GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing The Big Bifford, standing next to the Accelerator. Bifford has a dark smile on his face as he slaps the World Title sitting on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The place is going wild, coming off of one of the most intense pay-per-views ever. The crowd is hot, in many senses, as it hasn’t exactly been a cool day in Dallas. We head past the cheering fans, one of whom is holding a sign that simply states “Two Rings For Mobley!” The announcers, Edward Jones and Adrian Rockwell, are already waiting to begin the broadcast.*

Jones: Hello everyone, and welcome to another thrilling edition of Friday Night Inferno!! Things are still settling down after the epic Ultimate Survival tournament that took place this last Sunday on pay-per-view!

Rockwell: The effects of that show are going to be felt for some time to come… especially after The Big Bifford put down another pretender and proved that he’s the worthy champion!!

Jones: I don’t know if I’d say that, Adrian. I mean, Bifford won via countout, so he didn’t really ‘beat’ The Lost Soul…

Rockwell: Of course he did! Look it up in the records, Edward, and you’ll see it says “Bifford beat TLS”. Case closed!

Jones: Well, Bifford has other things to worry about now, as Derek Mobley beat impossible odds to repeat as Ultimate Survival champion!

Rockwell: Yeah, too bad he cheated out Jaiden Rishel to win it!

Jones: How did Mobley cheat?

Rockwell: … I’m still working on that. But he had to have cheated!!

Jones: Well, as you said, look in the record books, and you’ll see…

Rockwell: Don’t be throwing my own words back at me, Jones, or I might have to throw YOU somewhere.

Jones: *gulp* Ok, then, moving on…

Rockwell: What really matters is that Bifford’s still the champ, and no one’s going to be taking that belt from him anytime soon!

Jones: In any event, we’ve got a damn good show for you all tonight, including a Fatal Fourway Hardcore match, a #1 Contendership Triple Threat Match, and a main event featuring two of the greatest high-flyers in the world today!

Rockwell: It’s definitely going to be an exciting night of action, and don’t forget, Bifford’s best bud, Arachne, is ALSO in action!

Jones: Yes, so he is, taking on a powerful wrestler in Ryan Rage!

Rockwell: Yeah, but Arachne will find a way to beat him… somehow…

Jones: We’ve got a lot in store tonight, so let’s…

*“Die Die Die my Darling” by Metallica starts to play as Ataxia enters the ringside area wearing street clothes: black “Messiah Pariah” t-shirt, jeans, and black sneakers. His mask is unzipped already as he walks down to the ringside area.*

Jones: And here is the man who finished third at Ultimate Survivor. Ataxia!

Rockwell: Yeah the second loser. What the hell does that freak want.

*Ataxia gets into the ring and pulls a mic out of his back jeans pocket. Before he speaks we hear a chant of “Pariah! Pariah! Pariah!” as he looks around a little surprised. *

Jones: These fans are actually cheering him? You don't think it has to do with that robbery kidnapping Ataxia was involved in where he disarmed the perpetrator?

Rockwell: Oh yeah like that wasn't scripted! If that were the case we would have seen who he was behind that mask. That cameraman should be fired.

Ataxia: Thanks. Not sure I deserve that. I'm gonna be quick because I know you all came to see a few fights tonight instead of me talking your ears off. First off, Xtreme! You want me! Time. Place. Name it! I'm not going to avoid you! I want you in a hardcore match of your choosing. Any stipulations. I don't care if it has to be banned from television! I want to take you at your best! Because once I beat you down Xtreme then all that is going to be left is “he who shall not be named”. You know who I mean. I want to beat you down so hard that all is left is him. I want him. I want to save you and him. Because someone needs to do this and I can take it. You’re going to be this messiah's crucifixion Xtreme!

Jones: He wants Xtreme to try and destroy him? Has he lost his mind?

Rockwell: Really? The mask didn't clue you in. This fool is going to get himself torn apart by that even sicker freak.

Jones: Well at least he is a man of his word. During the time before Ultimate Survival he did say he would take on Xtreme in a hardcore match.

Rockwell: Well doesn't that make him a “great” guy!

Ataxia: Second. I know a lot of people have been wondering if I am going to call “foul” about the results of Ultimate Survival. This is the part in our industry where the young bucks call the old guy who beat them out and challenge them for the shot they think they deserve. Well that's not happening here. For one thing. I'm not a young one. Matter of fact I'm up there with Mobley in years probably. Depends on if he's lying about his age again or not. No instead I'm going to say this to Liam Shayde.

*The crowd pops. *

Ataxia: Jaiden Rishel.

*The crowd pops again. *

Ataxia: and Derek Mobley!

*The crowd pops again even louder. *

Ataxia: That's the best damn match I have had in years! That was worth all the planning and pain it took to get to that match. I couldn't think of a better group of guys to come out here and perform in that main even than you three. So Derek. This is going to shock you when this mask comes off that I said this. Get in real close because I want there to be no denying this.

*The camera zooms in on Ataxia's masked face. *


*The crowd goes nuts as Ataxia screams and laughs maniacally. *

Jones: He wants Mobley to take out Bifford!

Rockwell: Not taken out of GCWA but taken out for good. That man is a psycho!

Ataxia: Finally the last thing. I know tonight. In this ring there is going to be a war. A war fought between myself, Liam Shayde...and Lori! Shayde claims to know who I am. Well. All I got to say is this Liam. If you got the proof use it. If you can take me out do it. I told you once I have no ill will towards you and I meant it. Deep down I still want to hurt your father though. For all the pain he caused you more so that anything he ever did to me. I know what it's like to have a father turn against you. I know how that feels Shayde! I know what your going through because I've been there. Just like with Xtreme I want to help you. I want to make it better and I want to make him PAY! You stick with me kid and I will promise you one thing. Everyone will know the name of Liam Shadye more so than just plain Silence!

Jones: Wow. This is getting intense.

Rockwell: He better be careful Shayde's dad doesn't come back to kick his butt.

Ataxia: Lori! I'm going to tell you this and I want you to understand me clearly. I know this is not going to be our last stop on this fight. I know your going to try again and again and again to get in my face. Well guess what sweetheart. Tonight, in the words of Mike Tyson... “I'm going to (bleep) you till you love me!” BRING IT MOTHER (BLEEP)!!!

*Ataxia drops the mic as the fans cheer. *

Jones: Did he just say he was going to...

Rockwell: Yes. Yes he did. This is not going to be for the children.

Jones: Well, Ataxia’s left, and I guess we’re ready to get going, so let’s go to the ring and talk to Minos, who will start us on our first contest of the evening!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Fatal Fourway Hardcore” Match! Introducing the competitors, first, he is a man still trying to find his way through the GCWA, standing 6’1” and weighing 239 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, here is Jimmy Riot!

*As “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory begins, Riot walks out of the back to a heavy chorus of boos and curse words. It appears the Dallas crowd doesn’t have much respect for him. The wrestler, shaking his head and rubbing it as if badly hurting, slowly makes his way towards the ring.*

Jones: Riot seemed like he had promise when he first came into the GCWA, but it’s really been one struggle after another. It seems like he’s trying to battle the demons inside him, but he’s losing the fight.

Rockwell: The guy’s a mental case, which ironically usually works out well in the GCWA. Unfortunately, he’s too busy battling himself to put up much of a fight against those across from him.

Minos: Our second entrant is well-known for his enjoyment of these types of matches, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*Xtreme comes out to “Give It All” by Rise Against, with a big grin on his face as he pushes his weapons cart towards the ring. There are some cheers and some boos in the audience, showing that the crowd is currently divided on the man. He pats the side of the cart, as if promising that it will come into play tonight.*

Rockwell: You can tell this nut is pleased.

Jones: A four-way hardcore match? Yep, sounds just what he would have requested. Of course, I don’t know if his mental state can handle it.

Rockwell: What, you think he’s going to blow out during this fight? That would be pretty cool, actually…

Jones: Not for whomever he violently attacks, Adrian. Remember, in a hardcore match, these guys can fight… anywhere…

Rockwell: So what? I’m not afraid of those freaks! … Anyhow, I just remembered, I left the stove on at home, I’ll be back in a few…

Jones: Get back here! Protect me!

Minos: Our third competitor is a former GCWA X Division Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*As “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem plays, Johnson walks slowly out of the back. He has rings around his eyes, and looks like he’s been completely stressed out for days. The camera focuses on a sign in the audience, which reads “Bring Back Stanley!!” Johnson slowly walks down towards the ring, trying to keep it together, as the fans cheer to support him.*

Jones: Tragedy struck the Johnson family this week, as Bucky’s newborn son, Stanley, was kidnapped!

Rockwell: Everyone remember: when someone comes up to you and asks you to tie their shoes? Walk away. Just walk away.

\ Jones: On a serious note, though, Adrian, we’re showing a picture of young Stanley Johnson on the screen right now. If anyone has any information on the child’s whereabouts, please contact the police help line listed below.

Rockwell: Yeah, I honestly do hope they find the kid, no lie. He shouldn’t have to pay for his father’s mistakes.

Minos: Finally, introducing our final wrestler for this contest, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion and GCWA Television Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude starts up, with the fans cheering for the long-time favorite. After a few seconds, Santana appears, pushing his way through the curtain. He keeps his head down as he goes towards the ring, not meeting the eyes of any of the fans along the way.*

Jones: Santana thought for sure he would be getting a title shot against Crazy Chris this week, but instead, Chris Cortez ended up $100,000 richer.

Rockwell: Yeah, he’s had a rough 2010, no question, but he needs to find a way to pull himself back together again. The guy’s throwing away god-given talent at this point.

Jones: Well, he’s got another chance to turn things around tonight, against a few other young stars in the GCWA.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The four wrestlers have each moved to neutral corners, considering their competition. Riot, rubbing his head, starts to step forward, as Xtreme rolls out of the ring to go to his weapons cart. However, all four wrestlers stop in place as “Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to play! The fans start to cheer loudly as Commissioner Lurrr steps out of the back!*

Rockwell: Huh? What’s that fool doing out here??

