GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing The Big Bifford, standing next to the Accelerator. Bifford has a dark smile on his face as he slaps the World Title sitting on his shoulder. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are pictured in various states of happiness, with young kids in the front row pictured screaming their heads off. They have various temporary tattoos on their faces, showing who their favorite wrestlers are. One in particular is wearing a Crazy Chris mask, and is jumping up and down frantically. We go past the cheering fans and head to the ringside area, where Edward Jones and Adrian Rockwell are sitting.*

Jones: Good evening, sports fans! Welcome to Friday Night Inferno! I’m Edward Jones, now broadcasting with my new partner, “The Rock” Adrian Rockwell!

Rockwell: I couldn’t let my talent not be here, Edward. The fans would be deprived.

Jones: Yes, well, we’ve got a great night planned for everyone tonight! In our main event, we’re going to officially decide a new #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight title, currently held by The Big Bifford!

Rockwell: Which is still a crock. Just because Lurrr gets himself claimed as a Commissioner, he thinks he has the right to decide everything. But what makes TLS and Chris the top contenders? TLS just lost his belt, and Chris has never had a World Title shot before!

Jones: But both are clearly two of the biggest stars in the company. The Lost Soul had a tremendous run as the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, and Crazy Chris is riding a 7-win streak as the GCWA Unified X Division Champion!

Rockwell: And what about Chris Cortez? He’s a current champion, why not him? Lurrr’s biased, Edward, end of story.

Jones: Well, either way, Adrian, the match has been set, so we ARE going to have a #1 Contender at the end of the night!

Rockwell: *Bleep*.

Jones: Also tonight, we’re going to have some of our top young stars in action, giving you some great contests as we continue our build towards Ultimate Survival 2010!

Rockwell: Ultimate Survival is one of the biggest events in the GCWA calendar. I mean, winning that ring gives you one of the biggest bragging rights in wrestling.

Jones: So far, we know about some of the competitors. Maybe tonight, we’ll learn about some more!

Rockwell: I’m still available for any team, in case anyone wants a proven winner.

Jones: Isn’t your arm still screwed up?

Rockwell: It’ll be healed by then.

Jones: Well, I’m sure they’ll take that under advisement. For now, let’s look at a match that happened earlier tonight!

*We start off with the entrances of both men. At the beginning of the match, Koslov heads over to Rishel, shouting out some insults. Rishel takes them in, though, and then returns with his own insulting comments about Koslov’s heritage. Angrily, Koslov swung, but Rishel blocked his punch and started drilling Koslov with hit aftet hit, eventually getting him to the corner. Rishel showed no mercy, attacking Koslov with a lot of rage. The referee, Trixie, finally had to intervene, backing Rishel away. Koslov, bleeding, nonetheless refuses to have the match stopped. He pulls himself out of the corner, but Rishel then attacks again, knocking Koslov down with a somersault dropkick, and then dominating him with a series of high-flying maneuvers, including the Neverender and the Delirious Trigger. In the end, with Koslov barely able to even stand, Rishel locked him into the Suffering and held on. Koslov tapped out, ending the match, but it took another minute or so before Rishel would finally release the hold.*

Jones: Koslov really took a beating in this one, and it’s all because of how he started things.

Rockwell: Insults can be a weapon that works well for a guy, but only if you know how to use them. Koslov didn’t get into Rishel’s head, he just made him angry.

Jones: The way Koslov got nailed, we may never see him again in the GCWA.

Rockwell: Good. We don’t need any slimy Russians around here, anyway.

Jones: Fans, send your letters to Adrian Rockwell, care of the GCWA…

Rockwell: What? We’re not even broadcast overseas!

Jones: Not through a cable or satellite system, but people can pick up the shows once they’re posted online. We have a strong following on the world wide web.

Rockwell: … Damnit.

Jones: Let’s just get to our first match of the night, alright?

Rockwell: Yeah… damn Russians…

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. It will be fought under “Triple Threat” rules. First, making his way to the ring, he debuted at Blood On The Battlefield and is working to make a name for himself in the GCWA, standing 6’7” and weighing 220 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Mr. Itt!

*The fans are varied in their response for Mr. Itt, as he comes out to “Through The Trees” by Low Shoulder. He does get some cheers, with many of the fans knowing who he is. Mr. Itt is moving slowly, keeping an eye out for everything around him, as he approaches the ring.*

Jones: Mr. Itt pulled a strange disappearing act in his last interview, following a bizarre video that ran while the lights went out.

Rockwell: Little coward. Probably ran for the hills when the light went out.

Jones: I wouldn’t say that, Adrian. He might have been attacked.

Rockwell: Hell, who knows? He made it here, so unless the lights go out again, I’m not going to worry about it.

Minos: Next, he is on a mission to bring hardcore back to the GCWA, standing 6’3” and weighs 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*”Give It All” by Rise Against plays, with Xtreme bringing his weapons cart out from the back. He pushes it down the ramp, grinning at all of the fans moving slightly away from him. He puts the cart at the edge of the ring and slides in.*

Jones: Xtreme got his first victory last week, and is hoping to continue that new trend this week against his two competitors.

Rockwell: I love this guy. He always wants to hit people with stuff.

Jones: Yes, but this match has not been specified a hardcore match.

Rockwell: You really think that’s going to stop him? Heh…

Minos: Our third competitor is a former GCWA X Division Champion and GCWA Television Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*Santana walks out to “Sandstorm” by Darude, with a slight but noticeable limp. He still does his bow to the crowd before walking down the ramp, steeling himself for the competition to come.*

Jones: Santana’s hoping that tonight might be the night that he turns around his slump.

Rockwell: How many has he lost in a row? 5? 6? He’s starting to look like a lost cause.

Jones: He’s a former champion here, Adrian, and although he’s been plagued with family problems and injuries, that doesn’t mean that he’s done.

Rockwell: We’ll see what the karate kid has left here tonight. With that bum leg, he might have to pull out the Crane maneuver to win.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Santana and Mr. Itt stare at each other, sizing each other up for threats. Xtreme, though, has no reason to wait. He charges at Mr. Itt, yelling, causing Mr. Itt to spin and land a forearm shot that sends Xtreme staggering back. Mr. Itt turns, but now Santana’s there, getting a thrust to the throat that sends Mr. Itt back to the corner. Santana heads after him, but now Xtreme’s back, grabbing Santana from behind and shoving him forward, sending both men flying forward into Mr. Itt!! Xtreme then lowers his shoulder and starts ramming into Santana’s spine, driving himself into both men. Xtreme laughs, watching both of them sag on the ropes. He moves away, doing a semi-circle as he turns and jogs back towards them for a splash. Santana and Mr. Itt, though, both move simultaneously in either direction, and Xtreme charges into the turnbuckle instead!! He coughs and steps back, with Santana and Mr. Itt both moving in on him. They land a double kick to the stomach, bending the big man over, and then grab hold and take Xtreme down with a double DDT!*

Rockwell: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Jones: I’m sure we’ll see everyone work together at some point. The trick of a Triple Threat is that any two can work together against one, but only one person can end up with a pin or submission.

Rockwell: Yep, and usually the first person who backstabs his ‘ally’ wins out. Who will turn on who?

*Santana and Mr. Itt each land a few stomps on Xtreme, trying to keep him down. Santana then leans down to try and pull him up, only to have Mr. Itt step in and throw a knee into the side of Santana’s face, sending him sprawling! Mr. Itt then follows, picking Santana up and landing a vertical suplex! Santana rolls away, as Mr. Itt immediately turns back to where Xtreme is trying to recover. Mr. Itt moves his way and pulls Xtreme up, smacking him a couple of times before then lifting him into the air and surprisingly bodyslams him, shaking the ring! Mr. Itt then drops for the cover… 1… and Santana is already there, landing a kick that knocks Mr. Itt off the cover! Santana then grabs Mr. Itt and puts his leg over Mr. Itt’s head before dropping, face-planting him! Santana rolls him over and covers… 1… 2.. and Mr. Itt kicks out. Santana is immediately getting back to his feet, grabbing at Mr. Itt, but suddenly Xtreme reaches up and latches onto Santana from behind, rolling him up!! 1… 2… but Mr. Itt breaks it up!*

Jones: Near falls all over the place early on!

Rockwell: I don’t blame them. The quicker the cover, the better the chance it succeeds. But these guys need to dish out more pain to each other before it’s going to work.

Jones: I’m still surprised that Xtreme hasn’t gone for his weapons yet.

