GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*As the commercials finish up, we feel the excitement, knowing that the clock just turned to 8/7pm CST. It’s time for some wrestling! The opening shot shows an image of the United Spirit Arena, the sight of the GCWA’s most recent pay-per-view.*

Voice: This past Sunday, darkness fell once again on the GCWA. It was a night of beginnings, of first pairings. A night when it seemed anything could happen.

*We start to see a variety of clips, first showing Chris Cortez tossing The Little Guy out of the ring in order to steal the pin on Chris Winters. We see Marcus Ka’Derrion landing a low blow on Bucky Johnson before setting him for the Punisher, taking the victory from the young superstar. Lurrr is pictured, landing the Wake Up Call on Robert Santana to secure the #1 Contendership for the Unified X Division Title, only to then be attacked by the House of Pain.*

Voice: It was a night of triumph, as the GCWA laid down the gauntlet against their adversaries.

*A series of clips goes over the “Extreme Lumberjack” Match between the GCWA’s The Lost Soul and the CWF’s Elijah. We see the final moments in pictures, with Crazy Chris hitting Elijah from the outside, allowing The Lost Soul to take over and deliver the Souled Out, winning the match for the flagship company.*

Voice: It was a night of final conflicts, as bloody warriors took their hated rivalries to devastating ends.

*We see the war between the Accelerator and Twiztid, with shots of GCWA Security, and then Titan 3, getting involved. Twiztid’s shown being carried out to an unknown destination, possibly never to be seen again. We switch to the Dangerous Dan – Big Bifford match, showing them each going for it all, with Arachne, as the referee, proving to be a major factor, especially with his green mist. Finally, we see the war between Shane Donovan and the World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, ending with a blood-soaked Draco standing over his fallen former friend, the belt still in hand.*

Voice: It is now a new day in the GCWA. The sun has risen again. But the future is always oncoming. A new course has been plotted, and who knows what destruction will come of it.

*A final shot shows The Big Bifford, outside the ring, staring inside towards Draco, who stares back. The two now have a link, knowing that they will soon face each other in combat between the ropes. The only question is, can they wait that long? The screen fades to black.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans seem even more riled up than normal, especially as the pyro goes off, bringing them to their feet. Signs range everywhere from “TLS = MVP!” to “Arachne Is The Father Of My Child!” We leave the fans behind and head to ringside to join Edward Jones and Anthony “Lightning” Logan.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Friday Night Inferno!!! We’re still recovering from the epic battles that took place last week at Darkness Falls II, even as we begin the road to Blood On The Battlefield IV!

Logan: It was an awesome night full of blood, sweat, and beers, Jonesy!

Jones: Yes, it… beers?

Logan: Oh, sorry, that’s right, you missed the after-party.

Jones: There was… an after party?

Logan: I’m sure your invite got lost in the mail. Anyway, that’s not important… what matters is that Draco is still our World Heavyweight Champion!

Jones: … Yes, he survived a hell of a beating from Shane Donovan, defeating his old friend and standing triumphantly over him. But now, Draco’s next opponent is already waiting in the wings, as The Big Bifford was able to defend his #1 Contendership over Dangerous Dan, making him the man to face Draco at the next Pay-Per-View!

Logan: That’s just got to be an incredible match! And tonight, we’ve got a preview of it, of sorts, as Draco will be facing Bifford’s tag-team partner, Arachne!

Jones: Yep, what a main event! Our World Champion going against one-half of the World Tag-Team Champs!

Logan: And that’s not all! Tonight, Robert Santana will be stepping up to take his crack at the now-ruthless Marcus Ka’Derrion, in an attempt to end his destructive spree through the youth of the GCWA!

Jones: It won’t be easy, as Ka’Derrion has truly been on a roll, taking down wrestler after wrestler. But Santana’s been in the spotlight before, so he might be the one who can do it!

Logan: It promises to be an exciting night, and I don’t want to waste anymore time talking to this guy!

Jones: Hey!

Logan: No offense meant, Edds, I just want to get to the action!

Jones: Oh… alright, that sounds good to me! Minos?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Making his way down towards the ring, he made his debut this past week at Darkness Falls II, and is one of the tallest wrestlers to ever come through the organization… standing 6’10” and weighing 205 lbs, from Madison, WI, here is Chris Winters!

*”The Road to Devastation” by Kataklysm begins to play, as the massive Winters walks out of the back. He looks like he’s still got confidence in himself, although the fans don’t seem to show it, after seeing him take the loss at the pay-per-view. Nontheless, the man is a definite presence, if only due to his size, as he walks down the ramp towards the squared circle.*

Logan: When I first saw this guy coming down at Darkness Falls, I thought he could be a dangerous wrestler in the GCWA.

Jones: Now, come on, Anthony… one loss does not mean that he’s a complete bust!

Logan: True, but now, he’s got to wrestle one of the greatest wrestlers to ever come into the GCWA, and a current champion. The odds are definitely against him tonight.

Jones: Size can make up for a lot of deficiencies, Anthony.

Logan: Really? How many big guys have come through our doors who can’t even tie their shoes, let alone wrestle a good match?

Jones: … I’ve lost count.

Logan: Exactly!

Minos: His opponent is a top veteran of the business, having earned countless championships during his career… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the current GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

*The fans are cheering as The Lost Soul comes out, his championship wrapped tightly around his waist. The GCWA crowd is giving him a great ovation, chanting his name, but The Lost Soul is intent on business and nothing more. He slides easily into the ring, studying his opponent before removing the belt to hand to the referee.*

Jones: There were some great matches this past weekend, but the one that seemed to matter to many GCWA fans was the major clash between our company and our rivals in the CWF. The Lost Soul carried the GCWA banner, and won a historic “Extreme Lumberjack” Match over the CWF’s Elijah!

Logan: Yeah, I was so damn proud of him! We showed those CWF wrestlers exactly what the GCWA is made of!

Jones: It makes you wonder, is tonight’s match almost a reward for him? Taking on a rookie who lost at the pay-per-view?

Logan: Honestly, I don’t think I’d consider fighting a 6’10” wrestler a “reward”, but if anybody would, I bet it would be TLS.

*The Bell Rings.*

*With Referee Trixie signaling for things to begin, Winters comes forward, staring down at The Lost Soul with a big grin. He flexes his arms, showing off an impressive array of upper-arm muscles. It doesn’t seem to make much of an impression on The Lost Soul, who simply stands there, watching him. For some reason, Winters takes this as a signal that he’s getting to him. He walks up and gives TLS’s shoulder a shove, causing TLS to take a step backwards. Winters then looks to the crowd, laughing about having to fight him. He steps around TLS, who is still watching him, acting like a mime, putting both arms in the air and pretending he’s trapped in a box. He turns back to TLS, still laughing, as the Intercontinental Champion doesn’t move.*

Logan: Uh… wait, is he mocking The Lost Soul because of his face paint?

