GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are already screaming their heads off, cheering every eruption of pyro along the stage, as the show begins. We see signs in the crowd ranging from “I’m Xtreme too!” to “Lurrr = Hall of Fame!!!” We fly over the fans and head to ringside, joining up with Edward Jones and Anthony “Lightning” Logan.*

Jones: Good evening, all, and welcome to another great night of wrestling action! You’ve tuned in to the best company in the entire wrestling world, Friday Night Inferno!

Logan: Way to promote the product, Jonesy! Awesome!

Jones: Umm, thanks. Well, Anthony, we’re set for some top-notch matches tonight, including our main event, which is pitting two young stars against each other for a #1 contendership!

Logan: Yeah, both Chris Cortez and Dangerous Dan have been strong wrestlers for the company, with Dan actually being the veteran in this contest, at least as far as the GCWA goes.

Jones: Whichever one wins tonight will go on to Blood on the Battlefield IV as the #1 Contender to the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship, currently held by The Lost Soul!

Logan: Both are deserving of that honor, but only one will manage to get their hands on it. But that’s not all we’ve got tonight. We’ve got several wrestlers making their debuts in the ring, we’ve got an epic clash between old rivals Arachne and TLS, and… well…

Jones: Go ahead, Anthony… read it.

Logan: *sigh* And we’ve got the tribute to Lurrr.

Jones: That’s right, and it is a very deserving honor. Last week, Lurrr lost a “Career” Match to the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris. Tonight, we’re going to remember his greatest moments, with a video tribute later in the night.

Logan: It still seems strange, thinking that Lurrr won’t be wrestling here anymore. I mean, he’s been here since we reopened!

Jones: Yep, but everyone’s time passes eventually, Anthony.

Logan: But that’s later on tonight. Right now, I’m feeling the need for some wrestling entertainment!

Jones: Then that means it’s time to send it to our broadcast ally, Minos, to kick things off!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Entering the arena, he is making his debut in the GCWA here tonight, thanks to family ties… standing 6’0” and weighing 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Jaiden Rishel!

*”The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria leads the way out for Rishel, who walks with a confident strut out of the back. The fans don’t know what to make of him yet, although some ‘anti-CWF’ boos can be heard. Rishel just looks excited to be there, though, ignoring any negativity coming from the crowd.*

Jones: Isn’t this exciting, Anthony? We’ve got a second-generation superstar here!

Logan: Does J. Rish count as an actual wrestler? I mean, I know he’s the owner of the CWF…

Jones: He also has multiple title reigns to his credit, Anthony, so I think it counts. What matters, though, is will Jaiden be able to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a household name?

Logan: Well, he already had an impact on Philly, doing some community service work there along with his new friend, Gary. Of course, he also smoked some marijuana with him, which should show up on any random drug testing.

Jones: Do you really think Rishel will ever have to take a drug test, Anthony? I mean, with his father?

Logan: True.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA X Division Champion, and is seeking his next victory here tonight, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*The fans give a warmer reception for Johnson as “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem plays. Johnson walks out of the back, shaking the kinks out of his arms on the way down. He’s got bandages covering his back, where he was cut up last week, but he’s seemingly moving fine towards the ring.*

Jones: I heard that Bucky’s brother, Chucky Johnson, is in the building, and is hoping to get a contract signed with the GCWA tonight.

Logan: So there’s a risk that we’re going to have a tag-team called Bucky & Chucky?

Jones: Either that, or Johnson & Johnson.

Logan: Eh, I think the CWF already did that one.

Jones: What really matters tonight is if Bucky is suffering from any additional pain after the assault last week from Xtreme laid him out.

Logan: Yeah, Xtreme did a number on him alright, but Bucky’s back and still ready to fight, just like a true wrestler.

*The Bell Rings.*

*With referee Mitchell telling the two wrestlers to go at it, Rishel finishes stretching on the ropes and comes over towards the center, with Johnson meeting him. There’s a definite size difference, with Johnson looking down on Rishel with a grin. Rishel doesn’t seem intimidated, as he backhands Johnson across the jaw! Johnson shakes it off quickly and angrily reaches for Rishel, but the quicker wrestler ducks under his grasp and gets behind Bucky, nailing him with multiple forearms to the spine! Johnson staggers in pain, then tries to turn and takes a quick swing that sails over the ducking Rishel’s head. The newcomer then grabs Johnson while he’s off-balance and takes him over with a reverse swinging neckbreaker! Johnson, stunned, fights to get back to his feet, even as Rishel hops up and runs to the ropes, springing himself into the air and coming back towards Johnson with a springboard headscissors takedown!! The crowd is starting to get excited, even as Rishel makes a pin attempt… 1… 2.. and Johnson’s able to shove Rishel off.*

Jones: Rishel’s off to a pretty good start to his GCWA career, as he’s showing the experience he’s gained by growing up in the business!

Logan: Yeah, I’ll admit that he’s got some moves. I’m glad to see he’s not just a spoiled rich kid who got in because of his father.

Jones: Well, I mean, he DID get signed because of a deal between the Accelerator and J. Rish, but he’s going to try and prove that he would have gotten signed eventually.

Logan: Let’s just see if he can keep it up, Jonesy.

*Rishel has Johnson up now, tossing him into the corner. As Johnson slumps over into a sitting position, Rishel backs away, sizing up his opponent. He runs forward and leaps, landing a hesitation dropkick!! With Johnson in trouble, Rishel gets up and grabs the man’s legs, dragging him out of the corner to allow for another pin attempt… 1… 2… but Johnson kicks out, keeping the match going. Rishel looks a little surprised, but he decides not to let it slow him down. He heads to the turnbuckle instead, climbing up, even as Johnson starts to rise to his feet. As Johnson staggers and turns around towards him, Rishel takes flight, going for a flying splash! But Johnson catches Rishel in mid-air, then immediately shifts Rishel up onto his shoulders, turning it into a torture rack maneuver!! Rishel’s in agony, his back getting stretched across Johnson’s broad shoulders, as referee Mitchell moves in to check on a submission. But Johnson only keeps the hold on for a few more seconds before dropping, turning it into a sit-out backbreaker rack drop!! Rishel falls hard to the mat, with Johnson managing to get around to make the cover… 1… 2… Rishel kicks out!*

Logan: That one gets Johnson back into this fight! The dude’s got a lot of power!

Jones: Definitely, although he’s also pretty fast for his size too, being able to readjust to catch Rishel that way.

Logan: Yeah, Johnson fought a similar opponent a few weeks ago in Warrick Hill, and got the ‘upset’ victory over the veteran. Johnson’s also got wins over guys like Harvey Danger and Marcus Ka’Derrion, showing that he knows how to battle a speedy competitor.

*Johnson has gotten back to his feet, although he’s clearly still feeling the effects from his injured back. Nonetheless, the big wrestler hauls Rishel to his feet and gets him from behind, lifting him up and landing a bubba bomb! Rishel, his spine vibrating painfully from the maneuver, tries to roll to the ropes for a break, but Johnson cuts him off, dragging Rishel back. Rishel, though, turns himself over and kicks Johnson in the chest, managing to push away from him and do a roll, allowing him to get to his feet. Johnson immediately tries to run at Rishel, swiping his arm at him, but Rishel’s able to trip him up, sending Johnson into a guillotine drop onto the middle rope!! Johnson, gasping for air, struggles to his feet with a hand wrapped tight around his windpipe. Before Bucky can turn around, Rishel reaches up and yanks him backwards, locking him into a modified dragon sleeper!! Johnson, now being tilted backwards, struggles to find a way to escape, even as referee Mitchell moves in.*

Jones: I believe Rishel calls this The Suffering!

Logan: I think it’s going to live up to its name, Jonesy! He’s got that submission hold locked in!

Jones: Yes, but Bucky’s not that far from the ropes, he just needs to work his feet over a few inches!

*It appears that Johnson knows his position as well, as he half-crab walks himself closer to the ropes, with Rishel, realizing his mistake, trying to pull him back. But Johnson manages to kick one foot out, hitting the bottom rope, causing the referee to signal for the break. Instead of just dropping it, though, Rishel turns it into a dragon DDT, banging Johnson’s head off the canvas! Rishel then makes the cover, but Johnson’s feet are still in the ropes. After Referee Mitchell tells him, Rishel, annoyed, grabs Johnson’s legs to pull them back, allowing for the count… 1… 2… and Johnson kicks out in time! Rishel angrily curses, before getting both men back up. He lands a couple of shots to Johnson’s chin, working to keep him stunned, and then runs to the ropes. As Rishel comes back, though, Johnson shifts position, catching the rookie and spinning him around with a desperation spinebuster!! Rishel’s down, but Johnson doesn’t have enough to cover him, instead taking the time to recuperate.*

Logan: While Rishel’s having a pretty good match, I’m seeing signs of his inexperience, Jonesy.

Jones: Hey, it takes time, Anthony. Everyone has to start out somewhere, even if it’s the opening match.

*With Referee Mitchell watching both men, they slowly work their way up, with Johnson taking control with a knee to Rishel’s gut. He then double-underhooks Rishel and lifts him into the air, getting a powerbomb maneuver!! Johnson tiredly makes the cover, the strain of the match showing pretty clearly. Mitchell’s there… 1… 2… and Rishel’s able to get his shoulder off the canvas, stopping the count. Johnson’s eyes close for a second out of frustration, but he shakes it off and gets up, bringing Rishel with him. He takes Rishel over to the corner and slams him headfirst into the top ‘buckle, stunning him. Johnson then turns himself around and grabs Rishel under the armpits, lifting him for an attempt at a razor’s edge!! But Rishel manages to get his feet partially on the ‘buckle as he’s lifted up, allowing him to push off and get high enough to come over Johnson’s shoulders, reversing the move into a hurricanrana!! Both wrestlers are down again, breathing heavily, as the referee stands nearby, debating when to start a 10 count.*

Jones: For an opening match, this one’s actually been pretty competitive!

