*The credits run from the previous program, a game show where contestants do horrible things to their bodies in order to win cash. You know you’ve seen it. The screen goes black, but is soon replaced by the GCWA symbol flashing across the screen. Dramatic music starts to play, showing the World Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, from last week, as he is talking with The Lost Soul in the backstage area about Lurrr.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: It's just that Lurrr always has something up his sleeve you know? I'm sure he's going to try to do whatever it takes to beat me. He's done it before, he's going to do it again.

*Footage rolls, showing Lurrr and the rest of the Roman Empire surrounding Ka’Derrion during their earlier match, with Derek Mobley helping Lurrr end Ka’Derrion’s undefeated streak. We go back to shots from last week, with Ka’Derrion still talking.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I don't know if I can take Lurrr down. He's been unstoppable....

*Clips run of some of Lurrr’s most recent matches, showing him holding the X Division Title, then the Intercontinental Title. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: It’s like he is a step ahead of me every time…

*We see a shot of Lurrr and Rick Mathis walking down a hallway, laughing at some devious act they’ve done. We go back to the Ka’Derrion/TLS shot, with The Lost Soul taking a phone call, and Marcus turning away from the door.*

Rick Mathis: A step ahead? Try a mile ahead, *bleep*hole.

*Ka’Derrion goes after Mathis, but Lurrr comes in from the side with a superkick, knocking Ka’Derrion down and allowing Mathis to attack the champion’s ribs! The two leave Marcus on the ground, with Lurrr leaving with the World Title. The Lost Soul helps Ka’Derrion to the medics, where we see a shot of him getting taped up. The medic recommends a stay at the hospital, but Ka’Derrion turns it down.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Just get me wrapped, Doc. I’m not done here yet.

*We see footage of the main event from last week, with Lurrr defeating Jobe Severity to retain the Intercontinental Title. Right afterwards, though, Lurrr gets on the mic, talking about the belt he really wants.*

Lurrr: No other belt compares to the World Title. Tonight, I didn’t win to defend the IC belt. I won to prove that I could. As for this, well, I’ve got the belt I want now. Who needs this one?

*Lurrr drops the IC Title, apparently vacating it, while lifting up the World Title that he had stolen earlier in the night. Marcus Ka’Derrion is shown, coming from the back, storming towards the ring despite his injuries. However, before he can get in the ring, Rick Mathis attacks from behind, giving Lurrr the edge as he concentrates, once more, on the champ’s ribs!*

Lurrr: I knew… I knew you couldn’t resist, Marcus… you stupid fool… you just made sure I get your belt for real…

*Lurrr gets a steel chair, slamming it down on Ka’Derrion’s ribs, with security arriving too late to do any good.*

Logan: Jesus!! The World Champion… he might be out of commission!!

*The last shot we see is Lurrr walking away with Mathis, while behind him, Ka’Derrion is being placed on a stretcher. The picture fades to black.*

* After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are screaming their ever-loving heads off, excited about the “go home” show for Heat Wave. Signs fly across the screen, from “The Danger Boiz Are Back!!!” to “Man vs. Lurrr!” We go in tight to the broadcast table, where the usual suspects are in their seats.*

Jones: Hello, everyone! We’re a week away from Heat Wave, and things are getting more and more intense around here!

Logan: That’s right, Jonesy! The big news right now is what kind of condition is the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, in? The last we saw of him, he was being carted out of the ring on a stretcher, thanks to that vicious assault from the #1 Contender, Lurrr!

Jones: Thankfully, Marcus isn’t in a match tonight, and will hopefully recover enough to compete at Heat Wave. There are still worries, though, that he might not be cleared by medical.

Logan: Yeah, and that would be terrible. It would also work exactly as Lurrr planned it. You know that dirtbag would love to be handed the World Title without a fight.

Jones: Coming up tonight, we’ll find out more about Marcus Ka’Derrion’s condition, as well as what’s happening with the apparently vacated Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. Lurrr seemingly dropped the belt last Friday, and from what I hear, the Accelerator is making sure that the ruling sticks, but we don’t know what’s going to happen with that belt!

Logan: We definitely have a lot of intrigue here tonight, don’t we? Who knows what else is going to happen!

