GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*The previous program wraps up, with an advertisement running on the other side of the screen hyping up the GCWA. We then go to a blank screen for a few seconds. The camera cuts to the backstage area to show The Great One in his newly appointed office. A mahogany desk sits in the middle of the room with a nice plush leather chair behind it. TGO lounges in the chair feet propped up on the desk as the camera moves in and he starts to speak.*

The Great One: Welcome to another Friday Night Inferno. I know all of you fat plebes are sitting on the couch right now drinking your beer and kissing your snaggle-toothed cousin that you married, but I want you to put that beer down and stop with the making a deformed baby for a minute and I want you all to listen to me very closely. I also want to include every wrestler that’s watching on the monitors here in the back as well.

*TGO smirks a little bit as he picks up a glass of scotch that was sitting on his desk. As he picks it up, he wipes off the ring of water that stood where he glass set, he then sets the glass down again after taking a drink and resumes speaking.*

The Great One: You all think that things haven’t changed too much since I’ve gotten here. Everyone seems to believe that what I promised isn’t going to come to fruition. Well guys you all have another thing coming. One of the reasons that I didn’t show my face around last week’s broadcast too much was because I had to make sure some deals were closed. Not only deals for this company, but some private deals as well. I want every single person watching this to know that things are going to change starting tonight. Long gone are the days of a crappy commissioner running around thinking that he owns the show and a President who can’t control his employees; starting tonight we are going to see the board of directors take the show over and turning this company into a top tier brand.

*TGO sits back in his chair, taking another sip of his glass of scotch. The picture slowly fades out. After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing The Big Bifford, standing next to the Accelerator. Bifford has a dark smile on his face as he slaps the World Title sitting on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! We pan across the screaming crowd, showing that another good audience is in attendance here in Dallas, Texas. We fly past several signs, including “Bifford Will Be Thrilled… Again!” and “El Linchador: The Lazarus of Luchadors!!” We then reach the announce location, focusing in on Edward Jones and Adrian Rockwell.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of Friday Night Inferno!!

Rockwell: Can you feel it, Jones?

Jones: Er… feel what?

Rockwell: There’s something in the air… I can sense it… I sense… a defeat for Warrick Hill to the almighty Arachne!

Jones: …

Rockwell: It’s going to happen tonight, Ed, just you wait!

Jones: Far be it from me to disagree. But Warrick Hill vs. Arachne is not the only match we’ve got tonight, as we’ve got two sensational tag-team matches set! First, Ataxia & El Linchador will be teaming up again to take on the Johnson Era! And then, in our main event match, we’ve got the new 3-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, The Danger Boiz, taking on Liam Shayde and his cousin, Landon Chase!

Rockwell: No rest for the weary, clearly, as the Danger Boiz don’t even get a week off to relax after taking the belts from those losers in the House of Pain.

Jones: Well, the belts aren’t on the line, but considering that Crazy Chris will be defending his GCWA Unified X Division Championship against Shayde at Capital Punishment, there’s definitely a lot of momentum on the line here tonight!

Rockwell: And then we’ve got the Hardcore Title #1 Contenders Match, as Robert Santana and Xtreme will face off to decide who gets the ‘honor’ of fighting Bucky Johnson for the championship.

Jones: You can almost guarantee that that one’s going to be a spirited contest, which could really go anywhere in the building.

Rockwell: Yep, but those freaks better stay away from me!

Jones: Also tonight, two of our biggest gaining stars in Ryan Rage and Jaiden Rishel will be going at it. Rishel’s trying to continue to build himself up in the President’s eyes, while Rage is just looking to add more and more destruction to his resume.

Rockwell: It’s going to be a hell of a night!

Jones: And we don’t want to wait any longer for it! Minos?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, Team #1… they worked well as a team last week, and are looking to get their first victory together tonight, weighing a combined 414 lbs, here are Ataxia and El Linchador!

*The crowd cheers as the two wrestlers appear side-by-side, walking down the aisle to “Hey Ladies” by The Beastie Boys. They seem comfortable with each other, although El Linchador appears to be focused more on the crowd and what they have in their hands than he does his tag-team partner. They enter the ring as a duo, each moving to a different corner.*

Jones: El Linchador and Ataxia are still a strange partnership, but one that they think will be a strong grouping in the future.

Rockwell: We still don’t know if it was a partnership in the past! Damn mask…

Jones: The big news this week was that El Linchador may have caught his wife cheating on him, as a man in his underwear was found in their bedroom!

Rockwell: Yeah, I admit, it looks bad, and no one wants to see El Linchador divorced… other than maybe Miss Grace.

Jones: Unfortunately, El Linchador may not have the bond that married people like we have.

Rockwell: Yeah, your wife, no cheating there, no sir!

Jones: Exactly… wait, you said that kind of quick…

Rockwell: Moving on!

Minos: Their opponents have been tag-team partners all their lives, but now bring their familial bonds to the wrestling ring… weighing in at a combined 470 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here are Chucky Johnson and the GCWA Hardcore Champion, Bucky Johnson… The Johnson Era!

*As “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem starts up, Bucky and Chucky appear in the entryway. Bucky’s got the Hardcore gold wrapped around his waist proudly, showing that he’s glad to be a champion now. They march down to the ring, with Chucky sliding in first, followed by his brother.*

Jones: Bucky and his brother are still working to recover Bucky’s son, Stanley, from a kidnapper.

Rockwell: Yeah, last we saw, the kid was in the arms of Ralph as he ran for the door… damn, I hate cliffhangers. Did the kid make it out safely or not??

Jones: You’re going to have to wait until next season, Adrian.

Rockwell: Nooooooooo….

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! Two promising tag-teams, jockeying for positioning on the tag rankings!

Rockwell: Yep, now we just need to find out who’s starting…

Jones: As well as what El Linchador wants to tell us, since he’s talking to the outside attendants!

Rockwell: Oh, man…

*El Linchador asks for the ring mic as Ataxia stands in the center of the ring, keeping an eye on the Johnsons.*

El Linchador: HElllllllllll-ooo, Linchy-ites!

*The crowd answers back "HELLLLL-ooo!" *

El Linchador: 'Tis I, El Linchador, on my second date here with the masked Ataxia and we wanted to bring something special to this match tonight for us and the Johnsons. Ataxia you're a big football fan, right?

*Ataxia grabs the mic away from El Linchador. *

Ataxia: First, it's soccer, and second, no. I think we should get this match started.

*El Linchador puts his hand out for the mic back. Ataxia hands it to him. *

El Linchador: Thanks, amigo. Football or soccer, Tomato or tomah-to - it's still the sport where you kick a ball around. The point is, I lived most of my life in La Coruna, Spain, so I wanted to bring a little international fun to you fans tonight. As you came in tonight, you should've received a very special El Lintaxia -

*Ataxia shakes his head. *

El Linchador: Sorry... a Ataxador -

*Ataxia shakes his head again. *

El Linchador: Fine... an El Linchador and Ataxia VUVUZELA!! BRING EM OUT!

*The assembled crowd, unfortunately, all get out their vuvuzelas and start bbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'ing them. *

Jones : Oh dear god.

Rockwell : I hope to god someone puts a stop to this pronto. Ace? Lurrr? The Great One? ANYONE?

El Linchador: So, you all know when to use these, right? Any time I do a move, any time Ataxia does a move, any time we run, tag, cough, whether we win or lose... you can blow on it whenever you want. OLE!

*El Linchador drops off the mic to the side, as the buzzing begins all around the ring. Bucky annoyingly puts his hands over his ears, while Chucky shakes his head. Referee Trixie doesn’t look too happy, either. El Linchador, though, is loving it, egging the fans on, while Ataxia doesn’t even move. With no earholes in his mask, he might be the best off.*

Jones: Dear god, this is going to be difficult to call!

Rockwell: WHAT?

*With the loud buzzing echoing throughout the arena, El Linchador steps forward, waving Chucky on. The two wrestlers lock up, with El Linchador immediately twisting it into a headlock. The vuvuzelas get louder in response, eliciting a big grin from the luchador wrestler. The grin, though, falters as Chucky is able to lift the lighter wrestler up and snap him backwards onto his back, cracking him on the canvas! Both wrestlers work their way up, but Chucky gives El Linchador a kick to the stomach, and then double-underhooks him, lifting the wrestler up and getting a double-underhook piledriver!! The vuvuzelas are showing no specific leanings, as they blow just as loudly for that maneuver. Chucky makes the cover, with Referee Trixie shouting to make herself heard as she makes the count… 1… 2.. but El Linchador kicks free in time.*

Jones: A close fall…

Rockwell: WHAT?



Jones: Arrrgggghhhhh…

*Chucky has El Linchador up now and drags him over to his corner, tagging in Bucky. The two brothers work over El Linchador in the corner, with Chucky getting in a few extra punches before stepping through the ropes. Bucky’s size gives him the advantage, as he grabs El Linchador by the head and lifts him up onto the ‘buckle, before then picking him off the ‘buckle and bodyslamming him! El Linchador’s down, with Bucky going for the pin… 1… 2… but El Linchador again kicks out. Bucky rises back up, looking for a second over towards the weird masked man keeping an eye on him. Ataxia shoots him a wave, before leaning on the ropes. Bucky shakes his head, telling himself to get back on the attack. He pulls up El Linchador and tags Chucky, who steps through, grabbing hold of El Linchador’s arm. He whips him towards the corner, no, reversal by El Linchador! Chucky stops himself just short of hitting the ‘buckles, but as he turns around, El Linchador comes leaping in, getting him around the head and spinning him down with a hurricanrana!! El Linchador then makes the cover… 1… 2.. Chucky’s free!*

Jones: …


Jones: WHAT??

*The vuvuzelas are still echoing throughout the arena, although it does seem like they’ve grown quieter for some reason. Nonetheless, the noise continues as El Linchador drags Chucky over to his corner. He tags in Ataxia for the first time, with the masked man gladly stepping into the ring. He attacks Chucky with some sharp punches, then directs him into the corner, where he starts to beat away on Chucky with the Learn Your Lesson!! Chucky slumps in the corner, hurting, as Ataxia backs away, seemingly grinning (although it’s hard to tell if that’s just the zipper). Ataxia then turns and comes back with a jump, getting a hesitation dropkick on the young man!! Chucky’s not getting up quickly, as Ataxia gets himself back to his feet.*



Jones: ??

*Some fans are booing at ringside, as GCWA Security is moving throughout the crowd, trying to silence as many vuvuzelas as they can. The noise level has definitely dropped off, but the match still continues, as Ataxia bodyslams Chucky on the mat, then tags in El Linchador. The lithe wrestler hops up onto the turnbuckle, even as Ataxia grabs hold of Chucky’s legs. Ataxia drops back, getting Chucky to slingshot up to his feet, only to have El Linchador crash into him with a top-rope clothesline!! Chucky’s down, with El Linchador making the cover… 1… 2… and Bucky has to rush in and move El Linchador’s legs to prevent the loss!*


Rockwell: Damn, Jones! The vuvuzelas are almost gone, you don’t have to shout in my ear anymore!

