GCWA Friday Night Inferno

* After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is going wild, still running on a high after the Righteous Rumble pay-per-view from last week. Signs focused on include “Draco – Lurrr 2, Same as Draco – Lurrr 1!!!” and “Canada needs a hero!!” We head down to where Edward Jones & Anthony “Lightning” Logan are stationed.*

Jones: Welcome back to your home for all your wrestling needs, the GCWA’s Friday Night Inferno!!

Logan: Yep, it’s where I go for my wrestling, and I’m a celebrity!

Jones: So you say, anyway, Anthony. Anyhow, it’s been an exciting week, as we blew the roof off of the Verizon Arena in Little Rock with the Righteous Rumble this past Sunday!

Logan: Yeah, while it was a show with only a few matches, those matches really were incredible, especially the 20-man Righteous Rumble!

Jones: That’s right, we got to see 20 hardened warriors go into battle, and only one came out on top… the former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr!

Logan: Can’t say I was a fan of the ending, but the rest of the match? Whew, that was good!

Jones: We also got to see Scott Caine retain the GCWA X Division Title in an epic contest against Arryk Rage, and Draco is still our World Heavyweight Champion despite the best efforts of The Lost Soul!

Logan: That Steel Asylum match was one of the more violent matches I think I’ve seen in the GCWA, and that’s saying a lot! Draco should be glad he’s still in one piece, and still has the championship!

Jones: So now we know that Draco and Lurrr will be meeting once again, this time taking each other on at Wreck The Halls, the final GCWA pay-per-view of the year!

Logan: Sunday, December 20th, Jonesy! Put it on your calendar, because that’s when the final battles of 2009 go down!!

Jones: Definitely! But first we’ve got to get through the action here tonight! We have a huge main event set!

Logan: Yep, made even bigger by a surprise announcement from Ace earlier today!

Jones: As many of you know, the GCWA’s Intercontinental Heavyweight Title has been vacated ever since Draco won the World Title. A Round Robin Tournament has been taking place between four men: Harvey Danger, Mr. Excellent, Robert Santana, and Aaron Styles! Well, it was announced earlier today that, effective immediately, Aaron Styles was out of the tournament!

Logan: Yeah, still not sure on the circumstances, but apparently Styles is more interested in building up his career. That means that everything’s coming down to tonight’s contest!!

Jones: That’s right, my friend! So far in the tournament, Harvey Danger has a victory over Robert Santana, and Mr. Excellent has a win over Harvey! That means that tonight, if Mr. Excellent successfully defends the GCWA Television Title against Santana, he’s also going to win the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship!!!

Logan: That just adds more pressure to both competitors, as tonight could be their last chance to shine!

Jones: We’ve got a ton of action set for tonight, so why not get started now? Let’s shoot it over to Minos to get us on our way towards some great wrestling action!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a ten-minute time limit. First, making his way towards the ring, he is looking to turn his career around with a victory here tonight, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, here is Mikey Willis!

*As “No 5” by Hollywood Undead begins to play, a disgruntled Mikey Willis comes out of the back. He looks like he hasn’t been shaving, nor keeping himself cleaned up. Willis yells at some fans who give him a hard time, then continues on, showing his short temper at the moment.*

Jones: Willis had a rough night at the Righteous Rumble, first getting ambushed by Marcus Ka’Derrion, then getting put in the Biff End and getting thrown out.

Logan: Yeah, he definitely hasn’t been the same wrestler who once looked like he had potential here in the GCWA. Also, uh, he isn’t looking that good.

Jones: I hope he’s at least showered since the Rumble!

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA Television Champion, setting the record for number of defenses of that belt… standing 6’0” and weighing in at 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Crazy Chris!

*The crowd gives a good pop for the masked wrestler as he comes out to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead. Chris looks pumped up, pointing to the crowd before charging down the aisle towards the ring, already removing the World Tag-Team Title around his waist along the way.*

Jones: It was a surprise scheduling that kept Crazy Chris out of the Righteous Rumble, as the Accelerator deemed only one of the Danger Boiz could participate.

Logan: Well, Dangerous Dan made the most of it, lasting longer than anyone else and setting a new Righteous Rumble record! Tonight, though, is about Crazy Chris showing what he could have done had he been given the opportunity.

Jones: You can bet Crazy Chris is out to prove something here tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie signals for both men to start going at it. She’s wearing her usual referee gear, which, of course, is NOT the standard gear used by the other refs. As Trixie moves away, Willis suddenly turns and follows her, trying to talk to her. Trixie doesn’t look like she wants to talk, as she wrinkles her nose towards the wrestler. Willis, taking offense, suddenly grabs Trixie by the arm, demanding to know what’s wrong with him that she doesn’t want to even talk to him. Trixie is shaking her head, trying to pull away, but Willis is keeping a firm grip on her. At least, he was, until Crazy Chris came up from behind! Chris grabs Willis by the head and yanks him backwards, sending him into the canvas with a quick dragon DDT!! Willis rolls away in pain, while Chris gets up, making sure that Trixie’s alright before heading after his foe.*

Jones: What is Willis thinking, going after a referee like that?

Logan: I’m not sure he is thinking, Jonesy. Something’s just not right with him right now. Maybe he shouldn’t even be in the wrestling ring.

Jones: It looks like Crazy Chris is going to attempt beating some sense into him!

Logan: Yeah, Chris wasn’t going to stand for anyone manhandling Trixie right in front of him. He’s a better guy than that!

*With Trixie moving away to compose herself, Crazy Chris reaches down and grabs Willis off the canvas, with Willis struggling to get free. Chris isn’t having it, as he shoots multiple knees into Willis’ face, while holding his head, keeping him from getting free! Willis slumps over, dazed, even as Chris continues his assault, releasing a little bit of pent-up energy by giving Willis a backbreaker/facebuster combination!! Willis is down, but Chris isn’t near ready for a pin yet, as he rushes over to the turnbuckle. He climbs up quick, sets himself, then comes off, soaring through the air with a 450 splash!!! Willis could easily be pinned now, but Crazy Chris wants to dish out a little bit more before ending things. He pulls Willis up off the mat before Trixie can count, slowly bringing the smaller man back to his feet.*

Jones: Mikey Willis just seems to have no energy in there!

Logan: Man, I was worried about him showering, but hell, has he at least been eating?? I mean, the guy doesn’t have much energy to call on without being on a hunger strike, too!

*Willis can barely stand as Crazy Chris holds him up, staring at the man. There’s almost a look of pity in Crazy Chris’ eyes, although, as always, it’s hard to tell his full emotions behind the mask he wears. No matter what Chris is feeling, he never goes into a match with mercy on his mind. He picks up Willis into the air, with Willis unable to even fight a little. With one motion, Chris drops, landing the Crazy Bitch on his opponent!! Willis collapses on the ground, not moving. After a few seconds of listening to the cheers of the crowd, Crazy Chris finally moves over to him, making the loose cover. Referee Trixie, with perhaps a little too much zealousness, quickly goes over to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Crazy Chris!

Jones: Complete and total domination by Crazy Chris in this one!

Logan: I don’t know where Mikey Willis’ head was at, but it certainly wasn’t in this contest. Honestly, until he gets him straightened out, I definitely think that he needs to stay away from the action.

Jones: I agree. Willis needs to take some time off before attempting a return. Meanwhile, Crazy Chris looked like he’s got it all together in there, which you know will cause more speculation about whether he should have been the brother in the Rumble, and not Dangerous Dan.

Logan: People can think what they want, but all the Danger Boiz can do now is move on and continue to be a force in the GCWA!

*Crazy Chris takes a moment to celebrate, with Trixie raising his arm in the air. Meanwhile, behind them, Mikey Willis is trying to stand up, with little success. He falls forward, nearly hitting Trish, who quickly jumps out of the way. Chris, thinking that Willis was once again trying to grab the referee, moves in, picking Willis up and quickly chucking him over the top rope to the floor!!! Chris wipes his hands, showing the signs of a successful elimination, then turns and nods to Trixie before leaving the ring. Willis is now in a heap outside, where he’s going to need help in order to get to the back. We cut away from the ring in order to head to the backstage area, where the GCWA Television Champion, Mr. Excellent, is seen entering the arena! He’s talking with his friend, Mick, as Cynthia Hall suddenly rushes up to talk to them.*

Cynthia Hall: Mr. Excellent, Cynthia Hall here. I wanted to get some comments from you regarding the announcement that, if you win tonight, you’ll become the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion!

