GCWA Friday Night Inferno

*As the credits roll, finishing up a re-run of an episode of Wipeout (crazy freakin’ show), we get to see a few more people take some painful crash landings off of the wild obstacle course. The screen fades to black, staying that way for a few seconds. Finally, a picture begins to come up. It is a shot of the New York City skyline, before September 11th, 2001. The World Trade Center is shown, two impressive towers standing high in the sky.*

Voice: It is a day that will always be remembered. A day that cost the lives of thousands of Americans. A day that will live on for everyone who lived through it, experienced it, or witnessed it.

*The picture slowly begins to change, switching to a shot of New York City of today. It is dark, but two bright lights shoot up towards the clouds, marking where the towers once stood.*

Voice: Eight years have passed since September 11th, 2001, when terrorism threatened our way of life. Eight years, and yet to many, it still feels like yesterday.

*A shot of the memorial wall is pictured, featuring pictures of many of the people lost on that tragic day. A woman is seen, keeping a silent vigil with a candle. Tears are rolling down her face as he is still experiencing the loss to this day.*

Voice: It was a moment in history that should never be forgotten, due to the sacrifices of the men and women who risked their lives to help and save others.

*Various clips of firemen and police officers are shown, wearing the symbol of the New York branches.*

Voice: Tonight, we remember the sacrifices, both here and abroad, that has helped make our country the land it is today.

*The music turns slightly more positive, even as we see shots of smiling Americans waving flags, men in the US Armed Forces saluting the camera, and President Barack Obama giving a patriotic speech in front of the White House. The final shot is one of hope, showing a young girl on her father’s shoulders, eating an ice cream cone. The picture then changes to a waving American flag.*

Voice: Tonight, the GCWA sends out a tribute. God Bless America!

*The flag continues to fly high, snapping in the wind. It is a glorious sight.*

* After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Lurrr, laughing maniacally as he holds up the World Heavyweight Title. Rick Mathis is standing behind him, a huge smile on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans cheer loudly, letting us know that we are in for a hell of a show. Instead of our usual movement towards the broadcast table, though, we instead go to the center of the ring, where Minos is waiting.*

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll please rise for the singing of our National Anthem!

*The fans rise, respectfully, as the female singer comes out, with a color guard behind her.*

*The crowd begins to cheer again, with a “USA! USA! USA!” chant building up throughout the arena, shaking the rafters with its intensity. As the cameras shoot across the building, showing the different fans who have been moved, you get a sense of the history of tonight’s show. Finally, we cut away from the crowds and head to the announce table, focusing on Edward Jones and Anthony Logan.*

Jones: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a very special episode of GCWA Friday Night Inferno! Logan, it’s great to be here… hey, are you crying?

Logan: Nah, man… just had something in my eye…

Jones: Oh, uh, ok. Well, tonight, we’re going to celebrate America with some tremendous matches, and we guarantee you an unbelievable show!

Logan: Oh, yeah, man. Nothing bigger than our main event, as Lurrr defends his World Title for the first time against a man many see as one of our brightest stars, Dangerous Dan!

Jones: Can Lurrr survive this challenge and continue on to Adrenaline Rush? Or will Dangerous Dan fulfill his potential and make it to the top of the GCWA?

Logan: Of course, whoever wins that match will find out tonight who his opponent will be at Adrenaline Rush, as we have three men, each of whom surely deserves a World Title opportunity!

Jones: Yep, The Big Bifford, The Lost Soul, and Draco all have paid their dues in the GCWA over the past year. Now, one of them will earn a chance at main eventing a GCWA Pay-Per-View, something that almost everyone dreams of but few ever get the opportunity! But they have to manage a win here tonight!

Logan: To top things off, we’ve also got a great GCWA Television Title match, as Crazy Chris will once again have the belt on the line as he goes against Arachne, the most unusual superstar we’ve ever had in the GCWA.

Jones: And that’s saying a lot!

Logan: So, then, what are we waiting for?

Jones: Let’s dive into things with showing you what happened earlier tonight in our dark match, as Derek “The Thriller” Mobley made his return against veteran wrestler “The Dark Angel” Joshua Curtis!

*The video begins, showing Joshua Curtis making his entrance to a good assembly of cheers. Derek Mobley comes out as well, earning a large explosion of cheers for his first match back in action. The two veterans have a good run of maneuvers, trading moves back and forth, but soon the former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion takes control, working a combination power/ground game that keeps Curtis on the defensive. The Dark Angel makes a brief comeback, landing a couple of good shots that allow for some pinfall attempts, but he can’t put Mobley away, and the House of Pain member soon fires up and lands a series of moves, ending with the Thriller in the center of the ring for the 1-2-3. Mobley celebrates afterwards, being joined in the ring by his partner, Warrick Hill, as Curtis rolls out, stunned once again by the way things are going for him. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Good to see Mobley back and already getting in the win column, Jonesy. Now that the Roman Empire connection is gone, I see nothing but sunny skies ahead for the House of Pain!

Jones: Yep. Too bad Curtis’ return isn’t going near as well. After two straight losses, Curtis is definitely struggling to make an impact here in the GCWA.

Logan: That seems to be the trend, really, strange as it is. Veterans who have come in with previous success have had a hard time breaking through. I don’t know what the problem is, really, but there are definitely problems.

Jones: Well, hopefully Joshua Curtis can figure out his issues and turn things around. After all, he could still be a tremendous asset to the federation.

Logan: No doubt, my man.

Jones: We’ve got plenty of wrestling action tonight, as we continue to salute this great nation of ours! Let’s go to the ring for our first contest!

Minos: The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall, and will have a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, they are teaming together tonight for only the second time in their careers, having been placed in this position by the President of the GCWA, weighing a combined 408 lbs, here are Robert “The Sensei” Santana and Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude plays, Santana’s tune, getting the fans excited to see the new pairing. Peter Vaughn runs out first, immediately turning around and pointing back behind him, working to get the fans riled up for the man coming out. Santana makes his entrance, almost looking embarrassed by Vaughn’s antics, Vaughn, completely oblivious, keeps it up, moving around Santana and clapping for him. He’s clearly very excited to be in this pairing. Santana, not so much. They head for the ring.*

Jones: Last week, Vaughn inadvertently cost Santana the Television Title, as his interference in the Crazy Chris match caused the disqualification. Despite that, this match was booked, giving Vaughn a chance to make things up to Santana.

Logan: Santana, I know, was preoccupied trying to find something that his son lost this past week. Stupid kids, always losing stuff.

Jones: Ironically, tonight Santana’s going to be ‘babysitting’, in a way, as he is going to have to be careful. After all, as popular as the Janitor has been, he’s still never managed a victory in the GCWA.

Logan: Yep, you just know who the Malvado’s are going to target to try and win.

Minos: Their opponents made their return at Heat Wave, and have already had a sizable impact across the GCWA landscape. Now, they enter into their first tag-team match in months, looking for a victory to propel themselves up the rankings. Weighing a combined 400 lbs, and managed by Paco, here are Hector and Victor Malvado!

*The boos are heavy as “Si Senor” by Control Machete begins to play. The two masked men walk out of the back, with Paco between them, showing off the talent around him on the way towards the ring. The trio are talking in rapid Spanish, with Paco giving some last-minute instructions for the brothers.*

Jones: The Malvados have been attacking everything that moves lately. From assaults on the Danger Boiz to sneaking a win over Joshua Curtis to ambushing Harvey Danger, they aren’t wasting any time getting back into the flow of the GCWA!

Logan: I hope the referee is on his toes tonight. These Malvados will pull any sneaky trick they can to pull off a victory here tonight.

Jones: Plus they have Paco, one of the dirtiest SOB’s in the business.

Logan: You’re just saying that because you’re still afraid he’s going to come for your job again.

Jones: Hah! Never happen, Anthony! I got the assurance of the President!

Logan: You got that in writing?

Jones: Uh, no…

Logan: Well, enjoy that assurance, then!

*The Bell Rings.*

*One of the Malvados, apparently Victor, moves forward for his team, while Hector takes a spot on the apron. Meanwhile, Santana starts into the ring, but Vaughn is in front of him with his hands raised. Santana, seemingly sighing, watches as Vaughn actually drops to his knees, looking like he’s praying to Santana for a chance to correct his earlier mistake. Santana, shaking his head, reluctantly goes back to the apron. Vaughn gets up, letting Santana know that he won’t regret it. Vaughn then turns around… and gets clotheslined by a rushing Victor!! Vaughn pops back up, but Malvado nails him again, then immediately goes for a cover! Referee Trixie, surprised, still manages to get there quickly for a count… 1… 2.. and Vaughn kicks out, saving Santana from a bad heart attack.*

Logan: Man, Vaughn was so intent on making a good impression that he’s ended up in trouble. The Malvados didn’t even let him get started!

Jones: We said from the beginning that the key for the Malvados to win is to keep Vaughn in the ring. Santana’s a former Television Champion who has beaten two former World Champions. Vaughn is a janitor whose claim to fame is cleaning the Presidential restroom.

Logan: Hey, that restroom is unbelievable, Jonesy. It’s a work of art.

Jones: You’ve seen it?

Logan: Yeah, of course. What, you haven’t?

Jones: I… yeah, yeah, I have. It’s… great… *sniff*

*Victor has brought Vaughn over to his corner now, tagging in Hector, who gets in a few free shots on the defenseless Janitor. As Victor departs, Hector twists Vaughn around, grabbing him by the head and taking him over with a snapmare takedown. With Vaughn sitting on the mat, Hector goes off the ropes and comes back, jumping over Vaughn with a flip and grabbing his head, yanking him down with him as he falls! Vaughn snaps back into position, holding his neck while grimacing. Hector, meanwhile, quickly tags his brother back in, with Victor joining him in picking up Vaughn. They whip the Janitor into the ropes, then both leap into the air, scoring identical dropkicks that put Vaughn on his back yet again! With Vaughn’s arms weakly flailing on the mat, Victor drops down for the cover, grabbing the legs… 1… 2… and Santana is there, breaking up the pin attempt! Referee Trixie waves Santana back to his corner, but the pin has successfully been put off, at least for now.*

Jones: Vaughn’s in some serious trouble. I don’t think that’s the last save we’re going to see out of Santana here in this one!

Logan: Vaughn has been outmatched so far. Heck, I haven’t even seen him attempt an offensive move yet. But that’s not what he needs now. He needs a tag. Badly.