Jones: No clue, although… what’s that he’s got being brought out behind him?

*A covered stand is placed behind Lurrr, as he smirks and raises up the mic in his hand.*

Lurrr: Relax, guys, I’m not here to bust your balls or anything. I’m here to correct Ace’s mistake.

*This gets another cheer from the crowd, as all of the wrestlers look on in different waves of confusion.*

Lurrr: A few months ago, Ace made the decision to unify the Television and X Division Titles. He didn’t care that it deprived wrestlers of a title to shoot for. He just did it for the bottom line. Well, now I’m the Commissioner, and I have the power to fix this. But I didn’t want to take the accomplishment away from Crazy Chris, either. Then, what do you know, Ace goes and books four guys in a hardcore match after a pay-per-view, as if he wants to hurt as many as possible.

*An “Acehole” chant builds in the arena, with Lurrr subtly encouraging it for a few moments before continuing.*

Lurrr: If you four are going to beat the holy hell out of each other in a match like this, it stands to reason that you need a reason to fight for it. That being said…

*Lurrr turns and pulls the blanket off the table, revealing a championship belt!*

Lurrr: On the line tonight, officially reinstated… the GCWA Hardcore Championship!

*The crowd explodes, as the old-school belt is displayed. While it’s seen better days, it’s still a sight to see.*

Jones: The Hardcore Championship is back!!

Rockwell: Holy crap, where did Lurrr drag that old belt up from?

Jones: The last champion was the Dopeman back in 2000, but now the belt is back on the line, and one of these four men is going to be the new champion!!! What a twist!!

*Lurrr, enjoying the moment, turns and walks away, throwing down the mic. The belt is left sitting on the stage, as we look back towards the ring, where the wrestlers are all trying to shake off the shock of this one suddenly becoming a title situation.*

Jones: Geez, everything just got thrown upside-down for these young wrestlers!

Rockwell: They need to close their traps and stop standing around like idiots! Gold’s waiting for them!

*Riot seems the most stunned, still staring over at the belt sitting there on the stage. Unfortunately for him, Johnson has already shaken it off. He runs at Riot from behind, clotheslining him over the ropes and out of the ring! Johnson then turns back, as Santana comes at him, and the two men start slugging away at each other! The two fight back into a corner, with Johnson managing to get the upper hand, climbing up on the ‘buckle and driving down punch after punch on the Sensei. However, Xtreme’s in the ring now, grinning madly as he raises up a steel chair! He comes in, smashing Johnson across his exposed back, causing Bucky to slump forward. Santana, taking advantage, lifts Johnson up and steps forward, slamming him down on the mat!! As soon as Santana does so, though, Xtreme rears up and smashes Santana hard in the back with the chair as well!! Xtreme then covers Santana, trying to hold him down… 1… 2… but Santana kicks out in time.*

Rockwell: So far, Xtreme’s the only one really using the hardcore advantage. But then, he’s always trying to use weapons in matches. The only difference here is that he’s not being stopped.

Jones: It’d be almost fitting if Xtreme wins the first Hardcore Title in the GCWA this decade!

*Xtreme’s back up now, with the steel chair set up in the middle of the ring. He turns and whips Santana into the ropes, then catches him with a drop toe hold on the way back, dropping Santana face-first into the seat of the chair!! He rolls away, in agony, as Xtreme gets back up with a major smile on his face. Behind him, Riot slides back into the ring, carrying his own chair. He rushes at Xtreme to hit him, but Xtreme dodges, and then gets a boot to Riot’s stomach, causing him to drop the chair on the mat. Xtreme then grabs Riot by the head and drops hard backwards with a DDT, bouncing another skull off steel!!! Riot’s down, and a shot from another angle shows that he’s busted open. Xtreme, seeing it, is even more pleased. He drops onto Riot and makes the cover, hoping that it’s already over… 1… 2… but Johnson is there to break it up, stopping the pinfall!*

Jones: Wow, Xtreme nearly had it there early! It just shows that this is really his style of match!

Rockwell: Riot’s bleeding pretty badly from that move. We’re going to need a clean-up crew ready after this match.

Jones: To stitch Riot up?

Rockwell: No, to work on the mats. You know how hard it is to get blood out of those?

*Johnson has Xtreme up now, punching away at him. He uses the Bowling Pin to smack Xtreme in the head, only to cause both men to stumble backwards, dazed. Johnson shakes it off first, turning and running forward towards Xtreme, no, Xtreme ducks under a clothesline attempt, with Johnson falling into the ropes. He gets up quickly, but Xtreme is already coming in, getting a Cactus clothesline that takes both to the outside!! The two men land hard, taking a moment to recover. Xtreme’s up first, shaking his head clear before grabbing at Johnson to take him towards the guardrail. He tries to bang Johnson’s head off of it, but Johnson’s able to block with his hands, and then elbow his way free! Xtreme stumbles back, with Johnson turning and grabbing the big man, ramming him back into the edge of the apron back-first! Xtreme drops to his knees, hurting. Meanwhile, though, in the ring, Santana is back on his feet. He sees the two men fighting on the outside, but he also realizes that Riot is in a bad way. Seeing it, Santana grabs Riot and takes him over with a side suplex before making a quick cover!! Referee Mitchell is there… 1… 2… and Riot somehow kicks out!*

Jones: Santana almost stole the match while Johnson and Xtreme’s backs were turned!

Rockwell: That’s actually pretty deceitful coming from ‘goody-two-shoes’ Santana. I like it!

Jones: Santana’s been desperate to hold gold again, and maybe he saw that as his one opportunity. And it wasn’t exactly a dirty move, as all four wrestlers are vulnerable to being pinned. He was just taking advantage of circumstances.

*Santana, angry that the count didn’t succeed, snaps at the referee, who says there’s nothing he can do. Santana then walks away to the side, taking up position to go for the Sensei-Tion!! He waits, as Riot slowly tries to pull himself up. Before Santana can move, though, two hands shoot through and grab his legs, dragging him to the outside!! Both Johnson and Xtreme, noticing what was going on, pull him out, immediately attacking him!! They launch Santana heavily into the railing, causing it to fall over, with Santana lying on top of it, out of action!! Johnson smiles and turns, only to see Xtreme trying to slide into the ring after Riot. Johnson grabs his legs and keeps him from making it, pulling him back out and slugging him! Xtreme stumbles, while Johnson goes to enter the ring, only to have Xtreme grab hold and prevent him as well! The two men continue to fight it out, as Riot, holding his head, rolls painfully to the other side of the ring, going under the ropes.*

Jones: It looks like Riot’s got a big target on his back now, as everyone thinks he’s the way to victory!

Rockwell: Considering Riot’s track record, can you blame them? And now he’s the worst wounded of the four in this contest, making him the most likely to be pinned!

Jones: I think Riot’s aware of that as well, Adrian, which might explain why he’s trying to get out of the arena!

*Riot is walking along the railing, heading towards the aisleway. He tried to get over the railing at one point, but the crowd pushed him back, keeping him from going that way. Meanwhile, Johnson has managed to take Xtreme down, slamming him hard into the side of the ring post. Santana is staggering away, seeing Riot on the run, and is in pursuit. Johnson, seeing this, heads a different route, walking over to Xtreme’s weapon cart and pulling out a long hockey stick out of the pile! He turns and heads after the other two men, weapon at the ready. Meanwhile, Xtreme is recovering and reaching under the ring, searching for something. He finds it, pulling out a metal rod, possibly tossed there after the finished construction of the ring for tonight’s show. He smiles at it and pulls himself achingly up, joining in the pursuit of the hurting Riot!*

Jones: You better get moving, Riot, you’ve got company coming!

Rockwell: He seems too busy arguing with himself to realize it, Edward!

*Riot is pulling at his own hair as he staggers down the aisleway towards the ramp. He’s bitterly cursing, but it’s hard to tell exactly what he’s talking about. It doesn’t matter, as Santana’s now there, hitting Riot from behind and knocking him down!! Santana quickly repositions himself and grabs hold, lifting Riot up and suplexing him onto the rampway!! The fans wince from the impact, but then cheer, as Santana tries to get up for a cover. Mitchell’s jogging down to where the wrestlers are, but so is Johnson, who lifts the hockey stick up and breaks it across Santana’s back!! The pinfall attempt forgotten, Santana rolls to his side in pain, only to fall off the edge of the ramp and drop a foot or two down. Johnson, meanwhile, grabs at Riot and pulls him upright, and then lifts him into the air on his shoulders! Xtreme heads at him from behind, the metal rod raised. However, as Xtreme swings, Johnson turns, putting Riot into harm’s way instead!! The rod smashes Riot in the side of the head, knocking him out completely!! Johnson, reacting to the assault, lifts Riot up and heaves him at Xtreme, sending both men toppling down the rest of the ramp, with Johnson heading after them!!*

Jones: Somehow I don’t think Riot’s getting up from that one!

Rockwell: What an impact!! That shot alone might have added another personality to Riot’s already frazzled mind!

*Johnson pulls Xtreme up, planning to dispose of him and get back to Riot… but Xtreme drops to his knees and swings a hard fist upwards, scoring a low blow!!! Johnson, with mouth wide open and his eyes bulging in shock, topples to the ground, with Xtreme, grinning, getting back to his feet. He kicks at Johnson, then turns, dropping an elbow on Riot and making the cover… 1… 2… NO!! Santana breaks it up!! With renewed fire, Santana punches away on Xtreme, finally dragging him up and taking him onto the floor. Meanwhile, Johnson is crawling away, heading up the ramp to the stage above. Not paying attention to him, Santana sets Xtreme up and whips him towards the stage edge, no, Xtreme reverses and Santana hits instead!! The man is stunned, with Xtreme then stepping in and grabbing him up on his shoulders to go for the Xtreme Measures!! Santana is desperately kicking, trying to get free… and meanwhile, Johnson comes off the top of the stage, dropping onto Riot with the Bucking Bronco!!!! Referee Mitchell is right there, as Xtreme desperately works to throw Santana off and stop the pin attempt… 1… 2… Xtreme can’t get there in time… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Hardcore Champion… “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

Jones: Johnson does it!! He’s got another championship to his name!!