Jones: Does Winters even know who he’s fighting tonight? Did he do any research whatsoever?

Logan: You’d think at least the Intercontinental Title that TLS was wearing would be a clue not to underestimate him.

*Winters does another pantomime, pretending to pull something using an invisible rope. The Lost Soul turns his eyes away for a second, looking to the crowd, who is booing Winters furiously now, not liking his mocking ways. Winters talks to Referee Trixie for a second, possibly asking to get with her after the show, once he’s done with business. He shakes his head, then walks forward, going face-to-face with TLS, looking down at him. Winters, still grinning, points to his chin and leans over, apparently offering a free punch. He goads him on, saying to take his best shot. The Lost Soul looks around again, then steps in, throwing a haymaker that sends Winters stumbling back!! TLS isn’t done there, though, as he pursues his foe, attacking with lefts and rights and sending Winters reeling!*

Logan: Here we go! The Lost Soul is letting loose, and Winters is about to pay for his mocking ways!

Jones: You can’t do psychological mind games with TLS! He’s the king of that in the GCWA!

Logan: He’s also about to show this kid why he should be respected!

*Winters struggles to fight back, but every punch he attempts quickly gets blocked or knocked away. He can’t lay a hand on the man beating the daylights out of him! The Lost Soul lands a couple more shots to the face, and then grabs Winters and pulls him out of the corner, delivering a reverse DDT that plants the big man’s chin into the mat! Winters is down, as TLS stands up and does a Garvin stomp, going all the way around Winters with repeated stomps. Winters covers up, then tries to pull himself up, but TLS isn’t letting him recover. He grabs Winters’ head and quickly twirls himself around, dropping Winters with a snap neckbreaker to the canvas!! Winters rolls over, laying on his back, seeing stars, as The Lost Soul, not messing around, heads to the turnbuckle. He climbs all the way up and balances easily, barely out of breath as he looks down at his opponent. Winters’ eyes are open, but all he can do is watch as TLS comes flying down, landing the Souled Out!!! The fans are cheering loudly as TLS makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… The Lost Soul!

Logan: That was short and to the point, but what did you expect with this bout?

Jones: Looks like TLS can get back to making movies now, as this one wasn’t even close. Winters has just not impressed either time he’s been in the ring with us.

Logan: Nope, which probably means the clause in his contract is going to trigger. Remember, Ace always includes the ability to drop someone if they’re just not performing.

Jones: Too bad, as Winters joins a pile of guys who could have been success stories in the GCWA, but now are just footnotes.

*Winters is still down in the ring, with referee Trixie standing over him, a smirk on her face. She quickly tells him that they WON’T be meeting after the show before departing. TLS is already halfway up the aisle, carrying his championship with him. We leave the arena behind and head to the back, where we see the Presidential office. The Accelerator is sitting in there in a special chair that he brought in. It supports his neck, but gives room for his burned back to not touch. He sighs, knowing that this is going to be difficult.*

The Accelerator: Look, champ, I never planned for you to get attacked last week. I thought it would be a chance for the GCWA to look down on those chumps at the CWF.

*The camera moves to the right, where we see the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco!*

Draco: Sure you did. You had nothing to do with Ryan Storm attacking me like that, then, did you? You didn’t want me to get injured by Shane Donovan and lose the title, and you didn’t want Storm to take me out and force me to vacate?

The Accelerator: Of course not! You’re the World Champion, why would I want something like that?

*Ace’s comments seem very insincere, but he’s trying his best to prevent Draco’s anger from spilling over in his office. Two security guards are watching in the background, but Ace doesn’t seem to have much confidence in them.*

The Accelerator: Look… if you need the night off, we can cancel your match with Arachne…

*This gets a glare from Draco, shutting Ace up quickly.*

Draco: *Bleep* that. First, Arachne goes down. Then, Ryan Storm gets what’s coming to him. But I’m not going to forget this, “Mr. President”. We… I will remember.

*Draco turns and leaves, as the Accelerator sits back in his chair, looking a little nervous. He’s starting to wonder how far Draco would be willing to go. Ace turns to his phone, placing a quick phone call.*

The Accelerator: Hey… get me Rish…

*Ace stays on the phone, waiting, as we fade out to commercial.*

*We return from the break to the back, into a very nice-looking locker room. The Danger Boiz are comfortably sitting on their brand new furniture. Seems Chris has gotten a bigger paycheck now that he is the first EVER Unified X Division. Chris is shinning up his Unified X Division title, while Dan seems to be more focused on the television set.*

Crazy Chris: Bro, how many times are you going to watch that tape over and over? You lost, get over it!

*A little bothered by his brother’s comment, Dan pauses the video tape. *

Dangerous Dan: Get over it? You want me to get over it? I lost to that fat *bleep* again. He is now the #1 contender and not me. And you want me to get over it?

Crazy Chris: Dude, it’s not like you’re never going to get another shot again. Just let the big man have his fifteen minutes in the spotlight and the after Blood on the Battlefield, a new number one contender will be named. You, or I, could go for it then.

*Dan sits back and continues playing the tape. Chris continues shining up the Unified X Division title as well. A knock is heard at the door. *

Crazy Chris: Who the hell is that?

Dangerous Dan: Get off your ass and go see…champ!!!

Crazy Chris: Why don’t you get up and see who it is?

Dangerous Dan: I have a better solution.

*Dan sits up on the edge of the couch. *

Dangerous Dan: It’s open!!!

Crazy Chris: Smart ass!

*Dan smiles as the locker room door swings open. Dan and Chris stand to their feet as they see who is walking in. It is none other than the lovely and beautiful Cynthia Hall. *

Crazy Chris: Cynthia Hall, long time no interview.

Dangerous Dan: How are you this fine evening?

*Dan grabs Cynthia’s hand and plants a gentle kiss on her hand. Cynthia blushes over the gesture. She collects herself and makes her business known. *

Cynthia Hall: Hello, gentlemen. I was wondering if I could get an interview in about Chris’ upcoming Unified X Division title match next week against the new number one contender, Lurrr.

Crazy Chris: Why sure Cynthia; anything for you.

Cynthia Hall: So how are you feeling about defending the Unified X Division title next week against the baddest man in the GCWA?

*Dan and Chris break out into laughter. Cynthia seems a little confused on why the brothers are laughing. *

Cynthia Hall: Is something funny?

Crazy Chris: Well…yes Cynthia there is. You just called Lurrr the baddest man in the GCWA.

