GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are screaming loudly, young and old alike, ready for the “go home” show tonight. The cameras pick up shots of signs like “Why You Hatin’, Bifford?” and “Harvey Danger: Future IC/X/TV/Danger Champion!” There is also a group in the front row, all wearing The Lost Soul facepaint, carrying “Where is TLS” signs. We go past them towards the announce position, where Edward Jones & Anthony “Lightning” Logan are in their usual chairs.*

Jones: Welcome, everyone, to Friday Night Inferno!! It’s the last show before Wreck The Halls, and things couldn’t be more exciting in the backstage area!

Logan: I know tension is starting to run high, Jonesy. There are a lot of wrestlers in the back who are wanting to end the GCWA year with a pay-per-view victory. Many are willing to do whatever they can to make sure that happens.

Jones: Of course, the biggest build continues to be the rematch for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship, as Draco and Lurrr, two months since their previous encounter, will once again face off for the gold, this time inside Hell In A Cell!

Logan: Yeah, I wonder if Draco or Lurrr will make a statement tonight, their final opportunity to do so.

Jones: Well, tonight, they’ll have their shot, as will several other wrestlers. Of course, this is a wrestling show, and we’ve got some tremendous bouts for later tonight! In our main event, the GCWA Television Championship is once again on the line, as Robert “The Sensei” Santana will be taking on “The Great One” Grimm, in their first meeting since their brawl at the Righteous Rumble!

Logan: Grimm won that battle, eliminating Santana from the battle royal, but tonight, it’s one on one, and both men will be fresh, so we’ll have to see who comes out on top!

Jones: We’ve also got some great clashes between former allies, as Crazy Chris will be taking on Mr. Excellent, while Warrick Hill will face his former Roman Empire partner, the #1 Contender, Lurrr!

Logan: And don’t forget that the Accelerator has put Arryk Rage into an “Xtreme Rules Handicap” Match against the Caine Dynasty, as a punishment for Rage continually laying down in matches. Ace doesn’t agree with Rage’s “strike”, so tonight, he’s put up a match that may force Rage to finally fight back!

Jones: I know a lot are interested in that one. It’s going to be a great night, and there’s no time to get started like the present, so let’s go down to Minos for the opening introductions!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and has a 10-minute time limit. Coming now to the ring, he is a newcomer to the GCWA who is quickly making his name as a competitor in the company… standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*”Crack A Bottle” by Eminem begins to play, bringing out Johnson from the back. The crowd gives him a warm reception, applauding him as he walks towards the ring. Johnson doesn’t wave back, as he’s working on being intimidating. He jumps up onto the apron and enters, set to compete.*

Jones: A more intense Bucky is here tonight, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, Johnson said that we were going to be seeing his angry side here tonight. I don’t know if that’s because he fell short in earning the Television Title last week in a great match, or if it’s just because he doesn’t like Styles.

Jones: Either way, a little anger usually leads to a much better match!

Logan: You know it! Why else do you think Ace keeps the “anger management” personnel away from the GCWA? We want to channel that anger, not get rid of it!

Minos: His opponent is another rising star in the company, having won his last three matches… standing 6’8” and weighing 285 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!

*The crowd gives another pop as “New Divide” by Linkin Park hits the speakers. Styles steps through the curtain, flexing his right arm on his way towards the squared circle. He appears to be just as pumped up as Johnson. Styles steps up and enters the ring over the top rope, sizing up the nearby Bucky with his eyes.*

Jones: Styles has been working out furiously this week in preparation for this match. He wants to keep his winning streak going, although this won’t be an easy one to get through.

Logan: I also heard he was in the studio, recording a song in tribute to wrestlers that have passed away.

Jones: Aaron Styles is a singer? Y’know, I wouldn’t have called that one.

Logan: What, just because we’re big guys, we’re not allowed to have other talents? Damn, Jonesy, I didn’t figure you would be one to stereotype.

Jones: What? Hey, of course I believe he can sing! I’ve known lots of wrestlers who could sing! I just only have known a couple who could sing well…

Logan: … Yeah, good point…

*The Bell Rings.*

*With referee Mitchell signaling for the competition to begin, Styles immediately moves, looking to trap Johnson in the corner. For once, Johnson doesn’t have the height advantage, and he knows it, moving backwards and getting himself in the ropes. Before Styles can grab hold, Mitchell is there, separating them. He starts counting on Bucky, who frees himself from the ropes and starts moving around the ring, trying to come up with a strategy. Styles comes after him again, fists raised, looking for a lock-up. But Johnson dodges under his arm, getting behind the big man and giving him a kick to the back! Styles steps forward, but immediately turns, shrugging off the hit. Bucky is genuinely surprised, stopping himself from coming in again. His hesitation works against him, though, as Styles swings himself, clocking Bucky upside the head and knocking him to the side! Bucky is stunned, allowing Styles to come in and get hold of him, pulling him up, only to lift him into the air and bodyslam him!!*

Jones: This match is a definite change for Bucky Johnson, who had to have been getting used to having a good size advantage. Now, though, he’s got to fight a completely different way if he wants to survive Styles!

Logan: So far, Styles is in control. Now that he has hold of Bucky, this one might already be on its way to its conclusion.

Jones: Bucky’s got to get himself free, because Styles seems interested in wearing him out quick!

*Styles has already got Johnson up again, picking him up into the air and delivering a walking side slam, causing Johnson to shake in pain. Styles tries a cover, the first of the match, with referee Mitchell in position… 1… 2.. and Bucky kicks out. Styles, confident, gets back up, pulling Johnson with him. He turns, dragging Johnson along for the ride. In fact, Styles is interested in the ride being a little more high maintenance, as he turns and throws Johnson over the top rope!! However, Johnson’s able to cling to the rope and change direction, landing instead with his feet on the apron! Styles, seeing this, takes a quick swing, but Johnson blocks it, then delivers a few of his own, staggering the big man. Johnson then reaches over and grabs him, pulling him in for an apparent suplex to the outside!!! However, Styles blocks it, then reverses it, lifting Johnson up and bringing him into the ring… no, Johnson turns in midair and lands behind Styles instead, taking him down with a reverse DDT!!! Johnson jumps on top for a pin… 1… 2.. and Styles throws him off, staying in it.*

Logan: It’s looking like we could actually have a pretty good bout for our first match, Jonesy!

Jones: Yeah, Bucky’s found a way to turn the momentum back to his side, but we’ve clearly got a long way to go in this one.

Logan: Two rookies who are looking to prove that they are the future of the business! I love it!

