GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! Audience members are screaming, excited to be part of another great wrestling event, as the cameras pan across them. We see various signs, including one held by a sad, face-painted fan in the front row. He raises his sign up high, showing that it says “Where’s TLS?” We head past him towards the ring, where Edward Jones and Anthony Logan are sitting at their announce table.*

Jones: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and welcome to Friday Night Inferno!

Logan: Oh, man, Jonesy, I still feel stuffed today! What a meal!

Jones: Did you get together with your family, Anthony?

Logan: Some of them. We had a good reunion, ate some good food, and chilled out watching Dallas spank the daylights out of Oakland!

Jones: I got together with my family, too. My wife somehow managed to get us a 15 pound turkey for free! It was amazing!

Logan: For free, huh? Same old girl…

Jones: She’s always been good at providing for the family. I love that girl.

Logan: We all did, Jonesy.

Jones: Umm, I think you mean, “We all do”.

Logan: Yeah, sure, that’s what I meant. Anyhow, what a night we’ve got tonight!

Jones: … Yes, it’s going to be good, as we’ve got two main-event caliber matches! First, our World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, will be in action as he takes on the GCWA Television Champion, Robert Santana, in a “Champion vs. Champion” Match! This could be Santana’s chance at the big time, as he gets a World Title shot if he can put Draco away tonight!

Logan: That will be an exciting one, but so will our main event, as Scott Caine will be defending his GCWA X Division Championship against the friend of the man he and Penance put in the hospital, Harvey Danger!

Jones: Yep, last week, Caine & Penance took out Shane Donovan, causing Danger to request this match tonight. It’s not just any match, either, but a “Thanksgiving TLC” Match!

Logan: Yeah, I still have no idea what that’s going to include, but I’m excited to see it nonetheless!

Jones: Before we can get to all that, though, Anthony, we need to review what happened earlier tonight, before the live broadcast. We’ve got two matches to review, so let’s get to them!

*The clip show starts off with the intros, as first Bruiser Kelley, then Aaron Styles make their way down to ringside. Kelley looks even more out of shape than usual, having recovered from having a bottle kicked in his face by Lurrr. This time, he was smart enough to drink in the back… although he may have drank too much. Kelley tried the direct approach as soon as the match started, charging Styles, who quickly put him down with a sidewalk slam and started working him over on the mat, including using a choke submission hold that nearly makes the wrestler tap out. Instead, Styles keeps up the offensive attack, including picking up the heavy-set Kelley and delivering multiple back-breakers onto his knee, showing his pure power. In the end, Kelley had no defense, as Styles destroyed him, ending things with the Styles Spike and the easy three count. Styles left the ring after the match, possibly to get back to training, while Kelley had to be helped out.*

Jones: Kelley just didn’t have anything today, Anthony. He didn’t even land a punch on his opponent.

Logan: Yeah, the question is, was it because Kelley was too out of it, or was it because Aaron Styles is just that good? I mean, the guy’s gotten in some strong wins in recent weeks, first over the Janitor, and now over Kelley. Who’s next? Arachne?

Jones: That’s definitely possible, as Arachne seems to hold a grudge with Styles due to Styles throwing him out of the Righteous Rumble. It’d be an entertaining clash of skill sets.

Logan: If you say so. Arachne’s just such a strange character, y’know?

Jones: Yep. Well, we had another dark match earlier tonight, so let’s see what happened!

Logan: …you know what happened, Jonesy. You were here.

Jones: Quiet! I’m trying to build some tension for the fans!

Logan: Yeah, well, you’re failing.

Jones: Damnit…

*We switch to the video footage shot earlier tonight, as we first see Lucky Leon & Git’Em Gotti making their debut, with Grimm watching them from the outside. The GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, the Danger Boiz, then appear, getting some good face time with the crowd before heading to the ring. This one turned out to be a clinic for the Danger Boiz, as they showed why they were the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, hitting maneuver after maneuver on the newcomers. Even with Grimm rooting them on from the outside, Gotti & Leon could not find their way, with Dangerous Dan eventually ending things with the Danger Zone on Gotti, with Crazy Chris making sure that Leon couldn’t break it up. The World Tag-Team Champions celebrated after the bout, with Grimm forced to take his men to the back, upset.*

Jones: Unfortunately, Lucky Leon & Git’Em Gotti did not have the debut they could have wanted, getting floored by the World Tag-Team Champs.

Logan: Yeah, the Danger Boiz looked pretty tough in there today, continuing to work as a strong team. You have to wonder who will be challenging them next for the tag titles, with Shane Donovan currently out with injuries and the House of Pain looking to pull themselves back together.

Jones: There’s still several teams in the GCWA that might want a piece of the Danger Boiz, Anthony. I doubt they’re going to have any problems finding a challenger in the near future.

Logan: Well, that covers our dark matches. It’s time for the real deal!

Jones: Too true, Mr. Logan! Let’s go down to Minos to get us started!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is becoming an underground favorite in the wrestling world, standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*The Dallas crowd is cheering on Vaughn as he appears to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. He looks a little disappointed as he walks down towards the ring, but at least keeps a smile on his face when he talks to some fans at ringside. He’s got a long bandage on one arm, keeping it wrapped tight.*

Jones: From what I hear, the Janitor had a big plan in place for taking care of Arachne tonight. He was going to work with the homeless to take him out.

Logan: Yep. Unfortunately, from what I hear, a shelter down the street from the arena is offering free after-Thanksgiving meals, brought in from places that are trying to get rid of their left-overs. That was just too much temptation for Vaughn’s ‘allies’.

Jones: I guess that means Vaughn has to get things done on his own, which could be difficult if he’s hurt. I wonder what happened to his arm?

Logan: It probably happened at one of the Black Friday sales. Those places can be brutal!

Minos: His opponent has become known for his strange antics and even stranger adventures, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*The fans’ cheers fade somewhat, with many of the people in the crowd opting to support the Janitor in this one. Arachne comes out of the back to “Wana” by the Black Horn, giving the fans a special Thanksgiving dance before continuing his descent down the ramp. He is already looking towards Vaughn with slitted eyes, a scowl appearing on his face.*

Jones: This week, Arachne…

Logan: What? What are you going to say, Jonesy? That he went sniffing Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s hair?

Jones: Well, I…

Logan: That he fed a frozen turkey to an even larger turkey that he rode like a horse?

Jones: It…

Logan: Look, the guy has a serious drug problem. That’s all that we need to talk about. Not his weird delusions.

Jones: If they’re delusions, why can we see them too, Anthony?

Logan: Hell, I don’t know. It’s television, what can I say? Damn special effects experts…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Arachne springs like a cat as soon as the bell rings, yelling as he rushes towards Peter Vaughn. The Janitor, seeing the face-painted maniac coming his way, does the only sensible thing: he dives under the ropes and runs away. Arachne chases after him, with both men showing some very nice speed as they race around the ring. Inside, referee Rockwell is watching them both, shaking his head. As Vaughn goes around another corner, continuing his run, Arachne suddenly turns and slides into the ring, quickly rushing to the other side. He slides back out, landing right in front of the still-running Vaughn, who puts on the brakes, but not soon enough to avoid a leaping Arachne! The wrestler takes the Janitor down to the outside mat, clawing at him, as Vaughn screams, trying to get away by crawling under the ring. Arachne goes right after him, with both men disappearing from sight! A confused referee Rockwell looks over that direction, then starts glancing around the ring, before finally shrugging his shoulders and starting a double count on both wrestlers.*

Jones: Wait, what’s going on under there? Someone with a camera, take a look!

Logan: They’re not going to do that, Jonesy. Those cameras are too expensive; our cameramen are trained to protect them at all costs.

Jones: Yes, but anything can be happening under there!

Logan: Well, they can’t stay under there long… ahhh, there we go.

*Referee Rockwell watches from behind the ropes as a hand appears from underneath the ring. Crawling, Peter Vaughn appears, struggling to make headway. Suddenly, though, he’s grabbed from behind and pulled backwards, disappearing once again!! The sounds of fighting and screaming can be heard, as fans try to determine what’s going on. Finally, both men appear, with Arachne on top of Vaughn’s back!! The Janitor is moving on his hands and knees, as Arachne keeps his arm clutched tight around the man’s throat, laughing!! His laughter stops, though, as Vaughn suddenly does a quick barrel roll to his side, smashing Arachne into the ground! Vaughn, free of the grasp, heads back into the ring, desperately using the ropes to get up, as Arachne, only slightly stunned, gets up to follow him in. It’s close, but Arachne beats the count, allowing the match to continue.*

Jones: So far, most of this match has happened without us able to see much!

Logan: Well, it must have been a good skirmish. I mean, Vaughn’s bandage is hanging in tatters, Arachne’s got a cut along his side, and both men look like they’ve taken some hits!

*Vaughn is the first man up, frantically stomping away on Arachne to try and keep him down. It doesn’t seem to be working, as Arachne’s yanking himself up anyway, running on who knows what he took before the match. But Vaughn isn’t without options, as he grabs Arachne on the way up, quickly twisting him into a roll-up! Referee Rockwell is there… 1… 2.. and Arachne shifts his weight, reversing the pin! 1… 2… and Vaughn barely manages to kick out! Both men get up, with Vaughn grabbing for Arachne again, giving him an Irish whip into the ropes. As Arachne returns, Vaughn jumps up, leapfrogging him. Arachne hits the ropes and returns, with Vaughn going for a hip toss upon his arrival. But Arachne blocks it, then twists Vaughn over and delivers a single-arm DDT!! Arachne crawls rapidly on top for the cover… 1… 2… and the Janitor kicks out.*

Jones: Arachne almost took down the Janitor there, but Vaughn had enough left to escape.

