GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The place is going wild as usual, with all manner of fans visible in the stands, ready for a great show! Signs range from “D & D is better than F’ing Donovan!” to “CWF Can Kiss My Arachne!” We fly past the hyper fans and head to the broadcast table’s location, where Edward Jones & Anthony Logan are seated.*

Jones: Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to the final Friday Night Inferno before Darkness Falls!! I’m Edward Jones, and with me as always is my partner and friend, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: Don’t be calling me your partner, Jonesy… I don’t need rumors to start up… this boy’s straight as an arrow!

Jones: And I’m married, so yeah, just friends…

Logan: Darkness Falls is looking like a hell of a show, Edds! So far, we know that Draco will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against his former friend, Shane Donovan! The Big Bifford will be putting his title of Warrior of the Ring on the line against his long-time hated foe, Dangerous Dan! And The Accelerator will be stepping out of retirement to wrestle the veteran, Twiztid, in a “House of Terror” Match! And that’s just the start!

Jones: Yep, expect more matches to be added after tonight! But we’re not just here to promote Darkness Falls, as we’ve got some great contests of our own!

Logan: Especially the main event! The undefeated Angelica is going to go one-on-one with the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

Jones: Could we have our first ever female IC Champion here tonight? Plus, Robert Santana and Arachne go at it in what’s sure to be a great contest, and we have a tag-team war scheduled between the Danger Boiz and the new union of Bucky Johnson & The Little Guy, aka the Retarded Midgets!

Logan: That name is perfect for them, Jonesy, heh.

Jones: It’s going to be a sensational night, so let’s…

* Abruptly, the feed collapses into static, Jones' voice disappearing from the airwaves, the image turning to white noise. The white noise in turn gives way to plain black, while in the background we hear traffic passing by, occasional birds chirping. A voice, soft, almost playful, begins to speak. *

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Insurgency.

And this is war.

???: Oi, nutball, we good to go or what?

???: Coming Angelcakes!

* The camera pulls back to reveal a familiar face. Omega's eyes are deepest red, her crimson hair flowing over her shoulders, wearing a "XENU IS MY HOMEBOY" t-shirt and black jeans. She grins mischievously and skips away from the camera. An on-screen clock identifies the video as being taken at 2pm this afternoon. As we follow her we see an enormous building looming in the background, a large sign affixed to its roof.


Omega skips up to Angel, standing by the gate, a large and seemingly full backpack on her shoulders. Nearby, Elijah and Cain stand in deep conversation, studying the building intently. Beside them are a collection of large black bags.*

Omega: We'll show that nasty icky geckwa that it poked its nose in the wrong beehive! Nobody messes with the Winsurgency and walks away. Apart from the people who do. But they don't count. Anyway, we're awesome! And now we're in the belly of the beast. It's all excitementful and such.

Elijah: Cain and I have been studying the building. I believe it offers a number of possibilities.

Cain: Let's move.

* The Insurgency step through the front gate and approach the GCWA Headquarters, Elijah and Cain taking up the bags between them. As they wander, Angel casually slips a pen knife out of her pocket and begins to scratch parked cars, Omega clapping and doing a little happy dance as she does so.

As they approach the building Elijah's eyes are drawn to a set of fire escape stairs running down its side. He approaches them swiftly and begins to climb, taking with him a large black bag of evident weight. As he disappears up the stairs, both Angel and Cain look at Omega questioningly. She simply shrugs. *

Omega: He knows what he's doing. He's all clever and stuffs.

Angel: That's one word for it...I have stuff to be doing, catch up with you in a bit kiddies.

Omega: We have stuff to be doing too, don't we Mister Caino?

Cain: Not this again...

* Angel rolls her eyes and makes her way around the building. She hoists the bag off her shoulder and withdraws a can of green spray paint, shaking it energetically, a wicked grin on her face. She extends the can in front of her and begins to spray, "INSURGENCY," "CWF," "[bleep] GCWA." As she moves down the side of the building she switches cans, using a red paint this time, drawing the silhouette of a huge angel on the wall.

As she continues her painting, we continue round the side of the GCWA HQ, arriving at the base of the stairs. Omega and Cain remain in heated debate. *

Cain: No [bleep]ing way! Do you have any idea how high that is?

Omega: We can use the platformey winchey window cleaning thing to get us up the side and it's not that high and anyway daddio is going all the way to the very very top.

Cain: He's mental.

Omega: Everybody is in their own way, silly! And I needs you to help with the bannerings, I can't do it on my lonesome. It will be all fun and stuff. And think of the view!

Cain: I already have a view! Lots of view! I don't need more!

Omega: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Cain: I just...


Cain: Oh for...fine, deal.

Omega: Yey!!

* She does a little happy dance on the spot and makes her way along the building, Cain grumbling behind her. They approach a button at the side of the building and Omega presses it gleefully, triggering the motors to lower the platform. As it comes down to them, Cain looks up at it dubiously. *

Cain: You know, I bet these guys can't afford to replace their equipment that often...

Omega: It'll all be fine Caino. Just close your eyes and think of England.

* Cain shrugs. The platform reaches the ground and the two of them enter, Omega jumping on with a loud clang, Cain following hesitantly. *

Cain: Are you sure this -

Omega: Going up!

* Before Cain can protest Omega hits the button on the platform, sending it slowly up the side of the building. We follow it as it rises; high up in the air we see Elijah, wandering on the roof, staring up at the GCWA sign thoughtfully.

Back on the ground, Angel continues to paint, spraying expletives in every color of the rainbow along the side of the building. Amidst them, a black Cross of Lorraine within a large red omega symbol, an angel's silhouette against the glass, and lastly a huge walking stick. As she steps back, admiring her work, we suddenly cut away and return to the arena. *

Jones: Oh, lord, the CWF Insurgency is attacking the GCWA Headquarters!!

Logan: Actually, they did this hours ago, Jonesy, according to the timestamp. It looks like they’ve made a pretty big mess, too!

Jones: Damnit, they just made things personal!!

Logan: Calm down, Jonesy, I’m sure Ace bought graffiti insurance. He’s cautious like that, especially being in the wrestling business.

Jones: But, that was a personal attack against us… personally!!

Logan: Breathe in, breathe out, man. We’ve got a show to do!

Jones: Right… right… right….

Logan: Elijah and his guys have had a problem with us ever since Angelica came over here. Of course, he also has been brawling a lot with The Lost Soul. From what I hear, security is watching out for them tonight here at the arena, expecting them to show up again. I guess they decided to stick to attacking our offices instead.

Jones: Breathing… breathing… breathing… ok, ok, I think I’m better.

Logan: Good to hear, man. You ready to get on with our scheduled matches?

Jones: Sure… sure, we can do that…

Logan: Cool. Minos?

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit… making his debut here tonight, he is looking to make a sizable impact on the GCWA… standing 6’4” and weighing 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland, here is “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

*”Contagious” by Trapt begins to play, leading the way out for the newcomer to the GCWA. The fans don’t know quite how to react to the man, although some, just by hearing his nickname, are already booing. Cortez moves easily and calmly down the ramp towards the ring, as this is clearly not his first time in a wrestling arena.*

Logan: It’s great to have a fellow Scotsman in the GCWA!

Jones: ‘Fellow’ Scotsman? I didn’t know you were Scottish, Anthony.

Logan: Well, I’m like, 1/16th Scottish or something like that. But it’s in my blood!

Jones: Huh… well, anyway, Cortez could be a major find for the GCWA, if his wrestling background is any indication.

Logan: Where’s his kilt?

Jones: What?

Logan: Shouldn’t he be wearing a kilt to the ring? And where’s the bagpipes? What’s this rock song doing as his intro music??

Jones: Y’know, Anthony, you can be a real bigot sometimes.

Logan: The dude doesn’t even have long hair and a thick beard! Something isn’t right here!

Jones: Sigh…

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion… standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*The crowd may be undecided about Cortez, but they still remember Mr. Excellent, booing heavily as “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. plays. Mr. Excellent comes out slowly, an angry expression on his face. He sends a few (blurred) middle fingers towards the crowd on his way down the aisle.*

Jones: A few months ago, Mr. Excellent was on the roll of his life, winning the Intercontinental Title at Wreck The Halls. That title seems to have come with a curse, as Mr. Excellent has been unable to win a contest since then!

Logan: It’s been sad to watch him deteriorate. I may not have been a fan of his actions, but the guy could wrestle. Maybe tonight, against the rookie, he can figure out a way to turn his career around and get it back on track.

Jones: One can only hope, Anthony. After all, the man was a champion once. With a little work, he could be a champion again!

Logan: Yeah… I wonder where his manager is tonight. Has Mick given up on him, you think?

Jones: That’s something between Excellent and Mick, Anthony. For all we know, Mick just missed his flight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Cortez and Mr. Excellent walk towards each other, with Referee Trixie making sure to stay out of their way. Excellent looks Cortez up and down, before shaking his head, not thinking much of the new competition. He looks away, showing some disrespect towards Cortez as he makes a comment to Trixie. Cortez quickly makes him pay, firing in a hard right hand that catches Excellent right on the jaw, sending him toppling over!! Excellent is immediately starting to get back up, but Cortez catches him on the way, double-underhooking his arms and snapping him over with a suplex, tossing Excellent with ease! Excellent hits back-first, his mouth open due to both shock and pain. He sits up and starts to rise again, but once again, Cortez is right there, this time hammering Excellent with a forearm to drive him into the ropes. Excellent hits and rebounds, staggering back towards Cortez, who immediately steps in and grabs him, taking him over with a spinebuster!! Cortez then makes the cover… 1… 2.. and Excellent gets his shoulder up in time.*

Jones: A strong start by Cortez so far!

Logan: He’s got some talent, that’s pretty obvious from the beginning. I just wish he was carrying bagpipes with him when he came down. Or wearing a kilt. Or eating pad tai.

Jones: Cortez doesn’t fit the stereotypical idea of… wait, what? Isn’t pad tai Chinese food?

Logan: Oh, strike that last one, then…

*Cortez has gotten behind Mr. Excellent now, grabbing his arms and yanking back while simultaneously planting his knee in the wrestler’s spine. Excellent is in agony, with no way to break free. He struggles, anyway, but Cortez has him in a perfect position, showing his technical talents. Referee Trixie checks to see if Excellent wants to give up. However, as soon as she does so, Cortez releases the hold, as if wanting to make sure that things don’t end that quickly. Excellent slumps forward, his arms burning from the maneuver. He doesn’t sit long, as Cortez is back on his feet. He grabs Excellent to bring him up once more, taking him into the ropes and sending him running to the other side. As Excellent returns, Cortez runs to meet him, lowering his shoulder and spearing Excellent in the chest, sending him flying!!! Excellent stays down, partially laying on the ropes, as Cortez gets back to his feet, enjoying himself.*

Jones: What is going on with Mr. Excellent?? He’s not even putting up a fight out there!

Logan: Man, I don’t know what’s been going on in his life, but it’s taking a severe toll on the man. He’s fallen so far in just a few months…

*With Referee Trixie staying back, out of the way, Cortez moves in, hauling Mr. Excellent back to his feet. He slaps Excellent a few times, as if trying to get a rise out of him, but all Excellent does is fall back into the ropes, hanging onto them. Cortez shrugs, then steps in, locking onto Excellent and pulling him off the ropes and towards the center of the ring. Cortez then sets the man up and lifts, taking him into the air and dropping him with the Corplex!!!! Excellent’s down and out, but apparently that’s still not enough for Cortez, who’s looking to make a statement. He rolls Excellent over and goes to his legs, stepping through them and applying the Roots of Envy submission hold!! Excellent’s barely moving despite the pain. Referee Trixie, seeing this, quickly moves in and checks the arm once… checks it twice… and then a third time… it falls to the ground, and Trixie signals for the bell, ending the contest.*

Minos: Here is your winner… “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

Jones: And just like that, it’s over!

