GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*As the previous show ends, we head to a field of darkness for a moment. But then, dramatic music begins to play, as a picture starts to come into view.*

Voice: Last year, when the GCWA began its rebirth from oblivion, the guiding light of the company was one tournament: Warriors of the Ring. Men and women from around the wrestling world came to the federation for their chance at glory, ultimately ending with two men battling fiercely for the greatest prize in the land, the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship.

*We see clips from the epic battle between “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan and “The Thriller” Derek Mobley, with Mobley ultimately coming out on top with a dramatic Thriller delivered off the apron, leading to Mobley being crowned the first GCWA World Champion of the new run.*

Voice: This year, the battles have reached new levels of determination and brutality, as sixteen men entered into a war for the right to be proclaimed the 2010 Warrior of the Ring, one step away from World Championship glory!

*Various shots from the past few weeks are shown, with each of the sixteen wrestlers going at it for their chance to move on.*

Voice: Now, tonight, the surviving eight competitors enter the fire again, with only four having the opportunity to head on to greatness!

*Flashes hit the screen, with pictures of Warrick Hill in mid-flight with the Joint; Robert Santana leaping into the Sensei-Tion; The Big Bifford holding a man up for the Biff End; Arachne screaming towards the camera from the turnbuckle; Marcus Ka’Derrion locking a foe into the PainKiller; Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris simultaneously leaping out of the ring onto their opponents; The Lost Soul standing in darkness, his eyes glowing towards the camera. The final picture shows the eight men staring at each other, knowing that half of them will not make it out here tonight. We fade to darkness.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd’s cheering wildly at the thought of the upcoming tournament matches, jumping up and down in the stands. Fans of every competitor left are shown, including two face-painted men glaring at each other, one looking like Arachne, the other like The Lost Soul. We see signs proclaiming their picks, with one man holding up a sign saying “Crazy Chris > Dangerous Dan!”, while another woman has a poster saying “The Year of Ka’Derrion begins again!” We shoot past all of the crowd, heading to the ringside area, where the normal announcers are in their position.*

Jones: Hello, everyone! I’m Edward Jones, and with me as always is Anthony “Lightning” Logan! Welcome to Friday Night Inferno!

Logan: Damn, I’m fired up now, Jonesy! We’ve spent weeks to get to this moment, deciding who our final four competitors are going to be!

Jones: That’s right, Anthony. Eight matches are already in the books, deciding our quarter-finalists. Now, tonight, we’re going to narrow that down once more, as we make our final steps on the road towards Warriors of the Ring!

Logan: I can’t decide which match has me more fascinated! Tonight coincidentally has become about the passing of the torch.

Jones: We’ve got the long-time wrestler, Warrick Hill, taking on the young Television Champion, Robert Santana! Dangerous Dan tries to reach his full potential by taking on the former World Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion! Dan’s brother, Crazy Chris, will face off against veteran The Lost Soul! And the World Tag-Team Champions will collide, as Arachne battles against The Big Bifford!

Logan: Reportedly, another match was scheduled between our World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, and the former GCWA Intercontinental Champion, Mr. Excellent, but for some reason, we’re being told that this match has been cancelled.

Jones: Hey, the President probably decided it wasn’t in the company’s best interest to let an alcoholic wrestle tonight, Anthony.

Logan: Oh, come off it, Jonesy. I know you’re a teetotaler and a brownnoser, but you honestly can’t believe that. Draco deserved to fight tonight, but after what happened to him last week, I know who he really wants to face.

Jones: Yes, it was shocking to see Shane Donovan betray Draco last week, taking him out and leaving him bloodied in the ring. The question is, what will Draco do today to take revenge?

Logan: I guess we’ll find out later tonight, but for right now, it’s time to get to the tournament matches!

Jones: Sounds good to me!

Minos: Our first match tonight is set for one fall, with no time limit. It is a Quarter-Finals match for the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! Making his way towards the ring, he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, and is now working to stand apart from his partner and make a name for himself, standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, representing the House of Pain, here is Warrick Hill!

*”Tom Sawyer” by Rush begins to play, with Warrick Hill immediately coming through the curtain energetically. He may have too much energy (or possibly had too much of something else), as he nearly stumbles down the ramp before catching himself. Still smiling, Warrick heads for the ring, focusing on it.*

Jones: Things have been a little strained between Warrick and Derek over the past few weeks, but they seemed to come back together as a unit.

Logan: I wouldn’t be so sure of that. We still have no idea on where Derek sits regarding Lurrr’s offer of reuniting the Roman Empire. I would have thought for sure that Derek would have turned it down by now…

Jones: Well, if he hasn’t, I suppose that means he’s still considering it.

Logan: Good thing Warrick doesn’t seem too concerned about it. He looks pretty damned confident in there. I know his win over Peter Vaughn wasn’t that exciting. I wonder if he ever got around to watching any tapes of Santana wrestling?

Jones: This IS Warrick we’re talking about, right?

Minos: His opponent has held several championships in the GCWA, including the one he currently holds. Standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The crowd gives a nice response for Santana as “Sandstorm” by Darude plays out on the speakers. The Television Champion walks out onto the ramp, giving a quick bow before continuing towards the ring. He’s looking doubly serious tonight, watching the crowd as well as Warrick.*

Jones: Santana got into the quarter-finals after a successful title defense over Bucky Johnson, a great, raw talent. Now Santana has to go against the opposite end of the spectrum, in a true veteran in Warrick Hill.

Logan: Word has it Santana once again had to deal with a lot of stress this past week, although it’s hard to get out much information around it.

Jones: I heard about some incident at a funeral that was in the news, that dead FBI agent, that might be connected, although reports are sketchy at this time.

Logan: All I know is that, whatever Santana’s personal issues are, he needs to push them aside if he wants to move on in the brackets.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Hill, smiling, steps forward towards where Santana is standing. Referee Trixie is between them, nodding to both and making sure that Santana’s championship belt is safely put outside the ring, so that it cannot be used for weaponry. Neither man, of course, had that intention. They walk forward towards each other, with Santana giving Hill a nod of respect. It’s not returned, as Warrick just wants to fight, darting in and trying to take Santana over with a roll-up during his bow towards the ref! Santana, though, saw it coming and was able to dodge, avoiding the attempt. Warrick quickly gets to his feet, charging towards the Television Champion, who sets himself and twists to his right, allowing Warrick to stumble past him with a leg in place to trip him, sending Warrick into the ropes! As soon as Hill grabs hold and brings himself back up, Santana slips him towards him, landing a kick to the chest that sends Hill tumbling backwards over the ropes and to the outside!*

Logan: I don’t think Warrick came into this one thinking that speed would be an issue, but people always seem to be underestimating how fast Santana can move!

Jones: Warrick thought he could quickly out-smart him, but Santana’s no snot-nosed rookie anymore. With a year of GCWA wrestling under his belt now, he’s definitely a threat in this tournament!

Logan: Warrick’s going to have to work out a Plan B, because Plan A is definitely a bust.

*Santana’s patiently waiting in the ring as Hill gets to his feet on the outside, looking more pissed off than hurt. He glares in towards Santana and reaches for the ropes, pulling himself up onto the apron. With Referee Trixie counting away, Warrick gives her an annoyed nod and steps in, stopping her count. Santana is still standing in the middle of the ring. He signals for Warrick to try again, angering the veteran further. Warrick comes in, no subtlety this time, trying a heavy punch, but Santana easily blocks it, then snaps off his own shot towards Warrick’s neck. But Hill’s agility saves him, as he ducks under it and grabs Santana’s arm, surprising the Sensei with an armdrag takedown that was probably taught to him by Derek Mobley. Both men leap back up, but Hill quickly jumps in, grabbing the off-balance Santana and yanking him around with a reverse DDT, banging the man’s head off the canvas! Warrick then makes a quick cover, with Trixie right there… 1… 2.. and Santana kicks free.*

Jones: Did Warrick sucker Santana in there a little bit?

