GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing The Big Bifford, standing next to the Accelerator. Bifford has a dark smile on his face as he slaps the World Title sitting on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is as raucous as ever, screaming and jumping around in excitement as the camera pans over them. We stop for a moment on a young man who is sporting an El Linchador headband, pointing to it and cheering for his hero. Another guy is holding up a sign that says “Bifford Has No Soul”. We spin past them, seeing some hot Hooters girls in the front row with GCWA t-shirts on, before going to ringside. Edward Jones and Adrian Rockwell are in position, with Jones looking business-like as always, while Rockwell just looks annoyed.*

Jones: Good evening, folks, and welcome back to another edition of Friday Night Inferno!! Things are heating up as we’re getting closer and closer to the 2010 Ultimate Survival pay-per-view, and tonight promises to be very revealing in how the teams are formed!

Rockwell: It’s also going to be a night of travesty, Edward, because The Big Bifford is getting screwed over left and right!

Jones: I assume you’re referring to the fact that The Lost Soul is now the #1 Contender, having beaten Crazy Chris last week?

Rockwell: No, although that sucks, too. TLS didn’t deserve the shot, he had just lost his own title. But what I’m talking about is the screw-job main event we have, where Bifford & Arachne are being put in the worst situation for a champ!

Jones: Yes, tonight Biffarachnephobia will defend their GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, belts that haven’t been on the line since February, against three other teams: The Danger Boiz, The House of Pain, and the Johnson Era!

Rockwell: And it’s not even an “Elimination” contest, which means that Bifford and Arachne don’t even need to be pinned or submit to lose the belts! Commissioner Lurrr set this up just to make sure they failed!

Jones: I don’t know about that, Adrian. I mean, it is an uphill fight for the champions, but they HAVE gone several months without defending them.

Rockwell: Are you questioning Ace’s decision-making now, too, Jones?

Jones: NO!! I mean… no, I would never do that to our fair President…

Rockwell: This match is completely unfair to Bifford.

Jones: But it’s not like The Lost Soul is getting a night off, Adrian, as he’s in a Three-Way Match against two strong contenders themselves in Mario Maurako and Lorenzo Demarco!

Rockwell: I hope they turn his white paint red.

Jones: That’s not all, though, as we really do have a completely packed card here tonight! It’s so packed that we’ve already begun, having a couple of dark matches earlier tonight!

Rockwell: We got the clips? Then let’s start rolling them!

*We see the entrances of both men, with Jimmy Riot looking like he’s struggling with his own emotions, while the mysterious Ataxia was impossible to read behind his strange mask. The two started off with a high-flying battle, each guy trying to match the other by taking high risks. Riot got a few near-falls with cross-body blocks and a missile dropkick, but Ataxia soon took control, including landing the Revivifier that almost ended the match. Riot made a comeback, though, becoming more violent and brawling more. The change of strategy almost threw Ataxia off, but he was able to use Riot’s more reckless maneuvers to his advantage, causing Riot to make mistakes. One such mistake left Riot open to a brutal German Suplex maneuver that sent Riot neck-first into the turnbuckle post!! The crowd screams in awe and some cheers as Riot's head bounces off the unforgiving turnbuckle. Ataxia smirks as he leaps onto the top rope and runs across it, perfectly balanced, and stops at the turnbuckle post. He waits for Riot to start to get back up and then leaps into the air. “Peaceful Tolerance”! The leaping 360 kick to the back of the head got the victory, keeping the mysterious Ataxia undefeated in the GCWA. Strangely, the video keeps rolling, as we hear the announcers talking about Ataxia.*

Jones: One hell of a impressive debut in GCWA for Ataxia.

Rockwell: He's still a freak!

*Ataxia rolls out of the ring and leaps onto the announcers table.*

Jones: AHH!

Ataxia: You seem to be under the impression that wrestlers don't know you boys talk about them while they're in earshot! Hey Rocky...Your right! I am a Freak! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

Rockwell: Get the hell away from me!

Ataxia: Sure...

*Ataxia grabs his hat and cane and puts them on. He slams the cane head down and the lights go out. When they come back on he's gone. We cut back to live feed.*

Rockwell: That Ataxia is lucky that, as an announcer, I’m not allowed to knock anyone out anymore. Plus, I mean, I’m still injured.

Jones: You’re still using the injury excuse? It’s been a month!

Rockwell: I’m a slow healer.

Jones: Jimmy Riot came out to fight in his first GCWA contest, but in the end, Ataxia was just too strong to stop.

Rockwell: I don’t trust this Ataxia guy. He didn’t seem to wrestle like I think a rookie would. Do we know anything about this guy?

Jones: I really don’t know anything about him, other than, well, he scares me.

Rockwell: A lot of guys scare you, Edward.

Jones: True.

Rockwell: I thought Riot had some potential, but he switched throughout the match, like he’s fighting an alter-ego or something.

Jones: Rumor has it Riot has a split-personality disorder. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough this time to get him a victory. But there’s always next time for an up-and-comer.

Rockwell: So let’s get to the other dark match.

Jones: Well, before we do that, Adrian, we need to show some footage that occurred earlier today in the Presidential office.

*We switch to the video, with the helpful caption “Filmed Earlier Today” listed at the bottom of the screen. We’re in the Accelerator’s office, and apparently he’s just arrived, as he’s hanging up his jacket and getting settled down for business. The President sits down and starts looking through a few bills, just as there’s a knock at his office door. Ace looks up, surprised that someone actually knocked before entering.*

The Accelerator: Well, they’re not wasting any time tonight. Come in.

*Liam Shayde enters the room shyly and approaches the President. He stands there, slightly intimidated.*

The Accelerator: Well? You gonna say something, kid? What do you want? Look, I'm a busy man, I have this show to run, people to screw over and I need to make sure they get the buffet setup for Bifford. If you're just gonna stand there and stare, I'm afraid you're gonna have to cut your homo-erotic daydream short, I need to get these things done.

Liam Shayde: Sorry, sir. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you giving me a chance to wrestle. Thank you, thank you very much.

The Accelerator: Listen, you're the son of a legend. If you're half as good as your old man, you'll put asses in seats. That's why you're here.

*The camera pans up and zooms in on Liam's face. You can see the indignation and irritation in his eyes.*

Liam Shayde: I'm twice the wrestler my father was. I'll show you, I'll show the whole world...and I'm gonna do it...right now.

*Liam turns towards the door, about to storm out.*

The Accelerator: Just don't embarrass me, kid, or you'll find your ass back on the street quicker than you can say, "Bifford likes pie."

*Liam quickly glances back then slams the door as he leaves. The Accelerator chuckles to himself about the youth’s actions and gets back to work. The video clip ends.*

Rockwell: Hah! That kid had balls, at least, to approach the President like that!

Jones: After that exchange, Shayde came out to ringside for his first match, taking on the man known as Mr. Itt. While it wasn’t a perfect contest for Shayde, it certainly wasn’t a bad one, either.

*The video shows Shayde coming down to the ring first. Unfortunately, as he steps through the ropes, he seemed to catch his foot on the middle rope, causing him to fall forward. He covered it with a roll and jumped back up as if he meant to do it, although it’s clear it wasn’t intentional. Mr. Itt then entered the ring, seemingly showing complete disdain for both the fans and his opponent. He even turned his back on Shayde, showing his disrespect, with an annoyed Shayde making him pay with a drop-toe-hold, followed by a series of submission holds, keeping the big man down! At one point, Shayde got Mr. Itt into the ropes and then went to apply the Precipice, but was unable to lock it, instead slipping off and falling to the outside!! This almost led to a countout, but Shayde recovered and got back in. Mr. Itt tried to use the situation, preparing to land the Ittbomb, but Shayde fought free and was able to take Mr. Itt down into the Cat’s Cradle submission, with the torturous hold quickly getting Mr. Itt to have to tap out. After the match, Shayde carefully made his way through the ropes on his way to the back, leaving a downed Mr. Itt behind.*

Jones: While Liam Shayde had a few technical issues during his match, it was still a good showing from the newcomer to the GCWA.

Rockwell: Yeah, but he needs to work on avoiding those mistakes. If he’d been fighting someone like Bifford, one mistake will cause the end of the contest.

Jones: True, but he’s young and has a great role model in his father, Silence. So Shayde definitely has a future in the GCWA.

Rockwell: Mr. Itt’s a different story. He really didn’t seem to be trying at all in this one.

Jones: It’s clear that Mr. Itt needs to rethink his strategy and pull himself together if he wants to stay a contender in the GCWA.

Rockwell: So are we done with the reviews? I’m ready for some live action!

Jones: Your wish is my command, Adrian. Minos, get us going!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a ten-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is making his debut in the GCWA here tonight, standing 6’8” and weighing 286 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is “The Franchise” Ryan Rage!

*Rage comes out to “Given Up” by Linkin Park, smirking at the boos from the fans who recognize him from other organizations. He walks with complete confidence in himself, as he approaches the ringside area. He steps up and enters the ring, not wasting any energy.*

Jones: While Rage is making his GCWA debut tonight, he’s no stranger to the wrestling world. The man has wrestled all over the world, and has among his accomplishments being the only ACW Grand Slam Champion!

Rockwell: I also heard he likes to call himself “Wrestling’s Most Hated Man”.

Jones: Well, it doesn’t fit Lurrr anymore, so maybe Rage has a shot at it. Tonight, he’s got his chance to show that being out of the game for years hasn’t slowed him down. But he’s definitely got a tough test for his first contest.

Minos: His opponent has had a strong GCWA career, including title reigns in the Television and X Divisions… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans immediately cheer as “Sandstorm” by Darude begins to play. Santana slowly makes his way out, stopping at the top of the stage to give the crowd a quick bow. He steps down the rampway, with the camera momentarily focusing on his right leg, which seems to have a brace locked around it.*

Jones: Santana helped save the life of a pregnant woman this past week, when he stopped two men from mugging her. Unfortunately, she then went into labor.

Rockwell: I hate when that happens. I mean, you know you don’t want to get your silk shirt all covered in blood and baby juice and crap, but you would look like a complete *bleep*head if you just walk away. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Jones: Yeah… I’m sure that’s exactly what Santana was thinking…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie signals for the two men to go at it, before backing out of range. Rage steps forward first, stretching his arms. Santana comes forward as well, stepping into a defensive karate posture. Rage smiles and steps in, with Santana immediately lashing out with two quick strikes to Rage’s chest. Rage looks down for a second, and then back up, still smiling. Santana, surprised, opts to leap into the air and connects with a spinning kick, catching Rage across the jaw!! Rage stumbles a few steps and turns back, his smile gone. He wipes a hand across his mouth and walks back forward. Santana doesn’t back down, coming at him with another jab, but Rage ignores the shot and grabs Santana, delivering a knee to the gut! He then picks Santana up in the air with an amazing show of strength, lifting Santana over his head with a gorilla press!! Santana’s struggling to get free, but there’s nowhere to go but down, as Rage slams him all the way down to the canvas!! Santana rolls away, hurting, as Rage moves after him.*

Jones: This guy is a true monster, Adrian! A normal person would have collapsed after that kick Santana dished out!

Rockwell: You can tell that this is a guy to be feared, Edward. He’s the kind of guy that’s really worth the money the GCWA pays him. But then, it’s not too surprising, as Ace sought this guy out and got him signed.

Jones: Yes, the President does have a good eye for talent…

*Santana gets pulled up by Rage, who hammers Santana with a couple of strong right hands, rocking the man backwards. He gets Santana in the corner and starts driving his shoulder hard into Santana’s midsection, as if to cause Santana’s lungs to explode. With that done, Rage pulls Santana out of the corner and lifts him onto his shoulders, applying a torture rack submission!!! Santana, gasping, is getting bent like a boomerang across the wide shoulders of his foe. Referee Trixie is there, watching, as Rage continues the pressure. Santana refuses to submit, though, so Rage tosses him off, slamming him back to the mat. Rage then steps over the hurting Santana and grabs him on either side of his mouth, pulling back with an illegal fish-hook submission!! Trixie’s immediately threatening a disqualification, as she begins her 5-count. At 4, Rage finally lets go, stepping back and seemingly ignoring the warnings of the referee.*

Rockwell: I haven’t seen the fish-hook used in a while. This guy’s impressing me more and more!

