GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! We move across the screaming fans, seeing various signs, including “2010 Is The Year Of Bucky Johnson!” and “Draco For Governor!” We flash past other cheering fans on our way to the broadcast position, where Jones & Logan are waiting.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Friday Night Inferno!! I’m Edward Jones, here with Anthony “Lightning” Logan, and may I say it’s great to be here!

Logan: Yeah, glad they finally dug you out of the show, Jonesy. Running this thing with my brother Andrew was just a little too strange for my liking!

Jones: I’m just glad my wife and I are safe. She’s been resting at home over the last few days, tired out from our ordeal. Did they tell you about our free room service?

Logan: Er, yeah, Jonesy, I heard about that.

Jones: There were some nice people there, always willing to lend a hand whenever it was needed.

Logan: Yeah… so, about tonight, it’s going to be a great one!

Jones: Oh, right, because we’re kicking off the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! Last year, Derek Mobley went all the way. Michael Breaker made a name for himself by winning this tournament. Will someone do the same this year?

Logan: Four matches will decide our first four entrants into the quarter-finals of the tournament. We have some great ones planned, plus, we’ve got our World Heavyweight Champion in action!

Jones: It should be a hell of a night, and I, for one, don’t feel like waiting! Let’s go to the ring!

Minos: Our first match is a qualifying match for the GCWA Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! Introducing first, he had a respectable first year in the GCWA, which included multiple reigns as the GCWA Television Champion and GCWA World Tag-Team Champion… standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*As “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory hits the speakers, the crowd cheers in response, always happy to see one of the Danger Boiz in competition. Dangerous Dan walks out of the back with a confident smile on his face, giving the fans a quick salute as he makes his way towards the ring. If anything, he looks to be in better shape since the end of the year.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan had some pretty strong words about tonight’s fight, and the WOTR tournament as well.

Logan: Well, last year, he competed in the tournament, only to fall out in the first round due to Derek Mobley. This year, Dan wants to prove that he’s improved by advancing in the tournament.

Jones: Well, talk around the water cooler is that Dangerous Dan is one of the unspoken ‘dark horses’ in it this year. He could surprise a lot of people by going all the way!

Logan: Wait… we have a water cooler?

Jones: It’s just an expression, Anthony.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he’s one of the impressive new stars of the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 226 lbs, from Fort Worth, Texas, here is Grimm!

*”Soul Survivor” by Young Jeezy begins to play, earning a few boos from the audience as they focus on the entryway.*

Jones: Grimm’s got to be one of the most self-assured wrestlers in the GCWA. I’m sure he’s certain that he’s going to take everyone down in the tournament.

Logan: … so certain that he hasn’t shown up?

Jones: Huh? Hmmmm… where is he?

*The music is still drifting out of the speakers, but no one has appeared on the stage yet. Dangerous Dan is shown in the ring, watching curiously. He looks behind him, as if anticipating an ambush, but no one’s around him, either. Referee Mitchell is off to the side, conversing with an attendant about what to do.*

Jones: Well, this is strange… did someone attack him in the back?

Logan: Not according to anything I’ve heard, Jonesy. In fact, I’ve been told that they don’t think Grimm is currently in the building!

Jones: What? But then… does that mean…

Logan: I guess we’re about to find out…

*The referee talks with Minos for a second, then moves over towards Dangerous Dan. The wrestler, for his part, still looks cautious, as he looks at Referee Mitchell.*

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, I have been informed that, due to Grimm not being in attendance, that the decision has been made to stop this match. Therefore, the winner via forfeit, moving on in the tournament, Dangerous Dan!

*A cheer goes up from the audience as they realize that Dan’s moving on to the next round. Dan seems to have mixed emotions about it, as he wanted a fight, but is more than happy to get a free advancement forward.*

Logan: Wow! What a shocking beginning to the Warriors of the Ring IV tournament!!

Jones: Grimm misses out, as Dangerous Dan advances to the quarter-finals!

Logan: Hey, it’s a free win with no down-side. He gets to avoid any risk to his health and continue onwards towards his dream of becoming the 2010 Warrior of the Ring.

Jones: Still, I wonder what happened to Grimm and his guys.

Logan: Who knows? I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later.

*Dangerous Dan steps through the ropes, already on the way back, a smile on his face. He stops to talk to some fans wearing Danger Boiz merchandise, offering to sign some autographs due to him having some ‘free time’. In the meantime, we cut to the back, where we see a locker room door sitting in front of us. The door swings open, and Derek “The Thriller” Mobley walks out! The fans can be heard, cheering, as Mobley looks back into the locker room.*

Derek Mobley: You ladies keep Warrick company until I get back. Warrick, try not to do anything… well, just anything, ok?

*A laughing reply from Warrick, along with giggles from the ladies, can be barely heard. Derek shuts the door, shaking his head, then turns and walks down the hallway. It’s unclear where he’s headed as he turns the corner… and stops, seeing Lurrr standing in front of him. The crowd boos as Lurrr leans cockily against the wall, staring at his former ally.*

Lurrr: I just don’t get it, Derek.

*Derek moves back a step to give himself more room, knowing the range of Lurrr’s Wake Up Call. Lurrr takes note of this, and seemingly approves Derek’s defensive strategy. He stays where is is, content to talk from there.*

Lurrr: I don’t get why you continue to support that loser, Warrick. He’s such a drag on your career. He’s the one that’s kept you from getting back to the main event where you belong. Ever since you’ve returned, have you gotten a World Title shot? No. Have you gotten any good singles matches? No. *Bleep*, you didn’t even get in the Warriors of the Ring Tournament. Instead that *bleep* Warrick got the call. The Derek I knew would never take that *bleep*.

*Derek is still being cautious, expecting an attack at any moment. But neither man moves towards the other.*

Lurrr: You were a 2009 Wrestler of the Year nominee, a former GCWA World Champion, you won the *bleeping* tournament last year… and Warrick’s in? What has Warrick done to deserve it? You think about that, Derek. You think about that really hard.

*Lurrr turns his back on Derek, showing that he doesn’t believe Derek would do anything. He’s right, as Derek just watches him go, lowering his hands back to his side. Derek has a strange expression on his face, as he considers what Lurrr said. The picture slowly fades out to commercial.*

*We come back from the break and head into the hallway to find Dangerous Dan entering into the Danger Boiz locker room. Chris is seated in one of their personalized sofa playing his X-Box on the television set. Dan enters and takes a seat next to his brother, who is somewhat preoccupied with his video game.*

Dangerous Dan: I am so excited. I finally advanced into the Warriors of the Ring Tournament. It’s one shot further than I made last year.

*Chris continues playing his game‘unenthused’with his brother's "victory" celebration. *

Dangerous Dan: Chris! Hello. Did you hear what I said? I advanced into the tournament.

*Chris pauses the game, and sets the controller into his lap. He then turns his attention towards his brother. *

Crazy Chris: Yes, Dan; I heard what you said. Congratulations on your win.

Dangerous Dan: Well don’t seem too excited all at once there bro!

Crazy Chris: I am excited that you won. It’s not every day that a win is picked up by forfeit.

*Chris continues playing his game, while Dan seems a little confused to his brother’s remarks. *

Dangerous Dan: Are you mad or something? You seem a little hostile.

*Chris again pauses his game and sets the controller on the couch, knowing that it’s going to be a few minutes before he gets another moment of peace to play. *

Crazy Chris: No, I’m not mad. I’m just a little disappointed that you are all excited about a forfeit win. Not all the matches you have in this tournament are going to be a cakewalk you know?

Dangerous Dan: I know they aren’t going to be a cakewalk. I have had my fair share of ‘hard’ matches to get through. I spent a total of eight weeks defending that Television title. I fought hard to help us win the Tag Team titles on two occasions. So I know that it isn’t going to be a walk in the park. I am just happy about advancing into the tournament. Right now, I don’t really care how it happened. A win is a win.