Logan: Yeah, but now he’s on the defensive, which isn’t where you want to be when facing someone as unpredictable as Arachne is.

Jones: He’s got to hope Arachne makes a mistake that he can utilize to get back into the fight.

*Arachne is back up, with Vaughn’s head in his grasp. He angrily takes Vaughn over to the ropes, then swings himself around him, locking the Janitor into the ropes with a Tarantula submission hold!! Vaughn is screaming in pain, unable to get free, but referee Rockwell, knowing the illegal nature of the hold, doesn’t bother to check for a submission. He starts counting on Arachne, who seems, for a moment, to consider keeping the hold applied despite the warnings. He finally lets go, though, just before Rockwell was going to DQ him, causing Vaughn to slump forward to the mat. Arachne, now on the apron, is approached by Rockwell, who tells him that the wrestler is on thin ice. Arachne, in response, brings his head around towards the referee, who immediately steps back, saying that he sees anything remotely green in the air, he’ll end this match immediately. Arachne growls, but relents, instead turning his attention back to Vaughn, springboarding back into the match. But the Janitor, having rested for a moment, twists around and throws a desperation two-handed uppercut that snaps Arachne’s head backwards like a Pez dispenser!!! Arachne crumples to the ground, senseless.*

Logan: What a counter from Vaughn! The boy just removed a couple of fillings for Arachne!!

Jones: Yeah, Arachne definitely didn’t see that coming, being preoccupied with the referee! Now Vaughn’s got a shot, but can he do anything with it?

*Vaughn struggles against the ropes, pulling himself up. Arachne’s trying to get up as well, with Vaughn coming in on him, grabbing Arachne by the head and taking him over with a Michinoku driver!! It’s an impressive move, with even the Janitor looking surprised he pulled it off. He quickly moves, though, grabbing at Arachne’s legs to try and hold him down for the pin… 1… 2… and Arachne kicks out! Vaughn looks disappointedly at the referee, but Rockwell is adamant that Arachne got his shoulder up in time. The Janitor stands back up, aching all over as he reaches down to grab at his opponent. He gets Arachne up… then stumbles away, his eyes having been raked! Arachne shakes his head, trying to clear it, having bought himself some time. He turns and heads towards Vaughn, leaping at him, with the Janitor reacting on instinct, catching Arachne and throwing him overhead!! But Arachne twists, landing on the ropes and springboarding back into a flipping Russian legsweep takedown!! Arachne covers… 1… 2… and Vaughn barely kicks out!*

Jones: Geez, I thought that was going to be it right there!

Logan: Y’know, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Arachne and Vaughn are actually giving us a pretty competitive match!

Jones: Yeah, good to see two lower-card guys really taking the fight to each other, continuing their great feud!

Logan: I’m calling it now, Arachne/Vaughn as Feud of the Year!

Jones: Seriously?

Logan: Uh, no, of course not, Jonesy. Damn, man, stop being so gullible.

*With referee Rockwell standing nearby, Arachne is back up, moving away from Vaughn as he heads for the corner. He climbs up, step by step, preparing to unleash his greatest weapon: the Spider Bite!! As he gets to the top, though, Arachne feels someone grab his ankle, as Vaughn comes over to stop him! The two fight on the turnbuckle for a second, with Vaughn trying to climb up, only to have Arachne kick him away! Vaughn lands on his back, with Arachne immediately coming off the top towards him!! Vaughn quickly rolls away, out of range, but Arachne, having apparently expected that, manages to land on his feet! He goes after Vaughn, attempting a running knee lift, but Vaughn spins to the side, then grabs Arachne from behind, twisting him backwards into a tight roll-up!! Vaughn desperately holds on, even as Rockwell jumps in… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

Jones: Holy crap, Vaughn won!!

Logan: Man, I really didn’t think he had a chance, but Vaughn managed to get one over on Arachne, getting himself a victory!

Jones: That is a true shocker, and I don’t think Arachne can believe it!

*Arachne is back on his feet now, protesting to Rockwell, even as a tired Vaughn rolls out of the ring, not staying to celebrate due to the fury he’s seeing from his foe. Arachne angrily turns towards Rockwell, raising up as if to unleash the Green Mist, but Rockwell turns away and leaves the ring as well, avoiding him! Arachne is left alone in the ring, trying to figure out what happened, even as Vaughn retreats up the aisle. We cut away from the action to head backstage, where we enter the Presidential office of the Accelerator. Ace is cracking his knuckles, looking up as the camera comes closer.*

The Accelerator: That time already? Ok, then. Hello, GCWA fans! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays, much like I have. I wanted to make a couple of announcements, and I’ll be brief. First off, I’d like to mention the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title situation. As you know, the belt has been vacated since Draco won the World Heavyweight Championship some time ago. Well, we instituted a tournament in order to decide a champion, with the person with the most victories getting the gold.

*The Accelerator points to a writing board nearby, which has the four names of the tournament contenders listed on it. One, Aaron Styles, is crossed out, leaving three names.*

The Accelerator: Now, with Aaron Styles bowing out of the tournament, we found ourselves with three men: Harvey Danger, Mr. Excellent, and Robert Santana. Unfortunately, we have a bit of a quandary with that, as Danger defeated Santana, Excellent defeated Danger, and Santana defeated Excellent. Well, in my mind, that means that all three guys are tied… which means that we need a final match. So at Wreck the Halls on Sunday, December 20th, these three men will be meeting in a final contest, with the winner of that match to be proclaimed the new GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, which he will carry going into the new year!

*A wave of cheers can be heard from the live crowd. The Accelerator pauses for a moment, then continues on.*

The Accelerator: My other announcement has to do with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. As you all know, Draco retained his championship at the Righteous Rumble, while Lurrr earned the right to face him by winning the 20-man Rumble match. When these two men first faced off, it was in a “Tables, Ladders, & Chairs” Match which featured interference from several individuals on both sides of the feud. Well, after much thought on how I wanted the rematch to go, I decided that I wanted to see how these two would fare one-on-one. That being said, at Wreck The Halls, Draco will defend his World Heavyweight Title against Lurrr… in a “Hell In A Cell” Match!

*The crowd reaction is even larger, presumably by the thoughts of how great the match will be. The Accelerator certainly seems pleased with himself.*

The Accelerator: Alright, I’ve taken up enough of your time, and I’ve got my own work to take care of. Happy Thanksgiving to all out there! Keep enjoying the show, and remember that the best is yet to come! Believe it, boyos!

*Ace turns away from the camera, reaching down to pick up a turkey sandwich sitting next to his desk. He starts eating away, content to be finishing off some leftovers, as we fade out to a commercial break.*

*As we return to Inerno, the scene cuts to the locker room area. The hallway is empty except for the few crew members running around doing their best to keep the show running smoothly. There is a man in a utility uniform standing in front of the locker room of Scott Caine and Penance. The man knocks on the door as he fidgets with the tool belt around his waist.*

Penance: Yeah. Coming.

*The door opens to reveal that Penance. He is standing there blocking the view from inside. The utility man tries to peak in the locker room.*

Utility Man: Hey, I am from the local natural gas union. Local four thirteen. We heard there was a pipe with a leak in here. You have to exit the room immediately.

Penance: Wow. What the hell you talking about?

*The utility man tries to look inside the locker room once again. He can’t see anything around Penance’s large frame. Penance even flexes his pecks to try and intimidate the man.*

Utility Man: Listen. There is a gas leak. If you don’t get out of here now, then you risk your health. Do you understand?

Penance: Alright, alright. Damn.

Utility Man: Is there anyone else in that room with you? They could be in serious jeopardy.

Penance: Nah, just me. Scott Caine went to grab something to drink.

Utility Man: Good.

*Suddenly the voice sounds very familiar. Penance walks out of the room and past the man in the jump suit. He shakes his head not believing the luck he is having.*

Utility Man: Hey, Penance….

*Penance turns around in disbelief that the simple union worker knows his name. He turns around and the uniform hat comes off. The man takes a step back and his body snaps back sending his foot flying. Penance doesn’t have any time to react.*

Utility Man: …adios!

*A foot flies into Penance’s face. His head bounces off the back of the wall. The man is revealed to be none other than Draco. He watches as Penance slumps down to the floor. He is fighting to stay conscious. Draco backs up. Penance is slow to get up on his wobbly legs. Draco pulls a large wrench from the tool belt waiting for Penance to rise. Soon, Penance does rise to his feet, but not for long. The metal tool connects to the side of Penance’s head. He goes down like a rag doll as Draco stands over him with a smirk.*

Draco: You want to take out Shane? Fine.

*There is another attack with the monkey wrench to the side of Penance’s head. This guarantees that the maximum damage has taken place. Penance is out cold and Draco stands over the heap of a man. The monkey wrench falls into Penance’s lap.*

Draco: Too bad you left me standing!

*Draco gives another swift kick to the ribs. Penance’s lifeless body doesn’t react, but it was something Draco had to do. The blood started to trickle down from Penance’s head. He reaches into his tool belt to fetch a small tag. He quickly scribbles on it before leaving it on Penance’s chest.*

Dear Scott,
No more bullshit. Try to win a fair match.
Season’s Greetings,
The man you wish you could be…
Yeah, Draco.

*The scene fades away with Draco leaving the unconscious and bleeding Penance in a heap against the concrete wall next to his locker room. Draco chuckles as he walks away, seeing his handiwork for one last time. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: The World Heavyweight Champion just laid out Penance!!

Logan: Damn, that one definitely is going to leave a mark! Penance is most likely going to have to go to the hospital!

Jones: Harvey Danger’s odds just got a lot better, seeing as how Penance is Caine’s main muscle!

