GCWA Friday Night Inferno

* After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Draco lifting up the World Heavyweight Championship with a large, speculative grin on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is cheering loudly, happy to be there, as the cameras zoom around them. We see various signs in the audience, focusing on one very enthusiastic fan whose sign says “Draco Wins!!! The GCWA Is Saved!!!” The cameras continue to pan around, finally going back to the announce table, showing Edward Jones and Anthony Logan.*

Jones: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Friday Night Inferno!!! We’re 5 days removed from one of the great pay-per-views of our generation, Adrenaline Rush! It was a hell of a night, wasn’t it, Anthony?

Logan: Oh, hell yeah, Jonesy! We had three new champions crowned, we had the return of some great superstars, we had mysteries resolved… what a night!

Jones: Of course, what the entire wrestling world is talking about is the new GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Draco, who won a thrilling “Tables, Ladders, & Chairs” Match over Lurrr in the main event!

Logan: Yeah, we’re hoping to hear from Draco and his partners later tonight on that accomplishment. We also had a new X Division Champion crowned, as Arryk Rage made his return to the GCWA complete by beating Robert Santana, and the House of Pain finally reached their goal of becoming GCWA World Tag-Team Champions! If you missed this show, you have no excuse. Turn in your GCWA fan membership and head out the door!

Jones: Or just go and order the replay, and stay with us!

Logan: Well, yeah, that works, too.

Jones: It’s going to be an exciting night as well, as we’ve got some great matches coming straight out of the PPV! Crazy Chris will be defending the GCWA Television Title against his arch-rival, Scott Caine, for the final time! We’ve also got Lurrr, the former World Heavyweight Champion, seeking some revenge against one of the men responsible for his defeat, Harvey Danger! That, plus several other great matches, makes this a night to remember!

Logan: So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to the reviews!

Jones: That’s right, earlier tonight, we had two dark matches that we wanted to show the results of. Roll the clips!

*Both wrestlers are seen making their debuts, showing off two of the larger wrestlers currently in the GCWA (North at 6’10” and Styles at 6’8”). It’s a typical big man match, each guy trying to out-do the other in sheer power. Styles, though, soon took advantage of a North mistake, showing his power by getting North into the air and bodyslamming him. It was all downill from there, as Styles continued to dominate the match, showing his power by throwing North around with ease. As the match continued, the result soon seemed inevitable, with Styles eventually landing the Styles Spike and putting North out of action for the three count. Styles celebrated his successful debut in the GCWA, while North was left considering where he goes from here.*

Logan: I was hoping for a lot more from Derrick North, but he definitely didn’t have a good night.

Jones: Nope, even with the height advantage, North just didn’t seem on his game. Styles, however, came through, showing that he’s got a little potential. We can hope for bigger and better things as these guys continue to build up their career.

Logan: Next up, we had another dark match, this one being between a newcomer and a returning young star. You would think that this would be a complete mismatch, and, well, you’d be right.

*Bruiser Kelley made his debut in the GCWA, while Mr. Excellent appeared on his first Inferno since May, earning a strong ovation from the Dallas fans. While Kelley tried to use his power to stay in the fight, it soon became the Mr. Excellent show on display, as Excellent chose his spots and continued to target Kelley’s legs. Soon, Mr. Excellent had the young wrestler right where he wanted him, taking Kelley down with a twisting legwhip, then applying the Execution! Kelley struggled to get free, but there was nowhere to go, with Kelley being the second man in a row to tap out to the agonizing submission hold. Mr. Excellent joined the fans after the match, celebrating with them on his way out.*

Logan: I’m glad to see that Mr. Excellent is looking good in his return to the GCWA. He brought back memories of the “Young 3”, showing that he may, indeed, deserve to reclaim his place alongside Dangerous Dan and Scott Caine in the youth movement of the GCWA.

Jones: Too bad that Bruiser Kelley can’t say the same thing. He was basically a non-factor tonight.

Logan: You hope that these rookies are going to pan out, but nine times out of ten, the pressure is just too great.

Jones: Well, we’ll see if Kelley can find a way to turn things around. For now, I’m being told that we have some activity in the back, so let’s go there now.

*The video shifts to backstage, where we see Marcus Ka’Derrion, the former 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, entering the arena! The crowd pops at the sight of him, happy to know that he’ll be wrestling tonight. Ka’Derrion’s moving slowly as he walks through the hallways towards where his locker room has been set up. However, Ka’Derrion stops in his tracks when someone steps out in front of him. Apparently, the President of the GCWA has been waiting for him to make his appearance.*

The Accelerator: Good evening, Marcus.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Ace? What do you want?

*Ka’Derrion steps to the side, taking the opportunity to lean against the wall. He tries to play it off, but the Accelerator immediately takes it in, noting that Marcus isn’t completely steady on his feet.*

The Accelerator: Still having trouble sleeping?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Just a nightmare or two. Nothing to concern yourself with.

*Ka’Derrion pushes himself off the wall and straightens up, concealing any grimace that might want to appear on his face. The Accelerator sighs, then continues with what he knows needs to be said.*

The Accelerator: Look, Marcus. I know you’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to get your medical records sealed from the hospital. That tells me that you aren’t one hundred percent, and that there might be other problems that I don’t know about. The GCWA doctors have been wanting to look you over, but I hear you’ve been stone-walling them.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: That’s not true. I just haven’t had the time since I got back.

The Accelerator: Then you wouldn’t mind going to see them right now…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: … I’ve got my first match back tonight. I need to concentrate on that.

*It’s a hollow excuse, and the Accelerator knows it. He’s been there before, not wanting to show that he’s mortal, wanting the world to think that he’s unbeatable. The President thinks for a second, making a decision.*

The Accelerator: You aren’t fooling me, Marcus. You’re not 100% and you know it. So I’ll put it to you like this. This is your career we are talking about here. Your future. It’s not worth putting it at risk just because you want to come back for vengeance. That being said, I won’t stop you from competing. I’m just asking you to think about what you’re doing.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I’ve thought about it, and I’m wrestling. So are we done?

*Ka’Derrion’s determination has taken over, and the Accelerator knows that further conversation would be pointless. He steps to the side, opening up the hallway, and Ka’Derrion immediately turns and goes to start getting prepared. The Accelerator stares after him, looking like he feels like he lost a battle that could never be won. We fade back to ringside.*

Logan: Interesting. Now we have to wonder, is Ka’Derrion really recovered from those horrific bumps he took at Heat Wave? Ace sure doesn’t seem to think so, but that’s not stopping Marcus from fighting tonight.

Jones: The President has always been good at looking after his talent. He doesn’t want to see anything happen to Marcus.

Logan: Yeah, because of all the money Ace has invested in him.

Jones: Be as it may, we’ll have to see how Marcus does tonight in competition. Will he have the same fire that led him to the top of the GCWA twice?

Logan: We can only hope, Jonesy. But that will be a little bit later. Right now, we’ve got another great bout, pitting one former champion against a current title holder! Minos, kick us off!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. First, entering the arena, he has had a strong first year in professional wrestling, being both a former Television Champion and a former X Division Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude begins things for this match, as the crowd gives a good cheer for Santana’s entrance. After a few seconds, the curtains open, and Santana walks out. He’s bandaged up still from his match at the PPV, and obviously not in a great mood. The martial artist heads towards the ring, barely looking up as he does so.*

Jones: It’s been a whirlwind of a month for Santana.

Logan: I’m not sure even ‘whirlwind’ covers it, Jonesy. I mean, he reached his highest championship of his career, only to lose his son, Luke, at the same time. Now, after having lost to Arryk Rage at Adrenaline Rush, you have to wonder about the man’s competitive spirit.

Jones: He’s certainly lost a step, in my view, but that can happen with grief. It can take a long while to get over a loss. Some people never get over it.

Logan: Yeah, maybe he should take some time off from competition. Then again, maybe this is the only thing he’s got to look forward to nowadays.

Minos: His opponent, coming into the arena, is representing the House of Pain here tonight, and is currently one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, here is Warrick Hill!

*The fans erupt, looking towards the entryway. Warrick Hill walks out with his usual smirk on his face, happy to be there. The GCWA World Tag-Team Title is tucked tightly around his waist. Hill moves out to “Tom Sawyer” by Rush, stretching for a second before continuing towards the squared circle.*

Logan: Warrick’s been busy since winning some gold, working to open himself a haunted house on his new property.

Jones: It seemed like he was having some legal difficulties with that. Something about the property being in a red zone?

Logan: Yeah, well, I guess he managed to find a way around that. And can I say, ew?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Warrick comes forward, ready to fight, with referee Mitchell signaling for the bout to begin. It takes a second, though, for Santana to come out to meet him. Warrick raises his hand and challenges Santana to come in, wanting to lock up, but Santana doesn’t make a move, still standing there. A little confused, and showing his annoyance, Warrick steps forward instead, moving in at the Sensei. He looks around at the crowd, making the universal signal for ‘stoned’, then waves his hand in front of Santana’s face. Santana, though, immediately responds on instinct, knocking Hill’s hand away and coming in, driving a chop into Warrick’s throat!! Hill stumbles backwards, stunned, with Santana immediately following it up with a steady assault of chops and kicks, landing each blow with precision as he takes Hill backwards into the corner.*

Logan: There’s some of the fire we were hoping to see!