*Xtreme lands an eye rake, staggering Mr. Itt. Xtreme then lands a couple of punches to move Mr. Itt backwards towards the ropes. Mr. Itt leans against them, with Xtreme rushing towards him for a clothesline. But Mr. Itt reacts by dropping while holding the top rope, sending Xtreme flipping over top! Xtreme disappears, as Mr. Itt gets back up, looking out at him. But now Santana’s behind him, grabbing Mr. Itt and getting a victory roll!! 1… 2… Mr. Itt barely kicks out! Both are back on their feet, with Santana chopping away at Mr. Itt’s chest. He whips Mr. Itt to the other side of the ring, and then jumps up and goes for a spinning kick. Mr. Itt stops, though, and catches the leg, getting a leg whip to the mat!! Santana shouts in pain, grabbing at his leg, as Mr. Itt gets back to his feet. He sees Santana and immediately takes note of the weakness, snatching Santana’s legs and twisting him around to put him into a sharpshooter!!! Santana is yelling as he struggles to get free, with referee Mitchell moving in to check on the submission!*

Rockwell: Here we go, Santana’s about to pay for not taking time off on that hurt leg!

Jones: He’s got to find a way to pull himself free, or this one could very well be over!

*Santana looks to be in bad shape from the hold, as he’s trying desperately to get near the ropes. Mr. Itt is trying to sit down even lower, to make the pain more intense. He suddenly releases the hold, though, as he sees Xtreme stepping through the ropes, a kendo stick in his hand!! Xtreme charges, but Mr. Itt gets a boot, knocking the stick out of his hand. It bounces away, with referee Mitchell quickly retrieving it and getting it out of harm’s way. Mr. Itt then comes in on Xtreme, kicking him in the stomach and preparing to lift him for a powerbomb. Xtreme, though, reverses it, throwing Mr. Itt over top! Mr. Itt gets back to his feet, but Xtreme steps in and picks Mr. Itt up into the air, holding the big man on his shoulders, before throwing him back with a Samoan slam! Xtreme rolls over and makes the cover, trying to hold Mr. Itt down… 1… 2… but Mr. Itt kicks out again. Xtreme gets back up, looking around on the ground as if seeking his weapon.*

Jones: Amazingly, Xtreme’s doing pretty well in this contest! But he’s got to resist the urge to go for illegal weaponry!

Rockwell: For some guys, it’s just in their blood, Edward. They want to see someone bleed, or else the match doesn’t mean a thing to them.

Jones: That’s disturbing.

Rockwell: That’s wrestling.

*Not finding a weapon handy, Xtreme instead goes to the turnbuckle, yanking off the top turnbuckle pad. Referee Mitchell argues with him, but Xtreme just pushes the ref away, not caring about the rules. He goes back towards Mr. Itt, grinning as he pulls him up. He sets Mr. Itt in the opposite corner and slams his elbow into the man’s chin, leaving him stunned. Xtreme then goes to whip Mr. Itt, but Mr. Itt hangs on, with Xtreme angrily kicking him a couple of times to loosen him up. He goes to try again, but a recovering Santana is back, grabbing Xtreme by the hair and spinning him around, dropping him with a stunner!! Xtreme rolls to the outside, out of it, with Santana getting to his feet and turning towards Mr. Itt… who charges out of the corner with a leaping clothesline, sending both men to the canvas!! Neither gets up quickly, nor does Xtreme move much on the outside.*

Jones: This has been a back-and-forth battle of attrition! Can any of them continue?

Rockwell: I’m surprised Santana’s standing, considering how that leg has to be killing him. *Bleeper’s* got some balls, don’t he?

Jones: Remember what the censors said, Adrian?

Rockwell: Right, right. Sorry, it’s habit.

*Santana is struggling back up now, hanging onto the ropes, although he looks pretty out of it. Behind him, Mr. Itt is rising to his feet, calling on his reserves, or what’s left of them at this point. Mr. Itt moves slowly over to Santana, getting him from behind and spinning him around. He locks his arm around Santana’s throat, preparing for the Press Down!! But Santana fights free with elbows, escaping the maneuver! Mr. Itt stumbles back, with Santana then giving him a knee to the face that drops Mr. Itt to his knees. Santana, seeing this, goes to the ropes and comes back, trying to set him up for the Sensei-Tion!! But Santana can’t do it, grabbing at his leg even while trying it!! Santana stumbles back, angry at himself, before coming in again… but this time Mr. Itt gets to his feet and catches him, getting a powerslam!!! He stays on top for the count… 1… 2… but Santana barely manages to get free in time!*

Jones: Looks like Santana’s greatest weapon is denied him! If he can’t land the Sensei-Tion, he’s got to find another way to win!

Rockwell: Asking a karate guy to fight without his legs is like asking a chef to cook a meal without his taste buds. He’s handicapped!

Jones: Meanwhile, where’s Xtreme? I don’t see him on the ground anymore!

Rockwell: Eh? Hey, that IS strange…

*The cameras quickly show the empty space where Xtreme has been laying previously. There’s no sign of him. In the ring, Mr. Itt is working Santana back up one more time. He sets Santana up and starts to lift him up into the air for the Ittbom!! But Santana readjusts somehow, managing to twist himself around and land behind Mr. Itt!! He stumbles, though, trying to land on both legs, allowing Mr. Itt to turn around and get a right cross. Mr. Itt then grabs Santana by the arm and tries to whip him towards the corner, no, Santana reverses and Mr. Itt goes in instead… into the exposed turnbuckle!!! Mr. Itt drops forward, out of it after the strike, as Santana has no idea what just happened. He hobbles in, grabbing at Mr. Itt, as Xtreme suddenly reappears, having apparently crawled out from under the ring!! He starts to climb up onto the apron, with some sort of metal rod in his hand. Sensing him coming, Santana turns and whips Mr. Itt towards him, with the two colliding!! Xtreme falls off the apron, but the damage may have been done, as Mr. Itt collapses to the ground!! Santana drops painfully in for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Robert Santana!

Jones: Santana gets the win, despite his limitation!

Rockwell: I don’t believe it, the golden boy cheated!

Jones: What are you talking about?

Rockwell: Santana couldn’t win because of his leg, so he used the exposed turnbuckle and Xtreme’s weapon to knock Mr. Itt out! I may have to change my opinion of this guy!

Jones: He didn’t cheat, Adrian! I don’t think he realized the turnbuckle was exposed, and it was Xtreme who brought his weapon in, whatever it was!

Rockwell: You’re naïve, Edward. The guy used his environment perfectly to score the win. Good for him!

Jones: …

*Santana is hanging on the ropes, his leg hurting him badly. But he’s still happy to have gotten a win. Mr. Itt is down, stunned still by whatever Xtreme used on him. Xtreme’s crawling up on the outside, trying to recover. He retrieves his weapon and turns, slowly dragging himself up towards his weapons cart. We cut to the back, where for a second, we don’t see much of anything. Suddenly, a man walks out into view: Lurrr! The crowd cheers, knowing that they’re looking at the new Commissioner of the GCWA. He’s currently on the phone, talking to someone.*

Lurrr: Well, get here as soon as you can. I have a feeling that Ace is going to be up to something, and I’m not going to let him put a ringer in as the referee of my main event.

*Lurrr paces for a second, and then smiles, hearing the response he was expecting.*

Lurrr: Right, right. I can’t hire or fire people, you’re right. But you don’t qualify, remember? So get over here, and we’ll give them a nasty surprise and keep the match clean at the same time.

*Lurrr hangs up the phone and smiles, and then turns to the desk sitting behind him. Strangely, the desk looks very familiar. Lurrr walks over to it, running his fingers across it, before stepping away. A plaque can be seen, stamped into the corner of the desk. It reads “Property of the Accelerator”. Lurrr sits down at the desk and waits, as the picture slowly fades to commercial.*

*The camera view shifts to the back where we see The Accelerator, accompanied by the World Champ The Big Bifford and Arachne. He comes up to a door but for some reason the name plate reads ‘Commissioner.’ The Accelerator rips the name plate off the door in obvious frustration.*

The Accelerator: I don’t who the hell he thinks he is but if he thinks he is going to take over my office he is sorely mistaken!!!

*The Accelerator swings open the door with Biffarachnephobia following him in the office. The office seems to be decked out with some new decorations. The camera shows several pictures of Lurrr, including one with him holding the GCWA World Title. Another picture shows him posing with the former group known as the Roman Empire. Then the camera decides to zoom in on one specific shot that sits above the desk centered on the wall, this framed photo shows Lurrr hitting The Accelerator with ‘The Wake Up Call.’ The boss seems very irritated. *

Lurrr: What’s going on guys, nice of you to stop by, what do you guys think??? You like what I have done with the new office???

The Accelerator: What the hell do you think you are doing??? What makes you think you can come in here take my office and redecorate it with all this crap!!!

