GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are going crazy, as we flash by some of their signs in the crowd, including "Retarded Beast, Unified Champion!" and "Angelica, I'm Single!" We flash past them and go to ringside to join Edward Jones & Anthony "Lightning" Logan.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Friday Night Inferno! We've got a great show for you tonight, guaranteed to have twists and turns around every corner!

Logan: It's going to be a hell of a show, Jonesy, especially with our main event! For the first time ever, the GCWA X Division Title and the GCWA Television Title are on the line at the same time, as one man will be walking out with two championships!

Jones: I can't wait for that one, Anthony. Plus, we're going to see newcomer The Little Guy in action for the first time, as he takes on the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

Logan: That one's going to be a serious contrast in styles! We've also got our World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, teaming up with his D & D partner, Harvey Danger, to take on D & D's former partner, Shane Donovan, and his mystery partner, in a tag-team contest!

Jones: I wonder who Donovan's going to find to team with him? I mean, it's not like there are that many around here who want to be his partner. Not after what he did to Draco.

Logan: We'll find out soon enough! But now, we've got a great opening match for you, and it's time to get the wrestling started!

Minos: Our first contest of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming down the aisle, he has proven to be one of the strongest wrestlers in the GCWA, standing 6’8” and weighing 285 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!

*The crowd gives a strong cheer as Styles comes out to “New Divide” by Linkin Park. He takes a moment on the stage before moving down the ramp, set for a fight. Nearby, a fan can be seen holding up a sign that says “No Rest For The Wicked!!!!” The female fan jumps up and down, happy to be on camera, as her favorite walks past her.*

Jones: Styles is an interesting case, Anthony. At times, he’s looked like the future of the business, but some have been wondering if he’s ever going to start moving his way up the ladder.

Logan: He’s had some set-backs, as a lot of young wrestlers do. But hey, things can get turned around, right? And a victory tonight, against the man he’s taking on, would definitely be a step up for him.

Jones: Yes, but I don’t think Styles has ever faced a challenge like he’s going to tonight. He’s definitely the underdog in this one.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, as well as having held other titles in the organization. He is the former leader of the Roman Empire, and is wrestling in his first match in 2010. Standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, here is the GCWA 2009 Wrestler of the Year, Lurrr!

*It’s clear a lot of fans still disagree with Lurrr’s new title, as they boo vehemently even before “Cocky” by Kid Rock can start playing. Lurrr comes out of the back with a smirk, not bothered by their reaction. As always, he seems to thrive on it. The former World Champion heads for the ring, and the tall challenger awaiting him, as the boos continue throughout the GCWA Arena.*

Jones: Lurrr made an appearance this past week on CWF Tuesday Night Massacre, which had to be surprising to the Accelerator.

Logan: Lurrr was never one for loyalty. From what I saw, he’s agreed to take out Angelica for CWF’s boss, J. Rish. Of course, Lurrr got the wrong one, landing the Wake Up Call on Angelica’s sister instead.

Jones: Well, we know for a fact that Angelica’s here tonight. I hope she’s watching out for herself!

Logan: Yeah, but then, is there reason to be worried? I mean, I seem to recall Lurrr getting his butt handed to him on the golf course by a kid. It makes you wonder if he’s lost a step since losing to the World Champion, Draco, at Wreck The Halls.

Jones: Golf and wrestling are definitely two different sports, Anthony.

Logan: Of course… we have better uses for those clubs…

*The Bell Rings.*

*As referee Rockwell waves the two men to begin, Styles starts across the ring towards his foe. Lurrr has his back turned, but the camera can see his face, which has a dark smile on it. He can feel his adversary approaching, and waits for the perfect moment… spinning and lashing out with the Wake Up Call!! Unfortunately for Lurrr, though, Styles was ready for it, catching Lurrr’s foot!! Lurr bounces up and down on his one leg, trying to maintain his balance, as Styles continues to hang on, dragging Lurrr towards the center of the ring. He tosses Lurrr’s leg away, causing the former World Champion to spin around. Styles then steps in and grabs Lurrr from behind, lifting him up into the air and spinning him around for a modified backbreaker across the knee! Lurrr falls off, stunned, with Styles immediately going for a quick cover… 1… and Lurrr doesn’t waste any time kicking out.*

Logan: Styles gets in the first big hit!

Jones: You could almost sense that Lurrr was coming into this with way too much confidence, knowing Styles’ record. He wanted to end it all in one stroke, but now that’s placed him on the defensive!

Logan: C’mon, Styles! Keep up the punishment!

*Styles already has brought Lurrr back up, with mixed results, as Lurrr knocks Styles’ hands away from him as soon as he’s on his feet. He starts punching away, trying to drive the larger wrestler backwards. Styles staggers back from the hits, causing Lurrr to run to the ropes and come back with a charge. But Styles lowers his shoulder and drives himself forward, knocking down the man with a shoulder block! Lurrr hits the back of his head on the mat upon impact and rolls away, holding his head with both hands. Styles follows after, trying to stomp on him, but Lurrr’s moving too fast, rolling right out of the ring to avoid the attack. He gets up on the outside, pushing hair back away from his face as he looks in with a furious stare at the man watching him from inside the ropes. Styles steps forward, grabbing the ropes and pulling them apart, daring Lurrr to come back in to continue the contest. This seems to anger Lurrr even more, as he walks away, kicking over the steel steps!*

Logan: This is great!

Jones: Control yourself, Anthony. You’re becoming a little too much like a cheerleader... and I hate cheerleaders!

Logan: Hey, I can’t help it if I… wait, did you say you hate cheerleaders?

Jones: Er, cheerleaders at the announce booth, that is…

Logan: So if a cheerleader came up here with her pom-poms, you’d hate her?

Jones: No! I mean, that’d be great! I’d love it if that happened!

Logan: Is your wife watching tonight, by the way?

Jones: Arrrggghh!!

*After a few more seconds of pulling himself back together, Lurrr comes back into the ring, warily stepping through the ropes in case Styles decides to charge him. The big man waits, though, letting Lurrr get in fully before approaching him once again. He reaches for him, but Lurrr moves, dodging his grasp and kicking Styles in the back of the knee! He kicks again, and a third time, as Styles limps away in surprise at the sudden re-direction of Lurrr’s attack. Styles grabs the ropes, with Lurrr right there, still kicking away, only to have Referee Rockwell get between the two wrestlers, calling for the break! Rockwell and Lurrr argue for a second, with Lurrr wanting to continue the punishment despite the rope break. Styles, meanwhile, rights himself and turns, grabbing for Lurrr over Rockwell, with the referee trying to get out of the way. Lurrr, seizing the moment, reaches up and uses both hands to rake across Styles’ eyes, blinding him! Styles grabs at his face, hurting, with Lurrr pushing Rockwell out of range. He goes to the ropes and comes back before Styles can recover, landing a flying forearm that puts Styles on his back!*

Jones: Looks like Lurrr’s shaking some of that ring rust off!

Logan: Lurrr’s had a lot of experience with big men. He used to team with a guy, Rick Mathis, who’s around the same size as Styles.

Jones: Hey, whatever happened to Mathis, anyway?

Logan: Don’t know. I haven’t seen him since Lurrr turned on him at the Righteous Rumble. I assume he went back to that oil business of his, but for all I know, the mob got him.

Jones: Oh, man, I hope not! He might be swimming with the fishes!

*Now with the advantage, Lurrr has no intentions of letting it slip away. He stalks Styles, driving his shoulder into Styles’ leg to weaken him more. Styles lands on his knees and starts to crawl towards the ropes, but Lurrr doesn’t let him get far, as he gets over Styles and sits down hard on him, driving Styles to the mat. Lurrr then grabs at Styles’ head with a reverse chin lock, stretching the neck muscles of his opponent in painful directions! Styles struggles to get Lurrr off of him, pushing at the World Champion, but he doesn’t have much leverage. Referee Rockwell is close by, but not bothering to check on a submission at this juncture. Lurrr seems to take offense at that, yelling to Rockwell to see if Styles quits. This fires Styles up, as he starts to lift himself up, taking Lurrr with him. But Lurrr goes right back to the eyes, dragging his thumb across and causing Styles to fall back down. Rockwell angrily berates Lurrr for the illegal maneuver, but Lurrr, true to his nature, really doesn’t care.*

Jones: Lurrr has never had any qualms about doing whatever it takes to win. That’s how he got to hold the World Championship!

Logan: Yeah, he also has no regard for anyone else…

Jones: You’re never going to release that grudge against him, are you?

Logan: What, my ‘grudge’ for getting double-teamed by him and Mathis and beaten bloody? Hell no, I’m not going to release it!

Jones: Ok, ok…

*With Referee Rockwell circling around the two men, Lurrr continues to tighten the chin lock, not letting Styles use his size to his advantage. But Styles has another way to free himself, as he gets to his knees, then reaches out with his large arms, starting to pry Lurrr’s arms off of his face! Lurrr, shocked, tries to hang on, but he can’t match up with Styles even with leverage. The big man shoves him away, sending Lurrr into the ropes. Lurrr comes right back with a running boot attempt, but Styles ducks under it, then gets to his feet. As Lurrr returns, Styles catches him by the throat and quickly lifts for a chokeslam, preparing to put the former World Champion away. Lurrr kicks wildly, landing what appears to be a slightly lower shot than he planned… or did he? Either way, Styles drops Lurrr back down, bending over from the shot to the groin. Lurrr responds immediately, stepping back and lashing out with the Wake Up Call, landing it perfectly!! Styles topples over, with Lurrr jumping on top of him for the cover. Rockwell, looking a little unhappy, does his job… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Lurrr!

