GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are cheering as always, excited to be part of the action. The cameras fly across the arena, showing us the sold-out audience from different angles. Some fans come every week. Some made special cross-country trips in order to attend tonight’s event. All are ready for the battles to begin. The cameras spin across some of the signs, showing everything from “Fans On Strike For Rage!” to “We’re On The Road To Hell!” The cameras come back towards the announce table, focusing on Edward Jones & Anthony Logan.*

Jones: Good evening, everyone! Welcome to Friday Night Inferno! I’m Jones, with my partner, Anthony “Lightning” Logan, set to bring you all the action you could possibly want!

Logan: It’s going to be a fun night, Jonesy, I can tell! We’re near the end of the year, heading into December, which means that we’re heading towards Wreck The Halls!

Jones: That’s right, Anthony. We already know a few of the matches, as our GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Draco, will be taking on the Righteous Rumble winner, Lurrr, in a rematch for the championship inside Hell In A Cell!

Logan: That right there is all I need to know. This PPV’s going to be insane!

Jones: We also know that the finals of the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Round Robin tournament will take place, pitting three men against each other for the vacated belt. Ironically, two of the men currently hold titles right now! We have the GCWA X Division Champion, Harvey Danger… the GCWA Television Champion, Robert Santana… and the former Television Champion, Mr. Excellent!

Logan: Each man has a win over one of his opponents, which is why we ended up in this three-way finale. But what other matches are going to occur as we go towards Wreck The Halls?

Jones: Most likely, Anthony, we’ll find out tonight! First off, though, I’ve got a match change that I have to let everyone know about.

Logan: A match change? Crap, I hate that. What is it?

Jones: Well, tonight, we had a scheduled match between Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn and Derek Mobley. However, apparently there was some sort of plumbing emergency at the Presidential estate earlier today, which forced the Janitor to not be here at the arena. Thus, by ruling of the President, the match has been canceled from the card.

Logan: So we aren’t getting any Mobley tonight?

Jones: Afraid not, Anthony.

Logan: Damnit! What kind of plumbing emergency, Jonesy? Oh, wait… please tell me that Ace didn’t have the Big Bifford over to his house recently!

Jones: I don’t know what caused the problem, I just know that Vaughn was pressed into service. At least now he gets a week off from getting beat down.

Logan: Yeah, but I think I’d rather take on five Dereks than take on a jammed-up Bifford toilet.

Jones: True. Now, we DID have two matches earlier tonight, and it’s time to show you those results!

Logan: Woohoo, taped footage!

*The battle of the big men begins with Styles making his entrance, followed by Penance, who still appeared to be bandaged up after the assault from Draco last week. The two men stared each other down, with Penance wanting to release some aggression on the younger man. However, Styles quickly showed some speed along with his power, giving him an advantage in the match. Surprisingly, Styles began to dominate Penance, concentrating on Penance’s wounds. Penance tried to fight back, but to no avail, as Styles got in a huge running shot that opened him up, causing the bandage to turn blood red. Styles then caught the woozy Penance and delivered the Styles Spike, before getting the 1-2-3, getting a win that many would think of as an upset.*

Jones: I don’t know if anyone saw this coming, Anthony.

Logan: Hey, I saw it, Jonesy. People doubt the heart of Aaron Styles, but he showed today that he’s at the very least a threat to take anyone down. This could be the start of a great run for this young man.

Jones: As for Penance, I guess he just wasn’t ready to compete yet. This could be another loss that could be chalked up just as easily to D & D.

Logan: Yep. The dude needs to take some time off, pull himself back together, then come back stronger than ever.

Jones: In our other dark match, a match that was expected to be competitive had a surprising ending.

*The video starts up again, with first Grimm coming out, complete with his two allies, Lucky Leon & Git ‘Em Gotti. The three men stood in the ring, waiting, as Harvey Danger made his entrance. Danger, looking at the ring, immediately turned and left again, leaving Grimm to turn to referee Mitchell and demand that he give him the forfeit victory. Just as Mitchell was reluctantly making his decision, Danger reappeared, dragging the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, with him! Danger pointed out the three men in the ring, then seemed to beg Draco to join him, with Draco reluctantly agreeing to come and watch his back. Danger and Grimm went at it, with Danger trying to use his agility advantage against the powerhouse. Lucky Leon had other ideas, interfering at one point by hitting Danger in the back as he ran against the ropes. Draco, taking exception to that, ran around and attacked Leon, with Gotti quickly joining in. Grimm, seeing this, momentarily took his eyes off of Danger, who was able to come forward with a clothesline, knocking his opponent down. But Danger then ran to Draco’s aid, doing a suicide dive over the ropes onto all three men!! Grimm, recovering, went out as well, with a 3-on-2 brawl commencing!! Referee Mitchell, with no choice, threw the match out, declaring it a no-contest as security came down to break things up (mainly concentrating on trying to grab Draco, with Danger running interference to help him get away).*