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. It’s fire, but I’m not sure there’s much heat. Santana’s not showing much emotion yet.

Logan: Well, he doesn’t have to, if it means he’s in charge of the match.

*Santana lines up a couple of shots, lashing them across Warrick’s unprotected chest and causing the co-tag-team champion to wince in pain. Santana then grabs Hill’s arm and whips him towards the other side. Warrick crashes back first into the turnbuckle, even as Santana walks over towards him, showing no urgency. It turns out to be a mistake, though, as Hill greets Santana with a kick to the ribs, bending him over. Warrick then quickly hops up onto the turnbuckle and jumps, diving over Santana with a sunset flip! Referee Mitchell is there as Warrick tries to hold the Sensei down… 1… 2… and Santana manages to get free, keeping the match going. Both men quickly get back up, but Warrick takes control with a couple of forearms to the face. He sends Santana to the other side, then meets him on the rebound, getting a flying clothesline that lays the wrestler out!*

Jones: Warrick’s back in charge, using his speed to take control of this one.

Logan: It definitely shows the contrast in their styles, despite their similar builds. Santana doesn’t use as much of the high-flying attacks that someone like Hill can pull off.

Jones: Still, just because he’s not known for moonsaults or 450 splashes, don’t count out Santana in the agility and speed department. This one could still change quickly.

*As Santana starts to get back up, trying to recover, Hill steps in, snapping off a superkick that knocks Santana back to the ground! Hill then takes a second to strike the “Karate Kid” pose, apparently pleased that he got in his own kick, before he drops to make a cover… 1… 2… and Santana manages to kick out again. Hill, not concerned, moves off and again makes a mocking karate pose, this one similar to a Bruce Lee look. He moves around Santana, having a good time, and then comes in, trying for another kick. However, Santana’s ready this time, catching Warrick’s leg. Hill immediately tries to twist it into an enziguiri, but Santana ducks under that as well, causing Hill to fall to his stomach. Before Hill can get away, Santana grabs his leg, bending it back while stepping over and wrapping his arms around Hill’s throat, applying a submission hold! Hill, suddenly in trouble, scrambles to find a way out, even as Santana mercilessly applies the hold.*

Jones: Out of nowhere, Santana has Hill hooked!

Logan: Warrick was having a little too much fun at Santana’s expense, and it came back to haunt him!

Jones: That’s definitely one way of keeping Hill from using his quickness, as Warrick’s having trouble getting anywhere right now!

*Referee Mitchell watches closely as Warrick struggles to gain some ground on the mat, as the ropes aren’t too far away. The fans are working on a dueling chant right now: “Let’s go Robert, let’s go Hill!” Santana is continuing to apply the pressure, although he doesn’t appear to have the best leverage for the maneuver. It allows Hill to keep moving, as he manages to get his hand underneath the ropes. Immediately, Santana breaks the hold, almost before Mitchell could tell him to do so. Santana gets to his feet, reaching down to grab Warrick from behind and lift him up. He sets Hill up and lifts him into the air, holding him for a second before dropping him with an atomic backbreaker!! Hill falls to the mat, hurting, while Santana drops down on top of him for the cover… 1… 2… and Hill gets free, staying alive.*

Logan: Warrick needs to pull himself back together if he wants to get back the momentum.

Jones: Maybe he’s still tired from that ‘extracurricular activity’ he had?

Logan: I don’t even want to think about that. Let’s just call the match.

*Santana sits on the mat for a moment, apparently disappointed that Hill kicked out. After a second, he pulls himself up, grabbing for Hill and pulling him up. However, when they get up, Hill suddenly snaps out a quick uppercut, catching Santana under the chin! Santana stumbles back, dazed, leaning against the ropes. Hill responds to that by jumping forward, leaping and sending his body through the ropes to the apron, while Hill’s arm crashes into Santana’s ribcage! Santana drops to his knees, gasping, as Hill rights himself on the apron. He turns around, gauging the distance between them, then hops up on the ropes and flies in, catching Santana with a blockbuster!! Santana’s down, with Hill taking a moment to recover from the maneuver before coming back to make the pin. Referee Mitchell is right there… 1… 2… and Santana grabs at the ropes, stopping the count.*

Logan: Warrick’s turned the dial up to 11! If he keeps this up, Santana’s in a lot of trouble!

Jones: Hill’s proven time and again that he doesn’t need Derek to win matches. He may have many addictions, but that doesn’t stop Warrick from being a threat to come out victorious in any match he gets placed in.

*Santana’s trying to get up, but he’s clearly having trouble. Meanwhile, Warrick’s out on the apron, climbing up to the top of the turnbuckle. He immediately takes flight, flying down on Santana with a missile dropkick that nearly knocks Santana out of his shoes! With Santana down, Hill again tries a cover, grabbing at the Sensei’s legs to hold him down. Referee Mitchell drops to the other side to make the count… 1… 2… but Santana gets a shoulder up at the last second. Hill, surprised, shrugs and goes to pick Santana up again, but Santana reacts by pulling Hill down into his own roll-up! 1… 2… Hill kicks free! Both men get up, with Santana, grabbing Hill’s arm and shooting him into the ropes. Hill returns, with Santana trying for a clothesline, but completely missing, as Hill runs by him. Warrick hits the other side and comes back with a vengeance, leaping up into the Joint!!! Santana can’t dodge in time, taking the full force of the flying forearm!! With the crowd cheering, knowing that it’s about over, Warrick rolls over and makes the triumphant pin, counting along with the referee… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Warrick Hill!

Jones: And Warrick remains undefeated since his return to the GCWA!

Logan: I think we’ve found Warrick’s secret. He has to go back to Amsterdam to charge up!

Jones: Well, it definitely seems to be working so far. Santana, in contrast, seems to be losing energy by the day.

Logan: The death of his son has really rocked him, Jonesy. He’s got to find a way to get past it, though, if he wants to revive his career in the GCWA.

*Warrick, amused by his own victory, celebrates by leaving the ring and talking to some of the female fans in the audience. He spots one, a slightly older woman who winks at him. Warrick immediately turns the other way, hurrying up the aisle. In the ring, Santana is trying to recover, feeling the pain in his head from the shot he took. We cut away from ringside, heading to the back, where the Accelerator has two men in front of him. The camera pans out, showing that the two men are the Danger Boiz! The crowd gives a good ovation for the two brothers, even as the Accelerator begins to speak.*

The Accelerator: How we doing tonight? Feeling good? Confident in your match against Scott Caine?

Dangerous Dan: Crazy Chris is going to destroy him once again, Ace, guaranteed.

The Accelerator: Good, good. I like my champions confident. Now, as to the reason I called you here…

*The Accelerator reaches to the side and picks up a sheet of paper, placing it in front of him on the desk. Both brothers curiously look down, reading what’s on the sheet.*

The Accelerator: This, my friends, is a contract, which will get the person who signs here into the Righteous Rumble. As you can see, it doesn’t have a place for two names. This is a singles contract. In other words, boys, one of you is going to get the opportunity to compete in the Righteous Rumble. It’s up to you to decide which one it’s going to be.

*Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan both turn and look at each other. Their eyes show that both would be interested in competing for such a prestigious victory.*

The Accelerator: Take the contract, think about it, and get back to me next week, boys. Oh, and don’t worry about it right now. Concentrate on the title defense.

*The Accelerator turns away, content that everything has been said. Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris both reach for the contract at the same time, each getting a hold on it. They stare at each other, neither willing to let go, as the picture slowly goes to commercial.*

*After we come back from commercial, the lights are all out, and the crowd is buzzing as normal. There is a single spot light on the entrance ramp, when a humming starts up. The spotlight goes out, then the ramp explodes with pyro and a yellow hued light. There are two kids, both boys, standing at the entrance area. They have mic's in front of them, and both have a kazoo in their mouths. They start to hum the theme from Rocky, 'Eye Of The Tiger'. Suddenly, Arryk Rage walks out, a hooded black leather trench coat on. The pyro explodes again, and he throws off the hood, revealing his X-Division title.*

Logan: The X Division Champion is in the house!

Jones: Arryk got his biggest win by far in the GCWA this past weekend, when he won his first championship in the company by beating Robert Santana. I guess now he’s out here to celebrate that accomplishment.

Logan: Hey, he won, so he deserves it.

*Arryk spins around in a circle, then takes off, running towards the ring. As he reaches the ring, he climbs up. The ring is decorated in Spongebob Squarepants balloons. He climbs the rope, while unhooking his title belt. He holds it in the air, as confetti explodes from the ceiling. He drops back down, and stands in the ring, holding a mic in his hand. He stands next to an object covered by a black sheet*

Arryk Rage: Today.... today... today... I consider myself... self... self... The luckiest Man... man... man... on the face of the Earth... Earth... Earth...

*The crowd cheers slightly, as the kids stop humming into their kazoos.*

Arryk Rage: Eye of the tiger baby, thats right. I told you. I told you all, and now, here I am, the NEW X-Division Champion.