Logan: Damn. I was hoping for the upset.

Jones: Well, it didn’t happen today, Anthony. Although Styles gave it a good try, Lurrr was definitely the stronger competitor in this one.

Logan: Yeah, plus he’s always willing to cheat if it helps him out…

Jones: Well, what matters is that Lurrr does get the victory tonight, which might signal the start of his climb back into title contendership.

Logan: I hope the other wrestlers in the back were watching… especially Angelica.

*Lurrr, laughing to himself, steps through the ropes and heads out. He’s clearly happy with the victory. Styles is already coming around, looking discouraged at being unable to stop his recent losing streak, with Rockwell telling him to not give up yet. Lurrr walks down the aisle, ignoring the booing fans. The scene cuts backstage, where Shane Donovan is pacing in The Accelerator's office, looking quite livid. *

Shane Donovan: I can't believe he did that!

*The Accelerator sits behind his desk, not looking all that pleased about having Shane in his office at the moment with everything else that's been going on over the past week. *

The Accelerator: Don't act so surprised Shane, you have been going out of your way to make his life difficult recently.

Shane Donovan: So to get back at me he makes GCWA look weak by helping the CWF World Champion pin me? The man has so little respect for the banner he carries that he screws over his own company in a big match for his own ego? Come on Ace, this can't have made you happy.

The Accelerator: It didn't, but what do you want me to do about it? You've already got the shot at Darkness Falls.

*Ace sits back in his desk. He’s definitely not pleased with Draco’s actions, as it would have been a crowning jewel to say that the GCWA had another victory over the CWF. But Donovan’s definitely taking it worse. He turns back to the President, thinking of something new.*

Shane Donovan: Let me pick the match stipulation.

The Accelerator: It's in Draco's contract to choose that Shane.

Shane Donovan: Then put it up in the tag match tonight! If he loses, which he will, his ability to set the stipulation for this match is voided and I get to make the call.

The Accelerator: ...I'll think about it. In the meantime, quit pacing around my office and get ready.

*Shane nods and heads out the door, leaving Ace to shake his head. The picture slowly fades out.*

*Angelica is walking backstage past various locker rooms with name tags stuck to the door. She is carrying a bright pink gift bag and holing on to several helium balloons tied together with a weight at the bottom. Humming to herself, she notices The Little Guy walking towards her. Pretending he doesn’t see her he speeds up. *

Angelica: “Oi freakshow.”

* He tries quicker to get away from her but she runs to catch up, balloons flying everywhere. *

The Little Guy: “What do you want?”

Angelica: “I need a favour.”

* She winks at him. *

Angelica: “I have a gift I need delivering.”

The Little Guy: “To who?”

Angelica: “Lurrr…”

* He shakes his head at her and begins to walk away. *

The Little Guy: “No way. Not in this life, I am not getting involved, I saw what he did to Jessica thinking it was you. Nope, no thanks.”

Angelica: “Come on, don’t you want to help a friend out?”

* She hold out the balloons to him, reluctantly he takes them from Angelica. *

Angelica: “Thanks little dude.”

* Giving his hair a little ruffle Angelica points him in the direction of the locker room. TLG walks away from Angelica muttering to himself, as Angelica starts to head for the ring. The Little Guy kicks the balloons out of his way as they float in front of him. As he makes his way to Lurrr’s locker room he begins to look a bit nervous, knocking gently on the door. He shrugs his shoulders and turns to leave, just as the door flies open. The former GCWA World Champion is there, toweling off after his last match.*

Lurrr: “What.”

The Little Guy: “Down here dude.”

* He looks down. *

Lurrr: “What do you want?”

* TLG shoves the balloons and bag towards Lurrr, talking as fast as he can. *

The Little Guy: “Its from Angelica, don’t know what it is…bye.”

Lurrr: “Hold it…”

* TLG gulps as he turns back to face Lurrr. *

Lurrr: “…You know what forget it, I will sort it out myself. Now get out of here.”

* He opens the bag and pulls out a box, as he opens it up “Hail the conquering hero” blasts out. He removes a rupee note and a handwritten letter. *

When you look at me
Is it Jessica you see?
Did you find the answer was not the one you sought?
Here's a little present
A rupee for your thoughts

Better off checking next time dummy.
A x

* Lurrr lets off an almost growl as he slams the door of his locker room shut. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Interesting tactic by Angelica, considering that Lurrr took out her sister on last Tuesday’s Massacre!

Logan: Yeah, but it’s really a great move. Lurrr’s going to be thinking more about the taunt and less about taking care of business.

Jones: I suppose so. We’ll have to see how he reacts to it. In any case, it’s time to see Angelica in action once again! Can another newcomer rise up and take her down?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will have a 10-minute time limit. Making his way towards the ring, he is currently undefeated in the GCWA, and is looking to add to his debut victory from last week, standing 6’3” and weighing 240 lbs, from San Bernadino, California, here is Justin Hale!

*”Place For My Head” by Linkin Park starts up, with the fans not exactly reacting warmly to Hale as he comes out. Hale seems to be working on something around his nose, maybe checking to see that nothing white is showing. He walks towards the ring, a smile on his face that’s slightly too wide.*

Jones: It’s become clear over recent weeks that Justin might have a hidden addiction.

Logan: I don’t know if I’d say “hidden”. It’s been pretty blatant ever since the guy showed up here. If we ever have a random drug test, I’d say our boy’s in trouble!

Jones: He’s somehow been able to conceal it from his girlfriend, at least, but who knows how much longer that will last.

Logan: Addiction never stays locked away for long.

Minos: His opponent is a former CWF Intercontinental Champion who is now climbing the ranks of the GCWA. Standing 5’8” and weighing 160 lbs, from York, England, here is Angelica!

*The crowd definitely livens up for the lady coming down the ramp to “Drumming Song” by Florence and the Machine. Angelica is smiling and talks to a few people along the way, who seem excited to see her in person.*

Jones: Angelica has continued to be a major focal point of the interaction between the GCWA and the CWF. Last week, Elijah and Omega came here looking for her, with Elijah ending up brawling with The Lost Soul. And now, Lurrr is apparently gunning for her, under orders from CWF President J. Rish!

Logan: She’s definitely caused some waves coming over here, but man, she’s a breath of fresh air compared to all the other guys we see fight!

Jones: From what I hear, Angelica had a good talk this week with Elijah, possibly putting aside a few of the concerns she’s had about jumping over to the GCWA.

Logan: Hopefully so. You don’t want that stress to continue growing until something snaps, after all.

*The Bell Rings.*

*With the smile still plastered on his face, Hale walks forward towards Angelica, extending a hand in friendship. Angelica seems a little wary, but decides to show good sportsmanship. She reaches for the outstretched hand, but Hale yanks it back away, laughing and earning some boos. Hale says something to Angelica, possibly commenting on the size of her cleavage judging by where he pointed. Angelica doesn’t answer in words. She steps forward, landing a blistering slap across the face!! Hale steps back, a red slash appearing on his cheek. The smile fades to an angry grimace as he turns, immediately swinging his own hand for a slap, only to have Angelica dodge underneath it, with Hale turning himself around due to the miss. Angelica immediately grabs the head and lands a Hangman’s neckbreaker, sending Hale crashing to the mat! Hale rolls away in pain and shock, with Angelica already in pursuit.*

Jones: Hale’s little joke clearly didn’t go over that well!

Logan: Well, guys who are a little high tend not to think before they speak. It definitely cost him there!

Jones: We don’t know that Hale took drugs before this match, Anthony.

Logan: Well, not for sure, but c’mon! Look at the guy!

*Hale is at the ropes now, pulling himself up but wobbling slightly as he rights himself. He turns, but Angelica’s already springing off the ropes next to him, catching Hale by the head and dropping with a springing DDT! This time Angelica makes the cover, with referee Trixie sliding in to make the count… 1… 2.. and Hale pushes Angelica off of him, getting his shoulder up. The female wrestler doesn’t worry about the count, as she’s immediately pulling Hale to his feet. She sends him towards the corner, where Hale hits back-first, stunning him. Angelica comes in after him, possibly thinking about her finisher, but Hale’s already on his way back out, charging forward and catching Angelica with a surprise spear!!! Angelica crashes hard to the canvas, with Hale immediately getting on top for the cover, trying to hang onto the legs and anything else he can get his hands on… 1… 2… but Angelica kicks out. Hale looks over at Trixie, apparently disagreeing with the speed of the count. He mutters something about “girl power” and goes back to work on his opponent.*

Jones: This is Angelica’s second match, and once again Referee Trixie has drawn the assignment. Do you think that’s a coincidence, Anthony?

Logan: It very well might be. As far as I know, the referee positions every card is chosen by Head Referee Bell. But I wouldn’t put it past Trixie to ask for this one. She seems pretty excited to have Angelica here.

Jones: I just hope she keeps her counts even throughout the contest. We don’t need any complaints of ref tampering!

Logan: Nah, Trixie’s a pro. She’s always fair, even when she likes or dislikes the competition. Just look at how she called Harvey Danger matches!

Jones: True.

