GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are wild, knowing that this is the go-home show for the Righteous Rumble. Signs range from “Draco’s Got Soul!” to “I Want A Little Danger In My Life!” Scarily, this sign is held by a 60-year-old grandmother with a “Harvey Danger Fan Club” t-shirt. We leave her behind and head to the announce table to join Jones & Logan.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the final Inferno before the Righteous Rumble!! I’m Edward Jones, joined as always by my broadcast colleague, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: Great to be here for the final build towards the pay-per-view, Edds! I tell you, no show gets me more pumped up than a Rumble!

Jones: It’s definitely going to be an incredible show, as 20 wrestlers from the GCWA will be competing for two honors: a Righteous Rumble victory and a spot as the #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight Title!

Logan: Yeah, funny enough, man, while you’d think people would be fighting for a chance at the gold, I always went into these matches just wanting the win for the respect and honor it brings. I mean, not many people can say they’re a Righteous Rumble champion!

Jones: It’s a truly great honor, and tonight, we expect to learn the other competitors in this match! Also tonight, the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Round Robin Tournament checks into high gear, as we have two matches taking place! First, Robert “The Sensei” Santana will be fighting rookie sensation Aaron Styles, and then, in our main event, Harvey Danger will be defending his newly-won GCWA Television Championship against Mr. Excellent!

Logan: I tell you, this tournament was already exciting, but to have the GCWA Television Title involved as well? Man, that’s incredible!

Jones: Indeed. It’s going to be a great night, and we want to kick it off by showing you what happened earlier tonight! First off, we had the debut of potentially a huge star in the GCWA, and no, I’m not talking about his opponent, Derrick North! Roll it!

*Derrick North came down first, with the fans not exactly excited to see him. Grimm is next, joined by his two partners, Lucky Leon and Git’Em Gotti. The tag-team members watch from the outside, while Grimm goes in to take care of business. North’s size proves to be less than effective, as Grimm is able to out-maneuver him effortlessly, tearing the man apart shot by shot. With North in a bad way, Grimm decided to get serious, grabbing hold and taking out North with the Grimm Reaper!! North showed no signs of waking up, even as he was pinned for the 3 count. The win proved not to be enough for Grimm, who called in his partners and went to work doing more damage. Leon & Gotti took out North with the Contract Hit, and then the three finally departed, leaving a crushed North behind them.*

Logan: If Grimm wanted to make a statement for his first GCWA match, I think he made it!

Jones: They definitely destroyed Derrick North, a young wrestler with potential who just can’t seem to find his way in the GCWA.

Logan: Grimm also earned himself a contract, getting himself into the Righteous Rumble. Can you say, dark horse? I mean, most of the wrestlers around here have faced off at one time or another, but Grimm is a complete wild card. You can bet people will be trying to study tape of his destruction of North, in order to get a better feel of how to fight him.

Jones: Yep, people had better beware, because Grimm could definitely be a surprise threat in the Rumble. In our other dark match, we had two guys who have both recently made their returns to the company. One has been pretty successful since returning. One has not. Guess who won?

*Mikey Willis appeared first, trying to find a way to stop the painful slide he’s been on lately. Mobley came out with Warrick Hill, showing a few signs of wear and tear from the Hazardous Ladder match, but still extremely confident in this one. The confidence proved to be well-founded, as Mobley dominated from the opening bell, catching a charging Willis by dropping his shoulder and throwing Willis over the ropes and to the outside! Mobley, not wanting a countout win, followed Willis out, throwing him around for a while before eventually taking him back into the ring. While Warrick wasn’t impressed, spending most of his time trolling the ringside audience for pretty women, Mobley stayed in complete control, finally putting Willis away with the Thriller and a 3 count. Mobley then left the ring, walking up the aisle with Warrick, the two already talking big about their own chances in the upcoming Righteous Rumble. Willis’ chances seemed much less likely, as he was still laying inside the ring after the Thriller.*

Logan: I don’t think anyone expected a different conclusion to this one, as Willis just hasn’t done much since his return.

Jones: Willis and Mr. Excellent returned around the same time, but they’ve definitely taken different paths. While Excellent is on his way towards a title match here tonight, Willis has lost again and again. He’s lucky that the Accelerator signed him to the Rumble as part of his return, or else Willis most likely wouldn’t even be getting the opportunity next week.

Logan: Mobley, on the other hand, got a nice bounce-back win after losing the World Tag-Team Titles, which will hopefully prime him for the competition in the Rumble. Of course, he already knows one guy he has to worry about: Warrick Hill, his own partner. Teammates collide!

Jones: They might, Anthony, or they might not even face. It all depends on luck of the draw.

Logan: Yeah, true. God, I love Rumbles!

Jones: I know, Anthony, but hold onto your enthusiasm. We’ve still got some great matches to have tonight, before the Rumble can even take place!

Logan: I know, I know… damn, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, desperate for my parents to wake up!

Jones: Well, let’s not wait anymore, as we’ve got some great matches to get to. Let’s send it to Minos to get it kicked off here tonight!

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. First, he started out in the wrestling business cleaning up in the backstage, but now is trying to clean up inside the ring, standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*The crowd cheers for their hometown ‘hero’ once more, as “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor begins to play. It takes a few moments for Vaughn to actually come out, as he’s in bad shape. His ribs are bandaged, as is his forehead. He limps down towards the ring, barely looking up, as his depression is plain to see by anyone.*

Jones: October was a pretty bad month for Vaughn. He tried for his first PPV win at Adrenaline Rush, only to have Mr. Excellent return and defeat him. Then Vaughn had to face, back to back, Marcus Ka’Derrion and Titan 3, which has taken a serious toll on his physical well-being.

Logan: You think? I mean, Titan 3 put him through a table just last week! And now, after all that, he’s booked to face off against Lurrr? Man, you’d think Ace has something against the guy or something.

Jones: Maybe the President is just trying to show Vaughn that he needs to give up on the wrestling business and go back to what he’s truly phenomenal at: cleaning restrooms.

Logan: Hey, don’t forget, it was Ace who first threw Vaughn into a match and got this dream of his started.

Jones: Exactly, which is why the President is trying to correct his mistake!

Minos: His opponent has held numerous championships in the GCWA, including the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, and the GCWA X Division Title. He is the leader of the Roman Empire, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, here is Lurrr!

*The audience immediately starts booing, although Lurrr’s theme music, “Cocky” by Kid Rock, is not playing. After a few seconds of quiet, the fans start to realize something’s not quite right.*

Jones: Lurrr’s been unhappy for weeks now, due to the President placing him in several early matches.

Logan: Yeah, Lurrr hasn’t seen the main event since he lost the World Title. Ummm… speaking of Lurrr… anyone seen him?

*Suddenly, the big screen comes on, showing the former World Champion! Lurrr is seated and looking towards the camera, a smile on his face. The fans are more than happy to boo a taped version of Lurrr as much as the real-life one. Vaughn, watching from the ring, leans on the ropes for support.*

Jones: What is Lurrr up to?

Logan: I guess we’re about to find out, Jonesy.

*Lurrr starts talking, oblivious of the crowd reaction towards him.*

Lurrr: Are you kidding me?? Did you White-Trash Hill Billy fans really think I was going to show up tonight and give you a show?? I have been in this business for way too long and I have done too many great things in this business to fight jokers like the one standing in the ring right now! I am a Hall of Famer, a multiple World Champion, and a guy who took the X-Division from the ground up and made it what it is today.

*The crowd begins to boo as they show no recognition of Lurrr’s accomplishments.*

Lurrr: I mean give me a break… Hell I should be getting my re-match against Draco at Righteous Rumble but instead the boss decided to give a guy who I have single handedly made my punching bag, the #1 Contender. And now the boss has been forcing me to appear every week here on Inferno!!! I am beginning to feel like the biggest waste of time these days is to show up and perform for the third grade level crowd every week.

Jones: Lurrr is really letting loose, isn’t he?

Logan: Hey, if he wants to stay here in the GCWA, he has to take the matches he’s given!

*The cameras focus on Peter Vaughn, who looks slightly hopeful. A win here, even a forfeit victory, would be huge for him, not to mention it might keep him out of the hospital for the week. Lurrr, on the big screen, continues.*

Lurrr: So here is what’s going to happen tonight…. I will not be fighting a jobber whose day job is a janitor!!! To even think that I would fight a janitor, I mean it’s beneath me. Now I know what all of you are thinking, ‘Yeah Lurrr is going to suffer some type suspension because not showing up is going to be a breach of contract.’ But what’s so amazing is very expensive lawyers can really get the job done. They have gone over my contract and well when you have dumbasses like the boss and GCWA management writing up contracts, loop holes aren’t very hard to find. And my lawyers have once again proven to be worth every dollar!!! So as for my substitute tonight… that’s right substitute… I have chosen my fellow Empire member Rick Mathis to replace me!!!

Logan: Wait, what? Mathis is wrestling in place of Lurrr tonight??

Jones: Is that better or worse for the Janitor? I’d lean towards worse, myself.

*Vaughn’s face has turned completely white, looking towards the entryway, as Rick Mathis has walked out underneath the big screen. Mathis is smiling, happy to dispose of some unwanted trash.*

Lurrr: And as for the boss he can kiss my ass before he thinks I am going to waste a milestone moment with my 20th win on a piece of *bleep* janitor. I only save milestone moments for PPV’s and come Righteous Rumble, there will be several milestones accomplished!!!

