GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! We zoom over the screaming fans, many of whom made a special trip into Dallas, Texas, in order to see this show. That just shows how big they believe it’s going to be! Signs range from “Impeach Ace! Ludwig For President!” to “It’s not a kilt, it’s a skirt!” We head in to ringside, joining the usual suspects at the broadcast table.*

Jones: Hello, and welcome to the penultimate show on the road to Blood On The Battlefield IV!! It’s time once again for Friday Night Inferno! I’m Edward Jones, joined my my colleague, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: Great to be here, Jonesy!

Jones: It’s going to be a huge night tonight, as we do the final construction of next week’s pay-per-view! It’s looking like an amazing card, one where literally anything can happen!

Logan: Damn straight, Blood on the Battlefield IV is going to be huge! I think we’ve got something for everyone! Hardcore wrestling, technical wrestling, high-flyers and, well, whatever class the Big Bifford falls into, we’ve got them all!

Jones: Tonight, in our main event, we’ve got an unusual one, as our World Champion, Draco, goes into action against, of all things, a GCWA referee!

Logan: Yeah, but not just any referee! Adrian Rockwell is a former Television Champion, a man who made a name for himself years before donning the stripes! Of course, he’s also a dirty, lying jerk who did the Accelerator’s bidding last week!

Jones: There’s been no proof that Ace had anything to do with that, Anthony, so be careful. You don’t want to be sued for libel.

Logan: For saying stuff on Ace’s show? Can he do that?

Jones: I don’t know, but I wouldn’t want to find out. Also tonight, several great competitors will be in action, showcasing their abilities and giving us another great night of wrestling action!

Logan: Speaking of wrestling, did you hear about my protégé?

Jones: Huh?

Logan: Yeah, good old Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn. He was a joke over here, but under my advanced tutelage, he’s now a champion over in the CWF!

Jones: Wait, you’re bringing up something that happened with the competition?

Logan: What, we always talk about the CWF, don’t we? I just wanted people to know, y’know, I’m willing to help train other people’s careers…

Jones: Enough advertising, Anthony! We need to get this show on the road!

Logan: Yeah, yeah, you’re right. We should be all business.

Jones: Exactly. Ok, then…

Logan: But if anyone wants to call me after the show, my number is 555…

Jones: Anthony! You know how many crazed people would be calling you??

Logan: I just tutored a Janitor. I think I’ve faced the worst the world has to offer…

Jones: Nonetheless… let’s just get to our first match of the evening, ok?

Logan: Fine. Ruin my plans for financial success, why don’t you? Alright, Minos, what’s up first?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 15-minute time limit. It is a special Blood On The Battlefield Tag-Team Match! Introducing Team #1… first, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*”Give It All” by Rise Against begins to play, leading the way out for Xtreme. He’s pushing his hardcore weapons cart, as usual, with a dark grin on his face. The fans are booing heavily, not a fan of the wrestler as he parks his cart next to the ring, then slides in.*

Jones: I’d say it’s pretty clear that Xtreme has anger issues.

Logan: Well, to be honest, most wrestlers do. You don’t become a pro wrestler by being a flower-sniffing hippie!

Jones: Ummm, what about Warrick Hill?

Logan: Seriously, if you consider Hill a hippie, you’re way out of your comfort zone, Jonesy.

Jones: I wonder why Xtreme brought his weapons with him. This one’s not supposed to be hardcore!

Logan: Xtreme is ALWAYS hardcore, whether the rules allow him to be or not.

Minos: His partner, standing 6’4” and weighing 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland, here is “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

*The fans aren’t any happier to see Cortez as he comes out to “Contagious” by Trapt. Cortez mockingly acts like he’s pushing a cart, then shakes his head and starts down the ramp. He doesn’t look too pleased with this contest.*

Jones: Cortez and Xtreme haven’t really acted like they’re going to be good partners tonight.

Logan: They’ve just been thrown together, and some guys don’t work well with others. But if they want a win here, they’ll have to find a way to get along.

Jones: The question is, how much does the win mean to either man? They’ve got already gotten the matches they want at the pay-per-view. All that’s on the line in this one is bragging rights.

Logan: Well, at least Cortez is going to have freshly-ironed clothes for later on, win or lose.

Minos: And now, introducing Team #2… coming to the ring, he stands 6’4” and weighs in at 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*As “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem plays, Bucky Johnson walks out of the back, earning a strong cheer from the crowd. He walks down the aisle, handing out some high fives, but looking heatedly towards the ring.*

Jones: Johnson’s due to be a father in the near future, Anthony, which has to play into his mindset as he’s preparing to face Xtreme at the pay-per-view in a hardcore match.

Logan: Not just hardcore, but a match where he has to get thrown through a stack of lighttubes before he can be pinned! I mean, that’s just dangerous!

Jones: Well, he’s already accepted the match. Hopefully, he can get through it without any severe injuries. That kid of his needs a father!

*Johnson steps into the ring and goes to his corner, as Cortez and Xtreme seem to be having an argument. Cortez has his hands raised, trying to calm Xtreme down… but Xtreme suddenly pushes past him and rushes forward, attacking Johnson while his back is turned!! He smashes Johnson into the corner, and then starts swinging heavy shots at him, with Johnson sliding to the ground from the surprise attack!! Cortez, shaking his head in annoyance at the maneuver, nonetheless moves over there to join in, as referee Trixie, in shock, signals for the bell!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Whoa, wait a second, Trixie!! We’re short one competitor!!

Logan: Well, The Lost Soul better get his butt down here, because it looks like we’ve already begun!!

*Bucky tries to fight back, landing a couple of strikes that move Xtreme backwards. But as Johnson turns, Cortez gives him a kick to the gut, then double-underhooks the wrestler and drops with a pedigree! Johnson’s hurt, with Cortez apparently wanting to go for the pin, only to get shoved aside by Xtreme! Cortez, pissed, gets up on his knees, even as Xtreme straddles Johnson and punches away, wanting to do more damage! Even as he does so, the “Friday the 13th Theme” hits the speakers, causing a roar from the crowd!*

Logan: Here we go!! Help’s on the way, Bucky!

Jones: But has the damage already been done??

*From the back, The Lost Soul appears, stepping out onto the stage. He’s immediately moving, showing that deceptive quickness that he has as he darts towards the ring. Cortez, seeing him coming, steps back. He signals to Xtreme, who barely glances up before going back to attacking Johnson. The Lost Soul then enters the ring, with Cortez coming to meet him, with a swing that goes slightly high. TLS answers that with a series of shots, followed by a haymaker that drops Cortez to the mat! Cortez rolls out of the ring, knowing to take a breather, as TLS turns and charges Xtreme, who can’t get up in time to dodge TLS’ running knee to the head! Xtreme falls backwards, but then tries to get back up, only to get clotheslined over the ropes by the Intercontinental Champion! With both heels on the outside, The Lost Soul turns to Bucky, looking down at him with a mixture of concern and contempt. He doesn’t offer Johnson a hand up.*

Logan: Love seems to be in short supply in this one!

Jones: From what I hear, Bucky Johnson and The Lost Soul had some sort of mix-up about a meeting at a diner.

Logan: What, so they have problems with each other… over directions? Man, wrestling can be weird sometimes.

*Johnson manages to pull himself up, turning and thanking The Lost Soul, but TLS doesn’t want to hear it, just telling Johnson to go back to his corner. Johnson appears annoyed by the disrespect, but he needs a few moments to recover, anyway. Meanwhile, Xtreme has moved over to Cortez’s side, arguing with him once again. The two men are definitely not on the same page. Cortez points angrily towards the ring, blaming this on Xtreme, and telling him to get his act together and start following his orders if he wants to win. Cortez then turns and starts to walk away, but Xtreme reaches up and grabs him, tossing Cortez into the ring instead!! Cortez jumps to his feet, outraged that Xtreme took that step. After a second, though, Cortez realizes what this means. He starts to spin around, but The Lost Soul is already there, grabbing Cortez by the head and taking him down with a leaping DDT!!! The fans roar as TLS goes to work on his foe, applying an armbar on the mat.*

Logan: Xtreme threw Cortez to the wolves!

Jones: Someone call Dr. Phil, we’ve got teams in disarray!

Logan: Screw Dr. Phil! Call Dog the Bounty Hunter!

Jones: … Wait, why call him, and not a shrink?

Logan: Because Dog is cooler, man!

*The Lost Soul releases the armbar as soon as Cortez starts to move towards the ropes, not bothering to try for a submission. He pulls Cortez up and whips him into the ropes, then catches him on the way back with a drop toe hold, sending Cortez’s face straight into the mat! Cortez rolls in pain, holding his nose, with TLS showing little mercy by coming right back after him. With Bucky watching from the corner, The Lost Soul has Cortez back up again, this time setting him for a suplex. He lifts, no, Cortez breaks free and grabs TLS by the head in the air, coming down with an RKO out of nowhere!! Both wrestlers are down for a moment, with Cortez the first to move, getting himself up. Johnson looks concerned as he watches Cortez drop an elbow on TLS, followed by a second and third, causing TLS’ legs to bounce in the air. Cortez then makes the cover, watching carefully for Johnson to try a run-in… 1… 2.. and The Lost Soul is able to kick out.*

Logan: Cortez is making a comeback!

Jones: Of course, he had a chance to tag there and get the fresher man in, but he doesn’t look too inclined to do that at the moment.

Logan: Can’t we all just get along?