Mr. Excellent: Do I look like the type that you just come up to and ask questions? I’m the Television Champion, I’m rich, and you’re not worth my time!

*Mr. Excellent breezes past Cynthia, who backs off, shocked at the champion’s comments. Mick is laughing as they depart, leaving them behind. Cynthia, angry, shakes her head and signals for a cutting of the signal. We head to commercial.*

*As the show comes back from commercial, Sound Of Madness by Shinedown starts to blare from the speaker system. Without any of his recent fanfare that he puts on himself, Arryk Rage storms from the back.*

Jones: The former GCWA X Division Champion is here! And, uh, he doesn’t look like he’s in a good mood!

Logan: Well, for the second time in a row, Rage got screwed due to a double-team from Scott Caine & Penance. That would make anyone unhappy.

*Rage is wearing a "Dangerous" Brody Davis shirt, sleeves ripped off, and a pair of faded ripped blue jeans. He doesn't slap any hands, and just quickly makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, and grabbing a mic.*

Arryk Rage: ACE! ACE! Get your ass out here, RIGHT NOW! ACE!!!!!!

Jones: Arryk’s calling out the President??

Logan: Interesting choice of tactics. We’ll see if it works, because here comes Ace!

*”Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm leads the way in for the Accelerator, walking to the ring as he shakes his head. He looks towards the ring, annoyed, as he wasn’t expecting to be called out. He enters the ring, making sure that one of his attendants gives him a mic beforehand.*

The Accelerator: So what’s so urgent, Arryk, that you had to disrupt my show rather than come to my office??

Arryk Rage: Damn, are you too old to make it to the ring in a reasonable time? Listen, I want Caine, One more time. No more *bleeping* Penance. Just me and him. NOW!

*The crowd pops, as they would love to see a surprise X Division Title match tonight. The Accelerator stares at Rage, then slowly shakes his head, raising the mic up.*

The Accelerator: I’m going to have to say no.

Arryk Rage: What do you mean NO?! Do you know who I am? Do you realize who you are talking to?

The Accelerator: Oh, trust me, I know who I’m talking to. Do you?

*Ace and Arryk glare at each other for a second, with the crowd sensing the growing tension between them.*

The Accelerator: Now, I’ve got several guys in the back who want a crack at Scott Caine’s championship. I was nice enough to honor your contract’s rematch clause, and you had your opportunity, but I can’t keep watching you blow opportunities!

Arryk Rage: What's that supposed to mean, pops?

The Accelerator: It means that you knew that Penance was likely going to a problem again for you, but you did nothing about it. You let it happen, and if I booked you again, it would happen again. You had your shot. Now it’s time for others to have it.

*Arryk puts his head down, lowering the mic as he starts to slowly pace around the ring. He rubs his sweaty bald head as he leans on the ropes, facing out to the crowd. His eyes turn down as he brings the mic back up.*

Arryk Rage: You've given me no choice then...Ladies and Gentlemen...I guess you're in for more than you thought you would tonight.

*The crowd erupts as Arryk raises his hand to quiet them down.*

Arryk Rage: I've been doing this for too long.. I guess Scott, and most of the other people were right, when they said I've taken too many shots to the head. Scott, congrats, you earned the belt, mostly. But, Ace, you leave me no choice. Fans, tonight is the very last time that you will ever see Arryk Rage in a wrestling ring... I Retire....

*The crowd gaps in astonishment as Arryk lowers his mic.*

Logan: Retire?? Wait, Rage is leaving the business??

Jones: Because he’s not getting a title rematch? Man, that X Division Title really meant a lot to him!

*Rage turns as if to leave, but the Accelerator reaches out, stopping him. He is once again shaking his head.*

The Accelerator: Retirement, huh? Maybe you should have thought about that before you signed a new contract with us last month?

Jones: New contract??

Logan: That’s right, when Arryk made his return, he signed an extension, didn’t he?

*Arryk tosses his hands in the air and storms into Ace's face.*

Arryk Rage: What the hell are you talking about? You can't stop me from retiring!

The Accelerator: I can’t, huh? Damn, Arryk, after all these years, you should really learn to read the fine print in your contracts before you sign them.

Arryk Rage: My contract doesn't matter, I'm retiring, I'm done, old man. Deal with it.

The Accelerator: I’m the President. I don’t have to deal with anything. What you need to deal with is that I have you booked in a match next week already, and if you don’t show up for it, you’re breaching your contract. I wouldn’t let Lurrr get away with that, so why would you think I’d let you?

*The crowd doesn’t seem very happy with that, and neither does Arryk, who scowls at the President.*

Arryk Rage: God Damnit Ace, you can't do this. It isn't fair. I told you, I'm *bleeping* done, you can't force me to....

The Accelerator: Once again, you don’t have a very good definition of what I can or cannot do, Arryk. I’m tired of wrestlers trying to push me around when they don’t get what they want. So go ahead, no show next week, and I’ll send your name to the lawfirm that represents the GCWA.

Logan: Ace is threatening legal action? Man, he’s taking a hard line on this!

Jones: He’s just trying to run a business, Anthony. You can’t just let a potential star walk away on a whim!

*Arryk lowers his head, sadness and concern coming across his face.*

Arryk Rage: Fine... You win.... Who is it?

The Accelerator: Well, it’s been a pretty good year of action for the GCWA, so I thought we could have a look back at one of the great feuds of the year. So I’m pitting you against your old pal… Derek Mobley.

*The crowd cheers the announcement, knowing that it could be a classic. Arryk's eyes light up, and he starts to grin.*

Arryk Rage: Ok... Ok... Alright... I'll face Mobley next week, no problem. It'll be great. Yea, thats just perfect.... Arryk Rage... Derek Mobley.... Another match for the ages....Book it... BOYO....

*Grinning, Rage tosses the mic at Ace, as he slides out of the ring. He walks up the ring backwards, chuckling and grinning at Ace. He bumps into the wall, then walks behind the curtain. The President is shaking his head, wondering about Rage’s strange reaction to the news.*

Jones: So one of the matches next week is Derek Mobley vs. Arryk Rage??

Logan: Those two had a classic match for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship at Darkness Falls. If they can do that again, what a night it’s going to be!!

*The screen suddenly switches to the backstage area, where Derek Mobley can be seen, looking with astonishment at the screen. It’s the first he’s heard about this contest. Sitting next to him, Warrick starts laughing heavily, pointing at Derek, who quickly turns and pushing him off the chair. Warrick disappears from view, still laughing, as Derek gets himself up and takes a long drink before turning and leaving. We head out.*

*We return to the backstage area after the commercials finish, where Cynthia Hall is once again trying to get an interview. This time, she’s got a winner, as she’s talking to the winner of the GCWA Righteous Rumble, Lurrr! The live crowd is booing, even while the interview starts up.*

Cynthia Hall: Lurrr, it could be said that you had one of your greatest victories this past week when you managed to make it to the end of the Righteous Rumble, winning out over Dangerous Dan and the Big Canadian at the end. Along the way, you shockingly disposed of your own partner, Rick Mathis. The main question on everyone’s lips is, why?

Lurrr: First off I just want to state that it was probably one of the most satisfying sights since I have been in the GCWA when I thru that Fat Cow out on his ass and won this past Sunday’s Righteous Rumble. I have once again shown this business why I continue to be the best and most dominant force this company…. Wait not just this company but the best and most dominant force that this INDUSTRY has ever seen. Now a lot of people really didn’t know how to react when I took advantage of Rick Mathis and his vulnerability.

Cynthia Hall: I know I didn’t.

