GCWA Friday Night Inferno

* After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Lurrr, laughing maniacally as he holds up the World Heavyweight Title. Rick Mathis is standing behind him, a huge smile on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans can be heard screaming out their enjoyment at being here for another great Dallas show, the home base of the GCWA. Signs are shown, including “The Lurrr Tyranny Must End!” and “D & D is that Damn good!” We go to the broadcast table, where Jones and Logan are hanging out.*

Logan: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Friday Night Inferno!! It’s been a wild week after an incredible pay-per-view, and we’re STILL recovering!

Jones: Some of us more than others. How’s your head, Anthony?

Logan: It’s getting better. Slowly.

Jones: Of course, all the talk this week has been about the main event, where Lurrr shockingly was able to take the GCWA World Heavyweight Title away from Marcus Ka’Derrion, leaving Ka’Derrion in horrendous condition after his fall off of the stage and through a set of tables!

Logan: Yeah. For those who weren’t in attendance, you could have heard a pin drop in the arena after that, as the crowd was quite understandably stunned by what happened. Ka’Derrion had to be carted out on a stretcher, and we’ve yet to really hear many more details about his current condition.

Jones: We know that Ka’Derrion won’t be here tonight, although we have been informed that we will get a detailed status report on him next week.

Logan: Now, one person we WILL be hearing from tonight is the new World Champion, Lurrr! You know he’s not going to miss his chance to talk all about how great he is.

Jones: For once, though, Anthony, I think he deserves it. I mean, sure, he used some tricks to win out, but he DID get the gold that he’s been wanting all year long.

Logan: Yeah, well, if you expect me to praise Lurrr, forget it.

Jones: Alright, well, in any event, our big match tonight is sure to be a crowd pleaser, as Crazy Chris defends his newly-won GCWA Television Title against Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Logan: That should be a pretty even contest, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Chris’ reign end after only one week. But he’s definitely got a run going with two straight victories. Will it continue?

Jones: We’ve also got three other great matches scheduled, as well as some other special events. So let’s not waste any more time! Minos, take it away!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Our first man out is wrestling in the GCWA for the first time since the end of 2000… he’s a former GCWA World Cruiserweight Champion, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from London, England, here is “The Dark Angel” Joshua Curtis!

*”The Last Domino” by Genesis plays as the fans cheer for the returning Curtis. He salutes the fans, nodding to them, before heading down the ramp. He appears to be in good spirits tonight, enjoying being back in the GCWA.*

Logan: It’s great to have someone of Joshua Curtis’ caliber back in the GCWA! Hell, you’re looking at the man who probably still has the World Cruiserweight Title somewhere in his house!

Jones: Yep, and now he’s looking to add to his collection, openly challenging Crazy Chris for a shot at the GCWA Television Championship! Of course, there are several challengers to that belt, not the least of which is Robert Santana, who will be fighting Chris later on tonight.

Logan: That Television Title is definitely one of the more popular belts in the GCWA, although I can’t imagine why, seeing as how you have to defend it each and every single week.

Jones: Curtis’ dreams of becoming a champion again won’t come true tonight. But what he can do is make a successful return!

Minos: His opponent also made a return at Heat Wave, along with his brother Victor. Although he is known more as a tag-team competitor, he is seeking a victory on his own here tonight. Standing 6’2” and weighing 200 lbs, from El Salvador, here is Hector Malvado!

*Malvado comes out; actually, two Malvados come out, as well as their manager, Paco. With “Si Senor” by Control Machete playing behind them, the trio heads for the ring. The brothers are speaking to each other, although if you don’t know Spanish particularly well, you may not be able to figure out what they are saying. Paco waits on the outside while one of the masked men, presumably Hector, gets up on the apron and steps through the ropes.*

Logan: We haven’t seen Hector since he was injured during a tag-team match against Scott Caine & Arryk Rage.

Jones: It’s definitely good to have the duo back in the GCWA, although they didn’t exactly earn themselves the respect of the fans by attacking Dangerous Dan and costing him the GCWA Intercontinental Title.

Logan: I’m sure that’s a bill they’re going to have to pay eventually. So do we know for sure that’s Hector in there?

Jones: You never know when it comes to the Malvados!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Hector and Curtis meet up in the center of the ring, with Curtis sizing up his opponent. Hector seems to laugh to himself, as he looks at the man who’s supposedly a threat to him. The two men lock up, with Hector immediately turning Curtis into an arm twist behind his back. Curtis throws an elbow back from his free arm, though, catching Hector on the side of the head. Hector stumbles, surprised, allowing Curtis to break his arm free. He immediately runs forward, hitting the ropes and rebounding to charge back, leaping into the air with a shoulder block that knocks Hector to the ground! Both men are quickly back up, but Curtis stops Hector’s attempt to grab him by twisting around and getting behind him, kicking Hector in the back of the knee! The masked man drops forward, even as Curtis continues his motion by running off the ropes again, charging back with a perfectly aimed short dropkick! Hector falls to his back, then rolls, leaving the ring, as Curtis gets up and watches him depart!*

Logan: Curtis may be older now, but he’s showing some of that skill that led him to become a GCWA champion!

Jones: I think Hector might have been thinking that Curtis would be a pushover, despite all of Paco’s efforts to tell him otherwise.

Logan: Still, it’s very early in this one. The opening maneuvers usually aren’t near as important as the final ones.

*Paco talks to Hector, with Victor nearby. The three of them seem to be talking things out, deciding on a plan, as Curtis impatiently waits next to referee Mitchell. In fact, it turns out to be too much for Curtis, who charges forward, sliding out with a baseball slide! Paco, seeing it coming, runs out of range, but Curtis smashes into the Malvados, knocking them both down! Curtis then gets up and grabs Hector, pulling him back up and whipping him hard into the guardrail! Referee Mitchell is at the ropes, counting away as the fighting continues, with Curtis reaching down to pick up Hector off the ground. However, out of nowhere, the other Malvado attacks, grabbing Curtis and banging his head off the steel post!!! Mitchell, confused, looks at both Malvados, trying to decide what’s happening, as Curtis gets thrown back into the ring.*

Logan: Hold on, ref! You’re letting Victor Malvado get away with murder!

Jones: Wait… is that Victor attacking? Or Hector?

Logan: Huh? Well… I just assumed the one Curtis was attacking was… now that you mention it…

Jones: Either Curtis went after the wrong Malvado, or else they’ve pulled a switch on him. Either way, I don’t think the ref knows what to do here!

*The masked Malvado brother enters the ring, stomping on Curtis a few times. Referee Mitchell comes over to him, trying to ask who he is. After a few seconds, the masked man starts to point to himself, clearly saying that he is Hector, the rightful man in the match. Whether he is or not is completely debatable, but Mitchell shrugs, allowing the match to continue! Curtis, in the meantime, is working to get back up, but now “Hector” is in control, grabbing Curtis and delivering a brainbuster! “Hector” then rolls on top, making the cover, as referee Mitchell counts away… 1… 2… and Curtis manages to kick out. This suits “Hector” just fine, as he lifts Curtis back up, then lifts him up into the air, landing a belly-to-back suplex! “Hector” covers again… 1… 2… but Curtis won’t stay down.*

Jones: Hector Malvado has definitely taken full control of this match. Or Victor. One of them.

Logan: At least we know it’s not Paco. I’d recognize that guy pretty much anywhere.

Jones: As long as he’s over there managing and not over here trying to steal my position, I’m perfectly ok with him.

