GCWA Friday Night Inferno

* After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Lurrr, laughing maniacally as he holds up the World Heavyweight Title. Rick Mathis is standing behind him, a huge smile on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The cameras swing around, focusing on the audience, who look pretty stoked to be there that evening. Signs range from “TLS: Wanted Dead Or Alive” to “Hell, No, Lurrr Must Go!”. We go towards the announce table to meet up again with Edward Jones & Anthony Logan.*

Jones: Good evening, everyone! We’re one week away from another tremendous GCWA pay-per-view, Adrenaline Rush, and it is shaping up to be another huge contest!!

Logan: Oh, yeah, I can’t wait for it to take place! Three titles are already on the line, and who knows what else we’re going to see on that night!

Jones: Tonight, we get the main event signed, as Draco will host a special Complaint Department, featuring Lurrr as his guest!

Logan: That could be trouble, but hopefully both men will hold their anger in towards each other long enough to sign on the dotted line and make the match official!

Jones: We’ve also got some great matches planned for you here tonight, including Crazy Chris defending the GCWA Television Championship against newcomer Penance! That match could be a surprise, I think, Anthony, as it’s almost a David vs. Goliath match-up.

Logan: Crazy Chris has to find a way to cut down a man who is almost a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than he is. It won’t be easy, but a champion’s gotta do what a champion’s gotta do!

Jones: With a pay-per-view so close to happening, anything can happen here tonight. With that in mind, let’s get the ball rolling!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Now entering the arena, they held multiple championships together in the SWF, and are now looking to make their way towards the GCWA championships, weighing a combined 400 lbs, from El Salvador, Central America, with their manager, Paco, here are Hector and Victor, the Malvados!

*The crowd is booing the duo even as they come out, with “Si Senor” by Control Machete playing behind them. Hector and Victor move down the aisle, trying to stay focused. Meanwhile, walking behind them with a ticked off look on his face is their manager, Paco. He watches as the two men get up and into the ring, preparing for the match.*,p> Jones: It’s clear that there has been some turmoil between Paco and the Malvados the last few weeks.

Logan: Well, Paco’s a good guy, but he also doesn’t like to lose. The Malvados have continued to lose a lot lately, and I’m sure it’s getting to him.

Jones: Sometimes that happens, though, Anthony. They have to find their rhythm and get back on the winning track. Beating a team like the House of Pain would definitely be a plus in their favor.

Logan: Yeah, but it isn’t going to be easy to accomplish. We’ve got two high-caliber tag-teams here today.

Minos: Their opponents are three-time ICWF World Tag-Team Champions, although they have rarely teamed together here in the GCWA. That is all about to change, as they are set to go for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles at Adrenaline Rush. Weighing a combined 455 lbs, here are Warrick Hill and Derek “The Thriller” Mobley, The House of Pain!

*Derek comes out first, smiling at the cheers coming his way. Warrick follows out afterwards, quickly flipping something behind him as he does so, keeping it out of the view of the cameras. They walk down the ramp, with “Miseria Cantare” by AFI playing behind them.*

Logan: So far, the return of the House of Pain has to be considered a success, as both Warrick and Derek have won their singles matches over the last few weeks. Now, though, we see if they can still work as a team.

Jones: I think, when the House of Pain first appeared in the GCWA, most thought that their becoming World Tag-Team Champions was almost a sure thing. Here it is, though, 9 full months later, and they still haven’t worn the belts.

Logan: To be fair, Jonesy, the HoP got screwed by the Payne Killers way back when, losing because of a disqualification, of all things. Since then, they didn’t wrestle much as a team, as Mobley concentrated on the main event, while Warrick pursued his own, uh, interests.

Jones: Well, tonight’s their chance to make a statement, as well as get themselves a tag-team victory. You can bet that D & D and the Danger Boiz will both be watching this match closely, to see what the HoP can do.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Hector is the first man in for the Malvados, while Warrick Hill assures Derek that he can handle it. Derek looks a little unsure, but he goes ahead and steps through the ropes to the apron. Warrick, meanwhile, is still talking to him about how easy it’s going to be. Hector, realizing that Warrick’s not paying attention, immediately decides to take advantage, running towards him for a clothesline! Derek sees it coming, though, and yells for Warrick to duck. Years of experience have taught Warrick one thing: when someone says duck, you duck. He avoids the clothesline, and as Hector hits the corner and rebounds back out, Warrick grabs him by the head and runs, landing a bulldog! Hector’s feet kick at the mat as he holds his head in pain. On the outside, we get a shot of Paco, who is shaking his head in annoyance.*

Jones: That was a close one, but Warrick’s reflexes saved him there!

Logan: Yeah, plus his incredible luck. I mean, did you see where just by throwing away some trash, he got a beautiful woman to go after him this past week?? Definitely has to be luck, because nothing else would explain it.

Jones: Well, luck or not, Warrick’s definitely got control in this match right now.

*Warrick brings Hector back to his feet, throwing the masked wrestler into his corner and kicking at him a few times. Warrick then tags in Derek, which gets a good cheer from the crowd. Derek and Warrick get on either side of Hector, chopping away at him in the corner. Referee Mitchell then tells Warrick to head out, so Derek continues the assault by bringing Hector out of the corner and lifting him up onto his shoulder. Hector has nowhere to go as Derek takes a few steps and drops with a running powerslam, smashing the Malvado into the mat! Derek makes the pin with confidence, while Mitchell starts his count… 1… 2.. and Victor’s in, kicking Derek in the back to break up the attempt. The crowd boos as Victor runs back to his corner, even as Derek pushes himself back to his feet, looking over towards Victor as if he was a fly buzzing around him. Meanwhile, Hector’s trying to get up, but Derek stops that by grabbing Hector’s head and delivering an impact DDT, adding to the damage!*

Jones: So far, Hector hasn’t been able to get started in this one.

Logan: The Malvados really need this win here tonight to get some momentum going, but the House of Pain is dominating! Man, Paco looks like he’s about to explode over there!

Jones: We’re recording this, right?

Logan: Awww, c’mon, Jonesy…

Jones: What? I just want to review it… again… and again…

*Derek brings the weakened Hector over to his corner, tagging in Warrick. With Derek holding Hector’s arms, Warrick scales the turnbuckle and comes off with a leaping fist to the jaw, knocking the masked man down. Derek then goes back to his corner, leaving Warrick to continue the abuse. On the other side, Paco is now bitterly arguing with referee Mitchell about how things are going, although it’s hard to tell if Paco’s complaining about something the House of Pain has done, or just how badly his team is doing. Meanwhile, Warrick brings Hector up and whips him towards the ropes, planning for possibly going for the Joint! But as Hector hits the ropes, Victor manages to stop his momentum by grabbing his arm, then charges forward, taking Hector’s place! Warrick, surprised, reacts purely on instinct, dropping himself backwards as Victor comes in, matrixing himself under the assault! Victor looks shocked that he missed, but that look is quickly knocked off his face from Mobley, who swings from the outside, knocking him down!!*

Jones: Another plan from the Malvados fails, as Victor ran right into that one!

Logan: The ref didn’t see it, but I think Paco did, and I don’t think he’s very pleased. In fact… where’s he going?

Jones: What, Paco’s leaving??