*Cortez doesn’t waste any time worrying about the non-pin, as he’s already applied a crossface submission hold. He’s working over TLS, with referee Trixie staying close to the action, but not too close (probably remembering her injury a few weeks ago during a TLS match). The Lost Soul is fighting back, trying to pull himself free, although Cortez seems to have it locked in pretty well. That is, until Johnson comes in from behind and pushes him, shoving Cortez off the hold! Cortez hops up, annoyed, even as Trixie makes sure to get Bucky to go back to his corner. Cortez, shaking his head, picks TLS back up, only to bodyslam him right back down. Cortez then goes to the ropes and comes back, jumping high for a leg drop! But The Lost Soul suddenly sits up, and Cortez hits nothing but canvas!! Cortez, wincing, twists away, holding his leg, as TLS rolls himself over, his tag-team instincts kicking in as he goes towards his corner. Xtreme is yelling for the tag, but Cortez instead tries to grab TLS’ legs, with no success, as Johnson is able to reach and make the tag!*

Logan: Heeerreee’s Bucky!

Jones: Does he count as the fresh man, after the double-team beating he took earlier?

Logan: Hey, you can get a lot of rest sitting on the apron, Jonesy!

*Johnson has already stepped through the ropes, as Cortez hops to his feet, apparently frustrated with himself for not keeping The Lost Soul in there. He prepares to fight, but Bucky slowly shakes his head at him, causing Cortez to straighten up. Johnson then extends one finger towards Xtreme, wanting to face him instead! Cortez smirks for a second, then shrugs, having no problem with that. He walks over to where Xtreme is eagerly sticking out his hand… and slaps Xtreme across the face!!! The ‘tag’ counts, with Xtreme, after a second, coming in. He glares at Cortez, but then, strangely, smiles at him before turning towards Johnson. He takes a few quick steps to get in range and swings, but Johnson blocks it, then lands a couple of shots of his own, with the crowd firmly behind him! A discus punch sends Xtreme reeling into the ropes, and as he comes back, Johnson picks up the heavyset man and lands a spinebuster!!! Johnson then makes the cover… 1… 2… Xtreme kicks out!*

Jones: This is a fight that’s been brewing for weeks, but it’s also the first time we legally get to see these guys going at it!

Logan: Yeah, but one thing still troubles me…

Jones: What’s that?

Logan: Well, in his interview last week, Bucky talked about how Xtreme’s attack on him happened when Bucky was waiting for his ‘mystery’ opponent. So does that mean someone didn’t get to make his or her debut?

Jones: Uh, Anthony, I think Xtreme WAS the mystery opponent.

Logan: So, then, why wasn’t it a match?

Jones: No idea.

Logan: Oh well.

*Cortez is watching, with little concern, apparently, as Xtreme gets hauled up by Johnson and taken to the corner. Johnson takes the man by the head and bangs him into the top ‘buckle multiple times, as the fans count along with him. However, after the final strike, Xtreme twists free, laughing, and grabs Johnson, lifting the surprised wrestler up and giving him a Snakeeyes on the corner!! Johnson staggers away, trying to turn back around, but Xtreme then devastates him with a running clothesline, planting the man on the mat! Xtreme stands over Johnson, smiling and tapping his head as if to signify that it takes a lot more than hits on padding to do any damage there. He pulls Johnson to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulder, then spins, dropping with a Samoan drop!! The Lost Soul watches, thinking about stepping in, as Xtreme makes a cover… 1… 2… but Johnson kicks free.*

Logan: Xtreme is actually looking ok in there without weapons. Who knew?

Jones: It makes you wonder about the background of Xtreme. Where did he come from? What made him into the guy he is today?

Logan: I don’t know if even Xtreme knows that, Jonesy. He looks like a guy who’s taken a lot of chair shots in his day.

*Xtreme has Johnson back up again, this time putting him in a bearhug, attempting to crush the life out of the man. The Lost Soul doesn’t seem inclined to break it up just yet, although he’s watching the action carefully as Johnson fights to be free. He suddenly slams his head back into Xtreme’s, once, twice, three times… finally, a fourth strike causes Xtreme to let go, with both men staggering, but staying on their feet. Hard heads seem to be in abundance with these wrestlers. As Johnson turns himself back around, Xtreme steps back in, wrapping Johnson around the waist and attempting to take him over with a gutwrench suplex! But Johnson blocks it and fights free, taking Xtreme over instead!! Both wrestlers are down, with the crowd cheering for Bucky to make the tag. He starts crawling over towards TLS, as Xtreme, showing a little sense himself, rolls to his right and reaches out to… empty air, as Cortez, disgusted, steps off the apron and turns, walking away!!*

Jones: Hey! Where’s Cortez going??

Logan: He never wanted this match, remember, Jonesy? And he sure has no love for Xtreme, especially after what Xtreme did to him earlier!

Jones: Yeah, but… the match!

Logan: Like I said earlier, Cortez is more concerned with winning the Intercontinental Title next week. Why should he waste energy and risk injury at this point?

*Xtreme looks extremely ticked off as he pulls himself up, screaming over at Cortez, who continues walking away as if he doesn’t hear him. Behind Xtreme, Johnson makes the tag, with The Lost Soul immediately stepping through the ropes. Hearing it, Xtreme spins and attacks, which lasts about two seconds before TLS lands a shot to the gut, then gets a neckbreaker, planting Xtreme on the canvas! The Lost Soul then goes off the ropes and comes back with a knee drop, before making the cover… 1… 2… but Xtreme won’t stay down from just a few moves. The Lost Soul, not bothered by this, gets up and brings Xtreme with him, taking him over towards the corner. He picks Xtreme up and puts him on the turnbuckle, preparing for the Soul Buster!! As he starts to go up as well, though, he turns, hearing Johnson shouting over to him, wanting the tag! The Lost Soul denies him, though, climbing up himself… only to have Xtreme land a throat thrust, stunning him, and then, turning, taking both men off the ‘buckle to the outside!!!!*

Logan: DAMN!! Why did Xtreme do that??

Jones: Both men just took an extremely hard fall to the outside, as Xtreme once again sacrifices his body in order to deliver some pain!

Logan: Man, I hope they’re both alright! We need them for next Sunday!!

*Cortez, who has moved to the stage, is applauding, apparently grateful for any injuries done to The Lost Soul. Johnson, meanwhile, attempted to cut through the ring to go check on them, only to be stopped by referee Trixie. On the floor, both men are down, but both, thankfully, are moving, working their way up. Xtreme is on his feet first, rubbing his side where he fell before stepping over to The Lost Soul. He picks the man up and whips him towards the steel steps… but TLS reverses, sending Xtreme crashing into them instead!! Xtreme does a complete flip over the stairs, landing on the other side, as TLS leans painfully on the apron. He turns and enters the ring, clearly sore but refusing to tag in Johnson, who looks like he badly wants to get in. On the outside, Xtreme pulls himself back up, limping, as he heads around the ring.*

Jones: Great, now Xtreme is leaving! I guess this match is a bust!

Logan: Ummm, I don’t think he’s leaving, Jonesy.

Jones: Well, where else could be going? Oh, wait… his cart!

Logan: Exactly!

*Xtreme reaches into his weapons cart, pulling out a pair of kendo sticks, one for each hand. He then turns and enters the ring again, even as The Lost Soul is apparently engaged with a bitter argument with Johnson about tags. Referee Trixie tries to warn Xtreme off, but Xtreme swings partially at her, causing her to dive for cover. The Lost Soul’s back is turned, but Johnson sees what’s coming and reacts, grabbing TLS and shoving him out of the way, even as Xtreme swings downwards with the sticks, catching Johnson on either side of his head!!! Johnson drops to his knees, with Xtreme, perfectly happy with the ‘miss’, rearing back and swinging again, breaking one of the sticks across Johnson’s forehead!! Johnson falls, as Xtreme spins back around towards TLS… who is ready, grabbing hold of Xtreme and dropping him with a variation of the Stroke!! Xtreme is down, even as referee Trixie, having gotten back up, calls for the bell!*

Minos: The referee has deemed that Xtreme has been disqualified! Therefore, the winners of this contest, “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson and The Lost Soul!

Logan: Xtreme took it too far again, and he’s cost himself another win!

Jones: Something tells me Xtreme is still pleased after the hit he landed, Anthony. But he still got planted by TLS afterwards, showing that the IC Champ is still going…

Logan: Wait, Jonesy!! Cortez is back!!

*As The Lost Soul picks up the remaining keno stick, apparently to use on the recovering Xtreme, Chris Cortez slides back into the ring behind him. The Lost Soul, with impressive hearing, spins around and swings with the stick, but he misses, and Cortez capitalizes with a low blow!! The Lost Soul drops the stick due to the pain, staggering, with Cortez then stepping in and picking TLS up, only to drop him with the Corplex!!!! The Lost Soul is laid out, with Cortez standing over him, smirking.*

Jones: The champ is down!!

Logan: Is this a sign of things to come at Blood On The Battlefield??

*Cortez turns and walks away, knowing that he’s left his mark. Behind him, The Lost Soul is still down, with Johnson trying to pull himself up, blood coming from a cut above his eye. Xtreme’s nearby, rolling himself out of the ring, his own damage complete. We switch to the backstage area where we see Cynthia Hall standing next to someone's locker room. We see on the door the words “Danger Boiz” written in bold colorful letters on a fancy nameplate. She knocks on the door hoping to get an interview, with one of the brothers, not realizing that neither of the brothers are inside. Suddenly she hears a voice shouting in her direction. As she turns, she finds the champion heading towards the locker room.*

Crazy Chris: Cynthia, hey darling, have you seen my brother anywhere?