Logan: The new talent initiative is really starting to show, as these two guys are really showing that they deserve to be here!

Jones: Yes, but which one deserves the win?

*Rishel is the first one up, his side apparently bothering him. It doesn’t stop him from stepping over towards Johnson, who is also trying to get up. As Rishel grabs Johnson to pull him to his feet, Johnson responds, landing a surprise uppercut that knocks Rishel backwards. Johnson then gets up and grabs at Rishel, lifting him up for a suplex, no, Rishel reverses it enough to land on his feet behind Johnson! He grabs the surprised wrestler from behind and drops with a backstabber!! The additional pain to Johnson’s already injured back causes him to yell out before collapsing to the side, laying on his stomach. Rishel’s already getting himself back up, heading over to the nearby turnbuckle and climbing up. As Johnson rolls himself back over, as if to try to sit up, Rishel leaps off of the turnbuckle and flies down with the No World For Tomorrow!!!! Rishel corkscrews down and lands the 360 shooting star press perfectly, landing directly onto Johnson!!! Referee Mitchell is there to count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Jaiden Rishel!

Jones: Rishel wins his first match, and it’s over a former X Division Champion!

Logan: Very impressive debut for the kid, I gotta admit, I’m excited about him now!

Jones: Johnson, unfortunately, just was in too much pain, I think, from the assault from last week. It worked against him here tonight.

Logan: Yeah, give partial credit to Xtreme, he definitely had an effect on this one.

*Rishel looks pretty pleased with himself as he gets his hand raised by Referee Mitchell. He turns and exits the ring, leaving behind the recovering Johnson, who watches him go with disappointment in his eyes. We go backstage where a car is spotted pulling into the GCWA parking garage. The windows are down and “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park is blaring out from the car stereo…behind the steering wheel we spot Marcus Ka’Derrion. Ka’Derrion pulls into an empty parking space, as he does, a loud ‘POP’ sound is heard…Ka’Derrion reacts with surprise, he turns the radio down, places the car in park, shuts off the engine and hops out. He looks down and sees that he ran over a track of spikes, popping both his front tires. Ka’Derrion curses under his breath and clinches his fist…as he does, snickering can be heard in the background. Ka’Derrion turns around and sees Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill standing near an entrance into the arena.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I should’ve known you guys were behind this…really mature.

Derek Mobley: Oh, this coming from the guy who’s jamming to his own entrance theme while driving to the arena? Get over yourself, mark.

Warrick Hill: Hehe, I like what you did there, shortening his name without permission.

Derek Mobley: No, Warrick…it’s a term. ‘Mark’ is what you call a wrestler who buys into his hype just a little too much.

*Warrick nods, not really understanding what Derek explained to him, then again, not really caring either. Warrick lights up a cigarette and starts to puff on it as both he and Derek stare at the visibly upset Marcus Ka’Derrion.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Funny, coming from the guy who basically took his ball and went home after losing to me last year…

*This comment seems to hit a little too close to home for Mobley…he nods as his smile dissipates. Ka’Derrion pops open his trunk, grabs his bags and heads towards the entrance. Warrick moves and stands on the other side of the door…the door is now covered on both sides by Derek and Warrick. Marcus shows no hesitation…as he reaches the door, Mobley sticks his hand out, stopping Marcus in his footsteps.*

Derek Mobley: Listen, Marcus…don’t make this hard on yourself…you want those tires fixed…you want this to stop? Then accept my challenge…Derek Mobley versus Marcus Ka’Derrion at Blood on the Battlefield…it’s that simple…I mean, hell, it’s not like you have anything better to do…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Once again, you seem to hold some misplaced sense of value in a challenge from Derek Mobley…I don’t think you’re getting it…I don’t want to wrestle you, I’ve already beaten you…there’s simply no challenge for me to accept.

*Marcus shoves Derek’s hand out of the way and powers his way through the door, bumping shoulders with Warrick. Warrick turns to follow Marcus, Derek stops him.*

Warrick Hill: What? Dude, let’s go kick his ass!

Derek Mobley: Nah, we don’t have to…the guy’s going to accept, we just have to change his mind, that’s all.

Warrick Hill: Alright, fine…guess I should start preparing for my match.

Derek Mobley: Yea, you might want to put that cigarette out, not exactly the best cardio strategy.

Warrick Hill: Don’t worry, I’ve got a bottle of whiskey in the locker room, I’ll be fine.

*Derek looks confused, Warrick looks confident, they head back inside the arena, as we head to commercial.*

*We return from the break in the backstage area, where we see “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson walking down the hallway. He rubs his aching back and goes into his locker room, where his brother, Chucky Johnson, is waiting.*

Chucky Johnson: Hey, Bucky. Sorry about what happened out there, I thought you had him for sure.

Bucky Johnson: It’s ok, Chucky, you take the good with the bad sometimes. I just wish my back wasn’t killing me before hand, I think I could have taken him. This is all Xtreme’s fault.

*Chucky nods, freely agreeing with his brother.*

Chucky Johnson: I got my official contract delivered today, so now I’m part of the roster.

Bucky Johnson: That’s great! That means you can help me later.

Chucky Johnson: With what?

Bucky Johnson: You’ll see soon enough. C’mon, let’s go prepare.

*The two brothers head off, with Bucky leading the way. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: I wonder what Bucky’s got planned for tonight?

Logan: Odds are we’ll find out soon enough. I will say that his brother looks to be in excellent shape. Maybe their tag-team will really take off.

Jones: It’s really been a show of debuts, as we’ve already had Rishel win his first match and Chucky get signed a GCWA contract. And now, up next, we have Xtreme’s first match!

Logan: The GCWA is undergoing some changes, Jonesy. It’ll be cool to see where they go.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be fought under “Triple Threat” rules! First, coming down the aisle, he is appearing in his first match in the GCWA here tonight, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!*

*Xtreme comes out to “Give It All” by Rise Against, immediately getting booed heavily by the fans. They haven’t forgotten his brutal assault on Bucky Johnson from last week. The man is pushing a cart down the aisleway, which is apparently full of weapons of every shape and size. He brings it down to the side of the ring, parking it there, even as Referee Rockwell leans out of the ring to talk to him about the illegal implements.*

Jones: Xtreme seemed pretty dead-set about teaching the GCWA all about hardcore this week.

Logan: Yeah, but this match isn’t scheduled like that, Jonesy. It’s supposed to be a regular match, which includes disqualifications. If Xtreme decides to use anything in that cart, he’ll be thrown out of this contest!

Jones: The scary part is, I don’t think he really cares, Anthony.

Minos: Our second competitor has held numerous championships over the years, including a reign as part of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions. Standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, representing the House of Pain, here is Warrick Hill!

*As “Tom Sawyer” by Rush plays, the fans cheer for the entrance of Warrick. He is smiling as he comes towards the ring, glancing towards the weapons cart with a laugh. He enters the ring and goes to a neutral corner, awaiting battle.*

Jones: Warrick and Derek had a short adventure this week, looking for the whereabouts of a guy known as the “Clubbin’ Man”. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to track down the serial killer.

Logan: What do you mean, unfortunately? Hell, I’m pleased they didn’t find him! Why would you want two great wrestlers like Derek and Warrick to actually find a killer? They aren’t police officers!

Jones: True, but they are two guys who can take care of themselves. They’re lean, fit, and tough!

Logan: Yeah, but those are exactly the types that are taken out in the first 30 minutes of a horror movie! We need a clause in GCWA contracts: no more going after killers!

Minos: Finally, making his way out to the ring, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion and GCWA Television Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans are happy to cheer for Santana as he comes out to “Sandstorm” by Darude. He stops on the ramp and does a quick bow, as usual, before heading down the aisle towards the other two wrestlers.*

Jones: It seems like Santana’s life may finally be getting back to normal, after all the nightmare moments that have taken place over the past few months.

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. It’s always when things start to get quiet when bad things happen.

Jones: Man, first Hill, then Santana… have you been watching a lot of horror movies lately, Anthony?

Logan: How’d you know?

Jones: Just a hunch…

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as Santana entered the ring, Warrick went over to talk to him, with the two men exchanging comments back and forth. Meanwhile, Xtreme has left the ring and goes underneath for a second, searching. He pulls out a steel chair, then slides back into the ring, approaching Warrick from behind! Santana, seeing it, immediately points it out, with Warrick spinning around to protect himself. Xtreme doesn’t get far, though, as Rockwell’s right there to grab the chair from him, threatening Xtreme with a disqualification! The newcomer apparently curses Rockwell out (the words are quickly blanked out to protect the younger viewers), then turns back… and gets hit with a double-team of high kicks from Hill & Santana!! Xtreme flops onto his back, even as Santana steps over towards him to continue the assault… but then gets rolled up from behind by Warrick! Rockwell dives over… 1… 2.. and Santana’s able to kick free, avoiding the quick loss.*

Logan: Xtreme badly wants this one to be his style of match, but sometimes you don’t get what you want!

Jones: He needs to prove to us that he can wrestle in any type of match if he wants to be a GCWA superstar. It’s not always about the bloodshed!

Logan: Although, I mean, spilling of blood does make things more exciting…

Jones: Well, yeah, of course, but we don’t want our wrestlers looking like they’ve been put through a meat grinder each and every week!