Crazy Chris: True. But I just want to remind you that you aren’t the only Danger Boy in this tournament. I get a shot to advance next week. Unlike you, my win won’t be by a forfeit. It is going to be a flat out pinfall.

Dangerous Dan: Chris, why are you acting so upset about how I won. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like winning by forfeits myself. I just want to win this tournament, and finally be in the main event and win the World title.

Crazy Chris: Congrats to you bro, but I want a shot at the title too. Just like you I plan on becoming the 2010 Warrior of the Ring, and then winning the World Heavyweight title, even if that means facing and beating you in the tournament. Just like pop used to say, “whatever it takes to win; do it, and who ever you have to face, beat 'em.” If it comes down to you and me at any point in this tournament, I will prove that I am not just the "younger brother of Dangerous Dan who's following in your footsteps and holding you back." This is also going to be my year to shine. Brother or no brother, I will win this tournament. Not you or anyone else is going to stop me.

*Chris stands and exits the locker room. Dan can’t believe his brother’s new profound attitude. The camera zooms in on Dan. *

Dangerous Dan: Dude, what crawled up his butt?

*Dan shakes his head, as we cut back to ringside.*

Logan: Brother vs. Brother in the tournament! I love it!

Jones: That’s not guaranteed, Anthony. Sure, Dangerous Dan is in, but Crazy Chris has to find a way to win next week against whoever he’ll be facing in the brackets.

Logan: That’s true. But he sure does sound like he’s got something to prove, doesn’t he? This should definitely be interesting!

Jones: Well, hopefully, so will this next match, as we get to see the World Champion in action!

Minos: The next bout is a non-tournament match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, he is one of only a few wrestlers to hold down two jobs in the same organization, standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*As “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor starts up, Peter Vaughn walks out of the back. He is moving slowly, as if still hurting from the rough treatment he received during his time at the Renaissance Fair. Still, he takes a moment to smile and wave to the fans before he continues on his way down the aisle.*

Jones: Vaughn has high aspirations for how he’s going to start his year, bragging about becoming known as Peter “The Dracon-Slayer” Vaughn!

Logan: Yeah, well, he needs to work a little bit on that dismount, I think. I know he wants this year to be different, but you can’t always get what you want. And I believe he’s shooting a little high to be taking on the World Champion in the first match of the year.

Jones: If you’re unlikely to win wherever you aim, Anthony, you might as well aim high.

Minos: His opponent has continued to lead the pack of the GCWA, with multiple title reigns to his credit in 2009… standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York… representing D & D… here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Draco!

*The fans cheer loudly as “Indestructible” by Disturbed hits the air. The curtain moves aside, and Draco staggers out, looking, quite frankly, terrible. He walks down the ramp, barely looking up at the fans, who react to the sight of him with dismay. He continues onwards, heading towards the ring and managing to pull himself in, where Referee Rockwell greets him, talking to him to see if this match should take place. The two seem to start going into a heated argument, as Vaughn stays back, wondering what to do.*

Logan: Man… our World Champion’s in a sorry shape, isn’t he?

Jones: Well, the big news was that the woman who kidnapped his family only got community service for her crime, which appears to have torn a pretty big rift in the family bonds.

Logan: Sometimes our legal system just doesn’t work *shakes head*.

Jones: Still, Draco’s contracted to a match tonight, so he needs to pull himself together.

Logan: I think what he needs to do, Jonesy, is sober up. I think I can smell the alcohol from here!

*Rockwell and Draco continue to argue for a few more seconds, with Draco angrily shoving Rockwell aside and stumbling over towards Vaughn. The Janitor reacts on instinct, tripping Draco up and sending him falling into the ropes, throat-first! Draco rolls away, in pain, as Vaughn watches him. He looks over at Rockwell, and then looks back, concern battling with competition. Competition wins out, with the Janitor going after Draco and attacking, even as Rockwell reluctantly signals for the match to be official!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: We’re actually going to go through with this? Seems like a risky decision to me!

Logan: Rockwell tried to talk Draco out of it, man, but if the champ doesn’t want to listen, then he may have to pay the consequences. The question now is, can Vaughn utilize this enough to start off the year with the biggest upset the GCWA has ever seen?

*As Vaughn moves in, Draco pulls himself back to his feet, using the ropes for balance. He turns, seeing the Janitor near him, and takes a wild swing. Unfortunately, he misses by a foot, the force of the swing causing Draco to fall back down. Vaughn moves behind him, waiting for Draco to struggle back up, then twists him down into a roll-up, trying for a quick win! Rockwell’s there for the count… 1… 2.. and Draco kicks free, avoiding the shocking defeat. Both men get back up, with Vaughn scoring several punches to Draco’s head, driving him backwards into the rope. Vaughn then grabs Draco’s arm and shoots him to the other side. As Draco returns, lifting his arm as if to try a clothesline, Vaughn leaps upwards, landing a flipping droppkick that plants Draco on the mat! The Janitor hops right back up and runs to the ropes himself, coming back as Draco rises up once again. Vaughn greets him with a leaping splash, taking him down again for a cover! Rockwell drops… 1… 2… and Draco escapes again!*

Jones: Wow, who ever thought, seeing this match, that Peter Vaughn would be dominating the World Heavyweight Champion?

Logan: Draco’s completely out of control in there, Jonesy. How he got cleared to come out here and wrestle is a major mystery. This probably should have been cancelled before it got to this point.

Jones: True, but apparently someone in the back wanted to see it continue.

*The Janitor brings Draco back up, taking him over to the corner. Vaughn has a serious expression on his face, probably trying to justify his actions against an obviously inebriated competitor. He lands a few more punches, climbing up on the turnbuckle above Draco. He then cinches himself in and comes off the top, trying for a hurricanrana. But Draco hangs on, throwing Vaughn off to the ground on his own! Vaughn rolls, lessening the impact, then gets up, coming back in. But Draco answers by pushing himself upwards and kicking out, knocking Vaughn backwards! The World Champion takes a moment to shake his head, possibly trying to cut down on some of the double vision. As Vaughn starts to get back up, Draco stumbles over to him, grabbing the Janitor by the head and taking him down with a neckbreaker that nearly goes wild, but still lands with plenty of impact! Draco then pulls himself over for the loose cover… 1… 2… but Vaughn manages to kick out! Draco looks over at Rockwell, but there was no doubt about that one.*

Logan: Even when he’s not completely sober, Draco’s still showing his wrestling ability.

Jones: He may not be 100%, but he’s still dangerous, as Vaughn is finding out. Still, Draco’s best recourse here is to try and finish this one up quickly.

Logan: Why? The more he wrestles, the more alert he’s going to be. That adrenaline will get him refreshed!

Jones: Maybe so, but the longer he’s in there, the better chance that Vaughn can manage the upset!

*Draco is back on his feet now, grabbing Vaughn by the arm to haul him up as well. Draco seems a little more alert now, but he’s still not his old self, as he stumbles while bringing Vaughn over to the corner. Draco nonetheless grabs Vaughn by the head and comes out, looking for a running bulldog. However, Draco’s grip slips as he jumps, allowing Vaughn to push him away! Draco slides for a few feet after landing, hurting from the shot that ran through his spine. He pulls himself up and turns, but Vaughn’s coming in at full speed, diving at him. He tackles Draco to the ground, hard, then stays on top, grabbing desperately at the legs for the cover… 1… 2.. and Draco pushes him off, getting his arm up. Vaughn immediately gets back up, grabbing at the World Champion and getting him upright. He kicks out at Draco, who blocks the kick, grabbing the leg and throwing it aside. But Vaughn twists with it, lashing into an enziguiri kick that catches Draco straight in the mouth!! The World Champion falls to his side, rolling away. He grabs at the ropes, as the camera zooms in on his now-bloody mouth.*

Jones: Oh, man, Draco’s been busted open!