*Cynthia is caught a little off guard, as normally she is the one asking the questions.*

Cynthia Hall: No I haven’t champ, but I was wondering if I could get a quick interview with you for the GCWA universe?

Crazy Chris: Sure no problem. What ya wanna ask?

Cynthia Hall: Well I would like to know what your thoughts are about challenging Robert Santana and Jaiden Rishel to an Ultimate X match at Blood on the Battlefield for your Unified X Division championship.

Crazy Chris: My thoughts are simple, Cynthia. I am the current GCWA Unified X Division Champion, the first ever at that. I got to thinking to myself, what kind of impact can I yet again make on the GCWA? I've already accomplished Television title history, I retired Lurrr, and I beat the World Heavyweight Champion Draco last week.

*The crowd stirs at the mentioning of the World Heavyweight Champion. Chris pauses for a moment to let the fans calm down. *

Crazy Chris: Then it hit me. No one has ever thought about competing in an Ultimate X match. That is what the NEW generation of the X Division are about; taking risks and defying the odds. I am a fighting champion, and I like the thought of doing something crazy. Everyone says that the Ultimate X is a crazy and dangerous match. Well I like doing crazy stuff; I am that crazy, hence my name. I will be making history...again...and taking part in the first ever Ultimate X match here in the GCWA. This is officially going to be known as MY match. I am walking in champion, climbing the X, pulling down the title, and walking out still the Unified X Division Champion.

Cynthia Hall: What made you decide on challenging Robert Santana and newcomer Jaiden Rishel?

Crazy Chris: Well Robert is a former champion and a damn good fighting one at that. Rishel has some impressive skills, but none that can compare to me. I want to see what…

*Chris halts his interview for a moment taking a keen interest in something heading towards his direction. *

Crazy Chris: Excuse me Cynthia, but I have to take care of something.

*Chris brushes past Cynthia leaving the interview unfinished. Cynthia doesn't seem too happy, having another job undone. The camera follows Chris heading towards his locker room. We then see a shot of Dangerous Dan walking down the hallway and approaching the locker room. He seems to be somewhat happier than he was last week. *

Crazy Chris: Hey bro; where the hell have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you.

*Dan smiles as he approaches his younger brother. *

Dangerous Dan: I had some business to take care of.

Crazy Chris: Business? What kind of business?

Dangerous Dan: Ah, it’s nothing. I have to get ready for my match with Robert Santana.

*Dan goes to enter the locker room, but Chris steps in front of the door, blocking Dan from entering. *

Crazy Chris: Dude, what are you holding out on me? What kind of business were you dealing with? Who were you talking too?

Dangerous Dan: Geeze, you ask way to many questions there, bro! Well if you must know, I had to... you know…‘take care of business.”

*Chris is puzzled at trying to understand what his brother is saying.*

Dangerous Dan: You know...number two. Now if you would excuse me, I have to get ready.

*Dan shoves his younger brother out of the way and enters inside the locker room. Chris can’t help but to stand in front of the doorlooking confused as he tries to make sense of his brother’s strange behavior. Chris snaps out of it and steps inside the locker room, shutting the door behind him. We fade to commercial. *

*We return to GCWA television with a shot of the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, entering the building!! The fans are cheering as he comes in, moving slowly but with precision. He heads towards his usual locker room, which is reserved for the World Champion. However, a nervous attendant quickly steps in front of him, barring his way.*

Attendant: Uh, excuse me, Mr. Draco, but I was supposed to find you and tell you something as soon as you arrived.

*Draco sighs and shakes his head. He drops his bag to the floor and turns to the attendant, who seems to expect the usual fate for a messanger.*

Draco: Talk to me. What does Ace have up his sleeves this time?

Attendant: I, uh, I’m supposed to take you to your new locker room, sir.

Draco: ‘New’ locker room?

Attendant: Y-yes, sir.

*The attendant leads Draco down a different hallway, to a doorway that has “Draco” taped to the front of it. The attendant unlocks the door and opens it, showing the small locker room inside. It looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a few months at least, and is definitely a pretty small dwelling place for a World Champion. The attendant closes his eyes for a second, as if bracing himself, but Draco chuckles to himself and steps in.*

Draco: Guess Ace hasn’t seen where I live, if he thinks this would bother me.

Attendant: Oh, I’m supposed to give you this as well, sir.

*The attendant hands over an envelope to Draco. He opens it, reads the content carefully, laughs, and then balls it up and throws it in the trash can. He then turns and walks away to get himself dressed for combat later in the night. The attendant, meanwhile, looks down at the balled-up letter, as if considering taking it to see what it says. Draco, seeing his interest in the mirror, turns back to him.*

Draco: You did your job, boy. Now go back and tell little old Ace… tell him I’m devastated or some such thing. He’s breaking me. I’m terrified.

*Draco says it all with a smirk, all but saying he’s not telling the truth. The attendant, though, doesn’t worry about that. He’s more than happy to get out of there with his skin intact. Draco watches him go, still smiling. But as he turns and looks at himself in the mirror, the smile slowly fades away. We cut away, leaving the World Champion on his own.*

Jones: I wonder what happened that forced the change in locker rooms? Maybe something happened to the plumbing in the World Champion’s locker room?

Logan: C’mon, Jonesy, you know why Ace did this, the same as everyone else does! This is more of Ace’s vendetta with Draco!

Jones: If you ask me, Anthony, you’re just inflating a non-existent issue. If you weren’t talking about it so much, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

Logan: Right…

Jones: What do you think the letter to Draco said?

Logan: No idea. Maybe we’ll find out what it said later on. For now, let’s get back to business, and watch another great GCWA match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will have a 10-minute time limit. First, coming towards the ring, he has held multiple championships in the GCWA, and is looking to make his way back up to the gold this coming week, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The crowd gives a muted cheer as Santana comes out to “Sandstorm” by Darude. He seems a little more tightly wound tonight as he comes towards the ring, rolling under the bottom rope to get in.*

Jones: Santana’s been on a rough roll as of late, with three losses in a row since his surprising defeat of Marcus Ka’Derrion.

Logan: I know his personal life has been pretty crazy, what with attacks on his wife and his car exploding a few weeks back. Still, if he wants to stay a wrestler in the GCWA, he needs to get things turned around.

Jones: Yep, he’s definitely not looking like the man who had strong reigns with the Television and X Division Titles.

Minos: His opponent is a former two-time World Tag-Team Champion and former Television Champion, standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, representing the Danger Boiz and joined by his brother, Crazy Chris, here is Dangerous Dan!

*As “Hero” by Skillet begins to play through the speakers, Dangerous Dan appears on the stage, with his brother, the Unified X Division Champion, beside him. Dan noticeably takes a step forward, then does a quick pose, as pyro goes off on either side of him. The two brothers head for the ring, with Dan set for a good contest.*

Logan: Dangerous Dan supposedly took some of his friends to a witches’ cemetery this week, where some really bizarre things happened.

Jones: So what happened to them? Did they all make it back? Or were they burned at the stake, or turned into witch stew??

Logan: Well, given by the fact that Dan’s in attendance tonight, I’m pretty sure he, at least, got out. I don’t have a clue about any of his friends.

Jones: Wild.

*The Bell Rings.*

*With referee Mitchell signaling the two men forward, Dangerous Dan and Santana walk towards each other. They’re no longer the newcomers to the GCWA, as, over the 16 months, they’ve become veterans of the company. The two exchange a few words, mainly of respect, before locking up. Santana gets the first grab, a headlock, with Dan immediately managing to push him off towards the ropes. Santana rebounds, running back towards Dan, who leapfrogs over him, showing his amazing athletic ability. As Santana returns, Dan drops to his back and puts his legs up, taking Santana over with a monkey flip! Surprisingly, though, Santana rights himself and lands on his feet! As Dan gets back up, Santana comes in at him, with a high sweeping kick. Dan ducks under it, though, and then grabs Santana from behind, going for an impaler! But Santana’s able to free himself in time, darting away and doing a quick tumble. He gets back to his feet and looks back, calmly considering his opponent, who is waiting for him.*

Logan: You’d expect these guys to know each other’s maneuvers, after how many times they’ve faced in the past.

Jones: Yep, I believe Dangerous Dan said something about this being their 5,000th meeting?

Logan: Er, I think it’s more like their 6th.

Jones: But that’s not counting house shows, as well as matches on the independent scene!

Logan: Oh, true… so maybe they HAVE faced 5,000 times! Both have wins over each other in the past, so anyone can get a victory here!

*Crazy Chris is watching from the outside, stepping back and forth as if he wished he was the one in the ring. Dangerous Dan and Santana lock up again, this time with Dangerous Dan getting the head lock. Santana fights against it, lifting Dan up as if to try an atomic drop. But Dan manages to drop off behind Santana, landing on his feet. He pushes Santana into the ropes, then drops back, rolling him up! 1… 2… and Santana kicks free in time. Both men get back up, with Santana trying a hasty swing that Dan can’t help but capitalize on, catching Santana’s arm and tossing him over his shoulder! Santana hits on his side, but then hops back up, only to immediately get grabbed by Dan and taken over with a snap suplex! Dan then is immediately up, standing over Santana and leaping into the air with a standing shooting star press!! He lands it perfectly, planting himself directly into Santana! The fans are cheering the maneuver, even as Dangerous Dan makes the cover, hanging onto the legs… 1… 2… but Santana is able to kick out at the last second.*

Jones: Is it just me, or does Dangerous Dan look motivated tonight?