*Having seen the impact that knocked Victor down, Paco, disgusted, throws his hands up in the air and turns, walking back up the aisle. He is cursing a thousand miles a minute on his way out of the arena. Neither Hector nor Victor has noticed, though, as they are both getting attacked by the House of Pain! Hector, trying to get back into things, gets nailed by an attacking Mobley, who puts him down with a running shoulder tackle. Victor’s in the corner, getting pounded on by Warrick, with the crowd counting along. Referee Mitchell is trying to figure out what to do, but he’s lost control of this one. Derek picks Hector up, calling over to Warrick, who jumps down from the corner in response. Hector gets whipped into the ropes and rebounds, with Warrick running to meet him with the Joint!!! Hector’s out, even as Victor staggers out of the corner, trying to come to his aid. But Victor walks right into Mobley’s outstretched arm, getting picked up and planted with the Thriller!!! The crowd is going wild, even as Derek and Warrick look at each other, doing a quick pantomime as if trying to figure out who the legal man is. After a few seconds of pointing back and forth, both men shrug, then both make the cover, with Mitchell reluctantly counting both… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, Warrick Hill & Derek Mobley, the House of Pain!

Jones: A dominating victory for the House of Pain, as they’ve made a big statement towards their challenge for the World Tag-Team Titles!

Logan: Yeah, I gotta admit, both Derek and Warrick looked pretty crisp in this one. I didn’t see any ring rust, as they both worked supremely well as a tag-team. I hope D & D was paying attention, because it’s clear next Sunday isn’t going to be a cakewalk for them.

Jones: As for the Malvados, this could be the final straw for them. After all, doesn’t Paco own their contracts? And he looked pretty fed up with them.

Logan: He had high hopes that importing the Malvados would help shoot him to the top of the heap as far as managers go. But I think we’re going to have to call this experiment a failure.

*Derek & Warrick look pretty pleased with themselves as they step out of the ring. Meanwhile, both Malvados are still down, with no signs that they’re getting up anytime soon. We leave this shot to go to the backstage area, over in the Presidential office. The Accelerator apparently has been in a heated debate for some time, as he wipes some sweat from his forehead. Meanwhile, standing across from him, is the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, who looks frustrated.*

Titan 3: What more do you need, Ace? You’ve got all the evidence. The Lost Soul clearly did the assault on Steve Wilson.

The Accelerator: I know what the evidence says…

Titan 3: And now, because you haven’t let me do anything about it other than “fine” him, the face-painted psycho is on the warpath! He took out two of my best security guards and put them in a hospital, he attacked the production staff for no good reason, he stole some video footage from the GCWA archives, I mean, The Lost Soul has become a one-man crime wave! He has to be fired, Ace, or at the very least, suspended!

*The President sits back in his chair, trying to think things through. He’s been a long-time supporter of The Lost Soul, but the head of security is making some good points. Titan 3, seeing Ace’s hesitation and sensing hope, continues.*

Titan 3: Ace, if you let TLS get away with this and keep wrestling, it’s going to be complete anarchy around here. These wrestlers need to be shown that they can’t just get away with whatever they want. There has to be consequences to their actions.

*The Accelerator lets out a long, drawn-out sigh, before sitting forward on his desk and grabbing a piece of paper lying there. He signs it, then hands it over to Titan 3.*

The Accelerator: Fine. The Lost Soul is now officially suspended. If he shows up here tonight, tell him to go home and wait things out.

Titan 3: Of course he’ll be here tonight, you scheduled him a match!

The Accelerator: Right, right. Well, Robert Santana just got himself a forfeit victory, because TLS isn’t wrestling tonight.

Titan 3: Nice, Ace. You’re finally showing some *bleeps*. And don’t worry… I’ll be sure to tell The Lost Soul PERSONALLY about your ruling.

*Titan 3 takes the signed document and leaves the room, with the Accelerator still thinking about if he’s made the right decision or not. We head to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break to the backstage area. Titan 3 apparently is having a meeting with his top security guards, directing them to their positions throughout the area.*

Titan 3: The Lost Soul has already put a few of you in the hospital, so don’t be a hero. If you see the man, report it back to me, and keep tabs on him. Don’t be a fool and risk your neck. Now get to where you need to be, and keep your radio on at all times.

*The security guards nod and head off, as Titan 3 crosses his arms over his chest. This was one of the perks he liked of being the Head of Security: the respect.*

Draco: Same ol’ T3.

Titan 3: Still sneaking up on people.

*Titan 3 turns to see the current Intercontinental and part of the World Tag Team Champions, Draco. The two have had a few run-ins during their career and rarely seen eye to eye. This is shown by the look on both men’s face. Draco looked up to Titan 3 as he stepped closer.*

Titan 3: Ace wouldn’t like me ruining his main event at Adrenaline Rush so move along.

Draco: Oh, but T3, I need security for tonight.

Titan 3: Can’t you tell that I have better things to work on than you? I said move along.

Draco: I guess I will have to find someone else to help me against Lurrr.

*Draco started to walk away, but Titan 3’s mind is curious as to what Draco has in mind. Draco stops and turns around seeing T3 not moving at all.*

Draco: Same ol’ T3. At least it won’t be my head tonight.

*Titan 3 perks up hearing that there would be some opportunity for him to “enforce” the rules of GCWA. Draco noticed the camera and shook his finger before forcing the cameraman to leave the area. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Looks like Draco’s up to something tonight. I wonder what he’s got planned?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, although if it involves Lurrr, it’s probably going to be something explosive. What’s more on my mind, though, is what happened before the break. The Accelerator suspended The Lost Soul, apparently indefinitely!

Logan: I don’t know what Ace is thinking. He’s buying into the hype just like everyone else, but I tell you, there’s no way The Lost Soul did this!

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. The evidence has been pretty convincing. I think the President is just trying to look out for the well-being of his wrestlers.

Logan: Yeah, well, that’s bull*bleep*.

Jones: Anthony, watch it! You’re lucky we’re on a tape delay!

Logan: Eh, let them fine me. I’m just speaking the truth.

Jones: Ok, well, before you cost yourself a lot of money, let’s just move on to our next match.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. It will be a “Non Title” contest. Introducing first, he has come from overseas with a dream and a dance, having gotten his first victory in the GCWA last week, he stands 6’0” and weighs in at 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*The crowd gives a good cheer for Arachne, who walks out, briefcase in hand. He raises it up and does a dance with it to “Wana” by the Black Horn, before making his way towards the ring.*

Jones: I see that Arachne is bringing his Money in the Bank briefcase to the ring.

Logan: Ok, Jonesy, for the last time, we DON’T have a Money In The Bank briefcase here at the GCWA!

Jones: I know that, Anthony, and you know that, but Arachne? He might still try to cash it in! And hey, this is a guy who goes to extravagant lengths to grab Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s butt, so anything is possible!

Logan: *sigh*

Minos: And now, his opponent, he has been on a roll for months now, with six straight victories, including two title wins… representing the Roman Empire, he stands 6’5” and weighs 235 lbs, with Rick Mathis, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Lurrr!

*”Cocky” by Kid Rock leads the way out for Lurrr and Mathis, each apparently enjoying the negative attention coming their way. Lurrr gets near the ring, then mockingly acts terrified for a second of Arachne, who’s staring at both of them. Mathis, laughing, pats Lurrr on the shoulder, with the World Champion nodding to him before sliding into the ring.*

Logan: Lurrr is an egotistical jerk who everyone hopes and prays will get hit by a train someday. That being said, he probably smells better tonight.

Jones: Oh, because of the Old Spice commercial he was in?

Logan: Yeah, I think they give out a bunch of free samples to the spokesman so that people will see him using the product.