Jones: Yes, but it’s still illegal, Adrian, and doing it like that, right in front of the ref…

Rockwell: You think a man like Ryan Rage would care what the referee thinks? He’s knows he’s quality talent. He shouldn’t have to worry about disqualifications. Remind me to tell Ace to talk to Trixie later.

*Rage has Santana near the ropes now, as he steps up on Santana’s chest, shoving all his weight down onto the man!! Trixie once again counts away, with Rage breaking the hold in plenty of time. He drags Santana back to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulder, and then steps forward, landing a powerbomb!! Rage then covers, impatiently waiting for Trixie to get in place… 1… 2… and Santana manages to kick out! Rage seems slightly surprised, but is also fine with continuing the punishment. He stands up, holding onto Santana’s arm to get him up as well. He then grabs Santana around the throat, preparing for a two-armed chokeslam!! But Santana suddenly gets his arms between Rage’s and flings them apart, breaking the man’s grip! Before Rage can react, Santana leaps up into the air and grabs Rage by the head, smashing both of his knees into Rage’s chin!!! Rage topples backwards to the mat, with Santana having to catch his breath before rolling over for his own cover… 1… 2.. and Rage kicks free.*

Jones: Santana got the big man down with a brilliant counter!

Rockwell: Santana knows his way around the wrestling ring, sure, and he can still surprise his opponents. But one lucky move won’t get you the victory.

Jones: How about two lucky moves, Adrian? He’s going for the ankle lock!

Rockwell: Uh oh…

*As Rage tries to recover, rolling over onto his stomach, he’s perfectly set up for Santana. The wrestler moves in and grabs hold, lifting up Rage’s large leg and applying the ankle lock submission, twisting with all his might!! All of the sudden, Rage’s debut is in trouble, as he starts grimacing from the strain being put on his tendons. He starts grabbing at the mat, dragging himself towards the ropes in a bid for freedom. Santana, though, drops and grapevines the leg, intensifying the agony that Rage is under!! Rage has both hands on his head now, as Referee Trixie steps in to check on him. Rage refuses to submit, though, yelling “No!” before getting back to work at dragging himself towards the ropes. Santana has the hold in tight, straining to do as much damage as possible, but Rage’s massive size is allowing him to pull Santana along like he’s a small child. Rage finally reaches out and hits the bottom rope, vibrating it and causing Trixie to signal for the break. After a few seconds, Santana reluctantly lets the hold go.*

Jones: Santana almost had Rage, but the big man wouldn’t quit!

Rockwell: Yeah, but I guarantee he won’t be doing any dancing tonight after being in the hold for that long!

Jones: I don’t think I’d want to see Ryan Rage dance, anyway…

Rockwell: What, just because he’s a big guy? Rage could be the next coming of John Travolta, for all you know.

Jones: I’m not saying that he’s a bad… wait, John Travolta?

Rockwell: The king of the dance, unquestioned!

Jones: …

*Rage works his way up to his feet, using the ropes for leverage. Meanwhile, Santana is set up behind him, waiting. He lashes out with a hard kick to Rage’s hurting leg, causing him to limp away due to the pain. Rage gets to the corner, with Santana turning him and slashing him across the chest with his hard chops, sketching red lines across the skin. Santana doesn’t stop, working over Rage with a series of punches, chops, and kicks, unleashing a great deal of energy on the man. He then gets Rage by the head and runs out of the corner with a leaping bulldog, before making another cover… 1… 2… but Rage is able to kick out in time. Santana pulls himself back up, moving to the side, as he watches Rage recover. As Rage starts to rise, Santana comes back in, going for the Sensei-Tion!! But Rage ducks under it, dodging the maneuver. He pulls himself back to his feet and faces Santana, who is already righted himself and is coming back with a quick sidekick. But Rage catches the leg in-between his arm and side, and then drops his other arm with all his might across it!!!! The two men drop to the ground, with Santana failing to stop a scream from coming through his lips!!*

Jones: My god, what a brutal maneuver!!! Santana’s leg is still in a bad way since the Ultimate X Match!!

Rockwell: That brace he has on gives some protection, but I don’t think anything short of an iron cast could have stopped that move from crushing his leg!!

Jones: Rage knew about that injury, and he exploited it to his full advantage!!

Rockwell: You say that like it’s a bad thing…

*Santana drags himself towards the ropes, unable to stand, as Rage gets himself upright. He looks a little tired, but still pleased with himself, not concerned with the booing from the fans. He moves over to Santana, grabbing him by the back of the head, but Santana throws an elbow back, catching a surprised Rage in the throat!! Rage staggers away, as Santana turns towards him, breathing heavily. He can barely stay upright, but he’s not giving up. He steps in with a few more punches, trying to keep from falling over after each one. He then locks onto Rage’s head and prepares for a DDT, only to have Rage get free with a shot to Santana’s side. Rage follows that up with a vicious boot to Santana’s leg, causing him to topple over in tremendous pain! Santana struggles to pull himself up, but Rage is there now, hitting him repeatedly against the ropes. Rage then turns him around, facing the audience, and goes back-to-back with him, before lifting Santana into the air and landing the Career Ender!!!! Santana’s out, with Rage making the cocky cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Franchise” Ryan Rage!

Jones: For a while, Santana seemed to have taken control of this one, but once his leg got taken out, he was in severely bad shape!

Rockwell: Rage is a pretty smart guy, knowing how to use his opponent’s weaknesses against him. Clearly, he’s got some talent to him.

Jones: He definitely wasn’t hesitant to use any advantage he could.

Rockwell: The guy’s a winner, and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

*We cut backstage as the GCWA Commissioner is walking down a hall greeting GCWA workers. He is shaking some of the hands of the crew who rarely get any recognition. Suddenly out of the corner appears the GCWA Owner, the Accelerator. Ace is fuming, which isn’t helped by Lurrr smirking at him.*

The Accelerator: Just who the hell do you think you are??? You’re not running for governor so cut the act!!!

Lurrr: Well hello there boss, you having a good evening??

*Lurrr has an exaggerated smile on his face, knowing the trouble he has caused the boss.*

The Accelerator: You know what I think would wipe that goofy smile off your face?? TLS putting one finger on the World Champ, if that occurs before Ultimate Survival then the #1 contender can kiss his title shot goodbye.

Lurrr: Trust me boss he heard you loud and clear, he will keep his hands to himself just like the ladies do with you!!!

*You hear the crowd react to the shot Lurrr has taken. *

The Accelerator: You know I can’t wait for Ultimate Survival. You really do think your *bleep* don’t stink son and you have been walking around here lately really buying into the fact that you run this show. Come Ultimate Survival you will soon understand why I have stayed afloat for so long in this business. You will find the true meaning of a smart businessman slash entrepreneur. It’s going to start with my team at Ultimate Survival embarrassing the bum’s you will have representing your team and then end with the World Champion making TLS wish he would have lost that match last week.

Lurrr: I always find it funny that he who supposedly knows it all is the one who usually has his tail tuck away in the end. You may think you have a team put together who will compete at the highest level but please remember who you are talking to. You are talking to a man who has made a living by being manipulative, smart, and sneaky. I always have that ace up the sleeve, no pun intended and boss you will once again have that feeling of egg on your face when I show you why I am the best in this business when it comes to thinking ahead. I have always been three steps ahead of you, whether I want to create an Empire or bring in some lawyers to dissect a contract to get what I want the end result has always been the same. You unable to utter a word with egg on your face, you think about that real hard…. Have a nice night boss and who knows maybe you are standing in the presence of a future governor, god I love this gig!!

*The crowd cheers loudly, apparently enjoying Lurrr as Commissioner as much as he is. Lurrr walks away leaving the boss fuming and left standing there to think more on what Lurrr’s comments might mean. We fade out.*

*We come back to GCWA television with a shot of the back door entrance to the arena. The door swings open, and The Lost Soul walks through, earning a cheer from the live crowd. He has his bag slung over his shoulder as he makes his way through the hallways, heading for his locker room. As he comes to an intersection, The Lost Soul suddenly stops, as if sensing something. A second later, The Big Bifford jumps out in front of him, braced as if expecting a collision. After a second, Bifford realizes that nothing’s coming, and releases the tension.*

The Big Bifford: So, uh, hi, TLS. How’s it going?

*Bifford is trying to play it off like it was an ‘accidental’ encounter. The Lost Soul doesn’t say a word. He just stands quietly, glaring at The Big Bifford, but controlling himself.*

The Big Bifford: Beautiful make-up you’ve got on there.

*TLS doesn’t move an inch, which seems to be angering Bifford more than anything.*

The Big Bifford: Nice bag, too.

*Bifford reaches over and knocks the bag off The Lost Soul’s shoulder, sending it sliding away. The Lost Soul glances down at it, then brings his eyes back to Bifford, who is trying to lean forward, giving TLS a perfect shot at his chin. TLS doesn’t fall for it. He turns, grabs his bag, and then walks away, with Bifford watching him go. Bifford shakes his head and walks off, getting on a cell phone (that looks small in his grasp).*

The Big Bifford: Ace, he didn’t fall for it. I know, I know, but I still thought it was worth trying… ok, don’t yell, I’ve got another plan.

*Bifford heads down the hall, as we slowly fade back to the ringside area.*

Jones: It looks like The Big Bifford’s trying to find a way out of his scheduled fight with The Lost Soul at Ultimate Survival.

Rockwell: He’s just trying to right an injustice, Edward. The Lost Soul is definitely not deserving to face Bifford for the belt.

Jones: Well, be as it may, it appears that TLS is determined not to let his opportunity to be a Grand Slam champion get away from him again.

Rockwell: Too bad he’s destined to fail.

Jones: Let’s, uh, just get to our next match.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming out to the ring, he is a man driven by the passion of bring hardcore back to professional wrestling, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*Xtreme comes out of the back with his weapons cart in front of him, pushing it down the rampway as “Give It All” by Rise Against plays behind him. Xtreme is grinning his usual grin, looking just a tiny bit insane as he does it. He heads for the ring, ready for another brawl.*

Jones: Xtreme was having legal troubles this week, as he was in court to deal with an apparent assault charge.

Rockwell: Ahh, did he work the legal system and earn himself freedom?

Jones: Actually, I heard he gave the judge a hard time and got thrown in jail for contempt of court.

Rockwell: Oh. So how’s he here today? Shouldn’t he still be locked up?

Jones: I’m not sure, to be honest.

Rockwell: I bet he played the old “not guilty due to mental disease or defect” card. After all, I don’t think many people around here would testify that Xtreme is a sane individual.

Minos: His opponent is a second-generation superstar who is continuing a strong career in the GCWA, standing 6’0” and weighing 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Jaiden Rishel!

*The fans are booing once more, this time in greater volume as Rishel walks out to “The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria. He walks to the edge of the ramp and stops, waiting as the crowd continues to boo heavily. Xtreme waits in the ring, already anxious to begin the fight.*

Jones: Rishel surprisingly has gone outside of the GCWA in order to create his “Team Invincible” for the Accelerator.

Rockwell: Well, he wanted the best, and with The Big Bifford already busy, and with my arm still not 100 percent, he went where he knew the talent was. You can’t fault him for that.

Jones: Rishel had to deal with other problems this week as well, meeting with a high-priced lawyer to talk about his recent troubles involving a man named Gary Williams.

Rockwell: He should really sue the government. Someone out there knows why Rishel was attacked and interrogated. Damn government, overstepping its bounds again!

Jones: I didn’t realize you felt that strongly about the government, Adrian.

Rockwell: I do when they’re messing with one of Ace’s best wrestlers! Stay away, you government goons, if you know what’s good for ya!

Jones: So, we’re ready to begin… if Rishel ever gets to ringside. What’s he waiting for?

*Rishel is still on the entry ramp, waiting as a GCWA attendant brings over a mic to him. Xtreme is pacing back and forth in the ring, just wanting to get the fight started.*

Jaiden Rishel: Hold your horses, Xtreme. You’re going to pace a hole through the ring if you keep motoring your big ass around.

*The crowd boos, although Xtreme doesn’t seem too bothered by the comment. He just gestures for Rishel to hurry up and get down there.*

Jaiden Rishel: Take a few deep breaths and let’s talk. I know that you have petitioned for this match to be hardcore, just like every match you’re in. I also know I told you that I wanted you to fight like a man, instead of a goddamned sissy. But I’ve had some time to think tonight, and I decided that maybe you have something, after all.