*Paco is chatting it up with the referee, making sure to point out Santana illegally entering the ring. He could also be flirting. It’s always hard to tell with Paco. Meanwhile, Victor has been joined by Hector, bringing Vaughn back up. There was no tag, but Trixie has her attention elsewhere and missed it. The two masked men shoot Vaughn back into the ropes, then both set it place, attempting a double superkick, only to have Vaughn avoid it basically by falling down and rolling between them! Vaughn pops back up and, in desperation, dives forward with both arms extended, managing to clothesline both Malvados to the mat!! The fans are cheering now, trying to root the guy on, as Vaughn raises his head, almost looking surprised by what he managed to do. The Janitor starts crawling on his hands and knees, making progress towards the corner, where Santana is desperately reaching out. But before Vaughn can get there, a recovering Hector runs over, knocking Santana off the apron!! Hector then grabs Vaughn, dragging him backwards, away from the safety of the tag!*

Jones: So close! But Vaughn couldn’t get there in time!

Logan: I hate to admit it, but that was a nice move by Hector Malvado. If you can’t stop the in-ring guy, take out the guy waiting for the tag. It’s a classic tag-team move, and it worked for them here.

Jones: Now Vaughn has to find another opening, or else this one’s on its way to being over.

*Vaughn tries to fight against Hector, but he is pretty drained now, allowing Hector to take him over with a belly-to-belly suplex to the mat. Hector tries another cover, watching closely for an angry-looking Santana to come in. Santana starts to, but Vaughn kicks out before it could be necessary, showing that he’s got heart. Hector’s back up, shaking his head as he tags in Victor. The two men pound on Vaughn with shots to the gut, doing more damage, then whip him hard into their own corner. As Vaughn sags there, Hector grabs Victor’s arm, whipping him towards the corner for a splash. But Vaughn surprisingly comes out of the corner, avoiding the splash! Victor slumps from the impact, while Hector hurriedly runs over, trying to grab the Janitor. But Vaughn rolls around him, then hops up, diving, stretching out…. and makes the hot tag!!! The GCWA Arena erupts as Robert Santana finally gets into the match, fired up!*

Logan: Alright!

Jones: Santana’s in! It’s a whole new ballgame!

*Hector hops over to attack immediately, swinging at Santana, but the Sensei blocks it with his arm, and then responds with his own shots, driving the masked man back. Santana then rotates, launching a serious side kick into Hector’s stomach, dropping him to his knees! Victor then rushes in, with referee Trixie having lost control of this one. Santana, seeing Victor coming, turns and grabs him in mid-attack, lifting Victor up and catapulting him into the air, so that he lands face-first on the turnbuckle!! Victor, dazed, slowly turns around, with Santana jumping up and dropkicking him back into the corner! Hector now is back, grabbing hold of Santana’s arms, but the fresh man breaks free, grabbing Hector, then Victor, and slamming their heads together!! Both Malvados are hurting now, with Santana concentrating on Hector, lifting him up and bodyslamming him into the corner! With both Malvados down, Santana lets loose a martial artist war whoop, getting an echoing response from the crowd.*

Jones: The Malvado brothers are falling apart! They have to subdue Santana quickly if they still want a chance here.

Logan: Yeah, but I wish Trixie was able to get one of them out of there. This isn’t supposed to be two on one!

*Santana brings Hecor out of the corner, preparing to suplex him. However, Victor’s back again, hitting Santana in the back to break it up. Victor then grabs Santana’s arms, holding them behind him as Paco yells for Hector to take advantage. Trixie is yelling, too, wanting one of them out of there and threatening a disqualification. Hector, not listening, goes off the ropes and runs back, preparing to take Santana’s head off. But suddenly, Peter Vaughn is back!! With a wild (and slightly cracking) scream, Vaughn charges in, spearing Hector and sending the two wrestlers flying through the ropes and out of the ring!! Victor, stunned, can’t do anything as Santana uses his legs to drive them backwards into the corner, breaking himself free! Both men come out of the corner, with Victor grabbing at his chest in pain. He bends over, which turns out to be a fatal mistake, as Santana immediately turns and comes in, smacking Victor with the Sensei-Tion!!! Victor’s out, with Paco trying to leap onto the apron, yelling loudly. Santana, though, doesn’t respond to it, as he makes the pin, with Trixie doing her duty and counting… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, Robert “The Sensei” Santana and Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

Jones: Santana gets himself another big victory!

Logan: Santana AND Vaughn, Jonesy! The Janitor just got his first victory!

Jones: Hey, we said tonight could be historic. Now you know we weren’t lying!

Logan: The Malvados had a good game plan, but Santana managed to break it up enough to survive it.

*Paco’s already cursing at his men in Spanish, unhappy with their taking a tag-team loss. In the ring, Santana gets his hand raised by Trixie, even as Peter Vaughn struggles back into the ring, almost tripping on the ropes. He comes over to Santana, hesitantly extending his hand. Santana looks at it, then listens to the crowd for a second. The fans seem to be telling him to go for it. After thinking it over, Santana reaches out, shaking Vaughn’s hand and making a big smile come across the Janitor’s face. Santana then turns and walks away, leaving the ring. Vaughn finally moves after a few seconds, still smiling. He mvoes off, as we head towards our first commercial break.*

*We return from the break to a shot outside of the Presidential office. The Lost Soul walks into frame, earning a loud cheer from the crowd, as he turns the knob of the door and walks in. The camera follows behind him, getting as wide a shot as possible. Inside, the President, the Accelerator, is sitting behind his desk. The GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, is facing him with his hands on the desk. They are in mid conversation, which apparently has been a heated debate.*

Titan 3: I told you, didn’t I tell you?

*Ace looks over to TLS and Titan 3 turns his head to see TLS walk in. Neither looks particularly pleased to see him, although he was surely called to appear there.*

The Lost Soul: am I interrupting a secret security meeting?

The Accelerator: TLS, we have a problem here.

*Titan 3 stands up straight and folds his arms and turns his attention to TLS.*

Titan 3: We have a BIG problem. It seems that…

*The Accelerator places a hand on Titan 3’s shoulder, wanting to say it himself. But the Head of Security shrugs him off, looking angrily at the President.*

Titan 3: Dammit Ace. Just let me say what I need to say. I’m sick of you sticking up for The Lost Soul.

The Accelerator: TLS, the hair samples you gave us, we did our own DNA testing and it matches the ones that were found when Steve Wilson was attacked.

*The Lost Soul looks back and forth between the two men, apparently not believing what he is hearing. Titan 3, meanwhile, is cracking his knuckles with a kind of anxious anticipation.*

Titan 3: I knew it. I knew all this was just a charade, going around collecting hair samples from people when it was your own hair you should have been testing.

*The Lost Soul smiles, which earns a glare from the Head of Security.*

The Lost Soul: You’ve got to be kidding me.

The Accelerator: No TLS, it’s serious. There might be some repercussions.

Titan 3: Yeah Like Titan 3 being able to do his job and taking out the trash of the GCWA. Starting with the Lost Soul.

The Lost Soul: I didn’t do this Ace. TLS wouldn’t have stabbed Steve Wilson in the back.

The Accelerator: We know you and Steve Wilson have some history.

Titan 3: A lot of history...

*The Lost Soul sighs.*

The Lost Soul: Well then, it is what it is.

The Accelerator: As far as the repercussions, we’re looking at a fine, and maybe some other sanctions… unless you can prove that you are innocent.

The Lost Soul: Funny how people go out and attack others and they get away free and clear, but I’m condemned to be responsible for an attack I didn’t commit.

The Accelerator: Sorry, it’s a new policy. Unless I allow Titan 3 to go crazy and beat up anyone who doesn’t want to play by the rules, then that’s probably what we’re going to do.

Titan 3: I say we go for the latter.

*TLS turns around and walks out as the crowd is stunned at the news that TLS is the #1 suspect for the attack of Steve Wilson. Titan 3, meanwhile, turns back to the Accelerator.*

Titan 3: I’d say more than a fine is in order. But until you start giving me free reign to do my job, this will keep happening. Think about it, “Mr. President.”.

*Titan 3 turns and heads out the door, slamming it behind him, as the Accelerator rubs his weary head. It’s been a rough day. We fade out, going back to ringside.*

Logan: This is a mistake, right?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, the evidence sounded pretty convincing.

Logan: No way… The Lost Soul is not exactly a stranger to backstage fights, mind you, but he’s always admitted to it. And the guy was friends with Wilson!

Jones: Are you sure about that, Anthony? Who really knows The Lost Soul?

Logan: … Look, all I can say is, I don’t believe it.

Jones: Alright, sore subject, I know. Let’s get on towards more competition, then, shall we?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Coming towards the ring, he is continuing his travels towards becoming a star in the GCWA, standing 6’3” and weighing 215 lbs, from Des Moines, Iowa, here is Cisco Sheppard!

*The fans give a short but warm welcome to Cisco, as he comes out to “Pokerface” by Lady Gaga. Sheppard does a small dance on the ramp, but his energy level doesn’t seem near as high as it has been in previous weeks. The rookie makes his way towards the ring, looking towards the crowd while moving along, possibly for support.*

Jones: Cisco’s GCWA career probably isn’t quite where he hoped it would be by this point.

Logan: Nope, the dude has had some tough losses, losing to Dangerous Dan, Lurrr, and Robert Santana. But hey, in the GCWA, there’s always the chance that someone can redirect themselves and still make their way up the ladder!

Jones: Well, yeah, but how often…

Logan: There’s always a chance, Jonesy. Always.

Jones: *shakes head* If you say so…

Minos: And now his opponent, he has had a long career in the business, which includes him being a former GCWA World Champion… now, though, he’s touting a different piece of hardware… standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is the leader of Organized Chaos and the current GCWA X Division Champion, Tommy “The Fury” Crimson!

*The crowd is not pleased to see the champion, booing heavily over “Head Up” by the Deftones. Crimson comes out through the curtain, not disturbed in the least by the fan reaction. He proudly shows off his gold, even as wrestlers begin to filter out behind him. Jobe Severity, his son Israel Callahan, and the newest member to Organized Chaos, Scott Caine, form a semi-circle around the X Division Champion, showing their unity.*

Jones: I still can’t believe that Scott Caine allowed himself to be taken in by that group.

Logan: It’s not too hard to see, Jonesy. Caine has been travelling in the dark side for a month or two now. Joining a group like Organized Chaos was just the next step.

Jones: Well, it’s clear that Crimson has a lot of talent around him, which will probably help him in his travels to retain the GCWA X Division Title.

Logan: Yep. That plus his Chaos Cave.

Jones: His what?

Logan: You heard me.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Alright, the match is on! For those who don’t realize it, let me make sure to state that the X Division Title is not on the line for this match.

Jones: Too bad about that. It’s already a big show, we could have used another defense.

Logan: Well, at the very least, we’ve got the champion in action. Now let’s see what Cisco can do against him!

