GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing The Big Bifford, standing next to the Accelerator. Bifford has a dark smile on his face as he slaps the World Title sitting on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is cheering wildly, knowing that anything can happen the week before a pay-per-view event, especially one as heated as Ultimate Survival. We focus on two women in the front row, glaring at one another. One has a poster that reads “House of Pain Rules!” The other one’s poster says “OCW Will Never Die!” We leave those two behind, as well as the rest of the screaming fans, to go to the announce table, joining Edward Jones and Adrian Rockwell.*

Jones: Welcome, once again, to Friday Night Inferno!! We are just days away now from one of the most explosive events in the GCWA, Ultimate Survival 2010! Several teams have already been put together, representing multiple wrestling organizations!

Rockwell: I’ll say! When does the ICWF contingent get here?

Jones: Jaiden Rishel has brought together a powerhouse team from the CWF, which will represent the President in the tournament. Mario Maurako tried bringing in representatives from OCW, but those were all apparently taken out.

Rockwell: Good riddance, if you ask me. Scoot Time? Special K? Those were wrestlers only their mothers could love.

Jones: The question is, will Maurako be able to find anyone else to team with him, now that he’s facing off against Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, El Linchador, and now Silver Cyanide?

Rockwell: He’s got the whole Maurako family, right? I think he’ll be ok.

Jones: While Ultimate Survival is usually known more for the tag-team match-ups that take place, a major controversy is now erupting around the World Title Match.

Rockwell: Controversy? What are you talking about, Edward? It all looks pretty straight-forward to me. TLS *bleeped* up.

Jones: After The Lost Soul won the #1 Contendership for The Big Bifford’s World Title, he was informed by the President that he could not touch Bifford before their match. Well, last week, things fell apart…

*A video runs, detailing what happened last week. We see shots of Bifford trying to antagonize TLS, including having Arachne pose as a damsel in distress. When TLS didn’t go for it, Bifford later attacked TLS from behind, laying him out. We then see shots from the Fatal Fourway Tag-Team Titles Match, where TLS suddenly came out and attacked Bifford, striking him with a broom and knocking him down, while The House of Pain won the Tag-Team Titles. The Accelerator then came out, proclaiming that TLS had lost the #1 Contendership! We go back to live television.*

Jones: Really, right now, we have no clue who will be facing The Big Bifford at Ultimate Survival!

Rockwell: I bet we could find someone who’d love the opportunity, and wouldn’t throw it away as recklessly as The Lost Soul did.

Jones: He got attacked by Bifford, Adrian, and was just seeking revenge.

Rockwell: There was no rule about Bifford laying his hands on TLS, but there damn sure was a rule on TLS, and he broke it. TLS screwed TLS, it’s perfectly clear.

Jones: Well, what matters now is…

*Suddenly, the big screen above the entryway blinks on. After a few moments of static, it clears up, showing the Presidential office! Seated at his desk, doing his best to look as official as possible, is the Accelerator. The crowd boos as Ace gives them a knowing smirk, before clearing his throat and straightening in his chair.*

Rockwell: Looks like the boss is ready to answer all your questions, Jones!

Jones: This one I’m definitely interested in hearing…

The Accelerator: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the House That Ace Built!

*The crowd, pissed, boos heavily as Ace absorbs it all, still smiling.*

The Accelerator: Last week, despite my grave warnings towards him to not to anything foolish, The Lost Soul decided to flagrantly defy the rules of the GCWA. He violated a contract order by assaulting The Big Bifford with no provocation, trying to injure our World Heavyweight Champion.

Jones: No provocation??

Rockwell: Shut up, Edward, I’m trying to listen here…

*Ace takes a quick drink of what looks to be champagne, clearly enjoying the taste as an “Acehole” chant begins to gain steam in the arena.*

The Accelerator: I know a few of you out there may be unhappy with the decision to strip The Lost Soul of his #1 Contendership, and I fully understand your concerns. But without rules, the GCWA would devolve into anarchy, and I will not allow that to happen. There are consequences for every action around here, and TLS will just have to live with what he did to himself.

*The boos are even louder now, as is the “Acehole” chant. Ace finishes his drink, either not hearing the crowd or simply not letting it get to him.*

The Accelerator: But fear not, loyal GCWA watchers! I proclaimed that the GCWA World Heavyweight Title would be defended next weekend at Ultimate Survival 2010, and I don’t plan on letting you down! The Big Bifford has agreed with me, and tonight, we will spend our time looking for a worthy successor to the #1 Contendership! Quite frankly, any wrestler in the arena tonight could be getting the opportunity of a lifetime at Ultimate Survival! I guarantee that, by the end of tonight, you will know the #1 Contender, and we will have a match for the ages set in stone! Until then? Enjoy the rest of your night, ladies and gentlemen!

*The Accelerator smiles once more towards the camera, as the picture fades out. The crowd is still unhappy, with several fans shown holding up signs in support of The Lost Soul. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Well, at least that answers one question, as we’re guaranteed to have a #1 Contender named tonight!

Rockwell: I knew Ace wouldn’t let us down! Who do you think the #1 Contender is going to be? There are so many contenders out there…

Jones: With the President, truly anyone is possible…

Rockwell: All too true. The man always knows what to do in times of need! He’s a true genius!

Jones: We might as well get going with tonight, so that we can clear up the mysteries along the way!

Minos: This match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. First, approaching the ringside area, he is looking to achieve his first victory in the company here tonight. Standing 6’7” and weighing 220 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Mr. Itt!

*The crowd boos, not exactly a fan of the young wrestler as he makes his way out to “Through The Trees” by Low Shoulder. It’s hard to tell if they don’t like his attitude or if it’s just his win/loss record. Mr. Itt grumbles along his way towards the ring, not liking the reception waiting for him. He climbs through the ropes and waits in the corner, a disgusted look on his face.*

Jones: Mr. Itt has not quite lived up to expectations the last few weeks since his debut.

Rockwell: What expectations? The guy’s named “Mr. Itt”. It’s not exactly a name that had me expecting great things.

Jones: True, but you can’t deny that he has the size necessary to be a serious threat to anyone he faces.

Rockwell: Size isn’t everything. You should know that, considering that your wife actually married you.

Jones: … Ouch… that hurts, man.

Rockwell: What, you going to cry now? Tissues are right over there.

Minos: His opponent has held multiple championships in the GCWA and has been named the captain of Team Santana at Ultimate Survival, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans cheer as “Sandstorm” by Darude begins, leading the way out for Santana. He still appears to have a brace tightly wrapped around his injured leg, but he definitely seems to be moving better this week as he approaches the ring. He slides in, getting to his feet and acknowledging the fans before focusing on his opponent.*

Jones: Santana is said to have sought help with his injured leg by going back to his original sensei.

Rockwell: Who’s that, Mr. Miyagi? Did he do that cool “slap the hands together and prepare” move before ‘healing’ him?

Jones: A Karate Kid reference, huh?

Rockwell: The remake’s coming out soon, so it’s relevant again.

Jones: True.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mr. Itt charges out of his corner as soon as the bell sounds, eagerly wanting to get a piece of Santana. He swings, but Santana ducks under it and moves aside, taking on a defensive stance. Mr. Itt turns, fuming, and goes after Santana again, apparently remembering the fight the two men had a few weeks ago. Once again, though, Santana dodges, and this time he strikes back, landing a chop to the back of the neck that knocks Mr. Itt down to a knee! Mr. Itt stands back up quickly, massaging where he took the shot. He growls at Santana, who appears to be calmer than he has been in some time. As Mr. Itt comes at him again, Santana responds by stepping to the side and landing a kick to Mr. Itt’s gut, bending him over. Santana then goes to the ropes and rushes back with a leaping axe kick, knocking Mr. Itt to the mat! Santana then makes the cover, with Referee Mitchell there for the count… 1… 2… and Mr. Itt barely escapes in time.*

Jones: Santana’s looking smooth tonight, after his recent training.

Rockwell: Did the referee check out that brace that he’s wearing?

Jones: Huh? I, I don’t know if he did or not, Adrian, why?

Rockwell: Santana’s hit Mr. Itt with it a couple of times already in this match with his kicks. How do we know there’s not a steel plate embedded in there?

Jones: Santana’s the most honorable wrestler we have in the GCWA, Adrian. I don’t see him cheating like that.

Rockwell: If he’s not, he should be.

*With Referee Mitchell backing out of the way, Santana has Mr. Itt on his feet. He drives Mr. Itt into the corner with a series of strikes, and then starts slashing him across the chest with chops, earning the cheers of the crowd. Santana then drags Mr. Itt out of the corner and drives him down with a running bulldog, laying the man out. Santana stands up, still completely focused on the challenge before him. He surprisingly heads to the turnbuckle, not his usual forte, as Mr. Itt struggles to recover. The big man pushes off the mat and starts to stand up, dazed as he turns to look for his foe. Santana doesn’t keep him waiting, leaping off the turnbuckle and landing a monster tomahawk chop!! Mr. Itt stays up for a moment, but he’s clearly out of it, as he slowly falls forward and crashes to the ground!*

Jones: Mr. Itt, once again, is falling behind in the contest…

Rockwell: Can you fall behind if you’ve never been ahead? I mean, I don’t think he’s laid a hand on Santana yet!

Jones: It’s either because Santana’s just too quick, or Mr. Itt just doesn’t have it tonight.

*Mr. Itt is still down, badly shook up from the strike to the head he just took. But Santana’s not in the mood to let things end there. He’s here for a confidence build. As he waits in the corner, Santana raises a hand, signaling to the fans that his finisher is on the way. The crowd is cheering, excited to see it, as they watch Mr. Itt struggle to try and get up. As soon as Mr. Itt is up high enough, still bent over, Santana bolts in towards him, leaping up in the air and scoring the Sensei-Tion!!!! Mr. Itt is down and out, flat on his back, with no signs of moving any time soon. Santana walks over to him, smiling, as he knows it’s all over. He drops to make the cover, grabbing a leg for good measure, as Referee Mitchell slides into place next to him… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: And after a dominating performance, Santana gets a victory as he heads towards Ultimate Survival!

Rockwell: Yeah, but you can’t compare Mr. Itt with Chris Cortez. This one might be good for Santana’s psyche, but that’s all.

Jones: As for Mr. Itt, with his fourth loss in the GCWA, it doesn’t look like he’s even going to be booked for Ultimate Survival.

Rockwell: Good. Less waste taking up space.

*Mr. Itt looks to be out cold, with only a small spasm in his leg showing life. Referee Mitchell is checking on him, even as Santana pulls himself out of the ring and starts up the aisle. The limp has reappeared, showing that the leg isn’t fully healed, but the victory surely takes away some of the pain. We cut backstage to see Lorenzo Demarco getting out of his car as our cameraman walks up to him. Lorenzo turns and shakes his head.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Look man. I aint got time for this.

Cameraman: I know...

*The camera gets thrown towards Lorenzo's face. We go to static for a moment and then the camera cuts back on with a crack in the lens. We hear the sounds of a scuffle. Finally after a few moments the camera gets picked up and we see a bloodied Demarco grabbing his head as the blood keeps pouring out of the wound. *

Cameraman: Teach you to mess with people just doing their job (bleep)hole!