*Johnson is back up, pulling Styles with him and taking the big man over to the corner. Johnson starts working him over with shots to the chest and side, smashing his fist into Styles. Johnson then grabs Styles’ arm and sends him across the ring, no, reversal by Styles, and Johnson’s the one to go into the corner! Styles follows, planning for a running charge, but Johnson gets his boots up, kicking Styles in the face! Styles steps back, shaking his head to clear his suddenly shaky mind, while Johnson immediately pulls himself onto the second turnbuckle pad. He lines himself up, waiting for Styles to turn back towards him. Bucky then leaps, going for a flying clothesline! But Styles is ready, twisting his body to avoid the impact, instead catching Johnson around the arm and throat and taking him down with a huge rock bottom maneuver!!! Johnson’s hurting badly from the shot, as Styles, having fallen to the side himself after the impact, turns over to make the cover. Referee Mitchell is there… 1… 2… and Johnson grabs the bottom rope with one arm, stopping the count!*

Jones: Whew! Lucky for Johnson he was right next to the ropes!

Logan: Yeah, he knew where he was and saved himself. But he’s still in a lot of trouble, as Styles really rocked him with that shot!

Jones: I believe that was one of Style’s moves, the Touchdown! If Styles can capitalize, this match might be headed towards a finish!

*Styles is back up, dragging Johnson to his feet by the man’s throat! Styles looks around at the crowd, energized. He sets Bucky into place, preparing him for the Styles Spike! The crowd is cheering, even as Styles gets the arms locked… but Johnson fights free, then lifts, backflipping Styles over him! Johnson drops to his knees, having spent all his energy to get free, even as Styles tries to recover after his hard landing. Referee Mitchell circles both men, watching to see if he needs to start a count. But both men are moving, so Mitchell backs off. Styles manages to be the first one up, approaching Johnson again. But the Retarded Beast begins throwing shots to Styles’ midsection, doubling him over! Johnson then grabs Styles by the head and twists him down, smashing Styles’ head into Bucky’s extended knee!! Styles rolls away, grabbing at his face, while Johnson clutches the ropes for support. The match is exhausting both men.*

Jones: Johnson’s back in it, barely escaping certain doom!

Logan: Certain doom? Sounds like something that announcer for the Superfriends would say…

Jones: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Anthony. Meanwhile, Back Inside The Squared Circle…

*Johnson pulls himself upright, breathing heavily, as he looks over towards Styles. The big man is already getting back to his feet, trying to shake off the lumps he’s taken. As soon as Styles is up, though, Johnson is back in, going for a running knee! However, Styles stands up straight, avoiding the strike, then grabs Johnson’s head from behind, smashing him with a headbutt! It’s hard to tell which man got the worst of it, as both stagger away. Styles rubs his forehead and comes back, latching onto Bucky’s arm. He pulls Johnson in, no, Johnson gets a European uppercut, sending Styles backwards! Johnson then runs forward, leaping up for a splash! Styles, though, shows his power, catching Johnson in midair! He takes a couple of steps, then spins Johnson around, trying to turn him into another Touchdown! But Bucky grabs Styles’ head along the way, taking him down with him!!! Styles gets jammed into the mat, taking the main impact of the maneuver!! With Styles down, Johnson painfully gets up and heads for the corner, climbing up. He doesn’t waste any time; as soon as Bucky gets to the top, he takes flight, leaping over towards Styles with the Bucking Bronco!! Styles can’t move, as Johnson lands the frogsplash maneuver, crushing the big man and staying on top for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

Jones: And Bucky pulls out another victory here tonight!

Logan: This one was close, with two young wrestlers showing some good skills as they went at it. But Johnson just had a little bit more in the end, and was able to put away his competition.

Jones: Styles shouldn’t feel too bad about this one, although I know it does end his winning streak. He’ll have other opportunities, I’m sure.

*Johnson is back up, with referee Mitchell holding his hand up for the fans to cheer. Johnson’s ribs are bothering him from the impact of the frogsplash, but he’s still got a good smile on his face. Styles has sat up, shaking his head before rolling out of the ring. Johnson watches him go, still holding his side. We cut away from them to go backstage, where the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, is watching the action on his flat-screen television. He seems to approve of the two men’s competition. An attendant, standing nearby, waits to take down some notes.*

The Accelerator: Ok, Rodney, these guys have convinced me. Here’s what I want to do. You ready?

Rodney: Yes, sir.

The Accelerator: Ok. We need to put together an ‘open’ contract. What I want is to have a “Three-Way” Match at Wreck The Halls. It will be Bucky Johnson… Aaron Styles… and Grimm.

*The live crowd can be heard, cheering this decision. The attendant is quickly writing up some notes.*

The Accelerator: Now, the ‘open’ portion will be tonight’s contest. If Grimm wins the GCWA Television Title, he’ll defend it against the two men at Wreck The Halls. If the belt isn’t won, well, then, the three men will fight in a “#1 Contenders” Match. The winner will get another opportunity at getting the Television Title in 2010. Sound good?

Rodney: Always, Mr. President.

The Accelerator: Yeah, yeah, enough kissing up, boyo. Go and put the contract together, and get them all to sign it. I’ve got more work to do.

*The Accelerator goes back to his desk, while Rodney runs off to accomplish his task. The picture fades to commercial.*

*We return from the break to go backstage, where the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, and his ally, the GCWA X Division Champion, Harvey Danger are entering the arena! The live crowd can be heard cheering as they walk in, apparently discussing something about Shane Donovan’s recuperation.*

Harvey Danger: I’m just saying, my Mom’s chicken soup has healing powers. I’ve used it for years! Why doesn’t Shane want it?

Draco: He has his own methods to get healthy, Harvey, and chicken soup isn’t on the list. But he’ll be back soon.

Harvey Danger: I hope so, because…

*Harvey stops talking, and stops walking as well, when he realizes that someone is standing in his way. It’s the GCWA Television Champion, Robert Santana! The fans cheer again as the two wrestlers meet eye-to-eye, with Draco moving around them.*

Draco: You kids have fun talking. I’ll see you at the locker room, Harvey.

*Draco departs, even as Harvey and Robert continue to stare at each other. Santana finally breaks the silence.*

Robert Santana: I just wanted to say thanks, Harvey. You could have left Mr. Excellent to injure me last week, but you showed that you are an honorable wrestler.

Harvey Danger: Well, I’ve never really liked that Excellent guy anyway. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you take the Intercontinental Title. D & D needs more gold, so that I have it for when Shane comes back.

Robert Santana: I’m not asking you to lay down for me. But I am telling you to be ready for a fight at Wreck The Halls. Because this time, I’m going to be the one victorious.

Harvey Danger: No you’re not.

Robert Santana: Yes I am.

Harvey Danger: No, you’re not!

Robert Santana: Yes, I am!

Harvey Danger: NO, you’re NOT!

Robert Santana: YES, I… ok, this is getting us nowhere. I said what I wanted to say. I’ll see you next week, champ.

*Santana turns and walks away, leaving Harvey to stand, smiling, as if he won the ‘complex argument’ they just had. He turns and leaves as well, heading for the D & D locker room. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: You have to love the serious debating skills of Harvey Danger, Anthony.

Logan: Well, at least he had an argument this time. Both men are champions currently, and both have a chance to become multiple champions at Wreck The Halls. Of course, Mr. Excellent will be there as well, to attempt to gain his own gold. It will be a true meshing of styles in that competition, with any of the three having a chance to walk out the winner.