*Crimson hands the title over to the referee, who just happens to be referee Thomas Mitchell. The referee gets the belt over to the timekeeper’s table, while Crimson confidently waits for Sheppard to make a move. Cisco, though, seems more preoccupied with the men outside the ring, especially after Israel makes a move, grabbing at his leg! Sheppard moves quickly out of range, immediately complaining to the referee. By this point, Israel’s already moved away, acting like he’s been speaking with his father this whole time. The two men look innocently towards the referee, who shrugs, saying there’s nothing he can do. Sheppard, annoyed, moves in to lock up with Crimson, his attention clearly elsewhere.*

Jones: I wonder why Crimson needed the whole Organized Chaos group out here tonight.

Logan: For one, it’s a show of the power that these guys currently have. For another, it’s for exactly what’s happening: he’s got Sheppard off of his game, which is never good, particularly when facing a champion.

Jones: Sheppard will have to have eyes in the back of his head for this one, I’m afraid.

*The two wrestlers lock up, with Crimson immediately locking Sheppard into a headlock, wrenching on his top. Crimson also throws in a short ‘noogie’, showing his disrespect towards his opponent. This seems to fire Sheppard up, though, as he shoves Crimson away from him, sending the champion into the ropes. As Crimson comes back, Sheppard redirects, catching Crimson with a hip toss to the other side of the ring! Crimson struggles back up, with Sheppard already starting to approach him. But Caine is now up on the apron, yelling at the man! Caine’s words can’t be made out, but they definitely have an effect on Cisco, who rushes at him, swinging! Caine drops, out of range, with Sheppard leaning out after him. Unfortunately, this works perfectly for Crimson, who comes in from behind and grabs Sheppard, delivering a violent belly-to-back suplex! Cisco is down, as Crimson gets on his feet, now firmly in control.*

Jones: It only took a second for Crimson to get back in control of this one!

Logan: Man… this is a bad sign, Jonesy. Organized Chaos is basically showing today what anyone’s going to have to go through to get that X Division Title away from him!

*Sheppard tries to get back up, but a knee to the head lays him out on the canvas. Crimson stands over him, brushing his hair out of his face and laughing at the boos that he’s hearing. On the outside, Severity can be seen, telling Crimson to stop playing around and get a victory. Crimson hauls Sheppard up, then runs to the ropes, rushing back and leaping full out to land the Buzz Kill on the run!!! Cisco’s down and possibly out, but Crimson’s not ready for the pinfall just yet, even if Mitchell already is. The referee gets back up, watching, as Crimson reaches for Sheppard’s head. With Caine and the others rooting him on, Crimson slaps the dazed Sheppard across the face, and then grabs his head, snapping him down with the Fury!!! It’s all over but the count, with Crimson making a cocky cover, barely putting any weight on the wrestler… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Tommy “The Fury” Crimson!

Jones: Well, that was about as short as anyone would have predicted, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, another bad night for Cisco, although it didn’t help him to have so many guys to have to watch out for.

Jones: Uh oh. I don’t think Sheppard’s night is quite over, Anthony!

*As Crimson gets his arm raised by Mitchell, the rest of Organized Chaos comes into the ring. Sheppard’s still down, but Israel makes sure he stays there, stomping away on him! The bell starts to ring, trying to stop the oncoming carnage, but Organized Chaos doesn’t seem to care. Caine has already climbed to the top turnbuckle. As soon as Israel moves out of the way, Caine takes flight, landing the Sugar Caine!!! Sheppard’s legs are shaking on the mat, as the abuse continues. Severity steps in, twisting Sheppard over and applying the King James Version submission hold!!! Sheppard, barely able to move, weakly raises and drops his hand, instinct trying to get him to tap out. But this isn’t a match.*

Logan: Man, they’re going to destroy him!

Jones: Don’t even think about it, Anthony. You’re already on probation. Leave this desk again, and I’ll be breaking in a new broadcast partner!

Logan: Damnit…

*In the ring, Crimson gleefully applies a secondary submission, yanking back on Sheppard’s neck with a crossface while Severity continues to tangle Cisco’s legs into a pretzel. Finally, GCWA Security comes out, hurrying down to help. The guards enter the ring, with Caine moving to meet them. But before the angry young man can attack, Crimson gets up and stops him, shaking his head with a smile. Crimson then waves the guys to follow him, leaving the ring, while the guards check on the condition of Sheppard. It doesn’t look good.*

Logan: Well, while they’re attending to Sheppard, we’ve got a report that we know people have been waiting in breathless anticipation for. In August, Marcus Ka’Derrion, the former 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, was badly injured in his match against the new champion, Lurrr. Tonight, we get our first updates on the condition of this great wrestler! Let’s go to it!

*The scene opens up inside a hospital, in the intensive care unit. We are right outside of Marcus Ka’Derrion’s room, but apparently no one is allowed in. Cynthia Hall is trying to peek through the window when the cameraman clears his throat to let her know they are on the air. She quickly turns around, adjusts herself and gives us that beautiful smile we are used to.

Cynthia Hall: Hello GCWA fans! I am here at The Parkland Memorial Hospital where Marcus Ka’Derrion has been since our last pay per view, Heat Wave. Last week you were told that we would have an update for you and so here we are, waiting for Marcus’ doctor to come by and talk to us. While we wait, let me give you a brief breakdown of Marcus’ injuries. He dislocated his right shoulder and had a minor fracture on his right arm. He also suffered an undisclosed injury to his neck. That’s about all we know, but we understand that Marcus’ doctors will give us the full diagnosis. Fans, I have to ask you though, to brace yourselves, the news will not be good. We will also try to figure out why we can’t go inside to talk to Marcus. I will try to have answers for you when we return from break.

*Cynthia turns back to the doorway, waiting, as we slowly fade to another commercial run.*

*We’re back at the Hospital where Marcus Ka’Derrion is staying. Except this time we’re in a doctor’s office. Marcus’ doctor, who looks to be in his 50’s, sits in the chair behind his desk and Cynthia Hall sits across from him.*

Cynthia Hall: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us doctor.

Doctor: Sure thing.

Cynthia Hall: Well, you know why we are here. What can you tell us about Marcus’ condition?

Doctor: Well unfortunately, I wish I could give you good news. But it’s all bad right now for Mr. Ka’Derrion who is not well physically, or mentally.

Cynthia Hall: Mentally?

Doctor: I will get to that in a minute. He suffered 3 injuries, two you already covered, so I won’t go into detail, but it will take about a month to heal from those. His neck injury was a pinched nerve due to the pressure caused by two herniated disks that led to partial paralysis for about a week . Thankfully, after the inflammation went down, he has sensation in all extremities again. That is when the mental problems started.

Cynthia Hall: Please explain.

Doctor: Well once he was able to move around he tried escaping the hospital shouting things about bringing the heat back to inferno… Any idea what that could mean Ms. Hall?

Cynthia Hall: Well Inferno is our weekly show, so my guess is he was trying to get to Lurrr, the man responsible for him being in here in the first place..

Doctor: I see, I see. Well then I guess what I’m about to show you makes sense. After he tried to escape we had to keep him sedated and immobilized so he wouldn’t injure himself any further. Unfortunately after that he has refused to eat or talk… Even to his own mother. He won’t even open his eyes.

Cynthia Hall: Oh my, he hasn’t spoken a single word...

Doctor: Well yes, only once… He asked for paper and pen… it was given to him and good thing he is left handed, so he can still write.

Cynthia Hall: What did he write?

Doctor: That’s what I wanted to show you… He wrote a single word over and over again…

*The doctor pulls out a sheet a paper and places on the desk in front of Cynthia. The word is: “vengeance.” Scene fades slowly to black.*

Logan: Wow. Marcus Ka’Derrion is not doing so hot, is he?

Jones: Nope, definitely not, although it is good to hear he’s starting to recover, at least physically.

Logan: Yeah, but will he ever return to the GCWA? And if he does return, will he still be the same person who reigned on top of the federation for months?

Jones: Impossible to tell at this point, Anthony. This video was shot mid-week, and I know Cynthia’s already planning another visit next week in order to find out more. Let’s just hope for the best.

Logan: I suppose so. Well, with that covered, we’ve got another set-up to get to. It looks like the ring has been completed for the show!

Jones: Yes! Draco’s back again!

*The action has been halted in the ring. A group of crew members are seen laying down a red carpet leading to the ring. A few are bringing in the directors chairs. Yes, the ring is once again being turned into a talk show. Not just any talk show, but GCWA’s number one talk show during the Inferno hours. A limited window, but number one in that window.*

*That image only further proves what all the fans are starting to think from the debut show last week. “Indestructible” by Disturbed plays and the fans are on their feet. It seems in the past few weeks that Draco has gained more of a favorable response from the fans. Draco stands there not in his semi-formal wear, but his ring attire. His big match slated for later in the evening. *

Draco: Hello, GCWA fans!

*The cheap pop gets the few people still sitting down up and out of their seats. Draco saunters down to the ring making sure to slap a few hands before sliding into the ring. The microphone still in his hand he looks around admiring his make shift set.*

Draco: Looks like my little show was such a hit that GCWA is giving me quite the bonus to keep it going. Thanks for reaching deep into those pockets, boss.

*Draco gives a thumbs up towards the back before returning to his regularly intent for the show.*

Draco: Now, I had quite the few guests to choose from after that first show. I could have had the returning House of Pain…

*The fans cheer at Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill coming back, but more so for the fact that they are good guys now. I guess when you aren’t a very good bad guy, that is your only option.*

Draco: I could have even gotten Organized Chaos, but they have a prior engagement with those nifty little jackets that make you hug yourself.

*The fans laugh at the expense of Organized Chaos. Let’s face it, don’t we all?*

Draco: I even got a request in person from one of the most loved wrestlers in the company, Dangerous Dan.

*The fans all cheer not hearing that Draco had rejected that particular request. Draco smirks and holds his hand up silencing the crowd.*

Draco: Sadly, I had to decline, though…

*The crowd boos one of their new found favorites for his lapse in judgment. Draco shrugs his shoulders trying to pretend like it was an honest mistake, but would you want to talk to man who you just beat for a title only a few weeks ago?*

Draco: …I did get a very special request from a much more Dangerous and Crazy team!

*Before “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead even starts the fans are on their feet cheering. They know that not only will Dangerous Dan be coming out, but so will his brother Crazy Chris. As expected both Danger Boiz are standing on the entrance ramp hyping up the crowd. They continue to whip them into a frenzy as they walk down into the ring.*

Logan: Great to see some different guests on Draco’s new show, and it’s a good night for it, as Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris could both be champions by the end of the show!

