GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*As the last show ends, showing you all the writers, producers, and grips that made it all happen, the screen fades out. After a second, dramatic music begins to play, with still shots of various wrestlers flashing onto the screen, only staying a second or so before blinking out again.*

Voice: There…

*The shots start to come at a greater frequency, showcasing all of the wrestlers who participated in the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament.*

Voice: … can be…

*The shots begin to change, showing the wrestlers not in poses, but laid out on the mat. One by one, they fall away, disappearing from the screen.*

Voice: … only one.

*Left on the screen, we see four men: Dangerous Dan, Robert Santana, The Lost Soul, and The Big Bifford. Clips start to play from the matches that took place at the pay-per-view. All four are showcased, landing big moves and nearly winning it all. We see The Lost Soul take out Dangerous Dan with the Soul Buster, and The Big Bifford taking out Robert Santana with the Biff End, leaving only the two. They’re shown facing off, and the biggest moments of their match are shown (usually freezing just before we can see the impact of the move). We also see Arachne, showing his involvement in the match. The last show shows Bifford taking TLS down with the Biff End. We see Biffarachnephobia celebrating together as the shot slowly fades out.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The place is going wild, with the sold-out audience screaming their heads off from all sections of the arena floor. One man is quickly focused on, holding up a sign that reads “Bifford is a WAH-YAH!!!” We pan through other cheering fans, although it’s notable that one fan’s shirt (presumably a CWF brand t-shirt) is blurred out on the telecast. After showing a few more fan signs, we head to the announce table.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Friday Night Inferno!! We’re coming off a major high as we just had our first GCWA pay-per-view of the year, Warriors of the Ring IV! It was a hell of a night, Anthony!

Logan: Damn straight it was, Jonesy! We crowned our fourth Warrior of the Ring, none other than The Big Bifford! We also shockingly saw Shane Donovan end the 6-month winning streak of our World Heavyweight Champion, Draco!

Jones: That was incredible, plus we have a new X Division Champion in Bucky Johnson, his first ever championship reign in the GCWA!

Logan: It was great to see Bucky step up and earn himself some gold! Then, of course, we had the shocking debut of former CWF wrestler Angelica, and yes, pun intended!

Jones: Angelica surprisingly came in and electrocuted both Arryk Rage and Grimm, and we’re told that Grimm is still in the hospital, having landed first on the damaging electric connections! We’ll hopefully hear more about Angelica’s surprising jump to the GCWA later tonight.

Logan: Honestly, if you missed this show, how can you call yourself a wrestling fan?? You need to go order it and watch it off of your local pay-per-view provider! Right now! This instant!

Jones: Hold on, Anthony, if they go watch it now, then they miss our live Inferno show!

Logan: Oh… well, can’t they DVR this show, and come back and watch it later?

Jones: I suppose, but do we get credit for that in the ratings?

Logan: Hell, I have no idea. I’ve taken too many hits to the head to be able to understand that system. Alright, folks, fine, go order it after this show. But you definitely don’t want to miss it!

Jones: Well, you don’t want to miss our show tonight, either, as we’re featuring some great matches! We are going to see the debuts of Justin Hale and Angelica, and we’ve also got a championship on the line in our main event, as former Television Champion (and record holder) Crazy Chris will take on the current Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana, in what is sure to be a great contest!

Logan: Chris and Santana have faced off in the past, and they’ve always delivered some tremendous match-ups! Tonight should be no exception!

Jones: We’ve got a lot to get to tonight, so sit back and fasten your safety belts, because we’re going to be going pretty fast!

Logan: Crank it up to 11, and let’s get going!

*”Gangsta's Paradise” by Coolio starts playing and the curtain parts (hugely) to accomodate The Big Bifford, stepping out onto the ramp. As the big man walks down to the ring the fans cheer loudly.*

Minos: Here is the 2010 WARRIOR OF THE RING, The Big Bifford!

Jones: And here we go, kicking off the show with the tournament winner! The Big Bifford has to be on top of the world, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, you’d think so… but he sure doesn’t look that thrilled to me, Jonesy!

Jones: I wonder what’s wrong? He just had the biggest victory of his GCWA career last week!

Logan: Maybe the buffet was closed?

*Bifford walks quickly, with an unhappy look on his face, and climbs into the ring. He looks at Minos and grabs the microphone away from him, then makes a signal to the camera to cut the music. *

The Big Bifford: Cut the music.. turn that freaking noise off... And will all of you out there in the crowd shut the hell up.

*The crowd stops cheering, confused as to why the crowd-favorite is acting in such a way. *

Jones: Did Bifford just tell the crowd to shut up??

Logan: Man, what’s eating him?

The Big Bifford: I just got out of a meeting with Ace. And yes, I am the fourth ever Warrior of the Ring... Yes, I have stood in - and destroyed - the shoes that Derek Mobley stood in last year, but that doesn't matter. The contract from Donovan vs. Draco from last Sunday clearly states that Donovan is the current #1 Contender. I'm not. So really, Derek Mobley and I are not at the same place, despite us winning the same tournament.

Logan: Wait a second, Bifford isn’t the #1 Contender??? What the hell!!

Jones: I, ummm, I’m sure the President has a good reason for his decision…

Logan: Bifford won the damn WOTR, Jonesy! He’s guaranteed a title shot! I mean, yeah, Donovan got an upset win over Draco, but… damnit!

*The fans pop for Bifford, but then start booing at his announcements. *

The Big Bifford: The difference is that Derek Mobley was World Champion when the tournament was done... I'm not. And do I get a shot at the next pay per view? NO! I don't!

*The fans begin to boo. *

The Big Bifford: Little Shaggy Donovan, the official hobgoblin of GCWA, is the number one contender for the World Title. As I've said before, Donovan isn't even a wrestler... He's just a fan that somehow found his way backstage and has stayed back there ever since. Did he work his way through a tournament to deserve a world title shot? Nope... He won a mediocre match at the Warriors of the Ring pay-per-view and is going on to headline another pay-per-view. That's fine, though. I'm not bitter. I won a huge tournament. In the beginning there were lots of guys, but at the end it was just me and The Lost Soul, and then there was just me. Really, with the situation of the World Title being fought over by two jokes, the title of Warrior of the Ring is the closest thing this federation has to something worth competing for right now. So I'm going to put it up in a match at the next pay-per-view.

*The fans cheer a bit for that, half confused over what's going on. *

Jones: He’s putting up what?

Logan: His title, Jonesy!

Jones: The World Tag-Team Titles?

Logan: No, I think he means his actual title that he just earned, being called Warrior of the Ring!

The Big Bifford: Yes, the title of Warrior of the Ring will "someday" allow me to challenge for the World Title... whenever our wonderful President - WHO FEARS ME - allows it.. And so I will defend the title of Warrior of the Ring as if it were a championship until I get to claim my prize and get my title shot. And that also means that if I lose it, I will not get my title shot. Whoever takes the title of Warrior of the Ring from me will get the title shot.

*Bifford smirks as the crowd reacts with confusion over his announcements. *

The Big Bifford: So who will I defend the Warrior of the Ring title against first? A man who has had a shot at the World Title before, and lost. You know how many World Title matches I've had since coming to GCWA? None. But HE has. Despite the fact that he's lost an unbelievable 19 matches since coming to GCWA he apparently "deserved a title shot." Despite the fact that he's lost to Scott Caine, who I've beaten, he deserved a shot at the World Title. Despite the fact that he's lost to Robert Santana, who I've also defeated, he deserve a title shot. Despite the fact that he's lost to Harvey Danger, who has lost to me, he deserved a title shot. He's also lost to Arachne and The Lost Soul - and guess what, I've beaten them both twice. He lost his title match to Lurrr who, I've beaten before a few times too. DANGEROUS DAN, YOU STUPID PIECE OF CRAP, I'M GOING TO FIGHT YOU AT THE NEXT PAY-PER-VIEW AND I'M GOING TO END YOU! I'm going to put an end to your career and put an end to your life. And if I don't manage to beat you, after you've lost to so many second-tier losers in this federation, I don't deserve to be Warrior of the Ring.

*The crowd boos Bifford for his comments on Dan. *

Jones: If this keeps up, Bifford’s going to use the admiration of the fans!

Logan: These guys love Dangerous Dan, and have been supporting him ever since he came to the GCWA. But The Big Bifford has had a hatred of Dan for almost that long, and I guess he finally wants to finish things with him, once and for all!

The Big Bifford: Dangerous Dan, when we wrestle, it's going to be epic because it's going to be the end of this feud between us. If I pin you, and trust me I will, I never want to see your stupid face in front of me in this ring again. And if you win, well, you'll get a chance to wrestle against whichever one of the Emo Brothers called D&D is the World Champion after their lame main-event match. But if I beat you, I'll go on to fight one of those idiotic goth teenagers and I'll turn them into bloody rags of human goo and take that World Title and make it mean something again. That belt meant something when it was on a legacy like Marcus Ka'Derrion!!! That belt meant something when it was around the waist of an amazing talent like Derek the Mobley!!! That Championship was prestigious when it was on Lurrr's shoulder - a shoulder that has held titles of bigger and better organizations than this one...

*The fans boo Bifford even more for disrespecting GCWA, though not as loud as you'd think, most of them sympathizing with Bifford being "screwed" out of his title fight. *

The Big Bifford: Right now that title means nothing - watching Draco vs. Donovan is like watching the movie Twilight over and over again.

*The fans laugh and cheer at Bifford's insults. *

The Big Bifford: Y'all hated that movie too, right?

*The fans cheer Bifford. *

The Big Bifford: When I saw Arachne throw that loser actor from Twilight out of the Righteous Rumble I was so damn happy because I hate him and his stupid movie.

*The fans start cheering for Bifford more enthusiastically. *

Logan: I gotta admit, I still laugh when I think about Robert Pattison coming into the Rumble like he deserved to be there, and getting chucked out on his ass!

Jones: Being a celebrity certainly doesn’t mean you’re going to get the celebrity treatment when you come to the GCWA!

The Big Bifford: And so, YES I AM THE WARRIOR OF THE RING! But I might not be forever. For, as long as the World Title is being fought over by Shaggy Donovan and Dracula I'll give you matches that you can be interested in! And it all starts at the pay per view: The Big Bifford vs. Dangerous Dan for the title of Warrior of the Ring IV. And Dan, you'd better bring your A-Game... because losing to people like Scott Caine and The Lost Soul is not your A-Game. It's showing that you're a D-List wrestler and that you don't belong in the ring with men like me. It shows that you're nothing.