Logan: Well, Caine & Penance laid out Donovan last week, so Draco was getting revenge for one tag-team partner, while also helping out his other tag-team partner. Gotta love the symmetry!

Jones: Well, medical personnel are already arriving on the scene. Hopefully, we’ll get an update on Penance’s status for tonight. Until then, we’ve got more matches to take care of!

Minos: Our next match has a set time limit of 10 minutes, and is scheduled for one fall. Coming down the aisle, he is a former GCWA Television Champion and is a top contender for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*The crowd gives a all-around negative response to Mr. Excellent as he comes out to “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. Still, he does have a small cheering section, showing that anyone facing Lurrr can get the fans on their side. Mr. Excellent doesn’t pay attention to the cheers or the boos, instead heading straight for the ring, expressionless.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent has had a hell of a week. Last Friday, he ended up losing the GCWA Television Title to Robert Santana. Since then, he’s gone broke, his girl turned out to be pregnant and was rushed to the hospital, and he’s now got to fight one of the toughest wrestlers in the world today!

Logan: Yep, not exactly the kind of week Mr. Excellent was hoping for. Still, he could end it on a pretty high note with a victory today.

Jones: If he beats Lurrr, then you would have to see him as the favorite to get the Intercontinental Title at Wreck the Halls!

Minos: His opponent has held numerous championships in the GCWA, and is currently the #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, the sole representative of the Roman Empire, standing 6’6” and weighing 235 lbs, here is Lurrr!

*As “Cocky” by Kid Rock plays, the fans go crazy, trying to boo Lurrr right out of the arena. As usual, it has no effect, as Lurrr comes out with a smile on his face, marching down the aisle. He barely even looks towards Mr. Excellent, strutting around the ring and saying a few crude comments to a couple of women in the front row. The boyfriends of those women try to come after him, but security blocks their way, as Lurrr laughs before entering under the ropes.*

Jones: Lurrr made an interesting trip this week to NASA, where he was checking out an old ‘friend’ from his past.

Logan: Yeah, I don’t think ‘friend’ works, Jonesy, either then or now. I mean, Lurrr gave the dude a picture of him laying out with the guy’s wife!

Jones: Not surprisingly, it looks like that guy’s not in attendance today, as those two seats are some of the only empty seats in the arena.

Logan: Too bad. He could have gone and scalped them for a good price, get some money off the deal at least.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mr. Excellent finishes up talking with Mick in his corner and walks forward, where Lurrr is already confidently waiting for him. Lurrr waves him on, wanting to get things started. The two men lock up, straining back and forth before Lurrr is able to readjust his weight and cause Excellent to fall forward onto his hands and knees. Lurrr then gets behind Excellent and gives him a quick paintbrush to the back of the head, adding insult to injury! Mr. Excellent quickly gets back up, fury etched on his face, with Lurrr shrugging his shoulders mockingly in response. The two men lock up again, with much the same result, as Lurrr is able to trip Excellent up and put him on the mat! But as Lurrr goes to get behind him again, Excellent reacts, spinning his leg around to knock Lurrr down! Before Lurrr can get up, Excellent slaps him across the back of the head, returning the insult!!*

Logan: Yes! Lurrr gets paint-brushed!!

Jones: You don’t see that very often! There’s definitely no love lost between these two competitors!

Logan: Honestly, Mr. Excellent might have just earned back a few of his fans with that one maneuver!

*Lurrr is back on his feet, pissed off that he got some treatment from someone he has no respect for. Mr. Excellent is waiting for him, waving for him to come on, and Lurrr immediately charges forward, launching his attack! But Mr. Excellent is able to sidestep him, getting a slashing strike to Lurrr’s back! Lurrr, wincing, turns around, with Excellent working in on him with lefts and rights, driving the former World Champion backwards! Excellent then locks up with Lurrr, snapping him over with a suplex, then going for a quick cover! Referee Trixie is there… 1… and Lurrr immediately kicks out, needing a lot more to keep him down. Mr. Excellent gets up quickly, jumping over towards Lurrr’s legs and grabbing hold! But Lurrr immediately starts moving his feet, fighting free from Mr. Excellent’s submission attempt! He rolls out of the ring, taking a moment to get his breath back, while his challenger waits for him inside the ropes!*

Jones: Mr. Excellent really used Lurrr’s temper against him, causing him to make a mistake that nearly resulted in the Execution!

Logan: I don’t know if even Lurrr could get free of that devastating submission hold once it’s applied. He’s lucky he was able to get away.

Jones: Interestingly enough, Mr. Excellent doesn’t seem to think he should pursue him, giving Lurrr all the time he needs.

*In fact, Mr. Excellent has moved to the side to confer with Mick once more, even as referee Trixie starts counting Lurrr out. The former World Champion is taking a moment to himself, surprisingly having a small smile on his face. He’s figured out Excellent’s game. Lurrr comes back in under the ropes, looking towards Excellent and giving him a mock applause. Excellent waves Lurrr on, wanting to go again, so Lurrr moves in. This time, though, Lurrr stops well short of the man, throwing him off-balance. Excellent, in confusion, steps forward, with Lurrr reacting by kicking him in the stomach! Excellent bends over, with Lurrr moving in and grabbing hold, taking Excellent over with a double-underhook powerbomb!! Mr. Excellent is stunned, as Lurrr immediately makes the cover, holding his weight on top of his adversary. Referee Trixie drops into position… 1… 2… and Mick quickly reacts, putting Excellent’s foot on the ropes, saving him!*

Jones: Once again, Mick proves to be a major asset for Mr. Excellent!

Logan: Yeah, but this time, he’s not facing a guy with any qualms about hitting an old man, Jonesy!

Jones: Uh oh…

*Annoyed, Lurrr has already rolled out of the ring, heading over towards Mick, who’s quickly backpedalling. Mick trips, though, falling on his backside, as referee Trixie tries to lean out and order Lurrr back into the ring. Lurrr nods to her, then moves to the ropes, even as Mick pulls himself up… and then Lurrr snaps off a Wake Up Call, catching Mick full in the face!!!! Mick collapses to the ground in a heap, even as Lurrr laughs over him, enjoying the negative reaction from the fans!! However, the fans aren’t the only ones ticked off, as Mr. Excellent suddenly rushes over, sliding out of the ring straight into Lurrr with a modified Thesz Press!! Excellent takes Lurrr down, punching away like crazy, letting out his anger in a burst of furious action!! Lurrr tries to cover up, taking several hits from the wrestler, with the crowd going wild!*

Jones: Mr. Excellent is unleashed!!

Logan: Geez!! I guess, after his wife having medical issues this past week, the attack on Mick was the last straw! I’ve never seen Mr. Excellent remotely like this!!

Jones: Who knows what’s going on inside his head, considering the week he had!

*With referee Trixie counting away on both men, Mr. Excellent pulls Lurrr up and shoots him hard into the apron, causing his face to flash in pain. Mr. Excellent then continues, coming forward with a running lariat that sends Lurrr sprawling backwards, rolling back into the ring! Mr. Excellent takes a second to look to his right at the man down, already being checked on by medical personnel. Excellent runs his hands through his hair, then turns and enters the ring, again going after Lurrr, who’s still trying to get back up to his feet. Mr. Excellent isn’t going to give him the chance, attacking with a boot to the midsection, and then setting Lurrr for a piledriver, landing it!! Lurrr’s down, with Mr. Excellent in perfect position for the pin. However, Excellent doesn’t take it, wanting to inflict more punishment on the man. He goes to pull Lurrr back up, with referee Trixie looking on with surprise.*

Jones: That was a perfect time for a pinning attempt, Anthony, but Mr. Excellent didn’t even attempt it!

Logan: I think Excellent’s rage has just gotten the better of him right now, Edds. He wants to do more than just beat Lurrr. He wants to take him down a few pegs!

Jones: Well, I still think the best way to do that is to beat him, but what do I know? I’m only a wrestling announcer.

*Excellent has Lurrr back to his feet now, as he works to get behind Lurrr to put him into a full nelson! But Lurrr struggles against it, managing to fight himself free! He swings an elbow behind him, catching Excellent in the head and causing him to fall back towards the ropes. Excellent shakes it off, though, and dives towards Lurrr, tackling him to the mat! Both men crash hard, but Excellent manages to land on top, taking less of the impact. He pulls himself up and grabs for Lurrr’s legs once again, really wanting to apply the Execution on the man who took down Mick! But Lurrr is once again ready for it, managing to scissor his legs enough to cause Mr. Excellent to trip and fall! As Excellent gets up, Lurrr moves in with a devastating DDT, with Excellent actually flipping over and landing on his back from the impact!! Lurrr pulls himself up, looking down on Excellent with distaste, then immediately moves in, kicking away at Excellent’s ribs, trying to do as much damage as possible!*

Logan: Uh oh! Lurrr’s got the upper hand, and he’s planning to use it with his usual deadly efficiency!

Jones: Mr. Excellent had a chance, but I think that moment may have past! He’s got to get back into this one, before Lurrr lays him out like he did Excellent’s friend!

Logan: Yeah, Lurrr looks like he’s not messing around anymore in this one!

*Lurrr reaches down and slowly drags up Mr. Excellent, giving him a quick slap across the face, in order to show that Excellent’s moves against him haven’t impressed him any. He takes Excellent over towards the corner, adding in some sharp punches to the chin that cause Excellent’s legs to buckle. Lurrr then pulls Excellent out of the corner and takes him to the mat with a bodyslam! With Excellent down, Lurrr heads towards the turnbuckle, thinking about dropping a flying elbow on the man. He climbs up, even as Excellent starts to struggle, pulling himself up. Lurrr, seeing him, waits, changing up his strategy. As soon as Excellent is on his feet, Lurrr leaps, apparently trying for an axehandle attack! But Excellent turns, managing to catch Lurrr around the neck with one arm, preparing for a rock bottom!! However, Lurrr breaks free of it, twisting to his right, then immediately lashing out, catching Excellent with the Wake Up Call out of nowhere!!!! Excellent falls like a chopped tree, with Lurrr falling on top for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Lurrr!