*Malvado waits in the corner, watching, as Curtis slowly struggles back up to his feet. “Hector” waits for just the right moment, and then runs forward, giving Curtis a bulldog back to the mat. With Curtis down, “Hector” heads towards the turnbuckle, climbing up for a high-risk maneuver. He gets to the top of the ‘buckle, with Paco yelling for him to hurry up. Paco turns out to have been correct in worrying, as Curtis is back to his feet! “Hector” sees him and jumps, going for a missile dropkick, but Curtis manages to step aside, avoiding the strike! “Hector” hits hard, hurting his back on the landing. He tries to roll out of the ring, but Curtis isn’t going to allow that again, as he grabs the masked man, pulling him up. He then jumps up on “Hector” and gets a victory roll, taking him to the mat! Referee Mitchell is right there… 1… 2… no, Malvado kicks out.*

Logan: Curtis is fighting his way back into this one!

Jones: Yeah, but the abuse he has taken has to have weakened him. We’ll have to see what he’s got left!

*With referee Mitchell hovering close, Curtis slowly drags “Hector” up. He’s obviously not convinced that he’s fighting the same guy he started with, as he looks towards the other Malvado, pointing towards him and saying something about how they’re not going to stop him. He lands a quick DDT, smashing “Hector” into the mat, then tries another cover, for only a 2 count. Curtis shakes his head, then makes his decision to finish things now. He pulls “Hector” up, setting him up for the Dark Days!! Paco jumps up on the apron, speaking rapidly in Spanish about some unknown offense, as referee Mitchell rushes over to him. Mitchell orders the manager off the apron, but Paco’s insistent about, well, something. Curtis, not noticing it, starts to lift “Hector” up, but now both Malvado brothers are in the ring! “Victor” attacks Curtis from behind, stunning him long enough for “Hector” to get free! The two men quickly team up, lifting Curtis in the air and landing No Mas!!!! Curtis is out, as “Hector” makes the cover. Conveniently, Paco gets down at the same time, so Mitchell comes back for the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Hector Malvado!

Logan: Credit one in the win column for Paco, as he made that one happen!

Jones: The Malvados are up to their old tricks, Anthony! And tonight, it worked, as they ruined the return match of Joshua Curtis!

Logan: Too bad for Curtis. Maybe he’ll fare a little better next week. For now, the Malvados get the last laugh.

*Paco and the Malvados are heading down the aisle, celebrating the successful win. Curtis, meanwhile, is already up in the ring, holding the back of his head and glaring towards the tag-team. We cut away from ringside to head backstage, where, in a corner, a large spider web has been assembled. Sleeping in the web is Arachne. He wakes up and looks at the camera.*

Arachne: I am Arachne. Welcome to my web. This is where I dance and sleep.

*Arachne busts a move, dancing around in the web.*

Arachne: You fear me Warrick Hill. I will pin you and then I will make you pay some more. You didn't take me seriously this week and for that you will pay. Next week I will wrestle Lurrr and win the Championship and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

*A man in a black robe wearing a black mask walks up to the web.*

Black Mask: What the hell are you doing? Everything you do is stupid. I can help you if you let me. Let me help you.

*Arachne looks like he's thinking very hard.*

Arachne: Okay.

Black Mask: Come with me.

*Arachne jumps out of the web and follows the man in the black mask who is also wearing a black robe. They disappear around the corner, while the picture goes to black, then to commercials.*

*We return from the break to the backstage area. We’re outside the Presidential office, where some loud shouting can be heard within. After a few seconds, the door opens, and the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, walks out! There is a wave of cheers, as Titan 3 turns, slamming the door behind him. The cheers get even louder, though, when The Lost Soul appears, walking down the hall towards him!*

Titan 3: The Lost Soul. Just the man I’ve been looking for. So you find anything from Crimson’s hair samples besides semen and lice?

*The Lost Soul stops a couple of feet away from Titan 3, looking at him.*

The Lost Soul: How’d you know about the semen? Other than that, there’s nothing that links Crimson and Severity to the Steve Wilson attack. It seems like every piece of evidence I get leads nowhere.

Titan 3: Maybe you’re looking in the wrong direction.

The Lost Soul: Well, I haven’t tried Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris, Scott Caine, Robert Santana, maybe the Malvados.

*Titan 3 shakes his head, making sure to stare carefully at The Lost Soul before replying.*

Titan 3: I’m talking about maybe you need to do a Michael Jackson and look to the “man in the mirror.”

The Lost Soul: Are you implying that TLS could be behind the attack?

*Both men step towards each other, coming nose to nose. The fans are shouting excitement, seeing these two former rivals in such threatening positions.*

Titan 3: That’s exactly what I’m implying. You walk around here every week accusing everyone, when maybe it’s you.

The Lost Soul: Or maybe it was you.

*Titan 3 reaches up and rubs his clean-shaven head.*

Titan 3: Here, you want a hair sample?

*The Accelerator suddenly steps out of his office and sees TLS and Titan 3 in each other’s faces. He quickly gets in between the two men.*

The Accelerator: What’s going here guys?

Titan 3: I’m just having a chat with Angela Lansbury here, we’re sharing information.

The Lost Soul: I was just on my way to pay Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris a visit.

*The Lost Soul grabs some strands from his hair and plucks it from his head and hands it to Titan 3, who looks a little surprised.*

Titan 3: What the…

The Lost Soul: I’m a suspect? Here’s my sample.

The Accelerator: This is getting ridiculous.

*All 3 men walk in different directions as we fade back to ringside.*

Jones: So Tommy Crimson has been cleared of the assault on Steve Wilson?

Logan: I guess so, although who does that leave as our main suspect? And don’t say The Lost Soul. There’s no reason for him to have done this.

Jones: You say that, Anthony, but who really knows that someone like TLS is thinking? You can’t tell me that if he thought he had a logical reason for the assault, he wouldn’t have done it?

Logan: Listen, I’ve known the guy a long, long time, and I’m telling you, I don’t think he did it.

Jones: Yeah, well, when you’re hanging around with him? Watch your back. Let’s get to the next match.

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming towards the ring, he has his GCWA pay-per-view debut last week at Heat Wave, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*The crowd jeers at the sight of the ‘less-than-sane’ wrestler, who glares right back at them when he comes out. “Wana” by The Black Horn plays behind the face-painted wrestler on his way to the squared circle. He’s carrying a black bag of some sort with him, placing it in his corner, and then climbing up onto the apron.*

Logan: I caught some of Arachne’s promos earlier today.

Jones: Learn anything?

Logan: Well, other than that Arachne kicks cats and licks gophers, ummm, nope.

Jones: Amazing, the things that you see in this business.

Minos: His opponent, he is making his in-ring return after two months in hiatus in Amsterdam, a former ICWF North American Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, here is one-half of the House of Pain, Warrick Hill!

*A voice is heard, yelling “Wasted!” A second later, “Tom Sawyer” by Rush begins to play, and the fans stand, with many of them cheering as Warrick Hill walks out of the back, nodding to the crowd. A vocal portion of the crowd lets out some boos, while others step up to Warrick’s defense. It’s a very bipartisan audience this evening. Hill, heedless of the reaction that he’s causing, walks with a bright (almost too bright) smile to the ring.*

Jones: Earlier this week, Warrick and his partner, Derek Mobley, went to a high school in order to try to teach the kids right from wrong.

Logan: Sounds like a sitcom of some kind.

Jones: Hey, it does! I can see it now! Two men out of their element, forced to become better human beings because of their willingness to help others!

Logan: I was thinking more of a stoner travelling back to high school and getting high with a new generation.

Jones: Well, that could work, too.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Adrian Rockwell waves for the two men to get started, as Warrick Hill comes forward from the corner. He waits for Arachne, who seems preoccupied in the corner with the black bag. Hill, both curious and a little nervous, moves to the side, so that he can get a better view of what the strange Arachne is doing. The black bag falls off, as Arachne turns around… with the dead gopher/dead raccoon contraption that he calls the Doom Bringer! He begins swinging the disturbing ‘weapon’ in the air like a lasso, even as Hill, surprised, immediately drops and rolls out of the ring, getting out of range! Arachne continues to spin the bizarre creation in the air, gathering in a few cheers from the wrestling fans who love anything unusual.*

Logan: Wow, I don’t know even what to say here. That is just… wow.