Lurrr: You see back almost a year ago he asked me to take him under my wing and show him the ropes of how this industry works. Of course when I saw a seven-foot giant asking for my help I knew all this could do was help me accomplish what I set out to do here in the GCWA. I used the big man like cheap whore and I drain him of all his worth. I mean let’s be honest how often are some of the guys in the back going to think twice before they messed with me when I have a seven-footer behind me?? It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what an advantage he would give me and to be honest with all of you hill-billy, Walker Texas Ranger watching tools, he served me just like I knew he would.

*The crowd is booing heavier now, many of them not that interested to hear what Lurrr has to say.*

Lurrr: I mean I have brought in guys like Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, and that flamer Tommy Crimson but the fact of the matter was Mathis was the insurance policy, the muscle, and the intimidation factor of the Roman Empire. So you ask why Lurrr would you then turn on a guy who has become an advantage for so long??? It’s a pretty simple answer and I am going to try and talk real slow for you morons out there!!!

*Hall looks ready to comment again, but Lurrr’s quick to grab the mic from her, not letting her speak anymore. He moves towards the camera, taking over the full interview spot.*

Lurrr: It’s because ever since I started the Roman Empire I created it for one sole reason…. To show the world that when it came to a empire it really only had to be run by one!!! I mean the men I have mentioned here tonight, they were my puppets and took orders from me like I was General Patton!!! Some of the best in this business took orders from me because they respected the greatness that I brought to this company. And in the end I have accomplished that and I have shown this roster that I can control the best and the biggest. Well now I have proven to myself that I can be an entire empire all by myself, that’s how damn good I am!!!

*The boos are deafening now, showing that Lurrr is still most likely the most hated man in the GCWA. Cynthia Hall is standing behind him, her arms crossed.*

Lurrr: So from now on the only capable empire member and quite honestly the only qualified member of this roster to be in the empire is me!!! I am a one-man empire that will accomplish everything he has said he would accomplish. Come next month when I retain the GCWA World Heavyweight Title it will be yet another milestone to what has already been a Hall of Fame career. And the best part about all of this is you pathetic, wannabe fans will have to admit you were wrong about Lurrr, he is a great wrestler, hell he is one of the best!!!

*Lurrr turns back, as if to hand the mic back to Cynthia. But when she extends her hand, Lurrr’s quick to pull back, turning once more to the camera.*

Lurrr: And once you come to grips with those facts of reality you all will be smarter for it!!!!

*Lurrr throws down the mic, breaking it, before turning and walking away. Cynthia looks down at the shattered mic, knowing that she can’t even comment, and shakes her head with frustration. We cut away from her and head back to ringside.*

Logan: So Lurrr is now the only member of the Roman Empire??

Jones: Can one man be an empire?

Logan: Apparently, in Lurrr’s mind, yes, Jonesy.

Jones: Incredible! I never thought we’d see Mathis and Lurrr on the outs, but now it has to be considered a reality!

Logan: Hell, that’s news to celebrate to, my man! I’m getting myself a beer!

Jones: No you’re not, Anthony… I’m not having another Paco here! Let’s just get to the next contest!

Minos: The next match will be a 10-minute contest scheduled for one fall. First, coming to the ring, he is one of the younger stars in the GCWA, currently working on building up his experience, standing 6’8” and weighing 285 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!

*”New Divide” by Linkin Park plays, with the fans giving a warm reception to Styles. The large wrestler walks out towards the ring, ready to compete, nodding to some of his fans along the way down the aisle.*

Jones: Styles gave a good effort for the Righteous Rumble, and continues to build himself up as a challenge to the rest of the GCWA.

Logan: I saw that he is training harder than ever, which can really be beneficial to him in the long run. Really, I consider him the favorite here tonight, judging by who he’s facing.

Minos: His opponent is a long-time member of the GCWA family, and continues to pursue his own dreams of being a professional wrestler, standing 5’6” and weighing in at 173 lbs, from Dallas Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*Cheers ring out for the hometown ‘hero’, as “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor begins to play. Vaughn walks quickly out of the back, still looking a little sore after the beatings he took at the Righteous Rumble. It’s not enough to stop him, though, as he heads down the aisle.*

Jones: The Janitor continued his streak this week, appearing at his sixth pay-per-view in a row!

Logan: Yep, six appearances, no wins, Jonesy!

Jones: True, he hasn’t exactly been successful, but he’s at least gotten an extra paycheck every month.

Logan: Good point. I bet there are no other janitors around that will have the yearly salary Mr. Vaughn is going to be reporting to the IRS. I wonder if they’ll think he’s trying to cheat them somehow?

Jones: By reporting more income? Doubtful.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Vaughn steps through the ropes, careful not to get himself tangled up. He moves in, swinging his fists back and forth, ready to get going. It’s only then that Vaughn seems to realize what he’s up against, as Styles walks towards him. Vaughn looks up, and up, and up, his face going pale at the threat standing before him. Styles has a smile on his face, enjoying Vaughn’s discomfort. The Janitor considers things a second more, then turns to referee Mitchell, raising his hand to a certain point, as if saying “I thought my opponent was this big?” Referee Mitchell shakes his head and points to Styles, with Vaughn turning his hand towards Styles’ lower chest. Vaughn takes an audible gulp, then looks up again at Styles, trying to smile. It lasts only a second, as Styles grabs him and lifts him effortlessly in the air under both arms, then tosses him to the side into the corner!! Vaughn crashes in, with Styles immediately following him and using his boot to start choking the Janitor out!!*

Jones: I’d say that Styles has a significant size advantage in this one!

Logan: You think?? Man, I don’t know how the Janitor is going to be able to combat this!

Jones: One thing’s for sure, he needs to get away from Aaron Styles’ grasp!

*Referee Mitchell gives Styles a five count to break the choke maneuver, which Styles does at 4, letting a coughing Vaughn walk forward along the ropes. Styles stays behind him, grabbing Vaughn’s trunks from behind and throwing him over the top rope!! Vaughn somehow gets the rope in his hands, hanging on, but he doesn’t have near the strength to skin the cat. Instead, he sits on the apron and drops down, saving himself a nasty bump. Seeing it, Styles steps over the ropes, in pursuit. Vaughn’s quickly moving away, still rubbing at his hurting throat, with Styles hurrying after him. Vaughn, seeing the big man coming, makes the decision to slide back into the ring. Styles follows him, pulling himself onto the apron to step over the ropes once again. But the Janitor is ready, coming back over and grabbing the top rope, shaking it up and down!! Styles takes a short ‘ride’ on the ropes, pain flashing across his face. He falls into the ring, with Vaughn immediately running over and flipping over with a standing shooting star press!! Vaughn covers, with Mitchell right there… 1… 2.. and Styles launches him into the air, sending him off the cover!*

Jones: Vaughn actually used some good strategy there against the big man, tricking him into pursuit!

Logan: Yeah, but he didn’t have near the body weight to hold him down afterwards! Vaughn’s got to wear down Styles a LOT before he can get the victory!

Jones: Yep, he’s got to keep the offense on full to put the big man away.

*Vaughn is back on his feet now, coming in towards a recovering Styles. Vaughn attempts to stomp on him, but Styles sweeps his large arm out, catching Vaughn on the leg! He yanks, and Vaughn tumbles to his back, hitting his head on the canvas!! The Janitor rolls away, trying to regroup, while Styles grabs at the ropes and gets back to his feet. He moves over towards Vaughn, grabbing him as the smaller wrestler gets up, and picks him up, delivering a thunderous bodyslam! Vaughn yells out, grabbing at his spine, while Styles steps back over to him. He pulls Vaughn back up, then lifts him into the air, setting him for a huge powerbomb! Vaughn, though, fights free at the top, jumping off of Styles and landing behind him! Vaughn runs to the ropes and comes back at full speed, even as Styles spins around, snatching Vaughn on the way by and spinning him around with a massive sidewalk slam to the mat!!! Vaughn’s down, as Styles goes for the cover… 1… 2… and somehow Vaughn kicks out!*

Logan: Man, it can be easy to discount someone like Styles speed-wise, but he moved pretty quickly there to catch Vaughn off-guard!

Jones: He’s agile for his size, which could make him a champion in the future, if he continues to improve.