*The crowd gives a minor cheer, apparently liking where this conversation is going. Xtreme, for his part, now has a sadistic smile on his face.*

Jaiden Rishel: So if the offer’s still on the table for a hardcore match, then I’m willing to take things to the extreme. What do you say?

*In answer, Xtreme rolls out of the ring and goes to his cart, pulling out a wicked-looking baseball bat. He starts up the aisleway, as Rishel watches him approach.*

Jaiden Rishel: I’ll take that as a yes…

*Rishel drops the mic and prepares himself, even as Xtreme continues to come up the aisleway towards him.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: So Rishel has agreed to make this a hardcore match?? Doesn’t that play right into Xtreme’s strengths?

Rockwell: For once I’m with you, Edward. This sounds like a stupid move from Rishel, especially since he’s leading Ace’s team at Ultimate Survival. Did he even bother to discuss this with Ace, or is he just an impulsive idiot??

*Rishel takes a few steps back, approaching the entryway, as he takes up a defensive posture. Xtreme doesn’t seem prone to stop, as he continues to close in, raising up the bat in his hands to start taking swings. He has an insane look of enjoyment on his face, apparently having gotten exactly what he wanted. He takes the first swing, but Rishel darts backwards, avoiding it. Xtreme then rights himself and comes back with another attempt, only to stop part-way in surprise as he sees something moving to his left. He tries to reverse his shot, but it’s too late, as Mark Carlton and Colton Mace run through him with a double clothesline!!! Xtreme hits hard on the steel stage, but is immediately getting back up, only to have Ian King appear and drive a television monitor into Xtreme’s back!!! Xtreme collapses, with the three men surrounding him and stomping away, even as Rishel steps back, laughing.*

Jones: It was all a set-up!!

Rockwell: I take back everything I said! Rishel, you are a genius!! Hah hah hah!!

Jones: Rishel knew that, in a hardcore match, there are no rules, which means that Team Invincible can get involved and there’s nothing to stop them!

Rockwell: This is absolutely brilliant!! The kid definitely has the smarts of his old man!!

*Carlton starts to pull up Xtreme, signaling that he wants to do the next bit of damage, only to have Mace try to intercede. The two tag-team partners argue for a second, with King quickly moving in as the peace-maker, trying to get the two men to just take out Xtreme together. They all nod, back in agreement, with King turning and grabbing hold of Xtreme… only to get back-bodydropped onto the stage!! Xtreme then dashes forward towards the two tag-team partners, who, while surprised, quickly sidestep him, causing Xtreme to dive off the stage to the ground below!!! The fans are in shock, as both Carlton and Mace are laughing, wondering what on earth Xtreme was thinking. They start down the ramp, with Rishel checking on King. As the tag-team reaches the bottom, though, Xtreme’s already back on his feet… having retrieved his baseball bat, which had rolled off the stage!!! Before Carlton can react, Xtreme uses the bat like a fencing sword, stabbing him in the gut with a hard hit! Xtreme then dodges a swing from Mace and clobbers him in the back with a shot, knocking him down!! The fans are actually cheering as Xtreme turns and looks upwards, blood on his chin, as he grins towards Rishel.*

Rockwell: Wow… this guy can take a beating, can’t he?

Jones: Xtreme’s somehow fought his way back into this four-on-one contest, and now Rishel doesn’t look so confident!

Rockwell: Yeah, but it’s still four-on-one… unless you count the baseball bat…

*Xtreme starts on his way up the ramp, limping slightly, as Carlton and Mace work to recover behind him. Rishel seems to be considering his next move carefully, glancing around to see if he should make a run for it, or if things are still under control. He backs off, raising his hands and telling Xtreme that he might have made a mistake. Xtreme doesn’t want to hear it. He spits some blood to the side, smiles, and then comes in, swinging for the fences!! Rishel barely manages to get out of the way of the strike, which leaves a sizable dent in the set behind him!! Rishel darts forward, trying to hammer his shoulder into Xtreme’s gut, but it only sends the heavyset man back a few inches, with Xtreme bringing the end of the bat down on Rishel’s back!! Rishel drops to the ground, almost sitting in a tee-ball holder position, at least to Xtreme’s eyes. He rears back for another mighty strike… and King is back, landing a low blow!!! Xtreme collapses, gasping, as King gets on top, punching away!*

Rockwell: Whew! Xtreme just got saved!

Jones: Yes, he… wait, Xtreme got saved?? King just nailed him in the crotch!

Rockwell: Yeah, but if he would have landed that hit, he would have been charged with attempted murder, not to mention fired from the GCWA! He should thank King for saving his career!

Jones: …

*Rishel is back on his feet now, angrily stomping away on Xtreme’s stomach, while King batters at his face. Xtreme fights back once more, though, getting a short uppercut that knocks King back, and then starting to get up. Rishel strikes away at him, looking shocked that he’s still rising, but Xtreme takes every hit and seems to be asking for more. He steps towards Rishel, as if to lock up with him again, but now Carlton and Mace are back, grabbing Xtreme’s arms from behind!! Xtreme struggles to pull free, yanking at the two men, but they’re just too strong for him to get free. Meanwhile, Rishel has picked up the baseball bat. He turns and runs forward with the bat out in front of him, ramming the side of it into Xtreme’s unprotected skull!!! Xtreme sags from the shot, with the tag-team members allowing him to fall face-first to the ground. He’s bloody now from that one, laying, out cold, on the stage.*

Jones: Clearly, the numbers are just too much to overcome, although Xtreme’s put up a remarkable fight.

Rockwell: That last shot might have scrambled his brains. But since they were scrambled before it, anyway, does that mean that Xtreme is going to be more sane now?

*Rishel tosses away the baseball bat, no longer needing it. He thanks his team and nods to them, with the three men each getting in a couple more stomps before turning and leaving the area through the curtain. The crowd is booing heavily as Rishel stands over Xtreme, looking pretty happy with the way things have gone. He looks down the ramp where Referee Mitchell is standing, still in shock on what’s happened. He waves for Mitchell to get his butt up there, and then makes the cover, with Mitchell dropping next to them on the stage… 1… 2… and Xtreme’s shoulder comes up!!! Rishel sits up, shock crisscrossing his face. He shakes his head, as if to say No, that didn’t just happen, and makes the cover again… 1… 2… Xtreme kicks out again!*

Jones: He’s still alive?? Xtreme’s still in this one!!

Rockwell: Er, no he isn’t. That’s just, uh, a reflex. The ref should just end this contest, Xtreme’s in worse shape than I thought...

Jones: It looked like a clean kick-out to me, Adrian! Xtreme’s still got something left in the tank!

*Rishel can’t believe it, as he argues for a minute with Referee Mitchell about his count. Meanwhile, Xtreme has rolled over onto his stomach, inadvertently almost taking himself off the stage again. His arm hangs over the edge, even as Rishel, frustrated, comes back over and pulls him up, hammering him with a few right hands. Xtreme staggers backwards, coming close to the edge again, with Rishel determined to make him take the plunge. He runs forward to try and get a jumping clothesline to knock him off… and Xtreme catches Rishel in the air and slamming him down onto the steel!!! Both men are down now, with Xtreme laying on his side, gasping for air. His face is bruised and bloody, showing the abuse he’s taken in this one. Rishel, meanwhile, is now dazed himself, laying flat on his back. Unbelievably, Xtreme is able to put an arm weakly over him, causing Mitchell to start a count… 1… 2… and Rishel darts his shoulder up, stopping the count.*

Jones: Xtreme nearly stole this one, which, after the beating he took earlier, would have definitely been considered an upset!

Rockwell: What’s the guy got, steel plates in his head or something?? How the hell is he even still functioning??

*Slowly, Xtreme works his way up, wiping blood out of his eyes. For once, he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself, as he can barely move. He reaches down and drags Rishel up, lifting him onto his shoulders, as if to deliver the Xtreme Measures!!! But Rishel starts fighting free, punching away, and manages to get his feet back on the ground. Xtreme turns towards him, swinging, but Rishel blocks it, then catches the wrestler from behind with the Suffering!! Rishel only holds it for a second or two, knowing that Xtreme won’t submit, before dropping him hard to the steel on the back of his head!! Rishel pulls himself back up, struggling to stand, and then looks at his chest, realizing that some of Xtreme’s blood is now on him. Disgusted, Rishel pulls Xtreme up and immediately sets him in place, before dropping him hard with the Hero’s Welcome on the steel!!! Xtreme’s out, with Rishel making the cover and hanging onto the legs… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Jaiden Rishel!

Rockwell: I knew it!! I knew Rishel would dominate his punk ass!

Jones: Yep, it took all of Team Invicible, but Rishel was able to keep Xtreme’s shoulders on the ground for the 3 count.

Rockwell: Hey, did you see Team Invincible out there when Rishel got the pin? No, no you didn’t, because Rishel did this on his own.

Jones: Seriously?

Rockwell: Rishel’s the one who got the Hero’s Welcome, which means he won cleanly! It’s not like he cheated or anything, because there are no rules in the hardcore world!

Jones: Well, I mean, that’s true, but…

Rockwell: So congrats to Rishel for the clean win! He’s got a streak of them going, and he’s going to carry that into Ultimate Survival and win it all, mark my words!

*Rishel takes a moment to bask in the negative boos of the crowd, before turning and departing. As the medics run past him to check on Xtreme, he stops one and grabs a towel from him, wiping off the blood from his chest. Xtreme apparently is already trying to sit up, although he’s pretty out of it. We cut backstage where the locker room of Mario Maurako is found. He is preparing for his match against Lorenzo Demarco and The Lost Soul. There is a knock at the door…Maurako motions towards Jedit Omen to answer the door. Omen opens the door, behind the door is a skinny man dressed in a strange delivery suit. He enters with an envelope in his hand. Maurako turns, facing the man and snatches the envelope from him.*

Delivery Guy: Telegram for you, Mr. Maurako, courtesy of Derek Mobley, El Linchador and Warrick Hill!

*Maurako, not sure what to make of this, rips open the envelope and finds a plain, white card. He begins to read it aloud.*

Mario Maurako: Who Am I…I’m an OCW Legend, holding almost every title imaginable….is this some kind of a joke?

Delivery Guy: Keep reading, please.

Mario Maurako: Ugh…Never presenting a dull moment, I was notoriously charismatic. I was featured in one of the greatest stables in OCW history and am a true OCW original. If you’re still not sure who I am…here’s one last hint that should leave no doubt. While I’m no stranger to gold, Silver is what I prefer to hold…

*Maurako’s eyes grow wide as he starts to slowly crumple up the paper…Jedit Omen speaks.*

Jedit Omen: Who wrote that? Not exactly the best riddle or rhyme I’ve ever heard…

Scoot Time: Oh my Gosh!! It’s Scott Syren!! I Hate Him!!!

*Maurako throws the crumpled up note against the wall.*

Mario Maurako: It is NOT Scott Syren, you idiot!

*Maurako shakes his head and notices the delivery guy remains standing in front of him.*

Mario Maurako: Why are you still here?

Delivery Guy: I haven’t finished delivering the message…this is a singing telegram…

*The Delivery Guy clears his throat, blows on a small whistle and begins to sing and dance.*

Delivery Guy: Whooooo are you….Who, Who! Who, Who! Whooooo are you…

Mario Maurako: Enough!! Scoot, take him out!

*Scoot lunges at the Delivery Guy, interrupting his singing…unfortunately, Scoot misjudges the distance and falls short with his head hitting the Delivery Guy’s hand and the little whistle jamming into Scoot’s eye! Scoot screams in pain and rolls around…Maurako shakes his head.*

Mario Maurako: Unbelievable…

*Maurako decides to take matters into his own hands, he grabs the Delivery Guy by his collar, drags him to the door of his locker room and hurls him into the hall way. Maurako slams the door shut and we are left with a shot of the Delivery Guy moaning in pain…we fade out to a commercial break.*

*We come back to a shot in the backstage area, where we see the delivery guy from before the break getting carted out on a stretcher. He sounds delirious, singing “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, or at least a broken melody of it. Walking past him is Jaiden Rishel, who seems to be laughing at the incident, as well as what he just pulled off earlier. As he gets to his locker room, though, a man suddenly appears, smashing him with a devastating headbutt!! Rishel falls to the ground, dazed, as Bucky Johnson stands over him!!*

Bucky Johnson: You did pretty well, having to quadruple team Xtreme. But I've beaten Xtreme before, and I'll be taking you down as well. You want to make this a CWF fight? That's right up my alley. Say hello to your dad for me.

