, run for it!!

*Video footage quickly confirms Rockwell’s suspicions, as we see Chris Cortez lying in the back, having been taken out by Chase and Shayde during the match. We go back to the arena. The Accelerator backs into a corner, watching the four men as they advance towards him. Rishel stands between Ace and NFB, raising his fists and preparing to fight. Ace steps forward to at least do his part, standing next to Rishel… who promptly turns and grabs Ace by the head, spinning him down to the canvas with the Hero’s Welcome!!!!!*

Rockwell: *GASP!*

Jones: What the hell???

*The Accelerator’s down, hurting, as Jaiden Rishel stands over him, smiling!! The fans, at first seemingly happy to see the President get dropped, are now starting to boo again, as The Great One approaches… putting a hand on Rishel’s shoulder. He extends his other hand as Rishel turns, with the two sharing a handshake!!*

Jones: Oh my god… Rishel’s joining Nobody’s F’in Better!!!

Rockwell: No… No!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!

*With a large smile on his face, Rishel turns and pulls the Accelerator back up, who feebly tries to fight back. He’s pretty out of it, though, as Rishel gets in a low blow, causing the President to drop to his knees!! Rishel then holds Ace in place as Lorenzo Demarco goes off the ropes and comes back… hitting the Paid In Full!!!*

Jones: No!!! The President can’t take moves like that, not at his age!!

Rockwell: We need help!!! Where the *bleep* is SECURITY!!!

*With the Accelerator down and out, The Great One signals, and Landon Chase and Liam Shayde head to the outside. They reach under the ring and pull out a table, sliding it into the ring!! Ace has no fight in him as Demarco and Rishel hoist him up. For a second, it looks like Ace is trying to ask Rishel… why? Rishel whispers something to him, then steps back, striking the President once more across the face! Ace slumps, only held up by Demarco, as TGO steps over, mic in hand. He stares hard at the President, before bringing his mic up.*

The Great One: Nothing personal, Mr. President. It’s always about the business.

*TGO rears back, smashing the mic across the Accelerator’s scalp!!! Blood is running freely now after that shot, with the Accelerator badly beaten. But TGO’s not through, as he points to Chase and Shayde. The two men move in, with Demarco and Rishel getting on either side. They easily lift the President up into the air, and then move with him in one motion, tossing him through the table!!! The Accelerator lays in the debris, not moving, as NFB turns and starts to celebrate!*

Jones: This is awful!!! Did TGO buy off security as well?? Nobody came to the President’s rescue… and now, who knows if he’ll even be able to come back!!!

Rockwell: *sob*

*Finally, help seems to be trying to arrive, as Chris Cortez suddenly appears, staggering towards the ring. He’s holding the back of his head, but his anger is enough to keep him moving. He sees what’s going on, and knows that the odds are against him. But his rage against Rishel is uncontrollable. He slides into the ring, where Rishel goes to meet him, only to have Cortez take him off his feet, swinging away!!! For a second, the crowd roars, as Cortez gets the upper hand. But it only lasts a few seconds, before Rishel’s partners dive into the fray, beating mercilessly on the Intercontinental Champion!!*

Jones: Now Cortez is in deep trouble, and Bifford and Arachne are nowhere to be found!!

Rockwell: Someone please, stop this!!

*Cortez is soon being held by Shayde and Demarco, as Rishel rights himself and comes in, jawing it out with the man. He’s insulting everything Cortez stands for, getting in a few cheap shots, as TGO stands back with a large smile on his face. However, as Rishel rears back to swing again… the lights go out!!*

Jones: *BLEEP!!*

Rockwell: Now what??

*For a few moments, the lights stay off, although sounds of battle can be heard inside the ring. When the lights finally come back up… TGO is outside the ring, with most of his crew, as Rishel joins them by rolling out. Meanwhile, standing in the ring are four men: Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, El Linchador, and Lurrr!!!*

Jones: What the… it’s Commissioner Lurrr!!!

Rockwell: What’s that bastard here for? To gloat??

Jones: Well, you did ask for anyone to stop this!

Rockwell: Oh, shut up!

*It looks like Demarco and Chase are ready to dive back in, but The Great One quickly intercedes, directing the two men backwards. He shakes his head, knowing that they’ve lost the high ground. In the ring, Mobley, Hill, and El Linchador stand tall, having gotten in their strikes, as Lurrr brings out a microphone.*

Lurrr: TGO, NFB!!!! You guys thought I would let this go unanswered??? What you are looking at right now is three members of the new Roman Empire!

Jones: Oh my gosh!!! The Roman Empire lives again!!

Rockwell: Oh, *bleep!*

Lurrr: Let me give you a little history lesson on the Roman Empire… we dominated the GCWA landscape for a long time and we are the best name that this company has ever seen. From now on these men do the dirty work… all three of these men have won so much gold in their careers they could show the boss here a thing or two about success. I promise that over the next few weeks the lives of Ace and TGO will be much, much more complicated. You can tell all your puppets to be aware from this moment on that we don’t give a shit who your with or what your target may be… we only look out for ourselves and nobody else. In the coming weeks you will realize why an Empire is more successful than an army of puppets lead by men who have their heads up in the clouds when it comes to the understanding who actually runs this place. Oh and if there is any question of who runs this place, he’s the man looking right at you and the man who will be the first to go nose to nose with you!!

*Lurrr throws the mic down as “Cocky” by kid Rock begins to play. The show ends with Lurrr, Mobley, El Linchador, and Hill all raising each other’s hands in the middle of the ring. The Great One is shown, walking away, now with the smile back on his face. He accomplished what he was going for today, as he turns and again congratulates Jaiden Rishel on his decision. The five men move away, as we focus back towards the ring, where the Accelerator is still down in a bloody heap. He hasn’t moved for a while. Cortez can be seen outside the ring, moving around to check on the President, as we slowly fade out.*

OOC: Whew!! This felt like a pay-per-view, the way it kept going longer and longer!! Glad it's in the books, and now... I get a week off! *lol* Good luck to Rishel, TGO, and the rest who are running the show next week. Thanks again to Ataxia and Shayde for helping out with matches this week, and to everyone who gave me segments to work with!

Here's the card for next week:

- Axl Lionsworth vs. Johnny Vegas

- Ryan Rage vs. Xtreme

- El Linchador vs. Landon Chase vs. Arachne, Triple Threat Match

- Liam Shayde & Lorenzo Demarco vs. Crazy Chris & Ataxia

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