Jones: Just like that, this contest is over!

Logan: Mr. Excellent gave it a good run, actually threatening one of the best in the business here tonight. But he just didn’t have enough in the end to close the door, while Lurrr showed why he’s always a threat to end a match in mid-stride!

Jones: He should realize from this match that underestimating anyone could be dangerous. But then, this is Lurrr we’re talking about, so I doubt he’s going to change his skin anytime soon.

Logan: Nope, Lurrr will just see this win as another sign of his greatness, as he continues on his way towards his rematch with Draco at Wreck the Halls!

*Lurrr’s back on his feet now, saying a couple of sweet nothings to referee Trixie, who isn’t particularly interested. She walks away from Lurrr, with the former World Champion shaking his head, telling her she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Meanwhile, Mr. Excellent has rolled to his side, trying to recover from the hit he took. Outside the ring, Mick is still being looked over by professionals, ensuring that he’s not needing a hospital stay. We leave the scene behind, heading backstage, where Scott Caine can be seen, watching as the doors to an ambulance close.*

Scott Caine: Is he going to be ok?

Ambulance Worker: We’ll know more when we get him to the hospital. Do you want to come?

Scott Caine: No. I’ve got business to finish.

*Caine moves off, walking away, a furious expression on his face. The ambulance driver shrugs and heads off, getting into the driver’s seat. The lights start flashing, and the ambulance pulls away, presumably with Penance inside. We fade out.*

*We come back from the break at ringside, where work has already been taking place on transforming the ringside area. We focus on Edward Jones and Anthony Logan, who are watching the set-up be completed.*

Jones: Alright, looks like we’re about ready to go, as it’s time for the only show currently hosted regularly on GCWA television!

Logan: Yeah, from what I hear, ratings have gone up ever since the host won the big gold.

Jones: Eh, I don’t know about that. I mean, yes, our ratings have been climbing overall, but that could just be because we’re in more markets now. The GCWA is on the way up!

Logan: Well, I know one guy who’s definitely going to be taking credit for the ratings spike.

*It’s time once again for the hoooooo train…wait a minute…this isn’t a certain federation during its entertaining attitude era. That means that there is no over indulgence of drugs (weed), or loose women. Both categories seem to fall into the unentertaining category of the old guard. Too bad. Guess the entertainment relies on...*

*Yeah, the greatest segment to ever grace GCWA. Nope, no more talk show segment. There is no limit to the entertainment that comes from the Complaint Department. The ring is already set up. The fans immediately jump up when they hear “Indestructible” by Disturbed. Their World Heavyweight Champion is known as the indestructible underdog in the GCWA.*

Jones: Draco has a tough contest tonight scheduled against the GCWA Television Champion, Robert Santana. However, Draco has other things on his mind as well, including his upcoming competition with the new #1 Contender, Lurrr!

Logan: Not to mention the assault he laid on Penance earlier tonight, his downed partner, Shane Donovan, and his issues with GCWA security. Man, he might talk about anything tonight! This could be good!

*Draco appears on the entranceway with his title high over his head. The fans erupt even louder as the spotlights focus on the holder of the highest title in the federation. Draco moves down to the ring making sure to great as many fans as he can along the way. Once he slides into the ring he gets a microphone tossed to him from the ring announcer.*

Draco: It is time once again for the highest rated segment on Friday Night Inferno…THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT!

*The fans eat up every bit the Draco has to offer. He shrugs his shoulder making sure to show off his title. He gets right down to business as the fans soon lower their cheering to a level that Draco can talk over.*

Draco: Now, I have been slacking lately…

*The fans boo in obvious disagreement.*

Draco: Oh, no, no. I have. I have been using this segment to celebrate and make fun…

*The fans then cheer on their World Champion. It is obvious that they agree with Draco’s school yard tactics of making fun of his opponents.*

Draco: Tonight I bring back what the Complaint Department really was used for. To complain about the BULL*BLEEP* BACKSTAGE!

*Draco points to the backstage area. The fans erupt as Draco’s face obviously shows signs of annoyance and frustration.*

Draco: So let’s get down to business! Reed M. Shin get your ass out here!

*It take a few moments, but the new head of security eventually appears on the entrance ramp. He makes his way down to the ringside not stopping for anything. He climbs into the ring and Draco has his eyes set on him. Reed already has a microphone in his hands.*

Reed M. Shin: You called?

Draco: Yeah, I got a bone to pick with you.

Reed M. Shin: Do go on.

*Draco moves forward. The new head of security is obviously taller than the current World Champion, but Draco doesn’t back down at all. He makes sure he knows that he is not intimidated by his size.*

Draco: New head of security, eh?

Reed M. Shin: Yeah, got a problem with that, champ?

Draco: I like my head of security to do their goddamn job!

*Reed M. Shin laughs it up. He ignores Draco’s words. This only infuriates Draco even more.*

Draco: I have been through two regimes for head of security. The first was Titan 3. He didn’t do a goddamn thing! Didn’t like him. Then Lost Soul. I ended his little show. Damn sure didn’t like him. Now, you--

Reed M. Shin: Let me guess…you don’t like me?

Draco: Ding ding! We have a winner!

*Reed M. Shin makes sure to step into Draco. Draco takes a few steps back as he sees a few security officers make their way down the ring. Draco glares over his shoulder for a moment before putting his attention back on the head of security.*

Reed M. Shin: Guess you know your place.

Draco: Just do your damn job. Don’t attack the injured person in a fight and damn sure make sure my partner doesn’t get a career stalling injury!

Reed M. Shin: Awwww, so sad. I can’t be everywhere at once.

*Reed M. Shin has a giant smirk on his face. It is unsure if it was part of his plan to be away while Shane Donovan’s attack took place, but he wasn’t losing any sleep over it. Draco stomped around the ring. He was being pushed over the edge. The head of security was about to step through the rope.*

Draco: One more piece of advice….

*Shin turns around to see a foot fly at him. A vicious super kick connects to his chin and sends his eyes rolling into the back of his head. He slumps through the middle rope into the arms of his security members. Draco stands in the ring glaring down at him. A smirk creeping onto his face.*

Draco: Man up!

*The fans cheer as Draco used Shane Donovan’s own catchphrase as a way to let Reed M. Shin know what was really going on. Draco slid out of the ring and made sure to step on the head of security’s stomach as he left. The other members were not going to take on Draco after what they just saw. The camera switches has after zooming in on the new head of security, who is obviously out of it.*

Logan: Damn! That’s going to be a steep fine on Draco! He just superkicked the Head of Security!

Jones: Yep, you know the Accelerator won’t stand for that, especially since he just hired Shin!

Logan: It sure didn’t take him long to get on someone’s bad side, did it?

*The rest of the security guards head into the ring to check on Shin, trying to help him up, while Draco confidently walks away, still getting the cheers of the fans. He looks back over his shoulder, enjoying the scene as we head out.*

*We come back from the break to the ringside area, with the Complaint Department having been torn down. In some cases, quite literally, as security guards took out a few of the items used for props.*

Jones: I hope Draco knows what he’s doing. I mean, security was awfully ticked off earlier, having ripped down parts of the set after Draco super-kicked the new Head of Security.

Logan: Yeah, I’m sure they’re feeling a little bit disrespected, Jonesy. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of that in the coming weeks.

Jones: Well, we’ve still got a show to do, angry security or not. Our next match is a throwback match of sorts, as the two wrestlers involved definitely have a history!

*We cut away from the announce position to show a video clip. The intro video reveals that much of the footage we’re about to see comes from GCWA Darkness Falls, on March 1st, 2009. The first footage shows Derek Mobley, after he won the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship at Warriors of the Ring. We next see Arryk Rage, in his “Twiztid” persona, as he began to go after Mobley, setting off a massive feud between the two. At Darkness Falls, the two men met in a “Twiztid’s House of Terror” Match, with the World Heavyweight Title on the line. The match featured a great deal of weaponry, from canes and metal pipes to tasers and baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire! The brutality continued throughout the match, with Twiztid, at one point, getting Mobley caught in barbed wire, then trying to use a weedwhacker on him!! Mobley managed to avoid it, but only by pulling himself off the wire, doing more damage. Near the end of the match, Twiztid, back in control, climbed to the top of the cage wall and jumped off, attempting a shooting star press. Mobley, though was able to get a chair in the way, cracking Twiztid’s skull on it! Mobley then used a mirror that a fan gave him to smash Twiztid with, sending shards everywhere. Twiztid was badly out of it, allowing Mobley to get the Thriller and win the match, staying the World Champion. The video ends on a shot of Twiztid’s bloody face.*

Jones: When these guys fought before, it was a potential match of the year candidate! And now, we get to see them go at it again!

Logan: No titles on the line, and no special stipulations. Just pride. Let’s start it up!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. It is a Flashback match from GCWA Darkness Falls! Introducing first, he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight and World Tag-Team Champion, and is the current reigning GCWA Ultimate Survival title holder, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, here is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*The crowd gives a sizable pop for Mobley as he comes out to “Tear Away” by Drowning Pool. He points to the fans, grinning, before making his way down, set to compete. Mobley gets up on the apron and stretches on the ropes, looking out at the crowd. He then steps through the ropes and heads for a turnbuckle, climbing up.*

Logan: A lot of people expected Mobley to head right into the World Title waters as soon as he and Warrick Hill returned to the GCWA. Strangely, this hasn’t been the case.