*Warrick and Santana are back on their feet now, exchanging shots, even as Xtreme works himself back to his feet. He seems angry that he’s being ignored, and rushes towards the two men. Santana sees him coming and starts to turn his way, but Warrick uses it as an opening, catching him with a shot to the back of the head, knocking Santana down. Unfortunately, this leaves Warrick wide open to Xtreme, who catches him with a cactus clothesline over the top rope to the floor!! Referee Rockwell stands over on that side, looking out with a disapproving shake of his head, even as Xtreme brings Warrick to his feet. He shoots the House of Pain member hard into the railing, then follows it up with a running shoulder block, nearly taking the railing down! Hill stumbles away, holding his side, but Xtreme’s not stopping yet, running after the man and getting a bulldog on him on the outside! Xtreme gets back up, angrily stomping away on the man, even as Rockwell starts up his count.*

Logan: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Xtreme has taken this one to the outside.

Jones: Yeah, but Rockwell’s watching him pretty closely, and, thankfully, the cart full of weapons is on the other side of the ring.

*As Xtreme continues to work Warrick over on the outside, a recovered Santana has moved to the apron, looking down on the two men. He runs forward and leaps, flying into a surprised Xtreme and Warrick with a splash, taking down both men! Santana then pulls up Xtreme and hammers his head into the side of the turnbuckle post, causing the man to stumble away, dazed. Santana pulls up Warrick and tosses him into the ring, going in after him. He immediately goes for Warrick’s ankle, trying for the ankle lock! Warrick struggles against it, trying to pull his leg free before Santana can get it locked in, but Santana’s already got a good grip. He twists Warrick around, working the ankle, but Xtreme is already coming back in under the ropes. Santana immediately lets go of the hold and goes towards the hardcore wrestler, hitting a dropping axehandle shot to his back. Santana then hauls him up and takes him to the corner, starting in on the chops, while Warrick starts to pull himself back up.*

Logan: Santana’s still got some of that fire left, which is good to see, considering how badly he struggled last week in the Intercontinental Title match.

Jones: I have to admit, I was worried about him, but thankfully, he’s shown up to fight here tonight. The only question is, will he have enough to secure a big victory?

*As Santana lays into Xtreme, Warrick backs off, aiming himself from the other corner. He rushes forward, with Santana, hearing the fans cheer, turning and dodging out of the way. Xtreme has no way to move, with Warrick getting a splash into the corner on him! Warrick then spins around, with Santana jumping in to get a swing, only to have it blocked. Warrick drives Santana back with multiple right hands, and then grabs Santana’s arm and whips him around, sending him straight into Xtreme! The two wrestlers sag there in the corner, with Warrick wiping some sweat from his eyes. He walks over behind Santana, holding him by the head as he pulls him out. He then redirects himself, running up Xtreme while spinning Santana around with an acid drop!! Santana’s down, with Warrick making the cover… 1… 2… and Xtreme basically falls out of the corner onto Warrick, breaking it up in time!*

Jones: Warrick’s showing some of the talent that’s made him a success in the wrestling business for years!

Logan: Yeah, he’s looking pretty strong tonight. I wonder if he laid off the weed before tonight’s contest? Nah, that’d make him weaker, not stronger.

Jones: Maybe he found a better distributor?

Logan: Hold on… uh, ok, I’m being advised to explain to our viewing public that the GCWA does not condone the use of any illegal drugs…

Jones: Don’t do drugs, kids!

*Warrick and Xtreme work to their feet, with Warrick landing a few stiff jabs to keep the heavier wrestler off-balance. Warrick then pulls Xtreme towards the center, apparently in preparation for a big move. Xtreme stops that, though, by reaching up and going to the eyes, blinding the House of Pain member. Warrick stumbles back, trying to clear his vision, but Xtreme then takes advantage of that by stepping in and locking Warrick up, taking him over with a big gutwrench suplex, squashing him into the canvas! Xtreme then makes the cover, trying to hold the man down… 1… 2.. and Santana is back, kicking Xtreme in the back to stop the cover. Santana reaches down and pulls Xtreme back up, but Xtreme answers with a headbutt, stunning the man! Xtreme, apparently barely bothered by the shot, lifts Santana up into the air and bodyslams him on top of Warrick, damaging both men! Xtreme then goes to the ropes and comes back before jumping up into the air and dropping his weight on top of the pile with a thud!! He stays on top, as Rockwell makes a count… 1… 2… and somehow both wrestlers underneath get their arms up, avoiding the loss.*

Jones: There might be some potential with this Xtreme. He’s actually showing some wrestling skills, now that he’s given up trying to get to his weapons.

Logan: He seems like one of those types that just seem to enjoy pain a little bit too much. He’s sure getting a thrill out of fighting here tonight, even just dishing out pain without hardcore tactics.

Jones: Still, he keeps glancing over at his cart, doesn’t he?

*With his two opponents down, Xtreme is back on his feet, looking over towards his weapons. Rockwell slowly moves himself over that direction, standing in Xtreme’s way, causing the hardcore wrestler to glare at the ref. He then shakes his head and pulls Santana up, putting him into a headlock. As Warrick tries to get up, Xtreme grabs him with his other arm, getting a double headlock on both wrestlers! Xtreme’s smiling now, as he starts to move forward towards Rockwell, preparing for a double bulldog. As Xtreme starts to jump up, though, both Warrick and Santana shove him off, sending the wrestler flying forward on his own… and crashing into the unprepared Rockwell, taking down the ref!! Not realizing what they’ve done, Warrick and Santana start going at it again, with Santana taking control with a throat thrust. Meanwhile, Xtreme pulls himself up, realizing that Rockwell’s down… and he immediately is rolling out of the ring, heading for his cart!*

Logan: Uh oh, looks like Xtreme’s going to get his wish after all!

Jones: We need another ref out here, quickly!

Logan: Oh, here comes someone… but those aren’t refs!!

*As Xtreme pulls what looks to be a nasty-looking baseball bat out of his collection, two men come running up behind him. Xtreme turns, sensing something, but it’s too late, as he gets hit on either side from chair shots by Bucky and Chucky Johnson!!! Xtreme topples over, hurting, as Chucky steps around, happy to be getting involved in his brother’s revenge. He pulls Xtreme up, allowing Bucky to start punching away on him!! Meanwhile, in the ring, Warrick has taken control, landing a few good shots in order to position Santana in the corner. He puts Santana up on the ‘buckle and starts to climb up himself, only to have Santana land several punches, knocking him off to the mat! Hill lands on his back, then starts to work his way back to his feet, aching, as Santana lifts himself onto the ‘buckle. Santana skies forward, snapping his leg around for the Sensei-Tion!!! But Hill ducks under it, running to the ropes, and as Santana lands painfully on his leg and limps around, Warrick flies in, landing the Joint!!! Santana’s down, with Hill making the cover. Xtreme’s still getting double-teamed, as a hurting Rockwell, still dazed, crawls over and makes a slow count…. 1…. 2….. 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Warrick Hill!

Logan: Warrick gets the win! He nailed Santana out of nowhere there, avenging his earlier loss to him!

Jones: Yeah, while Xtreme is still getting a vengeance beating! Man, the Johnsons just went after him, didn’t they?

Logan: Unfortunately for Xtreme, there are consequences to every action in the GCWA. You attacked Bucky? Now he attacks you.

*Warrick celebrates his win, looking pretty pleased. On the outside, the fans are still cheering as Bucky and Chucky are pulling Xtreme up. They seem to have an agenda, as Bucky directs Chucky into helping him lift the man in the air. They toss him into the weapons cart (doing who knows what kind of damage to his back), and then get the cart and take it up the aisleway. Warrick watches them go, a confused smirk on his face, knowing that it’s none of his concern.*

Jones: Wait, where are they taking him?

Logan: Apparently for a ride that he probably doesn’t want, Jonesy!

*As they go up the ramp, Xtreme struggles to get out of the cart and fight back, only to take a fist to the face from Bucky, slumping him back over. They get up onto the stage, with Bucky and Chucky again discussing their actions, before turning and pushing the cart, sending it careening towards the edge of the stage!*

Logan: Whoa, wait a second, guys, you don’t need to…

*Bucky and Chucky both let go at the same time, sending the cart flying off the stage and down to the ground below!!! Weapons fly everywhere as Xtreme lands in a bad heap, the cart still laying partially on top of him!! The crowd is going wild at the maneuver, cheering for the GCWA, as the two Johnson brothers look down on the fallen wrestler.*

Jones: Geez!!! Xtreme might have some bad injuries from that fall!!

Logan: Maybe so, Jonesy, although I’m sure he’s been through worse. The main point here is that the Johnson’s just answered Xtreme’s earlier assault. This is now war!

*Bucky nods to Chucky, with the two brothers turning and leaving the scene. The fans are still buzzing as the camera comes around to check on the devastation, focusing on the downed Xtreme. The wrestler slowly looks up, blood on his mouth… and smiles. The scene shifts to the backstage area, to the president’s office to be more specific. The office looks just like it normally does. A stack of paperwork that needs to be completed, various posters hanging around the office depicting a few GCWA superstars, but mostly Accelerator during his golden years, and a giant monitor so the boss can watch the action. It looks as if he is taking a nap. The chair is turned around away from the monitor. No watching of Inferno. No signing of papers. Nothing. The door opens to Accelerator’s office to reveal…

DUN DUN DUN (totally dramatic, right?)


The Accelerator stops as he sees his chair leaning back slightly. It is obvious that someone is sitting in it. The president sighs as he looks around the room seeing the trash hasn’t been emptied.*

The Accelerator: Ok, I don’t care if you want to take a little siesta after you actually do your job. Yet I see you haven’t emptied the trash, wiped down my desk, or dusted the posters. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fire your ass and send you back to Mexico?!

*The chair turns around and one of the janitorial staff is not the one sitting in Accelerator’s chair. In fact, it is the GCWA World Champion, Draco. He has a smirk on his face as he taps the golden title draped over his shoulder.*

Draco: Well, I would think this title has something to do with it.

The Accelerator: You. Out. NOW!