Jones: Somehow, I doubt a clean scent will make any headway with the fans here, Anthony.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Lurrr is still talking with Mathis as the match officially begins, with Adrian Rockwell as the referee. Arachne comes out of his corner, handing the briefcase to Rockwell, who begins to explain about the fact that there’s no such thing as a Money In The Bank contract. But Arachne is insistent, telling Rockwell to open the case. With a sigh, Rockwell does so, looking inside to where a single piece of paper is sitting. He picks it up and starts to read, shaking his head as he does so. Lurrr, noticing the ‘contract’, curiously waits to see what happens. The camera zooms in behind him, trying to see the words written on the paper.*

Jones: What does that say?

Logan: I can’t quite make it out, considering it looks like it was done in either crayon or blood. But is that Buffy’s signature at the bottom?

Jones: I don’t know… wait, how would you know what Buffy’s signature looks like?

Logan: Uh, er, well, I was kind of a fan of the show…

*Rockwell places the piece of paper back in the briefcase, then throws it to the side, sending it sliding out of the ring. Arachne, angry at the mistreatment of his briefcase, argues with Rockwell. Meanwhile, Lurrr walks up from behind, still looking more amused than anything. That doesn’t stop him from acting, though, as he grabs Arachne from behind and drops back with a backbreaker variation, sending Arachne rebounding off his knees to the mat!! Lurrr, laughing to himself, reaches down and pulls Arachne up, before lifting the lighter wrestler into the air and bodyslamming him. Mathis seems to be chanting for another one, so Lurrr does it again, picking Arachne up only to slam him back down.*

Jones: The distraction that Arachne himself caused is now working badly against him, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, when you’re facing the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, you can’t afford to be distracted. Arachne gave Lurrr a perfect opening, and Lurrr’s never been one to ignore an advantage.

Jones: This could be one of Lurrr’s shortest matches on record!

*Having a good time, Lurrr pulls the face-painted Arachne up, making sure to show him towards Mathis, who’s laughing. Lurrr shoots Arachne into the corner, following right behind in order to delivers a series of elbows to the face, rocking the smaller wrestler. Lurrr then suplexes Arachne out of the corner, snapping him backwards to the mat. Rather than go for a pinfall, though, Lurrr opts to head back to the corner, already thinking about a flying elbow drop. He climbs up, mocking the crowd for a few moments as they boo him, before turning himself around. Arachne’s still not moving, so Lurrr, smirking, decides to go for it. He jumps, elbow extended… but Arachne sits up, avoiding the move! Lurrr cradles his hurting elbow, which took the full force of landing on the canvas, but then starts to get up. However, Arachne’s there, jumping onto his back and applying a sleeper choke!! Lurrr struggles, trying to get free, as Mathis is no longer laughing on the outside.*

Logan: Hey, Arachne’s coming back! Maybe this one won’t be a total wash, after all!

Jones: It’s clear that Lurrr came into this one expecting an easy victory, but Arachne’s apparently not going to let him go without a fight!

Logan: Good! I hate one-sided matches!

*Lurrr moves back towards the corner, with Arachne still clinging to his back. He aims himself and tries to move backwards, but Arachne readjusts himself suddenly, getting his legs up onto the second turnbuckle and bracing himself. Lurrr uses this to his advantage, though, grabbing at Arachne and managing to get him on Lurrr’s shoulder! Lurrr then steps forward, trying to twist things into a powerslam, but Arachne drops even further down Lurrr’s chest, while simultaneously still having a grip on Lurrr’s head, managing to bend him over and take him down into a roll-up! Referee Rockwell moves in, counting away… 1… 2.. and Lurrr kicks free! Arachne jumps back up, doing a quick dance as if he’s already won, but then goes back to the attack, punching at Lurrr’s spine as he tries to get up. Lurrr moves away, heading over to the ropes, with the face-painted wrestler following him, continuing his assault.*

Logan: I’ve gotta say, I’m a little impressed right now! Arachne’s not acting like he’s going to just be a jobber in this one!

Jones: Lurrr may have to actually start taking things seriously in this one, if this keeps up.

Logan: C’mon, Arachne! Don’t back down!

*Mathis is pacing back and forth now on the outside, wondering what’s going on, as Arachne gets Lurrr into the corner. Arachne sends a couple of shots into Lurrr’s gut, then grabs his arm to attempt a whip. But Lurrr hangs on, refusing to leave the corner. Arachne tries again, straining, but Lurrr won’t let go. Annoyed, Arachne comes back in and swings again, but this time Lurrr’s ready, blocking the attempt and answering with his own shot, sending Arachne rocking backwards. Lurrr fires off several more punches, moving Arachne back to the center of the ring. Lurrr then spins, getting a discus punch that lays the face-painted wrestler out! Lurrr gets back up, clearly no longer amused. He reaches down, dragging Arachne to his feet, then hooks his head and lifts him in the air, before dropping him with a shoulder breaker! Arachne falls to the mat, with Lurrr dropping right on top of him for the cover… 1… 2… but Arachne manages to get his arm up.*

Jones: Arachne may have had his chance and missed it, Anthony, because the World Champion is back in control.

Logan: Well, it’s not over yet, but I gotta admit, Arachne’s best advantage was Lurrr’s overconfidence, and that might be gone now.

*Lurrr, lifting himself up, kicks Arachne in the ribs, then kicks him again, rolling him over. Mathis is enjoying himself again, clapping his hands, but Lurrr’s smile is still gone. He pulls Arachne up, lifting him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Arachne tries to get free, but he can’t, as Lurrr flips him over, throwing Arachne, upside-down, into the corner!! Arachne falls head-first to the ground, crashing to the side as he holds his head. Lurrr then moves to the side, waiting for Arachne to get up. He warms up his leg, preparing for the Wake Up Call! As Arachne slowly gets up, looking dazed, Lurrr moves in, extending his leg. But Arachne, either purposefully or accidentally, drops back to his knees, causing Lurrr to kick over him! Lurrr, off-balance, falls back to the ropes, even as Arachne gets back up, grabbing at Lurrr. He jumps up, getting his legs around Lurrr’s head and taking him down with a hurricanrana!! Arachne makes the cover… 1… 2… Lurrr’s out again!*

Logan: That was a close one!

Jones: Y’know, I like giving wrestlers the benefit of the doubt, but it really looked there like Arachne’s legs just gave out, rather than him planning that.

Logan: Hey, luck plays a key role in matches like this, and Arachne certainly took advantage of Lurrr’s miss.

*Arachne’s back up, although he has to use the nearby ropes to steady himself. Lurrr is starting to rise as well, so Arachne moves in, grabbing Lurrr’s head and snapping him over to the mat, causing him to sit. Arachne then jogs to the ropes and comes back, scoring a low dropkick to put Lurrr on his back. With Lurrr down, Arachne heads towards the turnbuckle, struggling to climb up. As Arachne climbs, Mathis leans into the ring, shouting towards Lurrr, who is already shaking his head. Lurrr rises up, having been clued in on Arachne’s location. He hurries over to where Arachne is, climbing up the ‘buckle after him. The two fight on the top turnbuckle, with Arachne getting the advantage with a couple of punches. Arachne then jumps over Lurrr, trying for a sunset flip powerbomb!! But Arachne’s strength just wasn’t up to the challenge, as he fell off instead, crashing down to the mat on his back! Lurrr, turning around, seizes his opportunity, springing off the ‘buckle and landing the Last Call!!!! Arachne’s been crushed, as Rockwell starts the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Lurrr!

