GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is pumped as normal, with all manner of fans in attendance. We zoom through them, with outfits ranging from Big Bifford t-shirts to Angelica banners, from The Lost Soul face-paint to Danger Boiz jackets. GCWA Merchandising in effect! We pass by several signs, with messages like “The Little Guy – Future World Champion!!” to “GCWA Domination: CWF – Get Out!” We go down to ringside, joining up with Edward Jones and Anthony “Lightning” Logan.*

Jones: Hello, and welcome once again to the greatest wrestling show on television today, GCWA Friday Night Inferno!

Logan: Damn straight! The CWF can say whatever they want, but the GCWA is the leader of the pack! And we’re going to prove it again, here tonight!

Jones: We’ve got a great line-up of matches for you all tonight, but our main event tops them all, as Biffarachnephobia will be defending their GCWA World Tag-Team Titles for the first time, putting them against the former champions, D & D!

Logan: That’s a match that could really go either way, Jonesy. You have the World Heavyweight Champion on one team, and the Warrior of the Ring Tournament winner on the other! They’re meeting tonight for the first time in 2010, with the belts on the line!

Jones: In addition, we’ve got a CWF Invasion, as Blue Scorpion will be here tonight to take on the GCWA’s own Dangerous Dan!

Logan: Last week, Scorpion decided to come to the GCWA, apparently on behalf of the CWF President, J.Rish, and pretended to be a fan of the Danger Boiz. He soon revealed his true colors, ambushing Dangerous Dan and putting him in the hospital! Well, Dan’s back tonight, and ready for revenge!

Jones: A few weeks ago, the CWF World Champion, Jarvis King, pinned GCWA wrestler Shane Donovan on their show. Can the GCWA even things up here today?

Logan: All this, plus a hell of a lot more! It’s going to be a great night, Jonesy, I can feel it!

Jones: Then why wait? Minos, take us to our first contest!

Minos: The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Now coming to the ring, he is known for his habits almost as much as his wrestling, standing 6’3” and weighing 240 lbs, from San Bernadino, California, here is Justin Hale!

*The crowd is booing readily as soon as “Place For My Head” by Linkin Park hits. Hale walks out on his own, looking like he’s still got a chip on his shoulder after his loss last week. He storms down to the ring, not bothering to pay attention to any of the people at ringside.*

Jones: Hale started off as a promising newcomer, but last week, he really got dominated by a stronger opponent in Angelica.

Logan: Yeah, and Hale doesn’t seem like the type to just drop the fact that he was pinned by a lady. It’s clearly still eating at him. Of course, tonight, he’s facing a different type of opponent. Can his ego take it, first fighting a woman, and now a ‘little’ person?

Jones: He’ll have to, Anthony. It’s the new GCWA, after all!

Minos: His opponent debuted last week in this very ring, and now is looking to gain his first victory in the GCWA, standing 4’1” and weighing 90 lbs, from A Magical Land Far, Far Away, here is The Little Guy!

*”Let Me Hold You (Little Man)” by Dewey Cox starts up, with the fans standing and cheering for the newcomer. The Little Guy comes out, walking slowly towards the ring. It’s nearly impossible to tell his mood, but it’s clear he’s not happy-go-lucky today.*

Jones: We have a very surreal look at the life of The Little Guy this week, Anthony.

Logan: Hell yes we did. Did you know his real name was Raymond Douglas?

Jones: Well, I…

Logan: Douglas? As in, the son of Theodore Douglas? Of Douglas Investments??

Jones: Yes, Anthony, I did know that.

Logan: … oh. I had no clue.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As the action is set to begin, Hale seems slightly reluctant. He’s arguing with referee Mitchell about his opposition, wanting to know why he’s being ‘made a joke of’. The Little Guy is waiting impatiently, wanting to get the fighting started, but as Mitchell tries to signal for the two to go at it again, Hale waves his arms in disgust and steps out of the ring to the apron. He then drops to the outside, looking like he’s not going to stick around for the match. Referee Mitchell turns towards him, telling him that he has to come back in, or else he’ll be counted out. It’s hard to tell if Hale really cares about that or not. The fans definitely do, as they’re booing again, not liking Hale’s actions.*

Jones: Not sure what Hale’s doing, but he definitely doesn’t seem that interested in this contest.

Logan: The guy needs to suck it up and get back in there. Sure, you’re fighting a guy barely over 4 feet tall. But if you beat him, you still get the win and the extra money, right?

Jones: Some guys just can’t handle it, Anthony. Hale may think it’s worth more to just walk away than be ‘embarrassed’ fighting someone like The Little Guy.

Logan: Yeah, but I don’t think he’s going to have a choice, Jonesy!

*Referee Mitchell tries one more time, but Hale shakes his head, content to stay on the outside. He starts to turn to walk away… not realizing that The Little Guy is now on the apron! TLG runs forward towards him with a yell, startling Hale. He can’t move in time, as TLG leaps up and splashes into him, taking both men to the floor! The Little Guy then swings away, landing several shots on the defenseless Hale, smacking him with rights and lefts!! The fans are cheering, happy that they’re actually going to see a match. Referee Mitchell starts counting out both men, but The Little Guy is already pulling Hale up, sending him back into the ring. Hale goes for the ropes, trying to get up, as TLG slides in after him. Hale, angry, turns and kicks out, but his kick sails high, as TLG is already running towards him, scoring The Lowest Blow!!! It looks like a simple collision from Mitchell’s stand-point, keeping him from doing anything about it as Hale collapses into a devastated heap!*

Logan: Yeouch!! Bag of ice for Justin Hale, please!

Jones: That’s one way to cut Hale down to size! And he was going full-steam, too!

Logan: I’ll say it again: Yeouch!

*Hale crawls away, in a great deal of pain from the shot he just took. He starts to pull himself up again, but only makes it as far as his knees, as The Little Guy suddenly charges him from behind and grabs his head, getting the Midget Domination!! Hale’s down and hurting, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for The Little Guy, who doesn’t bother to attempt a pin. Instead, he pulls Hale up by the hair, dragging him towards the corner. With Hale stumbling and going back to his knees, TLG starts banging his head into the middle turnbuckle, leaving Hale even more dazed and confused. Hale tries to respond with a wild swing from his knees, but TLG easily blocks it, then starts moving around Hale, punching away with straight rights and lefts, leaving Hale wobbling. One final punch from TLG topples his opponent over onto his face, with The Little Guy immediately jumping up onto Hale’s back and standing, putting all his weight on the man’s back! Hale groans, even as TLG hops back off, enjoying himself now.*

Logan: I don’t know for sure what’s been bothering The Little Guy this week, but right now, he’s doing what he came to do here in the GCWA!

Jones: Definitely, Anthony! He stood toe-to-toe with The Lost Soul last week and nearly pulled the dramatic upset, and this week, he is flat-out destroying Justin Hale! Small stature or not, this guy can wrestle!

*Slowly, Hale starts to sit up, pushing hair out of his eyes. He looks around, expecting an attack at any moment, but there’s no one there. He works his way up, confused, then spins, almost striking Referee Mitchell, who backs quickly out of range. Hale then shakes his head and turns the other way… as The Little Guy, with a scream, leaps off the top turnbuckle and flies into him with the Dropkick o’ Doom!! Hale flies to the ground, feeling like he was almost decapitated by the maneuver. He struggles to get up, with The Little Guy watching his every move with calculated precision. As Hale finally manages to get back to his feet, TLG goes on the move again, racing in and jumping up on Hale, basically running up his chest! Before Hale can do more than gasp aloud, The Little Guy’s on his shoulders, taking him over with the BMK!!! Hale’s down and out, with The Little Guy triumphantly getting on top of him for the pinfall attempt. Referee Mitchell slides into place… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… The Little Guy!

Logan: The Little Guy makes a statement with an utter thrashing of Justin Hale!

Jones: I’m sure Hale will claim that he wasn’t going to fight him, and that The Little Guy took advantage of that, but what I saw was complete domination from TLG!

Logan: That Big Man Killer of his is a hell of a move! Seriously, I could see big things in store for him!

Jones: Ooooh, pun unintended, right?

Logan: What pun?

Jones: Nevermind.

*The Little Guy has climbed the turnbuckle, rising up to earn the cheers of the fans. He seems content with the victory, although he’s not as excited as some would be, earning their first victory in the GCWA. Hale is still down, having taken quite a beating. Referee Mitchell checks on him, even as The Little Guy departs the ring. We head off from the ringside area, going to the back. Sitting in his locker room, munching on a sandwich, is The Big Bifford! The fans give a cheer, although the Dan/Bifford rift is still evident, since the cheers aren’t quite as loud as they’ve been in the past. Bifford finishes the bite he’s finishing, then turns to address the camera.*

The Big Bifford: Is it on? Is it? Is it? Is it? Is it? Is it?

*The cameraman can be heard saying “yes” over and over, getting annoyed. Suddenly, Bifford grins, showing that he was just playing with the man.*

The Big Bifford: Two weeks ago, I challenged the damned Dangerous Dan to a match so that I can finally end him and stop being bothered by him. He said last week that he would fight me, but that he wanted it in a “Danger Zone” Match. I have two words for him: Nuh-Uh!

*Bifford shakes his head as he says this, emphasizing the “no”. A few boos are heard from the crowd, even as Bifford continues to speak.*

The Big Bifford: You should be grateful, Dan, that I’m giving you this chance to wrestle me. I put up the Warriors of the Ring title, and you think I should give you the match choice as well? I know that the only way you can beat me is by using a weapon. But I won’t give you that opportunity. No, Dan, you don’t get a special match. You get to wrestle me, one on one, no interference by that crazy *bleeping* partner of yours.