*Referee Trixie circles the action, watching closely as Hale pulls Angelica back up. He takes her towards the corner, seemingly not concerned with the brutality he’s planning to unleash on the woman. He slams Angelica’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly, leaving her dazed. Hale then steps away, raising an arm towards the crowd, who immediately boo. Hale, laughing, comes back over and lifts Angelica up, trying to put her on the turnbuckle. But Angelica comes to life, punching away and getting Hale to put her back on the ground. Angelica then grabs Hale’s head and runs up the ‘buckle, coming off with a tornado DDT!! Angelica dives for the pin… 1… 2… and Hale kicks out.*

Jones: I swear, Angelica may be the greatest female wrestler we’ve ever had in the GCWA. Of course, there aren’t too many other choices.

Logan: Remember Chloe Barnes? There was a girl who could fight! And don’t forget Annie Alvarez!

Jones: Yes, but none of them have ever held a major title in the GCWA. Angelica, though… I think she’s got a shot, if she stays with the company!

Logan: Maybe so, Jonesy. But you’re getting way ahead of ourselves. We don’t even know if she’s winning this contest yet!

Jones: That’s true. Maybe Justin Hale is the future champion in this match, who knows?

*Angelica brings Hale back to his feet, slicing her open hand across his chest with a meaty thud. Hale stumbles back to the ropes, with Angelica immediately coming in to grab his arm for an Irish whip. But Hale hangs onto the top rope, then lashes out with a kick, doubling Angelica over. Hale then reaches in and locks Angelica up, taking her down with a double-arm DDT! Hale makes the cover, making sure to grab a handful of tights with a smile… 1… 2… and Angelica kicks free. Hale, annoyed once again, nonetheless gets back up, grabbing at Angelica to pull her to her feet, no, jawbreaker from Angelica!! Hale staggers to the turnbuckle, stunned, as Angelica hops back up and charges in at him, landing the Shadow’s Whisper!!!! Hale collapses, with Angelica quickly pulling him away from the ropes before making the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Angelica!

Jones: Wow! Just as it was looking like we were on our way to a good match, Angelica suddenly ended it!

Logan: Yeah, I thought we were going to have a long-lasting contest, too! But Hale let his guard down after a few opening maneuvers, and Angelica was able to use that to take over the match and put him down!

Jones: So Angelica remains undefeated in the GCWA, as she continues to show how great an acquisition she was from the CWF!

Logan: Hale, meanwhile, is going to have to live down the fact that he lost to a woman. Maybe this’ll teach him to slow down on the drug abuse, eh?

*Angelica has moved out of the ring, celebrating with some of the fans, while Hale is sitting up with his back against the lowest turnbuckle pad, looking confused. He doesn’t seem to understand what happened, as it went down so quickly. We cut to the back, where we see a video monitor set up, showing Angelica as she comes down the aisleway. Standing nearby the monitor, holding a steel chair, is Lurrr!! The former GCWA World Champion is standing near Angelica’s locker room, waiting patiently. Suddenly, though, a hand appears, grabbing the chair from his hands. Lurrr spins around angrily, only to come face-to-face with the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator!! Behind Ace, a line of security guards has formed.*

The Accelerator: Hello there, Lurrr. Long time no see. Thanks for the chair, I needed something to sit on.

*Ace unfolds the chair and takes a seat, smiling. Lurrr, annoyed, leans against the wall, taking in the amount of security behind the President. He seems to be calculating whether or not it would be worth it to superkick Ace and knock the smirk off his face.*

Lurrr: Is it a crime to stand in the hallways now?

The Accelerator: Nope. But I know what you’re planning, Lurrr. I know you’re just waiting for Angelica to make her way down here, and you know what? I’ve decided I’m not going to allow you to take her out for Rish.

Lurrr: What? Now you’re interfering in my personal business?

*Lurrr takes a step forward, which is quickly matched by the GCWA security. Ace raises a hand, telling them to hang on.*

The Accelerator: I know, you made a monetary deal to do Rish’s dirty work. You want to fulfill your obligations, I get it. But Angelica’s been a strong acquisition for me. I’m actually impressed with what she’s bringing to the GCWA. So if you think I’m just going to let you injure her and cost ME money, no, ain’t going to happen, boyo.

Lurrr: And these *bleeps* behind you are going to stop me?

*The security guards look nervous, knowing what Lurrr can do. Ace, however, looks fairly confident.*

The Accelerator: Let me put it in a way you can understand, Lurrr. If you attack Angelica and put her out of action, I’ll see to it that you never get another opportunity at the GCWA World Title, or ANY OTHER title. Got it?

Lurrr: This isn’t over, “Mr. President.”

*Lurrr pushes past the security, leaving the scene, as Ace stands up, watching him go. He’s smiling, having gotten what he wanted. We fade out.*

*We return to ringside after the commercial, with the announcers already speaking about the CWF.*

Jones: It’s been a crazy few weeks, thanks to the CWF. Honestly, you never know who’s going to be seen where each night!

Logan: Yeah, this past week on CWF Tuesday Night Massacre, The Lost Soul showed up and attacked Elijah, which was a pretty shocking moment that helped lead Elijah’s tag-team to a loss. We also saw Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn get his first CWF victory, moving on in the tournament. Shane Donovan wrestled in a special match against the CWF World Champion, only coming up short due to the interference of his rival, the GCWA World Champion, Draco. And, of course, we saw a lot of commentary about Angelica’s switch and the recent signing of The Little Guy to the organization!

Jones: The GCWA’s definitely ahead in terms of signage, Anthony. But that worries me. Will someone be jumping soon the other direction?

Logan: We’ll have to see what happens, Jonesy. But one thing’s for sure: if you’re a GCWA fan, you also need to be tuning in every Tuesday night to the CWF!

Jones: Definitely! I mean, you don’t want to be the one guy who doesn’t know what’s going on!!

Logan: Nope! With that said, I guess it’s time to…

*Suddenly, “Hero” by Skillet begins to play, grabbing the attention of the announcers.*

Jones: Apparently, we’re about to have a visitor!

Logan: Hey, that’s Dangerous Dan’s new theme music! One of the Danger Boiz is coming out here! But, Dan’s not booked in a match!

Jones: Which probably means he’s here to talk about the challenge The Big Bifford laid out last week, Anthony!

*Dangerous Dan makes his way out, smile on his face. He seems to be in high spirits, as he high fives several fans down to the ring. Inside the ring, Dan poses on the turnbuckle. He grabs the microphone from Minos, and stands in the center of the ring. *

Dangerous Dan: Thank you. You know for months now, The Big Bifford has been talking trash about me, trying to find ways to get rid of my existence.

*The fans begin to boo at the mention of the 2010 Warrior of the Ring. Dan pauses and signals for the fans to stop so he can continue. *

Dangerous Dan: I have racked my brain trying to figure out what it was that I did to get Bifford to hate me so much. I mean, I have never confronted him about anything, we never crossed paths, and we had never even had a match together until two months ago. This has been going on, since I won the Television title back in April.

*The fans start back up the cheering at the mention of the Television title. Chants for Crazy Chris echo throughout the arena. Dan smiles at the huge pop being received for his brother. *

Dangerous Dan: Now it has been ten months, since that time and Bifford is still going on about ending my career.

*Dan takes a moment and stares directly into the camera. *

Dangerous Dan: Bifford, last week you made a challenge to face me at Darkness Falls for the title of Warrior of the Ring. You said that this was going to finally end the feud between you and me.

*The fans once again cheer at the news of the feud ending. *

Dangerous Dan: You have made a mockery of my career. You have mocked the opponents that I have faced. You laughed at the fact that I lost to Arachne a while back ago. Yeah, I lost to Arachne, I’m not afraid to admit it. Everyone loses in this business. Some have their ups and some have their downs. I have had to hear you brag for almost a year, about how you are better than me. Honestly, you don’t deserve to be Warrior of the Ring. You are nothing but a fat, delusional, son of a bitch, who does nothing but talk to people in fruit costumes and a woman who doesn’t even exist. I honestly don’t know what goes on in that fat head of yours, but I and all these fans do know what is going to happen when you and I face at Darkness Falls. I am going to embarrass you. I am going to destroy you once and for all. You think that I am nothing but a stupid, no good wrestler, who doesn’t deserve to face people like Marcus Ka’Derrion.

*The fans cheer loudly at the self proclaimed “Legacy” of the GCWA. *

Dangerous Dan: Or fight in a main event with Lurrr.

*The fans boo heavily at the mention of Lurrr. *

Dangerous Dan: In case you forgot Biffy, I almost defeated Lurrr for the World Heavyweight title. I have proved time and time again that I DO have what it takes to face the big dogs in this business. I have had to try and earn the respect of people in this business. No one believes that I can accomplish anything around here. The Danger Boiz are the lone stars here in the GCWA. We stand alone and fight alone. That’s fine. Chris and I did not come into this company looking to make friends. So we don’t really care if we have friends here or not. We came here to make a statement and show the underdogs that you can accomplish anything you want. This is the year of the Danger Boiz and our impact statement begins tonight. Tonight, Chris is going to capture the X Division title. At Darkness Falls, I am going to humiliate you and take away the Warrior of the Ring title and go on to do something that you can never do; I will win the World title and you will have to just sit back and watch as I win and defend the World title. Bifford in case you haven’t figured it out, I accept you challenge at Darkness Falls. You and I are going to settle this once and for all. I don’t think this should just be any match at all. If you really want to end my career, then I think that it should be in a match that is main event worthy. I think you and I should face in a match that I call the Danger Zone.

