GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The place is going wild, with a lot of the same fans in the positions they’re always in. Does the GCWA sell season tickets? Contact your local select-a-seat to find out! The cameras fly around the crowd, focusing on one sign in particular, which says “Crazy Chris: 2010 Wrestler of the Year!!!” It’s from a young fan, who looks like he fully believes it as he jumps up and down with the sign. We head away from him and go to ringside, joining Edward Jones and Anthony “Lightning” Logan.*

Jones: Welcome, once again, to Friday Night Inferno!! I’m Edward Jones, along with Anthony Logan, here to take you through another exciting night of action!

Logan: It’s the story of my life, Jonesy!

Jones: What, the wrestling business?

Logan: No, taking women through another exciting night of action!

Jones: Oh, please…

Logan: Don’t act like that, Jonesy. I know you’ve got the ball and chain keeping you down, but love what you’ve got, don’t be jealous!

Jones: I’m NOT jealous! I love my life!

Logan: Seriously? Dude, that’s so sad…

Jones: … You know what? I’m just going to ignore that and move on.

Logan: Please do.

Jones: We’ve got a hell of a night planned for you guys and gals tonight, especially in our main event, as we’ve got a Champion vs. Champion match!

Logan: Yep, that’s going to be a great one! Crazy Chris, the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, has been on an incredible roll lately, winning match after match. But then, so has our GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco! Whose momentum will be stopped here tonight, only weeks away from Blood On The Battlefield?

Jones: We’ve also got a series of top-notch matches to lead up to that, including some great stars in action!

Logan: Yeah, we’ve got a lot of new stars competing tonight, as the build towards Blood On The Battlefield IV continues!

Jones: So let’s not waste time, let’s go to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. First, making his way out to the ring, he is the self-proclaimed hardcore icon of the GCWA, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*As “Give It All” by Rise Against plays, Xtreme comes out of the back. Once again, he’s pushing a cart of weapons with him as he goes to the ring. Much of the crowd is booing, unhappy with even the sight of the man who attacked Bucky Johnson. Others, though, seem to be jumping on the hardcore bandwagon.*

Jones: Xtreme has been preaching that he’s going to teach everyone the meaning of hardcore.

Logan: He gave a good lesson last week, didn’t he? I mean, Bucky & Chucky tossed him off the stage in that very cart, busting him up pretty good!

Jones: Yep, but like a true hardcore wrestler, he’s back here tonight to wrestle again. He also made a verbal challenge to Arachne about this match being no holds barred, and apparently Arachne has accepted.

Logan: After last week, is Xtreme really in any condition for a match like this?

Jones: I guess we’re going to find out!

Minos: His opponent is competing in his 25th GCWA match here tonight, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Arachne!

*Arachne makes his way out onto the stage, sticking both arms out on either side as if attaching himself to a cross. As “Wana” by the Black Horn plays, Arachne finishes the pose and starts on his way down the ramp.*

Jones: This week, we were treated to the controversial “Crucifixion of Arachne”, which featured Arachne in a “Christ-like” atmosphere!

Logan: …

Jones: Anthony?

Logan: You know how much hate mail we’re going to get for those segments that Arachne and Bifford put together? Hell, the GCWA’s probably going to get sued for religious discrimination!

Jones: Oh, c’mon, it was harmless!

Logan: Trust me, right now there’s a nutcase somewhere writing on his blog about how the GCWA needs to be destroyed. All thanks to Arachne.

Jones: Wow, you think he might make it on Glenn Beck’s show?

Logan: *sigh*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: So hardcore rules are in effect?

Jones: No countouts, no disqualification, all that matters is pinfalls and submissions!

Logan: Cool. If ever there were two guys I’d love to see beat the hell out of each other, it’s these two!

*Xtreme is back outside the ring now, digging through his cart of weapons. He pulls out a large piece of wood, weighing it in his hand for a second with a smile. He then turns towards the ring… and Arachne comes flying through the ropes with a running suicide dive, crashing into him!! Both wrestlers go down, as the crowd is already cheering for this one. Arachne’s up first, pulling Xtreme to his feet and whipping the heavier wrestler into the railing, causing him to lean over it. Arachne then runs forward with a scream, leaping up and landing on Xtreme’s back with all his weight, causing Xtreme to be crushed onto the steel rail!! Arachne slides back down the man’s back, landing on the ground next to him, as Xtreme slumps over. Arachne then picks up the piece of wood and brings it down, hard, across Xtreme’s back, sending splintered pieces everywhere!! The fans are pumped, loving the action, even as Arachne throws away the last pieces of wood and goes to find another weapon.*

Jones: For someone who thought the naysayers would be crucifying him, Arachne’s got a lot of fan support tonight!

Logan: Yeah, ever since he got with The Big Bifford, the fans have taken a shine to him… who knows why…

Jones: I think Xtreme was expecting “Hardcore” rules to give him the advantage, but so far, Arachne’s really taking over!

Logan: Yeah, but look at Xtreme’s face… you’d almost think he was enjoying this!

*Indeed, the camera picks up that Xtreme is smiling through the pain as he pulls himself up. Arachne’s standing behind him now, steel chair in hand. He raises it to swing, but Xtreme spins and punches the chair out of Arachne’s hand!! The chair bounces away, as Arachne, surprised, hesitates for a second. Xtreme uses the time granted him, as he comes in and grabs Arachne with his other hand, sending the face-painted wrestler into the side of the turnbuckle post!! Arachne spins away to the ground, while Xtreme shakes his hurting hand to get the blood flowing in it again. It was a sacrificial move that seems to have worked in his favor. Xtreme goes back to his cart and quickly pulls out his next weapon, what appears to be a Stop sign. He waits as Arachne gets back to his feet, then charges in, waffling Arachne in the center of the forehead!!! Arachne collapses to the ground, with Xtreme tossing the sign away before making a cover on the outside. Seeing it, referee Mitchell comes into range to count… 1… 2… and Arachne is able to kick out.*

Logan: Man, we haven’t had many guys who can take pain as easily as Xtreme can!

Jones: The guy’s a dangerous wrestler, Anthony. He’s grown up on violence and destruction.

Logan: He gets a real thrill out of it, which always worries me… especially when he’s coming this way!

Jones: Oh, hell, I’m outta here!

*Jones is already on his feet and hopping over the back railing, even as Logan stands up to face the approaching Xtreme. But Xtreme isn’t looking to damage the announce booth. He just wants one of the TV monitors. He pulls it off the table and walks off without a second glance, approaching Arachne, who’s getting himself up. Xtreme rears back and hammers the monitor into Arachne’s head, knocking the smaller wrestler to the ground!! Xtreme then pulls the plug off the monitor and leans over, wrapping the cable around Arachne’s throat, strangling him!! Referee Mitchell nervously looks on, almost looking like he wishes there was something he could do. But there are no disqualifications in this bout. Arachne struggles to get up, a large welt evident above his facial make-up from where he took the hit. He’s gagging from the cable around his throat, with Xtreme grinning behind him. But Arachne suddenly pushes himself up and jumps his feet up on the apron, using it to push off. With the height Arachne gets, he’s able to grab Xtreme’s head and drop, getting a modified RKO on the outside!! Both wrestlers are down, with Arachne struggling to free his neck.*

Logan: Nice improvisation by Arachne there! Maybe I can get behind this guy yet!

Jones: He’s shown that he could be a main eventer in the future, Anthony, as his skills continue to improve.

Logan: If only he could lose the drugs, I really think he’d have potential! Sure, I mean, his interviews would be a lot less… interesting… but he’d be clean!

*Arachne has managed to untangle the cable from around his throat. He uses the apron to pull himself up, coughing, and turns towards Xtreme, who is starting to rise as well. Xtreme gets to his feet, staggering forward for a second before finally managing to turn around… and Arachne is there, smashing the remains of the TV monitor over Xtreme’s head!! The hardcore wrestler shakes his head for a second, as if trying to shake it off, before stumbling backwards to the railing. Arachne then comes in and flips himself over him, hanging on as he applies a modified Tarantula submission hold THROUGH the railing!!! Xtreme’s in a lot of pain, with the steel of the railing digging into his back. Fans are all around them, cheering Arachne on, as referee Mitchell steps in and carefully asks Xtreme if he wants to give up. The Tarantula hold is perfectly legal in this instance, but Xtreme refuses to quit, yelling that he would never give up. After a few more seconds in the hold, Arachne has to let it go, due to the strenuous nature of it, causing Xtreme to fall forward to the ground, even as Arachne does a roll and gets to his feet, surrounded by fans.*

Jones: That Tarantula might have damaged Xtreme’s spine!