Lurrr: Hmmm… let’s see, that’s a tough question to answer, but here’s my answer…. I can do this for the same reason I showed up last week in a suit and decided to give you fat friend a real match, because I am the commissioner and the powers at be have given me the responsibility to instill order here in the GCWA.

*You can hear the crowd cheer for their new Commish, with the boss’s face turning bright red looking like he is ready to blow up. The World Champ begins to calm him down trying to ensure he doesn’t have a heart attack. *

The Accelerator: I’ll have your head for this…

The Big Bifford: Breathe, Ace! Breathe!

Lurrr: Anyways, I am glad all three of you decided to show up in my office unannounced, which by the way I used to always here you whine and complain because nobody would knock around here, so next time make sure you knock on MY office door. But let’s get down to some news… As you all know we have a huge #1 contender’s match between two the biggest stars today with Crazy Chris vs. TLS. Now even though I think both of these guys are great talents, which I have experienced in the ring, one of them will lose tonight and their dreams of a World Title match will be shattered. But fear not the loser of this match will be able to help the GCWA with another thorn in its side. That thorn’s name is Jaiden Rishel, who has put together a team for the Ultimate Survival. The loser of tonight’s #1 Contender’s match will be the captain of Team Lurrr and will be given the responsibility to put a team together to face Team Rishel at the Ultimate Survival!!!

*The crowd explodes with this announcement/*

Lurrr: And as most should know by now when I make big announcements I make them in pair’s, so you three should open up your ears for this one. I decided to take a stroll down memory lane last night and I noticed something very irritating to me. It was a statistic that most champions would be embarrassed by but according to the GCWA records Biffarachnephobia, which by the way is the dumbest name ever for a Tag Team, has not defended their Tag Team Titles since February.

*Biffarachnephobia begin to smile knowing that they have avoided a title defense but have still been champions for over 3 months. *

The Accelerator: Special circumstances, Lurrr. Bifford’s been busy with other projects, like Warriors of the Ring and winning the World Title from the wasted talent known as Draco. I gave him special considerations, so you aren’t allowed to strip him.

The Big Bifford: We would defend them more, if there were teams worthy of us!

*Lurrr shakes his head, laughing to himself at Bifford’s apparent lack of vision regarding contenders.*

Lurrr: You seem pretty happy about this, holding gold without defending it, huh? So I will do my best to wipe those smiles off you faces because next week you two men will be defending those Tag Team Titles. Now it was a tough decision on who I could make the number one contender so instead we are going to have a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title Match!!!

*The three men all now seem to be annoyed. *

Lurrr: This match will be Biffarachnephobia vs. The Danger Boiz vs. The Johnson Era and vs. The House of Pain!!!! Now you three guys can exit MY office and please enjoy this week because next week I have a sneaking feeling you will be carrying a little less weight and yes I do believe it’s possible for The Big Bifford to lose some weight but only in gold!!!

*Bifford and Lurrr come nose-to-nose for a minute, with Bifford clearly not happy about the announcement. This time, it’s the Accelerator pulling him back, keeping him from doing anything that will give Lurrr more leverage. The three men depart the office in search of Ace’s “new” office, while Lurrr stands back, laughing. We jump back to ringside.*

Rockwell: That is such bull*bleep*!!

Jones: Well, Adrian, I mean, the titles SHOULD be defended once a month, so I can see where Lurrr…

Rockwell: Screw that! Those decision should be firmly in the hands of the Accelerator! Damnit, who thought having Lurrr as a Commissioner was such a good idea? He’s lost his mind!

Jones: Nonetheless, we’ve got a huge match now booked for next week, as Biffarachnephobia will have to try to retain the belts over three other competent teams! Will we have new Tag-Team Champions?

Rockwell: … Nah, not a chance. Even with the odds stacked against them, Bifford & Arachne will prevail. Just wait and see!

Jones: Speaking of tag-team matches, it’s time for one right now! Let’s send it over to Minos!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a Six-Person Tag-Team Match! Introducing Team #1, they are a unit of young wrestlers still trying to make a name for themselves in the sport, weighing in at a combined 580 lbs, they are “The Future” Tommy Gunn, Drake Hudson, and Kirsten Reid!

*As “Fly From The Inside” by Shinedown plays, the three wrestlers walk out onto the entrance ramp. Interestingly, while Gunn and Reid stay on the ramp for a moment to wave to the fans, Hudson just walks on towards the ring, shaking his head and muttering to himself. Gunn turns and says something to Reid, smiling, with Reid frowning at him before heading after Hudson. Gunn then follows, sighing to himself.*

Jones: I know why these three were put in a team together, but I’m wondering if any of them will be able to work with each other.

Rockwell: It doesn’t look like they have that respect a team needs. If they don’t trust each other, I think it’s going to be a short night for them.

Jones: Do you think part of the problem is them having a woman on the team?

Rockwell: I wouldn’t want to be on a team with a chick, not facing the guys they are.

Minos: Their opponents have been friends for many years now in the wrestling business, and are now coming together once again for the first time in the GCWA… weighing in at a combined 654 lbs, here are El Linchador and Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill, The House of Pain!

*The place goes wild as the three men walk out of the back, with “Miseria Cantare” by AFI playing them out. El Linchador moves to the center of the stage, smiling at the crowd reaction. For Derek and Warrick, it’s almost old hat now, as they talk to each other for a second before following El Linchador down the ramp.*

Jones: These three were said to have trained together this week to prepare for this match.

Rockwell: If by ‘train’, you mean fighting illegal immigrants who had no idea about wrestling and fought each other with tampons and tommy guns, then yes, they did.

Jones: Tampons and tommy guns?

Rockwell: That’s what I’m telling you…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie signals for the battle to begin, but there seems to be some disagreement on both sides as to who’s starting. After a few seconds, Warrick steps into the ring, telling Derek that he’s fine with starting. Meanwhile, the arguing is fast and furious on the other side, but it’s more about none of them wanting to start things. Gunn turns and tells Reid “Ladies First”, and with a grimace, Reid steps through the ropes. She walks to the center of the ring, angry now and ready to begin the match. Warrick, though, doesn’t move forward. He’s scratching his head, as if trying to remember something. He suddenly turns and walks back to his corner, talking with Derek and El Linchador, who are shaking their heads as Warrick starts to ask them about what he can or cannot do against Reid.*

Jones: Looks like Warrick’s need a refresher on the “sexual harassment” policy that was handed out by the Accelerator last week.

Rockwell: I don’t think there should be any difference in how you fight her, personally. I mean, the chick wants to fight guys? Treat her like any other guy!

Jones: Including pumphandle slams and atomic drops?

Rockwell: Yes! If she doesn’t want a man grabbing at her, she shouldn’t be in the GCWA!

*Reid angrily tells Warrick to come out and face her, with Warrick turning back her way, as if thinking it over. He walks forward and meets her in the center of the ring, smiling and talking with her, as if he can settle her down. Reid doesn’t look too pleased with being treated differently, though. She suddenly rears back and slaps Warrick across the side of the face!! Warrick stumbles for a second, but soon regains his composure, turning back to her and making another comment with a sly grin. A second slap rocks the other side of Warrick’s face, turning him the other direction. Warrick finally looks annoyed now, as he turns back to Reid, glaring at her. She backs up a step, perhaps realizing that she’s going to have a real fight now. But as Warrick comes at her, she swings again, only to have Warrick block it… and then step in and wrap her up, while planting a huge kiss on her lips!!!! Reid fights to pull free of the ‘lip lock’, with the crowd cheering wildly at Warrick’s decision! After a couple of seconds, Warrick releases her, with Reid staggering backwards, mortified. Warrick gives a thumbs up back towards his partners, even as Reid stumbles to her corner, tagging in Gunn.*

Rockwell: Ok, that’s a move I don’t want to ever see in a normal match.

Jones: Something tells me the sexual harassment policy has just been violated.

Rockwell: Nah, to my eyes, Reid was asking to be kissed. Warrick just gave her what she wanted.

Jones: Tell that to Reid’s lawyers…

*Gunn’s in the ring now, having hopped over the top rope. Reid is a deep shade of red now, as she steps off the apron and turns, apparently leaving ringside to head to the back! Hudson watches her go, not really caring one way or the other. Meanwhile, Warrick goes over and tags in El Linchador, earning an “Ole” from the crowd. El Linchador moves in, quick as ever, as he faces off against Gunn. The two lock up, with El Linchador immediately twisting around Gunn and getting behind him, As Gunn tries to turn around, El Linchador leaps onto him and starts spinning around the man, getting a spinning satellite DDT!! Gunn holds his head in pain, and then starts to pull himself up, as El Linchador turns and runs to the ropes, coming back in and doing a backflip while grabbing Gunn’s head, getting a flipping neckbreaker!! El Linchador then hops back to his feet, giving the fans a yell, with them responding in kind, enjoying the action. El Linchador then leaps into the air, hitting a standing shooting star press onto Gunn, before making the cover… 1… 2… and Gunn barely kicks out in time.*

Jones: Wow! El Linchador may not have lost a step since his days as an ICWF World Champion!