*The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos as Arryk looks around, belt over his shoulder, and a grin on his face.*

Arryk Rage: Now, I invited you all to my celebration tonight, because I have two, count them, TWO, very important announcements.... I retire....

*The crowd erupts.*

Arryk Rage: Oh, don't think you all are getting THAT lucky. No way. First, I have made the decision that every match I have, no matter what anyone else says, will be Hardcore Rules. Like it or not, that’s how it is going to be.

*The crowd, loving this, explodes with approval.*

Arryk Rage: And, I have come out here to announce my new manager. She is well known, and musician, famous and all. She said, once I won a title, she would help me. So, without further stalling... I bring to you.... My manager... She is....

*Arryk reaches over to the sheet, grabbing ahold of it, and yells as he pulls it off.*

Arryk Rage: HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!

*Underneath the sheet is a cardboard cut out of Hannah Montana, with her hand raised in the air. Arryk gives it a high five, catching the cutout before it hits the ground.*

Logan: Hannah Montana? Seriously?

Jones: She’s a superstar, Anthony! What a pick-up!

Logan: … Jonesy, I don’t even know what to say to you.

Jones: What? My kids watch her, ok?

Logan: Sure. At any rate, something tells me that we won’t be seeing the real Montana anytime soon.

*Back in the ring, Arryk wraps his arm around the cutout of Hannah Montana and begins to speak.*

Arryk Rage: Hannah is SO excited to be in the GCWA. She has even agreed that next week, she will be performing Live for each and every one of you. So, be ready, because, Arryk Rage and Hannah Montana are taking the GCWA by storm. Hah.

*Arryk picks his cut out up and starts to walk out of the ring, as Sound of Madness begins to play.*

Logan: Man… that’s your X Division Champion, ladies and gentlemen…

Jones: Oh, lighten up, Anthony. I prefer the goofy Arryk Rage. He’s loving life right now, and he’s got the gold to keep him happy.

Logan: Yeah, but the challenges facing him in the future are definitely going to be great, especially now that every match he has is going to be hardcore.

Jones: To be sure, having that X Division Title puts a rather large target on your head.

Logan: Well, now that the kazoos and the cutouts are gone, let’s get back to business with our next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is seeking to turn his career around and head for stardom in the GCWA, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*”Wana” by the Black Horn plays Arachne out of the back, The face-painted wrestler makes his appearance, grinning at the crowd, who give a few cheers for him. Arachne then walks down the aisle, showing only a small limp from the after-effects of his “Spider’s Web” Match at Adrenaline Rush.*

Logan: We finally, FINALLY got a little more knowledge about the man known as Arachne this week, Jonesy.

Jones: What, that he can avoid terrible-singing ogres and dodge a dragon that wants to eat a giant burrito supreme?

Logan: Nope, that drugs are the cause of a lot of his problems. Apparently Arachne is an addict!

Jones: That would certainly explain a lot. He does seem to be living in his own world, more often than not.

Minos: And now, his opponent, making his return to the ring after a long period off, he is a former 2-time GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*Ka’Derrion gets a sizable ovation as he walks out to “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park. The crowd loves to have the great young wrestler back in the GCWA, starting up a “Marcus” chant for him. Ka’Derrion smiles and gives some high fives as he makes his way slowly to the ring.*

Logan: Earlier tonight, the Accelerator showed some definite concern for the well-being of Marcus.

Jones: Can you blame him? It does seem suspicious that Ka’Derrion has gotten his medical records sealed, so that no one can access them.

Logan: He seems to be moving around alright so far. Maybe it’s just a software screw-up.

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. I guess we’ll see what happens during this one.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Ka’Derrion stretches on the ropes, and then turns around to come out of the corner. However, Arachne’s already rushing in, with a wild look on his face! Ka’Derrion immediately twists to the right, avoiding Arachne’s charge, as the face-painted wrestler catches himself on the turnbuckle. Marcus moves backwards, even as Arachne headbutts the turnbuckle on his own, then looks up, heading back over towards his opponent. Arachne again rushes at Ka’Derrion, but this time Marcus is ready, catching Arachne and flipping him overhead with a back drop! Arachne takes the hit and immediately gets back up, but Marcus comes in and locks him up, dropping back into a victory roll! Referee Trixie is there quickly… 1… 2.. and Arachne manages to kick himself free. He hops back up again, undeterred, as Marcus attacks him with punches, trying to take some of the starch out of the man.*

Logan: Ka’Derrion’s coming out swinging, but Arachne’s taking everything he’s dishing out and coming back for more so far!

Jones: The resiliency of Arachne has been shown again and again. Who else could have gotten up from that fall he took last week and immediately climbed up again?

Logan: It’s definitely one of Arachne’s best assets. But will it be enough against someone like Ka’Derrion?

*Ka’Derrion has Arachne in the corner now, landing a couple more shots to keep him there. Ka’Derrion then goes to lift Arachne up onto the turnbuckle, preparing for a high-risk maneuver. He doesn’t get far, though, as Arachne, from the second turnbuckle, snaps his knee up, catching Ka’Derrion in the head!! Marcus immediately moves away, holding his head with both hands from the impact. Arachne, for his part, resteadies himself on the ‘buckle, then leaps, doing a full-out splash into Ka’Derrion and taking him down! Ka’Derrion falls to the ground, with Arachne on top of him, and referee Trixie charges in to make the count… 1… 2… and Ka’Derrion kicks out on instinct, getting his shoulder up. Arachne immediately gets up, moving away, while Ka’Derrion rolls onto his stomach, still holding his head.*

Logan: That was surprisingly close! Could Arachne do the impossible and win here tonight?

Jones: Something’s just not right with Ka’Derrion, Anthony. That one head hit really seems to have shaken him up.

Logan: I thought it was more his ribs and shoulder that were the problem, but could a head injury have also occurred?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, but I hope not.

*Ka’Derrion is struggling to get up now, still looking pretty dazed. Arachne, meanwhile, has been waiting up on the turnbuckle, bouncing up and down in anticipation. As soon as Marcus is up, Arachne’s in the air, flying in with a somersault senton, landing on Marcus’ shoulders and taking him to the mat! Arachne reaches back, grabbing for Ka’Derrion’s legs in order to add to his leverage… 1… 2… and Ka’Derrion manages to kick out again, despite Arachne’s best efforts to hold him down. The face-painted wrestler gets up, looking towards Trixie, who simply takes a step back, giving him some space. Arachne then reaches down, bringing Ka’Derrion up and whipping him towards the corner. Ka’Derrion crashes hard into the turnbuckle and sags, hurting. Arachne then does a quick dance, to the laughter of the fans, before turning and coming in. But Ka’Derrion raises up in the corner, lashing out with both feet and knocking Arachne backwards, away from him. As Arachne recuperates and turns back, Ka’Derrion desperately dives out of the corner, clotheslining Arachne to the mat! Ka’Derrion lands with an arm over the man, prompting a count from Trixie… 1… 2… and Arachne kicks out!*

Jones: Arachne’s dance may be crowd pleasing, but it nearly cost him the match there.

Logan: You have to think that Arachne’s mind has really been warped from the drugs he takes. At the same time, the natural talent is there. If he could clean himself up, he could really surprise a lot of people… including me.

Jones: Right now, though, the ball’s in Ka’Derrion’s court, if he can recover quickly enough to take advantage.

*Marcus pulls himself painfully up, dragging Arachne along with him. Arachne responds by elbowing Ka’Derrion in his still-recovering ribs, causing Marcus to bend over from the shot. Arachne pulls free and runs to the ropes, charging back with reckless abandon. However, it doesn’t work any better this time, as Ka’Derrion catches him on the way in and spins him with a tilt-a-whirl slam!! Ka’Derrion, drained from the effort, has to struggle over to make the cover… 1… 2… no, Arachne kicks out again! Ka’Derrion rolls to the side, shaking his head, which is clearly bothering him still. Referee Trixie, noticing it, checks on him, but Ka’Derrion shrugs it off as nothing, getting back to his feet. However, he decides to go a less-stressful route, going to Arachne’s legs to twist him into the Painkiller!! Arachne struggles against it, trying to get free, and manages to kick upwards, smacking Ka’Derrion under the chin and dropping him backwards, ending the submission attempt.*

Logan: If Ka’Derrion could have gotten his father’s move locked in, this one very well could have been over!

Jones: Well, he wasn’t able to, Anthony, and he took another shot in the head, to boot!

Logan: Yeah, his brain must be feeling like a scrambled egg by this point.

*Ka’Derrion is down on one knee, waiting for the world to stop spinning. Arachne, meanwhile, is pushing back onto his feet. He looks over at Marcus, perhaps seeing the vulnerability that is available. He dashes in from behind, jumping over Ka’Derrion while bulldogging his head to the canvas, snapping it down! Ka’Derrion rolls in pain, trying to instinctively get out of the ring for a breather, but Arachne won’t allow it, stopping his roll. Arachne then drops a knee to the ribs once more before making another cover, hoping that this will be it… 1… 2… but Ka’Derrion won’t quit, managing to kick out again! Arachne shakes his head, not understanding why the match is still going. He gets up and goes to the turnbuckle, quickly hopping up with his natural agility. Arachne then takes a flying leap, going for a frogsplash! But Ka’Derrion raises his legs just in time, causing Arachne to crash and burn!! Both men are down, as Trixie starts up her count.*

Logan: Marcus is running purely on reactions today, but there it worked, as he anticipated what Arachne was doing!