Rockwell: Man, I really expected Santana or Xtreme to take this one, but Johnson knew the right time to make his move!

Jones: Xtreme almost had Santana there at the end, but the numbers game ended up getting him, as he was concentrating too much on one individual. Johnson, meanwhile, saw the chance to pull it off, and he succeeded!

*The referee brings Johnson his gold, handed it carefully over to him. Johnson takes it with a huge smile on his face, gladly putting it on his shoulder. Xtreme has moved to the side, looking a little dejected at missing out. He heads down the aisle towards his weapons cart, making sure to retrieve his pride and joy. Riot’s still down and is a bloody mess, with medics on the way to check him out. Johnson starts up the ramp, but then gets spun around, as Santana is there, meeting him eye-to-eye!*

Jones: What’s Santana up to? He lost, he needs to let it go and just walk away!

Rockwell: He’s steaming, Jones, and angry people can do crazy things…

*After a few moments of tension, with Johnson on full alert, Santana finally steps back, trying to wipe the frustration and disappointment off his face. He takes a deep breath, and then turns to Johnson and bows, showing some respect!!*

Jones: There’s the Sensei we’ve all come to know and respect!

*Johnson, smiling, says something to Santana, and then drops himself, returning the bow… and Santana responds with a quick upwards kick into Johnson’s face, snapping his head back!!!! Johnson collapses onto the ground, grabbing at his nose, which took the brunt of the shot!! The crowd immediately turns on Santana, booing, heavily, as he turns and heads up the ramp, not acknowledging them!*

Rockwell: … Ok, I can safely say I didn’t see that coming!

Jones: What on earth made Santana, one of the most honorable men in the GCWA, go and do that??

*Johnson is trying to recover, although still clearly dazed from the sharp kick. He turns and glares after where Santana has departed, although he, too, looks shocked from what just happened. We fade to the back, where we’re in the President’s office. He looks equal parts amused and annoyed by the contest that just took place. After shaking his head, he turns towards the camera.*

The Accelerator: So we have a new champion in the GCWA. Well, I suppose congrats are in order to Bucky. Someone will have to pass them along to him once he wakes up.

*Ace chuckles to himself, and then continues, facing the camera.*

The Accelerator: Lurrr, you’ve outdone yourself once again… by messing into affairs that are not your concern. I’m not going to forget this, and neither will you.

*Taking a deep breath, Ace refocuses himself on the real reason he’s on the big screen.*

The Accelerator: So, anyway… later tonight, for the viewing pleasure of our audience out there, and our fans at home, we’re going to be having a very special ceremony. It’s going to be a celebration of sorts, saying goodbye to one of our own. You don’t want to miss it, so stay tuned!

*With a grin, Ace turns away, going back to work. The picture fades out, taking us to commercial.*

*We come back from commercial to the backstage area. A commotion is happening in the back as you hear someone screaming in pain. The cameraman runs trying to find the source and he comes across Liam Shayde laying down in a fetal position with Lorenzo Demarco standing over him with a crow bar.*

Lorenzo Demarco: That's right *bleep*, you're going to stay out of my *bleep*ing business. You got that, it's between me and Ataxia, it doesn't have anything to do with you.

*Lorenzo Demarco feigns hitting Liam Shayde again but then stops half way with his blow. He starts to laugh.*

Lorenzo Demarco: hehehehe, you're pathetic, look at how easily I took your a*bleep* out. You just stay on that ground, crawl back to your locker room and don't come out until our match is over. Cause if I see you, if I hear you, if I have any sense that you are anywhere near that ring . . . well . . . you can figure it out.

*Lorenzo throws the crow bar down on the ground and walks off as the camera gets a close up on the agonizing Liam Shayde. He looks to be in excruciating pain. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Liam Shayde just got laid out by Demarco!!

Rockwell: Damn! I wonder if Shayde will even be able to participate in the Triple Threat match later tonight!

Jones: I don’t know, Adrian, he’s in pretty bad shape.

Rockwell: Apparently Demarco wanted him out of the match with Ataxia, and he may have just succeeded! So now Demarco’s odds at becoming the #1 Contender just improved, so I guess he did what he had to do!

Jones: That’s just terrible. Shayde’s a great up-and-comer from a famous wrestling family! He really could have used this opportunity to move on towards championship gold!

Rockwell: Well, it’s not happening tonight, unfortunately, unless he somehow is able to recover over the next thirty minutes or so for his match.

Jones: Well, we’ve got one match before that, a guaranteed competitive contest, so let’s…

*”The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria begins to play over the sound speakers and the lights immediately begin to flicker on and off throughout the building. Spotlights shine down on the entrance ramp and the fans start booing in expectation of Jaiden Rishel’s arrival.*

Jones: Here comes the man who came so close to winning Ultimate Survival last Sunday, Jaiden Rishel!

Rockwell: And it’s a damned shame that he didn’t come out on top, too. Now we’re going to have to put up with Bifford vs. Derek Mobley at Capital Punishment, and who wants to see THAT match!?

Jones: I don’t know, pretty much everyone and their mother, father and uncle bob?

*Rishel struts out from behind the curtain, walking backwards with both of his arms shoot up into the air. He’s wearing a bright white leather jacket and denim jeans, the Prodigy looking better than ever on tonight’s FNI despite coming just short at Ultimate Survival. He ignores the booing audience as he goes down the ramp, entering the ring and asking for a microphone.*

Jaiden Rishel: Excuse me you freaking idiots, I have something important to say..

*This obviously further aggravates the GCWA faithful, awakening them into a wave of boos towards the second generation superstar. Rishel grins back at them coyly.*

Jaiden Rishel: You know something, you’d think that after how Ultimate Survivor went and how I unfortunately came in second place in the end…that’d I would come out here angry. That Jaiden Rishel would be bitter about being bested by Derek Mobley on the grand stage. But if you simple-minded fools do think that, then you’re even dumber than I thought..

*More loud jeers, followed by a “You’re an asshole!” chant.*

Jaiden Rishel: Is that an insult or a compliment? Can’t really tell these days. But back to my point, there was not one person who walked out of Ultimate Survival more proud of the performance they put on then myself. Yes Derek “Retirement Home” Mobley ended up walking out victorious, but honestly tell me this. Out of every single legend who came back on one-time deals, all the CWF superstars I brought over here to both team and go against Team Invincible, even Crazy Chris’ squad of losers ….who stole the f**king show? You’re damned right, I did. There wasn’t anyone who made a bigger impact in one night than myself, and that’s why I’m out here tonight.

Jones: Well out with it already!

Rockwell: Let the man take his time, I heard Jaiden received multiple minor injuries at Ultimate Survival and that’s why he’s not competing tonight.

*Jaiden slowly paces around, seemingly contemplating something heavily. He then brings the microphone back up.*

Jaiden Rishel: Screw it, I’m going to come right out and say it. I was given the week off to heal some injuries, but in the days and days sitting at home doing nothing, I finally got a revelation. Jaiden Rishel deserves a GCWA World Heavyweight Title shot. Yes, you’re not hearing me wrong, I understand that Derek came out as the winner, but don’t you all think I deserve a shot at the gold next week on Inferno for my amazing efforts?

*By the sound of the crowd, they highly disagree. Jaiden pulls his right hand through his lengthy hair in frustration, tapping the microphone in an attempt to shut them up.*

Jaiden Rishel: Ha ha, yeah…that’s just the thing people, it doesn’t matter one BIT what you all think. There is only one president of GCWA, and although Lurrr may be cockstrong and think he runs the show around here now, the fact of the matter is that the Accelerator is the boss and makes the real decisions. Luckily for myself, the last few weeks Ace and myself have become great acquaintances, I would even go as far as saying friends. It’s no secret that Ace respects me and the superstardom that I bring to his company, so it should go without questioning that I should be awarded the next World Title shot. So Ace, I’m waiting on you boss..

*Rishel lowers the microphone and stares up at the entrance ramp at the same time as the thousands of GCWA fans do, all of them awaiting the arrival of the hated President of the company. A few seconds become a minute, and a minute dissolves into two, Jaiden becomes more and more frustrated as each moment passes by.*

Jaiden Rishel: I guess he can’t hear me…ACCCE!?

*The boos become mixed with small amounts of laughter, the fans chuckling at Jaiden Rishel as he expresses his anger. Rishel walks around the ring a few more times staring up at the ramp, finally throwing the microphone down on the canvas and walking out of the ring. Some of the audience yell at him as he goes up the ramp but Jaiden ignores them, his face reddened as he heads up and goes through the curtain.*

Jones: I take it the Accelerator was too busy to answer Rishel’s request?

Rockwell: … I’m sure that has to be it. After all, Ace and Rishel have had a pretty good relationship. I bet Ace was just dealing with some situation regarding the World Heavyweight Champion. He’ll get back to Rishel soon enough.

Jones: Hopefully so, as Rishel didn’t look that happy tonight.

Rockwell: Hey, if he would have WON last Sunday, then this wouldn’t even be a problem, would it?

Jones: Don’t get defensive, Adrian.

Rockwell: Let’s just get to the next match, alright?

Jones: As you wish. Minos?

Minos: This match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, from Toyokawa, Japan, standing 6’0 feet tall and weighing in at 200 lbs, Arachne!!

*‘Wana’ by The Black Horn begins to play as the fans boo when they see the former GCWA Co-Tag Champ, Arachne, sprint his way to the ring…Arachne slides into the ring, remains in the pushup position for a few seconds, eyes the crowd and then pushes himself up to his feet.*

Jones: And, Arachne experimenting with his ring entrance.

Rockwell: That spiderboy is full of surprises.