*Bifford looks right into the camera. *

The Big Bifford: And Draco..... I hope you beat Shaggy Donovan, because when you do, I'm coming for you. And I'll show you what a challenger who's earned a title-shot legitimately can do to a paper-champion like you. So go fight your little partner in emo crime. Enjoy the easy match. Our match won't be easy. It'll be hell. It'll be like when you accidentally touch the top of a stove with your finger, except you won't be able to pull your hand back. The burning and the fire lasts forever when you're in hell, Draco.

*Bifford shoves the camera away and climbs out of the ring, dropping the microphone with a loud thud. He walks to the backstage with no music playing, the guys in the back afraid to play the "noise" as Bifford called it at the beginning of his rant. The crowd watches, in almost stunned silence, after hearing Bifford's serious tone.*

Logan: Man… that was not at all what I was expecting at the beginning of the show!

Jones: The Big Bifford feels like he’s been given a raw deal, Anthony.

Logan: And can you blame him? There must be something screwy in those contracts for this to happen. Hopefully, later on tonight, someone will explain it to us.

Jones: So The Big Bifford has called out Dangerous Dan. Will he accept another opportunity to be the Warrior of the Ring? I guess we’ll find out!

*The crowd is still rumbling about what just happened, each having their own personal opinion of what the decision means. We cut away from the ringside area and head backstage, inside the Presidential office, where the Accelerator has been watching The Big Bifford’s speech. He shakes his head, smiling.*

The Accelerator: Ahh, Bifford. Blaming me for your own contractual inadequacies. Oh well.

*The door swings open, and the GCWA Head of Security, Reed M. Shin, comes walking in. He has a stern look on his face as he stands in front of the President’s desk, waiting for the reason he had been called in.*

The Accelerator: About time you got here, Reed. I wanted to make sure that you have got the security in position for tonight?

Reed M. Shin: I always have Security in good shape, Mr. President, and I am insulted by the implication that it wouldn’t be!

The Accelerator: Alright, Reed, don’t get your undies in a twist. It’s just, after the pay-per-view, and after Arryk Rage and Shane Donovan decided to make unscheduled appearances at the CWF event on Tuesday, I want to make sure we’re prepared for anything.

*The President gets up and walks away, looking to the right at the board that has the listings of all scheduled matches. He has a contemplative look on his face.*

The Accelerator: Something’s in the wind, Reed. A new energy is in the air, ever since Angelica showed up at Warriors of the Ring IV. I don’t know what to make of it yet, but it could be very good for us… or very bad.

*Reed rolls his eyes behind the President’s back, wondering if the old man is finally starting to lose it. Luckily for him, Ace doesn’t see it. He’s too busy thinking about what’s to come.*

The Accelerator: Just have your men keep an eye out, Reed. Let me know if anything… unusual happens.

Reed M. Shin: Whatever you say, boss.

*Reed turns and leaves, just wanting to get back to his job of coordinating Security. The Accelerator turns and watches him go, still with a thoughtful look on his face. He walks over to his desk and looks at a file that’s laying on it. Attached to the file is a picture of J. Rish, the owner of the CWF. The Accelerator opens the file and starts reading, something he has already done a few times, as the picture slowly fades out.*

*We return from the break to ring side, focusing in on Anthony Logan and Edward Jones.*

Jones: It’s about time to get to the wrestling action! We’ve got four great matches scheduled for you guys tonight, and time’s awasting! We… what?

*Jones turns away for a moment, putting his hand to his ear to hear through the headset better. Anthony, realizing that Jones left the fans hanging, tries to jump in to help out.*

Logan: Next up, fans, we have –

Jones: Logan, sorry to cut you off but I'm getting word, there's some kind of disturbance in the back, hopefully we can get a camera crew to -

*We cut to the backstage area, the back end of the arena. As we come closer two figures can be seen, making their way swiftly through the building. One is tall, male, dressed solidly in black, a red omega symbol across the left of his chest. The second is smaller, female, dressed improbably in a beige trenchcoat and a thick set of glasses affixed to a false moustache. They make their way through the building, seemingly oblivious to the stares and expressions of shock from GCWA staff members.*

Logan: That's...that's... Jones: Elijah! And Omega! From the CWF! What the hell are they doing here? Can we get security down there?

*As we follow them two of them through the building, Omega grabs a passing staff member by the collar and flips out a photo from her pocket, the false glasses perched precariously on her nose. *

Omega: You! Where is Jellybaby?

Staff member: What, I -

Omega: Don't play dumb with me kid, I know all about dumb, I was dumb when other kids were barely past simple. Now listen and listen good cos this is only coming once: Jellybaby. Don't pretend you don't know. Where is she?

Staff member: I don't -


Staff member: I...that way!

*The GCWA staffer points down the corridor and takes advantage of Omega's temporary distraction to make a run for it. Omega slips her arm into that of Elijah and the two of them make their way down the corridors of the arena, stopping by locker rooms from time to time. *

Omega: You could have at least made an effort to come in disguise. They'll catch us in an instant like this.

Elijah: I suspect a disguise would have done little to mask our presence here, my love. We do have something of a skill in bringing attention to ourselves.

Omega: What do you mean, daddio?

*Elijah doesn’t bother to explain, as the two walk off down the hall, still in search of “Jellybaby”. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: So we have two more CWF wrestlers here tonight!! Elijah and Omega are here looking for someone! But who?

Jones: If you watched your CWF television, Anthony, you’d know that “Jellybaby” is Omega’s name for Angelica!

Logan: They’re here to see Angelica? But why?

Jones: Who knows? You can bet security is already filing a full report with the Accelerator, so we’ll see what comes of this! For now, we’ve been on the air for a while, and we haven’t had a single wrestling match! It’s time that was changed! Minos, take it away!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Coming to the ring, he is making his debut in the GCWA here tonight, standing 6’3” and weighing 240 lbs, from San Bernadino, California, here is Justin Hale!

*The crowd reacts quietly, still not sure what to make of this new wrestler, as “Place For My Head” by Linkin Park starts to play. Justin Hale walks confidently out of the back, stopping on the edge of the ramp to look around in both directions. He laughs to himself and continues down, looking a little bit hyper.*

Jones: I wonder how many cups of coffee Justin had before this match?

Logan: He looks pretty wired, doesn’t he? But for some people, that’s how they focus.

Jones: Yeah, but we won’t have time for a restroom break if this match goes on for too long.

Logan: Man… I hadn’t thought of that… hopefully, it won’t be a problem. Someone tell Aaron to stay away from the gut, if he doesn’t want it to get messy!

Minos: His opponent has been with the GCWA for months now, and is looking to get himself pointed in the right direction towards stardom… standing 6’8” and weighing 285 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!

*As “New Divide” by Linkin Park plays, Styles comes out, heading towards the ring. He looks like he might still be angry from this past weekend at the pay-per-view, where he came very close to becoming the X Division Champion. As soon as he reaches the apron, he pulls himself up, stepping over the ropes to enter the ring.*

Jones: Styles was really the surprise of the “Xscape” Match at Warriors of the Ring, Anthony. He did a lot of destruction in a short amount of time!

Logan: Yeah, his double chokeslam of Marcus Ka’Derrion and Harvey Danger was awesome, as was his launching Mr. Excellent through the cage. But in the end, there was just one person too many.

Jones: He cleared the way for Bucky Johnson to win the title, and I’m sure that’s eating away at him. But a win tonight would put Styles right back on track, and maybe get him that rematch with Bucky in the future.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Mitchell waves the two men on, ready to start the contest. Styles immediately moves after Hale, trying to grab him, but Hale quickly darts out of the way. Hale then swings backwards, catching Styles in the back with an back-handed swing. Styles straightens up and turns, barely acknowledging the shot, and Hale’s smile fades a little. He steps in, throwing a right hand, but Styles blocks it easily, then grabs Hale by the hair and gives him a headbutt, sending Hale to the ground! Hale rolls over, holding his head and trying to crawl backwards away from Styles, but the big man doesn’t let him get far, grabbing hold. He picks Hale up and gives him a couple of punches under the chin, staggering him. Styles then grabs hold of Hale and sets him in position for a powerbomb! But Hale frantically fights free, managing to drop to the mat and roll away, getting out of the ring! He stands there, looking more than a little shocked, even as Styles watches him with dark eyes.*

Jones: Looks like Hale was expecting an easier beginning to this contest, but Styles is in a dangerous mood tonight.

Logan: Styles can take a lot of punishment. He’s shown that in the past. Hale will need a gameplan to take this mammoth wrestler down.

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. Hale doesn’t look like the type to plan out a gameplan. He seems like a “seat of the pants” kind of wrestler.

*Hale is still on the outside, as if contemplating whether or not it would be worth it to go back inside or not. Referee Mitchell is counting away, but this doesn’t appear to have an effect on Hale’s decision. What does have an effect is Styles, who pushes Mitchell out of the way and goes to the ropes, stepping over them and going after his foe! Hale, seeing the big man coming, turns and runs, heading around the ring, with Styles in hot pursuit. The larger wrestler is gaining, but Hale runs around a corner and slides back into the ring under the bottom rope. As Styles grabs at the ropes and climbs up, still following, Hale jumps to the side, using the ropes to get a springboard dropkick and send Styles back off the apron! Styles crashes to the outside, with Hale immediately raising his hands as if in victory! He turns to the ref, telling him to count quickly and give Hale the victory he ‘deserves’.*

Logan: Hale got a good move there, using trickery to take Styles down, but it takes more than one move to win here in the GCWA!

Jones: It looks like, as much as Hale wants it, this match is going to continue!

*Hale’s urging referee Mitchell to count faster, but Styles is already up, looking very annoyed. He grabs at the ropes, pulling himself into the ring, with Hale angrily going past the referee and stomping furiously away on the big man. He keeps Styles down for a few seconds, hammering away at him. Styles, though, takes a swing with his arm, brushing Hale and causing him to stumble away, off-balance. Styles starts to get up, straightening himself, as Hale hits the ropes and runs back with a spear!! Both wrestlers crash to the ground, with Hale making the cover and hanging onto the legs… 1… 2.. and Styles kicks free, not staying down. Hale is immediately back on top of him, punching away with closed fists, ignoring the ref’s warnings. He throws his hair out of his eyes, getting fired up.*

Jones: I have to admit, Hale’s not looking too bad in there so far.