Jones: The fans certainly love them, especially the women in the audience.

Logan: Jealous?

Jones: Who, me?

*Draco steps back, letting the two young members of the tag team have the spot light as they enter the ring. A bra comes flying out from the audience and lands on Crazy Chris’ head. Dangerous Dan snatches it away saying it was meant for him.*

Draco: Alright, alright…easy, there ladies I am sure there is enough to go around after the show.

*The crowd settles down and every takes their seat. Draco looks from one Danger Boi to the other.*

Draco: Now, there is so much to talk about, but we might as well start with titles, right?

*Crazy Chris has his Television Title over his shoulder and nods to Draco. Dangerous Dan still, even with his World Title opportunity, gives a sideways glance not at his brother, but at his title strap. Draco snaps his fingers to make Dan come back to reality.*

Draco: Hey, buddy, did you walk past House of Pain’s locker room? You look a little high.

Dangerous Dan: Oh…Just prepping for my match.

Draco: Good man, but let me get the low down on your brother first. Chris, how does it feel being Television Champ?

Crazy Chris: Like you wouldn’t believe, but soon the Danger Boiz will be coming after D&D for those Tag Team Titles.

Draco: Woah, woah, woah, there Chris. I think you better remember this is a talk show and two versus one is not a very good match for me.

*The fans chuckle a bit thinking this little bit is staged, but really Chris and Dan are a tag team and it is only natural to want to be the best. Draco looks over to Dan as Chris is still smirking at his little jab.*

Draco: Now, Dangerous Dan….you alive there buddy?

Dangerous Dan: Hmm, yeah, sorry. You said something?

Draco: Yeah, ignore the host. Disrespect your elders. Breaking some cardinal rules there. I will let it slide since you have a chance to dethrone Lurrr tonight and become Heavyweight Champion. Think you can make him have one of the shortest reigns in GCWA history?

*Dangerous Dan nods, but can’t get a word in as the fans are screaming for Dangerous Dan to take the title away tonight. Dangerous Dan seems to be brimming with confidence now as he hears the fans chanting his name. He speaks up drowning out the chants that are still continuing.*

Dangerous Dan: Hell yeah! Lurrr isn’t going to beat me! He can’t beat me! I will be the World Champion and I will never say die!

*The fans are in an uproar and Draco gives a small golf clap showing his appreciation. After a few seconds he speaks up trying to get the fans under control.*

Draco: Alright, alright. Now, we have to talk about a certain rumor.

*The fans hush down knowing the rumor that has spread like wildfire since it first hit the internet a few days ago. All eyes are on Dangerous Dan wondering about his future.*

Draco: I guess you all heard about it. Dangerous Dan might be quitting.

*Dangerous Dan looks a bit hesitant as he is put on the spot. Crazy Chris reaches over and pats his brother on the shoulder saying he will support him no matter the decision, they are a team. His brother nods. He is about to speak.*

Lurrr: He should have quit before this week!

*All eyes turn towards the big screen which flickers to life with none other than Lurrr. He is laughing and Dangerous Dan is ready to leave the ring to go and find him.*

Draco: Why do people feel the need to get free advertisement during my sho--

*Draco wasn’t able to finish the statement as a chair is firmly smashed into his head. Rick Mathis and Lurrr have slid into the ring from behind. Draco gets another shot to the front of his head this time as he gets up. The Danger Boiz turn around to see blood starting to come out of Draco’s forehead. They go to fight, but the chair wielding Roman Empire take them down with two sickening shots. Lurrr grabs the microphone.*

Lurrr: Fell for the oldest trick in the book. See you in the main event.

*The Roman Empire drops the chairs leaving them behind. Draco starts to stir moving over to check on the Danger Boiz. A crew of EMTs come into the ring and assit them as needed. Draco crawls towards the far ring rope staring a hole into the back of Lurrr. The blood pouring down his face. The EMTs subdue Draco trying to get him ready for his match coming up soon.*

Logan: Man! Lurrr turned what was turning into an interesting interview into a bloodbath!

Jones: The Roman Empire has struck again! This puts the next three matches in jeopardy, as all three men still are going to wrestle tonight!

Logan: Damnit, that has to be a new record for Lurrr, impacting that many matches!

*The medics continue to check on Draco. Meanwhile, the Danger Boiz have both already recovered from the shots they took to their sides, as Crazy Chris talks with Dan about what he needs to do later that night. Draco’s face is still a bloody mess, extreme enough to disturb anyone watching the footage. We fade out on that shot, heading to commercial.*

*After the break, we come back to outside the Presidential office. It’s a close-up of the doorway, showing the Accelerator’s name placed on the plate. Suddenly, a sign passes in front of the door, saying two words “Man Up”. The camera zooms back, showing two men walking back and forth in front of the Accelerator’s office. One is Harvey Danger, who looks somewhat nervous about what they’re doing. The other man, looking extremely confident as always, is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan. The duo keeps moving in front of the doorway with their signs, as we head back to ringside.*

Jones: What are Donovan and Danger doing?

Logan: No idea, Jonesy. It’s always hard to read Donovan’s intentions. We’ll probably find out later in the show.

Jones: You never know what you’re going to see on any given night in the GCWA. Let’s keep it going!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he is one of the most unique wrestlers to ever sign a GCWA contract, seeking his first championship here tonight… standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*”Wana” by The Black Horn plays, leading out Arachne. The face-painted guy does a little dance on the entryway, then starts on his way to the ring. He glances around at the fans, as if looking for any gophers to lick, but doesn’t find any. Thank goodness. Arachne climbs into the ring, taking up a position in the corner as he waits.*

Logan: I thought Arachne was going to start turning things around this week, as he seemed to have someone finally there to help show him the way to victory. However, I guess this turned out to be some kind of, well, dream?

Jones: Who knows with the guy, Anthony. Personally, the one that will stick with me is Arachne meeting a person calling herself Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Logan: I liked that show. When that witch Willow said “Bored now”, and ripped the skin off of that weirdo who had shot Buffy? Crazy stuff.

Jones: All I remember is Pee Wee Herman playing one of the villains in the movie.

Logan: Great times.

Minos: His opponent is showing that his brother is not the only talented wrestler in the family, having held singles and tag-team gold. Standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

*”Mental Health” by Zebrahead begins to play, getting the cheers from the audience in attendance. Crazy Chris walks out, holding the belt on his shoulder. He’s rubbing his sore side from where he took a shot from Lurrr, but doesn’t seem too badly hurt. He does appear to be in a bad move, however. The champion storms down the aisle, ready to fight, as Arachne waits for him to come.*

Jones: Crazy Chris got himself a new pet this week, a tarantula. Creepy creatures, don’t know why you’d want it for a pet.

Logan: Yeah, I heard that Chris actually lost it here tonight. Hey, what’s that on your shoulder?


Logan: Made you look!

Jones: *BLEEP*!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Crazy Chris straightens his mask and moves forward, looking eye to eye with Arachne. It’s an unusual sight, to say the least, as it’s a face-painted wrestler matched up against the man who wears a mask when he competes. Arachne pounds on his chest a couple of times, showing some fury coming through, then runs to the ropes and comes back, lowering a shoulder and running into Chris. Despite the champ’s best efforts, the impact moves him backwards, allowing Arachne to win the first test of strength. Arachne grins and runs against the ropes again, coming back for another hit, but this time Crazy Chris is ready, side-stepping him and swinging his leg out, tripping up Arachne and sending him sprawling! Arachne jumps right back up, angry, but Crazy Chris is right there with a jumping sidekick, knocking Arachne into the ropes! Crazy Chris then follows that up with a charge, giving Arachne a Cactus Jack Clothesline that sends both to the outside!*

Jones: Crazy Chris is quickly on the offensive in this one!

Logan: No matter the opponent, the Television Champion has to take the challenge seriously. He can’t just sit back and assume it’ll be an easy win, or else he runs the risk of losing the gold.

Jones: Yep, it can’t be easy, having to prepare every week for facing a different challenger. Santana last week, Arachne this week? The stress has to be incredible!

*On the outside, Crazy Chris has Arachne up, whipping him towards the guardrail, no Arachne reverses it and sends Chris into the apron instead, back first! Arachne follows that up by slashing with his hands, cutting across Chris’ chest with their ferocity! Above them, referee Adrian Rockwell starts up a count, letting both men know that the threat of a countout is growing. Arachne doesn’t seem to care as much, though, as he pulls Chris over and drops him face-first on Arachne’s knee, sending Chris falling to his back on the outside mat. Arachne then turns and rolls into the ring, hissing at referee Rockwell, who makes sure that he’s not about to be attacked before he continues his count. Crazy Chris is already stirring, holding his head. The fans are cheering for him to get up, even as Arachne seems to be concentrating on a turnbuckle pad instead, tearing it up.*

Logan: What is Arachne up to?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, but he’s making the wrong decision here, as even if Crazy Chris gets counted out, Arachne doesn’t win the title!

Logan: Maybe he’s not as interested in this title, Jonesy. Remember, he keeps saying that he wants to fight Lurrr for the belt.

Jones: I don’t see that happening until he gets some wins under his belt.

Logan: Precisely! He gets the win if Crazy Chris is counted out!

Jones: Strange logic, but I’ll go with it.

*Crazy Chris manages to get up at the count of eight. As soon as he realizes what’s happening, Chris turns and slides under the bottom rope, stopping the count and keeping the contest underway. Referee Rockwell moves back, while Arachne, with pieces of the turnbuckle pad still in his grasp, comes back over towards Chris. He clearly has a plan, as he grabs Chris by the arm and attempts to whip him towards the partially exposed ‘buckle, but Chris puts on the brakes. He’s got a grip on the middle rope, which keeps him from moving. Arachne, looking puzzled, tries again, but this time Chris moves with him, rotating around Arachne, then grabbing him and delivering a DDT! Arachne’s down, with Crazy Chris shoving himself back up and running towards the ropes. Before Arachne can recover, Chris comes back, giving him a senton splash! Crazy Chris then makes the cover… 1… 2… Arachne kicks out.*

Jones: It’s been proven in the past that Arachne can take a great deal of punishment. Crazy Chris will need to keep the offense on him, if he wants the victory here today.

Logan: Yeah, Arachne strikes me as one of those guys you attack the body on. Going after that hard head of his probably will be less successful.