Logan: That was just sad… Mr. Excellent had nothing to offer, as Cortez just walked all over him! Still, an impressive debut from the newcomer!

Jones: Definitely, Cortez could be a major force in the GCWA, if he’s able to keep up the momentum! He was very impressive here tonight!

*Cortez gets his hand raised by Referee Trixie, giving her a smile as she does so. Behind him, Mr. Excellent is still out, and showing no signs of getting back up any time soon. The scene shifts backstage where we see the lovely Cynthia Hall standing next to the manager of Marcus Ka'Derrion, Paco! The man doesn't appear to be his regular cheerful self and Cynthia is able to pick up on it right away.*

Cynthia Hall: Hello GCWA fans, I'm here with the manager of Marcus Ka'Derrion, Paco. Normally we try to get a word with Marcus but he didn't feel like talking to us today, so instead, we get the next best thing. Paco, you don't seem to be in a cheerful mood today, what's the matter? Ran out of tequila?

Paco: Trust me Ms. Hall, if that was the case, I wouldn't even be standing right here next to you. I would be out hitting every bar in town until I found some.

Cynthia Hall: I'm sure you would. So tell us Paco, how do you like the 'new' Marcus Ka'Derrion? Was his change do in large part to your management of the young wrestler?

Paco: I ain't feeling the new Marcus Cynthia and no… HELL NO I didn't have anything to do with it. As a matter of fact, I have been trying to get him to go back to his old ways mami. I mean, what is the vato thinking? Attacking people? Dissing the fans? Ignoring his father's legacy? That is not the way to do things. I have tried to get him to do the opposite but he just won't listen any more.

Cynthia Hall: Well Paco I can understand where you are coming from, but I must admit that this new 'edge' Marcus has, is helping him bounce back.

Paco: He doesn't need an 'edge' Cynthia. Hell senorita, he didn't even need that 'spark' he keeps talking about. He is the son of the Punisher, he was going to come out of his slump sooner or later and without having to turn to the 'dark side' if you will.

Cynthia Hall: Well by the sound of things, if he did go over, it doesn't sound like you can get him out, or can you?

Paco: Like I said, for weeks I have been trying to get through him only to fail miserably. Ese muchacho is just not listening. He's twice as hard headed as his father. I'm not cool with what he's doing though Cynthia, I didn't sign up for this *bleep*. I have to go, need me a shot of tequila… All this stress is killing my buzz. See ya around mamacita…

*Paco leaves, shaking his head as Cynthia looks on with a bit of concern.*

Cynthia Hall: Looks like Paco has his hands full with Marcus Ka'Derrion. Will he be able to turn the young wrestler around and put him in the right path, or is it too late for "His Legacy?" I guess in time, we'll find out.

*The camera switches, showing us the locker room of Marcus Ka'Derrion. We see him sitting in front of a tv screen, having just watched Paco's interview. He stands up, grabs Paco's tequila bottle that was nearby and heads out of his locker room with it. Scene fades to commercial.*

*The show comes back from the break as we see Paco walking down the hall way, heading back to Marcus' locker room but to his surprise he sees Marcus Ka'Derrion heading towards him. Marcus smiles at Paco. *

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Hey old timer, found your tequila… What's that you say all the time? "I want, you got?"

*Paco shakes his head smiling.*

Paco: no man… "You want? Me got!"

Marcus Ka'Derrion: That's right…You want Paco? Me got!

Paco: Sure mi'jo!

*Marcus gives the tequila to Paco alright, by shattering the tequila bottle across Paco's head!!!! The crowd inside the arena is in shock at first but snaps out of it and starts to boo Marcus. Paco drops like a sack of bricks and is out cold as a pool of blood and alcohol starts to form around his head. Before Marcus can do any more damage, security quickly come over along with some refs and get between him and Paco. Marcus looks on and his face sends mixed signals. At first he looks happy with himself, but then, it seems to hit him what he has just done. He runs his fingers through his hair with a look of shock, yet, content on his face. It's very hard to read what is going through the mind of Marcus. He takes a few steps back, watching the EMTs tend to Paco, and then turns around and walks away. The camera switches back to Edward and Logan.*

Logan: What the hell, Marcus!!! Damnit!!

Jones: Oh, look… Paco got laid out… what a shame…

Logan: I don’t want to hear it, Jonesy!

Jones: Ok, ok, sorry… so now Marcus Ka’Derrion has taken out his own manager.

Logan: That’s the last straw, Edds. I’ve been hoping that maybe Ka’Derrion was just going through a dark patch, but that he’d come out of it. I hoped that he would return to the Marcus of old. But attacking Paco like that… just because Paco wanted to HELP him… he’s lost it, dude. He’s really lost it.

Jones: He’s certainly changed, and not for the better.

Logan: Poor Paco. Betrayed by his friend and hit with his own tequila. That’s just not right!

Jones: Well, the show must go on, Anthony. Hopefully, we’ll get an update on Paco’s condition later in the show. For now, let’s go to our next match!

Minos: The next match has a 10-minute time limit, and is scheduled for one fall. Making their way down the aisle, they are partnering together for the first time in the GCWA, weighing a combined 340 lbs, here are Bucky Johnson and The Little Guy… the Retarded Midgets!

*The crowd gives a small cheer, loving the new name, as Bucky and TLG come out from the back to “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem. Johnson stands in the middle of the stage, while The Little Guy runs around him for a second before stopping with a smirk. The two head towards the ring, talking animatedly along the way.*

Jones: You aren’t going to find a more unique team around, Anthony. These two are a contrast and a half!

Logan: Yeah, but they made a road trip to the Olympics a damn enjoyable one to watch. Hey, Jonesy!

Jones: What?

Logan: TURN LEFT!!!

*Reflexively, Jones spins to his left, finding nothing there.*

Jones: I don’t understand…

Logan: He he he, loser…

Minos: Their opponents have held the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles on two different occasions… weighing in at a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here are Dangerous Dan and the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris… the Danger Boiz!

*Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead hits, with the Danger Boiz storming out of the back as a unit. The crowd is cheering loudly, even as Crazy Chris raises up his new Unified X Division Title, showing off the gold. Dangerous Dan moves on down the ramp, pumped up and handing out high fives to the kids. Chris follows behind, intent on taking care of business.*

Jones: Strange activities continue for the Danger Boiz, as they’ve apparently been trying to settle some sort of business disagreement, only to have miscommunication and distrust hindering the deal.

Logan: … are you talking about how the Danger Boiz hustled a crime boss, and now he wants the money back and is trying to kill them?

Jones: Well, I was trying to put it in a, shall we say, ‘less criminally liable’ way.

Logan: All I know is, we’re lucky the Danger Boiz are still here wrestling, although I hope we don’t have any snipers waiting for them in the rafters or anything.

Jones: You think that’s a danger??

Logan: I doubt it. I mean, we’re live television here, that’d be a little public for an ambush…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Crazy Chris is first to move into the ring, convincing his brother that he wants to start things off. He hands off his new belt to Referee Rockwell, who shows it to the crowd before getting it out of harm’s way. On the other side, The Little Guy seems to want to begin things, wanting a piece of Chris for some of his comments during the week. Johnson, though, argues with him, finally convincing his partner to stick to their game plan. Johnson then turns and steps forward, showing himself to be the starting wrestler in this match. Crazy Chris has no problem with this, nodding to him as they start to circle around each other.*

Logan: Rematch time!!

Jones: Just a few weeks ago, Crazy Chris and Bucky Johnson met to decide the new Unified X Division Champion. Crazy Chris came out on top in that encounter, although Marcus Ka’Derrion’s assault on Bucky beforehand has caused some controversy to grow in the bout.

Logan: This is really more than just a tag match; it’s Bucky Johnson’s opportunity to show that he deserves another crack at the gold!

*The two men finally start to lock up, with Johnson hoping to use his superior strength to drive Crazy Chris backwards. The champ, though, has a different plan, as he twists out of the lock-up and grabs Johnson’s arm, taking him over with a hip toss!! Johnson hops right back to his feet, more angry than hurt, as he goes after Chris. But Chris is ready, landing another hip toss! This time, though, Chris hangs onto the arm, as he slides in and applies an arm bar, working on it. Johnson struggles to pull away, fighting his way back to his feet. He tries a right cross, but Chris ducks under it, dropping his grip on Bucky’s left arm in the process. Instead, Chris kicks Johnson in the knee, causing him to stagger away. Chris then goes to the ropes and rushes back… only to run right into Johnson’s big boot, which plants Chris on the canvas!! Johnson immediately falls onto Chris for the cover, grabbing the legs, as Referee Rockwell gets into position… 1… 2.. and Chris easily kicks out.*

Logan: Johnson nearly shocked the world with a quick victory!

Jones: He’s got great in-ring instincts, Anthony, and he’s fought Crazy Chris before, so he knows what to expect from him.

Logan: The wild-cards are Dangerous Dan and The Little Guy. Which one will make the biggest addition to the match??

*Dangerous Dan can be seen, anxious, as Johnson has brought Crazy Chris back up. Chris tries to pull free, but Johnson yanks him back in, then lifts him onto his shoulder, before powering him back down with a sidewalk slam! Johnson then grabs Chris by the foot and drags him towards the corner, where he tags in The Little Guy! TLG immediately climbs up to the top rope, moving quickly for a man his size. He gets to the top of the ‘buckle as Johnson lands a couple of stomps on Chris, keeping him from recovering. As Referee Rockwell orders Johnson to leave, The Little Guy leaps up, skying over both men and landing on top of Chris with the Little People, Big Splash!!! The crowd is cheering the maneuver, with Rockwell coming back over towards where The Little Guy is making the pin… 1… 2… but Crazy Chris kicks out again. This doesn’t slow TLG down, as he starts moving around the downed wrestler, landing several ‘small’ stomps as he circles him. Suddenly, though, Chris lashes out with his hand, catching TLG’s leg and throwing him off-balance. Chris then grabs hold, rolling him up!! 1… 2… and TLG manages to get free in time!*

Logan: Wow!! That was almost a repeat of one The Little Guy’s dreams! Luckily, he kicked out; otherwise, the nightmare would have come true!

Jones: Uh, how do you know about The Little Guy’s dreams, Anthony?

Logan: Er, I… heard it from somewhere, that’s all…

Jones: Uh huh…

*Both wrestlers are back up, with The Little Guy managing to get back in charge by getting a throat punch into Chris’ windpipe. The Unified X Division Champion stumbles away, but he doesn’t go far enough, as The Little Guy charges in from behind and rolls himself into Chris’ legs, sending him flipping over! TLG then goes over and tags in Johnson, bringing in the fresh man. Johnson, smiling, walks over and pulls Crazy Chris up from behind. He grabs Chris around the neck with one arm, planning to send him flying into the air. But Chris fights out of it with a couple of elbows, and then leaps up, twisting into a Pele kick!!! Johnson falls back, stunned, as Crazy Chris, looking tired, leaps full out towards his corner, his hand just barely reaching Dangerous Dan’s!! Dan comes in with a roar from the crowd, as he immediately attacks Johnson with lefts and rights, taking him into the corner as he works the wrestler over!*

Jones: Dangerous Dan, the fresh man, is letting loose!

Logan: I heard Dan might have some building frustration from the fact that Crazy Chris has a championship, while he doesn’t.

Jones: Dan has his own concerns, Anthony, mainly the fact that he’ll be taking on a major foe in The Big Bifford next week at the pay-per-view. I don’t think he has time to be jealous.

Logan: Oh, there’s always time, Jonesy, trust me. I’m a brother myself, after all.

