GCWA Friday Night Inferno

* The excitement is building, as the clock slowly heads towards the top of the hour. You know what’s coming. You’ve been waiting for it all day. Now, as the previous show’s credits roll, it’s time to get fired up! After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is cheering as the pyro goes off, getting the energy going in the arena. However, unlike our normal intros, this one changes, as the cameras focus on the ringside area, which is being kept in the dark. There are pink spotlights moving around the crowd, which is buzzing with anticipation as "The Sound Of Madness" by Shinedown starts to play. Arryk Rage steps out from the backstage area. He's wearing a "Hannah Montana Security" shirt, and a huge smile on his face. He's got a mic in his hand as he stops at the top of the ramp. His X-Division title is draped over his shoulder, as he admires the crowd. He taps on his belt, and brings a mic up to his hands.*

Arryk Rage: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I told you all last week that my manager, none other than THE Hannah Montana, was going to perform live here tonight. Well. She decided that you are all very lucky, and she has agreed to it. She will do one song, of her new... Thats right, NEW album. So without any further a due, I bring to you... HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!

*A loud explosion of fireworks goes off, as the lights in the arena are flashing pink, purple and white. While all this is going on, Arryk runs down to the ring, and slides down. As the light in the ring goes from blackness, to pink, you see his cardboard cut-out of Hannah Montana. There is a mic by her feet, and her hand is raised. The music starts, and you hear, very garbled, barely recognizable "Lets Get Crazy" by Hannah Montana. The camera spans around as the crowd boos, and it catches Arryk. He's sitting on the ground next to the ring, with a boom box in one hand, and the mic in the other. He's rocking out to the song as suddenly the lights cut off. When they come back on, Arryk is back in the ring, his arms wrapped around the cardboard cut out, and the boom box outside of the ring is smashed. Arryk looks scared, he takes Hannah, and his title, and dashes out of the ring. The fans are laughing, clearly having no idea what just happened. With that, we head over to the announce table to join Edward Jones and Anthony Logan.*

Logan: Man… that was just… well, I don’t know what to say, honestly!

Jones: All we can do is continue on, Anthony… ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Friday Night Inferno!

Logan: Yeah, don’t take anything from that, er, concert, we’re a wrestling show!

Jones: That’s right, and we’ve got a ton of action here tonight as we continue along the path towards the Righteous Rumble! In our main event, the man you just saw, Arryk Rage, will be defending his X Division Title against Scott Caine in an “Xtreme Rules” Match!

Logan: Oh, yeah, you won’t see much Hannah Montana stuff there, I guarantee it! It’s going to be blood, bruises, and general mayhem!

Jones: In our other championship match tonight, Crazy Chris will be setting a record for number of defenses of the GCWA Television Title, but will it all come to an end as he takes on the #1 Contender, Harvey Danger?

Logan: That’s going to be a hell of a match, Jonesy. Harvey’s always made an impact in the tag-team division, but this could be his best chance yet to become a singles champion and possibly get some good standing back in D & D.

Jones: Well, he DOES already have the Danger Title, and that Harvey Danger Title…

Logan: Yeah, I’m pretty sure the GCWA doesn’t officially acknowledge those, man.

Jones: Well, at any rate, we’re definitely guaranteed a great night of wrestling tonight, and, actually, we’ve already had three strong matches before we’ve even gone to air!

Logan: Three dark matches, that’s just incredible, Jonesy!

Jones: Hey, if you want to see them, you’ve gotta be at the Arena. Otherwise, you’re missing out! Let’s go to the clips to see what happened…

*In our first match, Aaron Styles takes on the returning Mikey Willis. Willis is shown coming down, looking tremendously confident despite the size advantage in this one. It’s a case of David vs. Goliath, only this time, Goliath is unstoppable, as Styles blocks everything Willis tries to throw at him. Willis tries to use his agility to his advantage, even jumping onto Styles’ back at one point, but Styles manages to throw Willis over his shoulder and get hold of him. It’s all downhill from there, as the returning wrestler can’t get anything going. Styles dominates, lifting Willis up and delivering the Touchdown, followed by the Styles Spike, getting the easy pinfall victory and staying undefeated. We go back to the arena.*

Logan: It was not a good night to be Mikey Willis, as he just didn’t get anything going against Styles.

Jones: That’s two wins so far for Aaron Styles, who is starting to make some waves in the lower midcard. He’s working on improving his wrestling skills, and it’s showing, beating a GCWA stand-out like Willis.

Logan: He’s pretty rough around the edges, Jonesy, but there’s definitely potential there, if he can keep it up.

Jones: Our next match actually featured our GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, who got to thrill the crowd by wrestling tonight.

*We see a shot of Derrick North making his entrance to little fanfare, which is a stark contrast to when Draco walks out with the World Heavyweight Title. It’s Draco’s first match since winning the World Title, and he makes the most of it, immediately attacking North right after the bell. Draco never allowed North to get going, attacking him with a series of maneuvers and making it all look easy. Draco got the larger wrestler onto the turnbuckle at the end and came off with the Hellacious, before making the casual pin. Draco didn’t even seem to break a sweat, as he left the ring afterwards, leaving an unconscious North behind him.*

Logan: It happened just like we expected, as Draco utterly destroyed Derrick North here tonight.

Jones: The rookie wrestler has really not impressed, despite his strong background. But then, coming to the GCWA is going to a much higher level, and many wrestlers just can’t figure out a way to compete.

Logan: It didn’t help that North was facing the hottest wrestler in the GCWA, as Draco just tacked on his ninth victory in a row! That’s a hell of a winning streak, with Draco having not lost a match since June!

Jones: An incredible run, that, not surprisingly, has led him to the World Championship. In our final dark match, Warrick Hill took on newcomer Bruiser Kelley in a surprisingly stiff contest.

*The first part of the clip shows Kelley coming down the aisle, a beer bottle in hand. He is still drinking away. We next see Hill making his own intro, a puff of smoke following him out of the curtains and into the arena. Luckily, it’s far enough away from the fans to not be an issue. The two men talk at the beginning of the match, with Hill apparently throwing out an insult or two, resulting in a brawl. There aren’t many technical maneuvers in this one from either competitor, as it consists of a lot of punches, kicks, and general hardcore tendencies, especially when the fighting goes to the outside for a little while. Back in the ring, the veteran managed to take the reins of the match, using his speed to keep Bruiser on his back. In the end, Hill soared into the air and scored the Joint, knocking Bruiser out long enough to get the 1-2-3.*

Jones: Another victory from Warrick Hill, who has yet to lose since returning from Amsterdam last month. Bruiser Kelley actually did give him a fight, but it only went so far, as Hill was just too much for the wrestler.

Logan: Yeah, you can’t just punch and kick in this game. You have to keep up with your competition, and Bruiser just wasn’t able to do that.

Jones: That was the three matches that have already taken place, and I know what you’re thinking: three down, what could be left? Well, we’ve still got four matches scheduled for tonight, two of them championship bouts! So don’t go anywhere!

Logan: That being said, Jonesy, we’ve got another video to play, delivered straight from a fine correctional institution!

Jones: Uh oh, here we go again. What’s the big man up to this time?

Logan: Watch and find out!

*We cut away, going to the video clip that was sent in. The scene changes to a prison where Bifford and Martin Ka'Berryon are sitting on a bench staring at a wall.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: I can't believe what those guards did to me because they thought I was making you do sexual things witha unicorn...

The Big Bifford: I can't believe that unicorn's legs collapsed. Don't worry, however... I'm going to break out of prison this week and will be able to be in the rumble at the pay-per-view!

Martin Ka’Berryon: How are you going to escape?

The Big Bifford: I had Martha Stewart bake me a cake with a flame thrower in it. I'm going to use the blow torch to melt the metal bars and then jump to freedom using the hot-air balloon that I manufactured in the shower.

Martin Ka’Berryon: Hot air balloon?

The Big Bifford: Yeah, like that kid on the news.

Martin Ka’Berryon: This is an insane plan. Almost worse than the unicorn plan.

The Big Bifford: The unicorn plan would have worked had that unicorn's legs not been so weak... almost as weak as Derek Mobley's finishing move... and almost as weak as Lurrr trying to defend a title against someoe grrrrrrrrrreat like me.

*Suddenly a guard opens the door and brings in a cake that clearly has a flame thrower sticking out of both ends of it. He hands it to Bifford and then walks out of the cell.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: WHAT THE HELL? How could they not see that there's something in that cake.

The Big Bifford: The guards know I'm trying to break out. They like it and want to see my succeed. They find me very amusing.

*Martin sighs as Bifford pulls the flame-thrower out of the cake and begins licking the frosting off of it. Martin shudders with disgust. After making sure the flame thrower is good and clean Bifford walks up to the bars of his cell and points it at them. He pulls the trigger and a small sound come out, but no flames. Again Bifford pulls on the trigger. Very frustrated he turns to Martin who just shrugs. Bifford shakes the flame thrower violently and thn a huge shot of fire shoots out the end and catches Martin's grape-cluster costume on fire. Martin begins screaming like a girl and running around the cell as the flames envelop him. Guards swarm into the room as Bifford throws the flame thrower at Martin to 'dispose of the evidence.' As the guards tackle Martin and force him to roll around on the ground, putting out the flames, Bifford sits back down on the bench. The guards pull Martin to his feet viciously after the flames have been put out.*

Guard: What the hell sort of perverted fantasy are you trying to play out this week, grape-boy? Does setting yourself on fire remind you of the terrible pain you caused those children you sexually offended?

*Martin begins to scream in terror as the guards pull him away, taking the flame-thrower with them.*

Guard: We're very sorry, Mr. Bifford, that you have to put up with this sort of garbage from that pervert.

The Big Bifford: I'm very sorry that I do, also.

*Martin is dragged into the hallway as he begins to cry loudly. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Damn, Martin’s having a pretty harsh time in prison, isn’t he?