Logan: I’d say Vaughn is a believer now in Styles’ future!

*Vaughn is trying to sit up, without success. Styles gives him a hand, dragging him off the mat. He then carries Vaughn over to the side, lifting Vaughn up on his shoulder and dropping him throat-first on the top rope!! Vaughn’s down again, hurting badly, while Styles takes it all in with a grim smile. It’s like he’s enjoying a job well done. He pulls Vaughn up again, this time setting him in place for the Touchdown!! Vaughn tries to escape, but he can’t get away, as Styles easily lifts him up and plows him back down into the mat!!! Vaughn’s not moving, but Styles doesn’t seem satisfied yet. He ignores the pinfall and grabs at Vaughn, trying to drag the semiconscious Janitor to his feet. As soon as he gets him up high enough, Styles sets his foe into position and takes him down with the Styles Spike!!!! Vaughn is out cold, easy pickings, with Styles finally ending it by putting his hands on the Janitor’s chest. Referee Mitchell makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Aaron Styles!

Jones: Styles gets himself another victory here tonight, dominating the Janitor!

Logan: Yeah, Vaughn just didn’t have much of a chance against such a powerhouse, as he was just thrown all over the place. I give him points for showing up, but that’s about it for tonight.

Jones: Meanwhile, Styles continues to build his career, earning another notch in his belt. Who will he go after next?

*Styles isn’t spending much time gloating. He turns and leaves the ring, already heading for the back without looking behind at the destruction he wrought. Vaughn is still down, completely out of it, with referee Mitchell checking on his condition. Meanwhile, we head backstage to the Presidential office, where the Accelerator is getting himself situated again after the outburst with Arryk Rage. Ace starts to look over some e-mails that have been received, when the phone rings. He picks it up.*

The Accelerator: Hello. (pause) Yes this is he. (pause) No I was not aware that the Lost Soul was admitted to the hospital on Monday. (pause) Ok, thank you for letting me know.

*Ace then gets on a walkie talkie and radios for the security team. *

The Accelerator: Reed, can you round up the security team and head over to my office? Thanks.

*The Accelerator sits back at his desk, looking thoughtful as he thinks about what to do next. We fade out.*

*As we enter the locker room of the Danger Boiz, we see Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris both seated on the couch. They seem to be in one of their usual brotherly arguments. *

Chris: Dude, I could have totally lasted as long as you did if not longer.

Dan: You wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in the Righteous Rumble.

Chris: I would have gotten a better number than you did that’s for sure. See you should have just let me been in the Rumble.

Dan: Oh yeah, so you could have been eliminated like your opponent you had tonight, Mikey Willis?

Chris: Please I totally kicked his butt in that ring, and I would have totally kicked everyone’s butt in the rumble. I could have beaten Biff, err, I mean The Big Canadian. I am the stronger, more talented Danger ‘Boi’ after all.

Dan: (under his breath) Or so we let you think.

Chris: What did you say?

Dan: I said lovely day isn’t…

*A knock is heard at the door, and saved by the ‘knock’ Dan answers the door. Standing on the other side is the lovely Cynthia Hall.*

Dan: Cynthia, what a pleasant surprise. C’mon in.

*Cynthia enters with microphone in hand.*

Dan: What can we do for you Cynthia? Wait, let me guess, you want to ask some questions? Well go for it.

*Cynthia gets into position with the microphone and begins her interview.*

Cynthia: Well, Dan, I want to start off by saying congrats on lasting longer than any superstar in the Righteous Rumble. You came close to becoming the 2009 Righteous Rumble Winner. How are you doing after a grueling forty minutes in the rumble?

Dan: Well Cynthia; I am doing great. I lasted longer than anyone in the rumble. A grueling forty minutes. I eliminated four different people, and one of those happened to be Titan 3. I told everyone that I was going to make an impact at the Righteous Rumble, and I think I have gotten some peoples attention. I took out Titan 3, eliminated Warrick Hill and took out Penance. I came close to beating Canadian and Lurrr. I proved that I have what it takes to compete with the big dogs.

Cynthia: Well, this past week, we learned about the announcement of your new born son, Elias. How are you coping with being a dad and loosing the mother of your child?

Dan: The first couple of days were rough. I honestly had no clue what I was doing. Elias has given more of a reason to fight to the finish. He has inspired me to become a better wrestler and become World Heavyweight Champion in 2010. I plan on making a bigger impact. I decided that I want more gold. I am one half of the Tag Team Champions, but I want more. I have a son to feed. I have my sights set on more gold and that being the X Division Championship. Think about it, Dangerous Dan versus Scott Caine once again, but this time for the X-Division Championship. Scott and I agreed not to face each other during the Television title reign, but Scott got a hold of bigger gold before I did. That pisses me off. So, Scott, you best be watching your back. Until you accept my challenge for the X-Division title, I am going to once again become a thorn in your side.

*Chris suddenly approaches into the shot. He grabs for the microphone and speaks.*

Chris: Who the hell says you get to challenge Scott for the X Division title? What about me?

Dan: What do you mean what about you? What about you?

Chris: I should get a shot at Scott Caine for the X Division title.

*With Dan and Chris arguing over who should be contender, Cynthia and the camera slowly exit out of the room leaving the brothers to bicker amongst themselves. We head back to the ring.*

Logan: Brotherly love, ain’t it grand?

Jones: You should know, Anthony. Talked to your brother much lately?

Logan: Oooo, low blow, Jonesy. Andrew and I talk… occasionally…

Jones: Sure you do. Well, we have another match to….

*Suddenly, "God in Extension" starts to play as Shane Donovan emerges from the back. He ignores the crowd as he motions to the back, where Harvey Danger emerges from, accompanying Shane to the ring. Once inside the ring, Shane grabs a microphone from a stagehand.*

Shane Donovan: Cut the music!

*The music is cut.*

Shane Donovan: Alright, I have a couple of things I need to get off of my chest. First thing I'd like to address is the Righteous Rumble. I know I promised I would be winning the event, but I realize in hindsight that I made a huge mistake. I eliminated Harvey here when I should've kept working with him. I'm sorry Harvey, I just saw the opportunity and took it and I shouldn't have. Can you forgive me?

Harvey Danger: Well I guess, but--

Shane Donovan: Thanks Harvey, you're a real pal. Now then, onot other business. Scott Caine, I know you're here, so get out to the ring so we can have a heart to heart.

*There's silence for a moment, but then "Automatic" starts to play as Scott Caine and Penance make their way to the ring. Shane stands his ground as Harvey looks on behind him. Caine gets into the ring, holding up his X Division title and getting into Shane's face.*

Scott Caine: So I'm here. Now, what makes you think you deserve a shot at this?

*Caine turns, showing the belt to the crowd with a smug look on his face.*

Shane Donovan: Oh, there's several, but let's keep this simple: I can beat Crazy Chris and you can't.

*Scott glares at Shane before slinging the belt back over his shoulder.*

Scott Caine: Hey, At least I won a match at the Righteous Rumble. What did you do? Oh yeah, that's right, you went over the top rope and lost.

Shane Donovan: Then what's the problem Caine? You'd think you'd be okay with facing a "loser" like me. Personally, I think you're just a little green with envy. Ace wouldn't let you into the rumble, and now you got someone who's accomplished far more than you have calling you out for your belt.

Scott Caine: What? Ace didn't put me in that match because he decided the rest of the show needed my star power to get it done.

Shane Donovan: Right, keep telling yourself that.

Scott Caine: You know what? Fine, I'll face you next week. I'm going to make sure you recognize that this is the Caine era, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Shane Donovan: Right, what with your boy Penance backing you up there. Well, I have back-up too, right Harv?

Harvey Danger: Huh?

*Penance walks over to Harvey, staring the former Television Champion down. Harvey, for his part, just looks uncomfortable.*

Shane Donovan: I have a present for you though Scott, hold on, let me get it.

*Shane rolls out of the ring, then reaches behind the apron to under the ring. In a flash he pulls out a bucket and with a splash douses Scott Caine with the contents: green paint. Shane then grabs Harvey and yanks him out of the ring to safety as Scott Caine seethes in the ring.*

Jones: Oh my gosh!!