Jones: Yup, never a dull moment with Arachne.

Minos: And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, standing 6’8 and weighing in at 286 lbs, Ryan Rage!!!

*More boos echo throughout the arena as ‘Given Up’ by Linkin Park begins to play and Ryan Rage makes his way to the ring. He steps through the ropes and stares Arachne down. Arachne doesn’t seem to be paying attention and, rather than stare back, starts to gnaw on the turnbuckle.*

Jones: I don’t think there is a wrestler in this company more intense than Ryan Rage.

Rockwell: You would be hard pressed to find one…meanwhile, Arachne is, well…

Jones: Arachne.

*Rage backs up into his corner. The ref signals for the bell, it sounds and Arachne ceases gnawing on the turnbuckle, lets out a loud shriek and rushes towards Rage. Rage, caught off guard, rushes out of the way at the last second. Arachne rushes into the corner, instead of slamming into it, he leaps onto the second rope, flips off and nails Rage, as Rage turns around, with a reverse cross body!! Rage hits the mat hard as Arachne pops back to his feet and does a little dance in the ring.*

Jones: The Agility of Arachne!

Rockwell: Sounds like the title of a promising adult film!

Jones: Ahh, pornography.

Rockwell: Dude!

Jones: No, Ahh as in ‘ahh, your mind would go there’…not Ahh as in ‘ohhhh yea, I loves me some porno action!’

Rockwell: mmmhhhmmmm…

*Arachne rushes into the nearest corner and climbs to the top rope. He stands up on the top turnbuckles, raises his arms in the air and leaps off, going for a flying elbow!! Rage, however, rolls out of the way and Arachne lands hard! Rage gets to his feet, looking annoyed, and begins to stomp on Arachne as he is lying on the mat, the fans cheer, slightly, at the sight of Rage stomping away on Arachne.*

Jones: It appears as though the fans favor Ryan Rage in this match.

Rockwell: Well, Arachne is closely affiliated with Bifford and we all know how much the lovely people of GCWA despise that fat son of a…

Jones: Yes we do!

*Rage bends over and pulls Arachne to his feet…he gives Arachne a few stiff, forearm uppercuts, Arachne staggers back into a nearby corner. Rage delivers a few vicious knee lifts, Arachne doubles over in pain. Rage hooks Arachne’s head underneath his arm, he lifts Arachne up and places him on the top turnbuckle. Rage climbs up to the top, looking like he’s going to attempt a superplex, the crowd rises with anticipation.*

Jones: Interesting situation forming here…

Rockwell: Yea, I’m guessing Ryan Rage is looking to put the big hurt on Arachne!

Jones: Frank Thomas is here?? SWEET!

Rockwell: No, Frank Thomas is not here.

Jones: Well, Dave Thomas, then?

Rockwell: C’mon, Jonesy…now you’re just reaching…

Jones: Clarence Thomas!

*A mother with her nicely developed teenage daughter seated next hear’s the mention of Clarence Thomas and throws her jacket over her daughter’s low cut shirt as a response. Back to the action, Rage is about to deliver a superplex when Arachne bites the arm of Rage! Rage lets go and inspects his arm after the bite…as he does, Arachne grabs the ropes with both arms and front kicks with both his legs…he nails Rage and sends Rage flying off the top rope and landing, hard on the mat!! Arachne leaps off the top turnbuckle and delivers a guillotine leg drop!!! The fans boo as Arachne goes for the pin…1!…2!…Kick Out!!*

Jones: Ryan Rage kicks out!!

Rockwell: Yes, after a few innovative moves by Arachne…I guess we can call that first one the “Spider-Bite”?

Jones: Works for me.

*Arachne gets to his feet and stomps on Rage for a few minutes…the fans boo…Arachne turns and screams at the fans, causing them to boo even louder. He then turns his attention back to Rage…he pulls Rage to his feet and whips him into a nearby corner. Arachne storms in, going for a big splash, Rage catches him though, turns around and tosses Arachne halfway across the ring with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!! Arachne hits hard and arches his back in pain.*

Jones: Perfectly executed belly-to-belly!

Rockwell: That it was…Ryan Rage is certainly an impressive wrestler.

Jones: Yup, he has a tremendously bright future in GCWA!

*Rage walks over towards Arachne, Arachne has made it to his feet but is still wincing in pain. Rage shoves Arachne into the ropes and whips in across the ring, he bounces off another set of ropes and is picked up by Rage and driven into the mat with a huge spinebuster!!! Arachne is laid out on the mat as Rage goes for the pin. 1!…2!…Kick Out!!! The fans boo as Rage complains with the ref that the count was too slow.*

Jones: Massive spinebuster! Ryan Rage almost had him there!

Rockwell: Props to Arachne, though, for having the gumption to kick out of that maneuver!

Jones: Gumption?

Rockwell: It is a word, Jones, grab yourself an encyclopedia!

Jones: I’ll take your word for it.

*Rage pulls Arachne to his feet, Arachne responds by jamming a thumb into Rage’s eye! Rage staggers back into the center of the ring…Arachne backs into a corner and pulls himself to the top rope. He looks down at Rage…Rage rubs his eye and regains his vision, he charges into the corner and nails Arachne with a punch into the midsection! Arachne falls and crotches himself on the top turnbuckle, the fans cheer when they see this.*

Rockwell: Every man, no matter how strange, can’t escape the pain from being crotched!

Jones: No kidding, I can feel the pain all the way down here!

Rockwell: Really? You feel the pain in your little, bitty…

Jones: I am NOT going to let you finish that sentence.

Rockwell: Frickin censorship…

*Rage grabs Arachne and turns him around so that Arachne’s back is facing him. He then turns his back to Arachne, reaches back and grabs Arachnes arms. He lifts Arachne up in the air and walks into the middle of the ring. He then tosses Arachne forward, nailing Arachne with The Career Ender!!! Arachne is lying, motionless in the middle of the ring as Ryan Rage makes the nonchalant pin. 1! 2! 3!!!!! The bell rings.*

Minos: Here is your winner, Ryan Rage!!!!!

Jones: A huge victory for Ryan Rage, as he defeats Arachne cleanly!

Rockwell: I can’t say I’m happy about the win, but he definitely looked like an up-and-comer in the GCWA!

Jones: Arachne will have to go back to the drawing board after this one!

*Rage is still celebrating in the ring, a smile on his face, as Arachne rolls to the outside. We suddenly cut backstage to see Royal Powerhouse watching from the backstage monitor, cheering on his partner.*

Royal Powerhouse: What the...

*Suddenly we see Ataxia in full gear behind him. He turns and Ataxia dropkicks him in the nuts!*

Jones: Ataxia is taking down Rage's running buddy!

Rockwell: And Rage doesn’t look too pleased!

*Rage is angrily grabbing at the ropes, furious, as he just watched the attack on the big screen. Suddenly, Royal Powerhouse comes out of the ring entrance area, busted wide open. His head is bleeding profusely as Ataxia comes out with a baseball bat and starts wailing on Royal's kneecap. Rage immediately starts to leave the ring, heading that direction, only to have Ataxia stop and pull a mic out of his pocket.*

Ataxia: RAGE! You make one (bleeping) move towards me and I swear to God I will break him in half! You want to try to push people around you steroid-fueled little crybaby! You make sure when he freaking wakes up that he learns his place is in the back or I swear I will end him. You want to screw with me well say hey to Willy Mays!

*He hits Powerhouse again as Rage starts to charge out of the ring. Ataxia glares at Rage and then smashes the bat to pieces a few inches away from Powerhouse's face!*

Ataxia: Come on! You wanna get nuts! Let's play! You get this through your elephant growth hormone infested head. You keep your little butt buddy in check and stay out of my business or I am going to make you wish you stayed retired! I AM THE MESSIAH PARAIAH!!! And I am going to make sure you Learn! Your! Lesson!

*Ataxia drops the mic and walks off leaving Powerhouse on the ground hurt as Rage runs up to him. Rage calls for help, not willing to leave his friend to go after Ataxia, as we head to a commercial.*

*We return from the break in the backstage area, where Liam Shayde is apparently in the care of the medics, getting his injuries looked after. He’s not moving very quickly, as one medic turns and sees the camera at the door. He walks over to it.*

Medic: Listen, Cynthia, he’s in no condition to speak right now. Can you come back later?

*The camera pans out, showing GCWA Investigative Reporter Cynthia Hall standing next to the cameraman.*

Cynthia Hall: Look, we just need to know… will Shayde be able to wrestle tonight?

Medic: No comment. Now please, give the man some space, for God’s sake!

*The medic goes back inside, shutting the door behind him, as Cynthia, shaking her head, signals for the feed to be cut off. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: It’s not looking good for Liam Shayde, as his match is the next one scheduled for tonight!

Rockwell: Demarco knew what he was doing, taking out the competition the way he did. Now he’s just got to worry about that masked freak, Ataxia.

Jones: Hopefully, Shayde will be able to make a full recovery…

*”Here We Are Juggernaut” by Coheed & Cambria blares over the PA system as one by one the letters “T” “G” “O” come up across the big screen followed by a few pyrotechnics. Out from the back steps none other than The Great One himself clad in a custom white on white Versaci suit. The boos of the crowd come to a roar as he makes his way down the aisle, mic in hand. He steps into the ring and goes straight to the middle, awaiting to address the audience.*

Jones: Wrestlers keep coming to ringside tonight, don’t they?

Rockwell: What the hell is TGO doing here?

The Great One: Boy, oh boy what news do I have for you all tonight. Things are looking up for Kent Industries and the GCWA.

*More boos from the audience come as everyone has a suspicion about what TGO is about to announce.*

The Great One: I know, I know guys. Much like you I was just as excited as I got a phone call this morning confirming what I’ve been working on for close to two weeks now. I would just like to begin by saying that the GCWA is in for a change…a GREAT change! Ladies and gentlemen and all of you plebes out there are looking at the new chairman of the GCWA executive board!!!