Jones: I think that’s par for the course when you’re hanging out with someone like Bifford. So far, Bifford hasn’t managed to find a way out of prison. Do you think he’ll find a way to get to the Rumble?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, but considering how the guards feel about him, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Jones: Alright, enough of these video clips, it’s time to have ourselves a contest! Let’s go to the ring and join Minos for our first match!

Minos: The next match is set for a 10-minute time limit, with one fall. Coming down the aisle, he made his return to wrestling at Adrenaline Rush and has impressed many with his growing skills, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*There’s a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd as “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. plays. Mr. Excellent is already halfway to the ring, intent on the battle ahead. He’s got what looks to be a doll in one hand, carrying it as he goes through the ropes and into the squared circle.*

Jones: Reports have been circulating the net that Mr. Excellent actually is under investigation for two separate incidents of assault.

Logan: Yeah, I heard he dropkicked a paranormal investigator and gave a fortune teller a piledriver! I guess that proves that she was a fraud, huh? She sure didn’t see that coming!

Jones: Mr. Excellent is definitely a different wrestler than we remember, and the fans seem to be a little unsure of him now. He’s said that he’s willing to do what is necessary to get a championship.

Logan: Well, we’ll have to see if having a voodoo doll made and getting a priest to pray for him will be enough in this contest.

Minos: Mr. Excellent’s opponent, entering the arena, is a former GCWA Intercontinental, X Division, and World Tag-Team Champion, wrestling in his first match since being reinstated, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The crowd gives a warm ovation as The Lost Soul comes out to his music, the Friday the 13th theme. The Lost Soul takes a moment to look around at the crowd, considering their reaction to him. A camera focuses on one boy’s sign, saying “We’re sorry for doubting you TLS!” The face-painted wrestler slowly starts walking, heading down towards where Mr. Excellent is waiting for him.*

Logan: The Lost Soul managed to clear his name at the PPV, revealing that Titan 3 was behind the assault on Steve Wilson. Of course, I knew he was innocent, and I’m glad he’s been cleared.

Jones: Of course, not everyone has been so lucky. The Lost Soul attended the execution of an allegedly innocent man this past week, as Paul Thomas Young was put down via lethal injection.

Logan: Yeah. Thankfully, Ace believes more in suspensions then executions.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! These guys last faced off in a one-on-one match back in February! Now, eight months later, we’re ready to watch them go at it again!

Logan: Has Mr. Excellent improved enough to take the victory this time, or will The Lost Soul’s experience still be too tough to overcome?

*The Lost Soul prepares himself in his corner, removing his wrestling jacket. Mr. Excellent, meanwhile, is turned away from the camera. Referee Adrian Rockwell is ready for them to begin, waiting to be needed. TLS turns, coming out of the corner, as Mr. Excellent looks back towards him. He raises up the object in his hand, which the fans quickly realize is the voodoo doll that he had commissioned. The Lost Soul stops in his tracks, looking at the doll, as Mr. Excellent shows it to him. Excellent pulls a pin out from his pocket and uses it, jabbing it into the side of the doll! Unfortunately, The Lost Soul doesn’t react, other than shaking his head. Mr. Excellent, a trifle less excited, tries a different spot, but once again, there’s no reaction. The wrestler curses, not looking too surprised, then turns and does a rather impressive football punt, sending the doll flying into the audience! Mr. Excellent then turns back, ready to try and win this one on his own.*

Jones: I guess the money Mr. Excellent spent on that voodoo doll didn’t pay off, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah. I wonder, was it not accurate enough towards The Lost Soul? Just picture it, somewhere in the world, a clown just got punted across his living room, and he has no idea why!

Jones: I’m just glad it wasn’t a “Jones” doll. I have enough problems without voodoo getting involved!

*As Mr. Excellent watches the flying doll, he is blinded sided by TLS who runs him over with a clothesline! Mr. Excellent is down and TLS begins to put the boots to him. TLS brings him to his feet and sends him flying to the ropes, Mr. Excellent bounces off, no, he hangs on and then slides to the outside to recover from the sneak attack. Mr. Excellent takes a walk and TLS quickly slides out of the ring and comes from behind Mr. Excellent, grabbing him by his hair but looks like Mr. Excellent expected this as he throws an elbow to TLS’ face! He stumbles backward and Mr. Excellent quickly turns around and begins to pummel TLS with right hands. The ref has started to administer the 10 count but Mr. Excellent isn’t concerned with it for the moment. He grabs TLS by the head and smashes him face first against the ring post. Adrian Rockwell gives him a warning but again Mr. Excellent ignores him.*

Jones: Well this is definitely a different Mr. Excellent from the one we have gotten to know over this year Logan.

Logan: He’s a bit more aggressive, a bit more methodical. I don’t mind that kind of change at all Ed.

Jones: I don’t know, I think that can only take you so far.

*Mr. Excellent grabs TLS and throws him inside the ring. He goes in himself, picks him up and whips him to the ropes. TLS bounces off and Mr. Excellent sends him flying with an arm drag. Mr. Excellent, working quickly now, drops a quick elbow on the down TLS and makes the cover! One! Kick out by TLS. Mr. Excellent brings him back up, hooks him, lifts him and drops him hard with a suplex. Mr. Excellent rolls on top of TLS, grabs him by the hair and then begins to pummel TLS with right hands! Adrian Rockwell gives him the 5 count and Mr. Excellent stops his attack only to bring TLS back to his feet, take him to the corner, lift him and body slam him right in front it. Mr. Excellent now heads for the corner, climbing on the second turnbuckle and taunting the crowd a bit, before he goes for a flying elbow! He doesn’t connect though as TLS rolls out of the way! The crowd cheers and both men quickly get to their feet, but TLS is a bit quicker, nailing Mr. Excellent with a drop kick that sends him flying to the outside! *

Jones: If this was the Righteous Rumble, Mr. Excellent would have just been eliminated!!

Logan: He sure would have been. That was a hell of a drop kick by TLS who finally gets some offense going.

Jones: Mr. Excellent was all over him but that brief second he took to gloat cost him.

*TLS goes to the outside himself, brings Mr. Excellent to his feet and whips him towards the guard rail! Mr. Excellent hits hard but TLS is not done, charging at him and nailing him with a mule kick to the chest! The fans nearby pat TLS on the back as he brings Mr. Excellent back up and tosses him inside the ring. He goes in himself and then makes the pin! One! Two! Kick out by Mr. Excellent! TLS brings him back up and whips him towards the corner, no, reversal by Mr. Excellent who pulls TLS in, wraps his arms around him and sends him flying with a belly to belly suplex! Mr. Excellent quickly makes his way over and now he makes a pinning attempt! One! Two! Kick out by TLS! Mr. Excellent gets to his feet and goes for TLS legs, grabbing them and trying to wrap them up into the Chicago clover leaf! As he goes for it, TLS reaches up, grabbing him by his head and hooking him into a small package! Adrian Rockwell hits the mat and makes the count! One! Two! Kick out! *

Jones: The pace of the match up has picked up Anthony!

Logan: Sure has, you can tell Mr. Excellent has improved quite a bit and is keeping up with the veteran TLS.

Jones: I actually think that TLS is the one keeping up with Mr. Excellent, but in any event, these two are giving us a good match!

*Both wrestlers get to their feet but this time Mr. Excellent is quicker, kicking TLS in the mid section. TLS doubles over and Mr. Excellent whips him towards the ropes. TLS bounces off and Mr. Excellent catches him with a sleeper hold!! The causes the fans to get to their feet as they watch TLS swinging his arms wildly trying to get out of Mr. Excellent’s hold. A TLS chant gets started and it doesn’t take long for TLS to respond. Mr. Excellent has a good grip but TLS is able to back him into the corner, slamming him against the turnbuckles. Mr. Excellent breaks the hold and TLS starts to walk away from him but Mr. Excellent pulls him back into the sleeper hold! TLS tries to fight it, and again is able to get out of it, this time by wrapping his arms around Mr. Excellent’s head and then dropping him with a jawbreaker! Mr. Excellent stumbles into the corner, as TLS stays sitting down, trying to recover from the sleeper hold. *

Jones: Good thing TLS was able to get out of the hold, had been in it any longer the results would have been disastrous.

Logan: Yeah, but moves like that hardly work on veterans as they know every which way to get out of them. But if Mr. Excellent is able to get him on The Execution, I don’t know if he will be able to escape.

Jones: Not many have Anthony, not many.

*Mr. Excellent recovers before TLS and sees him in the sitting position. He quickly hops onto the second turnbuckle, jumps off and nails TLS in the back of the head with a drop kick! TLS snaps forwards and then backwards, right into Mr. Excellent who jumps on him for the pin. One! Two! Kick out! Mr. Excellent gets to his feet quickly now and drags TLS to the middle of the ring before running towards the ropes, bouncing off and dropping a leg across TLS’ chest! Again Mr. Excellent goes for the pin but again TLS kicks out! Mr. Excellent gets back up, and brings TLS to his feet this time. He then hooks him by his side and lifts him into a side slam, no, TLS flips backwards, escaping and landing on his feet. Before Mr. Excellent can turn around, TLS hooks him into a full nelson! Adrian Rockwell is about to ask Mr. Excellent if he quits but TLS doesn’t give him a chance as he lifts Mr. Excellent and slams him down hard to the mat!!*

Jones: Great full nelson slam there by TLS who still is very agile and powerful.

Logan: Why do you act like TLS is 50 years old? He’s still very young! Don’t let his great career fool you, TLS has plenty left in the tank!

Jones: I know, I know! Just feels like he’s been around forever!!

*TLS gets to his feet and heads for the corner as Mr. Excellent stays down, still feeling the effects of being dropped on his neck. TLS climbs the turnbuckle and stands at the very top, staring down at Mr. Excellent a second or two before jumping off and attempting his top-rope somersault leg drop! TLS misses though as Mr. Excellent rolls out of the way at the last second!! TLS is in serious pain, holding his leg as he gets to his feet. Mr. Excellent gets up and right away goes to work on that very leg, kicking TLS from behind! TLS drops to the mat and Mr. Excellent grabs the leg and then drops an elbow right into it! He gets back up, still holding on to the leg and then dropping a second elbow on the hurt leg! Mr. Excellent now drags TLS back to the middle of the ring and calls for The Execution. He wraps TLS legs up and tries to spin him around but TLS fights him off! The crowd starts to get behind TLS again, chanting his name. Mr. Excellent tries swinging him one way, and then the other, hoping to flip him over but TLS won’t budge, and instead, uses Mr. Excellent’s own momentum against him, flipping him over instead! Mr. Excellent’s hold is broken. *

Jones: That’s twice Mr. Excellent has gone for The Execution and both times he has failed.

