GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing The Big Bifford, standing next to the Accelerator. Bifford has a dark smile on his face as he slaps the World Title sitting on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! Surprisingly, though, we’re not in the actual arena at this point. Instead, we’re in the backstage area, where we seem to be entering mid-brawl!! Royal Powerhouse is seen first, picking up a heavy production box over his head and heaving it in the direction of Xtreme!! Xtreme manages to roll out of the way, though, as the box smashes into the wall and breaks along the hinges on the top! Xtreme gets back to his feet and comes back in, continuing the fight!*

Jones: They’re just going at it like maniacs!! What? Oh, ok, ok, hello folks just tuning in! As you can see, we’ve started a little more exciting than usual!!

Rockwell: Yeah, apparently neither Royal Powerhouse nor Xtreme could wait for their battle, beginning it in the back! I’m not one to point fingers, but honestly, you’ve got to think Xtreme was the impatient one.

Jones: Are you sure about that, Adrian? Powerhouse probably has a lot of anger to get rid of, after he was attacked a few weeks ago by Ataxia, and his partner was attacked last week. I could see him being unable to wait for a brawl!

Rockwell: Xtreme’s the loose cannon psycho, though! Well, either way, we’ve definitely got a fight!

Jones: It may not be legal, but these two guys clearly don’t care!

*The live crowd can be heard cheering as Xtreme whips Royal Powerhouse hard into a steel gate, sending him through the doorway. Xtreme follows, grinning madly as this is heaven for a man like him. He pulls Powerhouse up, trying to grind his face into the fence, but Powerhouse blocks it, elbowing Xtreme backwards. Powerhouse then turns and grabs Xtreme by the head, turning him around and launching the hardcore wrestler into the back wall, with a devastating bang!! A small dent in the wall can be seen, even as Xtreme slumps to the ground. Powerhouse stomps on Xtreme a few times, before dragging the man over into the doorway. He steps out of the door, then grabs it, slamming it on Xtreme’s head!! The fans can be heard gasping, even as Xtreme lays out on the ground, knocked senseless.*

Jones: We haven’t gotten to see much of Royal Powerhouse, but he’s definitely looking like a dangerous foe to have!

Rockwell: He’s living up to his name, that’s for sure!

*With no referee, there was no reason to make a cover, so Royal Powerhouse pulls Xtreme back to his feet and takes him out of the enclosure. He takes Xtreme over towards another hallway, aiming him towards a locker room door. But Xtreme was able to reverse the Irish whip, sending Powerhouse through the door instead!! The door smashes open, with part of the door handle flying off, making the door relatively useless. Powerhouse tries to get back up, but Xtreme is already in the room, grabbing up a small table and lifting it over his head, before breaking it across Powerhouse’s back!! Powerhouse collapses to the ground, aching, as Xtreme leans against the wall, leaving a small, bloody smear, apparently from a cut on his forearm. He straightens himself back up and shoves the hair out of his face, still seemingly enjoying himself.*

Rockwell: Seriously, what’s it going to take to get psychiatric help for Xtreme?

Jones: Isn’t he already seeing a shrink?

Rockwell: Well, then we need to get him 2-3 more, because one doesn’t seem to be enough!

*Xtreme moves off to the side, looking for another weapon. He picks up a lamp and immediately tosses it at Powerhouse, but it sails high, shattering against the wall. This doesn’t seem to bother Xtreme, as he simply reaches up and yanks on a pole set up to hang clothes on. He manages to pull it free, slapping it in his free hand, before turning and coming towards Powerhouse. The larger man is already pulling himself up, backing up in a defensive stance. Xtreme is already coming in, raising up the pole… and suddenly he’s nailed in the ribs by a mop handle, sending shrapnel everywhere!! Xtreme falls, as Powerhouse looks over with a grin at his partner, Ryan Rage!!! Rage is immediately kicking Xtreme repeatedly in the ribs, and Powerhouse joins in as well, beating down the man!!*

Jones: Hey, HEY!! That’s two-on-one!

Rockwell: This isn’t a match, Ed, anything can happen in the locker room area!

Jones: Yeah, but still, this isn’t right!

*The fans can be heard booing loudly as Rage and Powerhouse put the boots to Xtreme, keeping him down. Rage then backs off, still not looking very happy despite the destruction. He turns towards the cameraman, yelling at him to come closer.*

Ryan Rage: All of you GCWA wrestlers watching, this is what happens to someone who goes after Powerhouse or myself!

*Behind Rage, Powerhouse has pulled Xtreme back to his feet, holding him up for Rage, who turns and punches Xtreme in the gut. Xtreme doubles over, with Powerhouse loosening his grip. However, Xtreme then breaks free and throws himself forward, tackling Rage to the floor!!! Xtreme and Rage swing hard punches at each other, staying on the ground, as Powerhouse comes in to help. As the brawl continues, security shows up, trying to break the three men apart. It’s not easy going, and a cameraman pays the price, as he takes an inadvertent shot and falls backwards, crashing to the ground. The camera goes out, and after a wash of static, we head to a quick commercial break.*

*We return to Friday Night Inferno in the Arena, where Jones and Rockwell are seated at their desk.*

Jones: It looks like we’re finally getting things at least partially under control in the backstage area. Hell of a way to start a show, huh, Adrian?

Rockwell: I’m just glad those fools didn’t try to fight their way out here.

Jones: Wait, but they were supposed to have a match here!

Rockwell: Yep, a match. Not a bloody hardcore brawl!

Jones: Well, we can get back to business now, at least, so…

*~I'm bad, it's true. There's a little bit of me in everyone of you. Fu***** bad!! It's true!! You can say that I'm the Devil and there's nothing you can do about it. Nothing you can do, cause I'm BAD!!~ The crowd boos as "I'm Bad" by the Last Vegas plays and Liam Shayde makes his way to the ring.*

Rockwell: What’s Shayde doing out here?

Jones: I don’t know, but clearly the fans aren’t happy to see him. Last week, remember, Shayde and Lorenzo Demarco formed a surprise alliance, attacking Ataxia. Shayde also won the #1 Contendership to the GCWA Unified X Division Title.

*A few of the fans assault him with a "You Suck" chant and one even throws his popcorn at Liam. Shayde laughs and struts down the ramp and enters the ring, microphone in hand.*


*The crowd boos heavily, not exactly amused by the comment.*

Jones: Uh, Liam, we’re in Dallas, not Cleveland…

Rockwell: I’m sure he knows that, Jones, he’s just riling up the crowd.

Liam Shayde: I've always wanted to say that. Anyway, I know a lot of you are looking at your program, looking for my name, but you won't find it. It's not there. See, I'm not scheduled to be here tonight...

*There’s a surprising pop from the crowd, cheering the fact that he’s not wrestling.*

Rockwell: Shut up, people, you know you’d love to see him wrestle!

Jones: They’d love to see him get beat up, at least…

Liam Shayde: Buuuuut I thought I'd do you all a favor and show up, you know, make sure you got your money's worth and all of that. You all shelled out hard earned cash to see the talented GCWA roster perform here tonight, yet, when I took a glance at who was actually competing tonight, I seen you all got the talent-less GCWA roster, aside from Lorenzo Demarco, that is.

*The crowd boos the mere mention of Demarco’s name. Shayde shakes his head, waiting for them to die back down.*

Liam Shayde: Why are you booing? I'm here for you. I'm doing this for you. Now you get to see what real talent looks like. You get to go home and tell your friends you seen Liam SHAYDE!!

*Instead of adulation, Shayde is getting disrespect, including a small chant of “Asshole” carrying throughout the arena.*

Jones: Apparently the Dallas fans aren’t willing to give Shayde any respect here tonight.

Rockwell: Idiots, they have no idea of true talent.

Liam Shayde: I don't even know why I bother, I'm just wasting my time. You all are pathetic.

*Shayde drops the mic and turns, stepping through the ropes to leave. The fans seem to be happy to see him go, as he exchanges a couple of words with them near ringside.*

Jones: Hard to say why Shayde came out here, but he didn’t think these fans deserved to hear what he had to say.

Rockwell: I wanted to hear what the #1 Contender said, too!

Jones: We’ll have to wait for another opportunity to hear from him, Adrian.