Jones: But what does he have left in the tank at this point? I mean, those eyes are glazed over like a Krispy Kreme doughnut!

*Ka’Derrion is looking straight upwards, almost like he’s seeing something in the rafters. He finally sits up, shaking his head to try and straighten out the connections, although, clearly, the shake was a bad idea, as he winces in pain. Arachne is still down, clutching at his chest from the impact he just took. Ka’Derrion, seeing him, pushes off the mat and slowly stumbles over to him, pulling Arachne up and getting him set up for the Punisher!! Ka’Derrion attempts to lift Arachne up for his finisher, but suddenly drops him back down again to his feet. Ka’Derrion tries to muscle up and try again, but he can’t do it, as he winces, grabbing at his ribs. Arachne, meanwhile, suddenly comes alert again, twisting around Ka’Derrion and grabbing him by the head. Ka’Derrion fights to be free, with both men falling against the ropes. With a wild yell, Arachne then lifts, using his leverage to cause both of them to flip over the top rope!!!!!*

Logan: No!! Geez, what a fall Ka’Derrion just took!!

Jones: He crashed hard on the edge of the apron! Arachne, though, managed to stop himself!

Logan: Man, can Marcus recover from that?!?

*Arachne, moving like the spider he’s named after, hangs from the top rope by both his hands and feet, looking downwards towards where Ka’Derrion is laying. Marcus isn’t moving, having been badly stunned by the landing. Arachne hangs there, seemingly considering his options, while referee Trixie has started to count. Arachne makes up his mind, moving enough to allow himself back into the ring, where he takes a sitting position, resting. On the outside, Ka’Derrion is still down, not showing any reaction to the growing count. Finally, around the count of 7, he starts to move, trying to push off the ground. But he’s barely managed to reach out towards the apron as the count reaches 9, then 10, with referee Trixie signaling for the bell!*

Minos: Here is your winner, via Countout, Arachne!

Logan: Unbelievable!! That could be one of the biggest upsets in GCWA history!

Jones: Arachne took advantage of Ka’Derrion’s condition and, amazingly, gets the biggest win of his young career!

Logan: Man, Ka’Derrion’s back down! Someone call the medics, because I don’t think this is a good thing!

*Arachne is celebrating with a wild and crazy dance, obviously excited with how things turned out. Referee Trixie has already left the ring, kneeling beside Ka’Derrion, who’s still looking out of it. The medic comes down, heading towards where they are. He gets out a light to check Ka’Derrion’s eyes, but the wrestler pushes him away, not wanting the extra attention. Instead, Ka’Derrion grabs hold of the apron to pull himself up! The fans cheer, seeing him back on his feet, as the medic tries to tell him to wait. Ka’Derrion won’t hear any of that, though, telling the medic just to help him to the back instead. Referee Trixie stays on the other side, as they start to help the wrestler down the aisle. We slowly fade out to a commercial break.*

*With the commercial break over, we return to ringside, where Jones & Logan are waiting.*

Jones: Welcome back. For months now, one of the main stories on everyone’s mind was simple: who attacked Steve Wilson? Well, at Adrenaline Rush, it appears that the mystery was finally solved, with one shocking revelation.

*A video collection starts up, showing Steve Wilson, formerly known as PIC, making his debut in the GCWA. We’re shown the events on that fateful Inferno, where Wilson was seen talking with The Lost Soul about their soon-to-form tag-team. Wilson then left, but was found later in the night, beaten and bloodied in his locker room. With injuries that would put Wilson out of wrestling, speculation commenced: who did it? The Lost Soul immediately dove into the investigation, pursuing several possible attackers, including Lurrr, D & D, and Tommy Crimson, going as far as wrestling Crimson at a PPV to get a hair sample from him to test against samples found at the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, Titan 3 is shown, throwing the suspicion on TLS himself, demanding a hair sample from him. TLS obliged, but was shocked when the sample came back positive: the hair sample at the crime scene was his. The Accelerator, with no other choice, suspended TLS, who went to work trying to clear his name, continuously butting heads with the GCWA Head of Security. TLS even got A-Bombed by Titan 3 at one point. At Adrenaline Rush, though, TLS was finally able to reveal his evidence, showing recently-retrieved video footage of Titan 3 getting hold of TLS’ hair and planting it at the scene. It became clear that Titan 3, the Head of Security, was behind the attacks. We see footage of Titan 3 taking out members of his own security force, as well as the President, before brawling with TLS. The video clip ends, taking us back to ringside.*

Logan: I gotta admit, I never thought it was Titan 3. Sure, he had a history with PIC, but still, attacking the guy, then blaming it on TLS? That was cold.

Jones: Fortunately, we never believed that The Lost Soul was behind it.

Logan: Excuse me? You were all for lynching him!

Jones: Nah, I knew he was innocent. I was trying, uh, to bait the real attacker to come out.

Logan: … Whatever you say, Jonesy. Well, what matters now is, we’re going to hear from the man himself!

*”Tales of a Scorched Earth” by the Smashing Pumpkins begins to play, bringing the fans to their feet. Most of them rise in order for them to be able to boo harder. As trash begins to fly around the entryway, Titan 3 slowly walks out, mic in hand. He’s wearing a wifebeater and jeans, instead of his usual GCWA Security outfit. As the crowd continues to hate on him, Titan 3 just stands and absorbs it.*

Logan: What could he possibly have to say that will explain his actions??

Jones: I don’t know, but whatever it is, we’re about to hear it!

*As the music stops, Titan 3 raises the mic up to his lips, causing the crowd to die down enough to hear him.*

Titan 3: So it’s finally out. Mystery solved. And you know what, I’m glad. You know how hard it is to keep lying about something you enjoyed?

*The boos quickly return, but Titan 3 is too busy smiling to care.*

Titan 3: Let me clear up a few things, though, about my job here at the GCWA. You see, I was told, when I was hired as GCWA Head of Security, that I would have ultimate authority on how things were run here. That turned out to be a *bleeping* lie from the power-mad man in office, Ace. From the moment I got here, Ace was handicapping me, not letting me do my job, then blaming me when things went wrong.

*Titan 3 shakes his head, clearly angry just thinking about it. The crowd isn’t exactly sympathetic.*

Titan 3: I was tired of being restrained. I don’t work that way. I’m nobody’s lapdog. I do things my own way. So when Steve Wilson got to become a pain, and when The Lost Soul kept getting away with *bleep*, I had enough. I wanted to get rid of two birds with one cannon. I almost did, too.

Logan: Titan 3, man, he sounds so cold!

Jones: He’s always been a violent man, Anthony. It just depended on where the violence was pointed as to how we felt about him.

Titan 3: So I’m sure people think I’m out here to apologize. “I’m sorry for crippling Wilson.” “I’m so sorry that I *bleeped* up The Lost Soul’s life for a month.” Yeah, well, if that’s what you’re expecting, you’ve got the wrong man. I… do not… apologize. I feel good about what I did, and if I could do it all over again, I’d do the same thing, and maybe even make the beating a little more permanent…

The Accelerator: Hey, Titan 3! Up here!

*Surprised, Titan 3 looks up behind him at the big screen, where the President has suddenly appeared. Ace is smiling down, although he’s also subconsciously rubbing at the bruise where Titan 3 decked him.*

Jones: It’s time to hear from the boss! What’s going to happen?

*Titan 3 crosses his arms, having known this moment was probably coming. The only uncertainty was if Ace would have the guts to come in front of him again or not. Apparently, the answer is no.*

The Accelerator: I’ve heard your explanation, Titan 3. I’ve heard your reasoning. I’ve heard you dig yourself deeper and deeper. But I don’t feel like hearing anymore.

*Before the Accelerator can say anything else, Titan 3 brings his mic back up, interrupting him.*

Titan 3: I know what you’re going to say, Ace, and I’m going to save you the trouble. Your Head of Security just quit!

Logan: Titan 3’s no longer the Head of Security! Oh, man!

Jones: You had to see that coming, though, Anthony! How can we have someone keeping us safe who might also take someone out and mess with the evidence?

*Titan 3 starts to depart, dropping the mic. However, the Accelerator quickly clears his throat, catching the man’s attention.*

The Accelerator: That’s all well and good, Titan 3, and yes, you are no longer the Head of GCWA Security. I’ll find someone else to handle that. But that doesn’t let you off the hook.

*Titan 3 looks up with a strange expression on his face, even as the Accelerator smiles.*

The Accelerator: You see, there’s always one thing driving me, my old rival: money. And I know I can make a lot more money with someone like you in the GCWA. So, just to make things official: Titan 3, your contract still stands. I’ve just switched it. Welcome to active duty. You’re on the roster again. Believe it, boyo.

*The crowd is cheering as the video screen shuts off. Titan 3 is still standing there, a small smile slowly forming on his face.*

Logan: Wait, Titan 3’s reinstated?? He’s going to be wrestling again??

Jones: Oh, man, the legendary former World Champion is returning to the ring!!!!

Logan: That’s incredible! A chill just went through the spines of the guys in the back, because Titan 3 could be facing them in a match!

