GCWA Friday Night Inferno

* After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Lurrr, laughing maniacally as he holds up the World Heavyweight Title. Rick Mathis is standing behind him, a huge smile on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is cheering like mad, enjoying the fireworks and pyrotechnics going off around the stage area to kick off the show. We focus on some of the fans, who have signs that say “Vengeance will be his!” and “TLS: Guilty Until Proven Innocent”. We leave these fans behind and head down towards ringside, where Jones & Logan are at their usual positions.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another great edition of Friday Night Inferno!! It’s been a wild month so far, and it just keeps getting crazier as we move along!

Logan: Yep, and I’m loving every minute of it, Jonesy. Last week was an incredible show, with some people calling it “PPV-Worthy”. That main event certainly lived up to the hype.

Jones: Dangerous Dan wrestled his heart out last week against Lurrr for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, he came up short, as Lurrr was able to retain the title. Now, tonight, we hope to hear more information on Dangerous Dan’s decision: will he quit the GCWA, or will he push forward in his career?

Logan: I hope he sticks around, personally. I don’t think we have another young talent who has more potential than Dangerous Dan, unless, of course, you’re looking at Crazy Chris!

Jones: Also tonight, we’ve got a great X Division Title Match lined up, as “The Fury” Tommy Crimson will be defending his belt for the first time in tonight’s main event against Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Logan: This one’s a rematch, as Santana surprisingly defeated Crimson weeks ago in a non-title match, back when Crimson was the World Champion. Of course, Crimson claims that this was because of Marcus Ka’Derrion’s involvement in the match. Tonight, the playing field is even, and it’s all about the gold!

Jones: Finally, the Television Title will once again be on the line, with Crazy Chris taking on Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn. Not many people are giving Vaughn a chance in this one, but could he surprise everyone and win the belt?

Logan: If he does, he’s going to walk straight to Santana’s locker room, as Vaughn has already sworn he’ll give the belt to his ‘partner’ if he wins.

Jones: That certainly gives him some incentive to win, Anthony. Well, we’ve got a ton of action here tonight, so we might as well get started! Our first match is up, now! Minos?

Minos: The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Now coming to the ring, he is a former GCWA World Cruiserweight Champion, trying to right the ship and get back into fighting shape, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from London, England, here is “The Dark Angel” Joshua Curtis!

*”The Last Domino” by Genesis leads Curtis out of the back, to a slightly-cool reaction from the fans. It seems to bother him, as he tries to work up a few more cheers, but the crowd isn’t biting, at least for now. A trifle annoyed, Curtis heads for the ring, trying to channel his emotions into energy for the match.*

Logan: Curtis made a big smash returning at the PPV and challenging Crazy Chris to a future Television Title match. But since then, The Dark Angel hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire.

Jones: Nope. Sadly, he’s looking like another in a long line of veterans who have tried to return to the big leagues without success. Still, if he can hang with the #1 Contender here tonight, he could still start turning things around in his favor.

Logan: I tried to be patient with him, Jonesy, but man, he’s sure not doing himself any favors, is he?

Minos: His opponent is currently holding the most championships of anyone in the GCWA… standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, he is currently a member of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, as well as being the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion… he is also the #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight Title… here is Draco!

*The fans are excited as “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play. Draco comes out toting both of his titles, looking around for a second before continuing his march down the aisle. He makes sure to watch the audience along the way, even as he heads to take care of business inside the squared circle.*

Logan: Y’know, for someone who’s got everything going right, Draco does not look like he’s enjoying himself.

Jones: Rumors have been circling that Draco’s had some personal issues to deal with. However, no one, not even his partner, Shane Donovan, has been talking about it, so we really don’t know what’s going on.

Logan: Hmmm. Well, hopefully the personal issues won’t get in his way, as he’s earned himself the opportunity to take on Lurrr for the GCWA World Title in a few weeks at Adrenaline Rush, and man, do I want him to win!

*The Bell Rings.*

*The Dark Angel has his back turned now, climbing up on the turnbuckle in order to try and gather a little more support for him in this match. Draco is watching him from his own corner, with a serious expression on his face. Curtis, discouraged by the response he’s getting, jumps down off the turnbuckle and turns back, looking over at Draco. He starts to shout towards his opponent, yelling about how he is worth ten times the amount that Draco is being paid to wrestle tonight. He continues to shout obscenities, getting riled up even more since Draco isn’t responding to him. Curtis, completely frustrated, he runs forward, charging towards the corner. Draco responds by stepping out to meet him, lashing out with the Momentum Shift!!! Curtis runs straight into it, coming to a crashing heap and actually sliding past Draco after the shot! Draco is standing over the man, looking oddly disappointed even as the crowd cheers in response.*

Logan: Well, that was a stupid move…

Jones: What was Curtis thinking?

Logan: I think the main problem is that he wasn’t thinking, Jonesy. I’m not sure he’s been thinking at all since his return.

*With referee Trixie watching closely, wondering what’s going to happen next, Draco reaches down, pulling up the semi-conscious Dark Angel. He whips Curtis hard into the corner, leaving him hanging there, and then comes up behind him, lifting Curtis up onto the turnbuckle. Draco’s keeping this one all business, not bothering to get in any cheap shots on his opponent. He doesn’t need them. Curtis tries to respond once more, shaking his head and starting to stand up, but Draco knocks him back with a forearm to the back of the head, stunning him. Draco looks out to the audience, who know exactly what’s coming. Seconds later, Draco jumps up on the ‘buckle and swings backwards, taking Curtis with him into the Hellacious!! Curtis is down in a heap, not moving. Referee Trixie moves into position, with Draco, looking almost bored, stepping over to make the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Draco!

Jones: I think that went about how we expected it to go, although maybe not that fast.

Logan: Joshua Curtis’ return to the GCWA has to be considered an unmitigated disaster. Seriously, man, what the hell happened?

Jones: Well, at least we got to see the #1 Contender in action, as Draco earned himself another victory. He’s having a great month, and it should only continue to build as we go towards the PPV.

*Draco has already left the ring, his hand unconsciously going towards the stitches where Lurrr busted him open last week. He leaves Curtis behind, with referee Trixie working to revive him. We leave this scene behind and head backstage, where we see Cynthia Hall standing in front of a doorway.*

Cynthia Hall: This is Cynthia Hall, live in the backstage area of the GCWA Arena! In a few seconds, I’m hoping to get some words with the man challenging for the X Division Title here tonight, oh, here he comes! Robert! Robert Santana!

*Hall moves to her right, heading over towards the approaching wrestler. Santana’s got a bag in his hands, presumably containing his wrestling gear. His eyes are bloodshot, but he looks like he’s still moving fine. Hall rushes over to him.*

Cynthia Hall: Robert, just a few questions, please. It was a tragic week in the GCWA, as both you and Tommy Crimson lost a child. Crimson’s was a newborn, while yours was shot during an attempted mugging in New York City. I know it’s been a terrible week, but I need to know, are you going to be able to compete tonight, considering your loss?

*Santana takes a deep, shuddering breath, as Cynthia Hall waits. He steps forward to respond, looking towards the camera.*

Robert Santana: My son wanted me to be champion. He will get his wish.

*Santana pushes past Hall, through with answering questions. He heads to his locker room, as Cynthia looks towards him with a sad but understanding glance. She looks back at the camera.*

Cynthia Hall: You’ve heard it here first, guys. Santana will be competing tonight, in memory of his son!

*Cynthia lowers her mic, even as the screen goes to a split-screen image of two pictures: a baby and a young boy. On one side, we see Hunter Crimson. On the other, we see Luke Santana. Underneath both names, we see “Rest In Peace”. The picture slowly fades out.*

*We return from commercial to the ringside area, rejoining Jones & Logan at the announce table.*

Jones: It’s been a rollercoaster week for Tommy Crimson and the rest of Organized Chaos. However, the ‘coaster is hitting its high point here tonight, as we’re going to be the witnesses for a wedding!

Logan: Seriously? Crimson is going through with this?