*The camera stays focused on the bloody Demarco for another few seconds, before the shot turns off, taking us to darkness.*

*We return to the GCWA Arena, showing us Edward Jones sitting at the announce desk.*

Jones: We're going live to Cynthia Hall to hopefully get a update on Lorenzo Demarco. Cynthia?

*We cut to backstage in front of the trainers’ room where Cynthia Hall stands in front of the door.*

Cynthia Hall: Well Ed we still have no word on Lorenzo's condition but what we do know is that it is in question as to rather he can compete tonight against Ataxia.

*Suddenly the door is opened and the trainer walks out.*

Cynthia Hall: How is he?

Trainer: Well he's gonna compete tonight. Against doctor's orders. He got hit in the head really hard with one of our mobile cameras but he still insists on competing.

Cynthia Hall: Well Ed. There you have it. Lorenzo Demarco vs Ataxia is still on for tonight's main event.

Jones: Thank you Cynthia. Well the fans are not going to be cheated by a apparent angry cameraman. We are still looking for him in the building but it could be anyone.

Rockwell: When the cameramen start attacking people, you have to start looking at the chaos of the leadership.

Jones: Wait, are you… are you talking about…

Rockwell: Commissioner Lurrr, yes I am!

Jones: Wait, you’re blaming assaults like this on Lurrr?

Rockwell: Ever since Lurrr snuck in and got himself appointed Commissioner, our company has been breaking down into insanity. We need him gone, as soon as possible!

Jones: Well, I’ll let you lead that charge. For now, we’ve got more matches to get to!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. First, coming out of the back, he is a hardcore wrestler who is intent on passing his message on to the rest of the GCWA… representing Team Santana… standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*Xtreme comes out to “Give It All” by Rise Against, pushing his usual weapons cart with him. While he’s still showing some injuries from last week, Xtreme’s not letting it slow him down as he heads for the ring, smiling as usual. Also as usual, kids in the front rows seem to be a little scared of the man.*

Jones: Xtreme, fortunately, succeeded in beating the charges of assault against him this week.

Rockwell: The guy tossed a drunk through a bar window, admitted he was violent, and the judge dismissed the charges anyway. Our legal system sucks.

Jones: Well, don’t forget, Adrian, that the ‘drunk’ hit Xtreme first. That made it self-defense, so there was nothing the judge could do.

Rockwell: Xtreme just needs to concentrate on hurting people here on Inferno, and stop going to bars. His luck won’t last forever.

Minos: His opponent is a former ICWF World Heavyweight Champion, and is here tonight representing Team House of Pain… standing 6’1” and weighing 199 lbs, from La Coruna, Spain, here is El Linchador!

*As “Hey Ladies” by The Beastie Boys plays, the crowd gets on their feet to cheer for El Linchador. He walks out, smiling, as Pedro follows behind him. The two men head towards the ring, talking amongst themselves, with the crowd starting an “Ole” chant to follow them down.*

Rockwell: We almost lost El Linchador this week. Too bad the Feds played nice with him.

Jones: A $32,000 fine is “playing nice”?

Rockwell: Linchy deserved more, bringing up terrorism while on an airplane.

Jones: But he said he DIDN’T have a bomb!

Rockwell: Tell that to the men and women he panicked on the plane. Dumbass.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Xtreme is still smiling at El Linchador, watching him from the corner while keeping his arm behind him. El Linchador finishes his conversation with Pedro and turns back, slowly moving forward. Xtreme steps forward as well, pulling his baseball bat from behind his back! El Linchador, surprised, retreats, as Xtreme moves in… and referee Logan reaches out and grabs the side of the bat from Xtreme as he goes by!! Xtreme turns and glares at Logan, who shakes his head and tells Xtreme that this one’s not set up as a hardcore match. Xtreme, looking pretty displeased, pulls the bat away from Logan and walks away, leaning through the ropes to drop the bat back into his weapons cart. El Linchador shows that this is a mistake, as he runs over and goes through the ropes, scoring a 619!! Xtreme staggers back into the ring, with El Linchador then springing himself over the ropes and coming back in with a missile dropkick, knocking him on his back!*

Jones: El Linchador starts this one off with a bang!

Rockwell: Yeah, well, if Xtreme had his way, El Linchador’s “bang” would have turned out to be much worse.

Jones: It can’t always be a hardcore match, Adrian. Xtreme’s got to find a way to win without weapons tonight.

*El Linchador has Xtreme in the corner now, hammering him with forearms. He then goes to whip Xtreme to the other side, but Xtreme holds on, refusing to let his bulk be moved. In response, El Linchador gets a couple of kicks to Xtreme’s stomach, keeping him in the corner. El Linchador then backs up, smiling to the fans before turning around and rushing in for a double knee strike. But Xtreme manages to roll to the left in time, and El Linchador hits nothing but turnbuckle pads!! El Linchador collapses to the ground, in pain, as Xtreme staggers over to him. He pulls El Linchador up, immediately taking advantage of the damage by lifting him up and snapping him down with a kneebreaker!! El Linchador falls to the ground, with Xtreme then grabbing his legs and dropping an elbow on them, before latching on a leg submission twist, putting all his weight on his opponent’s limbs.*

Jones: Is Xtreme using a submission hold?

Rockwell: What, because he likes being hardcore, he can’t know how to make a person submit? Submission holds seem right up his alley, dishing out pain in heavy doses.

Jones: True. We still don’t know the extent of Xtreme’s wrestling knowledge, as we’ve rarely got to see it.

*Referee Logan stays close, watching, as Xtreme continues to twist away at El Linchador’s leg. The veteran refuses to give up, though, as he tries to reach towards the nearby ropes. He can’t seem to move Xtreme’s weight, however, keeping him a few inches away. El Linchador then decides on a different tact, suddenly turning back around and sitting up, ignoring the pain as he starts slugging away at Xtreme’s exposed head! After three shots, Xtreme is forced to let go, allowing El Linchador to slide himself free. The two men both work back to their feet, with Xtreme shaking off the attack first and coming back in. But El Linchador is already moving, jumping up and catching Xtreme around the head and spinning around him in a complete circle, before finishing the around-the-world maneuver with a hurricanrana!! Xtreme hits the ground hard and rolls away, as El Linchador stays in a seated position, trying to get some blood flow back into his stunned leg.*

Jones: That was an amazing move from El Linchador, showing that he’s still got skills inside the squared circle!

Rockwell: So the old man’s still got some moves. His age is still a factor the longer this match goes.

Jones: Honestly, I don’t think El Linchador’s THAT old, but I know he himself has been concerned about his return after so many years.

Rockwell: It definitely isn’t going to be easy for him. Wrestling’s a young man’s game.

Jones: Tell that to our World Champion.

Rockwell: … Bifford’s the exception to the rule, that’s all…

*Both men are back on their feet now, with El Linchador still favoring his right leg. He limps towards Xtreme, who meets him with a right hand, then another, driving the luchadore wrestler back to the ropes. Xtreme then grabs El Linchador by the arm and whips him to the other side. As the lightweight returns, Xtreme shifts his weight and catches him, tossing El Linchador overhead. Surprisingly, El Linchador manages to turn himself around, landing behind Xtreme, only to have his injured leg buckle slightly, almost causing him to fall down. His stumble is enough for Xtreme to turn around and grab hold of him, tossing El Linchador with a release belly-to-belly suplex!! El Linchador crashes hard to the canvas, out of it, as Xtreme goes off the ropes and comes back, jumping into the air and pancaking El Linchador on the mat!! He grabs the leg and hangs on as Referee Logan makes the count… 1… 2… El Linchador kicks out in time!*

Jones: Xtreme’s surprisingly hanging in there against the veteran, nearly putting him away right there!

Rockwell: I hate to give the mental case credit, but I’m definitely seeing signs of improvement. This may be the best I’ve ever seen him.

Jones: But is the improvement enough to put El Linchador away?

*Xtreme hauls El Linchador up, apparently enjoying himself immensely. With one motion, Xtreme lifts El Linchador into the air, then slams him down to the canvas on his back. Xtreme then goes to the ropes and returns for a leg drop, plummeting down to where El Linchador used to be. Unfortunately for him, El Linchador has moved, causing Xtreme to have a crash landing. It doesn’t seem to hurt him too much, as Xtreme gets up rather quickly, but El Linchador’s already charging back in, grabbing Xtreme by the head and running towards the corner, spinning off of it with a tornado diamond cutter!! It takes El Linchador a second to recover after the maneuver, but he soon is back on his feet and heading for the turnbuckle. Before Xtreme can recover, El Linchador reaches the top and immediately jumps, getting a double jump elbow drop to land perfectly onto the hardcore wrestler! El Linchador then makes the cover… 1… 2… but Xtreme manages to escape!*

Rockwell: Did anyone see this match being so damned competitive? At this point, either man could still win!

Jones: These guys are showing why they were signed to the GCWA in the first place, Adrian! They’re both tough, and they’re both hungry for a victory!

Rockwell: You’d think they’d be saving themselves for Ultimate Survival… idiots…

Jones: Aren’t you the one who told me a win is all that matters?

Rockwell: Some wins matter more than others. It’s a statistical fact.

*El Linchador is back on his feet now, trying to figure out how to keep Xtreme down. He shakes out his sore leg, then looks to the nearby ropes. El Linchador runs over to them and jumps up, springboarding off as if to try for a moonsault. Xtreme’s already doing a roll, getting out of the way, with El Linchador somehow managing to land softly, only going to one knee. He hops back up but Xtreme desperately dives at him, getting a rocking clothesline that smashes El Linchador to the canvas! With Xtreme laying on top, Referee Logan slides into position and starts counting… 1… 2… but El Linchador shoots his shoulder up in time. Xtreme slowly gets up, pulling El Linchador up and getting him on his shoulder for the Xtreme Measures!! He spins him, no, El Linchador twists around him and grabs the head, dropping with a DDT instead!!! El Linchador gets an arm on him… 1… 2… No, Xtreme gets out!*

Jones: The fans are starting to bite on every pinfall now!

Rockwell: Now we’ll see what kind of stamina the old man and the heavy-hitter have…

*Both wrestlers struggle to get back up, wiping sweat from their eyes. El Linchador tries to strike first with a right hand, but Xtreme blocks it and gets in his own shots. He then picks up El Linchador on his shoulder and runs forward, trying to smash El Linchador into the corner. But El Linchador raises himself up at the last second, and while Xtreme hits the corner, El Linchador actually manages to land himself onto the ‘buckle!! El Linchador slams Xtreme’s head into the ‘buckle, causing him to stumble away. El Linchador then leaps off after him, dropping perfectly onto Xtreme with a 360-Flip Into A Cross Body Block!! The place is going wild after the maneuver, as El Linchador is now on top for the cover. Referee Logan dives into position to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… El Linchador!

Jones: El Linchador pulls off his first singles victory!

Rockwell: Wow, I didn’t think the guy could leap that high anymore. Maybe he’s still got some of that old magic left.