Jones: Well, we’ve got a lot more wrestling action for tonight, so we might as well get to our next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. First, entering the arena, he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, representing the House of Pain, standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, here is Warrick Hill!

*As “Tom Sawyer” by Rush plays, Warrick Hill comes through the curtains backwards, raising his arms in the air. The fans are cheering at the “different” entrance, although it may have just been because Hill was finishing something. He turns around, a cloud of smoke drifting up behind him as he smiles. He walks slowly out on the ramp, a happy smile on his face.*

Jones: Hill’s been less active in recent weeks, allowing his partner, Derek Mobley, to do his share of competing. But tonight, Hill has his toughest match in a while against the #1 Contender, Lurrr.

Logan: Not that long ago, Hill, Mobley, and Lurrr were all one big clan in the Roman Empire, one of the most hated groups in GCWA history. Now, though, Hill and Mobley have gone back on their own. I believe this will be Hill’s first real meeting with Lurrr since their departure.

Jones: I wonder how feelings are between the two, as they seemed to part amiably for the most part… wait, hold on, who… Warrick, look out!

Logan: Wha??

*Warrick, looking confused, glances around at the crowd, who are now roaring, screaming out warnings. Warrick turns around, looking over his shoulder… and he goes down, courtesy of a shot to the back from a steel chair held by Lurrr!! The #1 Contender stands over Hill, the chair still in his hands, as the crowd boos heavily!*

Jones: Damn, Lurrr just laid his former partner out!

Logan: Loyalty just doesn’t seem to exist in the GCWA, does it??

*Referee Trixie leaves the ring and heads for the aisle, protesting Lurrr’s actions. Lurrr doesn’t seem to care, shoving Trixie away hard enough to send her sprawling. He drops the chair and picks Hill back up, with Hill turning and trying to fight back, landing a couple of shots! The fans are cheering, but Lurrr manages to get his boot up, scoring a low shot that bends Hill over! Lurrr then grabs Hill by the head and sends him flying into the guardrail head-first, bending the bars!! Warrick slumps to his back, his neck propped up on the railing. Lurrr isn’t through, coming over and starting to deliver boot stomps to Warrick’s unprotected chest!*

Logan: Son of a…

Jones: This would be a good time for security to make their appearance, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, or maybe someone else, because here he comes!

*The fans start to cheer again, as a man comes blasting out of the back, running towards the two wrestlers. It’s Derek Mobley! Lurrr, seeing him coming, backs off, grinning. Mobley drops to a knee next to Warrick, checking on him. Lurrr steps towards him, with Derek immediately straightening up, ready to fight. But Lurrr, still smiling, walks past him, making sure to make eye contact with his former ally on his way around him. Lurrr turns towards the camera on his way out, saying something loud enough for the mic to pick him up:*

Lurrr: That’s what you’re in for, Draco! You’re next!

*Lurrr gives one more pointed glance towards Derek, then walks away, showing his back to the man. Derek watches him go, then turns back to Warrick, trying to help him up.*

Jones: What a savage assault from Lurrr!

Logan: The dude’s pretty violent right now, but then, that’s what you need when you’re headed for Hell, Jonesy.

Jones: Weird reaction from Derek, too. I figured those two would be going at it after Lurrr took down Warrick, but there’s still a strange vibe between those two.

Logan: Well, right now, Lurrr’s got a full plate already. But he’s definitely made another statement towards the World Champion here tonight!

*As Derek helps the bruised Warrick back to his feet, a security guard moves in to help, only to be rebuffed. Derek drags Warrick towards the entrance, wanting to carry all the weight on his own. The picture slowly fades out as the Hosue of Pain members depart.*

*We come back to a shot of the backstage area, as two men emerge from the Danger Boiz locker room: Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan, the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions! They nod to each other, as Chris starts heading off down the hall.*

Dangerous Dan: Good luck tonight, Chris. I’ll be watching from the back in case you need me.

*Crazy Chris doesn’t answer, as he’s too intent on his upcoming bout with Mr. Excellent. Dangerous Dan watches him go, then turns to head down the hall… almost running into The Big Bifford! Dan steps back, immediately moving out of range, but Bifford doesn’t take a swing. He just stands there, angry.*

Dangerous Dan: What are you doing here, Bifford?

The Big Bifford: Did you do it?

Dangerous Dan: Do what?

The Big Bifford: I won’t ask again, Dan! Did you do it??

*Dan has no idea what The Big Bifford is talking about. However, he quickly decides on an answer.*

Dangerous Dan: No, I didn’t.

The Big Bifford: You didn’t? Damn. It must have been the Easter Bunny, then. Curse him, he’s still got my son! Ok, you’re off the hook for that one. But I still hate you.

*Bifford glares at Dangerous Dan, who returns the look. Dan then glances behind Bifford, looking down the hall.*

Dangerous Dan: I think your partner is hallucinating again.

*Bifford looks back down the hall himself, seeing Arachne, who is apparently clawing at the wall in an attempt to climb up. A woman pushing a covered tray walks by, with Arachne turning and hissing at her, causing her to quickly hurry up and run away.*

The Big Bifford: Arachne, no! Stop! That’s one of the caterers!!

*Bifford hurries away after Arachne, who is now heading after the woman. Dangerous Dan shakes his head at the pair.*

Dangerous Dan: We’ll see you at Wreck The Halls, Bifford, if you manage to make it.

*Dangerous Dan heads back into his locker room in order to watch the upcoming match, as we head back to ringside.*

Logan: Great, Arachne is high again. Him and Bifford are definitely going to make a ‘unique’ tag-team, that’s for sure.

Jones: We’ll just have to see if the two can work together enough to take down their ‘hated’ rivals, the World Tag-Team Champion Danger Boiz.

Logan: I still wish Bifford would explain his hatred for Dangerous Dan, but oh well. It’ll still be a very entertaining contest.

Jones: Definitely. Of course, our next match also falls into that category, so let’s go to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Making his way to the ring, he is a former GCWA Television Champion, and one of three finalists to compete for the GCWA Intercontinental Title at Wreck The Halls, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*”Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. leads the way out for Mr. Excellent and his friend, Mick. The two men move down the aisle, talking to each other and ignoring the boos from the crowd. Excellent laughs at something Mick says, then shakes his head, with Mick again trying to give him advice.*

Jones: It was almost a pretty bad week for Mr. Excellent, as he slept in a motel with a stripper, with his wife finding out.

Logan: Yeah. I can’t believe she bought the “I didn’t do anything” line. I mean, ok, maybe he DIDN’T do anything, but there aren’t many women around who would listen.

Jones: If Excellent wins here tonight and takes her to the Caribbean, everything will be fine. That’s got to be a lot of motivation for Excellent to win here tonight.

Logan: Considering some of the stuff she said she would do for Excellent on their trip, yeah, that’d motivate me!