Logan: Nah, I think he’s got plenty of protection. The guy’s not exactly a lightweight, Jonesy.

Jones: True, but that’s still gotta hurt!

Logan: Well, of course, that’s why they call it hardcore!

*Xtreme’s struggling to get up, although his spine might be disagreeing with him. As the hardcore wrestler rises, Arachne moves off to the side, climbing onto the apron. He waits for Xtreme to rise, and then runs forward, leaping into the air with a flipping suicide dive!! Unfortunately, it lives up to its name, as Xtreme sidesteps the incoming wrestler, causing Arachne to crash into the side of one of the barricades instead!!! Arachne lays on his side, shuddering from the shot he just took, as Xtreme pulls himself back together. He slowly works his way over to the face-painted tag-team champion, pushing Arachne over and making the cover! Mitchell’s there for the count… 1… 2… but Arachne manages to kick out! Xtreme immediately pulls both men up, as the wear and tear of this one is starting to really show. He carries Arachne over to the steel steps and walks up them with him. Arachne struggles to pull away, but a knee to the face stops that, sending him slumping in Xtreme’s grip. Xtreme then lifts Arachne up, delivering a piledriver on the steps!!!! Arachne is down in a heap, while Xtreme pulls himself back together, gloating for a few seconds at what he just showed to the booing fans. He moves over for the cover, putting one hand on the wrestler… 1… 2… and Arachne raises his arm at the last second!*

Jones: And it’s over, Xtreme has… wait, he kicked out??

Logan: I know, I’m surprised, too, Jonesy. But we’ve known for a long time that Arachne has a pretty hard head. I guess it weathered the blow!

Jones: Wow! Maybe Arachne IS more hardcore than we thought!

*Xtreme is back up now, stepping over towards his cart. He gets hold of it and rolls it into position, apparently deciding to use the cart itself as a weapon! Arachne is splayed out on the steps, in danger, as Xtreme rockets the cart towards him! At the last second, though, Arachne rolls to his left, even as the cart smashes into the steps!! Xtreme, pleased with himself, comes over. He’s expecting to see Arachne underneath the debris, but instead, there’s no sign of the match. Confused, Xtreme looks around, not realizing that Arachne went under the ring, and has now come out the other side, behind the hardcore wrestler! As Xtreme turns, Arachne moves in, spitting out the Green Mist into his face!!! Xtreme, blinded, drops to his knees, rubbing frantically at his face. But it’s no use, as the mist is burning his eyes! Meanwhile, Arachne picks up what appears to be a golf club. He tees up, smiling, then swings, smashing the defenseless Xtreme in the head!!! Xtreme collapses to the ground, with Arachne quickly covering him… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Arachne!

Jones: Arachne wins!

Logan: He pulled a fast one on Xtreme there at the end, and it really paid off for him, as he knocked him senseless with that golf swing!

Jones: Xtreme’s lucky his head is still attached! He gave a good fight, but for tonight, Arachne got the victory!

*Referee Mitchell goes to raise Arachne’s hand, but a quick snarl from the wrestler backs him away. Arachne then laughs, loving to mess with Mitchell’s mind. He turns and collects his tag-team title before departing. Meanwhile, Xtreme has already come to, clearing his eyes as best as possible. He is once again smiling. We fade out on his smile.*

*We return from the break in the backstage area, inside Ace's office, where the loud noises of people shouting are heard. A camera man, hearing the commotion, opens the door to Ace's office and the scene unfolds in front of us. Ace is sitting at his desk, with Ludwig sitting on top of the desk, and Bifford is standing in front of the desk. Bifford and Ace turn and see the camera, stopping their argument for a moment, but then resuming it.*

The Big Bifford: Why is there no office for Ludwig? Explain it to me again.

The Accelerator: The deal was simple, Bifford. You take out Draco, Ludwig gets the position. Is Draco gone? Hell no!

The Big Bifford: So? I tried my best... and Martin had to get a rabies shot because of those dogs.

The Accelerator: So what, I should reward you for the ‘attempt’? As in, hey, you tried, and give you an “A” for effort? Just trying isn’t enough, I want him gone!!

The Big Bifford: Attempt is always enough. Ludwig deserves his office. He's felt the cold shoulder of your oppression for too long.

The Accelerator: Look, you want this? You want your… you want Ludwig as the V-P? Then do what you said you were going to do!!

The Big Bifford: What was that again?

The Accelerator: Taking out Draco, you moron!! Imbecile!! What is WRONG with you??

Draco: That’s a question for another time.

*Startled, both the Accelerator and the Big Bifford turn, finding Draco standing there. The World Heavyweight Champion came silently through the door. Who knows how long he’s been standing there, listening.*

The Accelerator: So, now you just break in and listen to private conversations??

Draco: Hard not to listen when you’re as *bleeping* loud as you are, “Mr. President.”

*Bifford is waiting for an attack, although Draco doesn’t seem to be considering one. Ace sees it, though, and decides that there’s an opportunity here.*

The Accelerator: This is your chance, Bifford. You want that V-P spot? Then take out Draco, right now, and it’s yours!

Draco: Bifford, think about this for a minute. When did you start doing Ace’s bidding? When did you become his lackey?

*This stops Bifford short, as he doesn’t like being called that.*

The Big Bifford: I’m not a lackey! I used to be a President!

Draco: Yes, but look at you now. If Ace asked you to sit and beg for that V-P spot, would you do it like a good, obedient dog?

The Accelerator: Don’t listen to him, Bifford. He’s trying to trick you. Now attack!

The Big Bifford: Ace… I’m not a dog. I’m Bifford.

*Draco is smiling, as the President grabs at what’s remaining of his hair. He looks pretty stressed out now.*

The Accelerator: You *bleeping* buffoon!! You fat, walking pile of *bleep*!! Here I am, giving you a World Title shot, and you can’t even do one simple thing!! Well, I’m not afraid to do it myself!!

*Ace angrily gets up, moving towards Draco, who watches him come. Ace is furious enough that he just might attack the World Champion on his own. But he’s stopped by a hand landing on his shoulder: the hand of the Big Bifford.*

The Big Bifford: One, I’m not fat, I’m big-boned. Two, I earned that World Title shot, even if I had to wait for it because of you. And three…

*Ace turns towards Bifford, but the big man is already moving, wrapping both hands around Ace’s throat, strangling him!! Ace’s eyes go wide, realizing that he’s made a major mistake, but it’s too late to fix it, as Bifford is incensed.*

The Big Bifford: Three, if you aren’t giving Ludwig what he rightfully deserves, then you’re no friend of mine!!

*Suddenly, Bifford turns and tosses Ace to the side, sending him crashing against the wall. Before the President can recover, Draco steps in, launching out with the Momentum Shift!!! The kick lays the Accelerator out, leaving him flat on the floor. Draco smirks at him, and then turns, seeing Bifford standing nearby.*

The Big Bifford: This doesn’t change anything. I still want that World Title.

Draco: You’re welcome to try, just like everyone else before you.

*Draco turns and leaves the office, not looking back. The Big Bifford, meanwhile, stares at the downed Accelerator, shaking his head. He turns to the desk.*

The Big Bifford: C’mon, Ludwig. I’ll build you another office.

*Bifford and the seal depart, leaving the Accelerator laying on the floor, still out cold. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: DAMN!! We need medics to the President’s office!!

Logan: Hah, that was great!

Jones: What the hell are you talking about? We’ve got a President down!!

Logan: Hey, it’s his own fault for antagonizing Bifford that way, Jonesy! He got what he deserved!

Jones: Geez, Anthony, do you WANT to get fired?

Logan: Not particularly… but I’ve got a pretty good contract that a lawyer put together for me, so I think my job’s safe.

Jones: If you say so… are medics on their way yet?

Logan: I’m sure they are, Jonesy, calm down! At any rate, it seems that the tension between the Big Bifford and Draco hit a new high, only it came out a completely different way this time. The President’s plans have been foiled, as Bifford’s no longer on his side. Is it more an advantage for Bifford, or for Draco?

Jones: I’d say it’s a disadvantage for both, because the President won’t forget this!

Logan: Yeah, well, he’ll have to wait until later to do anything about it. For now, we’ve got more matches!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, making his debut in the GCWA tonight, he’s the brother of a former champion, looking to make his own mark in the company. Standing 6’2” and weighing 220 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is Chucky Johnson!

*”Sexy Can I” by Ray J begins to play, leading out the entrance for the new wrestler to the company. Chucky’s got a big smile on his face as he takes in the cheers of the fans. He looks absolutely thrilled to be there, taking a moment to wave before walking down the aisle.*

Jones: We got to learn a lot about the life of Chucky Johnson this week, in preparation for his first match in the company.