*Draco leans forward with a smirk on his face. Accelerator takes a few steps forward ready to take his World Champion out kicking and screaming. *

Draco: Nah, I kind of like the ambiance in the office. Then again, I noticed you took down that poster of me pinning Lurrr. I was one of your favorites. What happened? Did I change? Is there someone else? Do you like them…bigger?

*Accelerator is obviously not amused by Draco’s antics. He straightens his suit doing his best to not have this situation come to blows. *

The Accelerator: Just how it is. I don’t like you. You don’t like me--

Draco: I like you.

The Accelerator: -sigh- Fine. You like me. I would rather have a marketable champion and not a degenerate piece of garbage. Did you understand that or do I need to dumb it down for you?

Draco: Nah, I got it. You fear that you can’t get this belt off of me. That is why you send CWF stars at me. Ryan Storm. Angelica. Hell, I bet you are the one pulling Bifford’s strings to get him to set these nice traps for me.

*Draco stands up placing his hands on his desk. Accelerator takes a few steps forward making sure to stand up completely so Draco has to look up at him. Draco isn’t backing down or being intimidated at all. *

The Accelerator: Now, that we have an understanding. I guess the only matter left is when you will lose that title.

Draco: Not any time soon.

The Accelerator: I doubt that. You are nothing more than a peon. I gave you the chance, I handed Lurrr to you on a silver platter, I was the one who gave you easy bookings.

Draco: …is that so?

The Accelerator: You know damn well that it is the truth.

*Draco moves his head to the side slowly until his neck cracks. His smirk grows as his hands move to the pile of papers on Accelerator’s desk. Draco quickly throws them up in the air. Accelerator’s eyes follow the papers. It was the distraction that Draco needed. He vaulted the desk and swung at his boss. Accelerator saw the fist and braced for the blow.

Yet it never came. Draco then patted Accelerator’s cheek. Accelerator swung a huge haymaker. Draco ducked, grabbed his title belt and moved towards the door. Draco was chuckling all the while.*

Draco: When I am done with Bifford, I’m coming for you, bossman.

*Draco left Accelerator steaming in his office. The floor lined with the paperwork he would have to reorganize. Accelerator pulled out his cellphone as the camera faded. All that was heard was his voice.*

The Accelerator: Ok, fine. He wants to play hardball. I can play hardball.

*Ace waits on the phone, as we slowly fade out to commercial.*

*We’re back from the break, continuing the fine GCWA programming. We cut backstage where we see Marcus Ka’Derrion inside the community locker room. Standing near him are Chris Cortez and Arachne. Marcus opens up his bag, looking for something…upon looking inside, he shows an expression of shock. He reaches in and pulls out a giant, black ‘object’ that could only be one thing. It is already blurred out by the censors…it flops around as Marcus stares at it in horror…Cortez spots it and looks at Marcus, Marcus speaks.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Who…what…who put this in my bag!

*Cortez slowly backs away with his hands up.*

Chris Cortez: Hey, man…I don’t know anything about it…whatever you keep in your bag is your deal…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: This was obviously planted in my bag, you don’t believe that I’d…

Chris Cortez: Like I said, man…it’s your business, not mine…don’t ask, don’t tell, right?

*Marcus grits his teeth in anger, unable to find the right words to accurately explain the situation…Cortez shrugs and quickly exits the locker room. Marcus shakes his head and turns around to see what else is in the bag…as he does, he sees Arachne has sorted through the bag and has a bottle of lube in his hand. Arachne looks at it curiously…Marcus tries to take it from him, as he does, Arachne squeezes the bottle really hard, the cap flies off, nailing Marcus in the eye. Marcus holds his eye temporarily blinded, a bunch of lube flies out after the cap and gets all over Marcus’ face. Marcus staggers back, yelling obscenities at Arachne…Arachne then bends over and picks up what Marcus dropped after being struck in the eye…GCWA security rushes into the locker room after having heard Marcus yelling…they stop upon seeing Marcus’ face covered in lube with Arachne in possession of a giant black ‘object’.*

GCWA Employee: Oh My!! We thought, umm, well, we thought something was going on in here…I mean, something is going on in here, but we thought it was physical…not to try and say that love between two grown men isn’t physical…umm…we’ll see ourselves out…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: No! Wait, you idiots!! This isn’t what it looks like, somebody planted this *bleep* in my bag…isn’t that obvious?

GCWA Employee: Look, man, we’re not judging, okay? I’m just here to earn a paycheck and feed my family…

*The GCWA security quickly exits the uncomfortable scene. Arachne drops what he has and rushes out of the locker room without any explanation. Marcus is left there, alone, to clean up and figure out how to explain the situation…he wipes enough lube out of his eyes so he can see again…as he does, he spots Derek Mobley standing in the locker room doorway, smiling…Marcus stares at him.*

Derek Mobley: Nice, Marcus…no wonder you’re wound so tight, you’re always taking stuff up the *bleep*…

*Marcus walks with a purpose towards Mobley….Mobley, who was leaning against the doorway, stands up straight, ready for an altercation…Marcus gets in Derek’s face…Derek lifts his index finger up and points at Marcus’ lube covered face.*

Derek Mobley: Umm, bro, you’ve got some stuff on your face…here, here, there, here and right over there…might wanna get that cleaned up…

*Marcus lifts up his fist, inches away from hitting Derek in the face, Derek smiles.*

Derek Mobley: Come on, man…you know you wanna beat my ass…accept the match, that’s all you have to do…say yes to my challenge, this all ends, I’ll admit I was the one who planted the stuff in your bag…it’s so easy, three letters, one little word…

*Marcus slowly lowers his hand and forces a smile.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yea, Derek, it’s easy to say yes…but it takes a man with conviction, morals and principles to say no.

*Marcus pushes Derek out of the way and exits the locker room…Derek, with a look of frustration on his face turns and watches Marcus walk off, he yells at him.*

Derek Mobley: I don’t know what kind of point you’re trying to make, Marcus, or, better yet, who you’re trying to make it to…but it’s an effort in futility, I’m going to get my rematch and, until it’s official, I’m going to make your life a living hell!

*Marcus ignores Derek…Derek shakes his head…Warrick pops out of nowhere, covered in sweat from competing in his match, he is drying his face off with a towel…he looks at Derek and notices he’s upset.*

Warrick Hill: Dude, what’s wrong…why the…what the *bleep*? What are my toys doing here???

*Warrick rushes into the locker room to gather up the sex toys.*

Warrick Hill: Did you take them? Not cool, Derek…Tamara and Nikki are coming over tonight, I need these!

Derek Mobley: I stuffed them in Marcus’ bag to freak him out…almost worked, too.

Warrick Hill: Next time, ask, Derek.

Derek Mobley: Sorry…but, man…some of these things…seriously, do you need all this stuff?

Warrick Hill: Sadly, yes…when you’ve seen what I’ve seen, in the bedroom, you have to take it to the next level.

Derek Mobley: Okay…that’s a conversational road that I think is better left untraveled, thank you very much.

Warrick Hill: Is untraveled a word?

Derek Mobley: It should be.

Warrick Hill: Yes, it really should.

*We cut back to the announce table.*

Logan: Ok, that was just… disturbing…

Jones: The fact that Derek put those items in Marcus’ bag, or the fact that they belonged to Warrick?

Logan: Ummm… both, I think…

Jones: Well, put it out of your mind, because we need to get on with the show. Last week, one of the greatest careers in the history of the GCWA came to an end. Tonight, we’re honoring that man and the legacy he gave to the company.

Logan: …

Jones: I know it’s tough, Anthony, but admit it: you respect what he’s done in the GCWA.

Logan: Damn. This is like eating glass. But ok, I’ll say it. Lurrr… deserves respect. But ONLY for his career accomplishments!

Jones: He became the man that everyone loved to hate, but no matter the adversity, he always found a way to win. Let’s take a look back at a truly remarkable career.

*The footage begins with a shot of the man in question, Lurrr, standing up on the edge of the rampway, his back turned to the audience. In slow-motion, Lurrr looks back over his shoulder briefly, a smile on his face. He walks forward into the darkness, as we flip a switch, heading back many years. A title bar appears on the screen, showing us OCW. We see Lurrr in competition in the first 8-man tournament for the OCW World Heavyweight Title, taking down opponent after opponent to get to the finals at OCW Frost Bite 1999. Lurrr and Brian Velocity go at it, with Lurrr winning out to become the first OCW World Champion. We see some other shots from Lurrr’s time in OCW, including winning the World Title twice more, defeating DareDevil and Andy Murray to become a 3-time champion. A few of his other accomplishments are shown, including reigns with the OCW Intercontinental Championship and the OCW Television Championship, on his way to becoming a first-ballot OCW Hall of Famer.

We switch to more current events, as we see the beginnings of the rebirth of the GCWA. We start with Warriors of the Ring III in January ’09, where we see Lurrr going into competition against El Phantasmo and a mystery competitor for the newly-created GCWA X Division Title. Lurrr was shocked to learn that El Phantasmo was actually The Lost Soul, leading to a war that night between those two. With the help of Lurrr’s friend, Rick Mathis, Lurrr came out on top, becoming the first-ever GCWA X Division Champion, something that can never be removed from the history books. We see more of Lurrr’s war with The Lost Soul leading up to Darkness Falls ’09, as Lurrr won a “BLC” Match over TLS to retain his belt.

The footage next switches to the growth of the Roman Empire, with first Warrick Hill and Dean joining up, followed by Derek Mobley, making one of the strongest stables the GCWA has ever seen. We even see a brief clip of Tommy Crimson standing with the group. We see footage of the stable helping Lurrr regain the GCWA X Division Title over the Big Bifford, and later Lurrr leading his team into Ultimate Survival (with Derek Mobley getting the win for the group). We also see footage of Lurrr giving Marcus Ka’Derrion his first loss, thanks in large part to the other Empire members attacking. For months, Lurrr continued to rule over the X Division, dominating it until a surprise loss to “PIC” Steve Wilson in July.