*As Shayde leaves, we slip away and go to the President’s office. Inside, the Accelerator is seated at his desk, smiling as he talks to the man sitting across from him. Before we can see this person, though, there’s a hard knock at the door.*

The Accelerator: One second… yeah, come on in!

*The door swings open, and Jaiden Rishel steps into the room. The live crowd can be heard, booing. Rishel walks towards Ace’s desk, intent on finally getting his meeting with the President. However, he stops in his tracks when he sees who’s sitting across from Ace.*

Jaiden Rishel: What’s he doing here?

*The camera pans to the side, showing that the person meeting with the Accelerator is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Chris Cortez!*

Chris Cortez: You have a problem with me being here, Rishel?

Jaiden Rishel: Ace, what is this? I thought you wanted to meet to discuss my future?

The Accelerator: Oh, right, right. Totally forgot, sorry about that. Chris and I were just talking about your match tonight. I figure I’ve got a can’t miss team here in you two. You have Rishel, the son of one of the great owners in the wrestling world, and Chris Cortez, a true champion, one who anyone should be able to respect.

Chris Cortez: I just wish you’d stop pairing me up with others. I’m a champion, I deserve to fight my own battles, not be saddled with losers… no offense, Rishel.

*Rishel just glares at Cortez for a second, but then surprisingly smiles, nodding towards him.*

Jaiden Rishel: No offense taken. You’re a man who likes a challenge, huh, Chris?

Chris Cortez: Always. I’d rather fight a strong competitor than a waste of time like El Linchador or Ataxia any day.

Jaiden Rishel: And yet, you don’t have a match for Capital Punishment. Strange, since most of the other titles are being defended. Are you planning to take the night off, Chris?

*Cortez bristles at the mere suggestion of cowardice. He stands up, tightening his eyes on Rishel.*

Chris Cortez: I will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. I’m no coward!

Jaiden Rishel: Oh, good, then it’s settled. Cortez vs. Rishel at Capital Punishment, with your gold on the line!

*The Accelerator has seemingly barely been listening to the exchange, working on something else. But his ears perk up at the match announcement. Cortez, for his part, realizes that he’s been played.*

The Accelerator: You know what? It sounds good. No jobbers involved, no wimpy fan favorites, just two strong wrestlers beating the hell out of each other. I’m all for it!

*Cortez slowly nods, knowing that once Ace has decided, there’s not much room for disagreement. He walks up to Rishel, meeting him face-to-face.*

Chris Cortez: I’ll see you in the ring… “partner”…

*Cortez turns and leaves, with Rishel, smiling, watching him go. He then turns back to Ace, apparently ready for his own meeting. But the phone rings, with the Accelerator picking it up.*

The Accelerator: Hello? Oh, yes, good, I’ve been needing to talk to you. No, no, I’ve got time right now…

*Ace makes a ‘shooing’ motion with his hand, turning away in his chair to continue his phone conversation. Rishel, in disbelief, waits a few more seconds before making his way out of the room. We go back to the ringside area.*

Rockwell: Rishel vs. Cortez for the Intercontinental Title? I love it!

Jones: Well, technically, it’s a great match. But will the fans be able to choose one of the men to get behind?

Rockwell: Why does that even matter?

Jones: … Well, I think we’re finally ready, so let’s send it over to Minos to get another match going!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming down towards the ring, he is a man with a passion for rapping and violence, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 240 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, here is Lorenzo Demarco!

*The crowd is booing hard, almost overpowering “Things Done Change” by the Notorious B.I.G. Demarco walks out of the back, psyching himself up for another battle. He flips off a couple of vocal fans on his way towards the ring, and says a few words for the cameraman in his way. Unfortunately, they’re all bleeped out.*

Jones: Word has it that Lorenzo Demarco was forced into the position of frightening off drug runners this week.

Rockwell: My only question is, was it Spud Mackenzie or Stubs Mackenzie?

Jones: Wasn’t Spud Mackenzie that dog who advertised for Bud Light?

Rockwell: Oh, yeah, I remember that now. Spuds turned out to be a girl dog, right?

Jones: Yep, she was definitely a bitch who loved to party with other women and drink a lot.

Rockwell: Awesome.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA X Division Champion who has added more gold to his repertoire. Standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is the GCWA Hardcore Champion, “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*”Crack a Bottle” by Eminem leads the way out for Bucky Johnson, with the crowd cheering him on. He’s got the Hardcore Championship around his waist, apparently with a little more duct tape added on to make sure it stays in one piece. Johnson’s got the usual exuberance to him, although he’s still feeling the effects of the pursuit of his son’s kidnapper.*

Jones: Bucky got a new lead this week on the kidnappers, as the son of the man responsible was able to get involved. Hopefully, Bucky will have his son back soon enough.

Rockwell: I just hope he’s not a GCWA fan, because he’ll never fall for the trap set for him if he sees it on our show.

Jones: Hopefully not. We all here at the GCWA want to see Bucky’s son safely returned to him, that’s for sure.

Rockwell: It’s too bad that Bucky hasn’t gotten to celebrate his title victory, not that it’s truly a title.

Jones: Excuse me? The Hardcore Championship has a long lineage, Adrian. Hall of Famers like Animal Thug, Nightmare, and X-Dog held the belt.

Rockwell: How the mighty titles have fallen…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Bucky turns and hands off his championship, making sure that the timekeeper is careful with it. Unfortunately, this leaves Johnson’s back exposed, and Demarco’s quick to take advantage, getting a running knee from behind!! Johnson falls forward onto the ropes, stunned, and Demarco reaches around his head and yanks downwards, choking him on the rope!! Referee Trixie is immediately counting away, with Demarco not breaking until 4 ½. As Johnson staggers away, gasping for air, Demarco continues to follow him, getting a chop block to Bucky’s knee! Bucky falls to the ground, hurting, with Demarco immediately on top, punching away with closed fists. Trixie threatens a DQ, then starts another 5 count, with Demarco again waiting until the last second to break. He’s clearly testing his limits with the female referee.*

Jones: Demarco’s started off doing every deceitful maneuver he can think of to get ahead!

Rockwell: And it’s working, so there’s nothing to complain about, Jones! Demarco’s just doing what it takes to win!

Jones: Honestly, though, Demarco’s proven himself to be a tremendous athlete. He doesn’t need these dirty tricks in his repertoire.

Rockwell: He may not need them, but he enjoys using them!

*Demarco has Johnson back up now, getting in a few more solid punches to leave the wrestler off-balance. Demarco then turns and takes Johnson to the ropes at a run, tossing him over!! Demarco steps back, a cocky smile on his face… not realizing that Johnson was able to get a grip on the rope, keeping himself from falling all the way. Johnson pulls himself back onto the apron, and as Demarco turns, Johnson lets him have it with a hard right cross! Demarco stumbles back, grabbing his jaw, as Johnson steps back through the ropes. Demarco tries to straighten up and get a shot in, but Johnson blocks it, then grabs Demarco by the head and gives him the Bowling Pin, knocking Demarco onto his back!! Johnson staggers himself for a second, rubbing a sore spot in the center of his forehead, before shaking it off and diving down for the cover… 1… 2… but Demarco’s able to kick out without much trouble.*

Jones: Johnson’s got an amazing moveset for a large wrestler, Adrian. Really, his skills defy labeling.

Rockwell: He’s also got probably the hardest, thickest head in the GCWA.

Jones: Present company excluded, of course.

Rockwell: Of cour, HEY!

*Both wrestlers are back on their feet, with Referee Trixie watching from the side as Johnson picks Demarco up into the air, slamming him down on his back. Johnson then goes off the ropes and comes back, dropping a fist square on Demarco’s forehead!! Demarco rolls away, holding his head, as Johnson gets back to his feet. He waits for Demarco to start to rise up, and then rushes towards him, going for his flying clothesline!! But Demarco dives under it, doing a roll, as Johnson crashes to the mat! Johnson’s back on his feet in only a few seconds, but it turns out to be one second too many, as Demarco is there to grab him and drop with a DDT, spiking Johnson’s head into the mat!! Knowing how hard the man’s head is, though, Demarco pulls Johnson back up, and then drops with a second DDT! He then makes the cover, hanging onto the tights… 1… 2… but Johnson gets himself free of the pin attempt.*

Rockwell: It’s a back and forth contest early on, although I think Demarco’s looking a little bit stronger.

Jones: Yep, but Bucky’s proven time and time again that he can take a lot of punishment and still make a comeback.