Logan: It looked that way, Edds. Warrick looked like he was about to lose it, but the way he moved on that arm-drag, I think he goaded Santana into attacking him!

Jones: It’s easy to dismiss Warrick as a drug addict or a drifter, but the man has had plenty of success in the wrestling world. He certainly has the experience to throw a few surprises Santana’s way!

*Hill has switched to a grounding attack for a moment, working on Santana’s neck with a reverse chinlock on the canvas. He grinds away, trying to drain some of the younger wrestler’s energy, with Referee Trixie watching for any signs of either Santana giving up or the hold becoming too close to a choke. Santana fights against the hold, trying to get himself up, eventually slowly bringing the two men to their feet. Warrick twists his grip, turning it more into a headlock as he tries to drop back down to the mat. But Santana refuses to go down, using his taller frame to brace himself. He then lifts up, taking a surprised Hill into the air and dropping him down with a back suplex! Hill rolls away in pain, while the Television Champion takes a moment to recuperate. He gets up, with Hill struggling to rise as well. Before Hill can fully get up, though, Santana comes in, landing a kick to the sternum that drops him back to the mat! Santana then drops his weight onto Hill for a cover, trying to hang on for the count… 1… 2… and Hill frees himself from the attempt.*

Jones: It’s a back and forth battle at the start here, Anthony. Neither man is backing down!

Logan: Well, Warrick sees this as his opportunity to show up his partner, Derek, in continuing through the tournament just as Derek did. Santana sees this as his chance to finally stop being seen as being a mid-carder and reach for the top tier.

Jones: Well, one of them is going to get their hopes dashed, while the other will prove his point. But who will it be?

*Santana has Hill back up now, taking him towards the corner and throwing him in head-first. Hill, dazed, turns himself around to face his opponent, not realizing that this leaves him wide open. Santana takes advantage, lashing out with his destructive chops across the chest, leaving red welts on his opponent! The fans cheer along, giving a few good “Woo’s” in respect. Warrick, doubled over in pain, then gets dragged out of the corner by Santana, who takes him to the ropes instead. After a couple more right hands, Santana grabs Hill by the arm and whips him towards the other side, where Warrick rebounds towards him. Santana spins, going for a heel kick towards Hill’s head, but the veteran ducks underneath it, hitting the other side and coming back with a leap, going for the Joint!!! Santana only barely manages to dive out of the way, barely avoiding the hit! Hill lands hard, but gets himself back up, with Santana grabbing at the ropes to get up, knowing how close he was to defeat right there.*

Logan: That could have ended the match right there, but Santana’s reflexes were up to the task!

Jones: He’s lucky, because few men have kicked out of the Joint after taking its hit.

Logan: Both of these men have moves that can come out of nowhere to finish things. They have to constantly be on their guard, or else this contest could be over in an instant!

*Both men are moving slower now, the result of the harsh pace in this one. But neither is stopping, as they meet in the center of the ring, with Hill landing the first shot, but Santana coming right back with his own! The two wrestlers exchange blows, staggering each other, with the fans loving every minute of it. Hill tries one more, but this swing gets knocked away from the Television Champion, who comes right back with a shot to the throat, causing Hill to stumble away, gasping. He turns back, but Santana’s in midair, scoring a dropkick that drops Hill back into the corner in a seated position! Santana gets back to his feet and comes over, grabbing the ropes and jumping up, before sending both boots into Hill’s chest, doing more damage! Hill is in a heap, hurting badly, as Santana goes to pull him up. He grabs Hill by the head, to attempt a suplex… but Hill blocks it with his leg, then falls back, surprisingly pulling Santana into a roll-up! Referee Trixie, taken off-guard, takes an extra second to get into place… 1… 2… and Santana gets out of it!*

Logan: Hill almost steals this one with a roll-up! I think if Trixie had been in position, this one could have been over!

Jones: Well, refs try to be always prepared, but some moves just come out of nowhere, Anthony. It’s not like she can stand right next to the guys, waiting. After all, that’s what leads to a lot of refs getting themselves knocked out, which always leads to more trouble!

*Both wrestlers are back up now, with Warrick looking frustrated that his quick pin attempt didn’t work out. He surprisingly thumbs Santana in the eye, blinding him and causing Trixie to deliver a warning. Warrick doesn’t seem to be listening, as he’s intent on taking out his opponent. He gauges the blinded Santana, then runs to the ropes, possibly considering trying the Joint again. But Santana is waiting for him as he comes back, stepping towards Warrick to throw off his aim and tossing him overhead with a shoulder lift, causing Hill to fall flat on his back!! Hill arches his spine due to the blow, his mouth open in a silent yell from the impact. He rolls over, attempting to get back up, but Santana’s already rushing in towards him, scoring the Sensei-Tion kick to his head!!!! Hill’s down, with Santana dropping onto him for the cover, looking almost relieved… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on to the Semi-Finals of the GCWA Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament… Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: Santana does it, he’s in the final four!

Logan: I’m betting a lot of people didn’t expect Santana to get this far, but he’s proving his detractors wrong with every victory! Now, only two matches remain in his dream to become the next Warrior of the Ring!

Jones: Warrick tried to use his experience and skills, but it just wasn’t meant to be here tonight, as the dream of another House of Pain member winning the tournament has fallen!

Logan: Too bad, as that would have been historic. Now Warrick will have to explain to Derek how he let this opportunity slip away from him.

*Santana is in the midst of celebrating one of his biggest victories ever, as referee Trixie brings over his GCWA Television Title. Warrick is down with his hands on his head, feeling like he’s got a severe hangover pounding in his skull. He starts to sit up, even as Santana turns and steps out of the ring, raising the belt for a moment on the apron before stepping off. He walks away, his worries temporarily forgotten in the thrill of victory. We cut away, heading to the backstage area, where we find ourselves in the Presidential Office of the Accelerator! The President is at his desk, making a few notes. The live crowd can be heard sending out a few boos, possibly due to the recent controversy regarding Arryk Rage. Ace looks up at the camera, putting on an almost-too large smile on his face.*

The Accelerator: Hello there! I know you’re all excited about continuing with the tournament, but I had a few announcements to make. I’ll make them brief, and then you can continue on your way to the refreshment stands or to buy some fine GCWA souvenirs from our great staff.

*The crowd doesn’t seem completely pleased with the blatant shilling of merchandise, but that’s never stopped the Accelerator before.*

The Accelerator: First off, as you all should well know, this next weekend will be the Warriors of the Ring IV pay-per-view. Our top matches will, of course, be the battles between the four contenders who win here tonight. One of them, Robert Santana, has already been selected. The other three will soon join him, giving us our final foursome to put on what is sure to be a great finale to the tournament. But that’s not all that’s going to happen on that night.

*Ace leans forward, taking a more serious tone as he starts on other business.*

The Accelerator: Recently, it was brought to my attention by a fellow wrestler that our World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, was going through some major issues in his life, and might not be up to the task of continuing as our champion. Last week, Shane Donovan attacked Draco, giving him a severe beating and leaving him out inside my wrestling ring. In that, at least, it seems that Shane has proven his point: Draco was taken down way too easily for a World Champion. It was disgraceful!