Logan: Damn. I knew I was getting my hopes up for no good reason, but just for a second, there was a chance…

Jones: Clearly, Lurrr was the better wrestler here tonight, but Arachne wasn’t just another jobber. He may have given one of his better performances here tonight, but against a veteran like Lurrr, it still wasn’t enough.

Logan: So Lurrr’s got, what, seven victories in a row now? How many does Draco have?

Jones: By my count, Draco has seven wins as well.

Logan: Really? So whoever gets to eight first gets the World Title. Cool symmetry.

*Lurrr moves over Arachne raising his arm in victory. Lurrr grabs his belt from the Referee and drapes it across his shoulder. He pauses and looks at the crowd who is showering him with boos. He suddenly begins a malicious attack on Arachne with the GCWA World Title.*

Logan: Damnit, Lurrr, what’s the point of that??

Jones: Looks like Lurrr’s punishing Arachne for actually wrestling him here tonight!

Logan: Terrible sportsmanship, which shouldn’t be surprising considering who it is! Where’s security, too busy looking for TLS??

*The bell begins to ring again and again to try and get some help out for Arachne but Lurrr continues the beat down as Mathis looks own laughing at the sight. Finally GCWA staff comes down to the ring and they are able to get in between Lurrr and the battered Arachne, the crowd continues to boo. Lurrr backs away with a sinister smile. He calls for a mic and rips it out of Mino’s hands.*

Lurrr: Get this trash out of my ring so I can move on to more important issues!!!! And please for the last damn time….. Leave the little boys who want to play with themselves in the locker-room and refrain from booking them against me. I mean good god, this guy is an embarrassment to our business yet he gets the privilege to not only fight me in the same ring but be in my presence.

*They drag Arachne out of the ring and escort him to the back.*

Lurrr: Now that I have lost a couple minutes of my career that I won’t ever get back let’s talk about next Sunday at Adrenaline Rush before I sign the papers later when I get to be the guest on whatever gay talk show Draco has….. I have made it my goal to become the man in this company and right now there isn’t one guy in this business who can step up to my level.

*The crowd begins to chant ass-hole, ass-hole.*

Lurrr: This Sunday I am giving a guy the chance to prove me wrong, a guy who many feel is the next big thing in our business, and a guy who currently holds two titles, Draco. It has been said that he has been on a hotter streak than me and he comes into our match with a ton of confidence and momentum. Hell at Heat Wave I seemed to be on similar track that Draco is right now and I ended up winning. The only difference between the two situations is that I am a legitimate World Champion and not some flash in the pan bum who has gone missing vowing that he will gets his vengeance when it’s the right time. You see I am a man who backs up his words and I am a man who delivers in the clutch unlike the rest of this pathetic roster. I am the man who puts the asses in the seats, brings in the ratings, and gives this company a pulse whether or not you hate me or not, I AM THE FACE OF THE GCWA AND THERE ISN’T A DAMN THING ANYBODY CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!

*Cocky by Kid Rock begins to play as Lurrr throws down the mic after his win with the crowd giving him some familiar finger gestures as he walks back up the ramp. We end to the break with a final image of Lurrr turning around and raising up the World Title, with Mathis grinning next to him.*

*Back from the break, the Accelerator is busy trying to make a dent in the mountains of paperwork that the federation produces each week for an event. He looks up in mid-signature to see his door open and Draco standing there. He has a smirk on his face as he sits down next to the desk and puts his feet up on the chair.*

The Accelerator: *sighs* I need to get a secretary, as well as an outside room to this office…. can I help you?

Draco: I have a few ideas for the contract signing tonight. Figured you would care.

*The President shakes his head, not liking what he’s hearing, considering how much effort it took to get a workable contract between Draco and Lurrr in the first place.*

The Accelerator: It is all set. We agreed to put it on the Complaint Department. I am not going to be threatened into some ridiculous demands again.

Draco: Guess Shane’s campaign is working.

The Accelerator: What was that?

Draco: I just said, ‘Wow, you sure are working.’

*Draco laughs sheepishly before reaching into his back pocket to pull out a sizeable stack of papers. It looked to be the size of a contract that is normally drawn up for the matches at GCWA. It hits Accelerator’s desk. He grabs it thumbing it over.*

The Accelerator: My lawyers have already approved the contract, Draco. I am not in the mood for games.

Draco: Just take a look at the sub-clause in the stipulations.

The Accelerator: Hmmm, ok. Seems pretty stan…Oh, I see. Very interesting.

*Draco smirks and gets up leaving the president’s office. Accelerator was grabbing his phone to get his lawyers in to double check this contract. He seemed to like the addition, but knew that it was always better to be safe than sorry. A plan was quickly forming, but what Draco had in mind only he knew We head back to ringside.*

Jones: First Titan 3, and now the Accelerator. Draco seems to be working on something big here tonight!

Logan: Maybe so, or maybe he’s just doing all this to create a few more mind games. After all, he and Lurrr are set to sign their contract here tonight, so the more he gets into Lurrr’s head, the better.

Jones: Well, something’s definitely up, but I guess we have to wait until later tonight… and speaking of something being up…

Logan: Hey… that’s The Lost Soul’s music!!

*The lights begin to flicker, as Friday the 13th begins to play. The crowd reaction is clearly not what it was just last month, considering that The Lost Soul was once considered the most popular wrestler in the federation.*

Jones: Wow, listen to this crowd Logan, it seems like week after week the public opinion on TLS has changed.

Logan : It sounds like the boos are overpowering the cheers. They’re buying all the propaganda, Jonesy, and it makes me sick.

Jones: Wait, where is he? The music is playing, but I don’t see him anywhere! AHHH! What happened to the lights?!?!

*The lights go completely out for a brief moment, causing a roar from the crowd. A spotlight shines on the center of the ring, where The Lost Soul has mysteriously appeared. A section of the crowd is chanting “TLS! TLS!”, while another is chanting “YOU ARE GUILTY! YOU ARE GUILTY!.” TLS waits for the crowd noise to subside, then begins to speak.*

TLS: TLS has been banished, cast off, sent away for a crime that he has not committed. They’re not throwing me under the bus on this Steve Wilson situation, they’re putting TLS on a boat and they’re sending him out to sea. People don’t want to hear the truth, people are quick to jump to conclusions. Sometimes people on sinking boats are too quick too jump off rather than waiting out the storm. TLS is standing on the deck as wave after wave comes crashing down. But I’m still here. And once the storm settles and the sky is clear, the truth will be revealed. At Adrenaline Rush the truth will be…

*The lights suddenly come back on, bright, even as “Tales of a Scorched Earth” by the Smashing Pumpkins begins to play. Titan 3 and a group of his security guards come out, starting on their way towards the ring.*

Logan: Uh oh. This could turn ugly, very quick.

Jones: Titan 3’s been waiting for this moment for weeks.

*Titan 3 has a mic in his hands as they approach the ring.*

Titan 3: Save the sob story TLS. We’ve heard enough of this. Week in and week out you come out here and make a fool of yourself, but it stops here. The people who boo you finally see past that make-up and see you for what you really are. A man who can’t play by the rules and has to attack and injure people when they’re not expecting it. Tonight I’m not asking you to leave; I’m going to make you leave by force.

Jones: What’s The Lost Soul going to do now? Will he go with security willingly, or will he fight?