Jones: Uh, well, I guess Arachne wanted to follow through on his promise to bring, umm, ‘that’ here today.

Logan: Well, this isn’t a hardcore match… so I guess technically he’s risking disqualification here…

*Hill is staying on the outside for now, talking to a couple of female fans in the front row about how crazy his opponent is. He’s probably also working out a way to get their phone numbers. In the ring, Arachne has stopped spinning the Doom Bringer, if only because Adrian Rockwell is now in his face! The referee is arguing with Arachne, showing no fear and ordering him to remove the ‘weaponry’. Arachne looks like he might attack Rockwell at any second. Before that happens, though, Rockwell reaches down quickly and grabs the rope, yanking it away! Arachne, fuming, follows Rockwell as the referee takes the ‘weapon’ towards the ropes. The attendant doesn’t look too happy about having to take it off his hands, but Rockwell insists. Hill, meanwhile, seeing that Arachne is both disarmed and distracted, rolls back into the ring. As Rockwell turns around, Arachne seems to be preparing for the Green Mist! But before he can fire it at the referee, Hill grabs Arachne from behind, rolling him up! Rockwell makes the count… 1… 2… Arachne kicks out!*

Logan: I thought we were going to have a very short contest there, as Hill tried his best to take advantage of the distraction.

Jones: Arachne’s fortunate that he was able to kick out in time. Now maybe we’ll get to see this one finally get moving!

*Both men are back up now, with Hill grabbing Arachne and taking him into the corner. Hill starts punching away on Arachne, softening him up, and then whips the face-painted wrestler out of the corner, no, reversal by Arachne. Hill goes into the corner back-first, but rebounds, rushing back out. Arachne’s ready, however, jumping up and getting a hurricanrana on Hill! Warrick starts to get back up, looking more shocked than hurt, but Arachne comes in with a war cry, jumping on Hill’s back and riding him, biting away!! Rockwell stands back, shaking his head, as a freaked-out Hill spins around in a circle, trying to get the strange opponent off of him! But Arachne has too good a grip, taking Hill down to the mat!*

Logan: We’re seeing some actual offense out of Arachne today!

Jones: Yeah, Warrick probably came in thinking he was going to have an easy time against a man that Derek Mobley called “the jobber of the month”, but Arachne’s not going down easily!

*Arachne has continued his ‘assault’ on the canvas, scratching at Hall and keeping him down. He stands up, kicking away at Hall as if he was a small kitten (at least in Arachne’s mind). The face-painted wrestler then grabs Hall’s arm, lifting Warrick to his feet. He throws Hall into the corner, then charges in after him, only to have Hall reach down and pick him up, throwing him overhead! Arachne twists, landing on the top rope and hissing towards Warrick, who spins around rapidly at the sound. Arachne takes flight, leaping towards Hill, but Warrick jumps to meet him, dropkicking Arachne out of the air! Arachne falls to the side, holding his ribs and showing a lot of pain as he crawls over to the ropes. He starts to get up, while Warrick checks himself over, making sure Arachne didn’t take an ear off or anything. As Arachne turns around, Hill comes in, dropping him with a spinning heel kick! Arachne’s down, but Warrick’s taking no chances, grabbing his legs and applying a Boston crab!*

Jones: Warrick’s working the ground game!

Logan: When you’re facing someone as unpredictable as Arachne, you have to think of ways to keep him contained. Warrick may be a pothead, but he’s not an idiot.

Jones: Well, at least not when he’s not smoking.

Logan: True.

*Arachne fights to be free from the Boston crab, using his arms to start propelling himself towards the ropes. Referee Rockwell stays close, watching for a sign of submission, but Arachne won’t give up. He finally reaches the ropes, causing the break. Hill lets go of the legs, then moves off to the side, waiting as Arachne starts to get up. When he reaches a high enough height, Hill comes in, going for a running clothesline. However, Arachne ducks under it. As Hill turns around to face him, Arachne spits, sending out the Green Mist!!! Fortunately for Hill, he ducks under it, taking only some green on his back instead of his eyes. He comes in, grabbing Arachne around the waist and lifting him with a spinebuster!! Arachne rolls away, his spine aflame, while Warrick wipes some green out of the edges of his hair. His eyes narrow, not happy with someone messing with his ‘do. He turns, seeing Arachne getting up, and runs in, jumping up and nailing Arachne with the Joint!!! Arachne’s down, as Hill makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Warrick Hill!

Logan: Warrick Hill is victorious in his return! Will it be the same for Derek Mobley?

Jones: We’ll have to see next week, when Mobley makes his return to the GCWA squared circle. Arachne actually put up a good fight, but Warrick just had a few more tricks, using them against the face-painted maniac.

Logan: Still, you can definitely see the improvement. If this keeps up, we might finally hear Minos announce Arachne as a winner!

Jones: And then the world will shudder, if only a little bit.

*Hill is shown, making his way away from the ring rather quickly. He’s still checking himself for any serious bites, although he seems pleased to have gotten the win. Arachne’s already sitting up in the ring, although he’s certainly not moving very fast. We leave them behind to head backstage, at the locker room of the Danger Boiz! Crazy Chris is shining up the GCWA Television Title, while Dangerous Dan is watching him. More appropriately, Dan is watching the title. Chris notices the look, then stares at his brother.*

Crazy Chris: Something wrong, Dan?

Dangerous Dan: What? No, no, nothing’s wrong. Are you ready for your match tonight against Robert Santana?

*It’s an obvious change of subject, but Crazy Chris goes along with it, thinking about his match.*

Crazy Chris: I am very ready for my match. You wait and see, Dan, this title is going to continue to be around my waist!

*Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. An attendant leans in and hands a note to Dan, who reluctantly takes it. He takes a look and reads the note.*

Dangerous Dan: The Accelerator wants to see me again. I wonder what it is this time.

Crazy Chris: If he keeps passing you notes, people are going to think you’re dating.

Dangerous Dan: Hah! Ace isn’t my type.

*Dangerous Dan turns and goes out the door, taking one last look over at the Television Title before departing. Crazy Chris, meanwhile, stretches out, getting himself ready. We fade out to commercial.*

*We come back from the break to the announce table, where Jones and Logan are sitting comfortably in the plush chairs given to them when they’re out here working.*

Logan: It’s been a pretty good night so far, but we’ve got much more in store!

Jones: Yep, and the next part of that begins now, as we have a new show making its debut tonight! Let’s get to it!

*Another great night of wrestling action at Inferno means another night of the freaks and weirdos of GCWA are out in full force. TLS is doing his best Rorschach impression. Crimson is trying to act like he has half a brain. Hell, even Warrick Hill and Derek Mobley have come back…but only after people have forgotten Mobley’s piss poor attempt at competing with the younger generation. Oh sorry, I digress…this one portion of the show is no different. The ring looks less like a squared circle and more like a daytime talk show. There was a trio of directors chairs set up each bearing two letters, “C.D.” What does C.D. mean? Well, there is a nice graphic behind the chairs that will answer those questions.*

*Complaint Department. Draco. Hmmm, never would have guessed that the newly crowned dual champion would have something to complain about. Then again it seems like this GCWA athlete always throws a curveball when it is least expected.*

*Almost as if it was on cue, Draco walks out on to the entrance ramp as “Indestructible” by Disturbed plays. The crowd is starting to favor Draco, but there is still a heavy mix of negative reactions to the man due to his partnership with Shane Donovan and his questionable tactics in the ring. Draco takes it all in stride and makes his way down to the ring with both of his titles, Intercontinental and Tag Team, hung over his two shoulders. Draco places his two titles down across one of the director’s chairs and calls for a microphone.*

Draco: Hello there. I bet you are all wondering what the hell is going on here, right?