*Dangerous Dan has climbed up on Johnson during the conversation, punching away, with the crowd chanting away with him. At 10, Dan then leaps up onto Johnson’s shoulders, taking him over with a hurricanrana! With Johnson down, Dan is immediately up and running. He hits the ropes and returns, leaping up and landing a back splash onto his opponent!! Dan then makes the cover, holding the legs as Referee Rockwell counts… 1… 2.. and The Little Guy is there, kicking Dan in the back to break up the pin! TLG immediately heads back to his corner, having accomplished his goal, as an annoyed-looking Dan gets up and looks his way. As Johnson tries to recover, Dan goes and tags in his brother, bringing him into the ring. The Danger Boiz then grab Johnson and whip him into the ropes. As he returns, the two soar up, landing identical dropkicks! Johnson falls, with Crazy Chris making the cover. Dan stays close, watching TLG, as the count is made… 1… 2… but Johnson kicks out.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz are working well together as always, Anthony.

Logan: You wouldn’t expect anything less from 2-time World Tag-Team Champs! I will admit, though, that the Retarded Midgets haven’t looked bad as a team, either. Sure, the experience edge is on the side of the Boiz, but sometimes, teams naturally gel.

Jones: So, what the team-up of Bucky Johnson and The Little Guy is meant to be?

Logan: I didn’t say that…

*Referee Rockwell moves Dangerous Dan back to his corner, as Crazy Chris continues his work, applying a half Boston Crab on the fallen Johnson. He’s working to keep him in place, even as Chris starts to reach out to tag Dan in. But Johnson suddenly pushes off with his other leg, taking them out of range of the tag. Johnson then starts scuttling across the mat, balancing on his free leg, with Chris having no ability to stop him as he fights towards his corner! The Little Guy is reaching out, wanting in badly, and Johnson, with one final lunge, makes the tag!! Chris, hearing the slap, lets go of the hold and turns, even as The Little Guy comes in, fired up! Chris steps back to get some clearance. The Little Guy doesn’t give him it, running over and leaping off the back of Johnson to get more air, flying into a tackle!! Both men fall to the ground, with TLG landing on top and swinging wildly away with windmill-style punches!!! Chris covers up, protecting himself from the fury of the smallest wrestler in the GCWA!*

Jones: Look at The Little Guy go!!

Logan: He may be small, but he’s a hell of a fighter! He’s got the Unified X Division Champion in trouble!

Jones: But not for long, Anthony!

*The Little Guy is still punching away, keeping Crazy Chris on the defensive. Referee Rockwell tries to order him off, reaching towards him, but TLG takes a swing at the ref, driving him back. Rockwell, a seasoned veteran himself, lets it slide, knowing that TLG’s just in the moment. But as the ref backs up, Dangerous Dan comes in, running forward and catching The Little Guy with a running boot!! The Little Guy topples over, taken by surprise, as Dangerous Dan goes after him, kicking and stomping away! Crazy Chris starts to get up, while his brother heads after TLG, who has rolled to the other side of the ring. He pulls himself up, with Johnson reaching out from behind to tag his back! Dan, not seeing it, grabs hold of TLG and pulls him forward, planning for a huge powerbomb!! But as Dan sets TLG in place, Johnson steps into the ring and runs forward, grabbing Dan around the neck with one arm! He then lifts, devastating the wrestler with a huge slam!! Johnson then falls on top, going for the cover… and Rockwell shakes his head, knowing that Crazy Chris is still the legal man!*

Jones: No, Bucky, he’s not legal! You’ve got the wrong guy!

Logan: Tag-team matches can get confusing, Jonesy, but Johnson needs to get back up, because right now, he’s vulnerable!

*Johnson slaps the mat, wanting to know what’s going on, but Referee Rockwell denies him, pointing over towards his right. Johnson, suddenly realizing what he means, pushes up off the ground and stands, leaving Dangerous Dan behind. Johnson looks around for his foe, and quickly finds him… soaring towards the wrestler!! Johnson can’t move in time, as Crazy Chris flies in with the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! The place explodes, loving to see that maneuver, as the champ pulls himself over and makes the cover… 1… 2… and TLG is there, making the save! TLG then attacks, getting Chris up and running up him for the BMK!!!!! Chris is down and out, as The Little Guy rushes to pull Johnson over onto him… but now Dangerous Dan is back, running in and getting a low dropkick that sends TLG falling out of the ring!!! Johnson lands on Chris’ shoulder, so Referee Rockwell counts… 1… 2… and Dan barely is able to break it up!! Johnson and Dangerous Dan get up, with Johnson kicking Dan in the guts, bending him over. He grabs hold, no, Dan’s free, DANGER ZONE!! Bucky is out again, with Dan immediately sliding out of the ring to go back after TLG. Meanwhile, Chris, barely able to move, manages to get a hand on Johnson… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris, The Danger Boiz!!

Jones: That was a great contest! But in the end, it appears that tag-team experience was too big an edge!

Logan: The Danger Boiz have been working as a team for years and years, and it showed there at the end, as they protected each other from pinfalls! The Little Guy and Johnson were a surprisingly good team, but you can’t just get that experience by hanging out together for a few days.

Jones: Maybe not, but there were a few times there near the end where I thought the Retarded Midgets were actually going to pull it off!

Logan: They made a good run of it, Jonesy, no question. But tonight, the victory goes to the Danger Boiz!

*Dangerous Dan has reentered the ring and is celebrating with Crazy Chris, who still looks a little shaky after the BMK. The brothers leave the ring, collecting the Unified X Division Title along the way, as the Little Guy checks on the condition of Johnson. We cut to the backstage area, where we see a limousine pulling up. The fans react, wondering who’s inside. After a few seconds, the door opens… and the GCWA President, the Accelerator, steps out, quickly turning the interest into boos. In a line in front of Ace stand several GCWA Security guards. Ace nods to them, but still looks around cautiously before getting out.*

The Accelerator: So, everything’s secure? You guys have been through and checked out the area?

Security Guard: Yes, sir. We have not found any sign of Twiztid anywhere in the building.

The Accelerator: Oh, he’s here alright. He’s always around somewhere, never seems to go away. He’s just waiting for a chance to injure me before Darkness Falls, I know it!

Security Guard: I don’t know, sir. We’ve dealt with Arryk Rage before…

*The Accelerator immediately steps forward, grabbing the shirt of the security guard and pulling him in close.*

The Accelerator: We aren’t dealing with that pansy, Rage, anymore! Twiztid… he’s a whole other beast. He has a lot less scruples than Rage.

*Slowly, the Accelerator releases the guard, stepping back away from him.*

The Accelerator: I can take care of him at Darkness Falls. I can. But I have to be smart about it. I can’t let him weaken me.

*Ace is looking off in the distance, thinking about the upcoming “Twiztid’s House of Terror Match”. The security guards simply nod, knowing that the President is severely on edge tonight, anticipating an assault.*

The Accelerator: Look, my show’s already running, and I’m already late… let’s just get to my office. You do have it locked down, right? With a guard posted?

Security Guard: Ummm…

*The guards look at each other, guilty expressions on their faces. Ace sees it and realizes what it means.*

The Accelerator: Damnit, guys!! C’mon!

*With security surrounding him, the President starts off, wanting to get to his office as soon as possible. We fade out to commercial.*

*As we come back from the break, the scene switches to outside the Presidential office. We can hear noises coming from within. Taking the initiative, the cameraman opens the door and goes in. Standing in the center of the room is none other than the Warrior of the Ring winner, The Big Bifford! On top of Ace’s desk is Ludwig the Seal, Bifford beloved pet.*

The Big Bifford: Ludwig, as Vice President of GCWA, what do you think of Arachne being guest referee for the match I have with Dangerous Dan at the Pay Per View? You think it's a good idea, right?

*The seal just stares at Bifford. *

The Big Bifford: I knew you'd see things my way.

*The door suddenly swings open, with a couple of security guards charging in. Seeing Bifford, they stop. One of them then spots Ludwig on the desk and gasps. Behind them, the Accelerator walks in. His mouth opens in disbelief as he stares at the seal sitting on his desk and Bifford standing in his office. *

The Accelerator: *sigh* Bifford… what the hell is that seal… nevermind. Just get out of my office, I’ve got no time for this!

The Big Bifford: Ace, has anyone ever told you that you look like that guy from the Wendy's commercials? Dave Thomas.

The Accelerator: Dave Thomas has been dead for years! And I look nothing like him! Wait, why am I even arguing this?

The Big Bifford: Listen, Ace, I've been talking with Vice President Ludwig...

The Accelerator: For the last *bleeping* time, Ludwig is NOT…

The Big Bifford: And VICE PRESIDENT Ludwig thinks it's a great idea that Arachne be guest referee for my match with that idiot Dangerous Dan so that the match is truly fair and I can crush Dan in the most destructive ways possible... You know he wants to cheat. He asked for a weapons match! Because Dangerous Dan is a CHEATER AND A LOSER!

*Ace, running a hand through his rapidly-decreasing hair line, leans on the desk. Ludwig looks up at him, possibly hoping for some food.*

The Accelerator: Bifford… why is Ludwig on my desk?

The Big Bifford: The question you should be asking is: why hasn't Ludwig always been on your desk?

*Ace just stares at Bifford blankly for a moment. *

The Big Bifford: So... Arachne... guest referee?

The Accelerator: Y’know what? If you take the seal out of my office, you can have whatever you want…

*Bifford pulls a box of Cocoa Puffs out of nowhere and shows them to Ludwig, who graciously follows behind the fat man as they leave Ace's office. The President turns and looks at the security guards, who are trying not to make eye contact with him.*

The Accelerator: Security… yeah, I feel really *bleeping* secure. Just, watch the door, will you?

*The guards nod and leave, probably quicker than they needed to. Ace sits back and sighs, before starting to clean off his slightly-wet desk. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: So, wait, Arachne is now officially the guest referee of the Big Bifford/Dangerous Dan match??

Jones: That doesn’t seem fair! How can Dangerous Dan win with Bifford’s tag-team partner as the referee?

Logan: Dan’s got a long road ahead of him now. But with the Warriors of the Ring ‘name’ on the line, I guess Bifford does have some say in how the match goes.

Jones: I suppose, but it still seems wrong.

Logan: Are you criticizing the President, Jonesy?

Jones: What? NO!!! No, I’d NEVER do that!!

Logan: I don’t know, man, it sounds like you are…

Jones: This isn’t the President’s fault! He always makes the right decisions!

Logan: Calm down, Edds, I’m just teasing you, heh…

Jones: NOT funny!

Logan: Oh, I don’t know, I’m betting SOME people are laughing… well, let’s continue onwards, shall we?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10 minute time limit. Coming down the aisle, he is a young superstar for the GCWA, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 240 lbs, from San Bernardino, California, here is Justin Hale!

*”Place For My Head” by Linkin Park hits, leading the way out for the drug-addicted wrestler. The fans are booing, with Hale laughing at their reaction before getting on his way towards the ring. He climbs up on the apron and easily enters the squared circle, doing a quick circle pose as soon as he gets in.*

Jones: Early on, Justin Hale seemed like he was on his way to top glory in the GCWA. The last few weeks, though, he’s suffered some tough losses.

Logan: Yep, to a woman and a midget. Lousy luck, dude.

Jones: Well, maybe tonight, he can change his luck.

Logan: Going against the former 2-time World Heavyweight Champion? Really?

Jones: Well, anything can happen, right?

Logan: We shall see…

Minos: His opponent has earned many honors in his GCWA career, including being a 2-time Heavyweight Champion of the World… standing 6’1” and weighing in at 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Ka’Derrion walks calmly out onto the aisleway, with “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park playing behind him. Usually, this would be a cause of celebration, but after Ka’Derrion’s recent actions, the crowd reaction is a lot more negative. Ka’Derrion doesn’t stop to consider their complaints. He heads for the ring, prepared to notch himself another victory.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s really changed as of late. Last week, he badly injured Aaron Styles, putting him on the shelf for who knows how long!