Jones: Why not? If he loves her…

Logan: Yeah, but he just had a major loss. That clouds your mind, man…

Jones: Well, it’s not up to us, Anthony, especially you, since you aren’t exactly a fan of Organized Chaos.

Logan: True.

*We head backstage, where Tommy Crimson and the rest of Chaos are all standing around. "Headup" by the Deftones hits the PA system as they all walk out on stage. Crimson is wearing a purple tuxedo, and Mary is holding his hand wearing a huge puffy purple wedding dress. They’re joined by Scott Caine, Jobe Severity, and his son, Israel, as well as Mary’s father, Jed, and their manager, Busta Capps. All of the guests are wearing tuxedos. Jed has an additional item: a shotgun, which he plans to keep on Crimson during the proceedings. The group heads towards the ring, with the crowd giving them a very cold reception. The boos are deafening, although Crimson does not appear to be bothered by them. He has other things on his mind.*

Jones: I will say, Mary doesn’t look half-bad in that wedding dress, although I’ve never been a fan of purple, myself.

Logan: So who is performing this ceremony? Severity?

Jones: Well, he IS a minister, of sorts.

Logan: Hmph. Well, at least there’s wedding cake. Maybe I can get myself a slice later.

*Members of Organized Chaos security, hired for tonight’s event, bring out the wedding cake, positioning it beside the ring along with the wedding snacks. Scott Caine is the ring bearer, holding it up to Crimson to show that he hasn’t lost it. Jobe stands before Crimson and Mary, nodding to them, while Jed goes to the side, his shotgun at the ready. Busta Capps has a tear running down his face as he looks over at Caine.*

Busta Capps: I just love weddings...

*Caine rolls his eyes at Capps as Jobe begins the proceedings.*

Jobe Severity: Welcome Chaos, and all you douche`s in the crowd. We are here to marry these two in holy matrimony. Tommy and Mary, Marriage is sacred and something that should never be taken for granted. Tommy do you take Mary to be your lawful loving wife, through the good and bad, and all the trials that come with marriage?

Tommy Crimson: Son of a Bitch!

*Mary gasps at Crimson`s response and then sees where he takes off. Jed raises his gun, taking aim, but hesitates.*

Logan: Cold feet already??

Jones: No, Anthony, I think it’s more that he saw the ‘visitor’ who is at the wedding cake!

Logan: What? … Oh….

*Crimson heads towards the cake, which has now had a few bites taken out of it. The man standing next to it looks up at the approaching Crimson, showing that it’s Arachne! The crowd cheers somewhat for the strange individual, as he throws down one more bite of cake and retreats, heading up the aisle. Crimson, angry, watches him go, dancing along the way.*

Jones: Arachne got himself some wedding cake!

Logan: Y’know, on second thought, I don’t think I want a slice, after all…

*Crimson, looking furious, comes back into the ring. He goes to the mic, taking it quickly from Jobe.*

Tommy Crimson: You damn son of a bitch. Damnit, why didn`t you shoot him, Jed! Jesus, this is a *bleeping* wedding! Damn, Jobe I do take her to my lawful wife, through heaven and hell.

*Crimson, still angry from Arachne’s actions, hands the mic back to Jobe, who turns to the bride-to-be.*

Jobe Severity: Mary, do you take Crimson to be your lawful wife to have and to hold through the different trials you will go through during marriage? Through heaven or hell as he said?

Mary: I do!

*Mary looks pretty happy, despite the interruption. Jed even cracks a smile towards his daughter, although the gun is still in position.*

Logan: No hesitation on Mary’s part. She definitely wanted this badly. Hey, uh, I know we heard all about Mary having Crimson’s kid, and the kid then passing away… but do we know for sure on that? I mean, it doesn’t look to me like she just had a kid…

Jones: It’s probably the puffy dress she’s wearing, Anthony. Very concealing.

Logan: If you say so…

*With both answers having been heard, Jobe Severity turns forward towards the two.*

Jobe Severity: You may kiss the Bride.

*Crimson and Mary kiss as clapping can be heard. There are still a lot of boos in the audience as well, however.*

Jones: I guess that makes it official! She’s now Mary Crimson!

Logan: Is it Mary Crimson or Mary Flamer?

Jones: I think it truly is Crimson, Anthony.

Logan: Well, I might as well say it: congrats to the ‘happy’ couple.

*As the booing continues, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm begins to play! The booing turns to cheers, as an annoyed Crimson breaks his embrace with his new wife and looks towards the ramp, as the Accelerator walks out!*

Jones: Uh oh, what’s the President doing here?

Logan: Maybe he just wants to wish them well? I mean, he’s always been a sucker for weddings…

*Before the Accelerator can say anything, Crimson gets the mic, raising it up to speak.*

Crimson: Alright, *bleep*, I’m sick of everyone trying to ruin this for me. I wanted to be married here in the GCWA, and everyone is trying to ruin it. Why don`t you go play with *bleepo* or Draco whatever he`s going by. Go be on his little show, or whatever. This is my time!

*The Accelerator raises his arms in a peace gesture, before speaking himself.*

The Accelerator: Easy, Tommy. No reason to get upset. The marriage is done now, you got through it, congratulations. I waited until I got to see that, uh, wonderful kiss. But now that that’s done, I’m going to have to cut your celebration a little short. Y’see, we’ve got other matches to get to tonight, after all.

*Crimson is turning red, furious at the President for ending his wedding this way. Mary, for her part, still looks excited, admiring the ring on her finger.*

The Accelerator: One more thing, Tommy. Tonight’s match for the X Division Title? I just wanted to make sure you knew that it’s NOT going to be Xtreme. No, I figure we could save that style of match for the PPV. So tonight, it’s full rules all the way. And you know what that means? That means if your friends decide to interfere, or get involved, Santana wins. And you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Tommy Crimson: I don’t need any of these guys to beat a *bleeping* son of a bitch like Santana!!!

The Accelerator: Good! Then you have no problems with it. Enjoy your ‘honeymoon’.

*The Accelerator turns and leaves, smiling. Crimson, Caine, and Severity all look ticked off, although Mary’s trying to calm her new husband down, whispering to him.*

Logan: Tonight’s main event isn’t Xtreme?

Jones: I guess not, which will keep the rest of Organized Chaos from being able to get involved, like they did at Heat Wave!

Logan: Well, that makes the match a little more interesting, doesn’t it?

Jones: We’ve got a lot more action to come, so stay with us!

*Crimson and Mary start to leave the ring together, with Crimson helping her through the ropes and down the stairs. Caine and Israel are now conversing, working out a new plan, while Severity is talking with Jed and Capps. Jed’s still got the gun, making Capps a little nervous. The picture heads to commercial.*

*As we come back from commercial, we see three men coming down the hallway in the back. They are Paco and the Malvados, Hector & Victor. The three men are laughing as they turn the corner, with Hector and Victor conversing in Spanish. Paco looks pretty pleased, moving past them to open the door to their locker room. There he stops in complete and utter horror.*

Paco: Que??

*Paco drops to his knees, with the Malvados moving in on either side, trying to figure out what’s wrong. They, too, look shocked, so the cameraman maneuvers himself around to take a look into the locker room. Inside, several bottles of tequila and other alcoholic beverages are lying on the ground. Each and every one is empty. Some bottles are shattered. On the mirror in the room, the words “Drinking is bad for you” written in some sort of marker. Underneath that is taped a picture of Harvey Danger. Paco starts screaming in Spanish, reaching towards the empty bottles, but the Malvados pull him back, keeping him from cutting himself on the glass. The rage is building in Paco. We cut away, going to ringside.*

Logan: Oh, man, Harvey messed with Paco’s alcohol? My god, we could have a situation on our hands, Jonesy!

Jones: Well, Danger probably hasn’t forgotten that the Malvados attacked him a few weeks ago out of the blue. Then again, how do we know that Danger did this?

Logan: True, all we’ve got is the picture. This does kind of smell like a Shane Donovan set-up. But who knows? Maybe Danger grew some and decided to take the fight to the Malvados.