We switch to shots of Lurrr’s rebound, as he took down The Lost Soul to become the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion. Lurrr would later retain the belt in a special “Two Title Xscape” Match at Crescendo ’09. Once again, Lurrr was a dominant champion, but he had bigger things in mind for his future, vacating the IC Title after defending it against Jobe Severity. We see interview clips of Lurrr preparing for his war with Marcus Ka’Derrion at Heat Wave ’09. The two men fought in a “Three Stages of Hell” Match, with Lurrr winning out in the end and becoming the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, his fourth reign with a world title. A fan is shown, raising a sign that says “The Summer of Lurrr”.

We see clips of the next few months, featuring Lurrr’s bitter feud with Draco, the man who would finally end Lurrr’s run at the top. We also see the collapse of the Roman Empire, with the House of Pain departing for different waters. But Lurrr’s glorious career wasn’t done yet, as he proved he still had a lot left, winning the Righteous Rumble by eliminating 3 men. This got Lurrr a rematch, leading to one of the great matches in GCWA history, a “Hell In A Cell” Match for the World Title against Draco. Although Lurrr came up short, it was still a great match.

We switch to recent weeks, showing Lurrr earning the #1 Contendership to the GCWA Unified X Division Title at Darkness Falls II. Lurrr gives his interview, talking about how if he doesn’t win, he’ll retire. We see various clips from the match last week against the champion, Crazy Chris, with dramatic moments hyped up for your viewing pleasure. In the end, we see Crazy Chris getting the victory, and Lurrr giving his emotional goodbye speech to the fans, finally seeming to earn their respect. We once again see him walking down the aisle, with the fans chanting “One More Match!” Lurrr’s smile is the last thing pictured as the video ends.*

Logan: What a remarkable run in the company.

Jones: Yep, and you just know that when the GCWA Hall opens up nominees again, Lurrr’s definitely going to be in… the running…

Logan: Hey… HEY…. Is that….?

*“Cocky” by Kid Rock hits as the GCWA fans stand up anticipating the appearance of the recently retired Lurrr. The entire arena is on their feet applauding in admiration for all the blood, sweat, and tears, that have been shed by the wrestling legend. The cheers slowly die off when a man walks out onto the stage who is entirely too muscular to be Lurrr, however he’s wearing a bad wig and stumbling down the ramp with a beer bottle in his hand.*

Logan: I think I agree with the fans here when I was initially excited to hear Lurrr’s music… but this… this obviously isn’t Lurrr.

Jones: Yeah, I’m not sure who this is or what purpose they have being here but they are crossing a line when they are insulting a true legend of the business like Lurrr.

*The imposter stumbles up the ring steps and then trips and falls over as he climbs into the ring spilling his beer on the canvas. He quickly scrambles for the bottle as it rolls across the canvas quickly spilling all of the beer onto the mat. Dejected at the loss of the alcohol the man stands up and calls for a mic and is begrudgingly tossed one from ringside, which he completely misses. The fans boo the man in the ring whose every move is an insult aimed at the wrestling Icon. *

Murrr: *hiccup* I just wanted to come out here again this week and tell you all *hiccup* that even though I lost my last match of my career last week… it’s no different from anything else the Murrr’s ever done in his career. *hiccup* because I’m a losererrr. It’s what I am, and it’s what I do. Last week I left my mark on the industry *burp* and I let the guys in the back down. I let the boss down, whoever in the hell that is, and I let each and every one of you retarded ass fans.

The Crowd: BOO!

Murrr: Sure you boo me now. Last week you chanted “One More Match” and now you want to boo. That’s fine, because if I gave you another match I would just lose again. Just like I lost last week, just like when I lost this *bleeping* federation’s World Title to Draco at Adrenaline Rush. I mean let’s face it; I’m really good at losing insignificant titles to insignificant people at insignificant times.

Jones: Ok this guy is going too far.

Logan: Can we cut his mic or something?

Murrr: Remember it was just a little over a year ago when I dropped the X-Division title to Bifford on Inferno…. An INFERNO!? If that was too long ago for your tiny little minds to remember, than how about July of last year? That's when I dropped the same belt to PIC on another Inferno. Where is PIC now? Hell even if he is in a dumpster he’s better off then anyone here in this arena tonight.

Logan: I don’t know how much more of this we should take.

Jones: I just hope Lurrr isn’t at home watching this right now.

Logan: Lurrr if you are watching this, then these are the thoughts and opinions of that man in the ring and nobody else’s.

Murrr: *hiccup* But again, I just wanted to come out here again and tell you all to f*ck off, and that I am in no way shape or form even half of the man as my fellow OCW Hall of Famer…. Mario Maurako.

Jones: Mario Maurako?

*The man in the ring rips the wig off from his head to reveal himself as The Marvelous One from OCW.*

Logan: Holy cow it IS Mario Maurako! But why the disrespect to Lurrr?

Mario Maurako: It’s true; Lurrr isn’t half of the man that I am. He never was and he never will be. I’m a REAL champion, and real champions don’t lose their titles to insignificant trash like the roster that inhabits this federation. A lot of you scum may not know me, and that would be because you don’t know what wrestling truly is. This garbage that is GCWA isn’t wrestling… the place where I come from, and the place where I am the World Heavyweight Champion is wrestling.

Jones: Well if that place is so big and bad then why is he here?

Logan: I really don’t know at this point, there must be some reason.

Mario Maurako: Lurrr, I hope you’re at home watching this right now. I’m calling you out man; for years you have been ducking me. Every time I was in OCW you magically weren’t, and if I left then you magically showed up. That ends here and now… I’m on your turf here Lurrr. I’m standing right here in YOUR ring, and if you have the balls you will meet me right here next week!

Jones: Oh my god! Mario is throwing out a challenge to Lurrr!

Logan: But Lurrr said last week that there would be no “One More Match”.

Mario Maurako: Oh and before I head back to Chicago to once again defend my World Heavyweight Championship let me just add one more thing. Lurrr, you may be good and you may be great, but you certainly aren’t MARVELOUS!

*“Ego” by Element Eighty starts as Mario drops the mic which makes a thud on the ground. The fans boo mercilessly as Mario makes his way away from the squared circle. We fade out to commercial.*

*After the break, we head backstage, where we see Bifford is setting up a large 12 foot high "present" complete with large gaudy bow and a "To and From" card. Written on the card is "To Draco (not Dangerous Dan), From Bella The Girl (Not Bifford)" in orange crayon. Martin Ka'Berryon walks up behind Bifford with a disturbed look on his face.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: What the hell is that?

The Big Bifford: A present for Draco from Bella the Girl...

Martin Ka’Berryon: Who is Bella?

The Big Bifford: I made her up or something... This was all part of Ace's plan for Ludwig to get his office and powers...

Martin Ka’Berryon: I think Ace is using you as his pawn..

The Big Bifford: Nonsense..Ace owes me a favor.. Remember Silverfreak?

Martin Ka’Berryon: Not really.

*Bifford laughs with glee and claps his hands. *

Arachne (appearing out of nowhere): Hey guys, how's it swingin'?

Martin Ka’Berryon: You killed my father, you bastard..

Arachne: Get over it already... he's dead so stop crying like a baby. Whether or not anyone here had anything to do with the death is unknown and unprovable.

*Martin just stares at Arachne with anger in his eyes. *

Arachne: So what's with the big ass box? Another trap for Dangerous Dan?

The Big Bifford: No, though I do hate him and would not be upset at all if he opened the gift and died because of it. I hate Dangerous Dan so very very much..

Arachne: So what's in the box?

The Big Bifford: Stuff and things that murder people. Now, let's go hide and wait for Draco... or Dangerous Dan... to open it...

Martin Ka’Berryon: Biff, I think this is a terrible idea.. You're not like this..

The Big Bifford: But... but... What about Ludwig's office?

Martin Ka’Berryon: What about your integrity?

Arachne: Forget integrity Bifford... Think of the Championship... you'd be a double champion.

The Big Bifford: Mmm... double chocolate doughnut...

Martin Ka’Berryon: Bifford.. take the card down and let's just leave this box for the stagehands to deal with...

*Bifford looks at Arachne and then at Martin when suddenly Draco pops around from behind the box and nails Bifford with a punch. Martin steps in, waving his arms, trying to convince Draco to stop, but Draco turns his attention to Martin, He grabs the grape-clad man (while Bifford and Arachne make a quick exit) and throws him against the giant present. The box bursts open and two dogs jump out and begin attacking Martin. Martin screams and runs away, the dogs grabbing his grapes with their mouths and snarling angrily. Draco turns to see Bifford and Arachne already far down the hallway, having used the distraction of Martin and the dogs to their advantage. Draco smiles and walks off, having done what he wanted to do, as we go back to ringside.*

Logan: Bifford just ‘trapped’ one of his own guys!

Jones: Yeah, clearly Draco was on the look-out for one of Bifford’s traps, and he used it against them. I hope those grapes protect Martin all over, because those dogs looked hungry!

Logan: Knowing Bifford, he found the meanest ones he could, and probably ate all their food to make them angrier.

Jones: Still, it seemed like Bifford might be changing his mind about the trap before Draco attacked. Do you think he would still have gone through with it if the World Champion hadn’t shown up?

Logan: Who knows, Jonesy. I’m just curious to see if Arachne shows up for his match, since it’s up next!

Minos: The next match is a non-title match scheduled for one fall. First, he has a cult following in the GCWA for many reasons, not all of which are known… standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… Arachne!