Logan: The funny thing is, I wouldn’t classify his recent run as being a ‘slump’. Sure, he lost to Bifford and Cortez, but he’s had some quality wins as well. Unfortunately for Dan, everyone wants to compare the brothers, and Crazy Chris is hard to match up against right now.

Jones: So you think Dan’s trying to prove something tonight by beating one of Chris’ competitors in the Ultimate X Match?

Logan: Hey, it’s what I would do.

*Santana is quickly pulled up by Dangerous Dan, who is firmly in control of this one. He gives Santana a couple of knees to the gut, keeping Santana bent over in agony. Dan then grabs Santana’s head, gives the fans a quick yell, and then spins into the twist of fate!! Santana’s down, but Dangerous Dan isn’t going for a pinfall this time. He heads to the turnbuckle instead, climbing up and getting himself up high. He raises both hands in the air, energized, as the crowd is cheering wildly at the high-risk maneuver. He waits for Santana to slowly rise, dazed, from the mat. As Santana turns, Dan takes flight, leaping in and getting a leaping hurricanrana!!! Santana is thrown so hard, he actually rolls out of the ring, falling to the outside!! Dangerous Dan then gets to his feet, pumping his fists, truly energized by the competition! Crazy Chris is shown on the outside, jumping up and down, before shouting encouragement to his brother. The fans seem to be loving it as well, as they really seem to be shifting to Dan’s side in this bout.*

Logan: Santana needs to get himself together quickly! Dangerous Dan is simply mowing him over right now!

Jones: Yeah, where’s Santana’s fire? Does Dan have all of it?

Logan: It’s almost like Dan’s trying to make a statement tonight against Santana, but for what reason?

*Santana’s struggling to recover on the outside, trying to clear his head. Dangerous Dan moves as if to leap over the ropes towards him, but apparently decides that wouldn’t be enough. Instead, he dashes towards the nearest turnbuckle, climbing up in only a few seconds! He then takes flight out of the ring, soaring down on Santana with a corkscrew plancha!!!! Santana is crushed underneath him, with both men laying on the outside for a moment! The fans are cheering, loving every minute of it, as Dangerous Dan pulls himself up. Referee Mitchell is counting away now, although he doesn’t seem to expect either man to stay out there. True to form, Dangerous Dan pulls Santana up and rolls him into the ring, following behind him. Santana struggles to get up, still trying to fight. He turns and throws a half-hearted jab, but Dan easily blocks it, and then steps in, taking Santana into the air and delivering the Danger Zone!!!! Santana’s out, with referee Mitchell dropping next to him for the count… only Dan pulls the semi-conscious Santana back up off the mat!! The referee is confused, but Dan’s apparently not done making his point!*

Logan: Uh, Dan, I think you had him there!

Jones: Santana was beaten, but Dan declined the pin! Why?

Logan: Oh, man, where’s he taking Santana now?

*We see Crazy Chris on the outside, for the first time looking thrown off. He’s trying to get Dangerous Dan’s attention, telling him to not throw the match away, and to just get the win. But Dangerous Dan isn’t listening to his brother tonight. He takes the dragging Santana over to the corner, hammering Santana’s face into the pads before lifting him up onto the top turnbuckle. Santana’s not even fighting back, as he’s completely out of it. Dangerous Dan then goes up with him and sets the man in place, taking a moment to took towards the screaming fans, as well as his brother, before lifting Santana up and coming off the turnbuckle with a Super Danger Zone!!!! The place is going wild at such a maneuver, with Crazy Chris looking to be in shock. He’s clapping his hands, though, as Dangerous Dan lifts himself up, having lost some energy pulling that move off. He moves over and makes the cover, holding Santana’s leg just in case, although the end result doesn’t seem to be in doubt. The ref counts… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Dangerous Dan!

Jones: We have total domination, as Dangerous Dan clearly beat the holy hell out of Robert Santana tonight!

Logan: Man, was Santana still hurt from last week’s match with Jaiden Rishel or something? Because he was barely even a participant in this contest!

Jones: Either that, or Dangerous Dan just took it to a new level, one that Santana just couldn’t keep up with. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Dan’s got his mojo back, getting a major victory here tonight.

*Crazy Chris is in the ring now, talking with his brother, who looks like he’s doing fine after his victory. Santana has crawled to the other side, barely able to move thanks to the hits he took. Dangerous Dan is smiling now, although he also looks like he’s waiting for something, as he’s barely listening to Crazy Chris’ praise. Suddenly, on the big screen, a figure appears: the Accelerator! He’s sitting in his Presidential chair, looking towards the audience, as they start to boo him. The bruise on the side of his face is pretty obvious, given to him courtesy of the World Champion.*

Jones: It’s the President! Great to see him up and about after last week’s brutal attack!

Logan: He took one move, Edds! The dude used to take a dozen of those moves, at least, in his matches!

Jones: Well, he’s older now, and he needs to be protected!

Logan: Uh huh…so why is Ace ‘gracing’ us with his presence?

*The Accelerator starts clapping his hands, smiling what appears to be a genuine smile (although it’s hard to tell recently with Ace). Crazy Chris is looking with narrowed eyes at the screen, wondering what this means. Dan seems strangely unsurprised.*

The Accelerator: Bravo, Dangerous Dan! I must admit, you showed some new fire today, something I wasn’t sure you still had within you. Congratulations!

*Dangerous Dan is nodding, as if agreeing with the President. Crazy Chris’ eyes are going back and forth between the big screen and his brother, as he starts to wonder what’s going on.*

The Accelerator: I’ve been considering your request, and what it would mean for the company, and you know what? You proved something to me just now. You proved that you deserve it. So I’m granting your request, Dan.

*The crowd reacts with confusion, trying to figure out what Dangerous Dan could have wanted so badly that he asked it of the hated President.*

The Accelerator: Let’s make this official: at Blood On The Battlefield IV, Dangerous Dan will be in competition… against his own brother! Welcome to the Ultimate X Match, Dan! I wish you… and your brother… the best of luck!

*The screen goes out, with the last shot being a grinning Accelerator. We switch to the ring, where Dangerous Dan looks ecstatic. He turns around, smiling… and Crazy Chris gets in his face, confronting his brother! The two start to argue, as the fans wonder what’s going to happen next!*

Jones: Obviously, Crazy Chris had no idea his brother was trying to get into his Ultimate X Match.

Logan: Well, if you were trying to earn a chance to take away your brother’s title, would you tell him?

Jones: But why would Dangerous Dan do that? Is he trying to steal Crazy Chris’ thunder?

Logan: I don’t know for sure, Jonesy, but having a brother myself, I know that jealousy and family feuds can be a powerful combination!

*Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan continue to argue in the ring, with tempers definitely flaring between the two men. It almost seems like they might be coming to blows soon, as the fuse has been ignited between them. Suddenly, though, behind them, another man slides into the ring… Jaiden Rishel!!! The wrestler jumps up and swings, smashing a chair into Crazy Chris’ unprotected back!!! Chris flies forward from the hit, falling into Dangerous Dan and taking both Danger Boiz down!!!*

Jones: Geez!!! Rishel just took out the Danger Boiz single-handedly!!

Logan: And I don’t think he’s done making his point, Jonesy!

*Crazy Chris is down, hurting, as Dangerous Dan struggles to push him off and get back to his feet. Rishel is just waiting for him, swinging the chair back and forth, patiently waiting for his opportunity to strike! Suddenly, though, Rishel senses something behind him. He spins, raising the chair… and Robert Santana superkicks it out of Rishel’s hands!!! Rishel backs off, surprised, as Santana then goes after him, trying for the Sensei-Tion!! But Rishel’s quick to slide out of the ring instead, avoiding the blow!*

Jones: Santana just saved Dangerous Dan!

Logan: Wild! I guess he wasn’t interested in Rishel taking out his competition!

Jones: Either that, or he wanted to make a statement of his own!

*Santana limps back over to where the Danger Boiz are. He leans over, strangely, reaching down… and picking up the Unified X Division Title!! He stares at it, showing his definite interest in the belt. He then turns, as if to hand it back to Crazy Chris… but Dangerous Dan is back up, picking up Santana and delivering a version of the Crazy Bitch!!!! Santana rolls out of the ring, out of it once again, as Dangerous Dan watches him go!*

Logan: Geez, Dan!! That guy just saved you from a chair shot!!

Jones: Maybe Dan didn’t realize that? It’s possible Dan never even saw who hit them earlier!

Logan: Yeah, but still…

*Dan reaches down and picks up the belt where Santana dropped it. He takes a long look at it himself, considering it, and then considers his brother, who is painfully getting to his feet. Dan holds the belt in one hand, in the air… and then places it on his own shoulder and walks over to Chris, helping him up the rest of the way. Dan then gives his brother a shoulder to lean on, as they start to leave the ring.*

Jones: Whew! For a second there, I thought Dan was going to clock his brother as well!

Logan: Yeah, well, he’s still holding onto the Unified X Division Title, isn’t he?

Jones: Well, maybe he thinks he needs to carry it for Crazy Chris.

Logan: Or maybe he’s preparing it for its new owner!