Logan: Yeah, there’s something about this guy, Jonesy. Y’know, maybe having Chucky join up with Bucky will bring glory to the family name.

Jones: What, Bucky being an X Division Champion wasn’t enough?

Logan: True, there’s that, but remember, brothers have done well together in the GCWA. Just think about the Danger Boiz!

Jones: Or there’s the Payne Brothers!

Logan: Ummm, no, just stick to the Danger Boiz…

Minos: His opponent has done it all in the GCWA, including a run as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion! Standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, representing the House of Pain, here is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*The crowd cheers immediately, loving any sighting of the House of Pain member and potential GCWA Hall of Famer. As “Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys starts up, Mobley walks confidently out of the back. He strolls down the aisle, giving a few nods to the fans cheering him on as he approaches the ring. Chucky nervously watches him come, taking a few seconds to stretch on the ropes.*

Logan: Remind me never to go on an Easter Egg hunt set up by Warrick.

Jones: Hey, now, it could have been much worse. I mean, at least he left the eggs empty.

Logan: Ooo, yeah, I see what you mean.

Jones: Care for a Jolly Rancher?

Logan: Are you kidding? You know nobody says no to a Jolly Rancher!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Jones and Logan can be heard crinkling for a moment, as they both unwrap their Jolly Ranchers. Meanwhile, in the ring, Chucky and Derek walk towards each other, meeting in the center of the ring. Mobley has a slight height advantage, but it’s not enough to make much of a difference, and Chucky doesn’t seem intimidated. He’s wanting to make his first showing a good one. Mobley appears to appreciate that, talking to the youngster for a moment. They nod to each other, and then lock up, in a quick test of strength. Surprisingly, Johnson holds his own, with neither wrestler giving much ground. They break, stepping apart, with referee Trixie watching the action closely from nearby. Mobley gestures to Johnson to try again, and once more they lock up, with Mobley this time twisting out of it and getting behind Johnson with an arm twist! Chucky, flustered for a second, tries to pull himself free, using what his brother recently taught him. He shifts himself around, getting behind Mobley while hanging onto his arm. Chucky smiles, working to wrench the arm, but Mobley immediately readjusts and gives him a hip toss, throwing Chucky across the ring! Mobley hustles after him, anxious to keep on the offensive.*

Jones: Inexperience is going to be a major factor in this one.

Logan: Yeah, we’ve got a rookie who’s only had some training from his admittedly athletic brother, taking on a former World Champion! The odds are against Chucky in this one.

Jones: Of course, being so new means that he’s completely unpredictable. There was no film for Mobley to study to prepare for this one. Johnson could surprise as this one continues on.

*Johnson is back on his feet as Mobley reaches him, giving him a kick in the gut. As Johnson bends over in agony, Mobley grabs his head and brings him forward a few steps, before dropping him with an implant DDT! Derek quickly makes the cover, grabbing the leg, as referee Trixie moves in… 1… and Chucky kicks out strongly, showing that he’s got some resiliency to him. Mobley approves, nodding, before pulling Johnson back up and pushing him against the ropes. He lands a series of chops to the wrestler before grabbing his arm and sending him to the other side, no, reversal, Chucky sends Mobley across instead. As Mobley hits the ropes and returns, Johnson charges him, leaping up and landing a Lou Thesz press!! Chucky swings both fists heavily down on Mobley, punching away as Mobley struggles to protect himself! Trixie offers a quick verbal warning to the young wrestler, mentioning about the closed fists, with Johnson, realizing that he was getting carried away in the moment, nodding to her. He pulls Mobley up and wraps his arm around the man’s head, taking him down with a spinning neckbreaker! Johnson then gets himself over for the pin attempt… 1… 2.. and Mobley pushes Johnson off of him, getting his shoulder up.*

Jones: It’s starting to look like Bucky trained his brother well, Anthony!

Logan: It’s been said that not just anyone can be a professional wrestler. It can take years and years of experience to have any success in the business. But God-given natural ability can definitely take you a long way, and Chucky appears to have that.

Jones: But will it be enough for one of the biggest upsets of the year?

*Johnson stay on Mobley, not letting him get up. He drops his knee several times into the HOP member’s side, causing Mobley to twitch in distress. Chucky then drags Mobley up, setting him for an atomic drop. He lifts… but Mobley is able to push himself off, doing a flip and landing behind Johnson! He immediately grabs Johnson and shoves him into the ropes, attempting a quick roll-up, but Chucky’s able to hang on, sending Mobley rolling on his own. Johnson then turns and dashes after him, trying for a quick clothesline, only to have Mobley duck under it, then spin, catching the rotating Chucky and quickly getting a snap suplex! Johnson, stunned, takes a second to recover, with Mobley already working his way back to his feet. He sees Johnson still down and quickly capitalizes by grabbing Chucky’s legs and spinning into them, applying a figure four leglock!! All of the sudden, Chucky’s realizing that pro wrestling is not all fun and games, as he’s desperately struggling not to submit to the torture!*

Logan: Now we’re going to find out what this Chucky is made of!

Jones: No matter how tough you think you are, a perfectly executed submission hold can crush your willpower into powder!

Logan: Does Chucky have the heart of a pro wrestler? Because a normal person like Jonesy here would already be slapping the mat as fast as his little hand would go.

Jones: That’s ri… wait a second!

*Referee Trixie is walking around both men, watching to see if Johnson is going to be unable to handle the pain he’s under. Mobley is not letting up, as he’s there to get himself another victory. He has no mercy. Johnson’s hurting badly as he struggles against the hold, feeling his leg muscles rebelling against the pressure they’re under. He tries to rock the two men back and forth, but his training hasn’t quite covered escaping from a figure four yet. He drops to his back, gritting his teeth to fight off the agony. Trixie, seeing this, immediately drops and starts to count, since Chucky’s shoulders are down… 1… 2… Chucky sits back up again, violently shaking his head. He’s not giving up. Since a reversal isn’t working, Chucky takes the next route, using his arms to start dragging the two men towards the ropes. The fans are cheering, although it’s hard to tell who they’re supporting the most. Mobley digs in, making Johnson fight for every inch, but finally, Chucky is able to stretch himself out and reach the bottom rope, causing the break!*

Logan: Very nice! He didn’t give up, which is great to see from a rookie!

Jones: Yep, but his legs are like tapioca right now. Will Chucky be able to make a comeback, or is the ending now inevitable?

*It takes some effort, but Mobley is able to get a wobbly Chucky to his feet. He picks Johnson up into the air, showing his strength, before throwing him down with a hard body slam on the canvas. Mobley then steps away, leaning on the ropes for a moment before climbing up the turnbuckle. Johnson, showing that he’s still got some fight left, starts fighting his way back to his feet, even as Mobley reaches the top. He balances himself, waiting for Chucky to turn his way. Derek then leaps, going for a flying double axehandle! But Johnson greets him on landing with a double-punch to the gut, causing Mobley to do a flip and land on his back!! Johnson falls against the ropes, shaking his head. His forehead is covered in sweat. But he hasn’t stopped yet, as he watches Mobley struggle back to his feet. Johnson steps in, lifting Mobley up into a fireman’s carry, then slamming him down with a death valley driver! Exhausted, Johnson falls on top of the wrestler, grabbing his leg and trying to hold him down. Referee Trixie slides into position… 1… 2… Mobley kicks out in time!*

Logan: A close fall there, showing that Chucky is really giving Mobley a fight!

Jones: People were expecting a slaughter in this one, but we’re getting a great contest!

Logan: Yeah, I love it when guys exceed expectations!

*Chucky gets himself up, hurting but still moving. He goes off the ropes and returns, dropping a fist onto Mobley’s forehead, stunning him some more, before making another cover… 1… 2… but Mobley won’t stay down. Johnson looks a little discouraged, as he really wants this win tonight. He pulls Mobley up again, taking him over to the corner. He throws Mobley in, and then grabs his head and starts banging it against the top ‘buckle, as the fans count along. With Mobley, dazed, leaning on the ropes, Johnson decides to grab him from behind, pulling him out of the corner with a full nelson applied! He works to lock his fingers, but Mobley’s already fighting back, trying to use his power to escape before Johnson can lock his fingers. The rookie struggles, getting his fingers almost set, but suddenly Mobley drops with all his weight, escaping the full nelson with a modified jawbreaker!! Both wrestlers are down and hurting from the maneuver, as referee Trixie watches both men. She then begins a count out. The fans start cheering, trying to get either man on their feet in time.*

Jones: Johnson and Mobley are both showing the strain of this contest, and we might see neither man able to continue!