*Chris and Dan continue laughing. Cynthia seems to be a little frustrated as she wants to get her job done and get paid. *

Cynthia Hall: Well despite how you may feel, many consider Lurrr to be the biggest, baddest, and toughest person in the GCWA. Next week you Chris are going one on one with him.

Crazy Chris: Yes Cynthia I am going one on one with Lurrr next week for my Unified X Division title. MY Unified X Division title. You see Cynthia; I have yet again set another record here in the GCWA. I am the most successful Television Champion in history, Dan and I are the only tag team to hold the Tag Team titles twice, and now I am the first ever Unified X Division Champion. I told everyone a couple months ago that 2010 was going to be the year of the Danger Boiz. Dan almost became number one contender, but due to some cheating, he got screwed. However, he will be number one contender after Blood on the Battlefield. I have said it over and over again that 2010 is the year of the Danger Boiz. Next week, it is David versus Goliath; Crazy Chris versus Lurrr for the Unified X Division title.

*Chris seems to be settling in for a long interview, as Cynthia sits back and lets him vent.*

Crazy Chris: Lurrr has done many things in his time here in the GCWA; however, his time is over. Lurrr is nothing but old news. Every since he lost the World title to Draco, he has become nothing but scum on the bottom of everyone’s shoes. Hell, he basically lost it. I mean take a few weeks ago, he went into the CWF locker room and attacked a woman, who isn’t even a wrestler. Hell, he LOST to Angelica at Modern Warfare. Face it Lurrr, your time has come and gone. You might be the 2009 Wrestler of the Year, but this is now 2010. It’s time for new blood to take over. This year, the Danger Boiz are going to rule the GCWA locker room. Hell, you have become even less useful and less powerful since the demise of your little click that you had going. Doesn’t look like anyone wants to be a part of the NEW Roman Empire. I sure as hell wouldn’t. Being by your side does one of two things. It either causes you your job, or sends you out of the country. Derek and Warrick were wise to leave your little group when they did. They played it smart by turning you down. You’re old news Lurrr. You are no longer the big man on campus. Next week, I am going to prove exactly WHY you are nothing around here. Lurrr, you don’t belong here in the GCWA. You belong in an old folk’s home. Which reminds me, Dan and I have some ‘business’ to take care of. So Cynthia if you would excuse my brother and me.

*Chris and Dan head out of the locker leaving Cynthia and the cameraman standing all alone inside. Cynthia seems somewhat satisfied about wrapping another interview. As she and the cameraman exit out of the Danger Boiz locker room, the cameraman quickly catches the Danger Boiz entering inside a room down the hallway. We head back to ringside. *

Logan: Well, you can’t knock Crazy Chris’ confidence. He really does believe that he’s going to get his first victory over Lurrr next week.

Jones: Lurrr earned this opportunity, thanks to a victory over Robert Santana at the PPV. But he’s also distracted by the House of Pain, which could make this a rough time for Lurrr to get the shot.

Logan: Either way, next week’s match is going to be wild! But as long as we’re talking about the House of Pain, why don’t we get to our next match?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. First, walking down the aisle, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, seeking to renew his climb towards the top, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*Johnson comes out to “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem, earning some cheers, but also a little negativity from some of the GCWA fanatics. Johnson looks a little surprised by it, but then continues on, heading towards the ring. He gives a few high fives to the audience along the edge, with them happy to oblige him.*

Jones: This Bucky Johnson moment is brought to you by Coke Zero! Coke Zero, real Coke taste, zero calories!

Logan: Jonesy, what on earth are you doing??

Jones: What? Isn’t Johnson a spokesman for them now? I could have sworn I saw him do a commercial for them…

Logan: I think he just enjoys the drink, man.

Jones: Oh. Well, so do I. Maybe I can get a job advertising for them, too!

Logan: Uh huh. Well, we’ll see how Bucky does tonight, after suffering a losing streak recently. Sure, they were losses to some great wrestlers, but I know he’s sick of coming up short. Maybe tonight, he can change all that.

Minos: His opponent has held multiple titles in multiple companies, including a run as one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions with Derek Mobley, standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, representing the House of Payne, here is Warrick Hill!

*The fans give a good ovation for Warrick, coming out in his usual cloud of smoke, with “Tom Sawyer” by Rush playing him out. Warrick has a smile on his face as he steps down the ramp, flexing his arms back and forth on the way to the ring.*

Jones: The House of Pain made a big statement at the Pay-Per-View, first distracting Lurrr, then attacking him after his match. Warrick blew smoke in the man’s face, followed by Mobley landing the Thriller.

Logan: And damn, it was awesome! I love seeing The House of Pain back in action! But you can bet that Lurrr isn’t going to just forget about their antics.

Jones: I’m sure that’s fine with Hill and Mobley. They were wanting to antagonize Lurrr, to get revenge on him attacking them earlier this year.

Logan: In other words, war has been declared between the House of Pain and the Roman Empire!

Jones: Sure, if you want to say it like that.

Logan: I do.

Jones: Ok then.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Hill and Johnson approach each other in the ring, with referee Mitchell stepping back to let them talk. Hill seems to be inquiring about Johnson’s nickname, with Johnson saying that, yes, it is “The Retarded Beast”. Hill can’t hold it in anymore, as he starts laughing hard about it. He’s having trouble breathing, staggering away and grabbing hold of the ropes. Johnson, annoyed, comes after him, spinning Hill around and landing a right cross that rocks the man! Johnson then grabs Hill by the arm and sends him towards the ropes, no, reversal by Hill, who then waits for Johnson to return and jumps for a dropkick! He lands it, but Johnson doesn’t go down, instead stumbling back to the ropes. Hill, a little surprised that Johnson is still up, gets to his feet and runs in to attack. But Johnson’s ready for him, lowering his shoulder and sending Hill flipping out of the ring!! Hill only barely catches part of the rope on the way by, softening his landing, but it’s still a hard crash against the apron that sends him sprawling on the outside mats!*

Jones: Nice reversal by Johnson, who was able to quickly react to Hill’s assault!

Logan: Johnson’s shown a lot of potential since coming to the GCWA, but he’s been needing a victory ever since losing the X Division Title. Tonight could be the start of his turnaround, because beating a veteran like Hill would be a huge win!

Jones: Of course, the question, as always, is: how high is Hill tonight?