Logan: Caine just became the Incredible Hulk! Well, in color, anyways!

Jones: What an insult!

*Penance has quickly reacted, grabbing the shirt off of a shocked attendant and using it to take off some of the paint covering Caine, who is staring daggers towards the retreating Donovan and Danger. Harvey looks unsure, but Donovan is laughing, having enjoyed his little joke. He departs, with Harvey reluctantly following behind, as we go to a break.*

*We return in the backstage area, or more appropriately, the reception area, where wrestlers and support staff alike can come to get something to eat before or after matches. Coming around the corner is Peter Vaughn, who looks exhausted after the beating he took earlier from Aaron Styles. Nontheless, he walks in, considering the food sitting in front of him. It consists of everything from fruit and snacks to a steak cooked to request by a 5-star chef. Vaughn rubs his hands together and starts to move forward, even as another man comes to greet him.*

Manager: Thank heavens you’re finally here!

Peter Vaughn: Thanks! … what?

Manager: I’ve been wondering when someone would get around to clean up back there! It’s a mess! We have a mop right here for you, so get to work!

*The manager scoots a mop and bucket over to Vaughn, who instead glances towards the food once again. The manager annoyingly throws the end of the mop into the Janitor for him to catch, breaking his concentration.*

Manager: You can eat what’s left later! For now, do your job!

*Other wrestlers come in, getting some food, as Vaughn moves off forlornly, back to his job. We go to the ringside area.*

Jones: Bad night for Mr. Vaughn, huh?

Logan: I know he took up wrestling to try and earn some support. But that manager, he can be a real jerk, y’know?

Jones: Well, anyways, we’ve got more action to get to! Minos?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming down the aisle, he is making his Friday Night Inferno debut here tonight after a successful run in the GCWA Righteous Rumble, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*”Crack A Bottle” by Eminem leads the way out for Johnson, who waves happily to some of the cheering fans on his way towards the squared circle. He heads towards the ring, pulling himself up onto the apron.*

Jones: Bucky Johnson had an impressive debut in the Righteous Rumble, tossing out Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn and lasting for quite a while before his luck finally ran out.

Logan: He at least seems to know what he’s doing, which could lead to great things here in the GCWA. I know he’s had a long-running wish of becoming a professional wrestler, a dream that his mother helped foster before her death back in 1993.

Jones: I heard that she herself was interested in a wrestling career that, unfortunately, never materialized. Now her dream lives on in the actions of her son, Bucky.

Logan: That’s great motivation for this young man. Let’s see how he utilizes it!

Minos: His opponent has won championships in other organizations, and is now seeking to make a name for himself in the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 226 lbs, from Fort Worth, Texas, here is “The Great One” Grimm!

*The crowd’s booing already as “Soul Survivor” by Young Jeezy plays on the speakers. Grimm storms out of the back, obviously in a bad mood as he heads towards the ring, throwing a towel away from him. He nearly knocks down a cameraman that gets too far into his path, shoving him out of the way.*

Jones: Grimm’s still steaming from what happened at the Righteous Rumble.

Logan: Yeah, but for a newcomer, he had a hell of a performance, lasting until the final six! He should be proud of that achievement!

Jones: He should be, but he wanted it all, Anthony, so it wasn’t enough. He’s here tonight to try and demolish his opponent, showing him no respect in an earlier interview this week.

Logan: Well, respect isn’t required for this to be a good match! Let’s see what happens!

*The Bell Rings.*

*It doesn’t take long for this match to get started, as Grimm immediately charges at Bucky as soon as he gets into the ring. He attacks the wrestler in the corner, punching away at Johnson, who is caught off-balance by the sudden attack. However, that doesn’t make Johnson helpless, as he is able to block a strike and swing back, landing a couple of good hits that move Grimm backwards! Bucky, fired up, throws two more haymakers that land across Grimm’s head, sending him to his knees! Johnson then goes to the ropes and comes back with a leap, smashing into Grimm and laying him out on the mat, with Johnson landing on a sitting position on top of him!! Bucky stays there as referee Rockwell darts in for a quick count… 1… 2.. and Grimm’s legs come up, catching Johnson’s arms and yanking him backwards, reversing the pin attempt!! Rockwell starts up a new one… 1… 2… and Bucky manages to get free! Both men shove themselves upwards, as the fans cheer the quick pace they’ve started out with.*

Jones: Here we go, two young guns trying to use each other to get up the ladder here in the GCWA!

Logan: Yeah, hard to pick a favorite when we’ve seen so little of either man. Both look like they have a future here, but then, you never know, right?

Jones: Well, whoever wins tonight will be one step closer to the top, that’s for sure!

*Both wrestlers get to their feet quick, but Grimm is just a hair faster, landing an uppercut that staggers Johnson backwards. Grimm continues with a couple more strikes, then moves in, delivering a scoop slam! Johnson shakes it off quickly and starts to rise, but Grimm latches onto him again, twisting him around and grabbing his arms before pulling him forward into a pin attempt!! Bucky’s feet are kicking frantically as referee Rockwell does his count… 1… 2… and Bucky escapes again! Grimm, annoyed at what he saw as a slow count, nonetheless goes back to work, taking Bucky into the corner and using his head as a battering ram into the pads! But Bucky straightens up and looks at him, showing that his head might be a little harder than a battering ram!! Grimm, stunned, does it again, slamming Bucky’s head down, but Bucky’s back up, smiling at him! Grimm tries one more time, but Bucky blocks it, then sends Grimm in instead, with the Great One falling backwards out of the corner to the mat!*

Jones: You can say what you want about Bucky Johnson’s looks, but he definitely has a hard head!

Logan: Hey, that can be a major asset in the wrestling business! Grimm’s got to pick another body part to go after, if he gets another chance!

*Johnson moves in, grabbing hold of Grimm’s head as he’s getting up and, running forward, sends his nose into the canvas with a bulldog!! Grimm’s down, his hands over his head, while Bucky pulls himself up. He moves away towards the ropes and waits for Grimm to rise, then jets himself in, doing a running lariat that flips Grimm head over heels!! Johnson’s quick to make a pin attempt, with Rockwell right there… 1… 2… and Grimm manages to kick out before the match can end. Johnson immediately pulls Grimm back up, taking him towards the ropes and whipping him towards the other side. Bucky then goes to meet him with a dropkick, but Grimm manages to get hold of the ropes, stopping himself! With no added leverage, Bucky’s dropkick turns into a faceplant, as he crashes to the ground!! Grimm’s quick to dive in, grabbing the legs and getting a handful of trunks! Rockwell’s there to count… 1… 2… no! Bucky gets himself free!*

Logan: Whew! For a second there, I thought Grimm was going to cheat his way to a victory!

Jones: He almost managed it, but Johnson just had a little too much leg strength!

Logan: Still, Grimm’s back in control of this one!

*Grimm hauls Bucky Johnson back to his feet, ignoring the suspicious stare of referee Rockwell. He takes Bucky back into the corner, pounding away on his upper body with several strikes to weaken him. Grimm then brings Johnson back out of the corner and takes him over with a German suplex! But Grimm’s not done, bringing Johnson back up for another, refusing to let go! Three more German suplexes follow, with Grimm tossing Johnson all over the ring!! He finally lets go, leaving Johnson hurting as he’s released from his opponent’s grip. With Johnson down, Grimm heads to the ropes and comes back, landing a picture-perfect elbow drop before trying another cover… 1… 2… and Bucky refuses to stay down, no matter how many suplexes he takes! Grimm, frustrated, again argues with the referee, but Rockwell doesn’t back down. They argue for a second, with Johnson rolling away from them to try and regain his composure further away. Grimm finally warns Rockwell not to count slow again, then heads over to Johnson… who catches him with a sucker punch to the gut!! Grimm bends over, with Johnson jumping up and giving Grimm a legsweep into the ropes!!*

Jones: Johnson’s back in it!

Logan: All of that anger in Grimm is going to cost him if he can’t control it. I’ve seen it before, it can overwhelm a man.