Logan: He’s certainly doing better than some other rookies we’ve had in the GCWA.

Jones: At the very least, he’s no Mon-E.

Logan: Hey, now, don’t take the name of Mon-E in vain. That man was hilarious!

Jones: Ok, ok, sorry.

*Hale has pulled Styles to his feet now, working him over in the corner. He grabs his arm and goes to pull him out, but Styles hangs on, refusing to go. Hale tries again, with the same result. Hale then responds by kicking Styles in the stomach twice, which finally gets him to release his grip. Hale, still holding onto his opponent’s arm, pulls him away to whip him towards the other side. But Styles hangs on, stopping his momentum and instead pulling Hale towards him. Before the startled wrestler can do anything to protect himself, Styles grabs hold, lifting Hale over his head with a gorilla press and throwing him down with a huge slam from seven feet up!! Hale, in a great deal of pain, rolls himself over and gets up, but he staggers right into a big boot from Styles, planting him on his back! Styles steps over and makes the cover, grabbing Hale’s legs, as Referee Mitchell dives in to do his job… 1… 2… but Hale shoots his shoulder up, avoiding the loss.*

Jones: The power of Styles is unquestioned, as even someone the size of Hale is getting thrown around easily!

Logan: It’s hard to fight someone who has that much strength. My brother’s like that, so that gives me some practice at facing the big guys. I don’t know how much experience Hale has.

Jones: Well, right now, he’s getting all the experience he could want and then some!

*Styles is back on his feet, reaching down to grab at Hale and try and pull him up by the hair. Referee Mitchell isn’t pleased with that, but Styles isn’t inclined to be told what to do right now. He grabs Hale by the throat, taking him over to the corner and choking him down!! Hale is desperately reaching for aid, trying to get free, as Referee Mitchell starts to count, getting to a four count before Styles breaks the hold… then immediately reapplies it, again holding onto the choke! Referee Mitchell’s count is going again, but this time Hale’s the one to break it up, reaching up and sticking a thumb into Styles’ eye! The big man steps back, blinded, which allows Hale to breathe for a moment. He gets up on the second turnbuckle, then jumps off, going for a double axehandle, but Styles catches him in midair by the throat, lifting him up and landing the Touchdown!!!! Styles drops for the cover, looking pretty confident, as referee Mitchell makes the count… 1… 2… and Mitchell stops, seeing that Hale’s foot is on the ropes!*

Jones: Wow, I thought that was it!

Logan: Hale just barely manages to save himself, by knowing where he was in the ring! Despite his appearance, the guy actually has some wrestling instincts. Good to know!

Jones: Still, he’s in pretty bad shape right now. He needs a turnaround, fast!

*Styles is upset with the referee, arguing with him, as Hale pulls himself painfully onto his side, instinctively knowing to keep a shoulder off the mat. With Referee Mitchell nervously telling Styles that there’s nothing he could do, the large wrestler turns away from him, still angry. He reaches down and brings Hale upwards, but Hale then drops, getting a jawbreaker!! Styles staggers back but doesn’t go down, as Hale slowly gets himself up. He sees where Styles is and goes to the ropes, running back to try a clothesline. Styles sidesteps it, though, and as Hale comes back, Styles kicks him in the gut, then sets him for the Styles Spike!!! But Hale pulls his arms free and shoves forward, causing the two men to move back into the referee! Mitchell manages to dodge the worst of it, simply being thrown off-balance, but as his attention is diverted, Hale drops and sends his arm through Styles’ legs, landing a vicious low blow!!!! Styles gasps in agony and starts to fall, but Hale’s quick to get back up and grab his head, twisting him down and getting the Inhaler!!! Styles is down, with Hale shoving him over onto his back for a pin. The recovering Mitchell comes back over… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Justin Hale!

Jones: The rookie pulled it off!

Logan: That’s a big-time win for Justin Hale, as he starts off his GCWA career with a victory! I just wish he could have gotten it without that low blow. Dirty shot, man.

Jones: It’s certainly not one that Styles saw coming, but I’m sure Hale would say he did whatever it took to win. Could this be the start of a great GCWA career?

*Styles is working to pull himself up, still hurting from the low blow more than the finisher, as Hale has left the ring. He looks pretty happy with himself, as he moves quickly towards the back, refusing to give out any high fives. He hustles up the ramp and through the curtain, disappearing to the back. Styles watches him go, shaking his head. We leave them behind, heading backstage, where the camera has picked up a familiar figure getting out of his car: Arryk Rage! He’s got a large bag with him, lifting it out of his trunk. He shuts the trunk and turns, seeing GCWA reporter Cynthia Hall hurrying over to him. With a sigh, he puts the bag on the closed trunk lid and turns to her.*

Cynthia Hall: This is Cynthia Hall, here with the ever-enigmatic Arryk Rage! Arryk, last week at the Warriors of the Ring IV pay-per-view, you wrestled against Grimm in a “Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification” Match. Unfortunately, neither of you made it out the winner, due to the interference of former CWF wrestler and now contracted GCWA wrestler, Angelica. Word has it you went to CWF this past Tuesday to try and find Angelica.

Arryk Rage: Yes, Cynthia, I did, but she wasn’t there. I heard she’s going to be here tonight, though. Have you seen her?

Cynthia Hall: No, I haven’t but I know she does have a match later on, so surely she’s around somewhere.

Arryk Rage: Ahhh, good, good. Maybe I can look her up later.

Cynthia Hall: So you aren’t angry with her for attacking you the way she did?

Arryk Rage: She was just doing what she thought would help her. It’s all Ace’s fault, that *bleeping* son of a bitch.

Cynthia Hall: Yes, well, I don’t want to say too much about the man who pays my salary, but I do need to ask you, Arryk… it seems like your grudge with the Accelerator hasn’t quite been going the way you would have liked.

Arryk Rage: I admit it. Ace has made it out looking pretty every time. He sends Grimm after me to ambush me. I attack Grimm, and I get ambushed by Angelica. Ace gets to make out like a bandit. But I will find a way…. No… no, I will do it… I don’t need… what?

*Cynthia takes a couple of steps away from Arryk, a little nervous at his mumbling. But, suddenly, he snaps out of it, acting as if he’s been talking all along.*

Arryk Rage: … Ace decided that he wants to make this personal. Well, I want to make it personal too. Darkness Falls is coming up. My show. And Ace, it’s going to be a show you never forget, because I’m calling you out.

*Behind Arryk, his bag seems to slip for a second, before coming back to rest. Cynthia looks over it, noticing something.*

Arryk Rage: You and me, Ace, at Darkness Falls. I want you, one on one, none of your paid-off goons getting between us. You will face your sins, and I will see you pay for everything you have done.

*The bag behind Arryk now seems to be moving, a strange sight. Cynthia is transfixed.*

Cynthia Hall: Uh… Arryk?

Arryk Rage: I’m tired of waiting, Ace. We need to settle this, once and for all!

*The zipper on the bag bulges for a second, and then moves aside, as a hand begins to come out.*

Cynthia Hall: Arryk!

Arryk Rage: … What, Cynthia?

Cynthia Hall: Your bag…

*Puzzled, Arryk looks back, as the bag falls open. Inside, a small man stands up, dusting himself off. He’s wearing what appears to be one of Arryk Rage’s cut-off t-shirts.*

Arryk Rage: What the *bleep*? Who the hell are you?

Cynthia Hall: That’s… that’s The Little Guy!!! From the CWF!!

Arryk Rage: Why’s he wearing my shirt?

*Rage starts to move towards The Little Guy, but he suddenly jumps off the trunk, landing easily on the ground and running away. He can be heard yelling about finding Angelica and the Accelerator as he leaves.*

Arryk Rage: ….

Cynthia Hall: You saw it here first, folks! The Little Guy is loose in the GCWA!!!

*Arryk goes over to his stuff, putting it back together, even as Cynthia and the cameraman look after where the midget wrestler ran. We fade out.*

*We return from the break to the ringside area, focusing on Jones & Logan.*

Jones: It’s been a crazy week in the wrestling business.

Logan: Damn straight! I’ve never felt it like this here in the GCWA! You literally have no idea what’s coming next!

Jones: It all started last Sunday on Warriors of the Ring, with the surprise appearance of Angelica, a CWF contracted wrestler, and has progressed throughout the week, including during the CWF’s Tuesday Night Massacre show! Let’s take a look!

*Footage begins to roll, first taking us back to Warriors of the Ring, where we see shots from the violent fight between Arryk Rage and Grimm. We see the two men fighting up near the edge of the stage, each trying to get the advantage on the other, until suddenly, a third person came into the mix: Angelica!*

Jones: Who the heck is that?? Is that… a woman??

Logan: Damn straight it’s a woman!! And I know who that is!! That’s Angelica, a wrestler from the Championship Wrestling Federation!!!!!

Jones: But, what’s she doing here???

*We see shots from when Angelica landed the Shadow’s Whisper on both Rage and Grimm, sending them off into the electrical grid, setting off an explosion! The footage skips ahead, showing Angelica at the President’s office, signing a contract which signified that she was leaving the CWF and signing with the GCWA! Some of her speech is replayed in the video:*

Angelica: This isn’t a one sided deal you know. You finally get a female on your testosterone filled roster and I get to prove to that idiot Justin Rishel that CWF is nothing without me.

The Accelerator: CWF? Is that place even still running?

Angelica: It was running until I was screwed out of a win, I won’t be held down in a company of failures. I walked out on him and it will signify the beginning of the end of CWF It will crumble without me. You want to talk about a joke, that guy couldn’t run to the shop. I am tired of his idle promises, his see through threats. I am not going to be used to up his ratings again. He can look for another monkey, I am done.

*The Accelerator is shown happily signing Angelica up, seemingly pleased to have her join up with his federation. We cut away from this, as a banner for CWF Tuesday Night Massacre is shown. The first clips show Omega, in a long trenchcoat, searching for what happened to her friend, Angelica.*

Chester Taylor: Omega! Omega!

*Omega hushes him into silence frantically.*

Omega: Ssssssssshh! Can't you see I'm undercover? This is Operation Get Back Jelly Right Now Cos She's Made Of Win and you're going to ruin everything!

Chester: What are you investigating?

Omega: The curious case of the disappearance of Miss Jell E. Baby. Last seen being amazing a few weeks back or something.

Chester: Jellybaby...you mean Angelica? She's in GCWA now, she -

Omega: In what now?