Logan: With Warrick, you never really know…

*Johnson starts to head to the outside, with Referee Mitchell asking him not to, as he starts a count on Warrick. Johnson doesn’t seem inclined to listen, as he steps out of the ring to the apron, then steps down. He sees Warrick getting up and rushes at him with a clothesline, only to have Warrick duck under it, avoiding the strike. As Johnson turns around, Warrick grabs his head for an attempted stunner, but Johnson pushes him away, avoiding it. Warrick stumbles, then turns around, as Johnson steps in and grabs him around the middle, lifting with a gutwrench suplex!! Hill rolls away in pain, as Johnson pulls himself back up. Warrick slowly gets up, dazed, with Johnson aiming for him. Using the apron for balance, he runs forward, snapping off a high kick. But Hill dodges it, causing Johnson to run into the steps instead!! Johnson bounces away, holding his aching knee, as Hill struggles to get back to his feet.*

Logan: Warrick managed to avoid disaster there, but he needs to get off the defensive if he wants to win this one.

Jones: He also needs to get back into the ring before the count is… wait, what’s going on?

Logan: Uh oh. Well, I guess we should have expected this.

*”Cocky” by Kid Rock starts to play, grabbing Warrick’s attention before he heads back over to Johnson. He turns towards the entryway, watching carefully for any movement, as Johnson pulls himself back into the ring. The count continues, threatening to count Warrick out, but all his attention is now focused on where Lurrr has come out!! Lurrr moves down the ramp, stopping at the bottom, as he stares across at Warrick. He suddenly gives him a “get moving” gesture with a smile, laughing as Warrick, confused, looks behind him and realizes that the referee is up to 8, 9… Warrick slides back in, barely avoiding the countout! Johnson, though, is waiting for him, giving him a few stomps to the back before pulling him up. He brings Warrick up into the air with great strength, delivering a gorilla press powerslam to the mat!!! Warrick’s hurting, with Johnson making the cover… 1… 2… and Warrick is able to kick out.*

Jones: Man, Warrick’s path wasn’t easy just against Bucky, but now that Lurrr’s come down to distract him…

Logan: Yeah, Lurrr is surely here for some type of revenge, but will he simply come down and attack Warrick, or is he playing a longer game?

Jones: Either way, his presence has brought out Mobley!

*Behind Lurrr, Derek Mobley steps out of the entryway, having wasted no time making an appearance once Lurrr has shown up. He walks down towards him, with the fans immediately cheering for him. Unfortunately, this was exactly what Lurrr was waiting for, as the fans let him know that Mobley is coming. He has a smile on his face as he suddenly spins, throwing a cloud of dust into Mobley’s eyes!! Mobley, blinded, stumbles and nearly falls off the ramp, dropping to his knees, with Lurrr immediately grabbing him by the face and slamming a knee into his head!! Mobley drops to the ground, hurting and unable to see, as Lurrr stands over him, yelling about how Mobley should have joined him. In the ring, Warrick has managed to knock Johnson down with an Enziguri, but is now leaning on the ropes, in shock at what he sees. He watches Lurrr, who turns himself around, pulling up Mobley as he laughs.*

Logan: Damn, Lurrr got the drop on Mobley!

Jones: He was just waiting for the crowd to cheer, knowing that Derek couldn’t resist coming to Warrick’s aid!

Logan: That sneaky son of a…

*Mobley tries to pull free, as Lurrr chokes him from behind, hanging on tightly. Meanwhile, Warrick watches from in the ring, trying to decide what to do. Does Lurrr WANT him to run down there, having another trick up his sleeve? Or should Warrick risk it, to help out Derek? As Warrick hesitates, trying to decide, Bucky Johnson gets up from behind him, shaking his head clear. He sees Warrick standing at the ropes, facing away from him, and wrestling instincts kick in. He runs forward, grabbing Warrick from behind and twisting him down into a victory roll!! Warrick, stunned, is held down tightly, even as referee Mitchell dives into position for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

Jones: Wow! Out of nowhere, Bucky scores a big win!

Logan: Warrick wasn’t even thinking about him anymore, and that ruined his chances!

Jones: I don’t think Bucky even realized what was going on with Mobley and Lurrr. He just wanted the victory, to end his losing streak!

Logan: Whatever the reason, Johnson has a big victory on his resume now!

*Hill’s already back on his feet, a shocked look on his face. He stares at Bucky, who is giddy with success, celebrating. Without another word, Hill turns and leaves the ring, heading up towards Mobley. Lurrr has already dropped him and is walking away, wiping his hands clean of any remaining powder. He disappears into the back, laughing, while Hill checks on Mobley, asking a fan for his bottle of water so that he can start cleaning Mobley’s eyes. Puzzled, Johnson watches from the ring, wondering what happened. We go to the backstage area, where The Big Bifford is standing with Arachne in front of what appears to be a giant cement block tied with some chains. Bifford presses a button on the wall and the cement block raises into the air. Bifford laughs and looks down at the X marked on the floor and points to it. He claps his hands enthusiastically. Martin Ka'Berryon walks up behind the two. Arachne looks a bit uncomfortable being near Martin. Martin looks at Arachne with anger.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: I know you killed my father!

Arachne: And I know you sent those delivery guys to intimidate us!

Martin Ka’Berryon: Because you MURDERED my father and hid the body! I found it and had it buried properly!

Arachne: Those are all lies. You can't prove anything.

*Martin just glares at Arachne. Then he looks down at the X on the floor. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: What is that?

The Big Bifford: It's the X that Dangerous Dan will step on and then the cement block will fall on him and kill him...

*Martin's mouth drops open. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: Are you freakin' serious? You threw him out of the Righteous Rumble. Arachne pinned him. You guys beat the crap out of him and Chris and took their Tag Team titles, which you still hold meaning that they'll never hold them again. Then you win The Warrior of the Ring, in which Dan did not even make it to the finals showing him to be a pathetic loser. AND THEN you destroy and beat him at Darkness Falls. And you still want to murder the guy!? Haven't you done enough!? Haven't you embarrassed him enough?

The Big Bifford: As long as Dangerous Dan breathes air, I will try to end him.

*Martin shakes his head. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: Shouldn't you be concentrating on Draco? You're wrestling for THE BIGGEST TITLE in the federation! You could be a DOUBLE CHAMPION! -

The Big Bifford: Martin, you don't understand.. Draco is a vampire. I know a Vampire Slayer. We're all good.

*Martin just shakes his head in exhaustion. *

Arachne: Shouldn't we go hide someplace so Dan doesn't see us standing around here?