Logan: Yeah, that kick caught him just right, enough to crack his lower lip! We’ve got blood in this one!

Jones: That just shows you how violent even ‘regular’ contests can be. Kids, don’t try this at home!

*Draco is pulling himself up, when he first notices the blood dripping to the mat. He wipes a hand across his lower lip and sees the smear of red. A dark look enters his eyes at the sight of his own blood. Vaughn, meanwhile, is coming up behind him, trying to position himself for possibly another roll-up. Draco turns and looks at him, causing Vaughn to stop, his eyes widening at the sight of Draco bleeding. The World Champion seizes on Vaughn’s hesitation, immediately jumping forward and swinging, punch after punch driving Vaughn backwards! Rockwell delivers a warning about the usage of closed fists, but Draco just glares at him, causing Rockwell himself to take a step back in surprise. Draco then grabs hold of the dazed Vaughn and yanks him over, delivering a snapping takeover that puts Vaughn in a sitting position on the mat. Before Vaughn can recover, Draco delivers a kick to the back of his head, violently knocking the Janitor over!! Rockwell moves in, expecting a pin, but instead Draco gets on top, still punching away!!*

Logan: Draco’s like a man possessed!

Jones: Geez, Draco, the bloody lip was not on purpose! You’d think Draco was fighting his worst enemy right now!

Logan: The Janitor’s in a hell of a lot of trouble right now!

*Vaughn is desperately trying to cover up from the onslaught, as Draco has just gone wild. Rockwell has to physically intervene, pulling Draco backwards and threatening a disqualification if he doesn’t get a hold of himself. Once again, Draco gives that dark stare to the referee, wiping off a little more blood from his face. He goes right back to Vaughn, who appeared to be trying to crawl out under the ropes. Draco pulls him back, and then lifts Vaughn up, putting him into a fireman’s carry. Draco then spins the Janitor around, dropping him with the Inner Rage!! Vaughn grabs at his wounded throat, shuddering like mad, while Draco gets up, heading for the turnbuckle. Draco’s intentions are fully clear, as he climbs quickly to the top, then waits for Vaughn to stand. As soon as the Janitor is upright, Draco’s in mid-flight, dropping onto him and landing The Beginning Of The End!!! Vaughn’s down and out, with Draco standing over him. Rockwell’s there, but there’s no cover in sight, as Draco seems to just be enjoying the downed foe for a moment.*

Jones: Uh, I think he’s done, Draco. Good time to pin him, now, right?

Logan: Maybe so, but Draco doesn’t seem to be in any hurry. He’s almost a different man in there now, after seeing his own blood.

Jones: All of the sudden, I’m scared of this man…

*Vaughn’s out, not moving on the canvas other than an involuntary twitch or two. But Draco’s still not going for the pin, as he looks towards the referee. Rockwell seems to be trying to tell him to cover the man and end it, but Draco’s not listening. He takes a step backwards, a little off-balance for a second, showing that the alcohol effect is still there, just covered up by adrenaline. The World Champion moves in, grabbing at Vaughn’s legs and twisting them around into a submission hold, and then gets Vaughn’s head as well, applying the When All Else Fails submission!!! Vaughn still doesn’t move, showing that he’s out, as Rockwell moves in to check. Taking pity on the man, Rockwell moves fast, lifting Vaughn’s hand up and down three times in rapid succession before signaling for the bell. Vaughn is completely out.*

Minos: Here is your winner, Draco!

Jones: Just as we were beginning to think a major upset could be on the way, Draco lost it, completely destroying the Janitor!

Logan: Yep, Vaughn’s definitely been taken apart. We may need medical attention for the man after that one!

Jones: Draco gets the win, but the fans’ cheers seem to be reduced a little, if only because of concern for the man. What’s going on with our World Champion?

*After a few more seconds in the hold, Draco finally relents to the pleading of Rockwell, releasing the hold and dropping to the side. He rolls out of the ring, taking a moment to breathe as he considers what he’s leaving behind in the squared circle. Vaughn’s still out, with Rockwell trying to get the man to wake up. Draco moves off, heading for the aisleway, as we cut away from ringside. In the backstage area, Arachne is sitting next to a storage crate and the area around him is very smoky. He looks at his fingers and wiggles them and then laughs.*

Arachne: Woah man... those fingers are moving all on their own...

*Suddenly a large shadow comes over Arachne. The camera zooms out and shows The Big Bifford standing over him.*

The Big Bifford: Where the hell have you been these past weeks? I thought Martin told you to report for duty so we could make plans.. and what is that smell?

Arachne: It's the sweet smell of a better life. And what do we need to plan for, man?

The Big Bifford: For destroying Dangerous Dan, of course...

*Arachne looks at Bifford like he's nuts.*

Arachne: Dude... we took his titles. That's all he had. We've ruined his life. Isn't that enough?

The Big Bifford: You hit on the point exactly! He still has a life! We cannot sleep until Dangerous Dan is no longer breathing.

*Arachne cringes and shakes his head.*

Arachne: You want to kill this dude? That just ain't right...

The Big Bifford: It's not that I want to kill him... or that I want him dead... It's that I want him to have never been born in the first place.

Arachne: Well I do have a time machine...

The Big Bifford: Yeah, but going back in time to that disgusting trailer park at which he was conceived - out of wedlock and by a huge heffer - doesn't sound very pleasant.

*Arachne cracks up.*

Arachne: Okay - we'll have a meeting this week and decide how to finish this thing with Dangerous Dan.

The Big Bifford: Okay, but don't forget... I know you'll be tired after your big match with Aaron Styles... Don't go off and start resting..

*Bifford and Arachne smile at each other and then yell in unison:*

The Big Bifford and Arachne: AIN'T NO REST FOR THE WICKED!

*Bifford reaches down and helps Arachne to his feet and the two men go off in separate directions. We head to commercial.*

*We return to GCWA television with a shot of the backstage area, where three men can be seen, entering the arena. The shot shows that it’s Grimm and the Hitmen making their way down the hall. They’re laughing to each other, with Grimm apparently having no clue of what’s already occurred tonight.*

Grimm: These guys have no idea what’s coming their way. 2010’s going to be our year, boys!

*Suddenly, Cynthia Hall runs up, microphone in hand.*

Cynthia Hall: Excuse me, Grimm, Cynthia Hall here for the GCWA, and I wanted to ask you what happened?

Grimm: Happened? What, did we have a date? I have a busy schedule, girl, call ahead next time…

Cynthia Hall: No, Grimm, I mean about tonight’s tournament match. You didn’t make it to the match, and Dangerous Dan got a free advancement to the quarter-finals.

*Grimms stops, in shock, as this is complete news to him.*

Grimm: What the hell are you talking about? That tournament is mine to win!

Cynthia Hall: Well, I’m afraid it’s not, since the decision’s already been made…

Grimm: We’ll see about that!

*Grimm angrily pushes past Hall and heads away from them, with the Hitmen following behind. Cynthia watches them go, as we go back to ringside.*

Jones: Grimm seems pretty perturbed about not getting his chance in the tournament.

Logan: Hey, he should have shown up sooner, then, shouldn’t he? You never know who’s match is going to be put on first, so you need to get here before the show goes on the air. Otherwise, bad things happen.

Jones: Yes, well, I don’t think this is the last we’ve heard about this tonight, Anthony. But for now, we’ve got more matches to get to!

