GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The cheers are deafening inside the arena, from the energized fans who never miss a show. We see a father with his young daughter on his shoulders, waving a “Dangerous Dan” banner. Beside him is a bunch of teenagers, each wearing his or her own GCWA merchandise and cheering for the camera. One of them holds a sign, proclaiming Draco as the greatest wrestler of all time. We head to the announce table, rejoining Edward Jones & Anthony “Lightning” Logan.*

Jones: It’s Friday night, which means it’s time for some great wrestling action! Welcome to Friday Night Inferno! We are set to give you one of the more-action packed Inferno’s in some time, as TWO championships will be on the line!

Logan: It’s going to be a great night, Jonesy! We could have brand new champions by the end, or we could have two triumphant wrestlers retain their belts!

Jones: Neither has an easy test. The Lost Soul will be defending his Intercontinental Championship against two men, the undefeated Chris Cortez and the former X Division Champion, Robert Santana!

Logan: And then, in our main event, Crazy Chris puts the Unified X Division Title on the line against the GCWA 2009 Wrestler of the Year, Lurrr!

Jones: Chris and Lurrr have met before, but Chris has never been able to take down the veteran. Will tonight be the end of his reign, or will he find a way to come out on top?

Logan: I’m pulling for him, Jonesy, there’s no reason to hide it.

Jones: I know, you’d never root for Lurrr, would you?

Logan: It would take a miracle…

Jones: Alrighty then, well, we’re burning daylight, it’s time to get to the matches!

Logan: Burning daylight? Uhh, Edds, it’s Friday “Night” Inferno, remember?

Jones: It’s just an expression, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, but even expressions can be used incorrectly, “Edward”.

Jones: Fine! We’re burning… nightlight?

Logan: Heh…

Jones: Oh, never mind!! Let’s just go to the ring!

Minos: The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall, and has a 10-minute time limit. Approaching the ring, he is a newcomer to the GCWA, still seeking to make his mark, standing 6’10” and weighing in at 305 lbs, from Madison, WI, here is Chris Winters!

*”The Road to Devastation” by Kataklysm begins, with the crowd immediately booing Winters as he comes out. Winters looks annoyed as he goes towards the ring, trying to ignore the reaction of the audience. He slowly climbs into the ring, stepping over the ropes, then goes to his corner, taking a moment to focus himself.*

Jones: When Winters first appeared, a lot of people took notice. We don’t get too many 6’10” wrestlers here. But Winters really hasn’t lived up to the hype.

Logan: That seems to happen a lot with taller wrestlers. You think, hey, maybe this guy, being so huge, will be great. But I could name off a dozen massive wrestlers who are just too slow to be competitive in this business. The taller you are, the more awkward you are.

Jones: There’s no doubt that tonight is Winter’s last chance.

Logan: To be honest, I don’t think he deserved one more chance. But whatever…

Minos: His opponent has had a tremendous career with the GCWA, including a reign as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion… he stands 6’3” and weighs in at 235 lbs… representing the House of Pain, from Providence, Rhode Island, here is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*The crowd is pumped up as Mobley comes out to “Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys. He nods to them, enjoying their support. As Mobley walks down the aisle towards the ring, he sees Winters watching him with an angry expression on his face. This just makes Mobley milk it more, giving out some high fives and even posing for a picture from one fan.*

Jones: Mobley gave a lot of props to Winters in his interview this week, calling him “a force to be reckoned with”.

Logan: Uh, Jonesy, I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

Jones: He was? I mean, I thought his comments seemed pretty strange, but it’s hard to tell sometimes if he’s being serious.

Logan: Hold on, let me check something…

Jones: What? What are you doing with that, Anthony?

Logan: Just looking… yep, here it is, the word “gullible” in the dictionary, with your picture!

Jones: Smart ass.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mobley climbs the turnbuckle for a second, smiling and pointing as his name is chanted by the fans. This seems to be driving Winters crazy, as he’s shuffling his hands through his hair and baring his teeth. Mobley finally steps back down, nodding to Referee Trixie, apparently asking her a question that elicits a blush from her. He doesn’t seem to be paying attention to Winters at all now. The tall wrestler turns and kicks at the turnbuckle pad, furious, and then makes his decision, heading towards Mobley with a high-pitched yell! Mobley, though, seemed to be expecting this, as he pushes Trixie back out of the way and sticks out his leg, tripping up Winters and causing him to fall into the turnbuckle head-first!! Winters raises back up, holding his nose as if he busted it. He stumbles back round towards Mobley, who is waiting for him in a crouched position. With one motion, Mobley wraps an arm around Winters and lifts, getting him up in the air and sending him crashing back down with the Thriller!!!*

Jones: Geez!!! The Thriller!! Already!!

Logan: Wow, I thought this was going to be a quick one, but not that quick!

Jones: Mobley suckered the big guy in perfectly, using Winters’ weaknesses against him!

Logan: Yep, and that’s a long list of weaknesses, Mobley got to pick and choose!

*Winters is down on the mat, trying painfully to turn himself over, without success. Referee Trixie is nearby, waiting, but Mobley doesn’t seem ready for the pinfall yet. He walks over and talks to Trixie some more, continuing their earlier conversation. Trixie looks at him disbelievingly, telling him that maybe he ought to get back to business, but Mobley isn’t concerned. He shrugs his shoulders, then walks back over and grabs the dazed Winters, slowing dragging him up once more. Winters has no fight in him, but Mobley apparently wants to be sure, as he lifts Winters up again for a second Thriller!!! Winters is completely out now, with Mobley standing over him. He drops to his knees as if to pin, but stops, deciding that only his pinky finger is necessary for the cover. It counts, so referee Trixie does her job… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Derek Mobley!

Logan: Someone get that last check ready for Winters, I don’t think he’s going to be around long after tonight!

Jones: Derek Mobley gets a dominating victory, his first since 2009! Could this be the beginning of a major comeback for the House of Pain?

Logan: I sure as hell hope so! This time last year, Mobley was the World Champion! It’s time for him to start making his way back up the ladder!

*Winters is not moving, laying flat on his back as he has for much of his brief GCWA career. Mobley has already forgotten him, having already left the ring. He is trying to act like he worked hard to get that win, but none of the fans are buying it. They’re cheering Mobley heavily as he departs, heading to the back. We switch to backstager, where Cynthia Hall is standing with a very unlikely guest: the former World Champion, Lurrr! Hall seems hesitant, possibly remembering the times that Lurrr has attacked her in the past, but she’s a professional. She does her job.*

Cynthia Hall: This is Cynthia Hall, here with the GCWA 2009 Wrestler of the Year, Lurrr! Lurrr, tonight you face a stiff challenge in the Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris. Do you have a gameplan yet for defeating him?

*Lurrr laughs for a second, shaking his head at Cynthia’s apparent inability to understand him.*

Lurrr: Why the hell do you think I would need a gameplan? This is Crazy Chris we’re talking about, not a REAL wrestler.

Cynthia Hall: Lurrr, don’t you think that attitude is a little dangerous? I mean, Crazy Chris IS the current champion, and he earned the belt by winning two titles in back-to-back matches.

Lurrr: Sure, to the average eye, Crazy Chris looks like he’s worth something. But not to the pros.

Cynthia Hall: So your plan is simply to beat him?

Lurrr: What else do I need to do? What, you think I can’t beat that *bleeper* and become a champion again?

Cynthia Hall: That’s not what I…

*Angrily, Lurrr pushes Cynthia back against the wall, staring at her.*

Lurrr: Let me make this as clear as possible, girl. I’m going to win tonight. I guarantee it. If I don’t beat Crazy Chris, and if I don’t become the Unified X Division Champion… I’ll retire.