*Bifford nods and the three men go and hide behind a large crate that is used to pack-up part of the ring when it's not in use. Bifford and Arachne peer out behind it and see Draco walking along towards the X. Bifford takes a step forward, going to warn Draco not to walk there, but Arachne grabs Bifford and stops him, watching with wide eyes. Draco steps forward and his foot lands on the X. A loud noise echoes throughout the room as the device is activated. Draco, being very cautious and alert, hears the noise and immediately dives out of the way just as the giant cement block slams downwards. Draco avoids the doom that was almost inevitable, but in the process is hit by the cement block above the eye. Blood covers Draco's face as he rolls away from the devastating slam of the cement brick against the ground. Bifford runs over, a panicked look on his face. *

The Big Bifford: Draco.. Draco.. that was meant for that piece of crap Dangerous Dan.. not for you... I wanted Dan dead, but you almost died, and I'm very sorr-

*Draco gets to his feet and immediately punches Bifford right between the eyes. Bifford falls backwards onto the concrete floor and Arachne runs up behind Draco and jumps on his back, wrapping his arms around Draco's neck and beginning to choke him out. Meanwhile, Martin Ka'Berryon grabs a chair and runs onto the scene. Draco flips Arachne over his head and slams him against the floor. Arachne rolls around on the floor in pain as Martin runs forward and swings the chair at Draco. Draco, quick to think, dropkicks the chair, which connect with Martin's skull dropping him down. By this time, Bifford has gotten back up to his knees and Draco walks over and begins punching Bifford in the forehead. Bifford, groaning in pain, slugs Draco in the stomach as hard as he can. Draco leans over in pain and this allow Bifford to get to his feet. The two men stand upright and begin exchanging punches, one after another, as GCWA officials flood the area and begin pulling them apart. Bifford yells various things, many of the bleeped out, and Draco just looks on with anger in his eyes. We cut away, heading to commercial.*

*Backstage we see Dangerous Dan poking his head out of someone’s locker room. Dan glances down both ends of the hallway.*

Dangerous Dan: Coast is clear. C’mon let’s get out of here before he comes back.

*Dan exits the unknown person’s locker room, with Crazy Chris right behind him. A backstage worker suddenly appears from around the corner. *

Dangerous Dan: Crap!!

*Dan places his hand on Chris’ face and shoves him back in the locker room then slams the door shut behind him. Chris can be heard stumbling and tripping over something inside the locker room. Dan closes his eyes mumbling something under his breath. *

Dangerous Dan: Please don’t let him see me, please don’t let him see me, please don’t let…

*Before Dan can finish the sentence, the worker approaches Dan curious as to what he is doing. *

Worker: Something wrong there Dan?

*As Dan opens his eyes, Chris can be heard trying to open the door. Banging and screaming can be heard on the other end. Dan stares at the worker and smiles, acting as if nothing is going on behind him. *

Dangerous Dan: Nope, everything is okay?

*The worker doesn’t seem to be buying the story as he attempts to approach the door. *

Worker: Are you sure nothing is wrong? Sounds like someone is trying to get out of that room.

*Dan turns and stares at the door, and then looks back at the worker. *

Dangerous Dan: Oh, you mean this door? Nope nothing going on here. I just like standing in front of old doors.

*Chris, still trying to exit the locker room, begins screaming louder. *

Worker: You sure nothing is wrong? Sounds to me like someone is trying to get out.

Dangerous Dan: Oh that is my…

*Dan tries to think of something. He isn’t god under pressure, so it takes him a few seconds to respond. *

Dangerous Dan: That is the television. It is one of those 3D type programs. The speakers in there make are so loud that it seems like it’s right here at the door. So I will go turn it down.

*The worker lowers his brow, confused and curious as to what is going on. However, he continues down the hallway and as he turns around the corner, Dan finally opens the door. *


Dangerous Dan: Sorry, a worker came by and I didn’t want him to see both of us here.

Crazy Chris: Christ! Warn me or something next time. C’mon let’s get out of here.

*Before leaving the locker room, Chris posts something on the door. The turn and exit back down the hallway, entering into their own locker room. As the camera turns back towards the door, we see a note that says: “ACT YOUR AGE!” The nameplate above the note reads one word: Lurrr. We head back to ringside. *

Logan: Uh oh. What were the Danger Boiz doing in Lurrr’s locker room?

Jones: I’m definitely curious about that myself. Lurrr must still be off somewhere after his assault on Derek Mobley earlier. He probably figured the first place the House of Pain would look for him was his locker room.

Logan: Yeah, but apparently, the Danger Boiz took advantage of that!

Jones: Well, hopefully we’ll find out later what happened. For now, let’s keep going with our matches!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for a 10-minute time limit. First, making his way towards the ring, he is a former GCWA X Division and 2-time Television Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The crowd gives a good cheer as Santana comes out to “Sandstorm” by Darude, bowing to them before continuing on his way down. He looks a little uptight, glancing around quickly at the crowd along the way in.*

Jones: We still don’t know the full details about what’s happened with Santana the last few weeks, but rumor has it a super spy is seeking to kill him and his family!

Logan: Do you really believe those rumors, though?

Jones: Actually, my sources are quite good…

Logan: Really? Wow… well, whether the spy’s after him or not, apparently he’s still wrestling, so let’s see what he can do tonight against Ka’Derrion!

Minos: His opponent has been at the top of the GCWA twice, as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion… tonight he comes in standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs… from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The boos are deafening as Ka’Derrion comes out to “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park. He smirks, in a good mood tonight regardless of their reactions. He walks down the ramp and approaches the ring, taking his time, in no hurry to begin the anticipated battle with young Santana.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s been on a huge tear as of late, ripping through the younger wrestlers of the federation. So far on his tally, he’s beaten Aaron Styles, Justin Hale, and, at Darkness Falls II, Bucky Johnson. Tonight, it’s Santana’s turn to try and stop the bloodshed.

Logan: The strange thing is, Ka’Derrion still only has, what, 14-15 months under his belt? He’s not exactly an old man, and yet he’s attacking the youthful wrestlers.

Jones: Well, once you’ve been to the top of the mountain, Anthony, everyone who’s still learning the business appears as a rookie to you.

Logan: I suppose. I just hope Santana’s able to show Marcus that we have some damn good young talent here, with a hell of a future ahead of them… as long as Marcus stops injuring them!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Surprisingly, Head Referee Bell is in charge of this contest. He signals to the two competitors to begin, ready to see them go at it. Santana does his usual movements, bowing to the referee before turning to Marcus. Marcus smiles at him, then sketches out a fake-looking bow. Santana immediately returns the gesture, but Ka’Derrion was waiting for it, jumping forward and attacking! But Santana was ready for it, this particular move having been tried on him before. He drops, doing the splits, with Ka’Derrion’s swing flying overhead. Ka’Derrion trips over Santana’s now-extended leg, having to fall to his knees for a second. As he quickly hurries to get back up, Santana meets him, catching him with a tackle into the turnbuckle!! Ka’Derrion slumps from the hit, stunned, with Santana rearing back and unleashing his sizzling chops to the chest, leaving red welts on the former World Champ’s chest!*

Logan: It looks like Santana’s on top of his game tonight!

Jones: He came very close to winning over Lurrr this past weekend at Darkness Falls II. Tonight, he’s got a second chance to add another former World Champion to his list of accomplishments!