Minos: The next match is a Qualifying Round match for the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! First, coming into the arena, he had a impressive run during the later months of 2009, and now is seeking to start on another run in 2010, standing 6’8” and weighing in at 285 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!

*The crowd gives a good-sized cheer as “New Divide” by Linkin Park begins to play. Styles walks easily out of the back, clearly in the mood for a fight. He walks down the ramp, aiming straight towards the ring.*

Jones: Styles has proven himself to be a dedicated wrestler since he made his debut in October.

Logan: Dedicated, yeah, but I’m still waiting for him to find a new gear. Recently, it seems like he’s been in a little bit of a rut.

Jones: Well, he’s still always a threat to take down anyone that opposes him. This tournament could be his chance to really show what he’s made of.

Minos: His opponent has traveled on one of the strangest paths in the GCWA, but has recently had great success as a member of Biffarachnephobia… standing 6’0” and weighing in at 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… Arachne!

*The crowd is mixed as Arachne comes out to “Wana” by the Black Horn. Some seem to be supporters, while others, possibly remembering the remark about “killing” Dangerous Dan earlier by the tag-team, are booing him. Arachne barely seems to notice, continuing to smile and repeat the same line to himself over and over again as he comes to the ring.*

Jones: It’s fair to say that Arachne has really focused on Aaron Styles’ catchphrase this week.

Logan: Yeah, well, I mean, it is an easy target. “Ain’t no rest for the wicked”. I admit, it’s catchy, and I’m sure it’s selling some t-shirts, but does that mean that Styles sees himself as wicked?

Jones: I’m more interested in what Arachne sees himself as. We saw him smoking something earlier tonight…

Logan: Dangit, we already had one apparently-inebriated wrestler earlier tonight!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie signals for the two wrestlers to approach each other and begin the contest. Styles strides to the center of the ring, while Arachne takes his time getting over there. The two consider each other, with Arachne’s neck having to bend way back in order to make eye contact. The height difference between the two men is remarkable. Arachne nods to Styles, then suddenly rears back and swings, landing a shot to Styles’ side. Styles takes it, then continues looking towards Arachne, who is painfully shaking out his fist. For the first time, Arachne seems to look a little nervous. He opts to run to the ropes and comes back, leaping into the air… and Styles catches him easily, then lifts him up into a gorilla press!! Arachne’s got nowhere to go as Styles holds him high in the air. The big man releases him and steps forward, with Arachne falling a long way to the ground!! The face-painted wrestler takes the impact on his stomach, the pain evident on his face from the landing.*

Logan: If there’s one thing that Styles always seems to have the advantage in, it’s in pure power!

Jones: Yep, he made it look like Arachne’s as light as a feather with that toss. Of course, Arachne’s landing looked more like a bowling ball than a feather.

Logan: It’s clear Arachne’s got to find another way to be competitive, because heads up on Styles just isn’t going to work.

*Styles is already back on Arachne, not letting him get away. He picks the man up and smashes the face-painted wrestler into his knee, sending Arachne springing away from him and crashing to the ground next to the ropes. Styles follows that up by going over and, using the ropes for balance, putting both feet onto Arachne’s ribcage!! Referee Trixie calls for the break and gets to a four count before Styles steps back, removing the pressure, but Arachne’s definitely hurting now. Trixie gives him a warning, with Styles nodding to her before leaning over and picking Arachne back up. Arachne, though, shoves Styles away, then leaps up, scoring a standing dropkick!! Styles staggers back, but doesn’t go down, shaking off the shot. In fact, he comes back quicker than Arachne can recover, grabbing the man from behind. Arachne, though, uses this, grabbing onto Styles’ head and running up the ropes to do a flip, managing to take Styles down to his back!! This one shakes Styles up, allowing Arachne to quickly jump on top and apply a chinlock, trying to wear him down.*

Jones: I know you don’t have a lot of love for Arachne, but the wrestler really does seem to have turned the corner lately, after joining up with The Big Bifford.

Logan: Yeah, yeah, so he’s got a championship. I give Bifford most of the credit for that. If Arachne can go far in this tournament, on his own, THEN I’ll start changing my views on him.

Jones: I guess we’ll see if Arachne can get the victory tonight. He needs to keep moving and stay out of the grasp of the big man. It seems, though, that he’s chosen to try and wear him down.

Logan: Arachne has some hidden skills in submission holds. That being said, a chinlock isn’t going to win this one.

*Referee Trixie is watching, but not bothering to ask any questions of Styles, knowing that he’s not likely to submit to this. In fact, Styles is already getting his hands underneath him, fighting to lift himself up. Arachne struggles to keep him down, but his slender weight just isn’t enough, as Styles gets to his feet, then lifts Arachne into the air, throwing him off! Arachne manages to get his feet underneath him enough to roll, lessening the damage. He hops back up and charges at Styles, getting a running kick to the knee that causes Styles to limp away in pain. Arachne then hits the ropes and comes back, hitting the other leg! Styles, hurting, drops to his knees, as Arachne continues running, hitting the ropes. He comes back hard, racing at Styles… who reaches out and catches a shocked Arachne by the throat!! From his knees, Styles lifts, getting a version of a chokeslam on the man!! Styles then tries a cover, putting his arms onto Arachne’s chest… 1… 2… and Arachne kicks out, saving his place in the tournament, at least for now.*

Jones: That was amazing! Even on his knees, Styles was able to get Arachne up into the air and send him to his back!

Logan: Yeah, but if he had stood up first, I’m betting he could have gotten a lot more height, and maybe put the man away.

Jones: Well, I’m sure his legs are hurting him right now.

Logan: So? Put the pain aside and win the damn match! That’s what it’s all about! You’ve got a chance to make history in this tournament, so the pain shouldn’t matter!

*With Referee Trixie backing out of the way, Styles works his way up, shaking out one of his legs before reaching down towards Arachne. He pulls the man up by the throat, apparently thinking that a second chokeslam might be enough. However, Arachne manages to kick out at the injured left leg, stopping the maneuver. He pulls himself free of Styles’ grasp, then grabs holds of Styles’ arm and tries to take him down with an armbreaker! Unfortunately, Styles fights it off, causing Arachne to have to abort, dodging Styles’ grasp once again. He runs backwards, apparently having trouble figuring out how to keep Styles down. The big man rights himself, and then looks around, seeing Arachne and going after him. With no game plan, Arachne decides to high-tail it, heading through the ropes. But Styles’ reach is too long, latching onto Arachne before he can get off the apron! Styles pulls him back over the top rope, with Arachne’s feet leaving the ground. Styles then clobbers Arachne across the chest with a big arm, causing him to flip the rest of the way back into the ring!*

Jones: Styles is really giving Arachne a run for his money here!

Logan: Yeah, good to know we’re going to have some competitive Qualifying matches for the tournament! After all, the further you go in a tournament like this, the more respect you earn!

Jones: But who will it be? Who’s going to come out the victor?

*Styles has Arachne back up now, pulling the smaller wrestler up into the air with a version of a million dollar dream submision! Arachne struggles, trying to find a way to free himself as the hold takes effect. Referee Trixie is watching closely, seeing if this is it. However, she gets a little too close, as Styles yanks Arachne up even higher, accidentally causing Arachne’s legs to hit Trixie! The woman referee falls to the side, hurt, with Styles immediately tossing Arachne aside to go check on her. He looks genuinely shocked to see her down. Arachne, meanwhile, rolls to his side, grabbing at the ropes to pull himself up.*

Logan: Trixie’s hurt!

Jones: She took a good shot there, although I don’t think she took the brunt of it, thankfully.

Logan: Styles didn’t mean for this to happen. He’s really worried about her.

Jones: He might need to get himself back on track, though, Anthony. Accidents happen in the ring, but you just need to continue on with the match, instead of fretting about things you can’t change.

