GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Lurrr, laughing maniacally as he holds up the World Heavyweight Title. Rick Mathis is standing behind him, a huge smile on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! Fans are screaming their heads off, enjoying the camera time, as well as the pyro. We close in on some of them, showing signs that read “Caine Dynasty < D & D” and “No More Chaos!!!” The cameras then move to the broadcast table.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another thrilling edition of Friday Night Inferno! I’m Edward Jones, along with my colleague, former World Champion, Anthony Logan!

Logan: Thanks for the props, Jonesy. I don’t want anyone to forget that I held a big belt. I was the man!

Jones: Well, now the man is Lurrr, our current GCWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Logan: Yep, but his reign could be on a downward arc, the closer we get to Adrenaline Rush, when he’s going to be fighting against the #1 Contender, Draco!

Jones: Tonight, we’ll see Draco in action, as he defends his GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship against a tough challenger in Scott Caine. That should be a great main event, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, plus we’ve got the Television Title on the line, although who knows who Crazy Chris’ opponent is going to be, since the members of Organized Chaos, except for Caine, have seemingly left the GCWA for good!

Jones: After last week’s surprising upset of Robert Santana winning the X Division Title away from Crimson, the group, sighting biased refereeing, decided to break away from the GCWA. Only Caine decided to stay, as he still has his own objectives here.

Logan: Chaos complaining about the referee’ing. That is just hilarious.

Jones: We’ve got a lot of action set for tonight, and there’s no time like the present, so let’s continue the Road to Adrenaline Rush with our first match!

Minos: The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming towards the ring, he has gained a surprising following in the GCWA over the summer and now going into the fall, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*Arachne storms out to “Wana” by the Black Horn, doing a quick dance on the stage before moving towards the ramp. A small Arachne chant builds through the crowd, showing that he’s earning some support, despite being winless so far in his GCWA career.*

Jones: I think it’s safe to say that the GCWA has never seen anyone like Arachne in the past. Did you see his recent video clips?

Logan: Honestly, they give me a headache, Jonesy. I mean, flying unicorns and golden cow statues? Oy.

Jones: Lighten up, Anthony! I’d think you’d be a fan of this guy, considering some of the trips you took during your days in the wrestling business.

Logan: Hey, I did a lot of things, but I never pretented to fight dinosaurs and throw them into lava!

Jones: Wait, wasn’t it magma?

Logan: Lava, magna, whatever!

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Cruiserweight Champion, fighting today for a chance at a continued career in the company, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from London, England, here is “The Dark Angel” Joshua Curtis!

*”The Last Domino” by Genesis can be heard easily over the fans, mainly due to their non-reaction as Joshua Curtis comes out. Curtis looks intent tonight, knowing that this could be his last opportunity at a rebirth, as he goes towards the ring.*

Jones: It was announced earlier today that Joshua Curtis’ career might very well be on the line in this match. Interestingly, neither man wrestling tonight has gotten a victory in the company since coming in, which means that someone’s walking out with their first victory in 2009.

Logan: I’m pulling for Curtis to show us something here, and to let us know that he’s worth something to the company. I mean, he used to be a pretty big star, after all!

Jones: Yes, but so have several other guys who have tried to make a comeback in the GCWA. It just doesn’t always work.

Logan: Well, if he can’t beat Arachne, then Curtis should leave on his own accord and not even worry about being laid off.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Curtis takes off his gear and checks the wraps around his wrists, adjusting them. Arachne, meanwhile, seems to have taken offense to something in the crowd. He slides out of the ring, going over to the audience. He starts arguing with what is apparently a young boy wearing the facepaint of The Lost Soul! The kid’s father intercedes, telling Arachne to back off, but Arachne doesn’t seem very well inclined. It’s possible that he actually believes the boy IS The Lost Soul, having shown up to ambush him. Curtis, meanwhile, is watching from inside the ring, an incredulous expression on his face. Referee Adrian Rockwell starts his count, looking over the ropes towards the strange wrestler.*

Jones: The bell just rang, and Arachne’s already taking this match in an unusual direction!

Logan: I know he’s got an issue with The Lost Soul, and challenged the man to a “Spider Web” match at Adrenaline Rush, whatever the hell that is… but does he have to go challenge a kid, too?

Jones: Well, if he’ll kill baby dinosaurs, I guess a human kid isn’t that far of a stretch.

Logan: HE DIDN’T REALLY KILL….. oh, hell, never mind.

*Arachne continues his argument with the young fan’s father, apparently threatening him. The father moves back from the railing, keeping his son protectively behind him, while other fans are now getting involved. They seem to be trying to reason with Arachne, which has to be an interesting process. Meanwhile, Curtis, not wanting just a countout victory, rolls out of the ring. He waves to some of the fans, apparently assuring them that he’s going to take care of this, ‘protecting’ the fans. He comes up behind Arachne, tapping him on the shoulder. As Arachne turns around, Curtis swings, going for a head shot, but Arachne ducks it! A startled Curtis is off-balance, allowing Arachne to get in a couple shots of his own, then sweep Curtis’ legs, sending him head-first into the guardrail!!! Curtis collapses to the ground, a cut opened up on his forehead sending blood down his face!*

Jones: We’ve got blood!

Logan: Man, in the opening match??

Jones: Curtis hit that metal railing just perfectly, possibly opening up an old wound. Whatever the reason, though, this match just turned a little bit hardcore!

Logan: I hope Arachne doesn’t like the taste of blood!

Jones: Ugh…

*With Rockwell’s count getting higher and higher, Arachne pulls the bloodied Curtis up, slamming his head once more into the railing!! Curtis can barely stand, but Arachne’s able to move him over to the apron, rolling him in. Arachne follows, just barely beating the 10 count. Rockwell backs off, signaling that the match is going to continue, although the way Curtis is bleeding, it probably won’t continue much longer. He tries to get up, wiping blood out of his eyes. Arachne’s there, though, grabbing Curtis by the head and doing more damage with a stunner!! Curtis flops to the mat, not moving, even as Arachne begins to head for the turnbuckle! He climbs up quickly, hissing as he does so. He positions himself on the turnbuckle, looking around with wild eyes at the crowd. After a second, Arachne leaps, flying downwards onto Curtis with クモにかま,better known as the Spider Bite!!! Rockwell is shaking his head with a grin, even as Arachne moves back over to make the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Arachne!