Logan: Yeah, who’s he beaten again? I remember he beat Tommy Crimson in a “Non Title” Match a while back… and he beat Donovan, right?

Jones: I believe that’s accurate, yep. Tonight, could he add another name to his bragging list?

*With Ka’Derrion hurting from the severe chops, Santana brings him out, giving him a hip toss and throwing him halfway across the ring! Ka’Derrion struggles to get up, hurting, as Santana comes over to him, going for a grip of hair to take Ka’Derrion to another corner. But Ka’Derrion reaches up with his right hand, raking Santana’s eyes, blinding him! Santana loses his grip, grabbing at his hurting face instead, which is exactly what Ka’Derrion needed. He immediately latches onto Santana and takes him over with a Russian leg sweep, banging his head into the canvas! Ka’Derrion takes a second to recover, as Santana rolls away, trying to find a safe place to recover. After a second, Marcus pulls himself back up and goes after him, reaching down and pulling Santana up by his shirt. He looks annoyed, almost angry that Santana dared to put his hands on him. He lifts Santana onto his shoulders for a second in a fireman’s carry, then snaps him over with a death valley driver!! Ka’Derrion then makes the cover… 1… 2.. and Santana is able to kick free of the cover.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s more ruthless than ever before, as he seems willing to do anything in order to get a victory!

Logan: I’ve noticed. I can’t believe that Ka’Derrion’s mother is ok with his recent behavior. I mean, I know his father, the legendary Punisher, is deceased, but shouldn’t the rest of his family be getting involved to try and straighten him out?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. I know he’s turned on most of the people he used to trust, which makes it hard for anyone to find out what’s really going on inside his skull.

*Ka’Derrion is already working over Santana, applying what appears to be a crossface submission hold. He’s grinning as he works over Santana, trying to embarrass him by making him tap out. Head Referee Bell circles both men, watching Santana’s hands in particular. But although Santana is in a lot of pain, he doesn’t seem interested in giving up. He’s fighting trying to push upwards, battling against Ka’Derrion’s weight on his neck and shoulders. Marcus struggles to keep him down, not wanting him to move. But Santana slowly rises, getting himself up almost to his knees as he fights the hold. Suddenly, Santana throws himself forward, rolling along with Ka’Derrion. When they stop their roll, all of the sudden, Santana has reversed the crossface into an ankle lock submission!! Ka’Derrion’s groaning in dismay as Santana hangs on tight, twisting the ankle for all he’s worth! Unfortunately, the roll took both men to the ropes, allowing Ka’Derrion to quickly reach out and grab hold, forcing the break.*

Jones: Both of these men have a lot of technical skills, having been trained by their father and sensei, respectively.

Logan: I don’t know about that, Jonesy. How much training did Marcus really get from the Punisher? Didn’t he want something else with his life?

Jones: That’s right, he did. But now, he’s a wrestler, with his career firmly in front of him!

Logan: Yeah… now if he’d stop making a *bleeping* mess of it…

Jones: Anthony!

Logan: Sorry, sorry… I’m just still ticked off at Ka’Derrion’s recent actions. It bugs the hell out of me! What’s wrong with you, kid??

*Both men are back on their feet now, with Ka’Derrion taking the edge again by going to the eyes. Head Referee Bell issues a warning, for which he gets a middle finger in response. The fans are booing as Ka’Derrion snaps Santana over with a suplex, then tries another cover… 1… 2.. but Santana is refusing to stay down. Ka’Derrion, in response, gets back up, looking like he feels he should have won by now. He pulls Santana up again, but Santana grabs his head and drops with a jawbreaker!! Ka’Derrion stumbles back, dazed, with Santana hurting as well from the painful escape maneuver. He gets back up, though, seeing Ka’Derrion leaning on the ropes. With one motion, Santana runs over, clotheslining him over!! Ka’Derrion, though, hangs onto the ropes, skinning the cat, as Santana walks away, wiping his mouth as if to check for blood. Ka’Derrion rights himself on the apron, then springboards in, flying at Santana as the man turns around. But with lightning reflexes, Santana takes to the air, catching a flying Ka’Derrion with the Sensei-Tion!!! Ka’Derrion’s down, with Santana immediately making the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Logan: What a stunner!! Santana did it, he got a win over Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

Jones: Man, this guy continues to shock everyone!! Who knows who he’s going to beat next!!

Logan: Ka’Derrion never seemed to take him seriously enough, and in the end, I think that’s how he lost, as he thought that Santana wasn’t fast enough to react to him. But that Sensei-Tion kick can come out of nowhere, and is always a way to end the match quickly and violently!

Jones: What a victory for the young man!!

*Santana celebrates on the turnbuckle for a second, almost in disbelief that he got such a big victory. He then turns and rolls out of the ring, heading for the back to celebrate. Behind him, in the ring, Ka’Derrion’s sitting up with a hand on the side of his face, presumably where the kick landed. He angrily pulls away from Head Referee Bell’s offered hand, glaring instead towards where Santana is departing. Our view of this shot changes, as suddenly, it’s like we’re looking at it from a television monitor. We zoom back, showing that we’re actually now in the President’s Office! The Accelerator smiles as he makes a note, curiously happy at Ka’Derrion’s loss.*

The Accelerator: So Bucky Johnson beats Warrick Hill, and Robert Santana defeats Marcus Ka’Derrion. The new generation, indeed. I’ll have to keep an eye on those two, see where they need to go.

*Ace painfully turns and looks back in the other direction, where a backstage attendant has just returned.*

The Accelerator: Did you give him the message?

Attendant: Yes, sir.

The Accelerator: What did he have to say?

Attendant: Not that much, sir, other than to say “Ok”.

The Accelerator: Good. That’s the only answer I wanted to hear, anyway. You can leave now.

*The attendant nods and walks away, happy to have gotten out of there after delivering the response. Ace laughs to himself, but the laugh stops in his throat when the phone rings.*

The Accelerator: Hello? … About damn time you called me back, Rish!! What do you think I am, a common wrestler or something? …. What? … No, I didn’t say… *sigh* Look, I just want to talk business. Ok? Ok. First off… yes, yes, we’ll talk about that… I know, and we’ll work it out next week… but right now I want to talk about Draco…

*Ace continues on with his phone conversation. Unfortunately, we don’t get to listen, as we’re sent to a commercial break.*

*We return to the back one more time, as we see Lurrr walking down the hallway. He’s being slightly cautious, watching out for any sign of the House of Pain. He knows that they’ll be looking for him, but he also knows that he can take them. At least, that’s what he thinks. He finally returns to his locker room, stopping for a second when he sees the note left on the door.*

Lurrr: “Act my age”? *Bleep* that. What the *bleep* does that mean?