*The crowd begins to boo, not liking where this conversation is going.*

The Accelerator: Still, just because Donovan made a good point, that doesn’t mean that I think he’s automatically worthy of a title shot…

*THAT perks the crowd up some.*

The Accelerator: So I’ve come to a compromise. Since Donovan seems to want to bring Draco down, and since Draco now has also ‘requested’ his opportunity to get his hands on Donovan legally, I’ve decided that I will make the match for the PPV between the two, with the caveat that if Donovan wins, he will be granted a World Title opportunity down the line. Also, to make things more… interesting… Harvey Danger will be the special referee for this contest!

*The crowd cheers, happy to have Harvey involved. The Accelerator sits back in his desk, ready for the next order of business.*

The Accelerator: On another front, a wrestler was callously assaulted last week from behind, something that I’m not particularly fond of. This wrestler, Grimm, has asked me to extend him the pleasure of taking on this coward in face-to-face combat. So, I’ve decided to grant his request. Grimm will be facing Arryk Rage at WOTR. And, just because I don’t want to seem like I’m favoring Grimm over my ‘old friend’, I’m going to make it a match that Arryk is a big fan of: a Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification Match!

*The crowd pops for this, always loving a chance to see some incredible violence. Ace seems to approve, smiling.*

The Accelerator: I’m sure there will be more announcements throughout the week, but I wanted to make sure that you good fans knew that a great show was being planned for you. It’s never too early to place your order! Enjoy the rest of the show!

*The Accelerator goes back to work, ignoring the camera, as we head off to a pre-arranged commercial break.*

*The scene leaves the commercials behind and changes to the backstage area where The Big Bifford is standing with Martin Ka'Berryon.*

The Big Bifford: I've made an executive decision, Martin. I'm going to lay down and let Arachne pin me.

Martin Ka’Berryon: Excuse me?

The Big Bifford: Martin, I'm past my prime... Arachne is the future of this industry. He will beat me.

Martin Ka’Berryon: Excuse me?

The Big Bifford: Martin, Arachne can go on to be World Champion and we'll be there to celebrate with him and be at his side as his tag team championship partners. We'll be a big deal by association.

Martin Ka’Berryon: Are you *bleeping* kidding me?

The Big Bifford: No, Martin. This is the way things are going to be from now on. We're going to take a backseat to Arachne.

Martin Ka’Berryon: What about you going on and fighting Marcus Ka'Derrion, the greatest wrestler to ever live, in the finals? What about your greatness?

The Big Bifford: It's all going on the backburner. This is the AGE of ARACHNE!

*Martin just looks at Bifford as though he's nuts.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: I won't go out there with you. I won't be of any help in this idiotic scheme of yours. Arachne is a NOBODY! He wouldn't be tag team champion if it weren't for YOU and your greatness and me and my assistance. Arachne doesn't win matches alone.

The Big Bifford: Silence, Martin. I won't allow your disobedience anymore. Stay back here and meditate. I must go and fulfill my destiny. I must go and lose to Arachne.

*Bifford walks away from Martin, heading for the arena entrance. Martin watches him go, disappointment in Bifford mingling with happiness for his idol, Ka’Derrion. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Wait a second, Bifford is just going to lay down in this one?

Logan: Damn. I’d rather see a great brawl between two tag-team partners, but I can see how this might be better for the team to continue.

Jones: Yes, but do you really think Arachne would have a better chance of moving forward than the Big Bifford?

Logan: Heck no! But it’s Bifford’s decision, as the veteran on the team. If this is what he wants to do, then there’s nothing else to be done but have it officially put in the books! Minos, take us there!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a Quarter-Finals match for the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! Coming towards the ring, he is one of the most unique superstars in the wrestling business, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Arachne!

*It’s a mixture of cheers and boos for the face-painted wrestler, as he comes out to “Wana” by the Black Horn. Arachne stops and considers the crowd, curiosity crossing his face due to their reaction. He then marches on, heading towards the ring.*

Jones: Arachne made it to the quarter-finals with a victory over a much larger wrestler in Aaron Styles. We expected him to have even more difficulties fighting Bifford. But now, he may get a free night off!

Logan: Yeah, I thought the two would make an interesting match-up. After all, if anyone knows Arachne’s wrestling style, it’s The Big Bifford, and vice versa. It’s not often that you get to see two tag-team partners going at it, much less in a fight like this one, with so much on the line!

Jones: Well, apparently the team-up means more to Bifford than the tournament.

Logan: Somehow, I’m still expecting a double-cross, Jonesy. But then, I’m a wrestling cynic.

Minos: His opponent an accomplished veteran and a former GCWA X Division Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, The Big Bifford!

*”Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio begins its opening riff, as The Big Bifford walks out alone from the entryway. He takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly, thinking about what he’s going to do. The big man then walks down the aisle towards the ring, keeping a tight grip on the Tag-Team championship in his hand.*

Jones: The Big Bifford reached this stage of the tournament with a surprising crushing of another large wrestler in Penance. Now, though, Bifford’s battle is more of an emotional one, going against his tag-team partner.

Logan: Bifford’s manager, Martin Ka’Berryon, didn’t even want a part of this one, and I can see why. Since Ka’Berryon isn’t officially Arachne’s manager, he might be losing out on some cash with this decision.

Jones: I don’t know if it’s about the money, Anthony. Ka’Berryon wants to manage a World Champion, after all.

Logan: Yeah. He also wants to meet up with Marcus Ka’Derrion in the tournament. But it looks like Arachne’s going to be the one moving forward… assuming Bifford doesn’t have a clever plan in place, using this to take out his partner!

*The Bell Rings.*

*The Big Bifford and Arachne stand in the middle of the ring, looking at each other. They shake hands and hold their Tag Team titles over their heads, which the crowds cheer loudly. Both men hand their titles to Referee Mitchell, who goes to take them out of harm’s way. In the meantime, both men face the crowd for a moment, each thinking their own personal thoughts.*

Jones: Do you really think this might all be an elaborate plot?

Logan: Hey, you can never predict what wrestlers are going to do in the quest for more gold, Jonesy. Just last week, we saw Shane Donovan turn on his former tag-team championship partner, Draco! I wouldn’t put it past Bifford to have set all this up in order to squash his partner’s dreams and move on in the tournament!

Jones: Well, I guess we’re about to find out, because the two partners are facing off!

*Bifford smiles and pats Arachne on the back. For a moment, the crowd holds their breath, expecting the big man to turn on his partner. However, true to his word, Bifford sits down in the middle of the ring, and then lays down flat on his back. Arachne looks down at him, confused, as Referee Mitchell, expecting this, moves in, waiting to deliver the count for the pinfall. Arachne seems to be thinking it over, with Bifford signaling him to go ahead and make the pin.*

Logan: Ok, I take it back, I guess Bifford’s really going to just throw this opportunity away for his partner!

Jones: Arachne doesn’t seem completely sure he wants it, but Bifford is pretty insistent. I think Arachne’s only option is to make the pin and head on to the semi-finals!

*There is a warring chant going on in the crowd, going back and forth. One group is yelling “Make the pin!”, while the other portion is screaming “Get up, Bifford!” It’s clear even the audience is divided on this one. After a few more moments, Arachne places his foot on Bifford's chest. Referee Mitchell, having straightened up while waiting, gets down and begins to count... 1... 2...