*Trixie moves towards the side of the ring, trying to recover. Styles, still looking a little bit shaken up, turns back towards Arachne. He walks over to the man, turns him around… and Arachne unleashes the Green Mist!!! Styles staggers back, completely blinded! Arachne, green lips stretched in a savage grin, jumps up and grabs Styles by the head, taking him down with a modified code breaker!! Styles is down, with Arachne heading towards the corner. He climbs up easily, as if climbing a web, something he has a lot of experience with. Arachne then leaps, landing the Spider Bite on the defenseless Styles!!! Arachne makes the cover, yelling towards Trixie to get over there. Trixie, taking note of the situation, painfully pulls herself over, making the slow count… 1…. 2…. 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on in the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament… Arachne!

Jones: Arachne takes down his biggest challenger to date!

Logan: Yeah, but he only did it because Styles was distracted, and because the referee was too out of it to notice the splash of green paint on Styles’ face!

Jones: True, Arachne didn’t exactly use the fairest method to win here, but what matters is that he’s moving on in the tournament to the next round!

Logan: Wild…

*Arachne has already left the ring, not bothering to get his hand raised (probably because he knows Trixie’s in no condition to do that). He grabs his World Tag-Team Title and heads for the back, still grinning through the ‘mist’. In the ring, Styles has rolled to his stomach and is still trying to clear his vision. He may not have any idea what has gone down. We leave it behind and head backstage, towards the Presidential office, where the Accelerator has been busy putting together the final negotiations for the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament. He puts a contract over to the side, staring at a nearby board, which has the various names listed on it. Dangerous Dan’s name is already written into the second level. Ace adds Arachne to the next level, as well, filling two of the eight places. Behind him, the door suddenly slams open, as Grimm bursts into the room! With the Hitmen behind him, Grimm walks over to Ace, still clearly upset.*

The Accelerator: Nice entrance. Mother never taught you to knock?

Grimm: I’ve been screwed, and I want to know what you’re going to do about it! I’m here tonight, Dangerous Dan is here, and I want my rightful match for the tournament!

The Accelerator: That match? It’s in the books already, boyo. Deal with it.

Grimm: This is bull*bleep*!!

The Accelerator: Watch the language in my presence, if you careyou’re your job here…

*Grimm grumbles under his breath, apparently preparing to say something else, but Lucky Leon steps over and grabs him, telling him to calm down. Grimm takes a deep breath, controlling himself from attacking the President, knowing that it wouldn’t help. The Accelerator, seeing this, smiles to himself.*

The Accelerator: I know that you feel like your opportunity was taken from you tonight. What would you say if I could offer you another opportunity?

*Grimm looks up at the President, curiosity bleeding into his expression.*

Grimm: I’d say I was interested…

The Accelerator: In that case, I think we can work out a deal.

*The Accelerator grins, then looks to his side at the cameraman.*

The Accelerator: Time to leave, Barry…

*The cameraman (who knew his name was Barry?) backs off, heading for the door, with the Hitmen making sure to shut it behind him. The picture fades out to commercial.*

*Scene opens up backstage where we see Marcus Ka’Derrion walking down a hallway, already wearing his wrestling gear. He goes through a door that leads to the parking lot and is there where he is stopped by GCWA backstage interviewer, Cynthia Hall. *

Cynthia Hall: Hey there Marcus! Leaving already?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Hi Cynthia. No, as you can see, I still have my wrestling gear on. Actually I was just going to my car, I forgot to get something.

Cynthia Hall: Ah OK. Well do you mind if we walk with you and get a few answers from you?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Yeah sure Cyn.

Cynthia Hall: The fans on my blog have been asking me about you and just where your head is at?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Right here, above my shoulder as always.

Cynthia Hall: Funny. What they mean is where are you mentally? Which Marcus can we expect this year? You obviously are not the same Marcus from a year ago, a year in which there were two sides to you: the Marcus Ka’Derrion who went 12-1 in the first half of the year and the Marcus Ka’Derrion who went 3-4-2 the second half.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Yeah well clearly I had a hell of a year Cynthia. I made it to the very top of the mountain but as everyone in this business very well knows, and something I learned very quickly, is that it’s not the getting to the top of the mountain that is hard, but staying there. I took down one of the big dogs in Shane Donovan for the World title. What I didn’t realize that after that, bigger dogs would come after me, and quick. It was though and yes, I never fully recovered from losing the World Title. I came back from injury too early, lost to a few guys I should never have, but all of that is in the past now. It’s 2010, and I’m looking to start fresh. Where am I mentally? I’m 100% focused on the task at hand: beating Scott Caine and moving to the next round of the Warriors of the Ring tournament.

Cynthia Hall: Speaking of Scott Caine, you two seem to have real hate for each other, where did that come from?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Where? Last year around this time I guess. He and I saw plenty of each other as we begun our careers… The hate I guess has always been there, but was dormant until December of last year. But I don’t hate Scott Caine as much as he hates me. I’m not sure why, but I’ll tell you this, I won’t back down from him.

Cynthia Hall: Going back to what you said on being focused. How far can focus get you? You definitely need more than that. Are you 100% psychically?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Well I don’t want to give out anything that may help Caine out, so you will just have to wait and see.

*A voice is heard from behind Marcus. A voice we all recognize right away: Scott Caine.

Scott Caine: No we won’t, I hate waiting.

*Marcus turns around only to get run over by Scott Caine with a clothesline! Cynthia just barely manages to get out of the way from the vicious clothesline. Marcus is down and Caine is quick on the attack, putting the boots to Marcus’ mid section. He then picks him up by his hair and tosses him over the hood of a car. Marcus goes sliding down and falls on the other side of the car just as refs and security rush over to stop Caine. As they push him back towards the arena you see Marcus jump on the roof of a car. He calls out to Caine who turns around only to be on the receiving end of a flying cross body block! Marcus takes down Caine along with two security guards and ref. More zebras and muscle show up to separate the two as they were exchanging blows on the floor. Just then, a pissed off Accelerator shows up, standing in between both men as they are being held back by security and refs alike.

Jones: Hey, The President is there!

Logan: I guess he was in the area for some reason, although who knows why. Something to do with that secret meeting with Grimm, maybe?

*Security’s still struggling to hold the two men back, as the Accelerator looks at both men, a sudden gleam coming to his eye.*

The Accelerator: So you guys ruined your match at the pay-per-view by brawling to a no-contest, and now you want to do the same thing here? Well, I don’t think so!

*Ka’Derrion is still trying to get free, wanting to deliver more punishment. Caine has an angry glare of his own towards the man.*

The Accelerator: I’ll tell you what… I’m not going to let you guys throw away a tournament match, and I’m not going to let you destroy any more company property by letting you into the building. I’ve got a better idea. You want to fight here? Fine. I see you over there Mitchell. Take over, and make this Parking Lot Brawl official. Security? Let them go!

*Ace walks away, as the shocked security guards react, looking around. Caine, sensing their distraction, pulls himself free, grabbing at a guard’s belt to get a tazer! He jumps forward, shooting it towards Ka’Derrion, who is also freeing himself. Fortunately, Ka’Derrion dodges the right way, with the electric wire hitting a guard behind him instead!! The guard shakes in pain, falling backwards, as Ka’Derrion tackles Caine. Other security guards rush in to check on their comrade and get him out of there, as the fight commences!*

Jones: Holy crap! We’re doing this now?? Like this??

Logan: Yes! This tournament match just got turned into a Parking Lot Brawl!!

Jones: Damnit, my car’s out there!