Logan: Yeah, that wasn’t the actions of the man we’ve come to know and respect. What he did against Paco earlier tonight… I still can’t believe it.

Jones: Well, men have the right to change, Anthony.

Logan: Not like this, Jonesy. Never like this.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Hale has his back turned as he stretches in the corner, apparently not hearing the bell sound. It’s a major mistake, one that Ka’Derrion is quick to utilize to his advantage. He charges into Hale from behind, launching up and planting both knees into Hale’s back!! The startled wrestler crashes forward into the pads, then falls backwards to the mat, as Ka’Derrion gets right back to his feet. He moves in violently, landing a stiff kick to the side of Hale’s head, causing him to roll two or three times on the mat. Ka’Derrion then gets behind him, applying a cobra clutch submission!! Ka’Derrion looks pleased, yanking away at Hale’s head and arm, as if trying to take something home as a souvenir! Referee Mitchell doesn’t waste any time, immediately checking to see if Hale gives up. He doesn’t answer, too busy trying to save himself from the heavy-duty hold he’s found himself in.*

Jones: Man, you can’t take your eyes off of Ka’Derrion for a minute!

Logan: The old Ka’Derrion wouldn’t attack someone from behind like that. He had good sportsmanship, damnit!

Jones: These days, any advantage Ka’Derrion can find for himself, he’ll use, apparently.

*With Hale in pretty bad shape already, Ka’Derrion releases the hold, letting him fall face-first to the mat. Ka’Derrion backs away, waving to Hale to get up. He now looks a little agitated, having come here for a fight, not a victory. But Hale’s barely able to get up on his hands and knees. Angry, Ka’Derrion moves in, kicking him hard in the ribs!! Hale rolls over, grabbing at his side and coughing heavily, possibly having injured something with the kick. Referee Mitchell, seeing the signs of something wrong, moves between the wrestlers, wanting to check on Hale’s condition. Ka’Derrion won’t hear of it; he grabs Mitchell, shoving him back, and then moves in, holding onto Hale’s legs and twisting him around into the PainKiller!!!!*

Jones: Hale’s now in really bad shape!!

Logan: Man, I think something’s seriously wrong with him, and Ka’Derrion’s working to make it even worse! C’mon, Marcus, he’s not able to fight back, damnit!

*Referee Mitchell looks unsure of what to do. He definitely doesn’t have the spine to DQ Ka’Derrion just for putting his hands on the ref. Ka’Derrion, meanwhile, is intensifying the PainKiller, trying to wring all he can out of the screaming Hale. The wrestler is involuntarily twitching from the agonizing submission hold, with rescue nowhere in sight. The ropes are just too far away. Hale quickly makes a decision: he starts pounding the mat with his hand, giving up! Referee Mitchell, almost looking relieved, signals for the bell, awarding the match to Ka’Derrion!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Man, I predicted it, and yet even I’m shocked at how quick this one was! Ka’Derrion struck like a viper, and Hale never recovered!

Jones: He’s not going to recover, Anthony, not if Marcus has anything to say about it!

Logan: What? Oh, hell, no, he’s not letting go???

*The Bell Rings Repeatedly.*

*Ka’Derrion has yet to release the PainKiller, keeping it locked on no matter how many times Hale frantically is tapping out. Referee Mitchell is pleading with Ka’Derrion to let go, with no success, as Marcus is adding another ‘scalp’ to his collection.*

Jones: Where the heck is security??

Logan: Probably too busy protecting Ace! We need help down here!!

*Suddenly, the crowd starts cheering, with grabs Ka’Derrion’s attention. He looks around, seeing someone slide into the ring next to him… it’s Bucky Johnson!!! Ka’Derrion, surprised, releases the PainKiller and tries to turn towards him, but Johnson is fired up, furiously attacking Ka’Derrion with lefts and rights!!! Ka’Derrion backs up, but he can’t get away, as Johnson latches onto him and lifts, landing a mighty bodyslam that shakes the ring!! Johnson then heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up and setting himself for the Bucking Bronco!!! But before Johnson can leap, Ka’Derrion rolls out of the ring, falling to the outside! Johnson comes back down off the ‘buckle, even as Ka’Derrion backs away, shaking his finger at Johnson as if to say, “You didn’t get me”.*

Jones: Johnson makes the save, although it may have been too late for Justin Hale!

Logan: Being in the hold that long, Hale might have torn something! Thank god someone was willing to come to his aid! I have to wonder, though: why Bucky?

*With Ka’Derrion making his way up the aisle, not bothering to even threaten returning to the ring, Johnson turns and signals, getting a mic thrown his way. He turns towards Ka’Derrion.*

Bucky Johnson: You think I forgot about you, Marcus? You think I forgot that you attacked me from behind and cost me the X Division Title? You thought I would just let that slide??

*Ka’Derrion stops on the ramp, apparently surprised by the aggression being shown by the young Bucky Johnson.*

Bucky Johnson: You and me, Marcus. Darkness Falls. It’s time you got some sense knocked into you!

*Johnson drops the mic to the outside, not caring where it lands. Ka’Derrion, strangely, doesn’t seem bothered by the announcement, almost as if he was hoping for a fight at the pay-per-view. He turns and walks away without another glance back, even as Johnson checks on the badly-injured Hale.*

Jones: Bucky Johnson just stood up for himself, against the former fan favorite!

Logan: Good to see Bucky’s willing to put it all out there! And now we’ve got Johnson against Ka’Derrion at Darkness Falls? That could be a show stealer!!

Jones: The pay-per-view keeps getting more intense as we go along!!

*Hale’s in bad shape, as a stretcher is brought down towards him. He’s groaning, with what looks to be a touch of internal bleeding showing up out of the corner of his mouth. Johnson stands over him, angry at the very sight of the hurt wrestler. He looks towards the back, where Ka’Derrion headed, as we slowly leave the shot behind. Abruptly the feed cuts once more to the GCWA building. Much of the ground floor wall is covered in Angel's artwork, huge pictures and indecipherable scrawl mixing together in a range of colors. As Angel throws away a paint can into a growing pile, there is a loud thud as the window cleaner's platform hits ground. Omega skips out of it excitedly, clapping her hands together, while Cain follows, cautious. *

Cain: I am never doing that again. Never.

Omega: It was fun!

Cain: Not with you rocking the damn thing side to side all the time!

Omega: I wanted to see what it would be like if we were on a boat. But in the air. These things require research, Caino. Anyway, it all turned out to be awesometastic and stuffs.

Cain: Can't argue there.

* The camera pans upwards as we see Cain, Angel and Omega taking in the building. At its base it is a psychedelic mess, colours, symbols and shapes merging together into one pattern. High up the building, an enormous banner has been hung, huge black letters laid out on it.

Insurgency 1, GCWA 0.

We return to ground level, the three insurgents surveying their work. *

Cain: I like the paint job.

Angel: Thanks, just wanted to brighten the place up a bit.

Cain: Got an omega symbol, Elijah's cross thing, an angel, and...a walking stick?

Angel: A walking CANE, I think you'll find. What better for old man Caino?

Cain: I really, really hate you sometimes.

Angel: Where did Elijah get to anyway?

* The camera pans up the building, reaching to the top. Elijah stands in front of the GCWA sign, a large plastic bottle in one hand. He pours it over each of the letters in turn, walking to one side of the sign and back before tossing the bottle aside and picking up another. Finally he steps back a few paces from the sign, as if admiring his work, before reaching into his pocket and taking something out. *

Angel: I like where this is going...

* Elijah fiddles with the object for a moment before pressing it to the GCWA sign, taking care to step back sharply. Slowly, the G begins to burn, flames licking across its surface. The fire spreads, engulfing the other letters, smoke billowing out into the air at the top of the GCWA headquarters.

We zoom in, Elijah silhouetted in black against the roaring flames, the GCWA logo burning to a cinder. Abruptly, the feed cuts out just as suddenly as it cut in. *

*We head back from the break for more GCWA television. In the backstage area, Arachne is sitting around with a man in a leopard costume.*

Leopard: So you're going to be the guest referee for Bifford vs. Dan, eh?

Arachne: Yeah.

Leopard: Gonna call it down the middle?

Arachne: Nope.

Leopard: Gonna give Bifford the win?

Arachne: Nope.

Leopard: Why?

Arachne: Because I am going to make sure Dangeous Dan wins and becomes Warrior of the Ring. Then I'm going to challenge him for the Warrior of the Ring title.. Then I'm going to beat him again and become Warrior of the Ring. You see, I've beaten Dangerous Dan before. I've lost to Bifford twice. That makes Bifford way more difficult to beat than Dan.

Leopard: Ohhh..

*Arachne reaches under the chair he's sitting on and picks up a container of gasoline. He douses the man in the leopard costume with it and then lights a match. He gets a safe distance away from the man in the costume and then throws the match at him, as the scene switches back to inside the arena before we see the explosion. *

Logan: Am I seeing things, or did Arachne just set a man on fire?

Jones: You’re seeing things.

Logan: I am? But, I mean, he put gasoline on him, and then…

Jones: Nope, the match went out. Nothing happened. We’re not liable.

Logan: … Ahhh, the lawyers are telling you what to say, aren’t they?

Jones: I’m instructed to tell you that no lawyers are currently advising me on any matter whatsoever.

Logan: Right… well, anyway, so now there’s a chance that Arachne’s going to throw the Big Bifford / Dangerous Dan match… but throw it in favor of Dan?

Jones: That’d be seriously shocking, Anthony, especially since Bifford’s the one who pushed for him to be the referee! Now, Bifford might not even be able to trust his partner?

Logan: That match continues to get more intriguing as the show goes on!

Jones: Then we’d better keep going! Let’s get to our next…

*Suddenly, the arena is cast into darkness, earning screams from the audience.*

Logan: Whoa! Looks like someone else has something in mind, Jonesy!

*The crowd cheers louder as the familiar entrance music of the GCWA World Champion, Draco, plays. The opening of “Indestructible” sounded like the middle of a war zone; bullets and loud sirens. The entranceway matched the sounds. It was filled with a thick fog and a red strobe light was going off to simulate gunfire. Standing in the carnage on stage was a figure. A piece of glimmering gold over his shoulder. Obviously, this is none other than the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion Draco. He walks through the fog and heads towards the ring. It looks as if he is ready to wrestle with the expression on his face, but Draco gets into the ring as the lights return to normal.*

Jones: The World Champion is here! This could be good!

Logan: Draco’s been on a rough road recently, but he’s got a chance at pulling himself back out of it at Darkness Falls. He’ll be wrestling his former tag-team partner, Shane Donovan, with the gold on the line!

Jones: Draco’s had me a little worried as of late, what with reports of him drinking constantly and being separated from his family and friends.

Logan: Yeah, well, let’s see what he has to say…

*A microphone is delivered to Draco. His expression hasn’t changed. He looks like he is ready to face a dozen of the wrestling world’s best. Draco still looks unhinged in many ways; lacking in personal grooming, sunken and darker eyes, and the most shiver-inducing attribute has to be the combination of a snarl and smirk ever present on his lips. Draco brought the microphone to his lips and spoke in a low non-joking voice.*

Draco: I am out here because once again we…I!…was ordered to. The boss wants me to talk about Donovan. That back stabbing bastard! That sneaky *bleeper*! The goddamn coward! Yes, Donovan!

*The fans seem uncertain how to react to this new version of Draco. The rumor mill has churned out many different sides to this story. Everything from and including that he was off of some mental medication. The truth was that everything hit him at once. It had ripped the armor away and he was barely in control of his own actions. *

Draco: Get your ass out here! Donovan! NOW! We want to speak to you face to face! My face! Our face! Our face!