Jones: It’s over, just like expected…

Logan: Wait, Jonesy, who’s that???

*Just as the referee's hand goes down the third time, a man dressed in all black, wearing a black mask, jumps into the ring. He leaps over the oblivious Referee Mitchell, knocking him down, and nails Arachne in the back of the head with one of the Tag Team titles!! Arachne goes down like a sack of potatoes and the mystery man quickly pulls Arachne outside of the ring, as Referee Mitchell strangely takes a few extra moments to recover, looking towards the excited crowd instead of the action. The masked man escapes quickly through the crowd, after jumping the barrier, and Bifford rolls over, looking for Arachne.*

Jones: What on earth was that all about??

Logan: I don’t know, but Arachne just got knocked cold, just before he could be sent to the next round by his partner!

Jones: He took a hard hit out of nowhere. Somehow, I don’t think he’s going to get up in time!

*Referee Mitchell is back on his feet now, with The Big Bifford looking towards him from the ground. Bifford starts to pull himself up, but Mitchell moves away from him, seeing where the other wrestler is. He begins to count Arachne out...1.. 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... Bifford gets to his feet, looking very upset at his plan not working... 7.. 8... 9... 10. Bifford shakes the ropes in anger, upset that he has won the match.*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on to the Semi-Finals of the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament, The Big Bifford!

Logan: Just as we thought for sure we knew who was moving on, a masked man changes everything around!

Jones: Bifford was willing to give this opportunity to Arachne, but apparently another man wasn’t as generous!

Logan: Who could have wanted Arachne out of the tournament that badly??

Jones: Well, whatever the reason, The Big Bifford will be facing Robert Santana in the semi-finals next week. That’s going to be a great match-up!

Logan: And we still have two more competitors to go!

*The Big Bifford pulls himself out of the ring, heading over to the still-downed Arachne. He works to help his tag-team championship partner up, but Arachne’s unable to stand. Bifford, though, has the strength to easily pull the man up, while also carrying both tag-team titles on his other shoulder. The fans are cheering for Biffarachnephobia as the disgruntled Bifford starts to take Arachne to the back, assuring him that he has no idea what happened. We head to the back, showing another partnership: The House of Pain. Derek Mobley is shown first, pacing back and forth. Seated near him with an icepack on the side of his head is Warrick Hill.*

Derek Mobley: Seriously, Warrick? You just threw this chance away, a chance for us to be showcased at the PPV?

Warrick Hill: Us? It was my *bleeping* chance, Derek! And, ok, the Asian dude got lucky.

Derek Mobley: Lucky? He kicked your ass!

*Warrick angrily throws the icepack away, glaring at Derek.*

Warrick Hill: Hey, if you wanted to do better, you should have taken that spot instead of leaving it to me!

Derek Mobley: You’re right. I should have.

Warrick Hill: You know what? I don’t need this!

Derek Mobley: Warrick…

*But Warrick’s already on his way out of the room, still rubbing the sore spot on his head. He departs, leaving a frustrated partner behind. Mobley lashes out, grabbing a plate off the small table and flinging it into the television, causing an explosion of sparks. Mobley watches the explosion, then steps back, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a card: Lurrr’s card. He walks off, as we head out.*

*We come back to a shot in the hallway of Cynthia Hall as she hurries along, getting the cameraman to follow her.*

Cynthia Hall: This is Cynthia Hall, and I’ve just been granted an official interview with a man who everyone wants to talk to: Arryk Rage! He’s supposed to be… oh, here! In here!

*Hall and the cameraman open a door and head into a dark room, with the door shutting behind them. It’s hard to see, at least until the cameraman switches on his night vision. He pans the camera around, showing a struggling Cynthia Hall, a few old chairs… and a man standing in silhouette. The cameraman gasps, seeing Arryk Rage standing there.*

Cynthia Hall: What is it, Charlie? Is he there?

Arryk Rage: Hello, Cynthia.

Cynthia Hall: Ahhhh!

*Cynthia nearly jumps out of her shoes, hearing the voice so close to her. Arryk’s smile is hard to see, but it’s clearly there.*

Cynthia Hall: Arryk? Is that you? Can we turn on some lights?

Arryk Rage: Why? Isn’t this more enjoyable?

Cynthia Hall: Ok… you wanted to talk to us?

*Arryk moves closer, apparently able to easily see in the dark. Cynthia’s eyes haven’t come close to adjusting yet, making it hard to figure out where to aim the mic. Luckily for her, Arryk’s close enough to be picked up.*

Arryk Rage: I wanted to find out why you aren’t looking more into what the Accelerator is doing, Cynthia.

Cynthia Hall: If you’re talking about the allegations that the Accelerator ordered Grimm to attack you, we haven’t found any proof…

Arryk Rage: It’s out there, Cynthia, along with other moves the ‘President’ is making. He thinks he’s big by forcing me into matches that I don’t want, then attacking me from behind? He’s on notice, Cynthia. I will find a way to take him down where he deserves.

Cynthia Hall: So, about your announced match with Grimm…

Arryk Rage: Grimm may think that he can fight against me. But he will soon learn what so many others have. He should fear the darkness. They all should.

Cynthia Hall: But, Arryk, what about…

*Suddenly, the lights in the room come on. The camera sputters for a second, its night vision potentially fried by the sudden brightness. After a second, the regular picture can be seen, with Cynthia blinking her eyes clear. Two members of GCWA Security have entered the room, having turned on the lights.*

GCWA Security: Where is he?

Cynthia Hall: I… I don’t…

*The security guards look around the room, but strangely, it doesn’t appear that Arryk Rage is in there. Cynthia shakes her head, trying to figure it out.*

Cynthia Hall: Excuse me, but why are you looking for him?

GCWA Security: No more recording. Shut it off.

*One of the guards reaches for the camera. The shot turns to static. After a couple of seconds, the truck sends us back to ringside.*

Logan: Well… that was strange…

Jones: So Arryk Rage is still accusing the Accelerator of acting improperly?

Logan: I’m still of that opinion as well, Jonesy. Something doesn’t sit right with all this.

Jones: Then where’s the proof that he’s been doing something wrong? Eh?

Logan: *Sigh* So why do you think security would be looking for Rage?

Jones: I don’t know… maybe he was supposed to have a match tonight, and walked out on it again? They could just be looking for him for an explanation!

Logan: Sure, Jonesy. Sure.

Jones: Alright, I don’t know, ok? Damnit, let’s just go to the next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and is a “Quarter-Finals” Match for the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! First, coming down the aisle, he is a former 2-time GCWA Television Champion, as well as a former 2-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion… representing the Danger Boiz, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*The crowd gives a good pop for Dan as “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory plays over the speakers. Dangerous Dan comes out from the back, immediately stopping and taking a moment to take in a deep breath of air. He lets out a yell, with pyro going off behind him, before rushing towards the ring with the energetic crowd behind him.*

Jones: We’re glad that Dan could be here tonight, after the car accident that took place this past week.

Logan: Yeah, who the hell was driving that eighteen-wheeler? Hopefully, Dan and his family sue the pants off the company it belonged to.

Jones: Fortunately, Dan’s ok. Reports state that he’s got a broken nose, hence the bandages there. He’s also got some bruised ribs. But he’s determined to wrestle tonight despite his injuries, intent on getting to the next stage of the tournament after beating Grimm via forfeit in the first round.