Jones: It’s certainly not working in his favor right now, Anthony!

*Bucky is back on Grimm now, hauling him up and preparing to take him over with a neckbreaker! But Grimm stops it, shoving Bucky away! Johnson immediately comes right back in, but Grimm lands another punch, staggering him, then comes in, grabbing Johnson and whipping him hard into the corner! Johnson sags there, as Grimm backs off, looking to the booing crowd for a second before rushing in with an attempted corner splash! But Johnson reacts, getting both boots up right into Grimm’s approaching face, snapping his neck back violently!!!! Grimm crashes to the ground, rolling for a second before coming to a rest face-up. Johnson, meanwhile, is quickly pulling himself up onto the turnbuckle, positioning himself for a leap! The fans cheer as he takes off, quickly cracking his body like a whip on the way down as he lands the frog splash!!! Grimm is crushed, with Bucky grabbing his legs to hang on for the pin. Rockwell, ‘obeying’ Grimm’s wish, quickly comes in for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

Jones: Johnson gets a big-time victory for his first appearance on Inferno!!

Logan: That’s a hell of a move he uses! I hear people are calling it the Bucking Bronco!

Jones: Well, it fits for me, anyway! Tough loss for Grimm, but sometimes that’s the way things go in the GCWA. Johnson really came through this week, which has to put him on the radar of many guys here in the company.

Logan: Congrats on the win, kid, now go get some more!

*Grimm rolls to the outside, looking completely shell-shocked. He’s holding his ribs as he looks in towards Bucky Johnson, who is getting his hand triumphantly raised by Adrian Rockwell. It’s hard to tell who Grimm is angrier at, as he glares at both men. Johnson has no problem returning the glare, happy to have pulled off a victory. We head to the back, where the Accelerator has gathered the GCWA Security team in his office for an impromptu meeting.*

The Accelerator: Ok, so I just got a call from the hospital, TLS was admitted into the hospital on Monday, his body went into shock. The doctors say he's going to be out for awhile. Which means we need a new head of security. Any volunteers?

*Not a hand goes up, security has seen what have happened to the last two head of security. Titan 3 went crazy and TLS is incapacitated. But then a hand goes up slowly.*

Reed M. Shin: There's got to be some sort of curse with that position, but I'll give it a go. Do I get a raise?

*Ace winces internally, but manages to keep most of it from his face. He hates giving out more money, but sometimes it IS warranted.*

The Accelerator: Sure… I suppose so…

Reed M. Shin: Ok. Tell me what you need me to do.

*Ace pulls Reed to the side and they huddle up as the screen fades out.*

*We return from the break to ringside, where Jones and Logan are seated as always. Wonder when they go take their restroom breaks? But I digress…*

Jones: It’s been a good show so far, with our main event still to come. Before that gets here, though, it’s time for another staple of the Fright Night Inferno scene!

Logan: Yep, although I wasn’t sure it was going to be on tonight, considering the condition of the host!

Jones: Draco had a hell of a battle this past week inside the Steel Asylum against The Lost Soul, but he managed to escape from it with the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship intact. And now, it’s time to hear from our World Champion!

*The crowd at Friday Night Inferno soon recognize one of the familiar sights of the night. No, it isn’t a Big Bifford segment that defies all known laws of man…and physics. It isn’t a Marcus Ka’Derrion spot where he speaks with such intensity after a monumental failure. It isn’t even Warrick Hill and Derek Mobley getting high, changing their alignment, leaving, coming back, beating jobbers, changing their alignment, getting beat, rinse, wash, repeat. No, the familiar sight is something that actually entertains the fans. Lurrr getting beat? Give it a month.

Oh, right, the show. Anyways, there is a small army running up and down the ramp bringing down box after box. The boxes are sealed, but soon the fans see what they have come to expect. The director chairs, the stylish red carpet, and even the giant reflective sign hanging just outside of the ring. Yes, this means the one, the only, the…*

*Soon, the troop of crew members exit the area. The lights dim quickly. The fans are on the edge of their seat. The PA system comes to life violently with Disturber’s “Indestructible”. It takes a few seconds, but the fans soon see their World Heavyweight Champion standing at the entryway atop of the stage.

Draco is standing there, but looks like the match at the Righteous Rumble is still being felt even nearly two weeks later. Draco is walking with an obvious limp. His shirt is obviously hiding the bandages that are covering the burns and lacerations that The Lost Soul gave to him from a barbed wire two-by-four. Yet none of these injuries stops Draco from having his usual cocky smirk plastered on his face.*

Logan: Draco certainly had a pretty tough challenge for his first defense of the belt, but he came through it despite the pain. Now, though, he’s been locked on a collision course once again with the former World Champion, Lurrr, and you can bet that both men are already thinking about their past clashes!

Jones: I don’t know if I’d be thinking about it yet, Anthony. If I went through what Draco did this past week, I’d probably be home, resting, for a week or four, to get my strength back up!

Logan: And that, Jonesy, is why you’re not a wrestler.

*With a pained expression on his face, Draco manages to get into the ring. He raises the World Heavyweight Title high in one hand above his head. The expression on his pain is pride mixed with pain. The fans react accordingly to their champion. Draco brings a microphone to his lips.*

Draco: “The Righteous Rumble proved that I was no fluke. I am a CHAMPION!”

*The fans cheer remembering the carnage that the two wrestlers put themselves through for the highest title of them all. Draco lays the title down gently over his shoulder as he moves into his director chair. His body is obviously still stiff and bruised from the vicious match.*

Draco: “I think it is time that we have a real celebration!”

*The fans still have not stopped cheering. Well, a few of the more aware males have stopped cheering. They noticed the various bikini-clad women walking down the entrance ramp. Each one seemingly hotter than the rest.*

Logan: Yes!! This is going to be awesome!!

Jones: Someone call my wife and distract her so she’s not watching this…

Logan: Hellloooo, nurse!

*Draco even takes a moment to view the women’s assets. Once all dozen women are in the ring, Draco motions to the boxes. The women start to open up the boxes.*

Draco: “How do I celebrate? Give away free *bleep!*”

*The women hold up the newest T-shirt design to grace the racks of GCWA merchandise. It is a shirt for Draco. A shirt celebrating his current reign as champion. The front of the T-shirt shows Draco with the title high above his head at Adrenaline Rush where he won it from Lurrr. The T-shirt with a very special message to one individual. Written on the back is a few simple words….*

Draco 1 Lurrr 0

*The women start taking the shirts and launching them into the crowd with T-shirt cannons, sling shots, and even the good ol’ arm. Draco is smiling from ear to ear watching these hundreds of shirts get tossed out to the fans.*

Draco: “This is my thank you to each and every one of your fans! You know who the true Champion of this place is! You cheered me on! You helped me win this title! You helped me defend this title!”

*Draco slaps the title over his shoulder, but most of the fans are trying to fight for their free merchandise. Draco leans back in his chair and begins to relax. The festivities will continue once all the T-shirts are given out.*

Voice: Wow. Real nice. Good job there, champ.

*The words ring over the PA system. The voice belonged to the man at the entranceway. Draco looked up and his eyes filled with hatred. Draco stared down at Lurrr. The fans, the girls, the party he had planned, everything disappeared.*

Jones: The #1 Contender is crashing the party!

Logan: Wait, girls, don’t go! I can protect you!! Aw, hell…. Damnit, Lurrr!!!

*The girls rush away from the ring, even as Draco leans over the ropes, glaring laserbeams towards his nemesis. Lurrr walks down the aisle, ignoring the angry mob brewing next to him.*

Lurrr: You know, Draco, it’s funny that you have come out here tonight to celebrate a victory over a washed up, has been who has been my punching bag since I have stepped in a GCWA ring.

*The fans boo harder, not liking the disrespect shown towards the injured Lost Soul.*

Lurrr: You know I have never really understood what’s with the title of your show… The Complaint Department??? I mean before you fought me nobody really cared what you said nor did they care about your opinions on matters that pertained to MY COMPANY!!!!

Jones: Lurrr’s company??