Jones: It’s time for our next match, and this one’s guaranteed to be an interesting one, as the face-painted warriors meet for the second time!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 10-minute time limit. Now heading towards the ring, he’s one of the most unique wrestlers in the world today, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*Arachne walks out and immediately starts dancing on the stage to “Wana” by the Black Horn. A few fans of his are shown, wearing his facepaint. They are quickly escorted from the arena. Arachne heads for the ring, ready for action.*

Jones: So Arachne hung out with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, rode a magic carpet, was teleported into a cave and left there, and might have had a heart attack. What do you think, Anthony?

Logan: ….

Jones: Ok, well, no comment from Anthony. I admit, this one’s hard to talk about. What matters, though, is that Arachne’s here tonight to try to avenge his earlier loss to TLS.

Logan: …

Minos: His opponent has held multiple championships in the GCWA, the ICWF, and other organizations. Tonight, he is looking to earn himself another victory against the up-and-comer. Standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*”The Friday the 13th Theme” begins, bringing out the mysterious man known as The Lost Soul. The fans seem to be mixed on him now, with one person shown holding up a sign showing Steve Wilson’s picture and wanting TLS arrested for assault. Others, though, are clearly there to support TLS, not believing the accusations that have been levied against him. The Lost Soul heads for the ring, leaving both supporters and dissenters behind him.*

Jones: An interesting crowd reaction for The Lost Soul, who has long been one of the top favorites in the GCWA.

Logan: Well, in the world we live in today, Jonesy, people take the accusations made on the airwaves very seriously. All you need to convict someone nowadays is the television.

Jones: But wasn’t there physical evidence found at the crime scene as well?

Logan: Let’s wait to hear TLS’ side of the story before we start throwing stones, Edds.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Adrian Rockwell is in charge of this one, and he makes sure to warn Arachne that any spitting of the green mist in his direction will result in his immediate disqualification, as well as Rockwell’s anger. Arachne doesn’t seem to be listening, though, as he is glaring towards The Lost Soul. TLS comes forward to meet him, with the two exchanging shots in the center of the ring. The Lost Soul quickly gets the advantage due to his size, driving Arachne back. But he takes too long on a swing, allowing Arachne to duck under it and get behind him. Arachne then jumps up onto The Lost Soul’s back with a sleeper/choke combination, while also biting away at the man!! The Lost Soul scrambles to get the guy off of him before he loses an ear, flipping him forward over TLS’ shoulder to the mat. Arachne’s right back up, though, and on the attack!*

Jones: Arachne’s got a lot of fury in there for some reason.

Logan: Hey, he’s lost to The Lost Soul once already, Jonesy. That’s not easy to forget.

Jones: But does Arachne carry grudges? There’s so little we know about this man!

Logan: Everyone carries grudges, Jonesy, even psychos like Arachne.

*Arachne and The Lost Soul are now on the mat, rolling, with Arachne on top. He slashes at TLS, using his sharp nails to cut across the man’s shirt, tearing it. The Lost Soul responds, though, by raking Arachne’s eyes, his only way of getting free. Arachne gets up, blinded, with The Lost Soul grabbing him from behind and lifting him up with a release German suplex! No, Arachne turns in mid-air, landing on his feet! As The Lost Soul gets up, turning around, Arachne comes in with a spinning splash, using momentum to take TLS to the ground! Arachne makes the cover, with Rockwell right there for the count… 1… 2.. and The Lost Soul easily gets free. Both men get up, with Arachne back on the attack by using TLS’ arms as a balancing beam, getting his legs up to yank TLS down with a crucifix pin! Rockwell starts again… 1… 2… but TLS gets free.*

Jones: Wow, Arachne’s actually doing well. I think he’s got The Lost Soul off-balance!

Logan: Arachne’s one of those wrestlers that you just can’t prepare for. You never know what he’s going to try next. Plus, of course, he doesn’t seem to give a damn about risking his own neck. Those are the most dangerous wrestlers of all, man.

*With The Lost Soul reeling, Arachne presses his advantage, kicking TLS repeatedly in the stomach, keeping him bent over. Arachne then signals that he’s going for a body slam! Many fans are cheering, as Arachne reaches around and lifts, getting TLS off the ground! But The Lost Soul then shifts his weight, managing to throw the smaller wrestler off-balance and cause him to fall backwards, with TLS landing on top! Rockwell’s there… 1… 2… Arachne gets his shoulder up. The Lost Soul responds by pulling Arachne up and shooting him into the turnbuckle, then running in himself with a Scorpion splash! Arachne sags in the corner, but The Lost Soul isn’t done, lifting Arachne up onto the turnbuckle, then grabbing him and lifting for a superplex!! He drops backwards, crashing Arachne into the canvas to the ooh’s and aah’s of the crowd! The Lost Soul takes a second to recover, and then rolls over for the pin… 1… 2… but Arachne still won’t stay down!*

Logan: The Lost Soul has control now, but he’s got to keep the offense on full if he wants to put Arachne away.

Jones: How did TLS win last time?

Logan: I believe he made Arachne choke on his own Green Mist, then was able to take him down with the Souled Out.

Jones: We’ll have to see if history repeats itself or not.

*The Lost Soul is already bringing Arachne back up, getting behind him. He gets hold of Arachne’s head in preparation for a neckbreaker, but Arachne responds, breaking free! He stumbles away, with TLS calmly pursuing him towards the ropes. However, this works perfectly into Arachne’s plans, as he jumps up on the ropes and springboards backwards, flipping over his opponent! The Lost Soul doesn’t have time to turn as Arachne drives him into the ropes and rolls him backwards, making the cover! Rockwell hits the mat… 1… 2… but The Lost Soul is free again! Arachne looks towards Rockwell, who backs off, watching for any spray. But Arachne doesn’t care about him. As The Lost Soul gets up, Arachne moves in with a leap, taking TLS down with a hurricanrana! That’s not enough, though, as Arachne decides to get on top of The Lost Soul and punch away with both fists, hammering the wrestler!!*

Jones: Arachne’s got a very fine line between control and insanity, and I’m worried he’s starting to cross it!

Logan: He needs to be careful here, because I don’t think it will take much for Rockwell to DQ him. After all, Rockwell’s still carrying a grudge from getting sprayed by Arachne recently!

*Showing no concern for his own well-being, Rockwell reaches out and grabs Arachne, yanking him off the prone TLS. Arachne glares at him, but Rockwell again threatens to end things here and now. Arachne, hating the distractions that a referee comes with, nonetheless agrees and goes back to TLS, pulling him up, no, TLS with an uppercut that rocks Arachne back! The Lost Soul follows it up with a few more punches, before grabbing Arachne’s head and dropping with a DDT! He makes the cover… 1… 2… but Arachne kicks out, continuing the match. The Lost Soul immediately hauls Arachne up, taking him towards the corner. He has Arachne by the head as he starts slamming him into the top turnbuckle, headfirst! The crowd reacts, well, part of it, anyway, with the other part clearly having turned on TLS, booing away. The Lost Soul doesn’t let it get to him, though, as he continues to work Arachne over.*

Logan: TLS has done so much for these guys, and they turn on him in a New York minute. That’s just awful.

Jones: People have the right to their own opinions, Anthony, just like you do.

Logan: I know that, and I love we have a country that allows that. But damn, y’know?

*With Arachne incapacitated for now, The Lost Soul backs away, sizing him up. He runs in with a hard knee to Arachne’s gut, bending him over in pain. TLS adds a shot to the back of the neck with his elbow, driving Arachne to his knees. Now feeling fully in control, The Lost Soul brings Arachne back up, lifting the smaller wrestler up towards the turnbuckle! The fans that TLS still has know what’s coming, and they start to cheer as The Lost Soul climbs up with Arachne. He maneuvers Arachne around, positioning him for the Soul Buster from the top rope!! Arachne begins to struggle, trying to get free. He manages to get his head up, staring right at TLS, before he unleashes the Green Mist!! The Lost Soul has no way to protect himself, as he falls from the turnbuckle, his white face paint now covered with green!! Arachne wipes his mouth, and then prepares to leap for the Spider Bite!! But Rockwell is already saying no, signaling for the bell after the illegal maneuver!!*

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, due to a disqualification, here is your winner, The Lost Soul!!