*Crazy Chris has Arachne up now, shooting him into the ropes. Chris then runs to the side, criss-crossing Arachne as they run past each other, then meeting up with him again on the return, rolling into a kick that sends Arachne flipping to the ground! Crazy Chris then goes for the turnbuckle, pulling himself up as he prepares for a moonsault. Beneath him, Arachne is barely stirring, so Crazy Chris takes flight, getting maximum lift-off from the ropes as he flips backwards towards the downed competitor. But Arachne, showing some intelligence does reside behind that strange face-paint, suddenly raises his knees, causing the champion to land on them!! Crazy Chris falls to the side, clutching at his injured stomach. Arachne, trying to take advantage, twists around to make the cover, with referee Rockwell making the count… 1… 2… and Crazy Chris manages to kick out, averting the loss of his title!*

Logan: Wow, we almost had Arachne as our GCWA Television Champion! How weird would that be?

Jones: Well, you can bet the title would have a lot more animal blood on it after being with Arachne for at least a week.

Logan: That would be simply insane, and yet, oddly interesting.

*Arachne is back up, pulling the Television Champion up with him. The strange wrestler takes Crazy Chris over towards the turnbuckle, which is the one that was partially exposed earlier in the match. Arachne, not caring, has Crazy Chris by the head, planning to plant him on it, but now referee Rockwell is there, getting in his way! Rockwell is shaking his head, pointing out that deliberate usage of the exposed turnbuckle is grounds for disqualification. Arachne, looking pissed off, orders Rockwell out of the way, wanting to land the maneuver, but Rockwell’s not going to budge. He orders Arachne to try another method, but Arachne suddenly rears back and lets loose the Green Mist!!! Rockwell gets his arm up over his eyes, getting a stream of green paint across his forearm!!! He stumbles away, having caught some of the mist, while Arachne lifts Crazy Chris up and again tries to hammer him into the ‘buckle! But Crazy Chris responds, nailing Arachne in the gut, then lifting him up, delivering a short version of the Snake-Eyes!!!*

Logan: Arachne takes the full shot of the ‘buckle!!

Jones: He needed to find another avenue of attack, but that shouldn’t have included spraying the referee!

Logan: The catch is, with Rockwell occupied, Crazy Chris was able to use the ‘buckle to his own advantage! That truly backfired on Arachne!

*Arachne looks dazed, as he stumbles back and forth. Amazingly, he hasn’t gone down, but Crazy Chris is quick to take advantage of his opponent’s stunned status, picking up Arachne and delivering the Crazy Bitch!!! Arachne’s now flat on the mat, even as Crazy Chris begins to head back to the turnbuckle, making his way up to the top. The fans are cheering loudly, wanting to see the champion fly. Referee Rockwell is already back up, with two stripes of paint covering his face, but not his eyes. He looks like he wants to DQ Arachne, but hesitates, noting who’s in charge. With a smile on his face, Rockwell sits back to watch. Arachne is trying to sit up, really looking out of it now. He rolls over and pushes off the mat, struggling to his feet, not knowing that Crazy Chris is currently waiting for him. As Arachne turns, Crazy Chris takes to the air, nailing him with the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!!! Arachne’s night is over, with Crazy Chris dropping on top for the pin cover. Rockwell, with a lot of enjoyment, does the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!!

Jones: Crazy Chris retains again!

Logan: The champ knew what he was doing tonight, putting on a strong performance. With two defenses down already, is it time to start talk about Chris possibly breaking his own brother’s streak?

Jones: He’s still got several victories to go, Anthony, but he’s definitely on the right path. As for Arachne, he put up one of his best matches so far, but it still wasn’t enough. But if we keep seeing the level of improvement from him, I think he might manage to reach his full potential in the GCWA!

Logan: Whatever that’s going to be!

*Crazy Chris raises up the Television Title to the cheers of the fans. On the outside, referee Rockwell is making sure to clear off his face, trying to remove every bit of paint with a towel that the timekeeper gave him. Arachne is just now starting to wake up, due to the abuse he took at the end of the match. We cut away from the scene to go backstage, where Draco is sitting, having his head examined… by medical doctors, due to the hit he took from Lurrr earlier in the show.*

Doctor: I can’t say I think you should wrestle, Draco, but it is really up to you in this case. You’re bandaged up, but odds are, you’ll be bleeding again if you take any hits, which could be very detrimental to your health.

*Draco doesn’t say a word in response. He is staring off into space, as if having another internal conflict between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. As the doctor turns back to him, Draco suddenly stands, shoving him aside and leaving the room. We slowly fade out to commercial.*

*We come back from the break backstage, where The Accelerator is walking towards his office. Once he gets there he stops, as both Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger are standing in front of the door, holding up signs. Shane's sign reads "Man Up Ace!" with a rather crudely drawn image of a stick figure (labelled as "Ace") "hulking up". Harvey's sign reads "Put your foot down. I guess." The Accelerator shakes his head in disbelief as he stares at Shane.*

The Accelerator: *sighs* What do you want Shane?

*Shane glances over at Ace, then taps his sign.*

The Accelerator: "Man up"?

Shane Donovan: Exactly.

The Accelerator: What the hell do you mean by that?!

*The Accelerator looks over at Harvey, who merely shrugs.*

Shane Donovan: Exactly what the sign says. You gotta take charge again, you keep letting guys like Lurrr do what they want and it's slowly destroying the company!

*The Accelerator raises an eyebrow.*

The Accelerator: ...Okay what's your angle Shane?

Shane Donovan: No angle, I just don't want to see the GCWA suffer because you aren't standing up for it. Harden the [censored] up Stefan!

*The Accelerator seethes as he stares at Shane. Harvey looks confused for a moment before elbowing Shane in the side. *

Harvey Danger: Shane... I don't think his name is Stefan...

Shane Donovan: Shh, it's a motivational tool.

Harvey Danger: That doesn't make any...

The Accelerator: The both of you better get the hell out of my sight right now!

Shane Donovan: Or what?

The Accelerator: Do you enjoy working here?

*Shane stares at The Accelerator for a moment. *

The Accelerator: And get rid of that sign too.

*Shane shakes his head before flipping the sign over, revealing the phrase "my cat has a better work rate than Bifford" on the back before walking away. The Accelerator then turns to Harvey, who audibly yelps before following Shane as the scene cuts back to ringside. *

Logan: Donovan’s definitely got an interesting way of getting his point across.

Jones: “Man Up”? I don’t know if I understand…

Logan: I think he just means Ace shouldn’t let the lawyers push him around like they did to get Lurrr his title shot. Personally, I have to admit I agree with him.

Jones: You really think that’s the only motive Shane Donovan has for doing that protest?

Logan: Nope. He’s a master schemer, after all.

Jones: Minos, keep us moving, buddy.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall. This one will be a Three-Way contest, with the winner getting the opportunity to face the World Champion at GCWA Adrenaline Rush! Coming down towards the ring, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion and is looking to make his way towards the main event, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, with Martin Ka’Berryon, here is The Big Bifford!

*The crowd cheers, excited to see the veteran wrestler. The Big Bifford walks out to “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio, pointing to the crowd. Behind him, an exhausted-looking Ka’Berryon follows him out towards the ring.*

Jones: It was a quiet week for the Big Bifford, but you can’t rule out someone his size in a match like this.

Logan: Nope. Bifford’s been dreaming of an opportunity for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. Actually, I’m betting all three men have been, because unless I’m mistaken, none of these three have ever gotten a GCWA World Heavyweight Title shot.

Jones: That’s truly incredible, Anthony, especially considering that Bifford and The Lost Soul have been here since January, while Draco’s been here since April. These guys are definitely due this opportunity. The question is, who will end up with it?

Minos: Our second competitor has had a great deal of success in the GCWA, holding on different occasions the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, and the GCWA X Division Title. With those three titles in hand, he’s now seeking the one that has so far eluded him. Standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from Parts Unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*”The Friday the 13th” Theme hits the speakers, raising goose bumps throughout the crowd. The Lost Soul comes out onto the stage, looking like he’s got a lot on his mind. It doesn’t help that some of the crowd, spotting him coming out, immediately begins booing, shockingly turning on the perennial fan favorite! However, other die-hard TLS fans come to his aid, cheering heavily for him to try and drown out the boos. It’s definitely a mixed audience, as the face-painted wrestler makes his way down the ramp.*

Logan: This is really ridiculous, Jonesy. The crowd is already showing signs of turning on TLS!

Jones: Well, the evidence seems pretty convincing, Anthony. The Lost Soul had a history with Wilson. The two were supposedly going to work together, but Wilson was talking a lot about going after singles titles instead, which, by the way, TLS was currently holding the X Division Title at that point.

Logan: That’s all circumstantial, Jonesy. Complete speculation.

Jones: Ok, but what about the hair found at the scene of the assault?

Logan: … All I know is, this is a mistake… it has to be…

Minos: Our third participant in this match has continued to gather in championships to add to his already-remarkable history. As a member of D &D, he is part of one of the more popular units in the GCWA, standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the reigning GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, as well as part of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Draco!

*The crowd gives an impressive reaction as “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play. Draco soon appears from behind the curtain, a bandage secured on his head to possible cover up whatever work had to be done to seal up the injury delivered to him by Lurrr. Draco still is carrying two championships with him to the ring, a remarkable sight.*

Jones: Word came out this week that Draco’s brother, Matt, was in a serious car accident. Matt’s girlfriend, Kayla, was also hurt, although she is certainly in better shape than Matt, who is currently in the ICU.

Logan: Man, you look at that, and then you look at what Lurrr did earlier to Draco, and you have to think that this man has a lot of anger to use tonight in this match.

Jones: True, but he’s also got a lot of distractions, Anthony, which could definitely work against him here. It’ll all be in how he channels his anger into the match.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! Time to decide who is going to be the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship!

Logan: A lot of money, fame, and glory is riding on this one!

*Both The Lost Soul and Draco start to head towards one another, clearly selecting each other as the first person to go after. They meet in the center of the ring, ready to fight. The Big Bifford, meanwhile, is leaning out of the ring, taking a couple of plastic bowls from Ka’Berryon, who seems to be handing them in reluctantly. After a few seconds, Bifford manages to straighten up, bringing the two bowls over to TLS and Draco, who turn towards him. The words can’t be heard, but the actions are clear, as Bifford hands out the two bowls towards his competitors with a smile. Inside the bowl, we can see freshly cooked shrimp. At least, hopefully, they’ve been cooked. Bifford is smiling, offering up the meal. Both Draco and TLS look like they’re at a loss. Neither seems willing to take the bowl.*

Jones: The Big Bifford apparently brought a peace offering!

Logan: Yeah, well, I can’t blame the others for not taking him up on it. After all, a lot’s on the line in this one, so eating the shrimp of the enemy seems like a risky maneuver.

Jones: Ever think you’d say something like that while broadcasting a match?

Logan: Nope, can’t say that I did.