Jones: I know that was a match that was hard to predict, but I doubt anyone expected a stalemate.

Logan: I really wanted to see how Grimm could do in a clean one-on-one match against the GCWA X Division Champion, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe these two will meet again someday.

Jones: One where no one else is allowed at ringside.

Logan: Indeed.

Jones: That being said, it’s time for the live matches! Let’s go down to ringside!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Coming towards the ring, he is one of the most mysterious and intellectually-challenging men in the GCWA, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*As “Wana” by the Black Horn begins to play, Arachne comes out of the back, looking like he’s in one of his delusions. He jumps to the side, like he’s picking strawberries, then turns back, offering them behind him. After a few seconds, a man walks out of the tunnel after him: The Big Bifford! Bifford looks at Arachne’s hands, then shakes his head, either in disbelief or just because he doesn’t feel like invisible strawberries at the moment. Martin Ka’Berryon comes out behind the two men, shaking his head. The group heads for the ring.*

Jones: The Big Bifford and Martin Ka’Berryon apparently went on a ‘trip’ with Arachne this week. That must have been a strange experience for them, huh?

Logan: Yeah, what a weird partnership Bifford and Arachne make. The only apparent connection between the two is their mutual, strange hatred of Dangerous Dan.

Jones: Does Arachne hate him? I thought he hated the Janitor.

Logan: Him too. In fact, there aren’t many people in the world that Arachne doesn’t hate. I know he probably doesn’t like me, and the feeling’s mutual. Dude gives me a headache.

Minos: His opponent is a former two-time GCWA Television Champion, standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Dangerous Dan!

*The crowd erupts, with “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory playing through the speakers. Dangerous Dan comes out first, followed closely by his brother, Crazy Chris, each sporting their World Tag-Team Title around their waist. The two guys salute the fans, enjoying the adulation. A camera switches over to Bifford, who is apparently booing and making faces at the Danger Boiz. Arachne is already in the ring, glaring at them. The two champions come down to the ring, with Dan handing off the gold before entering for the match.*

Jones: We didn’t hear much from the Danger Boiz this week, but you can bet that Dangerous Dan is ready for a serious contest here tonight.

Logan: Yeah, this is his chance to send a little insult Bifford’s way. We still don’t know why Bifford hates him so much, but I get the feeling that Dan doesn’t have much love for the fat man, either.

Jones: There’s definite tension between the two men. We’ll have to see how it gets released.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Dangerous Dan is already in the ring, glaring over at the Big Bifford, who is trying to get the crowd to boo along with him. It’s not going well. Bifford, annoyed, points over at Dan and starts shouting disparaging remarks, most of which probably are not true. Dan, annoyed, yells back at Bifford, moving in his direction, completely forgetting about who his actual opponent is. As the two men yell back and forth, Arachne moves in from behind, wrapping himself around Dan’s body and taking him over with a quick bridge suplex pin attempt! Referee Rockwell is right there to make the count, as Dan frantically struggles to get free… 1… 2… and Dan barely escapes!*

Jones: Wow, that was close!

Logan: Dangerous Dan needs to get his head in the game! I know that he and Bifford have problems right now, but he needs to focus on Arachne right now!

*Both wrestlers pull themselves back up, with Arachne right back in control with various punches and kicks, moving Dangerous Dan back into the corner. Crazy Chris is watching from the outside, concerned, even as Arachne lowers his shoulder, ramming Dan repeatedly in the guts. He is laughing, which is quite disturbing to hear. Arachne then pulls Dan out of the corner by the head, preparing for a bulldog. But Dangerous Dan manages to shove him off, throwing Arachne away! Arachne rolls, managing to get right back up to his feet. He dashes at Dan, trying to retake the advantage, but Dan reacts by catching Arachne’s charge and spinning him into a spinebuster!! The Big Bifford, on the outside, is grabbing his head with both hands, apparently not believing the ‘show of strength’ he just saw from Dan. The co-World Tag-Team Champion makes the cover, trying to hold Arachne down as referee Rockwell counts… 1… 2… and Arachne shoots his shoulder off the mat just in time.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan nearly caught Arachne with that one!