Jones: SORRY!! Er, I mean… sorry…

*El Linchador doesn’t look too pleased with what’s going on outside the ring. He leans out, pointing to some of the fans to keep playing, despite security getting involved. El Linchador then turns and goes to another side of the ring… and gets tagged on the shoulder, as an annoyed Ataxia lets himself in! Ataxia immediately tries to hurry over to the other side, where Chucky was trying to make a move to his corner. Ataxia stops it by running straight into a stretching Bucky, knocking him off the apron! Ataxia then spins around and grabs at Chucky, snapping him down with a DDT, before then heading to the turnbuckle and climbing up. He gets to the top and balances himself, before leaping off with the Fall of Angels!!! But at the last second, Chucky gets out of the way, and Ataxia takes a crashing landing to the canvas!! Both wrestlers are down, as the cheers (and buzzes) continue throughout the arena!*

Jones: A near miss keeps this match going, as Chucky’s now got to make the tag if he wants to survive!

Rockwell: Yeah, now that he can finally concentrate without all the noise!

Jones: We’re definitely going to have to see about a petition to get those banned. The World Cup is bad enough, but we really don’t need those noise-makers in the GCWA Arena!

*El Linchador is back in his corner now, looking on anxiously as Chucky crawls towards where Bucky should be. His brother is back up on the outside, looking annoyed as he comes back up onto the apron. He reaches out, as Chucky stretches… and makes the hot tag! Bucky steps through the ropes, grinning at the opportunity. Ataxia struggles back to his feet, swinging, but Bucky blocks it, then lands the Bowling Pin, sending Ataxia backwards to the mat! Bucky shakes his head, and then goes over near the ropes. As Ataxia gets back up, Bucky charges, leaping up and scoring a flying clothesline that flips Ataxia over!! Bucky then comes back to make a cover… 1… but El Linchador is already there, stomping on Bucky from behind to break it up! Bucky gets to his feet, turning around quickly, but El Linchador’s already moving back towards his corner, raising his hands to try and get a few vuvuzela buzzes for his save. He signals to raise the roof, waiting for the sound of buzzing… only to get hit from behind by Bucky, sending El Linchador through the ropes!*

Jones: Apparently we’re not the only ones angry about the vuvuzelas!

Rockwell: Good, I’m glad they knocked him down!

Jones: Down, but not out, Adrian! He’s hanging onto the ropes!

*Bucky starts to move away, then realizes that El Linchador actually skinned the cat. As El Linchador pulls himself up, Bucky grabs for him, looking to heave him back into the ring. But El Linchador gets a shoulder through the ropes, bending Bucky over. As Bucky stumbles back, Ataxia suddenly appears, leaping over him and getting a running bulldog!! Bucky’s down, as Ataxia reaches up and tags in El Linchador, making him the legal man! Chucky, having recovered, starts to come in, but Ataxia runs over to meet him, getting a running crossbody block that takes both men out of the ring!! Meanwhile, El Linchador is already climbing up the turnbuckle, making one last half-hearted attempt to get the buzzing going again. As Bucky stands back up, El Linchador leaps into the air, spinning into his finisher and crashing into Bucky, taking him to the canvas!! Referee Trixie is there for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners… Ataxia and El Linchador!

Jones: El Linchador and Ataxia manage the victory!

Rockwell: You mean Ataxia and El Linchador, right?

Jones: Either way you want to say it, they get the victory over the Johnson Era here tonight!

Rockwell: Yeah, it looks like the Johnsons just felt a little out-matched by their competition, and let it get into their head. Still, it could have come down either way, without El Linchador’s experience helping him to get the victory!

*El Linchador is celebrating the win, knowing that it was a great one for his team. Ataxia comes back into the ring to join him, nodding to his partner, as Bucky and Chucky head up the aisle, dejected.*

Jones: The two can definitely be happy, as it was a big win for them tonight, maybe starting to put them into title contention in the future!

Rockwell: Can we give them a shot as long as they promise not to bring the vuvuzelas back?

Jones: Hopefully that can be… hey, wait, we’ve got a visitor!

*The fans begin to jeer as “I'm Bad” by The Last Vegas begins to play.*

Jones: Wait… Liam Shayde’s on his way to the ring!!

Rockwell: Interesting. The guy doesn’t like to let anyone enjoy a victory, does he? I tend to like that in a wrestler.

*Ataxia and El Linchador have moved to the side now, watching closely as Liam stays at the stage.*

Liam Shayde: Cut the music, cut it. You know what? That was a pretty good match. Linchy, you still have it man. What do you guys think?

*The Fans chant “OLE OLE OLE”.*

Liam Shayde: I don't understand why you're hanging around that guy though (points at Ataxia) but, hey, to each his own.

Jones: A blatant shot from Shayde towards Ataxia, showing the animosity between the two!

Rockwell: After Ataxia beat down Shayde last week, you better BELIEVE there’s animosity!

Liam Shayde: Last week I was booed from the stage here before I had a chance to say anything of importance, I'm not going to let that happen tonight. (Crowd boos) Go ahead, give it your best shot. (boos get louder) I'm not leaving.

*Even louder booing and a decent sized “you Suck chant breaks out, with Ataxia and Linchy leading it on.*

Liam Shayde: Are you quite finished? Now, last week, Ataxia, you attacked me. (The crowd erupts in cheers) You really beat the living crap out of me...and you were stupid enough to video tape it.

*Three police officers enter behind Liam and head towards the ring.*

Jones: Wait, the police are here?

Rockwell: Oh, yeah, now Ataxia’s actions are going to come back to haunt him!

Liam Shayde: You all seem to disapprove of the presence these fine men, why is that? They're just here to do their jobs. Gentlemen, arrest that piece of garbage.

*The three police officers walk down the ramp and into the ring, the crowd in an uproar. Ataxia's first instinct is to fight, but he stands still and holds out his arms for one of the officers to handcuff him. Liam begins to walk down to the ring now that Ataxia has been detained.*

Liam Shayde: Kidnapping, Assault...these are serious charges Ataxia. With the video evidence you so conveniently provided, I'm pretty sure this will be an open and shut case. Good bye, Ataxia.

*Liam waves as the police officers escort Ataxia out of the ring, up the ramp and behind the stage. El Linchador follows, concerned for his tag-team partner, as the fans continue to boo. “I'm Bad” by The Last Vegas begins to play once more and Liam raises his arms up in victory with a cocky smile on his face.*

Jones: Man, Ataxia’s going to jail!!

Rockwell: The guy shouldn’t have attacked Shayde the way he did, Jones. There are always consequences.

Jones: Yes, but… this is wrestling! These kinds of attacks seem to happen all the time!

Rockwell: And maybe Shayde doing this will finally stop those assaults! So I applaud him for working to change the system!

*Suddenly, Shayde’s music stops, with only the boos echoing throughout the arena. Seconds later, “Mental Health" by Zebra suddenly blasts through the arena. The fans rise to their feet cheering loudly for the Unified X Division and co-Tag Team Champion.*

Jones: Wait!! Now the Unified X Division Champion has made himself known!!

Rockwell: What’s he doing out here? This isn’t his time!

Jones: Well, it wasn’t exactly Liam Shayde’s time, either, was it?

*Chris steps out from behind the curtain with the Unified X Division title wrapped around his waist, the newly won Tag Team title firmly strapped across his shoulder, and a microphone in his hand. He stops at the edge of the entrance ramp, as the music stops. He brings the microphone up to his mouth.*

Crazy Chris: Well if it isn't my good 'ol buddy and opponent at Capital Punishment, Liam Shayde. How you doing buddy, friend, pal?

Liam Shayde: What the hell are you doing out here? Didn't I teach you a lesson last week with the Cat's Cradle?

*The fans boo at the number one contender, while Chris simply smiles and laughs at Shayde. *

Crazy Chris: Oh you definitely taught me a lesson last week alright. You have me so skeered that I am shaking in my boots.

*Chris makes a shaking motion with his hands and face as he taunts and laughs at his opponent. *

Liam Shayde: You think this is funny? You think what I did to you last week was bad, wait until our match at Capital Punishment when I take MY Unified X Division title from around your waste! Better yet wait until our tag match tonight. I'll show you funny!

Crazy Chris: Oh, so it's now your Unified X Division title? I didn't realize you actually held the title. Did I skip a year or something? I know I've been a little distracted with my personal life lately, but I don't recall losing to your ass for the title.

*Shayde stares down the ramp at the champion, showing pure hatred for the Unified X Division Champion. *

Crazy Chris: Let's get one thing straight. This is not 'your' Unified X Division Championship. You didn't win the belt nor will you ever win this belt. You are nothing more than some snotty punk kid who is too afraid to confront someone face to face, so he has to bring in his little boyfriend down from the rafters to do his dirty work.

Liam Shayde: Instead of standing all the way up there, running your mouth. Why don't you shut that trap of yours, come down this ramp, step into the ring and do something about it.

Crazy Chris: Oh, believe me I will do something about it.

*The fans cheer as Chris makes his way to the ring. Liam throws the microphone down and prepares for a fight as he watches his Capital Punishment opponent climbing the steel steeps. Chris enters into the ring and stands face to face with Shayde matching up his height. The champ stares into Liam's eyes, showing no fear. Suddenly the fans begin yelling down into the ring showing their support for the champ. *

Fans: Kick his ass, kick his ass, kick his ass!!

*Both men exchange a few words, before Liam slowly backs away. Chris turns and begins smiling at the fans, when out of nowhere Liam clocks Chris with the microphone and takes the champ down to the mat. As Shayde begins pounding away at the champ, Chris manages to get a reversal and begins pounding away at Liam. The brawl continues back and forth until both men fall to the outside near the announce table. Having momentum, Shayde leaps towards Chris who counters and throws Liam into the announce table. Crazy Chris begins to set Liam onto his shoulders attempting a Crazy Bitch, but Liam manages to get a finger to the eye which causes Chris to release Shayde. Shayde pulls something out of his pocket and blows a powdery substance into Chris' eyes. As Chris tries to clear his eyes, he is too blind to notice that Shayde has pulled out a chair. Liam smashes the chair across the skull of the Unified X Division and Tag Team Champion. The fans begin booing loudly, showing their anger towards the number one contender.*

Jones: The champ is down!!

Rockwell: Hah!! Once more Shayde is showing Crazy Chris who the better man is!

Jones: By cheating and using weapons?

Rockwell: Oh, shut up…

*Liam pulls the champ up by the hair and throws him into the ring. Shayde enters the ring, where he begins taunting the fans. Liam stands over Crazy Chris and begins placing him into the Cat's Cradle. Suddenly, the fans begins cheering loudly as Dangerous Dan makes his way into the ring. Shayde quickly releases Chris from the hold and goes after Dan, but Dan is too fast taking Shayde down with a spear. Dan pounces away on the number one contender. Shayde quickly gains momentum by shoving the Tag champ off. Dan comes back for more, but this time Shayde has gained full momentum. Shayde hits Dan with a hard right hand and a kick to the gut. Shayde then goes for one of Dan's own moves, attempting a Twist of Fate. As Shayde turns around, he is taking by surprise of the now recovered Crazy Chris who leaps off the turnbuckle and nails Liam with the Crazy Man's Suicide!!*

Jones: What a hit from Crazy Chris!!