*”Wana” by the Black Horn begins to play, but for a few moments, no one appears. The crowd begins to wonder if the match is going to take place, when, finally, Arachne comes bursting through the curtain. He’s breathing heavily, apparently having run all the way to the entranceway. He looks behind him before continuing on his way down, brushing himself off.*

Jones: From what I hear, Arachne had another crazy story for us, which involved Narnia, two old women, voodoo, and, uh, sex.

Logan: Yeah. I don’t want to know.

Jones: Ok then. Let’s stick to facts. Arachne and The Lost Soul have faced off before twice, with TLS winning out both times. But it’s been over half a year since their last match, and now Arachne’s a champion in his own right. Will he fare better this time?

Logan: He’s got some training in with the Big Bifford, which has definitely improved him somewhat. We’ll have to see if it’s going to be enough.

Minos: His opponent has continued his successful wrestling career, taking it to great heights in the GCWA. Standing 6’4” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

*The crowd cheers as the “Friday the 13th” theme begins. The Lost Soul quickly steps out, wearing his championship belt around his midsection with pride. He walks down the aisle, already locking eyes with the competition.*

Logan: The Lost Soul had a successful title defense last week, winning a “Triple Threat” Match over Chris Cortez and Robert Santana. Tonight, he’ll learn who his next competition is going to be in our main event. Before then, though, he’s got to get past Arachne.

Jones: I heard that TLS was threatened this week and told to let Arachne win, or else his friend would lose his finger.

Logan: I heard it was his thumb.

Jones: Well, whichever one, it’s not something you want to lose. Yet TLS rescued his friend and escaped, hopefully meaning that he’s under no obligation to throw this match tonight.

Logan: I can’t imagine The Lost Soul laying down for anyone, much less someone like Arachne. He’s here to fight, and we’re going to get a fight!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie is in the ring now, making sure that both competitors are ready to go at it. She signals, with Arachne immediately coming forward with a wicked smile. He’s looking forward to showing The Lost Soul all he’s learned. TLS watches as Arachne walks up to him, still smiling. He grabs at TLS, with the two men locking up for a brief power struggle, which quickly ends with TLS shoving Arachne backwards and sending him sprawling onto the mat! Arachne hops right back up, looking annoyed, as if he thought, for some reason, he should be more powerful than TLS now. He comes back in again, seemingly to lock up once more, but this time TLS shifts his weight to the side, catching Arachne by surprise and tripping him up, causing Arachne to have to grab the ropes to keep from crashing forward. The Lost Soul is then right there, grabbing Arachne from behind and lifting for a belly-to-back suplex! Arachne hangs onto the ropes, blocking it at first, but The Lost Soul’s second attempt goes far better, as he throws Arachne overhead! Arachne, though, reverses himself and manages to land on his feet! As The Lost Soul gets up, Arachne greets him with a dropkick to the side of the head, knocking the IC champion down and causing him to roll out of the ring!*

Logan: Arachne’s a crazy little SOB, but he can certainly move quickly when needed!

Jones: He’s named after a spider, and he’s definitely proven that he can be just as agile.

Logan: Yeah, and he also loves using the ropes like webbing, because there he goes!

*As The Lost Soul gets up on the outside, shaking his head, Arachne’s already up on the top turnbuckle. Showing his uncanny balance, Arachne walks the top rope, getting out to near the middle before leaping off, plummeting down onto TLS with a splash to the outside!!! The fans are cheering as Arachne pulls himself up, dragging TLS by the hair to his feet. Arachne bangs The Lost Soul’s head into the edge of the apron, stunning him some more, before rolling him back inside. Arachne, laughing, then pulls himself up onto the apron and positions himself for a springboard maneuver. As soon as TLS gets up, Arachne’s in flight again, coming over the ropes… and getting caught by TLS, who immediately falls forward with a powerslam!! With TLS on top, Trixie slides in to make the count… 1… 2… and Arachne kicks out hard, staying in it.*

Logan: Arachne may be fast, but The Lost Soul is a master of many wrestling schools of thought. Sometimes it just seems like he knows what his opponents are thinking!

Jones: What, you think that The Lost Soul is a psychic? I mean, that WOULD explain a lot of the success he’s had.

Logan: Geez, Jonesy, it was just a figure of speech!

Jones: Oh… still, wouldn’t that be cool if he could?

Logan: If you believe TLS is a mind-reading psychic, then I’ve got a part of his soul I could sell you in my bathroom cabinet.

*The Lost Soul has Arachne up now, positioning the smaller wrestler and putting him into an abdominal stretch submission hold. Referee Trixie watches carefully for any signs that Arachne wants to pack it in, but the co-World Tag Champion doesn’t look close to giving up. He struggles against the hold, trying to pull free. He’s also readjusting his legs to keep the pressure from being as great. As if realizing this, The Lost Soul suddenly releases his grip, sending the off-balance Arachne spilling to the canvas. TLS stands over the man, landing a couple of stomps to his back to soften him up even more. The Intercontinental Champion then reaches down and pulls Arachne up, giving him an Irish Whip into the ropes. As Arachne comes back, The Lost Soul positions for a back suplex. But Arachne jumps over him at a dead run instead, swinging it into a sunset flip!! The Lost Soul can’t fight it, falling backwards, as Arachne makes the cover… 1… 2… TLS kicks out!*

Logan: Arachne’s speed nearly got him the win there!

Jones: Matches can end in a split-second in this business. It’s why you’ve always got to stay on your guard.

*Both wrestlers are back up, with Arachne landing kicks to the midsection to drive The Lost Soul back into the ropes. Arachne then moves in, with TLS trying to catch him by surprise by lowering his shoulder, trying to throw Arachne to the outside. This just works to his disadvantage, though, as Arachne is able to turn it into a submission hold, locking on the Tarantula!! Arachne rocks back and forth, holding TLS off the canvas and in the ropes, as referee Trixie comes in and immediately starts counting away against the illegal hold. When she gets to four, Arachne finally lets go, allowing The Lost Soul to topple back inside the ring. Arachne, meanwhile, is on the apron, looking annoyed that Trixie wouldn’t let him keep the hold on longer. The two argue for a second, with Arachne showing his displeasure by turning away from her and heading to the turnbuckle. He climbs up, but before he can get his balance, The Lost Soul falls into the top ropes in a desperate maneuver, causing Arachne to get racked on the ‘buckle!!*

Jones: Oy…

Logan: Every time I see something like that happen, a part of me dies inside.

Jones: For me, it just makes my groin hurt.

Logan: Well, yeah, there’s that, too…

*With Arachne barely staying up on the ‘buckle, The Lost Soul moves painfully over to him, climbing up with him. He starts to set Arachne up, trying to position him for the Soul Buster!! But Arachne’s fighting back, trying to hang on. The two men struggle up top, fighting against each other for leverage, when, suddenly, The Lost Soul’s foot slips off the rope! He grabs Arachne to try and hang on, but all this does is send both men falling off the ‘buckle to the mat below, crashing next to each other!! It’s a rough fall for both, as they both roll away from each other, trying to recover. The fans are cheering as referee Trixie makes her count, watching both men. She only gets to about 5, though, before the wrestlers are both up on shaky legs. Arachne stays hanging onto the ropes, even as The Lost Soul, shaking his head clear, stumbles towards him, with referee Trixie watching from close by. He grabs Arachne and spins him around… and Arachne rears back to spit the Green Mist!! At the last second, The Lost Soul swings his arm, catching Arachne in the side of the head and causing him to spray to the right… right into referee Trixie’s face!!!!*

Jones: No!!!

Logan: Oh, man, Trixie just became a casualty of war!!

*Screaming, Trixie falls backwards to the ground, her eyes on fire from the spray. Both The Lost Soul and Arachne seem stunned, neither having wanted that to happen. The Lost Soul turns to her, as if to try and help, but Arachne shakes off his shock and attacks, landing a couple of right hands to stun the man. He then grabs TLS by the head and lands a spinning DDT, dropping the man to the mat. For a second, Arachne looks back, still trying to figure out how his Green Mist could go so wrong. But he’s set on continuing the match, as he pulls The Lost Soul back up, knowing that no pinfall is possible just yet. He takes The Lost Soul over to the ropes, possibly thinking that he can get away with a longer Tarantula hold now. But before Arachne can do anything there, The Lost Soul fights back, catching Arachne with a surprise left. Arachne staggers in a circle, turning back towards TLS, who dives forward with a clothesline, taking him down!*

Logan: Trixie’s still down, but the fight continues!

Jones: I still can’t believe it!

Logan: Hey, I think Trixie is great too, Jonesy, and I’m not happy that she’s hurt. But it’s part of the profession! Oh, hey, here comes Rockwell, I think he’s going to take over the referee duties!

*As The Lost Soul slowly brings Arachne back up, preparing for his next move, referee Rockwell slides into the ring and immediately goes to referee Trixie’s side, checking on her. The green paint is covering her face, and she apparently still can’t see. The Lost Soul notices it, but doesn’t let it stop him, as he takes Arachne over to the corner and starts punching away on him, trying to get in enough hits to leave the smaller wrestler out of it for his finisher. But as the two wrestlers continue fighting, referee Rockwell gets back on his feet and goes to the ropes, leaning over towards Minos and the timekeeper. The men exchange words, with Minos apparently disliking what Rockwell is saying. But Rockwell is adamant, signaling for the bell to be rung!*

Jones: What on earth? What, is the match ending?

Logan: Maybe they just need to get Trixie safely out of the ring?

Jones: I’m not sure, but here comes Minos with the official announcement!

*The Lost Soul has backed away from Arachne now, looking confused at what has happened. He tries to talk to referee Rockwell, but the ref wants no part of it, shoving TLS away with one arm while he works to coordinate the medics to help out Trixie. Minos, meanwhile, is now in his customary announcement position.*

Minos: Referee Rockwell has ruled that, due to the assault on a GCWA referee, this match has been deemed a double disqualification!