Logan: Yeah, he used Arachne’s animalistic aggression against him. But this match continues, and only one of these guys can leave as the winner.

Jones: Really, only Dan or Arachne can leave as the winner. Referee Rockwell, Bifford, Crazy Chris, none of them are eligible.

Logan: I wasn’t counting them! I was… oh, hell, forget it…

*Dangerous Dan has pulled Arachne back up, taking him over to the ropes. He shoots Arachne across the ring, sending him running away. Arachne rebounds and comes back, but Dan’s running to meet him, scoring a flying clothesline that flips Arachne around! The face-painted wrestler rolls away, trying to score some breathing room, as Dangerous Dan gets back to his feet. He is looking more confident now, even as Crazy Chris cheers him on from the outside. Meanwhile, the Big Bifford and Martin Ka’Berryon are arguing, apparently about a course of action that Bifford has decided to take. As usual, Bifford wins out, suddenly reaching over with an outstretched hand. Aggrieved, Ka’Berryon reaches down, pulling off one of his grapes! He hands it to Bifford, who turns, aiming like a shotput. He lets flie, with the grape hitting Dangerous Dan in the back of the head!! Of course… it’s just a plastic grape. Dangerous Dan slowly turns around in disbelief, looking over at Bifford, who seems to be signaling that there’s a whole lot more where that came from!*

Logan: Ok, that’s just funny…

Jones: I’d call it disturbing. Bifford basically threw a piece of Martin Ka’Berryon at his rival! Ewww!

Logan: It’s just a costume, Jonesy. I’m sure it can easily be put back on. What really matters here is that Bifford has successfully distracted Dan!

*Dangerous Dan unleashes a mighty kick, sending the grape flying out of the ring and into the crowd. Martin immediately goes in pursuit, not wanting to lose his grape. Bifford, seeing him go, looks around, as if realizing he’s been ‘disarmed’. He backs off, but keeps challenging Dan to come after him. Suddenly, though, Crazy Chris is there, coming around the corner and dropping with a shoulder into Bifford’s knee!!! The big man topples to the side, even as Crazy Chris manages to roll out of the way, avoiding being crushed. He gets up, signaling to Dan to get back to work instead of worrying about this. But it’s too late, as Dangerous Dan turns around, only to get grabbed by Arachne and dropped with a diamond cutter!!! Arachne hops up to his feet, immediately hurrying over to the ropes and climbing up with feverous intensity. He gets to the top and lets out a mad laugh, before taking flight with the Spider Bite!!! Dangerous Dan can’t move out of the way in time, with Arachne crashing down on top of him!! Crazy Chris can’t believe it. He starts to move in, but Bifford grabs his ankle, tripping the masked man up! Meanwhile, referee Rockwell starts his count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Arachne!

Jones: We have an upset!! Arachne just beat one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions!!

Logan: Man, I didn’t see that coming at all! But the Big Bifford definitely proved to be a significant factor in this one!

Jones: Dangerous Dan kept wanting to get his hands on Bifford for what he’s done in past weeks, including trying to actually kill Dan with poisonous snakes! But it backfired on him big-time here, as Arachne gets a major victory!

Logan: Could the Bifford/Arachne alliance really be a threat to the title reign of the Danger Boiz?

*The Big Bifford is back up now, applauding as he limps his way around the ring. Arachne is celebrating with a little dance, while Crazy Chris, recovering, moves over to check on his brother. Dangerous Dan is just stunned more than anything, with Chris helping him to get up. Meanwhile, the Big Bifford is leaning on the apron, laughing and saying a few more things towards Dan, even as Arachne rolls out of the ring to join him. Martin Ka’Berryon is still lost in the sea of fans, trying to get his loose grape back. We cut away from the action and head to backstage, where the Accelerator is in his Presidential office. He finishes up stacking some papers, then turns, finding out that once again he’s not alone.*

The Accelerator: One of these days, I’m going to work out how you get in here so quietly.