Rockwell: Damnit, those cheaters, they’re double-teaming him!!

*Chris then signals for Dan to head to the turnbuckle causing the fans to cheer even louder. Dan climbs to the top turnbuckle, poses for the fans, and leaps off with the ENDD!! Shayde is down and not moving, having taken two severe finishers, as the Danger Boiz pull themselves back up.*

Jones: Crazy Chris gets some revenge, as Liam Shayde is laid out!

Rockwell: Yeah, well, they better not gloat too much, as they have to face both Shayde & Chase later tonight!

*Chris grabs the Unified X Division title and the Tag Team title as "Hero" by Skillet begins playing. Satisfied with their work, the Tag Team Champions pose for the fans before exiting the ring. We cut away from the action and head to the back, where we see El Linchador still following the police officers down the way.*

El Linchador: Don’t worry, Ataxia, I’ll have you out as soon as possible! The man won’t be able to keep us down! OLE!

*Ataxia doesn’t say a word, as he moves off with the officers, presumably towards the exit where their cars are parked. El Linchador moves off down a different hallway, hurrying to get on the phone. However, as he turns around a corner, he’s suddenly grabbed and thrown hard against the wall… by Chris Cortez and Jaiden Rishel!! Before El Linchador knows what’s happening, the two wrestlers each grab an arm and flip him over, giving him a double hip toss down the hallway!! El Linchador crashes hard and rolls to try and absorb some of the impact. Rishel, grinning, steps towards him, only to have Cortez put out an arm to stop him.*

Chris Cortez: Back off, Rishel. I’ve got him now.

*With a dark smile, Cortez steps in, grabbing hold of El Linchador’s head and setting him to lift for the Corplex!! But before Cortez can get the maneuver firmly locked in, he’s grabbed from behind and shoved backwards, breaking his grip! Cortez glares to his side as Rishel, sneering at him, steps forward towards El Linchador.*

Jaiden Rishel: Let me show you how a champion does it, Cortez.

*Rishel picks El Linchador up on his shoulders, setting him for the Delirium Trigger!! But Cortez is back now, grabbing El Linchador and yanking him off of Rishel’s shoulders, sending him stumbling back against the wall! Rishel, furious, spins around… and Cortez socks him in the jaw, sending him backwards!*

Chris Cortez: You want to know how a champion does it? You’ll know soon enough!!

*Cortez comes at Rishel, only to get clocked by Rishel’s response, a tight fist to the side of the head! Rishel then dives at Cortez, with the two men suddenly brawling on the ground, rolling back and forth!! They’re swinging furiously at each other, as El Linchador pulls himself up, realizing that they’ve temporarily forgotten about him. El Linchador turns and starts to creep away, trying to move as quietly as possible as the brawl continues. He gets around the corner and dashes away, with neither Cortez nor Rishel noticing that he’s gone. Security suddenly appears, working to break the two men up, as we head to a break.*

*We return from the break to the backstage area, where we’re in one of the many hallways in the complex. The three police officers escort Ataxia down the hall and right past the exit. Ataxia stares up at the “Exit” sign as he's forced to continue forward. The four men stop in front of a door labeled “Basement” and one of the officers turns the door knob and lets everyone in. They begin to lead Ataxia down the stairs.*

Ataxia: Excuse me, Occifers? I'd like to report a crime.

Officer Dan: What are yo...

*Ataxia slams his head backwards into the man's nose. The other two officers look shocked, and Ataxia wastes no time. He side steps behind the officer on his left and leaps into the air, kicking the officer in the back of the head. Upon landing, he looks towards the last officer, and dashes forward towards the man. Ataxia nails the officer with a suicide superman dive and head butts him in the face for good measure. *

Ataxia: Assault and Battery...and Break Dancing without a license.

*He does a quick handcuffed cabbage patch and turns to head up the stairs. He gets to the top and is met with a huge boot to the chest. He tumbles back down the stairs to the concrete floor below. Lorenzo Demarco enters the basement with a determined look on his face, his eyes full of rage. He slips a pair of brass knuckles onto each hand as he slowly descends the stairs. *

Lorenzo Demarco: I know it isn’t fair...you're in cuffs...can't fight back...but life isn’t fair. You find that out the day you realize you have to die...and today, well today, might just be that day.

*Ataxia rolls on his side and gets up to his knees as Lorenzo continues to take his time coming down the stairs, stalking his prey. *

Ataxia: Those are some pretty rings, Lori, your boyfriend get them for you?

*Lorenzo finally reaches the basement floor and takes one more step forward towards the kneeling Ataxia, using the extra momentum, he lands a solid right hand above Ataxia's eye, as his foot touches back down to the floor. Lorenzo stoops down low and swings his left arm back and drives his fist into Ataxia's abdomen. *

Ataxia: (Coughing) You still (cough) hit like a girl, Lori.

*Lorenzo allows Ataxia to gather himself, to get back up to his feet. He smiles at Ataxia, who in return begins to laugh. Lorenzo quickly slams his fist into Ataxia's midsection, alternating a few quick jabs before Ataxia bends over attempting to catch his breath. *

Ataxia: ahHAHA (cough) ha (cough) HAHAaaahhahaha Where'd they (cough) teach you to punch? hahaAHHAAhahha

*The laughter quickly dies as Lorenzo pulls back and comes forward with a huge right hook connecting with Ataxia's jaw. We fade away from the attack, going to the locker room area, where we find the Danger Boiz roaming down the hallway, passing the buffet table. Dangerous Dan has what appears to be a hammer in his hands, while Crazy Chris is holding a can of spray paint. The camera slowly approaches the Unified X Division and Tag Team Champions catching the remainder of their conversation.*

Crazy Chris: You sure this is going to work?

Dangerous Dan: I am positive. That son of a bitch chose to make an impact against me, well karma's a bitch. He's going to learn not make an impression on my account.

Crazy Chris: Well let's just hope that he will fall for it.

Dangerous Dan: Don't worry; tonight, Landon Chase is going to find out what it's like being the one laughed at. Tonight, the Danger Boiz are going to have the last laugh.

Crazy Chris: This almost feels like a couple of frat brothers attempting to initiate their stupid pledges.

Dangerous Dan: All I can say is that Landon will not want to make any more impacts on our account. Tonight, it's payback time, and you and I are going to be the one's laughing. After what we accomplish tonight, those two *bleep*holes will never forget the name of the Danger Boiz. C'mon let's go find Madyson and tell her the plan.

Crazy Chris: Right behind you bro!

*As the Danger Boiz exit off camera, we fade back to the ring.*

Jones: So the Danger Boiz aren’t through here tonight, apparently having something planned for Landon Chase… but the big news is, Ataxia’s taking a beating in the back!

Rockwell: Ataxia and Lorenzo Demarco have hated each other almost since they both first appeared in the GCWA. Demarco’s got the upper hand, apparently, tonight.

Jones: Well, considering that Ataxia’s hands are still cuffed, I’d say he has a HUGE advantage!

Rockwell: Maybe that’ll teach Ataxia not to allow just anyone to handcuff him.

Jones: But, it was a cop!

Rockwell: No, it wasn’t, it was clearly a set-up from Demarco and Shayde, and Ataxia fell for it! I mean, yeah, he took out the ‘cops’, but Demarco is now teaching him a lesson!

Jones: *Sigh* Look, we’ve got other matches to get to, so we’ll argue about this later.

Rockwell: Sounds good to me…

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Hardcore Title #1 Contenders” Match! Introducing first, he’s a man who lives the hardcore lifestyle whenever possible, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*“Give it All” by Rise Against begins to play as Xtreme makes his way out from the back. He’s pushing his cart full of weapons down to the ring, grinning like a giddy child with a new toy.*

Jones: Xtreme spent the week with family, checking in on his aunt and helping her hang onto her house.

Rockwell: Yeah, but wouldn’t the police be looking for Xtreme right now? I mean, he threw a guy into cement!

Jones: Maybe the guy’s too scared to press charges. Whatever the reason, Xtreme made it here tonight for his contendership chance.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA X Division Champion, and is planning to work himself back into a contender’s spot here tonight, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*Fans begins to cheer as soon as they hear “Sandstorm” by Darude playing. Robert Santana makes his usual entrance stopping at the top of the stage to bow to the crowd. A few boos are heard as well, as some fans still remember Santana’s sneak-attack on Bucky Johnson a few weeks ago.*

Jones: Santana spent time training in nature this week, along with his mentor, Whistler.

Rockwell: Dude should remember to wear a compass, and maybe he wouldn’t get himself lost.

Jones: He found his way, though, and now Santana is here for the competition!

Rockwell: And so is Xtreme!

*Santana does another bow to the crowd, nodding to them. As he comes back up, Xtreme is waiting with a stop sign and slams it down on Santana’s head!! Xtreme with the quick cover…1...2...Santana gets the shoulder up. Xtreme reaches over and picks up the stop sign, lays it over Santana, and nails a seated senton splash. He goes for the cover once more…1...2...NO! Santana manages to get the shoulder up again. Xtreme grabs Santana by the hair and pulls him up and begins to drag him towards the ring. He rolls Santana into the ring and goes over to his weapon cart. *

Jones: Xtreme has definitely taken early control in this one!

Rockwell: It’s his specialty match, he’d better be able to take it over!

Jones: Can you really specialize in hitting a guy with a stop sign?

Rockwell: Do you see that many other people doing it, Jones?

Jones: No…

Rockwell: Well then, that’s why Xtreme is a specialist!

*Xtreme pulls out a couple of metal baking sheets and tosses them into the ring. He then pulls out a 2 x 4 wrapped in barbed wire, then rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. Xtreme approaches Santana, raises the 2 x 4 high above his head and brings it down to smash Santana, but Santana rolls out of the way. Santana picks up one of the baking sheets and holds it like a shield to defend himself. Xtreme swings the 2 x 4 but Santana blocks it with the baking sheet and quickly counter attacks with a quick striking kick to the arm of Xtreme, forcing him to drop to the 2 x 4.*

Jones: Santana’s trying to use his karate skills to knock Xtreme off his game!

Rockwell: Hey, what kind of karate is Santana using, anyway? Is it the karate from the original “Karate Kid” movie, or the ‘kung-fu karate’ from the remake?

Jones: I’m not sure what Santana has trained with, but you can bet we’re not seeing a “crane” kick anytime soon.

*Xtreme rushes Santana and catches him with a clothesline that sends both men over the top rope and tumbling to the outside. Santana is the first to recover and tries to climb back into the ring, but Xtreme reaches into his cart and pulls out a fluorescent tube and shatters it on Santana’s back!! The crowd gasps, even as Santana rolls away in agony from the hit. Xtreme throws away the final bits of shrapnel in his hand, glad to have gotten that strike in.*

Rockwell: Someone get the tweezers, Santana’s going to be pulling some glass out of his back tonight!