Jones: Arachne went too far, and it cost him the match!

Logan: Good! That damn mist definitely shouldn’t be legal, and maybe this’ll teach him not to use it next time!

Jones: You really think Arachne will learn from this?

Logan: Who knows, right?

*Arachne looks furious at Rockwell, who is already on the outside, checking on The Lost Soul. TLS is trying to clear his vision after the blast, using a towel that was thrown to him by an audience member. Rockwell and The Lost Soul start up the aisle, even as Arachne somehow manages to get his hands on a mic.*

Arachne: Lost Soul! These rules and this ring is not right for us. I challenge you again! I challenge you to fight in my web! I will beat you and then I will eat gophers and dance on my web before sleeping!

Jones: Arachne’s challenged TLS to another match! I guess this one would be at the PPV, then?

Logan: A fight in Arachne’s web? Dear god, what could that mean?

Jones: It’s impossible to tell when it comes to this man, Anthony, but apparently we’ve got a match set up for Adrenaline Rush!

*Arachne is doing a dance in the ring, while The Lost Soul is almost to the back. He is staring through painful eyes towards the strange man dancing in the ring. The picture slowly fades out to commercial.*

*As we return from the break, we’re backstage once again, where The Lost Soul is making his way back to his locker room. He’s trying to wipe some off more of the spray he took from Arachne, although clearly his vision isn’t that bad, as he stops when he sees the three men waiting in front of his locker room. One of them, the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, steps forward, grinning.*

Titan 3: Nice match, Soul. Forgot to duck?

The Lost Soul: What do you want, T3?

*The Lost Soul and Titan 3 stare at each other for a second, with Titan 3 finally shaking his head.*

Titan 3: You don’t want to know what I want, Soul. But Ace isn’t letting me get what I want. He only agreed that, for the safety of the other wrestlers, you needed to be watched.

The Lost Soul: Watched?

Titan 3: Meet Rick and Freddy. They’re going to be your ‘chaperones’. I’m tired of you wandering around like you own the place, attacking whoever you want. Consider this a bell around your neck.

The Lost Soul: I have told you, TLS did not attack Steve Wilson.

Titan 3: And I’ve told you, I don’t give a *bleep* what you say! The evidence says it all. Get used to this, because this is only the beginning.

*Titan 3 turns and storms off, leaving behind the two tall security guards. They both cross their arms, glaring at The Lost Soul. TLS responds, showing no fear and going right between them to enter into his locker room. The two security guards follow, shutting the door behind them. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Man, now they’ve got security tailing him?

Jones: Well, when Titan 3 holds a grudge, you know he’s not just going to let go of it.

Logan: Yeah, but still, it’s not like TLS is going to go on a rampage or something.

Jones: Can you be sure about that? Titan 3 is just looking out for us. He’s that good at his job. With that being said, we’ve got the moment that many of our fans at home have been waiting for. It’s time to hear from Dangerous Dan!

Logan: Oh, yeah! Will he stay or will he go?

*The fans start to cheer loudly as the first notes of “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory begin to play. As Dangerous Dan comes out, he stands at the entrance ramp staring at all the fans cheering for him. He takes a moment and addresses the fans. He continues down the ramp at a much slower pace than normal. Dan enters the ring and stands in the middle waiting for the fans to calm down. Once he feels they are calmed down, Dan begins to address the rumors about his career.*

Dangerous Dan: First off, I just want to thank all of you who have supported me through this time. My Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace have been flooded with positive comments from each of you. You guys mean the world to me and I have had a difficult decision to make.

*As Dan tries to make his decision, a chant “Please Don’t Go” begins to break out. Some can be heard shouting out his name.*

Dangerous Dan: Wow!! I can’t believe all the support that you guys are showing me. You know I have had quite a bit of time to think about my decision, and unfortunately as much as I don’t want to say it, I have decided...

*Before Dan can finish his sentence, “Mental Health” by Zebrahead breaks out, and out comes Dan’s brother, the current Television Champion, Crazy Chris. Chris has a microphone in hand. He steps into the ring and approaches his brother.*

Jones: Looks like Crazy Chris is out here to speak his own mind on his brother’s decision!

Logan: Hey, nobody knows Dangerous Dan better than his own flesh and blood. Hopefully, he’ll talk some sense into him, because it was starting to sound like Dan was going to walk away!

*Crazy Chris lets the crowd continue to cheer for a few seconds, then raises the mic to his lips. The crowd immediately starts to die down, wanting to hear what he has to say.*

Crazy Chris: Look Dan, for nearly a week now I have been trying to get you to stay. You have so much potential left. You are letting a couple of losses get to you. Everyone loses and everyone wins. Don’t let a couple losses get the best of you. You have plenty of time to make it to the top of this business. You definitely showed you had what it took last week against Lurrr. You were within inches of capturing the World Heavyweight title. Do you really want to give all that up?

Dangerous Dan: I hear what you are saying, bro. but I feel that I have nothing left to achieve here anymore. I keep falling short for the Intercontinental title. I lost my only shot at the World title. I am not the same Dangerous Dan I was eight months ago.

Crazy Chris: No you are not. You are way better than you were then. If you don’t believe me, then maybe I know someone that can convince you to stay.

Jones: Chris has a secret weapon!

Logan: Who could it be?

*God in Extension" starts to play, and the fans give a mixture of boos and cheers as Shane Donovan steps out from the back, making his way to the ring with a sign that says "Man Up" in his hands and his GCWA World Tag Team Championship strapped around his waist.*

Logan: Shane Donovan???

Jones: This has to be some kind of mistake, right??

Logan: Well, I don’t think it’s what Crazy Chris was expecting.

*Chris shakes his head, trying to explain to his brother that this wasn't what he had in mind as Shane grabs a microphone from a stagehand.*

Shane Donovan: Come on Chris, I know I'm not what you had in mind but really I think I'm the man Danny boy here needs to hear from. Running on E are we?

*Shane smirks as he watches Dan, who stands motionless. Chris starts yelling at Shane, but Shane just ignores it.*

Shane Donovan: Upset that you haven't won anything big here yet? Don't think you can "cut it"? I'm going to say the same thing to you that I said to The Accelerator last week...

*Shane holds up the sign, causing another mixed response.*

Shane Donovan: Did I sit around and feel sorry for myself after losing the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship Dan? Of course not! I went and I beat your brother Chris here to win the Intercontinental Championship.

*Chris is seething at this point, and decides he needs to interrupt.*

Crazy Chris: You aren't the one I--

Shane Donovan: Shh! Let me finish Chris, I don't care who you invited, it should've been me. Now then, tell me Dan, did I sit around and mope after I lost the Intercontinental Championship? No sir, I won this...

*Shane unhooks the Tag Team Championship from around his waist, holding it up for everyone to see.*

Shane Donovan: I manned up Dan, and that's what has made me a gold magnet in this company. So quit wallowing in self-pity and making an ass out of yourself, man up and get it done!

*Dangerous Dan looks ticked off, as does Crazy Chris. Before anything else can happen, though, “Miseria Cantare” by AFI hits the speakers, bringing the fans to their feet! They’re all looking towards the ramp, where Derek “The Thriller” Mobley has walked out!!

Jones: The Thriller is here!!

Logan: I bet THIS is the guy that Crazy Chris was expecting! The House of Pain and the Danger Boiz have a history in the GCWA!

Jones: Mobley also has a history with Donovan, you can be sure of that!

*Mobley enters into the ring, walking towards Donovan, who steps back, telling Mobley just to chill out.*

Derek Mobley: What’s the matter, Shane? I’m just following your advice, and manning up to you.