*Titan 3 rotates his neck, causing some cracking as he readjusts himself. He then turns, looking sideways at the crowd, the growing smirk still on his face. This might have been exactly what Titan 3 wanted. He turns and departs, as “Tales of a Scorced Earth” by the Smashing Pumpkins once again plays. We head out to commercial with that sight in mind.*

*Coming back from the break, the scene changes to a prison cell, where Bifford and Martin Ka'Berryon are sitting on a bench. Martin, wearing the prison outfit over top of his grape-cluster costume, looks very distressed. Bifford looks rather joyful.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Why do you look happy? Because nobody in here thinks you're a child predator and thus they leave you alone?

The Big Bifford: Nope, I'm happy because GCWA has a big pay-per-view this month and I'm going to be a part of it.

Martin Ka’Berryon: How the hell are you going to be a part of it? We're in jail you dumbass..

The Big Bifford: We're going to escape.

Martin Ka’Berryon: Escape and then go on pay-per-view? Ace put up with a lot of crap from you... but I'm not sure if he'll put up with this...

The Big Bifford: I just won't tell him it's me. I'll wear a mask or paint my face.

Martin Ka’Berryon: I think he's going to know...

The Big Bifford: HOW? How could he possibly know?

*Martin just rolls his eyes and looks ahead with a blank stare on his face for a moment. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: Well, how're we going to escape?

The Big Bifford: Sorry, I don't think you can come with me... It'll be too obvious if I have a guy wearing a mask and a grape-cluster costume walking around with me.

Martin Ka’Berryon: Yeah.. yeah, that's what'll make it obvious.

*Martin rolls his eyes. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: So how are you doing it?

The Big Bifford: Well, I was watching this promo by Arachne the other day in the guards' office....

Martin Ka’Berryon: Hold on... You were in the guards' office watching wrestling!?

The Big Bifford: I'm a big celebrity and their all star-worshippers around here.

Martin Ka’Berryon: Hold on... Arachne is still a fighter?

The Big Bifford: Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's going to beat Marcus Ka'Derrion this week. So much for your hero being so awesome.


The Big Bifford: Nope, I'm the KICKER OUTERER of the THRILLER! Take that Derek Mobley! Hahahaa.. Anyways.. In Arachne's promo, and he's pretty awesome by the way, he played a magic flute and then a unicorn blasted through the wall and grew wings and they flew to safety.

Martin Ka’Berryon: What the hell sort of drugs were you doing in the guards' office?

The Big Bifford: None. It happened. So I asked one of the guards if they ever confiscated a magic flute. They said yes. Then I offered to autograph many things for them to sell on Ebay if they gave me the confiscated magic flute. So they did. And here it is.

*Bifford pulls out a flute. Martin rolls his eyes. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: So you actually believe that if you play that magic flute that a unicorn is going to bust through a wall, grow wings and fly you to safety?

The Big Bifford: Yes.

Martin Ka’Berryon: DO IT!

*Bifford raises the flute to his lips and plays a pretty little tune. A few moments pass with silence. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: Some plan... You should have known that weirdo Arachne wouldn't ever give you anything that would work or that would—

*A huge crash is heard and the camera swings around to see a unicorn has just burst through a wall. The white horse with the horn stuck to its face looks at Bifford. Bifford looks back at the unicorn. *

Martin Ka’Berryon: My God.. you demented son of a....

*Bifford jumps to his feet and runs at the horse. He jumps and lands on the horse's back just as wings shoot out of the horse's side and it prepares to take flight out of the jail. However as Bifford lands on the horse's back, the horses legs collapse under it and both Bifford and the now-handicapped horse fall to a heap on the ground.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Damn it.. that's not going to be good for him, the horse, GCWA's sponsors or anyone else... PETA's coming...

*Just then guards burst into the room and see the demented sight of Bifford and the injured horse laying on the ground and Martin Ka'Berryon sitting there watching it all. The guards, instead of walking over to Bifford, walk over to Martin.*

Guard: Alright you demented child-molester... What the hell did you do to Bifford? What sort of perverted fantasy were you forcing him to act out with that horse?

Martin Ka’Berryon: WHAT?

*The scene changes back to the arena as several other guards begin helping Bifford to his feet and apologize to him, while two other guards drag Martin Ka'Berryon away, kicking and screaming in agony. *

Logan: Bifford, Bifford, Bifford… that’s just hilarious.

Jones: He really needs to just serve his time, and then maybe think about making a return.

Logan: I’m still not sure what he’s serving time for, other than all that stuff he rambled off to that police officer that may or may not have been true.

Jones: I’m pretty sure the child molestation charges are false.

Logan: Well, you never know about a guy who wears a grape costume. So, anyhow, let’s get to our next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. Coming towards the ring, he is a former 3-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, representing D & D, here is Harvey Danger!

*The fans cheer, singing along with “No Rain” by Blind Melon. The curtains move aside and Harvey Danger walks out, with a cautious smile on his face. He’s got the Danger ‘Title’ with him, but that appears to be it, as neither Draco nor Donovan accompany the wrestler. Undaunted, he starts towards the ring, showing off his ‘belt’ along the way.*

Logan: I just loved Danger’s ‘voice-over studio’. Seriously, why would a grown man want to make himself a playhouse?

Jones: To be fair, Anthony, he DID get thrown through a table last Sunday, as well as get booted in the face by Lurrr. Plus, he took the Thriller from Mobley, knocking him out.

Logan: You think it’s because of the hits he took? Nah, I think it’s more just the way he is, Jonesy.

Jones: Well, we’ll see if that works here tonight, as he faces a very tough opponent.

Minos: His opponent has held numerous titles in the GCWA, most recently being a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion! Representing the Roman Empire, he stands 6’5” and weighs in at 235 lbs, with his partner, Rick Mathis, here is Lurrr!

*The crowd is immediately booing heavily as “Cocky” by Kid Rock starts to play. After a few seconds, Lurrr appears, moving forward into the arena. He looks ticked off more than anything, turning and arguing with Rick Mathis again. The two seem to have a minor debate on the entryway ramp, before Lurrr finally turns, throwing his hands into the air before approaching the ring. Mathis, meanwhile, follows behind, shaking his head.*

Jones: I wasn’t sure Lurrr was going to be here today. It looked like he was perfectly content to stay out on the beach and risk being sued for breach of contract.

Logan: Yeah, which would have been perfectly fine, as far as I’m concerned. But Mathis managed to get him back here, so I guess this match is going to take place.

Jones: Many people have given Danger a lot of the credit for Draco winning the World Title, thanks to Danger keeping Lurrr occupied during a time when he could have won. Tonight should be Lurrr’s chance for revenge.

Logan: It’s also Harvey’s chance to show the rest of D & D that he’s a major member of their team, and not just the comic relief.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Rockwell signals for the match to begin, as Harvey takes a moment to take some deep breaths in the corner. Meanwhile, Lurrr is still leaning on the ropes, thinking things over. He looks over at Harvey, who brings up his hands to the ref and drops to the ground, realizing that his shoe is untied. Lurrr is in disbelief, once again turning to Mathis and arguing with him about his ‘mistreatment’. Harvey comes back up, ready to go now, but Lurrr isn’t, as he suddenly turns and steps through the ropes! The fans are booing as Lurrr gets to the apron, then steps down to the outside! Harvey, confused, watches him go, then checks his breath, finding that it’s still minty fresh. Mathis comes over to talk to Lurrr again, while Rockwell, shrugging, starts to count him out!*

Jones: What’s Lurrr up to now?

Logan: I think he’s considering leaving, Jonesy! After all, losing via countout wouldn’t be a breach of contract, would it?

Jones: Well, no, but would Lurrr intentionally take a loss like that, just to spite the boss?

Logan: Well, I mean, he gets paid either way…

*Harvey walks forward, watching, as Lurrr and Mathis talk things out on the outside. Mathis seems to be trying to talk Lurrr back into the contest, raising a hand to his lower chest in order to emphasize the height of Danger. Lurrr sighs, still looking annoyed, but as the count reaches 8, Lurrr turns and climbs up onto the apron, finally stepping back through the ropes at the count of 9. Mathis looks relieved, while Harvey still appears a little confused by how things are going so far. He looks towards Rockwell, who tells them, once again, to start the fight. Harvey points to himself, and Rockwell sighs and nods, so Harvey turns back to Lurrr… who comes in with a clothesline, knocking Harvey to his back!! Danger, stunned, struggles to get back up, with Lurrr immediately on the attack with shots to the back of the spine, causing Harvey to arch his back from the agonizing sensations.*

Logan: Finally, we’ve got a fight!

Jones: In a way, Lurrr’s played a brilliant psychological game, confusing Harvey to the point that he was vulnerable.

Logan: I’m sure Lurrr will claim credit, even though I think none of it was planned.