*Dan has the Unified X Division Title placed perfectly on his shoulder, as the two brothers head towards the entranceway. Crazy Chris, a little bit out of it still, hasn’t noticed who’s carrying the belt. The Danger Boiz head up the aisle, as we fade to commercial.*

*We come back to backstage where Derek Mobley is spotted walking down a hallway in the back. Mobley has a t-shirt on with his wrestling attire on underneath. He is rubbing his wrists, securing the tape that has recently been wrapped around them. Mobley comes to a stop and turns, facing the House of Pain locker room. Something catches his attention, he looks down and sees smoke coming out from underneath the door. Mobley shakes his head, grabs the door knob, takes a few steps back and yanks the door open. A huge cloud of smoke bursts out and filters through the hallway. Derek covers his mouth and waves his arm around, trying to clear a smoke-free path as he enters into the locker room. Doing a pretty good job, Mobley enters the locker room and spots Warrick. Warrick is seated in a chair and has a bong in one side of his mouth and a straw coming from forty ounce of Budweiser in the other. Derek’s eyes open wide as he throws his arms up in disbelief…he marches towards Warrick and yanks the bong and beer away from him…Warrick, eyes half open, looks up at Derek.*

Warrick Hill: What the hell, maaaaan?

Derek Mobley: Dude! What the heck are you doing? We’re only a few weeks away from your match with Marcus and you’re sitting here polluting your body with all this crap?

Warrick Hill: That’s exactly why…I didn’t want this match, man. I was looking forward to throwing a massive party backstage at Blood on the Battlefield. Maybe invite that mentally handicapped backstage reporter…along with some other, normal, chicks as well…it was going to be great. However, now, I’m forced to wrestle Marcus Ka’Derrion…sucks.

Derek Mobley: I get that you weren’t really expecting the match or, for that matter, even open to the idea of having a match…however, what the hell is all this over-the-top substance abuse going to do?

Warrick Hill: Drug test, man…I’m going to demand we take a drug test before the match, claiming that Marcus is shooting up with Winstrol…it’s a horse steroid, you know. Then, after I fail the test, the match is off…

Derek Mobley: Wow, really?

Warrick Hill: Well, it was one option…the other was I get super messed up and join the army, effective immediately…but I put on some fatigue themed clothing the other day…not my look.

*Warrick reaches up, trying to grab the bong away from Derek, Derek pulls back.*

Derek Mobley: Dude, no…you’re not going to smoke out, you’re not going to get blitzed on alcohol…you’re going to train your ass off and you’re going to beat Marcus at Blood on the Battlefield. Too much is riding on this, Warrick…too much for you to go and bitch your way out of it.

Warrick Hill: Man, this is soooo lame…all that training and crap is such a downer…way too much hard work…you sure I can’t just get by on talent alone this time?

Derek Mobley: Against Marcus? Doubtful.

Warrick Hill: Ugh.

*Warrick looks up, as something as caught his attention, Derek turns around to see what it is that has caught Warrick’s eye. Marcus Ka’Derrion is standing in the door way with a metal briefcase in his hands. He slowly opens it, revealing papers inside…Marcus slowly pulls the papers out and shows them to Mobley from a distance.*

Derek Mobley: What the hell is that?

Warrick Hill: Dude, that’s not like some kind of GCWA citation, is it? Because, if it is, I can totally explain the smoke in the hallway…

*Derek looks down at Warrick, curious as to what is going to come out of his mouth next.*

Warrick Hill: You see, that smoke is marijuana smoke…some of the strongest, most potent weed on the planet…I’ve been smoking and toking all day long…getting super messed up…totally intoxicating my body with all kinds of illegal substances…thank goodness there’s no drug test…I’d surely fail…

*Warrick tries at act worried, but the lack of control he has over his face due to the mass substance abuse betrays him as a smile creeps across his lips.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Relax, there won’t be any drug test. I accepted a challenge against you, Hill and I plan on following through with that challenge at Blood on the Battlefield.

Warrick Hill: Son of a whore!

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What this is, Derek…this is a contract for our potential rematch at Ultimate Survival next month. As you can see at the bottom of these pages, I’ve already applied my signature to the contract…all that’s left is your signature…

*Derek starts to approach Marcus, ready to sign the contract…Marcus pulls back and tosses the contract back into the briefcase. He slams it shut, locking the latches…Derek pulls up.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: No way, Mobley…it’s not that easy. You see, your boy, Warrick, has to beat me at Blood on the Battlefield.

Derek Mobley: So, why keep it in a suitcase? Why not just wait and make out the papers after Warrick beats your sorry ass?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I thought I’d make things interesting…what’s the point in having a standard, one on one match at the grandest Pay Per View GCWA has to offer? It’d be pointless…so, I went to Ace and we worked out a special stipulation for our match. It will be a ladder match…hanging above the ring will be this briefcase and, inside, will be the contract, which I’ve signed, for our rematch at Ultimate Survival. If Warrick wins…he hands you the contract and you sign it…if I win, I’ll simply rip the contract to shreds and our rematch will be null and void.

Warrick Hill: What the hell? A Ladder Match?? I hate you, Derek!

Derek Mobley: Dude, I didn’t request this stipulation!

*Marcus laughs, enjoying the friction his match against Warrick has caused the House of Pain members. Derek turns around, facing Marcus again…Marcus tucks the briefcase under his arm.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Hope you enjoyed seeing that contract with my signature on it…because, I can promise you, it’s as close as you’re going to get to obtaining your rematch against me…

*Marcus exits the dressing room leaving Mobley and Warrick a bit stunned with the news. Warrick stands up, snags the budweiser from Derek and begins chugging it, Derek speaks.*

Derek Mobley: Dude! What did I tell you about the substance abuse!!

Warrick Hill: Chill out, Derek…if I’m going to be forced into wrestling at Blood on the Battlefield, I might as well make the best of a bad situation…

Derek Mobley: Well, whatever…I know I can’t stop you, but, please, take this match seriously…

Warrick Hill: I’ve wrestled better while in worse condition…trust me, Derek…I’ll be fine…as for Marcus is concerned, well, I can’t really say the same…

*Derek smiles a slightly more confident smile after hearing Warrick show his competitive side…we cut back to the announce table.*

Jones: So if Marcus wins at Blood on the Battlefield, Derek never gets his rematch. But if Warrick wins, that contract belongs to the House of Pain?

Logan: Awesome! I love it when things come together like this!

Jones: It definitely raises the stakes on the Warrick Hill/Marcus Ka’Derrion match.

Logan: Hell yeah! Seriously, is Blood On The Battlefield looking like the greatest card ever, or what? I mean, we’ve got a ladder match, an Ultimate X Match, multiple title matches, a 200 Light Tube Death match, hell, what’s next?

*Almost as if in answer, “Ego” by Element Eighty hits and the fans boo instantly now recognizing that Mario Maurako is on his way to the ring.*

Jones: You had to ask, Anthony…

Logan: Maurako’s back once again, huh? Y’know, for a guy who doesn’t work for the GCWA, he sure does appear here an awful lot!

Jones: He’s a big, brave guy, to keep calling out a wrestler who doesn’t even wrestle anymore!

Logan: Be careful, man, I think he heard you.

Jones: What? *gulp* Wait, he couldn’t have heard me, he’s too far away!

Logan: Yeah, well, keep your mouth shut, anyway, heh…

*Mario struts down the aisle in his blue jeans, MMM t-shirt and black leather jacket as the fans throw wads of paper and empty cups at him. Mario doesn’t even acknowledge the fans as he climbs up the ring steps and enters the ring. Mario paces around the inside of the ring as he raises the mic up to his face.*

Mario Maurako: Shut the hell up you pathetic excuse for wrestling fans.

Crowd: BOO!

Mario Maurako: Lurrr, here we are buddy. It’s nine days until Blood on the Battlefield and the whole locker room, scratch that, the WHOLE WORLD wants to know if you have the guts to come down here and face me one on one. What’s it going to be? It’s put up or shut up time Lurrr!

*“Cocky” by Kid Rock hits and the audience stands with anticipation hoping to see Lurrr run down the entrance… but there is no Lurrr.*

Jones: When is this guy going to get it through his thick skull that Lurrr has retired and doesn’t work here anymore?

Logan: About the same time he realizes that he doesn’t work here either.

*GCWA Security appears on the stage, and Mario becomes enraged by once again being ignored by Lurrr.*

Jones: Well it looks like Security is going to stop him this week before he even gets a chance to get going.

Logan: Thank goodness for that. Get this scum bag out of here.

*Mario exits the ring and begins to walk around the ring when he sees a small boy wearing a Big Bifford shirt. Mario stops and pulls the boy from the crowd and then rolls him into the ring and Mario follows suit. Mario motions for the kid to stay down and the kid starts crying. Suddenly the boy’s father charges the ring but is met with a hard right hand that sends him down to the ground. Mario picks the man up and lifts him into a military press slam position and then drops him over the top rope to the ground.*

Jones: Maurako’s lost it!

Logan: Damn, man, let the kid go!

*Mario turns around to see that Security is making their way to the ring and Mario grabs the boy and begins to put him in the Full Nelson.*

Mario Maurako: Stop right there! If you sorry sacks take one more step towards this ring I swear I will snap this boys neck and then GCWA will have one hell of a law suit on their hands because their retarded Security crew couldn’t do its damn job.

Now I said last week that I would be back each and every week until Lurrr had the guts to come out here, and last week I said that people were going to start to get hurt. So don’t blame me for what I’m about to do, blame GCWA’s precious so-called legend Lurrr.

*Mario drops the mic and goes to lock in the Full Nelson when “Cocky” by Kid Rock hits again. the crowd does not know whether or not they are being tricked once again by Triple M. Suddenly the 2009 Wrestler of the Year appears and the crowd erupts as they are not being tricked this time!!*

Jones: It’s him!! Lurrr’s here!!

Logan: I guess the threat towards the kid brought him out to face his accuser!