Shane Donovan: So you think you are a better ‘role model’ for young Dan here then me? The guy who turned his back on the fans, who betrayed Marcus K? The guy who needed to go get drugs in Amsterdam before he could return? You’re a loser, Derek. I’m the winner, I’m the champion, that Dan should look up to!

Derek Mobley: Such a great champion, yeah, and ever since you won those belts by beating a Janitor, how many times have you defended them? When’s the last time you’ve even competed, Shane? Dan here has been putting his all into every match he’s been in. He shouldn’t be looking up to you. You should be looking up to him!

Shane Donovan: The champion, looking up to someone else? That’s a joke. As for the defenses, we haven’t defended them for one good reason. No one else is good enough to deserve a shot. But if you think you’re so high and mighty, you and the Danger Boiz? Anytime, anywhere! Man up!

*With that, Shane throws the sign he was carrying at Mobley, who immediately catches it in his hands, breaking it across his knee!! Donovan, surprised, sees that the Danger Boiz are approaching and smartly drops, rolling out of the ring and getting out of range. Dan watches him go, then turns back to Crazy Chris and Derek Mobley, who are both looking to him for an answer. Dan steps forward, talking with Chris, then lifts up the mic.*

Dangerous Dan: Anytime, anywhere? We’ll be there, Shane. The Danger Boiz will BOTH be there!

*The crowd cheers as Dan and Chris raise each other’s arms. Derek Mobley has stepped to the background, letting them have their moment. He clearly recognizes that right now, the Danger Boiz are just as over as the House of Pain, if not more. In the aisleway, Donovan is walking away, a small smile on his face, as he’s probably already taking credit for Dangerous Dan sticking around.*

Jones: So Dangerous Dan is staying, and D & D has now offered up a challenge to both the Danger Boiz and the House of Pain for tag-team title shots!

Logan: Pretty brazen of Donovan to do that, especially since his main partner, Draco, is a little busy fighting for the World Title right now.

Jones: Hey, there’s always Harvey Danger. He’s an official member of the champions, after all!

Logan: True. This one will be fascinating to see where it ends up!

*Dangerous Dan turns and starts talking to Derek Mobley, with the two working out any past differences caused from when Mobley was a member of the Roman Empire. Some tension is definitely still there, although Crazy Chris seems fine with the Thriller. Donovan is last seen heading out through the curtains as we fade out once more.*

*We come back from the break inside the locker room of the Roman Empire. Lurrr and Rick Mathis are talking with each other, laughing, as the audience can be heard booing the shot.*

Lurrr: I can’t believe that Draco actually thinks he’s going to be a match for me. This is going to be the easiest title defense I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to get that *bleep* in the ring and teach him who the real man is.

Rick Mathis: Here’s your mail from the GCWA office. It just got here.

Lurrr: Who’s the loser who let that happen? I have half a mind to call my lawyers… hmmm, no return address on this one.

*Lurrr opens up the letter, taking a look at what’s inside. All that’s there is a series of words. Actually, one word. Vengeance. Lurrr looks it over, a little confused, then crumples it up.*

Rick Mathis: What was it?

Lurrr: Nothing, just a crank letter. You’d think the GCWA would check the mail and make sure their World Champion doesn’t get anthrax or something.

*Lurrr takes a moment to look down, pondering the letter he just crushed in his hands, before going back to the rest of the mail. The camera focuses on the wadded ball of paper, as we go back to ringside.*

Logan: Vengeance, huh? Think that’s a message?

Jones: Most definitely, Anthony. Lurrr might want to take that one a little more seriously.

Logan: What he should REALLY take seriously is the threat of Draco. I mean, the guy’s holding two titles right now and has qualified to go for his third. He’s threatening to take over the GCWA at this point!

Jones: Lurrr only gives one person respect, Anthony: himself. Let’s get to the next match, which will be for a championship!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! First, here is the challenger… he got his first career victory in the GCWA last week, and is now seeking to continue his ‘streak’ of wins here tonight, standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*The fans give a short cheer for the Janitor as “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor begins to play. Vaughn walks out, straightening his wrestling gear (Aka his janitor outfit) before heading towards the ring. He is trying to walk confidently, although it’s not really looking realistic.*

Logan: From what I hear, Vaughn was pretty hyped at facing Mr. Excellent here tonight.

Jones: Ummm, he’s facing Crazy Chris, not Mr. Excellent.

Logan: Yeah, which is why he “was” hyped. Now, well, he doesn’t look near as happy, does he?

Jones: So, seriously, do you think Vaughn has a chance tonight?

Logan: Well, I’d love to say no. But Crazy Chris has to be extremely confident in tonight’s match. Maybe overconfident. So I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. Just highly unlikely.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, and he is now on a march to set a new record as the GCWA Television Champion, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*”Mental Health” by Zebrahead leads Crazy Chris out, with him giving the fans a confident wave along the way towards the ring. He does appear confident in his chances here tonight. He has the Television Title tightly held in his grip, bringing it with him as he goes through the ropes.*

Jones: Interestingly, this past week has more been about Chris’ brother, Dangerous Dan, instead of the Television Champion.

Logan: Hey, Dan had quite possibly the greatest match of his career last week. Sure, it didn’t end the way he wanted, but everyone has to agree that his tenacious fight is worth a lot of respect. That being said, we shouldn’t be overlooking Crazy Chris, who has proven to be a great Television Champion in his own right.

Jones: Yep. If he can continue this roll, he can overtake Dan’s records as the champion, and set himself in the records books. Tonight is another match on that path.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Vaughn immediately comes forward out of his corner, surprising Crazy Chris, who expected him to be cowering. Vaughn, though, comes towards him, raising his hand and asking for a shake. Chris, reluctantly, goes for it, returning the sportsmanlike gesture, earning some cheers for the crowd. Vaughn, smiling, nods to them, then turns back… and slugs Chris with a big open-handed shot! Crazy Chris staggers back, as Vaughn raises his arms in victory. Chris clears his head and looks back at the Janitor, who, realizing that he probably should have kept up the attack, turns and runs, sliding under the ropes, with Chris hot in pursuit!*

Logan: The Janitor gets in the first shot, but it could be his last!

Jones: He runs pretty fast for a janitor, though, doesn’t he?

Logan: Not fast enough!

*Vaughn runs around the corner of the ring and slides back in under the ropes, but before he can get up, Crazy Chris reaches through the ropes, tripping him and sending him sprawling. This gives Chris the chance to get up on the apron and come into the ring. Vaughn gets up, turning as if to try and talk things through, but Chris doesn’t give him a chance, landing multiple shots to Vaughn, driving him back. Chris follows that up by getting the Janitor into the ropes and whipping him across the ring. Vaughn returns into a spinning heel kick from the Television Champion, knocking Vaughn on his back! Chris immediately goes for the cover, with referee Mitchell dropping for the count… 1… 2.. and Vaughn kicks out, not letting things go that easily. Chris, only slightly surprised this time, grabs Vaughn’s arm and leg, dragging him back over to near the turnbuckle.*

Logan: I think Chris is setting up for something big here!

Jones: This could be Crazy Chris’ quickest defense yet!

*With Vaughn still down, Crazy Chris heads to the turnbuckle, climbing upwards. He seems to be thinking about some variation of a moonsault, as his back is towards his opponent. However, this is a mistake, as Vaughn is already starting to get up! The Janitor, seeing Chris getting into position, dives forward desperately, catching Chris’ legs and causing him to fall!! Chris bounces off the turnbuckle, then flips into the ring, crashing down onto his back at an excruciating angle!! Vaughn, seeing the champion land, comes in quick, grabbing both of Chris’ legs and wrapping him up for a pin… 1… 2… but Crazy Chris kicks out. Vaughn immediately pulls Chris back up, grabbing him by the head and running towards the corner. Chris can’t stop the momentum, as Vaughn goes off the ‘buckle and comes back with an Acid Drop, slamming Chris’ head back to the canvas!!! Vaughn again covers, urgently motioning to Mitchell to count away… 1… 2… Chris kicks out again.*

Logan: So far, Vaughn is actually holding his own! I gotta admit, I didn’t expect that!