*Lurrr lets Cynthia go and turns, walking away. Cynthia is flabbergasted, starting to follow him.*

Cynthia Hall: Wait, Lurrr, are you saying that you’re leaving the GCWA if you don’t get the belt?

*Lurrr doesn’t bother to respond, waving her off as he departs. Cynthia turns towards the camera, a shocked look on her face.*

Cynthia Hall: Well, you heard it here first, everyone…

*Cynthia looks off in stunned silence as the picture slowly fades out to commercial.*

*Back from the break, the camera zooms in on the office of The Accelerator as he goes through some paperwork on his desk. Suddenly a knock at the door is heard, jolting the GCWA president a little bit but he quickly regains his composure.*

The Accelerator: Hello? Who is it?

**No response at all in return.*

The Accelerator: Agh…come in, damn it!

*At that moment the wooden office door swings open, revealing a snide young man with draping, long blonde hair and facial hair that looks like it hadn’t been shaved in weeks. The man has no undershirt, just a sleek, bright white zip coat that wraps around his shoulders but is too small to actually zipper up. He is also dressed in a pair of light denim jeans, the kind that have the holes that were cut on purpose for the new hipster generation. Surprisingly he is in great shape, his biceps bulging out of the coat as he smiles back at the Accelerator.*

The Accelerator: Can I help you? Oohh wait, I think I have an idea of who you are, Jaiden right?

*The stacked blonde gentleman pulls the sleeves of the jacket off, turning his back on the Accelerator to reveal a vibrant tattoo, laid out in reds, yellows and greens it reads “The Broken” Jaiden Rishel. At that instance thousands of GCWA fans around the word recognize the young man, the familiarity comes to all of your senses that he bears a great resemblance to the CWF owner Justin “J. Rish” Rishel.*

Jaiden Rishel: Yes sir, my name is as read, Jaiden Rishel. The childhood prodigy. The future of the wrestling business. I am everything you could ask for in a new superstar, and being the only child of the J. Rish family it is my destiny to become the legendary wrestler that my father couldn’t be. I will break every barrier that this sport has put up, not only do I damn well guarantee I’ll be the youngest World champion GCWA has ever had, but I’ll do it within my first year of being employed here.

The Accelerator: Oh really? Haven’t you ever heard of the phrase “paying your dues”?

*Jaiden laughs off the comment from Ace, running his right hand through his long blonde hair and then rapidly flicking trickles of sweat down on the extensively expensive carpet.*

The Accelerator: Listen kid, I’ve already signed the contract and talked to your father more than a few times about acquiring you to the roster. But there is no need to come in here and demand a life of luxury here, if you want any kind of title shot you’re going to have to earn it just like everyone else around here. Just because your last name is Rishel, that doesn’t mean *bleep* around here in the GCWA.

Jaiden Rishel: I do not expect a cakewalk Mr. Accelerator, I’ve seen the talent that this company holds and it’s quite impressive. Your World champion Draco is very intriguing, and The Big Bifford, a guy who weighs over five hundred pounds hitting moonsaults like he’s weightless? I have to give it up to you, really, you’ve drawn a hell of a crowd with these guys for a long, long time. But do you really think the fans want to see the same old, wrinkly competitors wrestling around like it’s 2001? Ace, this is a whole new generation and you really need to get in touch with these young fans. That, my newfound friend, is where I come in.

The Accelerator: Well, you certainly can talk, I’ll tell you what….next week you’ll debut in GCWA against Bucky Johnson, we’ll see just how great you are.

Jaiden Rishel: Awesome. In the meantime, suppose I’ve got some scouting to do.

*Jaiden once again smiles brightly, his pearly whites showing through as he winks at The Accelerator. The childhood prodigy slips his white jacket back on before heading back out the office door. We return to ringside.*

Logan: Whoa! J. Rish’s son is coming here to wrestle?

Jones: He definitely looks like he has some potential, Anthony, and he grew up in a wrestling background. He could be one of the next big stars!

Logan: Yeah, but he’s also the son of one of our biggest competitors! Why would J. Rish send him here, other than… espionage!!

Jones: Calm down your hysteria, Anthony. The President knew about this and worked out the deal. I doubt he’d do that if he thought it put the GCWA in danger.

Logan: I suppose… but I’m definitely interested in seeing him in action next week!

Jones: Definitely. Interestingly, his opponent is the man who’s about to come out here!

Logan: Coincidence? You decide!

*”Crack A Bottle” by Eminem begins to play, grabbing the fans’ attention. They cheer as Bucky Johnson walks out of the back, stopping briefly on the stage before heading towards the ring.*

Minos: Now coming to the ring, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*The fans are pretty excited to see Johnson as he pulls himself up and into the ring. He walks over and looks at the timekeeper’s table, apparently requesting a mic.*

Jones: Bucky was supposed to be wrestling tonight against Shane Donovan, but from what we hear, Donovan had to back out of the match, leaving Johnson without an opponent.

Logan: Yeah, so who’s he going to be fighting tonight? Why the big mystery?

*Johnson moves to the center of the ring, looking around at the cheering crowd before raising up the mic.*

Bucky Johnson: I’m here tonight… for a fight!

*The fans seem happy with that, chanting for Bucky, with Johnson waiting a moment before continuing.*

Bucky Johnson: But it looks like I’m not getting one, as Donovan decided to bail.

*The crowd boos, displeased that the Johnson/Donovan match isn’t happening.*

Jones: Hold on, for all we know, Donovan was still too injured from the Bloodbath battle with Draco to compete tonight!

Logan: All that matters to these fans, Jonesy, is that they’re not getting the match they wanted to see.

Jones: Well, it says in the fine print, Card Subject to Change…

*Johnson walks forward, leaning on the ropes as he looks towards the back.*

Bucky Johnson: I was told that, instead, I’d get to fight a mystery opponent. So where is he, and how soon can he get down here for me to kick his *bleep*?

*The crowd is pumped, even as Johnson watches for any movement from the back. Out of nowhere, “Give It All” by Rise Against hits the speakers, as spotlights appear on the entryway.*

Jones: What? Who is this?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. I can’t say I recognize the music.

*Johnson stands transfixed, staring towards the entryway to see who he’s going to be fighting. He’s ready for anything… from that direction. But behind him, a man slides into the ring, weapon in hand.*

Jones: Wait! That’s… that’s… who is that???

Logan: I don’t know, but he’s armed!! Look out, Bucky!!

*The crowd is screaming, trying to get Johnson to turn around. He hears them, but before he can turn, the wild-haired man brings down a set of light tubes across Johnson’s back, shattering them!!! Johnson falls to his knees, grimacing in pain, a half-dozen cuts now appearing on his back, some with glass still in them. Johnson fights back to his feet, bloody but still moving. However, as he turns, the man is waiting, getting a Texas clothesline on Johnson to take both men out to the floor!!*

Logan: Geez!! Who IS this guy?!

Jones: He’s attacked Johnson out of nowhere, and I think Bucky’s cut pretty deep!!

*Both men get up, with the newcomer still in control. He goes to plant Johnson into the railing, but Johnson blocks it, and then throws an elbow back, knocking the man away. Johnson then shakes his head and clears it before coming in, angrily grabbing the man to throw him into the barricade. The man pulls free and drops, though, snapping up a nasty-looking low blow uppercut!!!! Johnson gasps and falls over, even as the man gets back up and goes to the side, grabbing a steel chair from the audience! He nearly knocks over a few fans to get it. As Johnson tries to get back up, the man comes in, blasting Johnson in the back of the head!!! Bucky’s down, even as the man drops the chair and walks away, heading back into the ring!*

Jones: He laid out Bucky!!

Logan: Son of a bitch! He’s not only vicious, he’s dirty!!

*The fans are heavily booing, hating where things have gone. Johnson’s down on the outside, his back covered in blood, as the man moves calmly over and gets the mic, grinning.*

Xtreme – We did not have time for introductions. My name is Colin Xavier but you can call me by my REAL name. Xtreme.