*The fans definitely seem displeased, having wanted to see a “Danger Zone” match at the pay-per-view. But The Big Bifford isn’t done.*

The Big Bifford: You have to beat me by pinfall or submission, Dan, and you are too light to pin me and too weak to make me quit. I will crush you, and my friend Arachne will be right there to see it. Because, by my call… he’s going to be the special referee! See you at Darkness Falls!

*Behind Bifford, Arachne appears, a cloudy look in his eyes. He heard his name, but is too wasted in preparation for his match tonight to know what’s going on. He sits back down, even as The Big Bifford goes back to eating his sandwich. The picture fades out.*

*After the commercials, the scene shifts to a locker room backstage. The locker room of the current GCWA World Champion. He is sitting alone looking much like the disheveled man we have seen over the past few weeks. His ring attire is all on and he is currently taping up his fists. Draco is mumbling to himself as he does so. Seemingly arguing with himself. The door opens and Harvey Danger pokes his head in. He smiles at his friend, but has noticed the change in him. He makes sure to keep his distance as he delivers a message.*

Harvey Danger: Hey, Mr. Bossman wants to see you.

Draco: Tell him I have better things to do than talk to him.

Harvey Danger: He said that you would say that…so…he told me either talk or the title.

*Harvey Danger looks away a bit ashamed giving his best friend this type of news. Draco bites the tape and tears it letting the last piece fall against his hands. He slams his fists into his palms letting the tape settle. Draco looks up at Harvey Danger with a rather disgusted look on his face.*

Draco: Fine. Guess I have to.

*Draco steps out of the room and begins to mumble to himself once again. Harvey Danger follows a few steps behind his friend and partner. The camera cuts away from them and goes to another backstage hallway, where lined in the white flooring there are several small, muddy footprints pressed in. Members of the GCWA staff and crew converse with each other about the latest news in the company, none of them noticing the dirty prints until one of them, interviewer Cynthia Hall glances down after taking one too many sexual advancements from the horny men that fill the ring crew. Cynthia's eyes light up when she realizes that an unknown person has walked into the GCWA backstage through the back door. She points it out to the men around here, after awhile at least ten different people begin looking around the different areas of the backstage to see who could have broke into the arena. Knowing all the CWF ongoings that have been happening lately, the staff realizes just how on edge The Accelerator is and how quickly they need to find the person behind the prints.*

Cynthia Hall: Come on you guys, if we don't find out what's going on here Ace is going to fire every single one of you...

*Suddenly the small but filled snack cart starts pushing itself down the hallway, running right into the back of Cynthia with a crashing thud. She screams out in both surprise and anger, turning around just in time as the swaying of the cart causes a plastic pitcher of Orange Juice to tumble forward and dump all over her newly cleaned, pure white dress. The rest of the GCWA crew attempt to hold back their laughter as she begins jumping up and down in complete anger. Finally from underneath the top of the snack cart jumps out the Midget Man of Magnificent Magnitude, the 4'1 Next Big Little Thing, The Little Guy himself; covered from head to toe in a mixture of mud, dirt, grim, and every other synonym that relates to the word.*

Cynthia Hall: What....are....you....doing....here...

*TLG shakes his head back and forth pretending to not understand a single word Cynthia sputters out. He then shrugs his tiny shoulders and grabs onto the pitcher, less than a small glass of Orange Juice still at the bottom. TLG tips the pitcher upside down over his face, letting the juice flow through the air all over his nasty face and inside his mouth.*

Cynthia Hall: You've embarrassed me by covering me in sticky orange juice, do you realize how much trouble you're going to be in? I don't care about the substantial problems you've been having yourself, that still give you absolutely no right to do THIS! What do you have to say for yourself!?

*Once again The Little Guy shrugs his shoulders, not knowing what to say back to Cynthia as she continues screaming at him. Finally he takes a step forward as his right arm flicks up in the air, grabbing onto the bottom of Cynthia Hall's white dress before she can even take a step backwards. TLG pulls up on the dress quickly, his jaw dropping in complete pleasure as he gets the best sight of his entire life. The backstage crew gasp in surprise but Cynthia's face turns a very bright shade of red to go along with her steaming, loud breathing. The Pint Sized Dude continues gawking at the sight in front of him, the camera not zooming in on the legs of the announcer in fear of breaking the television nudity code. Cynthia swipes her dress out of the hands of The Little Guy and stares down into his eyes with the most angry eyes a woman could possibly have, heaving out an open hand and slapping him stiffly across the face. She then storms away from the scene as the crew begins to bust up in laughter. One of the people laughing, Bucky Johnson, walks up to him.*

Bucky Johnson: Great comedy, my friend! Want to go grab a beer? My treat!

*The two walk off, with Bucky doing most of the talking. The Little Guy seems a little confused, but hey, a free beer is a free beer. We go to ringside.*

Logan: Ok, I admit, for a second there, I wanted to be The Little Guy. But only for a second…

Jones: Man, that guy’s out of control! We might have a sexual harassment lawsuit heading towards the GCWA, if that keeps happening!

Logan: Yeah, but even you have to admit to wondering every so often what was underneath that dress of Cynthia’s, Jonesy!

Jones: Er, nope, nope, never have. I’m a better man than that, Anthony.

Logan: Ahhh, your wife is watching the shows again?

Jones: *cough* Quiet *cough*

Logan: Heh, ok, then, moving on!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is a young star in the GCWA, seeking his first victory in 2010, standing 6’8” and weighing 285 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!

*”New Divide” by Linkin Park begins to play, with Aaron Styles walking slowly out of the back. The fans give him a small cheer, but clearly, some of the energy has gone out of the previously-popular competitor. He still makes his way to the ring with determination, ready for a big-time fight.*

Jones: A few weeks ago, Styles was part of the “Xscape” Match at Warriors of the Ring, where he very nearly won the X Division Title. One of the men he chokeslammed in that match, Marcus Ka’Derrion, later surprisingly took revenge by attacking Styles and laying him out. Tonight, Styles has his chance at revenge.

Logan: It hasn’t been the best new year for Styles, as he’s come close again and again, but hasn’t been able to get himself back on track. Maybe tonight, with vengeance on his mind, Styles can get a much-needed win.

Minos: His opponent is a former 2-time GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, as well as a former GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*As “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park plays, Ka’Derrion appears out of the back, studying his opposition waiting for him in the ring. Ka’Derrion then makes his way down the ramp. The fans, for their part, seem pretty split on Marcus, with some cheering the young wrestler, while others are beginning to boo him, due to his recent actions.*

Logan: Ka’Derrion was one of the biggest fan favorites of 2009. Yet, lately, he’s been inexplicitly attacking people, which has turned some of the crowd against him.

Jones: Yep, two weeks ago, Ka’Derrion tried to get his ‘spark’ back by attacking Styles. Last week, out of nowhere, he attacked Bucky Johnson before his X Division Title match, which, in a way, can be seen as costing Johnson the gold.

Logan: I admit, it’s rather disconcerting to see someone like Ka’Derrion act like that. But, y’know, maybe it’s just a phase, and he’ll pull himself out of it. I’m still rooting for you, kid!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Styles comes out of his corner, having taken a moment to focus himself for the action to come. Ka’Derrion is waiting for him, as he leans back in his own corner. He waves for Styles to come forward, apparently unconcerned. Annoyed, Styles heads for him, happy to have the smaller wrestler trapped in the corner. However, as soon as Styles gets close, Ka’Derrion grabs hold of the ropes on either side of him and pushes himself upwards, catching a surprised Styles in the head with a double kick to the face!! Styles stumbles back, shaking his head, as Ka’Derrion immediately pulls himself up onto the turnbuckle. He launches himself skyward towards his larger opponent, delivering a blockbuster!! Styles slumps on the ground, as Ka’Derrion makes the quick cover… 1… 2… and Styles kicks out. Ka’Derrion takes a moment to look over at the referee, Trixie, but he quickly shrugs his shoulders and goes back to work.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s leading here early, having goaded the rookie Styles into an ill-advised attack.

Logan: Ka’Derrion hasn’t been wrestling long, but after all the matches he’s been in for the GCWA, he’s almost like a veteran to the other wrestlers now. Once you’ve been to the top, you earn that credibility.

Jones: Right now, he’s using that experience to take the fight to Styles. Let’s see what the big man can do to respond.

*Ka’Derrion already has Styles up and in the corner, working him over with a few closed-fist punches. Trixie sends a warning his way, with Ka’Derrion shaking his head in almost mock-annoyance. He nods to Trixie, opening his hands, then turns and swings, catching Styles across the face with an open-handed slap! Ka’Derrion looks back at Trixie, apparently asking if that was any better. Trixie doesn’t seem to think so, as she just seems stunned by Ka’Derrion’s new attitude. Meanwhile, Styles is pulling himself up, the slap having awoken him. He grabs the distracted Ka’Derrion from behind and turns, throwing him over the top rope!! Ka’Derrion, though, hangs onto the ropes, skinning the cat! As Styles turns towards him, realizing that Marcus didn’t go all the way down, the former World Champ brings himself back up, getting a leg scissors on Styles! He then drops back down, sending Styles over the ropes and to the outside in a heap!*

Jones: What a reversal by Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Just as it seemed that Styles was going to get himself back into this fight, Ka’Derrion hung on and turned a negative into a positive! The kids’s got the moves, Jonesy!

Jones: Can Styles recover from that harsh fall?

