GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is, as always, excited. They really love the GCWA here in Dallas, where it’s been for nearly 10 months now. The cameras pan the crowd, showing a few signs, such as “I’m dressing as TLS for Halloween!” and “We Need A Public Option For Marcus’ Health!” Many fans are wearing costumes, some more revealing than others. Naturally, those people are blurred, since this isn’t a pay-per-view. The FCC would be all over us! The cameras head over to the announce table, where Jones & Logan are ready to call the action tonight.*

Jones: Hello, fans, and welcome back to Friday Night Inferno!! We’ve got a huge Halloween night planned for you tonight, complete with two title matches on the schedule!

Logan: Yeah, but not just any matches, Jonesy. Halloween-themed matches! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Jones: Later on tonight, Harvey Danger will be making the first defense of his Television Championship, taking on Robert “The Sensei” Santana in a “Haunted Boiler Room” Match! They’ll both be locked inside a room, with the first man out being declared the winner and the champion! I’ve heard that Ace has had a lot of construction guys down there working. Who knows what he’s done to that room to make it ‘haunted’?

Logan: It’s a tough test for Danger’s first bout, as he has to go against a former champion who would love to get the gold back around his waist.

Jones: Then, in our main event, we’ve got a true treat, as The House of Pain is defending the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles for the first time against the #1 Contenders, the Danger Boiz! They’re going to compete in a dangerous one, as it will be a “Trick Or Treat Hazardous Ladders” Match! Can you explain that one, Anthony?

Logan: It’s easy, Jonesy. Some of the ladders might have legs partially sawed through. Some of them might have faulty rungs that break when weight is placed on them. There are only going to be one or two ladders that will be able to handle their weight, which is important if they’re going to attempt climbing up all the way to get those belts!

Jones: We’ve got an exciting night planned, and we’ve already kicked it off with two thrilling matches.

Logan: Well, one thrilling, one kind of yawn-inspiring.

Jones: Well, we’ll take what we can get. First off, we had a match to decide the new #1 Contender for the GCWA Television Title. Roll it!

*We start first with the entrances of the three men. Mr. Excellent moves with a cocky strut, giving a booing fan the sign of ‘money’ with his fingers. Aaron Styles gets the most cheers, while Mikey Willis has little crowd reaction for him. The match takes place, with Willis getting knocked down early, enabling Excellent and Styles to go at each other. It was a battle of technical skill vs. raw power, as the undefeated Styles tried to use his power advantage to take Excellent out. Willis kept trying to get back into it, but kept getting laid out by one or the other. Late in the match, Willis returned to action by diving off the top rope. Unfortunately, he dived right into Styles, who caught him, then spun Willis into the Touchdown. Before Styles could pin, though, Mr. Excellent knocked Styles down from behind with a bulldog, then quickly capitalized by putting Willis into the Execution. Although Styles recovered quickly, Willis tapped faster than anyone could have anticipated, getting the victory, and the title shot, for Mr. Excellent.*

Logan: I really have to say, Mikey Willis’ return to the GCWA has been a very rough ride. He hasn’t shown near the potential that he once displayed.

Jones: It’s sad to see such a promising star struggle. On the other hand, both Styles and Excellent had a good accounting for themselves. Styles almost kept his winning streak going, but Excellent picked his spot in the end and used his experience edge to pull off the victory.

Logan: Yeah, so next week, we’re guaranteed to see Mr. Excellent take on the winner of the Harvey Danger/Robert Santana match for the Television Title! That should definitely be a good one!

Jones: No doubt, Anthony. Mr. Excellent is quite possibly the most surprising name never to hold a GCWA championship. That could all change next week.

Logan: Plus, we just got this announcement from the Accelerator: by winning the Three-Way Match, Mr. Excellent has been granted a spot in the Righteous Rumble!!

Jones: Wow, a bonus from the President! I guess he decided that Mr. Excellent had proven himself!

Logan: Apparently so, as he's getting two great shots in the next two shows!

Jones: After that match, we had another contest, which didn't turn out to be near as thrilling, unfortunately.

*The first show is of Bruiser Kelley walking down the aisle, ignoring the fans who try to reach out to him. Kelley’s brought a beer with him, taking a chug and looks to be already halfway to being drunk, if not further. Lurrr then walks out, with Rick Mathis by his side. Lurrr appears to be pissed at the stationing of his match, even arguing with the referee about how this bout is beneath him. The bell rings, with Kelley taking a moment to finish his beer. It turns out to be a major mistake, as Lurrr shoves the ref out of the way and steps in, landing the Wake Up Call so violently that it shatters the beer bottle!!! Kelley collapses to the ground, blood appearing from a couple of different cuts, as Lurrr angrily makes a cover, demanding that the referee hurry up. The count is made, with Lurrr getting the easy victory. Afterwards, Lurrr is shown storming out of the ring and up the aisle, almost leaving Mathis behind. He is still ticked off, even after taking out Kelley. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Clearly, being in the dark matches really angered Lurrr.

Logan: Of course it did, Jonesy. I mean, he’s a former World Champion, forced to curtain jerk? Man, that’s priceless! Ace rules!

Jones: Nonetheless, Lurrr showed why he’s so dangerous, as he took out Kelley in record time. Bruiser just hasn’t found his rhythm yet in the GCWA.

Logan: Yeah, he also hasn’t found pieces of his lips. I hope he’s got a good plastic surgeon!

Jones: Ugh.

Logan: So, that covers the video footage from earlier. Is it now time to get started?

Jones: Almost, Anthony, but first, we have some footage to show from earlier in the night, when the wrestlers were first arriving. It was a curious incident that definitely deserves to be shown.

*The picture fades out for a second, as the footage is put into place. We come into the video showing the entryway to the GCWA Arena, where a car has pulled up. The door opens, and out steps the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco!! Draco has on his street clothes as he reaches into the back of his car, pulling out a thick-looking costume bag. He shuts everything up and locks the car before heading towards the doorway. As he does so, a taller, overweight man approaches him. Draco takes him in with a curious eye, although he’s obviously ready to defend himself.*

Man: You’re Draco, the World Heavyweight Champion!

Draco: Yes, thank you, I already knew that.

Man: Hey, can I get an autograph from you?

*The man starts following Draco as he heads towards the garage entrance of the arena, carrying his stuff.*

Draco: You have anything to sign? Or even a pen to sign it with?

Man: A pen? Nah, I don’t carry pens with me. But, if you have one, you could sign my shirt.

*Draco looks back at the man, noticing for the first time that he’s wearing a very-well-stretched-out GCWA t-shirt. The only problem is, the t-shirt is actually a Marcus Ka’Derrion version. Draco doesn’t seem amused.*

Draco: Kinda busy here, but maybe next time.

Man: Oh, c’mon, man, don’t be a stuck-up douche-bag like Donovan. Sign the damn shirt!

*The man grabs hold of Draco’s costume bag, but Draco quickly frees himself, turning away and walking. The man, upset, takes another step towards Draco… then goes down, courtesy of a shot to the back of the head from The Lost Soul!!! Draco, hearing the thud, turns and looks, surprised that the #1 Contender is there. The Lost Soul looks down at the man, then at Draco, before speaking.*

The Lost Soul: You’re welcome.

Draco: For what? I didn’t ask you to punch out a fan for me, no matter how annoying he was.

The Lost Soul: You forget, Draco. TLS is now Head of Security, which means I have to watch out for the other wrestlers. Expect to see a lot of me from now on.

*The Lost Soul nods to Draco, then waves over another security guard to take care of the ‘troublemaker.’ Draco, looking curiously at The Lost Soul, walks off, heading inside the arena to get back to business. The video runs out, taking us back to ringside.*

Jones: If you ask me, that sounded like a thinly veiled threat from TLS towards the World Champion.

Logan: Hey, as the Head of Security, TLS does need to keep the talent safe and secure. That fan WAS getting a little close to becoming an issue.

Jones: I just hope he doesn’t sue us.

Logan: For what? We’ve got him on video grabbing at Draco, which means that he initiated contact. There’s no case there.

Jones: If you say so. Well, I guess it’s time to get everything going, so let’s go down to Minos at ringside!

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Currently making his way towards the ring, he holds many positions in the GCWA, not least among them as a wrestler. Standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*”Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor begins to play, causing some cheers for the hometown ‘hero’. Vaughn appears, walking towards the ring like a man walking down death row. His head is lowered in either prayer or terror, it’s hard to tell. Vaughn eventually reaches the ring and climbs up, sliding into his perceived execution.*

Jones: You can feel the fear oozing off of the Janitor. Last week, he nearly got severely injured due to his match with Marcus Ka’Derrion. Tonight, he has to go against a legend of the business, a man known for putting people on the shelf.

Logan: I hope Vaughn wore some adult diapers under that outfit, or else this one could really get messy fast!

Jones: Ugh…

Minos: His opponent is making his return to the ring here tonight. He may very well be the only wrestler who can claim to be a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, an ICWF World Heavyweight Champion, and an OCW World Heavyweight Champion, among countless other championships… standing 6’6” and weighing in at 290 lbs, here is the former GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3!!

*The boos are echoing throughout the arena, with the fans having completely turned on the wrestler. As “Tales of a Scorched Earth” by Smashing Pumpkins plays, Titan 3 appears, stepping through the curtain. He looks to be in great shape, flexing his arms back and forth to stretch before walking down the aisle. He ignores the hatred coming his way. The only thing on his mind is the scared Janitor waiting in the ring for him.*

Logan: Titan 3, back as a wrestler! Man, I didn’t think I’d see the day! I really thought he’d hung it up!

Jones: Well, after the outrage surrounding the Steve Wilson debacle, Titan 3 decided to quit as GCWA Head of Security, with the Accelerator surprisingly reinstating him as a competitor in the GCWA. Clearly, the President thinks that Titan 3 could be an asset to bringing more fans in.

Logan: Of course, there’s always the question of rust in a match like this. It’s been years for Titan 3. Can he make a comeback after so long away from the sport?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie nods to both men to begin, with Titan 3 developing an evil grin. Vaughn, seeing it, nervously walks forward. However, before he can reach Titan 3, the Janitor suddenly grabs at his chest, then falls backwards to the mat!!! Titan 3 looks down, thrown off for a second, as Vaughn lays on the canvas, his shoulders firmly pressed against the mat. Referee Trixie moves in, concerned, and checks on the Janitor, who suddenly reaches up with one arm and shoos her away! Even more confused, Trixie steps back, with Vaughn flattening out again! He looks up through slitted eyes towards Titan 3, who is shaking his head, the evil smile still on his face.*

Jones: What’s happened to Vaughn? Is he ok?