Jones: I have to say, Xtreme impressed me today. A month or two ago, who would have thought that Xtreme would be going toe-to-toe with former World Champions?

Rockwell: I’ll grant that he’s getting better, but tonight, El Linchador gets the triumphant win.

*El Linchador leans on the ropes, working out the kinks in his leg. Xtreme has rolled to the outside, moving to seek some comfort from his weapons cart. We shift away from ringside and go to the backstage area, where we see The Big Bifford lounging in the back, watching the live feed. He turns towards his right, where Ludwig the Seal, the “VP” of the GCWA, is sitting on his desk/pool.*

The Big Bifford: The night’s getting exciting, isn’t it, Ludwig? You think any of these losers deserves a chance at my World Title?

*Ludwig says nothing. He’s too busy munching on cocoa puffs. He’s looking more and more like his owner as each day goes by. Bifford, smiling as if he heard what he wanted to hear, sits back in his custom-made chair.*

The Big Bifford: That’s what I think, too.

*Bifford relaxes backwards, as the picture slowly fades out to commercial.*

*We’re back at ringside, as Edward Jones and Adrian Rockwell are shown in the center of the screen.*

Jones: Welcome back, everyone! With Ultimate Survival just around the corner, the tension in the backstage area seems to be growing and growing.

Rockwell: Yep, that’s the fun of this one. Sure, you’re put on a team and have to work together to survive. But you know, deep in your heart, that at the end of the night, you might have to fight a teammate to win Ultimate Survival. So do you sandbag them early and hope you can still survive? Or do you just trust that you can beat your allies?

Jones: Of course, teams are still being formed here tonight. We know that Team Invincible is set, with Jaiden Rishel leading a team from the CWF in Mark Carlton, Colton Mace, and Ian King. Crazy Chris is leading Team Danger Boiz against him, with his brother, Dangerous Dan. We also learned last week that “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson was going to be part of it as well.

Rockwell: Those three, huh? The President’s team is in good shape.

Jones: Considering how many GCWA belts those three individuals have won, I’d think of them as more of a threat, Adrian.

Rockwell: Feh, yeah, whatever.

Jones: What should interest you, Adrian, is that Crazy Chris is on his way out here to let us know who his fourth tag-team partner is!

Rockwell: … He is? Ummm, uh, good! Good that he’s finally going to fess up!

*“Mental Health” by Zebrahead begins to play, as the crowd rises to their feet for the Unified X Division Champion. Crazy Chris, along with his brother Dangerous Dan emerge from behind the curtain, where Chris stands in the middle of the ramp way, with the Unified X Division title wrapped firmly around his waist, crossing his arms in the shape of an X to represent the X title. Behind them, Bucky Johnson walks out, smiling at the strong crowd reaction. Dangerous Dan salutes several of the fans, as he, Chris, & Bucky make their way to the ring. Chris grabs the microphone, which has been laid on the ring steps. Chris stands in the middle of the ring, raising the Unified X Division title high up in the air. The music fades as Chris brings the microphone up to his face.*

Crazy Chris: All week long people have been asking me who is the fourth member on Team Danger Boiz at Ultimate Survival. Well I will get to that announcement soon, but right now I want to address my opponents at Ultimate Survival.

*The fans begin to boo at the mention of Team Rishel.*

Crazy Chris: A couple of weeks ago after my number one contenders match with The Lost Soul, Jaiden Rishel decided to come down to this ring and make a statement. Well Rishel, you picked the wrong person to make a statement to. You see this isn’t daddy’s company so there is no getting whatever you want here. Daddy isn’t here to save you from me, Dan, Bucky, or any of these fans in this arena. You started a war that you definitely will regret you started.

*The fans begin cheering loudly at the mention of the feud between the two teams.*

Crazy Chris: So the rules of the number one contenders match was the loser of that match became the captain of the opposing team. So since I lost I am now team captain and can choose any members of my team. Well it was obvious who one of my partners would be in that of my brother, Dangerous Dan.

*The fans have a mixed reaction towards the older brother, not forgetting about last month’s feud between the two. Chris hands the microphone to his brother.*

Dangerous Dan: I see many of you still have your doubts about me and the arena is split towards me here tonight. Well I can guarantee you that Dangerous Dan is back on the right path. I got a little selfish last month and became a different person. I realized what that was going to cost me, so I am a changed person. Team Danger Boiz is going to dominate Team Rishel at Ultimate Survival. Chris and I have thought long and hard at whom should be on our team. With Chris being captain, it’s his decision. And I think the decision he made will take out team straight to the finals.

*The crowd seems pumped up, as Chris takes the mic back from his brother and turns towards Bucky Johnson.*

Crazy Chris: Last week, we decided to take on a beast. A warrior who never says die, and who would love to show Rishel the meaning of pain. Bucky also knows your ‘business associates’, Rishel, giving us all we need to know on how to defeat them.

*Bucky is grinning and nodding, agreeing with everything that Crazy Chris is saying. A chant of “who’s number four, who’s number four” starts to echo throughout the arena.*

Crazy Chris: I see you guys are anxious to see who I have selected to be the final member on my team.

*The fans begin chanting louder in anticipation for the announcement.*

Crazy Chris: For the past week, I have thought long and hard at who I want to help represent Team Danger Boiz. I thought about Team Rishel and who was on his team. Jaiden has decided to make this a CWF versus GCWA Ultimate Survival match, so I looked up the history of his buddies Mark Carlton and Colton Mace. Who do I feel could tear these guys to shred and send them back to the CWF in embarrassment? That’s when it hit me. So, I went to the CWF and invaded their locker room. I searched long and hard at finding the right person to represent. Then I found the right person I felt could humiliate Team Rishel. Are you ready to see who the final member on Team Danger Boiz is?

*The fans cheer loudly wanting the wait to be over with.*

Crazy Chris: Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado the fourth and final member on Team Danger Boiz.

*Chris lowers the microphone, as he signals the audience towards the entrance way.*

Rockwell: Who is it?? Who?!?!

Jones: Sit down, Adrian, I can’t see!

*Suddenly, the lights dim across the arena as “Our Truth” by Lacuna Coil screams out. Lights in red and white flash, alternating piercing the darkness.*

Rockwell: What? Oh man… not her…

Jones: It’s Angel!!! One of the CWF’s most exhilarating wrestlers!!

*The fans scream out for Angel as she struts/skips out across the stage- reaching one and staring out, occasionally letting out a primal scream, going across to the other side and repeating the process.*

Rockwell: This can’t be legal… I mean, Ace wouldn’t allow Angel to come to the GCWA again, would he?

Jones: Actually, didn’t she sign a contract when she came in with Angelica a few months back?

Rockwell: But she never wrestled!! This… this can’t be legal!

Jones: I’m betting Commissioner Lurrr would have something to say about that, Adrian…

*Angel comes down the ramp, slapping fans hands and getting in the lens of the cameras, sly smiles being cast out. She climbs onto the apron and (does Gail Kim like lean over to one side) drops her head and flicks back before sliding under the bottom rope- blowing a quick kiss to the opponent she scales the furthest turnbuckle and does the same hair flick, throwing her arms out to the side, followed by going to the top rope and doing a back flip off. The fans are going wild as Angel steps up next to Crazy Chris and his crew, shaking Chris’ hand. The cheering continues as the group leaves together, heading for the back. We fade out for another commercial break.*

*We go to the backstage area after the break, where we see Bucky Johnson reentering his dressing room after the previous time in the ring. He takes off his ring jacket, throwing it to the side, as his brother Chucky walks into the room.*

Bucky Johnson: Oh, man! I am SO excited for Ultimate Survival!

Chucky Johnson: You’re gonna do great, man. Trust me.

Bucky Johnson: It’s a bummer that you can’t be in it. Why couldn’t your old high-school buddies plan their trip the week after Ultimate Survival?

Chucky Johnson: They all had plans. But it’s cool; I haven’t hung out with them forever! It’ll be nice, and I’ll make sure to order the PPV.

Bucky Johnson: You better!

*There’s a knock at the locker room door.*

Bucky Johnson: Come in!

*Crazy Chris appears in the room.*

Bucky Johnson: Hey! What’s happening, man?

Crazy Chris: It’s going good. But we need to set a time to go over our game plan for the pay-per-view. I want to make sure we all know what we need to do when we go against Team Invincible.

Bucky Johnson: Ah, right. So, what is it?

*Suddenly, there’s another knock at the door, as an attendant pokes his head in.*

Worker: Um, Bucky? Your match is about to start.

Bucky Johnson: Oh, *bleep*. Sorry Chris, I’ll meet up with you later. Let me go kick this guy’s ass, and I’ll be back.

*Bucky runs out of his dressing room, as we head back to ringside.*

Rockwell: Damn worker, he should have just let Bucky forfeit, if the dummy can’t watch what time it is.

Jones: You’re just bitter after the announcement of Crazy Chris’ last partner, Angel.

Rockwell: Hell yes I am! She’s not GCWA, she’s CWF, she shouldn’t even be allowed to wrestle here!

Jones: The same could probably be said for Mark Carlton, Colton Mace, and Ian King.

Rockwell: Hey, now, they’ve got special privileges granted to them by the President! What’s Angel got? An old contract and a no-good commissioner, that’s what!

Jones: Word has it that Bucky’s ready, and so is Riot. So let’s get back to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming to the ring, he is representing Team Cortez, standing 6’1” and weighing 239 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, here is Jimmy Riot!

*Riot comes out to “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory, with the crowd reacting with boos coming in his direction. Riot doesn’t seem to notice, as he seems to be talking to himself rather vigorously. This doesn’t stop him, though, from making his way towards the ring.*

Jones: We learned a little more about Jimmy Riot’s alterego, Rage, this week, including when he started to hear from the other personality.

Rockwell: We need to start adding psyche exams to the random drug tests. I mean, with Riot, Arachne, Ataxia, and Xtreme, we’ve got some real nutcases in the GCWA now.

Jones: Well, presumably, it can make Riot a more dangerous wrestler, as you never know what moves he’s going to be pulling off. It all depends on who’s at the controls.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA X Division Champion, and is a representative of Team Danger Boiz, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*Johnson comes out confidently to “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem. He heads for the ring, walking down the ramp… only to slip on some cola that had been spilled there. Luckily, Johnson is able to catch himself before taking a nasty fall. He shakes his head, and then continues on towards his match.*

Jones: According to a fortune Johnson got, he might be closing in on an epic failure tonight. Hopefully, for his sake, that ‘epic failure’ was actually just him slipping on the ramp.

Rockwell: I doubt it, but you never know. I just hope he got that industrial-strength shampoo, because skunk pee doesn’t come out very easily.

Jones: Nope, it takes a lot of tomato juice and scrubbing.

Rockwell: Have some experience with that, do we, Jones?