*Styles is struggling to get up, holding the back of his head where it impacted with the apron. He looks out of it. Ka’Derrion, sensing this, immediately runs to the ropes and returns with a baseball slide, kicking Styles in the side and sending him into the guardrail! Ka’Derrion then follows, grabbing Styles by the head and banging him repeatedly into the steel, as the fans back away, making sure to not become part of the action! Referee Trixie is quickly counting away, possibly a little faster than usual. Hearing this, Ka’Derrion grabs Styles and starts bringing him back, tossing him into the ring and following behind him. Ka’Derrion takes a moment to point to his wrist, a not-so-subtle comment to Trixie about how fast her count seemed to be, and then goes back to work, sitting on top of Styles and applying a crossface submission! Styles, hurting, starts to try and find the ropes, as Trixie reluctantly does her job, checking to see if he’s ready to give it up.*

Logan: Ka’Derrion is breaking out his submission holds!

Jones: It’s not one of Ka’Derrion’s signature moves, but it might possibly be the way towards victory in this one, if Styles can’t find a way out of it!

*Styles is already part-way towards the ropes, dragging his bulk along with Ka’Derrion. Marcus, though, does not seem concerned. Suddenly, without warning, he drops the hold, causing Styles’ head to fall unceremoniously to the mat. Ka’Derrion’s already getting back up, watching, as Styles starts to right himself. He sits up, as Ka’Derrion goes off the ropes and comes back… lashing out with a shining wizard kick to the head!! Styles keels over, possibly out from the blow, and Trixie moves in for the count. But Ka’Derrion, after pinning him for a second, releases it, lifting Styles off the mat! Trixie, puzzled, talks to him, with Ka’Derrion shaking his head, not wanting that to be the ending. He gets up and goes to Styles’ feet, turning him over… and applying the PainKiller!!! Styles is immediately groaning in agony from the hold, his legs and back under tremendous pressure. Ka’Derrion sits down in the hold, trying to get everything out of it… and Styles starts tapping, unable to take any more!*

Minos: Here is the winner of the match, Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Jones: It’s over! Aaron Styles couldn’t take the pain anymore, and had to give it up!

Logan: That PainKiller is a devastating maneuver! It goes Ka’Derrion’s dad, the Punisher, dozens of wins, and now it’s gotten Ka’Derrion another one here tonight!

Jones: Surprisingly, we just didn’t see much out of Styles here tonight. Not a good night for the rookie.

Logan: Well, maybe next time, he can… wait, what is Ka’Derrion doing?

*As Trixie checks on the wounded Styles, Ka’Derrion has already slid out of the ring, a look of dissatisfaction on his face. Apparently, it just wasn’t enough. He heads under the ring, searching for a second, before pulling out a steel chair! He then slides back into the ring, as referee Trixie starts to get in his way. One look into Ka’Derrion’s eyes, though, is enough to convince her that it was time to get out of there. She slides out, even as Ka’Derrion takes the chair over to Styles.*

Logan: What are you doing, Marcus? The guy’s beat! There’s no call for this!

*Styles is sitting up, trying to get to his feet. He senses what’s coming, and is looking for a way to avoid it. But there’s no escape, as Ka’Derrion takes almost a double-step towards him, swinging the chair from the hip and smacking it across Styles’ head!!!! The big man collapses backwards to the mat, a cut appearing across his forehead from the blow. The blood is already flowing from the injury. The fans, who were just starting to cheer for Ka’Derrion, now seem to be shocked speechless, with a smattering of boos starting to come out. Ka’Derrion’s not through, though. He sets the chair around Styles’ foot, positioning it just right, then heads over to the turnbuckle, climbing up!*

Jones: What’s he doing now??

Logan: No, don’t do this, Marcus, don’t do this!! You’ll end his career!!!

*The Bell Starts To Ring Repeatedly.*

*Standing at the top of the turnbuckle, Ka’Derrion takes a moment to look around at the fans, most of whom are yelling for him not to go through with it. Only a few seem to be taking sick satisfaction in his actions. Ka’Derrion’s already made up his mind. He smiles, and then jumps… coming down on the chair with a double stomp!!!! The chair violently slams shut on Styles’ leg, causing the wrestler to unleash a chilling scream of agony!!! He starts bouncing around on the mat, the pain causing his body to shudder in violent shakes. As Ka’Derrion steps away, looking at the results of his handiwork, GCWA Security starts to pour into the ring, getting between Ka’Derrion and Styles.*

Jones: My god! That ankle might be shattered after a move like that!!!

Logan: I can’t believe it… I can’t believe Marcus… why? For god’s sake, why??

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. I just don’t know….

*As medics run in, grabbing for Styles’ injured ankle and trying to keep him from doing any more inadvertent damage, Ka’Derrion turns and leaves the ring. The crowd is utterly shocked by what just happened, and for the first time, garbage and trash starts heading Ka’Derrion’s way. He doesn’t seem to let it bother him, continuing on his way down the aisle towards the back. Behind him, Styles’s ankle is getting an emergency splint put on it to hold it together in order to move him. The last shot is a view of referee Trixie looking down at Styles, a look of horror in her eyes. She looks back towards where Ka’Derrion went, as we leave the scene behind. We go backstage, where The Accelerator is seen sitting in his office with his feet kicked up on a pile of paperwork he should be doing. Instead he is watching a small television monitor of the current broadcast. His door opens and Draco stands in the doorway.*

The Accelerator: Still don’t believe in knocking?

Draco: We…I don’t, no.

The Accelerator: Right. Well, sit, we have something to discuss.

*Draco moves over to the chair and stands there. He keeps a stare on the president of the GCWA. The president looks down at the chair that remains unoccupied. Accelerator is not amused by this. *

The Accelerator: I said sit

Draco: I prefer to stand.

The Accelerator: Sit or you take the night off…permanently

*Reluctantly, Draco takes a seat into the chair. He looks like he is biting his tongue. The mumbling has stopped for now, but there seems to be something flickering in his eyes. Accelerator ignores it or doesn’t see it. Either way he seems to not care about it. *

The Accelerator: Now, you are under GCWA contract, is that right?

Draco: As far as I know, yes.

The Accelerator: That’s good, that’s good. Now you know we are current competing against the CWF, right?

Draco: Kind of obvious, isn’t it.?

The Accelerator: I knew there was a reason I liked you. You aren’t completely ignorant.

Draco: What are you getting at?

*Accelerator reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out a still frame of what happened on a recent Tuesday Night Massacre between Draco, Shane Donovan, and Jarvis King. *

The Accelerator: Now, this appears to me, and it is just me…the president of the GCWA!…that one of my superstars was only a few moments from getting a win on the CWF Champion in their own ring! Why didn’t that happen?! Because my World Champion had to interfere!

Draco: Yeah, and that is what happened.

*The Accelerator slams the photo down onto his desk and rises in his chair until he is standing. He glares down at Draco knowing full well that he doesn’t want to compete in this little inter-fed battle that is going on. *

The Accelerator: You don’t want to wave the GCWA banner above you, then fine! No one…and I mean, no one!…will be safe from competing in this. You are going to be a fighting champion against these guys!

Draco: And if I refuse?

The Accelerator: You might as well ask Peter Vaughn for some mopping tips.

Draco: You have the stones to make your World Champion a janitor?

The Accelerator: That title and any other future opportunities would somehow disappear. Catch my drift?

Draco: Yeah, I get it.

The Accelerator: Good.

*Accelerator sits back down in his chair with a smirk a mile wide. Draco was on the team now. It made GCWA stronger. That is all the president cared about. Draco got up and headed for the door, but not before mumbling to himself. Accelerator may not have heard him clearly, but it was obvious that he wasn’t talking about how good his boss is at the moment. Draco stopped at the door and looked back at Ace. *

Draco: When this little pissing contest is over, I will be sure to come back here with the same fighting spirit. Aimed at you

*Draco left the office leaving Accelerator chuckling to himself. His World Champion was defiant, but he was also a powerful piece in this chess match. Accelerator put his feet back up on his paperwork and continued to watch the life Inferno broadcast, as we head to a break.*

*We return from the back in the backstage area. "Wack!" by Mindless Self Indulgence is heard coming from a locker room gradually getting louder. On a locker room door it is crudely spray painted with “AA” in red. The door is slightly ajar and we see Angelica and CWF’s Angel. Angelica is dressed in her ring attire and is sat behind a desk typing a on a lap top. A black suit hangs behind her with the “AA” symbol on the right hand side of the blazer top. Angel is dressed in a similar suit and is sat on the edge of the desk. Her pet tarantula “Fluffy” is crawling in her hands. *

Angelica: “Seriously Amber. I wish you would leave that thing at home sometimes.”

Angel: “Oi, don’t *beep* call me Amber.”

Angelica: “Ok…ok… any way like I was saying we have to think global. These guys might not be as easily mugged as the losers we have had before.”

Angel: “Could have fooled me- what might you have in mind?”

Angelica: “It’s got to be big.”

Angel: “Yes…”

Angelica: “It’s got to be expensive…”

Angel: “I’m listening…”

Angelica: “It’s got to be….”

*Angelica looks up from the laptop. *

Angelica: “Where is it?”

Angel: “Oh calm down she is here.”

Angelica: “Just keep hold of her…”

Angel: "You act like you don't trust me!"

*Angelica gives her a 'think-about-this'- look before returning to her laptop while Angel resumes her playing with "Fluffy"*

Angelica: Anyways, it’s got to be-


Angelica: Is that the time? I better go...

*Angel's face turns from annoyed to shocked, she jumps to her feet in protest to Angelica leaving*

Angel: What! You cannot be serious! TELL ME!!!

Angelica: I'll tell you later...

Angel: Later!?! What is this 'later' *BEEP*!