Logan: TLS’ leg may be injured, but not to the point where he will let up such a move be put on him. Like you said, if Mr. Excellent applies it, is all over.

Jones: Yeah, but let’s not forget also that The Lost Soul failed to connect with his finisher as well.

*Mr. Excellent gets to his feet right away but so does TLS who nails him with a right hand, another, another, one more! Mr. Excellent is backed into the ropes and TLS whips him to the opposite side! Mr. Excellent bounces off and TLS goes for a clothesline, he misses as Mr. Excellent ducks it! TLS turns around as Mr. Excellent bounces off the other side and nails TLS right on the jaw with a spinning elbow. TLS is down but Mr. Excellent doesn’t go for the pin, instead, he brings him back up to his feet and whips TLS to the corner. No, reversal by TLS and Mr. Excellent hits hard chest first!! Mr. Excellent slumps against the turnbuckle and TLS quickly comes over, turning him around lifting him into the top turnbuckle. The crowd gets to their feet again as TLS climbs himself unto it, hooks Mr. Excellent and then drops him with The Soulbuster!!! The crowd is going wild as TLS rolls over on top of Mr. Excellent and makes the pin! One! Two!! Three!!! The bell rings*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Lost Soul!

Logan: The Lost Soul gets the victory over a very competitive Mr. Excellent!

Jones: Yeah, it was extremely close, but in the end, The Lost Soul was able to survive!

Logan: He’s still got it, Jonesy! I told you so!

Jones: Mr. Excellent definitely shouldn’t be ashamed, as he put up a tremendous effort. It just wasn’t quite enough here tonight.

*The Lost Soul gets his hand raises, triumphant in victory yet not doing any major celebrating. It’s not in his nature. Meanwhile, Mr. Excellent is trying to recover, pulling himself back together. We leave the ring and go backstage, in the wrestlers’ entrance to the arena. We see a security guard standing there, who is approached by The President.*

The Accelerator: Hey Steve, any sign of him yet?

Steve: Not yet Mr. President.

The Accelerator: Alright, as soon as Marcus gets here, bring him straight to me.

Steve: Yes sir.

*The Accelerator looks at the entrance and then at his watch, shaking his head, appearing a bit disappointed. He heads back to his office as the scene fades to black.*

*We come back from commercial to a shot in the back hallway of the GCWA Arena. Two men are standing there, with determined looks on their faces. One is Dangerous Dan. The other is Crazy Chris. The crowd pops for both men as they stare each other down.*

Dangerous Dan: Are you ready for this, Chris?

Crazy Chris: When have I ever not been ready?

*Both men take deep breaths, sizing up their opponent. The crowd is buzzing, wondering what’s going on.*

Dangerous Dan: This is it. Winner gets into the Righteous Rumble. Loser has to watch from the sidelines.

Crazy Chris: Yeah, and I’m going to win. When have you ever beaten me?

Dangerous Dan: Your confidence is going to be your downfall.

*The two brothers give each other one final nod, showing that they’re both prepared for what is to come. Dangerous Dan begins the countdown.*

Dangerous Dan: On 3… 1… 2… 3!!

*Both men slam their hands down in their palms. Crazy Chris is showing a flat surface, aka paper, with his hand. Dangerous Dan is showing two fingers, aka scissors. Chris takes it in, crestfallen, as Dangerous Dan lets out a muffled “Yes!” Dan then comforts his brother.*

Dangerous Dan: Sorry, Chris, but you are way too predictable. I knew you’d be thinking paper. Looks like I’m going to the Rumble!

Crazy Chris: Alright, bro, you’ve won this time. But you better win the damn thing!

Dangerous Dan: Don’t worry, I plan to.

*After having come to a decision on who will enter the Rumble, the Danger Boiz turn to leave. However, they’re surprised as the GCWA Tag Team Champions, The House of Pain, walk up behind them! The crowd gives another cheer, seeing one of their favorite teams appear. Dan and Chris turn to face Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill. Mobley and Hill have their newly acquired tag belts draped over their shoulder, Hill has a bottle hidden inside a wrinkled paper bag and takes a long gulp out of it, Derek speaks.*

Derek Mobley: What’s up, Boiz…nice to see you guys put such great priority on a match like the Righteous Rumble. You do realize that the Rumble affords guys like you the opportunity to reach the top of the GCWA Mountain, don’t you? Why risk that opportunity on Paper, Rock, Scissors…I don’t get it.

*Warrick finishes drinking out of his bottle and notices Dan eyeing his title…he speaks.*

Warrick Hill: What are you looking at? You want this belt or do you find me sexually attractive?

*Chris has to hold Dan back, Warrick smirks.*

Warrick Hill: Calm down, Danny boy…I’m just messing with you…lay off the caffeine, quit the lines of cocaine…take a break from the adrenaline charged game of Paper, Rock, Scissors…it’s got you all stressed out!

*Dan shakes his head at Warrick…Warrick takes another sip of his drink…Derek speaks.*

Derek Mobley: Listen, guys…we didn’t come here to start any trouble…we came here to issue a challenge…you see, for too long the GCWA Tag Division has been run by limp dick tag teams such as D & D…teams that refuse to stand up and operate…aka…they refuse to defend their tag team titles. Well, that’s not the case now…HOP is fully functional and ready to go…so, Danger Boiz…how’s about next Friday, at Inferno, we give you guys one more shot at reclaiming the Tag Team Gold…what do you say? Oh, and Paper, Rock, Scissors will not suffice in this decision making process…

*Dan looks at Chris…Chris back at Dan.*

Dangerous Dan: We accept.

*Derek turns to walk off…Warrick is about to, but takes a glance at Chris’ TV Title…*

Warrick Hill: Damn, I had no idea that thing was so small…is that gold spray painted on??

*Now Dan is the one restraining Chris as he looks to go after Warrick…Derek comes back over, putting an arm on Warrick to help ‘direct’ him away. Warrick simply waves ‘bye’, and walks off sipping on his drink. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: So we’ve got a World Heavyweight Title next week! Cool!

Jones: We’ve also got a decision of who’s going to be in the Righteous Rumble, as Dangerous Dan joins the growing list of contracted superstars for the event!

Logan: Yeah, man, and I’m all for that decision. Dangerous Dan could very well be a bigger threat than Chris in the Rumble. After all, in a match like this, size DOES matter, and Dan is the larger brother.

Jones: Too true, although I’ve seen the smallest guy in the match win a battle royal, so anything can happen. With that being said, let’s get to our next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he has worked with the GCWA for almost a year now, in varying capacities, but is still seeking a career inside the squared circle. Standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*The fans give a good welcome towards their ‘hometown hero’, cheering as “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor begins the play. The curtains stay closed for a few seconds, but finally, Vaughn emerges. He stumbles forward, leaving the impression that he was pushed through the curtain from behind. Vaughn looks back behind him, then takes a deep breath, calming himself before walking forward.*

Logan: I heard it was touch-and-go for Vaughn to be here tonight, once he learned that he was wrestling Ka’Derrion.

Jones: Yep, he had to be convinced that Ka’Derrion wasn’t near his best, giving Vaughn at least a chance, in his mind, of winning.

Logan: Somehow, I don’t think Vaughn’s buying it. But you never know, anything can happen in the GCWA. Just look at last week.

Minos: His opponent has been a major part of the GCWA in 2009, holding the honor of being the only two-time GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World during the year. Standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*”No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play, igniting the crowd. Vaughn’s face is shown in the ring, looking like he’d rather be in the dentist’s office getting a root canal. The spotlights shine on the curtain, waiting for Ka’Derrion to make his appearance.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion had a lot of people worried last week when he collapsed during his match with Arachne, losing via countout.

Logan: Yeah, I mean, we know next to nothing about his health, other than that he spent nearly a month in a hospital and checked himself out.

Jones: There’s one other thing we don’t know, Anthony.

Logan: What’s that?

Jones: We don’t know where Marcus is right now, because he hasn’t appeared yet!

*Marcus Ka’Derrion’s music continues to play but he doesn’t come out. The crowd is starting to get antsy, wondering where he’s at. We switch to backstage where Marcus is trying to get to the ring but a wall of security won’t let him. You see that he is wearing a different kind of ring attire now. Full upper body red and black tights that would make Mr. Perfect proud. Right you away you can see that his mid section is heavily taped if not ‘padded’. Just then, The Accelerator arrives and Marcus shakes his head, knowing what’s coming.*

The Accelerator: Relax kid. I am going to let you go through with the match.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Well then what’s with the hold up?

The Accelerator: There is just a small stipulation. If I see a repeat performance of last week, then I am going to suspend you indefinitely.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: What?! Why?!

The Accelerator: Why? For your own damn good kid! You think I want you wrestling when you are seriously injured? You are putting your career at risk unnecessarily. You are too young Marcus to be going through this.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Fine, fine, I agree. They say that winning is a cure for everything.

*The Accelerator nods at the security guards and they get out of Ka’Derrion’s way. Marcus nods at the Accelerator and then makes his way to the ring.*

Jones: Wow, for a minute there, I was thinking that the President wasn’t going to let him fight!

Logan: Hell, maybe Ace shouldn’t let him… Ka’Derrion really might need more time off, y’know?

Jones: He looks like he’s doing alright to me. Didn’t he go to a Chinese healing sanctuary this week?