*Lurrr disappears from the big screen, even as Mathis heads for the ring. Vaughn is already backing up, looking like he wants to flee the scene of the oncoming crime.*

Logan: So instead of Lurrr vs. the Janitor, we’ve got Mathis vs. the Janitor!

Jones: The fans don’t seem too pleased, but their ticket stubs clearly read “Some matches may be subject to change”.

Logan: Yeah, well, I think this is bull, but it is what it is, so Vaughn needs to suck it up and go to work!

*Mathis steps over the ropes and into the ring, clearly in a good mood. Vaughn is now cowering in the corner, wondering what he ever did to deserve this. Referee Mark Bell, the man chosen for this bout, walks over and signals for the match to begin.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: What a height difference in this one!

Logan: Someone tell Mathis to be careful where he steps, ok?

*Mathis is grinning as he moves towards the center of the ring, gesturing for Vaughn to come at him. Vaughn, though, shakes his head no, showing that he’s not suicidal. Mathis’ grin fades a little, as he starts walking towards Vaughn. The Janitor immediately turns and slips through the ropes, managing to get out of range before Mathis can grab him! Vaughn heads around the ring, even as Mathis steps up and comes after him, chasing him down with his large legs. Vaughn turns away from Mathis and slides back into the ring. As Mathis comes in after him, Vaughn turns, showing some bravery, as he drops a double axehandle on the man!! Mathis stops for a second, then straightens up, staring disbelievingly at the Janitor, who takes a long swallow, then turns to run again. This time, though, he can’t get away, as Mathis reaches out with one arm, grabbing him by the back of his Janitor outfit!!*

Logan: I’ll give Vaughn points for actually trying, but maybe he should have just run for the hills.

Jones: Mathis has got a tight hold on him now, which can only mean bad things!

Logan: Get ready, in case Mathis decides to follow Titan 3’s example. I hope not, this is a brand-new table!

*Vaughn gets yanked back into Mathis’ grasp, with the big man immediately locking Vaughn’s arm around his throat with a cobra clutch! That’s just the first step, though, as Mathis lifts, tossing Vaughn easily in the air with a cobra clutch slam, snapping his body around and backwards!!! Vaughn crashes hard to the ground, and doesn’t make any movement to get up. But Mathis is no longer satisfied with an easy victory, as he comes around and grabs the Janitor with both hands, pulling him up. Vaughn has nowhere to go, as Mathis lifts the man bodily into the air by the throat, holding him there!! Referee Bell starts counting, since it IS a chokehold, so Mathis responds by throwing Vaughn back into the corner, where he hits on the pads and falls forward to the mat! Mathis dusts his hands off, making a joke of things, knowing that his boss, Lurrr, is watching.*

Jones: Ok, he’s down, now just pin him!

Logan: It’s clear Vaughn’s not going to be able to do anything to stop this monster, Jonesy. I guess Mathis sees that, too, so he’s toying with the poor guy.

*Referee Bell is ready for a count, but Mathis doesn’t seem interested. He walks over to Vaughn, nudging at the downed wrestler with the toe of his boot. Vaughn barely responds, rolling over, but it’s enough for Mathis, who immediately moves back in for more. He lifts Vaughn up, slapping him around almost playfully, as if trying to wake him up. Vaughn tries to fall back to the mat, either to allow for the pin or just because he can’t stand. Either way, Mathis doesn’t allow him to go down, hauling him back up by his shirt. He lifts Vaughn into the air again, placing the much smaller wrestler onto his shoulder. Mathis then walks forward towards the corner, lifting Vaughn up and dropping him on top with a snake eyes!! Vaughn’s head smacks against the top ‘buckle, and he jackknifes backwards to the ground, not moving. Bell moves in again, but Mathis moves away, leaning on the ropes and smiling towards the crowd, moving at his own pace.*

Logan: I don’t know how much more Vaughn can take, Jonesy!

Jones: Maybe we should call the hospital, see if they’ve still got Vaughn’s room available. He might need it soon.

Logan: Yeah, he… wait, what… what’s he doing here??

Jones: Huh??

*As Mathis continues to gloat, showing the fans how he’s going to break the Janitor in two, a wrestler appears, sliding into the ring. The cameras focus on him, showing it to be Marcus Ka’Derrion!! The former 2-time World Champion looks over at Mathis, who has his back turned, but Ka’Derrion doesn’t move towards him. Instead, Ka’Derrion reaches down and grabs Vaughn!! The Janitor can barely stand, as Marcus pulls him up, looking him in the eye… then turning and bringing him to the ropes, tossing Vaughn over the top rope and to the floor!!! Vaughn lands flat on his stomach, completely out now, even as referee Bell, with no choice, signals for the bell to ring!!! Mathis, hearing this, turns around, confused, as he was nowhere near Vaughn. Ka’Derrion’s already charging, though, catching the big man by surprise and managing to clothesline him out of the ring!!! Mathis does a complete flip, almost landing on his feet, but he falls forward and hits his jaw on the apron, stunning him!* Ka’Derrion turns towards Bell, considering him, but the referee’s been around too long. He immediately gets his butt out of the ring, avoiding being tossed himself.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s off the active roster, isn’t he??

Logan: Yeah, Ace was so worried about his health, he pulled him from competition! But apparently Marcus has a different feeling about it, because he just made a major impact on this one!

Jones: Hey, wait… if he attacked the Janitor first… does that mean…

Logan: Here’s Minos with the official word!

*Mathis is trying to right himself, still dazed, as security begins to come out, heading towards the ring. Meanwhile, Minos has stood and gotten the lowdown from referee Bell. He turns to the crowd, mic in hand.*

Minos: By referee decision, the winner of this bout, via Disqualification… Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!!

*The crowd roars in approval, even as Mathis, looking ticked off, slaps at the apron in frustration. Security has reached the ring by this point, but Ka’Derrion is no longer there, as he has rolled out next to the announcers. He goes over, leaning towards them and speaking his mind, which gets picked up by their mics.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: You guys tell Ace that, at the pay-per-view, I will PROVE to him that I can compete!

*Without waiting for a response from the announcers, Marcus turns and goes into the crowd, leaving security behind. Mathis is nearby, looking like he wants to chase Ka’Derrion through the crowd, but security is holding him back to avoid any lawsuits.*

Logan: That was a hell of a message Ka’Derrion just sent!

Jones: Not only that, but he got some revenge on Lurrr’s associate, causing him to have a loss from the Janitor, of all people!

Logan: Wild, man, but definitely a cool thing!

*Mathis still wants to vent, pushing at some of the security guards, who give him a little space. After a second, Mathis finally turns and walks away, angrily heading for the back. On the other side of the ring, Vaughn is dazed and confused, wondering why referee Bell is holding up his hand in victory. It’s not a feeling the Janitor has experienced much of before. He smiles weakly, and then collapses again, nearly taking Bell with him. Bell calls for a couple of the security guards nearby to give the man a hand, as we fade out to a break.*

*We come back from the break to the backstage area, where Arachne is sitting on the ground putting out a cigarette. The fans give a small cheer, always loving the antics of the face-painted wrestler. Appearing to be pretty high on whatever he was just smoking, he stumbles to his feet and walks towards Ace's office. At the door, he slams his fist against the door three times. When Ace doesn't answer, Arachne enters the office. Seeing that the office is empty, Arachne closes the door behind him. He walks up to the desk and laughs.*

Arachne: HAHA! Ace thinks he can leave me off all of these cards? That's because he fears me after I beat one of his biggest stars: Marcus the joke Ka'Derrion. But he's in for a big surprise when I win the Rumble and go on to become Champion! I'm Arachne and I'm awesome! I'll win the war with Ace! I'll beat him good!

*Arachne hides under the desk. A few moments later, Ace walks into the office, calmly finishing up a phone call.*

The Accelerator: That’s right, tell him I want to see him in my office. Right. What? I don’t care that he scares you, just do it! Ok, bye.

*Ace hangs up the phone, putting it back in his pocket. Heading back behind his desk, Ace stops, and suddenly Arachne jumps out from under the desk and yells "BOO!" Ace doesn't react at all, but rather just grabs Arachne by the mask and slams him face first into the desk. Arachne cries out in pain and runs out of the office screaming. Ace has a seat at the desk calmly, not reacting at all to the weird man that was under his desk. We leave him behind, heading back to the arena.*

Logan: Heh, there you go, Ace, show that goofball who’s boss!

Jones: Looks like Arachne’s back off the wagon, if he’s smoking what I think he is.

Logan: Yeah, but I guess Arachne’s going to be in the Rumble? Man, who knows what he’s going to bring to the table!

Jones: You know what that means, right? That means that Arachne… has a chance to become #1 Contender!

Logan: Holy crap...

Jones: Exactly.

Logan: All of the sudden, I’m pulling just a little harder for the other 19 guys in the Rumble.