*Bucky laughs and walks past Rishel, who's still trying to recover. He pulls himself up, glaring back and the departing Bucky, as we head back to ringside.*

Jones: So does that mean that Bucky's part of Team Danger Boiz??

Rockwell: Apparently so, the stupid fool. He's taken his GCWA career into dangerous territory by siding against Rishel.

Jones: True, but it could just be that Bucky wants his shot at winning Ultimate Survival, and he might feel that Crazy Chris' team is the best way to do that.

Rockwell: So how about what just happened at the break? Maurako really messed that guy up.

Jones: Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a singing telegram guy.

Rockwell: I hate those fools. They never really can sing, and they always want money from you afterwards. Just send a damn card!

Jones: So the mystery has thickened… who’s Mobley’s unknown tag-team partner for Ultimate Survival?

Rockwell: I don’t have a freakin’ clue. I mean, it’s someone from Maurako’s past, but I don’t know much about Maurako’s past, to be honest.

Jones: It could be someone from OCW… or maybe the EWA or the NECF?

Rockwell: Whoever it is, we’d better find out soon. I hate mysteries.

Jones: Well, while we’re waiting, we’ve got another great contest to get to, featuring a legendary superstar in the wrestling world taking on our current GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion!

Rockwell: This one’s guaranteed to put butts in the seats!

Jones: So let’s send it to…

*Suddenly, the lights start to flicker a little, grabbing Jones’ attention. The Titon Tron also appears to be starting to come on.*

Jones: What the hell is going on?

*The tron starts to crackle with feedback as the camera goes black and white. We see a set of what looks like a bad horror movie. Out of the smoky area of the film we see a black coffin. From behind it walking out of the smoke is Ataxia.*

Ataxia: Sorry to interrupt this otherwise boring television program! I request that the following open their ears, shut their mouths, and pay attention. I am only going to say this once. I am throwing my name out there on a first come first serve basis for this upcoming team up event. I think I proved earlier tonight that I can hold my own. Anyone in need of a teammate do let me know. But if you don't pick me I understand...however I will point this out. One way or the other at this lovely pay per view. I will be there...and I will make my intentions known to one of you who I just drew this for.

*He holds up a card that looks like someone is getting tortured.*

Ataxia: Someone just became my new best friend...someone who is about to learn their lesson. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA...

*The feed is cut and everything goes back to normal.*

Rockwell: You can come up from under the desk now, Edward. Ataxia’s video is done now.

Jones: What? Oh, uh, no, I wasn’t hiding or anything… I, uh, dropped a contact lens. But I just found it, I’m good…

Rockwell: That Ataxia is a crazy freak. I can’t see anyone wanting him on their team.

Jones: Wouldn’t having him as a partner be better than having him on the other side of the ring?

Rockwell: Good point. Maybe there should be a lottery for him.

Jones: Anyhow, we’ve got two competitors waiting to have a great match, so let’s get to it!

Minos: Our next match is a Non-Title Match scheduled for one fall with a 10 Minute Time Limit! Introducing first, from Dundee, Scotland, standing 6’4 and weighing in at 320 lbs…he is the GCWA Intercontinental Champion…. “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!!!!

*‘Contagious’ by Trapt begins to play as the fans boo with the sight of the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Cortez, making his way to the ring. He reaches the ring, slides in under the bottom rope and holds his IC title up high in the air to a chorus of boos. Cortez smirks at the crowd reaction and hands his title outside to a GCWA official.*

Minos: And, his opponent…from La Coruna, Spain…standing 6’1 and weighing in at 199 lbs…El Linchador!!!!!

*The crowd goes wild as “Hey Ladies” by the Beastie Boys begins to play. El Linchador makes his way to the ring with the fans cheering and chanting “Linchy! Linchy!”…El Linchador climbs the steps, enters through the ropes and motions towards the crowd to a thunderous ovation.*

Jones: The legend, El Linchador has arrived!

Rockwell: I’ve been looking forward to this match all week long, Jones…the legend versus GCWA’s top rising star!

Jones: Same here, it’s also Linchy’s first singles match in GCWA.

*The bell rings as Cortez and Linchy size each other up. Cortez lunges at Linchy, going for a tie up, Linchy, however, ducks under and uses his quickness to move out of the way. Cortez turns around, quickly, but is met with a few stiff punches to the head. Cortez staggers back against the ropes as Linchy nails him with a flurry of right hands. Linchy then whips Cortez off the ropes, Cortez rushes across the ring, bounces off the ropes again and is drilled with a dropkick! Cortez staggers back, against the ropes. Linchy rushes in for a clothesline, Cortez, though, ducks and lifts Linchy over the top rope and to the outside! Linchy hits hard.*

Jones: There is a definite size difference here and it came into play right off the bat!

Rockwell: Linchy seems a bit overanxious to get the big man down and it cost him.

Jones: Perhaps some ring rust on Linchy’s part…

*Linchy has made it back to his feet on the outside, Cortez reaches down over the top rope and grabs Linchy by the head. Cortez yanks Linchy up on the ring apron and nails Linchy with a few stiff rights. Cortez then hooks Linchy for a suplex, Linchy blocks it twice, Cortez knees Linchy in the gut. Cortez goes for the suplex again, he gets Linchy up in the air, but Linchy gets out of the suplex and lands on his feet on the other side. Cortez quickly turns around but into a Small Package!! The ref slides into view for the count…1…2…Kick out!!*

Jones: The veteran nearly stole one!!

Rockwell: Yea, that happened so fast…Linchy is as quick as he ever was.

Jones: Of course…gotta love this match so far…bringing a little south of the border flavor!

Rockwell: Cortez is from Scotland.

Jones: Is he?

Rockwell: Yes! Weren’t you listening to Minos?

Jones: But…how…that seems so…strange…

Rockwell: Just because someone is named Cortez doesn’t mean they are hispanic!

Jones: I guess, kinda like how not all people named Adrian are African American?

Rockwell: Is that some kind of a joke?

Jones: Oh…guess I didn’t think that comment through.

*Rockwell shakes his head, as Jones tries to change the subject. Meanwhile, inside the ring…Linchy has made it back to his feet, Cortez is in the process of getting back to his feet…Linchy, though, delivers a few stiff kicks to the back of Cortez’s knee…it chops Cortez down to both knees. Linchy then delivers a vicious kick to the side of Cortez’s head! Linchy then delivers a knee lift into the face of Cortez!! Cortez falls over, onto his back as the crowd cheers wildly for Linchy…he signals for the top rope and makes his way into a nearby corner.*

Jones: Uh Oh!! El Linchador looks to be going for his patented 360 Flip Into a Cross Body Block!!

Rockwell: Holy Crap that was a mouth full!

Jones: Such an epic maneuver deserves a multitude of words.

Rockwell: Either way, if he hits this, the match will be over.

Jones: Indeed and would be a disappointing performance by Cortez…but, what can you do? It’s El Linchador! Ole!!

*Linchy is now perched on the top rope, waiting for Cortez to get to his feet…Cortez finally makes it to his feet, he stumbles around, a bit dazed. Linchy leaps off, performs his 360 and stretches it out into a Cross-Body…Cortez, though, is able to move out of the way just in time! Linchy slams, hard into the mat!! Cortez finds himself leaning against the ropes as he continues to shake the cobwebs free.*

Jones: Chris Cortez was barely able to get out of the way!!

Rockwell: Talk about a high impact move! Only bad thing about a high impact move is, well, when you miss…

Jones: Agreed and Linchy is currently paying the price for such a risky move so early in a match.

*Cortez walks towards Linchy as Linchy remains down, on the mat. Cortez stands over Linchy and looks down at him in anger…he pulls Linchy to his feet and nails him with a few stiff right hands…this backs Linchy into a corner. Cortez drills Linchy with a few midsection knee lifts, keeping Linchy compromised. Cortez then whips Linchy out of the corner…Linchy rushes across the ring and slams into the opposite corner!! He comes staggering out, holding his back, Cortez rushes in and slams Linchy with a lariat!! Linchy’s body goes flying back into the corner with his head and neck slamming into the middle turnbuckle!! Linchy is now down, crumpled in the corner as Cortez motions towards the crowd…they boo loudly.*

Jones: Chris Cortez is showing us a vicious side.

Rockwell: Well, he was seconds away from being defeated at the hands of El Linchador…you gotta think Chris Cortez is finally realizing just how tough his opponent really is.

Jones: Yea, all too often you’ll see the talented newcomer take the old veteran lightly…

Rockwell: That and the fact that El Linchador is damn good…but he’d better quit playing to the crowd, you HAVE to stay on top of El Linchador…dude can turn around a match like THAT.

Jones: Like what?

Rockwell: That!

Jones: Wow, you don’t snap very well…we need to work on that.

Rockwell: Shut up!

*Rockwell, with Jones watching the match, works on his snapping…realizing that he, indeed, has trouble making a snap noise with his fingers. Back in the ring, Cortez yanks Linchy to his feet and out of the corner…Linchy, though, responds with a forearm uppercut under the chin of Cortez! Cortez staggers back, Linchy rushes into the ropes, bounces off, but is caught by Cortez!! Cortez picks Linchy up and slams him into the mat with a belly to belly suplex!!!*

Jones: Cortez showing the obvious strength advantage he has in this match…perfectly executed belly to belly!

Rockwell: I hate that move…something about two men’s naked bellies rubbing up against each other…it just makes you go ‘eww’.

Jones: Like that song!

Rockwell: I believe the tune you’re referring to is ‘things that make you go oohhh’…big difference.

Jones: Ahh, yea…had you have said ‘oohhh’ instead of ‘eww’ in reference to the belly to belly, I’d be a little worried about ya.

*Cortez pulls Linchy back to his feet…Linchy responds, though with a few quick punches into the midsection of Cortez. Cortez staggers back again…Linchy backs into a nearby corner…he lifts himself up to the top turnbuckle very quickly…he leaps off and goes for a huricanrana!! He hooks it around the head of Cortez, however, Cortez holds on, lifts Linchy up and powerbombs him to the mat!! The ring shakes due to the tremendous force!! Cortez goes for the pin, the ref makes the count…1…2…Kick Out!!!*

Jones: El Linchador barely kicks out before the three count!!

Rockwell: Cortez wasn’t messing around with that powerbomb, he tried to put Linchy through the mat!

Jones: Can you blame him? It’s El Freakin Linchador…the question is, can Cortez keep Linchy’s shoulders down long enough for the three count?

Rockwell: It’s gonna be tough.

*Cortez complains towards the ref about a slow count…he then pulls Linchy back to his feet, as he gets to his feet as well. Cortez then signals for the top rope, the fans boo loudly. He shoves Linchy into the corner, lifts him up and sets him on the top rope…Cortez climbs up there and hooks Linchy for what looks to be an attempted superplex. Linchy, though, responds with several shots to the kidney area of Cortez…he then shoves Cortez off of him! Cortez lands on his feet and staggers back…Linchy gets to his feet on the top turnbuckle…Cortez sees this…he lunges towards the ropes and shakes them!! Linchy loses his balance and slams his left knee into the top turnbuckle…he tries to keep from falling off, but winds up getting his left leg hung up in the ropes!! The fans grow anxious, worried about Linchy being tied in the ropes…Cortez spots Linchy’s vulnerability and walks over towards him as Linchy is unable to get his leg untangled from the ropes.*

Jones: El Linchador finds himself in a compromising position!

Rockwell: Yea and he already slammed that knee into the turnbuckle after Cortez shook the ropes.

Jones: Things just don’t seem to be going Linchy’s way tonight…every time he has an opening, Cortez finds a way to block it.

Rockwell: So far, yes.

*Cortez begins to punch away at the left knee of Linchy. Linchy yells out in pain and tries to block it, but is unable to do anything to cover up…Cortez continues his flurry of punches on the exposed knee of Linchy. The ref rushes into view and argues with Cortez, trying to get him to stop. Cortez doesn’t listen…he starts to kick at the left knee…Linchy continues to squirm and try to find a way to get out of the ropes, but is unable to. After several punches and kicks to Linchy’s knee, the ref administers a five count, threatening to disqualify Cortez. Finally, at the count of four, Cortez backs away, smiling…the ref then helps Linchy untangle from the ropes…Linchy falls to the mat and clutches his knee in pain.*

Jones: Too little, too late ref! Linchy’s knee is all banged up now!