Logan: Crazy Chris has given him a lot of grief about that, but tonight, it’s not going to be a forfeit. Dan’s got to find a way to get around one of the toughest young stars in the GCWA in order to move on. Could this be the night he rises to the challenge?

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion and a former GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, continuing the legacy of his late father, standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*As “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park hits the speakers, the crowd gives a strong response, watching for Ka’Derrion to come out of the back. The wrestler walks out, gladdened at the show of support, yet looking like something is weighing heavily in the back of his mind. He takes his time heading towards the ring. Following behind him, a puzzled look on his face, is his new manager, Paco.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion reached this point with a successful, brutal victory over Scott Caine in a “Parking Lot Brawl”. I think a lot of people see him as a major favorite in this tournament.

Logan: He could be, but I have to admit, I don’t like how he seems a little distant tonight. Do we know anything about what happened to him this week?

Jones: Well, I know he went on a skiing trip with Paco, who, true to form, spent most of his time at the at the lodge drinking. I really don’t know what happened to Marcus during that time, though.

Logan: Well, something clearly happened, because even Paco seems a little worried about him. Will he be able to put it back together against a tough foe here tonight?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Dangerous Dan is in his corner, doing a final check on the secureness of the bandage on his nose. After all, it’s got to be considered a major target in a match like this. Ka’Derrion and Paco have a few more words, with Paco openly smacking Ka’Derrion in the chest, trying to focus him. Ka’Derrion turns away, looking towards Dangerous Dan, who turns to meet his glance. The two long-time competitors consider each other, before walking forward to the cheers of the audience, who are clearly split on who they want to support. They meet in the center, with referee Rockwell making sure to stay out of their range in case fists start flying. But, for a moment, everything is civil, as the two fan favorites have themselves a private conversation.*

Jones: A lot of time has passed since Dangerous Dan and Marcus Ka’Derrion met at Darkness Falls in a battle for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. Both have gone through changes since then, with both having multiple title reigns.

Logan: Yeah, we’ve been blessed to see both of these competitors grow up into successful wrestlers before our eyes. Ka’Derrion’s already been to the top of the mountain, while Dangerous Dan seems convinced that he’s on his way towards that peak.

Jones: There’s a level of respect between the two wrestlers, but there’s also an undercurrent of energy flowing between them. Both men know what tonight’s bout means. Neither wants to see their opportunity slip away.

*The time for talking ends, as the two men give each other a respectful nod before starting to circle around each other, looking for openings. They lock up, each straining to take the advantage. Dangerous Dan makes the first step, managing to step around and get his foot behind Ka’Derrion’s leg, tripping him up and sending him to his back! Dan then moves in, trying a couple of stomps, but Marcus quickly rolls out of range and gets back to his feet. Dan follows him in, swinging, with Ka’Derrion shifting himself around to catch the man and send him flying with a hip toss! Dan hits and rolls, getting back to his feet and meeting the charging Ka’Derrion, this time with Dan pulling off the hip toss on Marcus! Ka’Derrion’s right back on his feet, heading right back towards Dan, who jumps over him with a leapfrog. Marcus hits the ropes and comes back, with Dan shifting into a monkeyflip position. But as Dan goes to the mat, Ka’Derrion stops and catches his legs, threatening to go for the Pain Killer submission!! Dan immediately kicks away, freeing himself and rolling away!*

Jones: Distracted or not, Ka’Derrion almost ended this one in record time!

Logan: Yeah, that Pain Killer is tremendously hard to free yourself from. Dan needs to watch himself, and not leave any openings for it to be placed on him.

Jones: Ka’Derrion, over the past 12 months, has built an impressive array of maneuvers that he can use. But the Pain Killer, his father’s old submission hold, is still probably his most feared weapon.

*Dangerous Dan is back up now, watching Ka’Derrion warily as he starts to approach him again. On the outside, Paco is gleefully pointing out how close Marcus just came to putting Dan in a lot of pain. His taunting is surely heard from Dan, but the wrestler gives no sign that he’s listening. The two wrestlers lock up again, this time with Dan shifting it into a headlock on Ka’Derrion. Marcus shoves him into the ropes and sends him running, then waits to meet him. But Dan, upon his return, lowers his shoulder, getting a shoulder-block that knocks the surprised Ka’Derrion to his back! Marcus rolls over as Dan starts running again, hitting the ropes and returning. Ka’Derrion stands to meet him, kicking out and catching Dan in the stomach, bending him over and stopping his momentum. Marcus then grabs his head, attempting to twist him down with a neckbreaker. But Dan blocks it, instead managing to lift Ka’Derrion over him with a snap suplex, before rolling on top for a quick cover! Referee Rockwell hops in… 1… 2… and Ka’Derrion gets out of it in time.*

Jones: These two are looking like seasoned veterans at the moment, pulling out some very nice counters in the first part of this bout!

Logan: They’ve learned a lot during their time here. It’s a testament to how tough the competition is in the GCWA that they’re so well-trained now.

Jones: Both of these wrestlers could easily be facing off in the finals of the tournament. Unfortunately, the luck of the brackets means that only one of them is reaching the semi-finals.

*Both wrestlers are back up, with Dangerous Dan in control. He hammers Ka’Derrion with a few forearms, keeping him stunned as he goes to the ropes and comes back with an attempted running clothesline. Ka’Derrion ducks underneath it, avoiding the strike, then spins around, but they were closer to the ropes than he knew, allowing Dan to return quicker. The Danger Boy leaps up, catching Ka’Derrion and taking him to the mat with a Lou Thesz press!! Dan, on top, punches away, landing several shots to his foe, with referee Rockwell stepping in to give a warning about the use of closed fists. Dan’s pumped up, taking a moment to raise his arms up towards the crowd. This proves to be a mistake, as Ka’Derrion suddenly scissors his legs up, catching Dan by surprise around the armpits and dragging him backwards into a pinning combination! With Dan’s shoulders on the mat, Marcus hangs on for the count… 1… 2… and Dangerous Dan shoots an arm up in time, saving himself!*

Logan: A matter of inches prevented Ka’Derrion from walking out of here with another tournament victory.

Jones: Sometimes that’s just the way it goes. A pinfall combination that will work against one man fails against another. But the match goes on.

*With Referee Rockwell backing away to stay out of the action, Ka’Derrion presses his attack, hanging onto Dangerous Dan and kneeing him repeatedly, keeping him from launching his own counter-attack. Ka’Derrion then hangs onto Dan and turns, throwing him bodily into the turnbuckle!!! Dan goes through the pads, slamming his shoulder into the steel beyond, causing a wincing flash to come across his face. He hangs there, while Ka’Derrion wipes a hand across his eyes, clearing off some sweat from his exertions. He comes over, pulling Dangerous Dan out, as Paco circles the ring, intent on keeping his eye on the fight. He seems pleased but nervous as the former World Champion sets Dan into place and goes to lift him up for a full nelson suplex. But Dan shifts his weight back and forth, managing to throw Ka’Derrion off-balance and allowing him to drop back to his feet. Dan then spins around, grabbing at Ka’Derrion’s head and taking him down with a rotating neckbreaker, leaving the man laid out! Dan makes the cover… 1… 2… Ka’Derrion gets the shoulder up!*

Jones: At some point, the fatigue’s going to be too much for one of these guys, as the battle goes on.

Logan: You can see it in both their faces, it’s starting to take its toll. But, really, these two are in very good condition. I could easily see them fighting for another hour, Jonesy.

Jones: Let’s hope not! As great as that would be, we wouldn’t have any room for the rest of our tournament contests tonight!