Rockwell: He’s still a speedy little son of a bitch, ain’t he?

Jones: Gunn is being manhandled in there, as his inexperience is really showing.

*El Linchador brings Gunn up again, taking him over to the corner and banging Gunn’s head into the ‘buckle, before tagging in Derek Mobley. The crowd cheers, loving seeing the former World Champion in action. Mobley, seeming to enjoy himself, lifts up Gunn onto his shoulders, then spins him around for a few seconds in an airplane spin, before then readjusting and dropping Gunn with a death valley driver! Gunn’s looking pretty out of it, as Mobley goes for the cover… 1… 2… and Hudson’s in, kicking Mobley in the back to break up the pin! Mobley looks up at Hudson, who pounds on his chest for a second, basically saying that he’s better than the losers he’s been partnered with. He goes back to his corner angrily, with Mobley considering his words. Mobley then pulls up Gunn and gives him an Irish whip… into Hudson’s corner! Gunn sags there, stunned, as Hudson turns and looks, surprised. Mobley, meanwhile, signals for Hudson to show some guts and tag himself in! Hudson, though, no longer seems interested in making the tag.*

Jones: Mobley is blatantly challenging Hudson to come in, and the man is hesitating!

Rockwell: He’s not just hesitating, he’s refusing! Look, the sucker is leaving! What a coward!

Jones: Maybe he sees no point in continuing against three of the top wrestlers in the GCWA, Adrian.

Rockwell: Or maybe he’s got a yellow line down his back!

*Hudson has stepped off the apron and is on the outside now, as Gunn, trying to recover, weakly reaches out for a tag, not realizing that neither of his partners are there anymore. Mobley looks disgusted as Hudson walks around the ring, heading for the exit. He’s cursing bitterly as he goes, apparently trying to blame his departure on his team. As Hudson gets to the other side, though, he fails to realize that El Linchador is running along the apron! El Linchador leaps with a backflip suicide plancha, crashing into the man!!! Warrick goes to join in, not wanting El Linchador to have all the fun, as Mobley, laughing, watches it all go down. Behind him, Gunn is pulling himself up, still confused as to where all the other wrestlers have gone. Seeing Mobley, however, he decides to come at him from behind, springing off the ropes and charging. The crowd roars, seeing it coming, and Mobley reacts, ducking forward and avoiding the clothesline. Mobley then catches Gunn on the return, delivering a powerslam!*

Jones: The rookie team has collapsed, and now Gunn’s all on his own!

Rockwell: The chump should have run for it at the same time the other two did, he might have just gotten counted out.

*On the outside, Warrick and El Linchador have Hudson up now, with the two slamming him into the edge of the apron. Hudson shakes his head and tries to stand, but a double dropkick on the outside quickly puts him on his back. Meanwhile, in the ring, Mobley is slowly bringing the hurting Gunn to his feet. He lifts Gunn onto his shoulder, and then lands a shoulder-breaker, adding to Gunn’s agony. Mobley checks on his guys on the outside, making sure everything’s good, and then comes back to Gunn, hauling him up. He wants to land one more move before ending this. Gunn puts up virtually no resistance as Mobley locks him into place. Mobley then lifts, delivering the Thriller to the wrestler!! Gunn’s out cold, with Mobley making the cover with the legs held in place. Referee Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners… El Linchador, Derek Mobley, & Warrick Hill!

Jones: The veterans win out, as the rookies just aren’t able to get it going tonight.

Rockwell: They never have. This was like handing a win to Mobley’s team. Was this match set up by Lurrr?

Jones: I’m not sure…

Rockwell: I smell a set-up…

*The House of Pain, along with El Linchador, celebrate their victory. As they do, we see a fan jump the guard railing and slide inside the ring. He quickly stands to his feet and we recognize him as Aaron Styles!! Derek, Warrick and Linchy look at each other with surprise…Styles walks up to them and holds up four fingers.*

Jones: Ummm…

Rockwell: Wrong stable, Styles.

*The three men look at each other with confusion. Styles holds his hand up high and tries to urge the crowd on, but they just scatter random boos and jeers his way. Styles then, aggressively, throws the four fingers into Derek’s face. Linchy responds to punching Styles in the head. Styles staggers towards Warrick and Warrick DDTs him to the ground! Styles is laid out in the middle…suddenly, we hear a voice clear its throat. Derek, Warrick and Linchy look towards the GCWATron. We see Mario Maurako looking at the three men in the ring, with a smile on his face.*

Mario Maurako: Aww, that wasn’t very nice. All Aaron Styles wanted was to be the fourth member of your Ultimate Survival team. I told him you guys might consider it…guess I was wrong…

*Derek goes to grab a mic…he receives one from a GCWA employee. He rejoins Linchy and Warrick in the middle of the ring and is about to speak when he is cut off by Maurako.*

Mario Maurako: Save it, Mobley. I don’t want to hear any vague references in regards to your fourth member. I know you’ve already secured him and, in fact, I know who it is.

*Derek looks at Warrick and Linchy…they both shrug…Derek addresses Maurako.*

Derek Mobley: Really? If we have, in fact, selected a fourth member…what makes you think we’d allow that information to leak to our opponent, of all people?

Mario Maurako: Allowed? You don’t allow me anything, Mobley. If I want something, I take it. In this instance, I wanted information…so, I had some people partake in an investigation and, well, I received some very interesting photos. Here…take a look for yourself…

*The GCWATron starts to flash various photos of Warrick Hill talking to Pete Parker behind a building. They are both wearing sunglasses and we see Warrick receive something from Parker followed by a handshake. The slideshow comes to an end and we see Derek and Linchy looking at Warrick.*

Mario Maurako: Pete Parker…the Pornstar from OCW! I love it! Now I get a chance to settle an old grudge with a member of the former OCW Tag Team Champions!

*We see Warrick shake his head…he rips the mic away from Derek.*

Warrick Hill: Damnit, Maurako! He’s not our fourth member…I was simply paying the man for a few of his ‘grittier’ films…but, hey, thanks a lot, man! I’m sure the lady I’m currently seeing is going to love the revelation…

*Warrick hands the mic back over to Derek. Maurako looks at his photos with disgust…he tosses them aside. He then motions for someone to walk towards him…we see Scoot Time. Maurako smacks Scoot Time in the back of the head…Scoot Time falls face first on the ground.*

Mario Maurako: So hard to find good help these days…

*Maurako straightens himself up after assaulting Scoot Time. Derek speaks.*

Derek Mobley: I will say, Maurako, I’m glad you’re taking this seriously…when I first saw your team, I thought otherwise. Hell, I even considered showing up with only three members instead of four…it’s not like it would take much to run through that walking comedy act you call a ‘team’. However, a marvelous offer presented itself that I simply could not resist…an offer you’re going to love, Super Mario. You were close…while Parker isn’t our fourth man…our fourth man was a legend in OCW…and…and…and, well…that’s all I’m going to say for now.

*Derek drops the mic in the middle of the ring, leaving Maurako with a giant cliffhanger. Mobley’s music begins to play as we hear Maurako start to grow angry over the GCWATron. He says things like “Wait…who is it…who is it…who the hell is it!!!” as Mobley, Warrick and Linchy walk out of the ring and towards the back. We fade out.*

*As we come back from break, the knob of a brown office door is shown, before the camera scans up to a sign that reveals “GCWA President: The Accelerator”. Four men walk into the scene with wide smiles on their faces, three of them being unfamiliar to the watching audience. Two of them wearing black jackets, with one having skin whiter than the floor tiles underneath his feet. The third man doesn’t quite look in the correct shape to be a veteran professional wrestler, but the fourth is clearly Jaiden Rishel, the greatest, grandest, BEST breakout star in GCWA in 2010, or any other year for that matter. Rishel stands with his long blonde hair in both of his hands, slicking it backwards as he goes to open the door.*

The Accelerator: Don’t you think you ought to knock before…oh, hello Jaiden. I see that you’ve brought some friends with you.