Rockwell: Yea, Cortez was relentless in that attack…I’d be surprised if there weren’t some ligament damage inside Linchy’s knee.

Jones: Definitely doesn’t look good for Linchy…however, if anyone can overcome these odds, it’s El Linchador!

*Cortez yanks Linchy to his feet…he takes a few quick leg stabs at Linchy’s knee, causing it to buckle. Cortez then looks out to the crowd, they boo louder than ever…he hooks Linchy for a suplex…Cortez lifts Linchy up in the air…he holds him up in the air for several seconds before finally drilling him, head first, into the mat with a delayed jackhammer!!! Linchy looks to be out of it! The crowd boos loudly…Cortez goes for the pin, the ref makes the count…1…2…Kick Out!!!!*

Jones: Linchy kicked out of the Corplex!!! Unbelievable!! I thought it was over for sure!!

Rockwell: Wow!! Linchy’s still got it!! You can’t keep this man down!

Jones: I doubt Cortez has ever faced a man as determined as El Linchador…mental fatigue could set in due to all the frustration.

Rockwell: Especially considering his youth…we’ll see how he handles this adversity.

*Cortez shakes his head, surprised Linchy kicked out. He gets to his feet and grabs Linchy’s leg…he focuses on the left leg and begins to drop repeated elbows into the injured, left knee of Linchy! Linchy clutches his knee in pain after each blow. Cortez finishes dropping elbows, he then, quickly, locks in a sharpshooter on Linchy! He flips Linchy over, sits back and applies the sharpshooter!! Linchy yells out in pain and frenetically throws his arms around, trying to find the ropes…he’s a good ten feet away from the nearest set of ropes. The ref bends down, near Linchy, asking if he wants to give up, Linchy refuses.*

Jones: The Roots of Envy!!! With that injured knee, there’s no way Linchy can withstand this!

Rockwell: Turns out, Cortez may not have to worry about keeping Linchy down for three seconds…he may just make him tap out.

Jones: I’m afraid that’s what we might be looking at here…the pain has to be unbearable!

*Linchy continues to fight through the pain as Cortez applies more and more pressure…Linchy, unbelievably, is able to inch closer and closer to the ropes…Cortez tries to apply enough pressure to get Linchy to tap before he reaches the ropes…Linchy, suddenly, makes a big lunge for the ropes!! This causes Cortez to lose his balance in the hold…Linchy is then able to reach out and snag the bottom rope!! The crowd goes wild!! The ref forces Cortez to release the hold as the crowd begins to chant “Linchy! Linchy!”*

Jones: He did it!! El Linchador was able to escape the Roots of Envy!

Rockwell: Cortez has to be thinking to himself, “What the hell do I have to do to win this damn thing??”

Jones: El Linchador is showing the heart of a champion and showing us why he is a legend in this business.

Rockwell: Double True.

*Cortez gets to his feet and grabs the ref by the collar…he begins to yell at the ref as the ref warns him to back off. Cortez finally does and turns his attention to Linchy. Linchy is still on the ground, holding onto the bottom rope, breathing heavily. Cortez yanks him to his feet and pins him against the ropes. He yells a few derogatory comments to Linchy, showing his frustration…he then kicks Linchy in the gut and hooks him for a suplex. He lifts Linchy up in the air again and holds him in that position, trying for the Corplex once more. Linchy, though, uses his good, right knee and smacks Cortez on the top of the head a few times…Cortez loosens his grip and lets go of Linchy!! Linchy grabs hold of Cortez’s head as he is falling to the mat and drills him into the mat with a Tornado DDT!! Cortez is laid out in the middle of the ring as the fans are going wild!!!*

Jones: Tornado DDT!! Cortez is knocked silly!! Go Linchy Go!!

Rockwell: Wow, he might actually do this.

Jones: The crowd is going wild, now is the time, Linchy! Put the big man away!

*Linchy gets to his feet and signals to the crowd, they go wild. He hobbles over to a corner, showing the effects of the damage done to his left knee. He slowly makes it to the top rope, he stands there, gaining his balance…he looks down at Cortez. Cortez makes it to his feet…Linchy prepares to leap off with his signature maneuver…but he hesitates due to his damaged knee.*

Jones: Uh oh…can he pull off the 360?

Rockwell: Looks like he’s wondering the same thing.

Jones: Well, he can’t stand there forever! Time is of the essence!

*Linchy decides to leap off, going for a regular cross body…Cortez catches him!! The crowd stops cheering and grows silent…Cortez shifts Linchy’s body and drills him with a massive spinebuster in the middle of the ring!! Linchy lies motionless as Cortez pops back to his feet. He grabs Linchy’s leg and with much more purpose than before, locks in the Roots of Envy!!! He drags Linchy into the center of the ring and leans back, locking it in tight. Linchy lies there, not yelling as much as before…he grimaces in pain…Linchy looks at the ropes to his sides and in front of him, he sees how far away they are. The ref looks at Linchy and asks him if he wants to give up…Linchy tries to fight it…but the pain is overwhelming…Linchy slowly lifts up his hand and begins to tap on the mat! The ref quickly calls for the bell as it rings…the fans boo loudly.*

Minos: Here is your winner….The GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion…. “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!!!!!

Jones: Linchy tapped!

Rockwell: Unbelievable, El Linchador did everything he could to avoid losing this match…however, Cortez was just too much.

Jones: Call it ring rust, call it an off night…call it whatever you want, but Chris Cortez was better than El Linchador tonight.

Rockwell: Huge win for Chris Cortez…he continues to show that he is headed straight for the top of GCWA. Not to mention, he learned a huge lesson tonight…he fought a man with the heart of a champion and realized just how hard it is to put someone like that down.

Jones: Indeed.

*Cortez stands over Linchy with his IC Title…he looks down at Linchy with the title in his hand…Linchy is struggling to get to the ropes so he can get back to his feet. The fans grow quiet, nervous at what Cortez might do…Cortez then shakes his head and exits the ring, leaving Linchy to recover.*

Jones: Perhaps a show of respect by the Intercontinental Title…he had an opportunity to destroy Linchy with that IC Title, however, he chose otherwise.

Rockwell: Cortez is still a big time jerk…however, in competition, you can’t help but have a little respect for a man with Linchy’s heart.

Jones: Very true…

*Cortez is walking away with the belt now on his shoulder, smiling at having made the guy tap out. Apparently, it just wasn’t worth even hitting him that final time. Cortez departs, with El Linchador slowly pulling himself back together. He doesn’t look too happy with the way things went in this one. We cut away from this to the backstage area, where there are sounds of a commotion. People are rushing back and forth, apparently reacting to something that’s happened. In the midst of them, Cynthia Hall appears in front of the camera.*

Cynthia Hall: Oh, no! Not again!! Who is it this time?

*Hall pushes her way into the crowd, disappearing from sight. The cameraman is apparently hesitant to drive his way through as well.*

Cynthia Hall: Hey! HEY! Stan, get in here!! Now!

*Reluctantly, the cameraman heads in, pushing and shoving his way through. In the center of the hallway, unconscious, is Jedit Omen!! He’s out cold, not moving, with a bloody cut on his forehead leaking onto the floor.*

Cynthia Hall: Get a shot of this one over here as well, Stan!

*The cameraman comes up and focuses on where Hall is standing. She’s near what appears to be a broken doorway, with two legs sticking out from the debris. The cameraman comes closer, showing that the legs belong to a badly beaten Scoot Time!! Neither man appears to be moving.*

Cynthia Hall: First Special K, and now these two! Team Maurako has been decimated!! Oh, Stan, quick, turn around!

*The camera spins, showing the crowd again. Maurako appears, having just knocked a couple of attendants aside in order to see what’s going on. He doesn’t exactly look surprised, but he does look pissed off.*

Mario Maurako: Damnit.

*Maurako turns and leaves, not bothering to look back at the last members of his team. As he disappears from view down the hallway, we fade to commercial.*

*We come back to a shot of the backstage hallways, in particular outside of The Lost Soul’s locker room. There are a few shouts, as well as a desperate cry for help. The door swings open, and The Lost Soul steps out, looking around. Down the hall, we can see that The Big Bifford has an attendant in his arms. He jettisons the man against the wall, knocking him cold, and then grabs a strangely-covered individual off the ground. The person lets out a short scream, high-pitched, as Bifford throws the person against the wall. He looks over towards TLS.*

The Big Bifford: Looks like only you can save this woman, TLS! How much of a hero are you, really?

*Bifford lifts the person up, as she kicks and struggles against his grip. Her feet are off the ground, showing the boots on underneath. The Lost Soul apparently takes this in, as he shakes his head, turns, and leaves his locker room, going in the opposite direction. Bifford, confused, slowly lowers his victim to the ground as TLS disappears down the hall, apparently heading to the ring for his match.*

The Big Bifford: Damnit, what’s it take to get through to this guy and make him hit me??

*The person he was holding removes the thick hat and wig off, revealing Arachne. He’s coughing a little bit and rubbing at his chest where Bifford had been pinning him against the wall.*

Arachne: Ow. I think I need a painkiller.

The Big Bifford: We’ll get him yet… somehow…

*Bifford turns and leaves, with Arachne walking slowly after him, taking off the ‘dress’ along the way. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Wow. Seeing Arachne in a dress was NOT on my to-do list…

Rockwell: Damn, The Lost Soul is truly heartless, isn’t he?

Jones: Heartless? I think he figured out pretty quickly that no one was in danger, so he departed.

Rockwell: That unconscious attendant laying there says differently, Edward. And how did he know for sure that it wasn’t a woman in peril? I think he just didn’t care about her, or anyone else, for that matter. This is the guy Lurrr nominated to be #1 Contender? What a *bleeping* jerk.

Jones: TLS has done lots of saving of people over the years, but he’s also a top-notch detective. I don’t think Arachne in drag would fool him.

Rockwell: Oh, c’mon, you know you thought she was hot…

Jones: I… ummm… plead the fifth…

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Triple Threat” Match! First, making his way down towards the ring, he is a man known for both his wrestling and his rapping, standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, here is the currently undefeated Lorenzo Demarco!

*Demarco comes out to “Things Done Change” by The Notorious B.I.G., looking relaxed going into this contest. He heads down the ramp and towards the ring, cracking his knuckles along the way. The fans do not seem very pleased to see him, booing away, although one fan is shown wearing gold chains and holding up a Demarco CD, cheering.*

Jones: Reports from the back have stated that Demarco was given a random drug test earlier tonight, and he apparently passed with flying colors.

Rockwell: I guess that ‘solution’ he was given earlier this week paid off, although I can’t say I’m big on the delivery system.

Jones: Well, Demarco has had a great start in the GCWA, gaining wins over Kirsten Reid and Chucky Johnson. This definitely has to be considered the toughest match he’s had so far, however.

Rockwell: Yeah, he’s not facing snot-nosed rookies this time. He’s taking on two guys who have probably 30-40 years of experience in the wrestling business between them.

Minos: Coming out next, he has held numerous honors throughout his career, and is looking to add more at Ultimate Survival, standing 6’2” and weighing 260 lbs, from Maurako Island, here is Mario Maurako!

*As “Ego” by Element Eighty plays, Maurako steps out of the back, alone. He looks angry as he moves down the aisle, barely looking towards the ring. Instead, he’s watching the crowd, as if looking for a particular face to strike at. Seeing none, he goes inside the ring.*

Jones: We’re still not sure who took out Maurako’s allies for his team at Ultimate Survival, but at this point, it looks doubtful that any of them will be joining him at the show.

Rockwell: We’ve got a really brave guy out there, don’t we, that wants to attack guys like Scoot Time and Jedit Omen from behind…

Jones: I’m sensing sarcasm.

Rockwell: Ahh, you’re so smart, Edward.