*The fans applaud in agreement no matter what their opinion of Draco happens to be.*

Draco: Well, this little shtick of mine went over well in another place, so I figured why the hell not. Plus, this place needs to liven up a bit, don’t you think?

*Draco stands now looking over at the rather large image of himself behind him. He nods to it almost as if he can hear the copy of himself agreeing.*

Before I bring out my first guests I will be christening this little show with a few complaints of my own.

*The crowd has the collective scratching of the head wondering what this man could possibly complain about. Draco gets a look like he had just eaten some sushi…that was fished out of the Atlantic City shore.*

Draco: Have any of you noticed how GCWA never changes? The same boring and tired *bleep* happens each and every week. Lurrr is an asshole and rarely changes his tactics. Same boring insults, but the names are different so it counts. Then there is the likes of Derek Mobley whose trademark is flipping from the white cap to the black cap. Anything to keep himself in that main event in his fading age. Hell, everyone in the ‘upper tier’…

*Yes, Draco just used the bunny quote finger move.*

Draco: …is just a plain boring cut out. I am here to change that. Hell, WE are here to change that.

*The cues are hitting perfectly during this segment. "God in Extension" by Jack Daw begins to play and the other half of the Tag Team Champions, Shane Donovan, makes his appearance on the entrance ramp. Following right on his heels is arguable the best Harvey Danger Title For Excellence In The Field Of Being Awesome Champion ever! Harvey Danger and Shane make their way down to the ring. Shane Donovan places his title on the chair with Draco’s title and takes a seat. This leaves poor Harvey standing next to the chair. He won’t dare put down his shiny ‘expansion’ title.*

Draco: As you can see my first guests are none other than Shane Donovan and Harvey Danger. Give them a round of applause everyone!

*The applause is obviously more for Harvey than Shane as a few Shane sucks chants break out. He ignores them and grabs the microphone out of Draco’s hand. Shane seems a bit eager for this segment to begin much to the annoyance of Draco, but he merely sits back in his seat and watches his tag partner have a swing at it.*

Shane Donovan: Yeah, complaints…I got a few. First off, Bifford. Hell, that overweight whale has about as much talent as a dead pony. Heat Wave was the most ridiculous moment in my career. Oh, and trust me, there have been many of those. It was a complete and utter waste of time. Who gave that moron the power to decide anything. Why in the hell would Ace--

Draco: “OK, there, Shane. Easy does it.”

*Shane isn’t hearing his tag team partner. It seems like he is more campaigning than anything else. Draco slaps his forehead wondering if Donovan was the right person to bring on the show.*

Shane Donovan: --be so damned soft! The old man finally losing his marbles? He is even letting HoP return. The same group that made his life a living hell in Roman Empire. The same group that was/is trying to destroy this place. Good job, Ace. An assisted suicide? Bravo all you need--

Draco: Shane-o! Yoo hoo! Easy there, killer.

*Once again, Shane is lost in his own rant. Draco looks over to Harvey who is still patting his title with a giant smile on his face. Harvey is just waiting for his turn to come to be the center of his good friend, Draco’s, talk segment.*

Shane Donovan: --is your World Champion pushing you around on national television. Oh, wait, put a big old check next to that. If you want things to change, then you better man up. The way I see it you only have one choice here. You need to let me go after that circuit title. Stop holding me back with monstrosities like Bifford. Stop handing out title shots to the special all-stars who should be wearing a helmet. Just man up--

*Draco finally reaches for the microphone and takes it out of Donovan’s hand. Donovan looks to his partner for a moment before mouthing the word ‘what’. Draco then cuffed him into the back of the head. Harvey Danger smiles even more seeing his turn is coming. Draco turns to the third seat and is expecting Harvey to be sitting there. Instead, he sees the titles.*

Draco: Oops, sorry about that Harvey.

*Without the microphone Harvey could be heard brushing it off like it was nothing, but it does look as if he wanted to sit down and be one of the boys.*

Draco: Ah, ok, thanks for being a good sport. Here you go, Harv.

*Draco flips the microphone over to Harvey who fumbles, but eventually keeps the microphone in his position. He brings the microphone up to his lips as the fans cheer him on. Draco gives him a thumbs up.*

Harvey Danger: I am Harvey Danger and I have a complaint.

*Harvey Danger’s small admittance was one of the biggest pops of the night. The fans are on their toes wondering what it could be. Stranger being TLS. His mother being a jerk face. Draco and Donovan. So many options to choose from. Harvey sees Draco move to the corner of the ring and sees him talking to a stage hand. He is distracted and watches as Draco sighs and walks over to him grabbing the microphone.*

Draco: I regret to inform everyone that due to Mr. Prissy-pants little celebration party I have to cut my little show short. Tune in next week for another show with new guests. Any and all are welcome…except Mr. Prissy-pants (Lurrr) and Mrs. Prissy-pants (Crimson).

*The fans all sigh in disbelief. It wasn’t for the show being cut short, but they wanted to listen to Harvey. Draco sighs and grabs all three titles, tossing Shane his and both of them leave the ring. Shane Donovan still looking as though he was ranting. Draco stopped to wave Harvey to catch up. Danger moves out of the ring as the stage hands came in and quickly started dismantling the makeshift set.*

Logan: Dangit, I wanted to hear what Harvey had to say!

Jones: Yeah, I bet he could have come out with some doozies!

Logan: Well, we’ll have to wait for another time, I suppose…

*The guys continue to work on tearing down the set, as we fade back out to another commercial.*

*As we return from the break, we see the Presidential doorway. The door swings open, and Dangerous Dan steps out, a pensive look on his face. He turns back towards the entrance, looking into the office.*

Dangerous Dan: No, really… thanks, Ace…

*Dan shuts the door, then turns and walks away. He’s still looking very thoughtful, and it’s hard to tell if he’s excited by whatever he just found out about, or simply nervous. Whatever it is, we won’t find out, as the picture takes us back to ringside.*

Logan: Wonder what news Dangerous Dan just got?

Jones: It seemed like he was a little shaky, didn’t it? Well, I guess we’ll find out later on.

Logan: Yep. But for now, I’m ready for some wrestling!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is one of the founding members of Organized Chaos, standing 6’4” and weighing 223 lbs, from Atlanta, Georgia, here is Jobe Severity!

*Severity surprisingly comes out on his own, without even his son with him this time. “Day That Never Comes” by Metallica continues to play behind the former preacher as he slowly makes his way down the aisle and towards the ring. The fans aren’t exactly dishing out the love for the man, but he doesn’t seem to mind it. No righteous man was ever beloved by the people.*

Jones: This past weekend at Heat Wave, Severity may not have had a match, but he made his presence felt, helping Tommy Crimson win the GCWA X Division Championship!

Logan: Yeah… son of a bitch deserves an ass-whopping.

Jones: Ok, Anthony… I know you had a bad run-in with Organized Chaos at the pay-per-view, but you know what the President said about you getting involved.

Logan: Trust me, I remember. That hefty fine on my paycheck is a good reminder, not to mention the bruise that’s still healing on the back of my head.

Minos: And now his opponent, he is a former GCWA Television Champion who is looking to start his climb back up to the top, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*Caine comes out to “Hand of Blood” by Bullet For My Valentine. He doesn’t come alone, as Penance walks behind him, doing his job of keeping Caine safe. Caine, though, seems to think it over on the ramp, and then turns to Penance, talking with him. Penance doesn’t look ecstatic about Caine’s decision, but he abides by it, turning and leaving! Caine, alone, walks down the ramp and towards the ring, cracking his knuckles to prepare for the fight to come.*

Jones: Caine’s attempt at setting new records as the GCWA Television Champion ended abruptly on Sunday, as Crazy Chris was able to defeat him to take away the strap.

Logan: From what I hear, Caine’s been even more of a jerk and a loner since then, even going so far as to knock a guy out during a touch football game.