Rockwell: I just wonder if Johnson’s even thought about this contest, considering that he was more worried about his son. His mind can’t be 100 percent focused.

*As Johnson starts to sit up, Demarco gets in behind him, wrapping his arms around the man’s head and applying a sleeper on the mat!! Johnson’s immediately in trouble, as his options are limited to how he can escape! Referee Trixie moves in to check, with Johnson refusing to tap out. He fights against the hold, trying to pull himself up, with Demarco keeping his grip as tight as he possibly can. In fact, one arm looks a little too tight, possibly making the sleeper hold more of a choke hold, but Demarco’s careful to make sure that Trixie can’t see it. For a moment, it looks like Johnson’s out of it, despite the pleading of the fans for him to keep fighting. But as Trixie moves in to check the arm, Johnson suddenly rears himself up with one final effort, taking the surprised Demarco upwards before dropping back down and smashing Demarco’s jaw on the top of Bucky’s head!!! Demarco collapses to the side, as Johnson stays down as well, greedily sucking in oxygen into his starved lungs.*

Jones: What an escape! I thought this one might very well be over!

Rockwell: I swear, Bucky’s head should be labeled a lethal weapon, because look at all the damage it can do!

Jones: You know Johnson’s a lot more than just a hard-headed wrestler, right? He’s a multi-time champion in the GCWA!

Rockwell: Because the guy’s hard to hurt, and can break you with one swing of that melon of his!!

Jones: *Sigh*

*As Trixie counts on both men, the fans are still cheering for Bucky. He responds, rolling to his side and reaching out to the ropes to help himself up. Demarco’s struggling to rise as well, possibly checking to make sure all his fillings are still in place. He turns and comes after Johnson, only to get a shot to the gut, bending him over!! Bucky then grabs Demarco by the head and plummets with a facebuster, bashing him into the canvas! Johnson makes the cover… 1… 2… but Demarco kicks out! Shaking his head, Johnson gets back up and brings Demarco up as well, setting him in place. He lifts him up with a sidewalk slam, flattening him on the mat, before walking away and heading to the turnbuckle!! The crowd is roaring as Johnson gets to the top, preparing for the Bucking Bronco!! Before he can leap, though, Demarco’s able to dive into the ropes, throwing off Johnson’s balance and causing him to rack himself on the top rope!*

Jones: Ouch!! The Bucking Bronco attempt turns painful!

Rockwell: He went up a little too soon, and Demarco was able to counter it!

Jones: And now it looks like he’s going up there as well, Adrian! Demarco’s going high-risk, which we don’t see very often!

*Demarco climbs up next to Johnson, punching away at him to keep him stunned. Referee Trixie is counting behind them, not wanting them on the turnbuckle for too long. Demarco glances back at her and tells her to shut up, before turning back to Johnson and latching onto him, apparently for a superplex! But Johnson manages to block it, hanging on, and then lands a couple of punches to Demarco’s gut. He then lifts, tossing Demarco off and to the mat in front of him!!! Demarco’s down on his back, as Johnson immediately repositions himself on the top turnbuckle. With the crowd roaring, he leaps, going for the Bucking Bronco!!! But Demarco, near the ropes, grabs hold of one and yanks himself out of harm’s way, causing Johnson to splash painfully into the canvas!!! Johnson, holding onto his ribs in agony, starts to get up, but Demarco’s already racing towards him…. Paid In Full!!!! Johnson’s out, with Demarco, limping slightly from the impact, drops for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Lorenzo Demarco!

Rockwell: I knew it! Nice victory by Demarco!

Jones: Johnson fought hard, but he just made one mistake too many, and Demarco was able to capitalize on it for the victory.

Rockwell: Yeah, his union with Liam Shayde is already off to a winning start!

Jones: Well that was a...WHAT THE!!!

Rockwell: *BLEEP!*

*Ataxia, in plain clothes but still with the mask on, come barreling over our announcers and gets into the ring. Demarco turns only to get busted in the face with baseball bat! Ataxia picks him and running facebusts him into the turnbuckle post. Ataxia rears back and slams the baseball bat hard into Lorenzo's kneecap!*

Jones: It’s an ambush!!

Rockwell: Someone call security!!

*Ataxia yells over to Minos to hand him a mic which Minos does.*


*Ataxia hits Demarco hard on his back. Then he rears back and smashes the bat into Demarco's face busting him open!*

Ataxia: NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION! You understand me you little gutless worm. You still haven't beaten me even though you tried to screw me out of a title shot I didn't even want. Oh I'm on to you and your little girlfriend, Shayde! Let me clarify this for you. Let me make this clear. At Capital Punishment the war gets taken up a notch you pathetic excuse for a wrestler. Thought you were clever. Well just like anyone your age you blew your load too quickly. You should have gotten me to let him be trusted first. You should have waited for the pay per view then maybe you beat down you could have unmasked me! Guess what little (bleep) ?! At Capital Punishment you’re going to wish that I finished you tonight. Because first you’re gonna bleed. Then you’re going to retire. I've broken many a better man than you and I intend at Capital Punishment to make sure you LEARN! YOUR! LESSON! Oh speak of the devil.

*With that Ataxia drops the mic as Liam Shayde rushes to the ringside area in plain clothes. Ataxia leaps onto the top rope and dive bombs onto him. Security makes it from the back and separates the two by holding them apart while EMT's check on Demarco.*

Jones: Ataxia has drawn even more blood into this feud!

Rockwell: One thing has to be going through Lorenzo and Liam's mind. What the hell are they going to do about that maniac?!

Jones: Security’s doing their best to separate these guys, but they really want to go at it!

Rockwell: Where the hell is the rest of them?? There’s not nearly enough security out here!

Jones: I… wait, I just got word… apparently they’re also needed in the back!!

Rockwell: Aw, hell, this show is falling apart!

Jones: We’ve got camera feed coming in now…

*We cut to the backstage area, where security guards are circling an area. As the cameraman fights his way through, we see a man go flying hard against the wall… it’s the GCWA World Heavyweight Title #1 Contender, Derek Mobley!!! Mobley collapses, bleeding from cut on his forehead, as his attacker appears… The Big Bifford!! Bifford turns and meets a charge from Warrick Hill, fighting with him, until Arachne, from behind, can get in position to land a low blow!! Hill, gasping, bends over, only to have Bifford lock him up and lift, landing the Biff End on the concrete!!!*

Jones: Oh no!!! The World Champion and his partner are taking out the World Tag-Team Champs!!

Rockwell: Heh, serves them right for giving the title shot to the wrong team!

Jones: But Mobley and Hill are scheduled to defend tonight!! What possible condition could they be in now?? Will they even be able to make their match??

*Mobley’s back up now, fighting back against Bifford with right hands, driving him back. He also gets a shot to Arachne, knocking the man to the floor. But the distraction is enough for Bifford to get back control, lifting Mobley up into his huge arms and slamming him down onto a nearby table!! Mobley slides to the side, tipping the table over, and disappears behind it. Bifford, grinning, looks over the edge.*

The Big Bifford: You could have defended those belts against us, but no, you had to be the ‘nice guy’. Nice guys finish last!

*Bifford kicks the table further against the wall, with Mobley pinned in-between. He then turns and walks away with Arachne, leaving destruction in his wake. We fade out.*

*We return backstage, where a GCWA employee is leading El Linchador down a hallway.*

El Linchador: Why is he all the way back here?

P.A.: I don't know, he just likes to be alone, I guess?

El Linchador: Thanks, kiddo. OLE! Hi-five!

*They stop walking and exchange a hi-five. Then the P.A. points to an umarked locker room door.*

P.A.: There. Now I gotta go. His mask freaks me out.

*The P.A. dashes off. Linchy shrugs and walks up to the door. He gives it a friendly triple-knock. *

El Linchador: Ataxia? Oh, Ataxi-poo? I know you're in there, I can smell the angst from out here! Have you got yer little mask on or -

*The door swings open and Ataxia is in his full wrestling gear. *

Ataxia: What do you want?

El Linchador: Wow, that mask up close IS freaky.

Ataxia: What. Do. You. Want?

El Linchador: A good evening to you as well, Taxable. I came by because, well, since we're tag-teamin, I thought I'd say hi, see what's up in your 'hood, connect and stuff, ya know? Try to make us at least more team-like than Cortezie and Jaded!