Logan: I think he’s trying to take the least painful way out, Jonesy, and honestly, I can’t say as I blame him!

*Slowly, Titan 3 walks over next to Vaughn, looking down at him. Vaughn’s waiting, expecting to be pinned at any minute. Unfortunately, he’s not going to get off so easily, as Titan 3 rears back and starts stomping away on the unprotected Janitor!! The crowd is booing their heads off, but Titan 3 seems to be enjoying himself. Vaughn, for his part, is trying to roll away, covering up his head, as the attack continues. As Vaughn gets closer to the ropes, Titan 3 changes tactics, kicking away at Vaughn’s side to keep him moving! The Janitor gets kicked under the ropes to the apron, then, with one final push, is sent to the outside, falling to his back! Titan 3 looks around at the negatively-charged audience, then steps through the ropes himself, opting to follow the man to the outside in case Vaughn opts to make a run for it. Referee Trixie begins the count, as Titan 3 pulls Vaughn up.*

Jones: I guess Titan 3 wasn’t wanting a short, easy match to begin things.

Logan: Nope. Unfortunately for Vaughn, it appears that Titan 3 wants to dish out some pain first!

Jones: This could all be a mind game, too, Anthony, towards the wrestlers in the back. They’ve already been antsy about such a powerful player coming into their waters. Seeing Titan 3 dish out a beating will only enhance that worry.

Logan: Yeah, but he’s also throwing away a guaranteed victory, and as we’ve learned, the expected doesn’t always happen in this business.

* Vaughn tries to break free, but Titan 3 quickly grabs him by the back of his hair, holding him in place. Titan 3 then pulls Vaughn back and drops him with an inverted DDT on the outside, smashing the Janitor to the ground. Titan 3 looks up at referee Trixie, who’s still counting. He starts to head in, then seems to change his mind, looking down with murderous intent towards his first adversary. Vaughn is trying to sit up, clearly dazed, or else he would have stayed down. Titan 3 immediately comes back over, unleashing a running kick right to Vaughn’s head that knocks him back down!!! The veteran wrestler stands over Vaughn, looking down at him, even as the fans continue to boo like crazy. Titan 3, not bothered by it, reaches down and hauls Vaughn back up to his feet, dragging him to the side, towards the announcers.*

Logan: Man, the Janitor’s looking to be in sorry shape, although Titan 3’s risking it by continuing to stay on the outside.

Jones: Yep, uh, Anthony? He’s coming over here…

Logan: Titan 3, what are you doing, man? Take it back into the ring…

Jones: Wait, no, don’t do that! Oh, damn, Anthony, run!!

*As Jones runs back and jumps over the guardrail, out of range, Anthony takes a few steps back himself. Titan 3, for his part, has set the helpless Janitor up, lifting him into the air! Vaughn has nowhere to go but down, as Titan 3 turns and delivers a huge A-Bomb right through the announcers’ table!!!! Vaughn is down and out, not moving, splinters of the table surrounding him. Titan 3 has a sadistic look in his eyes, having enjoyed finally getting back into the action. Behind him, a shocked-looking referee Trixie stands there for a second, then finishes up her count, getting to 10 and waving for the bell to ring! Medics begin to appear to come check on Vaughn, even as Titan 3 stands there, still watching him with a smile.*

Jones: … n’t believe… *static*

Logan: Jonesy, I think you ran away too fast, you might have damaged your headset. What he’s trying to say, guys, is that Titan 3 just made his first match a statement, but he also made it a Double Countout! Oh, man, what a crushing maneuver!! Someone tell the guys in back that we need the spare table for tonight!

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has ruled this match a double countout!

*The crowd is heaping hatred towards the former head of security, but Titan 3 only has eyes for the damage he’s wrought. Peter Vaughn is still down, having been destroyed by a man he once worked for. The medics are working to stabilize his neck as a precaution, even as the stretcher is brought out next to them. Finally, Titan 3 turns and walks away, not at all concerned with how the match will officially go in the books. He made his statement. The rest of the world will have to make up their own minds on what it means for the rest of the GCWA. We leave the shot behind and head backstage, where Shane Donovan walks into the locker room for D&D. No one else is back there, and Shane sits down to relax before hearing a knock on the door.*

Shane Donovan: Ugh... Who is it?

*A stagehand sheepishly sticks his head into the room to look around before entering fully, carrying a large envelope in his hand. *

Shane Donovan: Yeah?

Stagehand: Um, The Accelerator wanted me to give this to Harvey Danger.

Shane Donovan: What is it?

Stagehand: His contract to enter the Righteous Rumble.

*Shane raises an eyebrow before standing up and walking over the the stagehand. *

Shane Donovan: I see, and where's mine?

*The stagehand looks around nervously before responding.*

Stagehand: Um, you don't have one? The Accelerator wanted me to give this to Harvey since he's the current TV champ and all...

Shane Donovan: I'm a former World Champion, isn't that enough?!

Stagehand: ...I don't know, you'd have to ask The Accelerator... Is Harvey around...?

*Shane stares daggers at the guy before sighing. *

Shane Donovan: Does it look like he's around?

*The stagehand looks around the room for a third time. *

Stagehand: I guess not.

Shane Donovan: I can give it to him though, don't worry.

Stagehand: But The Accelerator told me to only--

Shane Donovan: Blah blah I can handle it.

*Shane snatches the envelope out of the stagehand's grasp before shoving the poor guy out of the room, closing the door behind the guy.*

Shane Donovan: Doesn't invite me will he? I'll show him...

*Shane walks back to his seat as the scene cuts to commercial. *

*As we come back from commercial, we see Marcus Ka’Derrion, coming in from the garage area. He walks confidently, although he still looks to be bandaged up around the middle. As he moves down the hall towards the entryway to the arena, knowing that his match is coming up soon, a group of security guards suddenly steps in front of him. Ka’Derrion stops, surprised, as the four men study him. The Lost Soul is not among them. Ka’Derrion waits, as the first guard steps forward.*

Security Guard: We’ve been waiting for you to show up, Marcus. You almost missed your match.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: As long as you guys don’t stay in my way, I can make it on time.

Security Guard: We’ll let you go in just a second. There was just a message we were ordered to pass along to you.

*The guards all step forward with anticipation, causing Marcus to wonder if he’s about to get ambushed. But the first guard stops all that by pulling out a note and handing it to the former World Champion. Marcus opens it up, reading it out loud.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: “Marcus. This is your last chance. Prove that you’re healthy enough to fight. Ace.” Well, tell Ace he doesn’t have to worry about me. I’m fine.

*Marcus crumbles up the letter, tossing it over his shoulder before turning and moving through the security guards. One of them ‘accidentally’ bumps him, causing Marcus to wince for a second before covering it up. He continues on, as the main security guard is seen, a doubtful look on his face. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: About time Marcus got here. The President really needs to institute a specific time they need to be here, or else risk being fined.

Logan: As long as they don’t miss their match, who cares? Still, it’s clear that Ace is still worried about the health of one of his young stars. Ka’Derrion hasn’t exactly looked like a million bucks since returning.

Jones: Well, tonight’s his chance to let everyone know, including the President, that he’s ready for the intense competition. Of course, he’s been placed against a pretty difficult foe, which will make this a good test of his abilities.

Logan: I guess it’s time to find out for real. Let’s get to it!

Minos: The next match has a 10-minute time limit and is scheduled for one fall. First, he has been known more for his allegiance with his ally, Scott Caine, but is seeking his first victory as a singles wrestler here tonight, standing 6’8” and weighing 300 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, representing the Caine Dynasty, here is Penance!

*The audience is already booing as Penance steps out through the curtain, shoving it aside. He walks down the aisle to “Automatic” by American Pearl, stone-faced as always and ready for the fight. He steps over the ropes to enter the ring, showing his massive size.*

Jones: This man is definitely scary, especially when you hear rumors about what he used to do back in Detroit before he became a wrestler.

Logan: Yeah, if I saw this guy coming at me, you can bet I’d pay up whatever I owed in a hurry!

Jones: This may very well be the largest opponent Marcus Ka’Derrion has ever faced.

Minos: His opponent has had a banner first year in the wrestling industry, including two separate reigns as the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*”No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play, leading the way out for Ka’Derrion. The audience is fully behind him, with Ka’Derrion giving them a respectful nod before starting down the aisle towards his opponent for the evening. Ka’Derrion is moving with purpose, although he’s still not completely healed from his injuries.*

Logan: Two weeks in a row now, we’ve been worried about Ka’Derrion’s health. First, he loses due to countout, unable to get back into the ring. Last week, he nearly kills himself taking the Janitor out of the ring, and only just beats the count. Tonight, he’s not facing a smaller wrestler. He’s facing a giant. Can he survive?

Jones: Well, the main thing to realize, Anthony, is that Ka’Derrion has been doing whatever possible in order to heal himself, including soaking himself in healing pools.

Logan: Yeah, that stuff looked disgusting, but I guess, when you’re 60%, you try whatever could work to get better.

Jones: But will it have been enough?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Penance steps out of the corner, giving Ka’Derrion a quick flex of his massive arms. He looks extremely confident, even while facing the 2-time World Champion. Ka’Derrion, though, isn’t backing down. He steps forward, raising one hand up in the air, as if daring Penance to try a Test of Strength! Penance looks surprised for a second, but then gladly agrees, walking forward and reaching out. As soon as their hands touch, though, Marcus reacts, grabbing hold of the arm and using it like a chin-up bar, snapping himself up around it and kicking Penance in the back of the head!! Penance moves backwards, stunned, even as Ka’Derrion steps back, lining him up. He runs forward, getting two knees planted into Penance’s chest, sending him back into the ropes! Ka’Derrion rights himself, then comes in again, leaping and smacking a forearm into Penance’s head, keeping up the assault!*

Jones: Ka’Derrion has taken control early in this one!

Logan: Yeah, Penance should have known that no one in his right mind would try a test of strength against him! Marcus suckered him in beautifully, using his brains against the behemoth!