Logan : TLS is readying himself, but there’s no way he’s going to be able to take on GCWA security!

*Five Security guys slide in the ring and form a circle around TLS. Titan 3 makes his way inside and pushes his way in the middle. The fans seem split, some wanting to see violence, while others are calling for TLS to get out of there.*

Jones: Look at the stare down in the ring. If TLS knows what’s good for him he’ll get the heck out of there.

Logan : It looks like he’s taking your advice Jonesy.

*The Lost Soul turns his back to Titan 3, causing the head of GCWA security to have a surprised look on his face. TLS is looking towards the crowd now, as he waits for a reaction. Titan 3 glances around at the security guards gathered around them, each with a different expression on their face. One in particular seems to be smiling at the actions of The Lost Soul. Titan 3, his eyes narrowing, turns back to The Lost Soul and spins him around, lifting him up and delivering the A-Bomb!!!!!*

Logan: No!!! Why did Titan 3 do that??

*The crowd is beginning to boo, even as Titan 3 pulls the hurting Lost Soul up to his feet. Titan 3, still furious, grabs hold of TLS again, lifting him ONCE AGAIN and landing another A-Bomb!!! The Lost Soul is down, even as security starts to move in, trying to calm Titan 3 down.*

Logan : I can’t believe this, I can’t believe Ace can stand for this! I mean the TLS basically surrendered!

Jones: Or he was trying to run? Either way, Titan 3 is just doing his job.

Logan: Doing his job?? By A-Bombing the man, twice?!?!

Jones: Hey, remember, Titan 3 said it was all about sending a message to the back. I think the message has been received!

*The crowd is throwing trash now and the sentiment has certainly changed as the crowd has grown sympathetic for TLS who appears to be unconscious as he’s carried out by GCWA Security. Titan 3, meanwhile, is wiping sweat from off of his bald head, following the guards out. We depart to another commercial break.*

*We go backstage after the break, where we see Derek “The Thriller” Mobley, walking down the hallway. The fans in the audience cheer when they seem him. He’s got a brown bag of some sort with him, which clanks as he walks. He gets to the doorway to the House of Pain locker room and opens the door.*

Derek Mobley: I’m back, Warrick, but next time, you have to go on the beer… run…

*Mobley stops in shock, as the cameraman maneuvers around to take a look. Inside the room, clothes are strewn everywhere, apparently thrown out of the luggage of the House of Pain. Mobley moves further in, watching out for any attacks, but no one else seems to be around. That is, at least until Mobley hears a moan. He turns and goes into the back, where he finds Warrick Hill laying on his back, barely conscious!! Mobley leans over him, checking on his friend.*

Derek Mobley: What the hell happened, Warrick? A guy can’t lean you alone for 5 minutes…

*Derek looks around, as if trying to decide what to do next. It’s then that he sees the marking on the mirror in the room. It’s a pretty simple marking, two letters and a symbol: “D & D”. Mobley’s face flushes red, showing his anger, as he starts to get up to go get Warrick some medical care. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Damn, someone took out Warrick!

Jones: And you said that The Lost Soul’s actions didn’t matter. Look at this, wrestlers are getting attacked everywhere! I’ve lost count of how many have taken place this past month!

Logan: Well, at least the guys who did it are always signing their names….

Jones: So D & D made a preemptive strike, taking out Warrick just a short time before the House of Pain will be going for their World Tag-Team Titles.

Logan: It didn’t look like they finished the job, though, Jonesy. We’ll have to see what happens with that. But first, we’ve got a title on the line!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 15-minute time limit. It will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. He is making his debut in the ring here tonight, after time spent on the outside looking in, standing 6’8” and weighing 300 lbs, with his partner, Scott Caine, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Penance!

*Penance walks out in his ring attire, ready to fight, with “Automatic” by American Pearl playing behind him. Scott Caine walks out as well, still wearing the Crazy Chris mask knockoff he purchased during the week. He pulls it off, laughing, then tosses the mask into the crowd. Penance has an evil smirk on his face, walking down the aisle.*

Jones: This will be our chance to really see Penance in action, as he hasn’t wrestled before today. We learned a lot about him this week, though, including the fact that Penance has a college degree!

Logan: I wonder where he attended school. Think he went to one of those online schools where they mail you your diploma in the mail?

Jones: Wherever he graduated from, he’s definitely shown that he’d rather be hurting people for a living. The question is, can Crazy Chris counter the size disadvantage in this one?

Logan: It’s not going to be easy. Penance is massive!

Minos: And now, his opponent… he continues to shine as both a singles competitor and a tag-team specialist… standing 6’0” and weighing in at 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, with his tag-team partner, Dangerous Dan, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

*The crowd gives a strong cheer, as Crazy Chris makes his way out of the back. He’s got the Television Title in full view, clearly proud of his recent reign. Dangerous Dan is right behind him, earning some cheers himself. With “Mental Health” playing behind him, the Danger Boiz march down the aisle, ready for a fight.*

Jones: Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan had a weird experience this past week, being attacked by a wild man while driving through a wooded area.

Logan: Well, technically, their car was attacked… over and over again. Strange, wasn’t it?

Jones: Yeah, and we never really got to the bottom of it. I wonder, who was that guy in the woods?

Logan: For all we know, he was the Blair Warlock, and if Chris had gotten out of that car, we wouldn’t have seen him again except on video clips.

Jones: Well, thankfully, Dangerous Dan kept him from trying to find the guy, so he’s here tonight to defend his belt!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Penance and Crazy Chris walk towards each other, even as head referee Mark Bell shows off the Television Title to the arena audience. Clearly, Penance has a huge height and weight advantage over Chris, as he grins down at the smaller champion. Penance, extremely confident, bends down, saying that he’ll allow Chris the first punch. He waist, as Chris looks to the crowd, who is cheering him on. Chris swings, smashing a forearm across Penance’s chest. It doesn’t even move Penance, who laughs from the impact. He waves for Chris to do it again, wanting him to put more behind it this time. But Chris changes tactics, instead stomping on Penance’s right foot! Penance yells and starts hopping on one foot, while Chris runs to the ropes, then charges back, leaping into the air with a flying forearm! He connects, sending Penance stumbling back towards the ropes, but the big man fails to go down.*

Jones: Crazy Chris has the right idea early on, as he’s going to use his speed and agility to keep Penance off-balance!

Logan: That’s really his best option. You can’t match power with someone this big, and you can’t allow him to get a grip on you with those monster hands of his.

Jones: Yep, or else Chris might face what Penance did to all that fruit this past week, getting crushed!

*Crazy Chris keeps up the fast-paced assault, hitting the ropes and returning with a leaping clothesline. He nails Penance in the ropes while sliding past, going out to the apron. As Penance staggers away, rubbing his throat, Chris rebalances himself on the apron and uses the ropes to springboard himself into the air, flying at Penance! But Penance is already turned towards him and lashes out, getting up his big boot to catch Chris on the way down!! Chris falls quickly to his back, stunned, while Penance moves over to him and makes the cover… 1… 2.. and the champion is able to kick out. Penance, not concerned, grabs Chris with one hand and hauls him up, laughing at the man. He grabs Chris around the throat with both hands and lifts, holding Chris in the air with a chokehold!! Chris’ legs flail around as he tries to get free. Meanwhile, Head Referee Bell starts counting, threatening a disqualification. Penance, though, has it all under control, waiting until the count of 4 to bring Chris back down with a devastating two-handed chokeslam!!! Penance makes the pin, clearly expecting it to be over… 1… 2… but Chris kicks out!*

Logan: Wow, we almost had a new champion, and it would have been a quick win for Penance!