Jones: Still sensing it…

Minos: And now, our third participant… he is a former GCWA Intercontinental, X Division, & World Tag-Team Champion, and is now currently the #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight Title… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The fans are cheering wildly as “The Friday the 13th” Theme begins to play. The Lost Soul slowly appears out of the back, stopping just beyond the curtain, as he surveys the cheering audience before him. The Lost Soul then looks towards the ring and starts down the ramp, ready for the fight before him.*

Rockwell: Why are the fans still cheering for this guy? Don’t they realize that he’s a murderer??

Jones: Honestly, I don’t think the fans believe that TLS had anything to do with that woman’s murder, Adrian.

Rockwell: The police sure do, and I’m betting they know how to do their jobs! For the sake of GCWA credibility, Ace should just strip TLS of his title shot and remove him from the company!

Jones: I don’t see Commissioner Lurrr allowing that to happen.

Rockwell: Lurrr doesn’t know *bleep*. He’s just here to ruin the GCWA, why can’t anyone see that??

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as The Lost Soul enters the ring, Maurako and Demarco are there, double-teaming him with heavy shots. The Lost Soul fights back, slugging towards both men, temporarily getting some breathing room. But after TLS knocks Maurako back with a right cross, he steps right into an eye rake from Demarco, blinding him. Demarco then picks TLS up and scoop slams him, putting the veteran on the mat. Maurako immediately takes advantage, stomping away on the man, trying to do enough damage to keep him down, even as Demarco steps back and watches for a moment, conserving his energy. Maurako drops a couple of knees onto TLS’ back, doing some more damage. He straightens up, finally smiling, as if he’s gotten to release some aggression. He turns back… and Demarco mows him down with a running clothesline!! Demarco then drops a couple of elbows onto Maurako’s spine, showing that the brief partnership is over!*

Jones: Teamwork never seems to last in Triple Threat matches. Still, it was interesting that both men decided to attack TLS first.

Rockwell: Are you daring to suggest that Ace set this match up just to have the two heels beat down TLS, to weaken him for his match with The Big Bifford, and that he told them to work him over?

Jones: Ummm, no, actually, I wasn’t suggesting that.

Rockwell: Oh… well, good… because it’s not true…

Jones: Sure…

*Demarco’s in full control now, as he makes sure that TLS is not up yet before returning to Maurako. The bigger man tries a quick punch, but Demarco blocks it, then kicks Maurako in the stomach and sets him in place, lifting Maurako up for a piledriver!! He drops, spiking Maurako’s head off the canvas, and then makes the cover… 1… 2.. and TLS is there to break it up, slamming hard into Demarco’s back! Demarco and TLS get up, with Demarco immediately going back to the eyes, jabbing in a thumb to blind his opponent. He then gets TLS back into the corner and punches away on him with closed fists, earning a warning from Head Referee Bell. Demarco then pulls TLS out of the corner and sets him, dropping with a DDT! He covers TLS, watching carefully to see if Maurako can interfere… 1… 2… and TLS kicks free, staying alive.*

Jones: Demarco’s putting on a good display of wrestling ability, considering the two men he’s facing off with.

Rockwell: Demarco’s a great representative of someone coming off the streets and making something of himself. He’s a true role model, although you know parents will complain about some of the things he does, as they do for all rappers.

Jones: You mean like his drug use, or are you talking about how he’ll do anything to win?

Rockwell: Are you racist?

Jones: What? NO! Of course not!!

Rockwell: If you don’t support Demarco, you’re a racist.

Jones: But, I mean, I love my black brothers. Wazzup, homeboy? Give me five!

Rockwell: You’re pathetic.

Jones: *sigh* I know.

*Maurako is back on his feet now, leaning on the ropes, so Demarco heads over to him, landing a couple more punches. He then backs off and charges, going to clothesline Maurako out of the ring! But Maurako drops and hangs onto the top rope, causing Demarco to fall over the top instead!! With Demarco out of the picture, Maurako pulls himself up, recovering. He heads over to The Lost Soul, pulling him up, no, TLS gets a series of European uppercuts, driving Maurako back!! With Maurako facing away from him, TLS then grabs Maurako’s arms and applies a seated double chickenwing submission, taking the powerhouse to the mat and stretching him!! Maurako’s in trouble, fighting hard to try to pull himself free, as TLS continues to work him over! Head Referee Bell comes over and starts checking on Maurako’s status, as the crowd cheers loudly, hoping that Maurako gives up.*

Jones: The Lost Soul’s using that technical background of his again to pull moves out of nowhere!

Rockwell: Yeah, but does he really think he’s going to get Mario Maurako to tap out? I don’t think so!

Jones: I don’t know, Adrian, he’s in a lot of pain!

Rockwell: Yep, but help’s on the way!

*As The Lost Soul continues to punish Maurako, Lorenzo Demarco slides back into the contest, coming in under the bottom rope. He comes at TLS from behind, kicking him hard in the spine and causing TLS to have to release the hold! Demarco then brings TLS up and lands a running bulldog on him, sending TLS rolling away with his hands on his head. Demarco, ever an opportunist, then comes over and gets a leg drop on the hurting Maurako, before making the cover… 1… 2… but Maurako kicks out, showing he’s still got some strength left. Annoyed, Demarco gets up and leaves Maurako behind, heading over to TLS and landing a couple of right hands. He whips TLS to the ropes, then hammers him with a discus punch as he returns, sending TLS reeling to the mat. Demarco then gets behind TLS and applies a sleeper hold, wrapping his hands tightly around TLS’ neck!! The veteran struggles to reach the ropes, staggering around the ring, but Demarco is refusing to release it. Suddenly, though, the choice is taken away from him, as a recovering Maurako is suddenly behind him, applying the Marvelosity!!! Demarco is forced to release TLS as he is suddenly in intense pain, the roles now reversed!*

Jones: Marvelosity!! This one might be over!!

Rockwell: It’s the move that’s won countless championships for the Marvelous One! Demarco’s in serious trouble!!

Jones: But will he submit before TLS can recover?

*Demarco seems pretty determined not to give up, as he is fighting with all his might to get near the ropes. Maurako is keeping him from making it the inch or two he needs, though, as he intensifies the grip, trying to wring Demarco dry. Head Referee Bell steps in and asks Demarco if he wants to give up, but Demarco refuses, despite his dwindling energy. He throws his head back a few times, trying to knock Maurako loose, but it’s not going well. As Demarco’s reserves start to run out, though, The Lost Soul pulls himself back to his feet, rubbing his sore neck. He sees what’s happening and runs up, grabbing Maurako from behind and getting a backcracker maneuver that brings down BOTH men, causing the break and leveling Maurako at the same time!! All three men are down for a minute, with Head Referee Bell starting his count.*

Rockwell: Everyone’s down after that stupid move from TLS!

Jones: It looks like it did exactly what TLS intended, Adrian.

Rockwell: Including taking himself down as well? He just had two bodies fall on his knees, that can’t be good!

Jones: True, but TLS has always been willing to sacrifice in order to win.

*The Lost Soul has rolled to his side, working his way over to the ropes. Demarco has sat up, although his shoulder is clearly bothering him as he does so. Meanwhile, we focus on Maurako, as he pulls himself up despite the ache in his back. He holds onto the ropes for support, looking out into the crowd… and then suddenly stops, seeing something. He looks again, trying to figure out if he’s seeing things, but the person is still there, coming down the steps around the fans. He stops at the guardrail, his face hard to see from this angle, but it’s clear that Maurako recognizes him.*

Jones: The match continues, and…

Rockwell: Wait a second, who is that in the crowd? Maurako seems thrown off all of the sudden!

Jones: I can’t get a good look from here…

*Maurako glares at the man, yelling something towards him, as he has completely lost his focus on the match. Meanwhile, Demarco has come over to TLS and kicks him in the gut, then grabs him by the head and turns, throwing him over the ropes, no, TLS reverses and it’s Demarco that goes over, disappearing from sight!!! Meanwhile, the person on the outside is climbing over the guardrail and is now outside the ring, coming closer to Maurako, who is still looking like he’s going to blow a gasket. He points at the man, wanting to know why he’s there, and cursing at him. The Lost Soul, seeing this, walks over towards Maurako. He doesn’t care about who’s on the outside, just the win, as he suddenly grabs Maurako from behind and rolls him up in a tight ball, holding onto him!! Head Referee Bell is right there… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Lost Soul!

Jones: The Lost Soul wins, pinning Mario Maurako!!

Rockwell: Damn, if this keeps up, the roll-up is going to become The Lost Soul’s official finisher!

Jones: Great effort from Demarco, but he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when TLS got his opportunity, and the distraction cost Maurako the match.

Rockwell: I still want to know who that guy outside the ring is…

*The camera focuses on the face of Lorenzo Demarco as he stands outside of the ring. A look of disappointment is on his face at losing. He has his hands on his hips and is looking down at the floor. Another cameraman tries to get in close for a close up at the dejected Demarco. Suddenly with a furious rage Lorenzo Demarco bursts to life and boots the cameraman in the stomach. The cameraman falls down on all fours and drops his camera doing a decent amount of damage to it. The cameraman does his best to get up but that's a mistake as Lorenzo Demarco runs at him and nails him with the "Paid in Full" knocking him down hard as the crowd gasps in shock. Lorenzo Demarco looks down at the fallen cameraman and mouths obscenities that the microphone fails to pick up. The crowd continues to boo as Lorenzo Demarco walks up the ramp way with a angry look on his face.*

Jones: Demarco just took out one of our cameraman! That’s almost a guaranteed fine coming his way!

Rockwell: I don’t know, that camera guy is a complete jerk. Maybe Ace will let him slide.

Jones: I doubt it… oh, wait, the man outside the ring, he’s coming in!

Rockwell: Wait, his face… it looks familiar…

*For a second, the man and The Lost Soul stare at each other, recognition building in TLS’ eyes. He’s seen this man before, although it’s been a long time. Without a word, TLS turns and leaves the ring, having better things to worry about. Meanwhile, Maurako has been arguing heavily with Head Referee Bell, apparently trying to convey that his trunks were being held onto. Bell’s not buying it, shaking his head, so Maurako, angry, shoves Bell, sending him down to a sitting position!! Bell looks up as alarm as Maurako glares at him, and decides not to argue the point, turning and rolling out of the ring. Maurako sighs, then realizes that someone’s behind him. He turns around quickly, preparing himself, but it’s too late, as the man rears back and comes at him with a superkick, knocking Maurako to the mat!!!*

Jones: Oh my gosh!!! That was the Lethal Injection!!! I’d know that kick anywhere!!

Rockwell: The Lethal Injection? I know that move… it belonged to… to…

Jones: Silver Cyanide!!!

*The crowd cheers heavily as Silver Cyanide looks down at Maurako, who is on his back, his eyes closed. Cyanide smiles at the fallen Maurako, and then turns and climbs the turnbuckle, doing a quick pose for the cheering public. He then jumps back down and leaves the ring, heading towards the entryway.*

Jones: What is Silver Cyanide doing here??

Rockwell: Cyanide and Maurako have history, don’t they? Wait, do you think Cyanide’s the one who’s been taking out all of Maurako’s teammates??

Jones: I don’t know, Adrian. Why would Cyanide go after them, when he could attack Maurako instead? Something doesn’t quite fit there…

Rockwell: Still, why would Cyanide just appear here and… oh…

Jones: Oh?

Rockwell: Look who just came out of the entryway.

Jones: Oh… OH….

*Silver Cyanide walks up the ramp, smiling as Derek Mobley comes over to greet him. The two men give each other a handshake, before Mobley turns them around and lifts Cyanide’s arm, pointing to him to the cheers of the crowd. In the ring, Maurako is stirring and sitting up, aching. He looks over, seeing Mobley and Cyanide together, and is now fuming.*

Jones: Silver Cyanide must be the fourth member of Derek Mobley’s team for Ultimate Survival!!

Rockwell: So you’ve got Mobley, Hill, El Linchador, and now Silver Cyanide?? That is an insane amount of talent on one team!!

Jones: And Mario Maurako’s own team has been decimated!! He’s got to figure out what to do next!

*Mobley and Cyanide stand together, still absorbing the cheers, as a hurting Maurako watches from the ring. He scowls at them, furious at what’s transpired here tonight. We leave them behind, heading to the backstage area, or more appropriately, the Presidential office. The Accelerator is in there now, looking at the two men standing before him: Chris Cortez and Robert Santana!! Neither man looks particularly happy with the person he’s standing next to, keeping an eye on each other.*

The Accelerator: I called you both here for an important reason. You see, we’ve got Ultimate Survival coming up in just a few short weeks, and I’ve already set up four teams for competition. I’m looking for two more, and you two appear to have the credentials to be team leaders.