Jones: I wonder, was that a message from Xtreme towards Bucky Johnson? Remember, the last time those two fought, it was in a 200 Light Tubes Death Match!

Rockwell: It could be a message, or it could be that Xtreme just had a few still stashed away in that cart of his. Either way, it did its job!

*Xtreme reaches under the ring apron and slides out a steel ladder and a wooden table. He slides the table into the ring and uses the ladder as a battering ram on Santana’s back. He then slides the ladder into the ring as well. Xtreme then scoops Santana up and drops him down hard with a huge power slam on the outside of the ring. Xtreme slides into the ring and sets up the table in the corner. Santana, finally able to get to his feet, slides into the ring behind Xtreme and attempts a school boy roll up pin…1...Xtreme powers out of the pinning situation.*

Jones: Xtreme took too long to get that table set up, and he nearly lost the match because of it!

Rockwell: It’s easy, in a match like this, to lose track of your goal and keep trying for an insane finisher. But Santana’s keeping his head straight. He knows that it doesn’t matter who hits the worst moves, it matters who gets the pin and gets the title shot!

*Santana picks up the other baking sheet from earlier and throws it at Xtreme like a Frisbee, catching Xtreme in the forehead and slicing him open. Xtreme begins to laugh and rushes forward towards Santana, who backs into the turnbuckles. Xtreme leaps forward and nails a huge splash on Santana in the corner. Santana stumbles forward, then falls to the mat, while Xtreme heads outside for a weapon once more.*

Jones: Xtreme’s bleeding… and I think he’s enjoying it!

Rockwell: Which makes him a moron! Seriously, man, it’s not a good thing to be losing blood!

Jones: In the real world, no it’s not, Adrian. But in a wrestling ring, sometimes that blood can give you that psychological boost!

Rockwell: What a nutcase, I mean, really!

*Robert Santana is slowly getting back to his feet as Xtreme re-enters the ring armed with a steel chair. Noticing that Santana is recovering, Xtreme runs towards Santana and clobbers him on the back with the steel chair. Xtreme picks up the steel ladder and stands it up in the middle of the ring. He wipes some blood out of his eye and gets a crazy look on his face, he points to the top of the ladder and signals for “Xtreme Measures.”*

Jones: An Xtreme Measures off the ladder?? Oh my god!!

Rockwell: If he hits this, Santana’s going to look a mosquito after the flyswatter got to him!

*Xtreme pulls Santana up the ladder and once they reach the top, he scoops Santana up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, and goes for the “Xtreme Measures” but Santana slides down his back. Santana tugs down on Xtreme’s legs forcing him to come down chest first on the top of the ladder, leaving Xtreme hanging over the top of the ladder. Santana runs up the opposite side of the ladder in two big steps and delivers a picture perfect “Sensei-Tion!!!” Xtreme falls backwards off of the ladder and crashes through the wooden table!!! Santana goes over and makes the cover for the 1...2...3. *

Minos: Here is your winner, and the new #1 Contender for the GCWA Hardcore Title… Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: That was a hell of a match, as Santana and Xtreme both put themselves out there to try and win it!

Rockwell: At times, I’ll admit that I thought Xtreme was going to win. But Santana managed to get the edge at the end, capitalizing on Xtreme being a little too reckless, and now Santana will be going against Bucky Johnson for the championship!

Jones: Too bad for Xtreme, as he’ll have to wait a little longer to get a shot at “his” belt.

*Santana’s already moving up the ramp, limping slightly. He did exactly what he came to do, and isn’t sticking around for the aftermath. In the ring, the medic tries to look over Xtreme… and goes flying back, having taken a shot to the throat!! The medic rolls out of the ring, clutching at his windpipe, as Xtreme fights his way back to his feet! The fans are cheering, even as Xtreme straightens his back painfully and then looks around, apparently not realizing that the match is over. He wipes blood from his forehead and grins, even as the referee carefully comes over to explain that the contest has been decided. As they talk, we fade to the back, where we see Landon Chase wondering the hallway checking each door he comes to. Frustrated, Landon grabs a hold of one of the arena employees.*

Landon Chase: Where the hell is my locker room?

*Frightened, the worker points down the hallway. Landon releases the employee and heads into the direction he was pointed too. As he walks down the hallway, we spot the Danger Boiz' sister Madyson. Landon stares at the unknown Miss Danger Girl and stops to introduce himself. *

Landon Chase: Well hello there. I'm Landon Chase. What is your name?

*Madyson smiles as Landon inches in closer to her. *

Madyson: Madyson.

*Landon smiles at Madyson as he extends his hand and grabs a hold of hers. He places a firm kiss on the back of her hand. *

Landon Chase: Nice to meet you Madyson. So what is a gorgeous woman like you doing back here all by your lonesome?

Madyson: Well I was heading down the way you were coming from when I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with that poor innocent worker. I know exactly where your locker room is. If you will follow me I will show you.

*Landon follows Madyson a few feet down the hallway where she suddenly stops in front of a brown door. She stands to the left of the door and points to the name plate that reads "Landon Chase." *

Madyson: Here we are. See your first night here and you have your very own personal locker room.

*Landon leans up against the door still admiring the looks of Madyson. *

Landon Chase: Well would you like to come in for a bit? My cousin isn't back here yet so I would have the locker room to myself.

Madyson: Why I would love to.

*Landon reaches for the doorknob and slowly begins to open the door. As the inside becomes visible, two men suddenly appear from behind. They are none other than Dangerous Dan. Dan quickly shoves Landon into the locker room and shuts the door. He reaches for a key and locks the door. Landon begins banging on the door loudly and screaming inside. *


*With Landon banging on the door, Crazy Chris suddenly appears on a forklift. He pulls the forklift up and parks it against the door. Chris grabs the key and tosses into his pocket. Dangerous Dan steps up onto the forklift and leans in against the door. *

Dangerous Dan: Haha! How do you like messing with the Danger Boiz now?

Crazy Chris: Now we are even. We took care of Liam Shayde earlier tonight, and now we have Landon Chase in somewhat of a 'stinky' mess. I believe our work here is done.

Dangerous Dan: The Danger Boiz two, "Shayse" zero. C'mon let's get out of here. We have a match to get ready for.

Crazy Chris: That's if Shayde can recover in time, and Landon can...well...manage to get out.

*Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan high five each other as they exit off camera, with Madyson smiling and laughing behind them. Suddenly, the name plate falls off the door revealing a different label. The camera zooms in to view the label. "Bifford's Toilet" Landon’s angry yells continue, as a couple of attendants come running up, apparently trying to figure out how to remove the forklift and get him out. We cut away, heading to another location backstage. We find ourselves outside the locker room of Jaiden Rishel. We see a UPS delivery man dressed in brown khaki shorts and brown button up shirt with his hat pulled down low over his face. This delivery man is huge. He stands well over six foot tall and wide shoulders. The man walks up to the door and knocks. After a moment the door opens up as Jaiden stands in the doorway.*

Jaiden Rishel: What?

Deliveryman: Yes, I have a package for one Jaiden Rishel.

*The deliveryman turns and points to a large box setting on a rolling dolly. Jaiden motions them in. The man picks up the dolly and rolls in the package. Jaiden points to the corner as the man sets it down in the corner. He then walks over to Jaiden and says:*

Deliveryman: Sign here please.

*The man holds out a clipboard and pin. Jaiden signs as the man turns to walk out. Jaiden walks over to the package to read where it is from and yells out.*

Jaiden Rishel: Who’s this from?

*He looks as it says “Franchise Inc.” About this time the box rips open as Royal Powerhouse busts out with a ball bat and swings it for his head. Jaiden ducks and kicks Powerhouse in the gut. About this time the deliveryman runs up and attacks Jaiden from behind. His hat flies off as we see it is Ryan Rage!! Both men beat Jaiden to the ground and begin stomping away. Ryan points to a table against the wall.*

Ryan Rage: Bring that table over here!

*Powerhouse knocks everything off the table to the floor and drags the table over. Ryan lifts Jaiden to his feet and kicks him in the gut. He then sets him up in a power bomb position. He flips him up and hits him with The Career Ender through the table. Ryan then gets down into his face and begins to speak.*

Ryan Rage: Jaiden, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on you. You think you’re hot *bleep*! This was just a taste of what is to come later tonight. You are my stepping stone on my way to the top of GCWA. Nothing is getting in my way to the top. Especially a nobody like you!

*Ryan spits on the fallen Jaiden as he motions for Powerhouse to leave. Both men laugh as they leave the room and shut the door behind them. We fade to black.*

*The camera once again cuts to the back to show The Great One speaking to a figure in a dark area. The figure is hid by the darkness, but unlike the last time we saw this TGO is actually allowing the camera to pick up what is being said.*

The Great One: Ok, everything looks like it’s falling into place. I need you to keep doing what you’re doing. We can’t let anybody suspect what’s going on. This will be epic and will change the face of the industry, even if we have to wait a few weeks it’s going to fit into the plan nicely!

*TGO then walks away as the cameraman gets closer to the dark figure the feed is cut from the back not allowing the viewers to catch a glimpse of the mysterious figure. Instead, we head to another location, apparently back in the basement area. One voice is definitely clear.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Punk ass mother bleeper, who's laughing now, bleep?

*Ataxia is seen lying on the cement floor with Demarco standing over him, fists clenched. He punches Ataxia in the face once more and looks up as he hears the door open. *

??????????: GERONIMO!!!

*Lorenzo quickly rolls out of the way as Landon Chase vaults over the railing and lands on Ataxia with a huge five-star frog splash. He hops back up to his feet quickly and meets Lorenzo face to face. *

Landon Chase: What's up, doc?

*Lorenzo, clearly annoyed, points towards Ataxia. *

Landon Chase: Ouch.

Lorenzo Demarco: So where the hell have you been? And what’s that smell?

Landon Chase: You don’t want to know.

Lorenzo Demarco: And where the *bleep* is your brother?

Landon Chase: Well, Liam's running a little late, but he wanted me to tell you he's on his way.

Lorenzo Demarco: On his way? What's keeping him?

Landon Chase: Dude, he totally got punked. (laughs) Them Danger Boiz...anywho, we should probably get ready. I'll grab his feet.

Lorenzo Demarco: You get his head.

Landon Chase: Ummm...no. I called his feet.

Lorenzo Demarco: Get his bleeping head.

Landon Chase: Uh...dude, I'm sure you understand how this works. See, it's like shotgun rules, I called feet.

*Demarco raises a brass knuckled fist in Landon's face. *

Lorenzo Demarco: Bleep, I'm sure you understand how this works...

*Landon nods. *

Lorenzo Demarco: Now grab his bleeping head.

*Landon salutes. *

Landon Chase: Aye aye, Cap-TAIN!!