*Mathis is cheering from the outside, giving his employer some support, as Lurrr grabs hold of Danger, using his size advantage to bodily throw Danger back into the corner. Lurrr then steps in, using the ropes for leverage as he kicks Danger repeatedly in the stomach!! Harvey struggles to breathe from the onslaught, hurting with every shot. With Danger bent over, Lurrr steps in, getting hold of Danger and taking him over with a Hennig plex! Referee Rockwell is there for the count… 1… 2… Danger kicks out, much to Lurrr’s annoyance, as he clearly wants a quick win. Both men get back up, with Lurrr stepping in and taking Danger up again, this time with a belly-buster maneuver! Danger drops to the ground, with Lurrr kicking him to roll him over, before making another cover… 1… 2… and Harvey kicks out again. Lurrr angrily hits the mat himself, wanting Rockwell to count faster, although the referee denies moving too slowly.*

Jones: So far, this one’s been all Lurrr, as he’s taking it right to Harvey.

Logan: Yeah, but Harvey’s not going down without a fight, which I’m glad to see. I’ve always thought Harvey’s been underrated as a wrestler. If he can turn this around, maybe he can prove it!

Jones: Well, he needs to get going, then, if he wants to make that turn.

*Lurrr hauls Harvey back up, clearly annoyed at what’s happening. He whips Danger into the corner, making him slam back-first into the pads. Lurrr then steps back, apparently thinking about unleashing the Wake Up Call! However, Danger has the simplest method of avoiding the kick: he falls forward to the mat! Aggravated, Lurrr comes forward, trying to lift Danger up in order to allow for the move. He tries to position Harvey, but Danger suddenly comes alive, kneeing Lurrr, then dropping with a neckbreaker!! Lurrr’s down, with Mathis’ jaw dropped in shock, as Danger rolls over to make the cover! Referee Rockwell, out of position, drops in, making the count… 1… 2… and Lurrr kicks free of the pin attempt. Harvey’s immediately right back up, coming up quicker than Lurrr can and locking up his arms, before lifting him and dropping with a Juvi driver!! Harvey again makes the cover, desperately looking towards Rockwell as the referee counts… 1… 2… Lurrr escapes again.*

Logan: Great comeback so far from Harvey! He’s got Lurrr in trouble!

Jones: Could we have another surprising upset in the making??

*With no other recourse but to keep going, Harvey is back up now, putting on a headlock on Lurrr and working him over. The fans are cheering for him, as they cheer for anyone fighting Lurrr, but it seems to be going to Harvey’s head, as he’s got a big grin on his face. However, Lurrr suddenly starts straightening up, lifting Danger into the air and throwing him over!! But Danger twists in time, landing on his feet behind the former World Champion! Lurrr, not knowing that Danger saved himself, shakes his head clear, walking away. Danger follows him, hopping up on Lurrr using his shoulders and then twisting back down, getting a sideways hurricanrana!! Lurrr’s down again, with Danger heading for the turnbuckle. Mathis immediately moves that way, getting up on the apron, with Rockwell quick to get in his face, threatening a disqualification. Mathis, raising his hands apologetically, steps back down, as Harvey positions himself and leaps… right into Lurrr’s arms, who launches him backwards with a fallaway slam!!! Harvey lands hard on the mat, dazed, with Lurrr pulling himself back together enough to make the cover… 1… 2… and Harvey kicks out.*

Jones: Lurrr showed some major strength there, surprising Harvey the way he did.

Logan: Yeah, it was a hell of a move, I’ll give him that. Of course, it was helped by that distracting jerk on the outside, but we’ve come to expect that from Lurrr matches.

Jones: Yes, Mathis has become just as much of a staple of the GCWA as Lurrr has, despite rarely competing in matches.

*Mathis is shown outside the ring, confident but a little nervous at how his boss is doing. Inside, Lurrr is struggling to get up, looking like he’s wanting to go back to the beach. After a second, though, Lurrr reaches down, hauling up Danger by the hair and taking him towards the corner. He slams Harvey’s head into the top turnbuckle, stunning him more, before grabbing Harvey and lifting him onto the ‘buckle. He then pulls, causing Harvey to bend backwards off the turnbuckle in the Tree of Woe!! Harvey dangles upside-down, with nowhere to go, as Lurrr lands a few more kicks to his exposed opponent. With an evil grin, Lurrr steps backwards, then runs in, going to try and behead his foe!! He does a baseball slide, but at the last second, Harvey straightens up, avoiding it and subsequently causing Lurrr to do the splits into the metal post!!!! The fans howl, both in enjoyment and sympathy pain, as Lurrr’s anguished face is pictured.*

Logan: Ouch! Seven-ten split!!

Jones: A crucial mistake by Lurrr has left the door open for Harvey to capitalize!

Logan: I’ll say! So much for Lurrr’s wild times on the beach for a while!

*Lurrr is slowly crawling away, getting off the post, as Harvey manages to extract himself from the turnbuckle. He gets to his feet and moves towards Lurrr, turning him over by grabbing his legs. Lurrr tries to appeal to Harvey’s masculinity, wanting no more damage, but Harvey’s too intent on his advantage, as he splits Lurrr’s legs to the cheers of the crowd. Harvey then does a quick stomp on the side of Lurrr’s thigh, causing the man even more pain. Danger, showing little sympathy, uses the legs to flip over Lurrr, hanging on for a unique pinning combination! The ref is there to count… 1… 2… Lurrr shakes a shoulder free! Danger sits out of the attempt, almost thinking he won, but he quickly realizes that no ref grabbing his arm is a bad thing. As Lurrr struggles to stand, Danger goes to the ropes, comes back… and trips, doing a roll to the ground!!*

Jones: What the… did Danger catch his leg on the ropes?

Logan: Are you kidding, Jonesy?? Did you not see Rick Mathis standing over there?

Jones: Oh… OH…

Logan: Exactly. The Roman Empire cheats again!

*Rockwell had looked away at a key moment, unfortunately, and completely missed Mathis’ involvement in the match. He has his suspicions, though, as he goes up to Mathis, arguing with him from inside the ring. Mathis proclaims his innocence, saying that he had just been watching the match. Meanwhile, Lurrr brings what looks like brass knuckles out of a hidden pocket in his trunks!! He gets them on his hand, waiting, as Harvey, getting back up, comes over to him. As Danger grabs hold, Lurrr twists, punching Harvey in the gut with the knuckles!! Danger gasps in shock and stumbles back, with Lurrr quickly ditching the evidence before Rockwell can see it. As the ref turns around, seeing what’s going on for the first time, Lurrr steps forward, lashing out with the Wake Up Call!!!! Danger’s down, as Lurrr falls on top, making the cover and demanding that Rockwell get over there to count it. Rockwell doesn’t look happy, as he smells deceit, but he really has no choice in the matter… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Lurrr!!

Logan: Damnit, Lurrr pulls one out again!

Jones: I guess his losing of the World Title isn’t the end of Lurrr’s run, as he just got himself another victory for his record. I think he’s only a couple of wins away from 20 at this point, which would be a magic number to earn.

Logan: He’d be right behind Dangerous Dan and Derek Mobley for the most wins in the GCWA, that’s for sure, but damnit, couldn’t he do it on his own??

Jones: That’s not the question I’m wondering, Anthony. I want to know where the rest of D & D was. You’d think at least one of them could have been out here to watch Danger’s back!

*Danger is on his side, still hurting, as Lurrr steps out of the ring, rejoining Rick Mathis. The two do a quick celebration, with Lurrr clearly just wanting to get the hell out of the arena and back to relaxation. Rockwell, meanwhile, watches them go, a disapproving look on his face. We cut away from the ring and go backstage to the President’s office once again, this time focusing on the Accelerator standing up and looking straight into the eyes of the man who’s come into his office: The Lost Soul. The two stare down for a second, before the Accelerator drops back into his seat.*

The Accelerator: I’d tell you to have a seat, but I know how pointless that would be.

*The Lost Soul, as expected, remains standing. He says nothing, which was also expected.*

The Accelerator: Alright, straight to the point. I trusted the wrong man, plain and simple, and on behalf of the GCWA, I apologize for your suspension.

*Again, The Lost Soul says nothing. It seems to be bugging Ace, but he continues on with what he’s got prepared, regardless.*

The Accelerator: You are, of course, restored to active duty whenever you want a match. I’ve also got a couple of other items for you.

*The Accelerator pulls out two forms, sliding both of them over to The Lost Soul, who doesn’t even glance at them.*

The Accelerator: I’ve got two offers for you, because I always pay my debts, TLS. First, on the left, that’s a contract that could change the way you work. It’s a contract for the new Head of Security. If you’re interested, the job is yours.

*The crowd cheers, excited at the offer, although The Lost Soul himself shows no reaction.*

The Accelerator: The contract on the right is for the next pay-per-view. It’s open-ended, which means there are two possibilities for it. One, I can sign you into the Rumble. Or two, I can put you in the World Title Match against Draco. I’m leaving these decisions up to you.

*The crowd is going wild now, wanting to know what The Lost Soul is going to do. In response, TLS leans over the desk, picking up both contracts. He takes them and immediately turns and leaves the room, still not saying a word. The Accelerator shakes his head.*

The Accelerator: Fine. Let me know your decision.

*The Accelerator goes to get another contract, preparing it, as the picture fades out.*

*We return from the break to the announce table, getting back to the action.*

Jones: This weekend, a monumental event happened, when we crowned a new World Heavyweight Champion. It was an incredible match that’ll go down in history as one of the best main events in GCWA history.