Logan: Those places never worked very well to help me feel better. Now, those Japanese massage parlors…

Jones: I don’t even want to know!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie moves to the middle of the ring, signaling for the action to begin. Ka’Derrion, though, has his head down while leaning against the corner, not moving. The Janitor, perhaps sensing that “25%” he heard about, starts to sneak forward, moving towards his foe. When Vaughn gets within about 5 feet, though, Ka’Derrion’s head suddenly comes back up, with Marcus staring straight at the Janitor! Vaughn steps back in surprise, then sheepishly raises a hand, waving, as if he was just coming over to say Hi. Ka’Derrion smiles, then comes forward to ‘greet’ him, with Vaughn quickly turning and backtracking to the ropes. Vaughn attempts to step through, but Ka’Derrion is there, pulling him back in before he can escape. Ka’Derrion turns Vaughn around and chops him across the chest, causing Vaughn to grimace, then grabs Vaughn’s arm and whips him across to the other side, before moving to intercept him on the way back with a spinning elbow shot, putting Vaughn on the mat!*

Jones: Ka’Derrion is full steam ahead as this one gets going!

Logan: Well, at least half-steam, Jonesy. I mean, he’s still moving relatively slow, compared to how we’ve seen him go before!

Jones: Hey, he’s winning, what more do you want?

*Ka’Derrion is back on his feet, moving a hand subconsciously across his padded chest. He waits as Vaughn gets back to his feet, then comes in, grabbing Vaughn and lifting him from behind with a belly-to-back bridge suplex! Vaughn’s shoulders hit the canvas, with Trixie right there for a count… 1… 2.. and Vaughn gets free from the hold. Both men get up, with Ka’Derrion booting Vaughn in the stomach, bending him over. Marcus then steps in, double-underhooking Vaughn and attempting to lift him up, only to drop him right back down when Ka’Derrion winces from the pain arching from his injuries!! Ka’Derrion steps back, coughing, then recovers, coming back in. However, it’s too late, as Vaughn used the extra time to enable him to react, grabbing Ka’Derrion by the head and surprisingly dropping him with a stunner!! Ka’Derrion’s down, as Vaughn frantically rolls himself over and dives onto him for the cover. Trixie drops next to them, hitting the mat… 1… 2… Ka’Derrion kicks out!*

Logan: Man, that was almost the biggest victory of Peter Vaughn’s career!

Jones: It would have nearly been the only victory of his career! I think Vaughn’s only win was in a tag-team match, right?

Logan: Yeah, but beating someone like Ka’Derrion, regardless of what shape the former World Champion is in, would give the Janitor instant credibility!

*The Janitor decides to stay on the ground, working over Ka’Derrion with a reverse chin lock. Referee Trixie watches, not expecting a tap-out from this move, but ready nonetheless. Ka’Derrion struggles against the hold, already starting to pull himself up, taking Vaughn with him. He manages to bring both to their feet, scoring with a couple of elbow shots to Vaughn’s side. This allows Marcus to get free, as he runs to the ropes and comes back with a running shoulder block, knocking Vaughn down! The Janitor starts to pull himself back up, so Marcus goes back to the ropes, charging in again. But he went to the well one too many times, as Vaughn dodges this time, getting a trip that sends Ka’Derrion falling to the mat! Vaughn then jumps right back on top of Ka’Derrion, this time applying a Rings of Saturn submission variation!*

Logan: Vaughn’s training is definitely starting to show, and I like where his trainer’s going with it! Vaughn’s not going to match anyone in the strength or speed department, so he’s got to have diversity!

Jones: It’s clear that his game plan coming in is to wear Ka’Derrion out, using his injuries and lowered stamina against him.

Logan: Pretty smart for a guy who never graduated high school!

Jones: How do you know he didn’t, Anthony?

Logan: Uh, dude, he’s a janitor. Case closed.

*Ka’Derrion is once again struggling to get free, with the Janitor unable to keep him down. As soon as Marcus gets an arm free, Vaughn breaks the hold, realizing that he’s got to try another tactic. He grabs Ka’Derrion by the hair to pull him up, then brings Marcus over to the corner, punching away at him. This seems to hurt Vaughn as much as Ka’Derrion, though, with Vaughn hurting his hand. He shakes it out, then reaches down, pulling Ka’Derrion onto the turnbuckle. But Marcus then uses his advantage being higher on the ‘buckle, slamming a couple of forearms into Vaughn to stun him. Marcus reverses himself, pulling Vaughn up evenly with him on the ‘buckle and readjusts for a superplex attempt! Vaughn blocks it, struggling, then gets free, opting to headbutt Ka’Derrion!! Marcus drops off the ‘buckle, landing on his feet, while Vaughn, reeling, nearly falls backwards. He hangs on, though, trying to recover from the shot. Meanwhile, though, Ka’Derrion clears his head with a shake, then looks up at Vaughn, looking a little angry. He suddenly charges back up the ‘buckle, in one motion jumping himself up onto Vaughn’s shoulders, then rocking himself to the side, sending both men over the ropes to the outside with a massive hurricanrana!!!!!*

Logan: Holy *bleep*!!!

Jones: A suicidal move from Ka’Derrion there may have just taken out both competitors!!!

Logan: Yeah, I mean, I think Vaughn took the worse of it, but it was really hard to tell!

*Referee Trixie looks pretty stunned, but she’s doing her job, starting the countout for both men. On the outside, the camera focuses first on Vaughn, who’s laying on his back, his feet partially propped up on the nearby steel stairs. Vaughn’s eyes are glazed over, and he seems to be mumbling something about ‘wanting his security blanket, mommy’. The camera moves, showing Ka’Derrion on his side, looking pretty out of it as well from the landing. However, Ka’Derrion is the first one to sit up, dazed but moving. Vaughn’s still down, while Ka’Derrion crawls over him, his one and only goal to get himself back into the ring. Referee Trixie keeps counting at a regular pace, reaching 5, 6, 7. The fans are cheering for both men to get up, although it’s becoming clear that Vaughn’s not going anywhere. As Trixie reaches 9, Ka’Derrion makes a last grab at the apron, then the ropes, managing to haul himself through just in the nick of time! Referee Trixie waves a hand at him, clearing him from the count, then finishes things off with 10, before signaling for the bell!*

Minos: Here is your winner, via Countout, Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Whew! That was a close one, but we do have a winner, as Ka’Derrion beat the count!

Jones: He couldn’t have come any closer there, as his high-risk maneuver nearly put him out just as it did Vaughn!

Logan: Still, though, great to see Ka’Derrion get himself a victory, although I have to admit, the health questions still remain.

Jones: Yep, but he’s still in better shape than Vaughn. Has the Janitor woken up yet?

*Ka’Derrion is slow to get up, but he’s clearly happy about the victory. He looks like he’s proven something, either to the Accelerator, the fans, or himself. He painfully leaves the ring, heading towards the back, to the cheers of the crowd. Meanwhile, Trixie is on the outside, checking on the Janitor, who smiles at her with fluttering eyes. She tries to help him up, as we cut backstage and find ourselves outside of Harvey Danger's "locker room." A GCWA agent stands besides the janitor's closet wearing a headset and clutching a clipboard tightly to his chest. Knocking on the door, he rolls his eyes at Harvey's home-made door name plate covering up the "Janitor's Closet" tag. Harvey has used construction paper and crayons to draw out his name along with a cartoon sun complete with smiley face and sun glasses. The agent sighs and knocks again but still no answer.*

Agent: Uh, Mr. Harvey Danger, sir? Your match is up next. We need to know you're all set. Mr. Danger? Harvey?

*Still no answer from inside, so the agent knocks again and tries the door knob. It turns in his hand and he pushes the door open. Immediately we see a pair of feet and legs; the rest of the body hidden by the door. No noise can be heard, and the agent's eyes open wide in shock. Then someone blows their nose. And it's wet. And nasty. The cameraman steps inside and we find Harvey Danger laying flat on the floor surrounded in a pile of used tissues. His face is red and his eyes are bloodshot surrounded by dark circles. Half opened, his eyes slowly move upwards to meet the agent's.*

Agent: Mr. Danger, are you... ok?

Harvey: *Sniff* I... think so. *Sniff* I'll be... ok, I guess. *Cough* I've come down with *Sneeze* something.

*The agent backs up, holding the clipboard over his face. Harvey moans and rolls onto his stomach, struggling to get to his knees.*

Agent: Well, uh, either way, you are out there in a few minutes. Can you make it?

Harvey: *Sniff* I'll *wheeze* be right *cough* *sniff* there...

*The agent steps back through the door as Harvey blows his nose once more. Harvey expends as much energy as he can muster to drag one foot underneath him as he attempts to stand.*

Harvey: Be right... there.

*Harvey flops face down onto the cement floor and moans. He tries to gather himself together, but decides against it and curls into the fetal position. Moaning again, he begins coughing uncontrollably.*

Harvey: I want my Mommy...

*The camera leaves Harvey behind, as the picture cuts out, taking us to commercial.*

*We return from the commercial break, ready for more wrestling. The cameras switch to the backstage area. The boss, Accelerator, is busy rifling through paperwork. It seems that as quick as it goes out, more replaces it. He gets a much needed break from his supervisor duties as a knock comes at his door.*

The Accelerator: “If it isn’t important, come back later.”

Voice: “Hey, you called for the champ, bossman.”

The Accelerator: “Ah, Draco, come in.”

*The door opens and standing there is the reigning World Champion, Draco. He has just wrestled his first match as champion much to the delight of the fans. He walks in and moves toward the desk. Accelerator sets his pen down for the moment.*

The Accelerator: “Looks like you were a bit busy this off week.”

Draco: “More rumors there, boss?”

The Accelerator: “No, they are actually facts this time.”

Draco: “So what is it this time? Did I burn down City Hall and hump the Mayor’s wife?”

The Accelerator: “Actually, it wasn’t bad.”

*Draco raises an eyebrow of confusion at Accelerator. He holds up his hands signaling his shock as well. He lets out a small sigh trying to figure it all out.*

The Accelerator: “Heard you gave away about ten thousand dollars in merchandise, travel, and event tickets.”

Draco: “Yeah, about that…”

The Accelerator: “No explanation needed. That little fiasco with MY World Champion being questioned in an assault and murder charges has faded rather quickly once they found out of this little stunt.”