Jones: He’s motivated, Anthony! This is all about Robert Santana, and making his friend proud of him!

Logan: I still don’t know if Ace would allow the title to switch hands like that, but we don’t have to worry about it until Vaughn actually wins. Still, it’s a definite possibility at this point!

*Vaughn brings Crazy Chris back up to his feet, holding him by the mask for a grip. He sends Chris flying shoulder-first into the turnbuckle, causing the champion’s legs to kick for a moment, showing the painful spasms the move caused. Vaughn then pulls Chris out from behind, causing him to fall to the mat, before Vaughn goes up! He gets to the top of the turnbuckle, then turns, looking back and raising up his arms ala Jimmy Snuka! With a leap, he comes down with a flying splash!! The only problem is, Crazy Chris isn’t there anymore, rolling out of the way!! Vaughn holds his stomach, hurting, while the Television Champion pulls himself back together, getting up. He takes advantage of Vaughn still being mostly down, coming in and dropping his leg across Vaughn’s neck, driving him the rest of the way down, before turning him over for a pin… 1… 2… No! Vaughn manages to get a shoulder up!*

Logan: That looked like to me that Crazy Chris isn’t messing around anymore. He may genuinely consider Vaughn a threat now.

Jones: That means that Vaughn’s in serious trouble, because Chris is going to come after him with everything he’s got!

*Crazy Chris has already gotten Vaughn back up on his feet. The Television Champion repositions the Janitor, lifting him up and delivering a bodyslam on the canvas. Chris then runs to the ropes, springboarding himself off of them with a lionsault back onto his foe! Chris immediately grabs for the legs again, trying to put Vaughn away… 1… 2… Vaughn frees himself yet again, somehow continuing to fight. Chris, a little annoyed now, reaches down and brings Vaughn back up, no, Vaughn twists, taking Chris down to the mat with a surprise legscissors submission hold!! He’s got Crazy Chris’ shoulder locked between his legs, and he works him over, struggling to keep the champion down! Referee Mitchell stands around the action, watching to see if Chris decides that enough is enough and taps out.*

Logan: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that was a great reversal from Peter Vaughn!

Jones: I’m starting to wonder if he hasn’t been training with Santana. He’s certainly picked up a few new tricks that I’ve never seen from him before.

Logan: Crazy Chris certainly didn’t see that one coming!

*With the fans fully behind him, Crazy Chris continues to fight the hold, pulling at Vaughn’s legs with his free arm. He pushes hard, managing to start sliding free! Vaughn, knowing that the cause is lost, lets go of the hold, allowing Chris to go to his side. However, Vaughn doesn’t get up yet, instead kicking out with both legs from the ground to the side of Chris’ head, knocking him over! The Janitor pulls himself to his feet, moving back as Chris tries to recover from the blow. Vaughn, smiling, points towards the back, positions himself, then runs forward, going for what looks like the Sensei-Tion!!! However, Vaughn’s balance isn’t near good enough to pull off the move, as Chris is able to roll forward, tripping him and sending Vaughn sprawling!! Vaughn pulls himself back up, but Chris is there, picking him up and landing the Crazy Bitch!!!! The fans are going crazy as a tired Chris drops down on top of the downed Janitor, making the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

Jones: Crazy Chris gets another successful title defense!

Logan: Yeah, although Vaughn gave more of a fight than I expected. But he took things a little too far with that attempt of Santana’s finisher. It took Santana years of training to get good enough to pull that off. Vaughn needs to find his own move.

Jones: So Crazy Chris now has three title defenses, which means he’s one away from tying Robert Santana and Scott Caine, and still 3 away from his brother.

Logan: Let the speculation commence! Can he do it?

*Crazy Chris gets up, celebrating his victory, while Vaughn is still down, with no idea what’s happened. The Janitor is clearly dazed, looking towards the title with a depressed look. Crazy Chris, not seeing him, turns and leaves the ring, heading towards the back. We cut away from them to a shot of another locker room door, this one leading to Organized Chaos! Tommy Crimson can be seen, stretching, with his new wife, Mary, next to him. He looks to the side at the rest of his crew.*

Tommy Crimson: Time to take care of business, guys.

*Crimson grabs the GCWA X Division Title and heads out the door. Surprisingly, Jobe, Israel, and Caine all follow, although they appear to be going in a different direction. We cut away from this to another backstage shot, this showing a door being opened. This one shows The Lost Soul walking out, looking both ways down the hallway before stepping out all the way. Behind him, you can see two security guards. Both are unconscious. The Lost Soul locks the door, shutting it behind him, before departing for his own destination. The picture fades out.*

*After the commercials end, we return to the GCWA Arena. In the backstage hallways, we see Crazy Chris, as he makes his way back to his locker room. He looks pretty pleased with himself, having retained his championship. He gets to the Danger Boiz locker room door, noticing, for the first time, that it’s slightly ajar. With a worried expression, Chris pushes the door open, looking inside. All his attention, though, is on what’s in front of him, so Chris never hears Tommy Crimson coming up from behind! Crimson blasts Chris in the back, sending him flying into the locker room, where the rest of Organized Chaos is already located, having ambushed Dangerous Dan!! Jobe & Israel move forward, grabbing the arms of Crazy Chris, allowing Scott Caine to start attacking the man who ‘stole’ his belt! Dangerous Dan can be seen in the background, trying to get up, but Crimson moves towards him and delivers the Buzzkill!! Crimson turns back, looking at the carnage. He motions Scott back and leans in to talk to the battered champion.*

Tommy Crimson: You are a decent wrestler, and from what I have seen a decent man. You are in the way of chaos now, however and what we want to achieve. You are enemies with Scott, right? You better watch your ass and your pathetic brother’s ass back there too. I laid him out with one spinning wheel kick, imagine what Chaos will do to you and your family. Watch tonight`s main event to find out what carnage is all about. This is not a game to us. We don`t joke around like what Lurrr did last week with his fallen stable, what a *bleeping* joke. We run the GCWA, remember that Insane Chris, Crazy Chris, whatever the *bleep* they call you. I would think about calling Scott, daddy. Go Ahead Call him your daddy? What`s that? We beat the living *bleep* out of you and now you can`t talk? Sorry Scott. Well think about that while we take this...

*Crimson leans over Chris and picks up his Television title, handing it to Scott. Crimson spits on Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan as the group leaves the confined space of Chris`s locker room, leaving destruction behind them. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Man, I can’t believe this! Organized Chaos just destroyed the Danger Boiz!

Jones: Not only that, but Scott Caine now apparently has the Television Title!

Logan: Damnit, Scott, you used to be better than this! You’d go out and fight for the belt, not join some gang and steal it!

Jones: Caine’s just not the same young man who once was so beloved by the fans, Anthony. He is the way he is.

Logan: I know, but damnit, it sucks!

Jones: Well, now that Crimson’s done helping out his stable, it’s time to see if he can manage things on his own!

Minos: The main event tonight is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA X Division Championship!! Introducing first, the challenger… he is a former GCWA Television Champion, now seeking to take that next step up the ladder, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans are already cheering, as “Sandstorm” by Darude hits the speakers. Robert Santana slowly comes out of the back, pushing the curtains aside as he gets on the stage. The crowd’s cheers are not having any effect on Santana, who has a very determined expression on his face. He moves to the ring, quickly climbing in and turning himself into the corner. He stays there, his head down, waiting for the bell.*

Logan: When I heard that Santana’s son had been killed this week, I thought for sure this match was not going to happen.

Jones: Santana has experienced THE worst thing a parent can have happen. But he also made a promise to his son that he would be here competing for the gold, and he’s not going to break that promise.

Logan: Still, it’s interesting to compare him and Crimson, isn’t it? Crimson lost his own newborn, yet he compensated by marrying Mary here tonight. He’s making himself more a part of the world. Santana, in comparison, is starting to cut himself off.