*The Big Bifford tries once again, raising the bowls towards the two men, even reaching down and eating one of the shrimp to prove that it’s not poisoned. Draco shakes his head no, though, as does The Lost Soul. Angry now, the Big Bifford turns and throws the bowls over the top rope, sending the shrimp accidentally flying towards Ka’Berryon, who gets shrimp stuck on his grapes. Bifford then turns around and stomps towards both men, taking a big swing with both arms. However, both Draco and TLS duck under him, dodging the attack, then, as Bifford turns, they both start striking away at the largest wrestler in the match, driving him back into the corner! For a second, Draco and TLS seem to consider each other, but decide not to get into that fight yet, instead teaming up to work over Bifford with kicks and chops.*

Logan: I gotta admit, I didn’t expect to see Draco and The Lost Soul working together, but so far, they’ve formed a temporary partnership.

Jones: Hey, when you’re in a match like this, surprising teams can be formed. After all, neither Draco nor TLS want Bifford to win this match. Hence, they want to take him out first!

Logan: Well, he IS the biggest guy in the match, that’s for sure.

*With the Big Bifford hanging by his arms in the corner, The Lost Soul and Draco continue to work together, stomping on him. They back away, conferring quickly with each other. The Lost Soul then grabs Draco’s arm, spinning him around to gain momentum and whipping him towards Bifford! Draco leaps into the air, splashing hard into Bifford and causing him to sag even more in the corner. TLS then follows Draco in, dropping his shoulder and spearing Bifford’s gut!! The Lost Soul rebounds from the blow, almost bouncing backwards, but it still has a very painful effect on Bifford. He staggers out of the corner, both arms wrapped tightly around his middle. Draco and The Lost Soul then step in on him, grabbing Bifford’s head and dropping with a Double DDT! Bifford’s down, as Draco gets back up, thinking about what to do next. However, The Lost Soul’s already got plans of his own, jumping over Bifford and grabbing Draco, throwing him over the top rope!!! Draco manages to grab the rope, hanging on and avoiding injury, even as TLS quickly moves back and drops onto Bifford, making the first pinfall attempt… 1… 2… Bifford manages to kick out.*

Logan: Looks like the alliance has quickly been broken!

Jones: No big surprise there, as only one guy can earn the shot against Lurrr.

Logan: Well, not exactly. I mean, haven’t there been occasions where the champion comes down and causes the No-Contest, so the President puts everyone involved into the match at the PPV?

Jones: Yeah, but Lurrr’s not that stupid. He knows the President would love to put him in a bad situation, so he’ll allow them to beat the hell out of each other and enjoy it in the back.

*The Lost Soul gets up off of the pin and grabs Bifford’s arm, wrapping the big man’s limb with TLS’ legs in an armbar submission maneuver. Bifford’s groaning from the pressure being applied, but is refusing to let go. In the meantime, Draco is back up on the apron, having finally gotten himself back up. He sees what’s going on, calculates the distance, then uses the ropes to springboard himself high into the air, coming down on a surprised TLS with a leg drop!! Draco immediately makes the cover, as Bifford is too weak to stop him… 1… 2… and The Lost Soul quickly kicks out. Draco hauls The Lost Soul up, whipping him towards the ropes. As TLS returns, Draco maneuvers himself to get into the man’s legs, causing TLS to fall flat onto Bifford!! It’s unclear who took the worst of that maneuver, but Draco’s definitely benefiting from it.*

Jones: Draco’s threatening to take complete control of this one!

Logan: The amazing part of it is that Draco’s doing all of this after that head shot he took from Lurrr!

Jones: There’s just something in his eyes, Anthony. Something that scares me a little, that might have gotten knocked loose by that chair shot.

Logan: Well, he’s harnessing it pretty well so far!

*With both The Lost Soul and Bifford on the mat, Draco heads for the turnbuckle, climbing up in a couple of bounds. He takes a second to massage his head, which must be aching, adrenaline or no adrenaline. But he’s not letting it slow him down, as he takes flight, leaping off the turnbuckle with an attempt at a double stomp on both wrestlers!! The Lost Soul senses it coming and rolls off of Bifford, managing to get out of range. Bifford only has time to look up, confused, as Draco plummets down towards it, stomping straight on him!!! The crowd gasps from the hit, while Bifford instinctively rolls to his side, protecting what just took the big hit. Draco knows better than to attempt a pinfall, since TLS was able to get away. He goes after TLS, grabbing him to haul him up, but The Lost Soul suddenly comes to life, lifting Draco up onto his shoulders!! Before Draco can do anything to escape, TLS twists him around, dropping Draco on top of Bifford with an F-5!!! Draco falls to the side, hurting, as The Lost Soul comes in to try to cover Bifford again… 1… 2… Trixie stops the count, as Bifford manages to reach out with his leg, putting it under the nearby ropes.*

Jones: So far, the main strategy I’m seeing is to keep throwing your opponent onto the Big Bifford!

Logan: It’s clear that they both want to make sure that Bifford doesn’t enter in as a factor in this contest. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

*The Lost Soul is back up now, coming up behind a recovering Draco. He grabs Draco and lifts him up, flipping him over and back with a bridge suplex to make another attempt at winning this one. Trixie slides into position… 1… 2… both men make sure their shoulders are up, ending the count. The Lost Soul releases the attempt and gets up, latching onto Draco and getting the smaller wrestler on his shoulder for a for a powerslam attempt onto Bifford, who still hasn’t gotten up. Draco, though, kicks his legs, managing to shake himself loose from the hold. He falls behind TLS and immediately grabs him from behind, twisting him into a roll up! 1… 2… TLS kicks out. Both men get up, and this time it’s The Lost Soul who manages to grab Draco, yanking him down with a backslide! 1… 2… and Draco manages to get free, as the match continues!*

Logan: As this match goes longer and longer, we’re going to see more and more pin attempts. Fatigue is setting in, which means that these guys are looking for any way now to sneak out of here with a victory.

Jones: Yep, while doing a big-time finisher is what the fans are looking for, that doesn’t mean that a victory roll or a backslide isn’t the best way to go.

*The Lost Soul and Draco are back up now, going after each other with punches back and forth. The Lost Soul seems to start taking control, landing several blows in succession, moving Draco backwards. TLS gets Draco into the corner, then climbs up, pounding away on him with both fists, as the crowd counts along. They get to 10, with The Lost Soul looking to the crowd afterwards. A few more boos are heard, with one person shown on camera with a “Steve Wilson” t-shirt. It doesn’t bother TLS, though, as he gets in one more punch, then comes down off the ‘buckle. Draco is hanging partially on the ropes, and you can see a trickle of blood starting to come out from underneath his bandage. The Lost Soul, if he sees it, doesn’t let it stop him. He starts to bring Draco out of the corner, but suddenly, with a loud yell, The Big Bifford is back!! Bifford runs in, surprising both men, as he crushes Draco AND The Lost Soul into the corner!! Bifford steps away, holding his side, even as both TLS and Draco fall forward from the corner, dropping to the mat!*

Jones: Wow!! I had almost forgotten about Bifford, and then, all of the sudden, he’s back with a vengeance!

Logan: You can’t rule out a veteran like Bifford, because he could always make a comeback in a match like this!

*The Big Bifford reaches down to pull The Lost Soul up, lifting him into his arms in a bodyslam position. He walks a few steps, keeping TLS up in his hands, as Draco pulls himself up behind him. Draco leaps up, jumping onto Bifford’s back and wrapping his arms around Bifford’s throat with a sleeper attempt! Bifford, though, still carrying The Lost Soul, drives himself backwards, crashing back into the corner and smashing Draco once again! Bifford then walks forward, leaving Draco in the corner, as he lifts The Lost Soul up for a slam. But TLS has recovered, twisting himself around and managing to drop back with Bifford’s head, getting an inverted DDT!! The Lost Soul drops on top for the cover… 1… 2… and Draco breaks it up, dropping his weight on The Lost Soul’s back! It was a desperate dive from Draco, who is starting to bleed heavier and heavier as the match goes along.*

Logan: Draco made a good save there, as Bifford’s taken a lot of abuse in this one.

Jones: It’s not like Bifford’s known for his stamina.

Logan: I don’t know if he could have kicked out there or not.

*Draco has The Lost Soul back up, whipping him into the corner. Draco then runs in after him, perhaps to try and set him up for the Hellacious! But The Lost Soul reaches out and catches Draco in his haste to get in, lifting Draco up and landing a Rock Bottom!!! Draco rolls to the side, onto the apron, while The Lost Soul charges out of the corner, catching a struggling-to-stand Bifford with a knee to the head!! Bifford collapses to the ground, even as The Lost Soul, feeling opportunity being in his court, heads back to the corner. He climbs up quick, then leaps off with a flourish, landing the Souled Out onto Bifford!!! TLS aches from the impact, but pulls himself up, planning for the cover. However, Draco’s back in, flying in over the ropes to grab The Lost Soul and twist him down, landing the Light’s Out!!! The Lost Soul rolls away, as Draco tries to grab him for a cover. But as soon as TLS is out of range, getting under the ropes, Draco dives in the other direction, dropping himself on top of Bifford with all his weight and grabbing his leg. Trixie’s right there… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the new #1 Contender, Draco!!

Jones: Draco does it, earning the chance to take on either Lurrr or Dangerous Dan at Adrenaline Rush!!

Logan: Man, I thought The Lost Soul had it there a couple of times! But every time he came close, Draco was able to prevent him from following through!

Jones: Y’know, if we had this match today, there would be three titles involved, as Draco already holds the IC and Tag-Team Titles! Talk about a main event match!

Logan: As for The Lost Soul and the Big Bifford, they’ll have to wait for another day.

*The Lost Soul is already back up, looking towards Draco, who is getting his hand raised by Trixie. Draco glances towards him, trying to decide if a surprise assault is coming, but The Lost Soul instead turns and leaves the ring. The Big Bifford has rolled out as well, although he’s not moving near as easily as TLS. We switch to a tv view of the image of Draco, as he’s handed his other two titles. A laugh is heard, with the camera expanding out to show Lurrr and Rick Mathis. Lurrr kicks out, knocking the television off of the desk and sending it crashing to the ground, causing glass to shatter.*

Lurrr: The midcarders are through playing in there, so let’s go take care of business!

*Lurrr and Mathis turn, leaving the room, still laughing. The camera zooms in on the destroyed television, which no doubt was paid for by the GCWA. That’s another one to add to Lurrr’s expensive tastes. The picture fades out to commercial.*

*We come back from the break to a shot in the backstage area. The Big Bifford stumbles around backstage where Martin Ka'Berryon is following him around, trying to ice the back of his head.*

Bifford: Well, that didn't really go how I wanted it to.... I guess giving The Lost Soul his soul back and leaving that dirty vampire free weren't my best choices...