Logan: You gotta be joking, Jonesy. Trust me, both men will be back up. They wouldn’t let it end that way.

Jones: How do you know?

Logan: Because I’m a wrestler, just like them. Instincts alone will get them up.

*Sure enough, Derek is already sitting up, rubbing the sore spot on the back of his head where Johnson’s jaw connected. Johnson, for his part, has rolled onto his stomach, and is reaching painfully for the nearby ropes. He starts clawing his way to his feet, but Mobley’s already there, stopping the count out. The former World Champion staggers over to Johnson, grabbing him from behind to try for a belly-to-back suplex! But Johnson blocks it, fighting with Mobley’s grip and managing to pull free. He turns and lands a right hand that sends Mobley reeling. Johnson then steps in and grabs Mobley by the throat, attempting to go for the Chuck!!! He lifts, no, Mobley knocks Johnson’s hands away, then, before Johnson can react, wraps his own arm around the wrestler and lifts, landing the Thriller!!! Johnson’s out, with Mobley achingly getting on him to make the pinfall. Referee Trixie is there to do the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

Logan: Mobley takes another win, but this one was far closer than anyone could have anticipated!

Jones: We really saw some great moves out of Chucky Johnson here tonight. Just think, in a few months, how good this guy is going to be!

Logan: Yeah, he’s got some serious potential, that’s for sure. But for tonight, the veteran’s experience proved to be too great.

*Mobley lifts himself up onto the turnbuckle, celebrating the victory, even as Chucky painfully sits up, rubbing his head. As Chucky tries to recover, Mobley rolls out of the ring, preparing to go to the back. In the meantime, the crowd starts to boo, spotting something outside the range of the camera.*

Jones: What’s going on?

Logan: Wait, coming from the crowd… it’s Xtreme!!

Jones: Why’s he back??

*Xtreme, looking bruised and battered from his earlier match, nonetheless is intent on revenge. He comes into the ring, carrying a baseball bat and eagerly preparing to smash it over Chucky’s head! Chucky, his back turned, has no idea that he’s in danger, as Xtreme starts to move in… until Derek Mobley slides back into the ring and gets in his way!!*

Jones: What’s Mobley doing?

Logan: He’s standing up for the younger, not letting him get ambushed! Good for him!

*Mobley is in a defensive position, protecting the still-dazed Chucky, as Xtreme swings the bat back and forth, annoyed. Mobley shakes his head and says something about not allowing Xtreme to do it, and that he’ll have to go through him. This doesn’t look to be a problem for Xtreme, who raises the bat up onto his shoulder, preparing to go after the former World Champion! The fans cheer, though, as Bucky Johnson appears, leaping up onto the apron and grabbing the bat out of Xtreme’s hands!!! Xtreme, surprised, turns as Bucky cinches up the bat and takes his own swing! Unfotuntately, it’s a strike, as Xtreme drops and rolls under the swing, getting himself out of the ring instead!! Bucky, furious at the attempted assault on his brother, steps into the ring and goes to check on him, while Mobley watches Xtreme head back up the aisle.*

Jones: A disaster has been averted, thanks to Mobley and Bucky!

Logan: Yeah, that bat could have ended Chucky’s career before it even got started!

*As the brothers talk things over, Xtreme can be seen up the aisle, now with a mic in hand.*

Xtreme: After all I have taught you, you don’t understand. But I have not given up on you. I want your hardcore unleashed.

*Chucky seems to be ok, so Bucky turns back to the hardcore wrestler on the rampway. He’s pointing a finger towards Bucky.*

Xtreme: The pay-per-view is called “Blood On The Battlefield”, and I want to make sure that it lives up to the name. So I challenge you, Bucky, to a true test of hardcore. I challenge you to the “200 Light Tube Death” Match!

*The crowd is booing Xtreme, ticked off at him for trying to take out Chucky that way. But he doesn’t care. He’s made his challenge, and walks off, as the Johnson brothers (and Mobley) watch him go.*

Jones: A 200 Light Tubes Death Match? What the heck is that?

Logan: I believe that’s when your opponent has to be thrown through a stack of light tubes before he can be pinned, Jonesy, making it an extremely violent match!

Jones: Oh, man! Will Bucky agree to that, putting his own livelihood at stake to get his hands on Xtreme??

*Chucky seems to be unhappy with the match stipulation, talking to Bucky about it, but Bucky’s just wanting to go after Xtreme. Mobley has left the ring, allowing the two wrestlers to handle their own business. We fade out to a commercial break.*

*We’re back on GCWA television, where we see the Accelerator in the medical area of the arena. He’s getting his vision checked by the doctor, to make sure he doesn’t have a concussion from the kick he took. Ace angrily waves away the light, trying to concentrate on the phone call he’s making.*

The Accelerator: Look, I don’t care what the board might think. I don’t care what ANYONE thinks!! I want this done… tonight!! I want him humiliated, you understand?? So follow orders and do your damn job!!

*Ace hangs up the phone and groans, his head once again aching. The doctor sympathetically moves in.*

Doctor: Here’s an ice pack, Mr. President. Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital? I mean, a man your age…

*The Accelerator immediately reaches out and grabs the doctor by the front of his shirt.*

The Accelerator: I don’t want to hear… ANOTHER… word from you about that. You understand?

Doctor: Yes, yes sir, I’m sorry, sir!

*Ace releases the shirt and lets the doctor go. He lays back on the table, resting his eyes for a moment, as the doctor nervously gets out of the room. We go to ringside.*

Jones: Damn, get well soon, Mr. President!

Logan: I wonder who he was talking to… and who does he want humiliated tonight, Draco or Bifford?

Jones: Maybe both… and they’d deserve it, too!

Logan: Man, how far ARE you up Ace’s… oh, never mind.

Jones: Hey, I’m just a proud supporter of the GCWA, which wouldn’t be here without the Accelerator!

Logan: Well, can’t argue with that. We’ve got more to get to, so…

*“Ego” by Element Eighty hits and Mario Maurako walks out onto the stage waving an Italian Flag back and forth.*

Logan: Oh God, they let this guy back in the building this week?

Jones: Can’t we call the cops? This guy isn’t on the payroll is he?

Logan: I don’t believe so.

*Mario Maurako enters the ring and leans the Italian Flag over his left shoulder while he holds the microphone in his right hand. Mario stands in the center of the ring looking around at the GCWA fans who are not happy to see him back for a 2nd week in a row.*

Mario Maurako: I’m not going to beat around the bush here people. I came here to GCWA for one reason and one reason only. I came out here last week and made fun of Lurrr’s legacy here in GCWA and pointed out just how big of a loser he is. I told Lurrr just like I told all of you morons that I would be back here this week to call out your so called “Legend” yet again. So Lurrr if you have an ounce of dignity left in your body you will bring your ass down here and stand toe to toe with The Marvelous One.

Logan: He’s still calling out Lurrr!

Jones: But, Lurrr’s retired… wait!!

* “Cocky” by Kid Rock hits as the fans erupt anticipating Lurrr to come running down the ramp but there is nothing. A few moments pass and then Mario calls for the music to be turned off.*

Mario Maurako: Just what I thought, Lurrr apparently lost his backbone two weeks ago when he lost right here in this very ring. Lurrr you are nothing more than a coward… you know that this business passed you by years ago and the only way you were able to hold onto your spot was through backstage politics.

You’ve cheated your way through life, and you know that if you were to meet me in this ring for the first time ever, that you would be out matched in every possible way. That’s why you’re not here tonight, it has nothing to do with you not seeing the broadcast last week. Mobley or one of the other guys in the back surely has called you. You’re a coward Lurrr, you’re yellow from head to toe.

Now I’m going to come back out here again next week, but this act is getting old already Lurrr. You see the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Next week will be different, and people will get hurt if you’re not here, starting with your closest friends in the back. The dumbest thing you could do Lurrr is doubt me. I’ll be back each and every week and the beatings will get worse and worse until I destroy each and every loser in this Fisher-Price Federation.

I hope to see you next week Lurrr, and I’ll prove once and for all that you may be good, you may be great, but you’re not Marvelous.

* “Ego” by Element Eighty hits as GCWA Security start to come out from the back. Mario smiles as he approaches the sea of Security. Mario motions for them to separate and the mob does making an aisle for Mario to walk through on his way to the back.*

Logan: What an ego that man has!

Jones: And to think he said he will be back each and every week until Lurrr answers the challenge.

Logan: Lurrr I hope you were watching.

Jones: We all hope he was watching and that he will quiet Mr. Maurako.