Jones: Shut up…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie signals for the two men to start going at it. Johnson comes forward first, seemingly more cautious than usual. Riot stares at him for a second, as if transfixed, but then finally starts forward as well with a fast dash. This takes Johnson off-guard, causing him to step back in a defensive posture, only to have Riot go right between his legs with a baseball slide! Johnson, surprised, spins around and tries a hard swing, but Riot ducks underneath it and leaps up for a backflip dropkick! Johnson falls to his back but is immediately getting back up, with Riot then rushing at him with a charge, grabbing him by the head. He twists Johnson around to the ropes, attempting to spin off of them for a DDT, but suddenly, Johnson shoves hard, sending Riot over the ropes instead!! Riot manages to land on the apron, but it’s only a temporary sanctuary, as Johnson, spotting him, comes forward with a big boot, sending Riot flying backwards to the guardrail!!*

Jones: Riot definitely has some speed in there, but Johnson’s power seems to be a match for it!

Rockwell: Johnson’s pretty fast, too, for a big guy. A lot of wrestlers seem to underestimate how fast he can move. Riot sure did.

Jones: Could this match be over that quickly?

*Johnson waits patiently inside the ring, backing off under Referee Trixie’s orders, as she continues to count away. She reaches 5, but Riot is already pulling himself up. He landed hard on his back into the railing, but strangely, he seems to be concentrating more on the pain within his head, as he has both hands up. Trixie gets to 6, then 7, and Riot finally reacts, glaring at her before diving forward and sliding into the ring. Johnson, feeling more confident now, steps in and grabs Riot as he works to stand, giving him an axehandle shot to the back of the neck. Riot goes down, but surprisingly pops right back up with intensity. He starts swinging with both hands in almost windmill-like orbits, driving Johnson back with punch after punch!! Johnson tries to retreat, but Riot doesn’t allow it, tackling Johnson to the mat by the legs, then pounding away at him with open fists!! Trixie has to intervene, threatening a disqualification, before Riot finally backs off.*

Rockwell: I think Rage has woken up again…

Jones: Jimmy Riot’s alter-ego is definitely in control after that crash Riot took! It’s very unusual for a wrestler to have a split-personality, Adrian.

Rockwell: Nah, it’s just unusual for the wrestler to admit it.

*Riot has Johnson back on his feet now, keeping him in the corner as he hammers away at Johnson’s unprotected sides with strikes. Johnson’s hurting now, with Riot clearly enjoying himself, to judge by the smile on his face. He climbs up on Johnson, slugging away, with Referee Trixie again shouting a warning his direction. Riot snarls at her from up on the ‘buckle, telling her (in words that are bleeped out) to get away from him. She backs off, a little frightened. Riot then goes back to Johnson, only to have the wrestler lift him into the air and step forward, before dropping Riot with a powerbomb!! Riot’s down, flat on his back, as Johnson recovers and gets on top for the cover… 1… 2.. but Riot is able to kick out in time. Johnson, shaking his head, pulls both men up, then throws Riot to the ropes. He tries a clothesline as Riot returns, but the man ducks under it and runs to the other side before returning with an angry charge… only to get a running headbutt from Johnson!!! Riot crashes to the canvas, as the crowd cheers the unorthodox move.*

Jones: Johnson’s head continues to be one of his greatest weapons!

Rockwell: For most people, that means their brains. But for Johnson, it’s definitely exactly how it sounds. The kid’s skull is like concrete!

*Rubbing the sore spot on the top of his head, Johnson gets over to Riot and makes the cover, holding the legs… 1… 2… but Riot manages to kick out again, continuing the match. Johnson lifts himself up, glancing over at Trixie as if questioning the count. He doesn’t say a word, though, being a gentleman, as he pulls Riot to his feet. Johnson lifts the smaller wrestler onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, apparently to try for a death valley driver maneuver. But as Johnson walks forward, Riot starts striking with a series of elbows, managing to free himself by dropping behind the wrestler. He grabs Johnson as if to try for a reverse neckbreaker, but Johnson pulls himself free and turns, hammering Riot with a right hand to the jaw!! Riot falls backwards into the ropes, which spring him back forward. Almost on instinct, Riot lashes out, nailing Johnson with the Crushed Confidence!!!! Johnson goes down, but Riot’s down as well, with the crowd reacting in excitement over the strike!*

Jones: The Crushed Confidence kick!! That’s the first time we’ve seen it land in the GCWA, and it’s lived up to its reputation!

Rockwell: Maybe, but Johnson’s punch proved to be pretty strong as well, because Riot doesn’t have enough to make the pin!

Jones: One of his personalities needs to take the wheel and get moving, because this one could be over!

*Slowly, Riot pulls himself together, crawling over towards Johnson. He gets on the man with his shoulders, leaning against Johnson as Referee Trixie finally is able to make the count… 1… 2… and Bucky manages to get his shoulder up!!! Riot looks absolutely amazed, as if that couldn’t have just happened. He gets on Johnson again, this time grabbing at one of the legs… 1… 2… but Johnson is not staying down! Riot, shaking his head, complains bitterly to Trixie, before moving to the side, waiting for Johnson to get back to his feet. As soon as Johnson rises, Riot rushes in, going for the Ascension Into Hell!!! But as Riot’s legs get on Johnson’s head, Johnson reacts, shoving Riot up and over him!! Riot lands on his feet and turns, but Johnson is able to dive forward, nearly taking Riot’s head off with a massive running clothesline!!! Johnson stays on top, as Trixie is there once again… 1… 2… but Riot doesn’t stay down!*

Jones: This has been a great night of wrestling action, as once again we’re witnessing a very competitive bout!

Rockwell: See, that’s why Ace and Bifford are considering these guys as the possible #1 Contender. They deserve it, the way they’re willing to fight for the chance!

Jones: So it has nothing to do with Bifford ducking TLS?

Rockwell: Stop bringing up the clown, Jones. He blew his shot, end of discussion.

*The wrestlers are both back up now, with Johnson wearily taking Riot over to the corner. He slams Riot’s head into the ‘buckle a few times to stun him, then lifts him up onto the turnbuckle, preparing for something. Riot fights back, though, with a couple of kicks to the sternum, causing Johnson to back away from the corner. Riot then gets up on the top and leaps towards him, going for a flying version of the hurricanrana finisher!! But Johnson catches him in mid-air and immediately takes him down, getting a sitting powerbomb!!! Riot’s not moving, but Johnson doesn’t go for the cover, instead pulling himself inch by inch over to the corner and climbing up. He gets to the top, with the fans cheering for what they know is coming. After a quick signal to the fans, Johnson takes flight, coming down with the Bucking Bronco!!! He lands it perfectly, crushing Riot, and then stays on top for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

Jones: Johnson earns himself a big victory as he heads towards Ultimate Survival!

Rockwell: I usually don’t like to give compliments… and I won’t. The retarded guy won. Yay.

Jones: Johnson’s starting to get a nice roll going, Adrian. In fact, he’s won three of his last four matches, only falling short in the Fatal Fourway for the tag-team titles. Team Invincible better take note, Bucky could be a major dark horse candidate in their match.

Rockwell: If Johnson is one of the survivors of that match, I’ll eat my cast.

Jones: I’ll be sure to have some salt and pepper ready for you.

Rockwell: Too bad about Riot, but sometimes it’s not easy to get things going in the GCWA. Maybe Ultimate Survival will prove to be a more successful venue for him.

*Johnson looks energized as he stands on the apron, saluting the fans before turning and jumping down to the ground. He starts up the aisle, as we see Riot working to pull himself up in the corner. He looks like he’s about to lose it; fortunately, no one else is in the ring to become a target. As Johnson approaches the ramp, he turns and gives the fans one final wave. Unfortunately, this leaves him wide open, as suddenly, he’s under attack from all sides!!!*

Jones: Oh, OH!!!! Team Invincible is out here!!!!

Rockwell: Yes!! Revenge is oh so sweet!!

*Rishel is leading the charge, as he hammers Johnson again and again, while Carlton and Mace hold onto Johnson’s arms. King joins in with his own shots, as the four men lay out the Retarded Beast!*

Jones: Someone alert Bucky’s allies! Their teammate is taking a beating!!

Rockwell: They should have known this was coming! Johnson attacked Rishel last week, and Rishel’s not one to let bygones be bygones!

*Rishel can be seen, shouting into Johnson’s face, saying “Are we having fun now, Bucky?” He slaps Johnson, causing the man to try and fight free, only to get kicked back down again by the four men. However, the wrestlers then suddenly disperse, preparing themselves, as Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, and Angel race onto the scene, each picking a target to attack!!*

Jones: We have a brawl!! These guys aren’t waiting for Ultimate Survival!!

Rockwell: Someone call security and get Chris and them out of here!

*The brawling continues, as we start to fade to a quick commercial break.*

*We’re back at ringside, as security has apparently calmed everything down. We focus back on the announcers.*

Jones: This is really turning out to be a crazy night. Eight-person brawls, cameramen attacking people, surprise appearances… what else could happen tonight?

Rockwell: I personally think Crazy Chris should be fined.

Jones: What?? What could Chris have possibly done to cause that?

Rockwell: He doesn’t have a match tonight, so he had no right to be out here assaulting other wrestlers!

Jones: … None of Team Invincible had a match, either, Adrian.

Rockwell: Yes they did, they wrestled in a dark match earlier. They beat up, uh, four local guys…

Jones: There were no dark matches tonight, Adrian!

Rockwell: Oh, uh, it happened while you were in the restroom… it was a short match…

Jones: *Sigh* Look, let’s just keep things going…

*“Miseria Cantare” by AFI begins to play as the fans stand on their feet and begin to cheer wildly.*

Jones: Another surprise!! Here comes Team Mobley!!

Rockwell: What are they doing out here??

*The crowd is still cheering for Team Mobley as they make their way down to the ring. Linchy and Mobley lead the way with Warrick and Cyanide right behind. They climb into the ring and give the crowd their signature poses to a loud ovation. Mobley grabs the mic.*

Derek Mobley: One month ago I was the victim of false advertisement. I was under the impression that if Warrick Hill, my buddy, was able to defeat Marcus Ka’Derrion at Blood on the Battlefied, I would receive a rematch against Ka’Derrion in an effort to avenge my loss last year. Warrick showed up, he defeated Marcus and fulfilled our end of the bargain…Ace and Marcus, however, did not. They screwed me…the contract I signed was for an Ultimate Survival match against Team Maurako.

*The fans boo at the GCWA Shenanigans from Blood on the Battlefield. Mobley nods along with them, they quiet down and Mobley continues.*

Derek Mobley: So, what did I do about it? Did I sulk? No. Did I threaten to quit? No. Did I attack Ace or Marcus as a result? No. I moved on. I moved on and created the strongest team in the HISTORY of Professional Wrestling. Myself and Warrick aside…take a look at the other half of Team Mobley. You have El Linchador…

*The crowd goes wild and chants “Linchy! Linchy!” Linchy smiles…the cheers die down.*

Derek Mobley: El Linchador…a legend in this industry. A man who has held numerous World Titles and dominated the competition in both ICWF and OCW…a man who may also be the greatest lightweight to ever compete in this industry. Now, after having secured a commitment from El Linchador, I could’ve grabbed someone of a lesser caliber to round out the group…nobody would have blamed me. Did I do that? No. What did I do? Well, I’m gonna tell ya…I went out and grabbed, arguably the most talented wrestler in this history of this business…Silver Cyanide.