*Suddenly four police officers approach Bifford. *

Bifford: Uh... oh *bleep*....

Officer: Are you Benjami-

Bifford: Yes, I'm him. What took you so long?

Officer: Um.. you know why we're here?

Bifford: I haven't paid any taxes on my shrimping business! The IRS sent you here to take me away and put me in prison forever! I blame the guy in the grape suit!

Martin: I didn't do anything wrong!

Bifford: You helped me kidnap my son, stole the shrimping boat, violated several immigration laws that we won't mention here, and you took those pictures of that six year old ki-


Officer: Uh...

Bifford: Take us away! Book us! Kidnapping, tax evasion, grand theft-boating, and the guy in the grape suit running a child pornogr-


Officer: Uh umm...

Bifford: aphy ring... Plus I've been trying to poison and kill Dangerous Dan for several months. No particular reason, I just hate that *bleep*er.

Officer: Who's Dangerous Dan?

Bifford: I'm pretty sure he's one of those guys who puts the ring together...

Officer: Ah... well.. um... with this confession I really have no choice but to act... Unless you fled.

*Martin starts to run away, but Bifford grabs him by a grape and holds him still. *

Bifford: Take us away officer.. we're guilty.

*The officer begins handcuffing Bifford, with his two associates helping. The two associates start to walk Bifford and Martin away when the primary officer turns and looks at the camera.*

Officer: I was just here to ask for an autograph for my daughter...

*He shrugs and follows behind the other officers as they drag away Bifford and Martin. It seems like the clip is over, but suddenly there is the sound of a scuffle. A moment later Bifford runs back into sight, with two officers chasing after him. He runs up to the camera, sweat pouring down his face.*

Bifford: SOMEONE NEEDS TO WATCH OVER LUDWIG THE SEAL! Someone please feed him!

*Bifford is dragged away by the authorities. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Bifford’s going to jail! Damn!

Jones: Is this the end of The Big Bifford??

Logan: Shocking! I hope he’s able to get himself a good lawyer!

Jones: I hope he and Martin get their trial together, or else Martin is going to sell him down the river at the first opportunity!

Logan: True. We’ve got one more match tonight, and it’s the biggest one yet! Let’s go to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Heavyweight Championship of the World!!

*The crowd is energized by this announcement, knowing that they could see history unfold here tonight.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger. He has held multiple titles in the GCWA, including two reigns as the GCWA Television Champion and having held the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles with his brother, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*The crowd begins to cheer even before “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory begins to play, signaling the entrance of Dangerous Dan. The young wrestler gives a salute to the crowd as he moves down the rampway, his mind already heavily focused on getting the World Heavyweight Title.*

Logan: Rumors hit the wires this week, supposedly put out by Dan’s own brother, Crazy Chris, that Dangerous Dan might quit from the GCWA if he loses here tonight.

Jones: That’s just one more reason I’m going to be pulling for Dan to win. I’d hate to lose such a great young talent, just because of a string of bad luck!

Logan: Well, I’ll say this, he definitely has a shot tonight to succeed and join his brother as a current champion. But it’s not going to be easy against such an experienced wrestler like Lurrr.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is one of the top wrestlers in the industry today, having held many of the championships in the GCWA, as well as in other organizations. Now, tonight, he has the pleasure of defending the biggest belt in the land… standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, representing the Roman Empire, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Lurrr!

*”Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to play, with the boos that always seem to accompany it flying in as well. The curtain, however, remains closed. After a few more seconds, with the champion still having not appeared, the fans start talking about what’s going on.*

Jones: Ummm, where is he? Didn’t we just see them heading towards the ring?

Logan: Yeah, but it’s not like Mathis and Lurrr care about getting this match started on time…

*Suddenly, the curtain finally moves aside, with Lurrr angrily walking out backwards. He is arguing with someone, and for a second, we get a flash of Titan 3, the GCWA Head of Security. Behind him, obviously being kept from going to the ring, is Rick Mathis! Titan 3 seems to threaten Lurrr, telling him to get moving without his ‘bodyguard’, then grabs the curtain, shutting it. Lurrr, pissed off, finally turns and walks down the ramp, cursing to himself.*

Logan: Well, what do you know? Ace banned Mathis from ringside!

Jones: Did Ace do it? Or is Titan 3 acting on his own initiative?

Logan: Y’know, Jonesy, that’s a very good question. Well, we do know that Ace has been having fun with Lurrr lately, sending him on a bogus trip to the Dallas Cowboys facility.

Jones: Yep, Lurrr and Mathis thought they could get themselves some merchandising rights, but it was all a swerve, as Ace just wanted to waste the champ’s time.

Logan: Petty of him, but hey, he’s the President, he can do whatever he wants!

Jones: We’ll have to see if this works for or against Dangerous Dan, as Lurrr looks pretty ticked off right now.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Head Referee Mark Bell walks forward, raising the World Title overhead to show its importance. Dangerous Dan’s eyes unconsciously wander towards the belt, taking it in… which is of course when Lurrr charges, pushing past Bell to attack! Lurrr knocks Dangerous Dan back into a corner with a series of punches, letting out his anger on his opponent. Referee Bell has to hurry to drop off the title towards the timekeeper’s desk, then rushes back in, heading over to the corner. Lurrr is still pounding away on Dan, so Bell starts a five count, ordering the World Champion back. Lurrr doesn’t seem inclined to agree, not giving a crap at this point about a disqualification. He shoves Bell back, then turns back to Dan, but Dan reacts, grabbing Lurrr and managing to spin him into the corner instead! Dan then starts dishing out repeated jabs and hooks, even as the crowd roars, more behind Dan than ever before!*

Logan: We’re starting this one with a pretty violent pace, and I like it!

Jones: There’s no love lost between these two guys. They’re certainly from two different generations of wrestling, and two different styles.

Logan: Dan’s got to use his speed and quickness, while Lurrr’s going to try to keep Dan grounded while keeping his own pace.

*Dangerous Dan brings Lurrr out of the ring with an Irish whip, sending Lurrr to the other side. Dan runs in behind him, with Lurrr using the ropes to spring himself up, shoving himself overhead of the rushing Dan to get behind him. But Dan doesn’t miss a beat, running straight up the turnbuckle and coming off with a Whisper in the Wind, flipping into the World Champion!! The fans are screaming as Dan makes the first cover, grabbing at Lurrr’s legs… 1… 2.. and Lurrr kicks free. Both men start to get up, with Dan going off the ropes and rushing back for an attempted running kick. But Lurrr straightens up in time, avoiding it and causing Dan to go a little off-balance. It’s all Lurrr needs, as he leaps forward, clotheslining Dan to the ground. The World Champion immediately drops onto the challenger, grabbing his head for a chinlock to start wearing him down.*

Logan: The experience edge isn’t even close in this one, as Lurrr has an unbelievable amount of time in the business, while Dan’s true big-time experience can be measured in months.

Jones: Right now, Lurrr’s doing the right thing, trying to contain the youthful competitor. But can he keep it up? Can Dangerous Dan be held down from what he thinks is his destiny?

*Lurrr keeps the pressure on, trying to keep Dangerous Dan down, as Head Referee Mark Bell stays close. But Dangerous Dan is already starting to fight to his feet, trying to rise up. Bell moves around them, for a second getting behind the two wrestlers. With him out of the line of sight, Lurrr reaches up with his free hand, going to the eyes! Dan drops back to the mat, blinded, with Lurrr getting the chinlock on even tighter this time. Lurrr’s trying to look innocent, although Bell doesn’t seem to buy it. Neither do the fans. Despite the setback, Dan starts fighting again, especially when the crowd starts to chant his name. Lurrr’s shaking his head, trying to shut them up, but that just inspires the crowd to be even louder, as Dan gets up towards his feet. Lurrr tries to readjust, but this works in Dan’s favor, as he shoves Lurrr forward, breaking the hold and sending Lurrr into the ropes. As Lurrr comes back, Dan leaps up, landing a flipping dropkick that puts the World Champion down!*

Jones: Nice maneuver by Dangerous Dan there, and so far, he’s keeping things going pretty evenly so far!

Logan: A lot of people overlook Dangerous Dan as a competitor, but he always shows up in whatever match he’s in, and he’s continued to improve each and every week.

Jones: That’s right. Anyone who has ruled Dan out tonight just because he’s young is in for a tremendous surprise as this contest continues!

*Dan has Lurrr up now, jumping up onto Lurrr’s shoulders and taking him down with a hurricanrana! Lurrr rolls to the side, stunned, even as Dangerous Dan rushes to the turnbuckle, climbing up in one bound. He waits as the World Champion pulls himself up, dazed. Dan then leaps, no, it was a fake, even as Lurrr drops to his side, which would have been a complete miss had Dan gone through with his maneuver. Lurrr pulls himself up, congratulating himself on his intelligence. But as he turns, Lurrr gets nailed, as Dangerous Dan takes full flight with a flying splash, taking Lurrr down for a pin!! Referee Bell is right there… 1… 2… No! Lurrr manages to get his shoulder up, keeping the match going. Dan, unpeturbed, reaches down to haul Lurrr up once again, trying to keep the momentum fully on his side.*

Logan: That right there was a perfect example of how far Dangerous Dan has come. He saw something in Lurrr’s posture that led him to believe that the champion was trying to lure him in, and he used it to his advantage.

Jones: A few months ago, Dangerous Dan would have taken that dive, and immediately been in trouble. Now, though, he might just have enough experience to keep up with a guy like Lurrr!

Logan: A lot of veterans are having their eyes opened wide tonight seeing this match, I can tell you that!

*Dangerous Dan has continued his assault during the announcers’ thoughts, getting in a few stomps on Lurrr. He then steps over Lurrr, raises his arms to get the crowd cheering, then leaps backwards with a standing shooting star press, landing it perfectly! He makes the cover once again, with Bell moving into position… 1… 2… and Lurrr kicks out again, refusing to stay down. Dan runs a hand through his hair, trying to figure things out. He brings Lurrr back up and sends him into the ropes, no, Lurrr reverses it. Dan hits and comes back, with Lurrr trying a clothesline. Dan ducks under it, rushing to the other side of the ring and springing up off the middle rope to fly into a backflip! But Lurrr moves to catch him in mid-air on his shoulder, then drops with a shoulder-breaker!!! Dan collapses to the mat, shaking, as Lurrr drops on top of him for the cover… 1… 2… Dan gets free of the pin attempt.*

Logan: Lurrr is so quick sometimes in how he readjusts to what’s coming at him. I hate the guy, but damn, he can surprise almost anyone.