*The fans cheer for the so-called match, but are unsure of what the dangerous one is talking about. *

Dangerous Dan: What is a Danger Zone match? Well Biff, the Danger Zone match is my little invention that I like to refer to as an Extreme Steel Cage match. You and I trapped inside a cell surrounded by weapons. The only way to win is to beat your opponent to a bloody pulp.

*The fans begin to cheer loudly for the Danger Zone match. *

Dangerous Dan: Now ultimately it is up to Ace to make the match official. But I am sure that Ace wouldn’t pass on a money maker match. So Bifford, I will see you at Darkness Falls. And Ace, I hope you grant my match request. I want nothing more than to destroy Bifford once and for all.

*Dan drops the microphone and poses for the crowd. He exits the ring and as he walks up the ramp, he turns around and salutes the fans.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan has answered the challenge, and taken it to another level!

Logan: Will The Big Bifford agree to Dan’s terms? This is starting to look like a hell of a match!

Jones: The Dangerous Dan / Big Bifford feud will be settled once and for all at Darkness Falls!!

*Dangerous Dan heads through the back, still intense after the interview he just gave. We cut away from him and go to the back. A young woman with brown hair with blonde and black streaks, pulled into a messy pony tail is seen walking back stage, she is dressed in a black suit jacket, and matching pants, on one side of her suit jacket she has a logo with the initials’ “AA” in bright red, she is carrying a brief case. Spying a crowd of backstage staff she immediately walks over towards them. *

Woman: “Gentlemen I was wondering if you can help me, I appear to be lost.”

*One of the guys feeling a little bit sure of himself and being egged on by the other puts his arm around her. Looking down at his name tag she lets out a little chuckle. *

Woman: “Jeff…I would kindly ask you to remove your arm from where it currently resides.”

Jeff: “Come on baby it was me you were looking for anyway, let’s get going.”

*She isn’t impressed, as the other male staff start wolf whistling around her. Taking hold of his arm with her free hand she begins to peel him from her twisting it around, his facing becoming contorted in agony .*

Woman: “Jeffery, I asked you nicely to get off me, now I am telling you. If you don’t move your *BEEP* hand from around my *BEEP* neck then I will *BEEP* break your face. Do you *BEEP* get me?”

*Dropping hold of his hand she smiles and straightens her slightly crumpled jacket before superkicking him in the face.*

Woman: “Much better. Now where might I be finding Miss Angelica?”

*Someone points her down the hall, she smiles sweetly and continues on her way. We head to the break.*

*The unknown woman from earlier is seen once again cruising backstage, passing many doors before coming across the one she's been searching for- the name tag on the door says "Angelica". The woman smirks before letting herself in. Angelica stands across the room, her back to the door, preparing herself for the rest of the night- she turns as the woman clears her throat, her eyes light up as she rushes across and embraces the unknown young woman.*

Angelica: Angel! What in the name of all that is decent are you doing here?

*The woman identified as Angel smiles sweetly*

Angel: You think I was gonna just let you take off? And desert the company.... You should know me better than that

Angelica: Of course! I almost forgot about AA Industries...

Angel: How could you forget? We were getting rich- but enough of this reminiscing *BEEP*... Your leaving has opened up an excellent business opportunity.

Angelica: And here I was thinking you'd just come here cause you missed me...

Angel: Don't bet on it- you know me, business and violence...

Angelica: So about this business opportunity…

Angel: Of course.

*She opens up the briefcase, away from camera view- Angelica's face turns to a cringe as she looks from the case back to Angel*

Angelica: I don't think Fluffy appreciates being carried about like that...

*Angel looks into the briefcase before removing "Fluffy"*

Angel: She likes it in there, it’s warm- but back to what I was saying.

*Angel coaxes "Fluffy" to climb onto her shoulder- revealing that "Fluffy" is her pet tarantula, Angelica cringes as she stares at the spider before turning her eyes back to the briefcase*

Angelica: Expansion?

Angel: Exactly! These guys don't know our business potential or history so I'm seeing a bunch of blind sheep in these locker rooms, while we are the epic wolves.... You know what they say- a fool and his money are soon parted, all we do is speed up the process...

Angelica: It’s crazy enough to work!

Angel: Of course it’s crazy- I came up with it... You know where to find me so get back to me like asap.

*Angel snaps the briefcase shut before motioning for a hug from Angelica- Angelica extends her hand for a handshake instead after remembering "Fluffy" still seated on Angel's shoulder. Angel accepts the handshake before leaving the room as quickly as she arrived. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Another CWF wrestler has shown up!

Logan: Yeah, and Angel’s a violent one! We’re lucky we had no destruction, other than a ‘slight’ injury to one of our annoying stagehands.

Jones: Jeff’s always been a jerk. Maybe now he’ll learn to leave the talent alone.

Logan: I wonder what this business opportunity is going to be? Will Angel be coming to the GCWA?

Jones: I assume we’ll find out sooner or later, Anthony. For now, let’s get back to the action!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is wrestling tonight in his debut match for the GCWA, standing 4’1” and weighing 90 lbs, from a magical land far, far away, here is The Little Guy!

*”Let Me Hold You (Little Man)” by Dewey Cox begins to play, as the fans all turn towards the entryway, curious to see the newcomer. The Little Guy walks out, wearing the green outfit that Miss Stella had made for him. He doesn’t seem happy with the costume choice, but it’s what he’s got to work with. He heads for the ring, making the long trek look even longer.*

Jones: Another first for the GCWA, as we have the smallest wrestler ever competing tonight!

Logan: Man, women, midgets, CWF people, what the hell is going on around here?

Jones: The Little Guy had an interesting experience earlier this week, as he was apparently on site when a mall burglary broke out.

Logan: From what I hear, the guy ran for it, instead of helping out.

Jones: Would you have run in and gotten yourself shot? He did the sensible thing, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, well, I still think he needs a touch of yellow added to the back of that green costume.

Minos: His opponent has done it all in the wrestling business, with a tremendous record throughout his career. Standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

*The fans all cheer as “The Friday the 13th” theme begins. The Lost Soul walks out, stopping as soon as he reaches the stage, as he looks around at the crowd. He looks back behind him and motions, and slowly, a boy comes out onto the stage, wearing the same facepaint. He’s smiling, but clearly nervous as well. The two head for the ring, with the crowd cheering on the young man as well.*

Jones: This week, The Lost Soul went on a personal mission to find a runaway fan of his, T.T. Saggins. Saggins headed to the circus, where TLS found him and promised that, if he returned home, he could join TLS ringside this week.

Logan: We’ve got little people everywhere!

Jones: Well, at least The Lost Soul is a man of his word. Saggins is living the dream!

Logan: But will The Lost Soul be able to keep his word and defeat The Little Guy here tonight?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Mitchell steps in and signals for the action to begin, with The Little Guy immediately marching over towards The Lost Soul. The two come up next to each other, with the size difference readily apparent. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for The Little Guy, though, as he’s showing a lot of confidence. The Lost Soul doesn’t appear to be impressed. He leans over, staring closer at The Little Guy, who reaches up and swings, catching TLS with a shot to the side of the head! The Lost Soul shakes his head, then swings himself, only to have The Little Guy go easily underneath it and run around behind TLS, kicking him in the ankle! The Lost Soul hops in pain for a second, as The Little Guy runs to the ropes and comes back, rushing towards him for an attempted clothesline. But The Lost Soul spins and swings his foot in a devastating kick that sends The Little Guy to the mat! TLS jumps on top, hanging on, for the first pin attempt… 1… 2.. and The Little Guy kicks out.*

Logan: The Lost Soul is not going to pull any punches! He said he wanted to destroy The Little Guy here tonight!

Jones: Yes, but can TLS do it to TLG?

Logan: Damnit, those nicknames are too similar, Jonesy!

Jones: I know, I know, but we’re kind of stuck with them, Anthony!

Logan: Just call them the Ghost and the Midget. What else is needed?

*The Lost Soul has already picked up The Little Guy and is carrying him over towards the turnbuckle. He lifts him up, already thinking about the Soul Buster. But The Little Guy fights back, swinging away and landing some good shots to the side of TLS’ head. The Little Guy rears back with both hands, bringing them together and ringing TLS’ skull. The larger wrestler stumbles back, but quickly clears his head. As the Intercontinental Champion turns, though, The Little Guy is already up on the top rope. He lets out a scream, saying “I’m gonna kill you!!!”, before leaping off and flying into The Lost Soul with a missile dropkick!! TLS falls to the ground, a hand over his mouth where he just took the shot. He rolls over, as if to get up, but now The Little Guy is jumping onto his back and wrapping his arms around the man’s head, twisting, trying to make him submit!*

Jones: The Tiny Submission Hold is applied!

Logan: Holy crap! The Little Guy actually has some wrestling talent!

Jones: Well, yeah, Anthony, that’s why he’s wrestling in the GCWA, after all.

Logan: Oh, well, I thought he was more just here as comedy relief!

Jones: Nope, he’s here to seriously compete, and right now, he’s working over one of the best in the game!