Jones: How do you compete against someone with so much power available to them??

Logan: You keep attacking, Jonesy. You keep looking for weaknesses you can exploit.

Jones: And if you can’t find anything?

Logan: Well, then, you might take a page from Scott Caine’s book and run away. Sure, it’s not the most courageous thing to do, but it saves the Television Title, doesn’t it?

Jones: I don’t think Crazy Chris would ever consider doing that, Anthony. He’s got to find another way to survive!

*Dangerous Dan is shown on the outside, apparently concerned for his brother. Scott Caine is next, looking extremely happy with how things are going thus far. He is clapping as Penance pulls a dazed Crazy Chris back to his feet. Penance lifts Chris even higher, getting him across the big man’s wide shoulders, as Penance applies a version of the torture rack!! Chris is in a lot of pain while Penance walks around the ring, enjoying the sight of Crazy Chris’ fans panicking. He keeps tightening his grip, not allowing Chris any leverage to break himself free. Referee Bell is following him around, watching for any sign that Chris’ night is over. But the Television Champion is refusing to give up, no matter how much it hurts. Caine, on the outside, is signaling that it’s over, but there’s no sign of an ending yet. Penance, looking annoyed that Chris is not ‘facing reality’ and giving up, steps to the center of the ring, then drops, delivering a shock treatment!!! Chris collapses to the mat, with Penance lazily throwing an arm across him for another cover… 1… 2… Chris kicks out again!*

Jones: So far, Penance’s strength is having a major effect on this one, but Crazy Chris just won’t quit!

Logan: This could very well be Crazy Chris’ toughest challenge to date. He’s got to find a way to turn this around, because eventually, he’s going to get overwhelmed.

*Penance is back up on his feet now, moving slowly towards Crazy Chris. He reaches down with a big arm, lifting the man up to his feet and hanging onto him. Penance, grinning, smacks Chris across the face a couple of times with an open hand, adding insult to injury. He drags Chris towards the ropes, where Dangerous Dan is waiting. Penance says something towards Dan, causing him to angrily pound on the apron in response and turn away. Penance, sensing opportunity, grabs Chris by the head and throws him over the ropes, towards Dan! But Chris grabs hold of the top rope, hanging on, even as Penance walks away with a smile. Dan turns back, seeing his brother, and gives him a hand, shoving on his legs to help Chris skin the cat and reenter the ring! Penance, distracted because of Caine shouting a warning, doesn’t turn in time, as Chris runs forward, diving down to slam his shoulder into Penance’s left leg!! Penance stumbles away, hobbling, as Chris gets up and attacks, kicking away at the new injury!*

Logan: The champion is on the offensive! He’s looking to take out Penance’s legs and handicap him!

Jones: He still hasn’t gotten Penance down, though, Anthony!

*Penance moves away, grabbing at the ropes for some support, as Chris continues to focus on his leg. He runs to the ropes and comes back towards Penance, doing a roll to crash himself into the leg. Once again, Penance staggers, but doesn’t fall. Crazy Chris, looking more than a little surprised that the big man hasn’t gone down, decides on another approach, backing up, then racing forward to jump into the air, slamming both knees into Penance’s back! Chris rolls backwards upon landing and gets up, but Penance is again still standing! He turns, shaking out his hurting leg, as he starts to head towards Chris, who backs away. Penance angrily takes a swipe at the champion, but Chris ducks under it, then moves behind Penance. As the big man turns, Chris leaps into the air with a swinging heel kick, smashing Penance in the head!! For a second or two, Chris waits, holding his breath, as Penance seems to stare at him. Penance’s eyes then roll up in his head, as he falls backwards, landing on the mat! Chris dives in for the cover, with referee Bell right there… 1… 2… Penance barely kicks out.*

Logan: Timber! The big man went down!

Jones: It takes a lot to get Penance off his feet, but Crazy Chris found a way. Can he keep him down now, to retain the championship??

*Dangerous Dan is excited on the outside, talking with the fans and getting them energized as well. Caine, well, he doesn’t look as excited. In the ring, Chris has moved Penance over to his stomach, as he gets behind him, applying a legscissors. He’s trying to weaken the big man and keep him down. Penance struggles to get up, trying to get his head free, but he’s not having any success at the moment. After a few more seconds of continuing the pressure, Chris releases the hold, as he knows a submission would be unlikely. Instead, Chris moves to the side, climbing up the turnbuckle, even as Penance fights to rise up. The big man gets to his feet, but Chris is already airborne with a missile dropkick, putting him right back down! Chris tries another pinfall attempt, although he can’t quite get hold of the massive legs for more leverage… 1… 2… and Penance throws Crazy Chris off of him, showing his power!*

Logan: Man, I’m starting to wonder if Crazy Chris has enough weight on his bones to keep Penance down for the 3 count!

Jones: He’s definitely got to keep the abuse going, if he wants that belt to remain around his waist.

Logan: Yeah, but one of his main moves is unavailable to him! I mean, there’s no way the Crazy Bitch can be used, Penance is too huge!

Jones: Well, then, Crazy Chris will have to come up with other options to gain a victory.

*Dangerous Dan is moving around the ring, shouting advice to Crazy Chris, even as Penance struggles to pull himself back together. Chris is waiting now on the other side, watching the big man get back on his hands and knees. Chris then runs over, jumping up and planting both feet into Penance’s spine as he springs off of him! Penance falls back to the mat, while Chris, ever the planner, heads for the turnbuckle once again to keep harping on the offense. He climbs up easily, with the fans behind him, while Dangerous Dan moves to get a better view. Chris leaps, skying down on the fallen Penance with a leg drop across the back of the neck, adding to the damage! He rolls Penance over for a pin, but once again, Penance just won’t stay down. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan moves around the ring to the other side… where Caine is bent over, hiding, behind the ringpost! Before Dan can do anything, Caine lashes out, hitting a surprise clothesline that sends Dan rebounding off the ringpost!! Dan’s down, while Caine moves away, looking under the ring apron for something.*

Logan: Hey, Caine just took out Dangerous Dan!! There was no call for that, Scott!

Jones: The bad feelings between Caine and Dan have gone on all year. This was just another notch in the belt of Caine, as he really took it to Dan!

Logan: You think he was angry because Chris used essentially his finisher, the Sugar Caine, on Penance?

Jones: I wouldn’t be surprised if that had something to do with it. And, oh crap, I don’t think we’re done!

*In the ring, Crazy Chris, not knowing what has happened to his brother, is climbing up the turnbuckle in preparation for the Crazy Man’s Suicide!! He’s waiting for Penance to slowly rise. As soon as the big man is up, Chris takes to the air, flying towards Penance… while Scott Caine rushes in with a steel chair!! He smashes it into the flying Chris, who never sees him coming!! Chris crashes to the mat, even as Head Referee Bell turns, signaling for the bell to be rung, ending this one!*

Minos: Here is your winner, via disqualification, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

Jones: Crazy Chris retains the title, albeit in bad form from Caine & Penance!

Logan: What the hell was Caine thinking, throwing in that chair… unless he really didn’t want Penance to win it, so much as softening up the champion!

Jones: Whatever the reason, Chris is down, and Caine & Penance are set to do more damage!