Chester: GCWA...

Omega: Geckwa? OH NOES!

*Omega is shown pushing Chester away and running off, where she would eventually meet up with Chris Andrews and find out what “Geckwa” really was. The next scene shows CWF President J.Rish addressing his audience and telling them about Angelica’s ‘defection’. He’s interrupted by familiar music to GCWA fans.*

Jim Gunt: What in the hell? Who is this?

Mike Rolash: It’s one of those GCWA bums!

Jim Gunt: It is! It’s Arryk Rage, the former GCWA X Division Champion!

*We see clips of Rage interacting with J. Rish, wanting to find Angelica (apparently also wanting her phone number). The clips jump away from that, showing another well-known former GCWA wrestler, Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn. He’s shown talking to Rish in his office, begging him for a job.*

Peter Vaughn: I showed loyalty to the GCWA, and what did they do? They threw me out the door like I didn’t matter. But now, I’m ready to show them the mistake they made. I want to make something of myself, and I think this is the place to do it. And, well, since Angelica’s gone, I thought maybe there was a roster space available…

J. Rish: And you think you deserve a chance here? I don’t know…

Peter Vaughn: PLEASE!!! Please please please please please!! I need this!! I’ve got a family to support! Ok, it’s not a family, but my cat needs to eat, and so do I! Please Mr. Rish, please!

*We see Rish relenting and signing Vaughn to a CWF contract, paying him the bare minimum. Moments later, as Vaughn was leaving the office, he was rudely greeted to the CWF, getting a boot to the head from Dan Highlander, laying him out. The clips fade out, taking us back to ringside.*

Jones: Man, so Peter Vaughn is with the CWF now?

Logan: Hey, Ace fired him, he had the right to go where he can get employed!

Jones: Yes, but you have to wonder, with two wrestlers having already jumped from one side to the other… who’s next?

Logan: Well, we’ve seen several CWF guys already tonight. Elijah and Omega are in the building, as is that Little Guy.

Jones: But what about the GCWA wrestlers? What about Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan, or The Lost Soul? What about Bifford? He was awfully upset about Ace’s decision not to put him in the main event of Darkness Falls!

Logan: Damn. That’s right. Geez, things are seriously unpredictable right now!

Jones: And it all started with one woman, the first one to jump. It’s time now to see what she’s got!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, making her GCWA wrestling debut here tonight, she is a former CWF World Tag-Team Champion and a former CWF Intercontinental Champion, standing 5’8” and weighing 160 lbs, from York, England, here is Angelica!

*The fans stand up and give Angelica a GCWA welcome, cheering as she walks out to “Drumming Song” by Florence and the Machine. Angelica seems to appreciate the welcome, even though there are a few CWF loyalists who have come to the show tonight, holding up signs saying the usual “Why Angelica Why?” She heads for the ring, slipping through the ropes.*

Jones: Angelica stunned a lot of people when she made her surprise debut at the Warriors of the Ring IV pay-per-view. From what I hear, though, there are going to be repercussions.

Logan: Yeah, Angelica had a meeting with the CWF lawyer, Jason Briggs, regarding her ‘breach of contract’ with the CWF. There’s a chance that they’re going to come after Angelica after her decision to leave the CWF and come to the GCWA.

Jones: Angelica doesn’t seem too worried about it to me, though. She’s energized, ready to make a name for herself in her new company. She’s always felt like, in the CWF, she was getting passed over. Well, tonight, she’s a GCWA wrestler, and if she can impress, who knows how far up the ladder she will go!

Minos: And now, her opponent… he is a former GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, coming to us from Chicago, Illinois, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, with his manager, Mick, here is Mr. Excellent!

*The crowd immediately starts booing as “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. begins to play. Mr. Excellent and Mick walk out of the back, both moving rather slowly. Mick has a bandage around his head, thanks to the cage wall falling on him at Warriors of the Ring. Mr. Excellent appears to still be feeling some pain from the impact with the wall as well, although he’s not letting it stop him from coming to the match.*

Jones: It has been a lousy year for Mr. Excellent so far, as he’s yet to score in victory in 2010.

Logan: I don’t know what’s happened to the guy. He was on a roll, having cheated his way to the Intercontinental Title at Wreck The Halls ’09. But he’s really fallen apart since then, losing the belt to The Lost Soul in the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament, and then getting beat up in the Xscape Match at the pay-per-view.

Jones: Well, tonight’s Mr. Excellent’s night to start turning things around, if he can focus himself and get himself going against Angelica.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie takes a moment to talk to Angelica, possibly welcoming her to the GCWA. It’s interesting to note that Angelica is the only current female wrestler on the roster, while Trixie is the only female referee. Mr. Excellent, in his corner, scoffs at the two women, shaking his head. He doesn’t appear to have much respect for this match. Angelica throws some words his way, with Mr. Excellent shaking his head and smirking. He steps forward to the center of the ring, sticking his chin out and telling Angelica to have the first shot. If he’s expecting a slap, he’s sadly mistaken, as Angelica steps in and swings from the hip, landing a nice closed-fist strike to the jaw that sends Excellent stumbling back! Before Excellent can recover, Angelica runs over to him, jumping up and taking him to the mat with a bulldog! She then gets on top, swinging away on the downed wrestler, with Referee Trixie unable to hide a smile as she watches the fight.*

Jones: A powerful beginning by Angelica, as she’s taking it right to the former IC champ!

Logan: Mr. Excellent clearly came into this one with a chip on his shoulder. Something tells me the dude didn’t even bother to check out any clips of Angelica wrestling, or else he would have known to take her seriously!

Jones: Excellent’s always considered himself superior than everyone else. I suppose that superiority complex extended to women, too… at least until tonight.

*With Mr. Excellent in trouble, his manager, Mick, hops up on the apron and starts to complain, arguing with Referee Trixie. Angelica, seeing this, immediately comes over towards the man, with Mick turning his attention to her. He says something to her about women being best in a kitchen and not the squared circle. It’s a bad choice of words, as Angelica answers him by leaping up with a dropkick, sending the manager flying from the railing!! The crowd cheers the maneuver, even as Angelica gets up and dusts herself off. Behind her, Mr. Excellent moves in, having pulled out a set of brass knuckles for his right hand! As Angelica turns around, Excellent swings… and hits nothing but air, as Angelica ducks under the attempt! Excellent, off-balance, turns around, with Angelica jumping up onto his shoulders from behind. She snaps herself backwards, getting a reverse hurricanrana that spikes Excellent’s head to the canvas!! The brass knuckles slide away, with Referee Trixie spotting them. She quickly removes them from the ring, to make sure that they do not get used again.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent quickly decided to go into his bag of dirty tricks, but it seems to have backfired on both him and Mick!

Logan: I can’t believe that Mr. Excellent stooped to trying to use a foreign object to knock out Angelica!

Jones: He was probably feeling embarrassed, and decided to lash out. Unfortunately, he’s in even worse shape than before now!

*Mr. Excellent has moved to the ropes, trying to pull himself up, dazed though he is. Angelica is watching his every move, setting him up. As soon as Excellent is on his feet, Angelica rushes in, springing off the ropes and taking Excellent down with a springboard DDT!! Angelica then hops back to her feet, clearly enjoying herself now, as the fans are cheering the former CWF wrestler. Mr. Excellent crawls away, hoping to find some protection in the corner. But as he pulls himself up, Angelica takes careful aim and rushes in at him, springing into the Shadow’s Whisper!!! Mr. Excellent doesn’t even have time to think about dodging, as the shot lands perfectly!! With nothing left, Excellent falls straight out of the corner, landing on his face! Angelica, knowing that it’s about over, rolls Excellent over and makes sure that his feet are not touching the ropes before making the cover. Referee Trixie is right there for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Angelica!

Jones: Complete and total domination by Angelica, as she utterly squashed Mr. Excellent here tonight!

Logan: Excellent didn’t seem to have anything going today, Jonesy. It’s rather sad, really, to see a great competitor fall on hard times like this, even a guy like Excellent.

Jones: Still, it was a fantastic debut for Angelica, as she’s shown the GCWA faithful that she’s certainly worthy enough to be part of the organization!

Logan: Oh, hell yeah, man! Not only is she one fine-looking woman, but she is a major league competitor! I can’t wait to see what else she can do in the GCWA!

*Referee Trixie proudly raises Angelica’s hand, with Angelica happy to have gotten the victory. She quickly dislodges herself from Trixie and starts to leave the ring, as Mr. Excellent, slumped in a heap on the mat, can only watch her go. He looks devastated, which is at least a better look than the bewildered, injured look on Mick’s face. Angelica departs, walking confidently towards the entryway. The scene cuts to the back where we see Cynthia Hall, the intrepid GCWA reporter, standing next to the former two time World Champion, Marcus Ka'Derrion.*

Cynthia Hall: I'm here with 2nd year superstar Marcus Ka'Derrion. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: No problem Cynthia.

Cynthia Hall: Well Marcus, it's a new year but the "win/loss" rollercoaster of a ride continues for you.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Yeah it sure does Cynthia. I can't seem to string two wins together after putting 10 in a row... but I guess that's how it goes… Maybe the "Sophomore Slump" doesn't only apply to football but to wrestling as well huh?

Cynthia Hall: Well if that is what you are going through, what do you plan to do to get out of it?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: I don't know yet, but I got to do something.... and soon. Maybe I just need something to give me a spark like the one I had last year…

Cynthia Hall: Really? So getting your butt handed to you by the likes of Styles, Bucky and Harvey doesn't give you that spark?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: …

*Cynthia presses her lips together, as if wishing she wouldn't have said that. Marcus doesn't respond, he just stares at her as if she just slapped him across the face. Cynthia stands there, slowly putting the mic down but Marcus snatches it out of her hand just as he sees someone walking not too far in the distance. Cynthia takes a step back but Marcus gets right on her face.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Watch this! Hey you!

*Marcus drops the mic on Cynthia's hands as he pushes his way past her. The camera swings around to see who Marcus called out, and it is Aaron Styles! Marcus calls him again as Styles didn't hear him the first time. Styles turns this time only to get clocked in the face!! Marcus hits him time and time again, backing him up to a wall but then Styles fights back, nailing Marcus with a knee lift. Marcus doubles over and Styles grabs him by his hair and then whips him towards the opposite wall but Marcus leaps into the wall, bouncing off 'matrix' style and then nailing Styles with a flying forearm that takes him down to the floor! Marcus then quickly grabs a chair that was nearby, folds it up and then waits for Styles to get up.*

Cynthia Hall: Wait Marcus, don't!!