Jones: Well, we do know that we’ve got matches, so let’s get to our first one now! Minos, it’s all yours…

Minos: Our first match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming towards the ring, he comes to us from overseas, setting a unique example of Japanese wrestling, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Tokyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*”Wana” by The Black Horn plays, earning some cheers from the audience who have come to like the antics of Arachne. The face-painted man comes out of the back, looking around at the crowd and sneering. He heads towards the ring, glaring at a few of the fans, who back away, afraid to get spit on.*

Logan: You have to admit, Arachne’s captured the imagination of the GCWA fans.

Jones: Yes, but that’s about all he’s managed to do. Victories have been few and far between.

Logan: Well, maybe tonight he’ll finally turn things around.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, now making his in-ring return after many months away, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!!

*The crowd gives a good-sized ovation, excited at being here for the masked man’s return. “Mental Health” by Zebrahead jams through the speakers, and Crazy Chris walks out, dressed in his usual gear. His brother, Dangerous Dan, comes out behind him, watching with a smile as Chris makes his way down.*

Logan: It’s great to see Crazy Chris back in the GCWA Arena!

Jones: For a while there, we weren’t sure he would ever return, especially those weeks he spent in the hospital. But tonight, he starts on his road back, first by facing Arachne tonight in a ‘warm-up’ match, then facing Scott Caine at Heat Wave for the Television Title!

Logan: Of course, Chris also had several other ‘warm-up’ matches with his brother, Dangerous Dan, pinning him a few times. Did Dan let him get the pins, or was it because Crazy Chris is better than ever? We find out here tonight!

*The Bell Rings.*

*In response to the bell, Arachne climbs up on the nearby turnbuckle, getting himself up to the top. Crazy Chris, seeing this, backs away, out of range, as he tries to figure out Arachne’s gameplan. But Arachne doesn’t seem interested in the match. He is turned away, staring out at the fans while sticking his tongue out. The tongue, predictably, is painted green. He cocks his head at a strange angle, even as Crazy Chris turns to Dangerous Dan on the outside, who simply shrugs his shoulders. Chris, though, looks annoyed. He suddenly comes forward, running straight towards the ropes and slamming his weight into them, causing Arachne to lose his balance! The face-painted wrestler falls backwards into the ring, cracking his head on the canvas! Crazy Chris immediately comes in to make a cover, with referee Adrian Rockwell moving into position… 1… 2… Arachne kicks out in time.*

Logan: Where’s Arachne’s head at?

Jones: I believe it’s right above his neck, on his shoulders…

Logan: You’re hilarious, Jonesy.

Jones: Thanks!

Logan: *sigh* Seriously, though, Arachne got distracted there, and he took a bad fall because of it!

Jones: It was a golden opportunity for Crazy Chris, and he took it. Arachne’s started this match off in the worst way.

*Crazy Chris already has Arachne back to his feet, grabbing the man by the arm and whipping him into the ropes. As Arachne comes back, Crazy Chris goes high, leapfrogging over him. Chris then turns and drops to his back, sticking his legs out to catch Arachne on the way back, giving him a monkeyflip across the ring! Arachne lands back-first, with his feet landing on the ropes, almost causing him to rebound off the ground. Crazy Chris is already back on his feet, moving towards his downed opponent. He drags Arachne up, taking him towards the corner. Arachne can’t even defend himself, as Crazy Chris begins to bang his head into the turnbuckle, again and again! The fans are counting along with the hits, even as an interesting effect begins to take place.*

Jones: Hey, the turnbuckle… it’s…

Logan: It’s being turned green! Crazy Chris is literally knocking the Green Mist out of Arachne!!

Jones: Unbelievable!

*Arachne is out on his feet, dazed, from the shots he just took. Crazy Chris brings him back, then spins him to the ground with a neckbreaker from behind. Arachne’s down, but Crazy Chris isn’t done yet. He goes towards another turnbuckle, leaving the paint-covered one behind. The fans are cheering as Crazy Chris goes up, positioning himself on the top turnbuckle. Dangerous Dan is shown on the outside, clapping his hands, relaxed due to how well his brother is doing in his first match back. Crazy Chris stays bent over his knees, watching as Arachne slowly recovers enough to stand up. With the fans fully behind him, Crazy Chris goes airborne, aiming his kick perfectly and landing the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! Arachne is down and out, with referee Rockwell coming in to make the count. The only problem is, Crazy Chris is back up, instead of going for the pin!*

Logan: What is he doing? The man’s out!