*Draco beings to start pacing with his eyes locked on the entrance way. The microphone leaves his face. The mumbling incoherencies are heard in the background. A mass of security guards walk out the entranceway. Draco stops mid step and glares at the security guards. Standing behind them is the new head of security, Shin. Draco practically growls at this man as he stands there with a smug look on his face. He soon motions behind him. Shane Donovan appears without much fan fare. In fact, the fans are booing the Man-Made Monster. *

Shane Donovan: You rang, buddy?

*Draco looks about ready to foam at the mouth as Shane Donovan spoke. Counting the security guards in his head and figuring they would only slow him down just enough. Somehow Draco stood his ground and refused to leap into the lion’s den.*

Draco: I was told to come out here. I need to inform you of the match. What type of match you and us…I! I!…will compete in!

Shane Donovan: Alright, easy there. Don’t want you blowing a gasket before I get a chance to take that title off you.

Draco: We’d love it! Love! Come down so our hands can wrap around that little *bleeping* throat!

Shane Donovan: Riiiiiight. Guessing Ace did away with the psych checks being mandatory. Why don’t you just hurry up and let me know what the stips are for our match? Would hate for all your adoring fans to start seeing the real drunkard and bat-*bleep* crazy side of you.

*The fans boo, for the most part, at Donovan’s statement. Draco nods as he mumbles to himself. It seems that Draco’s mood has grown even darker as he spoke to Donovan.*

Draco: Fine! You get them! We want you! You, Donovan! In a Bloodbath match! Blood! Yes! Bloodbath!

*Donovan is a bit taken back by this, but soon nods. Draco is smiling ear to ear with a smirk that can only be described as sadistic. The few fans that have heard of this match are cheering the violence that they will surly see at Darkness Falls.*

Jones: A… bloodbath match?

Logan: Oh, damn. That’s going to be violent!!

Jones: Er, Anthony, I don’t want to sound ignorant, but… I mean, some of the fans might not know…

Logan: Oh, right. A bloodbath match is a combination of a First Blood match and a Last Man Standing Match. Think of this this way: the ref can’t even start a 10 count until blood has been spilt.

Jones: Geez, these two will try to kill each other in a match like that!

Logan: I think that’s the idea.

*The camera switches back to Donovan, who slowly brings the mic back up to his face.*

Shane Donovan: You are on. Just remember that this is for your own good. Someone has to put you in your place.

Draco: The only good will be your blood! YOURS, DONOVAN!

Shane Donovan: Oh, and one more thing, you should really quit being so damn emo and man up!

*With that Donovan drops the microphone and heads to the backstage area. Draco drops his as well, but launches himself out to the floor. He hits the ground running looking to start the Bloodbath match now. The mass of security guards is able to stop Draco, but it takes their entire group. A few are knocked down and out, but soon Draco is shuffled to the backstage screaming that they want Donovan’s blood.*

Jones: I am now officially concerned for both men’s safety!

Logan: I don’t blame you there! But what a main event it’s going to be!!

*As the security guards continue to work on removing the World Champion, we switch to the backstage area. CWF lawyer Jason Biggs is seen walking around backstage, he is carrying a large black brief case with the CWF logo on the side. As he walks, he passes a number of different locker rooms, stopping outside the one marked with Angelica’s name. He knocks loudly on the door, which suddenly flies open. Angel looks him up and down, then shouts over her shoulder. *

Angel: Angelica there is some dude at the door.

Angelica: Tell him I am not here.

* She laughs and turns to him with a very serious look on her face.*

Angel: She isn’t here.

Jason: Angel, please can you tell Angelica to come to the door, I have very serious business we need to discuss.

Angel: Listen you little *BEEP* I just said she isn’t *BEEP* here.

* He sighs knowing he isn’t going to get much further, opening up his brief case he pulls out a brown envelope and passes it to Angel. *

Jason: Fine, whatever. Pass this on to Angelica. Her CWF contract is being enforced, J.Rish was able to use a sub-clause in the contract that Angelica cannot legally sign with anyone else. She is not a GCWA wrestler, and she is breaking the terms of her CWF contract by wrestling tonight.

* Angelica appears from around the door, taking the letter of Angel she opens it up. Pulling out a copy of her CWF contract with all parts of the clause highlighted. *

Jason: Let’s just say, we hope you don’t win this match tonight, as it will cause a lot of problems for you.

Angelica: *BEEP* you.

Jason: Welcome back to CWF Angelica. See you at Massacre.

* He smiles at her and walks away, leaving a fuming Angelica left looking at her contract. The crowd is shocked into silence with the announcement that tonight could very well be Angelica’s last night on GCWA television. We slowly fade out.*

*As we return from the break, we’re back in the Presidential office, where the Accelerator is pacing back and forth, thinking.*

The Accelerator: What’s taking him so long? Surely Twiztid knows I’m here. What’s he planning for tonight? The *bleeper*, making me wait like this…

*Suddenly, there’s the sound of yelling outside the door. Ace, hearing it, immediately grabs the baseball bat he had leaning up against his desk.*

The Accelerator: About damn time! Bring it, Twiztid!!

*Ace takes a stance like a major league player on steroids, waiting to knock Twiztid’s head out of the park. The door slams open… and Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris, the Danger Boiz, burst in, shoving their way past security. With a sigh filled with a mixture of relief and annoyance, Ace lowers the bat.*

Dangerous Dan: We need to talk to you, Ace!

The Accelerator: As if I don’t have enough problems… ok, Dan, Chris, what the hell is so important?

Crazy Chris: How about the fact that you’re screwing my brother over by allowing Arachne to be the special referee for his match at Darkness Falls??

The Accelerator: Oh yeah… that…

*Ace moves back to his desk, which has been completely cleared off of all stuff. Several items are currently sitting in the trash can, having been thrown out after coming into contact with the Big Bifford’s seal earlier in the show.*

Dangerous Dan: This is my chance, Ace, a chance to finally put The Big Bifford in his place and end this ever-lasting feud. It’s my opportunity to show that I am the true Warrior of the Ring. And you’re going to do this, let him have his own tag-team championship partner as the referee?

The Accelerator: You make an excellent point, Dan… maybe I did act a little hasty. So here’s what I’m going to do. Since Arachne’s involved in the match as a referee, Crazy Chris might as well be involved as well… as the special enforcer.

*Dan glances over at his brother, who is already smiling from behind the mask.*

The Accelerator: That means that, say, something happens to Arachne, Crazy Chris will be there to keep ‘control’ of the situation. Does that satisfy you?

Dangerous Dan: That, Ace, we can work with. Thank you.

The Accelerator: Yeah, whatever, take your ‘thank you’ and get out of my office.

*The Danger Boiz turn and depart, as Ace goes back and takes a seat, still waiting for whatever’s to come tonight. We go back to the ring.*

Jones: So now we’ve got The Big Bifford vs. Dangerous Dan for the title of Warrior of the Ring… with Arachne as the special referee… and Crazy Chris as the special enforcer?

Logan: I’m sensing a cluster*bleep* coming on!

Jones: Still, you have to be happy that it’s evened out a little now, right?

Logan: Oh, definitely. I like all matches to be fairly balanced, and this one needed a change. I’ll give Ace credit, he did the right thing this time, even if it was only to get them out of his office.

Jones: With that said, it’s time for another great match!

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, from Toyokawa, Japan, standing 6’0 tall and weighing in at 200 lbs, he is one half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions….Arachne!!!!

*Arachne makes his way to the ring holding his tag strap in his right hand as it drags along the ground. Arachne reaches the ring and slides in, underneath the bottom rope to a mostly positive reaction from the crowd.*

Logan: Sliding into the ring, very spider-like.

Jones: Yes, GCWA’s two-legged spider.

Logan: Do you think he ever wishes he had the other six?

Jones: How should I know what goes on in his head?

Logan: Just wondering, I mean, if I had only one testicle, it’d bother me.

Jones: How is that even comparable?

Logan: If he ever does get depressed over the leg issue, he can always crawl on all fours, that’ll at least get him half way there.

*Jones shakes his head as Minos announces Arachne’s opponent.*

Minos: And, his opponent, from Washington D.C., standing 6’3 and weighing in at 235 lbs….Robert Santana!!!

*The crowd cheers loudly as Santana makes his way to the ring…he walks, briskly towards the ring, ready to get this match started. He jogs up the steps, stands on the apron, gestures towards the crowd, they respond with cheers. Santana proceeds to enter the ring through the ropes.*

Jones: Robert Santana looks ready for this match; a lot of people think 2010 could be the year for Robert Santana

Logan: Well, he’s going to have to do better than a three match losing streak for those predictions to come true.

Jones: Good point.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Arachne lets out a high pitched scream as he charges towards Santana…Santana lowers his head and lifts Arachne up, in the air and over the top rope…tremendous elevation is achieved as Arachne is flying through the air…he begins his plummet downward and lands, hard on the outside floor. Arachne grabs his back in pain and writhes around on the ground as the fans nearby all grimace in pain from the impact.*

Jones: Whoa!! It’s been a long time since I saw someone get that high!

Logan: Well, Arachne has been known to experiment with illegal drugs…and, by the way, Mr. Jones, does GCWA management know that you are frequently watching people get ‘high’?

Jones: That’s not what I meant, and you know it!

Logan: Sure…I’m just disappointed the flying flaming leopard or giant flying squirrel weren’t there to catch Mister Arachne.

*Santana stands near the ropes, waiting for Arachne to get to his feet…Arachne slowly does, holding his back in pain…Santana grabs the top rope and uses it to propel himself over it and land a plancha onto Arachne on the outside!! Both men fall hard with Arachne wincing in pain…Santana gets to his feet, slighly holding his midsection in pain from impact, the fans cheer him as he throws his arm up.*

Jones: The clear favorite in this match, how can you not pull for Robert Santana?

Logan: He’s too cheesy for me, Jones…did you listen to his radio interview this week?

Jones: No, I had a meeting.

Logan: A meeting? What, like an internet chat session full of wrestling nerds?

Jones: Haha, no, those are on Mondays, Santana’s interview was on Tuesday.

Logan: How did you land this job, seriously?

*Santana pulls Arachne to his feet and drags him around the ring, to the guardrail, he Irish whips Arachne into the guard rail, Arachne grabs his lower back in pain. Santana then kicks Arachne in the gut with tremendous force, causing Arachne to fall to his knees, Santana measures Arachne and delivers a kick to the side of Arachne’s head. Arachne falls over to his side and appears to be unconscious.*

Jones: Sensi-Ton on the outside of the ring!! We’re seeing a different side of Santana tonight!

Logan: Yea, not very face-like, if you ask me…I guess losing three in a row, with the third being a woman could do that to ya. Jones: Double True!

*Santana grabs Arachne by the head and pulls him to his feet, he drags him around the ring, looking like he’s about to toss him back into the ring…suddenly, an attractive female catches his eye wearing a very low cut, revealing top, she rubs Santana’s shoulder…Santana watches her hand caressing his shoulder and looks back at her.*

Jones: What is going on here?!?

Logan: Since you’ve never encountered anything like this, Jones…I’ll go ahead and explain it to you…you see, this is when a woman is telling a man that she’s sexually attracted to him…it’s a come on.

Jones: I know that, but what about Trish??

Logan: Oohhhh, good observation…Santana did remark how he doesn’t ‘sleep around’ on his wife during his interview this week…let’s see if he passes the ultimate test…that babe is smokin!

*Santana turns, facing the woman, her hands are now caressing his chest…Santana looks confused, trying to assess the situation. Caught up in the moment, Santana doesn’t notice that Arachne has made it back to his feet and is standing on the ring apron…he lets out another weird scream and leaps off the apron, drilling Santana in the side of the head with a drop kick. Santana falls over, on the ground, holding the side of his head in pain…Arachne walks up to the woman and plants a big kiss on her lips, the crowd cheers.*

Jones: What…What the hell? Was that a setup??