Jones: Hell just froze over! Arachne has won his first match in the GCWA!!

Logan: History just got made, didn’t it? And you have to wonder, does this start a roll for Arachne, as he goes on to face his nemesis, The Lost Soul, once again?

Jones: As for Joshua Curtis, losing this quickly to Arachne, not to mention being cut open the way he was… it doesn’t look good for him.

Logan: Yeah, Curtis needs to reconsider his future. If he wants to return at some point with renewed energy, maybe, but right now, he’s in no condition to be a GCWA wrestler.

*Arachne is celebrating with, what else, a little dance. Curtis, meanwhile, is already getting medical attention for the severe cut on his forehead, which has been gushing blood. Rockwell is calling for a stretcher, which just might be needed, as Curtis may be too out of it to be able to walk away under his own power. Arachne departs, heading up the aisle and passing by the medical personnel who are bringing the stretcher. We watch as they start to get Curtis placed onto it. Behind him, watching with a smile, is Titan 3, the Head of GCWA Security. Titan 3 seems to have other ideas about where Curtis is going to end up once he’s wheeled out. We head to commercial.*

*We return from commercial to the announcer’s table, where Jones and Logan are waiting.*

Jones: A few weeks ago, in a surprising series of events, the Big Bifford and his manager, Martin Ka’Berryon, ended up getting arrested and taken off to jail.

Logan: Yeah, the funny thing is, the dude who arrested them was just there to get an autograph from Bifford!

Jones: Well, we haven’t heard from the duo for a few weeks, but that all changes tonight, as we’ve received some video of how they are adjusting to prison life!

Logan: Oh, man….

*The scene switches from ringside to that of a holding cell in a Texas prison where The Big Bifford and Martin Ka'Berryon are being held. Bifford is reading a magazine and Martin is looking around very nervously at the other folks in the cell.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: So... why, again, did you confess to all that stuff?

The Big Bifford: Honesty is the best policy.

Martin Ka’Berryon: But dude... half of it wasn't even true!

The Big Bifford: Okay so we didn't really steal the shrimping boat... that doesn't mean that your little ring of child pornogra-

Martin Ka’Berryon: SHUT UP!

The Big Bifford: phy was any less illegal.

*Suddenly two large men approach Martin. Martin tries to divert his eyes, but cannot.*

Large Inmate: We heard what you did.

Larger Inmate: We'd like to have some words with you in the shower.

Large Inmate: Now.

*Martin stands up and tries to walk away but the two inmates grab him by his grapes, which are poorly hidden under his inmate clothing, and pull him into the showers. As Martin screams in agony off camera, Bifford shrugs and keeps reading his magazine.*

The Big Bifford: It could be worse... He could be Dangerous Dan's manager.

*A guard suddenly appears and hands Bifford a tray of food. Bifford smiles and drops the magazine, clapping with glee.*

The Big Bifford: YES!!! Food! MmmM!

*Bifford begins chowing down as the scene changes back to ringside...*

Logan: Man, I guess Ka’Berryon’s not adjusting well at all, is he?

Jones: Well, you couldn’t really expect a guy who wears a grape costume to do well in prison.

Logan: True. Too many plush bits…

Jones: And on that note, let’s just get to our next match, shall we?

Logan: What’d I say?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. It will be a non-title match. Introducing first, they came to us from a major Salvadoran promotion, and are seeking to make their careers here in the GCWA, weighing a combined 400 pounds, with their manager, Paco, here are Hector and Victor, the Malvados!

*The crowd is booing as “Si Senor” by Control Machete begins to play. Paco comes out first, a small smile on his face, although he’s clearly still unhappy about what happened last week. Hector and Victor follow him out, or is it Victor and Hector? Well, anyway, the Malvados are here, walking towards the ring.*

Logan: Last week, Paco lost something very important to him: his beverages. It was a terrible moment for the manager, you could tell.

Jones: I thought it was hilarious myself, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, of course you would. The main suspect, of course, is Harvey Danger, although anyone could have written his name on the mirror of the Malvados locker room. That doesn’t matter to Paco, who wants his men to get revenge here tonight.

Jones: In all fairness, though, the Malvados started things by assaulting Harvey a few weeks ago. Tonight, it all comes to a head.

Minos: Their opponents are part of a three-way stable in the GCWA, each of whom claim a share of the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles… weighing a combined 451 lbs, representing D & D, here are Harvey Danger and “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*Donovan comes out quickly, laughing at something. After a few seconds, Harvey comes out as well, shaking his head. He and Donovan talk animatedly along the aisleway, making their way slowly towards the ring. Interestingly, Donovan is wearing a GCWA World Tag-Team Title, but Harvey, for some reason, only has his ‘title’, the Harvey Danger Title For Excellence in the Field of Being Awesome.*

Jones: In an interesting decision, Shane Donovan tried to buy Harvey a narcoleptic hooker this past week.

Logan: Some people, I guess, are into that kind of thing. But Harvey didn’t seem too amused, especially after he accidentally knocked the woman out.

Jones: Of course, she can’t press charges without getting herself arrested for illegal activity. Plus, I think Donovan gave her something extra for her troubles.

Logan: I don’t even want to know.