*The crowd cheers once more…with the noise equaling the cheers for Mobley and Linchador…they die down, Mobley continues.*

Derek Mobley: Silver Cyanide debuted in OCW as an unknown rookie…all he did after debuting is dominate the competition. He recorded an undefeated streak that had never been seen before or would ever be seen again…in just two months, he took on the company’s brightest star and defeated him to become the undefeated World Champion. Had it not been for an early retirement, Silver Cyanide may have gone down as the greatest wrestler of all time. It is only fitting that he is a part of the greatest team in wrestling history…

*Mobley hands the mic over to El Linchador…the crowd bursts out with some “Linchy! Linchy!” chants as he smiles…he then speaks.*

El Linchador: You know, when GCWA was recruiting me to come back, I had no idea what it was I wanted to do. I knew I had the itch to comeback and I knew that stepping inside this very ring would be inevitable. I just had no direction…that was my only cause for concern. After seeing what happened at Blood on the Battlefield and all the stunts that Ace pulled…watching Ace deprive several deserving wrestlers of earned opportunities, it became clear that I had to join Team Mobley. I’ve known Derek for a long time…we’ve had several encounters…I’ve won some, he’s won some…bottom line is, the respect is there…so, when he reached out and asked for my help to right a wrong, I accepted. Team Maurako is in for a long night at Ultimate Survival…we’re going to give them the beating of their life and run them right out of the GCWA!

*Linchy hands the mic to Warrick as the crowd cheers Linchy’s prediction.*

Warrick Hill: Hell yea…I don’t know much about this Maurako guy…I just know he seems like a massive stooge. I don’t know what he’s doing in a federation he hates…doesn’t make much sense. It’d be like me taking a job at McDonalds over some other job, then complaining about flipping burgers. Not that there’s anything wrong with flipping burgers. So, yea, I guess we’re gonna kick his ass… I mean, hell, if I can defeat Ka’Derrion in a ladder match…Maurako and his group of whatchamacallits should be a piece of New York style cheesecake.

*Linchy, Derek and Cyanide all pat Warrick on the back, praising him for giving New York Style Cheesecake a shout out…a few McDonalds employees in the front row cheer loudly at their profession not being slammed, for once…Linchy spots them and speaks into the mic.*

El Linchador: Hey!! How did you guys afford front row seats??

*They all look at each other.*

El Linchador: Just kidding! OLE!!

*They all smile and laugh…the mic is passed to Cyanide.*

Silver Cyanide: All right, I'm sure there are tons of questions about why Silver Cyanide, a former partner and compadre of Triple M, would side with Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, and a known rival in El Linchador. It is really very simple, you see. I'm sick of Mario Maurako!

*The fans cheer and start a chant of CY-A-NIDE.*

Silver Cyanide: Still F'n Better in OCW was a good old riot and all, but I had to deal with two of the largest egos on the planet with Mario and my 'other' former compadre, Triple P. The High Impact Express was great in the SSE, but somebody--Mario--thought it would be a good idea to let the man whom Guinness World Records recognizes as having the world's lowest IQ, Johnny Elite, be our manager and book our appearances.

*Cyanide paces the ring in front of the rest of Team Mobley basking in the glory of the GCWA fans.*

Silver Cyanide: So when I was approached by Mario to join his team, I was lounging in my mansion, wearing my bathrobe made of tiger fur and gold, having the most beautiful women in the world massaging my entire body while the second-most beautiful women in the world fanned me with thousand dollar bills, and I thought to myself, "Why would I ever join that team? I don't run with egos. I'm way too awesome to deal with an ego." And so I decided to go for a new challenge. To side with my old nemesis, El Linchador. Because he has no ego. And he's good at beating people. Like me. So I'm here to kill the egos and fix the GCWA.

* "Ego" by Element Eighty hits, cutting off Silver Cyanide. Derek Mobley smiles as the rest of his team golf claps while Mario Maurako slowly walks out onto the stage as the GCWA fans boo. Mario shrugs his shoulders sarcastically and then hangs his head as he raises the microphone to his lips.*

Mario Maurako: Well I guess you beat me, Mr. Mobley. I guess The Marvelous One should just tuck his tail between his legs and run away. You've managed to recruit one of my oldest and dearest friends into your little group for Ultimate Survival right from under my nose and had him kick me right in my Marvelous face.

*The fans cheer at Mario's reference to Silver Cyanide.*

Mario Maurako: That was probably a wise move on your part Mobley, because you just saved yourself an ass whooping. Because now all that energy I was going to release on you is being saved for only one man-- Silver Cyanide.

This whole chain of events has been rather sad to me, Mobley. See, I've always claimed from the day that I stepped into this federation that OCW was far and away better than this hell hole, and it would appear that you feel differently. So then can someone explain to me why your team has the former OCW Ring Announcer, and two of the greatest Lightweight Champions and World Champions of all time?

*Mobley raises his microphone but is cut off by Mario.*

Mario Maurako: No, shut your mouth! You've had your time to talk for the last several weeks, and now it's my time.

*The crowd boos angrily at Mario’s disrespect towards Derek Mobley and his entire team. Maurako stands his ground as a smile slowly creeps over his lips.*

Mario Maurako: I have a confession to make, Mobley. The team of OCW Jabronis I've been walking around with for the last few weeks are NOT my team for Ultimate Survival. You see, I figured you or someone in your group would get a hair up their ass and take them out, so I wanted to make it easy for you, and you fell right into my trap, Mobley.

So why don't you sit tight there, Mobley and the rest of you washed up OCW "Superstars," and let me introduce to you the man that is responsible for bringing the OCW All-Star Team together. Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to boo your asses off, as I proudly introduce to you the true money man of the Anti-GCWA movement.... THE GREAT ONE, TREVOR KENT!!!

Rockwell: Holy…

Jones: What on earth? Mario has a new team, and it’s being financed by…TGO?!?

*A new but familiar entrance music plays over the PA system, cutting off the words that were coming out of Mobley’s mouth, “An Evening With El Diablo” by Chevelle. All of the sudden, the letters “T-G-O” flash over the screens sending the crowd into an uproar as the long retired Trevor “The Great One” Kent walks out from backstage wearing his trademark black pinstripe Armani suit (the kind that makes Ace look like a pauper) to the shock of just about everyone in the arena, all but Mario, of course. TGO already has a mic in hand and raises it to his lips as chants of “T-G-O” are mixed in with massive boos from the audience.*

The Great One: Oh it’s good to be back in an arena, but of course it’s upsetting that I have to be here with jabronics like you all.

*Just those few words send the crowd into an uproar of boos, not phasing Trevor at all. He continues to speak.*

The Great One: Oh Linchy, Cyanide…good to see you two again, but you might not think so after I get done announcing what I’m about to announce. And by the way, who the hell are those two idiots in the ring with you? Don’t you guys associate with people of higher standards? Not some washed up has-been tag team that couldn’t cut it in anybody else’s federation besides one that Ace runs? Speaking of Ace, I really hope he understands what I’m doing here and I’ll have some more news for him in the coming weeks…but let’s get to what’s at hand. The Ultimate Survival match at the upcoming pay-per-view…Team Mobley vs. Team Maurako, or better known as the OCW All-Star Team.

*The looks suddenly change on the faces of Mobley and his mob from confused to straight-up angry. Mobley and Hill start shouting profanities towards the stage area as Maurako and TGO start laughing.*

The Great One: So Mario, I thought that I’d tell you that those losers that you had as your team, one of which once beat me unfairly and unjustly because of a screw job by Dean-O-Mac, had to go, so I took it upon myself to have some hired hands take them out last week…I know, I know and I’m sorry… BUT! There’s a new team for you, a team that I’ve procured with the massive wealth that I have, one that not only will destroy that bunch of idiots in the ring but one that will no doubt be the greatest team in the history of GCWA… but only for one night, you see. So without further ado, I give you one of the premiere members of our four man team… JACK SULLIVAN!

*The lights dim and a spotlight shines towards the entryway, as Jack Sullivan walks out to an array of boos and “sellout” chants from the audience. He takes his place center stage as TGO hands him the microphone.*

Jones: TGO bought Jack Sullivan, and these GCWA fans are none too pleased!

Rockwell: One look at his t-shirt should show you all you need to know about this guy.

*Jack remains silent for a moment, taking in the vitriol of the fans and letting them see the shirt he's wearing, which depicts the GCWA logo being set on fire.*

Jack Sullivan: Alright, I know what all of you are thinking, why is Jack Sullivan aligning himself with men representing OCW? After all, I'm the man that delivered the final deathblow to that company. Hell, the last time TGO and I stood this close to each other, he was screwing me out of the OCW World Championship!

*The crowd interrupts, cheering the fact that Jack had gotten screwed out of the gold.*

Jack Sullivan: Yeah yeah, go ahead and cheer my misfortune. I have to say, when these two called me up I almost told them to go screw themselves, but let's just say their argument moved me... into a bigger house.

*Jack has a huge grin on his face as the crowd continues to boo him.*

Jack Sullivan: I mean really when I thought about it, this was easy money. I've beaten Warrick Hill before. Linchy, it's a damn shame you put yourself on the wrong side bud but you know damn well I have your number every time we step into the ring, and Cyanide...

*Jack shakes his head.*

Jack Sullivan: Every time you and I step into a ring against each other, you end up saying you respect me, like the little bitch that you are.

*The crowd's roar is even louder at this point.*

Jack Sullivan: But... I digress. We still have a lot of announcements to make... Maurako.

*Jack hands the microphone over to Triple M, then stands there to soak up the boos.*

Mario Maurako: Isn’t it wonderful what real money can buy, guys? But we’re not done here. You think Sullivan is the best I’ve got, Mobley? You haven’t seen anything yet. Allow me to introduce our other team member, someone you all know very well, and a man with more star power in his thumb than any of you jokers have in your entire bodies. You see, once you’ve already got the best of the best from OCW, the only place to go is even better… but absolutely nothing is better… than perfect.

*With that word still lingering on Mario’s lips, “Headspace” by Velvet Revolver roars over the speakers as the arena lights go out, leaving a grinning Sullivan, Maurako, and Kent showered in strobe lights on the stage.*

Jones: Oh God no…Don’t tell me they let HIM in here, too?

Rockwell: Aw geez, I didn’t think we’d ever see him in GCWA…but there he is!

*The swing of a Singapore cane thrusts the curtain aside as “PERFECT” PAUL PARAS strides out onto the stage, earning a shocked, mixed reaction from the GCWA faithful! Paras, wearing jeans and his classic black and blue “Perfect 1” OCW football jersey, high-fives his longtime teammate Maurako and his former RPW associate Sullivan, then shakes hands with TGO. Paul grabs the mic from Mario and surveys the still-rumbling crowd from under his mirrored sunglasses before speaking.*

Paul Paras: So… these are the fans of the Global Championship Wrestling Association…

*He articulately enunciates each word of the company’s name with a hint of disdain.*

Paul Paras: Give yourselves a congratulatory pat on the back…you’ll be able to tell your children and your children’s children that you were in this Godforsaken arena when the greatest thing that ever happened to you, “Perfect” Paul Paras, walked into your life and put his personal timestamp on the death of the GCWA.