Logan: I don’t know, but it appears as though Arachne knows what to do when an attractive looking woman is standing there, ripe for the taking.

Jones: Security! Get this woman out of here! She’s a plant!

Logan: No she’s not…now you’re sounding like Arachne…seeing all kinds of weird crap…she is a human, not a plant.

Jones: No, Logan…I mean she’s been planted there by Arachne to distract Santana…I don’t mean she’s an actual plant!

Logan: If she were a plant, hypothetically speaking, what kind of plant would she be?

Jones: I don’t know, Logan…a pine tree?

Logan: Wow, creative you are not…you’d be a horrible writer.

*Both announcers deadpan the camera as we focus back on the action…Arachne is stomping away on Santana’s body as he lays there, in pain…Arachne picks Santana up, off the ground and rolls him back into the ring. Arachne hops onto the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle…Santana is struggling to his feet, he finds himself bent over, on his feet…Arachne leaps off the top rope and nails Santana in the back of the head with a Guillotine Leg Drop!! Santana’s face plants right into the mat, Arachne rolls him over and covers him for the pin, the ref counts…1….2….Kick out!!*

Jones: Whew…that was a close one…Arachne nearly extended Santana’s losing streak!

Logan: Yea, you know Santana’s head has got to be all kinds of messed up…

Jones: Good observation, Arachne has really done some damage to the head of Robert Santana.

Logan: I was actually referring to the chick…they’re always playing head games…can’t stand it!

*Arachne springs to his feet and gives Santana a few more stiff kicks to the head. Arachne then sprawls to his corner, where his title can be found…he has something underneath it, he grabs it and then gets back to his feet…as he does, we see Santana has made it to his feet as well, but is extremely groggy. Arachne has one fist open, the other clenched…his back is turned to Santana; Santana walks towards him…Arachne goes to put something in his mouth, before he can, though, Santana twirls him around and grabs his arm. Both men look at each other as Santana squeezes Arachne’s clenched fist…we see green liquid begin to leak all over both guy’s hands.*

Jones: Arachne was going for his Green Mist!

Logan: Busted by the sensing senses of the Sensei!

*Santana finally releases the vice grip he had on Arachne’s hand…his fist is covered in green liquid, as is Arachne’s…Santana then rears back and slugs Arachne, Arachne follows suit, punching Santana in the head with his green fist…both men begin to trade green fisted punches, leaving green marks all over each other’s faces. The crowd cheers in delight as this colorful brawl rages on.*

Jones: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this, Logan.

Logan: Yea, the Jolly Green Giant would most definitely be proud!

Jones: Never a dull moment with Arachne in the ring, that’s for sure!

*Santana’s size and strength advantage begins to take advantage of the brawl…Arachne begins to back up into his own corner, finding himself trapped. Santana rushes in there, sensing an advantage, he drills Arachne with a knee lift. Arachne gasps in pain from the loss of breath…Santana leans in, grabs Arachne’s arm and goes to Irish Whip him across the ring into the opposing turnbuckle, Arachne reverses, however, and Santana goes flying into the corner! He hits hard and comes staggering out.*

Jones: Reversal by the Co-Tag Champ!

Logan: Things are heating up now! It’s anyone’s match!

Jones: Yes, will the enigmatic champion win or will the Sensei end his losing streak???

*Arachne lets out another scream and charges at Santana, he lowers his head, going for an obvious spear attempt…Santana reacts in time to notice this, he reaches out, grabs Arachne by the head, jumps up and plants Arachne into the mat with a Facebuster!! Arachne appears to be out cold as Santana sits there, breathing heavily. He gets to his feet, puts his hand on his face and runs his hand down his face…he looks at his hand and notices it is green, he then wipes the green pain across his chest and screams out like a blood thirsty warrior.*

Logan: Hmmm, doesn’t quite have the same visual effect as blood…but, whatever, we’ll go with it.

Jones: Santana is fired up!! Is it time for the second and final Sensi-tion??

Logan: I’d assume so, but, then again, I don’t want to be an ass and, neither do you.

*Santana has taken way too much time posing for the crowd…he walks over to Arachne, ready to deliver his finishing kick. He grabs Arachne by the back of the head and yanks him up to a kneeling position, as he does, Arachne spits some green mist into the face of Santana!! Santana, instinctually, responds by delivering the Sensi-tion!! He drills Arachne in the side of the head with his devastating kick, Arachne falls to the mat with green ooze leaking out of the side of his mouth…Santana, meanwhile, is blinded by the mist.*

Jones: Where did Arachne get that other batch of mist from??

Logan: I have no idea, but you gotta love that little guy, full of surprises!!

Jones: Yes, it was a great effort to make a comeback…Santana did nail Sensi-tion, however…

Logan: Yea, but can he find and cover Arachne in time…

*Santana staggers around, trying to collect himself…as he does, he trips over Arachne’s limp body…Santana, on all fours, feels around and finds Arachne, he notices Arachne is on his side, Santana rolls him over onto his back and covers him for the pin, the ref counts…1…2…3!!! The ref calls for the bell as Santana rolls off of Arachne and crawls into a nearby corner and tries to clear the mist out of his eyes.*

Minos: Here is the winner of the match, Robert Santana!!!

Jones: Santana gets the win, ending his losing streak!!

Logan: Not only that, but he got a win over a champion, Jonesy! That’s got to mean something in the eyes of the higher-ups!

Jones: Arachne takes a tough loss, and now he’s got to carry the burden of it into Darkness Falls, where he’ll be the special guest referee. He already had a lot on his mind before this one!

Logan: I still don’t believe that Arachne will throw the match and cost Bifford the win. But we’ll find out soon enough!

* GCWA paramedics rush to the ring and assist Santana by washing out his eyes. They seem less concerned with Arachne, who is rolling away from the action, leaving green stains on the canvas as he goes. We cut to the back and we see the common scene of the night, Ace walking thru a hallway with several security guards surrounding the boss. Even with all the security tonight Ace seems to always be looking behind him and side to side.*

The Accelerator: Look, we need to hurry. If Twiztid’s waited this long, he’s probably got something planned for the end of the night… so I have no plans on being here for him to pull it off!

*Suddenly the security team gets closer to the boss and the group of men come to a screeching stop in a crowded hallway. Ace looks in front of him, preparing for another fight. He lets loose a smile smile, though, noticing that the man standing in front of him is none other than the former GCWA World Champion, Lurrr.*

The Accelerator: Ahhh….. surprised to see you showing your face around here. I mean you have had a tough week already, what with what happened at CWF’s Modern Warfare. So I figured you would take the night off.

*Lurrr gets as close as he can to the security and looks to be in a foul mood.*

Lurrr: You know if I wouldn’t have known any better I think I might have been set up this past week. I mean how stupid could I have been to agree to such a stupid match. But you know what…… I think…. Well….

*Lurrr suddenly snaps back and begins to lay punch after punch on the security guards, quickly laying two guys out. The security team scrambles to try and protect Ace but before they can get in between Lurrr and Ace, “The Wake Up Call” is landed squarely on the boss who is knocked out cold immediately!! As the President falls backwards, the rest of security tries to grab hold of Lurrr, but he’s a wild man, attacking all of them with uncontrolled rage! One of the security guards is sent flying into the cameraman, sending him toppling over as well. For the next few seconds, all we hear is a melee, but finally, silence takes over. We can see the President laying on the floor, although the camera’s currently at an angle. Lurrr walks back into the shot, looking down at him. It looks like the damage is done but instead Lurrr takes a few steps back and gets a running start with a kick to Ace’s mid-section. He continues with kick after kick almost stomping the life out of the boss. The camera shows the boss laid out and unconscious with his security guards on the ground around him as well. Lurrr falls to the floor with a crazy look on his face and grabs Ace’s face by the cheeks.*

Lurrr: You have done something nobody else has ever been able to accomplish since I have been in this business. You have turned me into a lunatic full of rage. From here on out I am your worst nightmare!!! I am the GCWA’s worst nightmare!!! I have no limits and have no line that I won’t cross. This is just the beginning and when you wake up expect to see me again with the same rage!!! You have started something that you will not be able to finish you son of a BITCH!!!

*Lurrr adds one more kick for good measure and walks away, out of the shot. All we can see now is bodies laying on the ground. We slowly fade out.*

*The commercials end, and we come back to a blank screen…it slowly fades into a shot of GCWA Superstars, Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill. They are sitting in an airport, waiting for a flight…Derek is reading a newspaper while Warrick has a pair of shades on and is leaning back in the chair, catching a nap. Derek’s attention is grabbed as our view approaches him…he looks right at us and speaks.*

Derek Mobley: Oh, wow…a random GCWA camera man here at the Las Vegas airport…what a surprise.

*Our view nods up and down…Derek elbows Warrick, Warrick wakes up.*

Derek Mobley: Warrick, check it out…it’s a GCWA camera man…

*Warrick lowers his shades with his index finger to get a better look at who is standing in front of him, he cracks a smile. *

Warrick Hill: Wow, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear this was scripted…

Derek Mobley: No kidding…

*Derek and Warrick look at each other with forced, surprise expressions…Derek turns his attention back to the camera man.*

Derek Mobley: Well, random camera man, since we’ve been fortunate enough to run into you here…might as well give a statement, I suppose…let’s see, last time you guys saw us, we were, literally, kicked out of the GCWA by 2009 Wrestler of the Year, Lurrr. Since then, I guess a few things have taken place in GCWA…

Warrick Hill: Craziest thing is the comeback made by the Russian guy from Rocky IV…I mean, to go from having Rocky Balboa not only defeat you but also end the cold war at the same time…that’s a pretty epic collapse…dude’s doing good for himself now though…being the reigning GCWA champion.

Derek Mobley: What?

Warrick Hill: Yea, that Drago dude.

Derek Mobley: Draco is the champ, not Drago.

Warrick Hill: Draco?

Derek Mobley: Yea, Draco…remember, you pinned him awhile back in a singles match?

Warrick Hill: No way, dude, I would’ve remembered beating a roided up Russian guy with a flat top.

Derek Mobley: He’s not Ivan Drago!

Warrick Hill: Okay, Dolph Lundgren, if you want to be specific…

Derek Mobley: No, his name is…

*Derek looks at Warrick’s clueless face. *

Derek Mobley: Nevermind…I’ve also noticed that GCWA is feuding with some other wrestling federation called CWF…Warrick, any idea what CWF stands for?

Warrick Hill: Huh? Sorry, missed the question, I’m still blown away that I pinned Ivan Drago and can’t seem to remember it….

Derek Mobley: Ugh, whatever…anyways, GCWA is at war with CWF…ran by a man called Rish…rhymes with Fish…

Warrick Hill: Fish rhymes with Wish…Wish rhymes with Dish…Dish rhymes with Trish…Trish Stratus was damn sexy…sexy rhymes with…

Derek Mobley: Trish was hella fine…Rish, not so much…he just runs a federation dominated by women…unattractive women…I don’t really see what CWF brings to GCWA other than making wrestling look faker than it already does, at times…

Warrick Hill: Are you saying wrestling is fake…

Derek Mobley: No, I’m saying women as champions are a joke…all this feud with CWF has done is bring a midget and an ugly chick into GCWA…I’m going out on a limb and say GCWA is better off running solo…

Warrick Hill: Yes, sometimes it is better to yank it than grabbing Ms Fatty McGee at 2 am.

Derek Mobley: Wow, an insightful, yet vulgar metaphor…

Warrick Hill: I do what I can.

*Mobley nods…an obese man waddles by them…*

Derek Mobley: Speaking of Bifford…he won this year’s rendition of Warriors of the Ring…about time Bifford showed the ability we all knew he was capable of…

Warrick Hill: Brings a new definition to the term Heavyweight Champion, if he beats Drago at the next Pay Per View…what is the next Pay Per View?