Jones: Still, though, even with several shots, Ka’Derrion hasn’t been able to take Penance off his feet!/font>

*Ka’Derrion tries another charge, smashing into Penance’s side, but Penance doesn’t go down, hanging onto the ropes. Marcus opts for another tactic, trying to pull on Penance’s arm to get him away, but Penance reacts, tossing Ka’Derrion away from him with one shrug! As Ka’Derrion gets back up, Penance decides on a technical retreat, stepping through the ropes and dropping to the floor to take a breather. Referee Adrian Rockwell is already starting his count, watching Penance walk on the outside. Ka’Derrion is also watching, apparently considering another high-risk maneuver. As Penance stops for a second, thinking things over, Ka’Derrion suddenly runs forward, coming up to the ropes and jumping up! Penance sees him and turns towards him, lowering a shoulder, but Ka’Derrion’s able to readjust and land on the apron. He doesn’t get far enough away, though, as Penance reaches out and grabs Ka’Derrion’s legs, yanking him off the apron and causing him to fall chest-first onto the edge!! Ka’Derrion drops to the ground, in a great deal of pain, as the fans gasp.*

Logan: Damn! Ka’Derrion really took a hard fall there, even if he wasn’t already injured!

Jones: That was a great move from Penance, showing his smarts, as this one could be over pretty quickly!

*With Ka’Derrion on the outside, and Referee Rockwell’s count going higher and higher, Penance seems to think things over. He makes his decision, grabbing Ka’Derrion and bringing him up, rolling him into the ring. Penance follows, taking out the chance of anyone winning via countout. Inside the ropes, Penance reaches down, pulling the hurting Ka’Derrion up and immediately applying a bear hug, attempting to crush the life out of the man!! Ka’Derrion groans, clearly in a bad way, but Penance has no sympathy for him. Referee Rockwell circles the two men, watching for any sign that Ka’Derrion’s had enough. The fans are cheering for Ka’Derrion to escape, although so far, he hasn’t found a way to do so. Penance is smiling now, enjoying having the upper hand. He increases the pressure, causing Ka’Derrion to audibly groan from the grip.*

Jones: Penance has such power, I don’t know how Ka’Derrion can combat that!

Logan: Well, he needs to figure out a way, since he’s having the life crushed out of him!

*Referee Rockwell checks, but Marcus doesn’t signal that he’s giving up, still struggling against the hold. With Ka’Derrion still refusing to quit, Penance opts for another tactic, twisting Ka’Derrion up, then taking him down with a bear hug slam to the canvas! Penance stays on top, making the cover, as Rockwell leans down to make the count… 1… 2… and Ka’Derrion kicks out in time. Penance, shaking his head, gets up, bringing Marcus with him. He lifts Ka’Derrion into the air above his head, doing a couple of gorilla presses before tossing Ka’Derrion casually behind him, sending him falling around 7 feet back to the ground!! Penance steps back over and tries another loose cover, but once again Ka’Derrion kicks out at 2, keeping the match going. Penance doesn’t seem to mind, as he’s getting to dish out more punishment. He grabs Ka’Derrion by the hair, yanking him up. He launches Ka’Derrion bodily towards the turnbuckle, in an attempt to set up another move. But Ka’Derrion doesn’t allow it, jumping up onto the 2nd buckle and shoving off, coming back with an elbow to Penance’s face that staggers him!*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s trying to get back into this one, Anthony!

Logan: Trying, yes, but he’s definitely moving slower than I’ve seen him. I’m becoming more and more convinced that he’s just not full-power yet, making him vulnerable to up-and-comers like Penance!

*Ka’Derrion leans on his knees, catching his breath, even as Penance shakes his head, pulling himself back together. Ka’Derrion doesn’t want that to happen, so he comes in with a jumping dropkick to Penance’s chest, staggering him once again, but not putting him down. Marcus gets up, breathing hard. He nonetheless goes to the ropes and charges back, leaping into the air with a flying forearm!! Penance stumbles, then drops to a knee, the first sign he’s given of being in trouble. Ka’Derrion, excited, runs back to the ropes, then returns, clobbering Penance once more in the head with a running fist! Penance leans backwards on one knee, but still doesn’t go completely down, managing to catch himself at the last second. Ka’Derrion opts to try once more, going off the ropes and, this time, coming back with a snap kick. But Penance manages to catch Ka’Derrion’s leg, then shove up on it, causing Ka’Derrion to do a backflip and fall on his face!! Marcus rolls, grabbing his nose, even as Penance starts to right himself.*

Logan: Ouch! Penance caught Marcus completely by surprise on that one!

Jones: He threw Marcus like he was a leaf in the wind! Damn, this guy’s strong! If he gets into the Righteous Rumble, I don’t know how anyone’s going to be able to get rid of him!

Logan: Well, I’d say he’s a logical contender, Jonesy, just for that very reason!

*As Ka’Derrion gets up, still stunned, Penance moves in, grabbing the smaller man and refusing to let him get away. Ka’Derrion tries a few quick punches to the solar plexus, but it seems to have no effect, as Penance simply lifts Marcus into the air, delivering a massive powerslam that shakes the ring!!! Penance makes a loose cover, confident, even as Referee Rockwell comes over to make the count… 1… 2… but Ka’Derrion manages to kick out at the last second! Penance gets up, thinking that it should be over, but he doesn’t complain to the referee. Instead, he waits, letting Ka’Derrion waste his own energy getting up. As soon as Ka’Derrion is upright, Penance steps in behind him, grabbing Ka’Derrion’s head and applying the Prayer!!!! Ka’Derrion is kicking frantically as the pressure is placed on the sides of his head, an intense maneuver that has to be excruciating!*

Jones: The Prayer!! The Prayer is applied!!

Logan: Ka’Derrion really needs to find a way to reach the ropes, or else… wait… did he just…

Jones: Nah… that had to have been a spasm or something…

*In the ring, Referee Rockwell spots the same thing that Jones and Logan just saw: Ka’Derrion’s hand slapping against the hands of Penance. Ka’Derrion does it again and again, but it takes Rockwell a while before he decides it is, indeed, a tap out. Rockwell, with no other choice, signals for the bell, ending the match, with Penance immediately dropping Ka’Derrion afterwards.*

Minos: Here is your winner, Penance!

Logan: I don’t believe it! Marcus tapped out!

Jones: Are we sure that’s Marcus? I mean, I don’t know that he’s ever just given up!

Logan: Well… I mean, I guess the pain was just too much, Jonesy! Damn, he’s in worse shape than I thought!

*Penance is raising his arms in celebration, having just gotten a huge victory for himself. Meanwhile, Ka’Derrion is trying to sit up, but failing, looking dazed. Referee Rockwell, concerned about his condition, signals for help, with a medic coming down to take a look at him. Meanwhile, Penance is studying the scene, a strange look coming over his face.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s not looking so hot. I wonder if we need a stretcher?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy… hey, what’s Penance doing? Wait a second, stop, man!

*As the medic tries to get in closer to check on Ka’Derrion’s condition, Penance steps back in, shoving the guy away. Penance then grabs K’Derrion by the throat, lifting him off the canvas!! Rockwell tries to stop it, grabbing at Penance’s arm, but he just gets knocked away for his trouble. Penance then says a few words to the struggling Ka’Derrion, before lifting him up into the air and positioning him for Despair!! Ka’Derrion can’t get free, as Penance drops to the mat, smashing his foe head-first into the hard floor!!! Ka’Derrion flops to the ground, not moving, with the medic rushing in for another look. Penance, for his part, stands up, smiling, as the crowd mercilessly boos him.*

Logan: Damnit, Penance, Marcus was already in bad shape, you didn’t have to do that!!

Jones: Penance might have just put Ka’Derrion out, Anthony!! And it did it effortlessly!! If he wanted to scare the rest of the locker room, mission accomplished!!

*Penance turns and leaves the ring, satisfied. He’s met by Scott Caine, who looks ecstatic, jumping around laughing. The two men head up the aisle, with Caine making sure to lift up Penance’s arm along the way. Ka’Derrion’s still down, as the medic continues to work on him. We cut to the backstage area as Harvey Danger stands in his Davey Crockett Halloween costume surrounded by several children. The children are dressed in costume as well. One is a clown, one is dressed as a GI Joe, and another a surgeon. One little child even is dressed as The Accelerator... suck up. Creepy organ music plays in the background. Harvey leans down close to the children.*

Harvey : Ok, everyone. As we all know, tomorrow is Halloween. Tonight, we're going to go out and celebrate it with the GCWA Wrestling Superstars! But most importantly...

* Harvey whips out a large white pillow case, smacking the little clown-child in the head.*

Harvey : Whoops, sorry there Jimmy. Most importantly, we’ll be collecting some candy!! Now stick close to me kids, as the GCWA can be a dangerous place. Especially with that lunatic dictator Roberto Santa Anna! Let’s see what we can get from this room!

*Harvey knocks on a locker room door and steps back, nearly tripping over one of the children. The door opens and referee Mitchell leans out looking surprised. He looks Harvey up and down before surveying the children.*

Harvey : (And the children) TRICK-OR-TREAT!

*Mitchell looks around, unsure of what to do. Harvey shoves his pillow case into Mitchell’s face as the children bat their eyelashes and put on the puppy-dog face for him. Mitchell disappears back into his locker room before returning with an armful of office supplies.*

Mitchell: Uh, here you go! An eraser for you, my little clown. And some pens for the little surgeon. Oh, look the hippie get the big treat… pencil sharpener! And for Harvey , I guess you can have these paper clips. Um… Happy Halloween!

Harvey : What do we say kids? (everyone) THANK YOU!

*Mitchell smiles and retreats to his locker room. Harvey leads the brigade down the hallway towards another doorway. The hallway has been decorated with cobwebs and other Halloween items. This particular door is covered in fake cobwebs and pink little hearts. Pink hearts?*

Harvey : *points back to Mitchell’s door* That’s what happens when you eat too much candy, you get a little crazy. Ok kids, we’re doing great! We’ve got some great office supplies and no sign of that dictator Roberto Santa-Anna just yet. Let’s see what we’ve got behind this door!

*Trixie opens the door wearing a very revealing French Maid outfit. Harvey shoves the costumed children out of the way and gets right up front with a big goofy smile. The raccoon tail of the coonskin cap hangs in his face and he makes several attempts to brush it away. Finally, he rips the hat from his head and flings it down the hall. The children giggle and Trixie rolls her eyes.*


*Trixie smiles as she drops pieces of candy into the children’s bright orange plastic pumpkins. Harvey holds his pillow case even higher but Trixie passes him over making sure the children all get some candy. Harvey shuffles around the small group trying to be seen, but Trixie keeps ignoring him.*

Trixie: Well, Happy Halloween everyone!

Harvey : Um, Trixie?