Jones: I meant cash, Anthony! Geez…

*The Bell Rings.*

*There’s little debate from either team, as Hector steps in for the Malvados, while Donovan wants to start things off for D & D. He says something mockingly to Hector, who doesn’t respond, causing Donovan to laugh. This gets through, with Hector attacking with a couple of rights, driving Donovan back into the ropes. He grabs Donovan’s arm and sends him, no, reversal, Hector is sent across the ring instead. As Hector rebounds off the ropes, Donovan comes in to meet him, leaping up with a flying forearm! Hector struggles back up, holding his head, but Donovan’s right there on the assault, whipping Hector towards the corner. With Hector stunned, Donovan runs in with a flying splash, crusing him into the pads. Donovan then shoves Hector forward, sending him falling out of the corner to the mat. Donovan follows, rolling him over to try a quick pin attempt. Referee Thomas Mitchell is right there for the count… 1… 2.. and Hector easily gets a shoulder up.*

Jones: Donovan is looking strong early on here.

Logan: Well, there’s been a lot of talk in the back about how D & D has not done much with the World Tag-Team Titles since winning them. Donovan’s looking to show teams like the House of Pain and the Danger Boiz that D & D is still a threat to hang onto the belts.

Jones: A victory here will definitely resonate in the tag-team ranks.

*Donovan has Hector back up and in the neutral corner, kicking away at him to keep him down. Meanwhile, referee Thomas Mitchell has moved to the side, arguing something with Paco, who has grabbed hold of the bottom ropes. The two continue to converse, with Paco trying to get his point across. While they’re talking, though, Victor suddenly slips into the ring, running up and hitting Donovan from behind!! Hector, in pain, rolls out of the ring, while Victor keeps Donovan in the corner, landing a series of punches to try and control him. However, Harvey Danger, upset, comes into the ring as well, attacking Victor from behind!! The fans are cheering, even as Danger turns and pushes Donovan under the ropes, getting him out of the ring, then goes back to Victor, hammering away on him as referee Mitchell finally turns around and looks, with confusion, at what is happening during his match.*

Logan: Hah! Danger’s trying the switcharoo!

Jones: Somehow, I don’t think it will be as successful as the Malvados.

Logan: Yeah, I think D & D needs to start wearing Stranger Danger gear. That’ll get it to work!

*Mitchell comes over to Danger, who has taken Victor down with a double-armed DDT, and starts demanding to know when a tag took place. Danger shakes his head, almost as if he’s trying to tell Mitchell he’s been there the whole time, but Mitchell isn’t buying it. He points over at Donovan, who is back up in the corner, even as Danger continues to deny that he’s not the legal man. Outside the ring, Hector’s back up now. He sees the confusion and adds to it by sliding under the ropes and attacking Harvey from behind, dropping him with a bulldog!! Harvey rolls away, in pain, but Donovan immediately reacts by springboarding over the ropes with a flying kick, taking Hector down!! Donovan then runs to the side, where Victor was trying to get back up, clotheslining him out of the ring!! Hector, seeing this, runs at Donovan, but Shane sidesteps him, then grabs his head, twisting Hector to the mat and wrapping him up with the Clincher!!!*

Logan: Submission hold applied!! Hector’s been Clinched!

Jones: He’s right in the center of the ring, Anthony! Without help, this one might be over!

*Hector’s groaning in agony, trying to figure out any possible way to get out of the submission maneuver. Donovan, though, appears to have it locked in precisely, keeping the pressure on. Paco, on the outside, is jumping around Victor, trying to get him up and moving. Victor finally recovers from his fall and slides into the ring to go for the save, but Harvey comes over to intercept, catching Victor off-guard and dropping him with the Danger DDT!!! Victor’s back out of the ring, knocked out, with Paco looking down at him with a look of disgust. Meanwhile, Hector has not been able to move, as he is slowly fading in the hold. Donovan, grinning, increases the pressure, with referee Mitchell staying close by. He asks again, and this time, Hector starts tapping, unable to take any more pain! Mitchell stands up and signals for the bell, then tells Donovan to release the hold.*

Minos: Here are your winners, Harvey Danger & Shane Donovan, D & D!

Jones: D & D gets a much-needed victory!

Logan: They may be an ‘odd couple’ kind of tag-team, but Danger and Donovan worked well together here today in taking down the Malvados. But will that continue at Adrenaline Rush, where they’ve been set up to face two tough tag-teams?

*Donovan gets up and takes the World Tag-Team Title, dropping it on his own shoulder. Next to him, Danger proudly has his ‘awesome’ title. Danger points to Donovan and raises his arm, giving him respect, which Shane seems to appreciate. A second later, Danger steps to Donovan’s side, as if expecting his own arm to be raised. Unfortunately, Donovan doesn’t see it, as he’s already heading out of the ring. Danger hurries to catch up. Paco, on the other side, is clearly upset with the Malvados, berating them for their actions. We cut away to the backstage area, where we see a doorway to the Archives Room here at the GCWA Arena. This is where unedited footage is put together for tribute shows and segments. A lot of footage is never seen by the common fan, as some footage is taped when the cameras aren’t live. The door opens, with a man walking out. It’s The Lost Soul. He’s got what looks to be a flash drive in his hands. He looks around, then leaves. Behind him, in the room, all is quiet. We head to a commercial break.*

*We come back from commercial break to the Presidential office, where the Accelerator is hard at work. Actually, this time he’s not, as he’s up and using his dart board. He lands one close to the bull’s eye, as the door to his office opens up. Robert Santana, the new GCWA X Division Champion, walks in, holding the title. The crowd can be heard cheering as Santana waits behind the Accelerator. The President throws two more darts, and then finally decides to turn around.*

The Accelerator: Ahh, Robert. How’s it going?

*Santana doesn’t say anything, as he just looks at the President. Ace, thinking about it, blanches a little, then shakes his head.*

The Accelerator: Sorry. Stupid question. I heard the funeral for your son turned out well. The entire GCWA does grieve with you.

Robert Santana: Thank you.

The Accelerator: You’re welcome. Now, about the reason I called you here… we were expecting you to face Tommy Crimson in a rematch for that X Division Title there, but Crimson decided to break his contract instead. I’ll deal with that later. What matters now is that you don’t currently have an opponent for Adrenaline Rush.