Jones: With that being said, let’s get to our next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and has been given a 10-minute time limit. Making his way out first, he has been a major player in the GCWA since he first arrived here at the beginning of the year, with reigns of the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, the GCWA Intercontinental Title, and the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, representing D & D, here is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*The crowd, having never forgiven Donovan like they have Danger and Draco, start up the boos once again as “God In Extension” by Jack Daw plays. Donovan walks out of the back, looking around at the crowd. He focuses on one kid who appears to be wearing the outfit of the Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Donovan smiles and walks past him, heading towards the ring.*

Logan: Donovan had himself a big-time Halloween party to go to this past week. Of course, when the ex-girlfriends show up, you know you’ve got trouble.

Jones: I guess so. I don’t really have any “exes”. I only have my wife, since she was the perfect woman for me.

Logan: She was the perfect woman for a lot of guys.

Jones: Thanks, Anthony!

Logan: You’re welcome, Edds….

Minos: His opponent is also an accomplished wrestler in the GCWA, with reigns of several championships, including the GCWA Television Title. Tonight, he’s working on his own to get a large victory on his way towards participating in the Righteous Rumble… standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is one-half of the Two-Time GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Dangerous Dan!

*The place goes wild, pumped up by the playing of “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory. Dangerous Dan flies out from behind the curtain, energized by the audience. His World Tag-Team Title is wrapped around his waist, with Dan taking it off to show to the crowd before continuing down the aisle. In the ring, Donovan watches him approach, studying the gold that Dan has in his hands.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan and his brother, Crazy Chris, had one of their biggest victories ever last week, as they survived the “Trick or Treat Hazardous Ladder” Match over the veteran House of Pain. With the victory, the Danger Boiz became the only two-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champions!

Logan: Every week, these guys impress me more and more. They’re truly the future of the business, Jonesy.

Jones: Still, you have to wonder about the condition of Dan in this one. I mean, Donovan didn’t have a match last week, while Dan had to survive a number of hard hits. Will the wear and tear prove to be too much?

Logan: Yeah, well, I’m betting Donovan’s thinking about the same thing, which means that the Man Made Monster is almost certainly overconfident in this one. That gives Dan a chance.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As referee Trixie signals for the match to begin, Donovan raises his hand in a “wait” gesture. Dangerous Dan stops moving, although he clearly wants a piece of the wrestler in the ring with him. But Donovan has something to take care of first. He signals to Trixie, smiling, and then reaches behind into his back pocket, pulling out a pair of handcuffs! He dangles them in front of Trixie, who first looks surprised, then irritated at the sexual reference behind the gesture. She grabs them from Donovan, even as Shane shrugs his shoulders, explaining innocently that he was only turning them over to prove his good behavior for this match. Trixie doesn’t buy it, and neither does Dangerous Dan. He comes in, surprising Donovan with a tackle, and the match is on! Both men roll for a second, with Dan getting on top, punching away at his foe. The fans are loving it, even as Dan gets up, bringing Donovan with him. He whips the Man Made Monster into the ropes, preparing for an aerial maneuver, but Donovan grabs the ropes and pulls himself outside instead, avoiding the assault.*

Jones: I don’t know if Donovan was trying to appear honest or what, but it certainly didn’t work in his favor!

Logan: I guess he was trying to say he’s not going to win this one with handcuffs, Jonesy, but Dangerous Dan wasn’t buying it. He’s on the warpath!

*Donovan is still on the outside, pacing, trying to get his focus back. Referee Trixie is continuing to count, threatening to end Donovan’s night, even as Dangerous Dan waits impatiently for his return. Donovan finally slides under the ropes, stopping the count, but before Dan can get to him, Donovan’s right back out, forcing Trixie to start a new round of counting. Dan, annoyed, grabs hold of the ropes, perhaps thinking about a suicide dive, but Donovan quickly rushes himself out of range. He seems to be enjoying himself on the outside. With the count once again starting to get higher, Donovan gets up onto the apron, telling Trixie to keep back the ‘wild man’. Referee Trixie tells Dan to stay back so that the match can continue, but Dan seems more inclined to head towards his foe. Trixie steps into his path, telling Dan to back off. Meanwhile, Donovan, sensing opportunity, grabs hold of the ropes and springboards himself into the air, heading towards them!! Dan, seeing the incoming missile, does the only thing he can: he shoves Trixie out of harm’s way, taking the flying shoulderblock to the chest!!! Dan’s down and hurting, as Trixie pulls herself back up, saved from a bad strike. For his part, Donovan’s going right to work, not even sparing Trixie a glance.*

Logan: Man! Donovan might have taken Trixie out of action there if he had caught her from behind!

Jones: I think he planned it that way, though, Anthony. He knew Dangerous Dan wouldn’t let any harm come to her if he saw it coming!

Logan: That Donovan, always playing mind games! He may be a *bleep*hole, but he definitely has a way of knowing his opponents.

*Donovan immediately goes to work on Dangerous Dan, grabbing him and delivering a gutbuster onto his knee, causing Dan to collapse to his side, gasping. The injuries from last week are apparently from Dan’s still-bruised side, which Donovan has clearly already focused on. He attacks with a couple of well-placed punches, doing some more damage and moving Dan backwards into the ropes. Donovan grabs Dan’s arm and sends him towards the ropes, with Dan returning with an attempted clothesline, which Donovan easily ducks under. As Dan returns, Donovan twists into him, picking Dan up and spinning into a spinebuster!! Dan winces in agony from the blow, even as Donovan grabs his legs and hangs on, turning it into a pinfall attempt! Referee Trixie’s right there to make the count… 1… 2… and Dan manages to shoot a shoulder into the air, saving himself from elimination! Donovan, undeterred, gets back up, dragging Dan with him towards the corner.*

Logan: You can tell that Dan’s hurting. No one walks out of a ladder match unscathed, much less a Hazardous Ladder match!

Jones: Dan fought hard last week to make sure he and his brother left with the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. It may be coming back to haunt him this week, though, as Donovan is completely fresh after weeks of inaction!

Logan: You’d think that would mean rust, but I haven’t seen much of that, I have to admit. Donovan’s looking as strong as you would expect from a former World Champion!

*Donovan slams his elbow into the side of Dan’s head a few times, stunning him, then lifts him onto the turnbuckle. Donovan follows him up, positioning himself for a big maneuver to try and take the rest of the fight out of the man. He goes for the Falling Star, getting his legs up on his opponent, but Dan blocks it, instead throwing himself forward off the ‘buckle! Donovan, having lost his momentum, has no options left, as Dan takes him off the top with a variation of a powerbomb!!!! Donovan’s spine curls, bending him up as he feels the burn from the landing! Dan is slow to get up, the impact having taken a lot out of him as well. He manages to get to his feet first, getting to Donovan as the D & D member rises back up. Dan catches Donovan in the side of the head with a knee, stunning him, and then jumps over him, pulling Donovan down with a sunset flip! Trixie dives into position… 1… 2… Donovan shoots his shoulder up, managing to avoid the pin! Dangerous Dan hauls himself back up, bringing Donovan with him, as the fight continues.*

Jones: Dan nearly pulled that one off, but Donovan was able to find a way to get off the mat!

Logan: Dan’s got to keep the pressure on now, if he wants that victory over Shane! He’s got a lot of rage boiling over inside, but if he can contain that and bring it all to bear on Donovan, we could see another big victory for the man!

*Dangerous Dan picks Donovan up, bodyslamming him hard in front of the corner. Dan then heads up the turnbuckle, getting to the 2nd pad before turning back and jumping, coming off with a mini-frog splash onto his prone foe!! Dan gasps himself from the impact, grabbing at his side, but he manages to recover enough to pull himself back onto Donovan for the cover. Trixie waits for Dan to maneuver himself around to get his feet out from the ropes, then drops to count… 1… 2… and Donovan kicks out, still in it! Dangerous Dan looks a little upset, as he thought that one might have done it, but it’s still going. He gets up, pulling Donovan with him. Dan grabs hold of Donovan’s arm and shoots him towards the ropes, no, reversal by Donovan, sending Dan instead. When Dan comes back, Donovan spins into a sidekick, aiming it for Dan’s injured side! But Dan responds by stopping and catching Donovan’s foot, keeping him off-balance! He spins Donovan around and comes in, grabbing Shane around the waist and throwing him over head. But Donovan twists around, managing to land on his feet! He immediately comes in, grabbing Dan from behind and dropping him to the mat, applying the Clincher!!!!!*

Jones: Out of nowhere, Dangerous Dan is in serious trouble!!

Logan: The Clincher is one of the most painful moves in the GCWA, and Dan’s experiencing it for the second time in a month!!

Jones: He didn’t tap last time, Anthony, but this time he’s in much worse shape! Can he survive??

*Donovan’s face is showing how pleased he is with how things are going, as he works to apply more pressure to the Clincher. Referee Trixie circles both men, even as Dangerous Dan desperately struggles to get towards the nearby ropes. It’s only a foot or two, yet it could be miles, the way Donovan is hanging on. The fans start cheering for Dan, trying to give him the extra oomph it’ll take to make it out of the hold. Trixie asks again, but Dan refuses to give up, even as the pain starts to take hold, causing his eyes to close. Donovan, sensing that he’s close, tells Trixie to check the arm, which Trixie does… she lifts it once… twice… three times… and it stays up, at the last second!! The fans cheer as Dan reaches out again, his second effort more frantic than the first! Donovan tries to slow Dan down, but it’s too late, as, with one last push, Dan reaches out, connecting with the ropes! Trixie signals for the break, with an annoyed Donovan reluctantly complying. Dan stays on the mat, completely spent, the effort of breaking free having sucked off all his energy.*

Logan: I wasn’t sure Dan was going to manage that! If he’d been any further away from the ropes, he might have had it!