*Lorenzo grabs Ataxia's feet and begins to drag him over to a rope. He tosses one end of the rope up over some pipes, and then begins to wrap the other end around Ataxia's ankles. *

Lorenzo Demarco: I'll hoist, you lift.

Landon Chase: I called feet, man, you cheated. I don't wanna...dude his zipper is open.

Lorenzo Demarco: What?

Landon Chase: He could bite me or something.

Lorenzo Demarco: For bleep sake, zip the bleeping thing up then.

Landon Chase: Yeah, ok.

*Landon hesitantly reaches down towards Ataxia's mask. He slowly goes to zip up the mouth hole. A little bit...a little bit more... *

Ataxia: ARGH!

*Ataxia raises his face up and clenches his teeth, just barely missing Landon's finger. Landon leaps back, more than just a little scared. Ataxia begins to laugh, but Landon quickly begins to soccer kick him in the face, once, twice...again and again and again. *

Lorenzo Demarco: Enough. Let's do this.

*Landon, suddenly realizing he can't hear laughter anymore, stops kicking Ataxia and reaches down to lift Ataxia up. The two of them begin to hang Ataxia upside down as the camera cuts back to ringside.*

Jones: Now TWO men are doing a number on Ataxia, and they don’t appear to be through with him yet!!

Rockwell: Good, maybe they can remove that mask and FINALLY show us who the guy is!!

Jones: They’re beating the ever-loving hell out of that guy, and all you can think about is unmasking him?

Rockwell: Damnit, I’ve GOT to know!!

Jones: Well, you’re going to have to keep waiting for now, since we’ve got another match!

Rockwell: Argggghhh….

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, looking to boost himself up with a victory here tonight. Standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan and representing Biffarachnephobia, here is Arachne!

*As “Wana” by the Black Horn plays, Arachne appears out of the back, to the heavy boos of the crowd. Arachne has a large smile on his face, which, in a way, makes him even scarier to look at. He marches down to the ring, immediately rolling under the ropes and entering the ring.*

Jones: Arachne’s really benefited, I think, from his tag-team partner, The Big Bifford, becoming the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Rockwell: Hey, he backed the right horse, you can’t fault him for that!

Jones: I’m not, trust me… you just have to wonder, is Arachne ever going to get his own career back in shape, or is he going to continue riding Bifford’s coat-tails?

Rockwell: When have you ever seen Bifford wear a coat with a tail?

Jones: I… what?

Rockwell: Your metaphor’s dated, Jones. Get some new ones.

Minos: His opponent is a former 2-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, as well as having won several belts in other organizations. Tonight, he’s looking for a big win for his team. Standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, representing the House of Pain, here is Warrick Hill!

*As “Tom Sawyer” by Rush begins, the fans jump to their feet, cheering one of their favorites. Warrick steps out of the back, his own large smile in place (it looks better on him, personally). Behind Warrick, stepping out with him, is the Commissioner of the GCWA, Lurrr!! The place goes bonkers at the sight of the retired legend, loving the fact that he’s coming down with Warrick towards the ring.*

Rockwell: Hey, what’s the Commissioner doing out here??

Jones: I’m betting he’s here to make sure that this doesn’t become a set-up for an Arachne/Bifford ambush, Adrian!

Rockwell: The punk’s just flaunting his power right now. But don’t worry, Ace will make sure that he can’t interfere in the match!

Jones: Warrick has plenty of skill to win this one on his own, without Lurrr’s involvement, Adrian.

Rockwell: Oh, c’mon, Jones, have you forgotten that Lurrr was the dirtiest player in the game? You really don’t think he’ll get involved??

Jones: You make a pretty good point, I’ll admit… but I still think Lurrr’s just here to watch Warrick’s back.

*Arachne and the referee are waiting in the ring as Lurrr and Warrick approach. They start to climb into the ring… and then stop, with Warrick getting Lurrr’s attention and pointing back behind them. Filling up the entryway into the arena are several members of GCWA Security!!*

Jones: Uh oh… this is looking more and more like an ambush!

Rockwell: Maybe they’re just out here for crowd control…

*As the security forms a line of muscle across the rampway, Warrick and Lurrr step off the apron to the floor, preparing themselves for a fight. What they’re not ready for, though, is when the big screen suddenly turns on… showing a fight in progress in the back!! We see a man go flying across in front of the camera, smashing hard into the wall. As the man tries to right himself, bleeding from a bad wound, we see it’s the #1 Contender to the World Title, Derek Mobley!!! The fans gasp in astonishment as Mobley tries to fight back, swinging hard and knocking back two men in GCWA Security uniforms. But his third swing misses, with the World Champion, The Big Bifford, appearing to take advantage by smashing Mobley hard across the face with a right hook!!! Mobley slumps to the side, and soon every man in the shot besides the cameraman is stomping away on the wrestler!!!*

Rockwell: Whoa!

Jones: Oh, crap!! It WAS an ambush, but not for Warrick or Lurrr!! The #1 Contender is getting demolished!!

*Shaking off the shock of what they’re seeing, Warrick and Lurrr turn and start heading up the aisle at a run, only to have security fortify themselves in front of them! Without hesitation, Warrick and Lurrr start to fight their way through, although they’re clearly being slowed down. Meanwhile, in the ring, Arachne is watching, still with the smile on his face, as Bifford hauls Mobley up into position and snaps him over, giving him the Biff End onto the floor!!!! Mobley’s crushed, with Bifford, for a second, holding onto him like for a pinfall, smirking at the camera.*

Rockwell: 1, 2, 3! Bifford retains!

Jones: This isn’t a match, Adrian!!

Rockwell: Nope, it’s just a foretelling of Mobley’s future, Jones!

*Warrick and Lurrr are still struggling to get to the back, even as The Big Bifford gets back to his feet. He smiles down at the devastated Mobley, shaking his head. He turns and walks away, waving behind him for security to do a little more damage on the #1 Contender. They kick away at him, keeping him down, as Warrick finally manages to break through, rushing into the back. Lurrr’s soon to follow, after nailing one security man with the Wake Up Call to get him out of his way. Soon, we see Warrick and Lurrr appear in the backstage shot, attacking the security guards and getting them away from Mobley.*

Rockwell: Too little, too late! The damage is done!

Jones: Derek Mobley is going to need some major medical attention after this one! Bifford just made sure that he’s out of commission! How will this affect him being the #1 Contender??

*Lurrr drops to a knee next to Mobley, already pulling out his cell phone to call for help. He seems frustrated that no one’s already there, possibly due to orders from the President. Warrick, meanwhile, picks up one of the security guards and throws him hard into the mirror, shattering it. The guard slumps to the grond, as Warrick turns and goes to the doorway, looking for someone else to hit. We slowly fade out.*

*We return to the back, where Ataxia is seen hanging upside down from some pipes in the basement. Lorenzo and Landon both look up as they hear the door to basement open and then close. Landon reaches over and slaps Ataxia.*

Landon Chase: Wakey, wakey hands off snakey.

*Liam Shayde enters the basement with a baseball bat. Another person is standing at the top of the stairs, but we can’t make out who it is. Shayde walks over to Ataxia, inspecting the situation. *

Liam Shayde: Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a mess. Hi Ataxia.

Ataxia: I see the brains of the (cough) outfit showed up... (cough) or at least Pinky!

*Liam slams the handle of the baseball bat into the already worked over ribs of Ataxia. *

Ataxia: (cough) (cough) NARF!

*Liam tosses the bat over to Demarco, who catches it and instantly takes a swing, knocking the wind out of Ataxia once more. *

Liam Shayde: Go on Demarco, bust this piece of bleep open like a bleeping piñata!!

*Lorenzo Demarco steps back and does his best Babe Ruth impersonation. He calls his shot!! He pulls back and swings full force right into Ataxia's stomach. *

Lorenzo Demarco: I can see why Mexicans find this so much fun.

*He takes another swing and Ataxia grunts. *

Lorenzo Demarco: But I'm a little disappointed.

*Another swing. *

Liam Shayde: Yeah, why's that?

*Demarco chuckles. *

Lorenzo Demarco: No candy.

*Landon Chase then reaches into his pants. He begins to dig down by his crotch and pulls out a melted Snickers bar. *

Landon Chase: Satisfy your hunger.

*Lorenzo gives him a disgusted look, sighs, then goes back to swinging. Landon shrugs and takes a huge bite of the candy bar. *

Landon Chase: You want me to take his mask off? I wanna know who this guy is.

Liam Shayde: No.

Landon Chase: What? Why not?

Liam Shayde: It's like I told the world, I already know who he is. Besides, look at all that blood. That mask is filling up with his own blood...I hope he bleeping drowns in it. Come on, we have a match to prepare for.

Landon Chase: Rock and ROLL!!!

*Liam and Landon head up the stairs and meet up with the mysterious man at the top. They depart together, leaving Ataxia alone with Demarco. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Man, why isn’t security doing anything to save Ataxia??

Rockwell: They were a little preoccupied, I think.

Jones: You mean with the beat-down of Derek Mobley?

Rockwell: Yeah, that… wait, no, that’s not what I’m talking about at all! No, they were busy in their… their duties! Yeah, that’s it!

Jones: Sure… well, back to the point, someone needs to do something, or else this beating will just continue!

Rockwell: Yeah, too bad about that. Fortunately, they waited until after Ataxia’s match, so we’re really not missing anything now.

Jones: But will Ataxia be able to return after this show-long beat-down??

Rockwell: Maybe… but can they just remove his *bleeping* mask??

Jones: It doesn’t look like Demarco wants to do that, Adrian.

Rockwell: *BLEEP!*

Jones: Let’s move on, as we’ve got another great contest to take place!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Coming down the aisle, he has held championships in other federations, and continues to build his powerful career here tonight, standing 6’8” and weighing 286 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Ryan Rage!

*Rage walks out to “Given Up” by Linkin Park, with the crowd giving him a rough welcoming. Their boos don’t seem to bother the wrestler at all, as he walks with pride down towards the ring.*

Jones: Rage got in an early ambush on Jaiden Rishel earlier tonight. We’ll have to see how much that helps him in this contest now.

Rockwell: I’m sure it’ll give him a bit of an edge, at least psychologically. You know that Rishel’s going to be slightly off his game. But Rishel is a true hero of the people, and he WILL be fired up and ready to go!

Jones: Rage is set to wrestle tonight without Royal Powerhouse at ringside, to not risk another disqualification. According to him, Adrian, he’s still undefeated.

Rockwell: Yep, it just depends on if you count a referee’s decision against him or not. Still, it’s impressive that he’s yet to have been pinned or submitted.

Minos: His opponent is currently set to fight for his first championship at Capital Punishment, standing 6’0” and weighing 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Jaiden Rishel!

*The booing continues as “The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria plays, bringing out Rishel. He’s moving slowly, obviously feeling the aches and pains of the sneak-attack earlier. But he’s still determined to compete, shaking off the pain and making his way to the ring.*

Jones: Rishel had a great week spent with his new girlfriend, but will that help him get some revenge here tonight?

Rockwell: Don’t you worry, my friend, Rishel’s still in great shape to win this match. Just watch, he’s going to teach the big guy some manners!