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Why not!? You're right Cynthia! I needed a spark… and I think I just found it, watch!

*Marcus swings the chair hard just as Styles was sitting up, smashing it on his forehead! Styles goes down but tries to sit up again only to get smashed in the face a second time! Before Marcus can do any more damage, security and refs show up to break it up. Marcus has an evil smile across his face, but it is quickly wiped away as Aaron Styles is back on his feet! He is sporting a gruesome crimson mask but has a smile on his face as well and is signaling Marcus to bring it! Marcus tries to but more refs and officials show up to make sure the two don't do any more damage, at least, for now. The two men are separated, as we head to a break.*

*We come back from the break to the Presidential office, where the Accelerator is seen, pacing up and down. He’s got his phone set for Speaker, and is speaking rapidly towards it.*

The Accelerator: So you’ve got everything under control, do you, Reed? We’ve got at least three CWF wrestlers wandering around my building… Marcus Ka’Derrion lays a serious beatdown on one of my young stars… things are falling apart out there!

*Reed can be heard, barely, through the speaker, but Ace doesn’t give him a chance to explain what he’s doing.*

The Accelerator: Shut up, Reed! Let me think…

*The Accelerator takes a deep breath, clearing out his head for a second.*

The Accelerator: Look, just find those CWF people, alright? Unless they’re willing to sign up for wrestling over here, I don’t need them causing trouble on my show. But… if they ARE willing to sign… just find them, ok? No more excuses.

*Ace hangs up the phone before Reed can respond, going back to pacing. We go to ringside.*

Jones: The President is looking a little worked up about the CWF appearances on Inferno.

Logan: Ace has always been a control freak. To have people showing up that he’s never even met before, on HIS show? Hell, it’s probably driving him crazy.

Jones: Well, hopefully, he won’t do anything rash.

Logan: Ace? Do something rash? Surely you jest!

Jones: … that was sarcasm, wasn’t it?

Logan: Indeed it was!

Jones: *sigh* Let’s just get to the next match.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and is set for a 10-minute time limit. First, entering the arena, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, known for having had a long career inside the squared circle, he stands 5’10” and weighs 212 lbs, from Detroit Michigan, here is Arryk Rage!

*”Sound of Madness” by Shinedown hits, with the fans giving a cheer for the veteran wrestler as he walks out. Rage looks around the arena, as if looking for someone, before walking down the ramp and heading for the ring. He’s looking a little tense, possibly due to having found a midget in his carry-on luggage earlier in the show.*

Logan: It’s amazing that Arryk’s able to wrestle tonight, considering the serious bump he took at Warriors of the Ring IV.

Jones: The funny thing, Anthony, is that he doesn’t even seem mad at Angelica. Instead, he went to CWF’s Tuesday Night Massacre to ask for her phone number!

Logan: Rage is just a wild and crazy guy, Jonesy. You never know what’s going to happen next with him.

Minos: And now his opponent, making his way out to the ring, he has begun to make a name for himself in the GCWA in recent months, representing Biffarachnephobia, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Arachne!

*The crowd still seems split on Arachne, although he definitely has some fan support from the face-painted fans. One of them is focused on, holding up a sign proclaiming him the Slayer of Dracula. As “Wana” by The Black Horn hits, the wrestler walks out, smiling. He moves down the ramp, with a bounce in his step, making the fans wonder how many red pills he’s taken this week.*

Logan: I still can’t believe this guy is a champion.

Jones: Hey, he may not be the most lucid of wrestlers, but he has shown some talent since he joined up as The Big Bifford’s tag-team partner.

Logan: Yeah, I know. One of these days, though, his drug-crazed delusions are going to get him into trouble that Bifford can’t get him out of.

Jones: You mean like battling a giant turkey with chicken fried rice?

Logan: *sighs*

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Rockwell signals for the action to begin, with Rage and Arachne meeting in the center of the ring with a lock-up. Rage takes the first advantage with a headlock, but Arachne quickly pushes him into the ropes and shoves him off, sending Rage running to the other side. As he comes back, Arachne raises his arms and yells, jumping forward for a shoulder block. It doesn’t quite work, as Rage knocks Arachne down instead. The face-painted wrestler hops right back up, though, and angrily waves for Rage to try it again. Rage does, going off the ropes and running back with his shoulder lowered. But Arachne immediately catches him with a legsweep takedown, smacking Rage’s face into the mat! Arachne shoves himself on top of Arryk, who’s on his stomach. He tries to crawl away towards the ropes, even as Arachne, possibly going into another delusion, starts bouncing up and down on him, as if riding a horse!*

Jones: When you’re talking “unorthodox”, you can’t get much more specific than Arachne!

Logan: He’s definitely tripping right now, and honestly, I don’t want to know what’s going through that drug-glazed mind of his!

*Rage is at the ropes now, pulling himself up. He turns, only to get kicked in the gut by Arachne, who then pulls him further out and drops him with a fameasser! Arachne tries the cover, but Arryk is already pushing him off before Referee Rockwell can even begin his count. Not surprised, Arachne is back up, pulling Rage off the mat and taking him over to the corner. He starts landing rights and lefts, keeping Rage in trouble. Rage answers with an eyerake, trying to blind Arachne and keep him from attacking. But Arachne, rather than stopping, jumps in, bitting at the man!! Rockwell immediately gets involved, forcing the break and keeping Arachne from piercing the skin. Arachne looks towards Rockwell as he grabs him, with Rockwell making sure to turn his face away, just in case the Green Mist is loaded up. But as the two move back, Rage, from the corner, jumps up onto the ‘buckle and leaps off, coming over Rockwell and getting a clothesline! Rage then gets onto Arachne and starts punching away wildly, with Rockwell now changing wrestlers to try and force Rage back with a 5-count.*

Logan: Arryk’s looking a little wild tonight. I wonder if it was the electricity?

Jones: It could be, Anthony, or it could just be Rage releasing some of his, well, rage.

Logan: He’s certainly got a lot of that towards Ace.

*Arachne rolls away from the attack, even as Rage stands and walks away from Referee Rockwell’s warning, running a hand over his head. He’s breathing hard, even as he turns and considers his next move with Arachne. Suddenly, though, the lights go out, taking the arena to darkness!*

Logan: *Bleep*!

Jones: What on earth?? What’s going on?

*It’s hard to make out what’s happening in the ring, but it appears that Arryk has moved to the ropes, leaning on them, while Arachne has gone into a corner, protecting himself and holding up his hands in a cross position (possibly protecting himself from a Dracula attack). Suddenly, the big screen comes on, showing what appears to be a nighttime shot. It displays a cemetery, out in the middle of nowhere.*

Jones: What is this? A cemetery?

Logan: Is this someone’s entrance video? What is going on?

*The shot slowly zooms in on a headstone, placed near the top of a grassy knoll. It has a single date listed on it: March 20th, 2009. The name on the tombstone becomes visible, as if a light was suddenly shined on it: Twiztid.*

Logan: TWIZTID???

Jones: That’s Arryk Rage’s alter-ego, his darker side! But he hasn’t been seen since… since…

Logan: Since Marcus Ka’Derrion buried him alive!

*We see a live shot from within the ring, where Arryk is watching the screen, utterly transfixed. On the big screen, the camera zooms back, showing more of the land around the tombstone. Suddenly, a hand breaks the surface, coming out of the ground!! The crowd shrieks, reacting to the sudden appearance. But then, the video ends, as the lights come back up in the arena.*

Jones: What the hell was that all about??

Logan: I have no idea, Jonesy, but I think it’s messed Arryk up pretty badly!

*In the ring, Arryk is still facing the screen, his expression unseen. He’s not moving. Arachne, however, is another story. He moves towards the center, studying Arryk, and then runs forward, clotheslining Rage over the top rope!!! Rage disappears from sight, falling to the floor, as Arachne, laughing, steps away and does a little dance. Referee Rockwell moves in, starting to count, even as Rage has apparently gone under the ring apron, the only sign of him the movement of the ring curtain. Rockwell, doing his job, continues to count, getting higher and higher.*

Logan: Is Arryk coming back? He’s going to lose via countout!

Jones: I don’t know, he might be hiding, Anthony. Who knows what that video did to his mind?

*Rockwell reaches 6, 7, 8. He’s almost done, as Arachne waits patiently for his clean victory. Suddenly, though, Rage pulls himself back out from underneath the ring, turning and going inside. Rockwell stops his count, then takes a closer look, suddenly surprised. Arachne’s eyes go wide, as the camera turns and shows Arryk Rage… now wearing white face-paint!! Rage’s eyes are dark, as he stares first at Rockwell, then at Arachne. In his right hand, he’s brought a steel chair into the ring.*

Jones: What’s Arryk doing?? And where’d that facepaint come from?

Logan: Oh, crap. I’m not sure that’s Arryk anymore, Jonesy!

Jones: What??

*Referee Rockwell, after a quick swallow, steps forward, ordering Rage to lose the weapon and get back into the match. In response, Rage lifts up the chair and swings, smashing it against Rockwell’s head!!! The referee collapses, even as Rage turns, looking for Arachne. But contrary to reports, Arachne’s no fool. He immediately takes the momentary distraction to roll out of the ring, out of harm’s way. Rage watches him go, even as the bell starts ringing, with the decision having already come down from the President’s office.*

Minos: Here is your winner, as a result of a disqualification, Arachne!

Jones: Rage has absolutely lost it! Why on earth did he do that?

Logan: Because it’s not Arryk Rage in there, Jonesy… it’s TWIZTID!!

Jones: Twiztid’s back?? But how?? And where did that video come from??

Logan: Good questions, man, but not ones I’ve got answers to!

*In the ring, the wrestler formerly known as Arryk Rage throws down the chair, running a hand over the short hair that has grown back over the last few weeks since Arryk shaved it. He still has a dead stare on his face, showing no remorse for the downed Rockwell. Arachne has already retrieved his title and is leaving. He seems happy to have gotten the win, but is not sticking around to find out more about the wrestler’s transformation. The scene cuts backstage, where Cynthia Hall is standing with Shane Donovan, who's dressed in street clothes since he isn't booked for a match tonight. *

Cynthia Hall: Alright, I'm here with Shane Donovan and there's a lot of questions that are being asked by the fans right now Shane. So first off, tell me how you are the #1 Contender instead of The Big Bifford?