*Mario disappears into the back, with security following him, apparently there to do their job as ‘carefully’ as possible. We leave the scene behind. Backstage, pacing the cold and empty hallway, The Lost Soul, decorated in his face paint and Intercontinental Championship Belt strides forward, looking forward to his night off. The previous weeks defending his Intercontinental Championship and fighting to a DQ with Arachne meant it was well deserved.*

* BANG *

The Lost Soul stops in his tracks, turning around and closely observing the surroundings behind him, looking to see what could have caused the bang. Oddly, a big smile appears on his face and he turns around and continues his journey down the corridor.


A rattling noise again catches the attention of The Lost Soul and he turns around, this time appearing confused as a screwdriver rolls around the hallway floor, before coming to a halt. Looking everywhere, including up at the roof, The Lost Soul takes a few steps back the way he just came.


Out of nowhere, from behind, Chris Cortez unleashes a disturbing shot to The Lost Soul’s head with a steel chair, instantly sending him tumbling to the floor, face first!!! An orchestra of booing can be heard from the arena as Cortez, with chair in hand, stands over The Lost Soul, grinning menacingly. Another vicious blow to the back causes The Lost Soul to squirm in pain. Cortez throws the chair on top of The Lost Souls back and bends down, taking a fistful of his hair and pulling his head up.*

Chris Cortez: This is what it's like when there no distractions, pretty boy.

*Speaking directly into his ear, an almost sadistic side of Cortez is slowly being revealed.*

Chris Cortez: No silly crossbreed Spanish/Mexican/Latinos for you to pin this time, oh no, it will just be you, me...

*Cortez drops his handful of hair, and The Lost Souls head thuds against the floor. Cortez stands up, but shortly finds himself bending down again to slide the Intercontinental Title from underneath the waist of The Lost Soul.*

Chris Cortez: And this little piece of gold.

*With a smile on his face, Cortez folds the belt up nicely then with some force, slams it onto the back of Lost Souls head. Staring down at him, and pacing backwards, Cortez leaves the hallway and leaves his mark on the Intercontinental Champion.*

*We fade into a scene that took place a few days earlier. We spot Derek Mobley’s Mighty Civic flying down a familiar suburban neighborhood road. Kids jump out of the way to avoid Derek’s Civic. Derek approaches the home we recognize as the place President Accelerator was at last week in an apparent recruiting visit…Derek slams on the breaks, coming to a screeching halt in front of the home. He steps out of his car and looks around…kids and parents are staring at him, Derek doesn’t like what he sees, so he locks up the Civic before leaving it behind. He walks up towards the front door and gives a couple of loud knocks…the door opens and Derek is greeted, although we can’t see who is on the other end. We cut inside as Derek is standing in a nicely furnished living room…we hear noise coming from the kitchen, as someone is in there. Derek speaks.*

Derek Mobley: Good to see ya again, bro…it’s been forever. You look like you’re keeping yourself in good shape and all…you seem to have been able to take good care of the money you earned as well…

*Derek sees a trophy case in the distance with many wrestling awards…we, however, cannot make out what they are for or where they are from.*

Derek Mobley: Look, I’m not gonna mince words here or anything…I’ve been on your end for many of these types of visits. Bottom line is, I saw the video of the recruiting visit Ace paid you last week…and, I thought I’d test the waters. It’s been far too long since you were in a wrestling ring doing what you were born to do…exciting fans around the world. Your return is long overdue…think of the possibilities…you going up against some of the GCWA greats like Draco, Bifford, The Lost Soul, Dangerous Dan…heck, we could even renew our old rivalry…that’s gotta excite you, right?

*Derek doesn’t get a response…he continues to pitch the GCWA.*

Derek Mobley: I know it all sounds a bit overwhelming right now…I mean, after all, it’s been years since you’ve entered the squared circle…so I don’t want you to feel overly pressured or that you have to make an immediate decision. I just ask that, instead of giving me the response you’ve perfected over the years…I ask that you give it some thought…weigh the options…match the pros with the cons and, then, after that…if you still want to remain retired…that’s your choice and I’ll be cool with it and won’t bother you again…so, what do you say? A definitely, maybe…that movie sucked by the way…

*The unknown wrestler emerges from the kitchen, but Derek is blocking our view of who he is…he speaks.*

Unknown Wrestler: I do appreciate you coming by. It was good to see you. But I'm not coming back.

Derek Mobley: At least think about it?

Unknown Wrestler: What's in it for me?

*Derek opens his mouth, trying to find a word, a joke... something.*

Derek Mobley: Don't you miss it?

*Derek points to the trophy case.*

Derek Mobley: Don't you miss those? Don't you miss the fans?

*There's silence.*

Unknown Wrestler: The answer is still, most likely a ‘no’…but if it'll make you feel better, I will at least give it some thought…

*Derek fist pumps.*

Unknown Wrestler: But until I find a real reason to return, I just don't see the point. So curb your enthusiasm.

Derek Mobley: Cool deal, man…that’s all I could ask for…and, by the way, Curb Your Enthusiasm is way better than Definitely, Maybe…I really gotta pick and chose my entertainment puns a bit more wisely. So…anyways, I wanted to know how big those royalty checks are you’ve been receiving, because I feel like I’m getting ripped off…

*Derek and the Unknown Wrestler begin to discuss financial dealings of a past federation as we fade back to ringside.*

Logan: Ok, this is starting to drive me crazy… who are they talking to??

Jones: Calm down, Anthony. Whoever it is, apparently they’re still not willing to come back to the GCWA at this time, anyway.

Logan: “Come back”?

Jones: Yeah, I mean, apparently both the Accelerator and Derek Mobley have a history with him. So he’d have to be GCWA, wouldn’t he?

Logan: Eh, I don’t know about that. Ace and Mobley have been around a long time in the wrestling business…

Jones: Still, I’m hoping for a great GCWA all-star. I mean, what if it’s Animal Thug or Nightmare??

Logan: I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting… damnit…

Jones: At least we’ll be entertained while doing so. Let’s go to the next match!

Minos: The next match has a 10-minute time limit, and is scheduled for one fall. Coming into the arena, he is currently undefeated in the GCWA after making his in-ring debut last week, standing 6’0” and weighing 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Jaiden Rishel!!

*”The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria plays through the speakers, with the newcomer making his way out onto the stage. There is a small percentage of CWF fans cheering for him, but the majority has already made up their mind. They aren’t giving him any respect. Rishel heads down the ramp towards the ring, taking his time. There’s no need to rush, especially when you’re as sore as he is.*

Logan: Man, what happened to Rishel? Don’t tell me he got all those injuries from his match against Johnson last week!

Jones: Rumor has it Rishel was taken into a mysterious group’s custody, during the investigation of one Gary Williams, a man Rishel has been seen hanging out with. Apparently, the interrogation got a little rough.

Logan: A ‘little’ rough? His face looks like it was put through a blender!! And for what, for being an acquaintance of someone? Where the hell are we living now, Pakistan?

Jones: Sometimes severe measures are needed for the greater good, Anthony, much as we might dislike them. Who knows what this Williams did to warrant this kind of attention? If they save an innocent life, then wouldn’t it be worth it?

Logan: Uh huh. Well, stuff like this will NEVER be ok with me, Jonesy. I just hope Rishel’s going to be able to fight here tonight!

Minos: His opponent has had multiple accolades, including reigns as the GCWA X Division Champion and the GCWA Television Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude begins to play, as the fans stand and cheer for one of their favorite long-time wrestlers in the GCWA. Santana walks out proudly, doing his usual bow before heading towards the ring. He’s looking determined here tonight.*

Logan: It’s hard to say who had a worse week, Rishel or Santana. Rishel took a beating, but Santana almost got killed. In fact, his friend was blown up with a car bomb!

Jones: You see?? Maybe that bomber was actually Gary Williams!! If they’d been able to catch him, he could have been stopped!!

Logan: *sigh* I don’t think these are related, Jonesy. They weren’t even in the same city.

Jones: Well, it’s still possible… damn terrorists…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Santana does a quick bow to Head Referee Bell, nodding to him, before turning and approaching Rishel, who seems preoccupied in the corner. As Santana approaches, though, it proves to be a sham, as Rishel suddenly spins and strikes with a sharp punch, stunning his opponent. Rishel follows up with two more strikes, before grabbing Santana’s head and taking him towards the turnbuckle, running up it, then springing back off with a tornado DDT!! Santana’s down, with Rishel immediately making the cover, wanting this one over quickly due to his condition. The referee is there… 1… 2.. and Santana kicks out with ease, having a lot left. Rishel’s already hopping back to his feet, stomping away, trying to keep Santana on the canvas. He then turns to the turnbuckle and quickly leaps onto it, before coming off with a split-legged moonsault!! He lands it perfectly, landing on Santana’s back, knocking the air from the man’s lungs. With Santana down, Rishel again turns him over and makes the cover, trying to get the ref to count as quick as possible… 1… 2… and Santana kicks out again.*

Logan: Rishel’s trying to take Santana down in record time!