*Angelica leaves Angel in the room fuming, Angel paces back and forth like a caged animal before upturning the desk. Having had her temper tantrum Angel resumes her petting of "Fluffy", now residing on her shoulder- whilst leaving the room- off to terrorize the rest of the world. We return to ringside.*

Logan: I heard rumors that Angel was going to be moving over here to the GCWA on a regular basis now.

Jones: Does that mean that the tarantula is going to be sticking around, too? *gulp*

Logan: What’s the matter, Jonesy, can’t handle a widdle itsy bitsy spider?

Jones: Little? Are you watching the same thing I am, Anthony? That thing is huge!

Logan: Relax, Jonesy. You’re safe… at least, I think you are…

*Anthony is chuckling as he watches Jonesy suddenly grab at his neck, as if feeling something moving there. Of course, nothing’s around.*

Jones: *sigh* Let’s just get to the next match, can we?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. First, making her way to the ring, she is currently undefeated since coming over to the GCWA… standing 5’8” and weighing 160 lbs, from York, England, here is Angelica!

*The crowd gives a strong cheer for the former CWF stand-out, as “Drumming Song” by Florence and the Machine begins to play. Angelica walks out of the back, clearly already in a wrestling frame of mind. She moves down the aisle towards the ring, smiling to some of the fans holding up signs with her name on them.*

Jones: Angelica’s been on a roll since coming over here to the GCWA. I heard that she got her fortune read this week. I wonder, was gold listed in their somewhere?

Logan: Well, I know she had a “Devil” card and a “Hanged Man” card, so, uh, well, gold seems doubtful. But then again, I don’t believe in that mystical mumbo-jumbo.

Jones: You don’t, huh? Then what was that receipt from Lady Marquez for, huh?

Logan: Ahhh, umm, that’s… not a psychic, Jonesy.

Jones: It’s not? Oh… OH….

Logan: I’d recommend her, but since you’re a married man…

Jones: Yeah, that wouldn’t work…

Minos: Her opponent is a former 2-time GCWA Television Champion and former GCWA X Division Champion… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude begins, with Santana coming out to the adoration of the fans. They’re cheering him on as he walks down the aisle, set for battle. He seems confident tonight, as if having put some issues behind him.*

Jones: It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes we actually get happy news from our wrestlers!

Logan: Yeah, great to hear that Santana’s wife is pregnant again, Jonesy. We’ve got another second-generation star on the way!

Jones: Well, what if it’s a baby girl, Anthony?

Logan: Why would that change anything? I mean, look at Angelica, she’s a hell of a wrestler. So maybe a Miss Santana will grace our ring in the future years!

Jones: Hmmm, hadn’t thought of that, but that could definitely be interesting.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: I notice that referee Rockwell’s been put in charge of this one. You think Ace was actually worried about Trixie working all of Angelica’s matches?

Jones: Possibly, or it’s just that Rockwell came up in the rotation for this one. There’s not always a conspiracy behind things, Anthony!

Logan: This is wrestling, Jonesy. There’s ALWAYS a reason for something…

*Angelica, clearly treating her opponent with a little more respect than the last few she’s fought, comes forward warily. Santana gives her a quick bow, then gives one to referee Rockwell as well, fulfilling his usual customs. He turns back to Angelica, and the two come together, testing the other’s strength for a second, with Angelica surprisingly able to twist Santana down with a headlock. Santana goes to lift her in response, but Angelica shifts her weight, enabling her to keep her feet on the ground. Santana chooses the next tactic, then, going to the ropes and pushing Angelica off towards the other side. Angelica returns, with Santana immediately going for a high spinning kick, but the female wrestler goes underneath, dodging it. She then dives into the ropes and comes backwards with an attempt at the Shadow’s Whisper!!!! Santana, though, has already rolled out of the way. He gets back to his feet, a surprised look on his face. Angelica, smiling, nods to him, letting him know that it could have all been over right there.*

Logan: Wow, Angelica was already going for the ending here! That Shadow’s Whisper can be put into play so quickly!

Jones: Yeah, but so can the Sensei-Tion, Anthony. Both of these wrestlers are going to have to stay alert, or else they might have an early night ahead of them.

*The two competitors approach each other again, watching each other carefully. They lock up, this time with Santana getting the head lock and hanging on tightly. Angelica uses the same tactic to get free, pushing them into the ropes, and sending Santana running to the other side. As he comes back, Angelica comes at him, going for a clothesline. But Santana dodges it and stops right past it, suddenly dropping and spinning with a leg sweep that takes Angelica’s legs out from under her! Angelica rolls and starts to get back to her feet, but Santana’s already moved after her. He grabs hold of Angelica from behind, snapping her over with a German suplex! Santana releases it along the way, tossing Angelica away to the canvas! With Referee Rockwell watching, Santana gets back up and goes towards the woman, immediately turning her over and applying an armbar submission to weaken her. Angelica fights to get free, arching her back to try and relieve some of the pressure on her arm.*

Jones: Santana’s pulling no punches in there so far!

Logan: He said earlier this week that he was not going to treat Angelica any different because she’s a lady. He’s going to fight her like an equal, as he believes her to be.

Jones: It makes you wonder, are feminists happy that she’s being treated like an equal… or mortified that she’s getting attacked by a man?

Logan: That’s a debate that I plan to stay nice and far away from, Jonesy.

*Angelica has worked her way up to her knees, still struggling against the armbar. Santana tries to maintain it, but he overcompensates by leaning forward, giving Angelica the leverage needed to toss herself forward, throwing Santana over her! While the flip doesn’t hurt Santana, it gives Angelica the time she needs to get back up. As Santana rises and comes after her, Angelica meets him with a drop toe hold, then jumps on top of him, applying her own armbar!! The women in the audience are cheering as she dishes out similar pain to the former X Division Champion. However, Santana’s superior weight allows him to work quickly over to the ropes, reaching out and grabbing hold. Referee Rockwell calls quickly for the break, with Angelica obliging him.*

Logan: Angelica can give as good as she gets!

Jones: She’s definitely a fighter to take note of. I’ve heard that other women are thinking of testing the GCWA waters, due in part to the example she’s giving them.

Logan: Hey, if they can wrestle, we’re more than willing to have them here!

*Santana pulls himself up, shaking his arm to get the blood circulating into it again. Nearby, Angelica is watching him, looking for an opening. She starts to move in, but Santana spins, lashing out with a spinning kick that Angelica barely steps back in time to avoid. She backs up, even as Santana comes after her, getting her caught in the corner. Santana then launches a high kick, but Angelica bats his leg away, causing him to get it caught for a second on the top rope. Before Santana can readjust to get his leg back down, Angelica jumps in, grabbing Santana’s head from behind and taking him down with a hangman’s neck breaker!! Santana’s down, as Angelica quickly makes the cover… 1… 2.. and Santana reaches out and grabs the bottom rope with his right hand, saving himself. Angelica immediately gets back up, heading for the corner. She pulls herself up quickly, positioning herself, and then leaps off with a moonsault attempt!! However, Santana rolls out of the way, leaving nothing for Angelica to land on but the hard mat!! Angelica winces in pain, even as Santana painfully pulls himself up. He grabs onto Angelica from behind and rolls her up… 1… 2… and Angelica gets out of it!*

Jones: Great back-and-forth action so far! I’m not sure either person is really leading this one currently!

Logan: Mistakes are key now. That moonsault mistake nearly cost Angelica the match. Can Santana keep capitalizing on it, or will he make his own errors in judgment?

*Both wrestlers are back up, with Santana back in control. He picks Angelica up in the air for a second before bodyslamming her, smashing her into the canvas with all his might. Angelica’s in pain, but it soon gets worse, as Santana goes to the ankle, applying the submission! He’s hanging on tight, trying to get Angelica to tap, as she tries to see a way free of the predicament. Referee Rockwell is there, checking on her, seeing if she’s ready to give up, but Angelica isn’t going for it. She starts working herself up, trying to fight against the hold while hopping on one leg. Santana isn’t letting go, clinging to the hold. This proves to be a mistake, as Angelica throws herself forward, causing Santana to go crashing throat-first into the middle rope!!! Santana rolls away, holding his windpipe and grimacing. Angelica struggles back up, limping slightly. She sees Santana in trouble and heads over to add to it, grabbing Santana by the head and spinning him into the turnbuckle for a tornado DDT!! Angelica then makes the cover… 1… 2… Santana kicks out!*

Jones: Angelica continues to fight back hard, no matter what! She almost put this one away there!

Logan: If she can get a victory over a former champion, her stock’s going to fly upwards. No wonder Ace wants to keep her safe from Lurrr!

Jones: She’s definitely proving that she’s worth fighting for, Anthony. But can she win tonight, and continue on her way against Lurrr?

*Referee Rockwell stands back, out of range, as Angelica brings Santana back up. She whips him hard into the corner, causing him to hit chest-first. He leans there, out of breath, as Angelica comes up behind him to try climbing up on him. But Santana fights back, catching her on her way up and coming backwards with an electric chair slam!! That knocks the air out of Angelica, with Santana using the second or two to pull himself back together. Both get up, with Santana quickly locking Angelica up and taking her back to the mat with a spinning neckbreaker! Santana then tries for the cover, holding onto the legs… 1… 2… but Angelica continues to kick out! Santana closes his eyes, displaying a little frustration, but he’s quickly past it, getting back to work. He pulls Angelica up and locks hold, this time trying for a vertical suplex. But Angelica blocks it, then shockingly pulls Santana back down into a roll-up!! Rockwell’s there immediately… 1… 2… No! Santana escapes in time!*

Logan: Both of these wrestlers are great representatives of what the GCWA has to offer! I love watching matches like this!