Draco: “Ah, yeah, good publicity. That’s it.”

The Accelerator: “The presale tickets for Righteous Rumble have been going non-stop since this story ran over the channels. Hell, everyone is talking about GCWA in a more charitable light.”

*Draco’s goal wasn’t that. He knew that. Accelerator knew that, but the side effects were beneficial. The company looked good. The face of the company looked good. Plus, the PPV was getting plugged to no end.*

The Accelerator: “Consider that your bonus, by the way. It won’t be coming out of your pocket this time.”

Draco: “Works for me. Is that all?”

The Accelerator: “Actually, I need to talk about that.”

*Accelerator points to Draco’s waist. The World Title belt is just above his waist, while the Intercontinental Title was around his waist.*

The Accelerator: “I need that back. Time to be a single champion again.”

Draco: “No.”

The Accelerator: “Excuse me? You do realize I control your fate.”

Draco: “No, I mean I can’t.”

The Accelerator: “And why is that?”

Draco: “It is holding up my pants.”

*The Accelerator rubs his forehead for a bit trying to fight the headache. Draco was a handful, but there was far too much good in this man to let the boss fire him. Accelerator took a deep breath and pointed to his desk wanting the belt placed on it. Draco shrugged and reached behind his back to the clasp of the title.*

Draco: “I warned you.”

*As the Intercontinental Title was taken from around Draco’s waist, Draco’s pants drooped. As the title moved from his waist, the pants fell completely. The camera moved behind Draco seeing his boxers with little pink hearts on them. Accelerator’s face could be seen through Draco’s legs. He visibly cringes.*

The Accelerator: “Ok, I believe you, put it away!

Draco: “My bad, boss.”

*Draco pulls up his pants and holds them up with his hands. He waddles out of the room trying to juggle his pants and Intercontinental Title in his hands. It isn’t really working out.*

Draco: “I will have it for you next week, promise. Even got a plan.”

*The door shut behind Draco, but Accelerator was still shaking his head. He knew wrestlers were crazy, but being in charge of them was making him lose his hair…well, mind…I guess. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: We just saw a side of Draco that I hoped we’d never see.

Jones: I bet some of our female fans enjoyed it, though.

Logan: Yeah, well, while I work to blot out my memory, why don’t we go to the next match?

Jones: Sounds good to me. Minos?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and is going to be for the GCWA Television Championship!! First, coming down the aisle, he is a former 3-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, seeking his first singles gold here tonight… he’s representing D & D… standing 6’0” and weighing in at 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Harvey Danger!

*”No Rain” by Blind Melon leads the way out for the top contender for the title, with the fans giving him a good reaction. Harvey Danger walks towards the ring, clearly suffering. Most of the fans who would normally be trying for a high five are keeping themselves occupied, out of range. Danger doesn’t seem to notice, as he’s more concerned with his own health.*

Jones: Is Danger actually going to be cleared to compete tonight? He looks like he’s about to keel over!

Logan: Yeah, but I bet he’s got a lot of drugs pumping through him right now. Antibiotics, painkillers, and more.

Jones: So? In my mind, that makes him even less able to compete!

Logan: But it’s going to make for a hell of a unique match, Jonesy!

Minos: His opponent is setting a new GCWA record tonight with his seventh title defense, representing the Danger Boiz, he stands 6’0” and weighs in at 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

*Crazy Chris comes out, belt in hand, as “Mental Health” by Zebrahead hits the speakers. The fans are, as always, excited to see one of the Danger Boiz. Chris walks down the aisle, showing off the gold to the crowd along the way.*

Logan: Chris has to think he had a pretty good week. Not only is he setting a record tonight, he got himself a girl! Way to go, kid!

Jones: On the flip side of that, though, Anthony, a strange man attacked Chris and his girl, Cheyenne, when they were in the forest. Who would want to attack Chris?

Logan: I could come up with a pretty long list, but we don’t have time for that now. We’ve got a match to get to!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Mitchell steps into the ring, ready to call the action, although he looks a little worried about being in the same ring as Harvey. Meanwhile, Crazy Chris, after stretching himself on the ropes, comes over, only to have Harvey raise a finger towards him. Confused, Crazy Chris stops, even as Harvey pulls out a handkerchief, getting it folded up in his hands. Harvey sniffles, then turns and blows into the handkerchief, making a loud noise. Crazy Chris takes a step back, a disgusted look on his face. Harvey wipes his nose, making sure he cleans up just like his mother taught him to do. He then looks around for a place to put the hankey. Finding nothing, he turns towards referee Mitchell, who quickly raises both hands and backs away, wanting no part of it. Danger, shaking his head, walks over to his corner, tossing the hankey there. He then comes back, raising his fists, with Crazy Chris now the one who looks like he’s not ready to compete.*

Logan: Ok, that’s just… gross…

Jones: Better he clean out his nose now, Anthony, rather than have it happen during the match.

Logan: Good point, but still… gross…

*Danger moves to lock up, but Chris still seems unsure, debating how sick Harvey really is. Harvey, realizing the dilemma, reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a small tube, squeezing out a little germ disinfectant onto his hands. He rubs them together, apparently killing the germs, then turns towards Chris, who shrugs, then comes in, with the two finally locking up! After a brief struggle, Chris takes the first advantage, getting a headlock. Harvey fights against it, struggling mightily to get free… or maybe just sneezing. Either way, Harvey’s able to get his head free, pushing the champion off towards the ropes. Chris comes back, with Danger flattening out to let him go over top. As Chris hits the other side, Harvey jumps up, catching him on the rebound with a hip toss. Crazy Chris, though, manages to flip over, landing on his feet. He turns back, but Harvey’s still moving, using his additional momentum to score a discus clothesline, taking Chris down! Harvey falls on top for a quick cover… 1… 2.. and Chris kicks out, easily beating the count.*

Logan: Y’know, I hate to admit it, but I think Harvey’s head cold is really throwing off Crazy Chris’ game plan.

Jones: He looks like he’s really unsure of how to handle Harvey in his current condition, but Danger’s still able to move around that ring and take advantage of the confusion.

Logan: Like I said, he’s high on meds, Jonesy! The dude’s feeling no pain!

*Harvey overbalances for a second as he gets up, but manages to stay on his feet. As Crazy Chris rises up as well, Danger’s there, grabbing Chris by the arms and shoving himself up onto the champion’s shoulders! Before Chris can react, Danger throws his weight forward, turning it into a roll-up combination! Referee Mitchell hurries in… 1… 2… and Crazy Chris escapes, getting off the mat in time. Both men get up, with Harvey landing a punch, then another, moving the Television Champion backwards towards the corner. Danger leans back for another punch, but then hesitates, before turning away, sneezing to the side! Danger sniffles, then straightens back up, turning towards Chris… who has shoved himself up to the 2nd turnbuckle and comes off with a leaping flip, grabbing Danger’s head on the way down and taking him to the canvas!! Danger’s feet are kicking from the agony of the strike, even as Chris rolls on him for the cover… 1… 2… and Danger kicks free!*

Jones: It looks like the illness is both a strength and a weakness for Danger, as it ended up costing him there!

Logan: Hey, he’s just being polite, Jonesy. It’s not cool to sneeze in someone’s face.

Jones: Is it cool to take a beating when you should be in bed, resting?

Logan: Yeah, I betcha Harvey’s mother is freaking out. A batch of chicken noodle soup is probably already on the way.

*Crazy Chris gets up, hauling the sickly Danger with him. He takes Danger back towards the corner, giving him a hard whip that causes Danger to flip into the corner, rolling over the ‘buckle and landing outside on the apron! Danger takes a few steps, looking dazed, as Chris follows him, running up the turnbuckle, then coming off with a jumping dropkick that knocks Danger backwards to the floor! Chris pulls himself up and looks out, past referee Mitchell, where Danger is struggling to get up on the outside. He manages to get to his feet, dazed. In the ring, Crazy Chris sizes him up, then goes to the opposite side of the ring, running off the ropes to gain momentum. He comes back, leaping over the ropes with a suicide plancha, crashing down onto Danger!!! The crowd is going wild as the Television Champion gets back up to his feet, pumped up! He reaches down, grabbing Danger to pull him up and roll him back into the ring. Chris follows, making the cover… 1… 2… but Danger kicks out!*

Jones: Somehow, despite his illness and the shots he’s taken, Danger is staying in this one!

Logan: Yeah, but I don’t think he can take much more. I hope the medics are ready in the back with an IV and a stretcher, because Danger isn’t looking very good!

Jones: I just hope he’s not contagious, or else we’ve got an epidemic on our hands! Pass the Purrell!

*Referee Mitchell moves back, watching, making sure to try to stay as far from Danger as possible. Crazy Chris doesn’t have that option, hauling Harvey to his feet. He shoots Danger into the ropes, then spins into a nice-looking leg-sweep. However, it misses, as Harvey manages to jump over it, running to the other side! Chris, off-balance, manages to get back to his feet, just in time for Harvey to return, jumping up and nailing him with a Thesz Press!! Danger lands on top, getting in a couple of punches to keep Chris stunned. He then gets up, staggering for a second, before reaching down to pull the Television Champion up. Chris tries to break away, but Danger blocks him, then gets in a quick snap suplex, throwing Chris overhead. Danger rolls over after the maneuver, getting on top of his foe for a pin attempt… 1… 2… and Crazy Chris gets his shoulder up. Danger pulls himself painfully back up, looking for a new angle to attack from.*

Jones: Danger’s fighting through the pain, and he’s got Crazy Chris in trouble!

Logan: This one’s definitely been a pretty even contest. It’s nearly impossible to pick a winner!

Jones: Fortunately, we don’t have to pick a winner, right?

Logan: Yeah. That would suck!