Trixie: (Sigh) Yes?

Harvey : You forgot me…

* Harvey thrusts his empty pillow case into her face. *

Trixie: What are you supposed to be?

Harvey : I’m Harvey Crockett, king of the wild frontier! That General Santa Anna is roaming around here somewhere and I’m ready to protect these children! Now, um… the candy?

*Trixie rolls her eyes and drops a Snickers bar into Harvey ’s pillow case. Before Harvey can thank her, she pulls her dressing room door closed in his face. Harvey looks down into his pillow case and smiles. Shrugging, he leads the band of children further down the hall. The creepy organ music grows louder as the lights suddenly turn off. The kids scream and in a few seconds a dim blue light fills the hallway.*

Harvey : Oooooooo, getting really spooky in here isn’t it? Don’t worry kids… it takes a lot to scare old Harvey Danger!

* Harvey reaches up to knock on the next door. Before he makes any contact with it, the door flies open and a man dressed in black with the white “Scream” mask jump out into the hall. Harvey screams and runs back down the hall with arms flailing. The children shriek in surprise, left behind by their fearless leader. The man in the Scream mask looks around at the children before doubling over with laughter. Pulling off the masks, he reveals himself to be none other than GCWA World Champion Draco! He pulls out a sack of candy and begins handing it out to the children as we fade out, heading to commercial.*

*Coming back from the break, we see Penance walking with Scott Caine on their way back to their locker room. Caine is still in a great mood, while Penance is purely happy with the completion of a job.*

Scott Caine: They know not to mess with us now! This company is ours for the taking!

Penance: Sounds good to me. I’m going to go get a victory beer.

Scott Caine: Ok, I’ll see you in the locker room. Get me one too, could you?

*Penance walks off, leaving Caine to head on his own towards the locker room door. He opens the door and goes in, shutting it behind him. The cameraman moves as if to leave, then suddenly realizes that someone else is coming, quickly, in his direction. The cameraman moves back, even as we see Arryk Rage, running down the hallway with an axe in hand!! He pulls back and crashes the axe into the door, screaming as he does so.*

Arryk Rage: Heeeeeeres Johnny!!!!

*Arryk busts through the door, as Scott goes to attack, Rage ducks, and sends him face first into the pieces of broken door. Scott turns around, punching Arryk in the face, sending him reeling back. He returns fire, and the two start exchanging punches until Arryk takes a cheap shot, kicking Scott in the testicles. As Caine goes to fall, Rage grabs his head, and slams it into the concrete floor. Blood starts to pour out of Caine’s nose, as Arryk lowers himself down in front of Caine, grabbing him by the hair, pulling his head up. Blood is oozing out down his face.*

Arryk Rage: It wasn't right boy. You had to get help. You needed your little buddy. See what happens when he leaves you alone? You get fxxxed up. You want to play these little games with me? You think you are better? Think again, cupcake.

*Arryk slaps Caine across the face, blood smears.*

Arryk Rage: Scott... Listen to me, and listen carefully. You stole that belt, you and your little bitch. You wanted to be hardcore. You wanted violence. Well, son, here's your hardcore. Here's your violence. Righteous Rumble, me and you, Last Man Standing. If you aren't too afraid to put MY belt on the line that is. See you then, you little bitch.

*Arryk slams Caines head down on the concrete again, as blood splatters around his head. Arryk walks away, leaving Caine a bloody mess. As Arryk vanishes down hallway, Penance walks into view, immediately dropping the two beers he found in order to check on his boss. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Arryk just did a major number on the X Division Champion!!

Logan: Just as Caine was feeling on top of the world, too! That’s definitely one way to make a challenge, one that will be hard for Caine to forget!

Jones: Arryk’s feeling aren’t too surprising, as Caine won the X Division Title thanks in large part to Penance’s interference. We may be looking at a great contest between these two at the Righteous Rumble!

Logan: If it does get signed, I can’t wait to see it! But for now, we’ve got another title match to worry about!

Jones: No announcing for this match, as it’s going to start up in the back! Let’s go there now for the “Haunted Boiler Room” Match!!

Logan: Awesome! Man, I hope both guys make it out of there…

Jones: Huh? Uh, Anthony, I know it’s labeled haunted, but I doubt there’s any chance of losing anyone.

Logan: Yeah? Tell that to my brother. He disappeared inside a haunted house for almost a year when wrestling in the ICWF!

*The cameras head to the back, showing the entrance to the boiler room. The door partially opens, with a person’s head seen, peeking around the corner. It’s Harvey Danger, the current GCWA Television Champion. Harvey leans into the room, looking around. He steps into the room, first his left foot, then his right. Then Harvey immediately turns around and goes back out the door! You can hear him cheer, followed by someone (probably an official) explaining that a wrestler has to spend more time in there. Harvey protests, but soon he’s pushed back into the room, which has been drawn up with fake cobwebs and spooky lighting. The door is shut, with Harvey, shaking his head, walking in, already counting up to 60 under his breath.*

Jones: So Harvey almost won there?

Logan: I guess there are rules in place, Jonesy, to make this match a little more interesting than that. Thank god, or else we’d have a lot of angry letters from the fans! I mean, they’re expecting a great one here between two strong wrestlers!

Jones: Yep, people came to see a fight!

*Cautiously, Danger ventures further into the room, jumping at every strange sound that he hears. Speakers have been hidden throughout the room, full of evil laughter, screams and the like. Harvey doesn’t look very comfortable with it, but he continues to move on, searching for his opponent. So far, Santana has not been seen. Danger turns around a corner, looking through the boiler room for any sign of his competition. As Harvey continues, a ‘ghost’ steps out from behind him, wearing a full white sheet over his head. The ‘ghost’ comes up from behind with a rope in hand, flipping it over and wrapping it around Danger’s throat!! Harvey, surprised, is pulled backwards, struggling against the strangulation that’s taking place!!*

Jones: Ambush! Danger didn’t see the attack coming!

Logan: That’s got to be Santana, right? I mean, who else would be in there? He’s got the champion on the ropes! If he can knock out Danger long enough, we’ll have a new Television Champion!

*Danger pulls at the rope, getting some clearance between it and his throat. This enables Danger to get in a little air, helping him stay conscious. He looks around desperately, seeing a nearby heating grid. Using his feet, Danger drives the two men over that direction, with the ‘ghost’ desperately trying to hang on. Harvey, though, manages to back them into the grid, causing a spark that gets a yelp out of the ‘ghost’! The rope is released, as Danger stumbles away, gasping. He throws the rope aside and turns, even as the ‘ghost’, recovering, reaches under his sheet and pulls out a wrench!! Danger is backing away from the ‘ghost’, doing the sign of the cross with his fingers, even as he approaches. Neither Danger nor the ‘ghost’ sees the man coming from the side, however, as Robert Santana suddenly appears, flying in with a huge super kick that takes the ‘ghost’ down!! Harvey straightens up, then looks between Santana and the ‘ghost’ in utter confusion!*

Logan: What the hell??

Jones: But… if Santana’s there… who’s the ghost??

*Santana looks as confused as Harvey. The two wrestlers grab the sheet, pulling it away… showing a dazed Mon-E looking up at them!!! The crowd is going wild as one of the most well-known jobbers of the GCWA pulls himself up, then immediately goes after both wrestlers! But Danger and Santana, acting like they’ve worked together before, both nail Mon-E with punches, knocking him back down! They then grab Mon-E, lifting him up and dropping him with a double spinebuster on the concrete!!! Mon-E is out cold from the impact, laying on top of the blanket he used to cover himself, while Danger and Santana stand over him! Harvey, smiling, extends a fist to Santana, who returns the fist bump. A second later, Harvey spins and runs away, making a sprint for the boiler room door!!! Santana reacts instantly, charging after him, tackling Harvey to the ground, as the real fight begins!*

Logan: Ok, Mon-E’s out of the way, so now these two can go at it!

Jones: Pretty smart of Harvey there. If he’d been able to get around that corner faster and out-run Santana, he’d easily retain.

Logan: Yeah, while these types of matches are known for being extremely hardcore, it’s easy to forget the only way to win is to escape!

*Danger tries to pull away, his eyes locked on the doorway, but Santana has too firm a grip. He pulls Harvey up, wrapping around his middle and lifting him into the air. Harvey’s arms are outstretched towards the door, but there’s nothing to grab onto as Santana throws him overhead with a release belly-to-back suplex! Danger hits backfirst, with Santana getting up and coming after him. He grabs hold of Danger and throws him to the side, sending him flying through a storage bookcase, landing on the other side!! The camera maneuvers around, as does Santana, to where Danger landed. It seems to be some sort of witches area, complete with a large black pot stationed on top of a fake fire. Santana moves in carefully, looking around for where Danger landed. An evil cackle comes from Santana’s right, distracting him. It was just another hidden speaker. Meanwhile, Danger suddenly reappears, coming out of the pot and throwing some sort of liquid into Santana’s face, blinding him!!*

Logan: Oh, man, what was that?

Jones: Some sort of witch soup, I suppose, Anthony!

Logan: Ugh. It’s…black! Yuck!

*Harvey pulls himself out of the pot, showing that his wrestling boots are covered in whatever the production people put in there. He wipes them off on the ground, then goes after Santana, who’s still trying to clear his face. Danger doesn’t give him the opportunity, scoring a series of shots to the face and driving Santana back towards a brick wall. Harvey takes Santana and throws him towards the wall, expecting a crash. Instead, he gets a tear, as Santana disappears through the fake ‘wall’! Harvey, scratching his head, follows through the hole, where Santana is down on his knees, trying to recover. Harvey looks around, as the duo now seems to be in a laboratory setting, complete with beakers and bubbling liquids. Danger walks over to Santana, pulling him up and taking him over towards where a platform is set up.*

Logan: Wow, Ace went all out for this one, didn’t he? They even designed fake rooms down there!

Jones: How big is this boiler room, anyway??

Logan: Big enough to help heat the whole GCWA Arena, Jonesy! There’s plenty of room down there for these two guys to fight it out!