*Cortez smirks, liking the boost to his ego. He makes sure the Intercontinental Title sitting on his shoulder shines towards the camera. Santana seems less sure, but he nonetheless gives a nod towards the President. Ace reaches onto his desk and picks up two envelopes, tossing them to their respective owners.*

The Accelerator: Here are your teams. I put them together earlier today, and figured you guys deserve to know who you’re working with beforehand.

*Both men open their envelopes and look at the lists inside. Neither looks that comforted by what they’ve found.*

Chris Cortez: Lorenzo Demarco? Ryan Rage? And Jimmy Riot? Who the hell are these chumps? Are you saddling me with rookies?

The Accelerator: These are all strong wrestlers, Cortez, all of them in need of guidance. Who better than the Intercontinental Champion to lead them into battle?

Robert Santana: Liam Shayde? And you’re putting me with Ataxia AND Xtreme?? Those are the two craziest wrestlers on the roster!

The Accelerator: Santana, you should be able to handle them. Don’t you have some mystical sensei training or something you could use?

Chris Cortez: No, no, this is not acceptable. I deserve a team that is as good as I am! Not some johnnys-come-lately!

*The Accelerator turns his gaze towards Cortez, looking at him with dark eyes. Cortez, recognizing that look, shuts his mouth, although he still doesn’t look very happy. Santana is still looking at the pictures of Ataxia and Xtreme, shaking his head.*

The Accelerator: I’m showing you your teams as a ‘courtesy’, boyos. But I never said you had a choice. Think of it this way: that’s just more cannon fodder for you guys to destroy before you get at each other. But you need more incentive? I’ve got it for you.

*The Accelerator reaches to his right and pulls a piece of paper from a folder, placing it in front of Santana.*

The Accelerator: Santana, you’ve been bugging me for weeks about wanting another shot at the Unified X Division Title. Well, if you can outlast Cortez there in the match, then I’ll grant you your shot.

*Ace reaches down again, this time bringing up several bundles of what appears to be cash. Cortez is immediately staring at the cash, as Ace looks over at him.*

The Accelerator: Cortez, since you already have a title, if you can outlast Robert Santana in the match, then I’ll give you this… a $100,000 bonus.

*Cortez smiles for the first time since entering the office. The Accelerator grabs both the bundles of cash and the contract and puts them back away, locking them up in his desk.*

The Accelerator: It’s that simple, boyos. You outlast the guy standing across from you, you get a bonus. So go put your teams together and see where you stand. You’ve got a fight coming soon enough.

*Cortez and Santana turn and face each other, as if sizing each other up. The Accelerator sits back in his chair, enjoying himself. The picture slowly fades out.*

*We reappear in the backstage area, where we see The Lost Soul making his way down the hallway. He is sweaty after his recent match, but looks pretty content. As he approaches his doorway, though, he realizes that it’s partially ajar. Knowing that The Big Bifford is up to something, TLS slowly approaches, preparing himself for the worst. He pushes the door open… and sees nothing. The locker room appears to still be in good condition, with nothing appearing to be out of place. Surprised, TLS turns and checks the lock on the door, making sure that the handle still turns.*

The Big Bifford: Don’t worry, it still works.

*Before The Lost Soul can turn around, The Big Bifford lashes out, smashing TLS in the back with a steel chair!! TLS falls to his knees, gasping in pain, as Bifford stands over him with the chair in hand.*

The Big Bifford: You don’t want to attack me, huh? Well, I’m perfectly happy with attacking you, you soulless monster!

*Bifford swings again, causing the metal chair to shudder as it impacts hard with TLS’ spine!! The #1 Contender falls forward, hurting badly, as Bifford throws the chair aside. He stands over TLS, a demented look in his eyes.*

The Big Bifford: That’ll teach you not to aid a helpless Arachne!

*Bifford turns and leaves the room, knowing that he has to get moving in order to reach his tag-team partner and get to ringside. The Lost Soul slowly pushes himself up, painfully. He’s almost shaking with fury, as he turns towards the doorway. We fade to ringside.*

Jones: Bifford just took things too far! I mean, he had no cause to attack TLS like that!

Rockwell: I see nothing wrong with it, Edward. Bifford was passing along a message to the man, nothing more.

Jones: He hit him with a steel chair! Twice!

Rockwell: Yep, sometimes it takes two to send the proper message.

Jones: … If you ever want to send me a message, just use my voicemail, ok?

Rockwell: Whatever you say, Edward.

Minos: It’s time now for our main event of the evening. This one will be a “Four-Corner Tag-Team” Match for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles!!

*The crowd loves it, roaring loudly at the chance to possibly see new champions crowned. Minos waits for them to quiet down before continuing.*

Minos: Introducing Team #1… they are currently undefeated in the GCWA as a duo, having won their single match competing as a team… weighing in at a combined 470 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here are Bucky and Chucky Johnson… the Johnson Era!

*As “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem plays, Bucky & Chucky walk out from the back, both looking thrilled at the opportunity they’re getting tonight. The two brothers walk side-by-side on their way to the ring, with each jumping up and entering the ring at the same time.*

Jones: Bucky and Chucky had an interesting time this week, throwing a birthday party for a friend at their house.

Rockwell: I heard Chucky was getting himself stalked, while Bucky got himself punched in the groin.

Jones: That’s about the size of it.

Rockwell: Sounds like one of my birthday parties…

Minos: Next, these two are former GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, as well as being three-time ICWF World Tag-Team Hardcore Champions together… weighing in at a combined 455 lbs, here are Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill, the House of Pain!!

*The place pops loudly as “Miseria Cantare” by AFI begins to play. Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill walk out with large smiles on their faces. Mobley’s is the usual one he wears before big matches, showing his confident intensity. Warrick’s is the one he always has, after slipping some recreational smokes in the back. The two men head for the ring, as the chants of “HOP” continue.*

Jones: This week, Mobley and Hill solved the difficult “Clubbin’ Man” case, which was a huge relief for members of Winter, Texas.

Rockwell: The dude was clubbing freakin’ seals! It’s not like Mobley & Hill saved any important lives!

Jones: Don’t let any animal rights activists hear you say that, Adrian. They WILL come after you. Fur is murder and all that.

Rockwell: Bring them on. Edward Jones isn’t afraid of nothing!

Jones: But, wait, I’m Edw…

Rockwell: Like I said, if they want to come after Edward Jones, let them!

Jones: Eep…

Minos: And now, Team #3, they are the only tag-team in GCWA history to hold the World Tag-Team Titles twice, weighing in at a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here are Dangerous Dan and the Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, the Danger Boiz!

*As “Hero” by Skillet plays, Crazy Chris walks out of the back, followed by Dangerous Dan. Chris has the Unified X Division Title tight around his waist as he moves to one side of the stage, while Dan sticks to the other. Both men give the fans their salutes, then turn and start down the aisle, surprisingly not walking beside each other along the way.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz were detained this week on suspicion of their cousin’s murder. Fortunately, their alibi of wrestling with us held up, keeping them from being arrested.

Rockwell: Damn pigs, always suspecting us wrestlers of crimes we didn’t commit.

Jones: A few weeks ago, Dan and Chris were at odds over the Unified X Division Title. This is their first match working together since that night, so we’ll see if they’re able to work together or not like they used to.

Rockwell: Hopefully, they start beating each other’s brains out.

Jones: I guess we should clarify that you’re going to be extremely biased in this match.

Rockwell: Me? Biased? Nah, I just want to see Biffarachnephobia win, is all.

Jones: That’s the textbook definition of… oh, never mind.

Minos: Finally, introducing Team #4… they are quite possibly the most hated wrestlers in the GCWA right now, but also continue to be the most impressive… weighing in at a combined 611 lbs, here are the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… Arachne and the GCWA World Champion, The Big Bifford… Biffarachnephobia!!

*The place immediately turns heated, with the crowd booing their lungs out at the very sight of Arachne and Bifford. The two men hold their three belts, with Bifford looking pretty pleased at what he’s accomplished already today. They walk confidently down towards the ring, talking as they go, with Bifford pantomiming a chair shot, getting a laugh from Arachne.*

Jones: We got to learn something about the history of Arachne this week, although I think some of the details may have been confused by drug abuse.

Rockwell: Huh? Which parts?

Jones: How about the battle between God and Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Rockwell: What was wrong with that?

Jones: If you can’t see, then I can’t really say anything more…

Rockwell: Whatever. Let’s go, Bifford!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: So the rules here are simple. The first person to earn a pin or submission wins the World Tag-Team Titles. That means that the champs do not have to be pinned to lose the belts.

Rockwell: Which absolutely sucks. It’s highway robbery, I tell you… and what is HE doing back out here?

Jones: Who, Anthony Logan? I think he’s been appointed the referee again by Commissioner Lurrr.

Rockwell: He’s a biased referee, damnit! I should be in there, not Logan!

*Anthony Logan signals that it’s time for the match to begin, with Dangerous Dan already in the ring, bouncing back and forth, as Arachne comes in to meet him. The two lightweights start going at it quickly with a series of twists, leg sweeps, and backslides, trying to use their speed to their advantage. Dan gets the early advantage with a hip toss, throwing Arachne across the ring. As Arachne gets up, Dan charges at him and gets a leaping knee press, driving Arachne to his back with Dan on top! Dan stays on, with Logan right there to count… 1…. and Arachne brings his legs up and catches Dan around the shoulders, yanking him back down for his own pin attempt! 1…. 2.. and Dan fights free, getting back to his feet. Arachne’s there to meet him with a series of punches, getting him into the ropes. He sends Dan across, no, reversal, Arachne hits the ropes and returns, with Dan getting a corkscrew elbow shot that knocks Arachne onto his back!*

Jones: Dangerous Dan is showing a lot of speed early on, trying to keep this one at high speed in order to finish it quickly!

Rockwell: I’ll give him this, he’s one of the most athletic guys we’ve got, along with his brother. But that doesn’t mean that he should be getting this opportunity against Bifford.

Jones: Well, isn’t it true that the Danger Boiz never got their rematch after losing the belts?

Rockwell: I have no recollection of that event.

Jones: Well, I do, and they didn’t get it. In fact, I think this is the first World Tag-Team Titles chance the Danger Boiz have gotten since 2009!

*Dan pulls Arachne up and takes him into his own corner, tagging in his partner, Crazy Chris (earning a cheer from the crowd). Chris works over Arachne with some stiff jabs in the corner, before pulling Arachne towards the center of the ring and lifting him up with a fisherman’s suplex!! He hangs on, making the cover… 1… 2.. and Derek Mobley is in the ring, breaking it up!! Chris looks over at him, as Mobley retreats back to his corner, doing a quick shrug as if to say “That’s the way it is”. Chris shakes his head and gets up, bringing Arachne with him. He sets Arachne for a spinning neckbreaker and goes for it, only to have Arachne twist free and kick out, giving Chris a low blow!! Logan was right there to see it, but he shakes his head, not calling anything. He knows how important this title match is. As Chris sags, Arachne falls backwards into the corner, breathing heavily. Unfortunately, he’s in the corner of the Johnson Era, with Bucky ‘tagging’ himself in with a right hand!! Arachne falls to the side, as Bucky jumps into the ring and rushes to Chris, pulling him up and getting a DDT before making the cover… 1… 2… Chris kicks out in time!*

Jones: The Johnson Era is definitely the odd team out in this one, being the only tag-team who hasn’t held the belts. That could mean that they’re due.

Rockwell: Or it could mean they shouldn’t even be in this match, Edward. They beat one team so far, just one!

Jones: True, but it was a very successful win, Adrian, and it’s left them the only undefeated team in this contest.

Rockwell: Man, if the Johnson Era won the belts, I don’t know what I’d do…

Jones: I don’t know about you, but I’d probably join them at the victory celebration. They throw a mean party!