Jones: Well, a victory over Jobe Severity will certainly help his chances of getting another title shot sooner rather than later.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And here we go! Two men who could conceivably be World Champions someday, going at it here tonight!

Logan: I gotta say, I don’t know who to pull for in this one.

Jones: After what Jobe & Crimson did to you at Heat Wave?

Logan: Good point. Let’s go, Caine!

*Severity has already moved to the center of the ring, raising his arms towards Caine. The former Television Champion comes forward to meet him, as referee Trixie looks on, wondering when the fight is going to begin. But for now, it’s all talk, as Severity and Caine begin conversing about something that can’t be picked up by the mic. Caine raises his arms, as if in a challenge, with Severity responding with his own stance.*

Logan: Ok… and the fight begins… now! Ok… now!

Jones: The fighting will start soon, Anthony. Apparently we’ve got some trash talking to take care of first!

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. That doesn’t look like insults being thrown around. It looks more like…

Jones: Threats? Curses?

Logan: … Negotiation…

*The fans are booing now, not exactly thrilled with the pace of the match thus far. But Caine and Severity seem to be enjoying themselves, as suddenly both are smiling. Caine reaches out, the first movement of the match… with a handshake, which is answered by Severity! The two men shake hands, coming to an agreement, which only makes the boos louder in the GCWA Arena.*

Jones: What’s going on? What does this mean?

Logan: Oh, no… don’t tell me that Scott Caine is joining up with Organized Chaos??

Jones: Caine, joining up with Crimson & Severity? That immediately makes Organized Chaos that much more threatening!

Logan: Well, that’s what this looks like to me, and damnit, I don’t like it!

*Caine turns and says something to Trixie. We don’t hear what he said, but we know it couldn’t have been a compliment, as Trixie pales, then moves away, disturbed. She goes to the side of the ring and talks to Minos, who gets up out of his chair to speak on the mic.*

Minos: Apparently, due to both wrestlers’ consent, this match is going to be a No-Contest!

*The boos grow louder, as Caine and Severity raise each other’s arms. You’d think they were both getting a great ovation, the way they are reacting.*

Jones: So Organized Chaos is now even stronger! What a surprising development!

Logan: Yeah, and it’s a development I’m not going to stand for! Excuse me for a second.

Jones: Wait, Anthony! Where are you going? The President said…. Oh, man…

*With Caine and Severity still in the ring, Logan leaves the broadcast position, coming around the ring towards them. Severity spots Logan coming, rubbing his knuckles together and pointing out Logan’s approach to Caine.*

Jones: I can’t believe Logan’s doing this! He’s going to get hurt. Just watch, the rest of Organized Chaos is going to come down to the ring any minute!

*Both Caine and Severity are watching Logan closely, expecting a brawl with the announcer/former wrestler. Thus, they miss what the fans in the stands see. The crowd gets even louder as TLS has made his way through the crowd. Severity doesn’t see him as he slips underneath the ring ropes. Logan says something to Severity, then motions for them to turn around. Caine smirks and mouths “yeah right”, but Severity takes it seriously. As he turns around, he’s greeted with a boot to the mid-section by TLS!! Logan slides under the ring as TLS lifts Severity up and drops him with a Soul Buster! Caine tries to grab TLS, but Logan intercepts him, picking Caine up from behind and giving him a release German suplex! Caine spills out of the ring, trying to recover. Logan is standing above Severity as the crowd chants “kick his ass!kick his ass!”. Logan hesitates for a minute, then starts to deliver the boots to Severity as the crowd roars with approval. The Lost Soul is now patiently watching, enjoying the beating.*

Jones: Crimson’s at the entrance way, he’s running down the ramp.

*The Lost Soul motions for Logan to back off of Severity as he grabs Severity, then throws him out of the ring as Crimson approaches. Caine is back up, furious at how things have ending up going down. Crimson points at TLS and yells out obscenities as TLS and Logan stand in the middle of the ring, motioning for Organized Chaos to come in. Crimson and Caine help Severity up, and they retreat backstage as the crowd cheers wildly.*

Jones: I hope Anthony’s satisfied with that, because I don’t think the President is going to be pleased! But for now, Logan and The Lost Soul have gotten some revenge after Heat Wave!

*The Lost Soul and Logan nod at each other with respect, earning another round of cheers from the crowd. At the entranceway, Caine and Crimson can be seen, glaring down at them. Caine moves, as if to start back down the aisle, but Crimson stops him, speaking softly to him about waiting for the right moment. The two disappear, as Logan and The Lost Soul are shown once more in the ring before we head to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break to a backstage area, where we see Cynthia Hall, moving along with her cameraman. She seems to be in a hurry, moving to intercept someone. She comes around the corner, spotting her prey and waving the cameraman to hurry up. They rush up behind a guy who is just finishing drinking from the fountain. Startled, he turns, spitting water towards Hall.*

Cynthia Hall: Hello, I’m Cynthia Hall… and I’m all wet… but the show must go on, so I’m here with Harvey Danger!

*Danger can be seen better now, wiping some excess water off his face. He nods apologetically to Cynthia, who barely acknowledges it as she heads towards her question.*

Cynthia Hall: Earlier tonight, Harvey, you were about to voice a complaint about the GCWA. I wanted to give you the opportunity to tell us what you were going to say!

*Harvey’s expression brightens noticeably, as he smiles at Cynthia.*

Harvey Danger: Thanks, Cyn!

*Harvey opens his mouth to speak further, most likely to reveal what is troubling him, when suddenly there’s a loud yell next to him. Harvey jumps and turns, but it’s too late, as Hector and Victor Malvado are there!! The two masked men attack, slamming Harvey hard against the wall even as Cynthia and her cameraman hurriedly retreat out of harm’s way! Harvey fights back, swinging at the men, but he’s fighting a losing battle, due to the numbers game. The Malvados pick Harvey up and bodily throw him against the wall, leaving him to crumple to the ground. Each masked man then picks a side and starts stomping away, doing some damage, before a whistle is heard behind them. They both look up to see Paco, waving for them to get moving. They listen, leaving a hurting Harvey Danger behind. We focus on his face, showing the pain that he’s in, before we head back to ringside.*

Logan: Harvey got ambushed! What the hell was that all about??

Jones: The Malvados and Danger definitely have history, Anthony, back when Stranger Danger was on top of the GCWA. Plus, Danger’s part of the new World Tag-Team Champions, D & D, so this might have been a message from the Malvados!

Logan: Well, whatever it was meant to be, it was uncalled for! Harvey’s in a world of hurt now, and we STILL didn’t get to hear his complaint!!

Jones: Thankfully, this attack did nothing to hurt our title match! Let’s go to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he is a former champion, now getting another opportunity to grab the brass ring. Standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude begins, as the crowd finds their voice, cheering for the martial artist. After a few seconds, the curtains finally part, as Robert Santana appears, walking out. He does a quick bow to the crowd, then moves towards the ring, intent on competition.*

Jones: Santana had a thrilling victory at Heat Wave, winning a “Fatal Fourway” Match over Arachne, Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn, and Cisco Sheppard.

Logan: I really do think of Santana as one of the more underrated talents in the GCWA. After all, how many guys can claim wins over Dangerous Dan, Shane Donovan, and Tommy Crimson?

Jones: But there’s just something there that keeps Santana from making that next step. Ever since he lost the Television Title, he hasn’t been able to find a way to climb back up.

Logan: Well, maybe tonight’s finally his night.

Minos: Now entering the arena, he has made a triumphant return from injury in the best way possible, making his way to the championship, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!

*With “Mental Health” by Zebrahead playing, Crazy Chris comes out of the back. The Television Title is strapped tightly around his waist, attracting the attention of the fans, who cheer him on. Crazy Chris straightens his mask before walking down the ramp.*

Jones: It was a great night for Crazy Chris on Sunday, as he joined his brother, Dangerous Dan, on the ranks of GCWA Television Champions!