*The picture fades away, taking us to a video shot, where we see the intro of Adrenaline Rush. Shots are shown of D & D entering the arena, then of the Roman Empire, both looking extremely confident. Lurrr and Draco are shown, facing off in the ring, with the crowd cheering heavily for Draco. We see the action get started off quickly, with D & D working out a plan to try and take care of Mathis and allow Draco to sneak in and get the title, which almost succeeds. We see shots from the match as it goes along, including Lurrr handcuffing Donovan with his own cuffs to the ropes, Mathis getting sent through a table, and Lurrr landing the Wake Up Call on Draco! However, Lurrr was unable to continue to win the match, as Harvey Danger stood before him, using the ladder to keep himself safe and keep Lurrr distracted. By the time Lurrr finally was able to take out Harvey, throwing him out of the ring and through a table, Draco had recovered, leading to the final sequence, with Draco taking Lurrr off the ladder with the Hellacious, then making the climb, becoming the new Heavyweight Champion of the World! The final shot is of Draco’s celebration with Donovan, an amazing conclusion to the show.*

Logan: It was a hell of a night, and now, it’s time to celebrate!

Jones: Woohoo, I love parties, and I don’t get invited nearly enough! This should be fun!

*The scene cuts back to ringside, where the normal set for Draco's "Complaint Department" has been set-up, along with quite a few members of security stationed around ringside, no doubt to keep potential interruptions to the planned celebration to a minimum. After a few moments spent by ring crew to straighten out, "Indestructible" by Disturbed hits, bringing the crowd to their feet as the GCWA World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion Draco makes his way to the ring, both belts strapped around his midsection. He has a huge smile on his face as he hits the ring, with the other members of D&D, Harvey Danger and Shane Donovan, following close behind. Danger’s moving a little gingerly, due to his recent match, although neither Donovan nor Draco seem to be helping him along. Once inside the ring, Draco walks over to the podium.*

Draco: Is that how you greet the champ? Come on, you can all do better than that!

*The cheering gets much louder at this point, making the grin on Draco's face even wider.*

Draco: Alright. So Ace told me that I would get this time to celebrate winning the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship. While it would've been cool to come out here as the first ever GCWA triple champion...

*Shane Donovan seems to visibly flinch from this comment, but Draco doesn't notice as Shane's standing behind him.*

Draco: ...I'll just have to settle for being a double champion. I didn't do this all myself though, so I have a list of people made that I'd like to thank.

*Draco reaches into his pocket, pulling out a sheet of paper. Coughing a bit to clear his throat, he begins to read.*

Draco: First I'd like to thank Harvey Danger for being awesome. I mean it can't be stated enough, if not for the sheer awesomeness that is Harvey Danger this company would've closed months ago due to a lack of ticket sales, so thanks Harvey, for making sure we all have a job.

*Harvey beams as Draco says his praises, although he seems a bit perplexed by the logic behind it. After a moment Harvey just shakes his head, going back to enjoying the moment.*

Draco: I'd also like to thank Ace for finally giving me a shot at the championship after the mistake of letting Lurrr have a shot.

*The crowd boos a bit, but Draco raises his arms and motions for them to bring it down a notch.*

Draco: Come on people, Ace did eventually fix his mistake there, so give him a round of applause for that.

*Clapping can be heard as a small "Ace!" chant breaks out.*

Draco: I'd also like to thank Titan 3...

*The crowd starts booing some more, still upset with Titan 3's actions over the past few weeks.*

Draco: I'd like to thank him because if I don't he's probably going to come out here, and I really don't want to have to choke a bitch! Most of all though, I'd like to thank Lurrr. If not for the horrible ineptitude he's shown both as a competitor and as a human being I wouldn't have this championship! Thanks for being so terrible Lurrr!

*The crowd cheers as Draco undoes the two belts around his chest and holds them up. At this point balloons and streamers start to fall from the ceiling. Draco turns around, and Shane says something to him, but they're too far from a microphone to be heard. Draco just shakes his head before walking over to the turnbuckles and climbing to the top, holding up the belts.*

Logan: A great moment here, as a new World Champion celebrates his reign!

Jones: Yep, he needs to celebrate now, because every single person back there in the locker room is now gunning for him. I mean, The Lost Soul got offered a shot at him, Arachne’s demanding a chance to fight him, I’m sure Lurrr wants another crack…

Logan: The World Heavyweight Championship is a lonely position to have, Jonesy, because everyone is after it…

Jones: Well, I mean, he’s still got Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger watching his back…

Logan: Like I just said… EVERYONE wants it. The target is now on his back. Congrats, Draco. You’re it.

*D & D is shown leaving as a unit from the ring, with Harvey nearly falling down off the apron, but regaining his balance in time. They depart, with Draco taking the lead, smiling, with the World Title now back around his waist. The picture fades out.*

*As we come back from the break, we’re back at the President’s office for a final time. He’s finished up working out the last parts of the contract in front of him. Satisfied, he lifts it up and hands it to the figure in front of him. We can’t make out the person just yet.*

The Accelerator: Alright, man, it’s all set. Your contract is set up the way we agreed, and included in it is being involved in the Righteous Rumble. If you’re satisfied with it, we’ll get your John Hancock on it and make it official.

*The pages turn, as the person considers everything included in the contract. After a few seconds, you can see his hand appear, pen in hand. He signs the contract boldly, with two words: Mikey Willis. The camera pans back out, showing Mikey, standing in front of the President!!*

Mikey Willis: Make it happen. It’s time for my second coming.

The Accelerator: Welcome back, Mikey. We’ve missed you.

*Willis turns and leaves the room, even as the Accelerator picks up the contract, putting it in a pile to be filed.*

The Accelerator: Damn, but this Rumble is going to be fun!

*Ace goes back to work, even as the picture goes back to ringside.*

Logan: Mikey Willis is back!!!

Jones: One of our more impressive young stars a while back is going to be returning to action! I love it! The GCWA is expanding left and right nowadays!

Logan: Yeah, and now we now another guy who’s in the Rumble! This just keeps getting better and better!

Jones: And now, to top it all off, we’ve got a title match! But not just any title match! It’s the final match these two competitors will ever have one-on-one!! Let’s go to Minos for our main event!!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he is a former Television Champion, now seeking his first opportunity to regain the belt… standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, representing the Caine Dynasty along with his partner, Penance, here is Scott Caine!

*Caine comes out to “Automatic” by American Pearl, immediately feeling the heat from the crowd. Penance is right behind him, both grinning at the crowd reaction. Neither really seems to care, as they confidently head for the ring, ready for a fight.*

Logan: Caine and Penance had an adventure this week, as they went 20,000 leagues under the sea!

Jones: Well, I mean, they went a little under, but I don’t think it was that much, Anthony.

Logan: Sheesh, shut down my fun, why don’t you? Ok, fine, but they did ride in a submarine, which has to be a fun trip.

Jones: I suppose so, although my claustrophobia would definitely be affected. I hate tight spaces.

Logan: Is that why you married, oh, nevermind, way too easy…

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion who is, tonight, tying the record of most Television Title defenses, a record held currently by his brother. Standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

*The crowd roars in response as Crazy Chris makes his way out of the back, the Television Title in hand. Following him as back-up is his brother, Dangerous Dan. The two men confidently pose in the entryway, before heading down towards the ring.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz took a different track than normal this week, as they drove out to a haunted woods, a special event built up for Halloween.

Logan: It looked like it was a blast, although Crazy Chris needs to suck it up and stop being scared. I mean, did you see him run when the fake Leatherface came out? Pathetic!

Jones: Yeah, that was pretty… oh, look, Harvey’s mom is here!

Logan: What? Crap, I’m not here!!

*The sound of Anthony diving under the desk is heard, as well as Jones beginning to laugh. After a second, Logan comes back out.*

Logan: Not funny, man, really not funny.

Jones: Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! He, he he… ow!

Logan: Yeah, couldn’t help myself, either.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: So, during the week, Crazy Chris made a challenge to Caine, saying that he would give up his mask if he lost, but Caine would have to give up his manager for a month if he lost. Is that in place in this one?

Logan: I don’t think Caine ever officially agreed to it, Jonesy, so I doubt it’s in place. But with Ace, you never know.

*Head referee Mark Bell shows off the GCWA Television Championship to the fans, letting them know how important this contest will be. Crazy Chris is fired up in his corner, while Caine talks over strategy with Penance. The big man is leaning up towards Caine, who says a few more instructions to cover what might happen in this one. Caine nods to Penance, who grins and steps away… and Dangerous Dan flies in, cracking Penance across the head with a steel chair!!!! Penance falls to his back, while Caine immediately runs to the turnbuckle, glaring over at Dan, who gives Caine a friendly wave before dropping the chair to the ground. The crowd is going crazy, even as Caine, frustrated, curses the brother out. Referee Bell is watching closely, but since there’s been no contact dealing with any of the actual competitors, there’s nothing he can do, even if he wanted to.*

Jones: Of all the people I expected to get hit first, Penance was near the bottom!

Logan: Clearly, the Danger Boiz decided to take the Penance factor out of this one with a quick ambush!