Ataxia: I'm fine. See you in the ring. And don't mess up.

*Ataxia turns to go back into his locker room, but Linchy grabs him by the shoulder. *

El Linchador: Ataxia! Regardless of what you think of me, we're teammates tonight, and I need to know you're on my side.

*Ataxia turns back to face Linchy. He abruptly removes Linchy's hand from his shoulder. *

Ataxia: Funny, I was gonna say the same thing to you - regardless of what YOU think of ME, we're unfortunately teammates tonight. Don't screw this up like you did last week.

El Linchador: First of all, I didn't use the word 'unfortunately' in my statement. Second, um, not fair! I had really bad Chinese food last week. A Dangerous Dan fan must've poisoned me!

Ataxia: I don't have time for this. Nice to meet you, El Linchador.

*Ataxia walks back into his locker room and shuts the door. Linchy takes a step to follow him. *

Ataxia: And DON'T come in here.

*Linchy stops. *


*Linchy turns and walks away. *

El Linchador: Well, that went well. Not.

*El Linchador turns and walks away, as we go back to ringside.*

Jones: El Linchador was trying to get some teamwork going, but Ataxia wanted nothing to do with it.

Rockwell: Ataxia’s insane that way, Jones. After all, he went and attacked both Lorenzo Demarco and Liam Shayde earlier. If that’s not insanity, I don’t know what is!

Jones: Well, I believe our next match is theirs, so let’s get to the ring, so we can…

Jones: … Wait, the World Tag-Team Titles match is next?? But it’s supposed to be the main event!

Rockwell: Some cards subject to change, Edward. Apparently we’re switching matches out!!

Jones: But, but the House of Pain was just decimated before the break by Biffarachnephobia!! Will they even be able to compete in this one?

Rockwell: I hope not…

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles!! Introducing first, the challengers… they’re one of only two teams to have been at the top multiple times, and are looking for an unprecedented third reign here tonight, weighing a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here are Dangerous Dan & the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris… The Danger Boiz!

*The place cheers as “Hero” by Skillet plays the way out for Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan. The two men seem confident, but also with a little less energy, probably from having seen what happened to their competitors a few minutes before. Chris has the X Division Title on his shoulder, bringing it with him as they head towards the ring.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz spent the week looking more into the claims that their Dad was unfaithful to their mother, having a child with another woman. That woman is now their sister.

Rockwell: They have a note in his handwriting. It’s pretty open and shut. Their dad was a *bleep*.

Jones: Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean the kids have to pay for his sins. Maybe the three of them can work things out between them and become a tight-knit family.

Rockwell: Yeah, well, this isn’t Pettycoat Junction. This is wrestling! So let’s get to the fighting!

Minos: Their opponents….

*Before Minos can get any further, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm begins to play. The fans are immediately on their feet and cursing as the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, walks out of the back! He approaches the side of the ring, smiling despite the jeers coming his way.*

Jones: What’s the President doing here?

Rockwell: He’s the President, he can do anything he wants, Jones! Now get on your feet and show your respect!

Jones: Oh! Right, right…

*Both Jones and Rockwell stand up as the Accelerator comes near them, taking a mic off the timekeeper’s table.*

The Accelerator: Excuse me, people, can we tone it down a little?

*If anything, the crowd gets louder, with an “Acehole” chant building steam throughout the arena. Ace shakes his head, then starts into why he’s out.*

The Accelerator: Ok… earlier tonight, we had an unfortunate… accident… regarding The House of Pain. Now, in the past, I could see them no-show here tonight, and hey, no harm, no foul, right?

*Even as he’s saying this, Ace is shaking his head with annoyance.*

The Accelerator: Well, I don’t think so! I promised this crowd here a World Tag-Team Titles match, and we’re going to have it! Therefore, if Mobley and Hill aren’t out here by the count of 10, they’re going to forfeit the World Tag-Team Titles to the Danger Boiz!

*The crowd is booing heavily as Ace drops the mic and turns to where Referee Mitchell is nervously leaning out of the ring. They converse for a second, with Ace ordering Mitchell to begin his count. Both Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris look unhappy, staying in their corner and watching the backstage entrance.*

Jones: We’re about to have a forfeit!

Rockwell: I don’t know what the Danger Boiz are sulking about, they’re about to get a free title win!

Jones: Nobody wants to just be handed a belt, Adrian! You want to earn it!

Rockwell: Oh, come on! It’s all about the money and the respect that goes with it!

Jones: Not to these young men.

*Mitchell gets up to 5, continuing his count, as the fans are still angrily yelling at the Accelerator. Ace looks pretty confident… at least until “Shipping Off To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys begins to play!! The crowd lights up, cheering loudly, as Derek Mobley slowly appears, stepping out of the back! Behind him, Hill grabs onto Mobley’s shoulder for balance, trying to right himself. The two men start to head down towards the ring, looking furious, as the Accelerator quickly moves himself to the other side, out of range!*

Jones: Looks like we’ve got a match after all!!

Rockwell: What are these crazy guys thinking of? They can barely stand, much less wrestle!!

Jones: They’re not going to give up their belts without a fight, Adrian!

*Mitchell gets to the count of nine, but Mobley slides in under the ropes, leaving a small line of blood on his passage in. Mitchell nods and turns, signaling to the timekeeper to kick things off.*

*The Bell Rings.*

*As Hill works over to the corner, possibly nursing a concussion after the Biff End on the backstage floor, Mobley gets to his feet, hanging onto the ropes. He wipes some blood out of his eyes, as Dangerous Dan walks over to him. Dan seems unsure, leaning over and talking to Mobley about what to do. He puts a hand on Mobley’s arm, but Mobley reacts, landing an instinctive punch to Dan’s chin, knocking him backwards! Mobley straightens up and waits, raising both hands and gesturing for Dan to come in, with Dan, tightening his jaw, nodding. He knows that Mobley wants to go out fighting, and he’s good with it. The two men lock up, with Dan getting a headlock cinched in. Mobley tries to push him off, but Dan just drags him forward and drops with a headlock bulldog, bouncing Mobley’s head off the canvas! Dan then turns and makes the quick cover, trying to end things as quickly as possible… 1… 2… but Mobley kicks out.*

Jones: Dan wasn’t sure about this contest, but if Mobley wants to go at it, you can bet the Danger Boiz are ready to go!

Rockwell: He shouldn’t have even asked, Jones. They’re being offered the belts on a silver platter!

Jones: Don’t count the House of Pain out completely yet, Adrian. They’re two-time World Tag-Team Champs, same as the Danger Boiz.

Rockwell: Yeah, but the Danger Boiz have beaten them before back in October ’09, and the House of Pain weren’t hurting then! What chance do they have now?

*Dangerous Dan already has Mobley back up, whipping him hard into the Danger Boiz corner. Crazy Chris reaches out, with Dan tagging him in. As Mobley takes a few steps forward, dazed, Chris leaps up onto the turnbuckle, and then leaps off, getting a blockbuster!! Mobley’s down and hurting, with the Unified X Division Champion making the cover… 1… 2… but the #1 Contender keeps kicking out, refusing to stay down. Warrick’s leaning on the ropes, trying to pull himself back together to be ready if needed. Crazy Chris is back up, now, standing over Mobley. He jumps into the air, getting a standing shooting star press, and makes another cover, trying to hang onto Mobley’s legs to keep him down. Referee Mitchell is there yet again… 1… 2… but Mobley’s arm is up!*

Jones: Dan and Chris are doing everything they can to end this one, but Mobley just won’t stay down!

Rockwell: So beat him down some more! Hell, injure the guy, if that’s what it takes!

Jones: I’m sure that’s what Bifford would like to see, but I don’t see the Danger Boiz doing what Bifford asks of them.

Rockwell: No, even I admit that probably won’t happen. Those guys really do hate each other.

*Crazy Chris pulls Mobley back to his feet once more, tagging back in his partner. Dangerous Dan heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up to the top, as Crazy Chris hangs onto Mobley’s arm, extending it. Dan leaps off, going for a flying press on the arm, but Mobley suddenly shifts his weight, causing Chris and Dan to collide instead!!! Chris is down, rolling out of the ring, as Dan gets back to his feet, shocked. Meanwhile, Mobley is rolling rapidly across the ring! Before Dan can stop him, Mobley reaches out, tagging in Hill!! Warrick jumps through the ropes and enters with a flurry of shots, driving Dangerous Dan backwards!! The crowd is cheering as Warrick goes at it, trying to keep moving as fast as possible!*

Jones: Warrick’s gotten the hot tag!