Jones: We truly have some of the most gifted athletes in the world today, Anthony.

Logan: That’s right, CWF! We’re better! Hah!!

Jones: Well, I mean, I didn’t say…

Logan: We are the champions… my friend…

*Angelica is on her feet first, latching onto Santana before he can get away and throwing him into the corner. She follows, kicking away at him to weaken him some more. With Santana bent over in a protective position, Angelica moves in, jumping up and getting onto his shoulders for a hurricanrana! But Santana blocks it by hanging onto the ropes, then reaches up and throws Angelica backwards, sending her back to the mat. Angelica lands on her feet, then matrixes out of the way as Santana tries a running clothesline. She comes back up and runs at Santana, who spins and dodges to the right, running to the ropes. He charges towards the running Angelica, leaping into the air for the Sensei-Tion!!! But Angelica manages to get underneath it, avoiding the dangerous maneuver. An off-balance Santana tries to get back around to go after her again, but Angelica’s already doing a handspring off the ropes and coming back with the Shadow’s Whisper!!! She lands it perfectly, with Santana falling backwards, knocked senseless!!! Angelica drops for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Angelica!!

Jones: Angelica scores a victory over the former GCWA X Division Champion!!

Logan: Wow!! I thought Santana had it a couple of times, but Angelica found a way to get out with the victory!

Jones: It was a great match, with both of these wrestlers proving that they’ve got what it takes! But tonight, Angelica gets to leave with the glory, staying undefeated in the GCWA!

*Angelica climbs the turnbuckle, raising her arms in celebration. Behind her, Santana is sitting up, rubbing the new bump added to his forehead from the Shadow’s Whisper. He looks a little disappointed in how things wrapped up. Angelica, for her part, is extremely satisfied, as she starts to leave the ring. We leave them behind to go to the back. The camera zooms in on the face of The Accelerator as he goes through paperwork on his desk, sighing heavily when he realizes he's being watched. Sitting behind him, the match wrap-up can be seen, with Angelica confidently walking up the aisle, slapping high fives with the fans. Ace places his right hand on his forehead and shakes his head, looking downwards at the papers as he presses on through them. Suddenly the GCWA president's desk phone begins to ring aloud, and after muttering a few unheard words he goes to turn on the speaker.*

The Accelerator: I don't know who you are or what you want, but this better be good. I'm very busy this evening...

*In response to his demands, a loud beeping echoes through the phone. The person on the other end of the line obviously pressing down on the buttons of their phone, sending annoying signals back at the GCWA president. Finally just as the Accelerator is about to throw the phone back down in a fit of anger, a voice comes through.*

Voice: Wow Ace, are you really going to be that hostile the first time you've had the pleasure of speaking with me? I would have thought you'd have a little more manners from everything people have been telling me.

The Accelerator: For Christ's sakes man, spit it out...who are you?

*Bellowing laughter comes from the other end.*

Voice: I am your worst nightmare come true Ace, I am the man you should have thought long and hard before ****ing with. When you decided to go forward and allow Angelica to breach her contract with CWF so that she could be a "major acquisition" to your company, you my friend made a much bigger mistake then you could ever have fathomed.

The Accelerator: Rish! I wish I could say it's nice meeting you, but not surprisingly you don't have the balls to meet up with me face to face.

J. Rish: Oh you couldn't be more wrong. The reasoning for this call is not just to warn you of your wrongdoings and the effects that they will surely have on you and the future of GCWA, no, instead I wanted to make a simple offer to you.

The Accelerator: And why should I listen to any offer from a man like you?

J. Rish: Because I have much more to offer than you realize, Ace. I hold all the cards right now, and if you don't take the time to listen to me I can make damn sure that they all begin to fall around you. So here is what I am thinking, the No Holds Barred match between Angelica and Lurrr has already been confirmed for Modern Warfare this Tuesday, I'm sure you already know that much. But because of your vested interest in this match and how important you think Angelica is for GCWA, I thought maybe you would like a front-row seat to the pay per view so that could watch as one of your most hated competitors destroys Angelica from limb to limb right before your very eyes.

*Ace looks back down at his desk with a sickened look on his face, and for the first time the camera scans down on his desk to reveal the GCWA contract of Angelica.*

The Accelerator: You think I’d lower myself to sit with the commoners in the CWF audience? I’ve never seen such disgusting fans! No, Rish, I’ll be there, but I’ll be up in my own personal box, watching as that traitorous *bleep* Lurrr gets what he deserves, taking a beating from a woman! I’ll see you there… boyo…

*Rish’s laughter can be heard, but it’s quickly cut off as Ace hits the hang-up button, shutting off the speaker. He thinks for a moment, wondering what else is going to happen tonight. We fade out.*

*We’re back from the break, and the camera shifts to the back as we see a door with Lurrr’s name on it. The crowd immediately begins to boo as they see this. The door swings open and out comes the 2009 GCWA Wrestler of the Year. He looks around making sure there are no signs of any sneak attacks, due to the recent events. Everything checks out fine and he continues to walk down the hallway where he sees a small object standing next to one of the props in the back. Lurrr walks up closer and sees that it is The Little Guy.*

Lurrr: First the boss says I can’t touch Angelica and now we are hiring midgets??? The boss is beginning to lose his mind a little.

*The Little Guy looks up at Lurrr hearing the comment. *

Lurrr: What are you looking at?? If you were a smart guy you would look back down and worry about what type of furniture re-modeling you need to have next so you can reach stuff. But you’re probably about as dumb as you look so please just give me a reason to take my frustrations out on a little *bleep* like you.

*The Little Guy being the newest roster member doesn’t want to back down from the former champion making sure the whole GCWA roster knows he will stand up for himself. *

Lurrr: You know what, you have just inspired me…. I have a great idea. The boss said I couldn’t touch her but he never said you couldn’t touch her.

*The Little Guy gets a peculiar look on his face trying to add together Lurrr’s words and what they mean. Lurrr begins to walk away but suddenly turns back and lands “The Wake Up Call” flush on The Little Guy’s face. The crowd reacts in horror as Lurrr took his head off. *

Lurrr: Alright now let’s go pay Angelica a visit!!!

*Lurrr picks up The Little Guy and throws him across his back shoulder carrying him like a bag of soil or dirt. Lurrr walks further up the hall way where he spots Angelica. She’s in the cafeteria after her match, drinking a soda and relaxing from her victory. Lurrr creeps up behind her and uses The Little Guy like a baseball bat throwing him at Angelica. Angelica and The Little Guy immediately launch through the air and fall through a catering table that was set up behind them. Lurrr puts on his cocky smile as he looks down on both Angelica and The Little Guy. The camera zooms in on both wrestlers as they are laid out unconscious covered in food and beverages that were on the catering table. *

Lurrr: I can’t wait for Modern Warfare to get my hands on you. And who knows maybe I will bring a few objects to the ring in the No-Holds Barred match…. Hell I might be able to make use out of The Little Guy again. See you on Tuesday you bitch!!!

*The crowd is heard booing loudly throughout the arena as Lurrr walks away. We go back to the ring.*

Logan: Damnit, Lurrr, you traitor!!

Jones: Two of our newest wrestlers just got taken down, as Lurrr found himself a loophole to his restrictions regarding Angelica!

Logan: Hell, I don’t think it SHOULD be a loophole! Ace should fire him, right here and right now, for being willing to do Rish’s dirty work!

Jones: Unfortunately, Lurrr’s lawyers would make sure that was not successful, Anthony, and you know it.

Logan: *grumbles under breath*

Jones: But if you want to see a battle between CWF and the GCWA, we’ve got the match for you!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and is a special contest between the GCWA and the CWF! First, making his way to the ring, he is a star coming to us from the CWF, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 257 lbs, from Atlanta, Georgia, here is The Blue Scorpion!

*”Buck Rogers” by Feeder begins playing, as the fans start roundly booing the ‘invader’ to their organization. The Blue Scorpion comes out, unfazed at the reaction, as he’s clearly ready to show Dangerous Dan and the rest of the GCWA what ‘real’ wrestling is all about. He approaches the ring, cracking his knuckles in anticipation.*

Logan: Last week, Scorpio here took full advantage of his ability to blend into the GCWA background to launch a sneak attack on Dangerous Dan. Tonight, he pays for his actions!

Jones: Well, he was sent over here by President Rish, Anthony, and he’s apparently got a good record over in the CWF. I wouldn’t rule him out as a major threat here tonight. We already lost the Shane Donovan/Jarvis King match. I don’t know if we can afford another.

Logan: Don’t you worry, Jonesy. We’ve got home-field advantage this time, and The Blue Scorpion is going down!

Minos: His opponent is a former 2-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion and a former 2-time GCWA Television Champion, standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee and representing the Danger Boiz, here is Dangerous Dan!

*The crowd gives a massive pop as “Hero” by Skillet hits the speakers. Dangerous Dan comes out proudly, representing his home organization, and it’s clear who the fan favorite is going to be tonight. He jogs towards the ring, giving out high-fives along the way.*

Jones: Dan was still having ‘debt’ issues apparently this past week, although it sure seems like the guy who wants the money so bad hasn’t made much of an effort to meet Dan half-way.

Logan: I still say, if the guy lost fair and square, even if it WAS a hustle, he should just stop being a sore loser and walk away.

Jones: He doesn’t strike me as the sort that just ‘walks away’, Anthony.

Logan: Maybe not. But if wants the money, and Dan’s got the money, why not freakin’ get together??