Jones: Nope, he seems more to just be enjoying the current ride he’s on, which included recently having the World Tag-Team Titles in the House of Pain’s possession. You have to think, though, that Mobley will soon be in the mix for one of the championships currently available.

Minos: Now entering the arena, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, and a man who’s done it all in the wrestling business, standing 5’10” and weighing 212 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Arryk Rage!

*”Sound of Madness” by Shinedown leads the way down for Rage, as the fans give him some cheers as well. Rage comes out slowly, walking towards the ring. He’s wearing a black leather jacket, and appears to be holding a mic as he stops on the ramp.*

Jones: Last week, Rage tried to get himself another X Division Title shot against Scott Caine, only to have the Accelerator shut him down. Instead, the President set up this great match for tonight.

Logan: Yeah, but what is Rage waiting for? Get to the ring, dude!

*As the crowd quiets down, Rage lifts the mic to his lips, preparing to speak.*

Arryk Rage: So, Ace forced my hand. He’s making me take matches. Won’t let me retire. That’s just fine and dandy… but I have a surprise for him.

Jones: A surprise? What can he mean?

*Slowly, Arryk heads for the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Derek Mobley is watching him closely, expecting some sort of trap to be sprung. Referee Mitchell is likewise wary, knowing that you can never predict what a wrestler might do. Arryk glances at Mobley, then at the ref, and he grins slightly.*

Arryk Rage: Derek, me and you, we’ve had some amazing matches over the last year. I took you to the limit, but you pulled it out. Congrats. But, tonight, I regret to inform you, and everyone here, that we will not be having a great match…

*Arryk suddenly pulls off his black jacket, revealing a white shirt underneath. Printed on the shirt are three words: “I’m On Strike!”*

Arryk Rage: Congrats, Derek… you win…

*Tossing away the mic, Arryk drops to the mat, laying flat on his back. He points to referee Mitchell, demanding that the bell be rung. Mobley, a confused look on his face, leans over Rage, arguing with him for a second. Meanwhile, Mitchell heads off, making the signal to begin.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: What is he doing???

Logan: Looks like Arryk’s not going to give the Accelerator the match that Ace wanted!

Jones: But why? Why just let someone pin you??

Logan: It’s a pretty dramatic statement, Edds! And I’m betting it’s something that Ace will notice!

*Mobley continues to talk with Arryk, who is shaking his head, signaling once again to go ahead and make the pin. Mobley looks around at the crowd, who are starting to boo, not exactly pleased with the fact that they’re not going to get to see a classic tonight. Referee Mitchell comes over next to both men, looking expectantly at Mobley, as if wondering what the problem is. With a slight sigh, Derek finally decides to just take the win, putting a foot on Arryk’s chest. He doesn’t put any weight on it, but it’s enough, as referee Mitchell drops for the count… 1… 2… Mitchell hesitates, giving Arryk one more chance, but the wrestler doesn’t move… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Derek Mobley!

*The audience is not happy, although some do seem to understand Arryk’s point of view, cheering for him. Arryk has already sat up in the ring, smiling. Referee Mitchell goes over to lift Mobley’s arm, but Derek refuses, shaking his head and going through the ropes instead. It seems like the free victory might leave a little bit of a sour taste in Mobley’s mouth.*

Jones: Man… so Arryk just threw this match right out the window!

Logan: Well, it’s what he wanted, Jonesy. Mobley gets himself a free paycheck for a victory he didn’t have to work for, while Arryk gets to send a symbolic middle finger towards the man in charge!

Jones: I think Arryk’s making a big mistake. You don’t cross the President like this, not if you want to keep your job.

Logan: Yeah, but does Arryk really want to keep his job? He was talking about retirement just last week…

*With Mobley already disappearing into the back, Arryk is back on his feet, heading out. Some of the fans try to ask him “Why?”, but Arryk just moves past them, pointing to his t-shirt. As he departs, we switch to a backstage shot, showing the President, the Accelerator, thoughtfully watching on the monitor in his office. He seems to be considering his next move in dealing with Rage. We slowly fade out to a commercial break.*

*We return to GCWA Television, where all your favorite superstars live! In the backstage area, Bifford is standing outside of a door with Martin Ka'Berryon. Ka'Berryon looks highly worried as Bifford hangs the sign "DANGER BUYZ ONLEE" on the door, written in crayon. Bifford laughs with glee and pulls Martin away, they go across the hall and hide behind a large crate.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Why did we fill that room with deadly snakes and then leave a sign on the door saying that it's the dressing room of the tag team champions?

The Big Bifford: Because I hate that idiot Dangerous Dan.. I know that is must be humiliating for him to have been eliminated by me at the pay per view, but I also know that he's still alive. I need to know that he's good and dead before all is settled.

Martin Ka’Berryon: You actually want him to DIE?

The Big Bifford: Yes.

*Arachne suddenly walks onto the scene and goes to reach for the door to the room full of deadly snakes. Bifford runs out from behind the crate and tackles the little asian man just as he opens the door. Arachne looks up at the open door, from the ground, and sees that it is full of snakes.*


The Big Bifford: You idiot! You lost to the janitor earlier tonight! You're the worst wrestler in GCWA history! And yet you do now owe me everything - even your very life. Therefore I am forcing you to become my new tag team partner.. We'll be known as Bifrachnephobia. We will take on the Danger Boys and become the new GCWA Tag Team Champions! I'll ask my buddy Ace for us to have a match next week...


The Big Bifford: Oh shut up... I hate the guy too. Did you see the disrespect he showed to Ludwig?

Arachne: Who the hell is Ludwig?

The Big Bifford: Oh no you didn't...

*Martin helps Bifford to his feet and kicks a few of the deadly snakes who have escaped the door back into the room. Bifford, now on his feet, closes the snake room door and walks off towards Ace's office. Martin, glad that nobody was hurt, removes the sign from the door. Arachne laughs and quickly removes some notepad from his back pocket, writes "Janitor's Closet" on the pad and then sticks the sign on the door... hoping that later he would get his revenge for his loss to Peter Vaughn. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Ok, normally I’m all for the Big Bifford’s antics… but poisonous snakes left for the Danger Boiz? Seriously?

Jones: It does seem a little bloodthirsty for him. I wonder… I mean, they do say prison change a man…

Logan: Well, at least he’s still good enough that he kept the snakes from attacking Arachne. Although, knowing that dude, the snake would probably be more likely to die from the bite. Who knows what’s pumping through the guy’s system right now?

Jones: Anyhow, if an attendant backstage is watching, could you let Vaughn know not to enter that room until animal control gets here? Thank you.

Logan: Man… this place just gets stranger and stranger. How about some wrestling action to liven things up, Jonesy?

Jones: Sounds good to me!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a Champion vs. Champion match! Introducing first, he is a growing star in the GCWA, having held several titles during the past year, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is the two-time GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*Santana walks out of the back to “Sandstorm” by Darude, showing off the GCWA Television Title that he won last week. The crowd is giving him a good reception as he heads for the ring, readjusting the belt on his shoulder.*

Jones: It was a surreal week for Robert Santana, as his nephew surprisingly disappeared from the family Thanksgiving get-together, setting off a frantic search.

Logan: Yeah, thankfully, they found the kid in fair shape, so everything ended well. After all the drama that Santana’s had this year, a happy ending has to be considered a blessing.

Jones: So tonight, Santana has everything to gain, as he’s got an opportunity to win a GCWA World Title shot. Can he surprise a lot of people and come out on top?

Minos: His opponent is in the midst of an 11-match winning streak, which has taken him to the top of the GCWA, standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, “The Hellacious One” Draco!!

*The pop is enormous as Draco comes out to “Indestructible” by Disturbed. He walks out onto the stage, the GCWA World Heavyweight Title in full view around his waist. The superstar surveys the crowd, possibly looking for any signs of a certain person, before walking to the squared circle.*

Jones: Word has it Draco spent Thanksgiving with his family as well. We’ve heard rumors that there was some sort of controversial phone call during the festivities, but that’s just a rumor at this time.

Logan: I wonder who sent that one in? I mean, you wouldn’t think that Draco’s own family would be talking to the press, right?

Jones: Well, someone had to let us know, even if they didn’t give us details. Strange.

*The Bell Rings.*

*With referee Mitchell signaling for both men to go at it, Santana steps forward towards Draco, giving him a quick bow. Draco, surprisingly, doesn’t take advantage, although there’s a smirk on his face that tells that he considered the idea. The two men lock up, with Draco immediately getting a headlock on his larger foe. But Santana shoots him off towards the ropes, with Draco racing back. Santana flattens out, allowing Draco to run over top, then hops up, with the World Champion returning with an attempted clothesline. Santana, though, matrixes downwards, avoiding the shot, then straightens back up! Draco tries to turn around, stopping his momentum. He looks back as Santana comes in, charging at him. Draco, though, does a diving roll to the right, dodging Santana’s swing, then gets to his feet. Santana comes in fast, giving a high, swinging kick that Draco once again ducks. Draco answers with one of his own, but Santana dodges it as well, with both men then stopping in defensive poses, staring at their foe while the crowd gives a loud cheer!*

Logan: Man, all that action, and I don’t think a single shot has been landed yet!

Jones: Oh, Anthony, I can tell this one’s going to live up to expectations! Two champions, each looking to get themselves a big victory here tonight!

Logan: For Santana, it’s a chance to move up to the World Title division! For Draco, it’s an opportunity to continue his long winning streak and send a message towards Lurrr that he’s not backing down from any fight!