*Penance, not at all perturbed by having lost the match, gladly hands the steel chair, which had fallen, back to Caine. He goes over, picking up a dazed Crazy Chris to position him, with Caine preparing for another shot.*

Logan: We need some security out here!

Jones: I think they’re wanting to put Crazy Chris out of action!

*As Caine prepares to swing, though, he hesitates, seeing two men come sliding in under the ropes. With the fans cheering, Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger, D & D, get to their feet and come forward, with Shane going after Caine, while Danger reluctantly goes for Penance!!*

Logan: The World Tag-Team Champions are here!! Of course, why, I don’t know!

Jones: Well, it kind of looked like Harvey was leading the charge. Maybe he didn’t want to see their opponents at Adrenaline Rush taken out? And Shane just followed along for kicks?

Logan: Wait, but didn’t they take out Warrick Hill earlier? This makes no sense!

Jones: I don’t know what to make of it, Jonesy, I just know that D & D is here to help out!

*Not wanting another big brawl, Caine & Penance quickly make their exit, getting away from the Tag-Team Champions. Donovan watches them go, a small smile on his face, while Harvey Danger checks on Crazy Chris, trying to help him up. Chris, though, shoves him away, moving to the corner as he glares at the two men.*

Logan: Crazy Chris doesn’t look happy to see the champs, does he?

Jones: Uh oh. I think we might have a misunderstanding here, Anthony. It looks like Chris might believe that D & D were the ones to attack him!

Logan: Oh crap, a case of mistaken identity!

*Harvey has his hands raised, trying to explain what happened. Donovan, ignoring both men, continues to watch Caine & Penance depart, not realizing that someone else has run down from the other side. Sliding into the ring, prepared to fight, is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!! He runs up, tackling Donovan from behind, and the fight is on!! Danger, hearing the commotion, turns back, but this is the opening Crazy Chris was looking for, as he run at Danger, punching away!! The four men continue to fight, and they’re soon joined by a fifth, as Dangerous Dan reenters the fray to help out!!*

Jones: We’ve got a brawl between the competitors of the three-way match on Sunday!!

Logan: This is crazy!! For once, D & D did the right thing, and it’s costing them!

Jones: Can you blame Derek, though, Anthony? He saw Warrick get helped out of his locker room, with “D & D” placed on the mirror as a calling card! Mobley’s never been one to wait before getting some revenge!

*Members of GCWA’s security force begin to arrive, attempting to break up the brawl in progress. It isn’t easy, especially breaking up Donovan and Mobley, who have had issues between them for a long time before this match was scheduled. Security finally manages to start pulling them apart.*

Logan: We’re going to need to relax and get things sorted out here, so it seems like a good time to go to commercial! But don’t go far, we’ve still got the contract signing ahead!

*Security is holding back Mobley and Donovan, with Mobley shouting at the man about the assault on Warrick. Donovan, for his part, looks confused, denying any part of the attack. The Danger Boiz, meanwhile, have left the ring, with Crazy Chris taking a moment to get his Television Title. They walk away, both looking ticked off, while Harvey Danger, from a safe place near security, watches them leave. We slowly fade out to a break.*

*After the last commercial break, we go back to the announce table, where Anthony Logan is waiting. Jones is there as well, although he looks out of it, studying something that’s laying on the table in front of him. Since Jones isn’t saying anything, Logan clears his throat and begins.*

Logan: Welcome back to the show fans and you are not going to believe what just happened!

Jones: …

Logan: Jones is still speechless so let me tell you… Actually, let me show you what happened. Pull up the footage from the break!

*The scene cuts to footage of the announcers during the commercial break. All of the wrestlers from the earlier brawl have left the ring, leaving the announcers to their own devices. You see them going over some notes when “Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3 begins to play, but not on the PA system but from a cell phone.*

’Don't trust a hoe. Never trust a hoe. Won't trust a hoe. 'Cuz a hoe won't trust me….’

Logan: Uh?

Jones: Someone’s calling me that’s odd?

Logan: Care to explain the ringtone?

Jones: My wife got it for me. She’s so funny.

Logan: Or she’s trying to tell you something. Anyway, are you going to answer?

Jones: Nah.. I don’t recognize the number, probably a telemarketer.

Logan: Just answer it.

Jones: Fine. Hello, who’s this. Marcus? Marcus who!?

Logan: You idiot! It’s Marcus! Give it to me!

Jones: Hey!

Logan: Marcus! How’s it going? What’s that? Put you on speakerphone. Uh sure let me figure that out, hang on.

*A GCWA staff with a headset on quickly comes into the picture taking the cell phone away and doing some stuff off camera. After a few seconds Logan is given the OK.*

Logan: Marcus you are on pal, how’s it going?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I’m on speaker?

*His voice comes over the PA and the crowd goes wild.*

Marcus: I guess I am! What’s up Dallas, Texas!!!???

*The crowd cheers loudly.*

Marcus: Damn I miss you guys! I'm fine Logan.. How are you guys? Jones you there?

Jones: …

Logan: He's in shock for some reason Marcus, but never mind him. Where the hell have you been!? We have been looking for you for weeks!

Marcus: Well that’s actually why I’m calling. You don’t have to come looking for me anymore, because I am coming to you.

Logan: You are coming back? When?!

Marcus: Adrenaline Rush.

*Crowd goes wild.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: That’s right. I will be making my return to the GCWA, and will also be making a huge announcement.

Logan: Can you give us any hints?

Marcus: Yeah, just one though.

Logan: What’s that?

Marcus: Vengeance!!

*The crowd goes wild again and you hear a click letting you know that Marcus has hung up. We go back to live television.*

Logan: There you have it people! Marcus will be making his big return at Adrenaline Rush! Can you believe it Jones!?

Jones: He…called... me? He- has my number? Wow!

Logan: Gotta admit, that surprises me, too, but then, maybe your wife gave it to him.

Jones: Huh?

Logan: Never mind. It’s time for our big contract signing, which means it’s also time for the Complaint Department!

*The fans are on their toes as they see the unusual, but increasingly familiar sight of GCWA ring crew altering the ring with the usual red carpet, directors chairs, and trademarked logo hanging just behind it all. The fans know this can mean only one thing.*

*Yes, it is time once again for another edition of the Complaint Department. It was announced last week that this show would be the biggest yet with the main event for Adrenaline Rush being finalized with a contract here tonight. Not only does this mean big news about the match, but a potential powder keg. There is nothing that GCWA fans love more than the chaos that unfolds in the ring.*

Logan: This has been a moment that the fans have been waiting for, as the match between Draco, the #1 Contender, and our World Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr, will be finalized to take place next week!

Jones: We still don’t know much about what’s going to be taking place, other than that the World Championship will be on the line. Now, maybe, we’ll find out more details about this great main event!

*“Indestructible” by Disturbed blasts over the PA system, but is soon drowned out by the audience. The roof is nearly blown off of the stadium as Draco emerges on the ramp in the middle of a blanket of fog. On each shoulder sits one of his titles. He shrugs each shoulder before heading down to the ring. Of course, making time to pose with fans for pictures, sign a few autographs, and ruffle up the hair of a kid or two. Once in the ring, Draco looks to be all business. The smirk slowly fading from his face.*

Draco: Tonight is the night where I get locked in for my chance at the GCWA World Heavyweight Title.

*The fans let out another roar of approval. They all want to see Lurrr go down and, more importantly, at Draco’s hands. Draco continues to talk above the roar.*

So let’s hurry up and get this underway, shall we? Don’t want Lurrr finding a way to weasel out of it, right?!