Rockwell: Does the hot tag still count when the guy can barely stand?? Warrick shouldn’t even be competing after the beating he took earlier!

Jones: That isn’t stopping him from taking the fight to Dan!

*Warrick gets Dangerous Dan to the ropes and shoots him off towards the other side. For a second, Warrick staggers, grabbing at the ropes to balance himself. But as Dan returns, Warrick lowers his shoulder, throwing Dan over top to the outside!! However, Dan lands on his feet on the apron, and as Warrick turns around, Dan gets him by the head and drops, clotheslining him on the top rope!! Warrick stumbles back, grabbing at his throat, as Dan hops back up onto the apron. He springboards his way over, catching Warrick around the head and flipping him down with a springboard twisting DDT!!! Warrick’s down, not moving, as Dan kips himself up and heads for the turnbuckle. Mobley, seeing this, starts to come back in, but Crazy Chris returns, springing himself over the ropes and taking Mobley down with a hurricanrana!! Mobley rolls out of the ring, as Dan gets to the top and immediately takes flight, coming down with the E.N.D.D.!!!! He lands it perfectly on the prone Warrick, making the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, and the NEW GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan… The Danger Boiz!!!

Jones: They did it!! The first team ever to win the World Tag-Team Titles three times!!

Rockwell: It was basically a foregone conclusion, but still, I’m sure they have to be pleased with the results!

Jones: This has to just make things even worse between Derek Mobley and The Big Bifford, as they continue to head towards their destiny at Capital Punishment!

*Mobley’s already on the outside, helping Warrick up. He’s clearly not able to walk on his own. The two former tag champs move away, with Mobley giving Warrick a helping shoulder. Meanwhile, in the ring, Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris celebrate their amazing milestone, holding up the three belts now in their possession.*

Jones: It’s truly a historic win for the Danger Boiz, no matter what the circumstances…

Rockwell: Yep, and it appears someone’s decided to come give them their props, because Liam Shayde is heading for the ring again!

Jones: Huh??

*The fans, noticing Shayde as he heads down the aisle with no music, start booing. Chris and Dan, hearing them, turn to see Shayde stepping up onto the apron. They both prepare themselves, wondering what Chris’ opponent at Capital Punishment is doing out here. Shayde gives them a quick ‘golf clap’, and then turns, signaling for a mic.*

Liam Shayde: Whoa guys. Chill. I can understand the cautionary actions, but there's really no need. I just came out here to congratulate you both on your victory.

*As Shayde steps into the ring, Chris and Dan step back, watching each other and knowing that they still have the numbers advantage.*

Jones: Shayde earned a shot at Crazy Chris’ title last week, so I really doubt it’s just about ‘congratulating’ him tonight.

Rockwell: You’re always so negative, you know that?

*With the two brothers watching him closely, Shayde steps to the side, in one of the corners, trying to stand with a relaxed posture.*

Liam Shayde: So, congrats Dan...Chris, you guys deserve it. Now when I take that Unified X Title from you, Chris, you'll still have something to decorate yourself with.

*Immediately, with the crowd booing, Crazy Chris steps forward, getting into Shayde’s face. Dangerous Dan stands behind him, backing him up all the way. Shayde just smiles, watching both men.*

Jones: Shayde sure seems confident, considering the two men standing across from him…

Rockwell: … I think it’s about to be just one, Jones!

*As Shayde and Chris exchange words, a figure suddenly appears, apparently dropping down from the rafters!! He comes down quick, a man who we’ve never seen before. He locks his arms around a surprised Dangerous Dan from behind and is immediately taken back up into the air!!! Dan’s feet are kicking as he’s rapidly yanked into the air, with Crazy Chris spinning around towards his startled cry!! This was exactly what Shayde was waiting for. As Chris looks up, trying to figure out what, if anything, he can do, Shayde smashes him in the back of the head with the mic!!!*

Jones: Who the hell was that?? Someone just snatched Dangerous Dan away!!!

Rockwell: I don’t know, but clearly Shayde knew who it was and was ready to take advantage of it!! He’s got the Unified X Division Champion down!!

*After kicking away at Crazy Chris, Shayde pulls him around and locks the champion into the Cat’s Cradle, tightening his submission hold on the man!!! Chris is unable to escape, dazed from the earlier attack, as Shayde works over the wrestler! Meanwhile, a camera catches fighting upstairs in the rafters, as the unknown wrestler is getting in some good shots on Dangerous Dan. The fans are booing, disliking every moment of this, as security heads for the ring to try and break things up.*

Rockwell: Liam Shayde and his partner just made a major statement tonight, delivering a beating to the Unified X Division Champion!

Jones: He’s just stolen a lot of Crazy Chris’ thunder, and you can bet the Danger Boiz are going to be wanting revenge!

*Soon, Shayde releases the submission hold, leaving Crazy Chris down as he walks away. As “I’m Bad” by The Last Vegas starts to play, Shayde turns with the security guards and calmly walks away, heading for the back. Chris, hurting, slowly struggles to stand, glaring towards Shayde, but also wincing from the pain he’s in. We slowly fade out to commercial.*

*We return to ringside after the break, where crew is currently shown above the ring in the rafters, helping out a hurting Dangerous Dan. We go to the announcers’ table.*

Jones: It’s been a crazy night tonight, hasn’t it?

Rockwell: I think it’s time we hired a new Head of Security, because we got fights breaking out everywhere!

Jones: Yep, tempers are certainly flaring between our wrestlers tonight.

Rockwell: I mean, some have been cool, but we still need to get things under control!

Jones: Well at least we can just get on with the next match.

Rockwell: Yeah. Like we're all looking forward to the...what's on the tron?

*We cut to the tron to see a black and white video camera cut on in Ace's office. He doesn't seem to notice it's on because he is behind it. Suddenly he turns and see's who is operating it and backs up. The figure comes into frame. It's the same guy in the black helmet who has been interrupting broadcasts since Ultimate Survival.*

The Accelerator: What do you want?

???: I got a proposition for you. You want to keep running the show your way without having to answer to Lurr or The Great Fool don't you?

The Accelerator: I'm listening.

???: Here's what I have to offer you. I'm not under any contract for you. I do not work for GCWA as of right now. So think of me as a independent agent. Anyone you want taken out that I already have a problem with will be dealt with in a way that you can be sure they will be taken out just like Mario.

The Accelerator: Now why should I put myself in with a guy like you? I don't like dealing with people I don't know.

???: Well think about it this way. If you don't at least think over the offer. I'll talk to Lurrr. Then if he doesn't go for it. I'll talk to The Great One. One of them is going to take me up on taking you down a peg. I just figured you'd want to hold onto your federation your way.

The Accelerator: Why don't I just call security and have them get the police to arrest you?

???: Because Ace. What makes you think your phone is even working right now?

*Ace grabs the phone and looks down at it as there is no dial tone.*

???: Think about it. Give me your answer next week. And if you don't take me up on the offer. Don't worry. It's just business.

*With that the man in the black helmet walks past Ace and out of the office door. Ace rushes after him but the door is barricaded. Ace hears the phone cut back on with a dial tone and quickly starts dialing security.*

Jones: What the hell is going on with that guy?

Rockwell: He's making the right choice going for the president instead of the other two upstarts.

Jones: I suppose, but I still wonder. I mean, he looks at least a little familiar… but he says he’s not currently under GCWA contract, making him an independent agent.

Rockwell: Well, guys here have worn masks before to disguise their identity…

Jones: We’ve got one more match to get to, so it’s time to send it once more to Minos!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be our main event of the evening! Introducing first, Team #1… first, coming down to the ring, he is a second-generation star who came within one man of being the Ultimate Survivor… standing 6’0” and weighing 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Jaiden Rishel!

*As “The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria starts up, the crowd reacts, booing even the appearance of Jaiden Rishel. He seems determined as he comes down the aisle, barely even glancing at the fans. Instead, he slides in and goes to his corner, concentrating on the upcoming competition.*

Jones: Rishel hooked up this week with an old girlfriend, which could definitely give him more motivation to succeed here tonight.