Logan: Yeah, and he did it even with a gunshot wound! That’s just amazing! But a Television Champion is never safe from competition, and tonight Crazy Chris runs the risk of the shortest TV Title reign in the history of the company. Santana certainly won’t be a pushover!

Jones: You wouldn’t think so, no.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The bell sounds as Santana meets Chris in the middle of the ring, they quickly lock up with Santana applying a side headlock onto Chris. Chris tries to fight out of it by shoving Santana into the ropes, Santana bounces off the ropes but holds onto the head lock, applying even more pressure. Chris tries another escape method by punching Santana in the ribs, hoping this loosens the hold, Santana responds by tightening the hold even further, causing Chris to yell out in pain…Chris falls to one knee, beginning to weaken due to the lack of oxygen reaching his head*

Jones: Robert Santana is really applying the pressure with that side head lock.

Logan: No kidding, I’ve experienced a few side headlocks in my day and the longer you remain trapped in one, the more prolonged damage it can cause.

Jones: Yea, I’m sure the mask over Chris’ face isn’t helping matters either.

Logan: Wouldn’t know, I never donned a mysterious mask.

*Chris starts to shake his arms, attempting to summon up the strength to break out of the hold. He gets back to his feet and throws a few vicious elbows into the midsection of Santana. Santana is relentless, however, as he continues to tighten the hold, refusing to release it. Chris then lets out a yell as he lifts Santana up, onto his shoulder and falls back, dropping Santana hard onto his head and neck, into the unforgiving mat with a belly-to-back suplex! Santana hits hard, releases the hold and grabs onto his head and neck in pain. Chris rolls away from Santana, using the ropes to pull himself into a kneeling position as he rotates his head around, trying to recover*

Jones: Great counter by Crazy Chris!

Logan: Absolutely, if you want to break a hold, just drop the dude on his neck…works every time.

Jones: No Doubt.

Logan: Could you leave the artists on your infinite playlist off of the show, please.

Jones: …

*Both men are slow to their feet, but manage to get there at virtually the same time…Santana, angry that he got dropped on his head, charges at Chris with a clothesline attempt, Chris ducks and Santana hits the ropes, he bounces off and Chris leaps in the air, going for a spinning heel kick, Santana catches, him, though and tosses him over his head, over the top rope and crashing down, hard on the outside with a release exploder suplex!! Chris hits hard and is motionless on the outside*

Jones: Whoa! Turnabout is fair play in this one, Anthony!

Logan: I guess, although I’m thinking Chris got the worst end on that deal!

Jones: Yea, Robert Santana is really looking sharp early on, this looks to be the same Santana who defeated two former GCWA World Champions.

Logan: He’s got the ability, that’s for sure

*Santana looks down at Chris, who is slowly climbing to his feet. Santana grabs the top rope tightly, setting up a plancha. Chris is on his feet and looks up, Santana launches himself over the top rope and onto Chris!! Santana gets to his feet quickly and looks down at Chris who is rolling around, in serious pain…Santana starts to stomp away on Chris, keeping him down*

Jones: Robert Santana taking a page out of the High Flyers playbook there.

Logan: Crazy Chris has been grounded so far, we’re seeing the ring prowess of Robert Santana as he is executing his game plan to perfection

Jones: When it clicks with Santana, it’s tough to stop.

*Santana grabs Chris by the bottom of his mask and yanks him to his feet, Santana teases that he’s going to rip Chris’ mask off, Chris starts to freak out and swings wildly at Santana, Santana responds by lifting a sharp knee into the sternum of Chris, knocking the wind right out of him. Santana then violently heaves Chris back into the ring. Santana hops on the apron as Chris is staggering to his feet…Santana climbs to the top rope and looks down at Chris, he leaps off and drills Chris right between the eyes with a tomahawk chop! Chris collapses to the ground as Santana goes for the first pinfall of the match…1…2…Chris gets a shoulder up!!*

Jones: Our first pinfall was nearly our last in tonight’s main event!

Logan: Yea, gotta hand it to Chris, he’s had his head and neck worked over immensely in this one, yet still manages to have the where with all to kick out.

Jones: Well, from what we know about Chris, it takes a lot to keep the little guy down.

Logan: Who are YOU calling little, Jones?

Jones: Well, in contrast with the other superstars…

Logan: Just stop, right there.

*Santana yanks Chris back to his feet and hooks him for a suplex, he lifts Chris up in the air and falls back, slamming Chris into the mat with a strong Suplex. Santana gets to his feet and lifts Chris back to his, he whips Chris into a nearby corner, hard…Chris hits with high impact and grabs his lower back in pain. Santana walks up to Chris and straightens him up, he then begins to administer some blood curdling knife edge chops onto the exposed skin of Chris’ chest. The fans “ooohh” and wince in pain at the sound of the flesh on flesh impact.*

Jones: Those are loud! Logan: Been there before as well…that is NO fun!

Jones: How many chops does Santana have in him, he’s going on and on.

Logan: It’s smart strategy, Jones…Santana always comes down to this ring with a plan and he’s executing tonight’s plan to perfection…Chris is as explosive as they come, you keep him cornered and grounded and it minimizes the damage he can cause.

Jones: Very insightful.

Logan: Hey, it happens.

*Santana continues to administer the knife edged chops as we see welts forming on Chris’ chest…Chris, finally having enough, lunges forward, drilling Santana with a vicious head butt! Santana staggers back, trying to shake the cobwebs free. Chris clutches his red chest in pain…he then notices the stunned Santana and quickly propels himself to the middle turnbuckle. He positions himself and leaps off, with a cross body, Santana, however, is ready and catches Chris in mid air and uses Chris’ momentum to turn and bodyslam him down hard into the mat!! Santana hooks Chris’ leg and goes for the quick pin, Mark Bell slides into position and goes for the count…1…2…thre….NOO!! Chris gets the shoulder up!*

Jones: Whoa! Whoa! Was that three???

Logan: No way, Jonesy…if you watch the instant replay, courtesy of the fabulous people in the GCWA production truck, you’ll see that Chris, out of pure instinct, managed to get that shoulder blade a hair off the mat before Referee Bell’s hand hit for a third and final time.

Jones: Unbelievable…how much does Chris have left?? Robert Santana is throwing everything at him right now.

Logan: Well, he’s definitely got a counter for every one of Crazy Chris’ counters…if that made sense.

Jones: I believe it did.

*Santana sits up, on his knees, smiling, surprised that he didn’t get the three count there. Undaunted, however, he goes back to work on Chris, he punches Chris a few times in the head, from the kneeling position, keeping Chris down on the mat. Santana reaches down and places both hands around Chris’ head, he then lifts Chris’ head up and begins to repeatedly bash it into the mat!! Chris starts to wildly kick his legs, reacting to the sharp pain of each damaging impact. Santana finally ceases slamming Chris’ head into the mat and looks down at Chris, knowing that his brain has to be scrambled by now*

Jones: I think Robert Santana is sensing that his job is just about finished.

Logan: I very well may be…I doubt Crazy Chris even knows where he’s at right now…Santana has worked overtime on the head and neck of Crazy Chris.

Jones: He sure has…flawless game plan up until now.

Logan: Just has to finish it off.

*Santana gets to his feet and pulls Chris to his as well, he kicks Chris in the gut, Chris bends over, as a result and Santana locks in a front face lock! He applies some serious pressure to the already weakened head and neck area of Chris as the ref starts to check on Chris, growing concern over the amount of trauma and torture Chris has endured thus far*

Jones: Robert Santana going back to his bread and butter in this match, cutting off all the oxygen to Chris’ head, if he holds onto this much longer, I believe Crazy Chris will simply pass out.

Logan: If he hasn’t already, I’m not seeing much signs of life from Crazy Chris.

Jones: Good point.