*Lurrr pulls the note down, crumpling it up and throwing it behind him. He then enters the locker room, but stops after only a few steps.*

Lurrr: What the hell? Who messed with my furniture??? DAMNIT!!

*The camera moves to Lurrr’s side, allowing us to see into his locker room. All of his expensive furniture seems to have been taken out and been replaced. Instead of a couch, there are two wheelchairs, complete with oxygen tanks attached. In place of the flatscreen television there is an older model, probably black and white, with ‘bunny ear’ antennas sticking out of it. The entertainment center has apparently been replaced with a cassette tape player. There now also seems to be a heavy display of older men’s medications sitting on the table, everything from Viagra to heart medicine. Lurrr, furious, turns and slams the door, leaving the scene behind. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: So THAT’S what the Danger Boiz were doing!

Logan: Hah hah hah, hah hah hah!!!

Jones: Enjoyed that, did you?

Logan: That was sheer brilliance!! I love it!

Jones: Well, while it was a great prank, it’ll also lock Lurrr’s sensors onto Crazy Chris that much more, especially when he finds out who was behind it.

Logan: Probably true. But still, great job, guys! Now I’m REALLY looking forward to next week’s match!

Jones: Before we get there, though, we still have a main event to take care of!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Non-Title” Match. Coming to the ring, he earned his referee stripes this past weekend at Darkness Falls II, but is now back to competition as a wrestler… standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions… Arachne!

*Arachne comes out to his usual music, “Wana” by the Black Horn. He’s favoring his back slightly, due to the slam he was given earlier in the night by Draco. The fans seem torn here tonight, but there appear to be more boos than cheers. This isn’t helped by the man standing near the front row, waving a sign that reads “ Bring Barry Ka’Berryon’s Killer To Justice!!” Arachne sees the sign, winces, then continues into the ring.*

Jones: Arachne had a wild adventure this week, apparently going into some great literature by having an adventure with the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe!

Logan: You mean, he got high.

Jones: Well, he had a crazy dream where the Beaver was going to eat him…

Logan: While he was high…

Jones: Yes, but then he woke himself up and found himself laying in the snow, still inside the wardrobe!

Logan: Another sign that he was high.

Jones: You just don’t have any respect for Arachne, do you, Anthony?

Logan: Nope. Dude was high.

Jones: Sigh.

Minos: His opponent has become one of the most dominant wrestlers in GCWA history, and continues his remarkable run at the top of the company… standing 5’11” and weighing in at 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Draco!

*The fans leap to their feet at the opening sounds of “Indestructible” by Disturbed. Unfortunately, the music doesn’t quite seem to fit the wrestler, as Draco comes out, bloodied and battered, but still mobile. He’s had a rough week. But Draco isn’t stopping to worry about his wounds. He comes down to the ring, dropping the World Title as he starts moving faster, darting inside.*

Jones: Draco’s been through it all this week…

Logan: And he’s ready for more!! Here we go!!

*Referee Rockwell, assigned to this match, moves out of the way as Draco stands up and glares hard at Arachne, who begins looking for an escape route. As Draco charges towards him, Arachne slides out of the ring and high-tails it, with Draco right on his heels!! The two run around the ring for a few seconds before Arachne dives back in, getting to his feet. As Draco enters, Arachne swings, hitting him across the face. Unfortunately, Draco immediately shakes it off, still looking pissed. Arachne steps back, a startled look in his eyes. Draco then runs forward, tackling him and swinging away, letting out his rage!! Rockwell waves his hands, signaling that the match has begun!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Draco’s in no mood to mess around!! He’s intent on destroying Arachne here tonight!

Jones: Draco started the week by barely winning an ultraviolent Bloodbath match over Shane Donovan. On Tuesday, he got attacked and left laid out by Ryan Storm, who took advantage of his condition. And then, tonight, he almost got flattened when The Big Bifford & Arachne set up a trap meant for Dangerous Dan! The guy’s got a lot of anger to get rid of, and Arachne’s the one in his way!

Logan: Don’t forget about the President earlier tonight as well, Jonesy!

Jones: Er, yes, that, too…

*Draco punches Arachne again and again, trying to knock him unconscious with his wild shots. Referee Rockwell, though, suddenly gets involved, grabbing Draco by the arm and pulling him off! Draco, surprised, yanks himself free, looking with rage at the referee. Rockwell signals that Draco was way over the line with the closed fists, then orders him to get back to work. Draco doesn’t look pleased, but somehow holds back from striking the referee. Instead, he reaches down and pulls the wounded Arachne up. He shoots Arachne into the ropes, then lowers his shoulders to try for a back toss. But Arachne runs towards him and leaps, flying over Draco and, grabbing his legs, twisting downwards into a sunset flip!! Draco has no way to stop it, getting dragged down into the pinning combination, with Rockwell immediately diving in to count… 1.. 2.. and Draco barely kicks out in time!*

Jones: Whew! That was a close one!

Logan: Damn, Rockwell, that was a fast count!

Jones: It did seem quick. But maybe Rockwell’s got a date after the match, and he wants to get it over with.

Logan: Maybe…

*Arachne brings Draco back up, taking him over to the corner and banging his head hard into the pad there. It’s enough to reopen Draco’s earlier wound, sending a trickle of blood down his face. Arachne looks pleased to see it, quickly using it to draw one of his unique facial symbols onto Draco’s cheek. Arachne then grabs Draco by the arm and gives him an Irish whip across, no, Draco reverses and Arachne’s the one taking the ride. He gets to the turnbuckle and immediately jumps up onto it, stopping his momentum and springing back off with a dropkick! Sadly, Draco wasn’t following him, having stayed back, so Arachne hits nothing but air! Arachne, wincing, tries to get back up quickly, but Draco’s already coming in, hitting a clothesline that flips Arachne upside-down!! Draco then continues his momentum, going off the ropes and coming back with a high-angle leg drop!! He makes the cover, waiting for Rockwell to get in position… 1…. 2…. and Arachne gets a shoulder up.*

Jones: The champion’s making a good fight of it!

Logan: Ok, now that count was a lot slower… hey, remember earlier, when Ace mentioned something about sending a message to someone? Could that message have been to Rockwell?

Jones: What are you talking about, Anthony? You’re seeing conspiracies everywhere now.

Logan: Think about it, man! Just last week at the pay-per-view, Rockwell worked for Ace to help dispose of Twiztid!

Jones: Rockwell was just doing his job, and that’s what he’s doing now: his job.