Rockwell: He shouldn’t need the motivation, considering how great a wrestler he is. The guy’s a great competitor, and is the future of the business!

Jones: I bet Rishel wishes that the Accelerator would think that highly of him, Adrian.

Rockwell: What? OF COURSE Ace thinks that way! Didn’t he just grant Rishel an Intercontinental Title shot?

Jones: True, although the two still seem to have a bit of a disconnect between them.

Rockwell: You’re seeing things, Edward. They’re still tight. Trust me.

Minos: His partner is one of the rising stars of the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion… “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

*The booing continues as Cortez comes out to “Contagious” by Trapt. He has his gold shining and on his shoulder as he walks towards the ring. He seems just as intense as he hands off his belt and enters the ring, staring down his tag-team partner for a moment.*

Jones: Cortez found out earlier that he’s going to have to defend his championship against Rishel at the pay-per-view, and now he has to trust him here tonight in this contest. That can’t be easy.

Rockwell: They’re professionals, and they’re both supported by the Accelerator. I’m sure they’ll get along just fine. I’m more curious about what that CD was that Cortez was hanging onto all week.

Minos: And now, for Team #2… introducing first, he is a mystery wrapped in an enigma bundled in a puzzle, standing 5’11” and weighing 215 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Ataxia!

*”Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica starts to play, with the crowd standing and watching the entryway. After a few seconds, the curtain finally moves to the side, with the masked Ataxia stepping out onto the stage. He walks down the aisle, his laughter able to be heard echoing in the arena as he approaches the ring.*

Rockwell: Man, how much do I have to pay one of these wrestlers to pull that mask off of Ataxia’s screwed-up face?

Jones: Ataxia was actually one of the most searched personalities on Yahoo last week, showing that curiosity is at an all-time high for this man. Who is he?

Rockwell: It’s driving me insane! I’ve heard everything from Titan 3 to Dynamic Dynamite to Austin *bleeping* Powers!

Jones: Austin Powers? Really?

Rockwell: Yeah. I’ve ruled him out. Mike Myers is a little *bleep*, I think we’d recognize him.

Minos: Finally, Ataxia’s partner, he is a former ICWF World Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’1” and weighing 199 lbs, from La Coruna, Spain, here is El Linchador!

*El Linchador comes out to “Hey Ladies” by the Beastie Boys, giving a quick “Ole” to the cheering fans. He heads for the ring, full of energy despite having driven cross-country this week to get here.*

Jones: El Linchador and his posse really had an adventurous weekend, splitting up and going in all different directions.

Rockwell: Yeah, but what the hell were all of them doing? Promoting El Linchador? Promoting the documentary? Just making asses out of themselves?

Jones: And what about that one guy Pena, and what he was wearing?

Rockwell: That *bleep* I don’t even WANT to talk about.

Jones: Fair enough.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Ataxia and El Linchador confer together for a second, with El Linchador saying that he’ll take things over to start out. He steps in, but no opponent is waiting for him. Instead, both Cortez and Rishel are standing on the apron, talking to each other. Rishel pulls open the ropes, as if offering Cortez the chance to go first. Cortez, though, shakes his head and points over to the championship sitting on the timekeeper’s table, signaling that he’s the champ, so he gets to choose. He points at Rishel instead. As the two men argue, each wanting the other man to ‘follow his orders’, Ataxia and El Linchador both look at each other, shrugging. Ataxia then comes into the ring with El Linchador, and together, the two men charge forward, grabbing the ropes and catching the two men by surprise! They yank on the ropes, sending BOTH Cortez and Rishel over and into the ring!! The fans are cheering wildly as El Linchador goes after Rishel, while Ataxia starts pummeling Cortez!*

Jones: Cortez and Rishel couldn’t make the decision, so El Linchador and Ataxia made it for them!

Rockwell: C’mon, Bell, this is illegal! They can’t both be in the ring together! Get this *bleep* under control!

*Ataxia takes Cortez over to the corner, punching away at him. He climbs up on the buckle, even as El Linchador, on the other side, does the same thing. The two men nail Cortez and Rishel in unison, getting a 10-count each! The fans are loving it, even as the two men jump back down and look over at each other. With a nod, they each grab their respective wrestlers by the arm and whip them towards each other. Cortez and Rishel meet in the center of the ring, crashing into each other!! Both fall down, with Ataxia and El Linchador both running over. El Linchador does a leaping leg drop on Rishel, while Ataxia spins an elbow down onto Cortez! Both men then make the cover, with Head Referee Bell, shrugging, dropping to make the count! 1… 2… but both Cortez and Rishel are able to escape, keeping the match going!*

Jones: So far, surprisingly, Ataxia and El Linchador are working as a pretty good team!

Rockwell: Which makes you wonder… have they worked together before?

Jones: Ataxia sure does seem to know El Linchador’s background, so it’s not out of the realm of impossibility.

*El Linchador is back on his feet now, pulling up Rishel with him. Meanwhile, Ataxia takes Cortez and throws him towards the ropes, no, reversal, and Ataxia ends up going over instead! Ataxia grabs at the ropes, hanging on, but a running kick from Cortez sends him the rest of the way down. El Linchador, not realizing what’s going on behind him, sets Rishel up against the ropes, preparing to launch him towards Cortez. But Rishel reverses, and El Linchador runs across instead… into Cortez’ arms, as he lifts and delivers a spinebuster!! El Linchador is down, with Cortez jumping to his feet and standing over the man with a smile. However, Cortez then gets pushed out of the way, as Rishel runs in, dropping a quick elbow and making the cover… 1… 2… but El Linchador manages to kick out! Cortez, angry, starts to go towards Rishel, but Head Referee Bell finally puts his foot down, telling Cortez to leave, now that Rishel is officially the legal man.*

Rockwell: Did you see that? Rishel nearly put El Linchador away!

Jones: Yep, after he stole the momentum from Cortez!

Rockwell: How can it be stealing when they’re a team? Geez, you’re looking for problems everywhere, Jones! Lighten up!

*With Cortez reluctantly on the sidelines, Rishel has El Linchador back up. He immediately keeps a lock on El Linchador’s head, turning him over into the Suffering submission hold! El Linchador is struggling to pull his head free, with little success, as Rishel turns him towards Cortez, smiling at the Intercontinental Champion. Cortez, annoyed, suddenly points behind him frantrically, with Rishel dropping the hold and spinning around… and seeing Ataxia standing on the apron, just staring at him. Confused, Rishel turns back towards Cortez, inadvertently getting close enough for Cortez to tag himself in! Rishel grimaces, even as Cortez ‘thanks’ him and steps in, picking El Linchador back up. He whips El Linchador into the ropes and catches him on the way back with a powerslam, before making the cover… 1… 2… but El Linchador still manages to kick out.*

Jones: It’s like this match is all about Cortez and Rishel trying to prove who the better wrestler is!

Rockwell: But they’re both great! They need to just focus on beating these two chumps and getting to the back! They can settle their differences later.

*Cortez is back up now, whipping El Linchador into the ropes. El Linchador ducks under the first clothesline attempt, but gets caught with a discus clothesline on the way back, taking him hard to the mat! Cortez, smirking, gets back to his feet and points down, as if pointing out that he’s already won over this man already. He reaches down and lifts El Linchador back up, then, after a glance towards Rishel, gets him into the air for the Corplex!!! But the hesitation to gloat might have cost him, as El Linchador shifts his weight to flip himself free, getting behind Cortez and dropping him with a neckbreaker!! The crowd is roaring, trying to push El Linchador to make the tag! Both men start crawling towards their corners, with Rishel cheering on / cursing Cortez to hurry up. They tag, with Rishel stepping through… but it’s too late, as El Linchador makes a final lunge to bring Ataxia back into the contest!!*

Jones: Here comes the masked man!!

Rockwell: Oh, hell, this isn’t good!

*Rishel tries to cut Ataxia off, but a series of punches drives him back. Ataxia then slams a knee into Rishel’s gut, bending him over. He sets Rishel between his legs, as Cortez tries to rush over to stop the momentum. But Ataxia lowers a shoulder and flips Cortez over him, and then lifts Rishel anyway into the air, turning and powerbombing Rishel into the turnbuckle pads!!!! Rishel’s down, even as Cortez gets back to his feet. Ataxia, seeing him coming, turns and catches Cortez, giving him a hip toss and hanging onto the arm. He twists Cortez to the ground, applying a modified armbar to work over his shoulder! Cortez, shouting in pain, struggles to pull free, even as Head Referee Bell tries to get the hold broken. After all, Cortez isn’t currently the legal man. Meanwhile, Rishel struggles to get back up, dazed, only to have El Linchador come flying in from the corner with a hurricanrana, sending Rishel flipping to the center of the ring!*

Rockwell: Here we go again! Damnit, Bell, can’t you control your ring at least once??