*The boos are now deafening as TGO continues to speak.*

The Great One: What does that mean for everyone you ask? It means quite a bit actually. Sure Ace is still the President of the GCWA but now we’re at a little more even of a playing field here. Kent Industries has took it upon themselves to buy up most of the stock in the GCWA making me the leading shareholder and hence I made a lucrative deal with the old CEO to move me right on in….

*Suddenly “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm plays over the PA system cutting off TGO. Out steps the Accelerator as he slowly makes his way towards the ring. We cut back to the ring where TGO has a grin on his face. Ace with mic in hand climbs into the ring as well, confronting TGO.*

The Accelerator: Woah, woah, woah…wait just one *bleeping* minute here. You’re what?

The Great One: Allow me to repeat myself for those of you that are hearing impaired or just plain dumbasses. I am the NEW CEO and leading shareholder of the GCWA.

The Accelerator: I heard that part you bumbling idiot!

*The crowd erupts in cheers as for the first time in ages for Ace.*

The Great One: Really?! You’re going to cheer that on? Ace let me explain something to you. I’m not just some washed up wrestler like you are, I’m a businessman as well, I could of just as well bought out the whole GCWA right from underneath you, but I didn’t! There’s a reason for that! You see I think that it’s going to be beneficial to both of us right now to work on the infection that inhabits the GCWA right now. That infection happens to be the commissioner, Lurrr. It’s no secret that me and him have had our issues in the past, but where I draw the line is when he’s my boss, I don’t like that too much. So for right now, let’s just let bygones be bygones until we get that piece of imbecile trash out of the GCWA. And also lets give these people something that they will actually remember the GCWA by, a federation where two of the biggest names in sports entertainment came together and made that federation go all the way to the top…well at least until I get bored of course…and if not, we can play hard ball…

*”Here We Are Juggernaut” by Coheed & Cambria plays once again over the PA system as TGO walks out of the ring looking back at Ace with a devilish grin on his face, leaving Ace to ponder what he’s going to do. The screen goes black and cuts to a commercial break.*

*We come back from the break to a shot in the backstage area. It’s a shot from far off, showing two men down at the other end of the hallway. They’re discussing something pretty intently, as they stand in the shadows. Suddenly, one of them steps forward into the light, showing it to be the Commissioner of the GCWA, Lurrr! The other one reaches forward to accept what Lurrr is offering, and we see the 2010 Ultimate Survival Winner, Derek Mobley!! As the crowd cheers, it’s impossible to tell what the two men are saying to each other. But Mobley looks pleased with the piece of paper in his hand, as he turns and departs. The Commissioner watches him go, smirking, as we head back to ringside.*

Jones: We just caught a glimpse of a meeting between two old friends, Lurrr and Mobley!

Rockwell: What did Lurrr hand him?? Where the hell are my spies at, they should know about this already!!!

*Rockwell can be heard angrily getting on his cellphone and dialing, as Jones, shaking his head, continues to broadcast.*

Jones: All we know at this point is that they’ve worked something out between them, something that might involve the World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Bifford! Who knows what that might be.

Rockwell: Hello? Hello?? Can you hear me now? *Bleeping* Sprint!! I can’t get a signal!

Jones: Calm down, Adrian. You’re getting all worked up, when we really don’t know anything.

Rockwell: Right… right… deep breaths… deep breaths…

Jones: Yeah, keep that up, Adrian. For now, let’s go to the ring for our third contest!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and is set as a “Triple Threat” Match! Introducing first, he is a young man with tons of heart and a family background in the sport, standing 6’1” and weighing 227 lbs, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, here is Liam Shayde!

*As “I’m Bad” by the Last Vegas plays, the crowd rises, if only to watch the entryway. After a few moments, it becomes clear that no one is appearing. The music slowly fades out, leading a disappointed crowd to sit back and wonder what’s happening.*

Jones: Just as we feared, it looks like Liam’s not going to be able to make this contest.

Rockwell: Yeah, looks like Demarco got his first win backstage. But can he do the same with Ataxia?

Minos: Our second competitor in the match has caused several websites to be launched, all dedicated to determining his identity. Standing 5’11” and weighing in at 215 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Ataxia!

*The crowd gives a stronger cheer than normal for Ataxia as he comes out to “Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica. They might be cheering him for his heroics earlier in the week, or his recent assault on Royal Powerhouse. Either way, the cheering continues, as the masked man heads for the ring.*

Jones: This past week, Ataxia was able to foil an assault in a fast-food restaurant, although unconfirmed reports have him using a little “excessive force” during the apprehension of the suspect.

Rockwell: The guy pointed a gun at a professional wrestler. He deserved everything he got. I’m just glad he was able to purchase GCWA merchandise first before going to jail.

Jones: Everyone’s been trying to figure out Ataxia’s identity, including Shayde, but I wonder how many are close?

Rockwell: It’s impossible to know, unless you can catch a pic of him in the shower or something.

Jones: Adrian!

Rockwell: What? He might have tattoos or something that can identify him!

Minos: Finally, our third opponent, he grew up hard on the streets and now is a major competitor in the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, here is Lorenzo Demarco!

*”Things Done Change” by The Notorious B.I.G. begins the play, with the crowd immediately booing the man who attacked Shayde. Ataxia is watching closely from the ring, almost seeming to bob his head to the beat as he waits. However, the curtain doesn’t move.*

Jones: I wonder where Demarco’s at? He’s running a little late for his entrance…

Rockwell: I hope he didn’t have another set-back, like the one that nearly killed him this past week.

Jones: You mean his drug…

Rockwell Hush up, Jones! You never know who might be watching!

Jones: Right, well, I doubt that’s it… but maybe someone decided to get revenge for Shayde…

Rockwell: Yeah, or maybe Demarco had another plan going, because here he comes from behind!!

*Demarco, apparently having come out of the crowd, slides into the ring behind Ataxia. The fans shout their warnings, but Ataxia doesn’t latch onto what they’re saying until it’s too late, as Demarco slams into him from behind with a running axehandle shot! Ataxia drops to his knees, with Demarco immediately kicking away at him, hard! Head Referee Bell, seeing no choice, turns and signals, starting up the match!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Demarco just ambushed Ataxia!!

Rockwell: First he beats down on Shayde from behind, and now Ataxia! Damn, I really like this guy, he’s a genius!

*Demarco continues to beat on Ataxia in the corner with a series of kicks to the chest, weakening him. Demarco then finally reaches down and pulls the masked man to his feet, yelling something into his face before turning and picking Ataxia up, dumping him over the top rope!! Ataxia spills to the apron and then all the way to the floor, laying on his stomach. The referee tries to intercede, but Demarco just shoves him off and steps through the ropes, going to the outside. He jumps off the apron and stomps on Ataxia’s back, doing more damage!! It’s clear that Demarco’s not as concerned about the win so much as injuring his growing rival. He picks Ataxia up again and viciously shoves him back into the apron, and then grabs him by the head, getting a couple of knees to the gut before letting Ataxia drop painfully back to the ground.*

Rockwell: My boy Demarco’s really doing a number on him!

Jones: Your boy?

Rockwell: What, I can’t say that? I respect the guy, he’s intelligent and a powerful guy!

Jones: He’s also a drug addict and a sneak-attack artist!

Rockwell: If it makes him a better fighter, then more power to him!

*Inside the ring, Head Referee Bell has been counting away, slowly growing closer to 10. Demarco, hearing this, turns and slides into the ring, breaking the count. However, he then immediately goes back outside, heading back over to where Ataxia is trying to recover. Demarco shouts a few more insults, letting the world know what he thinks of Ataxia. He lifts the masked man up and takes him over to the guardrail, banging Ataxia down on top of it!! With Ataxia leaning on the barricade, breathing heavily, Demarco backs off, grinning evilly. He slaps his knee, giving the signal for the Paid In Full!! The fans are booing heavily as Demarco aims the dangerous maneuver and comes forward, flinging himself at his foe… only to have Ataxia throw himself out of range, causing Demarco to smash his knee into the guardrail instead!!! Demarco, yelling out, falls back, clutching at his injured knee, as Ataxia uses the time wisely, pulling himself back together.*

Jones: If Demarco would have hit that, this one would surely have been over!

Rockwell: Yep, and Ataxia’s mask wouldn’t fit his head anymore!

Jones: Thankfully, Ataxia was able to move in time. This could be his chance to get back in this contest!

*Ataxia’s back on his feet now, facing a rising Demarco. Ataxia immediately kicks him hard in the bread basket, bending Demarco over, so that Ataxia can smash him hard in the face with an upraised knee!! Demarco stumbles away to the apron, limping, as Ataxia stays in pursuit. Head Referee Bell’s count is starting to rise again, so Ataxia grabs Demarco from behind and rolls him into the ring. Ataxia then climbs up onto the apron and waits, as Demarco pulls himself up. Within seconds, Ataxia is airborne over the ropes, flying in and getting a flying headscissors, tossing Demarco to the side!! As Demarco tries to hop back up, Ataxia comes in again, this time grabbing Demarco by the head and getting an impact DDT!!! Ataxia falls on top, grabbing the legs for the pin attempt, as Head Referee Bell slides into place… 1… 2... but Demarco is able to kick out!*

Rockwell: Demarco’s taking the hits now! C’mon, Demarco, get back in it!

Jones: Ataxia’s definitely got his second wind in this one, taking control of the contest. Really, it’s amazing how many times these guys have faced early in their GCWA careers. They might be one of the most intense feuds going at the moment!

Rockwell: It seems that way, doesn’t it? I wonder if they’ve faced before, in another company? Damnit, I really want to know who Ataxia is!!!