Jones: Well, we saw him earlier trying to ‘teach’ El Linchador as well, only to be unable to work things out with Chris Cortez.

Rockwell: Hey, those two just have a healthy rivalry. It won’t stop them from beating El Linchador at Capital Punishment!

Jones: Well, yes, but only one of them can win.

Rockwell: Yeah, I know!

Jones: So which one do you pick?

Rockwell: … Hey, we’ve got a match to call here, dangit!

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two men circle each other for a moment and Rishel goes for a punch and it barely phases Rage. Rishel goes again and Rage just takes it. He smiles and points to his jaw. Rishel nods his head and runs to the ropes and responds with a clothesline attempt only to knock Rage back just a bit. Rage pops his knuckles as Rishel tries it again only this time to be caught by Rage mid air and slammed by the neck into the mat. *

Jones: OW!

Rockwell: That just looked nasty. Come on Rishel!

Jones: How about just once being unbiased Rockwell?

Rockwell: How about I deck you in the face?

Jones: Sorry sir.

*Rage takes time to pose as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. Rishel starts to get up, shaken up a bit, Rage turns and standing clotheslines him back down into the mat with a sick snap. He pulls Rishel up and then picks him up over his head. Rage does a press with Rishel over him and then drops him as he walks forward. Rishel hits chest first onto the mat. Rage drops the elbow, after Rishel lands, to the back of his neck. Rishel grabs the back of his neck and the chest. Rage smacks him in the back of the head and starts talking smack. Rage grabs him and sets him up. POWERBOMB! *

Jones: Rage is overpowering Rishel with authority!

Rockwell: Well look at the advantage. Rage is bigger and obviously physically stronger with all of those power moves.

Jones: Are you saying Rishel might have finally met his match?

Rockwell: No I'm saying that Rishel has got a challenge on his hands.

*Rage goes for a slow cover. 1...2...Rishel kicks out. Rage looks down at him. Then back up at the ref. He gets up and yells at the official. Rage rolls Rishel over and puts him in the “Franchise Clutch”. Rishel can't get to the ropes. He's held in that camel clutch and Rage is pulling back as hard as he can. Referee Mitchell checks to see if Rishel is wanting to tap. He yells no! Rage jerks back hard and then slams Rishel's face into the mat. Rage gets up and taunts the crowd calling for it about to be over. He grabs Rishel and sets him up for “The Career Ender” into the corner. As Rage has Rishel on his shoulders Rishel leans forward and somehow slides down Rage's back. Rage still has his momentum going and almost clocks himself into the turnbuckle. Before he turns around Rishel leaps to the second rope instinctively and as Rage turns around kicks him square in the mouth sending him into the corner! *

Jones: Out of nowhere Jaiden Rishel got out of “The Career Ender”!

Rockwell: His career aint over yet! Come on Rishel!

*Both men stay down for a moment. The crowd is screaming a “Holy (Bleep)” chant as Rage gets up and looks extremely angry now. Rishel starts to get up only to have Rage just backhand him. Rishel slowly gets up. His nose is bleeding a bit from that shot. He yells at Rage who grabs him by the throat. Rishel is about to go for a ride when he kicks Rage square in the inside of his thigh. Rage goes down a bit and grabs for his leg still holding onto Rishel. Rishel continues to kick that leg two more times before Rage lets go. Rishel runs back and then bounces off the ropes. He clips Rage in that now attacked leg. Rage goes down and Rishel keeps attacking that leg by stomping on it. He drags Rage up and then dropkicks the knee! Rishel grabs the leg and slams it into the mat with his whole body weight. *

Jones: Like a shark that smells blood in the water Rishel is going after his advantage.

Rockwell: It's not all about power in wrestling it's strategy and Rishel has it!

*Rishel goes to grab the leg again and Rage kicks him with it. It hurts him but the force of the blow sends Rishel back. Rage uses the ropes to get back up as Rishel gets up. Rage swing wildly at Rishel and Rishel ducks. He leaps up and dropkicks Rage in the chest knocking the big man back down. Legdrop to the leg by Rishel! Rishel picks up Rage and goes for the “Hero's Welcome” but Rage hits Rishel in the chest with his free hand from the start position. Rishel goes down from the punch to the sternum. Rage grabs him and double choke slams him into the mat! *

Jones: The crowd is on its feet! They're actually cheering these guys on!

Rockwell: Why not! It's a great match! All feelings aside this match is showing off each man's in ring ability to capitalize!

*Rage gets up first and hobbles to the corner. The bigger man climbs to the second turnbuckle and goes for broke with a jumping stomp to Rishel's chest! He connects! Rishel looks like his chest collapsed! He's gasping for air and Rage hobbles a bit after the move from landing on his injured knee. He grabs Rishel and pulls him up throwing him into the ropes. Rishel bounces off and ducks the clothesline from Rage. He bounces back only to get slapped hard in the chest by a charging Rage! Rishel goes down. Hard. Rage grabs him again to pull him up but Rishel punches him in his hurting leg square almost into low blow zone. Both men go down in pain. Rishel is the first to get up and goes for a dropkick attempt to the leg but Rage rolls out of the ring to avoid landing outside on the concrete. Rishel lands back first on the mat and comes up gasping for air again. Mitchell starts his count on Rage outside of the ring, who makes it in before a eight count. Rishel isn't moving. In fact he's clutching his chest like there is no tomorrow. Rage gets into the ring and walks over to him. Rage grabs him and goes for a powerbomb. At the last second Rishel turns it into a hurricanrana and catapults the big men into the mat. Rishel grabs him fast and hits “Hero's Welcome”! Rage tries to get up but gets dropkicked to the back of head for his trouble. Rishel runs as fast as he can to the turnbuckle post. He leaps off into “No World for Tomorrow”! He goes for the cover. 1...2...3! Rage kicks out right after the last handfall. *


Jones: What a finish!

Rockwell: Rishel wins! Great come back by him. I was worried for a moment.

Jones: You were worried?

Rockwell: Can I not be worried about a fellow employee?

Jones: You never worry about me.

Rockwell: You never do anything! What's there to worry about?


*Rage is already sitting up, trying to recover, angry about the way things have gone. Rishel rolls out of the ring, aching from both previous shots he took and the ones from the match. But victory is a soothing feeling, helping to make the pain not quite as bad. He smiles as he heads up the aisle, departing the arena. We cut to the back, where we see Robert Santana walking down the hall. He’s left the medic after getting himself patched up from the violent match earlier. Apparently, he’s got a destination in mind, as he turns and goes to a specific locker room, pounding on it. The door swings open, with the GCWA Hardcore Champion, Bucky Johnson, standing in a defensive position.*

Bucky Johnson: What do you want?

Robert Santana: I wanted to stop by and tell you that I’m sorry for kicking you in the face after you won that title.

*Bucky seems thrown off by the surprising apology. He’s still on guard, though, remembering the last time he was caught by surprise from Santana.*

Robert Santana: It was in the heat of the moment, and I released my frustration without thinking. It was not the honorable thing to do.

Bucky Johnson: So you think apologizing to me for a sneak-attack is good enough?

Robert Santana: No. But it is something I had to do.

Bucky Johnson: Fair enough.

*Santana reaches out his hand, with Bucky considering it for a moment before returning the gesture. They shake, with the cheering of the live crowd heard in the background. Bucky smiles and starts to turn away, only to realize that Santana hasn’t released his grip. He pulls Bucky in closer, with the two staring hard at each other.*

Robert Santana: You know that I’m coming for your championship, and that I’m going to turn my career around by beating you.

Bucky Johnson: You can dream that all you want, but I’m keeping my Hardcore Title, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

Robert Santana: As part of my honor, I have to tell you that I will do anything in this match to defeat you.

Bucky Johnson: Same here.

Robert Santana: We understand each other. Good. I’ll be seeing you.

*The handshake is released, and Santana walks away. Johnson watches him go, the intensity bumped up a notch between the two wrestlers. We slowly fade out.*

*As the commercials end, we head back to the backstage area, where Ataxia is still apparently in a great deal of trouble. Lorenzo Demarco pulls out a long bladed knife and inspects the edge. He glares at Ataxia and slashes towards Ataxia...cutting the rope. Ataxia falls to the concrete with a loud, dull thud. The heap of flesh that is Ataxia lies motionless on the floor. Lorenzo leans down and gets real close to Ataxia's face.*

Lorenzo Demarco: I know all of this bleep, the mask, the actions, the way you speak...it's all just a game to you. Well, son, we just made it bleeping real. There's a funny thing about reality...it hurts...it really bleeping hurts. I'm not even sure if you can hear me right now, but I know you. You'll watch a tape of this later, so I'm going to say this nice and clear. No more games, no more fun and no more bleep at our expense...from here on out, it's reality, mother bleeper, and the reality is simple. You can do all you want, you can say all you want and you can stay hidden under that mask all you want, because you will never be as NASTY, you will never be as SICK, you will never be as REAL as us. Do you want to know why? 'CAUSE NOBODY'S *BLEEPING* BETTER!!!

*Demarco stands up to walk away, then suddenly turns around and kicks Ataxia square in the groin.*

Lorenzo Demarco: That's for my boy, Shayde. Deal with it, mother bleeper.

*Demarco turns and walks up the stairs, leaving behind the bloodied and battered body of his rival. We leave them behind, going back to ringside.*

Jones: Finally, the brutality of the night is ending! Can we get medics to find Ataxia and take care of him now??

Rockwell: Talk about a bad night! Ataxia didn’t even get to enjoy his victory, before being tortured all night long!

Jones: We’ll have to see if he can recover, and if he’ll be coming back for a piece of Demarco and the rest. You know, I’ve got to wonder, who else is working with them? I mean, there was someone in the background at one point.

Rockwell: Who knows? And really, who cares? The guys have proven that they’re a destructive force… and we’re going to find that out some more here in a few minutes, as we get to see Shayde and Chase in action against the World Tag-Team Champions!

Minos: The next match is scheduled as a Non-Title match and is set for one fall. Now coming towards the ring, one has become one of the hottest new recruits in the company, with the other having recently debuted in the GCWA, weighing a combined 409 lbs, here are Landon Chase and Liam Shayde!

*The fans are booing even as “I’m Bad” by the Last Vegas starts to play. Landon Chase appears first, stepping through the curtain and looking both directions, before waving his cousin forward. Shayde, looking annoyed, pushes Chase’s hand away from him and walks forward, once again proclaiming that he didn’t hire Chase on as a bodyguard. The two men head down the aisle together, talking things out, as they look towards the ring.*

Jones: Shayde spent the week recovering from the beating he took from Ataxia, while also gloating about the way he and Chase took down the Danger Boiz.

Rockwell: Yeah, well, the Danger Boiz got some revenge earlier tonight. But will that continue into this contest?

Jones: We know that Shayde’s got some great skills that are only getting better with experience. But Chase is an unknown factor. Can he handle being a wrestler in the GCWA?

Rockwell: Are you joking? The guy’s a Marine! Marines can handle anything!