Jones: The fans were behind him, giving him that boost, but what’s he got left? Can he even continue in this one?

*After arguing with Trixie for a minute, Donovan finally returns to Dangerous Dan, pulling him up by the hair. He grabs hold of Dan’s arm and sets it between his legs, lifting Dan with a pumphandle, and then dropping him with the Breakdown!! Dan’s down, hurting, as Donovan pulls himself back upright, already heading for the corner. He climbs up quickly, managing to balance himself on the top, as he surveys his fallen foe. Donovan comes off, leaping high and going for the Phoenix Stomp!! But Dan rolls to the side, changing Donovan’s landing into a hard one onto the mat!! Donovan falls backwards, grabbing at a shooting pain in his right ankle from the landing. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan claws at the ropes, using them to help himself up. He waits as Donovan starts to get up, and then comes in, nailing him with a punch to the jaw! Dan then gets around Donovan and sets him for a Russian leg sweep! But no, Donovan has the ropes, keeping them from going anywhere! Dan goes instead, off-balance, doing a roll on the mat. As soon as he’s back up, Dan gets met by Donovan, who immediately gets Dan positioned and takes him over with the Vertebreaker!!!! It’s over, as Donovan falls on top of Dan for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

Jones: Donovan pulls off the victory, and he doesn’t have to use his handcuffs to do it this time!

Logan: Yeah, he only had to use the referee as a distraction! Say what you want, Jonesy, but it was Donovan’s sneaky mind that got him into the victory here, once again.

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s injuries last week caught up to him, and although he managed to fight off the Clincher, he couldn’t survive the Vertebreaker. Tough loss for Dan, but can he bounce back in the Rumble?

*Donovan, pleased with himself, moves away from referee Trixie, who doesn’t bother to even try to lift his hand. Trixie knows what Donovan did, and doesn’t seem very pleased about it. Donovan, instead, heads out of the ring, already set on getting himself to the back. Dangerous Dan is sitting up in the ring, showing that he’s not too badly hurt. He isn’t happy, but he hasn’t been taken out yet. We cut to the back, where we see, entering the arena, Robert Santana! Santana is with his wife, Trish, who has come to support him. As they approach the locker room, a GCWA attendant runs up to them.*

Man: Wow, I was starting to wonder if you were going to make it here tonight! I’ve been waiting for you!

*Santana looks a little cautious, with his wife looking curiously at what the man has in his hand.*

Man: The Accelerator was waiting to see if you were recovered enough after your, uh, loss. But I guess he made up his mind, because I’ve got a contract here for the Righteous Rumble with your name on it! Do you want it?

*Santana looks at the contract, then at his wife, who nods knowingly. Santana then gets out a pen.*

Santana: Sign me up.

*Santana puts his “John Hancock” on the contract, making it official, with the man then taking it and departing, onto his next errand. Santana, after taking a deep breath, hugs his wife and goes into his locker room. We head to a commercial break.*

*We come back to the backstage area, inside the Presidential office. The Accelerator is hard at work, preparing for what’s to come. The pay-per-view weekend is always his busiest time. He’s back on the phone, jawing away at someone.*

The Accelerator: He did what? Damnit, alright, get Jeff to the medic and taken care of. After that, find someone else to go talk to the guy. Why? Because I want him in my office before the end of the night, damnit!! Don’t call me back until it’s done, or else you’d better be in the medics yourself!

*Ace hangs up the phone, irritated. His irritation is only compounded when there’s a knock at his door.*

The Accelerator: … Great. Alright, who is it?

*The door swings open, and an unusual-looking wrestler walks in, one never seen before in the GCWA. He nods to the Accelerator, who stands up to shake his hand, recognizing the youngster.*

The Accelerator: Hello there… you’re the new recruit, right?

Bucky Johnson: Yes, sir. My name’s Bucky Johnson, I signed last week.

The Accelerator: Right, right. Well, I’m afraid we don’t have a match for you tonight, son, but maybe we’ll get you on TV in a few weeks.

Bucky Johnson: Actually, sir, I came about the Rumble. I’d like to be in it.

*Bucky appears serious, as the Accelerator considers the hyper young man.*

The Accelerator: You sure you want in? I mean, having the Righteous Rumble as your first match… it could be a rough one…

Bucky Johnson: Just give me the chance, sir.

The Accelerator: You know what? You’ve got guts. I admire that. Ok, what the hell… I was just going to give this contract to North anyway, and he’s been a disappointment.

*Ace places the contract in front of the rookie, who immediately wastes no time in signing it.*

Bucky Johnson: Thank you!

The Accelerator: You’re welcome, now go start getting ready. You’re in for a hell of a first match!

*Johnson heads out the door, pleased, as the Accelerator goes back to work. He’s got a smile on his face now. We move back to the announcers’ table.*

Logan: Bucky Johnson? I never heard of him!

Jones: Well, apparently you will soon, because he’s become a surprising entry in the Rumble!

Logan: Could he surprise the world and earn the ultimate upset? I mean, I’d say the odds are against him, but then, you never know, do you?

Jones: All I can say is, another intriguing storyline is now set up for this PPV! It’s getting bigger and bigger as the night goes on!

Logan: So let’s keep the night going, Jonesy! This next match should be a great one!

Jones: Definitely!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Now entering the arena, he is known for his power and strength, as well as being a member of the Caine Dynasty, standing 6’8” and weighing 300 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Penance!

*The fans are booing as “Automatic” by American Pearl plays, leading the way out for Penance. He pounds a fist into his open hand as he comes down, looking ready to get another destructive victory. He easily steps up and over the ropes, ignoring the wrath of the audience here in Dallas.*

Jones: Penance shocked the world last week by making Marcus Ka’Derrion tap out, then putting Ka’Derrion out with the Despair! Could he do the same tonight?

Logan: Well, it’s clear that he has no problems ‘taking someone out’, if the rumors about his recent trip to Detroit are true. The Lost Soul had better watch himself. I think this is a guy that plays for keeps!

Minos: His opponent has held several titles in the GCWA, including reigns with the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, and the GCWA X Division Title… he’s now the #1 Contender for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title… standing 6’4” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the GCWA Head of Security, The Lost Soul!

*With the intro of the Friday the 13th theme, the crowd gets to their feet, watching the entryway. The curtain parts, showing us The Lost Soul, which causes a swell of appreciation from the audience. TLS nods to a few fans on his way down, but, as usual, is pretty focused on business, as he stares forward at the large man waiting for him inside the squared circle.*

Jones: I heard The Lost Soul was almost arrested this week as a purse snatcher!

Logan: It seems like wherever TLS goes, he gets himself accused of something. It’s either the coat he wears or that freaky face paint.

Jones: Well, whatever it is, thankfully, he’s been able to make it here today to wrestle.

Logan: Did he ever choose a writer for his autobiography? I personally liked the Stephen King one, myself.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Penance comes forward, ready to lay the smack down. The Lost Soul is just as eager to get going. However, both men come to a sudden stop as “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play! The fans, not expecting another wrestler to come down, stand up cheering as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, walks out of the back!! The Lost Soul watches as he walks down, coming towards ringside. Penance is watching as well, unsure of what this is going to mean.*

Jones: Why is the World Champion out here??

Logan: Well, last week, The Lost Soul got to watch Draco in competition, taking down Arachne. I guess, this week, Draco wanted to do the same, although TLS is definitely facing a tougher opponent in the massive Penance!

Jones: This could completely change the tone of this match, as TLS now has something else to occupy his mind! Will he be able to focus on his true opponent here tonight?

*Draco moves around ringside, finding himself a seat next to the timekeeper’s table. He acts nonchalant, like this kind of thing happens all the time. The Lost Soul stares at him, with Draco giving him a cheerful nod. Unfortunately for TLS, his attention has been diverted, and Penance has no problems with utilizing that. The big man grabs The Lost Soul from behind, wrapping an arm around TLS’ throat and flipping him over to the mat!! Before The Lost Soul can recover, Penance is there, kicking away at him, looking to do as much damage as possible after this free ‘gift’. The camera focuses on Draco for a second, as he shakes his head, as if just now realizing that he caused a distraction. In the ring, The Lost Soul tries to get up, but Penance is on the warpath, grabbing him by the back of the neck and sending TLS through the ropes and to the outside!!! The Lost Soul lands flat on the ground, stunned. Penance immediately steps out after him, with referee Adrian Rockwell beginning his count.*

Logan: Man, this can’t be how The Lost Soul wanted this one to begin!

Jones: Draco and TLS have been playing mind games since the contract was signed a few weeks ago. This was just one more. Besides which, I’m sure Draco would have no problem if The Lost Soul goes into the Rumble at less than 100 percent!

Logan: That may be part of his reasoning, Jonesy, but honestly, I don’t know. Draco may just have wanted to watch his opponent in action. TLS is the one who needs to stay focused, no matter what appears.

Jones: Well, whether Draco meant it or not, Penance has taken advantage of it!