*The mixed reaction quickly turns to a chorus of boos directed toward the conceited multi-time champion and OCW Hall of Famer, who exudes arrogance with a sarcastic bow toward the audience.*

Paul Paras: For those of you who are not aware of my manifest magnificence, allow the Perfect One to give you a quick refresher course—my followers know me as the Minnesota Messiah, mindbending virtuoso of all things Perfect… Wrestling junkies know me as the single greatest athlete to ever grace a wrestling ring, a champion among champions, and the man whose foundation holds up the very sport of professional wresting… My enemies know me simply as better than them in every imaginable way.

Rockwell: You get the feeling he thinks pretty highly of himself?

Jones: Rumor has it his ego had its own roster spot in OCW…

*The Minnesota Messiah lifts his bamboo cane in the direction of Mobley’s team in the ring, where Silver Cyanide appears ready to blow a gasket at another familiar face appearing on the opposite team, requiring Warrick to calm him down. Mobley and Linchador, both very familiar with Paras as well, remain quiet, though their anger is visible in their expressions.*

Paul Paras: Now the Perfect One knows what you’re all thinking. You’re thinking: “Oh crap, it’s that Paras guy, the one who has been a cancer to every company he’s ever been a part of and has driven multiple federation owners to near insanity…that just can’t be good for our precious GCWA!”

Jones: Actually, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Triple P has the kind of backstage influence that could sink GCWA if Team Mobley isn’t prepared.

*TGO laughs heartily to himself as that appears to be exactly the plan of the OCW contingent. Paul shrugs his shoulders and replaces his cane across his shoulder, smirking arrogantly at Derek Mobley in the ring.*

Paul Paras: And while I’m sure you’re all infinitely honored just to have the Perfect One on your minds, rest assured that reputation comes from my past, not my present. No, Derek…Warrick…Linchador…Cyanide, you four can take solace in the fact that I am not here to be a parasite to GCWA as in days long gone…

*He reaches up and removes his sunglasses, staring a hole in Mobley’s men.*

Paul Paras: No, my dear ignoramuses, in those days, the Minnesota Messiah destroyed the dreams of millions purely incidentally. But this is 2010—when the Perfect One will destroy GCWA entirely… on… purpose.

*The crowd is irate at this point as Paras nonchalantly sidesteps a cup of beer thrown in his direction. He threatens the fan who threw it with his Singapore cane, then returns his attention to Team Mobley.*

Paul Paras: At Ultimate Survival, Team OCW will destroy the luster of GCWA’s golden boys. Derek Mobley, this is the Perfect One’s world…you’re just losing in it.

*Paras smirks his trademark smirk and perfectly tosses the mic to his side, directly into Maurako’s hands, while soaking in the boos of the incensed fans.*

Mario Maurako: Now it would seem as if we've got our four man team right here now, wouldn't it? But you would once again be wrong. You see if there is one thing any of you people should know about Trevor Kent here it's that he would rather pay someone else to do his work for him.

*Derek Mobley raises his microphone and shouts up the stage at the team of OCW All Stars.*

Derek Mobley: I don't care who your fourth person is! We're not scared of any of you OCW rejects!

Mario Maurako: Well I'm glad you feel that way, Mobley, because our fourth member has a little message for you, and you know how they say it-- keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…

*Mobley scowls, slowly turns around, and catches sight of El Linchador, who raises his hands as if to plead innocence. Before he can say a word, though, Derek is immediately leveled with the Lethal Injection superkick by SILVER CYANIDE! Linchador and Warrick Hill tackle Cyanide to the mat and the OCW All Stars run down the ramp and slide into the ring.*

Rockwell: NO!! I can't believe it! Cyanide is a dirty dog!

Jones: Cyanide has not only turned his back on his team but the entire GCWA! This is a travesty!

Rockwell: And with Ultimate Survival just around the corner, does this mean Team Mobley is going to be down one man?!

*Jack Sullivan grabs El Linchador up from the mat and irish whips him across the ring as Triple P brings his cane straight down on the skull of Linchy, who immediately collapses. Sullivan picks Linchy up and places him in the Torture Rack, Linchy’s arms flailing in pain. While this is going on, TGO has Warrick Hill by the throat and with one hand lifts him high into the air and then chokeslams him over the top rope and to the outside. Derek Mobley slowly staggers to his feet and is hit with another Lethal Injection by Silver Cyanide which spins Mobley around in a circle into the waiting arms of Triple P who drives him to the canvas with a devastating Parasyte. Paras rolls out of the way and immediately, Mario comes crashing down from the top rope with his Maurako Rocker Frog Splash. Sullivan drops Linchy from the torture rack position and then swiftly kicks him out of the ring as the five OCW All Stars stand victoriously over Team Mobley.*

Rockwell: It sure is easy to look tough when you outnumber someone five to three.

Jones: I'm feeling sick right now…someone get me a barf bag…

*Mario picks up a microphone that is lying on the canvas and makes one last announcement to the GCWA fans.*

Mario Maurako: GCWA, it’s just as I’ve been warning you all along. At Ultimate Survival, your federation is going to end up just like Derek Mobley here-- Just…

Paul Paras: …*bleeping*…

Silver Cyanide: …Over!

*The group celebrates as “An Evening With El Diablo” by Chevelle plays. TGO nods approvingly as the capacity crowd sits in a stunned hush at what they have just witnessed. The announcers have no more words, as we slowly fade out to a break.*

*We return back to the Big Bifford’s World Championship locker room, where we see Arachne talking on the phone to someone on one side.*

Arachne: You don’t understand, any Arachne doll has to be completely lifelike! I won’t stand any imperfections, you hear?

*Leaving him behind, we focus on the other side of the room, where The Big Bifford is seen, sitting in his custom-made chair. He’s leafing through a book that almost looks like a collection of mug shots.*

The Big Bifford: Decisions, decisions…

*The camera zooms in, showing the pages he’s looking at. We see shots of men like Mon-E, Han Zo Man, and Makorpal, among others. He’s flipping through and studying the bios of each, taking his time, as we fade back to ringside.*

Jones: Seriously, those are the possible picks for the #1 Contendership?

Rockwell: Are you doubting our World Champion’s commitment, Jones?

Jones: No, but… I mean, even if TLS is out, there are several strong candidates. What about Crazy Chris? He’s the Unified X Division Champion!

Rockwell: Nah, he lost his bid for the #1 Contendership, and I don’t think he’d want it just handed to him.

Jones: How about Chris Cortez?

Rockwell: Too new. He’s got to earn a title shot.

Jones: He’s the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion!

Rockwell: … So?

Jones: How about the new Tag-Team Champions, the House of Pain? They just scored a victory over The Big Biford, after all…

Rockwell: Only because The Lost Soul cheated Bifford. Why should cheaters get rewarded, huh?

Jones: Wow. You are just burning through the hypocrisy tonight, aren’t you?

Rockwell: Look, all you need to know is that Bifford will make the right choice. Let’s just get on with things!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is representing Team Cortez here tonight, standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, here is Lorenzo Demarco!

*”Things Done Change” by Notorious B.I.G. plays, with the crowd booing hard as Lorenzo Demarco walks out of the back. He’s got a bandage on the side of his head, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting him much, as he’s being charged with a lot of anger. He storms down the aisle and goes into the ring, quickly taking up a position in the corner. Head Referee Bell goes to talk to him about his condition, and almost gets hit for his troubles, as Demarco looks ready to kill someone.*

Jones: The assault on Demarco earlier really has him on edge. I’m quite frankly not sure if he should be competing tonight.

Rockwell: He’s just got a lot of rage fueling him. He’ll be fine.

Jones: I also heard a rumor that someone stole some of Demarco’s ‘stash’ this week, which might give him another reason to be on edge.

Rockwell: Again with the drug rumors? Look, if he ever gets caught, then we’ll start talking about that.

Minos: His opponent is one of the most mysterious men in the GCWA, representing Team Santana here tonight… standing 5’11” and weighing 215 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Ataxia!

*”Die Die Die My Darling” by Metalica hits the speakers, with the fans looking towards the entranceway. They’re still not sure what to make of the strange new wrestler in the GCWA. The curtain, however, doesn’t move, as no one appears.*

Jones: Well now Ataxia should be coming out...what the?

*The feed to the tron changes and we see a guy wearing a "crew" t-shirt, red flannel long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and a baseball cap. This guy looks like a frontman for ZZ Top with his long beard, hair, and mirrored sunglasses. His skintone looks a little weird.*

Cameraman: HOWDY!! Yep your eyes aint playing tricks on you Lorenzo it's me...the guy who hit you in the face for what you did. But I think you know me by another name.

*The cameraman turns around and we hear a ripping sound as he pulls off his own face. He turns around and it's...ATAXIA!*

Jones: Oh My God! Ataxia attacked Demarco earlier in the show!

Rockwell: This just became personal.

*We cut to Lorenzo Demarco in the ring looking like he's about to explode with anger.*

Ataxia: Don't worry. I'm sure you'll make me pay for it but I did warn you. Karma is a bitch and you got what you deserved. So tell me boy have you learned your lesson?

*A long pause as Demarco starts yelling at the screen. Ataxia on screen rips off the "crew" t-shirt to show a "The Messiah Pariah" written in weird letters over his face on the shirt.*

Ataxia: Come on little boy. Make mommy proud and take out THE MESSIAH PARIAH!

*"Die Die Die My Darling" starts to play again, but Demarco’s not waiting this time. He runs out of the ring and meets Ataxia at the top even before the pyro goes off. The pyro goes off just as Demarco punches Ataxia square in the face.*

Jones: The match hasn't even started yet!

Rockwell: This isn't gonna end well!

*Demarco and Ataxia brawl violently as they come down the ramp, swinging heavy fists against each other. Head Referee Bell is watching from the ring, not sure what he can do to break things up. Ataxia takes charge for a short time, shooting Demarco hard into the guardrail. Ataxia then follows with a two-handed punch, but Demarco ducks under it, with Ataxia nearly hitting a fan instead. Demarco then shoots his fist up, getting a blatant low blow that drops Ataxia painfully backwards, gasping through his mask!!*

Jones: Demarco just took the lowest road imaginable!!

Rockwell: Hey, match hasn’t started yet, so anything goes!

*Demarco has Ataxia up now and most of the way to the ring, as he drags him along. With an arm whip, Demarco sends Ataxia crashing hard into the side of the ringpost!! Ataxia slumps there for a second, with Demarco coming up behind him and grabbing him by the mask. He goes to slam Ataxia into the post again, but Ataxia blocks it, then grabs Demarco and bangs him hard against the post instead!! Demarco drops to one knee, his earlier wound beginning to bleed again, as Ataxia drags him up and shoves him into the ring, following right behind. Seeing this, Head Referee Bell points to the timekeeper, and we’re officially underway!*

*The Bell Rings*

Jones: After a wild brawl down the aisleway that’s taken a little out of both wrestlers, the match is now live!