Minos: Their opponent just recently achieved a milestone not held by any other team in GCWA history. They continue to be two of the breakthrough stars of the company. Weighing in at a combined 448 lbs, here are the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris… his brother, Dangerous Dan… The Danger Boiz!

*The crowd is immediately on their feet, cheering, as the two brothers appear, gold in their hands. Dangerous Dan has a wide smile on his face, definitely enjoying being a champion again. Crazy Chris has both of his belts, showing them off to the crowd before heading towards the ring, his brother right behind him. The brothers move as one into the ring, showing that they’re ready to go here tonight.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz definitely can claim a record, as they’re the only team to ever hold the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles three times!

Rockwell: Yeah, well, as Shayde pointed out, that just means that they lost the belts twice. What’s so great about that?

Jones: Seriously, Adrian, if you don’t realize what makes this team so great, there’s nothing I can do to explain it.

Rockwell: All I want to know is, what’s the secret with their Mom? Did she know about the affair? Is there some other dark secret in their past?

Jones: All I know at this point is that the Danger Boiz need to put their family issues aside and get down to wrestling!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Chase calmly points to the corner, apparently wanting Shayde to let him be in charge at the start of things. Shayde is shaking his head, but he turns and walks away, with Chase, smiling, turning towards where Crazy Chris is standing. He waves Chris on, wanting to lock up, and Chris nods and comes in. The two men struggle against each other for a few seconds, but Chase wins out, pushing Chris back into a neutral corner. He’s still smirking as Head Referee Bell calls for the break. Chase nods and steps back, taking a moment to laugh about Chris’ strange mask. He jokes about it, making fun of the champion, and Chris laughs with him, nodding… and then gives Chase a kick to the gut, doubling him over! Before Chase can react, Crazy Chris hops himself up onto the second turnbuckle and leaps off, jumping over Chase and getting a sunset flip!! He holds on, with the referee right there… 1… 2… Chase kicks out in time!*

Jones: Wow, Crazy Chris almost set a new speed record for the main event of Inferno!

Rockwell: Damn! That could have been a major morale crusher for Shayde and Chase, to lose that quickly!

Jones: Chase looks to have the physical traits to be a great wrestler. But he hasn’t spent much time in the wrestling world, which is going to seriously hamper him against such a great tag-team such as this!

*Crazy Chris already has Chase back in a headlock, as he drags him over to the corner. Dangerous Dan reaches out, quickly tagging in. As Chris keeps hanging on, Dan springs up onto the top rope and jumps into the air, stomping both feet down on Chase’s exposed back!! Chase drops to his hands and knees, grimacing, as Dangerous Dan lands on his feet. As Chase tries to get back up, Dan goes airborne again, dropkicking Chase hard back into the corner. Dan then comes in and climbs up, landing a series of punches to weaken the man further before tagging his brother back in. Dan then drops back off the ‘buckle, taking Chase over with a monkey flip! With Chase down in the center of the ring, Crazy Chris jumps onto the turnbuckle and flies off with a double-jump elbow drop, planting it perfectly!! The fans are cheering as the Unified X Division Champion makes the cover, grabbing a leg… 1… 2.. and Shayde is there to make the save, stomping on Chris’ back to break the pin up.*

Jones: So far, the World Tag-Team Champions are showing why they’ve got the belts!

Rockwell: Ok, so they’ve got momentum right now. But Shayde’s a clever son of a bitch. He’s going to find a way to turn things around, just you wait!

Jones: He needs to start working on that now, because they are executing a masterful game plan on the new wrestler!

*Chris pulls Chase over towards their corner, while keeping an eye on Shayde. He tags in Dangerous Dan again, with Dan immediately climbing back up on the turnbuckle. Chris keeps his grip on Chase, as Dan leaps off with a double axehandle. However, Chase suddenly spins himself around, causing Dan to hit Chris instead!! Chris’ grip slackens from the hit, allowing Chase to throw Chris over his shoulder to the mat! Dan tries to retake control of the situation, but Chase turns and rakes him across the face, blinding him! With Dan stumbling back against the ropes, Chase moves off, trying to clear his head as he reaches out to Shayde, tagging him in!! Shayde immediately darts through the ropes and runs over, kicking at Crazy Chris and knocking him under the ropes to the outside. Dan, still trying to clear his vision, heads towards him, but Shayde twists him down to the mat, applying an anaconda vice submission!!*

Jones: Shayde’s got Dangerous Dan in trouble almost immediately!

Rockwell: Shayde doesn’t understand why guys like Dan and Chris stick to all those high-risk maneuvers, when grounding them and making them tap out is so much less risky!

Jones: But can Shayde make Dangerous Dan tap out before Crazy Chris can recover??

*Dangerous Dan is clearly in a ton of pain, as his legs are kicking frantically behind him. He’s not tapping out, but he’s not going to be able to hang on long against this move. Head Referee Bell circles both men, watching to see if the contest is going to end. However, Dan’s not willing to submit, and he’s not alone. Suddenly, Crazy Chris appears from the outside, grabbing onto Dan’s legs through the ropes! He pulls him back, dragging Shayde along with him, and suddenly Dan has a foot under the ropes, forcing the break! Shayde, annoyed, refuses to break the hold at first, but finally relents and lets go, saving Dan from any more excruciating agony. He gets up, shaking his head, and then pulls Dan towards his own corner, preparing to tag Chase back in.*

Rockwell: Lucky for Dan, Chris knew the best way to cheat his way out of the hold.

Jones: Cheat? He was helping his brother, as well as his teammate!

Rockwell: C’mon, don’t be hypocritical! If Shayde had done that, you’d be blasting him for his dirty tactics!

Jones: No, I wouldn’t! That was a perfectly clean way to get the hold broken!

Rockwell: Whatever, you know the truth and so do I.

*Landon Chase is in now, working over Dangerous Dan in the corner with a series of well-placed punches to the kidneys. Dan’s hanging on the side of the ropes now, coughing, as Chase, smiling now, continues to work him over. He chokes Dan briefly in the ropes, with the cameras close enough to catch Chase asking if Dan still thinks locking him in a restroom was ‘funny’. Chase then gets up before he can be disqualified, nodding to Head Referee Bell before pulling Dan back up and taking him to the corner. He hammers Dan’s head into the turnbuckle, before then turning and tagging in Shayde. Shayde easily comes through the ropes, lowering his head and landing a sharp elbow to the side of Dan’s head. As Dan turns around, dazed, Shayde grabs him from behind and applies a dragon sleeper, working to drain the wrestler of all of his energy. Shayde also takes the time to look towards Crazy Chris, sending a few insults his way as he works over the man’s brother.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan is truly in a lot of trouble right now. He’s got to find a way to get away from the double-team, or else this one’s soon to be over!

Rockwell: Shayde’s really sticking with his submission wrestling, and I gotta say, it’s really working! Who needs all those acrobatics and flips when you can just grind a man to powder? I love it!

*With Dan still feebly struggling to get free, Shayde releases the hold… by dropping Dan hard to the mat on the back of his head! Shayde then makes the cover, hanging onto the tights… 1… but Head Referee Bell suddenly stops counting, pointing to the handful of tights and complaining! Shayde releases the pin attempt and stands up, not looking at all dismayed to have been caught. He shrugs off Bell’s warnings, shaking his head with a smirk. Shayde reaches down and pulls Dan back up, no, roll-up by Dan!! 1… 2… Shayde barely kicks out in time! He jumps up, annoyed, as the crowd starts cheering. Dan, meanwhile, tries to lunge towards his corner, only to be grabbed from behind, as Shayde works to drag him back to his corner. He tags in Chase, who gladly steps in and runs forward for a clothesline… only to hit Shayde, as Dan ducks!! Shayde’s down, with Chase spinning around, only to take a leaping dropkick from Dan!! All three wrestlers are on the mat, with Crazy Chris wildly stomping his feet to try and inspire his brother! After a few seconds, Dan moves, avoiding a desperate grab from Shayde and dives out to make the tag!!*

Jones: The Unified X Division Champion has been tagged in!!!

Rockwell: That is EXACTLY what Shayde and Chase didn’t want to happen!!

*Shayde gets back to his feet, trying to steady himself for Crazy Chris, but the champion is fired up! He nails Shayde with a series of punches, and then spins into a high kick, knocking Shayde onto his back!! Chase, seeing this, gets up and runs at Chris, only to have Chris jump in the air onto his shoulders and swing him down into the ropes!! As Chase hangs there, Chris runs to the other side and comes back, scoring a 619!! Chase flops backwards, with Chris then springboarding over the ropes with a shooting star splash!!! The fans are going wild as Crazy Chris makes the cover, hanging onto the leg for support… 1… 2… and Shayde gets there in time to break it up!! Shayde beats on Chris’ back, even as the referee tries to order him out of the ring. But it’s no good, as suddenly Dangerous Dan is back in, attacking Shayde, as chaos breaks loose!*

Rockwell: Honestly, when are we hiring a new head referee???

Jones: As you would expect from four guys who hate each other, a brawl has now broken out!

Rockwell: We need some control here, send down another ref, Ace!

*Dangerous Dan backs Shayde into the corner, smashing him repeatedly, as Crazy Chris slowly pulls himself back up. He goes towards Chase, who lands a shot to his stomach, doubling him over. Chase then grabs Chris by the head and twists for a neckbreaker, only to have Chris’ mask slip away from him. As Chase staggers forward, Chris jumps up and nails him in the back of the head with a sharp kick, sending Chase falling out of the ring! On the other side, Shayde goes to the eyes, keeping Dan back against the ropes. Shayde then turns him around and wraps an arm around Dan’s throat, choking him, as Head Referee Bell argues with them, trying to get the choke released as well as getting the two ‘illegal’ men out of the ring. Crazy Chris, meanwhile, slides under the ropes and goes to the outside, still pursuing Chase.*

Jones: These four men have split off, and we’ve got two major brawls in place currently!

Rockwell: Who are the legal men? I’m losing track…

Jones: I think it’s Crazy Chris and Landon Chase, isn’t it?

Rockwell: Ironic, that the two legal men are the ones outside the ring…

*Still in the ring, Shayde is working over Dangerous Dan, only to have Dan shove him backwards, falling to the mat. Dan turns and starts swinging, as Head Referee Bell, looking beside himself, trying to break them up. Meanwhile, on the outside, Crazy Chris has Chase up. Chase, though, gives Chris a thumb to the throat, knocking him back. Chase then charges at Chris, jumping up towards him, no, Chris, flips him over and sends him banging off the stairs!! Chase rolls away, hurting, and struggles to get back in the ring, as Crazy Chris goes to follow him… not seeing the man running up behind him!! Before Chris can react, Lorenzo Demarco lets loose, smashing Chris in the back with the baseball bat!!! Chris tumbles over the stairs, lying in a heap, as Demarco immediately drops the bat and steps over, next nailing Chris with the Paid In Full!!!!! Chris is out, with Demarco grabbing Chris by the mask and rolling him into the ring!*

Jones: What the hell?? Demarco just did a sneak attack on the Unified X Division Champion!!