*The crowd seems more interested in calling him by other names.*

Xtreme – I regret that it had to be you Johnson but you were chosen. You *bleeps* don’t know hardcore. But you will. You will.

*Xtreme leaves the ring, dropping the mic.*

Jones: Xtreme?? I’ve never heard of him!

Logan: Well, we have now, and damn, what a first impression!

*Johnson is still down but trying to get up, with a medic checking on his condition. This bothers Xtreme, who picks back up his chair and blasts the medic in the back, sending him falling on top of Johnson!! Xtreme throws the chair down next to Johnson and walks away, apparently having gotten his message across. He leaves up the aisleway, leaving destruction in his wake. As more medics come down (from a different direction, in order to avoid the newcomer), we head to a commercial break.*

*The commercials wrap up, taking us back to Inferno. In the backstage area, Bifford is standing in the President's office in front of the desk at which Ace is seated. Bifford shakes his head, pacing back and forth, throwing his arms in the air with frustration.*

The Big Bifford: How could it be that I've never had a title match before? I'm a big deal, Ace. Don't you remember our past? Don't you remember who was there for you when your World Champion, the beloved Silverfreak, ran out on your old company? Who was there to take that main event spot for you? Who made you an awful lot of money? It was Bifford. Yet, here in GCWA, I get no title shots. Why is that Ace?

The Accelerator: Look, that’s ancient history, Bifford, all that matters now is that you’re getting your shot, right? Now, about…

The Big Bifford: Then I do you more favors by taking that loser Dangerous Dan out of the mix.. I took away his tag team championship, and then I humiliate him by destroying him at Darkness Falls. And what do I get, Ace? I get told that Ludwig still has no desk, no proper office, no contracts to sign - not that he could sign them, he is a seal...

The Accelerator: Yes… Ludwig deserves… better… considering how… influential… he’s been to the GCWA…

*The President is struggling with every word, not really wanting to praise the seal, yet feeling that he needs to, in order to stay on Bifford’s good side.*

The Big Bifford: I'm glad you're starting to see that Ludwig is a huge asset... but do you also see that Dangerous Dan is an epic failure?

The Accelerator: … Well, Dan… I mean, I see your side of it, but… look, we’re not here to talk about Dangerous Dan…

The Big Bifford: So I'd like to talk to you about getting Arachne a match with Dangerous Dan next week... I feel that Dan hasn't yet been punished enough..

The Accelerator: Look, let’s not worry about that now. We’re supposed to be talking about your next main foe, the GCWA World Champion, Draco!

The Big Bifford: Yes, yes.. Draco is a problem... but not as much as Dangerous Dan. Both of them really need to be eliminated from the face of GCWA.

The Accelerator: Yes, exactly, Draco needs to be eliminated. Let’s talk about that!

The Big Bifford: Well.. I plan to beat him for the Championship. What more could I do?

*The Accelerator smiles, knowing several things that Bifford could do.*

The Accelerator: Look, Bifford, you’re a, uh, genius when it comes to designing traps. You almost took out Draco last week. Why not do it again? Only maybe injure him so bad, that maybe I’d have to consider stripping him of the gold?

The Big Bifford: And what's in it for me...?

The Accelerator: For you? Let’s not talk about you. Let’s talk about Ludwig… and that office he’s been wanting… as the Vice President of the GCWA…

The Big Bifford: Hmm... and a sandwich with both salami and bologna?

The Accelerator: … No salami. Just bologna.

The Big Bifford: Okay, but you'll lie to me and tell me that there's salami on it.

The Accelerator: Nope, you’ll have to dream up some salami on your own.

The Big Bifford: Okay... I guess.. deal...

*Bifford walks to the door and opens it, leaving the office where Ace is shaking his head with frustration. The camera follows Bifford out into the hallway as he walks away with a jovial step. Meanwhile, in the shadows, watching Bifford leave the office is Draco.*

Draco: You’re playing a dangerous game, Biff. If you’re working for Ace, then you’re just one more piece in my way to him.

*Draco angrily turns and heads back into the shadows, as we fade back to ringside.*

Logan: Oh, man… is Bifford selling his soul, for a sandwich and a seal?

Jones: Now, c’mon, Anthony, the President isn’t the Devil, and he’s not collecting souls! He just had a business proposition for the man!

Logan: Yeah? Is it like his other ‘business proposition’ I heard about this past week, where a bounty has supposedly been put on on Draco?

Jones: That’s just a rumor, I think, Anthony. I haven’t heard that from any credible sources.

Logan: Well, I have, and I think Ace’s obsession with getting the belt from Draco is starting to get serious!

Jones: What matters to me is, what is Bifford going to do? Will he try to ambush Draco? Or will he wait for his sandwich?

Logan: I guess we’ll find out in the future. For now, we’ve got title matches to get to!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Triple Threat” Match for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship! First, the contenders… entering the arena, he is currently undefeated in his time in the GCWA, and is seeking his first championship in the company… standing 6’4” and weighing 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland, here is “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

*Cortez comes out in his normal wrestling gear, cockily posing to the booing fans before starting on his way down. Behind him, “Contagious” by Trapt plays, complete with a few shots of fireworks added to his entrance. Cortez walks towards the ring, watching the fat women in the near seats carefully.*

Jones: Cortez went to the beach in Scotland this week, but he didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as his friend did.

Logan: I think Cortez still isn’t feeling fully respected in the GCWA. Sure, he’s 2-0, but in his mind, he’s beaten a has-been and a midget. Tonight’s his chance to prove that he really is one of the elite.

Jones: He’d certainly be in rare territory, winning a belt in only his third match. I mean, it’s not a record; that record’s always going to be Marcus Ka’Derrion winning the IC Title in his first bout. But it’s still damn impressive.

Logan: Yeah, it can take some people months, maybe even years to reach a title match. Now we’ll see what Cortez can do with it.

Minos: Next, making his way out towards the ring, he is a former GCWA X Division and Television Champion, hopeful to earn his first Intercontinental Championship here today, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude plays as Santana moves towards the squared circle. He approaches the ring at a strong pace, ready to compete for another championship. Cortez watches him come, shaking his head in disrespect towards his competitor.*

Logan: Santana got a big victory last week, taking down Marcus Ka’Derrion. Could that momentum propel him into a title win today?

Jones: I believe Santana also has a win over The Lost Soul, Anthony, which is definitely something to consider here tonight.

Logan: Well, yeah, but wasn’t that a forfeit win?

Jones: Aren’t you the one who’s always telling me that a win is a win?

Logan: I lied. A win isn’t a win when it’s a forfeit win.

Jones: Damn, I’m confused now…

Minos: And now, introducing our third and final competitor… he is a celebrated veteran of the sport, now competing in his thirty-fifth match for the GCWA… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the current 2-time GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion… The Lost Soul!

*The Lost Soul gets a strong rush of cheers from the crowd, almost drowning out the beginnings of the “Friday the 13th” theme. TLS comes out of the back, belt in hand, glancing around at the cheering fans. He might be contemplating how many of the cheers are coming from anglos, and how many from minorities. A sign is shown in the audience, depicting TLS as a racist. Still, the champ is getting a good ovation from the loyal fans as he makes his way down.*

Jones: The Lost Soul got confronted last week for his apparent biases towards little people, women, and Hispanics, among others.

Logan: Ok, first off, TLS was signed to fight The Little Guy and Angelica. It’s not like he relished that kind of contest.

Jones: True, but he did beat both of them.

Logan: And second, why are the Latinos upset?

Jones: I think because he’s fighting Cortez and Santana here tonight.

Logan: Cortez is Scottish! And Santana… well, he’s Chinese or Japanese or something, but definitely not Hispanic!