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA Television Champion, and is currently part of the World Tag-Team Champions, the Danger Boiz, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*The crowd cheers loudly as the co-Tag-Team Champion walks out of the back, his gold around his waist. Crazy Chris surveys the crowd, giving them a quick sign of respect before making his way down the aisle. High fives fly out from him on his way to the ring.*

Logan: I gotta say, I never knew Crazy Chris was such an expert in poker. He also seems like he’s got the hustling skills down pretty well.

Jones: Exactly why I wouldn’t want to play him, Anthony. Chris suckered that guy out of $1,800!

Logan: Yeah, we don’t get paid enough for $300 games. Think Chris would be interested in playing for spare change?

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Time for two former allies to go at it! Chris, his brother Dan, and Mr. Excellent used to form a strong trio of youthful warriors in the GCWA. Now, though, Chris and Excellent definitely have some problems between them!

Jones: Yep, Excellent thinks that the Danger Boiz discarded him after using him to get to the top of the GCWA, while Crazy Chris believes that Excellent doesn’t deserve his chance at the Intercontinental Title.

Logan: Well, they can settle their differences right there in the ring, right now!

*Crazy Chris comes forward, nodding to referee Rockwell on his way over. He comes face-to-masked-face with Mr. Excellent, who is smiling at the height advantage he’s showing. He says something to Crazy Chris, leaning towards him with a grin, but Chris immediately answers with a slap across the face, surprising the wrestler! Mr. Excellent angrily swings in response, but Chris ducks under it, then gets behind Excellent, kicking him in the back of the knee to drop him to the mat! Mr. Excellent quickly gets back up, looking even more ticked off. He turns towards Crazy Chris, charging towards him, but Chris manages to leapfrog over him! Mr. Excellent hits the ropes and comes back, still charging, but Chris drops to his back, performing a monkey flip that shoots Mr. Excellent overhead and to the canvas!! Mr. Excellent then quickly rolls out of the ring, looking like he needs a moment to regroup with Mick. Meanwhile, Crazy Chris stands up in the ring, enjoying the cheers from the crowd.*

Jones: Crazy Chris is an incredibly speedy wrestler! Mr. Excellent just couldn’t keep up with him there!

Logan: Well, part of that is that Crazy Chris quickly got himself under Excellent’s skin. He threw the man off his gameplan, if only temporarily. Now, though, I expect that Mick will get Excellent straightened out.

Jones: Only if he gets the chance, Anthony!

Logan: Whoa!

*As Excellent and Mick converse on the outside, debating what to do next, neither takes into account the location of Crazy Chris. This allows the high-flyer to come running across the ring, springing over the ropes into a spinning suicide tope into both men!!! The crowd is going wild, loving it, as Crazy Chris gets back up, raising a pumped fist towards them in celebration. Mr. Excellent is struggling to get up, while Mick is flat on his back from the impact. Chris heads over, grabbing Excellent and rolling him into the ring. Crazy Chris then starts to follow, but suddenly Mick reaches out from the floor, weakly grabbing hold of Chris’ ankle! Chris has to take an extra few seconds to kick the manager off of him before entering the ring, surviving the count. However, the seconds prove to be crucial, as Mr. Excellent recovers enough to kick away at Chris as he comes in, taking back the advantage! Chris fights to his feet, but Excellent quickly moves in, grabbing him from behind and applying a full nelson hold!! Immediately, referee Rockwell moves in to check, as Crazy Chris struggles to be free!*

Jones: The distraction from Mick was just long enough to change this match!

Logan: Yeah, looks like Mr. Excellent seized his opportunity and is going to work towards slowing Chris down!

Jones: Mr. Excellent is a masterful technician, skilled in numerous submission holds. He knows how to damage a man while not expending much of his own energy!

Logan: Translation: Crazy Chris is in trouble!

*Mr. Excellent, his hair plastered to his forehead with sweat, has an evil grin on his face as he continues to work away on Crazy Chris, having locked his fingers in the full nelson for maximum efficiency. Crazy Chris is struggling hard to get free, jumping himself in the air, but not making any progress. Referee Rockwell asks him again if the masked wrestler wants to give up, but Crazy Chris refuses to quit. He continues to fight, this time pushing himself backwards, trying to get some leverage. Mr. Excellent tries to stay where he is, but he was a second late in repositioning himself, causing both men to stumble back into the ropes! Mr. Excellent tries to pull them back away, but Chris manages to get his feet out as they turn, getting his right foot into the ropes to cause the break! Rockwell signals that Mr. Excellent has 5 seconds to comply. After three seconds go by, Excellent suddenly lifts Chris into the air, then drops him with a full nelson bomb!!! With Crazy Chris down, Excellent goes for the cover, hoping that he’s worn the man down enough… 1… 2… and Crazy Chris gets a shoulder up!*

Logan: I’ll give Mr. Excellent some props, as it was smart to turn ‘releasing the hold’ into a positive. He nearly put Crazy Chris away with that one!

Jones: Yep, but Chris is still in it, which means that Excellent needs to find another way to put his foe down for the 3 count.

Logan: Or the submission, Jonesy. Just because one move didn’t work, it doesn’t mean that another one won’t, either!

*Crazy Chris is trying to stand up, his back clearly hurting him after the damaging full nelson. Unfortunately for Chris, Mr. Excellent is waiting. He grabs Chris from behind and lifts him up, delivering an atomic drop that sends Chris staggering away, feeling it throughout his spine! Chris turns himself around, just as Excellent charges, landing a clothesline that knocks Chris to his back on the canvas! Mr. Excellent takes a moment to mock the crowd, who are still booing his every move, before coming back over and calling for the Execution! The fans are booing heavier now, with an undercurrent of urgency, as Mr. Excellent grabs onto Crazy Chris’ legs, attempting to turn him over. Chris arches his spine, fighting it every step of the way. He continues to squirm, moving them closer to the ropes. Finally, though, Mr. Excellent manages to get him over, applying the Execution!!!! Crazy Chris gives a short yell of pain, then reaches out as far as he can, trying to grab the nearby ropes. It takes a moment’s struggle, but Chris manages it, with referee Rockwell once again calling for the break!*

Logan: That was a close one!

Jones: Crazy Chris fought as hard as he could to get himself closer to the ropes, and it paid off. Otherwise, we might be doing our closing remarks of this match!

Logan: I wasn’t sure he was going to make it, even with his fighting. Mr. Excellent had that hold locked in perfectly!

*Mr. Excellent and referee Rockwell argue bitterly for a few seconds, with Excellent believing that he should have gotten the win. Rockwell disagrees, and, being the one with the referee power, is the one that counts. Excellent, still upset, goes back over to the hurting Crazy Chris, pulling him up and basically dragging him towards the center of the ring. He shoves Chris back down, then, after pointing to Rockwell, grabs onto Chris’ legs to once again apply the hold! But too much time has passed, as Chris suddenly reaches up, grabbing Excellent and pulling him into a pinfall attempt! Rockwell’s right there… 1… 2… and Excellent barely gets out in time! Excellent pushes himself to his feet, shock on his face from how close that was. He immediately attacks Chris, kicking him in the ribs repeatedly, letting his anger show!! On the outside, Mick can be seen now, pulling himself painfully up to look into the ring and cheer on his man.*

Jones: Crazy Chris nearly took this one right there, but now he’s paying the price for his pin attempt!