*Penance is laying on the ground, a bloody gash in his forehead from the shot he took. Dangerous Dan had been at a full run when he clobbered Penance, doing a lot of damage. Caine, frustrated, watches as Dan walks away, then looks down at his unconscious partner. Caine then steps down off the ‘buckle… and right into Crazy Chris’ grasp! Chris locks Caine up, trying to lift him for the Crazy Bitch!! Caine, though, struggles free, managing to slide himself out of the ring instead! The crowd boos, even as Caine takes a quick walk, pulling himself back together. He goes around a corner of the ring, and almost runs into Dangerous Dan, who’s standing there with a smile on his face! Caine backs up, not trusting Dan to get his brother DQ’ed in order to keep the belt. However, Caine’s taken his eyes off his opponent again, as, out of nowhere, Crazy Chris comes cannonballing out of the ring, crashing into Caine with a suicide dive!!!*

Jones: Wow!! A high-risk maneuver pays off nicely for the Television Champion!!

Logan: I think we’re seeing the results of a very-well laid plan, Jonesy. The Danger Boiz had this one all figured out coming in, and they’re implementing it to perfection!

Jones: I would have figured the Caine Dynasty to be the schemers, but the Danger Boiz are ruling that category right now!

*Head referee Mark Bell is watching Dangerous Dan closely now, but Dan has his hands raised, saying that he hasn’t touched Caine yet. Meanwhile, Crazy Chris has Caine back up and rolls him into the ring, following right behind. As Caine tries to get up, Chris grabs Caine’s arm, shooting him into the corner. Chris follows right behind him, jumping up and colliding with his foe, then grabbing his head and coming out with a bulldog, planting Caine in the center of the ring! Crazy Chris then makes the cover, trying to end this one… 1… 2… but Caine kicks out. Dangerous Dan shouts encouragement from outside the ring, as Crazy Chris moves towards the ropes, waiting. Caine slowly rises, with Chris coming in and going for a spinning neckbreaker! But Caine is able to twist out of it, reversing it into his own diamond cutter!!! Both men are down, with Caine having bought himself some time.*

Jones: Caine finally gets into this one!

Logan: That was pure desperation, but it worked better than I’m sure he expected, as Crazy Chris crashed down hard on his head!

Jones: These guys have been moving quickly with some high-impact maneuvers, and you can already see the fatigue catching up with them.

*On the outside, Dangerous Dan watches, trying to will his brother to get back up. Meanwhile, Caine is already grabbing for the ropes, trying to get some leverage. He manages to get up first, although Crazy Chris isn’t very far behind him. It’s a little too far, though, as Caine steps in, locks up Chris, and lifts him for a Cop Killa! Caine lands it perfectly, dropping Crazy Chris on his head, then makes the cover, with Mark Bell moving into position… 1… 2… and Crazy Chris kicks free! The crowd, along with Dangerous Dan, releases the air they were holding, as that very well could have been the end of things. Caine looks like he thought that was going to be it, kicking at the ropes in anger. Dangerous Dan can be seen, cheering on Chris, which is spotted by Caine, who leans over the ropes and spits at Dan!! Dan, in anger, jumps up on the apron, but Bell is there to keep him back, threatening a DQ. Meanwhile, Caine has moved back to Chris and drops a quick knee, in a very low place!!! Chris yells out in agony, curling up in a fetal positon, as Caine goes back to conventional wrestling.*

Logan: Ouch! I guess now we better hope that the Danger Boiz’ girl is having Chris’ baby, because after that, it might be his only opportunity to have kids!

Jones: That one hurt every single guy watching this broadcast!

Logan: Caine already knew he had to win this one, by any means necessary. That’s just one of the options he had available, unfortunately.

*Caine has put on a legscissors submission hold on Crazy Chris, working him over some more, even as Dangerous Dan complains to the referee about the low blow. Bell, though, didn’t see it, so there’s nothing he can do. Caine is now the one taunting, laughing at Dangerous Dan on the outside. He releases the submission hold, then gets up, still mocking his rivals by doing the Danger Boiz hand signal. With Dan forced to do nothing but watch, Caine pulls Chris up, setting him up for a piledriver! Caine yells to Dan that it’s over, then starts to lift, but Chris starts to fight, kicking his legs. Caine drops Chris’ weight back to the mat, and Chris then lifts himself, throwing Caine over him to escape!! Caine smashes to the ground, his feet hitting the ropes, as Chris drops to his knees, trying to recover. The crowd is cheering wildly now, heavily behind Crazy Chris.*

Jones: This one, despite the wild beginning, has really been evenly matched, just like the feuds between these individuals for the last year.

Logan: Yeah, it’s a shame, really, that this is the last time they go at it. They’ve really made each other stars, I’d have to say.

Jones: So here we are, deep into this one, and it’s still up in the air. Who’s leaving as the winner?

*Crazy Chris is the first one up, although it’s hard for him to move, due to the strain of this match. Ever a competitor, though, Chris moves towards Caine, grabbing at him and getting him up. Caine comes to life, shoving the champion away from him, towards the ropes. Caine then tries to grab Chris from behind, but Chris is already reacting, jumping up into a Pele kick!! Caine falls to his knees, then falls forward to the mat, even as Crazy Chris starts to move towards the turnbuckle, climbing up. On the outside, Dangerous Dan is cheering, excited for his brother. However, that excitement quickly ends when Dan gets grabbed around the throat by two massive hands!!! Penance, blood dripping freely down his face, has returned, picking Dan up into the air by the throat and hammering him repeatedly into the ring post Dan was leaning against!!!! Dan has no defense, as Crazy Chris, realizing what’s happening, immediately throws his match aside to come to his brother’s aid, leaving the ring!*

Logan: Jesus!! Penance has been unleashed, and he is pissed!!!

Jones: Ok, I don’t admit this very often, but I’m terrified of this guy right now!!

Logan: Still, I mean, I know it’s family and all, but Crazy Chris had this match wrapped up!!!

*Penance tosses Dangerous Dan down to the side, leaving him laid out, as he turns towards the approaching Crazy Chris. Penance sets, ready to punch as Chris comes running down the apron at him. However, at the last second, Penance drops his fist and moves out of range instead, wiping at the blood on his face. Chris, who very nearly leapt at Penance, stops in his tracks at the last moment. He looks down at his brother, who’s still down and hurting. But before Crazy Chris can go to his aid, Caine is back, grabbing Chris from the inside of the ring and bringing Chris back in with a suplex!! Chris struggles back up, trying to pull himself back together, but Caine is waiting for him, moving behind Chris and landing the Backstabber!!! That could be it, as Caine drops on top for the cover… 1… 2… and somehow Crazy Chris kicks out!!*

Logan: That close to being over!! Caine came within inches of a victory!

Jones: He’s got to find something else to take out Chris with if he wants that championship!

*Caine, after giving the ref an “Are you serious?” look, gets up off the mat and starts to head for the turnbuckle. He climbs up, moving limb over limb to get to the top. On the outside, Dangerous Dan is still down, coughing, while Penance has moved away, having gotten (or stolen) a towel from someone to try and control the bleeding. In the ring, Caine raises both arms, gloating, preparing for the end. He leaps off towards the still-down Crazy Chris, dropping with the Sugar Caine!!! Chris, though, rolls to the side, avoiding the landing spot!! Caine smashes, butt-first, into the ground, showing the agony on his face! Caine rolls to his side, then starts working his way back up, trying to make his legs work. He finally manages it, turning around… and Crazy Chris picks him up, dropping with the Crazy Bitch!!!! Chris makes the weak cover, even as Head Referee Mark Bell (and the entire audience in attendance) makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!!!

*The place is going wild, pumped about the finish, which makes it hard for the announcers to talk for a few moments.*

Logan: Are we still on? Whew, what a finish to this feud!!

Jones: Scott Caine came damn close to putting this one away, seriously close, but in the end, Crazy Chris has retained his championship, ending this storied rivalry!!

Logan: And now Chris is guaranteed to have the most defenses of the Television Title in history!

Jones: What a match! And what a way to end the night! We’ll be back next week, so don’t miss out!!

*Crazy Chris moves to the outside, checking on Dangerous Dan, who is recovering. Penance, having thrown the bloody towel into the crowd, comes into the ring, upset at how things ended up. Caine doesn’t look any happier, holding the back of his head while trying to get up. The last shot shows Crazy Chris holding up the Television Title, with his brother under one arm, showing their unity. The picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Ok, you can stop holding your breath. We made it! The streak lives!!

There was some major concern this week, mostly on the segments side, as a couple of the major segments had issues that I had to work through. I ended up writing one, while another guy had to write another one. Hopefully, everything all worked out, but, whew! What a wild card!

Anyhow, we're now on the path towards the Righteous Rumble, which is shaping up to be an incredible affair! Here's the card I put together for next week (and yes, there will be dark matches again):

- Aaron Styles vs. Mikey Willis

- Warrick Hill vs. Bruiser Kelley

- Mr. Excellent vs. The Lost Soul

- Derrick North vs. Draco

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Harvey Danger, GCWA Television Title Match

- Arryk Rage(c) vs. Scott Caine, GCWA X Division Title Xtreme Rules Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, October 16th, to Wednesday, October 21st, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!