Jones: I don’t think he’s quite through sending the message he’s aiming for, Anthony! He’s got one more trick up his sleeve!

*Referee Rockwell stands back up, looking questioningly at Crazy Chris, who looks out at his brother with a smile. Dangerous Dan returns it with a nod, so Crazy Chris leans over to try and pull Arachne back to his feet. It’s not an easy task, as Arachne’s not fully conscious at the moment. With a little effort, though, Crazy Chris gets the slightly-smaller man up… then lifts him up onto his shoulders! Holding Arachne in a good display of strength, Crazy Chris takes a step, then twists, dropping Arachne down with a TKO!!! Arachne’s not getting up any time soon from the abuse he’s taken. This time, Crazy Chris moves over to the man and puts an arm on him, while turning towards the camera and staring, as if looking towards the Television Champion, Scott Caine. He flashes the number signals along with the referee’s count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Crazy Chris!

Logan: An easy victory for Crazy Chris, helping to tune him up for next week!

Jones: I believe he calls that new move the Crazy Bitch!

Logan: Yeah, well, it certainly worked here tonight on Arachne, although you have to wonder if he can perform it on a larger wrestler like Scott Caine. I guess we’re going to find out, though!

Jones: The good news is, Crazy Chris looked like he hasn’t lost a step since his recovery. The bad news is, Arachne had yet another poor performance. I’m starting to wonder if he’s cut out for the GCWA.

Logan: He can still turn things around, Jonesy, although it’s looking less and less likely. Crazy Chris, though, is on his way back up!

*Outside the ring, Dangerous Dan proudly raises his brother’s arm, giving Crazy Chris his props. The Danger Boiz move away from the ring, departing side by side. In the ring, referee Rockwell is checking carefully on Arachne, trying to wake him up while also keeping himself out of harm’s way. Arachne sits up, shaking his head, with Rockwell backing away. Meanwhile, though, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor begins to play, earning some cheers in the GCWA Arena!*

Logan: What? Wait, that’s Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn’s music! What’s he doing out here?

Jones: Last week, Arachne blasted Vaughn with the Green Mist back in the locker room area. Could it be that Vaughn’s coming out for retribution??

*Peter Vaughn moves quickly down the aisle, carrying with him a spray bottle in one hand, a mop in the other. He enters the ring, and then looks towards Arachne, who hasn’t noticed him yet. Vaughn strikes a pose, similar to Arachne’s, while raising the spray bottle up near his mouth. He leans back, then juts forward, while pressing the spray, sending a shot of blue cleaner towards Arachne!! The wrestler falls back, blinded, grabbing at his face in agony!! Vaughn, meanwhile, has gone back over for the mop, picking it up. He comes back over, swinging it from his side and smacking it across Arachne’s side, knocking him to his knees!! Vaughn then pulls a cloth from his back pocket, takes a moment to wipe off his own sweat, then sends it across Arachne’s face, working it over!*

Jones: What is Vaughn doing?

Logan: I think he’s ‘cleaning’ up Arachne, Jonesy! He’s removing his face paint!!

*Vaughn continues to work on Arachne’s ceremonial paint, with Arachne trying to cover up. He rolls away, out of the ring, still blinded as he struggles to move away from the ring. The fans are cheering Vaughn, who raises the now-painted washcloth in the air, before tossing it into the crowd. Vaughn then moves to the turnbuckle, working on cleaning some of the green paint off of it.*

Logan: Vaughn just got some revenge on the man who attacked him last week, but why do I think this one’s not over?

Jones: How could it be over yet? We need a third fight between them!

Logan: We live in some crazy times, Jonesy!

*Arachne is moving towards the back, covering up his face. Meanwhile, Vaughn continues to work, doing his job by cleaning up the mess Arachne made. The camera focuses on Vaughn’s smiling face as he works, just before the picture fades out to commercial.*

*We return from the break by going to the Presidential office, where the Accelerator can be seen, working on important business for the company. There’s a knock at the door, grabbing Ace’s attention.*

The Accelerator: C’mon in.