*The fans are now booing heavily, hating the decision. Neither Arachne nor The Lost Soul look too pleased about it, either, each blaming the other for what happened to the referee. But there doesn’t seem any way to change Rockwell’s mind.*

Jones: Man, a double disqualification? But this match was just getting good!

Logan: Yeah, well, it WAS kind of both guys’ faults that Trixie got hit. Still, I mean, I’ve seen refs take worse bumps than that. What gives?

*As the injured referee Trixie is stretchered out, we see The Lost Soul looking, quite frankly, disturbed by what has happened. Meanwhile, Arachne has already left the ring and is headed up the other direction, shaking his head. *We flip away from Inferno, going to what appears to be a pre-taped segment. We see a limousine driving down a residential street. It appears to be a good neighborhood, not the most glamorous, but not down-trodden, either. Still, the limo stands out, as kids stop playing on their yards and look over, marveling over its sleek lines. The limo pulls up in front of one house in particular, parking, as we look inside through an open window. The GCWA President, The Accelerator, is inside, apparently finishing up a phone call.*

The Accelerator: Look, don’t question my actions, ok, Reed? Just get the message to Draco, tell him when and where to go. That’s all you have to do. You work for me, right? Right. Ok then. Get it done, boyo.

*The President hangs up the phone, sighing as he looks out the window. He turns towards the other man sitting in the back with him, one of his long-time GCWA producers and a member of the GCWA Board.*

The Accelerator: So why am I doing this again? I mean, don’t we have plenty of talent already lined up?

Producer: You know we’re always looking for more, Mr. President, especially now that you’ve got so much competition in these other federations.

The Accelerator: What, you think the GCWA is worried about the CWF? Or any other fed that joins our little ‘union’? The GCWA stands alone!

Producer: Exactly, but we stand better with the best talent, and this guy’s available.

*The President shakes his head and removes his sunglasses, revealing tired-looking eyes. It’s not easy, running a major wrestling organization.*

The Accelerator: Yeah, he’s available… but is he willing?

Producer: That’s why we’re here, Mr. President.

The Accelerator: Ok, but why am I here? Why didn’t we just send talent scouts or something? What am I paying those guys for?

Producer: We tried that, sir, but he didn’t go for it. That’s why we think a Presidential visit might help matters.

The Accelerator: I suppose it might, and hell, I’m already here. I might as well talk to the man.

*The Accelerator gets out of the car, slamming the door behind him (startling the producer, who had been thinking of following him). The President turns towards the house and walks over to it, noticing that the garage door is up. He heads that way, looking inside, where a man is apparently working. In the darkness of the garage, we can’t make out who it is. The Accelerator clears his throat and knocks on the side of the garage, getting the man’s attention.*

The Accelerator: Long time no see, friend. How’s it going?

*The man doesn’t say a word, continuing whatever it is he’s working on. This seems to unnerve the Accelerator for a second, but he shakes it off, stepping forward into the garage.*

The Accelerator: It looks like you’ve kept in shape. That’s good to see, a lot of wrestlers let themselves go after their career slows down. You have a membership at a gym or something?

*Still nothing from the man, although he’s clearly paying attention. He just has nothing to say. The Accelerator looks back towards the limo, confused, but then decides to keep trying for a response.*

The Accelerator: Look, you know why I’m here. The Global Championship Wrestling Association is starting to branch out into new markets, and we’re looking for the best talent in the world. I, personally, believe that you’re someone worth fighting for, so I took the time out of my schedule to come down here. I think you’d be a great asset to my company, so I’m offering you a superstar contract, right here, right now. What do you say?

*The man finishes up on a piece of his project, then turns just slightly towards the President, staying in the darkness.*

Man: The answer is still no.

*The man turns and goes inside, hitting the garage door button on his way out. The door starts to lower, leaving a choice for the President: go inside or head back out. He makes his decision, quickly getting back out to the driveway before he’s locked in. As the Accelerator stands there, an annoyed expression on his face, we slowly fade out.*

*We go backstage where Marcus Ka’Derrion is spotted on his way out of the arena. He walks towards the exit door, he swings it open, without giving it a second thought…as he walks through the door, a bucket of green slime tips over and covers Marcus. He stands there for a second, half in shock, half collecting the multiple pieces of anger running through his body. Laughter can be heard…Marcus turns to his right and sees Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill pointing and laughing at him. In the background, we spot several GCWA employees, a few fans who have found their way backstage and a couple of other onlookers…some are laughing, others look on in shock. Marcus, feeling extremely embarrassed, decides to ignore it and marches towards his car. He unlocks the door, as he does so, he looks at his front tires and notices they have been replaced…Marcus nods his head, hops in the car, fires it up…he backs out of his parking space and goes to drive off…as he does, both front tires fly off with the front of the car slamming into the concrete and sparks flying. Marcus’ head slams into the steering wheel from the impact and no seat belt…the car slides for a few feet before finally coming to a stop. Derek and Warrick continue laughing…the driver’s side door slowly opens…Marcus emerges…he looks over at Derek and Warrick and rushes towards them…as he does, Warrick holds up the lug wrench like a cross.*

Warrick Hill: Back! Back!!

*Marcus yanks the lug wrench out of Warrick’s hands and takes out some frustration by hurling it as far and hard as he can…unfortunately, it crashes through Marcus’ driver’s side window…Marcus hears the shatter, knows what it is and decides to not turn around. He gets in Warrick’s face…Derek moves Warrick out of the way and gets in Marcus’ face. Marcus is shaking with anger as Derek looks down at him, smiling.*

Derek Mobley: Look at yourself, Marcus…this isn’t healthy, you’re going to stroke out, give yourself a heart attack…at this rate, you’ll be joining Pappy Ka’Derrion a lot sooner than anticipated…just accept the match, do yourself a favor.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: You know what…I didn’t think I’d say this, but…

*Derek leans in, eagerly awaiting Marcus acceptance of his challenge.*

Derek Mobley: But…but what??

*Marcus stops, rethinking things for a moment…he continues.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Nah, you know what? Not tonight, I’ll see you next week…and when I do, I’ll make the announcement…until then, you’re just going to have to wait.

*Marcus turns and walks off with a smile on his face…Derek seems thrown off by his smile.*

Derek Mobley: What the hell is that guy smiling for?

Warrick Hill: I don’t know, but he evidently never watched those crash test dummy commercials…totally forgot to put his seatbelt on.

Derek Mobley: I know, right? Maybe that bump on the head caused temporary insanity…that’s the only explanation I have as to why he’d be smiling at this point.

Warrick Hill: Doesn’t really matter, he’s totally going to accept the challenge, he has to at this point…looks like the rematch is on!

Derek Mobley: Was there any doubt?

*Mobley and Hill smile and high five as Marcus has re-entered the building to, presumably, find an alternate means of transportation. We head back inside ourselves to ringside.*

Jones: Did they do it? Will Ka’Derrion agree to fight Mobley at Blood on the Battlefield IV?

Logan: If he doesn’t, who knows what else the House of Pain will have in store for him next week!

Jones: It’d be a huge match, no question. The last time they fought was a year ago, with the World Heavyweight Title on the line. It’d be great to see them lock up again!

Logan: Right now, though, I’m more interested in our final match of the night! It’s time to determine the #1 contender to The Lost Soul’s Intercontinental Championship!

Minos: It is now time for the main event of the evening! This match is scheduled for one fall, with a 30-minute time limit. The winner will be declared the #1 Contender for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title!

*The fans are pumped up, expecting a great contest here tonight.*

Minos: Introducing first, he has been a strong contender in the GCWA the last few weeks, building up his reputation… standing 6’4” and weighing in at 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland, here is “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

*Cortez walks out to “Contagious” by Trapt, smiling at the negative reaction he receives. It doesn’t seem to bother him that much, as he’s used to being the ‘foreign terror’ to the Americans. The proud wrestler heads down the ramp towards the ring with a strong gait.*

Jones: We got to see two different sides of Cortez this week, as we saw where he trained when he was younger, and then we saw him in present-day life.

Logan: I’m still curious what he was going to be painting. His house, maybe?

Jones: I don’t know, but he definitely chose a cool color to paint with, whatever it was for.

Logan: Last week, Cortez came up short in his Intercontinental Title bid, but, at least in his mind, it was only because Santana got himself pinned. Cortez wants a one-on-one shot with the champion, and he definitely believes that he deserves it.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion and GCWA Television Champion, now seeking to head up towards more gold, standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, representing the Danger Boiz, here is Dangerous Dan!

*The crowd cheers loudly for Dangerous Dan, as “Hero” by Skillet plays him out. He stretches his neck, possibly removing kinks from the long flight he took to get back here in time for his match. Dan then heads towards the ring, set for another shot at glory.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan flew to Africa this past week, in order to teach some children the finer points of wrestling. He also got to see the sad state of affairs over there.

Logan: Hey, don’t forget, Africa’s going to be spared the destruction of the rest of the world!

Jones: Er… what?

Logan: Haven’t you seen “2012” with John Cusack? Great movie.

Jones: *sigh*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go, time to crown a new #1 Contender!

Logan: Both guys probably deserve the shot, but only one gets to pencil in a meeting with The Lost Soul on the 25th!

*Cortez seems pretty cocky, as he talks to Dangerous Dan near the center of the ring. It looks like he’s commenting about Dan’s inability to succeed like his brother, which is not what Dan wants to hear. He nods, as if taking in what Cortez is saying, but then lashes out with a right hand, clocking Cortez across the face!! Cortez steps back, looking almost stunned that Dan would do such a thing. Dan then angrily motions to Cortez, telling them that the time for talking is over! Cortez is more than happy to oblige, stepping forward and swinging, with Dan blocking it, then firing back his own shots, driving the larger man back! The fans are cheering like crazy as Dan backs Cortez into the ropes, then grabs his arm and whips him the other way, no, reversal, Dan’s the one headed for the ropes. But as Cortez steps over after him, preparing to grab him on the rebound, Dan instead springs himself up off of the ropes and flips backwards, landing next to Cortez and snapping the surprised man down with a flipping Stroke!! Cortez rolls away, hands protectively over his face, as Dangerous Dan gets back to his feet, watching him leave the ring!*

Logan: Dangerous Dan’s taking it to Cortez early here!