Jones: *shrugs* People hear the names and make up their own opinions, Anthony.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Mitchell shows off the championship, and then backs away to hand it out of the ring, keeping it from becoming a weapon. The three wrestlers start circling each other, each waiting for someone else to begin the attack. Santana slides a little too far to his right while considering The Lost Soul, and Cortez immediately makes him pay, landing a left hook that stuns him. Cortez continues the attack, hitting several more punches on the Sensei, while TLS comes in from behind. Cortez turns to meet him, swinging, but TLS blocks it, then delivers some punishment of his own, driving him back with shot after shot! Santana, recovered in the corner, comes forward, running to try and snap kick in the back of TLS. The champ dodges out of the way, however, with Santana kicking Cortez instead! Cortez falls, while Santana spins back around, only to get caught by TLS and taken down with a spinebuster, sending him rolling painfully out of the ring!*

Logan: The champ is leading the charge in this one!

Jones: Yeah, but the odds are against TLS retaining here tonight! He doesn’t even have to be pinned to lose his championship!

Logan: Nope, he has to keep his eyes on both men at all times, otherwise one could pin the other, and TLS is left out in the cold. That’s what makes multi-man matches tricky for champions, but TLS isn’t complaining. He’s here to defend his territory!

*The Lost Soul brings Cortez up and takes him towards the center of the ring, holding him in a headlock and punching away. TLS then turns around, getting a grip for a DDT. But Cortez fights free with jabs to the abdomen, breaking loose of the champion’s hold. He catches TLS under the chin with a forearm, stunning him long enough for Cortez to latch onto him and spin him around with a side slam, driving him into the canvas! Cortez is quick to try the cover, knowing that he needs to capitalize on Santana being out of the ring… 1… and The Lost Soul kicks out rapidly, still with plenty of fight in him. Cortez doesn’t seem surprised, as he brings TLS back up, then throws him hard into the corner. He wraps his arms around TLS from behind and lifts, dropping backwards with a German suplex! TLS is down, with Cortez hanging on for the pin attempt… 1… 2… and TLS kicks out again. Cortez gets back up, annoyed, then immediately charges to his side, kicking at a returning Santana and knocking him back outside the ring.*

Logan: It looks like Cortez is playing the isolation game, trying to keep just one guy in the ring.

Jones: It can be a successful strategy in Triple Threat matches, but it’s also a strenuous one. You have to keep an eye out at all times, making sure your other opponent doesn’t return to make your life more difficult.

Logan: Yeah, plus Cortez has the champion in the ring, which means the tide could turn at any moment!

*Cortez has gone back to The Lost Soul now, dragging him away from the ropes. He starts to position TLS’ legs, as if considering the Roots of Envy!! But The Lost Soul still has too much strength left, as he kicks Cortez away, saving himself from the submission hold. He gets up, with Cortez coming back to try and slow him back down again with a punch. But TLS blocks it and snaps Cortez back with a couple shots of his own, before turning Cortez around and setting him up for a backslide! Cortez fights against it, with both wrestlers straining to bring the other one down for the cover. As the two men continue to struggle, Santana pulls himself up to the apron, seeing what’s going on. He immediately decides to take advantage, grabbing the top rope and springing himself upwards. He shoots off the top rope and comes in with altitude, surprisingly both wrestlers with a double splash!! Everyone’s down for a second, before Santana is able to get himself on top of Cortez… 1… 2… and Cortez kicks out!*

Jones: This action is getting intense! But Santana’s got a chance now!

Logan: Yeah, he’s been wanting another opportunity for gold, so here it is! Will he make it his own, or will he blow it?

*Santana brings Cortez back up, while delivering a couple of well-placed stomps on The Lost Soul to try and keep him down. Santana then locks onto Cortez for a neckbreaker, only to have Cortez reverse his way out of it, instead catching Santana with a diamond cutter!! Santana’s down, with Cortez quickly maneuvering himself on top for the cover… 1… 2… and TLS dives in, breaking it up! The Intercontinental Champion pulls Cortez up, punching him a couple of times to stun him, while Santana is still down. TLS decides to make use of this, as he picks Cortez up, bodyslamming him on top of Santana!! Cortez achingly rolls away, while TLS decides to try his own cover on Santana… 1… 2… and Santana gets his shoulder up, keeping the match going. The Lost Soul immediately gets to his feet and goes towards where Cortez has rolled, gambling that Santana will be down a little bit longer. Cortez is struggling to his feet as TLS approaches him, trying to balance himself despite the pain.*

Jones: I must admit, so far I’ve been surprised with the lack of fight from Santana. He’s really taken a beating early on.

Logan: Yeah, but he’s still got a chance to come back. Right now, though, one of the two men battling it out right now seem to be the most likely to walk out the Intercontinental Champion!

*Cortez managed an eye rake on The Lost Soul when he came close, earning both a breather for himself and an admonishment from Referee Mitchell. Cortez now has TLS by the head as he bangs it into the turnbuckle, leaving him dazed. Cortez then climbs up on the ‘buckle around him, punching away, with a few fans counting along (while others boo). Behind them, Santana pulls himself wearily up, trying to shake off whatever’s slowing him down. He sees Cortez’s back turned towards him and heads that way, planning to grab hold of him and take him off the ‘buckle. But Cortez hasn’t forgotten about him. He lands one more punch on TLS, then suddenly turns and leaps from his position, catching a surprised Santana with a Thesz Press to the mat!! Cortez hammers away on Santana, then pulls him up, positioning the man and taking him up and over with the Corplex!!! Santana’s down and out, with Cortez grabbing the legs while making the cover… 1… 2… and The Lost Soul arrives at the last second to break it up, saving his belt!*

Logan: TLS was one second away from losing his championship!

Jones: Yeah, Cortez landed his Corplex perfectly! I don’t think there was any chance of Santana kicking out!

Logan: Santana might have been taken completely out of the equation! It’s down to Cortez and TLS now!

*Cortez and The Lost Soul bring themselves up, with the Intercontinental Champion in control. He lands a short-arm clothesline, putting Cortez on the mat, and then attacks, going for an armbar submission. But Cortez is able to twist out of that and roll TLS up instead, going for the win! Mitchell’s right there… 1… 2… and TLS barely manages to kick out in time. Cortez gets up first out of the attempt, kicking TLS in the ribs. He then sets the champion in place, apparently planning on another Corplex! He goes to lift, no, The Lost Soul blocks it with his leg, and then reverses it into a stunner, sending Cortez reeling against the ropes! TLS gets up and charges, hitting Cortez with a shoulder and sending him out of the ring! Meanwhile, Santana is just now starting to recover, looking pretty dazed. TLS, seeing him, quickly comes over and latches on, taking him down with a version of the Soul Buster!! TLS makes the cover, with Mitchell in position… 1… 2… a returning Cortez is a second too late… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

Logan: Yes! TLS retains!

Jones: Cortez put up a pretty good fight, but The Lost Soul was able to capitalize on Santana’s struggles and take him down!

Logan: TLS already has two months under his belt as the champ, as he’s setting an impressive run!

*The Lost Soul collects his championship and immediately departs, content to have another victory. Cortez, for his part, looks ticked off, kicking Santana once in the ribs. Referee Mitchell quickly steps in, telling him to leave, and for a second, it looks like Cortez is going to take it out on Mitchell as well. But he then turns and leaves, deciding not to destroy the lucky referee. We leave the scene behind, going backstage. Inside the Danger Boiz locker room, Crazy Chris seated on his new furnished couch lacing up his boots. Chris seems pumped and ready for tonight’s main event match. The Unified X Division title is set next to him. As Chris ties the last lace on his boots, he grabs the Unified X Division title and holds it in his hands. He seems to be lost in his thoughts. Suddenly the locker room door opens. Entering inside is Chris’ brother Dangerous Dan.*

Dangerous Dan: Hey bro; you ready for tonight’s main event?