*Both wrestlers are moving warily around the other now, looking for any advantage that they can use to take control of the bout. Santana moves forward suddenly, faking a kick, with Draco dodging to his left. But Santana then moves hard to his left, sneaking in a right hand that surprises Draco, allowing Santana to get hold of him! Santana backs Draco into the corner with a row of shots, and then starts chopping away on the World Champion’s chest with knife-edge chops, each one causing the fans to ooh in sympathy for Draco! Santana then grabs Draco by the head and brings him out, running forward with him. It’s hard to tell what Santana has planned, as he doesn’t get there, with Draco surprisingly diving forward, doing a quick cartwheel in order to get free! Santana goes towards him again, but Draco’s already in the air, hitting a dropkick to Santana’s chest that knocks him backwards! Draco quickly gets back to his feet, even as Santana staggers back to the ropes, falling into them. Draco, not one to miss an opportunity, runs forward, jumping over the top rope while simultaneously clotheslining Santana, causing him to rebound off the rope and fall face-first to the mat!! Draco manages to land on the apron, turning to continue the assault.*

Jones: Santana’s always been thought of as fast, but Draco’s a blur in there!

Logan: It’s one of the main reasons, I think, that Draco has continued to win match after match. The guy can run circles around even the quickest opponents he faces, not to mention that he’s also got a surprisingly quick recovery time.

Jones: Yep, he’s taken some hits that would keep almost anyone else down, yet keeps coming back for more. It’s clear that Santana has his work cut out for him here tonight!

*With Santana starting to try to get up, rolling onto his stomach, Draco positions himself on the apron and springs himself back into the ring, flying up and dropping a leg across the back of Santana’s neck, taking him back down! Draco then rolls Santana over and makes the first cover of the match, with referee Mitchell getting down into range… 1… 2.. and Santana kicks out, getting his shoulder high in the air. Draco doesn’t look too surprised, but he felt like he needed to try, because you never know. He pulls the Television Champion back up, taking him over towards the corner. Draco sends Santana face-first into the ‘buckle a couple of times, with the crowd wanting to chant along with him. Draco, though, has other ideas, getting himself onto the ‘buckle, then grabbing hold of Santana’s head for an attempt at a tornado DDT! But as he’s coming off, Santana straightens himself, managing to throw Draco over him!! Draco crashes to the mat back-first, absorbing most of the impact. He’s still shaky as he gets up, though, with Santana immediately using that, rushing in and getting a Dragon leg takedown to throw the World Champion to the mat! Santana hangs onto the leg, applying an ankle lock submission, as Draco struggles to get free!*

Jones: You don’t see this very often, but Santana’s apparently decided to try and slow the pace of this one down!

Logan: It’s a good strategy, Jonesy! If Santana can injure that ankle enough, he seriously depletes Draco’s ability to pull off those spectacular maneuvers he can do so well!

Jones: He could also end the match right here, if Draco can’t find a way to get free!

*Draco’s pulling at the canvas, trying to make his way towards the ropes, but a trick of fate had them land right in the center of the ring. Referee Mitchell is there, watching for any sign that the World Champion has had enough, with Santana cranking away on his ankle, working it over. With the ropes not an option, Draco decides on another approach, arching his body and doing a quick roll, bringing Santana with him! Santana, though, shockingly doesn’t let go, coming right back up with the ankle lock still in place!! Draco grabs at his hair, the pain starting to get to him. The good news is that he’s now gotten himself closer to the ropes, so he yanks hard on Santana, trying to get closer. The Television Champion is fighting it, trying to hang on, but Draco’s tenaciousness serves him well again, as he stretches out just far enough to hit the ropes, causing Mitchell to call for the break. Santana quickly lets go, but then goes right after Draco, who is trying to use the ropes to stand on his hurting ankle. Santana grabs him from behind, taking Draco off the ropes with a German suplex pin attempt! Mitchell dives in… 1… 2… and Draco kicks out, keeping the match going.*

Logan: That was a close one! Santana’s really come into this one wanting the victory, despite the competition!

Jones: I gotta say, I was one of those who wasn’t sure that Santana could compete with the World Champion, but as of right now, he’s giving him a serious run for his money!

Logan: Can he keep it up and score another upset victory over a World Champion, like he did against Tommy Crimson?

*Santana is bringing Draco back up to his feet, with referee Mitchell making sure to move back, out of the way. The Television Champion picks the lighter wrestler up onto his shoulder in a fireman’s carry, then immediately throws him off, landing a death valley driver!! Draco’s down and hurting, with Santana once again trying a cover… 1… 2… and once again, the World Champion escapes the fall. Santana, shaking his head, pulls the wrestler up again, wanting to find a way to end this. He gets Draco to his feet, and then gives him an Irish whip into the ropes. As Draco returns, Santana spins into a kick, but Draco is able to duck underneath. With Santana off-balance, Draco hits the other side and jumps on the middle rope, springboarding backwards and landing next to Santana, before taking him down with the Light’s Out!!! The crowd cheers loudly as Draco, after a second to recover, finally manages to get an arm on Santana for the cover, with Mitchell making the count… 1… 2… No! Santana gets his arm up!*

Logan: Man, I thought this one was done!

Jones: Somehow, Santana’s instincts kicked in and saved him, because there’s no way he’s thinking clearly right now after that hit!

Logan: If Draco could have only grabbed a leg, this one could have been over!

*Draco is looking a bit shell-shocked, thinking that he had the victory in his grasp. But Mitchell makes sure to confirm that Santana kicked out, and that the match is still going. Draco slowly gets himself up, considering Santana, who is on his side now, trying to recover. The World Champion comes over to him, pulling Santana up by the arm, and then taking him over near the corner. Draco locks Santana up, taking him down with a quick fameasser to leave him hurting, and then starts climbing up the turnbuckle! He gets to the top, waiting for Santana to rise, even as he signals for the Beginning of the End!! Santana struggles up, dazed, with Draco leaping towards him, trying to grab his head! But Santana drops to one knee (either on purpose or just out of fatigue), and Draco sails overhead instead, with nothing to stop his hard landing on the canvas!! Draco rolls to his stomach, hurting badly from the landing, while Santana grabs at the ropes near him to get up. Draco pulls himself up as well, with Santana rushing towards him for a clothesline. Draco has the same idea, unfortunately, with both men clotheslining each other to the mat!! They’re both down, as referee Mitchell moves in to start a count.*

Jones: What a battle this has been! I doubt anyone could have ever predicted a fight this great!

Logan: Man, whether Santana wins or not, I think he’s proven that he can hang with the big boys! He and Draco are having a pay-per-view worthy contest!

Jones: Everyone, be sure to thank the President for giving this to you for free!

*With Mitchell counting quickly upwards, both Draco and Santana start to move, crawling in opposite directions towards the ropes. Each works his way up, keeping this one from ending on a count-out. Santana makes it up first, with Draco close behind him. Santana walks over towards the World Champion, preparing to grab him from behind, but Draco reacts, swinging behind him wildly and scoring a lucky shot to Santana’s side! Santana steps back, with Draco then flinging himself forward for the Momentum Shift!! Oh, but Santana catches his foot, blocking it! Draco immediately tries an enziguiri attack, but Santana dodges that, too… then pulls Draco away from the ropes and reapplies the ankle lock submission!!! The fans are going crazy as Draco’s once again in tremendous agony, with Santana trying to tighten his grip!! But Draco is able to reverse things, rolling himself forward and launching Santana into the ropes! Santana falls, with his arms dangling over the middle rope, even as Draco struggles to get up, limping badly now. He moves over towards Santana, putting a knee into the Television Champion’s back in order to choke him down. Referee Mitchell’s right there for a 5 count, though, causing Draco to have to break it relatively quickly.*

Jones: At this point, both men are going to be looking for any way to end this one.

Logan: This one’s becoming another war of attrition, something that I’m sure Draco was not planning on, considering that he’s still healing from his injuries at the Righteous Rumble!

Jones: His bandages look like they’re holding up well, but Draco’s ankle might need taping after this fight!

* Wincing every time he puts weight on his foot, the World Heavyweight Champion pulls Santana off the ropes, lifting him up. He takes him over to the corner, trying to lift him up, in order to get him in position for Draco’s finisher. But Santana fights back, landing a couple of back elbows that knocks Draco off the ‘buckle to the floor! As Draco lays there, Santana positions himself and comes off the ropes with a moonsault, flying backwards and landing straight on the World Champion!!! The crowd reacts, cheering, as Mitchell makes a count… 1… 2… No! Draco gets out of it! Santana struggles to get up, pulling Draco with him. He lifts Draco up from behind into an attempted atomic drop maneuver, but Draco is able to reverse it, flipping himself over behind Santana and rolling him up!! Mitchell’s right there for the quick count… 1… 2… and Santana barely escapes in time!! The fans are biting on every fall, thinking that each one could be the last, but so far, the Champion vs. Champion match continues!*

Jones: Fall after fall, and still they fight on!

Logan: Man, are we even going to have time for our main event?? Someone call the television station, tell them that we’re definitely going to be running long tonight!

*Both wrestlers get back up, with Draco having trouble standing due to his ankle. Santana, seeing this, grabs hold of Draco and takes him up, dropping him with a knee-breaker!! Draco falls to his side, his leg killing him, while Santana has to breathe for a few seconds before getting back up. He comes over, pulling Draco up once more… and Draco responds desperately, pushing Santana away and landing the Momentum Shift!!! The crowd goes wild, with Santana collapsing backwards, his knees bent as he lays on the canvas! Draco rolls on the mat, holding his ankle, the strain of the move taking its toll on him as well. He slowly pulls himself up, looking over at Santana, with referee Mitchell moving in, ready to count. Draco, though, doesn’t want to win with a superkick. He pulls Santana up, taking him over to the corner and getting him up. Santana, dazed, fights back, trying to knock Draco off, but the World Champion manages a series of European uppercuts that nearly knock Santana off the ‘buckle! Draco then sets Santana in plae and jumps up on him, spinning off the ‘buckle with Santana in tow, all the way down to the mat with the Hellacious!!!! It’s a huge impact, with both men having the air knocked out of them, but Draco manages to hang on for the pin attempt… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Draco!!