Logan: Nothing makes a wrestler angrier than losing a match via a roll-up. It’s the worst way to go down, Jonesy, because it can come from nowhere. One minute, you’re having a good match, the next, it’s over.

Jones: Well, Mr. Excellent seems determined not to let this one end that way, as he’s attacking Crazy Chris with a lot of force now.

*With one more stomp to keep Crazy Chris on his back, Mr. Excellent moves off, shoving his hair out of his face. The fans are booing him still, but Mr. Excellent doesn’t care. He has a plan, as he heads for the turnbuckle, climbing upwards. He gets to the second turnbuckle, preparing to drop an elbow onto his fallen foe! Before Mr. Excellent can go, however, “Sandstorm” by Darude begins to play! Mr. Excellent turns his attention to the stage, shocked, as the GCWA Television Champion, Robert Santana, walks out!! The fans are cheering wildly as Santana stops on the edge of the ramp, looking towards the wrestlers in the ring.*

Jones: What is Santana doing here?

Logan: Well, maybe he wanted a closer look at his competition next week?

Jones: Are you sure he’s not here for payback? Last week, Mr. Excellent tried to take him out with the Execution, attacking him after a match. This could be the time that Santana chose to take his revenge!

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. He seems content to stay where he is!

*Santana’s still standing on the ramp edge, looking towards Mr. Excellent with an expressionless face. Mr. Excellent, for his part, is fuming, as he shouts a couple of insults Santana’s way. He thumbs his nose at Santana, then turns, seeing that Crazy Chris is starting to get to his feet! Excellent tries to stay in control, jumping off for an attempted double axehandle, but Chris turns and jumps into the air with a dropkick, smashing Excellent in the chest!!! Excellent’s down, as a weary Chris immediately heads for the turnbuckle!! All the while, Santana is still just standing there, watching. Crazy Chris makes the climb, getting to the top, as Excellent starts to get up, recovering. He turns around, confused, thrown completely off-track. It’s his undoing, as Crazy Chris comes flying in with the Crazy Man’s Suicide, landing it perfectly!!!! Mr. Excellent collapses in the ring, with Chris dropping on top of him for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Crazy Chris!

Jones: Crazy Chris gets the win!

Logan: Yeah, but you have to give an extra bonus to Robert Santana on this one! His coming out here really changed the tide of this match!

Jones: The distraction proved to be very costly to Mr. Excellent, who took a harsh shot there near the end that put him down long enough for the 3 count!

Logan: Crazy Chris can turn things around in the blink of an eye, and he’s proven it once again here tonight!

*Crazy Chris is now leaning on the ropes, celebrating with a happy cheer towards the crowd. They return it, showing how much respect that they have for the GCWA co-World Tag-Team Champion. Meanwhile, Mr. Excellent is sitting up, looking dazed. He glances at Crazy Chris, realizing what happened. He looks extremely stressed out, grabbing at his hair. He then turns and looks down the aisleway, where Santana, still not smiling or showing any other sign of emotion, has turned and is walking away. Santana departs, with Mr. Excellent glaring daggers into his back. The picture heads to commercial.*

*We return from commercial back at ringside, where Jones & Logan finish taking drinks from the GCWA sponsor, Powerade, before getting back to work.*

Jones: That Powerade really hits the spot, Anthony. I really prefer the Fruit Punch.

Logan: Nah, the Ice flavors are much better, Jonesy. Either way, they’re a great buy!

Jones: Alright, enough with the plugs, we’ve got more action to take place! Our next match is due to growing instability between our President and a well-known veteran of the wrestling business!

Logan: That’s right. A few weeks ago, after losing his chance to regain the GCWA X Division Title, Arryk Rage proclaimed that he was going to retire. However, the Prez refused to let him out of his contract, and instead has been booking him in matches!

Jones: Despite this, Rage has refused to wrestle, saying that he is “On Strike”. So far, he’s allowed both Derek Mobley and Mr. Excellent to pin him without a fight, which basically gets him paid a little money, while also sending a not-so-veiled insult towards the President. Well, the Accelerator answered with tonight’s match, scheduling Rage in an “Xtreme Rules Handicap” Match against the Caine Dynasty!

Logan: Yeah. Now the question is, will Rage just lay down again, and, if so, will the Caine Dynasty let him get away with that?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be fought under “Xtreme” Rules!! First, making their way to the ring, they’re a tenacious tandem who have stayed together over the past few months to wage war with members of the GCWA, weighing a combined 527 lbs, here are Scott Caine & Penance, the Caine Dynasty!

*The crowd is not happy to see Caine nor Penance, as “Automatic” by American Pearl hits over the speakers. The two men walk out, neither looking to be in particularly a good mood. They walk down the aisle, both looking very intense. Penance, especially, looks to be angry at the world tonight. They head into the ring, with Caine pushing referee Mitchell aside in order to go to the turnbuckle.*

Jones: Caine & Penance have had a rough couple of weeks, but tonight could be the turning point for them.

Logan: Could be, Jonesy, although they sure don’t look happy tonight. Yet, in a way, they might be getting handed a free win here, if Rage, once again, drops onto his back to allow the pin.

Jones: But would someone like Penance want that? I mean, Caine, yes, I can see it, but Penance has always been about destroying his opponents.

Logan: I guess we’re going to find out soon… enough?

*As the Caine Dynasty is sitting in the ring, the camera shoots to the back. There you see President Ace's door, and you hear footsteps walking up. The camera spans up to see Arryk Rage walking into the shot. He has a hammer in one hand, and a piece of paper in the other. Rage looks at the camera.*

Arryk Rage: Caine. Penance. You cute you little couple. You two are going have to wait a few more minutes before you get your free win. I have something to take care right quick.

*Arryk goes and puts the paper on the door and lifts the hammer. He gets a confused look on his face as he drops the paper, and pats his trunks. He shrugs, and picks up the paper, looking at the hammer, then the door, then the paper, he flips the hammer around, claw out. He puts paper on the door, and slams the claw part into the door. He reaches into his trucks, pulling out a black sharpie marker and writes on the paper. "Ace, meet me in the ring next week, 8PM... Wait... does the show start at 8? Damn, just meet me at the beginning of the show. We have to fix this".... The last word Arryk writes is quickly blocked out by the censors. Arryk goes to walk away, then jets back, signing Ace's door "Arryk Rage". He looks at the camera.*

Arryk Rage: Oh, and Scotty.. Penis... err Penance... If you tow even THINK about attacking me...

*Arryk's face gets more intent and serious.*

Arryk Rage: I will kill you in your sleep.....