*Chris stands to his feet and places the Unified X Division title over his shoulder. *

Crazy Chris: I’m more than ready! Tonight, I am going to end Lurrr’s career. For over a year now everyone back here has been down on both you and I. No one respects us and no one believes in us. Well, that all changes tonight. Tonight, I am going to prove once and for all that the Danger Boiz can handle the big dogs. Everyone is already expecting me to lose my Unified X Division title.

*Chris grasps his Unified X Division title. Dangerous Dan stares down the Unified X Division title, perhaps thinking of sparking another brotherly feud. Chris continues his ‘motivational’ speech. *

Crazy Chris: Yo Dan!

Dangerous Dan: Yeah I heard you…everyone expects you to lose..yada yada yada..I’m listening

Crazy Chris: I see the way you were looking at my title. Back off there bro.

Dangerous Dan: Relax. You were saying.

*Chris sets the Unified X Division title down, making sure that Dan pays attention to him. *

Crazy Chris: Like I was saying, tonight I am going to make a statement to Lurrr and to all those that STILL don’t believe in you and I. everyone is going to be talking about this match. My name will forever be in the record books as the guy who retired the 2009 Wrestler of the Year Lurrrr. No one has been able to do that. Tonight, Crazy Chris is walking out to that ring as Unified X Division Champion, retiring Lurrr, and walking out STILL the Unified X Division Champion.

Dangerous Dan: Lurrr has pretty much called us nobody’s. I am going to be at ringside watching as you retire that old man once and for all. It’s time guys like us get the main event shots and the world titles. With Lurrr out of the way, you and I can do just that.

Crazy Chris: We told everyone that 2010 was the year of the Danger Boiz. We don’t lie and we don’t break promises.

*Crazy Chris turns and addresses the camera. *

Crazy Chris: Lurrr, tonight I am going to send you into the retirement home. After tonight, you won’t have to worry about World title matches, or Ace, or House of Pain. Lurrr, after tonight, there will only be one name that creeps up in your head everywhere you go and in everything you do. Crazy Chris! I will forever be in your head, and you will have no choice but to return back home at the hands of me. While you sit at the old folk’s home, pondering over losing to me, I will be around here making history for quite some time. Lurrr, you will never forget my name and I will retire the baddest man around for EVER!!

*Chris turns and exits out of the locker room, leaving Dangerous Dan staring at the Unified X Division title. We fade out.*

*Back from commercials, we cut backstage where Warrick Hill and Derek Mobley can be spotted. They are standing near a GCWA catering table, Warrick is sipping out of a Styrofoam cup while Derek is removing the tape from his wrists, after having just finished his match with Chris Winters. Warrick finishes taking a sip and speaks.*

Warrick Hill: Made this one a little strong…

Derek Mobley: I can’t believe you continuously get away with drinking back here, seems like one of these days you’d get reprimanded or something.

Warrick Hill: You don’t screw around the talent that actually sells tickets around here, Derek.

Derek Mobley: I guess…

Warrick Hill: Anyways, nice win out there…sure was a tough one.

Derek Mobley: Yea, no kidding, I think I may have ripped my pants on one of Chris Winter’s finger nails.

Warrick Hill: Really?

Derek Mobley: Yea, after that first Thriller, one of his jagged finger nails caught the fabric of my awesome purple tights and ripped it…pissed me off.

Warrick Hill: That dumb son of a bitch…who doesn’t trim their nails before a match? Reminds of those faggots who would play basketball with long, jagged fingernails…they’d eventually scratch you going for a steal, you’d be like “What the *bleep*, man?” and they’d say “Sorry, bro”…yea, where was sorry last night when you had the opportunity to trim the damn things. I hate long, jagged finger nails.

Derek Mobley: Me too, it was a fairly traumatic event for me out there…thank goodness for my strong, mental capacity, otherwise the jagged fingernail incident may have jeopardized my ability to capitalize on the thriller and win the match.

Warrick Hill: True that, Ace needs to step up and have the trainers check these jobbers finger nails…someone could really get hurt next time…I mean, this time it was just an expensive pair of ring pants…next time, it could be a cheek, bicep, nose or, even worse, an eye!

*Mobley nods in correspondence as he looks down at the tear in his pants, shaking his head…a GCWA employee rushes by, Warrick grabs him by the shirt, holding him up.*

Warrick Hill: Whoa, there, little man…where do you think you’re going so fast? Derek needs some medical attention.

*The GCWA employee looks at Derek’s pants and back at Warrick with a “are you serious?” look.*

GCWA Employee: Uhhh…if you don’t mind, I was rushing to catch Lurrr’s final match in GCWA…it’s kind of a big deal, you know.

*Warrick rolls his eyes, dumps half his drink over the employees head and then shoves him into the wall. The employee hits hard and falls to his knees and then on his face, unconscious, Warrick laughs for a minute, then looks in his cup, realizing half of his drink is gone and frowns momentarily.*

Derek Mobley: That wasn’t very nice, Warrick

Warrick Hill: Ahh, who gives a *bleep*, he’s some wimpy ass interim, besides, he would rather go watch Lurrr’s final match than help good ole D-Mob fix his pants.

Derek Mobley: D-Mob?

Warrick Hill: Yea, D-Mob, thought it up last night in a drunken haze, figured it might be a cool new nickname to toss on merchandise.

Derek Mobley: I’m gonna go with, no…Derek Mobley works just fine, along with Thriller.

Warrick Hill: More like fat chick thriller…

*Warrick whispers this under his breath.*

Derek Mobley: What was that?

Warrick Hill: I said fat chick thriller.

Derek Mobley: Hey, it’s no secret I’ve dabbled, erroneously, in the BBW community.

Warrick Hill: How the hell is that shit erroneously?

Derek Mobley: Alcohol, Warrick…you, above all else, should know the side effects to being drunk.

Warrick Hill: Hey, I’ve never rolled over and spotted a BBW lying next to me the morning after.

Derek Mobley: How about a grandma? Tranny? Midget?

Warrick Hill: So, about Lurrr’s retirement…pretty lame, huh?

Derek Mobley: Ultra lame…the timing seems almost too coincidental.

Warrick Hill: Yea, I bet that asshole is doing all of this just to dodge us.

Derek Mobley: It sure feels like it…that’s alright, though, if he wants to ride off into the sunset with his last match having been against Crazy Chris…then that’s his choice.

Warrick Hill: Yup, nothing like being retired by the Danger Boiz!

Derek Mobley: I know, right? Only question for us is…what now?

Warrick Hill: Do we retire?

*Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill both look at the camera, pondering the option of retirement…as they do, a door opens and Marcus Ka’Derrion appears behind them, walking down the hall, towards them. Warrick and Derek spot him, look at each other and smile. They turn around to face Marcus, Marcus sees them and shakes his head, knowing a confrontation is about to take place.*

Warrick Hill: Yo, Marky Mark, what’s up?

Derek Mobley: Hey, how’s your dad doing, bro?

*Marcus shakes his head, ignoring their badgering, he walks past the House of Pain members, they continue to taunt him.*

Warrick Hill: Hey, Derek, remember when this guy used to be undefeated?

Derek Mobley: Barely, seems so long ago, remember when he was actually a force to be reckoned with in GCWA? So sad to see someone who was on such a roll be reduced to a freakin jobber.

Warrick Hill: Yea, pretty pathetic…

*Marcus stops in his footsteps with his back to the House of Pain members, they notice he has stopped walking and stand there, eagerly awaiting a response.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yea, you guys remember when I beat Derek Mobley without breaking a sweat?