*Standing behind Ace, dressed in his regular street clothes, is the former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion! The fans cheer at the sight of the man, who hasn’t wrestled for the company for weeks now.*

The Accelerator: So let me guess… you want to talk about you being reinstated again, right?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What I want is a chance to show you and the rest of the GCWA that I’m ready to return. I’m ready to get back in the game.

*The Accelerator turns and looks back at Ka’Derrion, an amused smirk on his face.*

The Accelerator: I’ve heard that before, Marcus. I know you thought you proved something by storming my Righteous Rumble unannounced, and to be honest, it was a good start. But I need to see more from you before I make my decision.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: If that’s what it takes…

*As Marcus is talking, the Accelerator turns around towards a ringing phone.*

The Accelerator: That’ll be the pay-per-view guys calling, wanting more money. Is there anything else…

*The President looks back, suddenly realizing that he’s alone in the room now. Ace laughs to himself, then goes around the desk to answer his phone. The picture slowly fades to commercial.*

*We come back inside of the dressing room of the Roman Empire, which currently consists of one man: Lurrr. The #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight Title is sitting comfortably in a fine, leather chair, part of his locker room’s updated features since jettisoning Rick Mathis. Around Lurrr, three men walk in, each wearing dark suits. They are the team of lawyers that Lurrr keeps on retainer for his own personal dirty work. Lurrr polishes off his drink, then finally deigns to look at them.*

Lurrr: So did you get it?

Lawyer #1: It wasn’t easy… the President really wanted to make a big deal out of it…

Lurrr: I’m sure he did. I remember the last time we did a contract signing between Draco and I, and Draco made it into an ambush. Did they really think I was just going to allow them to drag me onto his ridiculous show again to sign another contract? Now hand it over.

*One of the lawyers pulls out a contract, shown to be the one for the World Heavyweight Title match at Wreck The Halls between Draco and Lurrr. The #1 Contender looks over it for a second, then glances over his shoulder at the lawyer.*

Lurrr: So you’ve gone over this, right? No surprises?

Lawyer #1: No, sir. The contract is exactly what it says it is. You will be given a World Title shot against Draco at the pay-per-view on December 20th, in a Hell in a Cell match.

Lurrr: Hell in a Cell. Ace doesn’t realize that he’s set me up to end Draco’s career, exactly what I wanted. He got lucky last time with Harv and Shane on his side, but this time, inside the cell, he’s *bleeped*.

*Lurrr signs the contract extravagantly, then tosses it back to the lawyer, who barely manages to catch it.*

Lurrr: Go take that to the other loser, make sure he signs it. I want my World Title signed, sealed, and delivered in a few weeks.

*Lurrr goes back to enjoying his luxury locker room, as the lawyers move out, each already trying to make sure one of the other two guys takes the contract. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: So we’re not having a big contract celebration tonight? Damn, we’re missing out on a lot this week!

Logan: Well, I can’t really blame Lurrr for his decision. I mean, he DID get ambushed last time, after all. He’s many things, but an idiot isn’t one of them.

Jones: So who is going to be Draco’s guest tonight, then, on the Complaint Department??

Logan: I guess we’ll find out later. What matters now is, we’ve got another match to go to!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Now entering the arena, he is a former GCWA Television Champion, seeking to make his way back up the ladder towards contention, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*Mr. Excellent walks out to “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D., with the crowd quickly letting their disdain for him known. Excellent is joined by Mick, with the two talking strategy before they start down the ramp. Excellent stops for a second, seeing a sign in the audience that a fan is holding up. It reads: “Harvey Danger is the future double champion!” Excellent scowls at the kid, then moves off, more ready than ever to fight.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent has been struggling in recent weeks. He lost the Television Title to Santana, he lost his fortune, and he lost a tough struggle against Lurrr last week. But this could be the start of his comeback here tonight, facing off against an established veteran.

Logan: The question is, though, will he even have to fight, Jonesy?

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA X Division Champion who has been one of the most controversial figures in wrestling in recent weeks, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 212 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Arryk Rage!

*”Sound Of Madness” by Shinedown blares through the arena to a mix of cheers and boos. Arryk Rage slowly walks from the back, still wearing his "I'm On Strike!" shirt.*

Jones: Last week, Rage shocked the world by announcing to the GCWA fans that he was on strike! He then promptly laid down, letting Derek Mobley pin him for a victory.