Jones: Well, we don’t know the extent of his injuries, Anthony. His facial wounds might only be the tip of the iceberg.

Logan: True, which would explain why he’s trying to end things so quickly. Of course, remember, Santana was also injured this week, so for all we know, these guys are about equal right now.

*Rishel rubs a hand over his eyes, which aren’t quite as swollen as they were a few days ago. They’re still apparently bothering him, however, especially with sweat dripping into them. He pulls Santana up to his feet and kicks him in the stomach, allowing Rishel to step in and apply a double-underhook on Santana’s arms. He sets for a double-arm DDT, but Santana suddenly lifts up, causing Rishel to flip over him to the mat behind!! Rishel, well-trained, lands without injury and quickly gets up, but even as he does, Santana is leaping around towards him, landing a beautiful Pele kick!!! Rishel topples to the ground, holding his aching head, as Santana takes a moment to breath. He shakes off his aches and grabs at Rishel, pulling the smaller wrestler up and lifting him into the air, dropping him with a modified backbreaker!! Rishel writhes from the impact, trying to roll away, but Santana doesn’t let him get far, quickly jumping on top of him with a splash and making his first cover of the match… 1… 2… and Rishel gets himself out in time.*

Jones: Santana’s really seeming to be at a crossroads recently, Anthony. He was having one of his most successful runs a few months ago, but now, he’s had trouble finding any wins. He’s really been struggling to succeed.

Logan: Yeah, he’s gotten off track somehow. The problem is, in the wrestling business, losing your focus is tantamount to a free-fall.

Jones: Well, tonight, he’s got the opportunity to open his chute and stop the plunge, with a successful win over the rookie!

*Santana has Rishel back up now, chopping away at him in the corner. He’s leaving blistering welts on Rishel’s chest, probably not what the man needs after the week he’s had. Santana then pulls Rishel out of the corner and sets him, lifting him for a suplex, no, Rishel blocks it with his leg. Santana tries again, another block, and now Rishel pulls free and goes to the eyes, raking his hand across them!! Santana staggers away, blinded, with Rishel, recovering, running to the ropes and springing off of them, coming back with a springboard headscissors takedown!!! Santana hits hard, stunned, with Rishel slowly pulling himself up, massaging his aching chest. He grabs Santana before the wrestler can fully get up, turning him around and bracing him before spinning to the mat with the Hero’s Welcome!!! Santana is knocked senseless, with a confident Rishel turning over to make the official pin… 1… 2… and Santana gets his shoulder up! Rishel looks disbelievingly at the referee, then shakes his head and gets up, knowing that the action has to continue.*

Logan: Rishel’s really got a lot of potential, but then, you would expect that from someone with his blood line.

Jones: It’s not all about who his father is, Anthony. The kid’s clearly got a lot of athletic ability.

Logan: Yeah, which he got from his parents. Don’t get me wrong, I respect him having a famous father. I mean, it’s worked for other wrestlers. But he’s lucked out in a lot of ways, compared to the average wrestler, who had to work their way up through blood, sweat, and tears, always forced to compete in the worst venues in order to succeed.

Jones: Bitter much?

Logan: Maybe a little…

*Rishel is working Santana over right now, keeping him down with a rear naked choke. He seems ticked off that Santana hasn’t just given up by now, wanting the win to be his right away. But Santana’s not giving up, as he struggles against the hold, working his way back to his feet. He starts to fight his way out of it choke, but Rishel turns into him, stomping on the man’s foot! Santana is forced to drop to a knee, with Rishel again tightening his grip on him. But the dishonest maneuver seems to have an effect on Santana, as he gets pumped up, lifting himself back up so rapidly that he picks up Rishel onto his back!! Rishel, with nowhere to go, decides to change himself up just slightly, changing the hold into a sleeper! But Santana’s already moving, rushing backwards into the corner, slamming Rishel into the ‘buckles!! Rishel slumps in the corner, releasing the hold, with Santana then turning and grabbing Rishel by the head, running out of the corner with a bulldog!! Santana then makes the attempt at ending things… 1… 2… but Rishel refuses to stay down!*

Logan: We’re seeing another evenly-based competition, on a night that’s been full of them so far!

Jones: Yep, I gotta say, we’ve got an impressive group of talent building up here nowadays, with any of them having the opportunity to be a champion soon!

Logan: Santana’s been there multiple times, but you know he’d love to be there again. As for Rishel, a title win would be just the thing to take hold to his dad to show off!

*Santana gets himself back up, already having decided on his next course of action. He moves around Rishel, who is struggling to get up, and grabs his leg, twisting it into his ankle lock submission!! Rishel’s immediately in trouble, trying to pull himself away before Santana can grapevine the leg. He pulls himself desperately towards the ropes, scrambling for an escape, as Santana cinches in the hold, wringing the man’s ankle all the way around!! Head Referee Bell is there, checking to see if Rishel can withstand the pain or not. The newcomer is shaking his head furiously, not giving up, although he’s definitely in a great deal of pain. Still, he’s not slowing down, still scratching and clawing at the mat to get himself the extra few inches he needs. His last lunge is successful, as he gets a grip on the bottom rope, forcing the break. Santana, of course, quickly complies with the order, already looking for his next move in order to put Rishel away.*

Logan: Submission holds like that are especially brutal, as, even though Rishel’s free now, he’s still going to be feeling like his leg is in a vice for the rest of the night.

Jones: I’m sure the pain is excruciating. But if he wants to be a star in the GCWA, he needs to shake it off and stay competitive!

Logan: Spoken like a true wrestling announcer who’s never been there, Jonesy. It’s not that easy to shake off.

Jones: Hey, I see wrestlers do it all the time!

Logan: We certainly ‘pretend’ that it’s not bothering us. But trust me, it still is.

*Santana has brought Rishel back up and lifts him into the air, getting a short running powerslam to land! He stays on top, as Head Referee Bell steps in for the count… 1… 2… but Rishel manages to kick out again. Santana pushes himself back up, nodding his head in respect before moving to the side. He stomps his foot once, the sign of an oncoming Sensei-Tion!! He runs forward, lashing out into the kick… and Rishel immediately dives forward at the perfect moment, clipping Santana’s grounded leg!!! Santana spins to the mat with a yell, his arms immediately grabbing at his injured leg, which might have just been overextended. He rolls on the canvas, in agony, with Head Referee Bell, shocked, coming over as if thinking about calling the match. But Rishel won’t hear of it, shoving Bell aside and pulling the injured Santana up, before snapping him back down with the Delirium Trigger!!! Santana is down, with Rishel dragging himself over to the corner and climbing up. With one motion, Rishel’s airborne, coming down with the No World For Tomorrow!!! He lands precisely on target, flattening Santana, as the ref does his job and makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Jaiden Rishel!!

Logan: What a dirty move from Rishel!! He might have broken Santana’s leg with that move!!

Jones: Hey, good or bad, it was a hell of a strategy by the young man! He apparently was just waiting for Santana to try his finisher, and used it against him!

Logan: I still don’t like it… I mean, the kid’s a great competitor, does he have to resort to stuff like that??

Jones: Once again, though, Anthony, Rishel just got himself another victory, leaving him undefeated in the GCWA. Santana, well, hopefully he’ll be ok.

*Santana is still down and over in the corner now, working on his aching leg. Rishel doesn’t seem very remorseful, as he’s celebrating the victory, making sure that Head Referee Bell lifts his hand a few times (instead of going to check on Santana). He turns to leave the ring… and then “Mental Health” by Zebrahead begins to play! The fans are suddenly cheering as they look towards the entryway.*

Logan: Hey… Hey, it’s the GCWA Unified X Division Champion!!

Jones: Crazy Chris is scheduled to wrestle Draco here in a few minutes, why’s he coming out now??

*Rishel, puzzled, steps down out of the ring, looking towards where Crazy Chris has appeared on the stage. Santana is also watching, albeit painfully from the corner where he’s trying to stand. Chris gives a short ‘golf clap’ applause for Rishel, before bringing the mic up to his lips.*

Crazy Chris: Nice match, guys, a real classic. I knew you two could deliver.

Logan: He’s out here… to praise them?