Jaiden Rishel: You’re right Mr. President, in less than one week’s time I have put together what could quite simply be the dark horse team of the whole Ultimate Survival event. You see Ace, when you told me you don’t care where I find my team from, that was exactly what I wanted to hear. I didn’t want to be stuck with a bunch of low-rate, cry baby fools that GCWA seems to be packed to the brim with today. All you hear about in the back these days is “Draco this, Draco that…”, for *beeps* sake’s get over the guy already!

The Accelerator: Wow, I didn’t know you felt that strongly, although I whole heartedly agree with you. For some reason a lot of the roster looked up to that alcoholic piece of crap, but now that he is gone for good there is bigger fish to fry. So why don’t you introduce me to your team here?

Jaiden Rishel: Leading Team Invincible, don’t you like that name by the way? Anyway, leading Team Invincible is of course myself, The Prodigy….The Enigmatic Idol….Jaiden Rishel. And then I talked to my father and he got me in touch with Jarvis King, the commissioner of CWF. So through their fed’s sources, I have his younger brother Ian E. King who has been training adamantly to wrestle, and the former Tag Team champions on my side…Colton Mace and Mark Carlton! These two have held the gold for months before just losing them a few weeks ago, so Jarvis assures me that they’re more than capable of holding their own.

Colton Mace: That's right, Team Invincible, the Power Rangers of Professional Wrestling!

Mark Carlton: Power Rangers? How is that a term of endearment?

Colton Mace: Oh...damn it, now I've lost my train of thought!

Ian E. King: Weren’t you just starting a rant?

Colton Mace: Oh, of course. Thanks Ian!

*Jaiden Rishel tries to hide his expression but he is obviously rolling his eyes.*

Colton Mace: Last time we didn't have much to do with the GCWA but now Carlton and I have stepped up our game, we may have lost the tag belts but this new crusade has brought us back together and closer than ever. Now I'm unsure about King number two over here, but if he has even a inch of talent that his brother does, he's already better than anyone this B Grade Sports Promotion has to offer.

*The Accelerator slams his fist into his desk angrily.*

The Accelerator: Hey now, I think you better watch your mouth! GCWA has been around for years for a very good reason, we are the most successful company in the world.

Jaiden Rishel: Calm down guys, there is no need to get into an argument here because we all have the same agenda. The Accelerator and I have come to you three because we already recognize the talent levels you have, we know that you are the best out of the sad bunch that is CWF. But I have to agree with him, if you want to come here and badmouth the company you may as well see yourself out now.

Ian E. King: No, no…I think we have a misunderstanding here! I’ve got to apologize for these two thick headed, egocentric buffoons, they love themselves more than anything in the world but at least they’re good wrestlers!

Jaiden Rishel: Well, it seems I don’t quite have the well-oiled machine of a team that I had anticipated, Mr. President. But I promise you that by the time Ultimate Survival gets here, we’ll be more than ready to live up to the name Team Invincible.

*The Accelerator hesitantly shakes his head up and down and then shakes the hand of Jaiden Rishel, while Colton Mace and Mark Carlton argue amongst themselves with Ian King attempting to break it up. Rishel turns back around to yell something in their direction, and then as quickly as they entered all four men are off. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: So Jaiden Rishel’s team is actually made up of competitors for a rival company??

Rockwell: What’s wrong with that? Ace wanted the best, and he got the best!

Jones: Don’t get me wrong, I always support the President… but what if one of the CWF guys, not officially under contract, wins Ultimate Survival? Will the title shot be flushed down the toilet?

Rockwell: Way I’ve heard it, if a CWF team member wins it all, Rishel there gets the title opportunity for his squad, assuming the CWF guy doesn’t want it. And when that happens, Rishel will throw the contract away, and Bifford will get himself another free month as champion.

Jones: You’re assuming Rishel won’t want the opportunity… and also that Bifford will still be champion.

Rockwell: Ain’t nobody who can beat Bifford at his best!

Jones: Ok… and I thought I was the biased one… *sigh* Let’s get to the next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will have a 10-minute time limit. Coming out of the back, he is known both for his fighting skill and his family lineage, standing 6’2” and weighing 220 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is Chucky Johnson!

*Johnson walks out to “Sexy Can I” by Ray J, saluting the fans as they cheer for him. The wrestler walks down the ramp full of confidence, ready to have another great battle in the GCWA arena.*

Jones: From what I hear, Chucky spent some time this weekend helping his brother Bucky paint a new child’s room.

Rockwell: That was one of the sickest promos I’ve ever seen.

Jones: What? Did you watch the same one I did, Adrian??

Rockwell: I’m sure I did, but you probably enjoyed it! But me? Seeing two grown men tickle each other? Hell, I had to take a shower after that!

Jones: Was it a cold shower?

Rockwell: … Don’t push me, Jones. Don’t push me.

Jones: Yes sir, sorry sir.

Minos: His opponent is currently undefeated in the GCWA, having won his debut last week on Inferno, standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, here is Lorenzo Demarco!

*As “Things Done Change” by Notorious B.I.G. plays, Lorenzo Demarco walks out of the back and glances around at the booing crowd. Demarco doesn’t care what they think, flipping them the bird before continuing on his way down towards the squared circle.*

Jones: Demarco needs to start taking care of himself if he wants to be successful in the GCWA, Adrian.

Rockwell: Huh? Demarco’s one of our best and brightest! Didn’t you see what he did to Kirsten Reid last week? That was priceless!

Jones: It’s not exactly a secret that Demarco has an issue with drugs, Adrian. Frankly, I’m surprised he wasn’t caught in a random drug test this week before the match.

Rockwell: Nah, Demarco’s got too much talent to have to worry about those tests. Now, Crazy Chris and The Lost Soul? You can BET they’re peeing in a cup right now!

Jones: …

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as Head Referee Bell signals for the match to begin, Chucky’s moving forward, his arms raised in a defensive posture. He’s looking to lock up, but Demarco decides on a different approach, immediately going to the eyes! Bell warns Demarco, but Demarco doesn’t seem to care, as he starts slugging away at the blinded Chucky, backing him into the corner. Demarco then climbs up on the turnbuckle and continues with his closed fist shots, hammering Chucky again and again!! Bell, looking frustrated, starts a five count, then actually grabs Demarco from the back, attempting to pull him off the ‘buckle. Demarco, pissed, comes down and glares at the ref, as if thinking about striking him as well. Bell threatens a disqualification, telling Demarco that he’ll throw this match out. Demarco, shaking his head, goes back over to the dazed Chucky, using forearm and elbow shots instead to weaken the man.*

Jones: Demarco’s really pushing the limits, isn’t he? Just a minute or two into the match, and he’s using every dirty move he can muster!

Rockwell: He’s a man after my own heart, Edward.

*With Chucky sufficiently softened up, Demarco drags him out of the corner and goes to the center of the ring. He jams a knee into Chucky’s gut, bending him over, and then stands over him for a second, smirking at the booing crowd. He then steps back and puts Chucky straight in the stomach, causing him to collapse to the ground!! Demarco is shaking his head now, apparently annoyed about the competition that’s been put towards him. He even looks towards Head Refere Bell, grumbling about it, with Bell telling him to keep his mind on business. Demarco sighs and pulls Chucky up, shooting him into the ropes. As Chucky comes back, Demarco goes for a strong clothesline, but Chucky ducks underneath, hitting the other side. As Demarco spins around, Chucky comes back, leaping into the air and catching him with a Lou Thesz press!! And now it’s Chucky’s turn to punch away, as he hammers on Demarco on the canvas!!*

Jones: Chucky’s showing Demarco that he knows how to brawl just as much as he does!

Rockwell: C’mon, ref, you gave Demarco a hard time about the closed fists. What about Chucky? Why’s he special?

*As a matter of fact, Bell IS warning Chucky, with the young wrestler nodding and getting back up, dragging Demarco to his feet. Chucky takes Demarco over to the corner and starts pounding his head into the turnbuckle, with the crowd counting along as it gets up to 10. Chucky then lifts Demarco up, placing the dazed wrestler onto the top ‘buckle. Chucky follows, climbing up with him, and then sets and lifts, coming off the ‘buckle with a super release belly-to-back suplex!!! Demarco does a flip, landing hard on his stomach, while Chucky drops to his back, taking the impact and rolling with it. Chucky then comes over to make the cover, grabbing at the legs as Head Referee Bell slides in for the count… 1… 2.. but Demarco’s able to get his shoulder up in time, keeping from being pinned. Chucky immediately turns around and gets an arm lock, working on Demarco on the mat, as the match continues.*

Jones: Chucky’s showing all the skills that he’s learned from his brother, Bucky.

Rockwell: Yeah, but Demarco got all his skills on the street! That makes him tougher!

Jones: That’s a generalization, but I’m not sure living on the street makes you tougher, Adrian.