Logan: Yep, shocking development, I have to say. He’s still got the t-shirt on, too. Will he do it again, with his career possibly in danger?

Jones: Does he even care, Anthony? I mean, he tried to retire in November, with the Accelerator denying him that right.

Logan: True. Well, I guess we’ll see what his decision is…

*Once again, Arryk has a mic in his hand, as the camera switches to Mr. Excellent standing in the ring. Excellent has the same confused look on his face as Mobley did last week. The camera goes back to Rage, who has made his way to about the middle of the ramp. He raises the mic to his mouth.*

Arryk Rage: I know a lot of your don't understand. You don't get it.

*The crowd gets louder, still a mix of boos and cheers*

Arryk Rage: Over the past week, I've gotten email after email, some supporting me, some wondering what the hell I am doing, giving away victories. Well, it’s simple. I want something, and this is the only way that I can get it.

*A loud boo echos through the arena*

Arryk Rage: Ace. You think you're funny, huh? Think you can throw this guy out here, that I have too much pride to lay on my back for a nobody? Well... You're Right...

*Suddenly, Rage throws down the mic and storms the ring, sliding in underneath the ropes. Mr. Excellent, caught by surprise, backpedals as Rage jumps to his feet.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Yes! We’ve got ourselves a fight!

Logan: Mr. Excellent was hoping for an easy night, but it looks like he’s going to have to fight to earn this victory!

*Mr. Excellent moves back into his corner, watching closely as Arryk Rage slowly approaches him, his arms out. Excellent moves into a defensive posture, ready to counter any attempt at an assault, with Mick watching it all from the outside. Referee Trixie signals for the competition to begin. Rage then darts forward, with Excellent raising up a fist… and then Rage suddenly falls flat on his back, laying there motionless!! The crowd begins to boo heavily, with Mr. Excellent, confused, slowly lowering his fist. Rage isn’t moving, as Excellent approaches him, almost as if anticipating a trap. But with Mick shouting for him to take the victory, Mr. Excellent moves in, finally dropping down and making the cover. The crowd is booing even heavier now, not wanting Rage to simply give up to a hated wrestler like this. But, as referee Trixie moves in, Rage doesn’t do anything to stop the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Mr. Excellent!

Logan: Son of a *bleep*!

Jones: He did it again! Rage lost on purpose for the second time!

Logan: Damn, I thought we might actually have a good contest here, but it just didn’t work out that way, did it?

Jones: Mr. Excellent gets a free payday, courtesy of the veteran!

*With Mr. Excellent up, acting like he just got a great victory, Rage rolls out of the ring, already smiling again. The crowd isn’t happy with him, but Rage did exactly what he wanted to do. As he turns up the aisle, heading out of the arena, the big screen suddenly comes on. Standing there is the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator! The fans give a small cheer, although the ones supporting Rage still are quick to do their own boos. The Accelerator is giving a ‘golf clap’ towards Rage, who stops, realizing that the President is looking down at him.*

The Accelerator: So, Arryk… feel like you won something here? Think your strike is having any effect on me?

*Rage is still grinning, knowing that Ace is positively fuming about two possibly great matches now down the drain. However, Rage’s grin falters as Ace himself smiles, one of his more sinister looks.*

The Accelerator: Let’s see… we’ve tried great matches from your past, but you let Derek Mobley pin you. We tried a match of the future, but you just threw that one away. You’ve shown me that you don’t care about my bottom line, or, for that matter, the fans…

*A portion of the crowd boos at that, although it’s impossible to tell if they’re agreeing with the Accelerator, or simply showing their displeasure for the President. Rage, for his part, is now listening intently, knowing that something is up.*

The Accelerator: So I suppose, next week, we’ll see if you care about your own survival… because I’m booking you in a “Handicap” Match… against two guys you know pretty well… Scott Caine and Penance!

*The crowd boos heavily at this announcement, with Rage shaking his head. The President turns away from the camera, then looks back.*

The Accelerator: Oh, one more thing… it’s going to be your favorite style of match, Arryk… no rules… and completely Xtreme…

*The big screen fades out, with Arryk glaring towards the now-blank monitor.*

Jones: An Xtreme handicap match?? The Caine Dynasty might kill Rage next week!