*The Lost Soul is already trying to get up, fighting to break the hold around his throat. Referee Mitchell is circling, trying to figure out if the hold is getting too close to a choke or not. It doesn’t matter, as The Lost Soul heads for the ropes, the weight of his competitor not nearly enough to stop him. He reaches out and grabs hold, with referee Mitchell stepping in and calling for the break. The Little Guy doesn’t look very happy, but he reluctantly does it, dropping off of TLS’ back. Since TLS is still on his knees, The Little Guy runs to the ropes and comes back, preparing to go for the Midget Domination! But The Lost Soul does a sudden roll to his left, avoiding the running wrestler. The Lost Soul hops back up, as The Little Guy tries to change trajectory and head towards him. But The Lost Soul is ready, jumping up and coming down with a double axehandle that flattens the smaller wrestler! The Lost Soul then gets up and goes off the nearby ropes, coming back with a legdrop that nearly beheads The Little Guy!! The Lost Soul then covers… 1… 2… no! The Little Guy kicks out!*

Jones: This is turning into a very spirited contest!

Logan: Yeah, I’m not sure it’s sending the message that The Lost Soul wanted to send. He wanted to show T.T. Saggins that a midget couldn’t make it in the GCWA. But so far, it’s been pretty even!

Jones: This one might actually inspire Saggins to try, rather than pressure him to go back to school. He definitely seems to be having a good time at ringside!

*T.T. Saggins is shown, looking over the apron and keeping his eyes on the action. He seems enthralled by the fighting that’s taking place so close to him. In the ring, The Lost Soul is back up, pulling up The Little Guy as well. He lifts him up into the air in a powerbomb position, preparing to throw him back-first into the turnbuckle!! But The Little Guy fights again with short fist shots, then manages to push off The Lost Soul’s shoulders and land behind him, running back to the ropes. The Lost Soul turns around and starts to move towards him, but The Little Guy runs back hard, smashing right into TLS with The Lowest Blow!!! The Lost Soul tumbles to the ground, the facepaint not hiding the extreme pain he’s in. Referee Mitchell is unsure what happened, although he clearly believes that it might have been an illegal maneuver. He tries to argue with The Little Guy, but he runs away from the ref, going off the ropes and coming back with a leap, dropping all his weight onto TLS’ chest! He makes the cover, with Referee Mitchell moving in… 1… 2… and The Lost Soul shoots his shoulder high in the air.*

Jones: What would it say if The Little Guy, after coming over here from the CWF, immediately defeated our Intercontinental Champion?

Logan: Hey, the guy’s got a lot of spirit. From what I read about him in the CWF, I almost think he was never given a chance to shine over there. Here, though, in the GCWA, he could really make his mark!

Jones: Yes, but I have to admit, I’m rooting slightly for The Lost Soul here.

Logan: Oh, definitely. After Donovan lost on Massacre last Tuesday, the GCWA needs a victory! But does this one count? I mean, I thought The Little Guy signed an official contract with us, so, I mean, doesn’t that make him ours?

Jones: Hell if I know. Can’t tell the players without a scorecard these days.

*In the ring, The Little Guy has applied a small ankle lock submission, trying to take The Lost Soul’s foot away from him. But The Lost Soul is kicking away, pulling himself free. He rolls away, with The Little Guy in hot pursuit. The smaller wrestler tries to jump on his back, possibly thinking about reapplying the Tiny Submission Hold, but The Lost Soul immediately shrugs him off, then starts to get up. The Little Guy, tenacious, leaps back at TLS, but gets a knee to the face for his trouble. He staggers off, with The Lost Soul turning and coming after him, grabbing The Little Guy and lifting him up into the air with a Gorilla press!! He then carries The Little Guy over to the turnbuckle and drops him with a Snake-eyes on the top turnbuckle!!! The Little Guy flops to the ground, hurting badly, as The Lost Soul moves to continue the punishment.*

Jones: That was a vicious attack from The Lost Soul!

Logan: Hey, The Little Guy wanted this match. Now he’s going to have to face the mini-music. What’d you expect to happen here, candies and lollipops? This isn’t the Wizard of Oz, you know!

Jones: You need to watch your metaphors, Anthony. You’ll get us sued.

*Referee Mitchell backs off, watching, as The Lost Soul has brought The Little Guy back up. He launches him hard into the turnbuckle once more, with The Little Guy slumping over on the ropes, feeling the pain. The Lost Soul then comes over and grabs him, lifting him up onto the turnbuckle. The Little Guy tries to make another comeback, stomping his foot on The Lost Soul’s chest to push him back. But as he tries to get up, The Lost Soul shakes the ropes, causing The Little Guy to fall, racking himself!! The agony runs through the crowd, or at least the male attendees. The Lost Soul quickly capitalizes, climbing up and grabbing The Little Guy. He comes off the turnbuckle with him, landing a massive Soul Buster that puts both men in the center of the ring!!! The Little Guy is down, with The Lost Soul immediately getting on top for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Lost Soul!

Jones: The Lost Soul gets the victory!

Logan: Whew! I was worried there for a minute that we might have a stunning upset in the making! But despite a hard fight from The Little Guy, the GCWA Intercontinental Champion gets another big win!

Jones: I was very impressed with the fight of The Little Guy in this one. We’ll have to see how he recovers from this tough loss tonight.

*The Lost Soul moves over towards the ropes, talking with T.T. Saggins, who is nodding sagely as the wrestler explains something to him. The Lost Soul then leaves the ring, as referee Mitchell checks on The Little Guy. He’s already awake and moving, angrily grabbing at Mitchell’s shirt to pull himself up. It almost topples Mitchell, but he manages to hang on, pulling himself away from The Little Guy as soon as he’s upright. We leave the ring behind and head backstage.*

*The scene opens in a familiar corridor, but as the camera slowly fades in from black, we see an unfamiliar guy walking down the corridor with a purpose. His grizzled, rugged features look lined with age, his dark hair flecked with occasional greys as it flops around his shoulders. We follow this unnamed man a little way down the corridor, before he suddenly stops at a large, white door. The unknown man looks up at the plaque on the door, which reads “DANGER BOIZ”. Smiling slightly to himself, the man takes a deep breath, and opens the door.

As the camera follows the guy through the door, it pans around to reveal a messy locker room, with food packets and random clothing scattering the floor. Just as the unnamed man entered the room, one of the inhabitants turns quickly to take in the new arrival. “Dangerous Dan” gave a little smile, before standing straight and calling over his shoulder.*

Dangerous Dan: Hey! Chris! Get yourself out here! That fan has just arrived!

His words are met by a muffled response from the unseen Chris.*

Dangerous Dan: C’mon, it won’t take long! We just go through the motions, do our bit and then he’ll be gone…

*At this, a half-dressed Crazy Chris comes staggering through from the rear of the locker room, throwing his tag team partner a look, before both men turn to face the fan that one of them, at least, is clearly expecting.*

Dangerous Dan: Hey mate, how you doing? (shakes hands with the fan) Ace told us you’d be visiting us today – apparently you’re a big fan!

Fan: That’s right! I’m Mitch, Mitch Hall, I’ve been following you for years, and can’t actually believe I’m here right now! It’s so exciting! Could you sign this for me please, both of you?

*Mitch hands over a dark “DANGER BOIZ” t-shirt to Dangerous Dan, who signs it with an amused expression on his face, before passing slowly across to Chris. Chris looks a little more bemused than his partner, and almost confused as he slowly signs his name, before looking up at Mitch, squinting.*

Crazy Chris: You’re a little... old... to be getting excited about two guys wrestling in tights every week aren’t you? I mean, I understand that we put on a great show week-in, week-out, but haven’t you got better things to be doing?

Mitch: (shrugs) I just really enjoy your work! I think you guys have a lot of potential, as long as you can avoid the backstage bull*bleep*.

Crazy Chris: You sound like you know a lot about what goes on around here… specially at the minute… anyway (turns to Chris) I’m off to get ready, can I leave this guy in your capable hands?

Dangerous Dan: (smiling) No worries bud, I’ve got it covered.

*The two share a quick high five, as Dan turns to watch Chris walk out of the room, going to get his gear. Then, he turns back towards his enthusiastic fan.*

Dangerous Dan: So, wha…

*Dan is cut abruptly short by the steel chair which has just met his face with a sickening impact, wielded by Mitch, who has apparently gone from enthusiastic to crazed. Dan crashes to the ground, already bleeding from the forehead, as Mitch tosses the chair aside and kneels down at Dangerous Dan’s head.*

Mitch: Pfft… you guys need to learn not to trust everything that you hear. Perhaps you think that by telling yourself you’re the greatest tag team ever, you’ll eventually convince yourself it’s true. Well you’re nothing but suicidal trapeze artists, you hear me? You want to mix it up with the big boys? Why don’t you try a former CWF Tag Team Champion on for size? The Blue Scorpion, Dan, remember that name. From the CWF, who are revolutionizing the sport of professional wrestling. And next week, I’m gonna step into that ring and show you how we treat people who run their mouth in the CWF. (Scorpio stands) Until then, I’d keep your mouth shut (Scorpio stomps violently down on Dan’s mouth.) to make sure you don’t get in any more trouble.

*Mitch, aka The Blue Scorpion, leaves the scene quickly, walking past some of the GCWA crew. They come running in, seeing Dangerous Dan laid out, and call for the medics, as we head to break.*

*Backstage we see Crazy Chris, returning from grabbing something to eat. We can see is pumped about his upcoming match. Suddenly a worker runs up to Chris. He is out of breath from running. *

Worker: Chris, you have to come quick. Dan’s been attacked!

Crazy Chris: What? Where is he?

Worker: In your locker room!

*Chris picks up his pace and begins running towards the locker. Inside he finds medics checking on Dangerous Dan. He runs over to his brother’s side. *

Crazy Chris: Dan, are you okay? What happened? Who did this to you?