Jones: I think Cortez was a little too self-assured, and it’s backfiring on him. Dangerous Dan’s not here for the win, he’s here to continue to earn respect for himself!

Logan: With moves like that, he’s definitely on his way!

*Cortez is now outside the ring, having gone there to recover. He shakes his head, looking annoyed at himself for allowing Dan to take the advantage. He turns towards the ropes, possibly to start pulling himself back in, but he then reflectively steps backwards at the sight of Dangerous Dan coming over the top rope with a suicide plancha!!! Cortez can’t move in time, as Dangerous Dan smashes into him, sending Cortez plummeting to the ground!! Dangerous Dan is quickly back on his feet, giving a short yell for the fans, who yell along with him, pumped up! He reaches down and pulls Cortez up, then takes him to the apron, pushing him back into the ring and following, as Head Referee Bell stops his count. Dan gets Cortez up and gives him a whip into the corner, with Cortez landing back first. As Dan runs in after him, Cortez pushes off with his arms, getting his legs in the air for a boot. Unfortunately for him, Dan stops in time, catching Cortez’s feet! Cortez, suspended between the ‘buckle and Dan, frantically shakes his head, but Dan’s not feeling particularly merciful. He yanks backwards, causing Cortez to lose his grip on the corner. He falls hard, crashing to the mat, with Dan jumping on top for the cover… 1… 2… and Cortez kicks free, saving himself.*

Logan: Dangerous Dan is really fired up tonight!

Jones: I think he’s starting to develop a chip on his shoulder, Anthony. After all, his brother, Crazy Chris, is having a great deal of success right now, having unified two titles. Dan just wants to have similar success.

Logan: Yeah, I remember at one point where it was Dan making all the right moves, but now, it just seems like Crazy Chris has all the luck in the family.

Jones: Well, that might change here tonight!

*Head Referee Bell stands back as Dangerous Dan gets Cortez to his feet, once again putting him into the corner. Dan then climbs up and starts punching away, with the crowd chanting along with the punches. At 10, Dan stops, smiling, as Cortez is sagging in the corner, hurting. Dan looks around at the audience, then, pumped up, signals for a frankensteiner out of the corner! The fans are all for it, as Dan sets himself, then jumps up onto Cortez’s shoulders, trying to throw his weight back. But suddenly, the larger Cortez is able to hang onto the ropes with his right arm, keeping himself from moving! Dan, thrown off, is suddenly in trouble, as Cortez is now in control, taking a few steps forward out of the corner and dropping Dan hard on his back with a sit-out powerbomb!!! Dan’s flat on the mat, stunned, as Cortez slightly repositions himself to make the cover, trying to take the victory. Head Referee Bell counts… 1… 2… and Dan gets his shoulder up in time. Cortez is immediately working his way back up, looking to finally take control of this one.*

Logan: Dan made a mistake, and Cortez fully capitalized on it!

Jones: Yeah, for a little while there, I was starting to think that this could be a complete blow-out. But Cortez is ready to show us that he deserves this #1 Contender spot just as much as Dan!

Logan: If he can ground Dan’s aerial attack, he’s definitely got a shot!

*Dan’s struggling to get back up and continue fighting, but Cortez is on his feet first, grabbing Dan and lifting him into the air, delivering a picture-perfect backbreaker that sprawls the wrestler on the canvas! Cortez then steps around and gets a lock on Dan’s head, joining him on the mat and applying a modified version of the STF! The submission hold is perfectly locked in, with Dan’s eyes growing at the sudden pain coming from his extremities! Head Referee Bell steps in, checking things out, with Cortez now looking like he’s enjoying himself. He seems happy to be having a real challenge, as if he wasn’t sure that’s what he was going to get tonight. Dan’s fighting against the hold, trying to crawl over towards the ropes, but it’s slow moving against a hold like this. Cortez cinches in tighter, working to get every bit of pain he can out of the STF.*

Jones: This hold could be the end of this one, as Cortez is putting his technical skills to work on his opponent!

Logan: Yeah, he’s got that locked on almost perfectly. Dan’s got to be feeling the burn right now, and no matter who you are, when you’re in a hold like this, the thoughts of just giving up are always there in the back of your mind.

Jones: That’s got to be tough, knowing that you can end the pain by simply slapping the mat.

Logan: Oh yeah, it’s a temptation, alright. But if you’re a true fighter, you don’t let your hand descend. You’d rather pass out than allow yourself to give up.

*For a moment, it seems like Dangerous Dan’s fight is over, as he’s drooping in Cortez’s grip. Head Referee Bell checks the arm, seeing if it falls. It does once… twice… but the third time, it stays in the air, shaking, as Dangerous Dan suddenly comes to, refusing to give up! The crowd is exploding, willing Dan to reach the ropes, as he starts dragging himself again over the inches in front of him. Cortez tries to hang on, keeping him from his goal, but Dan’s got the momentum now, and he uses it, grabbing the bottom rope! Head Referee Bell signals for the break, with a disturbed Cortez considering leaving it on a little longer. He finally breaks after Bell’s warning, pushing himself back to his feet. Dan’s slumped over, drained from the effort of escaping. This is exactly what Cortez wants to see, as he reaches down and grabs Dan’s legs, pulling him backwards towards the center of the ring. Cortez then starts to step through the legs, looking to apply the Roots of Envy!! Before he can turn, though, Dan’s able to pull his left foot free and shove Cortez from behind, sending him falling forward and avoiding the maneuver! Cortez gets himself back up, but Dan kips up, grabs him by the head, and then drops back down with a facebuster, leaving both men on the canvas!!!*

Logan: Damn! Dan sacrificed himself there to land that maneuver, calling up reserves he probably didn’t even know he had!

Jones: If Cortez had managed to get his finisher locked in, I think this one truly would be over! Dan just didn’t have enough left to manage another big escape from that submission hold.

Logan: Now, though, will either man be able to continue? The count is on!

*Both wrestlers are still down, fatigued, as the count begins from Head Referee Bell. He’s watching both men for signs that they are going to get up, but he’s also doing his job the way he’s been taught. As Bell reaches 6, both wrestlers start to stir, with Dan sitting up first, agony running across his face as part of the after-effects of the STF. Cortez rolls onto his stomach, then starts crawling over to the ropes. He pulls himself up, even as Dan reaches wobbly legs as well, stopping the count. Dan moves slowly over towards Cortez, trying to grab him from behind, but Cortez turns at the right time, swinging an elbow back to knock Dan in the side of the head. He stumbles away, with Cortez following, locking Dan into a full nelson grip and suplexing him over, turning it into a bridge pin! The ref is right there… 1… 2… neither men stays down, avoiding the loss from either. Cortez pulls himself up, grabbing at Dan to bring him up as well. He takes Dan over to the corner and sets him into it, putting the boots to him to drive Dan into a sitting position. Cortez then backs away, acting like he’s aiming through his hands, before running forward and trying a running kick! But Dan slides to the left, out of range, causing Cortez to kick the turnbuckle instead!!*

Jones: Ow! Cortez really smashed his foot into the turnbuckle pad, and it looks like it really hurt!

Logan: Paging Dr. Schol’s! Dr. Schol’s, please come to ringside!

*Cortez limps away, trying to get the blood flowing in his leg again from the impact. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan reaches up and grabs the ropes, pulling himself up. He comes at Cortez from behind, spinning him around, giving him a kick to the stomach, and then delivering an x-factor!! Cortez is down, with Dangerous Dan making another cover… 1… 2… but Cortez manages to escape at the last second! Dan looks upwards for a moment, not believing that this one isn’t over. He rises up one more time, bringing Cortez with him as well. He then sets Cortez for the Danger Zone, working to get him up into the air for the back-breaking maneuver!! But Cortez’s weight makes it difficult, especially when he’s fighting back, and he’s able to block it with a rising knee that could almost be considered a low blow!!! The ref doesn’t see it, as Cortez readjusts his hold on Dan and lifts the injured wrestler up, delivering the Corplex!!!! Dan’s down, with Cortez getting on top for the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the new #1 Contender to the GCWA Intercontinental Title, “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

Jones: Cortez wins!

Logan: Did he knee him low there??

Jones: I’m not sure, Anthony, but does it even matter now? Cortez just earned himself a #1 Contendership! He’s got another crack at The Lost Soul!

Logan: Damn, Dan was so close!

Jones: He really was, and early on, I thought he had this one in the bag! But mistakes allowed Cortez to get back in it, and Cortez was able to capitalize at the end with a victory.

Logan: Too bad, I wanted to see Dan get gold like his brother.

Jones: We’re low on time, so we’ll see you next week! Good night!

*Cortez cockily gets his arm raised, as if he knew it was going to be this way all along. He moves and leaves the ring, already heading up the aisle. But he makes sure to turn towards the camera, signaling to his waist that a belt is on its way. He departs, as Crazy Chris appears to check on his brother’s condition. We fade out.*

OOC: Another one in the books, as the picture for Blood On The Battlefield IV is starting to become more and more clear! Hopefully, you all enjoyed this one, as I thought we had solid matches all around. Thanks again to all who sent in segments, as you don't know how much easier that makes things for me.

Here's the card for next week:

- Xtreme vs. Arachne

- Chucky Johnson vs. Derek Mobley

- Jaiden Rishel vs. Robert Santana

- Draco vs. Crazy Chris, Champion vs. Champion Match
(No belts on the line)

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