Logan: Well, only if he lets them, Jonesy. I mean, it’s all on him, right?

Jones: That’s true… we’ll have to see what Arryk does, but damn, this just got more serious!

*Rage turns to the crowd, shrugging his shoulders for a second. He starts to walk off, leaving the arena, as the picture fades to commercial.*

*We return from the break inside the Accelerator’s office, where the President is standing, waiting with another man: the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco! The fans give him a cheer, even as the two men continue talking, apparently continuing their conversation that started during the break.*

The Accelerator: You know I can’t just let this go, Draco.

Draco: In case you missed it, your security chief decided to put his hands on ME first! I just settled the damn debt.

The Accelerator: While it’s true that Mr. Reed M. Shin was a little… overzealous to begin his run as the Head of GCWA Security, I can’t stand by and watch as one of my staff gets taken out. You had to know there would be consequences.

Draco: Like the consequence of you cancelling my Complaint Department for this week? You don’t know what you missed, Ace. I had a great gimmick lined up for the show, and the contract signing was going to be great!

*Ace, shaking his head, moves away, back behind his desk. Draco stays where he is, trying to act calm, although it’s clear he’s a little more annoyed about Ace’s actions than he’s trying to let on.*

The Accelerator: So here’s my final ruling, Draco. You receive a fine of $10,000 for your assault on Shin. I won’t tolerate vigilantism in the GCWA. I’ll talk to Shin, tell him that the wrestlers are hired to entertain, and that he needs to pull it back. But another incident between the two of you will have drastic repercussions. Got it?

*Draco already has his check book out, signing a check for the fine. He tears it off and drops it on the President’s desk.*

Draco: I’d set that aside for Lurrr’s medical fees. He’s going to need a little extra money to help him get back on his feet.

The Accelerator: That brings me to the other reason you’re here, Draco.

*Ace gets up and goes to the door, opening it. Outside, a nervous-looking lawyer is waiting, apparently having drawn the short straw. He comes in, trembling slightly as he hands over the contract, on a clipboard, to the World Heavyweight Champion.*

Lawyer: As… as you can see… everything is in order… nothing’s been added… with your signature, the match becomes legal…

Draco: Got a pen I can borrow?

*The lawyer looks at the clipboard, taking in that the pen is missing. Lurrr never returned it. The lawyer checks his pockets, then shrugs, not having a pen. Draco, in turn, sighs.*

Draco: Then what good are you?

*Suddenly, Draco lashes out with a Momentum Shift that sends the lawyer flying backwards into the door!! The door opens from the force of the hit, sending the lawyer out of the room. The Accelerator, meanwhile, looks on disapprovingly. He reaches across his desk and grabs a pen out of his bin, tossing it to the World Champion.*

Draco: Thanks, Ace. I’ve really got to start carrying one of these.

The Accelerator: You do have one. You signed the check earlier, remember?

*Draco snaps his fingers, as if just remembering.*

Draco: That’s right. Oh, well. Tell the suit I’m sorry when he wakes up.

*Draco signs the contract, making it official, then throws it onto Ace’s desk next to the check he filled out. Draco then leaves, stepping over the downed lawyer in the hallway on his way out. Ace sighs again, at least happy to have the contract officially signed by both parties. He gets on the phone.*

The Accelerator: I need a medic to the Presidential room. Yeah, thanks.

*With a medic on the way, Ace goes back to work, ignoring the body that’s still sticking partway into his office. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Draco just did what everyone who’s ever had to deal with a lawyer has wanted to do. Kudos to him!

Jones: Yeah, well, what really matters is that the World Title match is set in stone now! Two men who have fought for the gold before will face off again, in what’s being billed as one of the most exciting rematches in recent memory!

Logan: Hopefully, the cell can contain both men, as well as their egos. Anyway, it’s time for our main event!

Jones: That’s right, and gold is on the line!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he has recently debuted in the GCWA, and is getting his first championship opportunity here tonight… standing 6’4” and weighing in at 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*The crowd gives a small cheer as Bucky Johnson comes out to “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem. He looks happy to be there, as it will be his chance to earn a championship and fulfill a dream. He walks down the aisle towards the ring, ready to go.*

Jones: We got to see Bucky in his home environment this past week, jamming out to a great song.

Logan: “I’m So Excited”? Seriously, Jonesy?