*Santana doesn’t react, knowing that the President always has a back-up plan for problems like this. The Accelerator nods, respecting the silence, before continuing.*

The Accelerator: Well, as a professional courtesy, I wanted to make sure you knew that you DO have an opponent at Adrenaline Rush, and you WILL be defending the X Division Title in an “Xtreme Rules” Match.

*The crowd can be heard, giving some cheers at the thought of Santana being in action. Santana himself just nods. He’s clearly not in a talkative mood.*

The Accelerator: As for your opponent… well, he’s here tonight. In fact, he’s on his way to the ring right now.

*The audience cheers again, even as the Accelerator turns in his chair to look at his large flatscreen television. Santana, almost against his will, looks as well, to see who his opponent is going to be. We go to a live shot from the arena.*

Jones: A surprise opponent, eh? Who’s it going to be?

Logan: I’m pulling for Makorpal!!

Jones: Well, you won’t have to wait for an answer, because here we go!

*The lights begin to slowly fade in the arena to complete darkness. The crowd begins to roar, their usual reaction to losing the lights.*

Jones: What on earth?

Logan: Wait a second…

*A dim spotlight focuses in on the entrance ramp as “Sound Of Madness” by Shinedown begins to play. A small framed man, with a hood over his head steps from the back stage area. With a loud explosion of fireworks, the man throws his hood off. Standing in smoke and fire off the fireworks is Arryk Rage, with a newly shaved head!! The crowd erupts as he starts to make his way slowly down to ringside.*

Logan: It is him!! Arryk Rage is back in the GCWA!!

Jones: And he’s right back to going for the GCWA X Division Title!

*Rage slides under the bottom rope and stands in the middle of the ring. He throws his arms up into the air as another explosion of fireworks blasts in the ring. He has a slight smile on his face as a mic is slid over to him. With one motion, he picks it up, waiting for the crowd noise to die down before he begins talking.*

Arryk Rage: Ten years. I've been in this business for ten years. I've done and seen it all. Been to the top, and at the very bottom. I've been the good, the bad, and the in between. I stand here today a new man. I was put through the wringer a few months ago. It only made me sit back, and take a look at everything that I have and haven't done. I stand here with a goal, and with a means to reach that goal...

*Arryk looks around at all the people in the crowd with a smile on his face.*

Arryk Rage: Last night, while sitting at home and watching the season premiere of Survivor on my DVR, my phone rang. I was shocked and in awe as to what I saw. It was your President... No, not Obama, but Ace. In a fevered search after one of his top stars ran away with his tail between his legs, Ace needed help. Not just any help, he needed Arryk Rage. So here I am, back in the GCWA, brought back by the very same man that sanctioned T3 to try and end me...

*Arryk pauses to look around once again, this time, going over to the corner, climbing up, and sitting on the top turnbuckle.*

Arryk Rage: Santana.... At Adrenaline Rush, you have an opponent. You will be facing a man that has gone to hell and back. He's been in a fun house, has been hunted by the so called, bosses, of the GCWA. A man that has been Buried Alive.... Robert Santana, at Adrenaline Rush, you are going to go One on One against.... Arryk Rage.... Sensai..... I hope you've done your homework, kid, because at Adrenaline Rush, You will find out what it really means to be Hardcore and Extreme.

*Arryk slams the mic down as the crowd goes completely crazy. He hops onto the apron and out of the ring, walking up the ramp.*

Logan: Wow, Rage vs. Santana in an “Xtreme Rules” Match! This PPV just went up a notch!!

Jones: Santana’s first defense of the X Division Title is going to be against the man who has held it several times, yet has never been declared the champion!

Logan: What an announcement!

*As the fans continue cheering, we cut back to the President’s office. The Accelerator turns back to Santana, who is still staring at the screen. Surprisingly, a small smile has appeared on Santana’s face.*

The Accelerator: So, there you go, Robert. Are you ready for the challenge of being the champion?

Robert Santana: I wanted something to take my mind off things. A match against Arryk Rage? It’s perfect.

*Santana turns and leaves the room, walking out before the President can say anything more. Ace, though, understands what Santana is going through, and doesn’t bother to say anything more. He goes back to throwing darts at a board, with a picture of Lurrr on it, taking darts to his ‘face’. We head to commercial.*

*We’re back at the Hospital where Marcus Ka’Derrion is staying, although he was moved last week to the general hospital area where he continues to recover. We are following Cynthia Hall who is carrying with her a box of chocolates, some DVDs of the latest FNI shows and a couple of balloons. As she reaches Marcus’ room, she knocks and then enters. *

Cynthia Hall: Hey Marcus! How you feeling?! Look what I got--- who the hell are you!?

*The camera turns towards the bed and like Cynthia, we are surprise to see a very old man laying in it. He turns towards Cynthia and smiles, revealing the very few teeth he has left.*

Old Man: For you darling, I’ll be whoever you want!

Cynthia Hall: Eeew! Dirty old man!

*Cynthia storms out of the room, heading for the receptionists desk while the hold man stares down at himself and punches his genital area a few times.*

Old Man: Work damn it!

*We catch up to Cynthia who is having a conversation with the receptionist. *

Cynthia Hall: Released? What do you mean released? When? Why? I thought he still had long to recover!? Why wasn’t I told! I’m the top reporter in the GCWA I need to know this things!

*The receptionists tries to answer all of Cynthia’s questions but the bottom line is, Marcus Ka’Derrion has been released. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s been released? That means… damn, that means he could be here tonight!!

Logan: Do you really think Ka’Derrion would come flying back in here like that, Jonesy?

Jones: I don’t know, but from now on, I’m watching out for any fan that doesn’t like quite right!