*”Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm begins to play, earning some more cheers from the crowd, although this is tempered by the fact that the President comes out accompanied by GCWA Security, as well as Titan 3.*

Jones: The President is here!

Logan: Well, of course he is, Edds! You can’t have a contract signing without Ace being here to ok it!

*The Accelerator and Titan 3 move down the aisle, with several other security gurds that look like they were just paroled. Draco smirks at this. The plan he had was starting to unfold. Accelerator gets into the ring as Titan 3 and his squad of muscle stay on the outside of the ring.*

Draco: So glad you could join us, boss.

The Accelerator: My pleasure, Draco. The contract signing is something that the GCWA holds before each high profile match and this is no different. Before we begin I think that the fans would like to know what type of match it is.

Draco: The fans? Hell, I would like to know since you conveniently left that blank on the contract.

*Draco shrugs a bit in a semi-apologetic gesture to the fans. He just really wants to know what type of match his first GCWA World Heavyweight Title chance will be in. Accelerator, of course seeing this, decides to build up the suspense a little bit more. Finally, he gives Draco and the fans the information they wanted to know.*

The Accelerator: Lurrr came up with the idea and I must say that I don’t dislike it one bit.

Draco: Lurrr?

The Accelerator: Yes, Lurrr.

Draco: Lurrr Lurrr?

The Accelerator: …what?

Draco: My opponent Lurrr? You agreed to it?

The Accelerator: Well, he wanted a match that I am betting you would want just as badly. You both have some experience in elements of it.

*Draco wonders for a moment, but then a few possibilities are listed in his head. Accelerator motions to the table set up for the contract signing, then to the chairs sitting around it.*

The Accelerator: I guess we are just missing the ladders.

*As Titan 3, with a grin, shoves a ladder into the ring, Draco does a quick look around, easily figuring out what’s going on.*

The Accelerator: For Adrenaline Rush, Draco here will be taking on Lurrr for the World Heavyweight Title… in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match!

*The fans erupt finally hearing the stipulation. Draco is just as pleased as they are. Accelerator hands over the microphone and Draco gets back down to business.*

Draco: Well, now that I am happier than a pig in *bleep*….let’s ruin that with my opponent. Lurrr.

*After a few moments of silence, Lurrr’s way of rebelling, “Cocky” by Kid Rock starts to play. The music is barely able to be heard through the deafening sound of tens of thousands of people booing the current GCWA World Heavyweight Champion. Lurrr has his bodyguard, Rick Mathis, by his side as well as an entourage of lawyers. The group makes their way down the ring, but Titan 3 and his own security force tell the lawyers that they can wait right out there.*

Draco: Yup, sorry, Lurrr, but I don’t think your suit and ties are welcome. They already reviewed the contract.

*Lurrr and Rick Mathis are unfazed and walk through the security force. They get into the ring. Draco and Lurrr never stop giving one another the dead serious glare. The Accelerator takes the contract and slides it over to Draco who has just sat down.*

The Accelerator: Now, as accustomed the challenger is the first to sign the contract.

Draco: Fine by me.

*Draco quickly scribbles his name and then throws the clipboard and contract over to Lurrr. Lurrr snatches out of the air with a cocky smirk. Draco stands up and grabs the microphone out of Accelerator’s hand.*

Draco: As a safe guard there was a little clause added in that contract, Lurrr. You hit me or I hit you tonight, then whoever started it gets stripped of their title. As a bonus, I will even lose my shot at you. The same goes for Rick Mathis, Harvey Danger, and Shane Donovan.

*The fans are unsure about this, but Draco leans in closer practically climbing on top of the table as Lurrr, happy to oblige, finishes up his signature. Accelerator grabs the contract as Draco’s face becomes more serious.*

Draco: Thought it was funny last week, huh? Picking on Harvey like that?

Lurrr: For the record, Mathis and I had nothing to do with that, although I wish I had thought of it. So you want to start something? Go ahead, and lose those peon titles. It will just be a quicker end, but the same result as our match.

Draco: You want me to start something, Lurrr?

*Draco grabs a folding chair. This one seems strangely dented. It was the chair that Lurrr had used only a few weeks ago to split Draco’s forehead open. Lurrr stands up begging for Draco to hit him, since it will give him a pleasant night off next week. Mathis moves in next to him, watching to see what happens next. Draco brings the chair above his head, as the fans shout their disapproval.*

Lurrr: C’mon then, show that you’ve got a pair. Go ahead and hit me!

Draco: Your lawyers could tell you this, Lurrr, if they had seen the contract. If I attack you, I lose my match and my title. But Lurrr, that clause says nothing about me hitting Mathis!

*The chair comes down in a sickening thud as Mathis never saw it coming. He drops to the ground clutching his head. Lurrr has no time to react as two figures, Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger, are now coming in the ring.*

Draco: Or about Donovan and Danger taking you out!

*Donovan tackles Lurrr onto the table, while Harvey apparently gets a little stuck in the ring ropes. Draco watches as Donovan and Lurrr fight it out, with Lurrr trying to turn over Donovan to get control. But Danger soon joins in, firing lefts and rights at Lurrr. The Danger-Donovan team take control, lifting Lurrr into the air and delivering a spike powerbomb!!!! Lurrr’s laying in a heap, even as Donovan reaches over and picks up a startled Danger, tossing him on top of the World Champion! Draco, along with the crowd, counts pretty quickly.*

Draco: 1,2,3!

*D & D pulls up Danger and raises up his hand in apparent victory, as Lurrr & Mathis are both down for the count. As the fans continue to cheer, Draco leans over Lurrr, speaking to him. The cameras move in, being close enough to pick up what he says.*

Draco: You think this was bad? Wait until I can get my hands on you at Adrenaline Rush.

*D & D moves away, leaving the ring, with the fans still chanting for Draco.*

Logan: A big statement from Draco was just made, as they put down the World Champion!!

Jones: Well, Draco didn’t, as that would have cost him his shot. But that legalese worked out in Draco’s favor, for sure!

Logan: Still, this is just the opening salvo of what is sure to be a war at Adrenaline Rush!! Don’t miss it, call your pay-per-view company now!

Jones: We’re out of time, so we’ll see you there!

*The three members of D & D are seen heading up the aisle together. In the ring, Lurrr has set up, holding his neck. He looks seriously pissed off, as he starts to get up. Mathis has rolled over on his side, still out of it from the unprotected chair shot he took. Lurrr grabs at the chair that Draco left behind, pulling it towards him. He angrily lifts the chair while rising, looking towards Draco all the while as the picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: The path is now set for Adrenaline Rush! And the streak continues!

Hopefully, this show didn't come off too badly. Only having three official matches made it a little less exciting, but the angles hopefully made up for it, as several storylines are coming to a head next weekend! Here's the finalized card for next week's Adrenaline Rush:

- Scott Caine vs. Arachne, Spider's Web Television Title #1 Contenders Match
(First to climb up a spider-web to the top of a wall is the winner)

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana(c) vs. Arryk Rage, GCWA X Division Xtreme Rules Match

- D & D (Harvey Danger & Shane Donovan)(c) vs. The Danger Boiz (Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris) vs. The House of Pain (Derek "The Thriller" Mobley & Warrick Hill), GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Triple Threat Texas Tornado Match

- Lurrr(c) vs. Draco, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, October 2nd, to THURSDAY, October 8th, giving you 7 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!