Derek Mobley: Darkness Falls.

Warrick Hill: Ah *bleep*, I hate that Pay Per View…I lost to Jobe Severity at last year’s Darkness Falls…

Derek Mobley: How do you remember that but not remember defeating Draco?

Warrick Hill: Because, I lost to psychotic snake charmer who was buddies with Tommy Crimson…how could I FORGET losing that match?

Derek Mobley: True…besides, Biff may not get his shot first…there is talk of the Draco’s partner, Donovan, receiving the shot before Bifford.

Warrick Hill: Hey, when you’re someone’s Bottom Bitch, you get all kinds of benefits…

Derek Mobley: Pretty much…so, it looks as though this year’s ratings for Darkness Falls are going to be dark, indeed…tanking to all time lows for GCWA…

Warrick Hill: But, fear not, GCWA fans…my latest business venture, a brothel named House of Pain has flopped…so, when cash funds are running low…it’s time for the House of Pain to return to GCWA!

Derek Mobley: What Warrick meant to say, in so many words, is he can’t wait to see all of our loyal fans! So, keep an eye out for the House of Pain at Darkness Falls…because we’re definitely planning on making an impact…we’ve mentioned a lot of names so far…but one lingers…

Warrick Hill: Ahh, yes…Lurrr…

Derek Mobley: Correctamundo…Lurrr managed to do something nobody has ever been able to accomplish…single handedly put the House of Pain out of commission…now, I know Lurrr is Wrestler of the Year…I know Lurrr is a future Hall of Famer…I know Lurrr has earned every wrestling accolade GCWA has to offer…but one thing Lurrr has never done…Lurrr has never been able to defeat a member of the House of Pain in a one on one fight. Sure, Lurrr is good at misdirection…sure he’s good at nailing a superkick when you’re not paying attention. What I want to see is how good Lurrr is in the middle of the ring…when the bell sounds and everyone is on a level playing field…that’s what I want to find out.

Warrick Hill: He’s still pretty damn good, Derek…but, the looming question is…is he better than the House of Pain? Is he better than Derek Mobley…is he better than Warrick Hill?

Derek Mobley: We’ve defeated them all, Lurrr…sure we’ve suffered a few setbacks lately…sure we haven’t been as strong as we were at the beginning of 2009…however, when we bring our A game, nobody can beat us…Draco, Bifford, Twiztid, Dangerous Dan, the entire GCWA roster…they all fall to the House of Pain. I’m not sure how many ‘A’ games we have left, to be honest…but I know we’re saving at least one more…and that, is for you, Lurrr.

Warrick Hill: There’s a bounty on your head, Lurrr…we’re coming for you…it may be at Darkness Falls…it may before Darkness Falls…or it could be after Darkness Falls…only thing you need to know is you won’t see it coming when it finally arrives.

*Derek and Warrick smile at the random GCWA camera man…the PA announces the boarding for a flight heading to Dallas, TX…Derek and Warrick get out of their seats and head to board the plane…we fade to ringside.*

Logan: The House of Pain! Yes!

Jones: We haven’t heard from those two guys in quite a while.

Logan: And they’ve put Lurrr on notice! He’s got a bounty on his head!

Jones: Yeah, but after what Lurrr did earlier to the President, does anyone really want to collect it?

Logan: Lurrr definitely lost it, no question. But now his past is coming back to haunt him, so he’d better be prepared to deal with it!

Jones: It’s time now for our main event! Let’s go to the ring for the introductions!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title!!

*The crowd gives a good pop, always loving it when gold is featured in the main event.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger… she has continued on an undefeated streak in the GCWA over the past month, earning this title opportunity here today… standing 5’8” and weighing in at 160 lbs, from York, England, here is Angelica!

*The fans cheer as “Drumming Song” by Florence and the Machine plays. Slowly, out of the back, Angelica walks out, taking in the cheers and smiling at the audience with sad eyes. She seems to take a moment to focus, and then starts down the aisle.*

Jones: Tonight could very well be Angelica’s last match in the GCWA, thanks to those jerks over at the CWF enforcing the contract.

Logan: Yeah, and it’s too bad. The fans here absolutely love her. Just look at how Molly Green reacted when she got to spend time with Angelica this past week!

Jones: Angelica’s really looked like a player in the GCWA, but if her time is about to end, might as well go out with a title opportunity!

Logan: I know, but… what if she wins the belt? I mean, does she take it with her to the CWF?

Jones: … I don’t know…

Logan: Can someone in the back let us know? Is our gold in danger of leaving??

Minos: And now, her opponent… he continues his remarkable career in the wrestling business here tonight… standing 6’4” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from parts unknown… here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion… The Lost Soul!!

*The GCWA supporters are in full force, cheering loudly, as “The Friday the 13th” Theme begins to play. The Lost Soul appears in the entrance, with the championship around his waist. He seems to be seriously considering whether or not to head to the ring. After a few seconds, he finally starts moving, heading down the ramp.*

Jones: The Lost Soul is really struggling with this one, Anthony. He doesn’t believe in fighting women.

Logan: I know it’s part of his code. But Ace has said that if he doesn’t compete, he’d forfeit the title, and, well, since Angelica’s leaving, we can’t afford for him to do that!

Jones: I know his agent, Colt Jacobs, worked hard to get The Lost Soul prepared to fight Angelica here tonight. Did it work? Or will The Lost Soul just give Angelica the victory?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Angelica’s already moving towards the center of the ring. She looks completely focused now, shaking off the CWF issues from earlier, ready to give it her all here tonight. The Lost Soul, though, does not come out to meet her. He’s still in his corner, pondering what his next move should be. Head Referee Bell shows off the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title and hands it off, then looks back, wondering why the action isn’t already commencing. Angelica waves The Lost Soul on, wanting to get going, but The Lost Soul still doesn’t move. He leans on the ropes, watching her, apparently trying to make a decision. He then turns and steps through the ropes, moving out to the apron! To the surprise of all, TLS steps down to the ground and turns, as if about to walk out!*

Jones: The Lost Soul isn’t going to fight!!

Logan: Man, his code goes deeper than I thought! But, would this just be a countout? As in, he’ll keep the belt? Or will Ace strip him for not fighting?

Jones: I don’t know, but it doesn’t look like it’s an option that Angelica is too happy about!

*As The Lost Soul starts up the aisle, Angelica comes out of the ring and follows him, rushing after the champion. Head Referee Bell, staying behind in the ring, starts to count, even as Angelica reaches out and grabs TLS’ arm, spinning him around. The Lost Soul raises his arm instinctively to swing, but then lowers it. Angelica doesn’t swing, either, instead arguing with TLS to get back to the ring. The two exchange words, too low for the camera to pick up, with Angelica clearly wanting them both back in the ring. The Lost Soul shakes his head and turns to leave, with Angelica then grabbing him and spinning him around, landing a right cross to the side of the head!! TLS steps back from the shot, but two more follow, with Angelica letting loose on the wrestler!! TLS staggers back to the guardrail, with Angelica then doing a legsweep that sends the champion backwards into the railing, hitting hard!! Angelica doesn’t slow down, coming after TLS and dragging him back towards the ring to beat the count and continue the match!*

Jones: Angelica didn’t let him leave!!

Logan: Hey, winning the Intercontinental Title might be the only way Angelica has to stay out of the CWF and stay with us! She’s motivated, and even though TLS is trying to be chivalrous, he’s also not treating her as an equal! That’s gotta burn her!

Jones: Yep, she doesn’t want a countout victory, she wants to get the gold! And if TLS wasn’t going to listen to reason, she would MAKE him continue!

*Both competitors are back in the ring now, with Head Referee Bell happily ending his count. A main event count-out is never good for business. Angelica has The Lost Soul in the corner now, holding onto the ropes for balance while she kicks away at his midsection, keeping him subdued. Angelica then backs off, aiming for a second before running in and getting a back splash on the champion!! With TLS in trouble, Angelica continues her assault, climbing up onto the ‘buckle and punching away on him, with the GCWA fans chanting along with her. She gets to 10, then repositions herself, getting up onto TLS’ shoulders for a hurricanrana! However, before she can snap over, The Lost Soul suddenly moves forward, carrying Angelica and dropping her a few feet from the turnbuckle with a powerbomb!!! Angelica rolls away after the impact, with The Lost Soul taking time to recover himself, getting to his stomach.*

Logan: The code is suspended!! The Lost Soul just landed a major move on his competition!

Jones: When you’re being attacked as heavily as TLS was, you have to react to it, be it man, woman, midget, whoever!

Logan: NOW we’ve got a fight!

*Clearly, the gloves are now off, as The Lost Soul pulls Angelica back up to her feet and lifts her into the air, using his strength to toss her over with a slam onto the mat! Angelica winces from the hit and rolls, as if trying to get out of the ring for a breather. TLS doesn’t let her get far, grabbing her arm and pulling her back up. It’s almost as if he’s trying to will himself into seeing a male wrestler standing across from him, as he’s working hard not to make much eye contact. He shoots Angelica into the ropes, then lowers his head for a backdrop. But Angelica flips over him with a roll, landing on her feet behind him! The Lost Soul quickly spins around, but Angelica’s ready for him, grabbing his head and taking him to the turnbuckle with a tornado DDT!! The champ is down, with Angelica immediately pouncing on him for a cover… 1… 2… and The Lost Soul kicks out, avoiding the pin. Angelica starts to bring him back up, her next maneuver already locked in her head.*

Jones: Angelica’s been an amazing athlete for the GCWA over the last month, winning match after match. It’s hard to believe that tonight might really be her last contest in the organization!

Logan: Well, if it is, she’s planning on leaving the fans with some good memories! The girl is fighting her heart out in there!

Jones: The Lost Soul’s definitely got some major competition for that championship he’s been wearing!

*Angelica has TLS back in the corner, landing a few more shots before grabbing his arm to send him to the other side. But The Lost Soul reverses it, shooting Angelica across instead! TLS follows her in, but Angelica catches herself and pushes off the ropes, launching herself above TLS and landing behind him! The IC Champ, caught off-guard, is quickly grabbed from behind and given a victory roll, with Angelica trying to hold him in place for the count! 1… 2… and TLS shoves free, escaping at the last second! Angelica steadies herself on the ropes and comes back over, getting The Lost Soul from behind and going for a hangman’s neckbreaker! But The Lost Soul pulls free from it, saving himself. As Angelica turns, surprised, TLS kicks her in the stomach, then grabs her head and lands a stunning DDT, sending Angelica almost upside-down from the impact!!! The Lost Soul shakes his head, then rolls over for the cover, trying to end this now… 1… 2… Angelica gets a shoulder up!*

Jones: We’re seeing some tremendous back and forth action tonight!

Logan: For anyone who thinks that a woman can’t compete with a man, I hope you’re enjoying this contest! And for whoever thinks that the CWF’s a better show, up yours, man! You’re watching greatness here tonight!!

Jones: Geez, Anthony…

Logan: Hey, don’t forget, the CWF torched our GCWA sign earlier!

Jones: Hey, yeah… *bleep* those jerks! C’mon, GCWA!

Logan: That’s the spirit!

*The Lost Soul has continued the fight during the discussion, lifting Angelica onto his shoulders and taking her towards the center of the ring. With one twist, TLS drops her with an F-5, with Angelica nearly landing on her skull!! The Lost Soul is in full battle mode, no quarter asked, and none given. He drops for the cover, holding onto the legs for support as Head Referee Bell makes the count… 1… 2… but Angelica just won’t stay down! TLS takes a deep breath to calm himself and gets up, pulling Angelica with him. He takes her over to the corner and starts to lift her up, apparently planning on the Soul Buster!! But Angelica, perhaps realizing that she’s in danger, starts to fight back, getting in multiple elbow shots, stunning TLS. She then grabs him by the head and gives him a knee to the chin, sending him falling off the ‘buckle to the mat below!! The fans are cheering as Angelica rights herself and steps up fully on the top rope. She takes flight, spinning into a corkscrew moonsault!! She lands it perfectly, with Bell right there for the count after the landing… 1… 2… and somehow The Lost Soul kicks out of the maneuver!*

Jones: How much can either wrestler take?? I keep thinking it’s over, but they keep fighting on!