Jones: As do so many others…

*Ataxia takes a moment to watch as Demarco struggles to get back to his feet, hanging onto the sides of the turnbuckle. Demarco shakes his head, trying to pull himself together, even as Ataxia sizes him up and charges in… hitting an ass-punch!!! The shot to the tailbone causes Demarco to drop to a knee, and while it doesn’t do much damage, it’s enough to shake him up. Ataxia then lets out a loud laugh as Demarco starts to get back up, and swings… spanking him on the behind!! Demarco, furious, spins and tries a wild punch, but Ataxia’s ready for it, ducking under it and wrapping Demarco around the throat, dropping him with an STO! He makes another cover, but Demarco’s already got a leg under the ropes, keeping the ref from counting.*

Rockwell: Well… that was gay…

Jones: Ataxia has no problems doing something like that, if it throws Demarco off his game!

Rockwell: You know, his mask DOES look a little S&M. Maybe Demarco’s more on the money about the guy than he thought.

Jones: It’s always hard to tell these things, Adrian. For all we know, you’re gay.

Rockwell: Don’t make me hurt you.

Jones: Sorry, sir.

*Ataxia has Demarco up again, getting him over near the corner. He gets behind Demarco and grabs him around the waist, preparing to deliver the ER Stat! But Demarco blocks it with one leg, and then is able to break Ataxia’s grip, spinning free. Ataxia tries to stop his momentum with a couple of punches, but Demarco goes to the eyes behind the mask, raking at them and causing Ataxia to stagger away! Demarco then delivers a chop block to the back of Ataxia’s knees, getting him to fall forward onto the lower rope. Seeing this, Demarco puts all his weight onto the back of Ataxia, causing the ring rope to choke him! Head Referee Bell shouts a warning and starts to count, and at 4, Demarco releases the choke… only to immediately reapply it, getting himself another 5 count to do some damage to his hated foe. After the second one is released, Demarco turns and says a couple of comments to Bell, causing him to back off.*

Jones: Demarco’s willing to take any shortcut if it means he gets the title shot here tonight.

Rockwell: Yeah, I think he made that pretty clear with the assault on Shayde and the ambush of Ataxia. The guy’s a rulebreaker, and that’s going to make him the #1 Contender, guaranteed!

*Demarco has Ataxia back up now, lifting him in the air and delivering him to the mat with a hard bodyslam. Demarco then goes off the ropes and returns, dropping a fist onto Ataxia’s skull!! Demarco makes the cover, hanging on… 1… 2… but Ataxia kicks out! This causes Demarco to send a few more words the ref’s way, before he gets back up and goes off the ropes, coming back and dropping another fist punch to the head! He covers again, glaring at Bell, who makes another count… 1… 2… but Ataxia just won’t stay down! Demarco’s up now, getting in Bell’s face, cursing him and apparently insulting his parental line, among other things. Behind him, Ataxia starts to pull himself up, but Demarco turns and grabs him, dropping with a neckbreaker!! Another cover is made… 1… 2… No, Ataxia kicks free! Demarco is immediately back in Bell’s face, this time clearly threatening him. He reaches out and pushes at Bell, throwing in intimidation. But Bell responds by pushing him back and yelling at him as well!! Demarco, surprised, takes a step back… and Ataxia grabs him from behind, rolling him up!! 1… 2… Demarco barely escapes!*

Jones: That was a close one! Ataxia nearly walked out with the contendership!

Rockwell: Bad form, Bell! You never put your hands on the talent!

Jones: Didn’t you used to get physical with guys who threatened you when you were a referee?

Rockwell: Yeah, but I’m a former wrestler. What the hell does Bell have going for him that makes him think he can match up with Demarco?

*Ataxia is back in control now, catching Demarco with a series of shots to the body and getting him into the ropes. Ataxia then steps back, before spinning in and getting a heel kick that knocks Demarco to the canvas! Ataxia makes the cover, hanging on… 1… 2… but Demarco’s out! Ataxia, unlike Demarco, doesn’t argue with the referee. Instead, he’s heard laughing as he pulls Demarco up, taking him towards the corner, no, wait, Ataxia’s down, possibly from a low blow!! Demarco hid it well, with Head Referee Bell having not seen what happened. As Bell checks on the hurting Ataxia, Demarco turns to the corner… ripping off the turnbuckle pad!! He throws it aside, keeping it out of Bell’s sight, as he turns back to the downed wrestler. He pushes Bell away and grabs hold of Ataxia’s legs, falling back and giving him a slingshot into the exposed buckle!!!! Ataxia collapses backwards to the ground, as the fans are booing heavily! Demarco takes a moment to gloat, smirking, before coming over to make the cover. Although Bell is suspicious, he makes the count as per his duties… 1… 2… NO!!! Ataxia somehow gets a shoulder up!!*

Rockwell: And so Demarco… wait, it’s not over?

Jones: I thought that wsa it, too, Adrian, but somehow Ataxia got out! I wonder if that mask of his cushioned the blow?

Rockwell: I don’t know, but I think Demarco’s about to blow a gasket!

*Demarco looks completely blown away, not understanding how Ataxia kicked out. He tries a second pinfall, but it goes just as well, with Ataxia kicking out after two. Slowly, Demarco gets up, his eyes once again accusing Head Referee Bell of bias. But this time, he doesn’t take his attention off the man on the ground. Instead, he steps back, prepping himself for the Paid In Full!! He waits for Ataxia to rise, and then charges towards him… and Ataxia’s able to dodge to the side with a roll, avoiding the strike! As Demarco spins and comes back after him, Ataxia leaps up and grabs his head, dropping with a facebuster!!! Demarco’s down, as Ataxia achingly gets up, going to the nearby turnbuckle. He climbs up, then springs back with the Revivifier, landing it perfectly!!! The crowd is roaring as Ataxia makes the cover… 1… 2… and Demarco’s foot lands on the ropes, stopping the count!*

Jones: Another close one, as Demarco saves himself there!

Rockwell: Gotta know where you are in the ring at all times! Very nice, Demarco!

Jones: But can he come back against Ataxia now that he’s down?

*Demarco’s hurting now, as Ataxia stomps away on him for a few moments, getting in some good shots. Ataxia then picks him up by the head and whips him into the corner, before landing the series of kicks known as Learn Your Lesson! Demarco’s definitely in trouble, as Ataxia grabs him by the legs and drags him out of the corner, positioning him. Ataxia then climbs up on the turnbuckle, getting himself higher up, as the fans start to cheer wildly… but not for him. Instead, they’re cheering at the sight of Liam Shayde, who is running down the aisle towards the ring!!*

Jones: What the… Shayde’s back in it!!! He’s made it out here!!

Rockwell: Yeah, and he’s running full-out! Damn, what pain medications did they give the kid? He doesn’t even look hurt!

*Not realizing what the cheers mean, Ataxia positions himself, preparing to leap for the Fall of Angels!! But before Ataxia’s feet can leave the ‘buckle, Shayde is there, shaking the ropes and causing Ataxia to fall onto the top turnbuckle!!! Ataxia, gasping in pain, falls off the buckle and drops to the ground, nearby Demarco, who is now rolling out of the way. As Ataxia tries to pull himself back up, Shayde comes through the ropes and grabs him from behind, twisting him backwards into a victory roll!! Surprisingly, Shayde turns and holds onto the ropes next to him for more leverage, as Head Referee Bell, not seeing it, makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the new #1 Contender to the GCWA Unified X Division Title… Liam Shayde!!

Jones: Wow!!! What a shocking turn of events, as Shayde comes in late in the match and steals it from Ataxia!!

Rockwell: He even grabbed the tights! I wonder if his old man taught him that one?

*In the ring, Shayde is celebrating as he turns towards the crowd, raising his arms. Demarco has moved off to the side, shaking his head to clear it. Meanwhile, Ataxia’s back on his feet now, furious. He turns and shoves Shayde around, getting in his face! The two men start to bicker back and forth, arguing with each other. As the argument gets more physical, Demarco decides to take advantage, coming up from behind and delivering a wicked low blow to Ataxia!!! The masked man crumples, groaning loudly, as Demarco laughs behind him!*

Jones: Demarco just ambushed Ataxia one more time, showing that the issues between them are nowhere near resolved!!!

Rockwell: Sure doesn’t look like it, does it?

*Shayde steps forward, getting into Demarco’s face, causing the rapper to stop laughing. The two stare hard at each other, as if about to go at it… and then Shayde smiles! Demarco grins as well, and suddenly the two men turn and start putting the boots to Ataxia, as the surprised crowd quickly shifts into anger mode!*

Rockwell: Whoa! A double betrayal!!!

Jones: The assault earlier… it must have been a ruse!! Demarco never actually attacked Shayde! They set Ataxia up!!!

*As Head Referee Bell turns and waves frantically to signal security, Shayde twists Ataxia into a camel clutch. Demarco, still smiling, bounces off the ropes and comes in, getting the Paid In Full on the helpless wrestler!!!! Ataxia collapses out of Shayde’s grip, not moving, as the crowd boos mercilessly. Shayde then turns and steps through the ropes, leaving the ring, even as Demarco stands over the downed wrestler… and spits on him!! Shayde then turns and leaves the ring to follow Shayde, as Bell comes over to check on Ataxia’s condition.*

Jones: Why?? Why on earth would Shayde join up with Demarco?? There’s got to be more here than we’re seeing!!

Rockwell: All I know is, their plan worked perfectly, Jones! Demarco and Shayde just stole this one, and now Ataxia’s going to have to take some time to recover before he can get his revenge!

*As Demarco and Shayde leave together, Ataxia is still stunned, with Bell trying to help him up. Ataxia’s not in much shape to go anywhere yet, though, slumping on the ropes. He’s still trying to figure out exactly what happened. He looks back towards the entryway, watching the two men leave. The scene cuts backstage now as Jaiden Rishel is pacing around quickly through the hallway area. His face still seems to be reddened with anger, but his breaths are now more calm and normal. He looks up at the directory on the wall, checking out his surroundings before taking a left and walking up through catering. Rishel orders a quick bottle of Mountain Dew and nods to the guy behind the desk, going back on his way towards the Accelerator’s office. Jaiden opens the soda bottle and turns it upside down, gulping down the contents without even paying attention to where he’s walking. Suddenly he staggers right into something, or rather someone, in-ring legend El Linchador~!*

El Linchador: OLE!