*Dangerous Dan pulls Ka’Derrion back up, hitting him with a forearm to stagger him. Dan then pushes him into the ropes and shoots him back in the other direction, waiting for him to return. As Ka’Derrion rebounds, Dan takes a step towards him, jumping up for a dropkick. However, Marcus manages to stop his momentum just in time, almost giving himself whiplash with his grip on the top rope, and Dan crashes to earth instead! He tries to hurriedly get back up, but it’s too late, as Ka’Derrion comes over to grab him. Ka’Derrion gives Dan a knee to the gut, causing him to fall to a knee. Marcus then double-underhooks him for another attempted suplex, only to have Dan fight his way free! Dan straightens up, trying to grab Ka’Derrion for a rock bottom, but Ka’Derrion fights free as well, then twists Dan over with a Crucifix Power Bomb!!!! The crowd is roaring, and so is Paco as he jumps up and down outside the ring, willing Marcus to make the pin! Ka’Derrion slowly pulls himself over, finally getting an arm on his opponent for the count… 1… 2… and somehow Dan gets out of it!*

Jones: Man, I thought that was going to be it! That was one of the Punisher’s moves, wasn’t it?

Logan: Yep, and it was executed pretty well, too. But it took so much out of Ka’Derrion that he had to come back over for the pinfall, and Dan had just enough time to recover.

Jones: Dan’s desperate to get this victory and earn respect. The question is, does he have anything left in the tank to draw on after that move?

*Ka’Derrion’s spirit seems to have taken another hit with the unsuccessful pinfall. He shakes it off, though, as he stands, with Paco yelling at him to put Dangerous Dan in the Pain Killer. Ka’Derrion seems to agree, as he goes over, grabbing hold of his opponent’s legs. But as he starts to step in for the turn, Dangerous Dan begins to fight, managing to get a foot free in order to kick Ka’Derrion in the face! Marcus stumbles back, stunned, as Dangerous Dan surprisingly finds the strength to kip back up to his feet, unsteady though his landing might have been. He grabs at Marcus, spinning him around, with Ka’Derrion immediately using the momentum to continue the spin, trying a discus clothesline. But Dan ducks under it, then grabs Marcus from behind before he can react… taking him around into the Danger Zone!!!!! With Paco grabbing his head in shock on the outside, Dangerous Dan immediately falls on top for the cover, hoping against hope that it was enough. Referee Rockwell dives in… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on to the Semi-Finals of the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament… Dangerous Dan!

Jones: Amazing! Dangerous Dan may have just scored the biggest victory of his young career!

Logan: He can now claim a victory over a former World Champion, which is an incredible feat! So now one Danger Boy is moving on; will Crazy Chris follow in his footsteps later tonight?

Jones: Unfortunately for Ka’Derrion, his dream of going all the way in the tournament has been crushed.

Logan: I think whatever distractions he brought into this one, they proved to be a little too much for him to overcome against such a tough adversary like Dangerous Dan. He just seemed to be a step or two off tonight.

Jones: We now have three of our four semi-finalists decided. The final bout is coming up, next!

*In the ring, an excited Dangerous Dan has climbed the turnbuckle, soaking in this historic moment. Ka’Derrion, meanwhile, has rolled to the ropes, already recovering but looking completely stunned. A depressed-looking Paco nonetheless comes over to talk to him, although it’s impossible to hear what he’s saying. The two talk, while Dangerous Dan drops down off the ‘buckle and leaves the ring, intent on getting to the back with victory still fresh in his mind. We leave him behind to head backstage, where we see The Big Bifford in his dressing room. Arachne is nowhere to be seen. Bifford’s manager, Martin Ka’Berryon, is standing nearby.*

The Big Bifford: I can't believe that someone attacked Arachne. I didn't know he had any enemies.

Martin Ka’Berryon: I bet it was either that idiot Dangerous Dan or Crazy Chris.

The Big Bifford: Yeah, they are both idiots... but I don't know... I don't think they'd really want me to win a match...

Martin Ka’Berryon: It's odd, yeah...

The Big Bifford: Maybe it was Ace... He does have a certain fondness for me, you know..

Martin Ka’Berryon: Yeah, that must be it...

*Bifford opens the closet door and hanging next to his jacket is the mystery man outfit from earlier tonight. Martin's eyes get wide, but Bifford just grabs his jacket and closes the door without noticing the outfit that was apparently worn by Martin. Martin looks very relieved with the door closed and the two men walk off as the scene fades to commercial... *

*The scene cuts backstage, where Shane Donovan is standing in a dressing room on his cell phone. He has a huge smile on his face as he talks.*

Shane Donovan: Well it didn't work quite as well as I hoped, but at least I got my match with Draco. After I beat him senseless, The Accelerator won't have any choice but to let me get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. I'm going to go out there and tell everyone just what I plan on doing in order to get him out of this company. I totally got this--

???: Hey Shane!

*The voice yelling belongs to none other than Draco, and it's clearly coming from outside of the room. Shane starts to move towards the door, but it slams shut! The feed cuts to outside the room, where Draco has pushed the door shut and is now behind the wheel of a forklift! He shifts it into gear and pulls it forward, blocking the doorway right as Shane tries to push the door open, pinning it shut. Draco then turns the forklift off and breaks the key in the ignition before jumping down.*

Draco: Well damn man, looks like you won't be able to tell the crowd and everyone else what you plan on doing to me and you'll just have to actually do it. Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing what kind of crap spewed out of your mouth this week. See you at Warriors of the Ring Shane.

*Draco flips the broken key to one of the stagehands that walks over to try to move the forklift, whistling as he walks away. The stagehands look over the forklift as Shane bangs on the door, yelling at them to get it open. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Looks like Draco just saved us from a Shane Donovan rant!

Jones: It’s clear that these two definitely need to have a fight, although I applaud the President for making it a Non-Title Match, as Donovan needs to earn that right.

Logan: True, but it’s definitely going to be a great fight between them. I myself have been wanting to see D & D fight for months!

Jones: The only question is, what side will Harvey Danger come down on? He’s definitely conflicted, Anthony.

Logan: I guess we’ll find out next Sunday at the PPV! First, though, we’ve got one more tournament match to take care of!

Minos: Our main event match is the final Quarter-Final contest for the GCWA Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! Introducing first, he is a former two-time Tag-Team Champion of the World, as well as the most successful Television Champion in the history of the title, representing the Danger Boiz, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*The masked man comes out to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead, with the crowd giving him a pretty nice pop. He stands for a moment on the stage, as if taking in the significance of the moment, before continuing on his way.*

Jones: Crazy Chris was said to have had a close call this week, as apparently someone was stalking him. Word has it Chris’ rental car was badly damaged due to the assault.

Logan: Great. There go GCWA insurance rates again.

Jones: Crazy Chris already has one big victory over a champion in this tournament, thanks to his beating the X Division Champion, Harvey Danger, last week. Can Crazy Chris make it two in a row with a win over the Intercontinental Champion tonight?

Minos: His opponent has held several championships in the GCWA, and is considered a likely candidate for the Hall of Fame if and when he ever decides to retire, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the current GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

*With “The Friday the 13th Theme” playing throughout the arena, the fans cheer loudly for the face-painted wrestler. The Lost Soul comes out through the curtains, an intense look on his face as he stares towards the ring, where Crazy Chris is waiting for him. The wrestler starts to walk with determination down the ramp, ready for a fight.*

Logan: The Lost Soul was seen in Haiti this past week, lending his aid to the battered country after the recent earthquake.