Logan: Talk about cocky! He at least chose the right song for himself!

Lurrr: Now as for your win over me at Adrenaline Rush, well I will give you your props, I mean our match was one for the ages. We battered and beat up each other until we had nothing left, but one thing that I gained from that loss was knowledge about you. To be perfectly honest with you I had no idea how you wrestled because I didn’t see you as a threat and maybe that was my mistake for overlooking you. But as much of a ego-maniac people think I am there one thing that I love more than talking about myself…. And that’s the GCWA World Title!!!

*With the booing continuing, Lurrr steps through the ropes, into the Complaint Department area. Draco is still glaring at him, clenching his fists tightly while his foe approaches him.*

Lurrr: And as you prepare for our match just remember that you are stepping into a ring with a living legend, a guy that everyone in the locker-room wishes they could be, and a guy who doesn’t lose very often. So before you sign a contract just remember I am……

*Suddenly, Draco swings, slapping the taste out of Lurrr’s mouth!! Lurrr turns away, not hurt, just astonished that Draco would disrespect a ‘living legend’ like that.*

Logan: There you go, way to respond, Draco!!

Jones: Security?? We’re going to need you in a second!!!

*Draco waits as Lurrr straightens back up, rubbing at his jaw with his hand. After a moment’s contemplation, Lurrr responds, diving in at Draco and tackling him!!! The two men start brawling throughout the ring, as the crowd goes crazy!!!*

Logan: The war is on!!!

*The two men battle across the ring, with Draco starting to take control, only to have Lurrr start punching away at Draco’s side, targeting his injuries!! Draco winces and falls to the side, grabbing at his bandaged chest, with Lurrr continuing to go after it, trying to do more damage!!*

Logan: Oh, crap! I forgot, Draco’s in no shape to do this kind of fight!!

Jones: Lurrr can’t be much better after the Rumble, though, Anthony!

Logan: It’s not the same and you know it! Draco’s got some severe injuries that are going to take time to heal, especially when they’re beat on again less than a week later!!

*As Lurrr continues his assault, security suddenly appears, led by Reed M. Shin, the new interim Head of Security. They pour into the ring, quickly separating the two wrestlers, with Shin making sure to shove Draco painfully away, causing him to stumble to the side, his bandages slowly turning a new tinge of red. Lurrr, wanting to keep fighting, tries to go through the security, but there’s enough there to keep him away, with Shin threatening to go after him as well. As the chaos continues, we fade away, leaving security behind to do their job while the show takes a commercial break.*

*We return from the final break backstage, where Shane Donovan is grabbing a bottle of water off of a refreshments table. An attendant nearby comes up to him, looking at him strangely.*

Attendant: Shane, didn’t you hear? Draco and Lurrr just fought, with Draco bleeding through his bandages! I think they’re trying to get him to go to the hospital!

Shane Donovan: Draco’s hurt? That’s just… terrible.

*The attendant looks even more confused, with Shane shaking his head, then taking a drink from the water before turning back to him.*

Shane Donovan: Fine, where is my partner? I’ll go see how he’s…

Attendant: Holy *bleep*!!!!

*Out of nowhere, Penance appears, upending Shane over the table!! Beverages go flying everywhere as Penance picks up Shane and slams him into a nearby wall, holding him there as Scott Caine wanders back, mostly cleaned up from the paint and carrying a chair. The attendant goes running for cover, knowing that this isn’t a safe place to be.*

Scott Caine: So, you think you're funny huh?

*Penance shoves Shane to the floor, and Shane gets onto his knees before Caine breaks the chair down hard on Shane's head.*

Scott Caine: No one embarrasses me and gets away with it. You think you deserve a match at my title? You don't. No one does. Now I'm going to make sure you don't get a match for a while!

*Caine delivers another chairshot, this time to Shane's back. Penance pulls out Shane's left leg as Caine unfolds the chair a bit and slips Shane's ankle in. Caine then begins to stomp down on the chair, crushing it into Shane's leg.*

Scott Caine: This is what happens to people who try to make me look bad. Remember it next time!

*Shane yells out in pain, grabbing at his leg as Scott continues his assault. Not yet satisfied, Caine motions for Penance to pick up Shane as he sets the table back up. Penance then lifts Shane up over his head with a military press before dropping him through the table. Caine dusts off his hands before he walks away with Penance, leaving Shane a broken heap on the arena floor. The attendant, looking around the corner, immediately turns and runs off, calling out Harvey Danger’s name, the last-standing member of D & D tonight. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Jesus!! The Caine Dynasty did a serious number on Shane Donovan!!

Logan: Yeah, I’m not anywhere near a Donovan fan, but damn! That was severe! I mean, seriously, Donovan might be out of action for a while after that!

Jones: I can guarantee you this, he’s not competing for the X Division Title anytime soon!

Logan: Wild! Well, as bad as that was, we’ve still got our main event to get to! It’s going to be huge, as two titles are really on the line here!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! This match is also a deciding match in the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Round Robin Tournament!

*The crowd gives a good cheer, knowing that much is on the line in this one. The camera focuses on one fan, holding up a Mr. Excellent poster. Behind him, waving frantically, is another teenager, this one wearing a Robert Santana t-shirt. We go back to Minos, who’s ready to continue.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger… he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, and is seeking his second GCWA Television Title reign here tonight… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude begins playing, leading the way for Santana to come out from the entryway. He gives the fans a quick bow, before heading towards the ring, clearly intent on walking out of here tonight with a championship. He enters the ring through the middle ropes, heading to a neutral corner.*

Jones: Santana had an emotional week apparently, cleaning out his son’s bedroom. That couldn’t have been easy, Anthony.

Logan: Nope, I doubt it was. He was removing the last parts of his son from his life, something no parent wants to have to do. I feel for the guy. Hopefully, though, he got it out of his system, and is ready to compete here tonight.

Jones: Tonight Santana can do what only one person, Dangerous Dan, has done before: become a 2-time GCWA Television Champion!

Minos: And now, entering the arena, he is a growing star in the GCWA, and looks to continue his rise by adding another championship here tonight, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Mr. Excellent!

*The crowd reaction is mixed, and leaning towards negativity, as “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. starts playing. Mr. Excellent comes out with the GCWA Television Title around his waist, taking a moment to pose triumphantly with the gold before continuing his walk. His manager, Mick, comes with him, already telling Excellent new ideas to use against his foe here tonight.*

Jones: This will be Mr. Excellent’s first defense of the GCWA Television Title, which he won two weeks ago with a victory over Harvey Danger.

Logan: Yep, but tonight means even more for Excellent, as a victory over Santana would mean that Excellent is also the new GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion!!

Jones: Tonight is Mr. Excellent’s chance to be a multi-champion, an opportunity few people get! Can he make the most of it?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Head Referee Mark Bell moves in, making sure to hold up the Television Title in the center of the ring before handing it off. Santana comes forward with confidence, taking a moment to bow towards Mr. Excellent… who responds with a slap across Santana’s face!! Santana steps back, surprised, even as Mr. Excellent challenges him to come on, not wanting to waste any time on pleasantries! Santana’s more than willing to oblige, locking up with Excellent and immediately putting him in a tight headlock, dropping to one knee to pull the champion down! Mr. Excellent fights at it, managing to stand them back up. He pushes Santana to the ropes and sends him running with a healthy shove, then tries to set up a maneuver. Santana returns to quickly, however, ramming his shoulder straight into Excellent and knocking him to his back! Excellent gets up twice, and gets knocked back down twice, before finally rolling out of the ring, getting away from the stiff attack from Santana!*

Jones: Looks like Santana is fired up here tonight!

Logan: Yeah, he knows that it’s do or die! A win tonight means he’s still got a shot in the tournament AND a championship!

Jones: Double the pressure, double the fun!