*Lurrr begins to walk down the ramp as he is sporting his team colors of the Texas A&M Aggies wearing a maroon and white Aggie baseball jersey. He looks fairly calm as he walks down with fans showering him with cheers, unusual to say the least, obviously chewing on some gum. He approaches the ring and looks towards the direction of Triple M who is standing in the middle of the ring. Maurako’s already send the boy out of the ring, returning him to his father. He’s apparently gotten what he wanted. Security looks ready to jump in after him, but Lurrr raises a hand to stop then. Lurrr just shakes his head and cracks a laugh. He grabs a mic and enters the ring.*

Jones: Thank God the kid got out! We don’t need any more lawsuits!

Logan: But what does this mean? Is Lurrr just here to emphasize that he’s retired? Or… maybe…

*Lurrr stands in front of Maurako for a few seconds before he starts pacing, even while bringing the mic up to his mouth.*

Lurrr: You know I was sitting at home last week and decided to turn on the GCWA show and take in some wrestling. I mean I received a phone call from one of my friends who said there was some roided up jackoff taking shots at my retirement. So I said what the hell why don’t I flip it on and see what all the talk is about.

*Maurako is stone-faced, apparently willing to let Lurrr talk, as long as he gets the answer he wants.*

Lurrr: So when I watched you come out here to this very ring and run your mouth off for a second week, I thought well…. This guy is freaking boring!!!

*The crowd begins to laugh and a slow chant of Boring, Boring, Boring begins to fill the arena. Triple M looks over his shoulder at the fans, not particularly pleased by their comments, but still not reacting, other than to keep an eye on Lurrr.*

Jones: Lurrr’s sarcastic wit is actually getting the fans behind him, just because he’s insulting Maurako!

Logan: Yeah, Lurrr’s attitude hasn’t changed. But the fans are always willing to support a GCWA guy over a guy who’ll grab a kid and put him in a full nelson to get what he wants!

Lurrr: Well I am glad we are all in agreement on this topic, which leads me to the content of your rant these last few weeks. You came out here the first week and talked about all the things you did for the OCW and that you were the best… blah, blah, blah. Hell to be honest with you I still have no damn clue who the hell you are but that’s another topic for a later date. So I started thinking… hmmmm…. The OCW, MY COMPANY, the one I built from the ground up, the first superstar that company had ever seen, a 3-time World Champ, and the first ever Hall of Famer. So let’s not delve into accolades when we are talking about MY COMPANY!!!!

*The crowd keeps taunting Maurako with “Boring” and other, less television-friendly comments, fully on Lurrr’s side for once. Lurrr chuckles and looks at Triple M, shrugs his shoulders with a smile as he chews his gum.*

Lurrr: Okay so now that I have given you an education on who was the man in that company, let me talk about who has been the man in this company. You came out here you ran your mouth about me dodging you. Hell you said I have been dodging you your entire career and that I wanted no piece of you. Very interesting point of view, let me think here what’s the term that I am looking for….

*Lurrr taps his mic on his head a couple of times as he tries to spit out the term he is looking for.*

Lurrr: Ahhhh yes, a hypocrite… which is what stands before me right now, well a boring hypocrite. So let me get this straight, you accuse me of dodging you when you suddenly show up places with I retire or leave on my own terms. Hell I left OCW a long time ago to try and mend some personal relationships I have, then all of sudden here comes Triple M. Then I decided that I would put everything on the line a couple of weeks back and put my career on the line against Crazy Chris. We had an off the charts kind of match and even though the decision didn’t go my way I felt I had done it all here in this company. Then guess who comes from the end of the line and decided hey why not join the GCWA. I just find this all too funny when some guy who I have never heard of decided to come into this ring and say I have dodge them for years, it pure comedy.

Jones: Lurrr’s pulling no punches in this one, he’s saying exactly how he feels!

Logan: I hope Lurrr’s not underestimating this man, though. Maurako’s won gold all over the wrestling world. He’s definitely a dominating type of wrestler!

Jones: Maurako indeed has a fantastic resume. But in the GCWA fields, it’s completely empty, which means, to many GCWA fans, they have no idea who he is!

*Maurako is waiting with just a hint of anger towards Lurrr now. He says something the mic doesn’t pick up, possibly asking the question on everyone’s mind: what’s Lurrr going to do about it? Lurrr shakes his head as he paces, getting back on the mic.*

Lurrr: So now onto the million dollar question, next week Blood on the Battlefield……. I walked away satisfied with what I had done and thought this was a good time to sit back enjoy a whiskey sour and a cigar and live the retirement life. But then some punk who needs to be taught respect runs his mouth week after week, so here’s my logic of thinking…. Next Sunday if I am going to do this I want to go out with a bang, steal the show, make it the best match that this company has ever seen. So a Last Man Standing match….. Seems kind of boring which seems to be par for the course with you…… that’s fine, but let’s throw it in a Hell in the Cell. No pins, submissions, or leaving the cell with a key or any of that bullshit. First guy to be knocked out cold in the cell wins and then maybe you will have learned the respect that you should have given me when you are laid out in a pool of your own blood at Blood on the Battlefield!!!!

*The crowd erupts as we see Triple M nodding his head in agreement. Lurrr flicks the mic in the air and slowly walks backwards out of the ring not wanting to turn his back on Triple M. Lurrr, walking away from the ring, cracks another smile and stares at his opponent, who seems pleased to have gotten exactly what he wanted.*

Logan: Holy crap!! Lurrr vs. Maurako is being added to Blood On The Battlefield???

Jones: That’s one of the few dream matches left in professional wrestling!! But can Maurako even legally wrestle with us? He’s not a GCWA competitor!

Logan: Well, for one night, I’m sure the Accelerator can make something happen, because this is a match that everyone wants to see!

*Security is still waiting outside the ring, nervously, as Mario Maurako steps out towards them. They back away, seemingly afraid of this man, although they’re reluctantly doing the job that pays them $12.95 an hour. Maurako has no problems going with him, still looking very pleased with how things have gone. We fade out, heading to another commercial break.*

*In the backstage area, Bifford is sitting on a large recliner chair with Ludwig sitting on a coffee table in front of him. Bifford and the Seal appear to be having a deep conversation on the amount of salt that is appropriate to be on a pretzel.*

The Big Bifford: No, Ludwig.. that's not enough salt at all..

*Suddenly a door opens and Martin Ka'Berryon walks in, holding a letter. Bifford looks up and sees him. *

The Big Bifford: Martin, what do you have there? Is it coupons? Because if it's coupons, I want them..

Martin Ka’Berryon: Nah, Biff.. It's a letter from Ace...

The Big Bifford: Ah, yes.. my old buddy Ace..

Martin Ka’Berryon: You strangled him last week, remember?

The Big Bifford: Ah, yes.. my old, mortal enemy Ace..

Martin Ka’Berryon: Mortal enemy..? That's kinda a little bit strong... I bet you'll be back to hanging out in his office in 3 weeks...

The Big Bifford: Possibly. So what's the letter say?

Martin Ka’Berryon: It says that the match between you and Draco at the Pay Per View is going to be a scaffold match...

The Big Bifford: A what now?

Martin Ka’Berryon: Scaffold match.. a match held in a scaffold.

*Bifford breaks out into laughter. *

The Big Bifford: Oh Ace! That old kidder! He's paying homage to my time as President of OCW.

*Martin looks at Bifford like he's insane. *

The Big Bifford: You see, we had an unworthy World Champion.. his name was Kreller Masters.. he beat Lurrr to win the title, by the way, with an arm bar.. Anyways, Kreller's #1 Contender was also unworthy.. His name was Titan 3.. You remember the old mall-cop security guard from around here? Yeah, so anyways I booked them to wrestle at the Pay Per View in a Scaffold Match. And I was going to be the guest referee... And then I knocked both of them down and made MYSELF the World Champion.

*Martin just stares at Bifford. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: What sort of President makes themselves World Champion?

The Big Bifford: A really egomaniacal one..

*Martin nods. *

The Big Bifford: Anyways, some big controversy arose and by the end of the night I had to have the match over again and Titan 3 won. So see, scaffold matches in my past BOTH favor the challenger and the Bifford. So I mean, it's perfect. Ace is clearly making the right kinds of decisions... I do have one concern though...

*Martin looks at Bifford with concern. *

The Big Bifford: Draco's been puttin' on some weight... I wonder if the scaffold can hold him...

*Martin just rolls his eyes and walks out of the room, leaving the #1 Contender and his seal to discuss more important things, like pretzels. *

Jones: Bifford's wondering if DRACO will be supported by the scaffold?

Logan: Yeah, weird decision by Ace. You'd think a scaffold would make things harder for Bifford, not Draco. But then, Ace wants to see at least one of them get badly injured, and, unfortunately, a scaffold match will do that!

Jones: It will make it an exciting match, Anthony, which is probably the only reason the President did it.

Logan: Whatever... let's just get to our next match!

Jones: Sounds good!

Minos: Our next competition features a LEGEND of GCWA being challenged by one half of the Tag Team Champions! First, coming to the ring, he stands 6’3” and weighs 235 lbs. He is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*"Shipping Up to Boston," by the Dropkick Murphys begins to play as Mobley makes his way to the ring. The crowd cheers him and he heartily eats it up, playing to their every reaction.*

Jones: Mobley has to be thought of as the most surprising guy to not have a match at Blood On The Battlefield. Instead, his partner, Warrick Hill, was chosen to take on Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: And I can tell you for sure that Derek’s not happy about it. But he knows that a win for Warrick is a win for himself, so he’ll push his partner hard to succeed.

Jones: Before he can do that, though, Anthony, he’s got to get past Arachne!