Rockwell: That’s because you never had to do it, white boy.

*Demarco’s pushing himself up on his one free arm, struggling to pull himself free. Chucky, realizing he’s lost some of his leverage, suddenly lets go of the hold and gets up, bringing Demarco with him. He locks Demarco up and tries for a suplex, but Demarco blocks it, and then starts throwing left hands into Chucky’s side. Once Chucky is softened up, Demarco reverses the move, suplexing Chucky over! Demarco then gets shakily back to his feet and drags Chucky back up. He throws Chucky hard into the corner, and then, as he staggers out, runs to the ropes and comes back, getting a running bulldog!! Chucky’s down, with Demarco immediately getting on top for the pin. He hangs onto Chucky’s trunks as well, trying to keep it concealed from Bell. The referee doesn’t see it, making the count… 1… 2… but Chucky still manages to get himself free.*

Jones: Demarco’s putting on a good show tonight, showing that he’s got some definite skills for the business.

Rockwell: Yeah, I’m seeing him as a future champion in the business for sure.

Jones: You could say the same about Chucky Johnson.

Rockwell: I could, but I won’t.

*Demarco stomps away on Chucky, keeping him from rising too quickly. He then goes off the ropes and comes back, dropping a knee onto Chucky’s back! Demarco seems to be enjoying himself now, relishing the delivery of punishment onto his downed foe. He twists Chucky around and applies an STF submission, locking it in tight, as Chucky immediately starts groaning and looking towards the ropes. Head Referee Bell comes in close, watching to make sure that the hold isn’t illegally applied. He then checks with Chucky to see if he’s going to tap, but Chucky refuses. He uses all of his bulk to start pulling himself across the mat, trying to find a way to escape the torture he’s in. Demarco hangs on, working to keep the man stationary, but Chucky’s got a will of iron, as he fights hard for every inch. Finally, Chucky reaches the ropes and grabs hold, hanging on as Bell starts a 5 count. He actually almost gets to 5 before Demarco drops the STF, ticked at having to release it.*

Jones: Chucky’s indomitable spirit is keeping him alive in this contest!

Rockwell: I’ll give him points for not being a whiny quitter. But it’s going to take more than a strong heart to win this one.

*Demarco has Chucky up now, holding him by the head. He curses at Chucky, then turns and throws him over the ropes!! Demarco walks away for a second, still pissed, not realizing that Chucky managed to grab on with one hand and land on the apron, saving himself! He rolls back into the ring and stands up behind Demarco, who, hearing the cheers, realizes something’s up. He turns and swings, but Chucky blocks it away from him, and then steps in and lifts, getting a sidewalk slam that knocks the fight out of the man!! Chucky then gets to his feet and runs to the ropes, returning with a fist drop right into the center of Demarco’s forehead!! Chucky then makes the cover, trying to hang on… 1… 2… but Demarco kicks free again! Chucky, shaking his head, grabs at Demarco and pulls him up… only to suddenly drops back to his knees, gasping, as Demarco got his knee up!! It may or may not have been a low blow, but Head Referee Bell didn’t see it. Either way, Chucky’s down, as Demarco runs to the ropes and comes back, slamming into Chucky’s head with the Paid In Full!!!! Chucky’s now an easy target for a pinfall, with Demarco cockily covering him… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner of this match… Lorenzo Demarco!

Rockwell: Yes! Way to go, boy!

Jones: Too bad for Chucky Johnson, as he really did put up a good fight in this one! But he struggled at the end, and might have left himself vulnerable to a low blow.

Rockwell: I didn’t see a low blow, did you?

Jones: From Chucky’s reaction, I’m assuming a low blow took place.

Rockwell: Assume means you make an ass out of you and me, and no one makes an ass out of Mrs. Rockwell’s baby boy!

Jones: Ok, ok!! I take it back!!

Rockwell: Damn straight you do.

*Lorenzo goes to exit the ring and stops midway just like the last time with Kirsten Reid. He turns to see that Chucky Johnson is trying to stand up. Lorenzo gets a disgusted look on his face as he re-enters the ring. As Chucky gets back on his feet Lorenzo spins him around and punches him right in the face knocking him back down. Lorenzo begins to stomp all over Chucky as the crowd is booing loudly at these actions. Lorenzo picks Chucky back up and gives a violent kick between his legs that knocks him to his knees. Lorenzo then grabs him by the head and throws him face first on the mat. Lorenzo Demarco stands over him as he throws his hands in the air as he looks down at him. “You making fun about how I talk now fool? You making noise now? You can’t compare to me!” Lorenzo bends down slightly and spits on the fallen Chucky as the crowd comes to life. Lorenzo turns around and quickly exit’s the ring as Bucky Johnson has come down to protect his brother. He goes over to Chucky and glares at Lorenzo who is backing up the ramp with a smile on his face.*

Jones: Demarco has done it again, attacking his opponent after the match!

Rockwell: Chucky should have kept his ass down, and this wouldn’t have happened.

Jones: Thank goodness Bucky Johnson got here fast, keeping the destruction at a minimum.

Rockwell: He got kicked between the legs, Edward! That’s enough damage for me!

*Bucky works to pull Chucky up, trying to help get him to his feet. Chucky’s hurting, but still conscious, which at least is a good sign. Demarco has already departed, disappearing into the back. We cut away from the action and go to the back, where we see Cynthia Hall rushing through the hallway, her cameraman right behind her.*

Cynthia Hall: Hurry up! They said it happened right around here!

*The two continue to hurry, going around another corner, where a small crowd has gathered. Cynthia doesn’t stop, pushing her way through the group.*

Cynthia Hall: Excuse me! Press coming through! Alright, move it!

*Finally, Cynthia gets through, stopping short, with the cameraman working in behind her. On the ground in the middle of the circle, lying underneath a steel chair, is a man. The cameraman moves to the side and lowers to get a shot of the face of the wrestler. Cynthia also moves to take a closer look.*

Cynthia Hall: Oh my gosh! That’s… that’s Special K!

*The wrestler, who was shown last week to be a teammate of Mario Maurako for Ultimate Survival, is unconscious, with blood dripping from an open wound. He’s not moving. The medics suddenly arrive, checking on him, as we fade out.*

*We return from the break in the backstage area of the GCWA Arena. All you see is a shot of the hallway. After a few seconds Lorenzo Demarco appears into view as the crowd is booing at his presence.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Boo me? Boo me for what? For knocking some punk ass back down for daring to get up. People in G.C.W.A better learn that when I put your ass down you better stay down fool. And what is with that fool Bucky running down? What did he think he was going to accomplish? Except being laid face down next to his brother. I didn’t leave the ring out of fear, I left the ring out of kindness. I did you a favor Bucky by not staying in that ring and laying your ass out. You got to like the number I did to your brother. I mean come on dawg, he’s your brother, don’t tell me you never wanted to do that to his stupid ass. Don’t be lying to yourself you liked every moment of it. Now get that camera out of my face.

*Lorenzo pushes the camera away and walks off. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Another unapologetic comment from Lorenzo Demarco.

Rockwell: I’m really starting to like this guy, Edward. He knows what he’s doing, and he knows what it means for someone to respect, if not fear, him!

Jones: He does seem to be travelling a similar path to your own wrestling career.

Rockwell: I just hope he stays away from steel cages. Don’t go my route, man, just do it your way and kick some ass!

Jones: Well, it’s time now for our main event! Who will go on to face The Big Bifford for the World Heavyweight Title at Ultimate Survival 2010?

Rockwell: My vote’s still for Aaron Styles.

Jones: It’s not happening, Adrian.

Rockwell: Damnit.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the #1 Contender’s spot to face the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion at Ultimate Survival 2010!! Introducing first, he has held a majority of gold in the GCWA since arriving in the company last year, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The fans cheer loudly as The Lost Soul comes out to the “Friday the 13th” Theme. He doesn’t look like he’s focusing too much on them, however, as he moves determinedly towards the ring, keeping his eyes forward.*

Jones: The Lost Soul spent some time in prison this week, due to being a suspect in the murder of a young woman he knew.

Rockwell: A suspect? That’s one way to put it, since he was found holding the girl and was covered in her blood!

Jones: Do you really think TLS had anything to do with that?

Rockwell: You can’t seriously tell me that you believe TLS is stable, can you? I mean, if you asked which guy in the GCWA might be most capable of murder, who would be the first on your list?

Jones: Arachne.

Rockwell: … A fair point, I’ll grant you.

Minos: His opponent has gone from being a young rookie in the business to being one of the greatest superstars in the GCWA, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris!