*The fans are cheering for Santana even as Mr. Excellent talks with Mick, trying to get himself straightened out. From our camera angle, we can see Mick handing Excellent something, even as Santana appears, reaching out of the ring and grabbing Excellent’s hair from behind!! Excellent’s eyes go wide as Santana pulls him onto the apron, but he swings upward blindly, throwing a small cloud of dust into Santana’s face!! Santana stumbles away, grabbing at his eyes, while the Television Champion turns to reenter! Head Referee Bell goes to check Santana, trying to see if something illegal has been used, but Mr. Excellent’s too smart to let that happen, quickly getting between them and grabbing Santana by the head, dropping back with a DDT! Mr. Excellent then tries a quick pin… 1… and Santana easily kicks out. Despite the problems with his sight, he’s got plenty of energy yet. Mr. Excellent immediately goes back to work, applying a chinlock to wear him down, as the fans start booing.*

Jones: I don’t know what that was, but Mr. Excellent definitely has taken advantage of it!

Logan: The dude’s become a major cheat, Jonesy! I know it’s how he won the title in the first place, but damnit, there’s got to be another way to achieve success!

Jones: Apparently not in Mr. Excellent’s mind, Anthony! He’s rich, he’s got influence, and he’s going to do whatever he has to in order to come out victorious!

*Outside the ring, Mick is shown, shouting instructions to Mr. Excellent on how to readjust his hands for more damage. Santana, meanwhile, is blinking away tears caused by the strange dust, even as he starts to push upwards, fighting the hold. Mr. Excellent suddenly releases the hold, getting up, then dropping a hard elbow to Santana’s spine, planting him on the mat! Mr. Excellent then stands up, looking to the crowd, some of whom shoot back ‘interesting’ gestures to him. It doesn’t bother the Television Champion, who signals that he’s going to be wearing two belts shortly. He grabs at Santana, pulling him up, then sets him up for a piledriver! He goes to lift, but Santana blocks it, then straightens up, managing to back drop Mr. Excellent away from him! Excellent does a roll on the landing, getting himself back to his feet, but as he comes in, Santana spins, snapping off a sharp kick to the head that sends Excellent flying!! It was almost on instinct, as Santana is still trying to clear his vision. He drops down towards Excellent for a pin… 1… 2… and Mr. Excellent gets his shoulder up!*

Logan: Blinded or not, Santana’s continuing to be a fighter! I like it!

Jones: You just like it because it reminds you of that John Claude van Damme movie…

Logan: Hey, “Bloodsport” is an awesome flick!

*In the ring, Santana pulls Mr. Excellent to his feet, taking him over to the corner. He starts chopping away with nasty intensity, slashing away at Excellent’s chest. They’re clearly taking their toll, as Excellent slumps forward, nearly falling to the mat. Santana doesn’t allow it, pulling Excellent out of the corner and bringing him towards the center, where he gets Excellent up onto his shoulders, then drops, extending his knees to deliver a gutbuster that sends Excellent howling with pain against the ropes!! Santana’s right there for a cover, but Excellent’s got a grip on the bottom rope, making it impossible for Head Referee Bell to count. Santana gets up and grabs Excellent by his right arm and right leg, pulling him away from the ropes. But just as Santana leans back down to try again, Mr. Excellent grabs him, twisting him into a roll-up!! He’s also got a handful of tights, trying anything to win, as Head Referee Bell drops down next to them… 1… 2… Santana barely manages to kick out in time!*

Jones: That was a close one!

Logan: Whew! I’d hate to have seen this match end like that!

Jones: The fight continues, with two championships hanging in the balance!!

*Both wrestlers get back to their feet, with Mr. Excellent immediately going to the eyes with a rake, causing Santana even more pain as he stumbles away. Head Referee Bell issues a warning, which doesn’t seem to carry much weight with Excellent. He goes over to Santana and locks him into place, then brings him up and over with a spinning suplex, slamming him into the canvas!! Mr. Excellent makes another cocky cover, waiting impatiently for Bell to do his job… 1… 2… and Santana kicks out again, staying alive. Mr. Excellent, annoyed, gets up and immediately heads towards Santana’s legs, grabbing at both of them and lifting him up. The Television Champion looks towards the crowd with an evil smile before starting to step through for the Execution!! At the last second, though, Santana kicks Mr. Excellent away, avoiding the dangerous submission hold! Mr. Excellent turns around, angry, but Santana suddenly kips up to his feet, then leaps in the air, scoring a standing dropkick that sends Excellent falling backwards into the nearby corner!!*

Jones: Santana may have just saved the match for himself, as he avoided the Execution!!

Logan: Yeah, not many have escaped that hold, but Santana was able to prepare himself for it and act accordingly!

Jones: This is his chance, he’s got to capitalize on it!

*Mr. Excellent shakes his head from the ground, then reaches up, grabbing at the ropes on either side of him to pull himself up. As soon as the champ is up, though, Santana comes in, nailing a flying knee strike to the chest that knocks Excellent back into the corner! Santana follows that up by climbing up on the ‘buckle around Excellent and delivering multiple tomahawk chops to the head, as if chopping down a tree from the top!! Excellent looks dazed, even as his manager, Mick, worriedly leaps up onto the apron and starts yelling, wanting the referee to stop this! He and Bell start arguing, even as Santana jumps off the turnbuckle and looks their direction. Excellent, meanwhile, has reached into his pocket and put something on his hand!! As Santana turns, Excellent darts forward, swinging his arm towards his foe’s head!! But Santana ducks in time, then catches Excellent from behind and throws him with a belly-to-back!! Excellent’s weapon flies out of the ring, out of range, even as Excellent tries to get back up… but it’s too late, as Santana rushes him and nails the Sensei-Tion!!!! Mr. Excellent’s out, as Santana drops on top! Despite Mick’s best efforts, Head Referee Bell turns and sees them, then moves over there to count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: Santana did it!! He defeated Mr. Excellent!!

Logan: He’s a champion again, plus he just evened things up in the tournament!

Jones: That’s right, Anthony!! Santana defeated Mr. Excellent, who defeated Harvey Danger, who defeated Santana on the Halloween show! My god, what do we do now??

Logan: I guess something special is going to have to be decided by the President! For now, all that matters is that we have a new Television Champion!

Jones: Incredible! We’re out of time, so we’ll see you next week for the Thanksgiving Special! Good night, everyone!

*In the ring, Santana has been handed the Television Title, which he’s hugging like an old, dear friend. Mr. Excellent has already painfully rolled out of the ring, with Mick trying to help him towards the back. Mr. Excellent looks pretty out of it, but he still knows that something’s missing, looking back towards the gold that’s left him behind. Santana climbs a turnbuckle, celebrating along with the fans, as we suddenly cut to the Presidential office. The Accelerator can be seen, watching the events on his big screen.*

The Accelerator: Looks like I’ve got a final match to arrange for the IC belt…

*Ace reaches up and turns off the television, as he starts to prepare to leave the arena. He leans over his desk, grabbing at his bag. Meanwhile, in the reflection of the television monitor, you can see the entire room… including a man standing behind the President!! Ace suddenly straightens up, realizing he’s not alone. He turns, and comes face to face with Marcus Ka’Derrion!! The crowd can be heard exploding as the two men make eye contact! Ka’Derrion lets out a small smile, but it’s hard to read what exactly is going on behind his eyes. We end on that ominous note, fading to blackness.*

OOC: Whew! Honestly, I didn't know if this one was getting up in time or not, thanks to my attending two straight days of training, having rehearsals, and getting bogged down by meetings and other activities today at work. Somehow, I got it up... let's just not get too much into the quality of it *lol*.

Hopefully, next week will be better. I plan to start on it early, since I know I won't be writing much Thursday *l*, so remember to get in your segments to me! Here's the card that I came up with, mostly using the requestors on the OOC board:

- Bruiser Kelley vs. Aaron Styles

- Arachne vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn

- The Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan) vs. Lucky Leon & Git'Em Gotti, Non Title Match

- Mr. Excellent vs. Lurrr

- Arryk Rage vs. Derek "The Thriller" Mobley

- Robert Santana(c) vs. Draco(c), Champion vs. Champion Match
(If Santana wins, he gets a guaranteed World Title shot)

- Scott Caine(c) vs. Harvey Danger, GCWA X Division Title TLC: Turkey, Ladders, & Chairs Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, November 20th to Wednesday, November 25th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

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