*Warrick makes the “oooohhhh” face as he looks at Derek, recognizing the burn Marcus just placed on him. Mobley smiles and walks towards Marcus, he grabs Marcus by the shoulder and spins him around real fast…Marcus stares Mobley in the face, neither man backing down.*

Derek Mobley: Yea, as a matter of fact, I remember that…I remember it well…it’s something that’s stuck with me for awhile now, something in my life that needs closure. Now, seeing as Lurrr is retiring and that option is out the window, how about we have that long awaited rematch? If I win, I get my closure, if you win, well, maybe you’ll start winning back all that respect you lost. I mean, hell, I’d do it tonight, but I did kind of tear my pants against Chris Winters…so, instead of tonight, I was thinking about Blood on the Battlefield…what do you say?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Always making jokes…well you know what I find funny? You thinking that I’d be interested in a rematch with someone I not only beat, but dominated. There’s nothing in it for me so, sorry, but the answer is no.

Derek Mobley: Alright, then…

*Mobley nods and backs away as Marcus turns around and walks off. Warrick walks up from out of the screen and stands next to Derek, he places his hand on the shoulder of a visibly displeased Derek Mobley.*

Warrick Hill: Well, that sucks…so, what now? Robert Santana? Danger Boiz? Retirement?

Derek Mobley: Nah, it’s still Marcus…he just doesn’t know it yet…all we need to do is give him a reason to face me…that’s what he needs and that’s what I’m going to give him.

Warrick Hill: Sounds cool to me…but, umm, my drink is like almost empty, so how about we head back to our locker room so I can get a refill and you can get out of those ripped pants.

Derek Mobley: Good call.

*Mobley and Warrick turn and head back towards their locker room, we cut back to the announce table.*

Logan: The House of Pain are targeting Ka’Derrion? That’s a dream rematch right there!

Jones: Yeah, but they’re a little ahead of themselves, aren’t they? I mean, what if Lurrr wins tonight?

Logan: Well, then, maybe a three-way? Who knows, right? All I know is, the House of Pain is starting to tear things up again, and in a good way!

Jones: It’s time now for our main event, featuring two of the best wrestlers in the world today, and for one of the biggest prizes in the GCWA! Minos, take it away!

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Unified X Division Championship!

*The cheers are loud, as the crowd expects a great contest tonight.*

Minos: Introducing first, the #1 Contender… he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, who has put his career on the line here tonight… standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, here is the GCWA 2009 Wrestler of the Year… Lurrr!

*”Cocky” by Kid Rock leads the way out for one of the most hated wrestlers in GCWA history. Surprisingly, however, there seems to be a rush of respect from some of the fans, knowing that this could possibly be his last match here tonight. Lurrr doesn’t acknowledge their cheers. He’s preparing himself for getting himself some more gold.*

Logan: Can you believe it? Tonight could be Lurrr’s last night in the GCWA!

Jones: He’s put it all on the line here, believing without a doubt that he’s going to defeat Crazy Chris and become the Unified X Division Champion.

Logan: Well, he’d better be sure, because Crazy Chris has proven that he has what it takes to be a champion here in the GCWA. It’s a risky bet, but then, Lurrr’s always been a gambler.

Minos: His opponent has had a tremendous career in the GCWA, including 2 reigns with the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles alogn with his brother, Dangerous Dan… he now enters into this match determined to finally prevail against the veteran… standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, representing the Danger Boiz, here is the GCWA Unified X Division Champion… Crazy Chris!

*”Mental Health” by Zebrahead leads the way out for the Unified X Division Champion. Crazy Chris comes out proudly, raising his title over his head and listening to the loud cheers from the crowd. He marches down the aisle, energized by the challenge that lays before him.*

Jones: Chris became the first Unified X Division Champion by bringing together the X Division and Television Titles. Now, he’s showing the prestige of the belt by defending it against one of the best in the game!

Logan: Crazy Chris and his brother, Dangerous Dan, have been on a quest recently to show everyone who still doubts them that they are championship material. To me, Chris should have quieted the doubters long ago, as he has really had a strong wrestling career thus far.

Jones: So let me put you on the spot, Anthony. If you had to choose between Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan, which one do you think will make it to the World Title first?

Logan: Ummm… oh, look, the match is going to start! I’ll answer that one later…

Jones: Uh huh…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Head Referee Bell is in his usual place, using his experience and skill to referee the main event match. He raises the Unified X Division Title in the air, earning cheers from the crowd. It’s also notable that both Crazy Chris and Lurrr watched him as well, keeping their eyes on the title. As Bell takes the belt over to the timekeeper’s table, Crazy Chris and Lurrr move to the center, studying each other. Lurrr seems unusually sociable today, talking to Chris for a minute, with Chris cautiously responding. Lurrr then puts out his hand, getting some cheers as he offers a handshake! Chris, surprised, responds in kind, shaking the man’s hand. Unfortunately, this show of sportsmanship is ruined when Lurrr reaches up with his othet hand, giving the champion a thumb to the eye!! Chris staggers back, partially blinded, as Lurrr turns to the crowd and mocks them for a second, apparently thinking it funny that they thought he would wrestle any differently.*

Jones: Lurrr’s already opened the cheater’s playbook, going for Chris’ eyes!

Logan: Hey, what do you expect? I mean… it’s Lurrr! The man has made a career of doing whatever is necessary to win, he’s not going to stop now!

Jones: Yep, I guess it was naïve of us to think that this match would be any different.

*Finishing his mocking of the crowd, Lurrr walks over to where Crazy Chris is trying to clear his vision. He grabs Chris by the arm, pulling him over and whipping him towards the corner. Chris spins himself around to hit back-first, taking all the impact there. Lurrr moves as if to follow, but Chris is already coming out of the corner as if rebounding off the ropes, landing a massive spear to the veteran!!! Lurrr was taken completely by surprise as Chris lands on top and quickly crawls upwards, getting onto Lurrr and punching away with several shots!! The crowd is cheering heavily as Chris lands several strong hits, with Head Referee Bell forced to intervene, telling Chris to stop using closed fists. Chris looks up at him, arguing to just let them wrestle. The distraction, though, is telling, as Lurrr suddenly scissors his legs up and gets them around Chris’ outstretched arms, yanking him backwards into a pinning combination!!! Bell drops to make the count… 1… 2.. and Chris quickly shoots his arm up, escaping the quick defeat.*

Jones: Lurrr took advantage of the referee distracting Chris, and nearly stole away the title!

Logan: I’ve always hated the “closed fist” rule. Let the guys fight, ref!

Jones: It’s a rule that been on the books for decades, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah? Slavery was on the books for decades too, dude. Rules can be changed, y’know? Damn, I need to start a petition!

*Both wrestlers are back up, with Lurrr in charge after a couple of chops. He locks Chris up and takes him over with a double-arm suplex, throwing the smaller wrestler down. Lurrr then goes off the ropes and comes back with a quick elbow drop, before going for another cover… 1… 2… and Chris kicks out again, continuing to fight. Lurrr isn’t happy about the count, slapping his hands together in irritation. But he goes back to work, pulling Chris back up and sending him into the ropes. As Chris returns, Lurrr drops his shoulder for a back toss. But Chris leaps over him instead, snapping around for a sunset flip attempt! Lurrr, though, doesn’t go down, fighting off Chris’ attempt. He drops, sitting down, but Chris manages to move out of the way in time, with Lurrr wincing from the jolt that just went up his spine! He struggles back to his feet, rubbing his sore back as he turns towards Chris… who flies in and gets on Lurrr’s shoulders, getting a heavy-duty hurricanrana that sends Lurrr tumbling out of the ring!!*

Logan: Nice one there, Chris! That’s why he’s one of the best high-risk wrestlers in the game today!

Jones: Crazy Chris has won several championships on his high-flying abilities. Can he use those same talents to defend his belt?