*As Draco watches from the side, Penance has brought The Lost Soul up, whipping him hard into the side of the ringpost! The Lost Soul slumps there, barely able to stay up, as Penance walks over, taking a moment to mouth off towards the World Champion. Draco gives a sarcastic smile towards him, while Penance lifts TLS up against the post, then, after raising a fist towards Draco, takes a swing. But The Lost Soul was playing possum, as he ducks, with Penance striking the post instead!! Penance yells, grabbing his aching wrist. Draco starts laughing loud enough to be picked up by the mics. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, has backed off, but now comes back in, ramming himself into Penance’s gut!! Penance bends over, in pain, but The Lost Soul’s not looking for a countout victory. He grabs Penance, sending him under the bottom rope, then follows, barely beating referee Rockwell’s count.*

Jones: I guess Penance isn’t immune from distraction either, eh, Anthony?

Logan: Nope. Penance saw a chance to make himself look tough in front of the World Champion, but when you take your eyes off the ball…

Jones: … you end up punching a ringpost.

*Penance is getting up now in the ring, still clutching at his injured hand. He turns, anticipating a TLS attack and swinging, but TLS isn’t behind him, but beside him. He quickly grabs the off-balance Penance and smashes his knee up into Penance’s face!! The big man staggers back, his mental state now a jumble after that strike. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, goes off the ropes and comes back, getting a shoulder block into Penance’s left leg!! The wrestler topples over to the mat, now hurting in several places. It doesn’t get any better for the big man, as The Lost Soul moves in, making sure to grab the already-aching wrist and put it into a crossface submission hold!! Penance tries to fight it, but TLS is tenacious in getting it fully applied, finally locking it in!! Referee Rockwell starts asking the questions on if Penance’s night is over or not, as Penance looks for a way out from this devastating submission hold!*

Logan: On the ground, everyone’s the same size, and The Lost Soul is showing how effective mat wrestling can be!

Jones: Penance’s strength advantage is taken away from him, and this one could be on its way to a finish!

*Draco is pantomiming taking notes, although his cocky smile doesn’t hide the fact that he’s mentally recording The Lost Soul’s maneuvers. Inside the ropes, Penance is using his bulk to push The Lost Soul along, heading for the ropes. TLS knows he can’t stop it, but he keeps on the pressure anyway, wanting to drain Penance as much as possible. After one more movement, Penance reaches the ropes, causing TLS to have to break on referee Rockwell’s orders. The Lost Soul complies, already moving on to his next maneuver. He moves to Penance’s legs, attacking them by grabbing one and bending it, before dropping backwards to the mat, putting it in angles it was never meant to be in!! Penance groans under the assault, trying to protect his legs, as The Lost Soul is a man on a mission. He lands a couple more stomps to the legs, weakening them some more, then goes to the other side, grabbing Penance by the head to start pulling him up. He gets Penance to his feet, and then hangs onto the head, taking a few steps and going for a bulldog! But Penance is able to stop, throwing TLS off!! TLS rolls, absorbing the landing, then turns and comes back, but Penance is ready, swinging a double-axehandle shot that flattens the face-painted wrestler!!!*

Jones: What a punch!!

Logan: If anyone wants a great wrestling souvenir, there might be a few TLS teeth you can get your hands on!

Jones: That definitely rattled the man’s dental work!

*Draco can be seen, a hand over his mouth in sympathy. Penance limps over to TLS, working to straighten out the kinks in both his left leg and his wrist, showing how destructive this match has been. He grabs The Lost Soul, pulling him up, then getting him on his shoulder. TLS can’t get free in time, with Penance sliding him into place, then dropping… with the Despair!!!! The fans gasp, as The Lost Soul gets nailed, with Penance sitting there watching him, a smile back on his face. Penance looks over at Draco with a smirk, but Draco doesn’t return the look, apparently pretending to clean his nails. Penance, his face darkening, nonetheless gets back to work, reaching over and putting a hand on The Lost Soul’s chest. He motions to referee Rockwell, who slides into place for the count… 1… 2… No!! The Lost Soul kicks out! Penance looks on in shock, not believing that TLS’ shoulder is up, but it’s obvious to everyone that this match isn’t over yet!*

Jones: The Lost Soul just kicked out of one of Penance’s favorite moves, the Despair!!

Logan: Penance should have made the full cover, Jonesy! Just putting a hand on a guy is great for showmanship, but there’s no leverage to hold anyone down! What a mistake by the big man!

*Penance, disturbed by not putting things away, turns his anger towards Rockwell for a minute, arguing with him. Meanwhile, The Lost Soul is starting to stand up, recovering. Penance sees him and moves in, apparently deciding to take no more chances. He reaches around both sides of TLS, going for the Prayer submission!! Before he can lock it in, though, The Lost Soul immediately responds, kicking out behind him into the injured leg!! Penance falls back, limping again in pain, with TLS turning around to greet him with a snap DDT!!! Penance is down, in bad shape from the big-time impact he just took. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, doesn’t waste any time, as he goes immediately to the turnbuckle!! With Draco and the rest of the audience watching on, The Lost Soul gets to the top and leaps off, landing the Souled Out perfectly on Penance before he can get up further than his hands and knees!!! Penance is out, with The Lost Soul getting on top of him for the cover, while already staring back over towards Draco, who’s on his feet. Referee Rockwell drops for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Lost Soul!!

Jones: Another victory for The Lost Soul, on his way towards the World Title Match at the Righteous Rumble!

Logan: He’s been looking better than ever over the last few weeks, something that has to be concerning to the World Champion!

Jones: Penance, meanwhile, was unable to keep up his momentum from his victory over Ka’Derrion last week, as The Lost Soul just proved to be too much this time!

Logan: Too bad for him, but he’s still got the Righteous Rumble ahead of him, which could play right to his strengths. He’ll have to put this match behind him and get into Rumble mode!

*Outside the ring, Draco is applauding. It’s hard to tell how sincere he is, with the World Heavyweight Title sitting on his shoulder. The Lost Soul watches him, back on his feet, as Scott Caine comes down to check on his man, entering the ring. Draco does so as well, coming face-to-face with the man he’ll be wrestling at the Rumble. The fans are cheering at the staredown, but neither man makes an aggressive move, thinking things over. Meanwhile, Caine, who has looked over Penance, angrily looks over at TLS, deciding to take matters into his own hand! He runs forward, aiming a clothesline, with The Lost Soul, sensing it, dodging to the side! Draco takes the hit instead, getting knocked into the ropes!! Caine, annoyed, spins back and goes after TLS, who drops a shoulder, sending Caine over him with a backdrop!! Caine immediately decides to call it a night, rolling out, as TLS watches him and Penance go.*

Jones: Caine’s attack backfired there, as TLS was ready for him!

Logan: Yeah, but Draco wasn’t, and I think he’s taking it personally!

*As The Lost Soul watches Caine and Penance go, Draco angrily dusts himself off, then grabs TLS, spinning him around! Draco gets in his face, snapping off some anger-filled comments, with TLS returning them in kind. Draco says something about how TLS’ job is to protect him, with TLS responding that Draco should have ducked. Draco nods his head, apparently coming to a decision… then he swings, smashing TLS in the side of the head!! TLS takes a step back, but recovers and comes back in swinging himself, as the two men are suddenly in a wild brawl!!! The fans are cheering wildly, seeing the faces go at it!!*

Jones: Look out, we’ve got a war!!!

Logan: The tension was too much, something had to give! Ironically, we need security down here to separate the World Champion… and the Head of Security!!

*Guards come rushing to the ring, anxious to save the main event on orders of the President. They wade in, trying to separate the two men, which isn’t easy to do. Meanwhile, on the ramp, Caine and Penance have turned back, enjoying the show. Caine says something to Penance, laughing, then waits for a response. Instead, though, Penance slumps to the side, dropping to the ground!! Caine, in shock, spins around, but it’s too late, as Arryk Rage is there, smashing him with a crutch!!!! Caine falls, as Rage, laughing, drops the crutch next to him, then departs, his job once again complete.*

Jones: The X Division Champion has been ambushed again!!

Logan: Arryk’s always been good at picking his spots, Jonesy!

Jones: Our two one-on-one matches just had a meeting of the minds!!

*Caine can be seen, trying to recover from the hit he took. The partially-broken crutch is laying beside him. Penance is still down, having absorbed a lot of punishment tonight. In the ring, security is still working to split Draco and The Lost Soul apart, with the fans chanting “Let them fight!”. With all the chaos, it seems like a good time for a commercial break, so that’s what happens.*

*As we return from the break, the scene changes to the backstage area where a giant Canadian flag is hanging on the wall. Suddenly a huge figure stands in front of the flag, a man dressed from head to toe in what appears to be many Canadian flags stapled together. There are hundreds of flags stuck together to cover the man, who appears to be about 450lbs. The man raises his arm in triumph and the crowd goes nuts, realizing who it is.*

The Big Canadian: I'M BACK, GCWA! I mean....er... I've never been here but I'm DEBUTING at the Pay Per View! And I'm going to win the rumble, because who the hell is going to throw me over the top? NOBODY! Because I'm The Big Bif-..err... I'm THE BIG CANADIAN and I'm going to win the rumble!

*The giant Canadian-flag covered man turns around and sees The Lost Soul walking down the hallway, coming back from his brawl with Draco. TLS sees the man and shakes his head in disgust.*

The Big Canadian: Hey Lost Soul... I found some more of this in my trunk...