Shane Donovan: That's pretty simple Cynthia. I have a rematch clause in my contract that never got used back when I lost the title, so Ace and I made a deal that if I beat Draco at Warriors of the Ring I would get the shot he had long been denying me.

Cynthia Hall: What about The Big Bifford? He did win the Warriors of the Ring tournament, shouldn't he get the first shot? He made it quite clear earlier that he's upset over the whole situation.

Shane Donovan: Cynthia, do you want to know the main difference between myself and The Big Bifford? You know, besides a balanced diet?

Cynthia Hall: What?

Shane Donovan: I know how to read a contract. Winning the Warriors of the Ring tournament does guarantee a future title shot to the winner, but the fine print doesn't say when that is, so it's all about when The Accelerator feels you truly deserve that opportunity. He obviously didn't feel that whoever won that tournament deserved to be the rightful #1 contender, otherwise he wouldn't have given me a contract that guaranteed I would be the guy who got the next shot if I won my match. Honestly I can't blame him for the decision. I mean, the men involved in the tournament at Warriors of the Ring itself were all either has-beens or never-was's in this company. He wants a champion that he knows can get the job done, and I've proven that.

Cynthia Hall: And he didn't by winning the Warriors of the Ring tournament?

Shane Donovan: If he had then he'd be the one facing Draco at Darkness Falls.

Cynthia Hall: What about his claim that you don't deserve a shot based on winning just one match?

Shane Donovan: Let me tell you about another difference between myself and The Big Bifford Cynthia. I've been GCWA World Heavyweight Champion before. For those of you that seem to possess the same memory span as a goldfish, I won the title in what was undoubtably the hardest fought title match in GCWA history. How many men can say they picked up a victory over Lurrr, The Ice Man and Derek Mobley in the same night? Just one. Even if you disregard that past accomplishment, even if you say "what have you done for me lately", I still have my claim. I beat the champ boys and girls, and at Massacre next Tuesday I will beat the CWF World Champion Jarvis King in the center of that ring. If somehow that isn't good enough for all of you I'm going to take some time out of my busy schedule preparing for Darkness Falls to finally complete the circuit and become the first man in almost a decade to claim that accomplishment. Wouldn't you say that would be enough?

Cynthia Hall: Well I--

Shane Donovan: Of course you do Cynthia. The fact of the matter is I'm about to become the biggest star the GCWA has ever seen, and in the process I'm also going to show everyone over in the CWF what a real superstar in this business looks like, so make sure you TiVo our match Jarvis, you'll want to take notes. Hell, maybe I'll even look into getting a shot at their title after beating King. My waist always looks better with gold around--

???: Don't get ahead of yourself Shane.

*Shane's face contorts to one of disgust as he turns to see Draco standing nearby, staring him down. *

Shane Donovan: What, you coming by to take your shot at me too? Better get in line.

Draco: No, I can wait till next week.

Shane Donovan: Next week?

Draco: Harvey and I versus you and anyone stupid enough to tag with you. Better start looking for a partner.

*Draco smirks before walking away, leaving Shane looking pissed off standing next to Cynthia.*

Cynthia Hall: Looks like you'll be facing Draco again sooner than you expected.

Shane Donovan: ...Quiet you.

*With that Shane storms off, and the scene cuts to commercial.*

*We return to the ringside area, where Jones and Logan are seated at the announce desk.*

Jones: One other big development occurred at Warriors of the Ring IV, Anthony. It was a shocking moment, where we thought one of the greats was going to fall back under the sway of one of the most evil wrestlers ever in the sport. Instead, it ended in a far different way.

Logan: For weeks now, the former World Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr, had been approaching his former partner, Derek Mobley, wanting to reform the Roman Empire and wreck havoc on the GCWA. At Warriors of the Ring, we got Mobley’s answer.

*The video is cued up, showing us more from Warriors of the Ring IV. We see Lurrr confronting Derek Mobley in the back, talking to him about what they’re going to do once they’re reformed. But Derek surprised the world by turning down Lurrr’s offer, saying that he wanted nothing to do with the Roman Empire anymore. He vowed to stop Lurrr from destroying the GCWA. Lurrr responded in the way he’s known for, distracting Mobley long enough to take him down with the Wake Up Call, knocking him out and leaving him lying in a heap. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: At this point, we haven’t heard anything from Derek since the pay-per-view. It was a violent display from a violent man.

Jones: Well, get ready to hear from that violent man, Anthony, because he’s coming out here to speak!

Logan: Ah, hell…

*“Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to blare and immediately we hear the boos fill up the arena. There seems to be a pause as the music continues to play but there are no signs of Lurrr. Then suddenly out comes the 2009 Wrestler of the Year. The crowd begins to boo even louder due to the fact that Lurrr was playing with them. He begins to strut down the walkway with his usual smirk. He walks past a fan holding a sign that says “CWF Invading the GCWA.” Lurrr stops in his track to look at the sign. He gets the camera’s attention and shakes his head laughing and pointing at the sign. He then rips it out of the fan’s hands and tears it in half. He finally reaches the ring and grabs the mic.*

Lurrr: Well I guess since I have been hiding in the back the last couple of weeks I figured I would come out here and talk about the recent events. You see ever since I stepped a foot in this company I have made it MY COMPANY!!!

*The crowd begins to boo.*

Lurrr: And last week I saw somebody step into MY COMPANY and wreck havoc in this very ring. For some reason an intruder of some sort felt the need to leave their mark. I have been saying it ever since I started this career that there isn’t a competitor in this business who can touch me on a weekly basis. I come out here week after week put my body on the line and prove to the fans that whether or not you hate me or not I am the best in the business. Now we have a woman…… a freaking woman signed to a contract who thinks she can compete at my level??? Hell the boys in the back aren’t good enough and now a woman thinks she can compete…. I mean I find it hilarious that the boss was even stupid enough to think she would be a good asset just because she beat up a couple of bums last week.

*The crowd begins to chant asshole, asshole.*

Lurrr: Anyways enough time wasted on that topic. The main reason I came out here tonight was to address my actions at Warriors of the Ring last week. I try to give a man a second chance and he spits in my face. A chance to revive his career and get back in the direction it was headed when he was a member of the Roman Empire. Instead Derek Mobley decided to choose a righteous path of continued mediocrity. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought he would choose to stick by a junkie and loser in Warrick Hill. But you know what that’s okay, he made his choice and now I will move on. If he wants to stick his nose in my business any longer then I will let him taste the bottom of my foot once again like last week.

*The crowd begins to let out a Mobley chant. Lurrr pauses for a second waiting for the crowd’s chants to die down. He begins to mock the crowd as they continue to chant.*

Lurrr: Look that bum isn’t coming out so quit wasting your breath. Now moving on to another topic, there has been a lot of chatter in the back wondering what’s next for me. To be perfectly honest I have enjoyed sitting on my ass in the back and collecting my big paychecks but I have informed the boss that I am ready for action once again. As for the World Title that I once held I will wait for the butt buddies to finish their little thing they have going on and then watch in waiting as the fat cow attempts to do the unthinkable. But after that I expect to be thrown right back into the fire and I am sure the boss will be told that my lawyers are always a phone call away just in case. In the meantime I look forward to taking out the trash week in and week out as I continue to increase the value of my Hall of Fame career!!

*Lurrr flips the mic down as he poses in the ring with a giant cocky smirk on his face. The crows boos the former World Champ as he walks out of the ring.*

Logan: *We go to the back, where the cameras have once again picked up the CWF wrestlers Elijah and Omega. They’re still on their search, with Omega starting to look annoyed. Another GCWA member of staff passes them in the corridor. Omega lunges at him and pins him to the wall, holding him there. With her free hand she fishes out the photo from her pocket, shoving it in the man's face as Elijah looks on, a small smile spreading across his face. *

Omega: I know you know the deal here boyo so let me make it real simple. I ask, you answer, nobody needs to get hurt. Where's the girl?

Man: The -

Omega: Don't ACT like you don't know, kid, and drop the tough guy BS, I get tougher things than you free with my breakfast cereal. Like this one time they were giving away these Finding Nemo toys and I was all like "yey Nemo!" and stuff but then I kept getting the same toy every time I got the cereal so I never got to collect them all and that made my sad happen but then I wrote to the cereal company and they sended me toys and I was all "w00ticles!!" and rah. If I could deal with that I can deal with you and the deal I'm giving you right now is this: spill the beans and nobody gets hurt.

Man: Who is it you're looking for again?

Omega: Jellybaby. One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world from the CWFiverse where me and daddio came from. Somebody said she had runned away to join the GCWA and I wanted to come and say hello and stuffs. But people keep telling me they don't understand. Silly people. Poke them with sticks.

Man: I don't...wait, do you mean Angelina?

Omega: Angelica, silly!

Man: I know who you mean but that photo, that ain't her...

Omega: It isn't?

Man: It's, um...it's just a jellybaby.

Omega: Well of course it is silly, I put Jellybaby into Google Images and this was the first picture that came up. So it's got to be her. Silly.

Man: Whatever you say...she's down this corridor, third door on your left.

Omega: YEY!!

*Omega does a little happy dance on the spot and hugs the man enthusiastically before skipping her way down the corridor. Elijah watches the man leave then turns, walking swiftly, following Omega. They walk onwards then stop, pausing outside one of the locker rooms, the name ANGELICA on a sign attached to the door. Omega knocks on the door and pushes it open, Elijah following soon after. Angelica sits on a bench, doing up her boots. *

Omega: YOU!

Angelica: YOU ALSO!!

*Omega skips over to Angelica and gives her a huge hug. Elijah simply nods by way of greeting, his eyes intense yet his attention seemingly elsewhere. *

Angelica: What are you guys doing here?

Omega: When I heard that Miss Jellybaby had runned away I did the sad dance but then I said to myself, "Self, there's no point just being all sad and stuff, you need to go out and find Jellybaby!" So I went all Jessica Fletcher on peoples and managed to find where you had gone to and then I grabbed daddio and we came here and we got to the arena and we found you. And that leads us to the now. Angelica: Right....how've you been?

Omega: We've been all groovy and stuff, right daddio?

Elijah: It has been an interesting few weeks. The situation between the two companies is somewhat unprecedented, and the consequences potentially far reaching. Both sides boast much talent, and both sides have their loyal patriots and those willing to switch teams, as it were. Interesting times, as they say.

Angelica: I get the feeling this isn't just a social call...

Omega: Not totally. We misses you. We all do.