*Lurrr is already pulling himself up on the outside, working to pull himself back together. He grabs at the ropes as if to climb back in, but then Crazy Chris is there, getting a baseball slide that knocks Lurrr back to the ground! Chris, who slid to the outside, quickly pulls himself back onto the apron and waits for the #1 Contender to rise up. As soon as Lurrr is on his feet, Chris races forward, running down the length of the apron before skying off of it with a shocking shooting star press, crashing perfectly into his opponent!!! Both men crash to the outside mats, with Chris fortunately landing on top. After a few seconds, as the crowd cheers the maneuver, Chris slowly gets up, dragging Lurrr along with him. Head Referee Bell has been counting out both men, so Chris brings Lurrr over and rolls him in, quickly hopping onto the apron. He then springs himself over the ropes and comes down with a leg drop, perfectly executed!! Chris makes the cover, with Head Referee Bell right there… 1… 2… and Lurrr gets a foot on the nearby ropes, stopping the count!*

Jones: Crazy Chris is really shining through today! He’s pulling out all the stops to get the victory over the veteran and send him into retirement!

Logan: Yeah, but it’s easier said than done, Jonesy. Crazy Chris has got to keep going full speed if he wants this win. If he can control the pace of the match, Lurrr may not be able to cope!

Jones: How much does each move take out of Chris, though? Which wrestler has the greater stamina?

*Crazy Chris is back on the move, pulling Lurrr over towards the corner. He positions him there, then leans on the turnbuckle, pushing up onto it and coming off with a split-legged moonsault! Unfortunately, Lurrr manages to get his knees up, giving Chris a rough landing!! Chris tumbles away, holding his ribs, as Lurrr snatches at the nearby ropes to get himself up. He waits, taking deep breaths, for Chris to get to his feet, and then moves in, locking up with the champion and taking him down with a hangman’s neckbreaker!! Chris falls to his back, with Lurrr, after a second, coming over for the cover… 1… 2… and Chris kicks out, avoiding the defeat. Lurrr angrily glares at Head Referee Bell, having never liked him. He turns back to Chris and steps over him, going to his legs, deciding to slow the speedster down. He grabs the legs and turns Chris over, applying a Boston crab!! Chris is immediately reaching out with his arms, trying desperately to reach the ropes, as his legs and back are tweaked in the submission hold!*

Jones: Will the champion tap out??

Logan: Crazy Chris isn’t the type to just give up, Jonesy, but he needs to look for a way out of this, because every second he’s in this hold, it’s one more bit of energy he no longer has!

Jones: Yep, and with a veteran like Lurrr, you need all the energy you can get!

*Lurrr is enjoying himself, sitting back hard and trying to do more damage even as Crazy Chris struggles towards the ropes. He is moving slowly towards them, although Lurrr’s weight is making it exceedingly difficult. Head Referee Bell continues to check on him, but Chris has no intention of just handing his belt to Lurrr. He’s fighting for every inch. Lurrr looks back, seeing how close Chris is getting to the ropes. He suddenly stands up with Chris’ legs in hand, turning the Boston crab into more of a liontamer submission! This makes it even harder for Chris to escape using the ropes. However, it also gives him other options, as he’s able to reach out desperately and grab at Lurrr’s legs, yanking on them. Lurrr loses his balance and stumbles forward, forced to release the hold. He catches himself a couple of steps away and turns back, annoyed that he wasn’t able to hang on. He walks back over, apparently intent on reapplying the hold. But Chris blocks it and kicks Lurrr away, stopping him. Lurrr stumbles back, rubs his chin where the foot hit him, and then comes back again, but Chris shockingly kips up, then grabs Lurrr’s head, getting a thunderous DDT!!! Both wrestlers are down, with the crowd roaring loudly!!*

Jones: That maneuver may have taken just as much out of both competitors!

Logan: Yeah, but Crazy Chris needed a chance to recover after the submission hold. This gives him a chance to get back in it!

*With Head Referee Bell counting on both men, Crazy Chris slowly turns himself over and crawls towards the ropes, looking to get himself up. Lurrr is holding his head as if having the mother of all migraines. He gets to his stomach, but Crazy Chris is now in the lead, using the ropes to stand. He sees Lurrr up on his hands and knees and reacts, calling on some speed to dive over Lurrr and turn it into a pin attempt! Lurrr’s twisted around as Bell drops for the count… 1… 2… and Lurrr barely escapes!! Chris shows some frustration, having thought that he had him. He gets up, dragging Lurrr with him, no, Lurrr twists out of his grasp, grabbing hold and twisting Chris over with his own roll-up!! Bell gets back in position… 1… 2… Chris reverses the roll-up, so that Lurrr’s shoulders are now down!! 1… 2… Lurrr reverses it back!! 1… 2… and Chris escapes! The fans are biting on each and every attempt, with a ton of emotion being shown by all in attendance, even as the wrestlers start to work their way back up again.*

Jones: There’s an electricity in the arena tonight, Anthony! The fans have no idea how this is going to end, and I’m not sure they even know what they want!

Logan: Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot of people are screaming just as much for the Crazy Chris pin attempts as the Lurrr pin attempts.

Jones: Ninety-nine percent of the time, the fans would never be behind Lurrr. But his career is on the line, and as much as the GCWA audience has hated him over the years, I don’t think they’re ready to see him go!

Logan: But no one wants to see Crazy Chris lose the championship, either, Jonesy. Man, it’s a match where the fans want BOTH men to win, and doesn’t want EITHER of them to lose!

Jones: That is what’s making it a great one, Anthony!

*Crazy Chris hauls himself up first, but he’s only a second or two ahead of the #1 contender. Lurrr turns and sees Chris on his feet, stepping towards him. Chris, though, is ready, leaping up into the air and catching Lurrr with a Pele kick!! Lurrr falls to the ground, stunned, while Chris rolls for a second, the impact on his leg causing his own pain. Chris gets up first, though, struggling his way over to the turnbuckle. He climbs up, achingly making his way to the top ‘buckle, as Lurrr starts struggling back to his feet. The Unified X Division Champion watches him, signaling for the fans that the end is near!! The crowd is on their feet, screaming loudly, some willing Chris to land his move, while others hoping that Lurrr can avoid it. As Lurrr turns in a circle towards him, Crazy Chris takes flight, going for the Crazy Man’s Suicide!! Lurrrr reacts on instinct at the man coming in at him, launching into the Wake Up Call!!!! The two men collide with their kicks, both flying in different directions and laying flat on the mat!!!! The crowd starts a “Holy Shit!!” chant (carefully bleeped out by the censors) as Head Referee Bell holds his head in shock, looking at the two downed wrestlers.*

Logan: DAMN!!!! Will either man be able to get up after that??

Jones: I don’t know if either got the full impact of their finisher in, Anthony, but after all they’ve been through in this contest, that might have been enough!!

Logan: The count’s started! We’re in danger of ending with a No-Contest!

Jones: Get your protest letters ready!

*With no other option, Head Referee Bell is counting along, as slowly as possible. The fans are cheering for both men, not wanting it to end this way, yet stoked as hell about the move that got it to this point. Crazy Chris has rolled over, but he’s barely able to grasp at the nearby ropes, badly out of it. Lurrr doesn’t look much better, as he sits up, but then falls back down, not enough energy to get himself off the mat yet. Bell, shaking his head, gets up to 5, and then 6, continuing his countout. Slowly, though, Crazy Chris is pulling himself up, although he’s definitely dazed from the kick he took. Lurrr has started crawling over to the ropes near him, his eyes half-closed but his instincts driving him. As the referee gets up to 8, Crazy Chris manages to get to his feet, almost falling back over as soon as he does. Head Referee Bell turns his attention to Lurrr, giving him the count of 9, with Lurrr finally managing to get on his feet, using the turnbuckle corner to balance himself. The fans applaud, glad it’s not ending that way, even as the champion limps over to Lurrr to continue the battle.*

Jones: We’re not ending on a double countout tonight!! The fight continues!