Logan: That should be entertaining. Let’s get on with the show!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and is going to be for the GCWA Television Title! Introducing first, he has proven himself a strong member of the GCWA roster with reigns with both singles and tag-team titles. Standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

*”Mental Health” by Zebrahead begins to play, earning the cheers of the crowd. Crazy Chris comes out, his usual mask in place, giving the fans his own respect before moving towards the squared circle. He looks pretty confident, possibly due to the state of his ‘opponent’ tonight.*

Logan: Interesting that Crazy Chris is coming out first here tonight. I mean, isn’t the champion usually introduced last?

Jones: Well, the fact is, I don’t think anyone’s seen hide nor hair of Organized Chaos members Tommy Crimson or Jobe Severity since the shocking upset last week, when Crimson lost the X Division Title to Robert Santana. Crazy Chris may not even have an opponent here tonight.

*Crazy Chris moves into the ring, with Minos still waiting inside the ring. Referee Trixie moves in to get the Television Title, taking it to the honored place next to the timekeeper.*

Minos: Crazy Chris was scheduled tonight to defend his championship against Jobe Severity. However, since Severity has not appeared at the arena tonight, he will not be competing in tonight’s match.

*There are some boos with this announcement, although some fans are also cheering, knowing that Organized Chaos appears to be gone from the GCWA.*

Jones: So it’s true, Severity and Crimson are both gone from the GCWA!

Logan: Stunning, but things like that happens sometimes. You can bet there will be some behind-the-scenes legal issues regarding their GCWA contracts, but we’ll probably never hear anything about it.

Jones: So if Severity is gone, why is Crazy Chris even out here?

Logan: Y’know, that’s a good question, Jonesy.

*Crazy Chris moves forward, apparently wondering the same thing. He’s talking with referee Trixie, who is just as much in the dark. Minos, though, moves to the side, still talking.*

Minos: It was decided, though, that the GCWA Television Title needed to be defended here tonight, since it will not be on the line at Adrenaline Rush. Thus, the Presidential decision has been made for another match to take place.

Jones: There IS going to be a match! But with who?

Logan: Hey, now, Jonesy, don’t look at me!

Jones: Well, you’d definitely be a surprise pick.

Logan: Nope, my wrestling career is happily on hold. I enjoy announcing too much to risk it in the ring!

*Minos, surprisingly, is already leaving the ring, as a confused Crazy Chris is still talking to Trixie, the only other person in the ring.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: What? The bell… have we started? Who’s the opponent??

Jones: Well, the only one in the ring is……

Logan: Trixie???

*Crazy Chris, looking around, focuses on Trixie, who is looking straight at him. Chris moves forward, considering her, with Trixie raising her hands, denying being his opponent. In the meantime, the timekeeper gets up from where he rang the bell, pulling off his hat and coat to reveal…. Peter Vaughn!!! The Janitor dives under the ropes and comes up behind Chris, grabbing him from behind and twisting him down into a roll-up!!! He hangs on tight, as referee Trixie, shocked, drops to make the count… 1… 2… NO!!!! Chris barely kicks out in time!!!*

Logan: It’s the Janitor!!! The Janitor almost stole away the Television Title!!!

Jones: Geez, I thought Vaughn had given up his pursuit after losing to Chris the week before?

Logan: Apparently not, Jonesy. He still wants that title to prove to Robert Santana what a good partner he is!!

*Vaughn, already looking frustrated that his plan didn’t work, is kicking away at Crazy Chris, who is rolling away, trying to get out of range. Chris reaches the ropes and starts to pull himself up, with Vaughn grabbing him from behind and turning him around. But Chris responds with rights of his own, sending the Janitor backwards! Chris then scoop slams Vaughn to the mat, causing him to grimace in pain on the mat. The Television Champion, swiftly pulling himself back together, reaches down and brings Vaughn back up, shooting him into the ropes. As Vaughn comes back, Crazy Chris jumps up with a dropkick, planting Vaughn on his back! Vaughn rolls away, holding his head, while Crazy Chris gets back up to the cheers of the audience.*

Logan: It didn’t take long for Crazy Chris to regain control of this one, even after the surprise competitor!

Jones: Chris knows all about Vaughn, having wrestled him before. He’s also a pretty quick guy, and can shift gears with the best of them!

*Crazy Chris brings the Janitor back up, already positioning him to land the Crazy Bitch!! But Vaughn surprisingly fights free, having studied the move, and manages to twist around Chris, taking him down with a Russian leg sweep instead!! With Chris down, Vaughn jumps on top, desperately trying to hold him down with both legs held. Trixie’s there for the count… 1… 2.. but Chris kicks out again. Vaughn hops right back up, grabbing hold of Chris and lifting him onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. He moves towards the ropes, apparently thinking of dumping Chris over to the outside!! But Chris is already fighting, trying to get free. He drops down behind Vaughn, wrapping his arms around the contender and getting him into the ropes for a roll-up attempt. Vaughn hangs on, though, with Chris rolling backwards on his own. Vaughn then turns and charges, going for a full-out splash, but Chris ducks back to the mat, avoiding it! Vaughn flies over him, crashing hard to the mat and rolling, holding his side as he exits the ring!*

Logan: I think Vaughn went for the “all-or-nothing” gambit too early in this one, as the champion was easily able to avoid it!

Jones: But Vaughn did the smart thing after the miss, Anthony, getting himself out of any risk of a pin and giving him a moment to rest on the outside.

Logan: That’s only if Crazy Chris allows it, Jonesy, and that doesn’t look likely to me!

*Vaughn pulls himself up outside the ring, massaging his wrist, which he seemed to hurt when he landed. Crazy Chris, meanwhile, is already on the run, coming over the top rope with a suicide tope!!! He smashes into Vaughn, who didn’t see it coming, knocking him to the ground!! The crowd is going wild, loving some high-flying action, even as Crazy Chris reaches down to pull Vaughn back up off the mat. He rolls the hurting Vaughn into the ring, and then goes towards the turnbuckle, climbing up! Vaughn starts to get up, already looking like he’s low on fuel. Crazy Chris reaches the top of the turnbuckle, waiting patiently for the Janitor to turn around. When he does, Vaughn’s in the perfect position for Chris to come flying into him with the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! Vaughn collapses to the mat, not moving. The Television Champion lets out an energetic yell, showing his excitement, before making the cover, with Trixie hitting the mat… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!!