*The man pulls a small tupperware container of TLS's "soul" (toilet cleaning chemicals) out of his back "pocket" and hands it to TLS. TLS accepts the container and keeps walking, as though he doesn't want to stop and engage in conversation with any of the weirdness going on in the hallway.*

The Big Canadian: AND WHATCHA GONNA DO... GCWA SUPERSTARS... WHEN THE BIG CANADIAN: The destroyer of Lurrr, the kicker outerer of the thriller - take that Derek Mobley - and the destroyer of the Draco - RUNS WILD ON GCWA AND WINS THE RUMBLE!?

*The Big Canadian turns and struts out of the scene as the scene changes back to the ringside area.*

Jones: Was that who I think it was??

Logan: I guess the rumors about the prison escape really were true.

Jones: He’s back! The Big…

Logan: The Big Canadian, Jonesy!

Jones: But it’s…

Logan: If you say his other name, I’m betting the police will be here in no time! So zip it!

Jones: Oh…. Well, ok, so the Big… Canadian… is in the Righteous Rumble?

Logan: It looks that way, Jonesy!

Jones: Some beef just got added to the mix! Who’s going to be able to toss him out??

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, although we do have some powerful men now in this Rumble. It’s going to be wild, seeing who makes it to the end!

Jones: We’ve got two matches left today, and both are for the IC Title Round Robin Tournament! Who’s going to get the crucial wins needed??

Minos: The next match has a 10-minute time limit and is set for one fall. It is part of the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Round Robin Tournament! Introducing first, he is a young star still making his way into the company, impressing many with his power and stamina, standing 6’8” and weighing 285 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!

*The fans give a solid cheer for Styles as he walks out to “I’m A Star” by Jeremiah. Styles is ready to fight, rotating his shoulder as he walks towards the ring. He climbs up and enters through the ropes, stepping up onto the turnbuckle for a minute to rake in more cheers.*

Jones: Styles has made an impact the last few weeks, threatening to become a break-out star in the mid-cards. Tonight is a big night for him, as it’s his first live match!

Logan: Yeah, being stuck in the dark matches can be a pain, but hey, at least you’re getting paid, right?

Jones: Indeed. From what I’ve seen, Styles has been spending his money on sporting events, as he once again appeared at a game this week.

Logan: Dude likes his sports, which is better than what SOME people I know do with their free time.

Jones: For the last time, my wife dragged me to that sewing event!

Logan: Sure she did…

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA X Division Champion and a former GCWA Television Champion. He’s now looking to move himself towards another championship, to continue to grow his career. Standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude begins to hit the speakers, with Santana making his way out to warm cheers from the fans. He bows respectfully to them, then walks down the aisle, a little more energy in his step since the last time we saw him in the Haunted Boiler Room match.*

Jones: This past week, Santana started to work things out with his wife. I’m glad to see they’re starting to get back together, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, it was a rough couple of months for Santana, but maybe he’s finally pulling out of that tailspin he was in. Still, he’s already down 1 match in this Round Robin Tournament after losing to Harvey Danger last week. He needs a win here today to stay competitive.

Jones: Meanwhile, Styles is going against his first competitor in the tournament, with Mr. Excellent and Harvey still in his future. Can Styles start off with a strong win, and basically ruin any chance Santana has of catching up?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Styles, supremely confident thanks to his size advantage, comes forward towards Santana, ready to fight. Santana assumes a defensive stance, waiting for the larger man to make his move. After a second, Styles goes for it, coming in and taking a massive swing at Santana’s head! Santana manages to block it, although he almost falls anyway from the shot. Styles tries another, this time using his left fist, but Santana blocks it again, catching hold of Styles’ arm and using his momentum against him, flipping Styles over to his back!! Styles has the air knocked out of him, but he quickly reacts, rolling to his side and avoiding the high stomp that Santana tries to nail him with. Styles gets to the ropes and gets himself up, staring down Santana, who’s gone back into his traditional defense stance.*

Logan: Nice moves so far from Santana, who’s playing this one calm and collected. He’s going to let Styles make the mistakes, and capitalize on them.

Jones: Some wrestlers are high on the “all offense” approach in their battles, and it works for many of them. But Santana’s one of the rare competitors who believes that defense can win the battle just as easily.

Logan: Styles needs to change around his strategy if he wants to take a victory here tonight.

*Santana backs away from Styles, who is definitely moving a little more cautiously. This isn’t the type of fight he likes, but he’s willing to adapt. He slowly works Santana back into a corner, keeping him from having an escape route, and then moves in. Santana immediately responds with a side kick, but Styles catches it between his arm and his ribs, hanging on. He pulls Santana out of the corner, keeping him off-balance, then drops the leg and moves in, grabbing hold! Santana tries a strike at the face, but Styles knocks it away and lifts Santana up, getting a belly-to-back suplex that knocks the air out of the Sensei! Styles then gets himself on top of Santana, punching away with his right fist, working to slow his opponent down. After a warning from referee Mitchell about his closed fists, though, Styles gets up, pulling Santana with him. He brings Santana over to the corner and uses his head to bang the drums, bouncing him into the ‘buckle face-first! With Santana dazed, Styles follows that up by showing his power, lifting Santana onto his shoulder, then coming out of the corner with a walking powerslam!! Styles makes the cover, with Mitchell right there… 1… 2.. and Santana kicks free.*

Jones: Styles has definitely shown some promise in recent weeks. He’s trying to make the most of his GCWA contract, facing off against some tough opponents!

Logan: Yeah, he’s got a good base to start off with. But his inexperience has been obvious, which could put him at a disadvantage. Still, the only way to get better is to compete, and a match against a tough opponent like Santana could really help him out!

*Styles pulls Santana off the mat and brings him up. He looks around, considering where to go, then finally decides, bringing Santana towards the center. He lifts Santana up into the air and gets him on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, preparing to toss Santana to the mat. But the Sensei starts to move, fighting back with elbows to the temple, unbalancing Styles. Santana manages to slide off behind Styles, landing behind him and immediately kicking out, striking Styles in the back of the knee! Styles falls down to his knees, hurting, as Santana goes to the ropes and comes back with a leap, catching Styles around the head with his leg and taking him to the mat! Styles is stunned, but starts to pull himself back up, showing his resiliency. Santana, though, is on the move again, hitting the ropes and coming back towards Styles, catching his head as Styles rises and spinning him back down with a neckbreaker!! Santana then makes the cover, with Mitchell moving into position… 1… 2… and Styles pushes Santana off of him, staying in it.*

Jones: Santana is deceptively fast. He’s not speedy, but he can catch anyone off-guard with precision strikes and impressive maneuvers.

Logan: He’s one of those guys that I keep expecting to move up the ladder, only to slide back down again. Maybe this Round Robin tournament is just what he needs to get moving, although he needs to find a way to get some wins in it!

*Santana is back up, waiting for Styles to expend his own energy raising his huge frame off the mat. As Styles reaches his feet, Santana comes in, nailing Styles with a scorching kick to the chest that drives him backwards. However, Styles hits the ropes and rebounds, using the momentum gained to charge forward. Santana, surprised, has no way of dodging, as Styles crashes into him with a football tackle, smashing Santana to the mat!! Styles drops on top for the cover, with referee Mitchell there for the count… 1… 2… and Santana just manages to get his shoulder up! Styles, looking low on energy, nonetheless starts to get up again, dragging Santana with him. He sets the Sensei up, preparing for the Touchdown!! But Santana is able to elbow his way free, escaping the hold. Santana runs to the ropes and returns, charging at Styles, but Styles stops him with a boot to the chest, then grabs him by the throat, lifting him up and chokeslamming him!!! Styles makes another cover, grabbing for the legs as he tries to put him away… 1… 2… No! Santana gets free!*

Jones: Styles is throwing a lot at Santana at this point, but so far, it’s not working!

Logan: It can get frustrating, for sure, but Styles needs to buckle down and keep it up. He’s got an experienced wrestler like Santana in a lot of trouble. One more move could definitely do it!

*Styles is back up, hauling Santana to his feet. He sets Santana into place, then lifts him in the air, preparing for a thunderous powerbomb! But Santana is able to balance himself at the top of the arc, punching away at the bigger wrestler. Santana manages to work his way free, jumping off and landing behind Styles, who shakes off the shots and turns around, only to have Santana spin into a high heel kick to the head!! Styles stumbles back, but doesn’t go down, shaking his head in pain. Santana doesn’t stop there, as he comes in, doing a spinning leg sweep that trips Styles up, putting him on the mat! Styles doesn’t stay down long, already working his way to his feet, so Santana comes in with a running knee, knocking him back down. Incredibly, though, Styles starts to rise again, putting his arms on the mat and rising back up!! Santana disbelievingly watches, but then steps back into position, waiting for the right moment. As soon as Styles reaches the right height, Santana comes in, nailing him with the Sensei-Tion!!!! This time Styles stays down, even as Santana makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: Santana evens it up, 1-1, in the Round Robin Tournament!

Logan: Yeah, great win for Santana there, as he managed to outlast the rookie! For a while there, I thought we might have a huge upset, but Santana did enough at the end to pull away.

Jones: Good showing by Styles, but he’s still got to find his next level.

Logan: He just has to keep earning that experience. Everyone has to start out somewhere, you know?