Minos: And his opponent is one half of the Tag Team Champions and has been waiting for face Mobley for a long time... He's 6 feet tall and certainly weighs about 200lbs... Arachne!

**"Wana" by the Blackhorn plays and Arachne walks out on the stage. He waves off the music and has a microphone in his hand.*

Jones: Arachne had, basically, a nursery rhyme video this week…

Logan: Hold on, Jonesy, I think Arachne’s got something to say… God help us…

Arachne: Derek the Mobley, I want to beat you in a regular match very badly but there is something that I would rather do even more than that. You see, Derek the Mobley, my tag team partner Bifford has kicked out of your finisher not once, but twice. He brags about it all the time. He walks around wearing a t-shirt that refers to him as being the Kicker Outerer of the Thriller. And now tonight, I will kick out of the Thriller. So, rather than having a regular match, we're going to have a contest. It doesn't matter whether you agree or not, it will happen. We will flip a coin and whoever wins the coin toss will get to do their signature move on the other. You, the Thriller... Me, the PUNCH OF DOOM that killed the fairy in the nursery rhyme I used as my promo this week. After hitting the move, the person will make the cover and try to pin that individual. Whoever kicks out of the other person's finisher is the VICTOR and whoever fails is the LOSER!

*Arachne drops the microphone and walks down to the ring. Mobley looks a bit suspicious of the whole operation.*

Logan: Wait… the Punch of Doom?

Jones: Hey, a lot of guys have had some great finishers like that, Anthony. The Heart Punch used to be extremely feared, as people thought it would lead to someone dying!

Logan: Yeah, that’s true… but I still don’t know if Arachne will be able to use something like that effectively.

Jones: Well, I guess we’re going to find out, as apparently this is going to happen!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Arachne slides into the ring and produces a coin that he hands to the referee. The referee checks out the coin and finds it to be legit. The crowd, meanwhile, isn't reacting very well, wanting to see the match that was advertised. The referee tosses the coin and Arachne makes the call of "heads." And the referee confirms that it was heads. Arachne looks at Mobley with disdain and punches him right in the head. Mobley flinches away, obviously feeling the punch, but doesn't go down... and certainly doesn't die.*

Logan: Ok, so now we know that Arachne’s finisher isn’t, well, lethal.

Jones: True, but I still wouldn’t want to get hit in the face like that!

Logan: No, especially when you can’t fight back… wait, what is Arachne yelling about?

*Arachne starts screaming for Mobley to lay down and allow Arachne to pin him. He screams that it's "part of the rules." Mobley smirks and lays down on the mat. Arachne covers him.... 1... KICKOUT*

Logan: … Can we call that a near fall?

Jones: Somehow, I think that this plan is working against Arachne…

Logan: Just wait, I’m betting it gets better shortly, unless Arachne has a hell of a lucky run on calling the coin flip!

*Arachne gets back to his feet looking pissed off. Mobley gets back to his feet and looks around at the crowd, that begins cheering loudly. Arachne grabs Mobley suddenly, trying to disobey the rules of his own contest, but Mobley pulls away, grabs Arachne and nails him with the Thriller in the middle of the ring!!! Arachne lays motionless as Derek makes the cover. 1... 2... 3!!*

Minos: Here is your winner.... DEREK MOBLEY!

Logan: So much for Arachne kicking out of the Thriller!

Jones: He’s improved wrestling-wise, but he’s no Big Bifford!

Logan: Mobley’s winning streak continues, as he barely has to break a sweat! The question is, though, will his streak continue to point towards Ka’Derrion after next week?

*The fans are cheering wildly for Mobley due to his quick victory, with Mobley absorbing all the praise with a confident smile. Arachne’s feet are moving, as if he’s trying to get up, but there’s no sign that he’s actually awake yet. Mobley walks away and leaves the ring, heading towards the back, wiping his hands clean of any Arachne face paint that might have gotten on them. We cut away and head to the back, where we see two brothers, Bucky and Chucky Johnson, making their way down the hallway. The fans give them a good cheer, especially since Bucky got a victory earlier tonight, although by his face, you couldn’t tell it.*

Chucky Johnson: Is your head ok, Bucky?

Bucky Johnson: I’ll survive. I can’t wait to get my hands on that Xtreme!

Chucky Johnson: Don’t worry, you’ll get your opportunity at Blood On the Battlefield. I can’t wait to see it!

Bucky Johnson: He thinks he’s hardcore, but he’s never had to tangle with someone like me before!

*The two brothers reach their locker room, with Chucky leaning in to get the door, since his brother has an injury.*

Chucky Johnson: Here, Bucky, let me get that for…

*As soon as Chucky touches the doorknob, he stiffens, lets out a yell, and falls backwards.*

Bucky Johnson: CHUCKY!!!

*Bucky catches his brother before he can fall and hurt himself worse on the concrete. He lays Chucky down, and then suspects the now-open door. On the other side of the doorway, two wires can be seen, attached to the metal doorknob. They run back to what appears to be a battery of some sort.*

Bucky Johnson: I need a medic! My brother’s been electrocuted!!

*A backstage attendant runs off to get help, while Bucky stays by Chucky. He suddenly sees something laying next to the battery, and carefully leans around the door to get it. It’s a note that says only one sentence: “In hardcore, anything goes.” Bucky angrily throws the note aside and goes back to the still-out Chucky, as a medic comes running over to check on him. We fade out.*

*We fade into a scene at the same house that we've seen the previous two weeks. The first week, The President of the GCWA, the Accelerator stopped by. Last week, it was Derek Mobley. This week, there doesn't appear to be any guests. Just a UPS truck pulling away and the front door closing. Kids are playing whiffle ball in the street, as they do in the suburbs.*

*Inside, we see the living room and the TV switches on. It's tuned to the History Channel. From the back, we see the lounge chair jolt, as if someone is flopping down into it. A UPS envelope is tossed on to the side table, along with its contents, which we can't quite make out yet what it is.*

*The person sitting in the chair sighs. It's a man's voice.*

*A cell phone goes off. He picks it up.*

Unknown wrestler: Did you send this?

*The person is on his phone, but we don't know who he's talking to.*

Unknown wrestler: You were checking online to be sure it got delivered, huh? Well, I did get it. It's a nice gift, but I can't accept it.

*There's silence, presumably as he's listening to the person respond on the other end. A show about WWII Battleships is on History. Explosions and fighter jets taking off dance across the HDTV screen.*

Unknown wrestler: I just need one good reason, old friend, and I haven't heard it yet. Not one.

*More silence. The Unknown wrestler rocks slightly in his chair. He begins flipping the channels on his TV. He stops on the Weather Channel.*

Unknown wrestler: OK... no one has put it like that before. I tell you what. I have your gift here. Give me the weekend. I'll make a final, final decision very soon. I promise. No more waiting. I'll let you know.

*The Unknown wrestler hangs up the cell phone. We pan down to see the contents of the UPS Package. It's two airplane tickets to Atlanta, Georgia.*

Unknown wrestler: I'll let you know... in-person.

*We fade back to ringside.*

Logan: I wonder who’s sending that guy gifts? More importantly… WHO THE HELL IS HE?? It’s driving me INSANE!!!!

Jones: Well, think about it. The Accelerator knows him. Derek Mobley knows him. Who could it be?

Logan: That doesn’t narrow anything down! It could be an ex-GCWA guy, it could be a guy from another federation where they could have met him, it could be anybody!!

Jones: Don’t the fans have any guesses?

Logan: I’m sure they do, but I don’t read dirt sheets… although come to think of it…

Jones: Well, apparently we’re going to find out next week at Blood On The Battlefield! That’s one more reason added onto a massive stack of reasons to check out the show! Don’t forget to get yourself hooked up for it now!

Logan: From what I hear, thousands of different bars and establishments around the United States are going to be showing it, so that might be a good place to check it out! But if you prefer the comfort of your own home, hey, that works for us too! Throw a GCWA party, invite your friends!

Jones: That being said, we’ve got one more match for tonight, and it’s… well, I can’t really call it a blockbuster, because who could have seen a referee main eventing a GCWA event?

Logan: You gotta love the GCWA!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Non Title” Match! Introducing first, he is a former GCWA Internet Champion and GCWA Television Champion, standing 6’6” and weighing 250 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Adrian Rockwell!

*The crowd is booing heavily as Rockwell comes out to “Red Velvet” by Outkast, dressed in his referee shirt still, but also with wrestling gear on underneath. He walks to the ring with confidence, entering the ring as he always would as if he was the actual referee (although Head Referee Bell is already in the ring).*

Jones: This is definitely an unprecedented match, Anthony. A referee takes on a wrestler in the main event of Inferno!

Logan: Yeah, and I, like Draco, am smelling something foul. I mean, this has to be a set-up!

Jones: What? Oh, c’mon, Anthony, you know Rockwell and Draco have a history. Why not have them fight?

Logan: This isn’t going to be a fight, Jonesy… hell if I know WHAT it’s going to be, but it won’t be a fight.

Minos: His opponent has had a tremendous career in the GCWA as its flag-bearer throughout the last part of 2009 and into 2010, standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Draco!

*The crowd cheers wildly as “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play. Draco walks out of the back, title in hand, and a cocky smile on his face. But he appears to be prepared for anything, making his way down towards the ring and watching for wherever the sneak-attack is going to come from.*

Jones: I heard that Draco’s still having woman troubles. You’d think having the World Title would make relationships a lot easier.

Logan: I’d expect that, coming from a non-wrestler like yourself, Jonesy. The pressure the World Champion gets put under is incredible. This is a pressure that Draco’s been under for 6 months now!