*The Bell Rings (far in the distance).*

*Ka’Derrion quickly takes control as security scatters away, sending Caine running into the side of a nearby automobile. Caine flattens out on the hood, and then rolls off the side, dropping back to the cement floor. Marcus follows, grabbing Caine and setting him up. He lifts, giving Caine a snap suplex back onto the car!! Caine falls to the side, leaving behind a pretty nice dent in the hood of said car. Neither wrestler seems that concerned about the property damage, however. Referee Mitchell, reluctantly forced into duty, follows the two men. Caine struggles to get away, moving off with a limp, with Ka’Derrion in hot pursuit. He follows Caine around a Grande Caravan, but Caine suddenly turns and rips his hand across Ka’Derrion’s face, scratching it! Marcus stumbles back, with Caine then grabbing him by the head and throwing him bodily into the side of the caravan door, actually causing it to open electronically from the impact! As the van opens, Caine tosses Ka’Derrion inside and follows, fighting it out inside the vehicle!*

Logan: I’m seeing a rise in accident settlements this year…

Jones: Man, we actually have a brawl in a van! A new first!

*The camera moves around to the doorway to get a better shot inside, where Caine is choking Ka’Derrion with one of the hanging seatbelts! Ka’Derrion’s gasping for breath, struggling against the hold. He reaches forward, scrambling, grabbing what looks like a long ice scraper from the seat in front of him. He swings it behind him, cracking the tool across Caine’s head!! The tool falls into pieces on the ground, as Caine falls into the backseat, bleeding now. Ka’Derrion pulls the seatbelt off of him and comes around, grabbing at Caine and dragging him bodily out of the caravan and onto the concrete. Caine is bleeding heavily from a large cut on the side of his face where the scraper shattered. The two men move off further into the parking lot, with Ka’Derrion taking Caine towards another car… and bodyslamming him on top of it!! The trunk that Caine’s laying on sags in slightly from the impact, with Ka’Derrion then climbing up onto the top of the car, then dropping an elbow onto Caine on the trunk! Ka’Derrion then makes the cover, with referee Mitchell moving in for a count… 1… 2… and Caine kicks free, basically sending both men sliding off the car!*

Jones: This is turning very, very violent!

Logan: Thankfully, the winner of this one will have a few weeks to heal up, but they’re definitely doing a number on each other!

Jones: Well, Caine’s always been a little jealous of Ka’Derrion, going back to the days when the two men were both fan favorites. It’s clear that Ka’Derrion’s had the bigger career, despite both men debuting around the same time.

Logan: Well, it looks like they might just settle their grievances here tonight!

*Ka’Derrion is already back up, looking around for his next ‘target’ for Caine. He grabs the bloodied wrestler and pulls him along with him, heading towards a pick-up truck parked nearby. It’s one of the maintenance trucks used by the arena. Ka’Derrion shoves Caine into the side of the truck, causing him to slump to the side. Marcus then climbs up onto the truck, looking inside. He finds what he’s looking for, pulling out a rake out of a basket! He leans like a golfer on the edge of the truck, aiming for Ka’Derrion’s back! Caine, though, sees the swing coming and moves, causing Ka’Derrion to just scratch up the truck instead. Caine then grabs the rake before Ka’Derrion can pull it back, yanking on it and causing Marcus to fall off the truck and to the concrete! Ka’Derrion rolls away, in pain, while Caine takes a moment to recover, opening the back of the truck.*

Logan: Hey, I just thought of something… where’s Penance? Is he here tonight?

Jones: That’s a good question, Anthony. I don’t remember seeing him anywhere, but then, you never know, he could be in hiding somewhere, waiting for the perfect moment to strike…

Logan: Well, Ka’Derrion can’t worry about that. He’s got enough on his plate without worrying about ambushes. Especially now that Caine has… wait, what is that?

Jones: Oh, hell no!

*As Ka’Derrion is struggling to get off the concrete, a loud buzzing sound fills the garage. Ka’Derrion turns in horror as Caine rushes towards him, pushing a lawn mower!!! The crowd screams, watching Caine try to run Ka’Derrion over, but thankfully, Ka’Derrion’s able to twist himself out of the way in time!! He grabs Caine, tackling him off the lawn mower, which takes off down the garage, possibly on its way to new adventures. Caine tries to get Ka’Derrion off of him, struggling to get up, but Marcus lands a hard shot to Caine’s jaw, stunning him! Marcus then gets himself up, pulling at Caine and taking him back to the truck. Ka’Derrion looks inside for another weapon, but Caine uses the moment to land an elbow to Marcus’ gut, bending him over. Caine then looks at the truck door and smiles. He brings Ka’Derrion over, sending him towards the door, no, Ka’Derrion reverses it… and Caine goes through the driver-side window!!!! Caine tumbles back out, falling to the ground, even more cut up now, as the crowd can be heard starting a very familiar chant: “Holy @#%! Holy @#%!”*

Logan: Geez!!! Caine’s good lucks are definitely on their way out for a while!

Jones: Someone get the medics ready, because I think we’re going to be rushing someone to the hospital soon!!

*Caine is bleeding profusely now, having trouble even standing up due to the blood flowing down his face. Ka’Derrion may have even gotten some shrapnel from the explosion of glass, as he’s plucking something from one of his arms. Caine seems to be trying to crawl away, heading underneath the truck. He doesn’t get far, as Ka’Derrion moves after him, grabbing his legs. Caine’s hanging tight, trying to not to be brought out, but Marcus has the leverage. He drags him out, with Caine trying desperately to kick him away. But there’s no escape, as Ka’Derrion keeps his grip on the legs, then twists Caine around, putting him into the PainKiller!!!!! Caine is screaming now, in desperate straits, his bloody face truly saying everything about this situation. Referee Mitchell, who has remarkably avoided injury during this brawl, comes in to check on Caine, asking him if he wants to get up. Caine doesn’t answer first, trying to figure out how to escape, but there are no ropes to crawl to and no way to get the break. Ka’Derrion tightens the pressure, knowing that Caine has nowhere to go. Finally, Caine screams and agrees, with referee Mitchell signaling to Ka’Derrion that the match is over!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on in the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament, Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Jones: Ka’Derrion does it, he’s moving on!

Logan: And Caine needs a lot of medical attention after this contest! This might be the last we see of him for a while, after the beating he’s taken!

Jones: So Ka’Derrion joins Dangerous Dan in the quarter-finals, which is starting to look like an action-packed group if this keeps up! This could be Ka’Derrion’s chance to return to the top of the mountain!

*Ka’Derrion has released the hold, moving off from the destruction. Referee Mitchell is already calling for help, knowing that Caine is going to need it. Suddenly, a man comes running onto the scene, carrying something in his hand. He runs up to Ka’Derrion, who drops back in a defensive posture. Paco jumps away, raising his arms and showing the taco in his hand, which he has been munching on, and Ka’Derrion relaxes. Paco then congratulates Ka’Derrion on the win, as the two men walk away from the shot. The scene cuts backstage, where Harvey Danger is pushing the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion Draco along, seemingly against his will. His split lip is a little puffed out, although he apparently has seen some medical attention regarding it.*

Draco: Come on man, I don't wanna...

Harvey Danger: Ace asked me to get you, and I'm not going to disappoint the boss.

*Before Draco can respond, the door to The Accelerator's office opens, and Harvey pushes Draco inside, where The Accelerator is sitting at his desk.*

Draco: Ugh, you wanted to see me?

???: Yeah man, we don't want to see you like this.

*The camera pans around, revealing Shane Donovan, who hasn't been seen since he was attacked by Scott Caine after the Righteous Rumble!*

Draco: Shane? What the...?

Shane Donovan: Listen man, I was just talking to Ace here, and we're in agreement, you need to get yourself cleaned up man. I mean, look at you.