Jones: You have to respect someone who, even in the midst of a major tournament, decides to give his help towards the less fortunate.

Logan: Two weeks ago, TLS earned the Intercontinental Title for the second time with a successful win over Mr. Excellent. Tonight, he’s got another tough hurdle, as Crazy Chris will definitely not be an easy foe to get around.

Jones: The luck of the draw placed these two men against each other in this stage. The winner will go on to face Dangerous Dan in the next round. Either combination will lead to another great contest. Will it be brother vs. brother, or brother avenging brother? We shall soon find out!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as Head Referee Bell signals for the beginning of the match, Crazy Chris is on the move, rushing towards The Lost Soul. TLS seems to have been expecting it, as he steps back, immediately going into a clothesline. But Crazy Chris goes underneath it, running past TLS and getting to the turnbuckle, running up it and immediately backflipping off it towards his foe, who is turning towards him. It’s a surprising avenue of attack that TLS wasn’t ready for, as Chris corkscrews into him with a suicidal splash, taking him down!! Chris gets back up first from the impact, immediately going to the ropes and springboarding himself into the air. He flips back onto The Lost Soul, dropping with a splash onto him and grabbing the legs for a cover! Bell expertly falls into place for the count… 1… 2.. and The Lost Soul shrugs Crazy Chris off, avoiding the pin.*

Jones: It looks like Crazy Chris had a gameplan coming into this one, and he’s executing it to perfection!

Logan: I admit, it’s not often that you see someone take The Lost Soul by surprise. He usually knows everything about his opposition and uses it against them, especially someone he’s fought before. But Crazy Chris has pulled a few new maneuvers out of his arsenal.

Jones: Crazy Chris has to keep the pace at his level to remain in control. If he lets TLS control the pace, the odds of him winning drop dramatically.

*Crazy Chris already back on his feet, as he’s not planning on slowing down. As The Lost Soul starts to pull himself back up, Chris hits the ropes and returns again, leaping onto the man and spinning around him. TLS can’t block him as Chris swivels around him and drops down with a bulldog-like maneuver, planting him face-first to the mat! Chris then tries another cover, with Head Referee Bell making the count… 1… 2… and The Lost Soul again throws the wrestler off. Annoyed, Crazy Chris gets up and goes towards the ropes, stepping through them to the apron. He waits as The Lost Soul pulls himself up, planning to leap at the perfect moment. As TLS turns towards him, Crazy Chris springs himself upwards, flying back into the ring with a leap. However, The Lost Soul sets himself and catches Chris in mid-air, flipping him right over with a fallaway slam!! Chris flies backwards, crashing to the mat, but trying to roll through the impact. He starts to pull himself back up, rubbing the shoulder he landed on. But TLS is there, grabbing Chris and immediately lifting him into the air with a vertical suplex, and then snapping him down with a slam, making the cover… 1… 2… Chris kicks out!*

Logan: It was bound to happen. The Lost Soul is always thinking three moves ahead in there, and high-risk maneuvers leave a lot of openings.

Jones: In a match like this against a man the size of Crazy Chris, TLS has a serious power edge. He’s showing it right now by throwing the lightweight around.

Logan: If he’s as smart as I think he is, he’ll work now on grounding the man. You have to take out his ability to run circles around you.

*Crazy Chris is once again trying to get up, not realizing that The Lost Soul has moved directly behind him. Before Chris can get away, TLS grabs him and snaps him over with a belly-to-back suplex, throwing him to the canvas once more. The Lost Soul then gets up and moves over to him, catching hold of Chris’s head and arm and applying an Anaconda Vice submission hold! The triangle choke maneuver is locked in, with The Lost Soul making sure that they’re positioned far away from the ropes!! Head Referee Bell moves in as Crazy Chris grunts in pain, stuck in a very agonizing position. But he shakes his head defiantly no when Bell asks him about quitting, as he refuses to give up on this opportunity. He starts to claw at the mat, trying hard to reach towards the ropes, which might as well be miles away from him. The Lost Soul calmly continues to apply pressure, draining his opponent’s energy.*

Jones: This hold could very well be the end of it, as The Lost Soul has this one perfectly applied!

Logan: Who knows where he picked up this maneuver, but it’s definitely a success, as he’s keeping Crazy Chris on the mat, wearing him down, while resting himself at the same time!

Jones: Crazy Chris needs to find himself a solution, fast!

*With Head Referee Bell watching, Crazy Chris continues to fight. He’s never going to give up, and is even making some progress towards the ropes, although he’s got a long way to go. As Chris continues to fight, though, The Lost Soul seems to be considering what to do. He suddenly releases the hold, reasoning that another attack might prove more fruitful. Chris flops on the mat, trying to recover, as TLS pulls himself up. He reaches down and grabs hold of the masked man, pulling him upwards and lifting him into the air, before dropping down with a kneebreaker, attacking the man’s legs!! Crazy Chris topples over, holding his injured limb, with The Lost Soul following, reaching out to grab the other leg to do damage to it as well. He pulls it towards him for a submission hold… but Chris shifts his weight, flipping himself over, then delivers a mule kick that knocks TLS backwards, away from him. Chris then rises up, and, as TLS comes back in, jumps up, landing a Pele kick!! The Lost Soul falls forward to the mat, while Chris, having used his already hurting leg, rolls away in pain.*

Logan: That’s what you call a sacrifice, Jonesy!

Jones: Crazy Chris regained some momentum in this match with that move, but will it prove too costly in the long run?

Logan: Hey, Crazy Chris has always been a gambler, Edds. He’s willing to take that extra risk if it could better his chances of winning!

*Crazy Chris is at the ropes now, pulling himself up. He flexes his hurting knee a couple of times, making sure that it’s still functional. On the other side, The Lost Soul is pulling himself up as well, showing his resiliency. He turns and starts to head towards Chris, but the young wrestler is ready, coming in towards TLS and jumping, backwards, into him! The surprise maneuver knocks both men into the corner, where Chris turns himself around and starts punching away, trying to do as much damage as possible! Chris then backs away, again testing the strength of his knee, which seems to be doing better now. He turns and rushes back in, but TLS comes out of the corner to meet him, throwing Chris over his head! But Chris lands on the second turnbuckle, then immediately springs back, turning around and landing on TLS’ shoulders to take him down with a hurricanrana into a pinning combination!! Head Referee Bell dives in for the count… 1… 2… TLS manages to escape!*

Jones: You can just feel the importance of this match coming out of both of these wrestlers! Neither is going to go down easily!

Logan: They’re both determined to win, and determination can take you a long way. But at some point, too much abuse will tell the tale, shutting down one of these competitors.

Jones: Right now, Anthony, it’s just too close to call.

*With The Lost Soul rolling onto his stomach, pushing himself up, Crazy Chris moves to the ropes, sucking some precious oxygen into his lungs. He then moves back in, jumping onto The Lost Soul’s back and applying a sleeper!! TLS, surprised, reaches up with both arms, trying to pry Chris’ arms loose, with no success, as Chris has the hold tightly locked in! Head Referee Bell stays nearby, seeing if this could signal the end of the match. But The Lost Soul’s weight advantage allows him to start walking, taking Chris with him as he spins around, reaching out his arms almost blindly towards the edges of the ring. After a few more seconds, he manages to grasp the top rope on one side, hanging on. Bell moves in immediately to call for the break, with Chris getting in a few more wrenches of the neck before releasing it. The Lost Soul drops to one knee, breathing heavily. In the meantime, Chris runs to the other side, returning with momentum towards his foe. But TLS drops, still hanging onto the top rope, sending Chris out of the ring to the floor below!!!*

Logan: Ouch!! Chris just took a nasty fall!