Jones: This one’s clearly falling apart, as these four are bringing out all the stops to win!

*Ataxia didn’t want to let go of Cortez, but he finally does, only to stomp away on it some more. Meanwhile, behind him, El Linchador has Rishel back up and in the corner. He suplexes Rishel out of the corner, slamming him back on the mat. El Linchador then turns towards Ataxia, with the two quickly directing each other with hand signals. El Linchador heads for the corner, climbing up, even as Ataxia picks Cortez up and lifts him onto his shoulder, turning to throw him onto Rishel! But Rishel rolls to the side, avoiding the slam (although Cortez still takes it) and gets to his feet. Ataxia turns and grabs at him, but Rishel gives Ataxia a kick to the stomach and sets him in place for the Hero’s Welcome!! However, before Rishel can deliver the move, El Linchador comes in from behind, landing a missile dropkick to the back of Rishel’s head!!!! The place goes wild as Rishel falls over, with Ataxia painfully rolling over on top for the cover… 1… 2… NO! Cortez makes the last-second save!!*

Jones: It was almost over, but Cortez saved his partner!

Rockwell: That was… TOO… close!!

*Cortez strikes Ataxia a few times, then grabs at his mask, apparently trying to tear it off of his head!! It gives for a second, but before it can tear all the way, El Linchador is there, attacking Cortez from behind!! He punches at Cortez, taking him towards the ropes, but Cortez hangs onto the man, with the two men toppling over the ropes, falling out of the ring!! Head Referee Bell, in shock, heads over there for a second to make sure neither is badly hurt. They’re both on the outside, as Ataxia tugs at his mask, having to get it on straight so that he can see. He turns… and Rishel nails him with a huge low blow!!! Ataxia drops to his knees, gasping, as Head Referee Bell turns, having completely missed it. Rishel then grabs hold and spins Ataxia around with the Hero’s Welcome, slamming him down!!!! The fans are roaring for El Linchador as Rishel turns and makes the cover, grabbing a good handful of trunks along the way… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, Jaiden Rishel and Chris Cortez!

Rockwell: HAH!!!

Jones: Wow, that one really did come down to the last move! Unfortunately, the last move happened to be a low blow, but still…

Rockwell: What are you talking about? That was clearly a win after the Hero’s Welcome, a move that nobody can recover from!

Jones: Yes, but to get the Hero’s Welcome…

Rockwell: They won, now shut up and let me enjoy it!

*The fans are booing as Rishel rolls out of the ring, pumped up at having gotten the pinfall victory. El Linchador is standing on the outside, frustrated. Chris Cortez takes a knee, both happy and annoyed with how things ended up. It doesn’t get better for him, as Rishel steps to the side and grabs the Intercontinental Title. For a second, it looks like he’s going to leave with it, as Cortez hurries around the ring to stop him. But as soon as Cortez gets there, Rishel tosses it to him, with only Cortez’ fast reflexes enabling him to catch it. He looks at the belt, then at Rishel, who gives him an insulting wink before turning and heading up the aisle.*

Jones: I don't care about the result but these fans got their money's worth with that one.

Rockwell: I'll give those two losers that. What the hell is Ataxia doing?

*Ataxia stands next to El Linchador and asks him back into the ring. He calls for a microphone. *

Ataxia: Well I dunno about you. But that was fun...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*Linchy kind of backs off with the insane laughter of Ataxia. Ataxia recomposes himself. *

Ataxia: Sorry. I can never tell when I go over the top. Let me ask you fans a question? Does this man still got it?

*The crowd starts chanting OLE! OLE! OLE! Linchy looks around and holds up his arms high and adores the cheers. He waves the crowd as they start chanting louder. *

Jones: The fans still love El Linchador!

Rockwell: No they don't they're chanting OLD! OLD! OLD!

Ataxia: That's great. See I got a little problem with that though.

*Linchy looks at Ataxia surprised for a moment.*

Ataxia: My problem is with you. So tonight we're going to settle this. Right here. Right now. In front of all of these people!

Jones: Ataxia wants to face El Linchador right now? After that match?!

Rockwell: I don't know who I want to see get maimed more. This is incredible.

*Ataxia gets right in front of Linchy who looks like he doesn't want to fight after that match. They start chatting for a second looking like they're going to fight until Ataxia holds up the mic. *

Ataxia: My problem is this. I know you got Warrick. I know you got Mobley. I just want you to know something. You ever need a partner that isn't House of Pain...You got me! Rather you accept it tonight I just want to shake your hand.

*Ataxia holds out his hand and the crowd cheers this. Linchy hesitates but finally shakes Ataxia's hand. Ataxia holds up the mic and he and Linchy chant. *

Ataxia and El Linchador: OLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jones: Ataxia has aligned himself with El Linchador if he's needed!

Rockwell: Great. All the crap in one place!

*As Ataxia and El Linchador stand together in the ring, showing that this match has managed to bring them together, we cut to the back, where we see the Accelerator heading down a hallway. He reaches one point and sees a production assistant, who turns his way.*

PA: Great show, Mr. President!

The Accelerator: It’s not over yet. Tell the boys I’m heading for the ring.

PA: Sir??

The Accelerator: You heard me. Now make it happen!

PA: Er, yes sir!

*The PA gets on the radio, as Ace, smiling, heads for the ring entrance. We fade out to one final commercial break.*

*We cut backstage to see Cynthia Hall walking into Ataxia's locker room. He's out of his ring gear wearing just a white jacket, “Messiah Pariah” black t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. He pulls the mask back over his face just before the camera gets in there. Cynthia looks shocked for a moment as Ataxia turns his head around. The mask is unzipped.*

Ataxia: Apparently they didn't teach you to KNOCK in interviewer's school did they?

Cynthia Hall: I didn't see your face.

Ataxia: Oh I know you didn't. Because if you did we'd have a nice little situation wouldn't we?

Cynthia Hall: Sorry.

Ataxia: Apology accepted.

*We can see Cynthia is obviously uncomfortable. Ataxia leans in close and she starts to back away. *

Ataxia: Do I scare you enough to where you don't want to talk to me?

Cynthia Hall: No.

Ataxia: Good. Fire away. Those people out the audience would like to get on with the show I am sure.

Cynthia Hall: With everything that has happened in the past few weeks since Ultimate Survival you have called out Ryan Rage and Royal Powerhouse after Powerhouse interfered in your pay per view match. With your current conflict with the team of Lorenzo Demarco and Liam Shayde are you stretching yourself to thin Ataxia.

Ataxia: Well I don't. However I think we deserve a second opinion don't you?

Cynthia Hall: Who do you have in mind?

*Ataxia smiles as he walks over to behind the lockers in the locker room and we hear a locker open. We also hear the sounds of moaning as we hear someone getting slammed against the lockers. Getting tossed out near the camera is Liam Shayde! He's busted open and bloodied all over.. Ataxia walks over and hands Cynthia a tape.*

Ataxia: Play that at the end of the show. Ask him if I am stretched to (bleeping) thin!

*We cut back to the announcers.*

Jones: Dear God!

Rockwell: This is getting way out of hand! Someone has got to put a stop to this blood feud between Ataxia and the alliance of Lorenzo Demarco and Liam Shayde!

*”Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm starts to play, earning, once more, the wrath of the fans. The Accelerator appears, stepping out on the stage with a large grin on his face.*

Jones: Once again, the President is here! Surprisingly, we’re still going, as the Accelerator apparently had some time booked at the end of the show!

Rockwell: He’s the leader of the GCWA, so he can come out any time he wants. I’m really curious, though, what his appearance here means!

*The Accelerator stays on the stage, still smiling, as he brings a mic up to his lips.*

The Accelerator: It’s been a hell of a show, huh? You guys and gals see Cortez & Rishel get that win earlier? Awesome stuff.