*The medics place Dan on the stretcher and begin to strap him in. *

Crazy Chris: Dan, wake up? Are you okay?

*Dan, weak, opens his eyes. *

Dangerous Dan: Chris?

Crazy Chris: Who did this to you?

*Dan has enough energy to tell his brother who attacked him. *

Dangerous Dan: Blue Scorpion.

*The medics finally strap Dan in and begin to wheel him out of the locker room. Chris follows as the roll Dangerous Dan inside the ambulance. With his upcoming match, Chris is helpless as he watches the ambulance drive off with his brother.*

Jones: Man! Blue Scorpion just did a number on one of our most popular wrestlers, Dangerous Dan!

Logan: We REALLY need to boost up security around here. I mean, this just can’t keep happening, Jonesy!

Jones: Looks like we’re not done with it, either, Anthony, as Crazy Chris is on his way out here!

*Chris beings to head back down the hallway as he makes his way to the entrance ramp. His music hits and he makes his way down the ramp. Inside the ring, Chris grabs a microphone and stands in the center of the ring.*

Jones: The Television Champion looks absolutely steamed!

Logan: Man, I hope this doesn’t throw off his focus too badly for the fight later on tonight to unify the belts!

*Chris enters inside the ring and grabs a microphone. *

Crazy Chris: Cut the damn music! Blue Scorpion, you want to come around here pretend to be a fan, and then stab us in the back by attack Dan? No I don’t think so. You did do something smart though; you waited until I left the room before you attacked him. You knew I would have kicked your ass, but at the same time you weren’t man enough to start something with me in the room. So, Blue Scorpion you want to make a statement? Well you made a statement on the wrong people. You want to get your hands on one of us and try to take us out, well next week, you get your chance. I hereby make the challenge on his behalf; you and Dan one on one. Show these people you have the balls to do something in the ring. Bring it Scorpion. See you next week!

*Chris throws the microphone down and exits the ring. Furious, he makes his way back up the ramp and heads back to the back.*

Logan: So next week, Dangerous Dan will be in action against the CWF’s own Blue Scorpion! Woo-wee, that’s going to be good one!

Jones: Assuming that Dangerous Dan isn’t too badly hurt, Anthony! But we’ll see what happens there!

* As Crazy Chris departs, we once again head backstage, where Angelica is shown sitting in a locker room, the shot eliciting a cheer from the attending fans at seeing one of GCWA’s newest superstars. There’s a smile that seems to show contentment on her face that betrays her thoughts as she leans her head back and tries to take stock of recent events. She sighs briefly and lowers her head as there’s a knock at the door. He gaze turns towards it and after a brief look of pain a smile emerges as she sees the man standing there.*

Angelica: I was wondering how long it would take you to show up.

*There’s a mixed response of cheers, jeers and silence as the camera shows CWF superstar, and Angelica’s former CWF Tag Team Championship partner, Chris Andrews. He’s leaning in the doorway with his usual TV smile that exists in a spectrum somewhere between patronizing and sincere. A pair of shades hang from the heck hole of a well worn AC/DC t-shirt and his shoulder length black hair catches the gleams of the unflattering lights above the two.*

Chris Andrews: What? You thought I’d just disappear in the midst of this storm?

Angelica: Well, no, but you could have called.

Chris Andrews: Well I did tell you I was going on vacation for a while. I was trying to cut myself off from the biz as best I could, you know, actually take some time to relax for a change.

Angelica: So? It doesn’t mean that you should not call your friend to let them know how you are.

*He says nothing.*

Angelica: Where did you end up going anyway?

Chris Andrews: I’m doing a tour actually, went back to Belgium and Germany again. Went back to England, quickly got depressed, left again, I even had a stupid idea and went to Massacre a couple of weeks ago when I got back to the states.

Angelica: Oh…

Chris Andrews: Which reminds me… A gift from our Wonderland friend.

*Chris leans down behind the wall for a moment and picks up a small cellophane package with a big red and white polka dotted bow. Inside the package resides five or so chocolate chip cookies. Angelica smiles and admires the package for a moment and the two of them hug briefly as old friends do.*

Angelica: Thanks Miss O for me would you?

*She says as the two release and she sets the small package down.*

Chris Andrews: I’ll give Omega a call as soon as I’m out of the building. And before I forget, did you hear that some of your new colleagues have been proclaiming themselves as the best tag team, like, ever? Apparently Rish is sending Scorpio to deal with them.

Angelica: Typical Rish what a…

Chris Andrews: …Well the Demons did beat us.

Angelica: The Demon’s got lucky at Genesis and you know it.

Chris Andrews: Hard to say… But the fact remains that we lost.

Angelica: Anyway, we both know who the real best team is. Why don’t you help me show them?

*Chris tilts his head and adopts a puzzled expression.*

Angelica: Come on Chris, come join GCWA, we could take this tag division easily!

Chris Andrews: I… It would be nice to have our team back together again. But I thought you joined to get a shot at some singles gold?

Angelica: What? You could do it in CWF but I can’t do it here?

Chris Andrews: Ah, touché.

Angelica: But come on Chris! We could have some fun and have a laugh like the old days. You could finally be rid of Bob too, before he tries to kiss you.

Chris Andrews: Actually that would be nice, half my fan base thinks I’m gay now you know?

Angelica: Yeah, sorry about that, I started that rumour.

Chris Andrews: Ah, so that was what you meant at Genesis when you said you’d get me back. Well played Silly, well played.

Angelica: So you will join?

*She seems excited for a moment although it quickly fades as he remains silent.*

Chris Andrews: I best go, my vacation calls and I hear that CWF wrestlers who turn up at GCWA shows have a habit of getting beaten up. I’d like to leave before that happens to me, I don’t need to spend the rest of my time off in a hospital thanks. I was actually going to head to Memphis, Tennessee tomorrow, check out the zoo, maybe head to the Hooters nearby and start trying to squash this rumour about me being gay.

*He smiles before the two of them share a chuckle and one more brief hug to say goodbye before he turns to leave. He’s barely out of the door before Angelica’s words stop him, his head turning back towards her, quickly being joined by the rest of him as he turns back to face her, not daring to step any closer.*

Angelica: Chris… Aren’t you going to ask me?

Chris Andrews: Ask you what Silly?

Angelica: Why I left CWF?

Chris Andrews: I’m not your keeper Ang, you don’t have to explain yourself to me or anyone else, despite what your fans and the press keeps saying. You’re doing what you think is best for you and as long as you’re happy then I’m happy.

Angelica: I would be happier if we reformed the team.

Chris Andrews: Well, never say never silly. I’ll see you around… Enjoy the cookies.

*He steps away with a smile and leaves, leaving behind a smiling yet pensive and almost saddened Angelica and her cookies. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Man, Angelica’s been popular today, hasn’t she?

Jones: She’s definitely been a focal point towards CWF wrestlers taking a look inside the GCWA. She and Chris Andrews were a very good team over there, and it’d be a major coup to get both of them teaming up over here!

Logan: Yeah, but a lot of these guys seem to just want to visit, and, well, how are they all getting in? Who’s letting them through security?

Jones: Good question, Anthony. One that we may never know the answer to. Let’s get to our next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and is set for a 10-minute time limit. First, entering the arena, they are the team of Harvey Danger and the GCWA World Heavyweight champion Draco, here is D & D!

*”Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play over the speakers, bringing the fans to their feet to cheer on the legendary tag team as they walk out from behind the curtain. Draco looks as serious as ever with the World Title draped around his shoulder, while Harvey Danger follows him down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Draco slides into the ring and tests out the ropes, Harvey slaps a few outstretched hands from the sold-out crowd and enters the squared circle himself.*

Jones: This is sure to be a very interesting match, after Shane Donovan broke the sixth month long streak of Draco the man has been extremely quiet backstage.

Logan: I’m surprised that Draco even showed up to this match to be honest, things just haven’t been the same since Donovan returned and turned on his former stablemate. And their relationship didn’t get any better last Tuesday on CWF’s Massacre show!

Jones: On that show Shane Donovan represented GCWA against their World champion Jarvis King, but from the crowd came Draco with a steel chair. He didn’t even have to use the weapon however, as the distraction was more than enough for Jarvis to pick up the big win!

Logan: And you know that has heated Donovan up even more going into this tag team match, but the real question to be answered here is if he was able to find a partner?

Jones: We’re about to find out!

Minos: Minos: And their opponents, first is the man who ended Draco’s undefeated streak at the Warriors of the Ring IV pay per view, here is Shane Donovan!

*”Monster” by Skillet begins to play and a spotlight shines onto the entrance as pyrotechnics begin to shoot off the sides of the ramp. Shane Donovan steps out from behind the curtain with an arrogant smile on his face. The fans give the number one contender a loud reception of boos, but all of them watch on intently as he motions towards the back for his partner. The music switches over to “What It Is To Burn” by Finch, and out walks a beautiful woman wearing a mask with hair draped over it. Donovan smiles as he sees the woman, the two of them taunting the audience while strutting down the ramp.*

Minos: Minos: And his partner, coming from NLW, she is The Black Phoenix!

Jones: Another female competitor! Black Phoenix has a little history with some of the participants in this tag team match and will definitely change the game.

Logan: I was about to predict that the Big Bifford was going to come out as Shane Donovan’s partner, but I guess it’s apparent that those two men are far from friends on their quest to the World title.