Jones: That could be the mistake that does him in! Will he be able to return to this one in time??

*The Lost Soul painfully pulls himself back up, shaking his head to clear it. Head Referee Bell moves past him, looking out to the floor below and starting his 10 count on the fallen Danger Boy. A cameraman moves in, giving us a good shot of that side of the ring, where Crazy Chris is laying on the ground, still stunned. As the count continues to go up, Chris starts to show signs of movement, reaching out with one hand to the apron to try and drag himself up. As soon as he appears over the edge, The Lost Soul starts moving his way, stepping through the ropes (and, thus, restarting the count). TLS stomps on Chris’ hand on the apron, causing him to slide back to the mat, now holding his hurting hand. The Lost Souls then steps down next to him on the floor, pulling Chris up and lifting him in the air, bodyslamming him on the outside pads!!*

Logan: Man, this is territory that Crazy Chris did not want to venture into! The Lost Soul is an expert at brawling on the outside!

Jones: While true, TLS has to be careful. A double countout is the end of the road for both men.

Logan: I wonder if Crazy Chris would be ok with that? I mean, sure, his opportunity would be gone, but think of his brother, getting a free ride to the finals!

Jones: I can’t see that being an option for Chris. He wants to move forward just as badly as Dan does.

*On the inside, Head Referee Bell has continued his count, raising it upwards as he looks worriedly towards the back entrance, wondering what the President would think if one of his marquee matches for the Pay-Per-View doesn’t take place. Outside, The Lost Soul has Crazy Chris back up. He knows the count, but feels that he has time for one more maneuver, as he goes to whip Chris into the stairs. But Chris manages to leap straight over the stairs, avoiding the strike! He stops himself against the guardrail, leaning heavily on it, as TLS moves after him, wanting to put him away. He grabs at Chris, but the younger wrestler turns and catches TLS on the side of the head with a right cross, staggering him! Chris then turns and, hearing the count, dives into the ring. Bell nods to him, then turns, counting to 8… 9… and The Lost Soul just barely gets in the ring in time, keeping the match going!! Crazy Chris stomps on him, trying to keep him down, as the fight continues!*

Jones: Whew! For a second, I thought this great bout was ending in a countout!

Logan: That’s the risk of going to the outside, Jonesy. It can definitely backfire on you.

Jones: We’re still going, but for how much longer? What do these men have left??

*The fans continue to be split, not knowing who to root for, as Crazy Chris drags a hurting TLS up. He grabs hold of the wrestler’s head and lets out a short yell before falling with a twist of fate!! The Lost Soul is down and hurting as Crazy Chris tiredly pulls himself up. Rather than going for the cover, Chris turns towards the corner, heading towards the turnbuckle and climbing up. He waits at the top, positioning himself to take a flying leap towards his opponent, possibly for the Crazy Man’s Suicide! The Lost Soul rises up, hurting, and starts to turn the right way. Before Chris can jump, though, TLS goes to his right, basically falling against the ropes and causing Chris to fall onto the ‘buckle!!!*

Jones: What a save from The Lost Soul!

Logan: A hit like that isn’t going to make Chris any less Crazy, Jonesy! Yowsas!

*Crazy Chris looks to be in severe pain as he partially hangs off the ‘buckle, having landed hard on the metal casing. He struggles to right himself and get up, but The Lost Soul is already starting to climb up next to him. The two men exchange punches, but in the close quarters, TLS is able to take control, nearly knocking Chris off to the floor below. With Head Referee Bell warning both men not to stay there long, the fight continues, with The Lost Soul getting himself even with his opponent. He locks onto Chris, preparing to take him off, with Chris fighting back, landing a punch under the chin that almost causes TLS to fall backwards. But TLS regains his balance and comes back with a headbutt that smacks Chris back. Before the wrestler can recover, TLS grabs him and twists off the top rope, coming down with the Soul Buster!!!! The crowd is going wild as TLS makes the cover, exhaustedly grabbing the legs as well… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving onto the Semi-Finals of the GCWA Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament, The Lost Soul!

Jones: The veteran pulls out another victory in his quest to get back to the World Title hunt!

Logan: TLS had a very tough fight, possibly the toughest of the tournament so far, but he survived! That’s the good news. The bad news is that he’s going to have to face Chris’ brother, Dangerous Dan, in the semi-finals in order to move on!

Jones: Crazy Chris really gave it his all, but The Lost Soul just had the edge at the end, and there was nothing the masked man could do about it!

Logan: So it’s decided! Next week, at the Warriors of the Ring IV, our four competitors are going to be Dangerous Dan, Robert Santana, The Big Bifford, and The Lost Soul! Talk about a mesh of styles!

Jones: Two of them are established veterans, who will be looking for that one final push to the top. The other two are young superstars, hungry for their chance to get to the main event! Don’t miss your chance to see these four amazing athletes go at it!

Logan: Yeah, plus we’ll have Draco fighting his former friend, Shane Donovan… Arryk Rage going up against Grimm… Derek Mobley’s decision about the Roman Empire… and much more! What a night it’s going to be!

Jones: We’ll see you there, wrestling fans! Good night!

*The Lost Soul isn’t spending much time celebrating in the ring. He’s been handed the Intercontinental championship from Head Referee Bell and is moving off, already starting to head through the ropes. He stops for a second, though, to look back at Crazy Chris, who is trying to pull himself up, defiantly glaring at TLS. The Lost Soul nods to him, then steps off the apron, heading towards the back. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan has appeared, coming into the ring to check on his brother. As he does so, though, Crazy Chris pulls his arm away from him, not wanting Dan’s help. Dan watches, frustrated, as Crazy Chris walks away from him, angry at himself and the world for what just happened. He moves off, leaving Dangerous Dan behind, as we slowly fade out.*

OOC: Latest... card... ever...

Yeah, at least I can blame the weather on this one. West Texas has been getting slammed, and we were having major power outages yesterday (due to trees falling on wires), keeping me from doing much work until today. I worked my butt off to at least make sure I got this up Friday night. After all, that's when it's supposed to air *lol*.

So we're set for the Pay-Per-View! Congrats to the four people in the semi-finals of the tournament, especially Dangerous Dan and Robert Santana, who are both making major moves to be where they are. The Big Bifford and The Lost Soul are also both threatening to get their biggest honor yet in the GCWA, so it's going to be exciting to see what happens!

As a note for the tournament guys, what you need to do is post three roleplays for the event, most likely mentioning all three of your opponents. You can focus on the guy you're facing in the semi-finals, but remember, if you get past him, these roleplays will also be used to grade against whoever wins the other match. Good luck to you! Here's the card for the PPV:

- Harvey Danger(c) vs. Mr. Excellent vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Aaron Styles vs. Bucky Johnson, Xscape Match for the GCWA X Division Title

- Arryk Rage vs. Grimm, Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification Match

- Robert Santana vs. The Big Bifford, Warriors of the Ring IV Semi-Final Match

- Dangerous Dan vs. The Lost Soul, Warriors of the Ring IV Semi-Final Match

- Draco(c) vs. Shane Donovan, Non-Title Match
(Harvey Danger, special guest referee)

- Warriors of the Ring IV Finals

Roleplaying will be from Friday, January 29th (what's left of it) to Thursday, February 4th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!