Jones: Hang on, Anthony, I’m sure there’s a lot more to this…

*Crazy Chris takes a quick walk along the stage, speaking as he goes.*

Crazy Chris: I watched this match pretty closely, to see what the two of you have to offer. Robert, you and I have fought before, so I know what you’re made of. Jaiden, you’re a new quantity, but I feel like I have a good read on how you work as well. Both of you have talent. But are both of you competition for me? That’s the question.

*Rishel appears to take offense, shouting a few curse words Chris’ way. Santana’s too busy with his injured leg to get too riled up.*

Crazy Chris: Y’see, Ace decided to give me the honor of choosing my opponents and my match for defending the GCWA Unified X Division Title. Well, I’ve thought about it, and after what I just saw… you guys are it.

*The crowd cheers, loving the bravery of Crazy Chris as he’s calling out his opponents. But Crazy Chris isn’t done yet. *

Crazy Chris: As for the match type, I did some research. The X Division Title has been held by some ‘greats’, including the man I retired, Lurrr. But none of them have had the guts to take the title and put it where it deserves to be.

Jones: What’s he talking about?

Logan: Shhh!

*Rishel and Santana are both listening more intently now, as Crazy Chris stops moving and stares over at them.*

Crazy Chris: There’s a match that just deserves to be on GCWA pay-per-view. A match that deserves the honor of the Unified X Division Title defended at it. A match that has not been done before for this belt. It’s a match that takes a crazy person to want it… a man like me.

*Crazy Chris smiles as the crowd cheers for him one more time.*

Crazy Chris: At Blood on the Battlefield IV, it’ll be Crazy Chris… vs. Jaiden Rishel… vs. Robert Santana… for the GCWA Unified X Division Title… in Ultimate X!!!

*The crowd goes wild, even as Chris drops his mic and turns, walking away. Both Rishel and Santana look stunned at the announcement, and the match that awaits them at Blood on the Battlefield.*

Jones: Ultimate X is coming to the GCWA!!!

Logan: YES!!! That’s going to be a show stealer for sure, especially with these three young athletes involved!!

*Rishel can be seen glaring over at Santana, possibly considering whether it’d be worth his while to try to injure the leg some more. Santana’s returning his glare, alert, ready to defend himself. Rishel then shakes his head and leaves the ring, even as we fade out to a break.*

*We return from the break and come back to the announce table, joining Jones and Logan in mid-conversation.*

Jones: I just hope the President is alright. It’d be a tragedy if we were to lose him!

Logan: He took a widdle bump to the head, Jonesy. I think he’ll be ok.

Jones: I know, but… oh, we’re back? Oh, uh, hi, GCWA fans!

Logan: Nice cover… welcome back, guys. We’ve got our main event still to come, and it’s going to be great, so let’s…

*”Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys hits the speakers, getting the fans on their feet.*

Jones: What?

Logan: Hey, it’s the House of Pain! We’re getting an encore visit from Derek Mobley!

Jones: We saw him earlier in a triumphant victory, but I guess he has a little more for us!

*The fans cheer loudly as the House of Pain members walk out and head towards the ring, both men smiling at what’s to come. They get inside, with Mobley quickly getting a mic from Minos, so that he can speak to the crowd.*

Derek Mobley: First off, Chucky, good match, man…you really pushed me here tonight and if you keep working at it, I have no doubt you’ll be a star in GCWA.

*The fans give an ovation for Chucky’s debut performance. Derek waits for it to end before speaking again.*

Derek Mobley: Now, down to business…Marcus Ka’Derrion…

*The fans boo when they hear Ka’Derrion’s name.*

Derek Mobley: Marcus, Warrick and I did everything in our power to coerce you into accepting my challenge last week. I have to give credit where it is due, you stood your ground, stuck by your word and declined each and every time. Having said that, I, too, am a man of my word and this will continue…week in and week out until you grant me my rematch. Now, we’ve taken it easy on you tonight…figured that you might be seeing things a bit more clearly this week. So, I’m giving you this opportunity to come out answer and accept my challenge…and, if you don’t, well the shenanigans will continue immediately…

*Derek folds his arms, waiting patiently for Marcus to emerge. “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park hits the PA and the fans start to boo as Marcus makes his way out from the back. Marcus has a mic in hand, he speaks.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Well, I certainly appreciate you ‘taking it easy’ on me this week.

*The fans boo Ka’Derrion’s sarcastic remark.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I have had some time to re-think the challenge…and, you’re right, I am seeing things differently than before. In fact, I’m seeing things really clearly now…I will have a match at Blood on the Battlefield. I can’t sit back and let people make a mockery like you guys did last Friday and get away with it…hell no. So, at Blood on the Battlefield it will be Marcus Ka’Derrion against…

*The fans are cheering wildly for Marcus accepting the challenge.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Warrick Hill…

*The cheers die into sudden silence. Derek, who was previously smiling, has a shocked look on his face. Marcus has sucked the life out of the crowd. Derek’s look of shock turns to a look of confusion…we see the curtain behind Marcus tossed aside as Warrick Hill emerges. He walks by Marcus, staring him down, Marcus stares back. Warrick quickly reaches the ring and enters…he talks with Derek. Derek hands Warrick the mic.*

Warrick Hill: What the hell, man? I don’t want to wrestle you…that wasn’t my challenge to accept, it was Derek’s…are you full blown or mildly retarded?

*Marcus shakes his head.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Say what you want…but I’ve made up my mind. Warrick, I will face you, and nobody else, at Blood on the Battlefield. And, if…IF Warrick can beat me, then, Derek, maybe we’ll get serious about that rematch.

*Macus drops the mic and turns around, heading backstage…Derek and Warrick stand there confused.*

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion just changed up everything!

Logan: Yeah, we thought we were getting the epic rematch of Ka’Derrion vs. Mobley, but now, it appears we’re getting Ka’Derrion vs. Hill!

Jones: I mean, Hill’s definitely no slouch in the wrestling department, but it was Mobley who badly wanted the rematch. Now, if Hill can’t win at Blood on the Battlefield IV, Mobley gets denied!!

Logan: The House of Pain just got quaked!

*Mobley and Hill start discussing things in the ring, with Hill still shaking his head. Neither looks very pleased how their ‘challenge’ has worked out. We leave ringside and head to a quick commercial.*

*We come back to a shot of Crazy Chris as he walks down the hallway, still strutting after his stunning announcement earlier. He gets to his locker room and heads in.*

Crazy Chris: Hey, Dan? You here?

Dangerous Dan: I’m back here.

*Crazy Chris finds his brother, Dangerous Dan, still watching the live GCWA broadcast. He doesn’t get up as Chris comes in.*

Crazy Chris: Have you seen my cell phone? I was going to make a call before my match, but I’m almost out of time.

Dangerous Dan: No idea.

*Dan seems a little less enthused than usual. Chris notices it, but he’s also got a lot on his mind now.*

Crazy Chris: Did you see the announcement? I’m going to be in Ultimate X! Once I defend my title there, I’ll have all the respect I could want!

Dangerous Dan: That’s great. Just… great.

*Chris gives up on his cell phone, as he looks back at Dan.*

Crazy Chris: Are you ok, bro?

Dangerous Dan: I’m fine.

*It’s not very convincing, but Chris has no time to worry about it. He says goodbye and heads out to get to his match. Dangerous Dan then reaches over and presses a button, rewinding to the Crazy Chris announcement. He starts watching it again, not moving. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Wow, Dangerous Dan seemed to be in a funk, didn’t he?

Logan: Yeah, no idea what that’s about. I mean, he’s had a rough couple of months, but I think he’ll pull out of it.

Jones: Surely so. Well, we’re ready for our main event, as Crazy Chris is on his way, so let’s go to the ring!

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening. This match will be a “Non-Title Champion vs. Champion” Match!

*The crowd is psyched, and ready to see it all go down.*

Minos: Introducing first, he is a multi-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion and GCWA Television Champion, now continuing his strong reign in another division, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, representing the Danger Boiz, here is Crazy Chris!

*The fans are screaming loudly as Crazy Chris comes out to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead. He raises the belt over his head, energized by the cheers. He then jogs down to the ring, instantly ready to compete against the best and brightest.*

Logan: I wonder who Crazy Chris was trying to call before the match? His mom, maybe?

Jones: Who knows. I mean, it’s his own personal space, after all. I’d rather talk about Chris’ challenge earlier to Jaiden Rishel and Robert Santana!

Logan: Hell yeah! An Ultimate X Match! It’s going to be a wild one for sure! Really, Crazy Chris has set himself up in a risky match, as it only takes one person getting across that rope to win.

Jones: Crazy Chris can be called a lot of things, but “safe” is not one of them. He’s always been willing to put it all out there for the thrill of competition!