*Crazy Chris storms out of the back to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead, with the crowd letting loose their cheers for him. He looks energized by the reaction, raising the title belt high overhead, before running down towards the ring.*

Jones: Chris was said to be trying to help a friend out of some sort of jam this week…

Rockwell: From what I hear, said “friend” wound up dead. So you’ll understand why I think Chris failed.

Jones: Sometimes you can’t help someone who’s gotten himself in too deep, Adrian.

*The Bell Rings.*

Rockwell: Alright, let’s get this farce over with…

Jones: Ummm, Adrian? Aren’t we missing something?

Rockwell: Huh?

Jones: I mean, we’ve got two wrestlers, sure… but where’s the referee?

Rockwell: Hah! I guess whatever special referee Lurrr promised couldn’t make it. But you know, I’m still licensed as a referee, so I guess I could…

Jones: Hold on, we’ve got… is that…

*As Crazy Chris and The Lost Soul face off, not really worrying about the fact that there’s no one there to make a count, “Electricity” is suddenly playing over the loud speakers! The fans all glance back, startled, then begin to cheer, as Anthony “Lightning” Logan walks out of the back, dressed in a referee uniform!*

Rockwell: What the hell is he doing here?

Jones: My old broadcast partner, Anthony Logan, is a referee for the GCWA??

Rockwell: No, no, he can’t be. Only Ace has the authority to make those changes. Lurrr doesn’t have the right to hire or fire, right?

Jones: Logan was never fired, though, was he? He was suspended!

Rockwell: … Well, yeah, but… but… I…

Jones: Lurrr just got himself an unbiased referee for tonight’s contest! Logan was the President’s biggest critic over the last few months!

*Logan is in the ring now, smiling at both Crazy Chris and The Lost Soul. The fans are still cheering for him, loving the surprise. Logan makes the hand gestures, telling the two men to go at it. They don’t need more encouragement, as The Lost Soul is immediately heading towards Crazy Chris, trying to trap him in the corner. Chris is already on the move, though, darting out and sticking close to the ropes, looking for an opening. TLS follows him, trying to corner him again, but Chris is proving too cagey to be kept in one place for long. He moves to the right, prepared to play this one as strategically as possible. As TLS comes at him again, this time adding a spring in his step in order to grab hold, Chris does a roll to the right and hops up, but then charges in, landing a couple of quick strikes to TLS’ back before retreating again, preferring to hit and run!*

Jones: It’s a battle of speed vs. power. A battle of youth vs. experience. A battle of high-flyers vs. technical brawlers.

Rockwell: A battle of weird and weirder. I mean, look at what these two are wearing! Neither one wants to show their face!

Jones: It’s the way they choose to wrestle, Adrian. Think of it as their war colors.

Rockwell: I think of it as both of them being scared of cameras breaking when trying to take their pictures. I still don’t see why these two freaks deserve to be fighting our glorious champion.

*TLS looks annoyed now, as he stops pursuing Chris. Instead, he’s waving him on, apparently trying to get him to fight like a man. Chris knows what’s at stake, though. He isn’t charging in this time, he’s working hard to keep on his game plan. Referee Logan is standing back, simply enjoying the fight. He doesn’t look too anxious to challenge either man, knowing that there needs to be a winner in this one. TLS finally walks towards Chris again, looking to lock up, with Chris coming in as well, but then darting around the man again, trying to land another shot to the back. But this time TLS is expecting it, as he spins with a backhand, smacking Chris in the jaw!! Chris stumbles back, trying to recover. It’s not soon enough, as TLS gets a hold of him from behind and locks up him, tossing him easily overhead with a pumphandle suplex!! Chris hits hard, but starts to get up right away… but TLS is already there, kicking him heavily in the ribs repeatedly!!*

Jones: The Lost Soul is definitely looking ruthless tonight, as he’s putting all he’s got into those kicks!

Rockwell: Chris mentioned that he respected TLS, but TLS didn’t return it. He’s determined to bring a “reckoning” to Ace and Bifford, and he sees Chris being in his way.

Jones: I know he’s really wanting another crack at the one belt of the Grand Slam that he hasn’t held in the GCWA, but TLS needs to remember that the youth of the company look up to him!

Rockwell: Why should he do that? What have the ‘youth’ ever done for him?

*The Lost Soul has Crazy Chris back up now, locking him around the head as if applying a dragon sleeper. But TLS only holds it for a minute before turning into it and dropping Chris on his head, smashing him down to the mat! The Lost Soul then makes another cover, wanting to get the win as quickly as possible… 1…. 2…. and Crazy Chris kicks free! The Lost Soul doesn’t stop to worry about Logan’s potentially-slow count. He gets to his feet, with Crazy Chris in tow, and sets him up for a powerbomb! He lifts Chris into the air, but Chris starts swinging fists at the high point, managing to stun TLS long enough for Chris to jump off his shoulders, landing on the nearby middle rope! Chris immediately springboards off the rope and comes back around with a flip, grabbing TLS by the head and dropping with a springboard DDT!! Chris then dives on top, clutching at the legs of his foe, as Referee Logan slides back into position… 1…. 2…. but TLS doesn’t stay down.*

Rockwell: Logan sure doesn’t have a quick count.

Jones: As far as I know, Logan’s never worked as a referee before. At least he’s counting equally for both men.

Rockwell: The joker doesn’t have any referee training! I’m the one who should be in there!

Jones: And Anthony should still be commentating next to me. Yet you’re here, and he’s there. It’s a crazy world…

*Crazy Chris hauls The Lost Soul back up, whipping him hard into the corner. Chris then charges in, with TLS managing to pull himself out of the way in time. But he wasn’t Chris’ target, as Chris keeps running, jumping quickly up to the top turnbuckle, then spinning and flying off with a flying body press, smashing into TLS and taking him to the mat, no, TLS continues to flip, and ends up on top for the cover!! 1…. 2…. and Crazy Chris barely escapes in time!! Both men get back to their feet, with Chris trying to spin into a sizzling snap kick, but TLS blocks it and hangs onto Chris’ leg, yanking him off-balance. He spins Chris around and gets in behind him, hammering Chris once in the back of the head with a forearm shot, before then grabbing Chris around both arms and lifting him into the air with an elevated double chickenwing!!!! Chris is yelling from the pain, as TLS shows off his brute strength against the smaller opponent!!*

Jones: What a move by TLS!! Chris may not be able to escape this one!!

Rockwell: I wonder if TLS picked up that one during one of his trips overseas. Or maybe, I mean, is he foreign-born? We don’t really know, do we?

Jones: As much as TLS works with the FBI, I doubt he’s an illegal alien, Adrian.

Rockwell: Someone call immigration!! I got a border-jumper!!

*Referee Logan is in there now, calling up to Crazy Chris, who is shaking his head emphatically, and adding in a yell of “No!” to make sure there’s no doubt. He’s not going to quit. The hold’s rapidly having an effect on TLS as well, as he finally lowers Chris back down, in order to save his arm strength. He instead gets hold of Chris from behind and lifts him over with a bridge, going for another pin! 1…. 2…. and both men make sure their shoulders are up, keeping the contest going. Logan signals that both were up, even as TLS and Chris rise to their feet. TLS is still in control, pulling Chris in close and working to apply an abdominal stretch. But Chris suddenly breaks free and catches TLS by his free arm, throwing him with a hip toss! TLS jumps right back to his feet and turns, but Chris then leaps onto him and gets a hurricanrana, planting TLS on the mat!! Chris struggles back to his feet, starting to show some serious wear and tear from this one, but he’s not going to let himself slow down. He runs to the ropes and leaps up onto the top turnbuckle, and then comes off with a double jump elbow drop, landing it perfectly!!! He grabs the legs… 1…. 2…. No! TLS gets out in time!*

Jones: Crazy Chris is pulling out every move he can think of to keep The Lost Soul down! You can tell this title opportunity would mean the world to him!

Rockwell: He’s never had a World Title opportunity, unlike his worthless brother. So I can see why he wants this so bad.

Jones: I’ll agree with everything except the ‘worthless’ brother comment.

*Crazy Chris goes off the ropes and lands a leg drop, helping to subdue The Lost Soul further. He then heads for the turnbuckle again, climbing up and getting to the top. TLS is still down, as Chris positions himself, then leaps into the air with a corkscrew moonsault, flying down towards him… and TLS raises his knees just in time, causing Chris to crash into them!! The Unified X Division Champion rolls in agony, his guts mangled, as The Lost Soul slowly gets back to his feet. A lot of the facial make-up is starting to fade around the edges now, as the sweat is pouring free. TLS staggers over to Crazy Chris and gets a good grip on the smaller wrestler, holding onto his head and one of his legs. He then lifts Chris up and drops back with a fisherman’s suplex!! TLS hangs on, with Referee Logan coming in to make the call… 1…. 2…. but Crazy Chris just barely manages to pry himself free!!*

Jones: Whew!! This match is going into overtime, and we still don’t really know who’s going to pull it off!! Both of these guys are showing exactly why they were placed in this match tonight!