Logan: We don’t hire quitters here at the GCWA… or, if we do hire them, we fire them after they quit… at least, after they quit multiple matches… oh, hell, now I have no idea what I’m talking about…

Jones: Yep, you lost me, Anthony. Back to the match!

*Angelica slowly pulls herself up, the strain of the match showing. She’s still in control, though, as she grabs The Lost Soul’s legs and turns into them, applying a figure four leglock!! The fans are practically split down the middle, half wanting The Lost Soul to escape, and half wanting Angelica to get the victory. Head Referee Bell is checking, making sure that TLS is not going to tap out. The IC Champion appears to be feeling it, but he’s not making any sounds. He’s intense as ever. TLS starts pulling himself towards the ropes, not giving up as he struggles towards them. Angelica readjusts herself, trying to shift the weight and stop his ability to get away. However, The Lost Soul immediately reacts to this, shifting his own weight to start swaying back and forth! Angelica, her eyes wide, realizes what’s happening, but it’s too late to escape, as The Lost Soul reverses the hold, getting HER in the figure four instead!! Angelica scrambles against the pain, grabbing at the canvas. Fortunately, she’s positioned close to the ropes, anyway, so she’s able to quickly yank her way over before the pain increases too much, holding onto the bottom rope and forcing the break.*

Jones: Looks like both wrestlers are now on shaky legs, Anthony!

Logan: Yep, the figure four can really wear a person’s limbs out! I think The Lost Soul got the worst of it, but he definitely dished out some of the punishment to his foe as well!

Jones: As the match goes on, the muscles are going to be getting more and more sore. Who’s going to withstand the pain and get the victory??

*Both wrestlers are struggling up, now, on wobbly legs. Angelica moves first, stepping in with a kick, but The Lost Soul blocks it, grabbing hold of Angelica’s leg and shoving it upwards, flipping Angelica over! Surprisingly, though, she does a complete flip and lands on her feet! Before TLS can respond, Angelica’s coming in, snatching him and dropping back with a monkey flip!! The Lost Soul lands in the corner, stunned. He starts to get up, but Angelica’s there to attack once more, landing a few more shots before dragging him out and putting him in position for the Shadow’s Whisper!! She runs off and returns, going for the handspring elbow, but The Lost Soul dodges to the left, avoiding the strike! As Angelica tries to regain her balance, TLS moves in and locks her up, trying for the Soul Buster!! But Angelica shakes herself free of his grip, staggering away. She runs back towards him, going for a clothesline… which TLS had the same idea about, leading to a double clothesline laying out both competitors!!*

Jones: They’re both down!!

Logan: Will either be able to answer the count, or is this great match ending without a winner???

*Head Referee Bell moves over both individuals, watching them as he starts his mandatory 10 count. Angelica is stirring, as is The Lost Soul. Both wrestlers roll to their stomachs, in an effort to get up first. The Lost Soul is closer to the ropes, using them to get himself upright. On the other side, Angelica is just starting to rise up, staggering on weak knees, but not giving up. She turns, as The Lost Soul moves towards her, continuing the battle. Angelica tries to kick him, but TLS blocks it and spins her around, enabling him to grab her from behind. He lifts her up, taking her backwards with a release belly-to-back suplex!! Angelica’s down, with The Lost Soul rolling over towards her for the cover… 1… 2… but Angelica’s able to put a foot on the nearby ropes, stopping Head Referee Bell’s count! The Lost Soul, also noting the foot, quickly grabs it to take it off the ropes and try again… 1… 2… Angelica kicks out!*

Jones: Angelica just won’t quit! She’s dead set on getting a victory here tonight!

Logan: But how much more can she take? Does she have enough to come back and win……

Jones: … What, Anthony? What’s wrong?

Logan: I just… I swear I just saw a familiar face in the crowd… but where…

*In the ring, The Lost Soul has pulled Angelica back up, sending her into the ropes. He waits to grab her as she comes back, but Angelica has other ideas, leaping into him with her legs scissored, and then springing both up before coming down with a spinning bulldog!! Angelica then makes the cover, trying to hold the champion down… 1… 2… but The Lost Soul again gets free in time! Angelica sits on her knees, trying to come up with a strategy to keep the veteran wrestler down. She gets up, bringing The Lost Soul with her, aiming to possibly go for the hangman’s neckbreaker again. But The Lost Soul kicks out his leg behind him, catching Angelica in the knee and causing her to limp backwards from the shooting pain. TLS then turns and locks her up, taking her up and down with a flapjack slam!! The Lost Soul doesn’t go for the cover, though. He heads for the ropes, thinking about possibly going for the Souled Out!! However, as he starts to go up, the camera swivels, showing a person in a trenchcoat suddenly jumping over the railing! Across the way, another person is seen, doing the exact same thing!!*

Jones: The Lost Soul’s going to try to end it!

Logan: Hold on, Jonesy, something’s happening!! Fans are jumping the guardrails!!

Jones: What?? Hey, wait a second… those aren’t fans!!

*The jackets are all tossed away, as three people charge into the ring… the CWF’s Elijah, Omega, and Cain: The Insurgency!! The Lost Soul doesn’t realize they’re coming in until it’s too late, as Elijah nails him from behind, sending TLS plummeting off the turnbuckle and to the mat!! Angelica, who was already rolling out of range, starts pulling herself up, confused, as the three CWF wrestlers enter through the ropes and start attacking, kicking and stomping on the downed IC Champion!!! With no other choice, Head Referee Bell turns and waves his arms, frantically signaling for the bell!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, via DQ, and still the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

Logan: Son of a… this match was headed towards greatness, and then these CWF *bleeps* have to show up?? Where’d they come from, I thought security was watching for them!!

Jones: Yeah, they were… watching for them to come into the backstage area! But apparently they all had tickets, and were all hidden at different points around the ring!

Logan: Damnit, I KNEW I saw someone I recognized!

Jones: We need security, pronto!!

*A couple of ringside GCWA security guards attempt to enter the ring, but they’re quickly denied by Cain, who punches away at them, sending them flying. Omega and Elijah are still working over The Lost Soul, who is too spent to be able to properly defend himself against a double team. Another member of the Insurgency, Angel, appears and enters the ring, checking on Angelica. But Angelica pushes her away, saying that she's alright, and goes over to Elijah and Omega, with Elijah apparently expecting her to help. Instead, she shoves Elijah, angrily complaining to him about how she could have won the match and won the GCWA IC Championship! Elijah shakes his head, then goes back to work, pulling The Lost Soul up and planning for his finisher, The Descent!! The GCWA crowd is booing heavily, but suddenly, a roar begins to rise up from the crowd, as they see help approaching!*

Jones: Help has arrived!!

Logan: The GCWA is coming to The Lost Soul’s aid, whether he wants the help or not!!

*Sliding into the ring are several of the younger wrestlers, with Robert Santana leading the way. He goes right after Cain, the two wrestlers brawling, as the Danger Boiz leap over the ropes and go after Elijah and Omega. Angel joins in, picking her targets, but Angelica seems to be hanging back. The brawl continues to grow, as the Insurgency and the GCWA begin to fight violently in and around the ring!! Elijah manages to fight off Dangerous Dan, pushing him away, but then a recovering TLS flies back in, tackling Elijah and really igniting a fight!!*

Logan: Damn!! What a fight!!! And here comes what’s left of GCWA Security to try and break it up!

Jones: At the very least, protect the paying customers! We need them!

*On the outside, Cain is overpowering Santana (who is still clearly feeling the effects of his earlier match with Arachne), choking him on the apron. Crazy Chris appears to help out, leaping over the ropes and landing on Cain’s shoulders, applying a choke of his own!! Inside, Omega and Dangerous Dan are now going at it, while Elijah and The Lost Soul have continued to throw wrestling out the window and just swing at each other! GCWA Security pours into the ring, working to separate the competitors without taking too many hits themselves.*

Jones: This is just out of control!! We need a resolution to this!

Logan: And we’ve got one, Jonesy! It just came down from above: the CWF’s Elijah will be facing the GCWA’s The Lost Soul at Darkness Falls… in an “Extreme Lumberjack” Match!!

Jones: Extreme Lumberjack?? You mean, with the lumberjacks having weapons??

Logan: That’s right, the GCWA Board just made the match!!

Jones: Incredible!! For one night only, Elijah’s going to be wrestling in the GCWA, and maybe, finally, we can put an end to the hostility!!

Logan: Maybe we can on Sunday, but for right now, there’s no stopping these guys!!

*For a moment, security had Elijah and The Lost Soul separated… for a moment. Then Elijah got in a good shot to the side of one guard’s head, sending him sprawling, and clearing a path for Elijah to dive back in, going after the face-painted foe! This ignites the rest of the fighting once again, with the crowd roaring its approval!! Security once again tries to retake control of the situation, although it’s definitely not easy-going. As the brawl continues, we jump backstage to the garage, where the limousine is still waiting. Coming from the side, limping and clearly badly hurting, is the Accelerator. He stumbles over to the car, holding his head with one hand and his ribs with the other. The driver of the car looks over at him, taking one look before rushing over and grabbing the door for him.*

The Accelerator: Get the hell out of my way! I just want to get the *bleep* out of here!

Driver: Sir, yes sir!

*Ace grabs the door from the driver and uses it to balance himself, sliding around and getting into the car.*

The Accelerator: Are you deaf?? I want to leave… NOW!!!

*The driver, nodding, quickly shuts the door and runs around to the other side of the car to get in. He starts up the engine, as we switch to a shot inside the limo. Ace has his eyes shut as he leans back against the chair.*

Voice: Rough night?

The Accelerator: Yes, an extremely… rough… night…

*Ace slowly opens his eyes, realizing that someone’s in the limo with him. He has a pretty dark suspicion of who it is. Achingly, he turns to his left… and stares into the eyes of Twiztid, who is sitting next to him in the car!!!*

The Accelerator: ... Damn...

*We go back to an outside shot, as we see the driver, following orders, quickly pull away from the curb and start driving the limo out the door. It makes it onto the road before suddenly swerving back and forth as it heads down the highway, with the sounds of yelling and glass breaking heard. Tires screech while the limo spins out of sight. We fade out.*

OOC: And there you have it, the final card before Darkness Falls II!! Hopefully, you enjoyed it. It got a lot of support through various segments written, so I think it came out as a pretty good card, story-wise.

Heavy thanks goes out to Will (aka Derek Mobley/Warrick Hill), who wrote the Arachne/Santana Match. He did a great job, so everyone start bugging him about reopening OCW!! *lol*

Here's the official card for Darkness Falls II:

- "Simply The Best" Chris Cortez vs. Chris Winters vs. The Little Guy, Triple Threat Match

- "The Retarded Beast" Bucky Johnson vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion, Grudge Match

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana vs. Lurrr, GCWA Unified X Division Title #1 Contenders Match

- The Accelerator vs. Twiztid, Twiztid's House of Terror Match

- Elijah vs. The Lost Soul, GCWA/CWF Extreme Lumberjacks Match
(Current Lumberjacks List: Robert Santana, Crazy Chris, Bucky Johnson, Angel, Cain, Omega)

- The Big Bifford vs. Dangerous Dan, "Warriors of the Ring" Title Match
(Arachne as the Special Referee, Crazy Chris as the Special Enforcer)

- Draco(c) vs. Shane Donovan, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Bloodbath Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, March 5th to Thursday, March 11th, giving you 7 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!