Minos: His opponent is currently in the midst of one of the longest reigns in GCWA history… standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… “The Hellacious One” Draco!

*Draco steps out to “Indestructible” by Disturbed, with a large crowd ovation awaiting him. He has the World Title strapped around his waist as he comes down the aisle, set on getting himself another victory here tonight.*

Jones: Booooo!

Logan: Geez, Jonesy, we’re supposed to be unbiased, remember? And yes, I know how silly that is for me to say that, but still…

Jones: This is the guy who turned the Big Bifford against the President, and injured him! He should have that belt stripped!

Logan: Yeah, well, what’s done is done. Now Draco needs to focus on the match at hand, as he’s got a serious competitor waiting to go toe-to-toe with the champ!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Remember, no belts are on the line. This one’s all about respect!

Logan: Oh, crap…

Jones: Have a problem with ‘respect’ there, Anthony?

Logan: No, I just noticed that Rockwell is the referee here… and Rockwell works for Ace!

Jones: Ummm, all the refs work for the President…

Logan: You know what I mean!!

*Draco’s noticed the referee, too, and he’s giving him a serious look of contemplation. Referee Rockwell is stone-faced as he signals for the match to begin. Draco watches him a second longer, then turns… and Crazy Chris is racing in against the distracted wrestler, flying in with a splash!! Chris takes Draco down and immediately begins punching away at his head, intent on getting the early advantage!! Draco tries to push him off, but Chris has all the leverage, landing several good shots that leave the World Champion dazed. Chris then pulls Draco back up and whips him into the ropes, waiting for him to return and leap-frogging over him. As Draco comes back, Chris drops to his back and puts his feet up, causing Draco to fly through the air with a monkey flip!! Draco lands hard, stunned, with Crazy Chris getting back up and coming over to drop a leg across the back of his neck!! Chris then rolls Draco over and makes the quick cover… 1… 2.. and Draco is able to kick out.*

Jones: For someone who’s biased, that was a pretty fair count from Rockwell, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah… maybe he’s going to play it straight this time. I hope so, because this could be a really historic match!

*Crazy Chris has Draco back on his feet again, hammering on him a few times in the corner before bringing him out. Chris then lifts the smaller Draco onto his shoulders, preparing for an FU! But Draco fights free with a couple of elbows, managing to get his feet back on the ground. He then grabs the stunned Chris and spins him around, dropping him with a diamond cutter!! Draco rolls over and makes the cover, but Chris is already kicking out before Rockwell can even get in position, with a lot of energy left. Draco, not surprised, brings Chris back up and takes him to the corner, throwing him head-first into the buckle. Draco then lifts Chris up onto the turnbuckle and goes up with him, preparing him for a super belly-to-back suplex off the top!! He sets Chris and starts to lift, but Chris readjusts on the way down, turning himself around and landing on top of the World Champion!!! Draco’s crushed, with Rockwell sliding in to make the count for the X Division Champ… 1… 2… Draco barely makes it out in time!*

Jones: A close fall there for Crazy Chris, who is really doing well in this one!

Logan: The World Champion might be a little off his game, after what happened earlier with Bifford and Ace. Still, he needs to get his focus back if he wants any chance of beating Crazy Chris.

Jones: Yeah, Chris hasn’t lost since January, including his triumphant retirement victory over Lurrr! He’s a hot commodity now, so hopefully Draco wasn’t underestimating him!

*Referee Rockwell steps back and watches as Crazy Chris pulls Draco over to the ropes, positioning him just right. Chris then steps to the outside and gets to the apron, preparing to springboard over with a senton splash! He flips over… and Draco gets his knees up, giving Chris a rude landing!! Crazy Chris rolls away, aching, while Draco works to recover himself. He grabs at the ropes and pulls himself up, shaking his head for a second to clear it. As Crazy Chris gets to his feet, Draco moves in, landing a couple of shots before whipping Chris into, no, it’s reversed and Draco goes to the corner instead. Crazy Chris runs after him, but Draco is able to spring back towards him with the Light’s Out!!! He lands it, knocking the Unified X Division Champion to the mat with a heavy landing!! After a few seconds, Draco rolls over and makes the cover, hoping that one of his top maneuvers will be enough. Rockwell’s there… and he attacks Draco, stomping away on him!!!!!*

Jones: What the hell??

Logan: You son of a bitch!! I knew it!!

Jones: Why is he doing this?? Referees don’t attack people!!

Logan: Rockwell’s under Ace’s flag, and he’s a former wrestler, so he’ll do whatever he wants!!

*Draco, not ready for the assault, seems out of it as Rockwell pulls him up, setting him for the Rock Bottom!!! Draco fights back, trying to get free, but it’s too late, as Rockwell lifts him in the air and plants him in the ring!!! Draco’s out on his back, stunned, as Rockwell gets back to his feet, straightens out his outfit, and then signals to the recovering Crazy Chris to make the cover!!*

Logan: Damnit, he’s giving the win to Chris, to humiliate Draco!! He’s the one Ace called earlier!!

Jones: You can’t know that!! He might be doing this on his own, out of respect to the President!

Logan: Whatever, Jonesy, this is a set-up, pure and simple!

*Crazy Chris is back on his feet now, looking a little bit thrown off. He sees Rockwell once again gesture impatiently for him to make the cover. He steps forward towards the two men, about to get down on Draco… but then changes his mind, instead kicking the surprised Rockwell, then picking him up and delivering the Crazy Bitch!!!!*

Logan: Whoa!! Chris wouldn’t take the free win, he took out Rockwell instead!!

Jones: Why’d he do that?? He’s going to be fined for sure!!

Logan: I don’t think Chris really cares right now, Jonesy!

*Chris watches as Rockwell painfully rolls out of the ring, badly stunned. He’s out of the contest. Meanwhile, GCWA security members seem to be coming down to the ring, for what purpose is unknown. At the same time, Draco is pulling himself back to his feet, dazed and a little out of it. He sees Chris staring out at security and makes the wrong connection, deciding that Chris is working for Ace. He moves in, spinning Chris around and picks him up, going for the Inner Rage!! But Draco’s lightheadedness and Chris’ own fighting foils the maneuver, causing Chris to land back on his feet! Chris then locks up Draco and lifts him instead, landing another Crazy Man’s Bitch!!!! The World Champion is out, with Crazy Chris instinctively falling on top for the cover. Thankfully, Head Referee Bell is running in, as he slides in and makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner of the Champion vs. Champion Match… Crazy Chris!!

Jones: Crazy Chris gets another huge victory!!

Logan: Yeah, but it was all put into motion by Rockwell!!

Jones: Do you see Rockwell anywhere around now? Crazy Chris did his finisher on his own!

Logan: I’ll give him credit for the win, but damn, this could have been such a great match!! I hope these two face again soon, with Rockwell kept far away from it!

*Crazy Chris raises his arms triumphantly, although he doesn’t seem as pumped as he normally would be. Behind him, security has quickly come into the ring. They grab Draco’s arm and pull him over to the ropes, handcuffing him! The Head of GCWA Security, Reed M. Shin, steps in, raising a nightstick in his hand.*

Logan: This is going too far!!

Jones: This is what you call payback, Anthony! No one can lay their hands… or feet… on the President without consequences!

*Crazy Chris, seeing this, starts back towards the ring, but security is holding him back. Meanwhile, Shin raises the nightstick in the air, watching as Draco straightens up, realizing his predicament. Draco seems to dare Shin to do it, but Shin knows what’s been asked of him. He rears back and swings, smashing Draco in the side of the head!! Draco slumps to the ground, as Shin throws the nightstick away, having gotten in the shot he wanted.*

Jones: There you go, an eye for an eye!

Logan: This is just terrible…

*Chris doesn’t look pleased, but he has no way of getting back. But it appears security is done. They turn and leave the ring, leaving Draco hanging from his handcuffs. They also let Chris go, allowing the Unified X Division Champion to run into the ring and check on the man.*

Logan: Our World Champion just got laid out! What a horrible night for him!

Jones: Yep, a terrible night, just like it was for the President!

Logan: Look, we’re out of time… let’s just… get out of here…

*As Crazy Chris works on the handcuffs, trying to release them, Draco’s face can be seen, with a small layer of blood starting to come out from where he was hit. The shot ‘shifts’, becoming a television monitor, as we’re backstage once again. Watching what just happened is The Big Bifford. He simply watches, not making any motion to head towards ringside. He knows that his competition just took a serious hit. The question is, what does he do next? We slowly fade out as he ponders the shot of the World Champion, bleeding.*

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