Jones: That was a completely improvised maneuver based on what Dangerous Dan was throwing at him. Of course, Lurrr’s probably seen that move before. He talks a big game, but I hear he does study his opponent’s repertoire. When he’s not at a bar or in Vegas, that is.

Logan: I guess that’s what still gets me the most steamed at Lurrr. He’s got the talent to win on his own. He doesn’t need someone like Mathis. Yet he’s always looking to take the short-cut to victory!

Jones: That’s just the way he’s always been, and the way he’ll always be.

*Lurrr has Dangerous Dan back up now, with evil intentions for the young wrestler. He lifts Dan up, then immediately drops him again with a backbreaker across his leg, dropping Dan back to the mat. Lurrr follows that up by dropping a couple of elbows onto Dan, then tries another cover… 1… 2… but Dan kicks out once again. Lurrr may respect the effort, but he never shows it, as he gets up, watching Dan roll onto his stomach. Lurrr steps over him and starts paint-brushing the back of Dan’s head, adding some insult to injury. The fans do not approve. Lurrr then reaches down, getting his arms around Dan’s head while putting Dan’s arms around Lurrr’s knees, locking in a Camel Clutch! Dan fights to get free, moving his legs frantically, even as Head Referee Bell moves in to watch for any sign of a submission. Lurrr is taunting him now, wanting him just to give up, as the pressure continues.*

Jones: This isn’t going to be a simple move for Dangerous Dan to get away from. Lurrr’s got it professionally locked in!

Logan: He’s got two options. He either heads for the ropes, or tries to lift himself free. Given Lurrr’s size advantage, neither method will be easy to implement.

*Referee Bell asks Dangerous Dan the usual questions. As you would expect, Dan refuses to give up, shaking his head no. Lurrr continues to taunt, keeping the pressure on, but Dan’s not submitting. After another minute in the hold, Lurrr finally decides that it’s not working, as he jumps up, dropping his weight down on Dan’s back to knock him to the canvas, releasing the hold. Lurrr then kicks Dan in the ribs to get him to roll over, before making a cover… 1… 2… but Dan’s arm shoots up off the mat. Lurrr, shaking his head, grabs Dan by the hair to haul him up, earning a stern but meaningless warning from the referee. Lurrr laughs to himself, looking at the dazed Dan’s eyes. He steps back, apparently preparing to end things with the Wake Up Call! But Dan comes in, grabbing Lurrr’s head before he can react and drops, landing a codebreaker!! Lurrr flops backwards, barely moving, but Dan is too hurting to capitalize quickly. With the crowd cheering him on, Dan manages to crawl over, getting an arm on the champion… 1… 2… Lurrr raises his arm at the last second!*

Jones: Dangerous Dan almost managed it! He’s got Lurrr in a lot of trouble now!

Logan: Yeah, but he’s got to keep the pressure on…. Uh oh.

Jones: What?

Logan: Trouble’s coming, Jonesy. Looks like whatever gambit Titan 3 tried to pull, it’s failed.

*The crowd is booing mightily as Rick Mathis appears on the ramp, jawing one more time behind him at the security guards he’s leaving behind. He walks quickly down the ramp and towards the ring, his eyes locking with Dan’s, who is trying to get up. Dan shakes his head, then turns back, seeing Lurrr trying to get up. He grabs Lurrr, setting him up for the Danger Zone!! But Lurrr manages to break free before the move can be completed, knocking Dan away from him. He then grabs at Dan, whipping him towards the ropes, then tries a sweeping shot that Dan runs right underneath. Dan hits the other side of the ropes and leaps, scoring a flying forearm that knocks Lurrr off his feet!! Dan struggles to make the cover, even as Head Referee Bell turns his attention to Mathis, who has climbed up on the apron!*

Logan: Damnit, get him off of there, ref! This is Dangerous Dan’s best opportunity yet! Don’t let him just take it away with a DQ!

Jones: Mathis would have no problems ending this one now, making sure that Lurrr keeps the belt!

Logan: And you have to wonder now, where is… oh, THERE he is!!!

*With Mathis threatening to step over the ropes, despite Bell’s warnings, the fans start to cheer. Mathis, realizing that their cheers is usually not a good sign for the Roman Empire, starts to turn back, but it’s too late, as Crazy Chris is there!! The Television Champion grabs Mathis’ leg on the apron, yanking it downwards and causing Mathis to get racked on the top rope!!! Mathis, in pain, falls down to the apron, then the floor. He starts to get up, but Crazy Chris has the TV Title in hand, rushing forward to smack Mathis upside the head!!! Meanwhile, in the ring, Dan has Lurrr back up, trying desperately once again to set him for the Danger Zone!! He lifts… no, Lurrr is free, dropping back and lashing out with the Wake Up Call!!! NO! Dan ducks under it!! Lurrr, off-balance, has no way of blocking as Dangerous Dan grabs him from behind and rolls him up, putting all his weight into it!!! The ref is right there… 1… 2…. NO!!!!!*

Logan: Jesus!! That was so damn close!!

Jones: At the last millisecond, Lurrr managed to get himself free! What a celebration that could have been!

Logan: But it’s not over! Mathis is down, Crazy Chris is there to support him, the match continues!!

*Dangerous Dan hauls himself up, frustration criss-crossing his face. He shakes his head, but Crazy Chris is there yelling from the outside for him to stay on the attack. Lurrr staggers to his feet, and Dan immediately comes in, getting Lurrr from behind with a bulldog! Dan scrambles for another cover, holding onto the legs… 1… 2… Lurrr gets free again, staying in the fight! The crowd is biting on every fall now, clearly not knowing what’s going to happen in this one. Dan gets Lurrr back up, lifting him into the air just long enough to body slam him. Dan then hobbles towards the ropes, heading for the turnbuckle. He starts to climb, even as Crazy Chris cheers him on… but Chris then goes down, as a hurting Mathis tackles him from behind!! The two start fighting it out, distracting Dan, as he hesitates on the turnbuckle. This gives Lurrr enough time to come up behind him, attacking him on the ‘buckle! Dan tries to fight back, swinging back elbows, but Lurrr gets underneath him, bringing Dan off the ‘buckle with a powerbomb!! Lurrr then puts his feet up on the ropes, even as referee Bell makes the count… 1…. 2…. No, Bell stops, seeing Lurrr’s cheating ways!!*

Jones: My god, this one just won’t end!! What a match!!!

Logan: And you guys are getting this one completely free!! You’re welcome!!

*Lurrr argues with referee Bell, apparently just wanting this match to be over. On the outside, Crazy Chris and Mathis are still fighting, keeping them out of this one. Lurrr, in the ring, reaches down and pulls Dan up, no, roll up by Dan! 1… 2… Lurrr kicks out! Both wrestlers struggle back to their feet, exhausted etched in their expressions. Lurrr sends a knee into Dan’s gut, and then shoves him into the ropes, shooting him across the ring. As Dan comes back, Lurrr drops his head for a backdrop. Dan, though, rolls over Lurrr’s back, landing on his feet behind him! He locks his arms around Lurrr’s waist, shoving him into the ropes, then trying to roll him up again, only to have Lurrr hang onto the ropes. Dan flips and gets back up, with Lurrr spinning and coming at him with a clothesline attempt. Dan does a matrix, dodging it, then gets back up. With Lurrr spinning around, Dan charges, wrapping him up for another attempt at the Danger Zone!!! But no, Lurrr twists free, then continues his motion, flinging out his leg and landing the Wake Up Call!!!!! Dan bends at the knees, collapsing back onto the mat, as Lurrr falls like a rock on top of him… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Lurrr!!

Jones: Lurrr retains in a great one!

Logan: Damn!

Jones: You may hate him, Anthony, but that was a hell of a match!! Dangerous Dan nearly pulled it off, against all expectations!!

Logan: Yeah, he almost shocked the world, but Lurrr managed to survive at the last minute, running completely on instinct. Next time, he might not be so lucky!

Jones: Well, he survived tonight, which means he continues on towards Adrenaline Rush!

Logan: Yep, and we already know who he’s facing…. Hey, speak of the devil!

*Lurrr has already been handed the World Title from Bell, taking it with a fatigued arm. On the outside, Mathis slides in, with Crazy Chris already going to check on his brother. In the meantime, “Indestructible” by Disturbed has begun to play!! The fans are cheering again, as Draco appears out of the back, walking towards the ring and carrying a steel chair that certainly has the dent that makes it look like the one used earlier! Mathis points this out to Lurrr, as Draco is joined by Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger, both of whom are carrying their own chairs (although Danger is carrying his upside-down). The three men start to head towards the ring, as Mathis, rubbing his own head from the earlier hit he took, pushes Lurrr towards the ropes. The World Champion shakes his head, wanting to stay and fight, but Mathis knows that Lurrr’s pretty drained at the moment. They leave the ring just in time, as Draco slides in, intent on doing some damage!*

Logan: Draco’s looking for some payback from that chairshot he took earlier tonight! And now that he knows he’s facing Lurrr at Adrenaline Rush, you know he’s going to get his chance to get revenge!

Jones: D & D has gotten the Roman Empire to back off, but it’s still Lurrr’s night, as he walks out with the World title still around his waist! It’s been a hell of a night, people, but this special is just about done! We’ll see you next week!!

*Lurrr and Mathis head up the aisle, with Lurrr looking pretty spent. He’s still got enough, though, to glare threateningly at D & D. Draco returns the glare with no problems doing so. Meanwhile, Danger is talking with Crazy Chris, pointing to Dangerous Dan, who looks pretty bummed at having come so close without getting the title. Danger waves to Chris, with the two men each getting underneath Dan and lifting him up, raising him onto their shoulders!! The crowd cheers in response, giving Dan his props. Donovan watches the celebration with a raised eyebrow, but he’s definitely got a small smile on his face. Draco, though, only has eyes for the retreating Lurrr. The picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Things keep getting closer and closer to 'actual time', don't they? *lol*

Still, the streak continues, as this show is going up at 5:00pm, baybee! Honestly, this one felt like a pay-per-view in a way to me, as I wanted to make sure the last three matches got their money's worth. Hopefully, I managed that. I do want to say that the roleplaying for the final two matches was very, very close, and I was very impressed with all of those competitors. We've got some serious talent in this place, and hopefully that talent will continue to build!

Now, next week's an interesting one, as several people will be on vacation, myself included. But I went with what was listed on the RP Board to put together this card. Hopefully, I got it right *lol*. Here's the card:

- Dangerous Dan makes his career decision

- The Lost Soul vs. Arachne

- Draco vs. "The Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, GCWA Television Title Match

- Tommy Crimson(c) vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana, GCWA X Division Title Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, September 11th, to Wednesday, September 16th, giving you 5 1/2 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!