Jones: Exactly. So Santana is 1-1, Danger is 1-0, Styles is 0-1, and Mr. Excellent gets his first opportunity against Danger in our main event! The Round Robin tournament is heating up!

*Santana is already out of the ring, content with the victory without having to brag about it. He’s heading up towards the ring. Meanwhile, Styles is already recovering, showing his tenacity as he starts to get up. With that, we cut away, heading once again to the Presidential office, where the Accelerator is still working the phones.*

The Accelerator: He said he was going to come? Good. How many did he… really? Damn. Alright, well, heal up and take the rest of the night off. You deserve it. Thanks.

*Ace hangs up the phone, then goes to some paperwork. All of the sudden, though, he realizes that he’s hearing something outside of his office. He gets up and goes over, opening the door. Outside, in front of his office, are two men: Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger!! They appear to be back to protesting, with Donovan once again carrying a sign that says “Man Up”.*

The Accelerator: Alright, what the hell is it now, guys?? I’ve got a show to finish!

*Donovan immediately approaches, apparently to be the spokesman. Danger stays close behind, very interested in what gets said.*

Shane Donovan: We’re here for one reason, Ace. You need to man up!

The Accelerator: Yeah, you’ve told me that before…

Shane Donovan: You need to man up and give Harvey Danger his chance in the Righteous Rumble!!

*The Accelerator, confused, looks over at Harvey, who’s looking at him with hopeful eyes. Shane, taking Ace’s silence as a cue, continues.*

Shane Donovan: Sure, Harvey’s not the best dresser… or the best looker… he’s not a great dater… and his Mom, damn… but, umm…

*Shane hesitates, forgetting for a second where he’s going with all this. But after a Harvey nudge, he remembers.*

Shane Donovan: But… he deserves a chance in the Rumble! He’s the Television Champion, after all!

Harvey Danger: And the Danger Champion for life, don’t forget that!

*Ace raises a hand, in order to get both men to back off for a second.*

The Accelerator: Ok, I’m lost here. Harvey, I sent you a contract last week… it was delivered to your locker room…

*Danger shrugs, taking a moment to check his pockets just in case. Not finding a contract, he looks back to the Accelerator, as Shane jumps back in.*

Shane Donovan: If good old Harvey here had gotten a contract, would we be here? It must have been a snafu or something, but whatever the reason, he didn’t get his contract, and he deserves one!

*The Accelerator’s eyes narrow, as he suddenly realizes what most likely happened. After all, he had been wondering when he had given Donovan a Rumble contract when it had been delivered to him late last week. Donovan is working to look as innocent as possible, supporting his ‘friend’, Harvey.*

The Accelerator: *sigh* So you did it, huh, Shane?

Harvey Danger: What?

Shane Donovan: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ace. I just want you to Man Up and give Harvey his due!

*After a second, the Accelerator stares at Harvey, who again looks at him beseechingly. With another sigh, Ace goes into his office, getting one of the few contracts remaining and handing it over to Harvey, who takes it with a happy yelp.*

The Accelerator: I don’t want you worrying about this, Harvey, with your match being next. So here’s the contract. Now go get yourself ready to defend your belt.

Harvey Danger: Thanks, Ace! And thanks, Shane!

*Harvey gives Shane a one-armed hug around the shoulders, with Donovan quickly shrugging him off. Harvey then heads off towards his locker room, already reading the contract (and, thus, bumping into people as he reads and walks). Ace looks pointedly at Shane.*

The Accelerator: As for you… I’ll remember this, and something tells me, so will Draco…

*The Accelerator goes back into his office, as Shane mockingly impersonates him, before laughing and walking away. We fade out, going to our last commercial break.*

*We return back at the Presidential office (damn, it’s gotten a lot of airplay tonight!), where the Accelerator is finishing up his work. He’s looking at the last Rumble contract sitting in front of him, having handed off all the others. Suddenly, the door to his office opens, swinging hard enough to bang against the wall. Titan 3 then walks in, leaving the door open, as he glares at the Accelerator! The fans boo, even as the Accelerator stands, preparing himself for anything.*

Titan 3: I hear you’ve been trying to reach me, ‘boss’.

The Accelerator: Yeah, and too bad for all those guards I had to send, huh? How many of your former colleagues did you have to knock out, anyway?

Titan 3: Security’s in the past, Ace. Now I do what I do best.

*Titan 3 smiles, massaging his fist. A glint of something red can be seen, dried on the knuckles. The Accelerator shakes his head, but then points to the contract.*

The Accelerator: You’re here because I wanted to give you a chance to ‘do what you do best’. I want the biggest and best in my Rumble, and so this one’s on you. You want it, or do I find someone else?

Titan 3: What are you going to do, sign another janitor? That’d be fun to see…

*Titan 3 suddenly grabs the contract, signing his name in bold letters on it. He then crumples it up and tosses it at the President, causing it to bounce off his chest.*

Titan 3: You’ve just signed your company away, ‘boss’, because you’ve given me permission to take out nineteen of your wrestlers. It’s going to be Armageddon.

The Accelerator: So you say. But I think what’s going to happen is that nineteen wrestlers who you’ve bossed around over the last year are going to see this as their opportunity… for revenge. And I know the fans are going to want to see it…

Titan 3: You know what I say about the fans, right, ‘boss’?

*Titan 3 gives a familiar hand gesture from the days of the ICWF, earning more boos from the crowd.*

Titan 3: Just know that you’ve brought this on yourself.

*Titan 3 lets out a low laugh, disturbing in its intensity. He then turns and leaves, walking out and leaving behind a slightly nervous President. We head back to the ring.*

Logan: Oh, man… I don’t know if I like that.

Jones: Titan 3’s in the Righteous Rumble!! Man, who knows what’s going to happen!!

Logan: Exactly, that’s why I’m worried!! The Rumble just got a whole lot more dangerous!!

Jones: Well, we’ve got one more match before that happens, as we need to decide who’s going into the Rumble with the GCWA Television Title! Let’s go to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! It will also be a match in the GCWA Intercontinental Title Round Robin Tournament! First, the challenger, coming down the aisle, he was one of the ‘young guns’ when the GCWA first opened, and has been dominating since making his return to the federation, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*The crowd is pretty mixed at the sight of Excellent, who comes out to “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. with his friend, Mick. The two men head down the aisle, already talking strategy for this contest tonight. Excellent stops short from entering the ring, intent on working out a few more thoughts with his manager before going in.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent supposedly went back to basics this week, returning to Chicago and leaving behind his luxury lifestyle.

Logan: Yeah, that didn’t sit too well with his woman, Melissa, but it might be what Mr. Excellent needs to get himself some gold. Honestly, he may be the biggest name we have that has never worn a championship.

Jones: He’s definitely up there on the list. Tonight, he can not only end that terrible streak, but he can also get himself a victory in the tournament, moving himself towards another championship.

Logan: This Round Robin is just full of drama, isn’t it??

Minos: His opponent has held many championships in the GCWA, both official and unofficial. He comes here tonight representing D & D, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Harvey Danger!

*”No Rain” by Blind Melon hits the speakers, prompting the crowd to cheer for who they know is coming. It takes a moment, but Danger finally makes his way through the curtain, hopping for a second as if he almost got tripped up. Harvey turns towards the crowd, smiling as they cheer for him. He waves his arms, wanting more, but this just turns the cheers into laughter. After a second, shrugging as if that works just as well, Danger starts down the ramp towards the ring.*

Logan: Danger wasn’t seen much this week, but when we did see him… yikes.

Jones: Well, at least he was wearing boxers instead of briefs.

Logan: Sadly, you have a good point there, Jonesy.

Jones: Harvey already has one victory in the Round Robin tournament. If he can win tonight over Mr. Excellent, then he would only need to take down Aaron Styles to complete the sweep and get to the championship.

Logan: One win down, two to go!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As Head Referee Mark Bell signals for the contest to begin, Mr. Excellent comes forward, extending his hand towards the Television Champion. Danger, a smile on his face, moves towards him, always happy to make a friend. He doesn’t hear the majority of the fans in the arena, who are trying to tell him that it’s a bad idea to shake hands with the enemy. For a moment, it looks genuine, as Excellent and Danger shake. But as Danger goes to take a step back, he realizes that Excellent isn’t letting go. Harvey looks up towards Excellent, who yanks him in close, then gives him a European uppercut!! Danger staggers back, even as Excellent comes after him, grabbing Danger by the head and getting a variation of a backbreaker-faceplant combination!! Danger’s down, with Excellent making a quick cover… 1… 2.. and Danger kicks out. The fans are booing now, starting to fully turn on Excellent, who doesn’t seem too worried about it. His friend, Mick, is on the outside, cheering him on, telling him to remember what he’s learned.*

Jones: That was pretty dirty of Mr. Excellent there, Anthony!

Logan: Mick wanted Mr. Excellent to get back to the way he used to be, willing to cheat to win. He’s not in this one for popularity, he’s here to get the title!

Jones: The two aren’t exclusive, Anthony! Mr. Excellent should be able to win without trickery or deceit!

Logan: I agree, but Mick and Mr. Excellent have other ideas.