Jones: Yeah, I don’t think Bifford and Donovan would make too great of a team. But it’ll be interesting to see what Black Phoenix can do in her GCWA debut!

*The bell rings.*

*Referee Rockwell checks both tag teams with any weaponry and signals for the match to begin, Black Phoenix and Harvey Danger meeting off in the center of the ring. Danger warily goes over to meet Black Phoenix as his cheeks begin to get red in a bit of fear, finally he gains enough courage to offer a friendly handshake to start off the contest. A sly smile comes across the face of the NLW femme fatale, she eyes up Harvey as sweat begins to drip down from his forehead. The Suicidal Firefly, Black Phoenix reaches out her arm but simultaneously shoots her boot out right into the gut of Harvey Danger. She raises her hands innocently after the crowd angrily boos her, grabbing ahold of the staggered over Harvey and swinging him over for a Spinning DDT!*

Jones: Harvey Danger trying to show off some good sportsmanship, but it just got him taken down for his troubles!

Logan: Harvey should have known that Black Phoenix didn’t come into this match to make friends, she has made a history of whooping Harvey Danger’s ass and if Harvey thought tonight would be any different then she just proved him wrong.

Jones: Harvey needs to get back on his feet and stand up to her, you can’t back down from a woman…even if she is over six foot tall!

*Black Phoenix reaches behind Harvey Danger and yanks him up to his feet, using her unique strength advantage to whip him hard into the ropes. Phoenix arches her arms out and catches Harvey in for a Fallaway Slam, but instead he quickly slides out of her arms and makes a run for the tag. Draco comes into the ring with his eyes pasted on Shane Donovan, only taking a second look towards Black Phoenix right before she levels him with a hard forearm smash to the face!*

Jones: Draco made a big mistake there by not taking his eyes off the Man Made Monster, and now Black Phoenix is in control!

Logan: I wouldn’t mind having her in control of me…

Jones: What are you trying to insinuate?

*Phoenix continues sending Draco backwards with an array of left and right jabs, finally causing the Hellacious One to fall down onto his knees. Draco attempts to fight back by jamming his shoulders into the stomach of Black Phoenix, but instead the Suicidal Firefly no-sells the damage and grabs onto the World champion to violently toss him across the ring with a Release Belly to Belly Suplex!! Phoenix hurriedly goes down to hook both legs of Draco for the cover….1... 2... and Draco gets his legs loose and kicks out!*

Jones: Black Phoenix has practically dominated this match since the start, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman the size of her!

Logan: Draco’s mind seems to be more on Shane Donovan than what’s going on inside the ring, if he doesn’t soon get his mind in the game we could easily see a big upset tonight!

Jones: Wow, now Phoenix is dragging the Hellacious One over to her corner and making the tag into Shane Donovan!

*Black Phoenix grabs onto the torso of Draco after making the tag over to Shane Donovan, holding onto him from behind as Shane levels into him with repeated and ravage right hands. Shane’s smirk widens with every blow to the face of his former D&D stablemate, his expression showing utter happiness as he assaults him. Referee Rockwell comes over and admonishes Black Phoenix, trying to pull her away from Draco but not having the strength to do so. After the count of four she finally lets go of her grasp, but Draco has taken more than enough damage from the punches from Shane Donovan and simply collapses to the canvas. Shane drags the World champion over to the ropes and ascends up onto the turnbuckle, climbing to the very top rope and leaping off to land a Flying Leg Drop directly into the throat of Draco. Shane Donovan immediately goes for the cover, ignoring the loud boos as the referee drops down…. 1... 2... But no Draco shoots his shoulder up to save himself from taking the defeat!*

Jones: I have to say that I really wondered how the team of Shane Donovan and Black Phoenix would work out, but they’re looked amazing so far in this match!

Logan: The team of D&D just aren’t what they used to be Jonesy, ever since Donovan turned his back on them and stabbed Draco in the back things have been falling apart for Draco.

Jones: That and he has been having very unfortunate personal problems, the man just doesn’t have a lot of good things going for him right now.

Logan: If he can get things turned around, a win tonight against his former best friend and arch nemesis could certainly help him get back on track!

*Shane Donovan doesn’t give Draco a chance to get back to his feet, instead going over and tagging Black Phoenix right back into the match. Donovan begins stomping down on the prone chest of the Hellacious One, before lifting him up to his feet and wrapping his right arm over Draco’s shoulder. Phoenix approaches the center of the ring and brushes off the referee, putting her own arm around the World champion and helping Shane Donovan lift him high into the air! The blood begins to drip downwards as Draco hangs upside down over six feet up, the seconds ticking away on him before he suddenly crashes down with a Double Brainbuster. Referee Rockwell finally gets control and has Shane Donovan exit the ring, but Draco seems to be severely hurt. Black Phoenix now scoops him up and tries to whip him into the ropes, but instead Draco reverses and sends the Suicidal Firefly headfirst into the turnbuckle! Draco now crawls on all fours to his corner, reaching out and making the tag to Harvey Danger!!*

Jones: And Harvey Danger is in!

Logan: Big deal, how well did Harvey fare the last time he was in the ring with Black Phoenix? You think things are going to be any different now?

Jones: At least he’s a much more fresh competitor! Black Phoenix looks like she may have hit pretty hard against the top of the steel turnbuckle, but wait…Shane Donovan now just tug himself back in!

*Shane and Harvey both enter the ring at the same time, the two men looking into each other’s eyes for a split second before coming to blows. Harvey Danger lands a European Uppercut that causes Shane Donovan to stumble backwards, but he comes right back with a right hook of his own. Shane then sends Harvey rushing across the ring with a whip, but isn’t ready for his return as his former stablemate runs him clean over with a Big Boot to the jaw. Harvey looks over to his corner and Draco is begging to be tug into the match, so he obliges and Draco sprints into the ring to mount himself atop of Shane to deliver rapid punches to the face. The number one contender tries to raise his forearm up to block the blows but it’s no use as Draco nails him time and again with straight punches. Draco pulls his former best friend up to his feet and cracks his own skull against his, now waning a bit after the head butt but instead topping Shane onto the turnbuckle. Draco then yanks him off as he jumps up, executing a perfect The Hellacious and holding on for the pinfall… 1... 2... 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winners, Harvey Danger and Draco!

Jones: Wow! I can’t believe that D&D came back after being dominated throughout most of the match, what a win that is for Draco!

Logan: He has definitely evened the odds after having his six month long streak ended at the hands of Shane Donovan, and now he has the momentum with their World Title Match less than a month away!

*Draco & Danger celebrate the win, moving away from Donovan, with Black Phoenix standing near him with an angry look on her face. Donovan is pulling himself up, clearly having a bad week in the wrestling business. We cut to the back, where we see the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris, getting on his title belt. He looks over his shoulder towards the empty locker room beyond him, probably thinking about his brother. Chris then heads out through the door. We cut to a different shot, this one showing the GCWA X Division Champion, Bucky Johnson, as he comes out of his own locker room and starts to head towards the ring. He takes a deep breath, as if calming himself, before continuing on his path towards the unification bout.*

Voice: Yo, retarded beastie boy!

*Startled, Bucky turns back and looks to his side, only to get smashed in the back with a chair shot!!! He falls to the ground, hurting, as the man wielding the chair stands over him. It’s the former World Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion! He smiles, dropping the chair to the side. The fans still appear to be torn, although boos definitely can be heard for the former fan favorite.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Oh, yeah, the spark is building, buddy boy!

*Ka’Derrion kicks Johnson in the side a few times, adding to the damage, before security runs up to block his way. Ka’Derrion immediately moves off, happy with what he’s done, as Johnson, hurting, tries to stand up. We fade to commercial.*

*We return from the break to what appears to be a shot of the boiler room of the GCWA Arena. You can see rats scatter around, then hear a heavy breathing from behind the camera. *

Voice - Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Accelerator... Your time is coming to an end. Your reign of terror. The way you handle yourself. It is all going to be over very soon. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...

*A figure walks from behind the camera. Twiztid now stands in view. The red glow from the lighting illuminating him. His face painted a pale white, his dark hair now starting to get longer as each week goes by. *

Twiztid - Listen to me closely, President. The time for fun and games. Running around, toying with you, it’s DONE. You wanted the wrath. You have pushed me, you have abused your power against me, and the other wrestlers here in the GCWA. I stand here, faced with the death of myself. But there isn't a grave that can hold my body down. The trumpets called. The angels flew to the site. And I was no longer there.

*Twiztid pauses to take a deep breath. *

Twiztid - Accelerator...You beat Arryk, so to speak. But I'm a different beast all together. Arryk Rage is dead. I slit his throat, and bathed in his blood. I sacrificed the man for the greater good. You... Accelerator... You are the next Sacrifice.... At Darkness Falls... One last carnage filled encounter. And yes, Accelerator... there will be blood....

*The camera cuts off just as quickly as it cut on.*

Jones: That Twiztid, man, he scares me every time I see him!

Logan: He’s definitely not the same personality as Arryk Rage. Twiztid’s shown in the past to be capable of anything. Now he’s saying that he’s going to sacrifice Ace at Darkness Falls? Does that mean we’ve got another match set?

Jones: Well, the Accelerator agreed to a match with Rage back at Wreck The Halls, only to have Rage immediately quit without fighting him.

Logan: Yeah, but that was Rage. This is Twiztid, a man who’s never quit in his life. We’ll have to see what the Accelerator’s response is to this.