*Danger has Santana up now onto the flat surface, which has leather straps attached to it. Santana tries to get up, but Danger gives him a shot right to the chin, knocking him back down. Danger then begins to work with the straps, trying to figure out how to connect them in order to hold Santana down long enough for him to escape. However, Danger struggles with them, trying to get the holes to line up, and before he can pull them tight, Santana manages to swing upwards, knocking Danger back. Santana pulls at the strap, working himself free, even as Harvey stumbles away, considering the beakers. He grabs on, taking a sniff of it, then immediately recoiling. Apparently it was so foul that Danger doesn’t even want to use it. Instead, he goes to the side and grabs the lid of a tray, pulling it off to use as a weapon. As he does, he reveals the tray, where Paco’s head is laying there!!! Paco lets out a yell, which is immediately answered by a scream from Harvey, who drops the tray, spins, and runs away!! Paco (his body obviously underneath the cabinet) starts laughing hard, even as Santana pulls himself up and heads off in pursuit.*

Logan: Damn, Paco just gave Harvey a heart attack!!

Jones: That’s just horrific! Nothing is scarier than Paco showing up on Inferno again!!!

Logan: You’re just worried that a talking-head Paco could still replace you as head announcer!

Jones: Don’t even joke about that! Someone could be listening!!

*Leaving Paco behind, Santana heads out through the torn hole in the ‘wall’, stumbling after Danger, who had accidentally run the wrong direction, away from the door. He turns into a dead end, complete with its own brick wall. Santana moves in towards him, looking to back Danger into a corner. Harvey, though, grins, having figured something out. He turns and runs forward towards the wall, expecting to break through it! Unfortunately, this one’s not a fake, so Danger hits and rebounds off of it, falling backwards to the floor! Santana, surprised at what Danger just did, immediately takes advantage, coming in and pulling Harvey up. He picks Harvey up, taking the dazed wrestler into the air and spiking him with a shoulder breaker! Danger falls to the side, as Santana leans against the wall. The move tired him out for a second, but he’s able to start moving away, heading back up the hall in the direction of the exit.*

Jones: Harvey’s mistake could allow Santana to get back the championship!

Logan: Yeah, all Santana has to do now is get himself outside the door, and he gets the victory!

*Santana is shown, staggering towards the exit, which he quickly is able to find. The Sensei makes his way closer to the door, reaching out and grabbing the handle. He goes to step out… and Danger is back, desperately grabbing Santana around the waist!! He drags backwards, managing to stop Santana’s momentum and keeping him from escaping! Santana, struggling, hang onto the door, trying to get out, but Danger isn’t going to let him, dragging him back. Santana finally has to let go, letting the door shut. As soon as it closes, though, the lights go out in the boiler room!!! In utter blackness, a scream can be heard. It’s hard to tell whether it was from a speaker, or from Harvey. Nothing can be seen at first, then, suddenly, the camera switches over to infrared, showing what’s happening. Both Santana and Danger have separated, trying to find their way towards where they think the door is. Neither is going in the right direction. Danger reaches out towards a nearby shelf, touching the item there and letting out a small yelp at the disgusting feeling on his fingers.*

Logan: I see Danger just found the peeled grapes. Do you think he really believes they’re eyeballs?

Jones: Nah, I have trouble seeing anyone fall for that, Anthony. Course, it IS Harvey, but… nah…

*Harvey can be seen, wiping off the grape’s juices on his shirt. He turns, feeling around… and bumps right into Santana, who immediately reacts, nailing Danger with a shot to the head!! Danger staggers back, falling right onto the table where the bowl of peeled grapes is, along with a plate of spaghetti noodles and other ‘scary’ implements. Danger’s hand lands in the spaghetti, causing a groan from him. But he grabs hold, putting aside his feelings for the championship, and launches the bowl of spaghetti forward, cracking it across Santana’s head!! The Sensei falls backwards, now wiping noodles off of him, even as Danger scrambles around for him. All of the sudden, the lights flash, like a bolt of lightning, blinding both men!! Danger, though, is able to take better note of his surroundings, reaching out and grabbing Santana. Before Santana can get free, Danger, drops, landing the Danger DDT!!!! Santana’s down and out, while Danger starts to crawl away, towards where he thinks the door is. The ‘lightning’ flashes again, helping Danger realize that he’s actually headed the wrong way, so he spins around and goes back, getting to the door. Santana can’t recover in time to stop him, as Danger steps out, getting the victory and retaining his title!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Harvey Danger!

Jones: Despite a strong showing from Santana, Danger manages to retain the gold!

Logan: Yeah, it was touch and go there for a little while, but in the end, Danger survived the haunted boiler room and kept his championship, which means he’ll be the one facing Mr. Excellent next week!

Jones: Tough break for Santana, who came within inches of a victory.

Logan: So this also means that Danger is ahead 1-0 in the Round Robin tournament for the Intercontinental Championship, right?

Jones: That’s correct, Anthony. So it’s a double win for Marie’s little boy!

*Danger is shown outside the boiler room door, trying to get up. He’s got some spaghetti sauce on the front of his shirt, as well as cobwebs in his hair and goop covering his boots. But it doesn’t matter to Danger, who’s completely happy to be the winner of the match. He stumbles off, perhaps looking to see if either of his tag-team partners is up for a messy victory hug, even as we head off to another part of the backstage area. We see the medics helping Marcus get into the ambulance, as they’ve managed to convince him to go to the hospital and get some tests run. He doesn’t look like he has much say in the matter. As Marcus gets in, the Accelerator walks up, looking at him. Marcus feels the look and turns, causing another flare of pain. Ace shakes his head, then steps closer.*

The Accelerator: I told you, Marcus. You had one last chance. Now, until you can prove to me you are healthy enough to compete in the GCWA, I have no choice but to take you off of active duty. Get well soon, boyo.

*Ace walks away, clearly saddened by what he’s seen. The medic moves back in, checking on Ka’Derrion, even as the former 2-time World Champion watches Ace leave… and smiles. The door to the ambulance shuts, not allowing us to see what happens next. As the ambulance starts to pull away, we fade back out to another break.*

*We come back to a shot of the Accelerator, walking along the hallway. He looks like he’s still thinking about Ka’Derrion, possibly wondering about his own liability for allowing Ka’Derrion to wrestle. As he turns a corner, he notices a particular odor in the air, as well as a cloud of smoke. Ace coughs, waving his hand in front of his face to disperse the cloud. He then turns to continue, only to bump into two men: Michael Myers and Jason Voorhes! The Accelerator takes a step back in shock, then his brain catches up to his instincts. The smoke plus the horror icons lets him know who it is.*

The Accelerator: Derek, Warrick, how’s it going?

*The masks come off, showing a grinning Warrick Hill and a smirking Derek Mobley, the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions! The fans cheer even as Derek steps in front of Warrick.*

Derek Mobley: Very good, Ace. You should have been a detective.

The Accelerator: So what can I do for you guys? Don’t you have a match to prepare for?

Warrick Hill: For the Danger Boiz? *Bleep*, we’re ready for them.

Derek Mobley: No, Ace, we’re here for something else. I guess you could say we’re looking for our own trick or treat.

*This would sound ominous, if it wasn’t coming from Mobley, who looks completely calm. Warrick’s still got that grin on his face, explaining the cloud of smoke from earlier.*

Derek Mobley: We’ve been watching you, every week, handing out those contracts for the Righteous Rumble. Yet you haven’t come to visit the House of Pain. I’m hurt, ‘boyo’.

The Accelerator: So I take it one of you is wanting in?

Warrick Hill: Nope.

The Accelerator: You aren’t?

Derek Mobley: What my partner means is, we don’t want just one in. We both want in.

*This gets a cheer from the live audience, even as the Accelerator considers both men.*

The Accelerator: Ok, so you want two contracts, even though I only gave one to the Danger Boiz, forcing them to choose? Does that seem fair?

Derek Mobley: Probably not, but that’s what we’re wanting.

The Accelerator: I see. And what’s to stop me from just walking away from here?

*Derek smiles, an easy smile that, for some reason, puts the Accelerator on his guard.*

Derek Mobley: One word, Ace: Phoenix.

*The Accelerator suddenly looks up at Derek, getting some significance from that single word. Derek nods, apparently referring to something from the past, something that Ace might possibly not want getting spread around. He pulls out a CD, showing it to him. Ace thinks about it for a second, weighing pros and cons, before reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out two contracts he had there. He hands them over to the House of Pain, holding onto Derek’s for just a second longer.*

The Accelerator: I expect to not ever hear of this again.

Derek Mobley: You know it, Ace. By the way, man, you really were a great dancer…

*Warrick lets out a laugh, even as the Accelerator takes the disc and quickly destroys it, before walking away. Derek and Warrick, their duties done, head off as well, as we go back to ringside.*

Jones: The Accelerator, a great dancer? What could that possibly mean?

Logan: Y’know, Jonesy, I don’t think I really want to know. All that matters is that it looks like we’re up to 10 current wrestlers in the GCWA Righteous Rumble! With only one more week left after tonight, the rest of the GCWA is going to have to scramble to get themselves involved!

Jones: It’s definitely going to be a spectacular event, as any of the current wrestlers might manage to take the victory! But we’re not done with tonight’s activities, not by a long shot!

Logan: Apparently we’re not done with Halloween, either, as we’ve got some creepy costumed guys and gals coming out of the back!

*The fans gasp in horror at the various ghouls and goblins that appear on the entrance ramp. They are here to eat our souls for bastardizing their sacred day! Oh…they aren’t? Well, that is good. The fans are still looking weary at these creatures moving furniture down into the ring. A few are even unrolling a headless zombie down in a roll of red carpet. Hopefully, the blood stains won’t be noticeable. The chairs are put into the ring and this can only mean one thing…*

*That’s right. You guessed it. The number one rated talk show in the primetime slot that involves wrestlers before a live studio audience. No, not the Cutting Edge. Highlight Reel? Damnit, no! Complaint Department. Yeah, the one with the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion. Yeah, that one.*

Jones: Ok, we’re definitely beginning this show with a very different atmosphere!

Logan: Gotta love the costumes, though. Man, I love Halloween!

Jones: Last week, the Accelerator tried to reclaim the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title from Draco, who only managed to hang onto it due to a, well, a wardrobe malfunction.

Logan: Yep, and I really didn’t need to see Draco’s BVD’s.

Jones: Well, tonight, we’re expecting Draco’s answer in regards to the belt, as well as his thoughts about The Lost Soul accepting the contract to face him at the Righteous Rumble! Hopefully, things will be put to rest here tonight!

Logan: “Put to rest”? Nice one, Jonesy.

*“Indestructible” by Disturbed hit’s the PA system as the various monsters that helped set the stage head to the backstage area. Draco doesn’t appear. In fact, no one does. The music continues and most of the fans are looking around wondering what is going on. Soon a masked figure appears in the shadows of the entrance ramp.*

Jones: Who’s that? Is that… Draco?