*Angelica's eyes flit up from Omega's for a moment, locking with those of Elijah. He inclines his head slightly in a small nod. *

Elijah: While we may have spoken on few occasions, I have great regard for you as a competitor, an ally and a friend. The decisions in your career are, of course, yours to make, and I wish you the best in whatever you should do. My concern is that you may have left for the wrong reasons, out of frustration and a desire to hurt the parasite Rish, rather than a desire to move on to pastures new. There is much unfinished business in the CWF. At home.

*At the word "home," Angelica's eyes turn away and a scowl crosses over her face. *

Angelica: Yeah but that business is no concern of mine now. Maybe you should concentrate yourself more on what affect J.Rish is having on some of the other members of the CWF team, than on my career change. No disrespect Elijah but please don’t question MY loyalty.

Omega: Jellybaby that’s not what daddio means…

Angelica: Well then come out and say it. No one really knows my reasons for being here and I would rather not be lectured about my choices.

*Angelica hugs Omega again. *

Angelica: It’s been totally awesometastic and what not Miss O, but maybe you should leave.

*She looks over to Elijah once again gaining eye contact. *

Angelica: You shouldn’t be here.

Omega: Sure we can't talk you into running away with us?

Angelica: Sorry guys...I'm here now.

Omega: Not even for the most awesomest wrestling in the history of ever in the CWF - the Championship WIN Federation? And all the cookies you can eat plus a metric fuckton more?

Angelica: Sorry. But maybe someday we can have the first interpromotional rap battle in wrestling history?

Omega: Yey!

*Omega does a little happy dance. As she and Elijah prepare to leave, they find their way out of the room blocked by the GCWA’s own, The Lost Soul. *

The Lost Soul: Now...what do we have here?

Elijah: We are here to speak to our friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Lost Soul: Really? Because The Lost Soul just heard your friend talk about how your little fed is the best in history, did I get that right?

Elijah: Our discussion is none of your concern.

The Lost Soul: It’s my opinion that it is.

*The Lost Soul approaches Elijah and the two of them stand eye to eye, inches apart, unblinking. *

Elijah: We are on our way. You will not obstruct us.

The Lost Soul: Back to whatever two-bit company it is you're from...what was it? ICWF?

Elijah: CWF.

The Lost Soul: Ah. I think you're missing an "I" -

*As TLS finishes the sentence he pokes Elijah in the eye, laughing to himself. Elijah staggers back a little, clutching at his eye, before lunging forward to attack TLS. The two of them beat one another with a flurry of punches and kicks, brawling, vicious, Elijah smashing The Lost Soul in the face, once, twice, TLS responding with a huge kick to the gut, a knee to the chest, the two of them doing their best to tear one another apart. Without warning, security swarm the room, trying to get between the two men as they lash out at one another. We cut away as the security guards struggle to contain the chaos. *

*We return from the commercials as the scene cuts to the backstage catering area where GCWA’s top chefs prepare an assortment of five-course meals for the wrestlers and staff. Freshly buttered King Crab Legs, Filet Mignon, Shrimp Alfredo, and piles and piles of Sushi. Six cafeteria sized tables sit lined up with various people digging into the gourmet Buffet. At the moment only the writers, producers, and ring management fill the scene, all of them chatting away over the latest Angelica news. Suddenly a crab leg flies across the sky and smacks against the back of one of the blonde males, leaving a sticky wet mess in his hair as it splits open. The staff all gasp at the sight of this before turning their head to look for the assailant.*

Crab Juice Haired Blonde: Who in the hell threw that crab leg at my beautiful hair!?

*The group continues to look all around them for the thrower of the crab; gazing right, and left, and up, and oh my god. All of them look down and point their eyes at the very same sight, standing at the entrance of the cafeteria is the 4’1 Phenom, the Miniature Master of the Mat, The Little Guy. But as seen earlier TLG is not dressed in his normal wrestling attire, instead Arryk Rage’s large black Metallica shirt hangs from his shoulders all the way down to the floor, both of the sleeves ripped and torn off. The staff’s mouths drop open as TLG takes a Corn Cob from out of thin air, chewing away at the cob before chucking it in the face of one of the other producers. He then takes the greasy butter from the corn cob and runs it up his long black Mohawk. Finally one of writers with a nice suit on decides to stand up for himself and speak up.*

Mr. Suit Guy: Do you have any idea what you are doing? We are very famous writers and producers for Global Championship Wrestling Association. You can’t just come into the cafeteria and start randomly throwing food at us. If you have a point to get across then speak up, don’t come in here doing all kinds of crazy stuff. So either tell us what you want, or I’ll have security take you out of here.

The Little Guy: Have any of you seen one the President around here? The Accelerator has screwed me out for the very last time! Either he comes out of hiding and explains to me face to face why that hot bitch Angelica almost electrocuted me at Warriors of the Ring IV, or I’ll…keep throwing food at you fools!

*A mixture of raised eyebrows and quiet whispering back and forth between the GCWA staffers, all of them wondering not only how this strange midget got into the building, but why he is dressed and acting like Arryk Rage.*

The Little Rage: ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!?!? If one of you don’t get out your cellphone and dial up the Accelerator and tell him to stop screwing me over all the time, you will all end up with mashed potatoes stuck to your hair! I will incite the food fight from hell and all of you will be the targets, I’m sick and tired of Ace thinking he can do whatever he wants to me and get away with it each and every week. But who is in control now? I am!

Crab Juice Haired Blonde: Listen you little person, the Accelerator is sitting comfortably in his office just like he does every week on Friday Night Inferno. If you want to find him then the cafeteria is the last place to look, as he has his food catered right to the office. But I can guarantee you that you’re not going to be allowed to make it through his office doors, security has been very tight since these CWF wrestlers started showing up and with you acting like Arryk Rage, I’m sure you’re the last person the president wants to see.

*The Little Rage stomps down his feet in anger, his eyes reddening as he scowls at the staff members. Showing his frustration he walks over to one of the elder ladies maybe in her fifties, giving the woman a swift but ineffective kick to the back of her leg. She yelps out in more of surprise then pain, jumping to her feet and walking backwards to try to get away. The Little Rage moves his eyes from left to right around the crowd, thinking who to hit next. Instead he mutters under his breath about making the Accelerator pay and just walks away from the scene as suddenly as he came into it. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: My god. What is happening with the GCWA??

Jones: What, Anthony, can’t handle the new people making appearances?

Logan: Yeah, but we have strange people appearing all over! First Omega, and now this Little Guy…

Jones: And, what, we were perfectly sane before, with guys like The Lost Soul, The Big Bifford, and Arachne around?

Logan: Good point.

Jones: Well, we’ve got one more bout for tonight, and it’s guaranteed to be a doozy! Let’s go to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he is a former Television and Tag-Team Champion, now seeking to earn his first gold in 2010… representing the Danger Boiz, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*The crowd gives a cheer as Crazy Chris comes out to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead. He’s got tape around his wrist and ribs due to his recent injuries. Due to his mask, we can’t see what bandages he’s got on his head. The wrestler still seems to have a free range of movement as he comes towards the ring, energized.*

Jones: Crazy Chris proved that even Disney Land can be dangerous to professional wrestlers, as he fell out of the boat during the Jungle Ride and injured his head.

Logan: Yeah, he had some wild dreams, something about being hunted by insane killers in the jungle.

Jones: Nobody can say that Crazy Chris doesn’t live up to his nickname.

Logan: But seriously, he fell off the boat? Damn, man, that’s embarrassing!

Jones: Hey, those Disney rides are risky as hell!! Stupid tea ride, making me throw up….

Minos: His opponent has had a strong career thus far in the GCWA, and is seeking his 4th title defense tonight… standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is the GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*Santana comes out to “Sandstorm” by Darude, taking the time to bow to the crowd on the ramp. They respond in kind, cheering on the fan favorite as he approaches the ring. He removes the Television Title from his waist, handing it off to the referee as he looks over at the foe before him.*

Logan: We’re lucky Santana’s here this week. There was a chance that he was going to be spending a lot of time in a small cell for the foreseeable future!

Jones: Luckily, the judge in his case ruled that Santana was acting in self-defense when that spy was killed. That keeps Santana in the GCWA family.

Logan: I was scared we were going to see a forfeit, and I HATE forfeits in title matches. With both men here, we’re almost guaranteed a sensational match!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: It’s time to decide who’s the better Television Champion!

Logan: Two of the best in the division, past and present, are going to go at it! Crazy Chris holds the record for the most defenses in a single reign, with seven. Santana, tonight, just tied Dangerous Dan for the most defenses total, thanks to his two reigns with the belt. Will Santana’s run continue, or will Chris regain the belt?

*Santana gives a bow to Head Referee Bell, then throws one in for Crazy Chris as well. Chris nods in return, refusing to bow fully, but willing to show the respect that has grown between the two competitors over the past year. Santana and Crazy Chris then move towards each other, locking up in a test of strength. Santana wins out, pushing the lighter Chris back into the corner. The referee immediately calls for the break, with Santana releasing Chris and backing away, his arms raised. Chris nods, re-straightens his mask, then comes forward to lock up with Santana again. This time, Chris takes the edge, getting on a headlock. Santana immediately reacts to the hold, lifting up and throwing Chris behind him! But Chris lands on his feet, grabbing Santana by the waist and taking him to the ropes, trying to roll him up. Santana hangs on, as Chris does a roll on his own and gets back up. He charges back at Santana, who lowers his shoulder to toss Chris out. But Chris knew it was coming, stopping suddenly and launching a kick up into Santana’s face, stunning him! With Santana leaning on the ropes, Chris then springs forward, clotheslining him over the top!!*

Jones: Crazy Chris, as usual, is starting this one at a fast pace!

Logan: Crazy Chris only has one gear, very *bleeping* fast!

Jones: Santana took a hard fall on the outside, but he seems to be getting up alright. But Chris is just waiting for him now!