Jones: The Janitor nearly surprised us all with what would have been one of the all-time shocking moments, but Crazy Chris was able to recover and dominate him for the victory!

Logan: Yeah, I’ll give Vaughn a little credit, because that’s the most ‘thinking’ I believe I’ve ever seen from him. But it wasn’t enough to beat a champion like Chris.

*Vaughn’s already rolled out of the ring, and is out on his knees, looking shocked that his plan didn’t succeed. Meanwhile, Crazy Chris has been joined in the ring by his tag-team partner and brother, Dangerous Dan. Dan congratulates Chris, giving him props, then hands a mic to Chris, while holding onto the TV Title for him. Chris turns towards the audience, mic in hand.*

Crazy Chris: Another successful defense, but we’re not done yet. Donovan, Danger, we’re coming for those Tag-Team Titles! The Danger Boiz are going to be two-time World Tag-Team Champions, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop us!

*Chris drops the mic back to the ground, turning back to Dan. His brother looks at him questioningly for a second, before realizing that Chris is wanting his Television Title back. Dan hands it over (maybe a little reluctantly), and the two brothers head out, leaving ringside. We fade to a commercial break.*

*We return from the commercial break to see work being done around the ring, getting a few things set up. We focus on Jones & Logan at the broadcast table.*

Jones: It’s almost time for our main event, but before that takes place, Draco’s ready to speak his piece with a brand-new guest!

Logan: Cool, the Complaint Department is back? Hey, if he wants to have a show right before his title defense, why not, right?

*The fans begin to cheer as the ring is starting to get a few decorations. This could only mean that GCWA’s number one talk show segment is back. And with a new season no less! This can only mean more entertainment for the fan’s dollar.*

*That image has the fans cheering as it is lowered from the ceiling. Soon the ring is set up and the crew has left. “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play. Of course, Draco comes out in his ring gear with a microphone in hand. He gets the crowd going making sure to high five, pose for pictures, and even hold up a few of the fans’ signs as he makes his way down to the ring. Draco rolls in.*

Draco: Hellllllllo Dallas!

*The fans respond to the cheap pop as Draco stands next to the Complaint Department’s image with him. It is Draco…in stereo.*

Draco: Sorry about missing last week. I had to concentrate on that major…

*It was the fans who made Draco laugh. His match last week was nothing more than a two move combo. He leans against the ropes catching his breath as the fans start a Draaaaaa-co! Draaaaaa-co! chant.*

Draco: Thank you. Thank you. I got a treat for you guys tonight. I am doing a two part special. For the next two weeks I will be having very special guests on my show…my opponents!

*The fans are taken back a bit by this. A few applaud, but the place is left scratching their heads. Draco keeps on going though.*

Draco: Tonight will be Scotty Boy. Next week will be Lurrr. I'll be face-to-face with Lurrr in this ring to sign our contract!

*It wasn’t what the fans were expecting, but they will take it!*

Draco: So let’s start with the often over looked…and rightfully so!…Scotty Boy!

*Some generic wrestling music plays and a figure stumbles out onto the ramp and looks to go back, but is pushed back by what appears to be Harvey Danger. Something about a hooker is heard being said. It is Scott Caine, it is Shane Donovan dressed as Scott Caine.*

Draco: Come on down, Scotty!

*Shane Donovan hangs his head and moves down into the ring mumbling a few obscenities.*

Draco: Watch the language! This is a family show.

“Scott Caine” (Shane Donovan): Sorry mas’a Draco.

*Draco moves the microphone away from his lips just before cuffing Shane Donovan in the back of the head. The conversation can be barely be heard as the fans are drowning it out with laughter.*

Draco: He isn’t some slave, damnit!

“Scott Caine” (Shane Donovan): How the hell do I know? The little doink is below even Harvey.

Draco: Just stick to the script.

“Scott Caine” (Shane Donovan): Goddamn, next time Harvey is buying the hooker.

*That last line has Draco scratching his head. He shakes his head and sits down. Shane Caine soon follows sitting across from Draco in the opposite chair.*

Draco: Now a lot of fans have asked me why you are so confident when you face everyone when your record clearly speaks otherwise.

“Scott Caine” (Shane Donovan): It is my Napoleon complex kicking in. Have to make up for my shortcomings. And…err…something about how much I suck.

Draco: Good commitment, Shane.

*Shane Caine shrugs his shoulders as the audience laughs thinking this is all part of the show. Sadly, it was just the everyday interaction between Shane Donovan and Draco.*

Draco: Anyways…

*Before Draco could say another word, he sees two figures slide into the ring. It was Scott Caine and his bodyguard, Penance. Shane Donovan turns around to get tackled by Penance. The two start to brawl while rolling on the ground. Scott Caine stops in his tracks when he sees Draco saw it coming.*

Jones: I take it Caine wasn’t a big fan of the impersonation, Anthony.

Logan: Sure doesn’t look that way, Edds, but then, who would be?

*Draco throws the director’s chairs out of the ring as Caine mouths off to him. Draco walks around to the still brawling Shane and Penance.*

Draco: Hey.

*They don’t stop.*

Draco: HEY!

*Still nothing.*

Draco: Douchebags!

*They stop. Draco nods and points to the outside of the ring.*

Draco: I have someone who needs to get their head kicked in. Get out so I can start this damn thing!

*The two are reluctant to leave the ring, but do with Shane Donovan staying in Draco’s corner just in case any more shenanigans happen. Penance is of course in Scott Caine’s corner. The Complaint Department screen raises up, out of harm’s way. Draco turns back, talking with Donovan. Caine, seeing this, comes forward, hitting Draco from behind and knocking him down. The match quickly gets underway.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: No announcing required, it’s time to get to fighting!