*Bucky brings Chris back to his feet and immediately has him in his own corner, working him over. He tags in Chucky, who jumps the ropes and joins Bucky in pulling Chris up. The two men lift Chris quickly up onto the turnbuckle, and then climb up with him, lifting and coming off with a double superplex!! Chucky crawls on top to make the cover, hanging onto the legs, as Bucky leaves… 1… 2… and Dangerous Dan is there to break things up this time. Chucky immediately responds by bringing Chris up and turning him around, locking him into a sleeper hold, working to choke the life out of the man! He hangs on tight, keeping the hold locked in, as Chris desperately reaches out for help. Referee Logan is there, watching closely. But Chris still has a way out, as he drives Chucky backwards into a corner, slamming him hard into it to break the hold. Chris staggers forward, not realizing that Warrick Hill has just tagged himself in! He hops up onto the ‘buckle and leaps over the surprised Chucky, getting a blockbuster on Crazy Chris!! Hill then makes the quick cover… 1… 2… Chris gets his shoulder up at the last second!!*

Jones: And now the House of Pain is involved!! They have won the belts before, and would love to earn themselves some gold in 2010!

Rockwell: Yeah, but like you said, they’ve had no gold this entire year. Why are they getting the opportunity now?

Jones: Because they’re one of the best tag-teams in wrestling history?

Rockwell: No, because their ally is now the Commissioner! This is Lurrr giving his friends an advantage!

Jones: Wait, weren’t Lurrr and the House of Pain in a bitter feud before Lurrr retired?

Rockwell: Oh… you remember that… damnit…

*Warrick peels Crazy Chris up off the canvas, grinning as he sets Chris up for a facebuster. He goes to drop, but Chris straightens up instead, causing Warrick to do a flip. Warrick manages to land on his feet, but that only lasts a second, as Chris gets a short-arm clothesline to land, taking the man down!! Chris breathes heavily for a moment, having been in the ring for a while. He leans over and pulls Warrick up, apparently wanting to keep fighting himself rather than tagging in Dangerous Dan. He lands a couple of good shots on Warrick, and then locks him for a toss, only to have Warrick reverse it, but Chris then reverses it back, with the two men hopping around each other for a second as they approach one of the corner. Chris drives Warrick backwards into the corner, trying to find a way to contain him. Suddenly, though, Chris gets tagged on one side, while Warrick gets tagged on the other, and the legal men are now… Arachne and Bifford!! Before Chris and Warrick can react, Arachne and Bifford manage to knock them both out of the ring, and then enter, with Bifford suddenly grabbing at his ankle and groaning, before falling to the ground, with Arachne jumping on top of him for the pin!*

Rockwell: The World Champion is down!! It might be over!!

Jones: Wait, wait, wait, they’re on the same team! They can’t pin each other!!

Rockwell: Who says? Hey, you dumb, brain-dead ref, start counting!

*As Arachne tries to get the cover, Referee Logan stands over them, furiously shaking his head. He’s refusing to count. Arachne gets to his feet, cursing Logan out in Japanese, with Logan surprisingly replying to him (having spent some time overseas himself). The two men get nose-to-nose, with Arachne pushing Logan backwards, not afraid of a disqualification. Logan, though, shoves Arachne back just as hard, sending Arachne crashing into the House of Pain corner, where Derek Mobley tags himself in!! Derek steps through the ropes, while Warrick starts dealing with Arachne, keeping him busy. Mobley walks forward, showing teeth as he grins. The Big Bifford, meanwhile, has gotten back to his feet, no longer having a reason to fake an injury. He’s staring at Mobley intensely, the two old rivals once again meeting on the field of battle. It starts pretty quickly, as both men start exchanging right hands, to the absolute delight of the fans in attendance!*

Jones: The Big Bifford vs. Derek Mobley, going at it again!! These guys have had some epic battles over the years!!

Rockwell: Yes, and Bifford still claims the title of the Kicker-Outerer of the Thriller!

Jones: He’s kicked out before, but if Derek lands it this time, the Tag-Team Titles are on the line!!

*As Mobley and Bifford continue to brawl, showing their contempt for each other, Arachne and Warrick have continued to go at it as well. Warrick is holding onto Arachne from the apron, keeping an arm wrapped around his neck as if trying to choke the smaller wrestler out. But Arachne suddenly drops, clotheslining Warrick on the top rope and sending him spiraling to the outside!! Meanwhile, Mobley has the upper hand, keeping Bifford in his own corner and punching away at him. But Arachne runs over and jumps on Mobley’s back, hanging on tightly while clawing away with his free hand!! Mobley spins around and around, trying to get the Japanese competitor off his back, as Referee Logan shouts a warning at him. Mobley finally manages to toss Arachne off, throwing him overhead, but he then turns and gets smashed by a running tackle from Bifford, sending Mobley sliding backwards on the canvas!! Bifford heads after the man, as Logan warns Arachne to get back to his corner… and takes a blast of green mist to the eyes, sending the referee flailing through the ropes and out of the ring!!!*

Jones: Geez!!! Logan’s been taken out!!

Rockwell: Well, what do you know? Looks like we need a referee!

Jones: Wait, Adrian, where are you going? Was this planned??

*Adrian Rockwell has already left the booth, pulling off the shirt he was wearing to show a referee’s uniform on underneath!! He slides into the ring, even as The Big Bifford pulls Mobley up and throws him down, hard, with a Samoan slam!! Bifford makes the cover, with Rockwell quickly in position… 1..2.. and at the last second, Dangerous Dan comes flying into the picture, dropping an elbow onto Bifford!! He hammers away at his hated rival, with Rockwell immediately trying to get Dan out of the ring. As the two move away, Arachne suddenly runs forward and covers Mobley, signaling to Rockwell, who immediately drops to count, even though it’s the wrong man… 1..2.. but now Bucky Johnson is in there with a series of kicks to Arachne, pulling him up. He throws Arachne into a corner and starts working him over. Crazy Chris and Chucky Johnson, meanwhile, are fighting it out on the apron, each trying to make the other one fall in another brawl!*

Jones: Things are breaking down like crazy here, and I don’t even have a broadcast partner anymore!! This is getting insane!

*Dangerous Dan pulls up The Big Bifford, really letting him have it with right hands, stunning the World Champion. Dan then grabs Bifford by the arm and whips him towards the ropes, no, Bifford easily reverses, sending Dan instead. He hits the ropes, accidentally knocking Crazy Chris off, sending his brother falling to the outside!! Dan barely notices, not realizing what happened. He’s got to worry about a charging Bifford. Dan gets his legs up, catching Bifford in the face and causing him to stumble towards the ropes, where Chucky, seeing him come, quickly tags himself in with a slap across the face!! Chucky then jumps onto the turnbuckle and springs himself forward with a bodyblock, sending Bifford stumbling backwards! He turns to Dan, nodding, and the two men agree to work together. They land a double dropkick, sending Bifford back towards the ropes. Chucky and Dan then charge the big man to clothesline him out, only to have Bifford catch BOTH men and throw them down with a double slam, sending them rolling away… only to have Warrick and Derek appear out of nowhere and collide with Bifford, sending the big man toppling over the ropes!!*

Jones: The World Champion just unceremoniously got dumped out of the ring by the House of Pain!! It’s anyone’s game now!

*’Referee’ Rockwell is now in Derek’s face, accusing him of cheating. He points to the House of Pain, and then starts to move away, as if to signal for the bell and label it a ‘disqualification’ victory for the tag champs. But Chucky quickly puts an end to that, grabbing hold of Rockwell and delivering the Chuck!!! Rockwell’s down and out, to the cheers of the crowd, even as Chucky turns and starts going at it with Mobley, even as Warrick meets the charge of the recovering Dangerous Dan. On the outside, Bucky and Arachne are still going at it, each trying to get the advantage on the other. Both advantages are quashed, though, as Crazy Chris suddenly appears, running along the apron and doing a suicide flipping plancha onto both men, taking them all out!!! The crowd is loving it, chanting “This is awesome!” as the match continues.*

Jones: This is insane!! I have no idea at this point who the legal men are… and it doesn’t matter, because we don’t have a referee… hey, wait… wait a second… coming down the aisle… it’s TLS!!!

*On the outside, The Big Bifford is working his way to his feet, holding his head and looking dazed. It’s not often someone of his bulk gets dumped out. He growls and starts to climb up onto the apron, not realizing that The Lost Soul is approaching him from behind!! The fans are roaring, although many seem to be saying “No!!!” rather than cheering TLS on. But that doesn’t stop TLS, as he rears back and swings, breaking what appears to be a broom across Bifford’s back!!! Bifford collapses backwards off the apron and falls to the ground, with TLS throwing the remains of the broom on top of him!!*

Jones: Bifford’s been taken out!! The Lost Soul had enough after the assault earlier, and he just laid out the World Champion!

*As The Lost Soul stands over The Big Bifford, his chest heaving out of the anger running through his system, a man comes running past him. It’s Head Referee Bell!! He slides into the ring, even as the fighting continues, with Warrick knocking Dangerous Dan back to the ropes, and then running forward, getting a Cactus Clothesline that sends both men flipping to the outside!! On the other side, Crazy Chris has painfully pulled himself up, trying to bring up Bucky, with Arachne suddenly catching him from behind with a low shot that drops Chris to the floor. Arachne slowly tries to stand, but now Bucky’s got him, whipping him hard into the steel railing! The two continue to fight, while we look to the ring, where Chucky Johnson flips Mobley up and over, bodyslamming him on the canvas! Chucky makes the cover, now that Bell’s there… 1… 2… but Mobley kicks out! Chucky, shaking his head, pulls Mobley up again and sets him for the Chuck, but Mobley fights back with a series of punches, staggering Chucky back against the ropes. He whips Chucky to the other side, then tries a clothesline, but Chucky goes underneath it, hits the ropes, and comes back… right into a Thriller!!!! The place erupts, as Mobley makes the cover, quickly diving on top… 1… 2… Bucky can’t return in time… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, and the NEW GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill… the House of Pain!

Jones: They did it!!! The House of Pain are champions again, making them only the second team to ever hold the belts twice!! What a match!!!

*Warrick slides back into the ring and runs to Derek, with the two men giving each other a manly embrace before breaking apart. Head Referee Bell rolls to the outside and gets the belts, bringing them in to the House of Pain. On the outside, Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris walk towards each other, shaking their heads at what happened. Bucky slides into the ring to check on his brother, while Arachne, seeing that TLS is standing over Bifford, runs that way, only to get caught and driving backwards by punches from the #1 Contender!! He throws Arachne into the steel steps, sending him flipping away, before turning and walking away, heading up the aisle.*

Jones: It doesn’t get much more destructive than that one! Man, both of my broadcast partners in the past, Anthony and Adrian, they’re both still down! Hopefully, they’ll be back next week! For now, this is Edward Jones, signing…

*Suddenly, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm starts to play, causing the crowd to turn their attention to the entryway. The GCWA President, the Accelerator, walks out onto the stage, earning the boos of the audience. Ace is shaking his head, but he’s also got a small smirk on his face.*

The Accelerator: You couldn’t resist, could you, TLS? You couldn’t stay away, even when I warned you…

*The Lost Soul is angrily approaching the Accelerator, only to have a few security guards step forward to get in his way.*

The Accelerator: You always were a lost cause, boyo. But you blew it this time. You attacked The Big Bifford, in DIRECT violation of your contract! With that, I take great pleasure in telling you… that you are now STRIPPED of the #1 Contendership!!!

*Furious, The Lost Soul attacks the security guards, fighting his way through the group. But the Accelerator is already turning to depart, heading through the curtain and getting himself out of harm’s way, laughing as he does so.*

Jones: Oh my god!! The Lost Soul has lost his chance to face The Big Bifford at Ultimate Survival!!! Where does that leave the World Title match at the ppv? Will someone else be put into his place??

*With the House of Pain watching from the ring, their World Tag-Team Titles in hand, The Lost Soul gets through the rest of security and heads through the curtain, chasing after the President. The fans are booing heavily, as we focus on one final individual. We see The Big Bifford, having pulled himself up at ringside. He’s smiling. We fade out.*

OOC: Whew! This one I was worried about, but everything came together in the end (after a long day of writing *lol*). Thanks go out again to Will, who wrote one of the matches for me.

Great roleplaying last week, as I had some really tough decisions before me. Hopefully, that trend will continue as we go towards Ultimate Survival! We've got one card left before the PPV, so remember, this is your last chance to really get some momentum going, as well as some cool segments/angles!

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- Lorenzo Demarco vs. Ataxia

- Warrick Hill vs. Ryan Rage

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