*The picture goes out, even as Arryk was starting to turn towards the hallway leading to the arena. We get a live shot, with the fans cheering loudly. Penance looks unmoved, but Caine looks a little more nervous.*

Jones: So… did Arryk just challenge the Accelerator to meet him in the ring next week at the PPV?

Logan: That’s sure what it seemed like, Jonesy. Wait, so are they going to have a match? I mean, the Accelerator’s been retired for years now!

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. We’re going to have to wait on confirmation for that one!

*”Sound of Madness” by Shinedown starts to play, inspiring Minos to get back into his announcing.*

Minos: Coming to the ring, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion who has been at war with the front office for the last few weeks, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 212 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Arryk Rage!

*The crowd continues to cheer as the intense Rage walks towards the ring, staring at both men waiting within. He is not giving out high fives or even acknowledging the fans, as he almost seems to be in another frame of mind.*

Jones: Rage looks positively energized at the thought of this one, but will there be a fight?

Logan: I doubt it, but you never know. Penance looks like he’s chomping at the bit to get his hands on Arryk, after all!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! What’s going to happen now??

*Rage is in the ring now, looking at two men that he definitely has no love for. Penance starts to move towards him, but Caine reaches out an arm, holding him back (barely). Penance and Caine start arguing, even as Rage steps towards them… then drops back to the mat, once again flattening out! The crowd immediately boos, as this isn’t what they want to see in this one. Penance doesn’t like it, but Caine seems convinced that this would be the right course of action. Penance angrily turns his back, hanging on the ropes in disgust, while Caine walks cautiously over to Rage. He starts to lean down, when suddenly, Rage kips up to his feet!!! The place roars for a second, as Rage, now standing, stares straight into Caine’s eyes, sending him back a few steps! But Rage then falls back again, dropping to the mat! Caine shakily comes back in, putting a boot on Rage’s chest. Referee Mitchell moves in for the count, and despite the pleading from the fans, that’s all she wrote… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, The Caine Dynasty!

Logan: Damn, for a second there… but no, Rage doesn’t want to fight anyone but the President!

Jones: Yeah, he must really hate things right now, allowing a bitter rival like Caine to pin him!

Logan: Penance may not be happy, but he got some free cash tonight, courtesy of Arryk.

*Caine moves away from Rage, smiling and getting the referee to raise his hand. Meanwhile, Rage sits up, apparently with a bad taste in his mouth from letting someone like Caine pin him. However, he did what he said he was going to do. Rage pulls himself up to his feet, watching Penance carefully. The big man is glaring towards Rage, as if thinking about charging him. Caine, though, is there again, getting between the two men and telling Penance to calm down. Rage, satisfied, turns to leave… and Caine suddenly spins around, grabbing Rage from behind and delivering the Backstabber!!!!! The crowd reacts, booing heavily, even as Rage rolls in pain. Caine’s back on his feet already, gesturing to Penance to let loose! Penance, now smiling, moves in, pulling Rage up by the throat and choking him!!!*

Jones: No!! The Caine Dynasty isn’t satisfied with just an easy win, they want blood!

Logan: Yeah, well, that’s what Ace wanted them to do, or else he wouldn’t have booked this one. Hey, you don’t think they’re working under Ace’s orders, do you?

Jones: The President? No, he wouldn’t have anything to do with something like this… I don’t think…

Logan: Hey, the dude hasn’t always been an angel, Jonesy!

*Rage starts trying to fight back, landing a few good shots on Penance in order to free his throat. Caine moves in, grabbing him from behind, with Rage pulling away from him and spinning around, landing a right cross that sends Caine into the ropes. But as Rage turns back around, Penance lands a big boot to the face, snapping him downwards! Penance then goes to pick up Rage again, to do more damage, when, suddenly, he’s grabbed from behind!! Penance gets spun around and gets hammered to the side of the head by a kendo stick, sending him falling backwards!! The holder of the kendo stick steps forward, going after Caine as well, as the crowd roars, recognizing him.*

Jones: He’s back! Marcus Ka’Derrion is back in the squared circle, and he’s making the save here!!

Logan: Ka’Derrion’s never been a fan of double teams, and I guess he’s decided to make his point to the Accelerator by saving Ace’s rival!

Jones: Crazy!

*Caine tries to fight back, but a few more cane shots, followed by a cane-assisted Russian legsweep, send him out of the ring, where he joins back up with Penance. Meanwhile, Rage is pulling himself back up, looking pissed off. He nods to Ka’Derrion, then moves off, heading towards where Caine and Penance are retreating. Before he can get far, though, Rage gets grabbed by Ka’Derrion, who spins him around, then lifts… delivering the Punisher!!!! The fans are in shock as Ka’Derrion stands over Rage, looking down at the man!!*

Jones: Whoa!! Ka’Derrion just planted Rage!!

Logan: Hey, the two have never been friends, man. Remember, Ka’Derrion buried Rage alive once!

Jones: Yes, but why attack him now, just seconds after saving him??

Logan: Because Ka’Derrion wants to make a big return, and attacking Rage as well as the Caine Dynasty will get people talking!

*Ka’Derrion has moved away from the hurting Arryk, looking over the turnbuckle towards the two men headed up the aisle. Caine looks pissed off, pointing back towards Ka’Derrion and yelling curses. Penance wants to go back, but Caine is keeping him from going. Ka’Derrion, for his part, looks like he’s satisfied with the point he made. The camera zooms in on his face, even as we fade out to another commercial break.*

*We return backstage, where we see the House of Pain locker room. Inside, Warrick Hill has an eyepack against his head, chilling out, while Derek Mobley moves around, preparing something.*

Derek Mobley: Here you go, Warrick. This will help.

*Mobley hands Warrick a glass with an unknown liquid inside. Apparently having seen it before, Warrick immediately downs the drink, enjoying every drop. He’s smiling, despite the bump on his head.*

Derek Mobley: Glad to see you smiling, at least. So, why ARE you smiling?

Warrick Hill: Because I just had the greatest idea for Wreck The Halls, and what we can do there!

Derek Mobley: Uh oh. I’m sensing possible property damage and other needless acts of destruction.

Warrick Hill: I can’t rule that out. Let’s just say we’re going to enjoy it, and leave it at that. Hey, you got any aspirin to go with this?

*Derek hands over a bottle of aspirin, with Warrick fighting with the child safety cap before getting it free. He shoves a few pills into his mouth and drinks them down, grinning at Derek’s dismay at mixing drugs and alcohol. As the two men continue to talk, we head back to ringside.*

Jones: I’m suddenly feeling a lot of worry, Anthony. What could someone like Warrick Hill have planned for the PPV?

Logan: Whatever it is, Jonesy, I’m glad we’re going to be a part of it in some way! Warrick always makes things interesting!

Jones: Yes… well, anyway, we’ve got one more great match for you tonight, so let’s go to it!