Logan: Yep, but both guys’ gas tanks are hitting the big “E” right now.

Jones: Whoever ate their Wheaties this morning might just have the edge!

Logan: … Wheaties?

Jones: They’re our new sponsor, Anthony, remember?

Logan: Oh, right.

*Crazy Chris gives Lurrr a series of sweeping chops in the corner, wearing him down, before grabbing his arm and trying to Irish whip him to the other side. Lurrr reverses it, though, sending Chris to the other corner instead. Lurrr stumbles after him, hammering Chris in the back with a running shoulderblock. Chris slumps in the corner, with Lurrr making the decision to lift him up onto the ‘buckle, going up with him. It looks like he’s planning for a big-time maneuver to finish things once and for all. Chris struggles against him, trying to throw some elbows, but Lurrr blocks them and lands some shots to the kidneys, weaking the Unified X Division Champion further. Lurrr then climbs all the way up, balancing himself with Chris and setting him for a super belly-to-back suplex!!! As they go off, however, Chris twists himself around, managing to land on top of Lurrr as they come down to the ground!!!! Chris stays on top, hanging on, as Head Referee Bell dives into place for the count… 1… 2… NO!!! Somehow Lurrr kicks out!!*

Jones: I thought that was going to be it! How did Lurrr kick out from that??

Logan: He’s got everything invested here tonight, Jonesy, and he’s going to try to survive in any way possible!!

Jones: What a match this has been!

*Chris can’t seem to believe it himself, as he rolls over to a sitting position, shaking his head. He looks around at the crowd, who cheer him on, telling him not to give up. The champion nods and pulls himself back together, struggling to stand up, with Lurrr already pulling himself onto his stomach. Chris leans down and grabs some hair to ‘help’ Lurrr up, getting him to his feet. Chris then lands a few forearm shots before stepping into the veteran, trying to lift him up for the Crazy Bitch!! But Lurrr struggles free, pulling himself away, as he kicks Chris in the stomach, bending him over! Lurrr then steps in and locks Chris up, twisting him over with a massive backbreaker onto Lurrr’s knee!!! Crazy Chris plummets to the ground, crushed, as Lurrr slowly crawls over for the cover. He gets his arm across, with Bell right there to count… 1… 2… No! Crazy Chris’ shoulder gets up in time! Lurrr runs both hands through his hair, trying to figure out what else he can do to win this match and continue his career.*

Logan: We are seeing incredible resilience from the champion! I know Lurrr came into this expecting an easy win. I’m betting his perceptions have been changed!

Jones: Both of these men deserve our respect! They are giving us of their hearts and souls here tonight!

*Lurrr is back on his feet, barely, with Crazy Chris in tow. He sets Chris in place and lifts him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, looking to spike him into the ground with a death valley driver. But Chris is kicking now, trying to unbalance his opponent, and manages to fall behind Lurrr, shoving him into the ropes and getting a victory roll!! But the roll continues, with Lurrr ending up on top!!! The count is made… 1… 2… No! Chris is out again!! Both wrestlers jump up, running on the last gasps of energy they can bring out. Lurrr blocks a Chris punch, then hits one of his own, before setting Chris up for a gutwrench suplex!! No, the champion pulls free, lands a kick… and then immediately steps in, grabbing Lurrr and spinning him over with the Crazy Bitch!!!! The place explodes with the maneuver, as Lurrr is down, even as Crazy Chris tries to recover enough to make the pin. He crawls over, desperately getting onto Lurrr and grabbing the legs. Head Referee Bell was just waiting for him to get there… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… and STILL GCWA Unified X Division Champion… Crazy Chris!!

Logan: Crazy Chris did it!! And that means… Lurrr’s going to have to retire!!

Jones: What a shocking end to this one, as both of these guys put everything they had into it!! But now, Crazy Chris is vindicated, beating one of the best wrestlers ever to enter the GCWA ring and staying the champion!

Logan: This is a landmark win for Chris, no doubt!! This is a night he should cherish for a long time to come!!

*Crazy Chris is barely able to stand, but he’s more than happy to have his arm raised by Head Referee Bell, as he brings over the Unified X Division Championship. Dangerous Dan appears, sliding into the ring, as he runs over and gives Chris a huge hug, jumping up and down. He holds up Chris’ other arm, pointing enthusiastically to his brother. The two men turn and roll out of the ring, with Dan making sure to give Crazy Chris a hand as they head up the aisleway. As they depart, all attention turns back to the ring, and the wrestler still in-between the ropes.*

Jones: It’s really over… after so many years, Lurrr is going to retire!

Logan: Alright, hell, I’ll admit, I’m sad to see him go, too. I’ve never liked the guy, but I’ve always respected him.

Jones: It sounds to me that the crowd here in the GCWA Arena agrees with you, Anthony!

*Lurrr begins to pick himself up from the mat after what many in the arena thought they wouldn’t see tonight. He slowly gets up on his feet and begins to look around in amazement as the crowd actually begins to chant.*

Crowd: “Thank You, Lurrr…. Thank You, Lurrr!!!”

*It’s a shockingly emotional moment, as the audience recognizes the great career of the wrestler before them. Lurrr actually acknowledges the crowd with both hands raised in the air thanking them. He begins to walk towards the ropes and the crowd cheers begin to get louder.*

Crowd: “Thank You, Lurrr…. Thank You, Lurrr!!!”

Logan: This is incredible!

Jones: They’re just saying goodbye to a legendary competitor, Anthony.

*The crowd continues to chant, with the cameras showing many of them looking very emotional about Lurrr’s last contest. The veteran stops and walks back over to Minos and asks for the mic. Minos gladly gives him the mic and he leaves the ring.*

Lurrr: Wow is really all I can say. You know even though I have always been the guy you have hated and chosen to pull against, this moment right now is the reason why I have given everything to this business for these many years.

*The crowd begins to cheer and applaud the former Champion.*

Lurrr: Even though I have lost my final match here in the GCWA I feel like I left my mark on this industry and gained the respect from not only the guys in the back and the boss but now I know I have earned that thru all of the GCWA fans and I want to thank each every one of you!!! Even though I am walking away from the competition side of it today I look forward to the future of the GCWA and I have now become just another fan of all this great talent here in this company. I have enjoyed every second of my career but I feel completely comfortable with moving on today and I hope everyone out there can appreciate that decision.

*The crowd begins to chant once more.*

Crowd: “One more match…. One more match….”

*Lurrr lowers the mic from his mouth and begins to laugh. He brings it back up, shaking his head.*

Lurrr: Not for me guys, I have done it all and I want to give you guys the credit for making me the bad guy…. Thank you for all your boos and offensive remarks, that’s what made me. I will leave you with one last thought, no matter what anybody thinks I feel that I am the best at what I do and that’s what made this ride so fun…. Thanks again to you the fans and everybody in the GCWA!!!

*Lurrr drops the mic, taking in all the cheers and chants from the crowd. The announcers, knowing when a moment is too big for them, are quiet as Lurrr leaves through the ropes and steps to the outside. He walks up the aisleway, his back to the camera, as “Cocky” by Kid Rock plays one last time. At the entryway, he raises his hand, getting another pop from the crowd. He then turns and goes through the curtains, entering the backstage area for the final time. The picture slowly fades out, with the Lurrr chants seeming to go on longer before fading as well.*

OOC: Hopefully, you all enjoyed the great send-off for Lurrr. It's been great having him in the GCWA, and he'll definitely missed.

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- Warrick Hill vs. Robert Santana vs. Xtreme, Triple Threat Match

- Arachne vs. The Lost Soul

- Chris Cortez vs. Dangerous Dan, GCWA Intercontinental Title #1 Contenders Match

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