*The Bell Rings.*

*Both competitors meet in the center of the ring. The Blue Scorpion looks down at Dangerous Dan and motions the smaller man to throw the first punch. Dangerous Dan didn’t shy away, he threw a hard right cross. The Blue Scorpion takes a step back. Dan continues his attack with another shot. And another. The Blue Scorpion is shocked by the amount of fight in this man. Dangerous Dan takes a few steps back to get a running start. He rushes in to attack The Blue Scorpion. The Blue Scorpion side steps and throws Dan behind him. Dan can’t put the brakes on and slams chest first into the turnbuckle.*

Logan: You can sense Dan’s passion in this one. He really wants to show the CWF wrestlers that the GCWA isn’t just going to be pushovers, allowing anyone to just walk in and attack us!

Jones: Yes, but he needs to corral that enthusiasm if he wants the win here tonight! It’s clear he’s not just facing a snot-nosed rookie. This guy’s got some skills!

Logan: C’mon, Dan!

*Dangerous Dan stumbles back into the waiting Blue Scorpion’s arms. Scorpio grabs Dangerous Dan by the hair and bends him over backwards. Dangerous Dan’s head is placed under Scorpio’s arm. Scorpio takes advantage of this situation and uses his free hand to slam against Dangerous Dan’s chest. Finding a weakness and exploiting it. After five hard shots to the chest, Scorpio drops the Dangerous one in a reverse DDT. *

Jones: Scorpio is really taking it to Dangerous Dan here tonight!

Logan: Damnit, c’mon, Dan! You can do it!

Jones: Sorry, folks, but it’s impossible to be unbiased with this one…

Logan: Kick his blooming arse!!

*Dan is clutching his chest and head as he starts to slowly stand up. The crowd cheers, trying to get behind one of their favorites in GCWA. Scorpio bounces off the ropes as Dan rises to his feet. Dan turns just in time to get dropped with a clothesline. Scorpio carries the momentum to the next rope. Dangerous Dan tries to use the momentum to get to his feet. Another clothesline from Scorpio. Dan reluctantly gets back up. Scorpio looks to be going for a third clothesline. This time Dangerous Dan ducks. Dan runs after Scorpio as the fans are at a fever pitch. As Scorpio goes against the ropes Dan hit’s a hard drop kick. This sends Scorpion flipping backwards to the outside. *

Jones: Scorpio takes the plunge!!

Logan: That was not a nice fall, and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy!

Jones: That gives Dan a chance to pull himself back together, that’s for sure!

*The fans start chanting Dan’s name. Dangerous Dan has dropped to one knee clutching his chest. He nods a bit pushing the pain away. He bounces off the far ropes and runs straight at the Blue Scorpion on the outside. The fans roar as Dangerous Dan jumps up and over the ropes, his body twisting backwards. Scorpio looks up to see thousands of flashes and Dangerous Dan. A sickening thud is heard as Dangerous Dan connects with the shooting star press. Dangerous Dan gets up raising one hand to the fan’s delight. He moves to the ring apron trying to move the match back into the ring. Scorpio is up and grabs Dan’s leg. He is looking to drop him face first on the apron. Dan had other plans. He sends his foot hard against Scorpio’s head. This gets him free. Dan than bounces off the middle rope and connects with a moonsault. Both men are down. Scorpio has been used as a cushion and Dan is only doing more damage to his chest. *

Jones: Dangerous Dan is putting his own health on the line, taking the fight to The Blue Scorpion!

Logan: What moves! He’s willing to sacrifice it all to win here tonight!

Jones: Remember, Dan was in the hospital just last week. He can’t be 100 percent yet!

*This time Dangerous Dan gets to his feet and pulls the Blue Scorpion up. Dan throws Scorpio into the ring and follows after him. Dangerous Dan then throws Scorpio into the corner. Dan follows after him looking for a jumping clothesline. Scorpio sees this coming and leaps forward hitting a hard spear on the smaller man. It looks as if Dan was broken in half by that spear. His face showing signs of pain in his chest as Scorpio makes the quick cover…1!…2!..Kickout! *

Jones: That was a close one! Er, you can let go of the announce table now, Anthony. He kicked out…

Logan: Holy crap… that was terrifying, I thought that was it! C’mon Dan!

*The fans cheer on the GCWA superstar, but Scorpio is trying to destroy him. With Dan still down Scorpio starts to stomp hard into Dangerous Dan’s midsection. Soon Scorpio uses Dangerous Dan as a step and puts all of his weight on that injured chest and mid section. The Blue Scorpion jumps up and hit’s a hard double stomp to the chest of Dangerous Dan. Immediately Dan rolls to his side and clutches his chest coughing violently. The referee checks up on Dan as the crowd boos the CWF all star. Scorpio waits as Dan refuses to end the match. Dangerous Dan starts to find the will to stand. The fans are all on their feet cheering him on. Still coughing, Dan motions for Scorpio to bring it. *

Jones: Dan’s calling for more!!

Logan: He won’t quit, no matter the cost!

Jones: And the crowd is incredibly intense now, powering the man with their own energy!

*Scorpio looks shocked at this and rushes in looking to level Dan with a knee to the gut. Dan takes the knee and moves back against the Ropes. Scorpio winds up and looks for the knock out blow to Dan. Dan ducks the punch and then springs forward hitting a head butt to the gut. The wind is knocked out of Scorpio and sends him bent over. Dan sees this opportunity and delivers a beautiful shining wizard kick. *

Logan: Ole!!

Jones: What a kick to the head! It’s amazing that The Blue Scorpion’s skull is still in the same place!

Logan: The time is now, Dan! Finish him!

*Dan is on his knees, but stands up. He motions this is it. Scorpio stands up clutching the side of his head. Dan delivers a combo of punches and kicks. All lightning fast. The Blue Scorpion can’t block or dodge. Dangerous Dan is running on all cylinders. The fans are chanting his name. Dan grabs Scorpio and hit nails the Danger Zone. Scorpio is down and Dangerous Dan clutches the leg for the pin…1!…2!…3! *

Minos: Here is your winner… Dangerous Dan!!

Jones: He did it!! Dangerous Dan evens the score between the CWF and the GCWA with a big victory!!

Logan: Yes!!

Jones: Incredible! The Blue Scorpion gave him a good run, and Dangerous Dan might need to spend some more time recuperating after this one, but he gets to be the hero, getting a huge victory amongst all the GCWA faithful cheering him on!

*Dangerous Dan’s hand is held up in the air for the victory. The fans cheer for their GCWA superstar. Scorpio rolls out of the ring looking upset and making his way down the aisle to give Dan his moment in the sun.We cut away, heading to a pre-recorded video clip. It almost runs like a political ad, showing various shots from the past of the one and only Accelerator. We see him in both calm situations and wrestling matches, including his victory to earn the ICWF World Heavyweight Title. As these run through, the Accelerator’s voice comes over the broadcast.*

The Accelerator: In my time as the President of the GCWA, I have always been willing to do my part to bring the fans what they want, when they want it. I have never been stopped from giving of myself for the enjoyment of the paying customers. And… I’ve never back down from a challenge.

*The pictures start to shift, now starting to be shots of the Accelerator landing shots on what appears to be a much-younger Arryk Rage. We also have a few shots spliced in of Ace watching as GCWA Security beats the man down (taken from Wreck The Halls).*

The Accelerator: A man who likes to call himself every name under the sun has decided to challenge me to one final match at Darkness Falls. He’s under the impression that Darkness Falls is his pay-per-view, and that he will dominate me now that he’s calling himself “Twiztid” again. This man is certifiably insane.

*Medical records fly up onto the screen, with quotes from the documents displayed in bold letters, as if showing incontrovertible proof about Arryk Rage’s sanity. Of course, the observant viewer will quickly notice that the name on each document has been blocked out.*

The Accelerator: Twiztid, Arryk Rage, Kitty Carmichael, whatever he wants to call himself, is a loon. He challenged me once before, and I answered that challenge. I said I would fight him in an “I Quit” Match, and what does he do? He says he quit and cheats you, the fan, out of a great match. That is not something I will do for you.

*The images show Arryk Rage trying to walk away at Wreck The Halls, with the Accelerator still waiting for him in the ring.*

The Accelerator: So here’s the deal. I will not let such an injustice happen again. As a man of the people, I will not let their money be wasted. So I’m going to give you all what you want, and even give Twiztid what he wants, to ensure that he shows up at the pay-per-view. I’m giving him HIS match…. At Darkness Falls, it will be yours truly, The Accelerator, going against Twiztid, in the final match between us… as the Twiztid’s House of Terror lives again!!

*The live crowd can be heard, cheering the announcement, as pictures display shots from the last House of Terror match, a bloody affair from last year’s Darkness Falls match between Twiztid and Derek Mobley.*

The Accelerator: The ball’s in your court, Twiztid. Will you be a quitter again? Or will you stand up to face me? The choice is yours.

*A final picture shows the Accelerator, with his leg up on a chair, smiling towards the camera. His suit top is swung behind him, a picture-perfect Presidential photo. Beneath it, the words “This segment paid for by the Friends of the Accelerator” can clearly be read. The image slowly fades out, taking us to another commercial break.*

*As the commercials wrap up, we head back to the GCWA Arena, focusing once more on Edward Jones and Anthony “Lightning” Logan.*

Jones: It’s been a wild night of action, Anthony, and we’ve still got our highly-anticipated main event coming up!

Logan: Yep, the World Tag-Team Titles are on the line!

Jones: Who will walk out the champion? We’re going to find…

Logan: Hang on, Jonesy… sorry to cut you off, but I’m getting word… there’s some sort of disturbance backstage… ok, we’re going to…

* We cut to the backstage area. The camera is moving jerkily as the crew rushes down a corridor in the back of the arena. As they turn a corner we see the backs of two individuals, a man and a woman. The man is tall, clad in black, long dark hair tumbling onto his shoulders. The woman is a little smaller, long, deep crimson hair, a red top and black jeans. They are holding hands and marching through the arena with a sense of purpose. *

Jones: Not again...