Logan: I’m not sure, Jonesy. It’s just too dark. That could be The Lost Soul there, or the Accelerator, or, hell, even the Kool-Aid man, for all I know.

Jones: Oh, yeah!

*It comes out into the light. The fans all gasp at once at the awesomeness of this man. No, not Harvey Danger. Hell, not even Batman can get a reaction like this. Standing at the top of the entrance ramp is the Merc with a Mouth. Yeah, I’m serious. Deadpool. The mask is pulled up slightly as the fan’s are glued to this comic icon. Behind the mask is none other than Draco.*

*Draco slides the mask back down and does his best acrobatic ninja entrance to the ring. Lots of flips and twirls. He then got into the ring and did some crazy spinning of the swords. He sheathes his swords as the fans are giving him a standing ovation. A microphone is handed to Draco, but he declines. He points to the side of his head where a speech bubble appears.*

Draco: See. Bubbles FTW.

*The fans tilt their head as Deadpool-Draco marvels at his own ability to make speech bubbles appear out of thin air…or pay some Chinese person to do the programming for him. Either or.*

Draco: Bubbly…bubbly…bubbly…Ooooooh.

*Draco stops poking each bubble with his finger as he speaks. He then looks around and tilts his head to the side knowing that he has a show to do.*

Draco: Bubbly time later. Time for Complaint Department. And…THIS!

*Draco reaches down to the small belt and opens a pouch. Pulling whatever is inside the pouch out for everyone to see. The object gets bigger and bigger. Soon it can be seen that it is none other than the Intercontinental Title.*

Draco: Take that, Chris Angel. I bet your mind is freaked…ed?

*Throwing the title over his shoulder, Draco nods towards it. Most of the fans are still wondering what the hell is going on. It seems the world is becoming more and more like the fantasies of some sick bastards who never grew up and still watched wrestling and read comic books. Oh, not like us. We are cool.*

Draco: Damn the fourth wall fell down…again.

Jones: I am just completely lost, Anthony…

Logan: What, you never read “Deadpool”? Man, are you deprived! The guy was known for talking to the readers, being one of the only comic book guys to actually realize he was in a comic book! Deadpool is awesome!

Jones: I thought he was a weird medical creation who got killed by Wolverine.

Logan: Oh, hell, don’t even bring up that movie… that was a crime to all Deadpool fans!

*Draco has the gold displayed on his shoulder, considering it, before continuing on.*

Draco: What are we going to do about THIS? That is awesome. Just jumps out at you…oh, sorry, yeah the mission at hand. I have something special planned for four members of the roster for the Intercontinental Title.

*Suddenly there was four speech bubbles in front of Draco. Each one was blank. He moved back and forth trying to see inside him, but there was nothing.*

Draco: Hmmm…the first is Mr. Excellent.

*The first speech bubble was filled. Not with a picture of Mr. Excellent. Well, sort of. It was a stick figure that resembled him the way that dried vomit resembles a Picasso. Not very much.*

Draco: That was…excellent. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I crack myself up.

*The second speech bubble is filled with a question mark. Draco tilts his head as he stares at it.*

Draco: The second is the Riddler? No. That new guy.

*The speech bubble goes away and is replaced with the words, Aaron Styles.*

Draco: Ahhhh, ok. Thanks speech bubbly.

Bubble: I gotch’er back.

*In an odd twist of the laws of physics, Draco and the speech bubble actually manage to high five. It is the most awesome high five you would ever see.*

Draco: Now, the last two are actually already fighting tonight…

*The two speech bubbles begin to throw down. Deadpool Draco takes off his shirt to reveal a referee’s shirt. One of them easily gets the victory with a bubble slam. Deadpool Referee Draco raises the hand of the winner bubble.*

Draco: Harvey Danger and Santa “Robert” Clause!

*Deadpool Referee Draco rips off his referee shirt to reveal the same shirt he had on tucked underneath. Yes, he came prepared. The boy scouts after all. Didn’t they teach you to wear multiple layers for the dramatic effect of ripping off clothes? No. Jeez, your troop sucked. I bet my scout master could kick your scout masters’ ass.*

Draco: Now all four of these men will be involved in a Round-Robin tournament. The winner gets the Intercontinental Title!

Jones: Wow! Draco is putting the belt up for grabs, and four young wrestlers have the opportunity to go for it!

Logan: So Draco’s chosen four guys to go for the belt, but in a Round Robin series. That means that each will have to face off against each other, with the wrestler with the best record winning the gold!

Jones: That certainly adds to tonight’s match for the Television Title! Wait… uh oh, Anthony, we’ve got company!

*The fans cheer, but it is soon cut off as Arachne’s music comes on. No one knows what it is or how bad it is…thankfully. He comes down with his worn leather briefcase that looked like it was stolen from a dead man twenty years ago. He holds it high and comes running down the ramp with Referee Mitchell reluctantly in toe. Draco stands there wondering what was going on.*

Jones: Wait, is Arachne going to be Draco’s guest on the Complaint Department this week?

Logan: I don’t think so, Jonesy. They’re supposed to wrestle here tonight, but I guess Arachne decided not to wait!

Jones: Oh, man, does he have… yeah, that’s the Money in the Bank briefcase that he seems to think will get him a World Title shot…

Logan: Ridiculous. Arachne has a hell of a lot more to do with his career before he gets to fight for that belt.

Jones: Well, Anthony, apparently he personally thinks that now is the time!

*With referee Mitchell already in the ring, Arachne slides in, still brandishing the briefcase. Some of the implements of the Complaint Department are quickly pulled from the ring, in order to keep them from being used or smashed. Draco has a smirk on his face, perfectly fine with having the match start now. His smile fades a little, though, as “The Friday the 13th” theme begins to play. Both Draco and Arachne look towards the entryway, as The Lost Soul appears, walking out towards the ring!*

Jones: The #1 Contender is here!

Logan: He has every right to be here, Jonesy. Remember, The Lost Soul was assigned the Special Enforcer of this one! Sure, it’s happening earlier than planned, but why not?

*The Lost Soul reaches the ringside area, even as Arachne turns his attention back to Draco, raising the briefcase like a weapon. Referee Mitchell shakes his head, telling Arachne not to do it, as Draco steps backwards, watching him. He looks over at TLS and points to the briefcase, but TLS simply shrugs, apparently not interested in getting involved at this time. Mitchell finally convinces Arachne to give up the briefcase, taking it away from him. He moves to the side, dropping off the case, then signals towards Minos.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit… standing in the ring, he has a reputation as one of the most unique competitors in the GCWA, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*Arachne doesn’t even acknowledge the mixed reaction he gets from the audience. He’s still glaring at referee Mitchell for taking away his briefcase. Mitchell seems to be pointedly looking away from Arachne, possibly trying to diffuse the situation.*

Jones: The last time we saw Arachne, it was after his stunning countout victory over Marcus Ka’Derrion. I was wondering if he was going to find a way to break his drug habit, but I’ve got to say, he may have had a relapse judging from his actions so far tonight.

Logan: It’s hard to tell, as I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Arachne fully in his right mind. This could just be normal for him.

Minos: His opponent has earned many honors in the GCWA, both by himself and as a member of D &D… standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Draco!

*Draco does a cursory nod towards the fans, making sure never to let his eyes off of the unpredictable Arachne. He’s already handed off the World Title and the Intercontinental Title to the referee, who makes sure they get safely to the timekeeper’s table. Arachne watches the gold head over there, enviously.*

Jones: Draco’s got a lot on his plate these days, Anthony. He’s got to worry about defending the World Title against TLS, he’s got to work out some growing issues with his fellow members in D & D, and apparently there are some personal issues regarding his brother’s recent hospital stay that need to be resolved.

Logan: Yeah, something’s up with that, Jonesy. Draco’s not talking, but I sense that something big is going on behind the scenes. Whether or not he’ll be able to deal with it is anyone’s guess.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as Referee Mitchell finishes signaling for the match to start, Arachne turns towards him, going at the man! Mitchell turns back from the timekeeper, not realizing the threat coming his way until it’s too late, as Arachne unleashes the Green Mist!! Mitchell takes the blast full in the face, blinding him and causing him to scream “Noo!! Not Again!!” He falls backwards, rolling out of the ring. Draco is more amused than shocked, although he obviously has no idea why Arachne did it. The face-painted wrestler cleans off his mouth with the back of his hand and starts to walk across the ring, possibly going for the briefcase. Draco decides, though, that he shouldn’t allow Arachne to achieve his goal, as he steps in and attacks, catching the distracted Arachne in the side of the head with the Momentum Shift!!!!! Arachne collapses to the ground, with Draco standing over him, looking down with a shake of his head.*

Jones: Momentum Shift!! This one could be over already!!

Logan: It could be, but there’s no referee to make the count, Jonesy. Arachne just took him out!

Jones: True, we need a back-up referee out here!

Logan: … Or do we?

*As Draco walks over to Referee Mitchell, quickly deciding that Mitchell’s not going to be doing a pinfall count anytime soon, The Lost Soul suddenly climbs up onto the apron, then enters the ring. Draco, seeing him, spins around, preparing for an attack. The Lost Soul, though, simply moves to the side, watching him. The fans are cheering, anticipating a surprise brawl, but neither TLS nor Draco seem inclined to go at it just yet. Draco appears to be asking TLS what he wants, with The Lost Soul again not saying a word, although he looks pointedly down at Arachne, who’s still on the mat, just now starting to stir. Draco, figuring out the signals, watches The Lost Soul cautiously as he moves over, putting a hand on top of Arachne. The Lost Soul takes his time walking over, but he finally gets there, dropping to his knees and hitting the mat… 1……. 2…….. and Arachne instinctively lifts a shoulder (after TLS checked underneath it), stopping the count. TLS stands back up, waiting, as Draco looks over at him.*

Logan: If Draco had a pop-up bubble next to him now, I’m betting we’d have to censor it.

Jones: I’m not entirely sure that TLS didn’t help Arachne get that shoulder up, because he doesn’t look like he’s too sure of his surroundings.

Logan: Well, technically, the Special Enforcer can take over if the referee is unable to perform his duties, so this match is continuing.