*As Crazy Chris starts to roll over to his stomach, in preparation for getting up, Danger begins to climb up onto the turnbuckle, intent on a line of attack. He gets to the top, almost losing his balance before he can turn around. Finally, he makes it, looking down at Chris… who’s on his way up the ‘buckle as well! Danger tries to swing at him, but Chris blocks the attempt, then lands a shot of his own, then another, stunning Harvey! Chris then gets himself far enough up on the ‘buckle to grab Danger’s wrist, twisting to take him off the top with a Super Arm Drag!! However, Chris failed to take into account the disinfectant on Danger’s arm, causing him to slide free! Danger stays on the ‘buckle, while Chris falls backwards, crashing to the mat!! Chris immediately rolls and starts to get up, even as Danger repositions and leaps, going straight into the champion! But Chris steps away just enough for Danger just to land in front of him, then locks Danger up, going for the Crazy Bitch!! No, Danger slips free again, landing in front, and… Danger DDT!!!!!! Out of nowhere!!! Danger sits up, looking over at Crazy Chris with a stunned expression, as if he didn’t even expect that move. Referee Mitchell slides into place, waiting, and Danger, suddenly realizing that it’s not over, grabs hold and makes the pin, holding onto both of Chris’ legs… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Television Champion… Harvey Danger!!

Logan: Somehow, Harvey did it!! He’s a champion again!!

Jones: Incredible!! Right after setting the new record, Crazy Chris is shocked with an upset! Man, that match could have gone either way, easily!

Logan: Yeah, definitely a close one, but Harvey ended up sneaking this one out in the end, taking away the championship!

*Danger sits forward, still with a stunned look on his face, as referee Mitchell brings him the title, making sure to toss it to him rather than touch Danger’s hand. Crazy Chris rolls to his side, already recovering, but it’s just too little, too late. Danger takes the championship, sniffling, either out of happiness or because his nose is still bothering him. He turns and rolls out of the ring, even as the rest of D & D, Draco and Donovan, come down the aisle, clapping. Danger shows them the belt, then goes for a hug, but Draco manages to sidestep it, pointing out that the World Champion can’t afford a cold. Danger understands, nodding, even as he turns to leave, clutching the belt to his side. Donovan’s eyes rotate to the belt, before he starts to follow the other two up the aisle. We head to the backstage area, where we see Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn, walking along painfully along the hallway. He is limping, but he at least is relieved that the match is over and done with. He goes first to the janitor’s room, but sees Harvey’s name pasted on the door.*

Peter Vaughn: Damnit, Harvey, why you got to be stealing a man’s crib like that?

*Shaking his head, Vaughn reaches for the doorknob. Before he can grab it, though, a large hand appears, slamming into the door and causing Vaughn to leap backwards, letting out a tiny scream. He looks to his side, seeing the former GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3!!! The crowd begins to boo even as Vaughn cowers back at the sight of the man.*

Titan 3: My man, Peter. I saw your match. You stunk out there.

*Vaughn doesn’t say anything, lowering his glance to the floor. The fans are booing louder now, not fond of the teasing tone.*

Titan 3: You know why I’m here?

*Vaughn shakes his head, still not saying a word. Titan 3 frowns.*

Titan 3: Neither do I. I show up here, under contract, and I’m told that I don’t have a match. You know how that makes me feel, to get bossed around like that? Wait, you’re a janitor, of course you know. Silly me.

*Titan 3 lets out a sigh, then leans back in towards Vaughn, getting closer to his face.*

Titan 3: I’ve been here long enough to see how it goes. You have to make your own decisions, to get things moving. So I’m going to make sure I’ve got a match next week. And you know who it’s going to be against? Out of all the wrestlers here?

*With a whimper, Vaughn slowly brings up his hand, pointing shakily at himself. Titan 3 grins, nodding.*

Titan 3: You aren’t as dumb as you act, Janitwerp. Thanks for accepting the challenge. I’ll see you next week.

*Titan 3 turns and steps back, then, as if reconsidering, comes back in, driving all his weight into Vaughn and smashing him through the doorway!!!! Vaughn’s down on his back, with the crowd booing fiercely, as Titan 3 walks away, dusting off his hands. The camera focuses on Vaughn, who is mumbling “why me” over and over. We fade out.*

*We come back from commercial to a shot of the President’s office, as he continues to work. The paper stack is noticeably smaller, showing how quick a worker Ace is. Either that, or he’s delegating it all to subordinates. You never know with this guy. There’s a knock at the door, and for a second, the Accelerator sighs. He then turns towards it.*

The Accelerator: Enter!

*The door opens, and Aaron Styles, one of the newest members of the GCWA, walks in. The crowd gives a small pop for him, although his dark matches recently haven’t allowed much exposure for him. The Accelerator, though, greets him warmly, giving him a handshake.*

The Accelerator: Good to see you, kid. You’ve done pretty well the last few weeks, getting some wins under your belts. I wanted you to know that it’s been noticed.

*Styles gives a nod to the President, without saying much. After all, he’s probably not sure what to say to the man who pays his check. The Accelerator, appreciating the brevity, reaches down and picks up a contract.*

The Accelerator: I figure two victories is enough, so I thought we’d add you to the list for the Rumble. Sign here, and you’ve got the same chance as 19 other guys to win. Do you accept?

*In response, Styles reaches over and gets a pen, immediately signing his name to the contract. The Accelerator smiles, taking it from him.* The Accelerator: A man of few words. I like that. We’ll see you later, then.

*The Accelerator adds the contract to his folder, which is slowly growing in size. Styles, for his part, turns and leaves, a small smile on his face. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: The list keeps growing for the Rumble!

Logan: Ace keeps giving out those contracts, huh? I bet it’s starting to make some of the locker room nervous. After all, you don’t want to be left off this show!

Jones: If the President deems you worthy, then you’re in, Anthony. You have to impress him!

Logan: Yeah, it’s all about getting your name on the dotted line!

Jones: Speaking of the dotted line, last week the Accelerator made an interesting ‘peace’ offering to The Lost Soul, offering him two contracts. One was a contract that would make TLS the new Head of GCWA Security! The other gave him either a World Title match against Draco, or a spot in the Righteous Rumble! Which one will he choose? Well, apparently we’re going to find out next, on Draco’s very own show!

Logan: Yes! I love these shows, they rule!

*It is that time once again, ladies and gentlemen. No, we don’t get to hear the announcers joust verbally. No, we don’t get to watch Accelerator look less like a president and more like a doormat. No, we don’t get to see House of Pain turn on the fans because they want to stay relevant…that is next week. No, it is time for the number one weekly rated talk show that happens to take place during Inferno. Complaint Department! Jeez, you would think they would know by now.*

*The crew has finished setting up. It seems the ring set-up has gotten a touch of class. Red carpet was not only in the ring, but up the entrance ramp. The director’s chairs looked like they were purchased new now and not recycled from some Hollywood dumpster. There is even a table set up in front of the two director‘s chairs. The table has mugs with the logo of the show as well as a closed briefcase.*

Logan: Draco’s really classed the joint up. I like it!

Jones: Well, he is the World Champion now, Anthony, which means that his salary got a major increase, at least for the short term.

Logan: Yeah, plus he’s got the best talk show currently running on GCWA TV!

Jones: He’s got the ONLY talk show running on GCWA TV, Anthony.

Logan: Hey, the point still fits, man.

*“Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play. The fans explode into cheers for not only the host of the Complaint Department, but their World Heavyweight Champion as well. Draco stepped out onto the stage and the music was barely heard over the crowd. He motioned to not one, but two titles around his waist. Obviously, the one was there to ensure his pants would stay up.*

Fan: “Lose the belt!”

*Draco walked down the ramp way towards the ring hoping that the last voice was a female. An attractive female. Very attractive. Draco climbed into the ring and posed for the fans as a stage hand brought him a microphone.*

Draco: “Come on, you can do better than that!”

*Draco is still enjoying the success from Adrenaline Rush as he gets the crowd into a craze once again. He has a smile on his face from ear to ear. He sits down in the chair and in a few moments the crowd has gotten to the point where he can hear himself talk over the PA system.*

Draco: “Ahhh, nothing like a good cheer to get your blood flowing. Now, tonight is a very special night. Do you know why?”

*A few fans shout out random answers. Everything ranging from the serious birthday/anniversary suggestions to the downright dreadful like Crimson returning. Draco shakes his head as he motions to the briefcase on the table in front of him.*

Draco: “You and I get to share the moment when TLS becomes head of security. Why? Because we all know that him fighting me at Righteous Rumble is a waste of Pay-Per-View space.”

*The fans have a mixed reaction to this. Some see this as another top tier match, some are TLS fans, and some are willing to see another Draco vs. Lurrr to quiet the critics. Before Draco can say anything the creepy theme from Friday the 13th begins to play. TLS appears on the entrance ramp!*

Jones: The Lost Soul is here!

Logan: Fresh off a victory earlier tonight!

*Draco gives a small golf clap as TLS moves to the ring. There doesn’t look to be any annoyance at the insult, or anger for that matter. Draco stands there as TLS gets into the ring.*

Draco: “Guess someone doesn’t want to wait for their cue. Ok, people, give it up for TLS.”

*The fans put their hands together and cheer for TLS. After seeing everything he had to endure just to find the attacker of his partner, the fans have taken a deeper liking to the enigmatic personality of TLS.*

Draco: “Now, we all know the back story. Hell, it has been all over the airwaves for months. It is time for the rewards, TLS, do you want wear a shiny badge to be a glorified hall monitor or another loss in record column?”

*TLS watches as Draco opens up the briefcase and sees the two contracts. One ensuring TLS a title match at Righteous Rumble and the other giving him the position that Titan 3 had quit/gotten fired/no one really knows. His eyes scan over each verifying that they are the contracts that he saw backstage.*

The Lost Soul: I’ve thought about this decision long and hard. And the prospect of beating Draco for the World Title is very appealing. TLS would love nothing more than to beat Draco and wipe that smile off his face.

*With a roll of the eyes, Draco makes sure to pat the two titles around his waist. He does a bit of acting with a yawn showing he would want this to end rather soon. TLS seems to focus more on the Head of Security contract. There is something about bringing the evil-doers to justice that seemed to ring out to him. The fans try to change his mind as he steps in front of the contract.*

Draco: “Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like TLS has made his decision. Give him a round of applause.”