*With Santana hauling himself up the apron, Crazy Chris has moved to the turnbuckle, quickly climbing up it and positioning himself. Santana straightens up, looking inside the ring for his opponent. Chris, though, is already in mid-air, coming down with a super splash onto the Television Champion!! The two men crash to the outside, with Head Referee Bell starting up a count on the wrestlers. Crazy Chris is already back up, though, grabbing hold of Santana and rolling him into the ring. Chris follows, getting on top for a cover… 1… 2.. and Santana gets his arm up off the mat. Crazy Chris is immediately back on his feet, wanting to continue to wear down his opponent. He pulls Santana up and takes him to the corner, grabbing his head to go for a tornado DDT! But Santana blocks it, instead being able to toss Chris away from him! Chris lands on his feet like a cat and immediately charges back in, but Santana’s ready for him, stepping into a superkick that lands perfectly!!! Chris falls backwards, his feet bending under him, with Santana clearing his head before moving in for the cover… 1… 2… and Chris manages to kick out!*

Jones: Somehow, Crazy Chris survives that kick! What a move from Santana!

Logan: Yeah, I think it mostly grazed Chris, though, thanks to the slickness of that mask. That might have saved Chris from a concussion, as well as a loss!

Jones: Santana has always been able to pull kicks out of nowhere, which is why he’s a 2-time Television Champion!

*Santana brings Crazy Chris up, with Chris trying to pull free. He can’t manage it, still dazed from the kick, as Santana tosses him into the corner. Santana then begins laying into him with some violent chops across the chest, earning the usual cheers and “Woo’s” from the crowd. The red slash across Chris’ chest shows how much those shots have to hurt. Santana then lifts Chris up, getting him onto the turnbuckle. Santana goes to join him, but Chris fights back, landing a punch that knocks Santana back to the mat. Chris then raises up on the turnbuckle, preparing to leap, but Santana drops to his left, hitting the ropes and causing Chris to do the splits on the ‘buckle!! Chris winces, hurting, as Santana comes back over to him, climbing up and locking hold of the challenger. He lifts, bringing Chris off the top with a superplex!!! The move takes it out of both wrestlers, but Santana’s able to get himself turned over to put an arm on Chris, trying to put him away… 1… 2… and Chris kicks free, continuing the contest.*

Jones: Both Crazy Chris and Santana are pulling out the big moves for this one!

Logan: They’ve fought in the past, Jonesy, and they know how important this match is. Honestly, I know the Television Division has been thought of as the ‘lower-card’ division, but its wrestlers have put on some sensational contests during its time!

Jones: Definitely. Guys like Dangerous Dan, Crazy Chris, and Robert Santana have made this belt something to be proud of.

*Santana is back up now, pulling Crazy Chris with him. The competition is showing on both men, with Santana wiping sweat from out of his eyes before continuing. He takes Crazy Chris over to the ropes, setting him to lift him for an atomic drop onto the top rope! But Chris struggles against it, managing to twist himself around to fall behind the Television Champion! Santana turns around, seeing his foe, and goes for a leg sweep, dragging his leg across the ground in a circle. Chris, though, is able to jump over it, avoiding the strike. Chris then answers with his own leg sweep, but Santana, with the use of the nearby ropes, does a complete 360 over it, landing on his feet!! Santana then swings into a side kick, but Chris ducks underneath it, then grabs the off-balance Santana from behind and takes him down with a neckbreaker, bouncing his head off the ground! Crazy Chris quickly covers, getting a leg to make the pin secured… 1… 2… but Santana kicks free again, refusing to stay down!*

Jones: Neither competitor is showing any lack of fire in this one! They’re both in this match to win it!

Logan: And thank god for that! If these guys are going to be fighting for gold, I want to see some aggression from them!

Jones: There’s a lot of prestige and honor in being a GCWA champion! Both men have been there, and both want to be up there once this contest is complete!

*Head Referee Bell is staying alert, knowing that the pinfalls could come fast and furious with these guys. Crazy Chris is pulling Santana up, taking him towards the turnbuckle. Chris stops short, though, suddenly grabbing Santana’s head and faceplanting him! Santana rolls onto his back, stunned, as Crazy Chris gets up and goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up. He looks around at the crowd, then jumps, landing a split-legged moonsault!!! Chris makes another cover, with the referee right there… 1… 2… and Santana kicks out again. Chris, slapping the mat, gets back up, again heading for the turnbuckle. This time he waits, as Santana slowly tries to get himself up. As soon as Santana reaches vertical, Crazy Chris leaps, trying for the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! But Santana leaps to meet him, landing a dropkick that knocks Chris out of the air!!! Chris hits the ground and rolls, even as Santana rights himself. Chris gets to his feet, but Santana’s there, locking him and taking him over with a fisherman’s suplex!! He hangs onto the leg, as the referee counts… 1… 2… No! Chris gets out at the last second!*

Logan: Back and forth we go! Where it stops, no one knows!

Jones: These guys are living up to expectations! What a great match!

*Both wrestlers are getting themselves up, with Santana moving just a hair faster. He grabs Crazy Chris from behind, locking on a sleeper hold!! Crazy Chris gasps and struggles, unable to pull the arms free, but Santana has no intention of keeping it as a submission hold. Instead, he takes Chris over with him, landing a modified sleeper suplex!!! Santana twists around for the cover, as Head Referee Bell counts… 1… 2… but Chris kicks out once more! Santana shakes his head and gets up, but then heads for Chris’ legs, grabbing hold of one of them to start to apply an Ankle Lock submission! Chris is immediately in pain, struggling against the hold, with Santana trying to cinch it in. But Chris twists himself around and kicks out with his feet leg, hitting Santana in the chest and causing him to lose the hold. Chris lands on his knees, then rolls, getting out of Santana’s range. The Television Champion hustles after him, though, grabbing for Chris’ shoulder. But Chris spins and lands a strike to Santana’s jaw, stunning him. Chris then steps in and lifts, taking Santana over with the Crazy Bitch!!!! The place is going wild as Chris makes the cover… 1… 2… NO!!!! Santana’s foot is on the ropes!!!*

Jones: We have a new, wait, no, we don’t!

Logan: Not yet, anyway!! Somehow Santana’s foot found the ropes, saving him from a certain loss of his championship!

Jones: Geez, so this one continues? Holy crap!

*Crazy Chris can’t believe it. He thought he had the gold all wrapped up. Head Referee Bell makes sure to point out the foot, letting Chris know that there’s nothing he can do. After a second, Chris grabs the leg and tries again… 1… 2… but now Santana’s recovered enough to escape. Chris, frustrated, slowly gets up, with the crowd split down the middle of who they’re cheering for. Chris looks towards the turnbuckle, considering a climb, but Santana’s already starting to try and get up, so Chris takes a different tactic. He moves in, grabbing Santana for an attempt at a Russian leg sweep. Santana blocks it, elbowing Chris multiple times to knock him away. Chris, staggered, shakes his head, then comes back in, but Santana catches him with a spinebuster!! Santana then makes the cover, trying to hold him down as Head Referee Bell moves in… 1… 2… but Chris raises up again! Santana sits on his knees for a second, looking exhausted. He reaches down to pull Chris up, no, roll up! 1… 2… Santana escapes!*

Jones: Every fall has the crowd hooked, Anthony!

Logan: I keep thinking that it’s over, but somehow, these two are still going!

Jones: Eventually, though, someone’s luck has to run out… right?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. These two are in great shape, they could wrestle all night!

Jones: Well, the affiliates are going to stick with it as long as it takes! We’re not going off the air until we have a winner!

*Both wrestlers are on their feet now, with Santana scoring a right hand that staggers Crazy Chris. The challenger comes right back with a shot of his own, and the two weary warriors begin fighting it out, swinging heavy shots at each other. Chris finally takes the initiative with a block, scoring three punches in a row to drive Santana into the corner. Chris then grabs Santana’s head and bangs it into the turnbuckle pad five times. Santana stumbles away, his brains muddled from the impacts, as Crazy Chris grabs the ropes and pulls himself onto the turnbuckle, once again looking for the Crazy Man’s Suicide!! Santana turns around as Chris leaps into the air, but Santana dodges under him, avoiding the attack!! Chris lands hard on his legs, causing him to have trouble standing. The Television Champion quickly moves in and grabs him, taking Crazy Chris over from behind with a bridge suplex!! Head Referee Bell is right there, watching both men, as he starts his count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Jones: That does it!!!! The match is over!!

Logan: Yeah… but who won??

Jones: What?

Logan: Both men’s shoulders were down with that move! Who got their shoulders up first, or did either??

*Minos has already come into the ring to talk with Head Referee Bell about his decision. Santana, meanwhile, is back on his feet, raising his right arm triumphantly while holding his aching head with his left. However, Bell comes over and pushes Santana’s hand down! Santana, confused, looks at Bell as he moves over towards Crazy Chris, taking the Television Title and handing it over!!!*

Minos: The winner of this contest…. and NEW GCWA Television Champion… Crazy Chris!!

*The arena goes wild, both with excitement and shock, as Crazy Chris accepts the championship. Santana has moved to the side, hanging onto the ropes for support as if stunned by what just happened.*

Jones: So we have a new champion!!

Logan: Man, do we have a slow-motion replay of that pin? I really want to see that!

Jones: I believe they’re cueing it up now!

*A video shot of the final moments of the match clicks in, showing from multiple angles what happened. We see Crazy Chris taken over with the bridge suplex from Santana. While Santana’s shoulders don’t move, Chris can be seen barely raising up his left shoulder, getting it off the mat. With that, the referee counted out Santana.*

Jones: The referee made the right ruling, as Crazy Chris did get his shoulder up!

Logan: What a stunning ending to this one! As hard as Robert Santana fought, it was all decided with one single maneuver!

Jones: We are way over time, folks, so we’ll see you next week! Good night!

*Santana is still in the ring, talking with Head Referee Bell about the decision. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan has appeared, entering the ring and celebrating with his tired brother. Crazy Chris has the gold on his shoulder, proud of becoming a two-time Television Champion. Dan raises Chris’ arm, shouting praise for his brother. Chris then turns, looking towards Santana, who walks over to him. Santana offers a hand, and, after a second, Chris returns it, the two men shaking and earning another massive ovation from the crowd. Santana turns and leaves, disappointment cut into his face, while the Danger Boiz stay in the ring to continue their celebration. We slowly fade out.*

OOC: And another card is up! This one was fairly stacked with segments and angles, which will hopefully make for some enjoyable reading. Thanks to all who sent in segments, as you really made this show something special!

Here's what I've come up with for next week's card:

- Lurrr vs. Aaron Styles

- Angelica vs. Justin Hale

- The Lost Soul vs. The Little Guy, Non-Title Match

- D & D (Harvey Danger & Draco) vs. Shane Donovan & Partner

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Bucky Johnson(c), GCWA X Division Title / GCWA Television Title Unification Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, February 12th to Wednesday, February 17th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!