*Mr. Excellent is already going to work on Danger’s back, grinding his knee into Harvey’s spine while pulling on his head. Harvey is reaching out towards the ropes, which look pretty far away to someone in a great deal of pain. Referee Bell watches both men, knowing that this move isn’t a usual one for submissions. Indeed, after wearing Harvey down for a little while, Mr. Excellent suddenly drops the hold, letting Danger fall face-down on the mat. Mr. Excellent turns towards Mick, happy with himself, with Mick immediately pointing towards Danger, not wanting his man to lose focus. Mr. Excellent’s smile flickers, but stays on his face as he brings Danger back up, whipping him towards the corner. Danger hits back first, with Excellent following him in for a running splash. But Danger shoves off on the ropes, managing to spring himself over his charging opponent, grabbing hold of Excellent’s legs as he does so to flip him into a surprise sunset flip variation!! Bell dives in, as Danger desperately tries to hang on… 1… 2… Excellent kicks free!*

Jones: That was almost a surprising ending to this one! Harvey’s a great instinctive competitor!

Logan: Yeah, he has a very fast reaction time, that’s for sure. He only had a second or two to react there, yet he turned it into a near pinfall!

Jones: Mr. Excellent has to be on his guard, because next time, he might not be able to escape in time!

*Both men are back up now, with an angry Mr. Excellent coming in at Harvey with a swing. But Danger ducks under it, then grabs the off-balance Mr. Excellent from behind, lifting him up for an atomic drop! Mr. Excellent stumbles away, hurting, as he goes into the corner. This works just fine for Harvey, who follows him in, grabbing Excellent by the head and climbing the ‘buckle for momentum, spinning back around with an Acid Drop!! Excellent’s down, as the Television Champion jumps on top for the cover… 1… 2… but Mr. Excellent is able to get out of the pinning predicament. Harvey’s right back up, heading towards the turnbuckle. He climbs up, while Mr. Excellent works his way back to his feet. Excellent turns, not expecting to see an airborne Danger coming at him, crashing into him with a flying splash off the top rope!! They’re back down, but this time Mr. Excellent is able to reverse it, flipping both men over and landing on top! He hangs on, trying to get a hold of Danger’s trunks, even as referee Bell makes the count… 1… 2… and Bell stops the count, seeing the tights!!*

Jones: Mr. Excellent nearly won there! If Bell hadn’t spotted him cheating…

Logan: Thankfully, he did, though, Jonesy. Who says all referees are blind?

Jones: You can tell Excellent isn’t exactly happy about the man’s eyesight, though, Anthony.

*Mick looks furious on the outside, pounding on the apron. Mr. Excellent isn’t much better, arguing heavily with Head Referee Bell, who is coming right back at him with threats about disqualifications. Excellent sighs deeply, probably wishing he had been able to bribe Bell before the match, but there’s nothing to be done about it now. He comes back over to the recovering Danger, pulling him up… and Danger retaliates with a jawbreaker, sending Mr. Excellent reeling! Harvey gets back up, his own head ringing now after that maneuver, but he’s still in better shape, coming in towards Excellent with a jumping corkscrew elbow, putting Excellent on his back! Danger grabs at the ropes for purchase, getting himself back to his feet, then, after a second’s contemplation, uses them again, this time springing himself up high enough to spin into a high-angle legdrop, causing Excellent’s feet to bounce up in the air from the impact! Danger pulls himself painfully over for the pin, even as referee Bell comes in on the side for the count… 1… 2… and Bell stops the count again, this time because Excellent’s foot is now on the ropes!*

Jones: Mr. Excellent knew where he was, and saved himself!

Logan: No he didn’t, Jonesy! That was Mick on the outside! I saw him grab Excellent’s leg and put it on the ropes, before frantically pointing it out to the ref!

Jones: Oh, in that case, Mick might have just saved this one for his protégé!

*Mick’s already walking away, feigning innocence. Harvey, for his part, takes it in stride, pulling Mr. Excellent back up and going back to work on him. He lands a couple more forearm shots to keep Excellent stunned, then drags him out from the ropes towards the center of the ring. Danger then signals to the crowd that he’s ready to finish this one off! The fans are cheering, even as Danger grabs Excellent by the head, preparing for the Danger DDT!! But Excellent immediately counters, lifting Danger up and tossing him over his shoulder!! Danger crashes down, even as Excellent spins around, clearly having trained for this moment. He grabs Danger by the legs, pulling him backwards more towards the center, then twists him around, applying the Execution!!!! Danger’s immediately in severe pain, screaming, with Excellent using the screams as motivation for more punishment! Referee Bell comes in to check for a submission, knowing that the end could be near!*

Jones: The Execution is applied!! That could be it, Anthony!!

Logan: You could definitely see the effect of Excellent working again with his trainer, Edds! He was ready for the Danger DDT, and boy, did his plan work!

Jones: Can Danger escape, or do we have a new Television Champion??

*With Mick cheering from the outside, Mr. Excellent continues the abuse, keeping Danger in pain. Harvey’s looking for a way out, trying to claw towards the ropes, but they’re just too far away. Full of confidence, Mr. Excellent stands up, in order to reapply. However, as soon as Excellent gives him an opening, Danger desperately takes it, grabbing backwards and catching Excellent’s leg! Excellent falls forward, off-balance, allowing Danger to get free! Harvey crawls away, hurting, even as Mr. Excellent pulls himself back up. Annoyed, Excellent turns and comes over, grabbing for Harvey’s legs again. But as he turns him, Excellent is exposed, with Harvey able to boot him in the face! Excellent stumbles back, even as Harvey gets to the ropes, pulling himself up. Excellent returns again, but Harvey nails him with an elbow, then jumps forward, catching Excellent with a flying forearm! With Excellent down, Harvey gets on top, hoping for the best, even as referee Bell gets over there… 1… 2… no, Excellent gets out in time!*

Jones: This one’s coming down to the wire!

Logan: Harvey got free of the submission, but he’s certainly not in great shape. Can he stay in control now that he’s got it?

Jones: The title’s on the line, so if he wants to stay the champ, he needs this one badly!

*Danger struggles to get up, his legs clearly bothering him. But he’s intent on finishing things here, as he limps over to Mr. Excellent. He pulls the man up and lifts him into the air, bodyslamming him on the canvas. Danger then looks towards the turnbuckle, limping over there. Mr. Excellent, holding his head in pain, struggles to get up. With Head Referee Bell coming near to check on him, Excellent suddenly grabs hold, using Bell as leverage to get up! It doesn’t work too well, as Bell isn’t that strong, sending both men sliding to the mat. As Bell works to get free, Danger starts to climb… not seeing that Mick is suddenly up on the apron, his shoe in his hand! Harvey is almost all the way up as Mick hurries over, jumping up and smacking the hard, metal heel of his shoe into the side of Danger’s head!!! Harvey collapses off the ‘buckle, falling hard into the ring!! Referee Bell, who has freed himself, sees Harvey fall, but doesn’t know exactly why. Meanwhile, though, Excellent is on the move, getting over to Danger and grabbing his legs to reapply the Execution!!! The fans are booing heavily, even as Excellent keeps the grip on. Harvey’s not moving, since he’s out cold!! The referee checks on him, raising his arm three times, then reluctantly signals that the match is over!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Television Champion, Mr. Excellent!!

Logan: I don’t believe it!!

Jones: Thanks to Mick’s interference, Mr. Excellent just got himself his first championship!!!

Logan: Oh, man, that makes me sick!! Harvey might have been able to put this one away, if it hadn’t been for that strike!!

Jones: Well, no matter how he earned it, it’s happened, Anthony! We have a new GCWA Television Champion, just like that!!

Logan: Man… what a shocking way to head into the Rumble!!

Jones: It’s the end of a wild night, and we’re out of time, so we’ll see you next week at the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas! Be ready to Rumble!!

*Harvey’s still down on the mat, holding his head, with Mark Bell checking on his condition. Meanwhile, Mr. Excellent is already out of the ring, his hands wrapped tightly around the Television Championship. Mick is there to help him celebrate, with the two men jumping around in joy, oblivious to the hatred headed their way from the fans. They head up the aisle, leaving Danger behind, who is still alone in the ring. The picture fades out.*

OOC: The Streak continues, as we're set to head into the Righteous Rumble!! I'm looking forward to this one, as it's going to be a hell of a fight between twenty of our best! I can say with complete honesty that I don't even have a good guess on who's going to win the Rumble. I'm betting that this one's going to be my hardest decision yet... and then I've got to decide two other matches as well?

Someone, put the aspirin on back order, I'm going to need more.

Some of you astute readers will realize that there are NOT 20 wrestlers listed for the Righteous Rumble. Well, just to let you know, I do have 20 people in mind... some are just more of a 'surprise' than others *l*.

Anyhow, here's the official card!

- Scott Caine(c) vs. Arryk Rage, GCWA X Division Title Last Man Standing Match

- Draco(c) vs. The Lost Soul, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Steel Asylum Match
(Cage with weapons, first pin/submission wins)

- The 20-Man Righteous Rumble, currently consisting of Arachne, The Big Canadian, Dangerous Dan, Harvey Danger, Shane Donovan, Mr. Excellent, Grimm, Warrick Hill, Bucky Johnson, Lurrr, Rick Mathis, Derek Mobley, Penance, Arryk Rage, Robert Santana, Aaron Styles, Titan 3, and Mikey Willis

Roleplaying will be from Friday, November 6th to Wednesday, November 11th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all! May the force of the Rumble be with you!