*The crowd boos harder, with Ace letting is pass by before continuing.*

The Accelerator: I won’t take too much more of your time, but I had some announcements to make… involving the upcoming Capital Punishment pay-per-view! First off, I wanted to make sure everyone here has bought their tickets to watch The Big Bifford retain his World Heavyweight Championship by beating Derek Mobley!

*The mention of Mobley earns some cheers from the crowd, but they definitely aren’t buying the show to see him lose to Bifford.*

The Accelerator: Well, those aren’t the only matches, ladies and gentlemen. I want to confirm, first off, that Liam Shayde will indeed be getting his Unified X Division Title shot against Crazy Chris, in what’s sure to be a barn-burner of a match!

*The crowd boos, remembering what Shayde did earlier, although they also seem hopeful that Ataxia might mess the young man up.*

The Accelerator: Second, as announced earlier, Jaiden Rishel will be going into battle against the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Cortez!

*More boos come out, as the fans don’t care for either man at this point, especially after the match they just witnessed.*

The Accelerator: Finally, Bucky Johnson is going to be defending his Hardcore Championship….

*Suddenly, “Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to play, cutting the Accelerator off. He steps back, confused, as the Commissioner of the GCWA, Lurrr, suddenly steps up onto the stage!*

Jones: The Commissioner is here!

Rockwell: Hey now, he can’t be interrupting the President! That’s not right!

*Lurrr steps up on the stage, holding his own mic, as the Accelerator glares over at him.*

The Accelerator: This is my time, boyo. You just make yourself scarce, if you know what’s good for you.

Lurrr: Ace, Ace, Ace!! Always such a threatening tone from you. You’d think you didn’t like me.

The Accelerator: What, have I not made it clear? I don’t like you, now get the *bleep* off of my stage!

Lurrr: Suck in your gut for a second, old man. I’m just here to add a little bit more ‘spice’ to your match announcements.

The Accelerator: Spice?

Lurrr: What, you didn’t notice that you’re putting everyone here to sleep with your *bleeping* match announcements?

*The crowd cheers, apparently agreeing with Lurrr. Ace’s face turns red, as he tries to contain his anger.*

Lurrr: First off, Rishel vs. Cortez? You really think that match is going to sell any tickets? Are you on meth or something?

The Accelerator: Hey, now, those are two of the best…

Lurrr: I know, I know, they’re great *bleep*suckers, but that doesn’t mean they should be in a title match together. Plus there’s the fact that you’re forgetting something… Derek Mobley won the #1 Contendership to the Intercontinental Title, remember?

The Accelerator: Yep, but he never cashed it in, and then he got a bigger title shot, so unless he wants two matches…

Lurrr: Nope, I believe my buddy Derek is more than happy to be going for the World Title. You should have heard some of the words he used to describe Bifford a few minutes ago. I had to write some of them down. No, Derek’s not using that title shot… but he did have the right to give it to someone else.

The Accelerator: Wait, wait, he’d have to bring that to me…

Lurrr: Wrong again, chuckles! He brought it to the Commissioner, and I approved the switch… so at Capital Punishment, it’s going to be Chris Cortez… vs. Jaiden Rishel…. vs. El Linchador!!!

*The place goes wild, as the Accelerator is about to completely lose it. He paces back and forth, fuming.*

Lurrr: Second, I got to talk to Ataxia earlier tonight. He’s a *bleeping* freak, but he made his views clear. So we’re going to have an end-all, be-all match at Capital Punishment… between Ataxia and Lorenzo Demarco!

*The fans cheer that announcement as well, but Lurrr’s not nearly done.*

Lurrr: Third, I know you were about to appoint one of your faves to face off against Bucky Johnson for his belt, weren’t you?

The Accelerator: I was just going to name the best opponent for him…

Lurrr: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Next week, we’re having a #1 Contenders match: Xtreme vs. Robert Santana. The one who wins that match gets the shot against Bucky. We good on that?

*Ace glares at Lurrr, pissed off now. Lurrr’s enjoying every minute of it.*

Lurrr: Finally, let’s talk about Bifford and Mobley. I remember two months ago when you screwed Draco out of the title by helping Bifford win. I remember one month ago, when you helped Bifford win over The Lost Soul. And I’m TIRED of Bifford not doing things on his own!

*The crowd agrees, cheering for Lurrr.*

Lurrr: So here’s what’s going to happen. It’s Capital Punishment, and we’re going to live up to the name, as the World Title match is going to be contained inside a steel cage!!

*The place hits another level of cheering, as Ace’s eyes go wide.*

The Accelerator: What?? No *bleeping* way am I letting you get away with that!!

Lurrr: Oh, trust me, Ace, it’s done.

The Accelerator: You son of a…

*Ace tosses the mic hard at Lurrr, smacking him in the chest. As Lurrr steps back, Ace charges, and suddenly the two men are fighting it out!!*

Jones: Holy crap!!! The Commissioner and the President are brawling!!

Rockwell: SECURITY!!!

*Ace hammers Lurrr with a few right hands, moving him back towards the edge of the stage. Ace then grins and runs forward with a clothesline attempt, but Lurrr steps to the side and kicks instead, landing the Wake Up Call!!! The Accelerator drops onto the edge of the stage, laying there in pain, as Lurrr straightens back up to the cheers of the crowd.*

Rockwell: No!!!

Jones: The President is down!!

*Lurrr stands over the downed Accelerator, smirking his usual cocky smile. He raises his arms towards the crowd, taking in their cheers… and suddenly the lights go out!*

Jones: Holy *bleep*!!

Rockwell: Someone get the lights back on!! We need them so that the medics can find Ace!!

*After a few seconds, the lights come back up… and now Lurrr’s lying on his side, a crumpled steel chair laying on top of him!!! He’s bleeding from the side of the head, and appears to be completely out cold!!*

Jones: Jesus!! Now the Commissioner’s down!!

Rockwell: YES!!! Ace got revenge!!

Jones: Ace is still down, Adrian! I don’t think it could have been him!!

Rockwell: But then… who was it??

*As the cameras focus on the downed Lurrr, the image suddenly shifts, taking us backstage to where we see The Great One, standing in front of a monitor. He is watching the action on TV, shaking his head.*

The Great One: Another surprise attack? This is getting ridiculous. I wonder who could be doing it?

*TGO then shakes his head again and walks away, leaving the scene. We cut away from him, instead going to the video footage that Ataxia requested to be played at the end of the show earlier.*

*We cut to the feed and see Liam Shayde backstage on the phone. He turns around to see Ataxia hit him in the leg with a diving tackle. He grabs Shayde and pulls him into his locker room. The camera follows as Shayde tries to fight back but Ataxia keeps attacking that knee. Finally down long enough Ataxia grabs a steel chair and opens it. He slams the chair down on the chest area of Liam Shayde and then sits on it.*

Ataxia: NOW! Let's talk!

Shayde: (gagging)

Ataxia: Tell you what. You listen. I inform you of how life is going to be! You really screwed up boy! I was going to let what happened with me and your dad slide. I was going to leave you alone. I was going to be the bigger man. Then you had to align with the one person who is more of a leech than that pathetic old man of yours. You’re a worthless little snip of a performer who doesn't even have the right to lick my boots.

*He kicks Shayde in the mouth. He lets the chair up for a second and then slams it again! *

Ataxia: Now Liam. I'm not known under this mask for giving second chances. I'm trying real hard to not go into my old ways but darn it. I just can't help myself. I think it's time you really learn a lesson.

*He picks up Shayde and throws his head into a mirror in the lockerroom shattering it. This cuts open Shayde's head as Ataxia grabs him and holds him up. *

Ataxia: Like father. Like son. Maybe it's time you learn to be Silenced!

*He kicks Shayde in the nuts and then looks at the camera. *

Ataxia: Cut it. At Capital Punishment. I aim to make everyone in GCWA LEARN! MY! LESSON!

*Ataxia laughs at the camera, as it suddenly fades to black.*

OOC: Once again, another card is done! Crazy day, but I managed it. Hopefully, it's not that awful a card *lol*.

Here's the card for next week:

- El Linchador & Ataxia vs. The Johnson Era

- Robert Santana vs. Xtreme, GCWA Hardcore Title #1 Contenders Match

- Justin Rishel vs. Ryan Rage

- Warrick Hill vs. Arachne (Arachne Rules)

- The Danger Boiz vs. Liam Shayde & Landon Chase, Non-Title Match (2 rp's per team)

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