Logan: The Intercontinental Championship is on the line!

*Caine, still in control, brings Draco up and spins him around, landing a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Draco falls to the ground, hurting, as Caine pushes off the ropes and comes back to leap into the air and splash on top of him! Caine grabs the legs, while referee Mark Bell gets into place… 1… and Draco quickly gets himself out of the attempt. Caine pulls Draco up, sending him back into the corner and continuing the assault. He punches away, taunting Draco as he does so, talking all about how Draco was overlooking him. Caine leans in, yelling in Draco’s face about respect. However, Draco reaches out, grabbing Caine by the throat, surprising him!! Draco spins him around, getting Caine’s back against the corner, and starts swinging away himself, to the cheers of the pro-D&D crowd! Draco then grabs Caine by the arm and brings him out of the corner via a hiptoss, throwing him towards the center of the ring.*

Jones: Caine got a little carried away there, and Draco was able to use it against him.

Logan: Caine certainly feels like he has a lot to prove. He decided to take a risk to boost up his career by joining up with Organized Chaos, but the group’s dissolution has really left him in a lurch.

Jones: Well, beating Draco and winning the Intercontinental Title would certainly put him back on track, but he’s got to put his own personal feelings aside and stay focused to win here today.

*Donovan can be seen on the outside, cheering Draco on. Penance, on the other side, doesn’t look very happy, although his gaze is more set on Donovan than anyone in the ring. Draco has brought Caine up now, giving him a few clubbing blows to get him back against the ropes. Draco grabs the arm and sends Caine running, then follows right behind him. As soon as Caine turns to rebound on the ropes, Draco jumps in the air, scoring a dropkick that sends Caine over the ropes and down to the apron! He manages to catch himself to avoid a complete fall, even as Draco gets back to his feet. The IC Champion comes in, trying to knock Caine off the apron, but Caine stops him with an elbow shot, stunning him. Caine then locks Draco up, threatening to suplex him out of the ring!! He lifts, but Draco manages to swing his body weight, allowing him to land on the apron instead! They break apart, and then come back in against each other, both with the same idea. The two punches connect, and both men go flying off the apron and down to the floor!*

Logan: Ouch, when ideas collide!

Jones: They both took some rough bumps there, but I think Draco might have gotten the worst of it. He did a complete flip on the way to the floor!

Logan: Yeah, well, it’s not like Caine landed on a soft pillow, either, Jonesy. Neither man’s getting up very quickly right now.

*Referee Mark Bell has moved closer to the action, watching carefully as, on either end of the area, Shane Donovan and Penance have moved in. Bell warns both men about disqualifications, although Donovan almost seems inclined to keep moving, anyway. Draco, though, is slowly pulling himself up, and he gives an almost imperceptible shake of his head. Donovan backs away, while Draco turns around and heads towards Caine, who is surprisingly still down. Draco grabs hold and starts to lift, but Caine, who was clearly playing possum, responds by giving Draco a legsweep and sending him facefirst into the steel steps!!! Draco rolls away, his hands over his face, while referee Bell yells something from the ring. Caine, though, yells back that Draco hit the stairs, rather than the stairs hitting Draco. Caine reaches down and gets Draco up, tossing him into the ring, then following.*

Jones: Caine pulled a dirty move out there, but it’s put him back in charge!

Logan: He made good use of his environment, I’ll give him that! But now he’s got to keep the pressure on, and keep wearing down the champion.

*In the ring, Caine is doing just that, grabbing hold of Draco’s arms and pulling him backwards into a backbreaker submission hold, keeping Draco in the air with Caine’s knees in his spine! Draco’s teeth are clenched as he fights to get free. Head referee Bell is there to check on him, but Draco violently shakes his head no, refusing to give up. Caine, meanwhile, is feeling the strain of the move, but still seems to be enjoying inflicting the punishment. After a few more seconds, though, as it becomes clear that it’s not going to be enough, Caine shoves Draco off of the move, throwing him back to the mat. Caine then gets back up and comes over, dropping multiple elbows onto Draco’s back, inflicting as much damage as possible. Draco crawls away, going for the ropes, but Caine arrogantly pulls him back, then drops another elbow, enjoying himself.*

Jones: Caine’s clearly picked a body part to focus on, although it’s a little unusual to see someone focus on the back, instead of an arm or leg.

Logan: Why is that unusual? You think Draco will be able to pull off the Momentum Shift or the Hellacious if his back seizes up on him?

Jones: Good point.

Logan: Draco’s got a whole variety of moves that he can beat you with, as he’s shown in his GCWA career. Caine’s obviously decided to strike at the center and take as many of those moves away as possible.

*Draco finally manages to get away, getting to the ropes, as head referee Bell warns Caine to back off. But as Draco pulls himself to his feet, Caine, ignoring the ref, comes in and grabs Draco from behind, dropping backwards with the Backstabber!!! Draco lets out a half-yell/half-grunt as he topples over, shaking from the impact. Caine pulls himself over and makes the cover, grinning over towards Donovan, who definitely looks concerned. Referee Bell is there for the count… 1… 2… and Draco manages to kick out!! Caine can’t believe it, staring in shock at the referee. Bell flashes two fingers, with Caine getting up to get in his face about it, saying that he should be the champion. Bell disagrees, though, so Caine goes back over to Draco, who’s trying to get up. Caine, pissed off now, reaches down and grabs Draco to pull him up. He goes to double-underhook Draco, but the champion suddenly moves, getting Caine twisted around enough to drop him with an impaler!! Both men are down, as Bell starts his count.*

Jones: A desperation move by Draco might just get him back into this one, if he can find some energy to draw on!

Logan: Draco’s always been able to bounce back, although he’s certainly taken a lot of abuse from Caine tonight.

Jones: This one’s still wide open, as we keep the action going!