Logan: That was an incredible contest!! The World Champion got taken to the limit, but he still managed to come out with the victory!

Jones: For a moment there, I thought Santana was going to have one of the biggest upsets of the year, but he just fell a tiny bit short! Still, I’d love to see these two go at it again in the future!

Logan: Yeah, Santana may not have won, but he proved himself to a lot of people tonight! Whew, what a battle, and it’s not even our final match of the evening! That one’s coming up next!

*Draco is off to the side now, using the ropes to balance himself. His ankle is still bothering him, but the thrill of victory is definitely helping. Meanwhile, Santana has rolled out of the ring and to the floor, as if trying to seek shelter to continue to match, not realizing that it’s over. In the ring, Draco says something to referee Mitchell, then moves over to the side, calling to someone. After a few seconds, an attendant brings a mic over to him.*

Jones: Wait, what? Draco’s wanting to say something?

Logan: Hmmm, what else does he have to say today?

*Draco brings the mic up, even as he looks towards the backstage area.*

Draco: That was… a pretty good… warm-up… but now… I’ve got… unfinished business to… take care of… so Lurrr… get your *bleeping* ass out here!

Logan: Oh, man, Draco’s calling out the #1 Contender!

Jones: The two of them brawled last week, which led to security having to be involved. But, why now, Anthony, after he’s had such an intense match??

*Suddenly, “Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to play, and the fans start booing as Lurrr walks out of the back! He’s still not cleaned up from his match from earlier, but he’s certainly in better condition than the World Champion. That doesn’t seem to bother Draco, who waves for him to come on and fight. Lurrr starts towards him, taking some steps down the ramp, then, suddenly, stops. He smiles towards Draco, then shakes his head, even as several security guards pour out behind him!*

Jones: Wait, security is here already??

Logan: That was a damn nice response time, I’ve got to admit…

*The four security guards move around Lurrr, looking at him. Lurrr nods to them, then turns and leaves, as the security guards all look towards Draco. All of them are huge, showing the ‘talent’ that Ace has hired for his security force. Draco, puzzled, watches as the security guards fill the doorway, blocking any pursuit he might have of Lurrr.*

Logan: What the hell’s going on? Is security working with Lurrr?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, I mean, we know Ace is definitely NOT a fan of Lurrr, so you would think security wouldn’t be, either. But then, Draco DID take out the Head of Security earlier tonight!

Logan: I get the feeling this isn’t a good thing for our World Heavyweight Champion!

*Draco watches from the ring as the four security men all turn and leave, now that Lurrr has departed. It’s a strange sight, with the fans not caring for it at all. They wanted a brawl, which they didn’t get. Draco slides out of the ring, both confused and annoyed, as he limps over to the table to get his World Heavyweight Title. He picks it up, still looking towards the entrance, trying to figure out what it could all mean. The picture slowly fades to one more commercial break.*

*Back in the GCWA Arena, we see Jones & Logan at the announce table, as plates of food are being brought down the aisle! A large turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and even pumpkin pies make their way down, where they’re being set up inside the ring on special tables.*

Logan: Normally, all this food would look great, but man… after yesterday’s meal… and the leftovers this morning… well, let’s just say I’ve seen enough turkey for a while.

Jones: Well, you’re going to have to grin and bear it, Anthony, as it’s all part of our main event! First off, though, let’s show how we got to this point, as it was expected that a very different wrestler would be competing for the GCWA X Division Title!

*We cut away to a video, which starts off with shots from the Righteous Rumble. At the Rumble, we see Cynthia Hall interviewing Shane Donovan, one of the favorites to win, who made sure to call out Scott Caine after his successful X Division Title defense. Donovan’s pursuit of the Grand Slam is well documented, as he needs an X Division Title reign to officially earn it. Donovan was seen on last Friday’s Inferno again calling out Caine, with Caine accepting the match in the ring. Donovan then embarrassed Caine by splashing him with green paint, before bailing with Harvey. Donovan’s joke later backfired on him, as he was ambushed in the back by both Caine and Penance, with Caine bashing a chair over Donovan’s head! Caine then placed the chair on Donovan’s ankle and worked it over with the chair, doing serious damage. Penance later threw Donovan through a table, leaving him in a heap, as Caine & Penance left the area. With Donovan out, Danger surprisingly volunteered to fight tonight in his place, wanting revenge. The video ends, taking us back to the live feed.*

Jones: As of right now, we’re not sure about Donovan’s condition, nor do we know much more about Penance, who was attacked earlier in the night. But as far as we know, both Harvey Danger and Scott Caine are here, so it’s time to see what both men have to offer in our first-ever Thanksgiving TLC match!

Logan: Oh, yeah, this is gonna be awesome!

Minos: The next match is our main event, and is going to be a “Thanksgiving TLC” Match for the GCWA X Division Championship!!

*The audience roars, excited about the prospects with this one. In the ring, tables have been set up, complete with a Thanksgiving meal placed on it. Most of the food looks pretty good, although, as with most Thanksgiving meals, there are always a few strange dishes thrown in.*

Jones: I feel like we should get a plate and get up there for some good fixings!

Logan: You’re kidding, right? I told you, I don’t even want to see a turkey for a while!

Jones: Oh, c’mon, you always have to have room for more turkey!

Logan: Ugh…

Minos: Coming to the ring first is the challenger… he is a former GCWA Television and World Tag-Team Champion, representing D & D here tonight… he stands 6’0” and weighs in at 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Harvey Danger!

*The crowd gives a good cheer for Harvey, which soon becomes a wave of laughter as Harvey walks out of the back… in a turkey suit! As “No Rain” by Blind Melon plays behind him, Harvey shakes his arms and bends over, walking like a turkey for a few steps before, after almost tripping, going back to walking normally.*

Logan: Harvey Gobbler is here!

Jones: Ok, that is just weird. Then again, I wonder if Harvey’s got a plan here. Wouldn’t that suit give him some extra padding?

Logan: Y’know what, it probably will, although I can’t imagine it will be easy to climb up a ladder to get the belt in that get-up.

Jones: True, I didn’t think of that, and I’m betting Harvey didn’t, either.

Minos: His opponent is the self-proclaimed leader of the Caine Dynasty, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, Scott Caine!

*Caine comes out to “Automatic” by American Pearl, with the crowd immediately booing him heavily. Caine doesn’t seem to notice, as he still looked anxious, having not been able to find Penance anywhere in the back to join him. The X Division Title is already hanging above the ring, so Caine comes to the squared circle without his gold in hand.*

Jones: This one’s going to be an interesting one, as we see if Caine can manage a big-time victory without his bodyguard/tag-team partner by his side.

Logan: Yep, I personally love the fact that Penance has disappeared, leaving Caine without his back-up. After all, this should be a one-on-one contest for the championship, right?

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! Time to get messy!

Logan: Someone pass the stuffing!

*Caine’s ready to fight, already moving towards Harvey, who is still busy clowning around in the turkey suit. He turns towards Caine, who’s in a defensive posture, and does a little clucking towards him. Caine looks puzzled, even as Harvey walks away from him, shaking his tail feathers. He waves to the outside, getting a mic tossed his way (which he somehow catches with a wing).*

Jones: Ummm, Harvey, the match has already started…

*Caine looks over towards Head Referee Mark Bell, who shrugs his shoulders. After all, it’s a TLC match, which means no rules apply other than to win, you have to get the belt hanging above them. Caine moves away, shaking his head. He goes under the ropes to the outside, while Harvey starts talking to the crowd.*

Harvey Danger: Before we get going, I want to talk again to the fans about how important it is for everyone to enjoy the spirit of Thanksgiving. We all have a great deal to be thankful for, including this great meal that I slaved for days on, well, some of it anyways, and I want everyone to remember that they should be thankful for all their blessings.

*As Harvey continues talking about Thanksgiving, going into a story about Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Caine is back in the ring, this time bringing a ladder with him. He quietly sets it up behind Harvey, getting it positioned underneath the championship! Caine then starts going up, as Harvey, oblivious, continues his story!*

Jones: Harvey! Harvey, man, turn around!

Logan: You’re letting your title chance slip away from you, man!!

Harvey Danger: And then Linus said… what?

*Danger suddenly turns around, trying to figure out why everyone’s screaming at him. Caine is more than halfway up now, trying to reach the gold, but Harvey rushes over to stop him, grabbing at his leg! Caine struggles to free himself from the feathered wing, but he can’t, eventually getting himself pulled off the ladder! Harvey seems annoyed, as he wanted to finish his carefully rehearsed speech. However, Caine responds by swinging away, driving Harvey backwards! Harvey stumbles towards the ropes, with Caine reaching to his side and grabbing a platter filled with yams! Caine rears back, smashing Harvey in the side with the platter, sending yams everywhere and causing Harvey to fall through the ropes and out of the ring! Harvey lands on the outside, surprisingly not too badly hurt thanks to the padding. He’s having trouble getting up, though, so he starts to pull off the costume, working himself free, even as Caine goes back to right the ladder!*

Jones: Caine almost had himself the easiest X Division Title defense that I’ve ever seen!

Logan: Yeah, and he still might, if Harvey doesn’t get a move on and stop him!