Rockwell: He did? Oh, sorry, I was looking the wrong way.

Jones: What? Don’t even pretend like you didn’t see that!

Rockwell: There’s this girl in the front row, wearing an “I Heart Ataxia” t-shirt. I’m trying to decide what’s wrong with her.

*In the ring, Dangerous Dan is up, trying to figure out what happened to his brother. Chris is unable to stand, clearly badly hurt. Dan reaches over towards him, but suddenly Liam Shayde attacks from behind, throwing Dan over the top rope and down to the floor!!! Shayde then rushes over to the side, stepping through the ropes just long enough to tag himself in on Chase’s back. He jumps back into the ring and immediately rolls Chris over to put him into the Cat’s Cradle!!! The fans are up in arms, as they saw what happened. But Head Referee Bell has no idea, only realizing that Crazy Chris appears to be out cold. Dangerous Dan struggles to get up on the outside, but he’s not going to make it time, as the referee waves his arms, ending the match!!*

Minos: Here are your winners… Liam Shayde and Landon Chase!!

Rockwell: Hah!! Crazy Chris tapped out!!

Jones: No, he didn’t! The guy was out of it after that knee to the head he took, not to mention that baseball bat shot to the back!!

Rockwell: Hey, I told you, I didn’t see Demarco do that!

Jones: Well, he did, and this was a complete travesty of justice!!

*In the ring, Shayde has already released the hold. Landon Chase walks over to him, rubbing the back of his head but still smiling. The two family members congratulate each other, as, in the background, a smirking Lorenzo Demarco can be seen quietly departing up the aisleway. Crazy Chris is still down, as Dangerous Dan, shaking his head, rolls himself back into the ring to check on him. He glares at Shayde & Chase, possibly considering charging them, but they’re already leaving the ring, having done what they set out to do. Shayde does take a moment at the timekeeper’s table to admire the Unified X Division Title, before nodding and walking away. We cut away from the action, heading to the back, where we see The Great One coming out of his personal office. He is grinning as he steps out.*

The Great One: It’s showtime…

*TGO turns and walks away, heading, presumably, for the ringside area. We fade out.*

*We return from the break to a shot of the President’s office, where the Accelerator is furiously working the phones.*

The Accelerator: What do you mean, he ordered you to give him the time at the end of the show?? I’m the only one who can do that!! … But, he’s not the President, and I don’t care how many shares he owns!! What? Oh, c’mon!! You spineless… I’ll deal with you later!

*The Accelerator slams down the phone, fuming. Nearby, The World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Bifford, can be seen, drinking what appears to be a milkshake of some sort.*

The Big Bifford: Bad news, I assume?

The Accelerator: Nothing I can’t handle… I think… by the way, good work earlier.

The Big Bifford: I only wish I could have done more. A broken arm would have been sweeter than this milkshake. These are really great. I don’t know what Arachne puts in them, but they really take the edge off. Do you want him to make you one?

*Ace winces, probably because he has an idea of possible Arachne ingredients. He shakes his head.*

The Accelerator: No, thanks. I have enough heart-burn nowadays.

The Big Bifford: Suit yourself. You don’t know what you’re missing.

*As Bifford concentrates on his drink, the Accelerator turns and opens the door, seeing the attendant waiting out there.*

The Accelerator: Hey, you! Go find Chris Cortez and Jaiden Rishel for me. We need to have a pow-wow.

Attendant: Yes sir!

*The attendant runs off, as the Accelerator turns back to the World Champion.*

The Accelerator: It’s time we had a meeting to discuss what needs to be done about… The Great One…

*Bifford nods, agreeing with the President, as a blender can be heard in the background. Arachne’s mixing something else up, possibly for Ludwig the Seal. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: The Accelerator seems pretty worked out, and I guess I can’t blame him. We’re expecting The Great One out here any minute, apparently because he hijacked some time at the end of the show!

Rockwell: I say we just cut him off and end the show now. What do you think?

Jones: Unfortunately, we DO have some time left, and we have to fill it with something.

Rockwell: Show the replay of The Lost Soul getting fired! That always cracks me up!

Jones: …

*”Here We Are Juggernaut” by Coheed and Cambria starts to blast over the PA system as a spray of pyro erupts from the stage. Out walks TGO in a white on white suit, his black tie is the only contrast in his apparel. He slowly makes his way to the ring with microphone in hand.*

Jones: Wow, so we actually get to see his highness in the flesh tonight…

*TGO climbs into the ring. When he puts the microphone up to his lips he is met with an onslaught of boos from the crowd. Trevor smirks his infamous smirk and starts to speak over the roaring audience. As he does he is met with a chant of “OCW Sucks”.*

The Great One: Yes, I agree OCW did suck after I left and that’s why the company died!

*The chants die off as the boos from the crowd overtake them.*

The Great One: So one of the reasons that I came out here tonight was to of course actually grace you all with my presence. I know you guys didn’t see too much of me last week but nonetheless like I said previously, I was busy, besides why should I even bother trying to explain myself to a bunch of pathetic jabronics like you all?

*Once again the boos erupt in the audience as chants of “Lurrr” start.*

The Great One: Really?! You guys really expect him to show up after what happened to him last week? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Speaking of him, I want to make things nice and clear for him and the rest of the management team here in the GCWA, I’m your boss. Don’t cross me and make damn sure that you don’t try to overrule my decisions, especially you Lurrr. You see, Ace and I have an understanding, we have a mutual hatred that bonds us right now, now once that problem is taken care of, then we can see who has the biggest balls here in the GCWA, but make certain I WILL win!

*Suddenly “Cocky” by Kid Rock blares over the PA system as the fans erupt when the GCWA Commissioner Lurrr walks out from behind the curtain. He is met with a tremendous pop as he walks down to the ring, looking like a man on the mission. In the ring TGO looks rather surprised. Lurrr steps in the ring and walks right up to Trevor Kent as the music dies down.*

The Great One: Woah, woah now…I would back the hell off if you knew what was good for you ridiculous looking lower being!

Lurrr: Who the hell do you think I am?! And who the hell do you think you are coming out here acting like you’re a God?

The Great One: Well let me refresh your memo…

Lurrr: Did I tell you, you can talk boy?

*The crowd erupts as TGO once again has a look of shock on his face.*

Lurrr: I came out here tonight to save all of these paying patrons from your insignificant rambling! You know this is a wrestling show and I’m sure that nobody wants to hear what you have to say!

The Great One: I’m sure that the…


*Once again the crowd roars as Trevor starts to lose his cool.*

Lurrr: Ever since you debuted in the GCWA things have been going awry and I’ve come to realize that you have been making this company look like a piece of trash! So as Commissioner of the GCWA….

The Great One: Ok, now this is where I draw the line you arrogant snot nosed brat! You do not talk to me this way and you will learn to respect me or I will fire your ass in a heartbeat!

Lurrr: That’s the thing TGO, you can’t I have an iron-clad contract that guarantees me my job.

The Great One: You seem to have forgotten Lurrr, before I came into the wrestling business I was a lawyer, and still practice from time to time. So I don’t care how iron-clad you think your contract is, there is a loophole for everything. Now I’ve had enough of your nonsense tonight Lurrr. You know, in the back of my mind I was hoping that you would come out here tonight and show your face and not be the usual coward that you are, but after the beating that you got last week when the lights went dark I was thinking that I would have to send the present that I got for you.

Lurrr: What the hell are you talking about?

The Great One: Just look at the big screen….

*Lurrr turns his attention to the big screen as the camera is in the backstage area where we see Lurrr’s car in the parking lot. Suddenly an eighteen wheeler truck plows right into sending Lurrr into an uproar, yelling at the big screen, but what he doesn’t realize is that two men wearing masks have slid into the ring behind him, one yielding a crowbar and the other one a kendo stick. Suddenly Lurrr is struck in the knee with the crowbar as he falls to the ground writhing in pain. The other masked man starts to pound Lurrr with the kendo stick. Lurrr is screaming in pain as TGO laughs and directs traffic.*

Jones: Jesus!! Not only did Lurrr’s car get destroyed, but it was a set-up to take him out!!

Rockwell: Wow, who are these masked men?? Who on earth is daring to work with The Great One, instead of the Accelerator??

Jones: Lurrr’s in serious trouble! Derek Mobley got taken to the hospital, and Warrick went along for the ride! El Linchador snuck out of here earlier tonight, so who knows where he is! Anyone who could come to Lurrr’s aid is unavailable!!

*The madness continues as both masked me continue to kick Lurrr. TGO directs the two men to pull Lurrr up and hold him still. TGO goes outside the ring and grabs the chair that the ring announcer was sitting in. The two men inside the ring now have Lurrr upright as TGO slides back into the ring. TGO stands in front of Lurrr talking some kind of trash to him as he gets ready to swing the chair and then does, connecting right on the head as Lurrr falls to the ground unconscious. TGO starts to point at Lurrr talking some more trash to him. TGO then picks up one of the microphones that had fallen to the ground in all of the madness. He then directs the two men to take off the masks revealing themselves as none other than Liam Shayde and Lorenzo Demarco!!!*

Jones: Oh my god!! Shayde and Demarco are with The Great One!! And that means that Landon Chase is with him as well!!!

Rockwell: Those turncoat *bleeps*!!!!

*The fans are booing even harder now, seeing two more men that they truly despise. Demarco and Shayde have huge, evil smiles on their faces, a destructive night now complete.*

The Great One: Lurrr, this should teach you not to mess with me EVER again! Do you understand me!! I told each and every single person watching this show tonight that things were going to change, and it has started tonight! Everyone is going to realize that…

*He hands the mic to Shayde*

Liam Shayde: NOBODY’S!

*Shayde in turn hands the mic to Demarco*

Lorenzo Demarco: F*^&ING!

*The mic is then handed back to TGO as he finishes up.*

The Great One: BETTER!

*”Eye For An Eye” by Story of the Year then plays over the PA system as the newly aligned stable, NFB, raise their arms in victory as TGO spits on the fallen body of Lurrr. All three men walk out of the ring, met with the hiss of boos from every angle. Trash is being thrown at them as they walk up the ramp. The last shot is of Lurrr, still down, his eyelids fluttering. He’s unconscious from the triple-team assault. We fade out.*

OOC: Another week, another card down! Thanks again to Ataxia and Liam Shayde, each of whom wrote a match, as well as everyone that contributed to the segments for this show. I think we've got some amazing things going down right now in the GCWA, and I'm anxious to see where they're going to end up!

Here's the card for next week:

- Liam Shayde vs. Mr. Itt & Jimmy Riot, Handicap Match

- Axl Lionsworth vs. Dangerous Dan

- Ataxia vs. Xtreme

- Landon Chase vs. Bucky Johnson

- Jaiden Rishel vs. Lorenzo Demarco (Ace & TGO as the managers of each)

Roleplaying will be from Friday, June 18th to Wednesday, June 25th, giving you 6 days to post TWO roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!