Rockwell: Ok, NOW these two need to obey the laws of the match. Too bad, Ataxia could have gotten in a few more good shots, but oh well.

*Ataxia already has the bleeding Demarco back up now, holding onto his head. He snaps Demarco down hard with an impact DDT, continuing his assault on Demarco’s skull, before rolling him over for a cover, cackling as Head Referee Bell makes the count… 1… 2.. and Demarco cleanly kicks out in time. Ataxia, not bothered in the least, pulls Demarco back up and hangs his arms over the top rope. He leaves Demarco standing there, as Ataxia gets some distance, then comes back with a leap, grabbing Demarco’s head for a springboard maneuver. Demarco blocks it, though, by throwing Ataxia onto the top rope, splitting him across it!!! The men in the audience sympathize as Ataxia dangles for a moment before falling back into the ring, aching badly. Demarco wipes a hand across the side of his face, seeing the blood. Angrily, he starts stomping on Ataxia’s head, releasing his pent-up rage.*

Jones: Ataxia’s groin has taken a lot of punishment early on, something no wrestler wants to hear!

Rockwell: Did we really want any masked, insane kids running around, anyways? Demarco’s probably doing us a favor…

*Demarco, having done some damage with his boots, finally drags Ataxia up. He lifts the smaller wrestler up onto one shoulder and takes a few steps before spinning him hard to the ground with a powerslam, knocking the air from the masked wrestler. Demarco then makes the cover, hanging onto the legs… 1… 2… but Ataxia is able to escape the pin attempt. Demarco taunts Ataxia, glad that the freak wants more of a beating. He pulls Ataxia up and throws him into the corner, then follows, going for a running splash. But Ataxia gets his boots up in time, knocking Demarco in the jaw! The dazed wrestler is then grabbed by Ataxia and pulled in close, as Ataxia lifts himself onto the second turnbuckle pad. He comes off with Demarco in tow, landing a diamond dust maneuver!!! Ataxia drops on top for the pin attempt… 1… 2… but Demarco kicks free.*

Jones: Ataxia has shown time and time again that, behind the insanity, he actually has some wrestling ability.

Rockwell: There’s been a lot of speculation about who he ‘really’ is. Some think he might be Draco, or even Marcus Ka’Derrion.

Jones: Well, he definitely seems like he knows many of the wrestlers here, which leads me to believe that he’s got a history with them. But do you really think it could be the former World Champion?

Rockwell: How the hell am I supposed to know? Aren’t you the ‘intrepid’ reporter? Why haven’t you found out who he is yet?

Jones: I can’t seem to get any leads on it, other than that Draco’s debuted in the CWF, so odds are it’s not him.

Rockwell: Draco’s in the CWF? Hah!!

*Head Referee Bell is trying to stay out of the way of the two wrestlers, not really trusting either one. He’s a wise man. Ataxia brings Demarco up again, popping him with a couple of lefts and rights before locking him up, preparing to snap down with an ace crusher. But Demarco is able to shove Ataxia away in time, sending him stumbling away. Ataxia rights himself and charges back, but Demarco’s ready, catching him and tossing him overhead with a monkey flip!! Ataxia hits the corner back-first, sliding painfully back down to the canvas after the hard impact! Demarco gets back to his feet, glaring down at the masked man. He pulls Ataxia towards the center of the ring, and then sets him in place, applying an STF submission!! Head Referee Bell steps in, watching closely, as Ataxia writhes in pain, unable to get free!*

Jones: Looks like Demarco’s decided to punish his opponent!

Rockwell: Do you blame him? The fool attacked him with a video camera earlier! He’s lucky if Demarco doesn’t kill him and call it self-defense!

*Demarco’s got all his weight on Ataxia, not letting him get free. Ataxia’s not tapping out, but he’s also not moving much, either, causing Head Referee Bell to move in closer. He checks Ataxia’s arm, and it falls back to the mat. A second check, and it drops again. Bell lifts it one more time, lets go… and Ataxia not only keeps it in the air, he shifts his weight suddenly, causing Demarco, off-balance, to tilt over, putting his shoulders on the mat!! Bell, seeing it, starts to count… 1… 2… and Demarco releases the hold and escapes just in time, avoiding the surprise pinfall! He gets up, furious, and stomps again on Ataxia a few times, keeping the masked man on the canvas. Shaking his head, Demarco backs away, waiting, as Ataxia starts to rise again. Demarco comes in quick, going for the Paid In Full!! But Ataxia hops up in time, catching the running Demarco and getting a surprise facebuster!!! Ataxia then makes the quick cover… 1… 2… Demarco kicks out in time!*

Rockwell: Man, that mask ought to be ruled illegal! You can’t tell a single thing about what Ataxia is thinking! It’s an unfair advantage!

Jones: He might have a very good reason for wearing that mask, Adrian.

Rockwell: I don’t give a crap! That mask is just… freaky!

Jones: Agreed, but we’ve had strange ones before, and I’m sure we’ll have more in the future! It’s a part of wrestling!

Rockwell: I’m still going to petition Ace… maybe we can get masks outlawed…

*Ataxia drags the hurting Demarco over to the corner, slamming him hard into the padding. Ataxia then starts to kick away, dishing out the Learn Your Lesson beatdown, dropping Demarco further and further into the corner! Laughing through his mask, Ataxia gets Demarco by the arm and lifts him up, ramming him several times in the face with his elbow, trying to keep the man completely stunned. Demarco’s still bleeding from his earlier wound, having coated part of his wrestling outfit in an unhealthy-looking red. With Demarco staggering away, trying to figure out where he is, Ataxia goes to the ropes, and then comes back hard, leaping into the air for a cross-body. Demarco, though, suddenly drops to the canvas, either out of exhaustion or having seen Ataxia coming, causing the lightweight to fly over him… and crash straight into Head Referee Bell!!! Bell falls to his back, stunned, as Ataxia rolls off of him, ignoring the attack and going right back towards his opponent.*

Jones: The referee is down!!

Rockwell: Damnit, Bell, you never did learn the right time to duck!

Jones: Adrian, we need a ref in there, and you’re healed up, right?

Rockwell: What, you think I’m getting in there with those two freaks? Forget it! I’m an announcer now!

*Not worrying about the downed referee, Ataxia drops Demarco with a DDT, then heads for the turnbuckle, climbing up to the top. He gets himself positioned and takes off, dropping down onto Demarco with the Fall Of Angels!!! But at the last second, Demarco gets his knees up, giving Ataxia a very painful landing!!! Ataxia rolls away, coughing badly, as Demarco struggles back to his feet. He stumbles slightly, almost tripping over Bell, who is still down on the mat, struggling to recover. Demarco smiles at the sight of the downed ref and reaches into his pocket, pulling out what appears to be some sort of gold chain. He wraps it around his wrist, waiting, as Ataxia tries to get up.*

Jones: Demarco’s got an illegal weapon!!

Rockwell: Only if the referee sees it, Edward, and right now, Bell’s looking the wrong direction!

*Ataxia finally gets to his feet, still coughing through his mask as he uses the ropes for support. He turns around as Demarco rushes in, raising up his chain-covered fist for a mighty swing. He lets loose… and missed, as Ataxia ducks under the shot, stepping away from Demarco and leaping up with a Pele kick!!! Demarco falls into the ropes, dazed, with Ataxia getting back to his feet and coming back towards him. As the chain dangles from Demarco’s grasp, Ataxia reaches down and takes it from him. He then twists it around his own fist, admiring it for a second, before turning and slamming it hard into Demarco’s side with two sharp hits!!! Demarco collapses to the ground and rolls out of the ring, his hands clutching his injured side, as Ataxia starts to follow after him. Ataxia stops, though, as the bell suddenly starts to ring.*

Rockwell: What the… what’s going on?

Jones: I think Bell saw what happened, Adrian! He’s getting up, and he’s pointing towards Ataxia!

Rockwell: Does that mean that Demarco’s getting disqualified for bringing the chain, or Ataxia for using it??

*Ataxia watches quietly for a second as Head Referee Bell shouts something to Minos, who turns and faces the crowd.*

Minos: Due to referee decision, and due to an illegal use of a foreign object, Ataxia has been disqualified! The winner of this bout… Lorenzo Demarco!

Jones: He laid it on Ataxia!! But he didn’t bring the chain into the ring!

Rockwell: What does that matter? The guy was clearly more than happy to use it, and that’s illegal! Demarco deserves the win!

Jones: Is Ataxia going to plead his case?

*Head Referee Bell is upright now, hanging onto the ropes, as Ataxia walks over to him. Bell shakes his head, expecting an argument, and starts to tell Ataxia why he made his choice… and Ataxia rears back and hits Bell across the jaw with the chain-wrapped fist, sending Bell tumbling through the ropes and out of the ring!!!*

Jones: Geez!!! Bell just got totally laid out!

Rockwell: And THAT’S why I didn’t go in to take over as ref!

Jones: That’s a guaranteed fine for Ataxia!

*The fans aren’t sure what to make of this, as some are booing Ataxia, while others are cheering. There’s never much love for the referees. Ataxia doesn’t really seem to care, as he turns and leaves the ring, heading over to where Demarco had landed. But as Ataxia turns the corner, a recovered Demarco jumps up out from where he was hiding, slamming into Ataxia and taking him to the ground!! The two men start to brawl heavily, with the gold chain sliding to the side, forgotten in the melee.*

Rockwell: Someone put in a call to security… again… damn, this is a wild night!!

Jones: These two just met, and they already deeply hate each other!! Will their anger allow them to even work with their teammates, or are they going to become liabilities??

*Ataxia hunches over as Lorenzo Demarco drops and elbow on the back of his head sending him to one knee. Lorenzo goes for a boot but Ataxia gets two hands up to catch the kick and quickly gets back to his feet. He lets go of Lorenzo's foot and begins to forearm him in the face. Several forearms and Lorenzo Demarco stumbles back. Ataxia charges but Lorenzo Demarco side steps and then throws Ataxia into the steel post! Ataxia crumbles to the floor. This shot to the steel post causes him to start bleeding from the forehead, shown through a slight tear in his mask. Security and referees are finally down and are trying to pull Lorenzo Demarco away from going after his injured prey. A lot of censoring is going on as Lorenzo Demarco's mouth is flying off the handle now. Security keeps working to back Demarco off, as we get a shot of Ataxia on the ground. He appears to be laughing. We fade away from them, heading out.*

*We return to the backstage area, where sounds of a commotion can be heard. The camera hurries around, which can’t be easy considering how overweight many of the GCWA cameramen are. He turns the corner, showing Chris Cortez!! The Intercontinental Champion is standing with a chair in his hand, breathing heavily. Laying in front of him, on the ground, is Robert Santana! Cortez is shaking his head, talking almost like the two men were just having a civil conversation.*

Chris Cortez: I understand you wanting that title shot, Robert. I really do. You used to be somebody, and now you’re a loser. I completely understand. But this is about business… and this is about money. You won’t be out-lasting me at Ultimate Survival.