*In the ring, Caine gets the ladder positioned perfectly, and then starts up again, climbing up the rungs. His eyes are locked on the X Division Title hanging above him. Meanwhile, Harvey’s managed to get free of the costume, kicking it away and showing that, thankfully, he was wearing his wrestling gear underneath. He grabs at the apron and pulls himself up, then sees what Caine is doing. With the champion within inches of retaining his gold, Caine looks over, seeing that Harvey is using the ropes to springboard himself into the air! Caine gasps, but there’s nothing he can do, as Danger flies in, dropkicking the ladder!! It topples over, taking Caine for a ride and sending him falling into the ropes and out to the floor!!! Harvey pulls himself up, looking around as if trying to figure out where Caine went. The fans are quick to tell him, so Harvey heads that way, in pursuit of the fallen X Division Champion!*

Jones: Harvey’s back in control, after that devastating fall Caine just took!

Logan: This is where Penance would have proven immensely valuable, Jonesy, seeing as how he could give Caine a few moments to pull himself together! Instead, Harvey’s right on the attack, and Caine’s in a lot of trouble!

*On the outside, Harvey has brought Caine up, throwing him into the guardrail, where Caine sags, hurting. He’s holding his right arm painfully to his side, possibly having done some damage when he fell. Harvey looks around, finding a steel chair to the side. It’s perfect for him, as he comes back, jabbing the chair into Caine’s ribs!! Caine slumps forward, and Harvey adds in a shot to Caine’s back, taking him to the floor! Harvey is smiling, getting into the fight, his hardcore side starting to appear. He pulls Caine up and rolls him back into the ring, then follows, already looking towards the tables that have been set up in the corners. Caine struggles to get up, trying a quick swing with his uninjured arm, but Danger’s right there to block it, then throw his own punches, moving Caine backwards towards the table. Harvey reaches around Caine, grabbing a pot. He throws its contents into Caine’s face, blinding him with mashed potatoes!!*

Jones: The spuds are flying!

Logan: Yeah, first yams, then potatoes! At least, hopefully, they taste good. You can’t always eat what wrestlers throw at you, after all!

Jones: Yuck.

*With Caine struggling to clear his face of the mashed potatoes, Harvey has moved off, grabbing the ladder. But instead of putting it under the belt, he brings it closer to the tables, having something in mind. Caine is already getting up, but Danger is moving in, kicking away at him and bending him over. He then drags Caine over to the ladder, helping him climb up partways! Danger follows, apparently preparing for a belly-to-back suplex off the ladder and through the table!! He strains, almost tipping the ladder over, but Caine’s able to hang on, saving himself! He elbows backwards, fighting Danger off, then turns and jumps over him, flipping downwards and taking Danger with him into a sunset flip powerbomb!!! They just barely miss the edge of the table, but that’s the only saving grace for Harvey, who crashes to the ground and writhes in pain! Caine struggles to get up, his right arm still hanging loosely at his side.*

Jones: The champion is back in it, but just barely!

Logan: Yeah, I gotta say, that arm of his doesn’t look very good. I hope he didn’t tear anything in that fall he took!

Jones: Well, unfortunately, TLC matches don’t end with injury, not unless it’s life-threatening, so Caine has got to keep fighting if he wants to keep his gold!

*Caine’s already moving away, examining the items left on the Thanksgiving table. While there is no silverware, there are several dishes left to exploit. Caine chooses one and comes back, holding it in his left hand. As Danger starts to get up, Caine comes in, shattering a container of cranberry sauce across Danger’s head!!! The purple juices flow, as Harvey falls to his knees, stunned! Caine, seemingly getting back some of his cockiness, goes back to the table, pulling a turkey leg off the cooked bird! He takes a bite, spits it out, then comes over, swinging the leg towards Harvey! Danger bats it away, though, managing to avoid the strike. He then comes forward, tackling Caine and taking him onto the table!! Plates crash and fall as the table drops to its side, with both men landing behind it, fighting it out! A chant of “Food fight” is going up throughout the stadium, as the war for the X Division Title continues!*

Logan: Our ring is never going to smell the same, Jonesy!

Jones: We’ve got a guy who’s very good at washing out bloodstains, but I think we’re going to be taxing even his abilities by the end of this one!

*Harvey is up first, grabbing a pumpkin pie off the mat. The pie’s remarkably still in good shape, but it won’t be for long, as Harvey turns and chunks it at Caine! But Caine ducks at the last second, with the pie sailing over him… and hitting Head Referee Bell in the face!! Bell pulls the pie container off, leaving behind the pumpkin pie remains covering him! Harvey, apologetic, immediately grabs a tablecloth and comes over to try and help clean him off. However, while Danger’s distracted, Caine has picked up the plate that the turkey was resting on! He comes over, swinging for the fences and shattering it across Harvey’s back!! The fans gasp as Harvey collapses, falling on top of Bell, who was too blinded to get out of the way in time! Caine stumbles away, wincing as he holds his right arm. However, he’s already looking towards the ladder, moving that way to set it back up underneath the X Division Title, hanging high overhead!*

Logan: Could that shot be enough?? Can Caine retain?

Jones: Wait a second, Anthony… we’ve got another champion on the way down!

*As Caine starts climbing, holding his aching arm close to him, the cameras pick up a man walking towards the ring. It’s the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco!! He’s still got a partial limp from earlier, but apparently he wanted to be involved here as well. With the fans cheering, he comes around to the side, where Harvey is hanging partways out of the ring. Draco gives Harvey a shake, trying to get him back up, while Caine, seeing him, angrily drops back off the ladder, yelling! Draco immediately glares at Caine, then starts to move around the ring, where a steel chair landed earlier. He picks it up, then moves to come in, with Caine moving to intercept! But the World Champion suddenly stops, then shrugs and sets the chair up, sitting down in it!! He points behind the confused Caine, who immediately turns himself around… and runs right into Harvey, who kicks him in the stomach, then lifts him with a suplex, right through one of the remaining tables!!! Caine is laying in the debris, while Harvey struggles to get up, even as Draco is shown, applauding!*

Logan: Caine, meet table. Table, this is Caine.

Jones: That table exploded like a bomb went off! We’ve got shrapnel everywhere!

Logan: This is definitely Harvey’s best opportunity of the night to get the victory, if he can just get up that ladder!

*With Draco shouting encouragement, Danger pulls himself up. Harvey hears it and turns, a large smile on his face at the fact that Draco’s actually out there to support him. He nods to Draco, and then turns back to Caine, pulling the injured champion up. Caine tries to fight back, swinging wildly with his left arm, but Danger ducks under it, then boots Caine in the stomach and pulls him in, dropping him with the Danger DDT!!! Caine flops on the mat, with Danger immediately crawling away, towards the already-positioned ladder!! With the fans cheering wildly, Danger starts on his way up, climbing easily up the rungs! Behind him, Caine is struggling to get up, but just can’t manage it. He’s in bad shape, and there’s no way he can make the save. Harvey gets to the top, then reaches out, grabbing the gold. It takes him a moment to figure it out, but he manages to pull it free, ending the match!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion, Harvey Danger!!

Logan: Amazing, Harvey did it!! He’s the new champ!

Jones: He definitely got some serious emotional support from Draco, not to mention a great distraction from him. In the end, though, Harvey got this win on his own, taking Caine out with the Danger DDT to emerge triumphant!

Logan: Yeah, we definitely didn’t have the greatest of matches like we might have expected, due in part to an apparent arm injury to Caine, but that’s the way things happen sometimes! All Caine can do now is heal up and try to get back to the top!

*In the ring, Harvey is celebrating with a huge smile on his face, raising the belt overhead. Draco’s already come into the ring, clapping away. Harvey turns, seeing him, and immediately rushes forward with a hug. But Draco raises his arms, begging off, pointing out all the ‘food’ that Harvey’s currently wearing. Danger seems to notice it for the first time, and starts knocking some of it off of him, while Draco makes his way over to the downed Caine. He leans over him, smiling as Caine tries to get back up, but falls backwards, sitting down. Draco picks up one of the platters off the ground, taking a moment to taste a piece of ham that was still clinging to it. He turns to Danger, giving him the thumbs up for the cooking… then turns and waffles Caine upside the head with the platter, knocking him out!!!*

Logan: Ouch!! That was a strike that rang Caine’s bell!

Jones: What would we call that, adding injury to… injury?

Logan: I think I’d call it evening the score, Jonesy! Well, we’re out of time, so have a happy holidays, and we’ll see you next week!!

*With Caine laying on his side, Danger, his X Division Title proudly held on his shoulder, walks over. Draco, meanwhile, has pulled off his shirt, a “Shane Donovan” original. He lays it over Caine’s downed body, then turns to Danger. The two men turn and leave, with an excited Danger already talking about his victory to the World Champion, comparing their belts as they leave. Caine’s still down, with the shirt of the man he put out covering him, as we head out.*

OOC: Happy Thanksgiving all! And, by the way, remind me next year not to do a card over these holidays!! *lol*

Well, I managed to get it completed, at least, and thanks for the few of you who sent in segments to help fill things up. Hopefully, everything will get back to normal next week! Here's the card I've thrown together (basically, many of you did not tell me if you wanted/didn't want a match, so I'm just going with my gut):

- Derek Mobley vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn

- Penance vs. Aaron Styles

- Arachne vs. Dangerous Dan

- Harvey Danger vs. Grimm, Non-Title Match

- Mr. Excellent vs. Arryk Rage

- Robert Santana(c) vs. Bucky Johnson, GCWA Television Title Match

- Draco/Lurrr II - Contract Signing, Hell In A Cell Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, November 27th to Wednesday, December 2nd, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!