*Draco and The Lost Soul move closer together, having a few words exchanged between them. The Lost Soul, though, shakes his head and tells Draco to get back to work, pointing towards the barely-recovering Arachne. Draco, starts to argue some more, then suddenly backs off, an idea popping into his head. He smiles, raising his arms to acknowledge that he’s getting back to work. As Arachne gets to his hands and knees, with no clue of what’s going on, Draco comes up behind him, pulling the man up. Arachne instinctively tries to swing, but Draco easily blocks it away from him, then locks the face-painted wrestler up, lifting him into the air and dropping him hard to the canvas with a maneuver that The Lost Soul knows very well.*

Logan: That was the Soul Buster!! Draco just used the Soul Buster on Arachne!!

Jones: That’s sending a message towards TLS, and I think the message was received loud and clear!

*With Arachne well and truly knocked out now, Draco slowly and lazily brings himself over, stretching himself out over the downed wrestler. The Lost Soul’s expression is, as always, pretty unreadable, although it’s clear that he’s not exactly in a good mood. Draco looks over at him and gestures, as if ordering a peon to shine up his shoes. The Lost Soul walks over, again taking his sweet time, although it appears that Draco has all the time in the world. TLS reaches the duo and drops, making sure to carefully check that Arachne’s down before starting his count… 1……. 2…………….. 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Draco!

Logan: Draco made that match look easy, while Arachne certainly didn’t capitalize on his big victory in his last match.

Jones: Even having The Lost Soul step in as the referee really didn’t make any difference. This one was over as soon as Arachne stopped paying attention to the World Heavyweight Champion.

Logan: I wasn’t sure there, for a second, that TLS was going to make the count, but he decided to follow through and do his job.

*Draco moves off of Arachne, smiling to the cheering fans, while an attendant hands TLS the two titles. The Lost Soul considers both, then walks over to Draco, who immediately takes them from the man. For a second, both are holding the World Title, but Draco’s quick to make sure he hangs onto it… for now. Draco walks away, heading towards the ropes and leaving TLS behind. Suddenly, though, The Lost Soul runs forward, taking Draco down from behind!! The crowd roars, even as Draco, having the wind knocked out of him, shoves TLS off and rolls out of the ring. He looks back, anger in his eyes, even as TLS walks over to the side, grabbing something.*

Jones: What was that about??

Logan: I’m not sure, Jonesy, although I think it’s part of the psychological war that’s being fought between these two cerebral wrestlers.

*As Draco moves away, still glaring towards The Lost Soul, the GCWA Head of Security picks up what he found: a half-filled bottle of water. TLS raises it up and shows it to Draco, then points to Draco’s head, as if saying that he saved Draco from getting nailed, which would be part of the Head of Security’s job. Draco, though, doesn’t seem to buy it, having never seen any bottle get thrown his way. He taps his head, letting TLS know that he’s going to remember this, before turning and departing, heading for the back. The Lost Soul watches him go, as hard to read as ever. We head to our last commercial of the evening.*

*As the picture fades in after the last commercial, we find ourselves in what looks to be a news studio. A woman anchor is in front of us, finishing stacking some papers on the desk in front of her before looking up.*

Margaret Hastings: Hello, I’m Margaret Hastings. Tonight on the 10:00pm news, we will be covering the shocking break-out earlier today of two men in jail on charges of child molestation, tax fraud, and a number of other offenses.

*The picture suddenly switches to a shot outside the prison, where guards can be seen, milling about aimlessly. They don’t appear to be too organized for a search, although it can be hard to tell.*

Margaret Hastings: The escapees are said to be a large, white man and a black man wearing a novelty costume of some sort. We’ll have more details for you tonight at 10pm!

*The broadcast cuts off, as we return to the GCWA ring, where Jones and Logan apparently just heard the break.*

Jones: A large white man?

Logan: A black guy in a novelty costume?

Jones: You don’t think…

Logan: Anything’s possible, Jonesy. But I guess we’ll find out more details later! For now, we’ve got to get to our main event before we run out of time!

Jones: Oh, yeah, it’d be terrible to not show this entire match, which could really turn out to be a great one!

Minos: It’s now time for the main event of the evening! This match will be a “Trick or Treat Hazardous Ladder” Match for the GCWA World Tag-Team Championships!!

*The crowd gives a hefty roar, having already had a fun night. This is a match that everyone has been waiting for.*

Minos: First, the challengers… they have been successful in both the singles and the tag-team divisions, including having one reign as the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions… weighing a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here are Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!!

*A good roar goes up from the crowd as “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead plays. The Danger Boiz come out as a unit, both looking extremely pumped up for this opportunity. They run towards the ring, both sliding in under the ropes and standing simultaneously, before heading to the turnbuckles.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz had a rough experience this past week, as it turned out that they had real body parts as part of their haunted house!

Logan: That would freak anybody out, Jonesy. Still, they’ve got to put that behind them and concentrate on the match tonight, which could be their top opportunity to reclaim the tag-team titles.

Jones: Remember, the Danger Boiz came close to getting the belts at Adrenaline Rush, only to have Derek Mobley pin Harvey Danger to win away the gold. The Danger Boiz were never beaten in that contest, leaving them their claim to another shot at the titles.

Minos: And now, their opponents… they are two of the most celebrated wrestlers in the GCWA, having earned several titles in the company… weighing a combined 455 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, here are the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill, The House of Pain!!*

*Another large ovation takes place, welcoming the House of Pain back to the arena with their championships. As “Miseria Cantare” by AFI plays, Derek Mobley walks out, the belt displayed around his waist. He is followed by a grinning Warrick Hill, who is carrying his title in his right hand, showing it to the fans. The two men appear to be in pretty good spirits as they head towards the ring for this confrontation.*

Jones: This match is right up the alley of the House of Pain, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, the Hazardous Ladder match was pretty big in OCW, that’s for sure. But this will be the first time this match has been brought to the GCWA!

Jones: It’s definitely going to be an exciting match. You have to wonder, who will have the advantage? The House of Pain, who have seen this type of match in action and have some experience with it? Or the Danger Boiz, who are quite possibly the quickest, most agile wrestlers in the GCWA?

Logan: In this type of match, it’s going to take a combination of skill and luck to get the victory. We’ll just have to see which team has the better supply of each!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! The belts are being hung up as we speak!

Logan: Yep, and now the goal is simple: get them back down, and you win! Just be careful, because not all of the ladders stationed around ringside are trustworthy!

*As Head Referee Mark Bell makes the signal to begin, Dangerous Dan walks forward towards Derek Mobley. He looks Mobley in the eyes and extends his hand, to the cheers of the crowd. After a second, Mobley returns the gesture, showing the respect between the two men. They nod to each other and back away… and then Warrick’s there, running past Mobley and landing a devastating clothesline on Dan!!! The crowd immediately begins to boo, even as Derek, surprised, looks over at Warrick, who shrugs, pointing out that the match has already begun. That’s all he gets out, though, as Crazy Chris, breaking free from his shock, charges at Warrick from behind, tackling him and sending both men rolling out of the ring!! Derek shakes his head, then heads over to Dan, pulling him up. Dan responds, though, with a surprise punch to the jaw, causing Derek to stagger back! Dan goes on the offensive, swinging away, as this fight quickly ignites into a wild brawl!*

Jones: Just when it seems like we’re going to have a semi-friendly contest, Warrick does an ambush!

Logan: Hey, Jonesy, when the World Tag-Team Titles are on the line, there’s no room for friendship! It’s all about the gold!

*On the outside, Crazy Chris whips Warrick towards the guardrail, only to have Warrick twist it around, stopping his own momentum and kicking Chris in the gut. Warrick then grabs hold of Chris to attempt a double-underhook maneuver on the outside, only to have Chris reverse it into a backdrop, sending Warrick over top of him! Chris turns and continues his assault, while, in the ring, Dan knocks Derek into the corner, backs away, then runs back, jumping into the air and sending his legs through the 2nd and 3rd ropes while extending his arm, getting a clothesline variation!! Derek stumbles out of the corner, hurting, as Dan moves on the apron and climbs up the turnbuckle. As Derek straightens up and turns, Dan takes flight, leaping into the air and soaring into Derek with a rotating splash, taking Mobley to the mat and rolling right off of him, back to his feet! Dan points to the crowd, who respond with a cheer, getting behind the Danger Boiz in this one.*

Jones: So far, the Danger Boiz are showing that they’re ready to play with the big boys! They’re really taking over this match!

Logan: Yeah, I gotta admit, it’s a little surprising to see them have so much control early on, especially against such a veteran tag-team.

Jones: The Boiz have impressed greatly over the past year, becoming major contenders for any championship they put their minds to. Who knows what the future holds for them?

*Outside the ring, Crazy Chris has continued to be in control, sending Warrick crashing into the steel stairs. With his opponent down, Chris turns, making a random choice of ladders and sliding it into the ring. He goes over to Dan, joining him in getting a few more shots on Derek, keeping him down in the corner. The brothers then set up the first ladder, with the fans cheering away. Dan signals to Chris, the lighter brother, to start heading up, as he keeps an eye on the recovering Mobley. Chris starts to climb, showing no fear. Unfortunately, that just means he gets higher on the ladder before the other side of it gives way from the stress, breaking off! The ladder topples forward, with Chris along for the ride, sending the masked wrestler crashing into the ropes!!! Dangerous Dan immediately goes to Chris’ side, checking on him. However, this leaves Dan’s back open, as Mobley suddenly pulls himself up with the ropes, coming over and grabbing Dan from behind, snapping him over with a back suplex!!*

Logan: The Danger Boiz chose… poorly.

Jones: That definitely wasn’t the winning ladder, as the back legs just broke clean off! That’s the danger of this match. You can’t trust any of those ladders, yet to have to try to use them if you want the victory!

Logan: Yep, and now the House of Pain has an opportunity to get back into this one!

*Crazy Chris is trying to get back up, but Mobley’s right there, grabbing hold of him and launching him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle post, leaving him half-sprawled through the ropes! Mobley then turns back, all business now, as he goes back to Dangerous Dan. He grabs hold, sending Dan towards the ropes, no, reversal by Dan, and Mobley’s the one on the run. Dan sets himself for his return… but Warrick’s back in, dropkicking Dan from behind!! Dan, stunned, staggers forward, even as Mobley returns with a running spear, crushing Dan’s ribcage!! Dan rolls out of the ring, in terrible pain, even as Warrick goes over to Crazy Chris, wanting a little revenge from earlier. He waves over Mobley, and the two men go to work on Chris, bringing him out of the corner and lifting him up with a double backbreaker maneuver!! Chris is down as well, with Derek turning to Warrick and telling him to get the ladders!*

Logan: The champions are back in control!