*The applause is a bit more polite than anything else. Draco seems to be more enthusiastic over it than anyone else. TLS grabs a pin and gives his John Hancock on the contract. He sets the pen down and holds out his hand for a microphone. Draco hands over his microphone.*

The Lost Soul: But TLS has decided that being head of security is the position that is right for him at this moment. It gives me a chance to make sure the things that went down while Titan 3 was head of security don’t happen. There needs to be order and justice in this federation and TLS will make sure that happens. So I’ve chosen to take the position of Head of Security of GCWA, and decline World Title shot and the Righteous Rumble invitation.

*The crowd is upset and boos this decision.*

Jones: The Lost Soul is going to be our new head of security!

Logan: And I’m sure he’ll do a good job… but does this mean he’s leaving wrestling behind?

*Draco looks over the contract then speaks.*

Draco: “Yeah, don’t want that pretty face getting messed up again with a Momentum Shift.”

*As Draco starts to pick up the contracts, The Lost Soul suddenly puts his hand down, keeping the World Champion from removing it. Curious, Draco looks up at him, as the cheers begin to grow in the arena.*

The Lost Soul: On second thought, Ace never said anything about choosing one or the other. If Draco really wants a match with TLS. Then TLS will be happy to oblige.

*The crowd cheers. TLS picks the pen back up and signs his name on the World Heavyweight Title contract. Draco watches as the enigmatic one of GCWA is his next opponent for his newly won title. TLS finishes signing the contract and puts the pen down with a bit more authority than one normally would. Then TLS extends his hand out. *

The Lost Soul: Good luck Draco. You’re going to need it.

*Draco ponders whether to grab his hand or sucker punch him, he’s also wary that TLS is suckering him in for an okie doke. Draco reaches his hand out slowly, then grabs the hand. Both men give each other a firm grasp, it’s as if they’re trying to out squeeze each other.*

Jones: This is a long handshake, Anthony.

Logan: It sure is. Either they really respect each other or, they have krazy glue on their palms.

*TLS finally releases his grip, then turns and exits the ring leaving Draco in the ring alone to consider what just happened. *

Jones: So it’s settled, The Lost Soul will be our new Head of Security, but he’s also signed himself a World Title match against Draco!! I don’t think that’s what the President was expecting, Anthony.

Logan: Serves Ace right for giving him blank contracts. The Lost Soul just did what works best for him. The more interesting thing to me right now is the beginning of the mind games! You’re looking at two of the most cerebral wrestlers in the GCWA. You know it’s going to get crazy between them!

Jones: Yep, and the build continues for what’s sure to be a tremendous Righteous Rumble show! Draco vs. The Lost Soul, for the World Heavyweight Championship!

*Draco’s lips begin to curl into a smirk. He picks up the contracts to put into the briefcase. Doesn’t seem a bit bothered by the new developments. Draco leaves the Complaint Department giving the fans a few photo opportunities and giving some autographs. It seems everything went according to plan…but to whose? We slowly fade out to our final commercial break, with the main event coming up next!*

*As we come back, the camera is moving quickly, trying to keep up with the two men in front. A steady shot of them for a second shows that it is the Roman Empire, Rick Mathis & Lurrr! The former World Champion has a clear goal in mind as he moves down the hallway, with even the long-legged Mathis having to hurry to keep up with him. They turn and go straight through a doorway, not bothering to knock. Inside, the Accelerator looks up, annoyed at the disruption. He doesn’t look particularly surprised at who it is.*

Lurrr: I want to know what the *bleep* is going on, Ace! Why the hell did I have to be here today? I get called, saying I have to be here or I’ll be in ‘violation’ of my contract. I figure, hell, maybe Ace has come to his senses and booked me in the main event, but I find out that I’m on standby… STANDBY!!!

*Lurrr is fuming, obviously ready to break something. The Accelerator, though, is completely calm, waiting for Lurrr to take some deep breaths. Mathis is standing behind Lurrr, either to keep Lurrr from doing something stupid, or help him do it. The former World Champion glares over at the President, very agitated.*

The Accelerator: You want to know why you’re here, huh? Well, first off, you’re here because I wanted you to be here. You know I nearly had to scratch Harvey Danger because of his cold? You could have always taken his place and fought for the Television Title. Wouldn’t that have been funny?

*Apparently Lurrr doesn’t agree. He looks less like laughing every minute. The Accelerator, ignoring his growing rage, reaches over to the side of the desk.*

The Accelerator: But the main reason you’re here, Lurrr, is to sign some paperwork. You see, I’m all about money, as you know, and I know that the Rumble needs some big names in order to succeed. I’m not blind to the fact that fans would love to watch you try to win and fail, or love to hate you if you succeed.

*The Accelerator places the contract in front of Lurrr, as the leader of the Roman Empire considers it suspiciously.*

The Accelerator: So I’m giving you this chance, Lurrr, to get back to the top. Win this match, and you’re guaranteed a World Title shot. You’ll be in the main event once again. So what do you say, boyo?

*Lurrr reads over the contract, making sure that the Accelerator didn’t add any loopholes to it. But it’s a standard contract, just like everyone else is getting. Lurrr reaches behind him, where Mathis already has a pen ready for him. With a flourish, Lurrr signs his name, making things official. Ace, smiling takes it back from him.*

The Accelerator: Very good, Lurrr. I guess we’ll see you in the Rumble next month. You can go now.

*Lurrr glares at Ace again, at the very assumption that he can be summoned and dismissed at will. He moves back towards the door, with Mathis following him out. However, the Accelerator then clears his throat, grabbing their attention again.*

The Accelerator: Rick, I need you to stay a moment. After all, I’m going to need your signature, too.

*The Accelerator pulls out another contract, placing it on the desk with a smile. Mathis looks down at it, surprised, then looks over at Lurrr, who seems thrown off. The two confer for a second, debating it, then Mathis comes forward, bringing out the pen Lurrr gave back to him and putting his own name on the contract.*

The Accelerator: Good, good. Welcome to the Rumble, boys. Where only one man can walk out the winner. See ya, boyos, I’ve got work to do.

*Mathis and Lurrr exchange a slightly uncomfortable look at the thought of going against each other. They head out, while the Accelerator goes back to work. We jump to ringside once more.*

Logan: So Lurrr AND Mathis are in? That’s huge!

Jones: It could either be a great advantage for the Roman Empire, or it could turn out to be a major obstacle for them, as they’ll be competing against each other.

Logan: So what is that, 6 confirmed so far?

Jones: That’s right, Anthony. Aaron Styles, Mikey Willis, Rick Mathis, Marcus Ka’Derrion, Dangerous Dan, and Lurrr!

Logan: We’re not even halfway full on the roster, and I’m already seeing several potential winners in the mix! And that roster is just going to keep going up the closer we get to the big event!

Jones: Well, speaking of big events, it’s time for the main event! The X Division Championship is on the line, between a newly crowned champion and a hungry competitor! This one’s going to be a good one!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be an “Xtreme Rules” Match for the GCWA X Division Championship!!

*The audience cheers, knowing that they might get to see a pretty special match here tonight in the main event.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger. He is a former GCWA Television Champion, now representing the Caine Dynasty. Joined by his tag-team partner, Penance, he stands 6’3” and weighs in at 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*The crowd is immediately booing as Caine and his bodyguard, Penance, walk out to “Automatic” by American Pearl. Caine looks to be extremely confident, grinning as he heads for the ring, the big man right behind him.*

Logan: It looked, for a moment, like something had happened to Penance this past week. However, it turned out to be a false alarm, as Penance was found making out instead.

Jones: Well, I’m glad he was found safe, although I’m sure Arryk Rage would rather Penance wasn’t here tonight. With no rules, Penance basically has an “interfere free” card.

Logan: True, but Arryk’s probably looking forward to the challenge. Either that, or Hannah will be out here to back him.

Minos: And now, entering the GCWA arena, he is a veteran of the sport who is making his first championship defense here tonight, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 212 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, Arryk Rage!

*The crowd is cheering as “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown plays, leading the way out for Arryk Rage. Rage has a happy smile on his face, which is tempered by the sight of the two men waiting for him at ringside. The Hannah Montana cutout is nowhere to be found, probably having been safely hidden away before the match.*

Jones: It was a great celebration for Arryk Rage, as he finally got the gold he’s always wanted here in the GCWA.

Logan: Yeah, but I gotta say, I’m a little worried about him. I mean, he went and got himself arrested, in part due to him trying to pass that cutout off as the famous teen singer!

Jones: It’s just another facet of the man’s personality, Anthony. With Arryk, you never know what you’re going to get!

Logan: True, but please, no more concerts, or else we might have a riot in the arena!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: It’s time to see who can be more hardcore!

Logan: Yep, two former partners, finally facing off to settle who the better man is! This is what wrestling is all about!

*Caine moves forward into the entrance to the aisleway, goading Rage to come forward. Behind him, Penance moves into position. Rage, watching them, seems to be cracking a smile, even as he readjusts the coat he wore to the ring. He slowly drops it off of him, putting it on the floor, then starts to move towards the two men, looking intent. Caine, thrown off by the fact that Rage is actually willingly coming into the lion’s den, checks on Penance, who steps to his side, smiling. All three are actually smiling, actually, even as Rage reaches behind his back… pulling out the baseball bat he had hidden there! Caine’s eyes widen, even as Penance, sizing things up in an instant, shoves Caine out of the way. It’s just in time, as Arryk’s swing comes in hard and fast, missing Caine but nailing Penance in the side!!! Penance falls to the ground, grabbing his ribs, even as Arryk steps up, lifting the bat over his head to take another swing. Caine, though, is there, diving into the man to take him down before another shot to Penance can be landed.*

Jones: The champion gets in the first strike!

Logan: What were those two thinking, that a veteran like Arryk Rage would just stumble in with no clue? He’s hardcore, baybee!

Jones: Well, he may have just evened the playing field, as Penance just took a stiff shot!