Jaiden Rishel: Ugh…excuse you. Don’t you think you ought to be off somewhere, shining your buddy Derek Mobley’s shoes or something?

El Linchador: Wha..

Jaiden Rishel: I’m not finished yet. You see, thanks to you, you Mexican jumping bean, I’ve spilled sticky Mountain Dew all over this brand new designer sports shirt. Thanks to you, something that was paid with by my WELL earned money…is stained. Listen here you has been, I am on a mission tonight, a mission to find the Accelerator and get my rewarded World Title shot. Instead of finding Ace and gladly picking up what you, I, and all these ungrateful fans know I deserve…I’m stuck here with you. Before you say anything back to me Linchy I want you to tell me this. What are you going to do when the time comes that you and I step into the ring together, one on one? Will you put on the performance of a lifetime, or will you just prove once again to your loyal fans that you’re nothing today from what you once were.

*Jaiden Rishel cockily smiles at the veteran, wiping off his sweated brow before flicking it down at Linchador’s feet. The two men stare at each other without a word going back and forth for several seconds, before finally Linchy breaks the silence.*

El Linchador: You really don’t have any idea who you’re talking to, do you? If you want to step up to the plate and go swinging, just bring the bat and I’ll bring the helmets. And I can run out to Target and get us a few softballs, if I forget to bring them WITH. See you soon, Jaiden.

*The Prodigy raises an eyebrow unknowingly at El Linchador’s comments, he just snickers at the young superstar and walks past him. Rishel sighs deeply to try to control himself, looking down at his stained shirt once again without noticing at all that Linchy is slowly sneaking up behind him. Jaiden runs his fingers over the wet spots in his shirt, disgusted as he feels a slight tap on his back. He whips around and jumps straight into the air.*

El Linchador: OLE~! And I'm from Spain.

*El Linchador turns and leaves, with Rishel, annoyed, turning and walking off the other direction to get himself cleaned up. We cut away to commercials, once more.*

*We cut to the back where Cynthia Hill is doing some investigative reporting, or as others call it spying.*

Cynthia Hall: We’re here in the backstage area trying to get a word with “The Great One” Trevor Kent and see what he’s planning to do here in the GCWA. He’s said to be right around the corner so let us see if we can get a word with him.

*The camera crew slowly comes out from behind the corner to see TGO near a shadowy area talking to an unknown person. Cynthia backs off seeing what’s going on and she motions to the camera to try to pick up on what’s being said, but to no avail. Apparently the mystery person has spotted the camera crew and informs TGO who turns around with an extremely pissed off look on his face.*

The Great One: What the hell are you jabronics doing back here? Get the f*&% out of here!

*TGO rushes the camera crew and Cynthia as the camera suddenly goes blank and we cut back to ringside.*

Jones: Apparently TGO is in no mood to talk just yet.

Rockwell: Who was he talking to?? Wait, does he have accomplices??

Jones: Possibly so. Do we know if Silver Cyanide, Triple P, or Sullivan might still be around?

Rockwell: Ah, hell, I thought they were a one night deal!

Jones: Who knows. Maybe we’ll find out who TGO was talking to at another time. For now, we’ve got one more match to get to!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is a multi-time champion in the ICWF and OCW, and is now making waves in the GCWA… standing 6’1” and weighing 199 lbs, from La Coruna, Spain, here is El Linchador!

*”Hey Ladies” by the Beastie Boys leads out El Linchador, who, as always, is happy and gracious with the fans along the aisleway. He gives out high fives to many, before diving under the bottom rope and sliding into the ring.*

Jones: El Linchador had a pretty strong performance against Maurako’s team at Ultimate Survival, leading many to remember the El Linchador of old.

Rockwell: Yeah, but his ‘pal’ Mobley went on to win, not Linchy. I wonder if there’s any resentment there between the two?

Jones: Probably not, Adrian. El Linchador’s more than capable of getting the victories and climbing up to Mobley’s position. He’s just got some ring rust to shake after many years out of the spotlight.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion and GCWA Television Champion, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*As “Hero” by Skillet plays, Dangerous Dan appears out of the back, looking energized as always. His brother is nowhere to be seen, possibly spending time in the back with Dan’s recently-discovered half-sister. Dan heads down to the ring at a brisk pace, always wired for a good contest.*

Jones: Dan and Chris spent some time this week getting to know their new half-sister, Madyson.

Rockwell: Yeah, and also learning about their cheating, dead-beat dad.

Jones: We don’t know the whole story on that yet, Adrian…

Rockwell: What’s to know? The dad has kids in two different families. Clearly, he cheated on one of them, and that letter Madyson had basically showed the ‘who’.

Jones: At least Dan and Chris are working with Madyson, instead of resenting her. Hopefully, the three will form the bond that was denied them when they grew up separately.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two wrestlers eye each other as the bell sounds and start to circle. The crowd starts to chant “OLE! OLE! OLE!” as a collar and elbow tie up ensues. Linchy tries to use his height to push down on Dangerous Dan but Dan uses his heavier weight to offset this attempt and both men break. They look at each other and circle again. El Linchador goes for a right hook but it's a feint and connects with a left shot to side of Dan's head. Dan is shaken a back as Linchy keeps pounding on him with lefts until Dan gets stunned slightly. Linchy runs to the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Dan ducks it. Linchy rebounds and gets caught in a running arm drag by Dangerous Dan into the ground. Dan keeps the armbar on but Linchy rolls it over into his own armbar on Dan. Dan reverses. Linchy reverses. Dan reverses and then lets go. Both men back up for a moment trying to figure out their next move. Both wrestlers start yelling at each other until the both just run in and start punching each other. Dangerous Dan gets the advantage this time and gets Linchy into the corner with a huge right uppercut. Dan runs back and goes for a spear in the corner. Linchy shakes it off and hits the mat. Dan overshoots Linchy and goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. The crowd is on its feet chanting as Linchy rolls up and grabs Dan who is still hurting in the corner. *

Jones: This match is kicking off good.

Rockwell: Yeah but we all know El Linchador is going to win. Dan just doesn't have it in him to beat him.

Jones: A little premature call isn't it Rockwell?

Rockwell: Why delay the inevitable. We all know he's the untalented brother.

*Linchy picks up Dan and slams him hard into the mat. He runs up to the turnbuckle post and leaps up. He hits a moonsault on Dan and goes for a cover. 1...2...Dan kicks up. Linchy grabs Dan and picks him up. He throws him into the turnbuckle post and then follows with a clothesline. He picks Dan back up and then hits a snap suplex on him out of the turnbuckle area. Linchy keeps the suplex held and rolls. He hits another. Then another. Then another. Linchy gets up and runs to the turnbuckle post and goes for a diving elbow to the throat. 1...2..NO! Linchy looks at the ref and starts to argue as Dan tries to move. The fans are getting on their feet and cheering again. *

Jones: Well the fans are enjoying this but El Linchador is not happy with what he thinks is a slow count.

Rockwell: He needs to put Dangerous Dan out now instead of arguing with the official.

*Dangerous Dan gets up to his knee's before Linchy notices. Linchy runs and dropkicks Dan in the back of the head. Dan's head bounces off the front of the mat and Linchy leaps back up. He's eyeballing Dan as he starts to get up. The fans are cheering so loud now it's starting to echo in the arena as Dan gets to his feet and turns. Linchy runs and kicks Dan in the gut for a DDT! Linchy doesn't let off the assault and just mounts Dan punching him over and over again. Dan gets his hands up to block most of the shots until Linchy gets off of him and pulls him up after a stiff kick to the side of the head. Linchy throws Dan into the ropes and then runs to bounce off the other side. Dan and Linchy connect with a spinning heel kick to Dangerous Dan's head. The fans get up and chant a “Holy (Bleep)” chant. *

Jones: What a move by El Linchador! He almost took Dan's head off.

Rockwell: It'd be a improvement.

. *Linchy gets up and picks up Dan again. He throws Dan into the ropes and follows. Instead of bouncing though Dangerous Dan grabs the top rope, stops, and yanks it down as El Linchador goes flying over the top rope because he was going for a jumping clothesline. Dan takes a moment to catch his breath as Linchy shakes off the hit on the hard floor on the outside. The ref starts his ten count. Dan leaps to the top rope and flies out landing on Linchy's shoulders and hurricanrana's him into the floor. Dan gets back up and throws Linchy into the ring under the bottom rope. Dan gets up on the apron and runs to the turnbuckle post. He leaps off into a missile dropkick into the side of Linchy's head. He grabs Linchy and sets him up for the “Danger Zone”! *


Rockwell: He got off his finisher!

*1...2...NO! Linchy put his foot on the ropes. *

Jones: He kicked out!

Rockwell: What the hell! No way! What has got to be going into the mind of Dangerous Dan right now!

*Dan looks at Linchy and then at the ref and gets up. Dan pops his knuckles and waits for Linchy to get up. He looks intense and angered as Linchy get to his feet. Linchy turns and is met with a kick to the gut followed by a spinning neckbreaker! Dan lays him out and runs to the turnbuckle post. Going for all or nothing Dangerous Dan leaps into the air and hits a SWANTON BOMB on El Linchador! Here is the cover. 1...2...3!*

Minos: His Minos: Here is your winner...DANGEROUS DAN!!

Jones: The E.N.D.D.! Dan put this away with his new finishing move he's been working on!

Rockwell: The what?

Jones: The Endless Nightmare of Dangerous Dan!

Rockwell: Of course. Has to be a long name with these guys.

*Dangerous Dan gets up and holds up his hands as he runs up to the turnbuckle post. He stands up high as the crowd cheers “Dangerous! Dangerous! Dangerous!”. This is what he's been wanting. This is what he has needed. Linchador finally gets up. Shaking off his cobwebs. He sees the replay on the tron and grabs his head in frustration. He leaves the ring as Dan keeps celebrating!*

Jones: So ready for that humble pie?