Minos: It is now time for our main event, which is a match for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he is looking to earn gold in his first attempt here in the GCWA… standing 6’4” and weighing 226 lbs, from Fort Worth, Texas, here is Grimm!

*As “Soul Survivor” by Young Jeezy begins to play, the fans start to boo, knowing now who’s coming out. Grimm steps through the curtain, all smiles at the thought of gaining his first gold in the company. He’s followed out by his two ‘associates’, Lucky Leon & Git ‘Em Gotti, known better as the Hitmen. The three walk towards the ring, with Grimm making a few lewd comments towards his two partners about some of the women in the audience.*

Jones: Grimm seems awfully confident that he’s going to be winning the Television Title here tonight.

Logan: Yeah, I heard his interview earlier, where he talked about how he has no weaknesses. He also made a few ‘interesting’ comments towards Santana’s wife. I understand the reasoning behind it, getting into your opponent’s head… but I’m not sure it was the best course of action here. After all, you don’t want to make Santana mad enough to get DQ’ed, you know?

Jones: Grimm’s shown himself to be a master manipulator at times, Anthony. We’ll have to see how he uses this skill against the champion tonight.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he’s a former GCWA X Division Champion… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is the 2-time GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The boos immediately turn to cheers as Santana makes his way out to “Sandstorm” by Darude. He has the Television Championship tucked tightly around his waist, making it easier for him to do a bow towards the excited crowd. Santana then starts moving, marching towards the ring.*

Logan: Santana had to deal with Mrs. Grinch this week, as he had an old broad in his apartment complain about his Christmas decorations.

Jones: I was surprised when Santana didn’t just rear back and kick her. But he’s not that type of guy, thankfully. Instead, the Santanas are going to be moving out!

Logan: Hell, about time! A champion should be living in much more splendor than that ratty apartment complex of his!

*The Bell Rings.*

*After Head Referee Bell finishes showing off the championship in contention, Santana and Grimm move forward to meet in the center of the ring. Grimm is laughing, saying something about wanting to know if Santana knows where his wife is right now. That’s all it takes, as Santana moves in, landing the first shot, with Grimm quickly returning it, both men swinging hard against the other!!! The crowd erupts as the two men brawl, with Santana taking control after blocking a Grimm swing and turning it into a shoulder toss, throwing Grimm over-top of him! Grimm pops right back up and comes back at Santana, who shoots his arm forward, catching Grimm with a shot to the throat!! That stops Grimm in his tracks, allowing Santana enough time to spin into a sidekick, snapping Grimm to the mat! The Television Champion follows it up by dropping onto him, chopping away as Grimm tries to cover up!*

Jones: Santana’s not messing around tonight!

Logan: Hey, someone insults my wife, I’d be the same way! You don’t talk the smack about Mrs. Logan!

Jones: Yeah… yeah, same for me… although I’d just key the guy’s car or something…

Logan: Well, some of us handle things a little more manly, Edds.

*Santana pulls Grimm upwards, gaining a little bit of his self-control back as he takes the wrestler towards the ropes, shooting Grimm over to the other side. Grimm rebounds and comes back, with Santana setting himself and sending out a nasty chop that would have done some serious damage, had Grimm not ducked under it. Instead, Grimm goes off the ropes and comes back with a flying forearm, scoring a direct hit! Santana hits hard, with Grimm taking a moment to pull himself together before getting up. Lucky Leon and Git’Em Gotti are cheering him on from the outside. Grimm goes over to the recovering Santana, booting him in the head to do more damage. He then pulls the Television Champion up and lifts, showing his power by putting Santana onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry, then spinning around and dropping Santana with an F-5!!! Grimm comes back for the pin, grabbing for Santana’s legs, even as Head Referee Bell hurries into position for the count… 1… 2… and Santana kicks out, saving his title!*

Jones: Santana almost lost his belt there, after that maneuver!

Logan: We keep seeing some pretty good things out of Grimm, Jonesy. I think he’s a serious threat to Santana’s title reign here tonight!

Jones: Well, he’s definitely got the momentum right now. But can he keep it?

*Grimm’s back up, dragging Santana with him as he takes the Television Champion to the corner. He hammers Santana in there headfirst, with Santana turning around from the impact and slumping against the corner. Grimm jokes to his two partners on the outside, then comes in, slashing Santana across the chest with an open-handed slap! Grimm, grinning, shakes out his hand, then prepares himself again, even doing a mocking ‘karate’ stance. He comes in… and Santana blocks it, and then reverses them, sending Grimm into the corner instead! Before the challenger can react, Santana starts throwing rapid chops, slicing them across Grimm’s chest, leaving deep marks!! With Grimm reeling from the blows, Santana pulls him out of the corner, then snaps Grimm over with a Northern Lights suplex! Head Referee Bell moves in for a pinfall attempt… 1… 2… but Grimm manages to kick out.*

Jones: Santana’s back in the driver’s seat!

Logan: Grimm should have known better. No one can dish out those chops like Santana, the dude is a machine in there!

Jones: You can see the fatigue on both men as this match continues, but this is a Television Title match, which means that you have to keep moving if you want the gold!

*Head Referee Bell has moved aside, watching, as Santana pulls Grimm back up. Santana lands a punch to Grimm’s jaw, sending him falling back into the corner, where Santana can follow. The Television Champion works Grimm over, punching away on him as the fans count along to 10. Santana then drops back off the turnbuckle, grabbing the dazed Grimm and pulling him around with a snapping neckbreaker!! Grimm’s down, with Santana trying another cover… 1… 2… and Grimm gets his arm up, stopping the count! He rolls over to his stomach, as Santana sits up, considering his next move. He pulls himself upright, watching as Grimm tries to stand. Santana sizes up the angle, then runs to the ropes, preparing to return just as Grimm gets up. But suddenly, Santana’s down, taking a faceplant in the ring!! Behind him, Git ‘Em Gotti turns his back, innocently looking at the crowd as Lucky Leon does the same!*

Jones: Hey, now! Gotti just tripped up the champion!!

Logan: C’mon, guys, we’re having a good match here, there’s no need for you guys to screw it up!

*Grimm has already capitalized on Santana’s ‘misfortune’, moving in and applying a rear chinlock to the champion. He’s working away on Santana, keeping him grounded. Meanwhile, Head Referee Bell has moved to the ropes, questioning the two on the outside, with both pleading ignorance of what happened. Bell, though, isn’t buying it. He may not have seen enough to call for a disqualification, but he has enough for another decision. He yells for the two wrestlers to leave the ring, throwing them out of the arena!!! The fans are cheering the good decision, although Gotti & Leon seem a little less pleased. Grimm, likewise, is unhappy, releasing the chinlock in order to give Bell a piece of his mind. But Bell is adamant, getting security to give him a hand and get rid of the two men. Gotti & Leon reluctantly leave after Bell threatens a DQ, with an upset Grimm still arguing for his guys. Meanwhile, though, Santana is getting back to his feet! He comes up behind Grimm, grabbing him and taking him over with a German Bridge suplex, holding on for the pin!! Grimm fights, as Bell counts… 1… 2… and Grimm barely escapes in time!*

Jones: So close! Santana almost had him!