*Draco knows that the count was slow, but he’s not concerning himself with it yet. He pulls Arachne up, hitting him a few times to daze him before lifting the lightweight onto his shoulder with a fireman’s carry. He spins Arachne’s legs around, bringing his head down onto Draco’s chest, then snaps him over, landing the Inner Rage!!! Arachne topples to the ground, out of it, with Draco moving to make another cover… 1…. 2….. and Arachne gets out, kicking free before Rockwell’s hand can come down again. This time, Draco gets up, angrily shoving Rockwell, who immediately tugs at his referee’s shirt, letting him know that he WILL disqualify Draco if he’s pushed to it. Draco tugs at his hair, almost looking a little crazed, especially with the blood on his face. He takes a step towards Rockwell, as if not caring anymore about the DQ, but then Arachne grabs him from behind and rolls him up… 1.. 2.. Draco escapes again!*

Logan: Damn, man, come on!

Jones: Ok, even I’ll admit that Rockwell’s not calling this match to the best of his abilities.

Logan: He’s blatantly going against Draco in this one! This has to be the work of the President!

Jones: I wouldn’t go that far, but something’s definitely up. Maybe Arachne or The Big Bifford paid him off to get Arachne the win!

Logan: You’d rather accuse Bifford than go after the President?

Jones: Dude, he covered up a murder.

Logan: Touché.

*Both wrestlers got back up, but Arachne took advantage of the situation, catching Draco with a quick DDT, stunning him. Arachne then rose up and started kicking away at Draco’s midsection. If he’s noticed Rockwell’s curious counting decisions, he isn’t reacting to it. Instead, he’s working over Draco’s ribs, hoping that he can find old injuries to exploit. Draco rolls over to his back, hurting from the shots. Arachne senses an opportunity and heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up quickly. It seems like Draco’s a little too far away from him, but Arachne’s not done. He walks across the top rope, showing unbelievable balance, before using the top rope to spring himself in the air and come down with a senton splash, landing perfectly on top of the World Champion!!! The fans are cheering, if only for such a great move, as Arachne makes the cover… 1.. 2.. but somehow, Draco gets his shoulder up!*

Logan: Ok, that was impressive, I admit it.

Jones: You’d expect someone like Arachne to be able to do that, Anthony, considering how he used to walk on webbing.

Logan: You mean, when he was high…

Jones: No, also when he was using props!

Logan: Ahhh, yeah, but even when he was using props, he…

Jones: He was high, yes, I know! Geez, man, you’re like a dog with a boner!

Logan: I think you mean ‘bone’…

*Referee Rockwell steps back out of the way, watching closely for Arachne to finish the World Champion off. Arachne looks to be pretty confident, as he drags the bloody Draco over towards the corner. With Draco properly positioned, Arachne heads up, preparing for the Spider Bite!! He makes it to the top and enjoys the moment, knowing that he’s about to put away the best in the business. Before Arachne can leap, though, Draco suddenly kips up, jumping to his feet and falling partially on the top rope, causing Arachne to fall onto the ‘buckle!! Arachne’s mouth is wide open, as his family jewels have been driven to places no one wants to go. Draco, wiping his eyes clear, uses the ropes to balance himself as he comes over, climbing up onto the ‘buckle. He locks onto the devastated Arachne and comes quickly off, taking him down with the Hellacious!!! Arachne’s out, with Draco painfully putting an arm over him. Rockwell seems to consider things for a second, then drops, making the count… 1….. 2….. ….. 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco!

Jones: Hah! Draco wins, and that should tell you that the President had nothing to do with this, Anthony! Rockwell made the count!

Logan: He sure didn’t look like he wanted to, but yeah, he did it. Maybe Ace just told him to make it harder for Draco to win?

Jones: Oh, come off it, you have no proof that Ace was behind this! All I saw here was that Arachne gave Draco a hell of a fight, nearly taking him down, but the World Champion survived in the end!

Logan: I’m not sure he’s through, though, Jonesy. Rockwell is in danger!

*Rockwell went to grab Draco’s arm, only to have Draco pull away from him, angrily glaring at him. He backs Rockwell into the corner, all but screaming at him, as Rockwell nervously puts up his hands, trying to explain his actions. Draco doesn’t want to hear them. He already has his suspicions. He grabs Rockwell by the shirt and throws him in the other direction, sending Rockwell sprawling. Rockwell immediately starts moving away, trying to get under the ropes. Meanwhile, The Big Bifford has come in to check on Arachne. He helps him up in the corner, then turns, seeing Draco going after the referee. This seems to displease Bifford, as he suddenly moves and spins Draco around, wanting to know why he’s threatening a ‘man of the stripes’. This is all the motivation Draco needs, as he rears back and slugs Bifford, with Bifford returning the shots!!*

Logan: We’ve got another brawl on our hands!!

Jones: Did any security make it out when these two fought earlier in the night?? We need their help down here!!

*Bifford seems to be getting the upper hand, thanks both to his bulk and to the fact that Draco’s already been through a match, not to mention bleeding. He has Draco in the corner now and is hammering away on him, with Draco fighting to get in his own shots. The crowd boos as GCWA Security runs out and comes down to the ring to get involved again, with Reed M. Shin leading the way. They’re quick to grab Bifford and pull him back, with others making sure that Draco can’t move. Unfortunately, the guards can’t hang onto Bifford, who pulls free and rushes forward. Draco’s arms are still pinned by security, so he can’t escape, as Bifford leaps and splashes him, crushing the World Champion into the ‘buckle!!*

Logan: Damnit!! Shin set Draco up perfectly for that!!

Jones: What?? They were just trying to break the two guys up! In fact, they’re still trying!!

Logan: This just reeks of conspiracy. Conspiracy, I say!!!!

Jones: Whatever, Anthony. We’re out of time, so we’ll see you next week!!

*More security arrives, moving Bifford back. He seems to be coming back to his senses, shaking his head and looking with dismay at Draco, who is slumped in the corner. Bifford shakes his head and goes back over to Arachne, making sure his tag-team partner is ok, as security makes sure to keep Bifford and Draco separated. Shin is shaking his head, standing right between the wrestlers. Draco is still trying to rise, not wanting to stop, as security turns his way. He and Shin lock eyes, with Shin quickly looking away, not happy with the way things have gone. Draco’s bloody face is the last thing seen, before we fade out.*

OOC: Another card down! While this turned out to be one of the shorter cards I've written in a while, I think it at least was a good starting point for new beginnings.

My thanks to Crazy Chris and the Big Bifford, who each sent in segments. Hopefully, a lot MORE of you will do that next week. Please? :)

Here's next week's card, using the comments placed in the OOC Scheduling Thread:

- Derek Mobley vs. Chris Winters

- Bucky Johnson vs. Shane Donovan

- The Lost Soul(c) vs. Chris Cortez vs. Robert Santana, GCWA Intercontinental Title Match

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Lurrr, GCWA Unified X Division Title Match

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