*Santana continues to apply pressure onto Chris as the ref checks on Chris…Referee Bell checks only once before we see Chris lifting his arms up, trying to fight out of the hold. Santana holds strong, relentlessly squeezing the head and neck of Chris…Chris slowly positions himself as Santana isn’t sure what’s coming, looking around…Chris then charges towards the nearest corner, slamming Santana into the corner!! Santana holds onto the front face lock, however…Chris then backs out and slams Santana’s back into the corner again…Santana lets go of the hold…Chris staggers back, trying to catch his breath…Santana kicks Chris in the gut again and goes to re-apply the hold, Chris will have none of it, though, as he charges full speed back into that corner, squashing Santana into it!! Santana sinks down in the corner*

Jones: Okay, that one took something out of The Sensei!

Logan: Third time’s apparently the charm, Jones.

Jones: Can Chris mount some offense, though? Everything he’s tried has been thwarted thus far.

Logan: We’ll see.

*Santana slowly rises back to his feet, regaining his wits…Chris looks at Santana and charges back in, lifting a knee right under Santana’s chin!!! Santana’s head flies back from the impact…Chris staggers out of the corner, still feeling the effects from earlier. Santana stumbles out of the corner, reeling from the vicious knee…Chris sees him, measures Santana up and delivers a vicious superkick for a second crushing blow to Santana’s chin!! Santana falls to the mat, as does Chris, both men laid out*

Jones: What a kick!!!

Logan: Eat your heart out, Lurrr!!

Jones: Robert Santana may be out…for the first time since the bell rang, Crazy Chris has a shot to pull this one out!

Logan: We’re back where we started, Jones…

*Both Santana and Chris make it to their feet at the same time with Mark Bell reaching the count of eight…Santana throws a punch at Chris, Chris blocks it and starts to wail away on Santana raining down with an assortment of rights and lefts!! Santana staggers into the ropes, Chris whips him off them…Santana flies across the ring, bounces off the ropes again and Chris drills him with a spinning heel kick!! Santana is down as Chris has really got the crowd behind him now*

Jones: Crazy Chris is on a roll!!

Logan: And, unlike Robert Santana, here comes the wild, off the cuff offense of Crazy Chris!

Jones: Totally unpredictable!

*Chris climbs to the top rope as Santana is lying in the middle of the ring…Chris leaps off and drills Santana with a Guillotine leg drop!! The crowd cheers wildly with approval, Chris goes for the pin, hooking the leg as Bell makes the count…1!...2!...Kick out!!!*

Jones: Kickout by Santana…

Logan: Man that was close…Crazy Chris has all the momentum in the world right now, Santana needs to stop the bleeding.

Jones: Not sure how he’s going to do that in the current shape that he’s in.

*Chris gets to his feet and walks back into a nearby corner, climbing to the top rope again, preparing to nail Santana with The Crazy Man’s Suicide! Suddenly, the fans all stand and look towards the entrance ramp, along with Chris…we see Peter Vaughn hustling down to the ring with a concerned look on his face*

Jones: What is GCWA’s resident Janitor doing down here??

Logan: If memory serves, I think he’s a friend of Robert Santana.

Jones: Mutual?

Logan: Hardly.

*Chris shrugs off Vaughn’s appearance and focuses on nailing his finisher…the ref, however, is more concerned with Vaughn and walks over towards the ropes, yelling at Vaughn to not interfere in the match and to stay away from the action…as the ref is telling Vaughn this, Chris leaps off the top rope, nailing Crazy Man’s Suicide!! He goes for the pin, but the ref is still dealing with Vaughn who has now found his way on the ring apron, arguing with the ref. Chris notices there is no count taking place, despite his pin attempt…he gets to his feet and looks back, witnessing Vaughn and Mark Bell going at it…he walks over to interject*

Jones: Peter Vaughn seems irate over something.

Logan: That stupid janitor is ruining a great match…isn’t there a toilet or something backstage that needs cleaning??

Jones: I guess he found more pressing needs.

*Chris, obviously frustrated with the situation, reaches out and grabs Vaughn by the throat…Vaughn responds by pulling a bottle of Windex out of his back pocket, he sprays Chris in the eyes with it!! Chris staggers back, holding his face in pain…Mark Bell witnesses this first hand and calls for the bell*

Jones: Peter Vaughn just windexed Crazy Chris in the face!!

Logan: Well, so much for settling this one in the ring, Peter Vaughn has cost his ‘friend’ the match!

Jones: Well, I’m pretty sure the match was over anyways.

Logan: You never know, Jones…I’ve seen stranger things happen…but, not only that…I doubt Santana is going to appreciate the dirty tactics Peter Vaughn employed on his behalf…Santana doesn’t operate in that fashion.

Jones: Good point.

Minos: Here is your winner, via Disqualification….Crazy Chris!!!

*Mark Bell raises the hand of Chris, who is still trying to get the sting out of his eyes…Chris doesn’t waste any time celebrating and, instead, hops out of the ring and rushes to the back to wash his eyes out. Vaughn enters the ring to help Santana up…Santana, now aware of what took place, looks up at Vaughn, who has extended his hand. Santana shakes his head and makes it to his feet without Vaughn’s assistance…Vaughn stands there, trying to explain himself. Santana stares at Vaughn as Vaughn extends his hand for a shake…Santana slowly turns his back and walks out of the ring…as he does, we hear Vaughn yell out “I’m sorry…I was just trying to help”*

Jones: Ouch, Robert Santana just turned his back on Peter Vaughn.

Logan: Well, I don’t know what Peter Vaughn was thinking here tonight, but Santana is obviously not impressed and, now Vaughn, as a result of his actions is left, standing alone in the ring.

Jones: That’s a lonely feeling, for sure.

Logan: You would know, wouldn’t you, Jones.

*Vaughn continues to head after Santana, a worried look on his face, as the picture cuts backstage to a locker room door. The doorknob rattles, then the door opens, with Rick Mathis’ large form immediately filling the picture! Mathis walks forward, with the camera quickly retreating. He looks around, still smiling, then looks back as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr, steps out! The crowd immediately starts booing as the duo begin their march down the hall, heading for the entrance to the arena. We break to take advantage of one more sponsor’s money.*

*We’re back at ringside, where Jones and Logan are shown talking to each other. They finish their discussion as the cameras zoom in on them.*

Jones: Well, it’s that time, Anthony.

Logan: Can I head off to the restroom for the rest of the show? It’d probably be safer there anyway, what with Lurrr making me feel sick to my stomach.

Jones: Sorry, Anthony, but you’ve left your position enough tonight, don’t you think? Time to pay the piper. Roll it.

*The lights go out as a slow sobering song begins to play. The titan-tron begins to show pictures of Marcus Ka’Derrion action during the recent months that he had the GCWA World Title. Suddenly you hear a crack of thunder through the sobering music and it goes coincide with Ka’Derrion receiving ‘The Wake Up Call.’ The screen switches to the video of Lurrr pinning Ka’Derrion to become the new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd immediately boos when they see a shot of Lurrr holding his new title basking in the glory that he promised everyone. Suddenly the lights turn back on and we hear ‘Cocky’ by Kid Rock hit the PA. Suddenly shooting through the stage curtains is the Big Man Rick Mathis. The crowd begins to boo louder knowing who Rick Mathis is asking for. Mathis turns around points to the top of the stage and out comes the new World Champ Lurrr!!!*

Minos: Please let me introduce the NEW GCWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION LURRR!!!

*The crowd continues to boo as Lurrr begins a long, slow walk towards the ring as he seems to be enjoying every second of his entrance. With his World Title draped across his left shoulder and a refreshment in his right hand he stops and looks at the crowd. He begins to mock them by giving them a derogatory hand signal that the GCWA does not condone. Finally the leader of the Roman Empire reaches the ring where Mathis is waiting for him holding the ropes for his first entrance in a GCWA ring with the prize that he has been after before the ink was dry on the contract he signed back in December of last year. Lurrr gets in the ring shoves Minos out of the way and grabs the mic from him.*

Lurrr: Didn’t I tell you so…….