*Santana is trying to get up, so Cortez brings the chair around. He locks it around Santana’s already-injured knee, and then starts stomping away, causing shouts of pain from the wrestler!!! After a few more shots of punishment, Cortez turns to walk away. He smiles at the camera, completely at ease, before looking back at the gasping Santana.*

Chris Cortez: Keep a stiff upper lip, ‘Sensei’. At least I just gave you a night off.

*Cortez turns and leaves, as medics start to run onto the scene, trying to help the injured wrestler. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: My god, Cortez may have just won his $100,000 bonus without even reaching Ultimate Survival!

Rockwell: Pretty smart of the guy. If Santana can’t wrestle on Sunday, then Cortez automatically wins the money.

Jones: But why not beat him in the ring?

Rockwell: Why take the chance? Santana’s gotten major upsets over champions before. This way’s safer.

Jones: Something tells me that Santana’s not going to stay away from Miami, Adrian.

Rockwell: Then he’s a fool. But it still wouldn’t surprise me.

Jones: Well, I... ok, we've got news from the back. Cynthia Hall is apparently trying to get Ataxia before he heads out of the building.

*We cut backstage as we see Ataxia walking down the hall skipping towards the camera.*

Cynthia Hall: Ataxia!

Ataxia: Yessssss????

Cynthia Hall: Why did you attack Lorenzo Demarco?

Ataxia: Why to debut my new t-shirt of course? You like it. I don't think my good side is in this picture.

Cynthia Hall: You hit a man with a camera just to plug a t-shirt?

Ataxia: Oh come on product placement is what we do here in GCWA. Look at the world champion.He's a poster boy for fat people who are lazy and don't do anything getting what they want. Your mad at me for plugging my t-shirt by "using someone to get ahead". Just like he was going to do me. I garuntee when people talk about this card they'll talk about the number one contendership announcement in a few seconds but they'll also be talking about the two men who made a statement tonight. His was he won't take crap from no one. Mine was I got a hot t-shirt for sale at the merchandise table. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

*From behind Ataxia is grabbed by Lorenzo Demarco and hit with the headbutt to the face. Ataxia walks back dazed as Demarco starts running and hits the "PAID IN FULL"! Ataxia goes down hard and Lorenzo gets on top of him and continues to pummel him as security rushes him. Lorenzo is being bleeped out audioably by security as they pull him off of Ataxia. Ataxia gets up and looks at the camera.*

Ataxia: We accept major credit cards...sorry no cod's....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*We cut back to Rockwell and Jones.*

Jones: That...that...Oh my God. That maniac is...I don't know what to say here.

Rockwell: I do! Ataxia vs Demarco Two is gonna sell out!

*Suddenly, “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio begins to play, earning the wrath of the crowd. In the entranceway, The Big Bifford appears, with the World Title still positioned perfectly on his shoulder. He smiles as he comes down, with Arachne following him. Behind them, the Accelerator appears, apparently with another glass of champagne. He works on it as they head for the ring, despite the negativity coming from the crowd.*

Rockwell: Stand up, Jones, the President is here, as well as our distinguished World Champion!

Jones: So we’re finally going to figure out who the Big Bifford has officially picked to be his #1 Contender, now that The Lost Soul has been stripped of the opportunity!

*The men enter the ring, with the Accelerator making sure to grab the mic on his way in. The crowd is still booing the men, but none of them are letting it bother them.*

The Accelerator: Chill out, boyos. Show some respect to a great World Champion!

*Needless to say, this does nothing to stop the boos, not that Ace expected anything different. He laughs, then finishes his champagne glass, before throwing it out of the ring.*

The Accelerator: So what do you say we get down to business?

*The Accelerator turns to the World Champion, who seems to be trying to keep a solemn look on his face, as if this was a very tough decision.*

The Accelerator: Bifford, I know you only want to put on the greatest match possible. I know you’ve taken great pains to make your decision here tonight. So, out of all the possible choices, who do you see as the most worthy to challenge you for your World Heavyweight Championship?

*The Big Bifford lowers his head, as if giving it some more thought. He then steps forward, taking the mic offered to him by the Accelerator.*

The Big Bifford: There are a lot of deserving guys out there. I looked at the guys who have never gotten their chance at the title. Someone who truly deserves to be main eventing a pay-per-view against me.

*The fans are already chanting “Bifford Sucks”, apparently not putting much faith in his decision-making.*

The Big Bifford: Really, after looking at everything, there was only one man who truly deserves the opportunity… and he’s right here in this ring! May I introduce the new #1 Contender to the World Title… Arachne!!

*Arachne tries to look shocked, pointing to himself in wonder, as the crowd boos even heavier. They aren’t amused at all.*

The Accelerator: So it will be partner against partner, always a winner in the world of professional wrestling!! The Big Bifford vs. Arachne for the World Heavyweight Title!! Be sure to order now!! It’s been a great night, we’ll see you…

Lurrr: Ace! Yo, Ace!

*Surprised at the sudden interruption, the Accelerator looks around, confused. The Big Bifford and Arachne glance around as well, but see no one.*

Lurrr: Over here, you *bleeps*!

*Suddenly, the cameras focus on a man in the crowd, showing it to be none other than the Commissioner of the GCWA, Lurrr! He’s standing amidst the cheering fans, smirking, as the Accelerator finally makes eye contact with him.*

Jones: The Commissioner is here!

Rockwell: How the hell did he get in?? … Er, I mean…

*The Accelerator looks displeased at seeing Lurrr, glaring at him as he leans over the ropes.*

The Accelerator: What the hell are you doing out there, ‘Commish’? Mingling with the unwashed?

Lurrr: Yeah, well, when someone tells security to make sure you don’t enter the building, you have to find other ways in, don’t you?

The Accelerator: S-security? I, I don’t know what you’re talking about…

Lurrr: I’m sure you don’t. Luckily for me, I’ve been bucking your idiots in security for years now.

*The crowd laughs, even as Ace’s face turns red.*

Lurrr: So, you really thought this #1 Contendership farce was going to happen? Arachne isn’t worth *bleep*, and there’s no way the Board will approve him.

The Big Bifford: I am the World Champion!! I have the right to choose…

Lurrr: Shut that damn fat mouth of yours, Michelin Man! The Commissioner is talking!

*Bifford is fuming, as Lurrr earns even more cheers from the crowd.*

Lurrr: So you cheated TLS out of the #1 Contendership. Congratulations. Did you happen to miss the part where The Lost Soul never actually TOUCHED Bifford?? All I saw was a broom hitting him, not part of TLS.

*The crowd cheers, but Ace is already shaking his head.*

The Accelerator Oh, no, you don’t, Lurrr. I made the contract very clear in this matter. It states that if The Lost Soul attacks Bifford IN ANY WAY, he loses his shot. I’m no novice to this, and I’m not letting you use a loophole. The Lost Soul’s title shot is gone! Believe it!

*The crowd is booing again, having thought that maybe TLS was going to get reinstated. Lurrr, for his part, smirks again before shaking his head.*

Lurrr: I read the contract you put together, Ace, and I’ll give you credit. Your lawyers are pretty damn good.

*The crowd doesn’t like Lurrr saying that, although Ace and Bifford have a good chuckle about it.*

Jones: So TLS is truly out of the title shot?

Rockwell: Looks that way! Hah!

The Accelerator: So you agree with me, so why the hell are you out here? You’re retired, remember, so you can’t get the title shot, either!

Lurrr: Nope, not me. But I do know someone active in the GCWA, someone who has won championships here, who truly does deserve this shot. And you know what, the Board agreed with me!

*A buzz envelops the crowd, with Bifford suddenly starting to look nervous.*

Lurrr: Sure, he hasn’t been seen in the GCWA for a while… but his contract’s still valid. I approved it myself.

The Accelerator: Who the hell are you talking about, Lurrr? Stop building the suspense and just reveal it already, so that I can get my lawyers on it!

The Big Bifford: Who on earth could be more deserving than Arachne? Unless… you don’t mean… Ludwig, that turncoat!!

*Lurrr laughs as Ace and Arachne try to assure Bifford that Ludwig the seal would never turn on him.*

Lurrr: Nope, it’s not Ludwig, Bifford. It’s another old friend of yours… and you know what? He’s here right… now!

*Bifford, Arachne, and the Accelerator all turn in different directions, looking out of the ring for the incoming attack. No one is there, however, even as the crowd cheers louder. All three men glance around, confused, not seeing the man lowering down between them from a cable off the arena roof!*

Rockwell: Behind you, Ace!! BEHIND YOU!!!

Jones: Oh my god!!! It’s… It’s The STRANGER!!!!

*The masked man known as The Stranger disconnects from the rope, already hoisting up a baseball bat. As Bifford turns, The Stranger lashes out, smashing Bifford in the stomach and sending him rolling for cover. Arachne tries to charge, but The Stranger wallops him on the side of the head, then turns, swinging heavily at Ace, who just barely manages to dive for cover. The President gets out of the ring, gasping for breath, as The Stranger points the baseball bat at him.*

Jones: The Stranger is back in the GCWA!!!

Rockwell: Hell no!!! We revealed the Stranger’s identity, that’s The Lost Soul under that mask!!

Jones: Can you prove it? Several people wore that mask…

Rockwell: Of course it’s him!!! And he’s already been stripped of his shot, he doesn’t deserve this one!!

Jones: Nonetheless, the Commissioner and the Board have spoken!!! The Stranger is the #1 Contender, whether or not it’s The Lost Soul!!!

Rockwell: This is unfair!!!

Jones: We’re out of time, so we’ll see you at Ultimate Survival!!!

*Bifford is standing outside the ring, furious. He tries to go back inside, but The Accelerator has called out security. They hold him back, with Ace telling him it’s not worth it. In the ring, The Stranger is standing with the baseball bat in position, still attached to the cable in case he needs to make a quick getaway from security. The fans are chanting “TLS, TLS, TLS”. They aren’t fooled, either. The last shot is of Bifford being pushed backwards, his World Title tightly grasped in his large hands. We fade out.*

OOC: Man, another sprint to the finish on this one! I thought I had started early enough, but then having to lose half a day in training (I'm much better at Object-Oriented Programming now *lol*) really made this more difficult. Thankfully, everything's done, which means I can relax for a few days... while the rest of you get pumped up for Ultimate Survival!

Here's the card for the PPV:

- Team Cortez (Chris Cortez, Lorenzo Demarco, Ryan Rage, & Jimmy Riot) vs. Team Santana (Robert Santana, Ataxia, Liam Shayde, & Xtreme), Ultimate Survival Match

- Team Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, Bucky Johnson, & Angel) vs. Team Invincible (Jaiden Rishel, Mark Carlton, Colton Mace, & Ian King), Ultimate Survival Match

- Team Mobley (Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, & El Linchador) vs. Team Maurako (Mario Maurako, Silver Cyanide, Jack Sullivan, & Triple P), Ultimate Survival Match

- The Big Bifford(c) vs. The Stranger, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Match

- Ultimate Survival Finals

Roleplaying will be from Friday, May 21st to Wednesday, May 26th, giving you 6 days to post THREE roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!