Logan: Ladies and gentlemen, it seems once again Inferno is being invaded by the men and women of the CWF, specifically Elijah and Omega! They and the Lost Soul have traded blows on Inferno and at CWF's Tuesday Night Massacre in recent weeks and it looks like they're back for more!

* They take another turning and approach a door marked "The Lost Soul." They pause and turn to face one another. Omega's face is painted with whiskers, her nose daubed black, a spiked collar around her neck with a tag marked "LASSIE." She strokes her head against Elijah's chest, puppy style, and giggles softly to herself. *

Omega: I promises, I'll be the bestest guard doggie in the history of ever daddio!

Elijah: Of that I have no doubt, my love.

* The two of them kiss softly and Elijah moves to enter the locker room. Omega stands to one side of the door, her head darting from side to side, keeping lookout for wrestlers and security alike. We follow Elijah as he enters the locker room. The Lost Soul sits on a bench, doing up his boots. As Elijah enters his head snaps up and the two men stare eye to eye for a moment. *

The Lost Soul: TLS has been expecting you.

Elijah: The two of us have been thrown against one another by chance. Yet it appears events have spiraled out of the control of either of us and suddenly we are at one another's throats week on week. Please understand this. We did not start this war, but I am more than willing to fight in it to the end.

The Lost Soul: You're here for revenge, I assume?

Elijah: Ordinarily I am not a vindictive man. Yet for you, I shall make an exception.

* Elijah reaches a hand into his pocket. As TLS gets to his feet, Elijah hurls a fist into his face. Elijah's fist is wrapped in a strand of barbed wire, cutting into the CWF star's hand as he clenches it by his side. Elijah smacks down on TLS once, twice, cutting The Lost Soul open, the barbs digging into him. As Elijah goes for another shot TLS grabs him and smashes him into the floor tiles with a brutal DDT.*

Logan: Oh, geez, here we go!!

Jones: We need security in the back, pronto!! These two are trying to destroy each other!!

* Before Elijah can recover, TLS scoops him up into the air and hoists him over his shoulder, ramming the CWF star face-first into the wall with a sickening crunch. Elijah sinks to the floor, his nose pouring blood, the barbed wire slipping from his hand. The Lost Soul boots Elijah in the skull, smashing is head into the floor tiles painfully. As TLS goes to put the boot in one more time, Elijah grabs his leg and trips him over, taking the moment to get to his feet. As TLS rises the two of them begin to trade vicious punches, TLS smashing Elijah in the eye, Elijah striking back with a series of blows to the chest and kidneys, a huge fist to the throat.*

Logan: What a fight!! And we don’t even have to pay either wrestler to see it!

Jones: Where the hell is security??

*As TLS is momentarily dazed Elijah grabs him and slams him face first into the locker room wall, once, twice, leaving a bloody stain with each blow. Elijah kneels and takes up the fallen strand of barbed wire. As Elijah wraps it around the throat of The Lost Soul, we suddenly hear an outburst of noise from outside the locker room. *

Omega: Woof! Woof!! Oi, you lot can *bleeping* well *bleeping* *bleep* off! Don't MAKE me go Cujo on your punk arses!! WOOF! WOOF DAMMIT!!! Ow...

* As Elijah yanks back the barbed wire around the neck of The Lost Soul, the door of the locker room slams open and Robert Santana storms into the room. Elijah swings out for him immediately, hitting him with a superkick to the jaw, but before he can follow up Crazy Chris and Bucky Johnson enter the room and deck Elijah with an enormous double fist to the face.*

Logan: Thank God! Here come the cavalry!

Jones: Fans, we're getting word that security are on their way to the locker room… FINALLY!

* Omega charges into the room and leaps onto Bucky Johnson's back, slamming down on his face with fist after fist after fist. Johnson stumbles forward, momentarily stunned, before hurling Omega forwards, sending her crashing painfully to the hard tiled floor. Elijah watches as she falls and rears up, launching himself at Bucky Johnson, slamming him viciously into the wall. Before he can follow up, Robert Santana grabs Elijah and throws him towards the door, going to shove him out of the room. As Santana and Elijah begin to brawl Omega goes to attack Santana, only to be stopped by a boot to the face from Crazy Chris.*

Jones: This is madness!!

Logan: This… is… WAR!!!

*As the brawl escalates out of control, a flood of GCWA security spills into the room, filling it by sheer weight of numbers, separating all of the combatants from one another as we head to a final break.*

*We’re back in the backstage area as we return, showing that security is still working on breaking things up and keeping the wrestlers separated. Several of the guards are working on moving Elijah and Omega out, intent on kicking them out of the arena. The Lost Soul seems to want to join back into the fight, even as a medic tries to inspect the wounds on his neck. Crazy Chris, Johnson, and Santana are nearby, having stood tall with their fellow GCWA wrestler. We head off from the wild scene, going back to ringside.*

Logan: Thankfully, we’re finally getting control of things in the back, and it looks like there aren’t any injuries that are too severe. But things are definitely getting out of control between Elijah and The Lost Soul.

Jones: You’re telling me! These guys keep meeting up, and the fighting keeps getting more and more violent every time they meet! How much longer can this go on, before something dreadful happens??

Logan: Well, security’s got it handled for now, Jonesy, so that means… it’s time to get back to wrestling!

Jones: Right… right… the Tag-Team Titles Match…

Logan: That’s right, Jonesy! Chaos or not, we’ve still got our main event to get to, so let’s get with it!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles!! Introducing first, the challengers, they have held the belts before and are hoping to hold them again after tonight, weighing in at a combined 419 pounds, here are Harvey Danger and the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, D & D!!

*The crowd pops loudly as “The Game” by Disturbed begins to play. Harvey Danger comes out first, followed quickly by Draco. Danger stops on the stage, taking a second to pose, but Draco pushes right past him, only intent on getting to the ring. Danger hurries to catch up with him, wanting to walk next to his ‘good friend’ in the aisle. Draco doesn’t seem to notice.*

Jones: Draco’s mood continues to get darker and darker, Anthony. From what I hear, he’s cut himself off from many of his friends and family.

Logan: Yeah, and he doesn’t seem to be acknowledging Harvey that highly, either. I wish we knew what was going on inside his head. It seems like the only things he lives for lately are revenge and violence. True, there’s a lot of those in the wrestling business, but man can’t live off of them alone!

Jones: Well, the team was able to work together last week, getting a win over Shane Donovan & Black Phoenix. Now, they’ve got a chance to regain the Tag-Team Titles, which spent a lot of 2009 around Danger’s waist.

Logan: But does Draco even care about getting the belts? It sure doesn’t seem like it to me!

Minos: Their opponents have reigned for a month now as the champions, and are looking to extend that reign here tonight… weighing in at a combined 611 pounds, here are the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Arachne and the Warriors of the Ring Champion, The Big Bifford!!

*”Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio leads the way out for the tag-team champions, as they walk out of the back. Arachne staggers slightly, but regains his balance, pulling himself back together. The Big Bifford looks towards the ring somewhat intently, carrying the title on his shoulder (since they still haven’t found an extension big enough for his waist). They make their way down, set to begin.*

Logan: From what I hear, if Biffarachnephobia loses tonight, Arachne will be leaving the GCWA!

Jones: I’m pretty sure that’s not a stipulation of the contract, Anthony.

Logan: Well, then, where did the rumor come from?

Jones: Odds are it was created by The Big Bifford. It might just be to motivate Arachne and get the best out of him tonight. Or, well, Bifford might actually believe it. Who really knows anymore?

Logan: Well, it’d be a shame to see Biffarachnephobia gone after only one title defense. Then again, it would also mean no more drug-induced videos from Arachne.

Jones: No more retarded unicorns? No more giant marshmellows? What on earth would we do for entertainment??

Logan: That’s what the matches are for, Edds!

*The Bell Rings.*

*The Big Bifford is quick to volunteer Arachne to start things off, even opening the ropes for him. Arachne, not realizing what it means, is quick to take him up on it, stepping through and moving towards the center of the ring, while Bifford stays in the corner. Meanwhile, on the other side, Draco looks ready to start things off, but Danger, pleading to his friend, manages to coax him back to the corner. Danger turns and moves towards Arachne, who smiles back at him, an eerie sight. The two lock up, with the two shoving each other back and forth until Danger gets the advantage, pushing Arachne back into a neutral corner. Head Referee Bell calls for the break, and Danger starts to back off, but Arachne immediately moves to take advantage of it, jumping forward tackling Danger to the ground! The two men roll, with Arachne ending up on top, apparently biting his opponent!! Danger, struggling to get away, shoves Arachne off and gets up, only to have Arachne right back on him, attacking like a wildman! The Big Bifford is watching proudly from the corner, cheering him on.*

Jones: Arachne’s definitely got one of the most unique wrestling styles in the GCWA! You never know what to expect of him!

Logan: The dude’s crazy, Jonesy. Utterly insane.

Jones: Ok, but is he crazier or saner than The Big Bifford?

Logan: …. Uhhhh…. Ummm…. damn… that’s a tough one… I guess it depends on the amount of drugs currently in Arachne’s system…

Jones: Probably true.