*Draco glances down at himself, looking confused as to what Shane means. *

Shane Donovan: Look, I know things have been rough recently but you're a champion man, a role model! We gotta get you cleaned up and back on the wagon. I mean come on, you don't want to slip into the kind of behavior they'd expect from a guy like Lurrr, right?

Draco: Well no, but...

Shane Donovan: Exactly! Tell you what, how about Harvey gets you back to the hotel so you can get cleaned up, then after the show we can get this all straightened out, okay man?

Draco: ...Yeah okay, thanks for looking out for me bro.

Shane Donovan: Of course, that's what buddies are for. Like I was telling Ace man, you are definitely--

*Draco and Harvey leave at this point, the door closing behind them. *

Shane Donovan: --A total liability for this company.

*Shane turns to face The Accelerator, who for his part has just been sitting back and listening. *

Shane Donovan: As I was saying, Draco has turned into a real problem for you now that he's relapsing. The GCWA doesn't need a champion like that, a guy that's going to harsh their image with the parents because they don't want their kids watching that. It needs a champion that will be embraced by everyone. You know, someone like...me!

The Accelerator: Why would they embrace you? You aren't what I'd call a model citizen Shane.

Shane Donovan: Oh that? I've totally turned over a new leaf Ace. I'm ready and willing to lead your company in 2010 and beyond, you just gotta give me the chance man. Honor the rematch I never got last year, let me get a title match. I swear I'll get the job done.

The Accelerator: ...Let me think about it.

*Shane smiles at that, whistling to himself as he exits the office and the scene comes to a close, taking us to a break. *

*We return to a shot of the back, where a full group of security guards is seen, led by the Head of Security. Shin looks around at his group, feeling pretty confident with them around him.*

Reed M. Shin: He could be here at any moment, so be ready…

*Suddenly, a door slams open down the hall. The camera spins around to show the approaching man… Arryk Rage!! The wrestler marches down the hall, glaring at Shin and his men.*

Reed M. Shin: Calm down, Arryk, let’s not make things worse…

*Arryk stops for a second, looking at all the security guards. He reaches behind him, pulling out a large sledgehammer from behind him. It’s enough to cause the security guards to start backing off, leaving Reed M. Shin exposed.*

Arryk Rage: If there’s one thing I’ve learned in wrestling, it’s that it’s fun to make things worse.

*Arryk breaks into a dark smile and starts to come forward towards Reed, who just realized that his group is buckling under fear. However, as Arryk comes down the hall, he fails to notice the three men running out of a doorway he just passed by. Grimm & The Hitmen charge him, and before Arryk knows what’s hit him, he’s getting drilled by an ambush!!! Grimm himself kicks away at Arryk as his boys hold the wrestler’s arms, the sledgehammer now lying, useless in the middle of the hallway!! The beating continues for 30 seconds, with Rage slumping from the hits he’s taken. Grimm finally relents for a second, stepping back.*

Grimm: Let the *bleep* go. I’ve got a final message to send.

*The Hitmen release the wrestler, with Arryk, unable to stand, falling forward. He gets caught, though, by Grimm, who takes him over with the Grimm Reaper in the hallway!!! Rage is down and hurting badly, even as Reed M. Shin and security suddenly move in.*

Reed M. Shin: Break it up!

*Security backs Grimm & the Hitmen off, with Grimm, smiling, allowing himself to be sent backwards. Arryk is down and out, in bad shape, with security standing around him.*

Reed M. Shin: You two, get this guy to the medic.

*Two of the security guards nod, grabbing Arryk by the arms and dragging him away, taking no real precautions about his injuries. We head back to the ringside area.*

Jones: Man, Arryk Rage just got a number done on him, just as he was going for revenge against security!

Logan: Yeah, and I suppose you’re going to tell me that it’s a coincidence that Grimm & the Hitmen attacked Arryk shortly after meeting with Ace?

Jones: You’re not saying that you think the President had anything to do with this assault, are you?

Logan: If you’re not at least considering that possibility, Jonesy, you’re more whipped than even I thought.

Jones: I beg your pardon!

Logan: You heard me…

Jones: Well, we can discuss this another time. Right now, we’ve got one final match to get to tonight! It’s time for our main event!

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening. The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a Qualifying Match for the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! It will also be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship!

*Cheers go up from the crowd, excited to see a championship bout here tonight.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger… he is a former GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, as well as having reigns with the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles and the GCWA X Division Title… now, he seeks to regain his prize here tonight… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The Friday the 13th Theme begins to play, with The Lost Soul walking out to flashing lights and screaming fans. We see a shot of his fan club in the front row, all wearing variations of his facial make-up. The Lost Soul walks down the aisle, his face determined to take out Excellent here tonight.*

Jones: This will be The Lost Soul’s first match since he fell in the World Title match at the Righteous Rumble. I know many people were worried about TLS ever being able to return.

Logan: Well, he made quite an impression at Wreck The Halls, dressing up as Santa Claus and taking out Mr. Excellent right after his championship victory. Tonight, the two get to meet, with TLS having a chance to start the year off with gold, as well as moving on in the tournament.

Jones: I have to wonder, though, is he ready to return? I heard rumors that he was seen talking to himself at one point…

Logan: It’s The Lost Soul. He’s talked to himself for years!

Jones: Well, true, but still…

Minos: His opponent recently earned two of the biggest honors of his career in December, and now is looking to begin 2010 the same way… standing 6’3” and weighing in at 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Excellent!

*The boos start to echo in the arena as Mr. Excellent comes out to “Youth Of The Nation” by P.O.D. He’s surprisingly alone, with no sign of his manager, Mick. The IC Champion shows off his gold, then moves down the aisle, glaring in at the wrestler awaiting him.*

Jones: You have to think that Mr. Excellent has been anticipating his shot at revenge on TLS here tonight.

Logan: Well, TLS did basically ruin Mr. Excellent’s moment, attacking him after he had managed to steal away the IC Title from Robert Santana and Harvey Danger.

Jones: “Steal” is a strong word. The ref raised Mr. Excellent’s hand, so he definitely earned the championship.

Logan: You call it your way, and I’ll call it mine.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: The Intercontinental Title is on the line! It’s time to see who moves on to the next round, and who gets the gold!

Logan: A lot of questions going into this one, and now we’re ready to get some of them answered!

*Mr. Excellent steps forward, arrogantly waving for The Lost Soul to come to him to begin the fight. The Lost Soul appears to have no problem with that, walking quickly towards him. Excellent, though, suddenly backs up, grabbing the ropes and putting him partially through them, causing Head Referee Bell to have to tell TLS to back off. The fans are booing, as Mr. Excellent smiles towards them, before coming back into the ring. He’s clearly trying to play some mind games, although it’s hard to tell if they’re having any affect. After all, TLS is well-known for his own psychological maneuvers. Excellent comes back forward, preparing to lock up with TLS. But the IC Champ then darts to the side, avoiding the lock-up and moving to the side, taunting TLS with insults about how someone as disgusting as him shouldn’t even be able to touch him!*

Jones: An… interesting strategy by Mr. Excellent to begin this one.

Logan: I know he’s trying to psyche his opponent out, maybe make him do something rash. And on most guys, that might work. But The Lost Soul isn’t like most guys.

Jones: Still, at least so far, he’s unscathed.

Logan: Yep… so far…

*Mr. Excellent seems to be enjoying the boos coming his way by stalling. He goes to the ropes again, holding on and telling Head Referee Bell to make sure that TLS stays away from ‘the champ’. He looks at the audience, laughing at them. However, as Bell moves towards TLS, The Lost Soul sidesteps him, and then charges!! Mr. Excellent turns back just in time to see the rush, but not in time to do anything about it, as TLS nails him with a Cactus Clothesline, sending both men flipping over the ropes and to the outside!!! The crowd goes wild as both men lay on the mats out there, with The Lost Soul already starting to pull himself up. Head Referee Bell, having seen it all in this business, doesn’t even blink before starting to count out both men. The Lost Soul, ignoring the count, goes over to Mr. Excellent and hauls up the stunned champion, throwing him into the guardrail! TLS starts hammering him with shots, with the fans nearby cheering him on.*

Jones: The Lost Soul has full control now of this bout, as the champion’s in trouble!