Rockwell: …

Jones: I know you can’t agree with me, Adrian, but it’s still the truth! We’re watching a historically great match here tonight!

Rockwell: *muttering under breath*

*Referee Logan backs away, keeping his eyes on the action, as The Lost Soul slowly gets back to his feet. He leans on the ropes, taking in some much-needed oxygen, as Crazy Chris struggles to recover. As Chris rises up, TLS acts, stepping in behind him and grabbing Chris by the shoulders. But Chris reacts instinctively, pulling away from the grasp and lashing out with a Pele kick!! The Lost Soul stumbles back to the ropes, dazed, as Crazy Chris hops back to his feet. He runs to the ropes and comes back, leaping towards TLS with a splash! But TLS catches him and lifts him overhead, sending Chris to the outside!! The Unified X Division Champion twists in mid-air, grabbing hold of the ropes on his way down, and manages to land on the apron. TLS turns and swings at him, having realized that Chris might do that. He strikes Chris, but he doesn’t fall, hanging onto the ropes. TLS then reaches over for him, but Chris then yanks on TLS, taking him over the ropes and sending both men toppling to the outside!!*

Jones: TLS and Chris take a harsh tumble to the outside mats!!

Rockwell: Wouldn’t it be an utter shame if this ended in a double countout?

Jones: That would be terrible, just terrible! We need a winner!

Rockwell: Why?

Jones: Well, for one thing, if neither man wins, the precedent is usually that BOTH men get a match against the Big Bifford.

Rockwell: … Good point. Get up, you wimps! Keep fighting!

*The first one to his feet on the outside is Crazy Chris, having taken a lesser hit than TLS did by lieu of him falling further. Chris hears the count already at 5 and starts to head in, but TLS grabs his leg from behind, preventing him! Chris frantically stomps down, managing to free himself, and then rolls inside. He works to pull himself up, even as TLS struggles to rise. The count reaches 7, then 8… but then TLS is in, stopping the count. He’s immediately kicked a couple times by the tired Chris, who then grabs TLS by the head and drops him with an x factor!! TLS is down, as Chris turns and heads for the turnbuckle one more time. He weakly climbs up, struggling, even as TLS starts to sit up. Seeing this, Chris gets himself upright and leaps, going for the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! But TLS twists himself to the side, avoiding the maneuver!! He then grabs the aching Chris from behind and turns him, setting him for a standing Soul Buster!! He lifts, but Chris reverses it in mid-air and gets behind TLS, rolling him up!!! Logan counts… 1… 2… The Lost Soul reverses the roll-up, getting Chris’ shoulders down instead!! 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight Title… The Lost Soul!

Jones: Just like that, with one reversal, it’s over!!

Rockwell: I guess the old man had one more win left in him. Too bad he’s used up now for The Big Bifford.

Jones: Crazy Chris came so damn close!! If that roll-up hadn’t been reversed, I think he would have had it! Instead, now he’s the official team captain for Team Lurrr, which, when you think of it, isn’t that bad a deal, either.

Rockwell: So Bifford’s got to fight the make-up wearing guy instead of the masked psychopath. Works for me.

Jones: Congrats to both men on a great contest, but TLS has earned the right to take on the World Champion, in a match that is guaranteed to be a wild one!

*Crazy Chris is slapping the mat, sure that he had managed to kick out in time. Referee Logan, though, shakes his head and tells the kid that it’s over. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, has rolled out of the ring, barely taking any time to celebrate. He steps towards the aisleway, but stops, as he sees four men come running down towards him! They aren’t there for him, though, as Jaiden Rishel leads Team Invincible into the ring and after Crazy Chris!!*

Jones: What the hell??

Rockwell: Oh, hey, looks like Rishel’s here to make a quick statement on the guy who’s going to be fighting his team at US!

*Chris, still frustrated, is still arguing with Logan, who suddenly sees the incoming danger. He tries to warn Chris, stepping towards them, but Rishel nails Chris from behind with a double axehandle, knocking the man down!! Meanwhile, Mark Carlton and Colton Mace nail Logan with a double clothesline, sending the referee flying out of the ring!! They all then turn and start stomping away on the downed Chris, being joined by Ian King!*

Jones: Chris is being quadruple-teamed, long before he’s even had a chance to put a team together!!

Rockwell: And look who’s come out to enjoy the show!

*On the stageway, holding his World Heavyweight Title, is the Big Bifford! He’s smiling at the carnage, even as he sees The Lost Soul looking his way. TLS glances back at the ring, and the beating that’s going on there. The fans are cheering for him to intervene, to save Crazy Chris from the assault he’s under. TLS, however, has other ideas, turning and starting up the aisle, his eyes locked on Bifford!! Bifford, seeing this, looks confused at first, having fully expected TLS to throw himself into the brawl. His eyes widen at TLS’ approach, and he turns and heads through the entryway, with TLS breaking into a sprint and chasing after him!*

Jones: TLS just left!!

Rockwell: He wants a piece of Bifford, I guess, but he better be careful what he wishes for, he might get it!!

Jones: Yeah, but TLS didn’t even bother to help Crazy Chris! Is he that locked on his objective??

*Rishel has Crazy Chris up now, with Carlton and Mace holding each of Chris’ arms. He laughs, and then tells the others to back away for a second. He then picks Chris up and delivers the Delirium Trigger!!!! Chris is out, with Rishel standing over him. The fans are booing heavily, but that soon changes, as Dangerous Dan comes running out of the back, steel chair in hand!! He slides into the ring, with the heels quickly vacating the premises.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan came to the aid of his brother! Maybe things are really starting to get better between them!!

Rockwell: Yeah, but why didn’t Dan get here earlier, before his brother got trashed?? He’s suspiciously late to me!

Jones: All that matters is that he’s saved his brother from further harm! We’re out of time, folks, so we’ll see you again next time!

*In the ring, Dangerous Dan still has the chair raised, watching the four men as they start to head up the aisleway, their goals achieved. Crazy Chris is still down, out of it, with his brother standing over him, chair in hand. Dan looks down at him, still wielding the chair. He shakes his head, even as we fade to the backstage area, where we see The Lost Soul, still trucking after The Big Bifford. He turns the corner and comes to a skidding stop, finding The Big Bifford standing next to the Accelerator!*

The Accelerator: Alright, TLS, that’s far enough.

*The Lost Soul takes another step forward, glaring towards both men. He is completely focused on them.*

The Accelerator: I SAID, far enough!! Or do you want me to send you to the minor leagues like I did Draco? I still have the power to fire people, y’know…

*This finally gets through to TLS, who stops, breathing heavily. The Big Bifford looks a little relieved, relaxing slightly.*

The Accelerator: First off, congrats are in order. You won. Whoopie. But there’s a stipulation that’s in the contract, in order to make this a great match. You, TLS, will NOT touch the Big Bifford in any way until the pay-per-view, unless in a match. If you do, your little title shot? It’s forfeited, and, y’know, who knows when you’ll get another one. Capeesh?

*The Lost Soul thinks about this for a second, and then takes another step forward, getting closer to both men. The Accelerator takes a nervous swallow, as The Big Bifford suddenly steps forward, empowered by the information. He grins and leans in towards The Lost Soul, giving him an obvious target. TLS seems to consider it, but then, by sheer force of will, he backs off. Ace smiles, although Bifford looks like he wishes he’d let TLS catch up to him.*

The Accelerator: Very good. See that you avoid the temptation, TLS… or else Bifford gets the night off at Ultimate Survival.

*Ace turns and departs, with The Big Bifford staying a few seconds longer to smile towards TLS. He finally leaves, with the last shot being of TLS fuming, fighting the urge to chase them both down.*

OOC: Another fun card is up! We're really going to be starting the build towards Ultimate Survival over the next few weeks, so this was a 'set-up' card more than anything, but we're definitely set for some great contests! Hopefully, everyone is ready, as we're in for a great month!

Here's next Friday's card:

- Ataxia vs. Jimmy Riot

- Shayde vs. Mr. Itt

- Ryan Rage vs. Robert Santana

- Jaiden Rishel vs. Xtreme

- Chris Cortez vs. El Linchador, Non-Title Match

- The Lost Soul vs. Mario Maurako vs. Lorenzo Demarco

- Biffarachnephobia(c) vs. The Danger Boiz vs. The House of Pain vs. The Johnson Era, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Fatal Fourway Match

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