*The crowd boos as now trash is being thrown in the ring.*

Lurrr: You are looking at the man in this business right now. I have the most prestigious prize in our business today, I am in full control of this company no matter what anybody else thinks, and I have once again proven to the wrestling world that without me this company would be nothing!!!

*Lurrr looks at the big man who nods in agreement with his mentor.*

Lurrr: I am now a 4-time World Champ and I continue to boost the buy rates of PPV’s and increase ratings for this show. I mean look at this place….. I am pretty sure you’re not packed in like sardines because you wanted to see that big Warrick Hill vs. Arachne matchup tonight. The real reason you hill-billy’s pack GCWA arenas week after week is because you love the controversial, athletic, first class wrestler that I am. You love to boo me, you wish you were me, and bottom-line you like to pretend that you can live like me.

*Lurrr adjusts his World Title while the crowd boos.*

Lurrr: And now that I have this in my possession you people want to be me even more like me and begin to weep when you think about how pathetic your lives are with your janitor jobs!!!

*Mathis laughs out while Lurrr pauses as an Ass- Hole, Ass-Hole chant begins.*

Lurrr: I have completely dominated this company for 8 months now. There isn’t one person on this roster who can touch me in the ring. I am the poster boy of this company and I really don’t think I should have to defend my title until we get some new talent in here…….

*Lurrr’s speech is interrupted, as “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm begins to play! The fans erupt, even as Lurrr lets the mic hang, looking annoyed but not surprised by the interruption. At the entryway, the Accelerator appears, pushing aside the curtain and walking out. He’s dressed in one of his better suits tonight, possibly because he knew he’d be making an appearance in the arena.*

Jones: The Accelerator is here!

Logan: Thank god! I wasn’t sure I could take anymore!

*The President of the GCWA signals, making sure that the music gets cut off, before he starts talking. However, before he can speak, Lurrr jumps in, talking to him.*

Lurrr: I should have known that you couldn’t leave well enough alone, old man. This is MY contractually obligated time, so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll walk away.

The Accelerator: Funny thing, Lurrr. I’ve never been one to walk away. Now if someone will cut his mic for me, I’ll get down to business.

Lurrr: You son of…

*The rest of Lurrr’s words aren’t heard, as the mic’s feed has been cut. Lurrr tosses down the mic in anger, with Mathis menacingly looking at the President.*

The Accelerator: So let’s talk, Lurrr. First, congratulations. I won’t take anything away from you, that was a hell of a victory last weekend. You proved that you deserved the title shot that your lawyers handed you. Good job.

*Lurrr can be seen saying something to Mathis, who shakes his head and glances back at the President. Ace, for his part, is staying pretty stationary on the stage. You have to wonder how many security guards are waiting in the wings, in case Lurrr & Mathis decide to come after him.*

The Accelerator: Now, your #1 Contender to that title of yours should easily be Marcus Ka’Derrion. After all, he’s a 2-time World Champion, and he DOES have a rematch clause in his contract.

*The crowd cheers at the mention of Ka’Derrion. Lurrr, for his part, doesn’t look worried, as he got a close-up view of Ka’Derrion’s condition after Heat Wave’s main event.*

The Accelerator: But as you very well know, Marcus was badly injured after your match, and is currently on the injury list. How long he will stay there, I don’t know. But the GCWA doesn’t just wait around. We have to find ourselves a #1 contender!

*Ace nods to the crowd, who clearly agree with him. Lurrr turns to his right, looking back at Mathis, and pantomimes a man who has lost his marbles. Mathis, of course, agrees, laughing. The President doesn’t pay attention, continuing in his speech.*

The Accelerator: So at the beginning of October, we’ve got a fun event planned that I like to call… Adrenaline Rush. It’s going to take place in the New Orleans Arena, so we’re going to be on the road once again!

*The crowd doesn’t exactly take that news happily, as they want some major shows to return to the GCWA Arena.*

The Accelerator: For that show, I want to set in stone your opponent for that night, Lurrr. So next week, I’m planning a special show. For those who haven’t realized it yet, next week in September 11th. Once just a day of the week, now it’s a day that will continue to live in infamy for the rest of our lives. Well, for the GCWA, it’s going to be a day of remembrance and unity! We’re going to be having ourselves a special celebration, right here on Friday Night Inferno!

*The crowd is pumped up. Lurrr & Mathis, noticeably less.*

The Accelerator: Several big matches are going to take place next week, including two championships being on the line. Crazy Chris will be defending his Television Championship again, as always. We’re also going to have a special #1 Contenders Match to decide who is going to face you, Lurrr, at Adrenaline Rush. It will be The Big Bifford…. The Lost Soul… and Draco!!

*There are loud ovations for each wrestler’s name as they are announced. Lurrr takes in each one, shaking his head in disappointment. The Accelerator’s not done, however.*

The Accelerator: Oh, by the way, I heard you say we need some fresh talent in the World Title competition. Well, it so happens, I agree with you. So next week, as our second title match, you’re going to be defending the World Heavyweight Championship… against Dangerous Dan! Enjoy, Lurrr!

*Lurrr’s mouth drops at the announcement that he’ll be defending the belt the next week. He yells at Ace, not believing it, even as Mathis tries to restrain him, knowing that Lurrr going after the President will just make things worse. Ace, meanwhile, throws aside the mic and leaves, his work done.*

Jones: Oh my god! We’ve got a World Title match next week!!

Logan: Dangerous Dan’s finally getting his long-awaited opportunity at the World Heavyweight Title!! And Lurrr sure doesn’t seem happy about it!

Jones: Well, I’m betting that he didn’t want his belt put on the line quite so fast… wait, look! Behind Lurrr!

*Lurrr still looks frustrated, grabbing at the ropes and shaking them in anger. Behind Lurrr and Mathis, though, are the reason that the fans are now cheering: The Danger Boiz are here!! Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan run up behind Lurrr & Mathis, each leaping up and landing a picture-perfect dropkick to send the Roman Empire over the ropes and out to the floor!!!*

Logan: The Danger Boiz have struck, and Lurrr & Mathis’ night has officially been ruined!!

Jones: Amazing!! We’re out of time, so be sure to tune in next week to Friday Night Inferno: In Remembrance! Good night, everyone!

*Lurrr is up first, having easily landed without much injury. He looks seriously ticked off, even as he grabs at Mathis’ arms, helping the big man to his feet. The Danger Boiz are waiting in the ring, with Dangerous Dan taking the forefront, as Crazy Chris’ eyes still are recovering from what happened earlier. Lurrr angrily storms away, having had enough of this, with Mathis following him from behind. Both Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris climb the turnbuckles, saluting the fans as the picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Man, I wasn't sure I was going to make it! But the streak continues!! Thanks a great deal to everyone who sent in segments, as, after the hellish work week I had, it helped a lot to not have to write as much.

A special shout out of thanks goes to Will (Mobley/Hill), who stepped in today and actually wrote the Crazy Chris / Robert Santana match. I can guarantee that a match I wrote would have most likely been crap, so it was great to have Will share his time and put together a decent fight for our 'main event' match. Thanks again, Will!

As I said, next week will be a 'patriotic' week of sorts, as I'd like to make it seem like at least partially a big show. If you have any suggestions on what we could do to make it worthwhile, by all means let me know. Here's the card:

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana & Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn vs. The Malvados

- "The Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis vs. Derek "The Thriller" Mobley

- Tommy "The Fury" Crimson vs. Cisco Sheppard

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Arachne, GCWA Television Title Match

- The Big Bifford vs. The Lost Soul vs. Draco, World Title #1 Contenders Match

- Lurrr(c) vs. Dangerous Dan, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Match

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