Minos: And now his opponent, he has held multiple titles in the GCWA, including a run as the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit Michigan, here is the leader of Organized Chaos and the GCWA X Division Champion, “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!!

*The crowd’s already throwing the hatred as the champion walks out of the back to “Head Up” by the Deftones. Crimson wipes one of his hands on the curtain, leaving a thin trail of blood, before walking towards the ring. He looks supremely confident for tonight’s match-up.*

Logan: Crimson’s been multi-tasking tonight. He got married, he helped Organized Chaos steal the Television Title, and now he’s defending his own title.

Jones: We’ll have to see if he’s overreached himself, though. Plus, is he overcompensating? I mean, sure, Crimson never actually met Hunter, but it was still a tough loss.

Logan: Yeah, you don’t just shrug off the death of a child, no matter how old. This match has the most emotional undertones I’ve ever seen in a fight. Who knows what we’re going to see from two men, each dealing with a loss in their own way?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Crimson hands off the X Division Title with a cocky toss to head referee Mark Bell, then looks towards his opponent. But Santana’s back is still turned, with his head down. He might be praying. Far from being sympathetic, Crimson comes forward, grabbing at Santana’s arm to spin him around. Santana, though, jumps forward into the spin, tackling Crimson and taking the surprised champion to the ground!! Santana swings wildly, driving in shot after shot, as Crimson tries to cover himself up, yelling to the referee! Bell, shocked, comes over, ordering Santana to stop throwing the closed fists, or else a DQ could happen. Santana looks up angrily at Bell, showing the sorrow inside him coming out through fury. Before Santana can say anything else, though, Crimson kicks out from the ground, getting a low blow!!*

Logan: Damn! What a dirty shot from Crimson!

Jones: The ref was standing right there and saw it! Why’s he not throwing this one out??

Logan: Because he knows Crimson would be perfectly happy to lose this match that way, keeping the title, Jonesy! I’m sure Bell’s under strict orders from the President to keep this match going until there is a winner!

*Bell reprimands Crimson, who simply shoves the head referee to the side as he goes after Santana. He pulls Santana up off the ground and sets him, lifting the Sensei up with a snap suplex. Crimson follows that up with a chinlock submission hold, working to reduce some of Santana’s pent-up energy. Bell reluctantly keeps a close watch, but Santana’s already yelling “No”, refusing to quit. Crimson, meanwhile, is mockingly taunting him, saying something about how Santana’s wife should come to him for their next child, since Santana’s didn’t do so hot. This proves to be a poor strategy on Crimson’s part, as Santana begins to fire up, shoving himself upwards and getting back to his feet! Crimson releases the hold and tries to get a better one, but a Santana chop to the throat stops that in its tracks! Crimson staggers back, trying to breathe through a bruised windpipe, as a furious Santana spins around and charges, tackling him straight out of the ring!!!*

Logan: Jeez!! Santana’s a completely different person tonight!

Jones: I’ve never seen him like this! And now, with the fight going to the outside, well, Ace might regret not letting this one be a hardcore match, because I think Santana’s losing it!

Logan: Man, Santana, try to throttle back! Don’t lose this match because of Crimson’s taunting, it’s not worth it!

*The cameras move around the ring to get a better vantage point, as we see Santana bringing Crimson up on the outside and banging his head into the stairs! Crimson staggers away, holding his forehead in pain. He moves around the stairs, giving Santana the ability to run towards him, leaping off the stairs and getting a flying splash on the outside, taking him back down!! Santana keeps up the assault, smashing away on the X Division Champion. Inside the ring, Bell continues his count, getting up to 6, then 7. He’s basically pleading to Santana to come back in, before he has to end this one. Santana, hearing him, pulls Crimson up and bodily tosses him into the ring, then follows, stopping the count at 8. Crimson looks like he might have a bloody nose, showing how violent things have been in this one from the very start.*

Logan: Crimson needs to pull himself together, because he’s definitely not facing a pushover this week!

Jones: Santana is a different wrestler tonight. He’s wrestling with the spirit of his son with him.

Logan: Ok, that’s just creepy. I mean, is this secretly a tag match? Are Hunter and Luke battling somewhere above?

Jones: At least they’ve got Patrick Swayze to keep them company. RIP, Patrick, Hunter, and Luke.

*Santana has Crimson back up now, positioning him in the corner. He chops away, leaving some welts on Crimson’s chest from the force of the blows, shots that Crimson has felt before. Santana continues the abuse by pulling the bloody champion out of the corner and going for a spinning neckbreaker. However, Crimson manages to get free and reverse it, taking Santana down instead with a diamond cutter!! Santana’s down, as Crimson wipes some blood from his face. He gets himself on top of Santana, making the pin, with Bell counting away… 1… 2… and Santana kicks out. Crimson argues with Bell, who shrugs, there being nothing he could do. Crimson hauls Santana back up, lifting him in the air and getting a shoulder breaker, then attempts another quick cover… 1… 2… but Santana isn’t going to stay down. Crimson hits the mat, angry now, as he continues to attack.*

Jones: It’s almost like the blood on Crimson’s face has helped put him back in charge of this match, Anthony.

Logan: Crimson’s bled many times. He’s a hardcore wrestler, through and through. He probably feels more at home now, even with the usual rules being in place.

Jones: Still, you can tell that Crimson wants to get this match taken care of, due to the unpredictable nature of Santana.

*Crimson has Santana back up now, twisting him around to try and apply an Abdominal Stretch. But Santana blocks it, using his strength to keep the hold from being locked into place! Crimson, surprised, tries harder, but Santana’s got the leverage edge now, turning into the hold and catching hold of the champion, flipping him over with a belly-to-back suplex! Both men are down for a few seconds, the toll of the fast-paced match starting to show. Bell moves in to start counting, but it’s not necessary, as Santana starts to get up, followed by Crimson. Santana moves in, kicking Crimson in the ribs, then grabbing his arm to try and whip him towards the corner. Crimson tries to reverse, but this causes Santana just to throw him in the other direction… straight into referee Bell!!! The head referee topples out of the ring from the impact, even as Crimson stumbles back from the impact, right into Santana’s grasp! The Sensei lifts, taking Crimson over with a backslide, but there’s no ref to count! The crowd counts to 3, but it doesn’t matter, as Santana lets go of the pin attempt.*

Jones: Mark Bell is out! We need a replacement on the double!

Logan: I thought he was getting better at dodging stuff like that, but this one, there was nothing he could do!

*Santana looks to the side, seeing Bell laying on the floor outside, trying to recover. Santana shakes his head, then goes back on the attack, no, Crimson with a low blow, the second of the match!!! Santana stumbles back, in a great deal of pain from the shot to his lower regions! Crimson gets back up, taking advantage of the situation and grabbing Santana by the head, dropping with the Fury!!!!! Santana’s down and out, as Crimson slowly puts himself over top, grinning. The grin falters when no hits to the mat occur. He looks around, noticing for the first time that Bell is out! Crimson, grimacing, looks to the other side, then smiles, as referee Thomas Mitchell comes running down! Mitchell slides into the ring as Crimson makes the cover once more. Mitchell doesn’t waste any time, getting into position to make a clean (if quick) count… 1.. 2.. NO!!! Santana’s arm went up off the mat!*

Logan: Whoa!! I thought that was it!!

Jones: Santana just had a little too much time to recover, due to the downed referee.

Logan: Yeah, but things still look bleak for him. Mitchell always seems to be there for Crimson’s biggest wins, and I know I can’t prove it, but I’m almost sure he works for Organized Chaos!

*Crimson angrily complains to Mitchell, who shows how close it was. He tells Crimson to get back to work, with Crimson getting in his face, not wanting the referee to tell him what to do. Mitchell backs off, so Crimson goes back to work, grabbing Santana off the canvas and locking him up. Crimson then lifts Santana into the air, delivering a devastating piledriver into the canvas!! Santana falls to the side, in terrible shape, as Crimson moves to make another cover. Mitchell’s right there for the count, hitting the mat with quick hands… 1.. 2.. and Santana’s foot comes out, going under the ropes! Mitchell hesitates, with Crimson telling him to hit the third time, but Mitchell has to refuse, pointing out the leg! Crimson, furious, reaches out and pulls the leg back, and Mitchell counts again… 1.. 2.. and somehow Santana manages to kick out!*

Logan: What’s it going to take to keep Santana down?