Jones: Oh, come on, don’t lie. You know you have that tune in your head now.

Logan: … Damnit, Jonesy!!

Jones: Heh!

Minos: His opponent has held several championships in the GCWA, building up a great career… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is the 2-time GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude begins to play, with Santana walking out, the championship around his waist. Santana gives a bow to the cheering audience, then continues on his way, looking towards his foe waiting inside the squared circle.*

Jones: Last week, Santana surprised a lot of people by having a tremendous match against the World Champion, Draco. He very nearly took the man down!

Logan: Yeah, but what matters for him tonight is continuing to defend the GCWA Television Title. We got to see Santana working on Christmas decorations for his apartment, or more appropriately, his wife purchasing what she wanted Santana to work on.

Jones: Hey, that’s the way it works for married folks, Anthony. The wife decides what she wants, and it’s the husband’s job to make it happen.

Logan: And that, folks, is one of the many reasons why I’m still single!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Head Referee Mark Bell displays the Television Title in the air, showing it to all sides of the audience, before moving to get it placed on the timekeeper’s table. Meanwhile, Bucky Johnson and Robert Santana finish their stretching and other preparations. The two men walk towards the center of the ring, staring at each other, before Santana surprisingly does a quick bow towards Johnson, showing some respect! Johnson awkwardly bows back, trying to do a good impression of Santana (and failing). He then steps in, ready to go. The two men lock up, with Santana quickly twisting it into a headlock. Johnson immediately shoves Santana away, towards the ropes, escaping the hold. Bucky then lowers his head, preparing for a shoulder toss, but Santana has already stopped his momentum, grabbing hold of the ropes. He comes back in, kicking upwards into Johnson’s lowered head! Johnson staggers back, with Santana immediately coming in on him, driving him towards the corner, where he starts delivering more of those lethal flat-handed chops to Johnson’s chest!*

Jones: The Television Champion is taking control early!

Logan: Man, every time I see him dish out those chops, I wince just a little bit more. That just shreds a guy’s skin! I’ve seen wrestlers in the back after matches with Santana, having to apply a bunch of Neosporin on the red spots!

Jones: Santana definitely has some of the most dangerous chops in the business.

*Santana, after dishing out a few more shots, brings Johnson part-way out of the corner, then grabs him by the head, taking him down with a dragon sleeper DDT! Santana then makes the first cover of the match, with Head Referee Bell there to count… 1… 2.. and Bucky Johnson gets free, having plenty of energy left. Santana immediately gets himself back up, pulling Bucky with him. He sets Johnson for a bodyslam, trying to lift him up, but Bucky counters it, blocking the attempt, then landing a nasty headbutt that sends Santana falling backwards! Bucky feels it as well, but it doesn’t have near the effect on him. As the Television Champion tries to recover, Johnson moves in, grabbing hold of Santana and taking him over with a fireman’s carry slam! Santana sprawls on the mat, even as Bucky gets himself back up. He goes to the ropes and comes back, adding in a legdrop before making a pin attempt… 1… 2… and Santana kicks free!*

Logan: Looks like Bucky’s here to compete, Jonesy!

Jones: Good. We’ve had enough one-sided matches tonight, we might as well have a competitive one!

Logan: Calm down, man, and just sit back and enjoy it!

*Johnson pulls Santana back up, locking him for a vertical suplex. He goes to lift, but Santana manages to get his boot up, blocking it. Santana then tries to reverse it, but Bucky answers with his own boot, blocking it the other way, then lifting, managing to take Santana over! He slams down the Television Champion, then tries another cover, desperately looking towards Bell for the count… 1… 2… but Santana still won’t stay down, kicking himself free. Johnson, disappointed, pulls himself back up, then grabs at Santana, getting him to his feet. But Santana suddenly reacts, grabbing at Johnson’s legs and taking him over to the mat! Before Johnson can figure out what’s happening, Santana quickly spins into the legs, placing them into a figure four leglock!!! Johnson yells out, feeling the pain from the hold, with Santana working to readjust himself for more pressure. Head Referee Bell moves in, seeing if we’re going to have a submission ending to this one.*

Logan: Beautiful reversal from Santana, as he might have just snatched victory out of thin air!

Jones: All of the sudden, Bucky’s the one in danger. He’s got to figure out a way to escape this hold and get back into the fight!