*Arachne currently has Danger in the corner, where he’s whaling away on the man with right hands. He then grabs Danger’s arm and pulls him out towards the other corner, no, reversal, Arachne’s the one sent running. He gets to the corner and manages to stop himself, then springs upwards to lift himself over his opponent. Unfortunately for Arachne, Danger stopped short, so Arachne goes up over nobody. When Arachne comes down, Danger immediately grabs him from behind in a full nelson, taking Arachne forward with a full nelson facebuster!! Arachne rolls in pain, with Bifford similarly wincing over at his corner. Danger gets up, rubbing a sore spot on his side, before pulling Arachne up and immediately taking him over to his corner. He starts slamming Arachne’s head into the turnbuckle to soften him up for his partner, but Draco’s in no mood to wait. He tags Danger on the shoulder and steps in, pushing Harvey out of the way as he lowers his shoulder and starts to ram it into Arachne’s guts repeatedly, letting out his rage!*

Logan: Teamwork’s definitely going to be a major factor tonight. Harvey’s willing to tag in and out, but is Draco?

Jones: He’s venturing into “scary intensity” territory, Anthony. Donovan’s really driven him into a dark place.

Logan: I don’t think we can blame Donovan for all of it, Jonesy, but he’s definitely a focal point. You have to wonder, who is Draco visualizing in there? Is it Arachne? Bifford? Or is he just seeing his former partner?

*With Danger stepping outside the ring, Draco continues to work over Arachne in the corner, slamming a series of forearms into the man’s skull. Head Referee Bell issues a weak warning, but he’s obviously a little frightened of the World Champion’s anger, because he doesn’t do much to enforce it. Draco finally steps away, looking for a second towards Bifford, who clearly wants to get in there and make the tag. Draco, though isn’t up for allowing that to happen. He pulls Arachne out and runs forward, getting a bulldog that jams Arachne’s nose into the mat. Draco then makes the cover… 1… 2… and Arachne kicks out, staying alive. Draco doesn’t seem too concerned; he immediately rolls Arachne over and locks his hands around the wrestler’s throat, choking him!! Now Bell has no choice but to get involved, threatening the DQ and counting up to 5. Danger is stepping through the ropes, wondering if he needs to intervene, when suddenly, Bifford does it for him, coming in and kicking Draco in the head!! The World Champion falls over, releasing the hold, even as Bifford is sent back to his corner by Bell.*

Logan: Draco nearly cost his team there, as I don’t know if he was going to let go!

Jones: Maybe that kick will knock some sense into him, get him working towards the victory again. But I swear, if he comes this way…

Logan: You can hide behind me like you always do, Jonesy.

Jones: Thanks, man. You’re the best.

*Draco is moving again, pulling himself over to the ropes to get up. He’s looking more angry than hurt, but Harvey is desperately beckoning to him to tag. Instincts cause Draco to head that way, tagging in Danger, who hurries after Arachne. But it’s too late, as the hurting Arachne reaches out and makes the tag to The Big Bifford, bringing the largest wrestler in the match into play! Harvey comes to a stop, taking a big swallow at the sight of the man coming in towards him. But Danger’s no coward, at least, not most of the time, so he charges in, jumping up with a splash into Bifford… that does very little, other than to get Danger into Bifford’s grasp. The big man immediately wraps his arms around Danger and brings him around, blocking Danger into the corner and crushing him repeatedly into the pads! Danger, with no defense, takes the full force of the hits, as Draco watches with anxiety from his own corner. You can tell he wants to get back in, but opts to stay there… for now...*

Jones: The Big Bifford has been on a roll all year, including a successful victory earlier this month in the Warriors of the Ring Tournament. Now, he’s defending his belt against the man he’s got a title shot against.

Logan: This could almost be seen as a precursor, Jonesy, because we know those two are going to meet again in a singles match. The only question is, will Draco still have the World Title when they do?

*In the corner, Bifford tags back in Arachne, who seems more than happy to get a hold of the hurting Danger. Arachne keeps him in the corner, kicking away at Danger, whose arms are being held by Bifford. Head Referee Bell calls for a break, and Bifford does so, raising his arms in the air to show his compliance. Arachne, meanwhile, brings Danger back out of the corner and gets a head takeover, sitting him on the mat. Arachne follows that up with a chin lock, working the man over. Danger’s arms rise desperately, as if trying to reach for a tag from Draco, but the World Champion is too far away for this to be an option. Arachne tightens his grip, with Head Referee Bell staying close to watch for any signs of a tap out. But Danger isn’t giving up. He fights his way back to his feet, struggling against the hold, and starts elbowing his way out of it. He hits Arachne a couple of times to free himself, then runs to the ropes and comes back… with Arachne jumping up and catching him with a dropkick!! Arachne then makes the cover… 1… 2… but Harvey kicks out!*

Logan: For such an unassuming wrestler, Harvey Danger has the heart of a lion! We’ve seen time and time again where he’s taken incredible punishment, yet continued to come back for more!

Jones: Yeah, which makes me wonder if there’s something just as wrong with him as there is with Arachne and Bifford.

Logan: There’s something ‘wrong’ with every wrestler, Jonesy. We thrive on danger. We dine on death!

Jones: Channeling the Road Warriors? Really?

Logan: Hey, man, you’re watching a tag-team match, when would be a better time to reference them?

*Arachne pulls Harvey back up and takes him over to Bifford, who has his leg extended. Arachne bangs Harvey’s head into it, sending him reeling away. Surprisingly, the hit almost takes Danger over to his own corner, as he reaches out desperately, before falling to the ground, out of reach of the World Champion. Arachne, seeing this, hurries over to make sure that Danger doesn’t get any closer. He pulls Harvey back, reaching back to tag Bifford. But Danger digs in, keeping that from happening, as he starts to fight towards his partner! He’s clawing at the mat, pulling himself along, with Arachne now dedicating both arms to try and hang on. But Danger’s able to get up, still fighting for the tag! Arachne wraps him up from behind and gets on his back, applying a sleeper hold, but Danger has an immediate cure for that, as he drops backwards, crushing Arachne underneath him!! Both men are down, as the crowd starts to cheer for Danger to make the tag!*

Jones: Danger’s got a chance! If he can bring the World Champion back in, the whole tide of this match will change!

Logan: Oh, hell…

Jones: What?

Logan: We’ve got company, Jonesy!

Jones: Huh? Oh…. Damn…

*The fans start booing heavily, as they notice the lone man sauntering down the ramp and heading towards the ring. The spotlight illuminates Shane Donovan, drinking what appears to be a soda (but who really knows what’s in that cup?) and making his way along the aisle. He waves off an approaching security guard, saying that he’s just here to ‘observe’, just like Draco did at his match. Draco has already noticed him, walking to the edge of the ring and staring over at him. In the ring, Danger is struggling to his feet, kicking off the grasp of Arachne. He turns, not knowing what’s happening, but desperate to make the tag. Unfortunately, Draco is no longer there, as he has jumped off the apron and is charging up the aisleway at full speed!!! Donovan, finishing a drink from his cup, sees him coming and his eyes widen dramatically. He drops the soda and starts to back up, but Draco’s already there, catching him with a flying tackle and brawling with him!!!! The crowd is going wild as the two rivals are once again going at it!!*

Jones: Jesus!! Draco lost all control as soon as he saw Donovan coming his way!!

Logan: The hatred there between the two is incredible!

Jones: But where does this leave Harvey??

*By now, Harvey has reached the ropes, desperately reaching out for the tag that just won’t come. He pulls himself up on the ropes, staring down the aisle, just now realizing that his partner’s not here. Behind him, Arachne has struggled over and tagged in his partner, with the Big Bifford quickly stepping through the ropes and coming over to take advantage. He nails the distracted Danger from behind with a huge double axehandle, sending him hard into the ropes!! Before Danger can recover, Bifford pulls him back up and positions him, lifting the wrestler up and landing the Biff End!!!! He flattens Danger with the maneuver, laying him out. Draco, still in the midst of his brawl with Donovan, has no clue what’s going on, and Head Referee Bell makes the decision not to throw this one out. Instead, he drops to make the count on the pinned Danger… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, and STILL GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Biffarachnephobia!!

Jones: Biffarachnephobia retains the belts, thanks in large part to the appearance of Shane Donovan!!

Logan: Yeah, but Shane’s having to pay the price for that now, as Draco is intent on taking him out here tonight!!

Jones: Here comes security! Boy, they’ve had a rough night!

Logan: Definitely, Jonesy! We’re out of time, so we’ll see you next week!!

*Security swarms around Donovan and Draco, trying to break them up, with Draco more than willing to fight his way through them in order to get his hands back on Donovan. Shane, for his part, seems content with having cost Draco the match. As soon as he gets an opportunity, he pushes through the security and goes up the ramp, working to get away. Draco shoves his way through as well, following him towards the back. In the ring, Arachne is celebrating his ‘stay’ in the GCWA, while The Big Bifford has both belts, smiling at them. Danger’s still down, dazed, having taken a harsh hit. As the tag-team champions raise the belts together, we fade out, ending the night.*

OOC: And another card is up! Ryan (Draco) wrote the Dangerous Dan / Blue Scorpion match, so high props to him for helping out. I honestly didn't know about this card, but somehow I found some energy to get the rest of it written. Thanks to all who sent in their own segments.

Of course, lifes' been so hectic the last day or so, I just realized that I never created the pictures for the matches. So sue me, I've had a lot on my mind! *lol* I'll work on getting those up this weekend, to show you (if you come back) how the card is actually supposed to look. :)~

Here's what I've come up with for next week's card:

- Chris Cortez vs. Mr. Excellent

- Justin Hale vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion

- Bucky Johnson & The Little Guy vs. The Danger Boiz

- Robert Santana vs. Arachne

- Angelica vs. The Lost Soul(c), GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match

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