*The door swings open, and Draco walks in, looking towards the President. The live crowd can be heard, letting out a small cheer for one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions.*

Draco: I got a message you wanted to see me?

The Accelerator: Yes, Draco, I did. I needed to talk to you about next week.

*Draco moves in closer, grabbing a chair and sliding over towards the desk. He takes a seat, putting his legs up on the edge of the desk to get comfortable. Ace’s eyes flash for a second, but he opts to not respond. Instead, he puts his hands together and leans forward.*

The Accelerator: Last week, you won yourself a “#1 Contender” shot. I’ve heard you’ve been wondering what title it was for.

Draco: You could say that.

The Accelerator: Well, also last week, as you may have noticed, Lurrr decided to drop the Intercontinental Title. Whether he meant to pick it back up again or not is immaterial. The belt’s been vacated. But I don’t want it to stay vacated for long. Therefore, you’re going to be fighting in a special Triple-Threat Match at the PPV. I’m calling it a “Battle of the D’s”.

*Draco listens, but with a skeptical look on his face.*

Draco: Your hearing just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn’t it, Ace? I told you, Draco and Donovan fighting are a big no-no.

The Accelerator: Did I say Donovan was involved?

Draco: … you said…

The Accelerator: Donovan’s got his own match to worry about. No, you’ll be facing two other men. Harvey Danger…

*This gets a small smile on Draco’s face, as he knows he can work with Danger.*

The Accelerator: … And Dangerous Dan.

*The crowd cheers this announcement, excited at the young man getting the title shot. Draco, personally, doesn’t seem to care, although the smile did fade slightly.*

Draco: Hey, if you want to guarantee I get a championship, who am I to argue?

The Accelerator: You keep up that confidence, Draco.

*Draco gets up, having heard what he wants to hear. He walks towards the door, but stops when the Accelerator clears his throat behind him.*

The Accelerator: By the way… the special ref for the Triple Threat Match? It’s going to be Dynamic Dynamite. I thought you might like to know.

*Draco looks back, a little surprised, as Dynamite’s involvement certainly changes up the match. Ace nods to Draco, as if waving him on out of the room, and Draco, shaking his head, does so, as the President goes back to work. We jump to ringside.*

Jones: So we have Draco vs. Dangerous Dan vs. Harvey Danger, with Dynamic Dynamite as the special referee?

Logan: Heat Wave just keeps on getting bigger and better!!

Jones: All three of those men are worthy contenders for the Intercontinental Championship, there’s no doubt about that. Although it’s surprising that Donovan is being left out of the title chase!

Logan: Yeah, I gotta say, that one surprises me a little bit. But then, Donovan’s already held the Intercontinental Title, which means he’s not looking to revisit the past.

Jones: With Draco and Danger in the match, though, you have to wonder if they’ll be able to work together or not with gold on the line.

Logan: Yep. Only one man will be leaving with the title!

Jones: Well, speaking of Harvey Danger, he’s coming up next to wrestle! Minos?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will have a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he has become a fixture of the GCWA World Tag-Team Title circuit, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Harvey Danger!

*Danger comes out to “No Rain” by Blind Melon, smiling at some of the cheers that come his way. He sees one pretty lady in the audience waving to him, and waves back, almost sending himself toppling to the floor when he walks too close to the edge of the ramp. He manages to rebalance and continues on, watching his footing a little more carefully.*

Logan: The jury’s still out on if Danger is a true member of D & D or not.

Jones: Danger, Donovan, & Draco seem to be hanging together well, though some people still question the motives of the latter two. Still, if it keeps Danger happy, why should anyone complain?

Logan: You say that now, but when it becomes clear that Donovan & Draco are just playing with Harvey, you’ll feel differently.

Jones: How do you know they’re playing with him? I haven’t seen much of that.

Logan: I know because it’s Donovan & Draco, ESPECIALLY because it’s Donovan!

Jones: Biased, much?

Minos: And now, his opponent, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, as well as an OCW World Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, with Martin Ka’Berryon, here is the Big Bifford!

*Bifford and Ka’Berryon walk out one after the other (as the grapes + the Bifford won’t fit through the entryway all at once). With “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio playing behind them, the two men make their way towards the ring.*

Jones: Bifford took a hard loss this past week on Inferno, when he was beaten by Draco in a one-on-one match.