*With the count getting higher and higher, both wrestlers start to stir. Caine, having taken less abuse, manages to use the ropes to get himself up first. Draco’s right behind him, though, lifting himself to his feet. Caine, seeing him, tries to come in, grabbing Draco’s arm. He sends Draco into the ropes, then moves after him. But Draco surprises him by springing himself off the ropes instead, coming back into Caine and landing the Light’s Out!!! Caine’s head hit the canvas once again, leaving him stunned. On the outside, Donovan is cheering his friend on, mainly by shouting insults and telling him to move his lazy ass to make the pin. As Donovan concentrates on Draco, though, he doesn’t see the incoming Penance, who races in from out of nowhere to mow Donovan down with a running clothesline!! In the ring, Draco crawls over, managing to make the cover… 1… 2… and somehow Caine manages to kick out!*

Jones: How did Caine kick out from that one? I thought we were already done!

Logan: Draco just couldn’t make a strong cover, Jonesy. He didn’t have all his weight on his opponent, which allowed Caine enough leeway to get his shoulder up.

Jones: Meanwhile, Penance is beating down Donovan!

Logan: Yeah, the guy doesn’t let go of a grudge, does he?

*Penance throws Donovan into the side of the ringpost, sending him spiraling off to the side. The big bodyguard continues his pursuit, while, in the ring, Draco pulls Caine back up, taking him towards the turnbuckle. He slams Caine’s head into the ‘buckle for good measure, then lifts him up, setting him onto the top turnbuckle. Caine starts to struggle, realizing that he’s in a bad position. Draco, though, smashes both of his arms together around Caine’s head, leaving him dazed! The IC Champion then climbs up next to Caine, positioning him for the Hellacious!! Just before Draco can leap, though, Penance is up on the turnbuckle, coming his way! Draco sees him coming and turns to protect himself, almost as if he’s going to jump towards him. But it turns out he doesn’t have to, as Donovan comes running back, leaping through the air and ramming a shoulder into the back of Penance’s legs, knocking him from the apron!! Draco, satisfied, reaches down to grab Caine… who manages, in a burst of strength, to throw Draco off of him and send Draco falling down into the middle of the ring!!*

Logan: That’s the second bad fall that Draco’s taken in this one!

Jones: And look where he is, Anthony! This one might just be about over!!

*With Draco down in the ring, Caine gets his feet stationary on the top turnbuckle, getting himself upright. On the outside, Donovan shoves a hurting Penance aside and starts yelling at Caine, trying to distract him with cursing and threats. Caine, though, appears to not even notice, as he balances himself, then leaps into the air, soaring for the Sugar Caine!!!! At the very last second, though, Draco manages to roll himself out of the way, causing Caine to land with no protection to his spine!! The impact jars Caine badly as he thumps around on the mat. He rolls over and starts to get up, despite the pain. As Caine rises, though, Draco, managing to get up, comes in, lifting Caine onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry! He only holds him for a second, though, before snapping him around and landing the Inner Rage, crushing Caine’s throat against Draco’s knee!!! Caine collapses to the ground, while Draco, exhausted, falls on top, grabbing hold of both legs. Head Referee Bell is right there for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Draco!!

Jones: Draco pulls it off and remains the champion!

Logan: So much for Caine’s big movement up the ladder! He put up a tremendous fight, but in the end, Draco just had one more move than he did!

Jones: Great ending to this one, and the fans are loving it!

*Donovan’s back in the ring now, checking on Draco, who appears to be having some trouble pulling himself back up. Draco’s back is killing him, especially after pulling off that power move, even on someone the size of Caine. Referee Bell brings over the IC belt, giving it to Draco, who holds it with pride. Caine has rolled to the side, coughing from the impact he took.*

Logan: It’s been a great night of wrestling action, so we’ll be seeing you…

Jones: Hang on, Anthony! We’re not done yet!

*Suddenly, Penance is back in the ring, hitting both Donovan and Draco from behind! He knocks Draco away and focuses on Donovan, punching away. Donovan quickly starts to fight back, landing some quick shots to Penance’s side. But then Caine is there, tackling Donovan from behind and taking him to the mat!*

Jones: The match is over, guys, enough!

Jones: Looks like Caine & Penance aren’t satisfied with how things ended up!

*The two men continue to work over Donovan, but now Draco’s back, attacking Caine. Things break down into a four-way brawl, with security arriving to try and break things up.*

Jones: Looks like Ace isn’t willing to risk his main event competitor getting hurt only a few weeks away from Adrenaline Rush!

Logan: Hey, I can understand that. These four could seriously hurt each other. Hey, wait a minute, I just realized… where’s Harvey Danger? I mean, I know he was in the back, why didn’t he come out to help?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, but we are running out of time quickly, so we’ve got to go! Good night, and we’ll see you next week!

*Caine and Penance leave the ring, with security getting them moving, while D & D watches them go. Suddenly, the big screen comes on, showing the backstage area. We see Harvey Danger, laying on the ground, apparently unconscious. A note has been attached to his back. The top part says “Kick Me”. The bottom part says “RE was here.” Danger’s still not moving, as the picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Another show added to the pile. It's getting harder and harder to count how many have been written, isn't it? *l*

Ok, so a little explanation. I had originally planned for the PPV, Adrenaline Rush, to be this next week. However, I've been struggling lately in updating the page, due to both work and other concerns. Plus, well, I've just been lazy. Well, I found out today that several people apparently thought the PPV was the 2nd week of October. I also found out that Draco did not want a match next week.

So, since I think most of the blame is on me, I'm making an execution decision and having a regular card next week, then the PPV the week after. So Adrenaline Rush will now be Sunday, October 11th.

With that said, here's the card for next week:

- The House of Pain vs. The Malvados

- Lurrr(c) vs. Arachne, Non-Title Match

- Robert Santana(c) vs. The Lost Soul, Non-Title Match
(If TLS wins, he gets an "X Division Title" shot after the PPV, no matter who the champion is)

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Penance, GCWA Television Title Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, September 25th, to Wednesday, September 30th, giving you 5 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!