Rockwell: I said he wasn't the talented brother and he's not.

Jones: Whatever.

*Dangerous Dan finishes celebrating and steps down off the turnbuckle, clearly in a pretty good mood. We stick with a shot of him, but seemingly are now in the backstage area, looking on a large monitor. Dan’s smiling face stays in the shot for a few seconds, but then fades away, as the television has been turned off. In the left-over reflection, we can see a very large face. The camera pans out, showing that it’s the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Bifford!! The crowd is booing heavily, as Bifford shakes his head, and then turns, walking down the hall. He doesn’t get far, before bumping into the new #1 Contender to his belt, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!*

Derek Mobley: Hello, Bifford.

The Big Bifford: Derek…

*The two men stand and consider each other for a moment, knowing that their destinies is now intertwined. Bifford then smiles and reaches into his back pocket, pulling out a folded piece of paper.*

The Big Bifford: I’m glad I bumped into you. I have something for you.

Derek Mobley: If that’s your laundry list, you can keep it. There’s no way I’m getting near those shorts.

The Big Bifford: Hah. Hah. No, Derek, it’s a contract that I got the Accelerator to sign a few minutes ago. It sets up a match between the two of us… and our partners. You’re going to be losing those World Tag-Team Titles back to Biffarachnephobia.

*Mobley looks over the contract for a second, then turns, smiling. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his own piece of paper.*

Derek Mobley: You know, it’s funny, Bifford. You have your piece of paper… and I have mine. The only trick is, mine was signed a lot earlier than yours.

The Big Bifford: Huh?

Derek Mobley: I’m afraid that means our contract supersedes yours. We already have #1 Contenders to our belts.

*Mobley walks away, grinning, as Bifford anxiously opens up the piece of paper. He looks at the name on the paper, and then, incredulous, looks over at where Mobley’s gone.*

The Big Bifford: The Danger Boiz? THE DANGER BOIZ?????

*Bifford angrily turns and grabs the table nearby, toppling it over. He storms down the hall, as the picture slowly fades out once more.*

*We come back to the parking garage where we see Ryan Rage laid on the ground with blood coming on the ground. We then see TGO walking past, apparently going to his car. He looks down at the damage, smiles and speaks.*

The Great One: Gee, I wonder who let that happen….

*TGO laughs a little laugh and continues onto his Silver Viper that has just been pulled around for him. The feed suddenly gets cut and we see black and white film come over the screen as we see a repeat of Mario Maurako's vicious beating. Suddenly we see the film burn away as the man in the black helmet stands in front of the arena.*

???: Glad I got your attention. Glad to see you have not forgotten. I just want you all to know something.

*We see the screen split into fours. We see The Great One getting into a limo from his hotel earlier in the day. We see El Linchador signing a autograph for a kid as he arrives at the arena early. We see Big Bifford eating at the buffet backstage. We see Ace sitting in his office right at this very second. That one is the only live feed.*

???: Hey Mr. President.

*Ace looks at the tv in his office and looks at where the camera is located at.*

???: I struck OCW first. You’re harboring a fugitive from me. I promise you one thing. I will start breaking more and more of them and taking out everyone on your roster until I get them. If you’re lucky I might just leave you alone but don't count on it. You might be next on my list Ace...Ahahahahaa...

*Ace stands up, shaking his head, and turns and goes to the door, leaving his office. The screen cuts back to ringside.*

Jones: That maniac is back and he's calling out the whole roster.

Rockwell: Whoever this guy is after needs to come forward and take him down or we're all in for it.

*Suddenly, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm hits the speakers, bringing the people to their feet, if only to make it easier for them to boo. The Accelerator walks out of the back, still shaking his head about the strange feed from earlier. He doesn’t let it ruin his mood, though, as he heads to the ring.*

Jones: Here comes the President. He’s got a big smile on his face.

Rockwell: Why wouldn’t he? We just had a very successful pay-per-view on Sunday.

Jones: That is true, preliminary reports show that it was one of the most watched Pay-per-views in GCWA history.

*The Accelerator, being escorted by GCWA security, walks slowly down the ramp to a chorus of boos. Security has to deflect flying objects that are being thrown his way. But the huge grin does not leave his face. Accelerator climbs into the ring, then motions for a mic. He pulls the mic up to his mouth then waits for the crowd to simmer down. *

The Accelerator: Well I told you earlier in the show that I had a surprise celebration for one of our all time greats who will retire tonight in this very ring.

Jones: I still can’t figure out who’s retiring Adrian ? Is it Mobley?

Rockwell: Why the hell would Mobley retire? He just won the #1 contendership at Ultimate Survival.

Jones: You may be right, but after all, this is a surprise.

Rockwell: Oh, man, maybe it’s Lurrr!!

Jones: Lurrr ALREADY retired!

Rockwell: Yeah, but I mean, maybe Ace can get him to retire again!

The Accelerator: This wrestler has won many championships and many awards in this federation. Over the past 18 months, he’s been one of the biggest stars in the GCWA. And I know you all love him because every time he comes out, you cheer and scream your little hearts out. But unfortunately, his skills aren’t what they used to be. He’s not the wrestler he once was. So without much further ado, I want everyone to join me in wishing THE LOST SOUL a happy retirement!

*The crowd goes quiet, completely thrown off by the announcement of TLS’ retirement. *

Jones: TLS is retiring? Say it ain’t so. He just fought for the world title!

Rockwell: Yeah well, it was just a matter of time. That old dog should have been put to sleep a long time ago.

*Balloons come down from the rafters and confetti is shot in the air as fireworks explode. Friday the 13th starts to play as TLS shows up on the entrance way to a huge pop from the crowd. They begin a “TLS” chant. *

The Accelerator: Come on down TLS, this is your night tonight. Soak it in.

Jones: It’s always hard to tell what TLS is thinking by looking at his face, but it doesn’t look like he’s too happy Adrian .

Rockwell: he looks a bit constipated if you ask me.

The Accelerator, mockingly, is clapping as TLS makes his way inside the ring. TLS grabs the mic from Accelerator’s hand and begins to speak.

The Lost Soul: This is a joke. I’m not retiring. What kind of game are you playing ace?

The Accelerator: Oh this is no joke boyo. After your lost to the Bifford last Sunday, I’ve come to the realization that you no longer have what it takes to cut it in the GCWA. Thank you for your service, but it’s time you retired.

The Lost Soul: TLS ain’t retired, you can take this celebration and shove it up your ass….

Accelerator: Hold up a minute here TLS. I wanted to be nice, I wanted to throw you a little celebration before you get kicked to the curb and you come out and disrespect me. This isn’t good enough for you? Well you know what? Section 287.5b of the employee handbook states that, “any physical attack on a member of Senior Management is immediate grounds for expulsion from the company.”

The Lost Soul: you spit in my face Ace.

The Accelerator: It doesn’t matter. You know what. You’re right, TLS is not retiring tonight. That will be too good for him. Tonight TLS, because you laid your filthy hands on me. I have just cause to fire your ass.

*The crowd begins to coo loudly. Some chant “Kick his ass!” Ace reaches in his back pocket and pulls out a sheet of paper.*

Jones: I think Ace knew all along what his intentions were tonight, he wanted to make a fool out of TLS.

Rockwell: TLS deserves to get fired for his actions last Sunday.

*The Accelerator pulls out what appears to be TLS’ GCWA contract and holds it in front of him.*

The Accelerator: This is your contract TLS. And this is your contract on drugs.

*The Accelerator brings out a match and lights up the contract then throws it in the air as the flames make quick work of the paper. The crowd is booing, some are throwing trash into the ring at Accelerator, while others can be seen crying as this could be the last time they see their hero TLS.*

Jones: I don’t think there’s anything TLS can do, where’s Lurrr and his lawyers when you need him? This could be the last time we see TLS in the GCWA, I’m getting misty eyed.

Rockwell: Oh shut up Jones, you cry at just about anything.

*TLS is standing there motionless, his fists clenched. *

The Accelerator: I’ve brought down GCWA security just in case you have any intentions of trying to abuse me again.

*GCWA security rush into the ring and stands in between Ace and TLS. TLS looks down at his fists, then he turns to head of security Reed M. Shin.*

The Lost Soul: Reed, you owe me one.

Reed M. Shin: I can’t let you do that TLS, my job is at stake.

Rockwell: What is that supposed to mean? Why did Shin just wink at TLS?

*TLS throws a punch at Shin, who falls before the fist even connects! TLS makes quick work with the rest of security, as if, they let him throw them out of the ring. Accelerator puts his hands up and tries to back away slowly. But before he can, TLS kicks him in the gut and picks him up for a modified SoulBuster. TLS quickly climbs the ropes and jumps off with a Souled Out!!!*

Jones: That is probably the last time we see those moves in the GCWA!

*TLS is standing above Accelerator as the fans are chanting “ONE MORE TIME!”. But instead, TLS picks up the mic and addresses the audience.*

The Lost Soul: Thank you. Good bye.

*The lights begin to flicker, Friday the 13th begins to play. When the music stops and the lights come on, TLS is gone, leaving Accelerator sprawled out in the middle of the ring as security helps him up. We slowly fade out as the crowd chants “TLS! TLS! TLS!”*

OOC: There was definitely times today that I didn't think this was getting up today. Whew! Thanks again to Ataxia and Derek Mobley, both of whom wrote matches for this show. Without them, I probably don't make it.

I'm going to take the weekend off from thinking, just to get myself back together, and then I'll be back at full-steam next week. Hopefully, I'll be a lot easier to get in touch with as well.

Here's the card for next week:

- Royal Powerhouse vs. Xtreme

- Bucky Johnson vs. Lorenzo Demarco, Non-Title Match

- Chris Cortez & Jaiden Rishel vs. Ataxia & El Linchador (2 rps per handler)

- The House of Pain(c) vs. The Danger Boiz, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match

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