Logan: He’s at least got things evened out now, Jonesy, thanks to Bell throwing out those other two. Now all Santana has to do is worry about the guy in front of him!

*Both men get back up, with Santana reaching for Grimm, only to take a shot to the gut, bending him over. Grimm then grabs hold, bracing for a double-underhook DDT! But Santana blocks it, driving himself forward and ramming both men into the corner! Grimm gasps, the air knocked out of him, while Santana straightens up and attacks with a series of chops and kicks. Grimm almost looks punch-drunk after those shots, taking a wild swing at Santana that doesn’t come close. Santana then grabs Grimm and flips him over with a spinning slam, driving him into the canvas!! Grimm shudders on the mat, but is still fighting to get up, rolling to his stomach. He pushes himself up, but that’s just what Santana wanted to see. The Television Champion races in, and there’s the Sensei-Tion!!!! Grimm takes the full hit, collapsing to the ground, with Santana coming back around and landing on top of him, grabbing the legs for good measure. Bell’s right there as well, watching Grimm’s shoulders as he makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: The champion retains again! Even with Santana having to deal with outside interference, he had enough left to make a comeback and take Grimm down!

Logan: I thought Grimm had a real shot early on, but he just couldn’t keep up with the pace of Santana tonight. Maybe next time these guys meet, after some more experience gained, we’ll have an even better contest!

Jones: For now, though, Santana gets himself a key victory, as he heads into the PPV for his chance to be a multiple champion!

*Grimm is already moving, although he’s not exactly moving well. He rolls out of the ring, dazed but also angry at how things went down. Meanwhile, Santana gets handed the Television Title from Bell, happily taking it back into his possession. The crowd roars… then hits another level, alerting Santana that something else is going down. He turns, reacting quicker this time as Mr. Excellent slides into the ring! Santana and Excellent match up, brawling, as the crowd roars in approval!*

Jones: Mr. Excellent’s back for more, but this time Santana was ready for him!

Logan: Man, these two are developing some severe hate for each other over the past few weeks!!

*Excellent, being the fresher man, soon takes control, hammering Santana with rights. He drives Santana into the ropes, and then whips him to the other side. But Santana comes back with a flying Lou Thesz press, taking Excellent down!! The two men continue to fight, standing back up, with Santana trying to lock Excellent up for a suplex, only to have Excellent block it, then try one of his own. They struggle against each other… even as a third man enters the ring! Neither man notices until it’s too late, as Harvey Danger comes in, kicking away into both men, bending them over!! Harvey then grabs the heads of both and drops, landing a Double Danger DDT!!! Excellent and Santana each roll in separate directions, knocked senseless, as Harvey Danger pushes back to his feet!!*

Logan: Man, I was starting to forget about Harvey being in this one, but damn, he just made a major statement!!

Jones: I wonder if Draco told him to do that? It just seemed like a Draco move!

Logan: Well, wherever he got the idea, it worked, as Harvey now has the momentum heading into Wreck The Halls!!

*The energy continues to build in the crowd, as Harvey gets to his feet, looking down at the two fallen men around him. Danger turns and leaves the ring, not looking back, as the picture slowly fades out to our final commercial break.*

*We return from the break to the ringside area, where set-up has begun on the ringside area. They’re putting up a special set, one that’s been seen in the GCWA many times before. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?*

*The chairs and seats have been set up for the show, as well as a large monitor lowered into position. We cut back to the announcers, who are still sitting at the broadcast position.*

Jones: Looks like we’re ending the show with a note from our World Heavyweight Champion!

Logan: Good to see the Complaint Department in evidence one more time! This could be the last time we see it, considering that Draco’s going to be involved in the most dangerous match the GCWA has!

Jones: Yep, the Hell in a Cell match has been known to end careers! Hopefully, though, both men will make it out in one piece, or, at least, be able to be sown back together!

Logan: I wonder who Draco’s guest is tonight?

Jones: Let’s find ou… wait, what’s going on? Something’s happening in the back…

*The camera cuts away to backstage, where we see the entrance area behind the stage. Fighting furiously there are two men: Draco and Lurrr!! Apparently Lurrr launched an ambush, as he’s the one in control, throwing Draco against the wall and punching away!*

Lurrr: I TOLD you you were next, you dumb *bleep*!

*Lurrr lines up his Wake Up Call, launching into it, but Draco manages to duck out of the way in time, with Lurrr kicking the wall instead! Lurrr stumbles away, his foot jarred by the impact. Draco then comes back in, tackling Lurrr and taking him into a line of lights, shattering them!! The two men punch away at each other, neither man backing down!*

Jones: Where the hell is security? Aren’t they supposed to be guarding the back entrance??

Logan: Yeah, well, maybe when Reed M. Shin heard that Draco was coming out, he called off the security.

Jones: What? But… that’s not right!

Logan: I’m not saying that’s what happened… but it’s damn suspicious!

*Draco has Lurrr up now, preparing to toss him towards a nearby mirror, set up for the wrestlers to check themselves one more time before they go out! But Lurrr puts on the brakes, then turns, scoring a low blow with a boot between Draco’s legs!! The World Champion slumps, the blow taking a lot out of him. Lurrr follows it up with a release belly-to-belly suplex, throwing Draco overhead… and into the mirror!!! Draco hits backfirst, shattering the glass over him!! Draco lays on the ground, hurting badly, as Lurrr pulls himself up, wiping a hand across his mouth. He goes towards Draco and leans over him, grinning.*

Lurrr: That’s your first step, Draco, on your way to Hell!

*Lurrr laughs, then gets up, moving away and rubbing his shoulder. Draco’s eyes open, and he starts to get up, although he’s clearly feeling a lot of pain right now. He looks after Lurrr, pure hate in his eyes, making you wonder exactly who’s in control. The camera focuses on his stare, showing a bit of blood coming from a small cut to the side of his face. The World Champion growls deep in his throat, struggling to rise, as the picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: One card left for a perfect record in 2009! Wooooo!!!!

While it would have been nicer to have a few more segments sent in (I ended up writing pretty much all of them except for the bit Rik sent in), I think this one stands up alright as a good build towards Wreck The Halls. It's the final show of the year, folks, so remember, this is your last chance to make history in 2009!

Here's the card:

- Bucky Johnson vs. Aaron Styles vs. Grimm, GCWA Television Title #1 Contenders Three Way Match

- Scott Caine vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion

- Arryk Rage vs. The Accelerator, I Quit Match

- The Danger Boiz(c) vs. The Big Bifford & Arachne, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match

- Harvey Danger vs. Mr. Excellent vs. Robert Santana, GCWA Intercontinental Title Finals

- Draco(c) vs. Lurrr, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Hell In A Cell Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, December 11th to Thursday, December 17th, giving you 7 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!