Jones: Somehow, he’s still alive in this one, Anthony, but I don’t know how much more he can take!

Logan: Plus, of course, there’s Mitchell, who’s hitting that mat awfully fast!

*Crimson, annoyed, brings Santana back up, wanting this just to be over. He takes a little more blood off his face, wiping it on his pants, before rushing at Santana to go for the Buzzkill!! However, Santana dodges to the side, avoiding the blow, and Crimson goes down on his own! Crimson rolls with the impact and gets back up, immediately coming after Santana, but Santana’s ready, grabbing his arm on the way by and whipping Crimson hard into the corner!! Crimson takes it back-first, wincing from the hit but using the momentum to charge back out, leaping into a splash!! But Santana again reacts perfectly, diving out of the way, and the only one left in Crimson’s way is Mitchell!!! The two collide, with Mitchell obviously taking the worst of it!! Crimson gets back up, looking down at Mitchell, more annoyed than anything. He turns back around, and Santana’s there, grabbing Crimson and twisting him over with a powerslam!! He tries to make the cover, but now both referees are down, keeping this one from going anywhere.*

Logan: Ok, I think it’s time we reopen the floor on refs having body armor again. They’re dropping like flies!

Jones: Considering this match isn’t even supposed to be Xtreme, it sure has met up with the usual content seen in these X Division Matches!

Logan: Yo, Ace, we need another referee, if you’ve got any left willing to risk their necks in this one!

*Santana has Crimson back up now, putting him into the corner and working him over with a lowered shoulder. Mitchell is still down, unable to get up, as Bell hasn’t moved since he landed. The fans cheer, though, as Adrian Rockwell appears, hurrying down the aisle and entering the ring. He immediately takes up a position nearby, watching as Santana props Crimson up in the corner, then joins him on the turnbuckle, coming off with a leaping Frankensteiner!!! Crimson is hurting badly as Santana crawls over to him, going for the cover with one arm. Rockwell, a grin evident on his face, drops to count… 1.. 2.. and Crimson barely manages to kick out in time! Santana looks up, a little surprised by how quick the count was, but Rockwell’s already cheering him on, wanting him to keep on the attack! Santana, not bothering to argue, goes after Crimson’s legs, stomping away on them, as the fight continues.*

Jones: Didn’t Rockwell get put out of action at one point by Organized Chaos??

Logan: I believe so, Jonesy, which clearly shows that he’s got a personal stake in this one, just like Mitchell did! The tide has turned!

Jones: But, if it was wrong for Mitchell to play favorites, why is it any better to have Rockwell…

Logan: It’s complicated, Jonesy. Just trust me, this is a good thing.

Jones: Alright, if you say so…

*Crimson comes off the mat with shaky legs, his chest now covered in his own blood from the nose bleed. Santana gets Crimson twisted around, double-under-hooking him, then lifting for a Pedigree. But Crimson blocks it, then lifts, sending Santana overhead instead! Santana crashes down hard, with Crimson immediately turning around and diving to drop all his weight on Santana for a pin. Rockwell drops and starts his count… 1…. 2…. And Santana manages to kick out! Crimson pushes off the mat and gets in Rockwell’s face, wanting a faster count, but Rockwell shakes his head, letting him know it’s not going to happen. Crimson, pissed, spins around and goes towards the recovering Santana, grabbing hold of his head. He drags him back towards Rockwell, turning to the referee and saying something about slow count this, then drops for the Fury!! But Santana doesn’t go down, shoving away, as Crimson falls on his back instead!! As Crimson tries to get up, Santana, still moving, falls into the ropes and comes running back with momentum, scoring the Sensei-Tion out of nowhere!!! The roof explodes in the GCWA Arena, as Santana makes an exhausted cover, with Rockwell doing his count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!!

Logan: Santana did it!! Unbelievable!!!

Jones: He dedicated this match to his deceased son, and damn, did he keep that promise he made!!

Logan: Shocking, how things worked out, with the third referee in the match turning out to be a major factor in how this one ended up!

Jones: Crimson was so close on this one, but he just made some bad mistakes that came back to haunt him in the end!

*Rockwell raises up Santana’s hand, as the man starts to drop to his knees, tears running down his face. The crowd, feeling the emotion of the moment, starts chanting Luke’s name, as Rockwell goes to get the belt. He puts it on Santana’s shoulder, a great gesture, with the crowd cheering at the sight. Meanwhile, Crimson has pulled himself over to the ropes, furious at what happened.*

Jones: What an amazing way to end tonight with! We have a brand new champion!

Logan: We’re about out of time, so…. Aw, hell….

*With Rockwell’s back turned, the only clue he has is the sudden booing of the fans. He turns around, but it’s too late, as Scott Caine is already in the ring, clocking Rockwell upside the head with the stolen TV Title!! Severity and Israel are also both in there, double-teaming Santana, who tries to defend himself, but is too tired, physically and emotionally, to be able to put up a fight! Crimson rises back up, the fury overtaking him, as he orders Caine to go get him a table, so that they can do this right.*

Logan: Damnit, I can’t just sit here….

Jones: Think of your family, Anthony! You’ll be fired if you so much as stand up right now, and you know it!

Logan: God, this is frustrating!!

*Caine slides the table into the ring, working with Israel to get it set up. Crimson, meanwhile, goes to get the X Division Title, picking it up like it still belongs to him. Severity has Santana back up, with Crimson cursing him out, showing him the belt and pointing to himself. Severity then throws the battered Santana onto the newly-set-up table, as Crimson starts to head towards the turnbuckle.*

Logan: Son of a… he’s going to take Santana out!!

Jones: Where’s security? Where’s anyone???

*With Santana now precisely placed on the table, Crimson takes up his spot, preparing to jump. However, before he can, he drops off the ‘buckle, seeing someone rushing the ring. It’s the Danger Boiz, Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan!!! They go to work, attacking Jobe and Israel, with Caine and Crimson moving to give them aid. But Caine gets intercepted by a charging Peter Vaughn, who is yelling about messing with his friend!! The odds are still against them, but more help is on the way, as now The Lost Soul is in there!!! He starts peppering Crimson with shots, driving him back, while Israel is sent rolling out of the ring by a well-placed kick from Chris! It’s an utter brawl, with Santana weakly getting himself back up to join in!*

Jones: They’re unifying against a common enemy, Anthony!

Logan: What a brawl! This is getting crazy!

*Crimson, seeing things turning against his stable, suddenly turns and bails, ordering his guys to do the same. They all regroup in the aisleway. Meanwhile, Vaughn helps Santana up, while The Lost Soul retrieves the two titles laying to the side, lifting them up. He hands on, the Television Title, back to Crazy Chris, then gives the X Division Title back to Santana. Santana takes it, but can barely stand, with Vaughn struggling to keep him up. The two groups seem to be glaring at each other, although it’s noticeable that while Organized Chaos stands together, the faces in the ring are standing in three groups: the Danger Boiz, Santana/Vaughn, and, on his own, The Lost Soul. The picture slowly fades out on Crimson’s furious face, as he’s already starting to plot his revenge.*

OOC: Amazing, how hard it is to fully write when you're on vacation *lol*.

Anyhow, I managed to get this card up, so we're continuing the streak! We're now just a couple of weeks away from Adrenaline Rush, so the storylines are going to keep building up as we go.

Here's the card I came up with:

- Arachne vs. "Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis

- D & D (Danger & Donovan) vs. The Malvados, Non-Title Match

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Jobe Severity, GCWA Television Title Match

- Draco(c) vs. Scott Caine, GCWA Intercontinental Title Match

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