Logan: Yeah, but it’s a risky maneuver for TLS to be out there. If they’re both counted out, not only does neither man move on in the tournament, but Mr. Excellent, per the rules, will keep the Intercontinental Title! Get him back in, TLS!

*Head Referee Bell reaches to 6, then 7, as the fighting goes on outside. Mr. Excellent moves, as if trying to get away, a wicked mark starting to appear on his forehead where he hit on the apron on his way out. The Lost Soul’s right behind him, though, taking Excellent down from behind with a clothesline! TLS then suddenly turns to his left and enters into the ring, breaking the count, before sliding back outside. He goes back to the champion, pulling him up and taking Excellent over to the ringpost. He takes Excellent by the head and throws him, no, Excellent blocks the attempt, and then sends TLS into the side of the post instead! TLS staggers away, holding his shoulder. Mr. Excellent then turns and grabs TLS, ramming him into the railing! TLS falls to the ground, stunned, as Excellent hurriedly moves away from him, twisting past the timekeeper’s table to retrieve his Intercontinental Title. He then turns and starts towards the aisle, already waving his hands behind him and departing!*

Jones: Where’s he going?? Is Mr. Excellent quitting??

Logan: Man, I mean, that’s a way to keep the Intercontinental Title, for sure, but it won’t advance him in the tournament!

Jones: Maybe the belt is more important to him? Or maybe he’s still so out of it from that head shot he took, he’s forgotten this is a tournament match?

Logan: Whatever the reason, I don’t think TLS is going to let him get away with it!

*The Lost Soul has pulled himself up by this point, noting where Mr. Excellent is. He immediately rolls into the ring, using it to cut through towards Excellent. He also causes Head Referee Bell to have to reset his count. TLS then runs out the other side, hurrying after Mr. Excellent. The IC Champion, sensing him coming, decides on a different strategy, turning and swinging the championship! If he would have connected, it would have been a disqualification, but TLS saw it and ducked, catching Excellent around the neck and giving him a rock bottom on the outside floor!!! Mr. Excellent groans, his back now a mass of pain and torture, as TLS gets up. He briefly considers grabbing the belt, as if forgetting for a second that this is not a sanctioned hardcore belt. But TLS pulls it back together, grabbing Excellent and dragging him bodily back to the ring, rolling him inside and following. The fans are loving every minute of it, cheering on the fan favorite.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent’s escape was unsuccessful, as we’re back in the ring!

Logan: So far, we’ve seen near countouts and near DQ’s, but no pinfalls! What a strange match this has been!

Jones: Maybe it hasn’t been a technical masterpiece, but it’s definitely had some brutal maneuvers in it, Anthony!

Logan: Oh, definitely. This IS a TLS match, after all!

*In the ring, Mr. Excellent is trying to get up, begging off. But The Lost Soul doesn’t listen to his pleas, stepping in and punching away on his forehead, targeting his bruised skull! The Lost Soul then pulls Excellent up and locks onto him, taking him over with a side suplex! With Excellent down, TLS makes the cover, with Head Referee Bell moving in for the count… 1… 2… and Excellent kicks out, staying alive. The Lost Soul doesn’t let it bother him, as he gets back up, with Excellent in tow. TLS shoots Mr. Excellent into the corner, and then follows, jumping into him with a stinger splash! Excellent slumps in a bad way, with The Lost Soul then climbing up onto him, starting up a 10 count of punches that the fans count along with, enjoying the suffering that the much-hated Intercontinental Champion is being put through. The Lost Soul steps back off, then grabs Excellent by the arm and pulls him out of the corner, setting him up for another suplex. Excellent, though, pulls free, dropping to his knees… and unleashes a wicked low blow through TLS’ legs!!!!! *

Logan: Damnit!! The Lost Soul couldn’t stop that one! I guess that ends this one, huh?

Jones: … You would think so, Anthony, but Bell’s thinking it over…

*Mr. Excellent is still on his knees, looking out of breath, but smiling. He stops smiling, though, when he realizes that no bell has sounded. He looks back over his shoulder at Head Referee Bell, who is struggling with a decision. Mr. Excellent pushes himself to his feet, pointing to Bell and wondering what the hold-up is. Excellent wants the DQ. This seems to make up Bell’s mind, as he shakes his head no!! The two men argue, with Bell refusing to do it just because Excellent wants it! The fans are cheering for Bell, but Excellent certainly isn’t, as he grabs Bell by the lapels, threatening to lay him out unless he ends the match! Bell is pale, but sticks to his guns, with Excellent rearing back to punch him! But before he can, TLS is back, grabbing Excellent’s arm to stop the move, then taking Excellent down with a gutwrench suplex!!! Bell staggers away, happy to have ‘survived’, even as TLS gets back up, still wincing some from the low blow.*

Jones: Amazing! The match continues, despite the blatant low blow!

Logan: Bell made the call, something that I know Ace prides in his refs. It’s the right one, too, as this should be decided fair and square!

Jones: The Lost Soul’s been given a second chance to win the gold. Let’s see what he does with it!

*As Head Referee Bell gets his own chant from the crowd (a rare occasion for a referee), The Lost Soul is pulling Excellent to his feet. The IC Champion tries to answer with a swing, but TLS blocks it, then scores one of his own, snapping Excellent’s mouth shut. Mr. Excellent falls back into the corner, with TLS following, kicking away at the man. He then grabs Excellent and hauls him onto the top turnbuckle, much to the cheers of the fans, who know what’s coming! The Lost Soul follows him up, with a weakening Excellent trying once more to get free, raking at TLS’ eyes. But TLS, despite being blinded, doesn’t let go, instead showing how many times he’s done this move by delivering the Soul Buster off the corner, even while blinded!!!! Both men are down, but The Lost Soul is able to start moving shortly after landing, trying to clear his vision. He might be seeing a blur, but the pink blur laying next to him is too obvious to miss. He comes over, making the cover, with Head Referee Bell making the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on in the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament and the NEW GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!!

Logan: Yes!! The Lost Soul did it!

Jones: Despite all of Mr. Excellent’s attempts, he just couldn’t hang onto the gold here tonight, as TLS takes away the championship!

Logan: TLS is now a 2-time Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion! And now, he joins Dangerous Dan, Marcus Ka’Derrion, and Arachne in the next round of the tournament!

Jones: It’s been a hell of a night, folks, and we’ve got to go! We’ll see you next time, for the second half of the qualifying round!!

*Head Referee Bell brings over the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title to The Lost Soul, handing it off to him. TLS takes it proudly, taking a moment to look down at the hurting Mr. Excellent. TLS moves off, raising the belt over his head, even as the fans start chanting his name. We fade out on a shot of Mr. Excellent, who is angrily staring, not at TLS, but at Head Referee Bell. We fade out.*

OOC: Another card in the books, although this definitely wasn't an easy one. Work has been beating the hell out of me all week, and today was no exception. Really, I have you guys to thank for helping me out, as many of you sent in your own segments, greatly reducing what I needed to write. So, thanks, and keep that up! *lol*

Here's the card for next week, which is, once again, tournament matches:

Warriors of the Ring IV, Qualifying Round:

- Warrick Hill vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn

- The Big Bifford vs. Penance

- Crazy Chris vs. Harvey Danger

- Robert Santana(c) vs. Bucky Johnson, GCWA Television Title Match (and qualifier)

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