*Johnson is in agony, but continues to refuse submitting, shaking his head rapidly back and forth every time Head Referee Bell asks him. Santana is fighting hard to keep the hold in place, doing as much damage as he possibly can to his adversary. Johnson reaches out, trying to reach the ropes, but they just seem too far away, due to their positioning. With no other options, Johnson starts rocking back and forth, trying to tip them over! Santana fights it, but Bucky’s not giving up, continuing to work… and manages to turn it over, reversing the figure four!! Just like that, all the pressure is now on Santana’s legs! But Santana’s much closer to the ropes than Bucky. He’s able to quickly reach out and grab hold, causing the break! Both men separate, each feeling a lot of pain from their lower extremities.*

Jones: Bucky showed some good knowledge of wrestling maneuvers there, finding a way out of the dreaded figure four!

Logan: Yep, but he still was in that hold for a while. It’s definitely taken its toll on his legs.

Jones: Hey, no pain, no gain, no fame, Anthony!

Logan: Ahhh, the old GCWA motto. Good to hear it’s still in use!

*Santana’s up first, mainly due to having the ropes to help him up. Johnson’s still struggling to rise as Santana comes in from behind, locking up with him for a Russian legsweep. But Johnson elbows his way out of it, freeing himself. Johnson then spins quickly around, grabbing Santana by the head and dropping backwards, taking Santana face-first to the canvas!! It was a desperation move, as Johnson rolls away, hurting, even as the Television Champion is down. Johnson pulls himself to the ropes, dragging himself upwards onto the turnbuckle, even as Santana tries to recover, holding his head. The fans are going wild as Bucky gets to the top, preparing for the Bucking Bronco! He flies off… and Santana rolls away, avoiding the hit!! Johnson hits hard, but immediately sits up, wrapping his arms around his injured stomach. Unfortunately, this works perfectly for Santana, who immediately comes back in, swinging in hard with the Sensei-Tion!!! The kick lands, snapping Johnson back to the canvas, with Santana falling on top for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: Santana does it, defending his belt!

Logan: I wasn’t so sure there at first, as I thought Johnson might manage the upset. But he just had his timing off at the end, allowing Santana to sneak away with the victory!

Jones: Now Santana has to prepare for… wait, what the…

*As Santana gets himself up, with Head Referee Bell holding up his hand, a man enters the ring behind him. Santana, sensing it, tries to turn, but Mr. Excellent is too quick, clocking him with a clothesline!! Santana lands on his back, as Excellent turns towards Johnson, kicking him out of the ring! Excellent then goes back over to Santana, stomping on him, as the crowd boos wildly!*

Logan: Damnit, it’s a preemptive assault!

Jones: Mr. Excellent knows that Santana’s a major threat to his chances of getting the Intercontinental Title, so he’s doing something about it here tonight!

Logan: Someone call security!!

*With Head Referee Bell signaling for the bell to ring repeatedly, Mr. Excellent continues his attack, turning Santana over and applying the Execution!!! Santana is yelling out in pain, trying to pull himself free from the devastating hold, as Mr. Excellent continues to work him over! Suddenly, though, the crowd starts to cheer, as Harvey Danger charges the ring!! Danger slides in, with Excellent, seeing him, immediately turning and releasing the hold before sliding out of the ring, laughing.*

Jones: Whoa! Danger just made the save for Santana!

Logan: That’s true sportsmanship there, as Danger doesn’t want to see Santana wiped out before their match at Wreck The Halls!

Jones: We’re out of time, people, so we’ll see you next week! Good night!

*As Mr. Excellent walks up the aisle, still laughing, Robert Santana struggles to stand. He’s in a lot of pain, even as Harvey watches him from behind, a curious expression on his face. Danger seems to be trying to figure out what Draco or Donovan would do in this situation. As Santana gets to his feet and turns, Danger… does nothing. Instead, he turns and leaves the ring, leaving behind a hurting, confused Santana, who watches him go. We fade out.*

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- Bucky Johnson vs. Aaron Styles

- Crazy Chris vs. Mr. Excellent

- Lurrr vs. Warrick Hill

- The Caine Dynasty (Scott Caine & Penance) vs. Arryk Rage, Handicap Xtreme Rules Match

- Robert Santana(c) vs. Grimm, GCWA Television Title Match

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