Jones: True. I think the guy needs a break, don’t you?

Logan: *sigh* You listen to too much Ace propaganda, Jonesy.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Adrian Rockwell is bouncing from foot to foot, ready, apparently to attack the World Champion. Draco waves him on, having no problems beating down the referee. Before they can lock up, however, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm suddenly plays!! The fans are booing heavily, looking back as the Accelerator comes out from the entrance way!*

Logan: I knew it!! Here comes the twist, Jonesy!

Jones: Now, now, let’s hear what the President has to say first before we start throwing accusations around!

*Draco steps back, watching Rockwell carefully to make sure he’s also out of the way. Rockwell, though, has a puzzled look on his face as he looks towards the President.*

The Accelerator: Sorry to interrupt like this, guys. You know how I hate disrupting matches. But I came to a decision a few minutes ago… I decided that I can’t let Rockwell do this match.

*The crowd’s immediately booing, as Rockwell seems to be leaning over the ropes, complaining.*

The Accelerator: Now, now, hear me out. Having a referee get in fights with wrestlers, well, that just sets a bad example. For all I know, it’ll lead to someone attacking Trixie and wanting a fight with her, and that’s a lawsuit I don’t need! So, Rockwell, leave the ring. Draco, it appears to me that you need a substitute competitor. And you know what? I seem to be available. So why don’t we make it you vs… me!

*The place pops big for that announcement, as Draco can be seen now with his attention firmly on the President of the GCWA. He’s nodding, having no problems with the sudden change. The Accelerator then starts down the ramp, beginning to take off his suit and tie as he heads for the ring!*

Logan: Ace is going to step up and be a man!! Maybe I had the wrong opinion of him!

Jones: But, the President could get hurt! What is he thinking??

*Draco waits as Ace reaches ringside, and then steps on the ropes, creating a space for him to come in. Ace is still rolling up the sleeves of his white shirt, getting himself ready. Meanwhile, referee Rockwell has stepped to the side, picking up something. He comes back into the ring… and smashes Draco in the back with a night stick, the same one Draco was hit with last week!!!! Draco slumps into the ropes, getting tangled up for a moment, before he falls back to the mat. Head Referee Bell, shocked, starts to head towards the side to signal for the bell, but the Accelerator stops him, getting back on the mic.*

The Accelerator: Hold your horses there, Bell! Remember who pays your salary! Now, it seems like I made a mistake, so let me rectify it. First off, I suppose Rockwell DOES deserve this match, so Rockwell, you’re in! Oh, and by the way, this one’s now No Disqualification!

Jones: Whew! The President’s going to be safe after all!

Logan: What a cheap shot from Rockwell! Damnit, I knew there was going to be a set-up, but Ace still fooled me!

Jones: He’s the smartest man on the planet, Anthony!

*Rockwell brings Draco back up, hitting him repeatedly in the chest and side with the night stick!! Draco stumbles into the corner, hurting from each shot, as Rockwell works him over. The President is applauding, loving every minute of it, although he’s the only one there who seems to be enjoying it, as the fans are pissed. They’re throwing pieces of trash Ace’s way, with the President turning and ordering the guards around ringside to throw out any fan caught trying to ‘injure’ him. Meanwhile, in the ring, Rockwell has the night stick around Draco’s throat, choking him!*

Logan: This is terrible! Rockwell’s trying to make sure that Draco can’t even defend the World Title next week!

Jones: That would mean that The Big Bifford would become the champion without a fight!

Logan: Bifford can’t want that, can he? I mean, he wants to fight to become the champ!

*Rockwell pulls Draco back up, showing him to the Accelerator, who gives Rockwell the thumbs down. Rockwell, laughing, sets Draco into place, preparing him for the Stone Cutter!!! He lifts Draco up, no, Draco’s back down to the ground, having slipped free! He drops to his knees and… LOW BLOW!!!! Rockwell topples achingly to his side, shuddering, and the Accelerator is no longer smiling! Draco stands back up, looking completely pissed off now. He pulls Rockwell back up, smashing him again and again in the face, leaving Rockwell slumping forward into his arms! Draco shoves him back into the ropes, and then leans down, picking the night stick off the ground! He holds it like an expert, spinning and clocking Rockwell across the head with an incredible blow!!! Rockwell topples like a chopped cherry tree, falling to the ground, with Draco throwing the night stick outside (towards the Accelerator). Draco then pulls the now-bloody Rockwell to his feet, considering the semi-conscious man before nailing him with the Momentum Shift!! Draco then drops for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Draco!

Jones: Well… that was unexpected…

Logan: Draco just drilled Rockwell with such a huge shot, the guy may not wake up for a week!!

Jones: Yeah, we’re going to need another referee to step in at the pay-per-view!

Logan: It looks like Draco’s survived this trap, but I don’t think he’s had enough yet!

*The Accelerator, seeing what’s happened, has already retreated up the aisleway, standing on the entrance ramp. Draco, kicking Rockwell aside, starts to leave the ring, but Ace is back on the mic now.*

The Accelerator: Hang on, Draco… you don’t think that’s the ONLY thing I had planned, do you?

*Draco stops, surprised. He looks around, trying to anticipate what the Accelerator means.*

The Accelerator: It’s time for your next fight, ‘champ’… against, oh, I’d say about a dozen men! GCWA Security, step out and teach this man a lesson for your President!!

*The GCWA music starts, and all eyes are on the entrance.*

Jones: We need security out here, pronto! Protect the President!

Logan: Oh, man, can even Draco handle a dozen men??

*Draco’s waiting, ready to try it, but for some reason, the Accelerator’s still alone.*

The Accelerator: Uh, security? Now would be a good time…

*The music keeps playing, but nobody appears. For the first time, Ace is starting to sweat.*

Jones: What’s going on? Where’s security?

Logan: I don’t… hey, I’ve just been informed we’ve got some footage from the back!

*We go backstage, where we see a shot of the GCWA Security. Most of them appear to be laid out, possibly due to the strange contraption sitting in the hallway. It has numerous boxing gloves attached to it, which apparently sprang through the package it was wrapped in. A note next to it says, clearly, “GCWA Security”. Standing nearby, eating a sandwich, is The Big Bifford.*

The Big Bifford: Remind me, Martin, I need to write Acme. They might be interested in this one.

*Martin Ka’Berryon, standing next to Bifford, nods with a smile. The two men walk off, presumably to go collect Ludwig. We cut back to the arena, where a pale Accelerator has just watched this all go down.*

Logan: Hah!! Bifford took out the security members loyal to Ace!

Jones: I think I’m going to be sick!

*Draco’s got a dangerous smile on his face now, as he starts to leave the ring again.*

The Accelerator: Uh, yeah, well… I’ve still got…ummm… oh, hell!

*Suddenly, Ace drops the mic and runs, disappearing into the back. Draco’s immediately in hot pursuit, racing after him, as the crowd explodes!*

Jones: Run, Mr. President!! Save yourself!!!

Logan: Run, Ace, run, because the devil be on your tail!!

*We switch to a backstage shot, where we see the Accelerator fly by, running as hard as he can towards the parking garage. Draco’s gaining on him now, showing that his incredible speed easily matches the President’s. However, Ace’s lead seems to be enough, as he flies into the garage, racing towards his private limo.*

The Accelerator: Go go go go go!!!

*Ace dives into the limo, slamming the door behind him, as the wheels spin hard enough to leave skidmarks. The limo takes off, with the World Champion running beside it, jumping onto the back trunk!! He tries to climb up, but the limo makes a tight turn out of the garage, sending Draco back to the asphalt. He dusts himself off and watches as the limo drives off, smiling.*

Jones: WHEW!

Logan: Ace escapes for now, but his plan fell through completely! Draco’s still in great shape, and he’s going to be defending his title against the Big Bifford for sure now!

Jones: What the hell was Bifford thinking, anyway? I mean, with Draco out, he was the champ!

Logan: Bifford’s got his own sense of right and wrong, Jonesy, but this one was pretty clear-cut! We’re guaranteed our main event for Blood On The Battlefield!! And we’re out of time, so we’ll cut this short and just say… good night, all!!

*Draco sees the limo disappearing into the distance, walking back and forth. Suddenly, he notices something and heads over to his right. A motorcycle is parked there, with the name “Adrian Rockwell” stenciled on the parking space. Draco smiles, gets on the bike (tossing aside the helmet), and kickstarts it. He drives off, disappearing in the same direction the limo went, as the fans continue to cheer. We fade out.*

OOC: And another one's in the books! Whew! We had a ton of participation from you guys, and I want to especially thank the Big Bifford, who wrote the Mobley/Arachne set-up (as well as his own segments). The more you guys send in, the better the cards are, guaranteed!

Here's the official card for Blood On The Battlefield IV!

- Ruslan Koslov vs. Drake Hudson vs. Mr. Itt vs. "The Future" Tommy Gunn, Newcomer Challenge Battle Royal Match

- Bucky Johnson vs. Xtreme, 200 Light Tubes Death Match

- Warrick Hill vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion, "Mobley/Ka'derrion Contract" Ladder Match

- The Lost Soul(c) vs. Chris Cortez, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match
(Stipulations up to the champion)

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Dangerous Dan vs. Jaiden Rishel vs. Robert Santana, GCWA Unified X Division Title Ultimate X Match

- Mario Maurako vs. Lurrr, Last Man Standing Hell In A Cell Match

- Draco(c) vs. The Big Bifford, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Scaffold Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, April 16th to Thursday, April 22nd, giving you 7 days to post THREE roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!