*The baseball bat falls to the side, rolling away, even as Rage and Caine fight on the floor mat, punching away at each other. There’s a surprising amount of hatred there between the two, going back to their partnership days. Rage takes control, getting in a shot to the chin that stuns the younger wrestler. Arryk gets up, immediately going on the offensive by lining Caine up and giving him a Russian legsweep straight onto the edge of the guardrail!!! Caine, his throat now killing him, starts crawling away, with Arryk moving towards the side and grabbing a warning sign off the railing. He comes back, lifting it over his head and sending the sign crashing down onto Caine’s back! Caine flattens out, but Arryk’s not done, getting in several more shots with the weapon! Meanwhile, behind them, Head Referee Mark Bell comes over from the ring, making sure that he stays close for the inevitable pin attempt.*

Logan: We’re seeing a expert in action here tonight!

Jones: Arryk definitely knows how to use his weaponry.

Logan: Hell yeah, Arryk’s probably been using hardcore weapons since he was born.

*Medics are out now, checking on Penance, who appears to have some serious damage to his ribcage from that shot he took. Penance tries to shove them away to head back to the action, but has to take a knee due to the agony shuddering through his body. Further up the aisle, Rage continues his assault, bringing Caine further away from the ring. A fan calls him over, lifting up something for Arryk to have. Arryk takes it from him, studying it and realizing that it’s an artificial leg! He looks down at the fan who gave it to him, and is now hopping on one foot. Rage grins, loving the irony. He turns towards where Caine is trying to get up near the rampway. Arryk comes in, swinging the artificial leg, but Caine turns and catches him, blocking the swing while lifting the champion up and spinning him back with a spinebuster on the steel!!! The clang is thunderous, causing gasps from the crowd!! Caine, hurting, manages to roll over and put an arm on Rage, as Bell makes the count… 1… 2… but Arryk kicks out!*

Jones: Rage’s brains just got rattled by that hit! That one has to shake him up!

Logan: Yeah. Hey, someone tell an attendant to get that leg and give it back to the kid. Maybe he can get it autographed after the show!

*Caine pulls himself up, managing to stand, as he watches Arryk start to move away from him, trying to get up. Rage rises to his feet, rubbing his aching back from the impact he took. Unfortunately for him, that is a great target for Caine, who immediately comes in and grabs Rage from behind, dropping him back with a dragon suplex on the steel!! Rage is shaking uncontrollably, even as Caine makes another cover… 1… 2… and Rage still refuses to give in, kicking out. Caine pulls himself up, annoyed. He looks to grab Rage’s hair, but with that not being an option, he instead gets Rage by the arm to haul him up. Caine then whips Rage to the side, sending him over the guardrail and into the crowd!! Caine follows, climbing over the railing unsteadily and pushing some fans aside in order to get to the X Division Champion. Fortunately for him, security’s there to make sure the fans don’t take Caine down.*

Logan: Looks like we’ve got some crowd control issues, Edds!

Jones: Why do these guys always feel like they have to get up close and personal with the fans in Xtreme Rules matches? I mean, isn’t this a liability for the company?

Logan: Nah, our fans are cool, Jonesy. They’d never sue us, not even if one of these guys accidentally takes them out.

Jones: Are you sure about that, Anthony? Because it seems like this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Logan: Not if you read the small print on their tickets, my friend. We’re covered.

*The cameras are moving around, trying to get a good glimpse of what’s happening, although it’s hard with all the fans there. One shot proves to be a better one, as we finally see the two wrestlers heading towards a side area of the arena. There’s a concrete wall there, holding up the next level of seats. Caine goes to jettison Rage into it, but Rage reverses, bouncing Caine off of it instead!! Caine leaves a bloody smear with his left arm, apparently having been cut at some point in the wild melee. Caine stumbles away, with Rage pulling himself upright to pursue him. The fans are loving every minute of it, cheering on the champion. Rage catches up with Caine and locks him in, dropping him to the floor with a roll of the dice maneuver!! Caine’s down, with Rage making the cover. Head Referee Bell, who has been fighting through the crowd, arrives just in time for the count… 1… 2… and at the last instant, Caine kicks free!*

Jones: It’s amazing how quickly a match like this can take its toll on the wrestlers!

Logan: Oh yeah, hardcore matches are the worst, Jonesy. It’s not about stamina as much as it is about who can take the most abuse. I have to say, the longer this match goes, the more it will probably favor the younger Caine.

Jones: You can see just from the scars on Rage how much he’s given to this business. Does he have enough left here tonight to get the victory and retain his title?

*Arryk slowly gets back up, with sweat dripping down his forehead. He wipes it away absentmindedly, as he’s concentrating fully on the man on the ground in front of him. Caine struggles to get up, looking dazed. Arryk, though, doesn’t let him get up too far, as he comes in, grabbing Caine by the head and dropping him with a fameasser variation to the concrete!!! Caine’s not moving, but Rage doesn’t go for the pin. Instead, Rage turns his attention to the higher bleachers, studying them. The fans start to cheer, even as Rage moves over to the side, finding a place where he can start climbing up. Rage gets up to the higher vantage point, looking down to where Caine’s still not moving. Rage looks around at the crowd, who are cheering him on. With their cheers energizing him, the X Division Champion jumps off the top and falls, getting a somersault splash down onto Caine!!! Rage manages to stay on top for the cover, with Head Referee Bell counting away… 1… 2… and suddenly the pin is broken up, as Penance is there!!!*

Logan: Damnit, I thought Penance was out of action!!

Jones: I think Arryk did too, Anthony, which turns out to have been a mistake! Penance may have just saved this match for his boss!

Logan: Yeah, we might have just seen Arryk’s best chance to win get yanked away from him!

*The big man pulls the startled Arryk up to his feet, lifting the smaller wrestler easily into the air over his head with a gorilla press!! Rage is looking around, trying to find a way out, but the time just isn’t there, as Penance rears back and throws Arryk bodily into the concrete wall!!! The fans are booing like crazy, watching the massive wrestler lean over, his side clearly killing him. But he’s also willing to do what it takes to get the win for his boss, as he moves over to Rage, applying a double chokehold on him!! Rage struggles, trying to get free of the behemoth, while the hands tighten around his windpipe, cutting off his oxygen! With no other options, Rage opts to kick upwards with his leg, catching Penance with a surprise low blow!! Penance falls to the side, hurting, while Arryk pulls himself up, coughing. He moves to the side, sizing up the downed Penance, who’s on his hands and knees. Rage comes in, wanting to remove Penance from the picture with a boot to the head!! But before Rage can reach Penance, Caine appears, running in and jumping onto Penance’s back for leverage, before flying towards Rage with a small speaker in hand, cracking it over Arryk’s skull!!!!*

Logan: Damn!!! That speaker’s never going to be the same after that!!

Jones: Rage ran right into that, having no clue that Caine had recovered enough to attack!!

Logan: What a move from the young wrestler!

*The crowd’s showing no love for Caine as he gets himself up, his arm still dripping blood. Penance is getting up as well, his arm wrapped around his side. Rage is down, possibly out cold from the strike he took. Caine, though, isn’t satisfied, moving over to where he can start getting up to the higher level of seats. Meanwhile, Penance stumbles over to Arryk, hauling him up. He angrily lifts Rage up into his arms, spinning him around. Before Rage can do anything to save himself, Penance drops, landing the Despair!!! Rage is out cold, even as Penance moves away, clearing space as Caine reaches the top area that he was aiming for. He does a quick cross on his chest before leaping into the air, dropping onto the downed Rage with the Sugar Caine!!!! Both men are down, with Caine clearly in agony from the fall. He sacrificed himself to take out the champion. Penance, sizing up the situation, comes over to the hurting Caine and bodily lifts him up, dropping him backfirst onto Rage for the cover. Caine lays there, even as referee Bell makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion, Scott Caine!

Logan: I don’t believe it, Caine actually did it!

Jones: He couldn’t have done it without Penance there to help him, though, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, well, unfortunately, it was Xtreme Rules, which meant that Penance was legal the whole time! What a shocking ending! We’ve got a new X Division Champion!

Jones: Amazing!

*Caine manages to get up, limping badly. Penance doesn’t look much better. An attendant comes up, handing over the X Division Title to Caine, who takes it with a tight grin/grimace. The two men start to move away, both showing the wear and tear of the match. Behind them, Rage is slowly sitting up, somehow recovering even after the shots he just took.*

Logan: It’s been a hell of a night, hasn’t it?

Jones: Yep, but we’re out of time! We’ll see you next week for our special Halloween show! Good night, everyone!

*Medics once again come over to the wrestlers, with Penance willingly going with them now, his side killing him. Caine moves next to them, holding the X Division Title like a newborn baby. He smiles, then looks over his shoulder, making eye contact with Rage, who is already getting back to his feet. Caine’s smile falters, as he realizes that Rage hasn’t been put out of action yet. Arryk returns the look, staring him down, as the picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: It seems like every week now, I'm rushing hard to get this show posted. Things were so much easier when everyone here at work didn't know my skills *lol*.

Seriously, work has been a nightmare this week, and I feel pretty blessed that Dougg (Marcus K) immediately was willing to jump in and help. He wrote the Mr. Excellent / TLS match for me, his first match in years, so be sure to heap a ton of praise on him! :)

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Next week's our special "Halloween" edition of Friday Night Inferno, which will hopefully make for a fun evening of tricking and treating. Since so many guys wanted matches, I decided to make it a huge card (I'm crazy and asking for trouble, I know). Here's the card:

- Mr. Excellent vs. Mikey Willis vs. Aaron Styles, GCWA Television Title #1 Contenders Match

- Lurrr vs. Bruiser Kelley

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Penance

- Titan 3 vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn

- Draco vs. Arachne, Non-Title Match
(The Lost Soul, Special Enforcer)

- Harvey Danger(c) vs. Robert Santana, GCWA Television Title "Haunted Boiler Room" Match
(First out wins the match)

- The House of Pain(c) vs. The Danger Boiz, GCWA World Tag-Team Title "Trick Or Treat" Hazardous Ladder Match
(Multiple ladders available, but only one won't break on the way up)

Roleplaying will be from Friday, October 23rd, to Wednesday, October 28th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

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