Jones: If this keeps up, Derek and Warrick will have a successful defense to celebrate on Halloween! Do you think neighborhood kids go to their place to trick or treat?

Logan: I hope not! Who knows what Warrick would give out to the kids!

*Warrick goes to the outside, looking over two different ladders for any clear signs. He kicks at one of them, which immediately falls apart, as it was barely held together to begin with. Smiling at his ingenuity, Warrick turns and grabs another ladder that is folded up on the ground, sliding it into the ring. He climbs in, as Derek grabs hold of Crazy Chris and tosses him to the outside. Chris, though, grabs hold of the ropes, hanging on. As Derek goes back to Warrick, helping him set up the ladder, Chris skins the cat, pulling himself back in. Derek is a little distracted, due to the fact that the ladder seems to be shorter on one side, causing it to dip to the left, making it impossible to climb. Warrick defends himself by saying that at least the ladder’s not falling apart, then yells out to Derek. Unfortunately, it’s too late, as Crazy Chris rushes in from the side, knocking over the already-off-balance ladder and sending it into Derek!!*

Jones: Ouch! Mobley just took a falling ladder shot to the face!!

Logan: He won’t have to worry about scary make-up for tomorrow, as I’m sure he’s going to have enough bruises to freak out any kids that come his way!

*Crazy Chris tries to attack Warrick as well, but Warrick is able to block his attempt and knock Chris back with a few well-aimed shots. Hill then latches onto Chris and spins him down with a neckbreaker!! Chris hits hard, stunned, as Warrick pushes himself back up. Mobley’s still down, so Hill turns, kicking the faulty ladder out of the ring. He considers going after another, but decides to wait until Mobley’s recovered. Warrick instead waits near the ropes, watching as Crazy Chris struggles to get back up. Warrick slaps his elbow, making the signal for the Joint, getting the fans excited. Chris stands up and turns, with Warrick running in hard at him. There’s a yell from the side, with Chris immediately reacting to it, dropping backwards out of harm’s way. Warrick’s already committed, leaping into the air, with Dangerous Dan greeting him with a raised steel chair!!! Warrick crashes into the chair, his own momentum KO’ing him!!!! Dan heads over to his brother, as the crowd starts a “GCWA” chant!*

Logan: Man, that one had to hurt!! Warrick never saw Dangerous Dan until it was too late!

Jones: Dan was just protecting his brother, but he may have just eliminated Warrick from this contest with that maneuver!

Logan: Definitely! Warrick’s out!

*The camera focuses quickly on Warrick, who’s laying partially out of the ring, his left arm dangling off the apron. He’s not moving. Meanwhile, Dan gets Chris up and points to Mobley, who’s trying to get up. They come over, with Dan dropping the chair on the ground where he wants it. The two young wrestlers both grab hold of Mobley, who can’t break away from them in time, as they lift him up with a double suplex onto the chair!!! Mobley’s back takes the brunt of the blow, causing him to roll off in agony. Meanwhile, Chris slides out of the ring, where only a couple of ladders are left. He picks one and slides it in to Dan, who immediately goes to work setting it up. It looks fairly more stable than some of the other ladders, as Dan tests it out, taking a few tentative steps up the rungs. He gets bolder the higher he goes, with the ladder staying in one piece! Crazy Chris, smiling, turns back towards Mobley, pulling him up to keep him out of the way. He tries to set Mobley for a DDT, but Derek suddenly shoves both men forward, using his own bulk (and Chris) as a weapon! The two men crash into the bottom of the ladder just as Dan was almost to the top, causing it to topple over!! Dan falls to the outside, flipping over the ropes!!!*

Jones: Holy crap!!

Logan: Dangerous Dan just got eliminated Rumble-style from this one!! Still, he’s lucky!

Jones: Lucky? How on earth is he lucky??

Logan: Because, Jonesy, he hit the ropes on the way down. If he had missed those and fallen all the way to the outside, I guarantee that one would have been a lot messier!!

Jones: True.

*With Warrick still laying in a heap on the side, we’re down to two men, as Derek pulls up Crazy Chris and hammers him with a couple of closed fists. Chris falls back into the corner, dazed, as Derek turns to the ladder, folding it back up. He lifts it onto his shoulder and sets it, running at Chris and going for a head shot! But Chris ducks under it, doing a combat roll to the side. Mobley stops in time and spins around, taking another swing, but Chris is able to dodge again, using his mobility to stay out of harm’s way. Mobley, getting annoyed, lifts up the ladder and simply tosses it in Chris’ direction, with Chris forced to dive out of the way! This works perfectly for Mobley, who is able to come in and grab Chris before he can recover, lifting up the masked man and giving him a Snake Eyes on the turnbuckle pads!! Chris falls to the ground, knocked senseless, as Derek turns back to the ladder, grabbing it off the mat. He starts to set it up, already looking upwards towards the gold hanging above him.*

Jones: The strategy of this match has definitely changed, as a working ladder has been discovered!

Logan: Yep, no more testing required. Now all that you have to do is make the climb to get the victory! Of course, that’s easier said than done!

*As Derek begins to climb the ladder, Warrick can be seen, starting to sit up, dazed. There’s no blood, but there’s definitely a mark from where he nailed the chair earlier. He watches with a slightly out-there expression while Derek climbs, reaching out towards the gold. Meanwhile, though, Crazy Chris has gotten back up, rubbing his head. He looks, spotting what’s happening, and immediately reacts, running to the ropes to get some momentum. He comes back towards the other side of the ladder and leaps up, allowing him to skip several rungs as he flies up the ladder like a cat! Before Derek can get the gold, Crazy Chris is there on the other side, landing a couple of punches to stagger the man! Chris then pulls himself even higher up on the ladder and jumps over Mobley, grabbing him around the waist and taking him off the ladder with a flipping powerbomb variation!!!! Both Mobley and Chris hit hard, although Derek clearly takes the worst of it. Both men are down, as Warrick pulls himself up, his mouth open in shock.*

Jones: I don’t know if either guy’s recovering quickly after a move like that!! I mean, that was a long way down, like 20-30 feet!

Logan: Hey, don’t exaggerate the heights, Jonesy. That’s unbecoming of us announcers.

Jones: You’re right, I know. It was still a long drop, though!

Logan: It certainly wasn’t a pleasant one. I don’t know if Derek can get back into this one, but he may not have to, as Warrick’s making a move!

*With both Derek and Crazy Chris down, Warrick has moved over, setting up the ladder. It’s almost like he’s moving on auto-pilot, his instincts for a match like this guiding him. With the ladder positioned at least close to where the titles are hanging, Warrick begins his climb, dragging himself up each rung. As the co-champion gets further up, the fans begin to cheer in excitement, knowing that this could be it. Some are still behind the House of Pain, while others are trying to will the Danger Boiz back in it. Crazy Chris is already sitting up, but he’s having trouble getting to his feet, as Warrick gets up towards the top rung, reaching out his arm towards the belts. He manages to touch them, trying to grab them while they sway. However, his arm freezes as he realizes that he’s being watched! Warrick locks eyes with Dangerous Dan, who is standing on the apron, staring at him. Warrick smiles nervously towards Dan, saying something towards him about how he’s always liked him, but Dan’s not fooled, as the wrestler shoves himself up onto the top rope and springboards off, flying over and kicking the ladder with both feet!! Warrick has nowhere to go but down, as he falls to the outside!!!*

Jones: Man, it’s been one bad fall after another in this one!!!

Logan: Yeah, that’s the other part of this ‘hazardous’ match, as you have to be sure you can make it before you make an attempt at a climb, or else it could seriously backfire on you!

Jones: Warrick crashed and burned on the outside, which could really make this a 2-on-1 situation!

*Dangerous Dan pulls himself up, going towards the ladder to set it back up. Behind him, Derek Mobley is back on his feet, channeling the last of his energy to make a comeback. He sees Dan and comes towards him, reaching out, but before he can grab hold, Crazy Chris is there from behind, grabbing Mobley and spinning him around. Chris leaps into the air, landing a flying spin kick that rings Mobley’s bell, causing him to dazedly turn around. Dangerous Dan is ready for him, grabbing hold of Mobley and dropping him with the Danger Zone!!!! The crowd is going wild, even as Crazy Chris heads towards the ladder, setting it back up. He starts climbing, with Dangerous Dan moving behind him, giving him a boost! The cameras focus on Warrick, who is still down on the outside, and Derek, who is holding his head while laying on his stomach. Neither man is able to get up in time, as Crazy Chris reaches the top of the ladder and reaches out. The electricity in the arena hits a new peak, with Crazy Chris pulling off first one belt, then another, handing one back to his brother!! The bell rings, although it can barely be heard over the loud ovation coming through the crowd.*

Minos: Here are your winners, and the NEW GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris, the Danger Boiz!!

Jones: We have our first ever two-time World Tag-Team Champions!!

Logan: History’s just been made here, Jonesy! The Danger Boiz have just gotten what could be seen as the biggest victory of their careers, making their way back to the top of the division!

Jones: Man, so we have the Danger Boiz as Tag-Team Champions, and Scott Caine as the X Division Champion. I think the youth movement of the GCWA has hit a new high!!

Logan: Definitely, man! What a great moment!

Jones: We’re pretty low on time, so let me just wish every fan of the GCWA a Happy Halloween! Be careful out there, but have a good time trick-or-treating! Good night!

*Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan are each on separate turnbuckles, raising up the belts. Meanwhile, on the outside, Mobley is leaning over Warrick, checking on him. Mobley doesn’t look much better, but he’s at least mobile. He looks towards the Danger Boiz, a mixture of happiness and regret on his face. Warrick sits up, really out of it, with Derek giving him a hand up, showing that their team’s still in good shape. We focus back on the victory celebration of the new champions, as the picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Man, this was one I wasn't so sure I was going to make it. Dang co-workers, wanting meetings on a Friday. Whew!

Alright, guys, hope this card was at least a fun read, preparing you for a good Halloween weekend. Since I didn't get much of a reaction (as in, none) for matches, I went ahead and just threw a card together for our final week before the Rumble. Enjoy!

- Grimm vs. Derrick North

- Derek Mobley vs. Mikey Willis

- Lurrr vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn

- Dangerous Dan vs. Shane Donovan

- The Lost Soul vs. Penance

- Aaron Styles vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana, IC Title Round Robin Tournament Match

- Harvey Danger(c) vs. Mr. Excellent, GCWA Television Title Match, IC Title Round Robin Tournament Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, October 30th, to Wednesday, November 4th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!