Jones: We’ve got our main event to get to, or at least I hope we do! It’s been a violent night for both men in this one, so I can’t guarantee we’re going to see both of them out here!

Logan: Oh, they’ll be here. Neither wants a forfeit, that’s for sure.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a Championship Unification Match!!

*The crowd roars, knowing that they’re going to be watching history in the making.*

Logan: I don’t know why Ace decided to make this bout, but it’s definitely going to be a good one!

Jones: Yep, two proud championships are soon going to be worn by one person. Does that make it the Television X Division Championship? The X Television Championship?

Logan: I like the TVX Championship, myself.

Minos: Introducing first, he is a former 2-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion who is looking for his biggest victory of his young career tonight, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

*The crowd is cheering as a determined Crazy Chris comes out to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead. He looks intense, clearly still thinking about the violent attack on his brother, Dangerous Dan, earlier in the show.*

Jones: We saw the Danger Boiz back in the ‘hustling’ business this past week, earning some money to help pay off some debts.

Logan: Yeah, but it was never delivered, Jonesy, which could definitely spell trouble for the brothers in the future. Of course, that also means that they’ve still got $1,500 from the hustle, so the drinks are on them!

Jones: Not on Dan, remember, he got taken to the hospital earlier.

Logan: Oh, right. Damn, then the money’s going to health care. Bummer.

Minos: His opponent is a former Newcomer of the Month who has made a sizable impact on the GCWA. Standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, “The Retared Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*As “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem plays, the fans turn towards the entryway. After a few seconds, Johnson stumbles out, still looking to be in severe pain from that earlier assault from Marcus Ka’Derrion. He has a determined look on his face, though, as he moves slowly towards the squared circle.*

Jones: I hope Johnson’s able to fully compete after that chair shot he took!

Logan: It definitely has him at a disadvantage to begin this one, especially with so much on the line!

Jones: It makes you wonder if family men shouldn’t retire from the business, Anthony. I mean, Johnson learned this week that he’s got a kid on the way. Should he be more nervous now about getting badly injured or worse?

Logan: That’s all part of the risk inherent in the job, Jonesy. All he can do is hope for the best. Tonight, he’s got a real shot at increasing his paycheck. We’ll see if he’s able to pull through!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Johnson is in the ring now, still wincing as he tries to straighten his back. You can see Crazy Chris staring over at him, both with a look of sympathy in the eyes and the sign of anticipation in his body movements. In the center of the ring, Head Referee Bell holds up both belts, showing them to the crowd before moving to deposit them in a safe place outside the ring.*

Jones: The first Unification bout in the new GCWA’s history is about to go down!

Logan: One of these men will have the honor of holding two championships at the end of the night. Who will manage this historic feat?

*Johnson steps forward, stretching a little more but clearly prepared to begin the fight. He heads towards Chris, trying to grab him, but Chris is too fast, dodging the grasp. He moves around, staying away from the larger man as Johnson follows after him, wanting to grab hold. But Chris greets him with a series of punches, keeping the big man off-balance. Chris then goes to the ropes and comes back with an aimed dropkick, smashing Johnson in the side of the leg! Johnson stumbles away, his leg now hurting just like his back, which clearly has a chair-sized welt on it. Chris, seeing it, immediately gets back up and runs over, landing another dropkick, this one right at the center of the spot!! Johnson yells out and falls forward, into the ropes, laying over the second one. Chris, back on his feet, runs to the ropes and comes back with a 619, kicking Johnson off and back into the ring! Chris then uses the ropes to spring back in, landing a splash for a pinfall attempt… 1… 2… and Johnson kicks out.*

Logan: It’s pretty damn clear that Ka’Derrion’s assault has left Johnson in a bad way. I still don’t understand why Ka’Derrion has suddenly taken to attacking people, apparently at random!

Jones: Well, last week, he attacked Aaron Styles, and this week, he went after Johnson. Could he be going after people who were in the “Xscape” Match with him?

Logan: Y’know, I hadn’t thought of that. You’re a pretty smart guy sometimes, Jonesy.

Jones: I do my best.

*Johnson has rolled over to his stomach and is attempting to get up. But he’s moving too slowly, as Crazy Chris is already up on the turnbuckle. He leaps off, flying down with a double stomp to Johnson’s exposed back!! Johnson howls, definitely in agony, with who knows what kind of damage done to his back. It shows how much Crazy Chris truly wants the championship that he’s targeted the injury. Or maybe he’s picturing doing this to Blue Scorpion. Whatever the reason, Chris is on a rampage right now. He gets on top of Johnson, pulling his head back and applying a Camel Clutch to keep the stress on the back! Head Referee Bell is there, watching, as Johnson struggles not to give in to the pain and lose his championship. Bell leans in to ask, getting no response. Johnson’s concentrating more on not blacking out than answering.*

Jones: Can Johnson’s back handle any more punishment??

Logan: He’s definitely in a bad way, Edds! Crazy Chris is taking full advantage of the circumstances to dominate him at the moment!

Jones: He may have the two championships in hand soon!

*Crazy Chris continues to apply the Camel Clutch, but his inexperience with the hold is showing, as his hands keep slipping off. This gives Johnson the opportunity to struggle against him, managing to pull free and throw Chris aside! Crazy Chris gets right back to his feet as Johnson rises, charging at him, but Johnson immediately drops the shoulder, sending Chris flipping over him and crashing to the mat! The Television Champion gets right back up, but not quickly enough, as Johnson latches onto him from behind and takes him down with a spinning backbreaker, laying him out!! Johnson, groaning himself from the exertion, nonetheless pulls himself together and rolls over to make the cover, trying to hold Chris down with his weight. Head Referee Bell is there… 1… 2… but Crazy Chris gets the shoulder up, continuing the match.*

Jones: Despite his injury, Bucky Johnson isn’t going down without a fight!

Logan: Yeah, but how many more moves can he land? The guy can barely stand!

Jones: I don’t think he cares about the pain, Anthony! He’s focused on the win, putting the pain aside for now!

*Bucky hauls himself up, his back feeling like it’s on fire. But it hasn’t stopped him from going back after Crazy Chris, as he grabs the smaller man from behind and applies a sleeper! Johnson works to hang on, with Chris immediately jumping up and down, trying to break free. But Johnson has a good grip in place, and Chris starts to falter, dropping to one knee as all the oxygen is taken from his lungs. Head Referee Bell moves in to check the arm, lifting it up once, twice… but on the third time, Crazy Chris keeps it in the air, showing that he’s still in the fight! Johnson tries to tighten his grip, but the fired-up Chris lands an elbow to his ribs, then drops with a jawbreaker, stunning both men but also freeing Chris from the X Division Champion’s grasp!*

Logan: Both men are giving their all in this one! Injuries or not, they both know the stakes, and neither one is backing down!

Jones: We expected a great main event, and it looks like we’re getting it!

*Johnson is the first one up, but just barely, as Crazy Chris is rising as well. The X Division Champion, rubbing his sore back, turns around and sees Chris moving away from him, towards the ropes. Johnson follows, trying to grab Chris before he can turn around. But Chris is ready, suddenly spinning and giving Johnson a legsweep that drops him, once again, throat first across the ropes! Chris then runs, going for another 619, but he goes to the well one too many times, as Johnson twists out of the way of the move. Johnson then wraps up Chris with both hands and lifts him up for a fireman’s carry slam!! Oh, but Johnson’s back doesn’t take the weight, with Bucky forced to drop Chris back down due to the pain. Chris immediately responds with a fameasser, planting Johnson in the ring! The Television Champion then heads for the turnbuckle, climbing up, as Johnson tries to recover. He gets up, but Crazy Chris is already in mid-air, scoring the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! Johnson’s flat on his back, with Chris immediately making the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion as well as the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

Jones: He does it!! Crazy Chris has finally won the X Division Championship, uniting it with the Television Championship!

Logan: Yeah, Johnson tried to make a comeback, but his back was just too much of a hindrance. Unfortunately for him, Ka’Derrion picked him out for an assault tonight, and it had a major effect on our main event!

Jones: Still, Crazy Chris shouldn’t feel any shame in his victory. He earned it, tearing down Bucky Johnson after getting the win over Robert Santana last week. It’s been a hell of a month for the Crazy one!

Logan: You can bet he’s going to be celebrating all the way over to the hospital to see his brother!

Jones: What a night! We’ll see you guys next week!

*Chris is shown, raising up both championships in the air. Two weeks ago, he had no gold to his name, and now, back-to-back championship victories. He’s definitely ecstatic. Behind him, Johnson is still down, struggling to get up. Head Referee Bell signals for a medic to come down and check out his back, to make sure that there is no permanent damage there. The fans are chanting Chris’ name as we slowly fade out to darkness.*

OOC: Thanks heavily goes out to J. Rish, who stepped in at the eleveth hour to write the tag-team bout for me. Without him, I don't know where this card would be, as I only managed to finish up my portion with only a short time left before I had to run to Opening Night!

Here's what I've come up with for next week's card:

- Justin Hale vs. The Little Guy

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Aaron Styles

- Angelica vs. Robert Santana

- Dangerous Dan vs. Blue Scorpion, GCWA/CWF 'Super' Match

- Biffarachnephobia(c) vs. D & D (Draco & Harvey Danger), GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match (3 rps per team)

Roleplaying will be from Friday, February 19th to Thursday, February 25th (I'm tacking on an extra day due to how late this is going up), giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

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