Logan: Yeah, but it took Shane Donovan interfering to cause him to lose.

Jones: Donovan was only ‘interfering’ with Ka’Berryon, who attacked him, Anthony. Bifford should have kept his eyes on the wrestler he was facing. Tonight, we’ll see what he can do against another D &D member, Danger.

*Referee Trixie goes to signal for the bell to ring. However, before she can get there, The Big Bifford steps in front of her, shaking his head. The two start to talk, as Harvey Danger watches in cautious anticipation from the other side of the ring.*

Logan: Alright, so are we ready to begin? This could really be a good one!

Jones: Uh, Anthony, I don’t think we ARE ready…

Logan: Huh? C’mon, guys, what’s the deal?

*Bifford and Trixie finish talking, with Trixie raising her hands in exasperation. She walks away, while Ka’Berryon, having been moving around on the outside, hands in a mic to the Big Bifford. The large wrestler turns towards Danger, bringing the mic up.*

The Big Bifford: Harvey, have I ever told you that you’re one of my favorite wrestlers?

*This gets a cheer from the crowd, as well as an “aw,shucks” look on Harvey’s face.*

The Big Bifford: You have a future, m’boy! But tonight, your future doesn’t have me in it.

*The fans are confused, as is Harvey. He scratches his head and turns, looking around towards wherever Trixie went.*

The Big Bifford: After what happened last week, I asked for a match against Shane Donovan. He touched my grapes!! You all saw it! He grabbed at them and I couldn’t stand letting him do that!

*Predictably, Harvey doesn’t have a comment for that. On the outside, Martin Ka’Berryon is nodding along with the comments, agreeing with them.*

The Big Bifford: I know you got forced into this match, Harvey, and I won’t stand for it. We’re not wrestling tonight. I like you too much for that.

*Harvey’s expression says that he can’t decide whether this is a good thing or not, but he still looks relieved that he’s not going against the 400 + pound wrestler. Meanwhile, Bifford turns his attention to the entryway, where, suddenly, Shane Donovan has walked out!*

Logan: Here we go, now it’s finally time for some action!

Jones: Maybe, or maybe not, Anthony. It doesn’t look like Donovan’s coming to the ring, so much as taking up a position on the stage!

Logan: Aw, damnit, won’t someone here fight??

*Donovan raises his arm, showing that he, too, has gotten himself armed with a mic.*

Shane Donovan: The Big Bifford, scared of a fight against the almighty Harvey Danger, huh?

The Big Bifford: You know who I’m wanting to fight, Shane.

*Bifford stares hard at Donovan from the ring, leaning on the ropes (which somehow support the weight). Donovan laughs to himself, thinking. Meanwhile, Harvey, basically being ignored, moves closer so that he can be more a part of the story.*

Shane Donovan: I’ll tell you what, Bifford. Maybe we can compete against each other at Heat Wave and settle things between us.

The Big Bifford: You’re reading my mind, Shane. Stop doing that! I hate when people read my mind! Freak!

Shane Donovan: Yeah, ok… anyway, so we on for Sunday?

The Big Bifford: I’ll be there.

Shane Donovan: Good. One more thing… Harvey, now!!

*Bifford jumps, then spins around, seeing Harvey standing behind him. Harvey, with a confused look on his face, raises his arms, as if to say hold up, but Bifford’s already moving, nailing Harvey with a running clothesline!! Harvey falls down, as Bifford stands over him, annoyed. Donovan, meanwhile, is already leaving, smiling to himself.*

Logan: Oh, man, I don’t think Harvey was going to do anything there! Damnit, Donovan set him up!

Jones: Who knows. What matters is that Bifford and Donovan will face next week!

*Bifford leaves the ring, talking again with Ka’Berryon. Meanwhile, Harvey is already getting up, rubbing his chest. He turns to Trixie, asking “Why me?”, but she doesn’t hear him, walking away. We switch to a backstage shot, where we see a car finishing parking in the GCWA garage. The doors open, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, gets out! The crowd is cheering wildly as the champion gets a bag and moves, painfully, towards the doorway. Underneath the loose shirt he is wearing, you can see that he appears to be heavily bandaged up. He goes through the doorway and disappears, as we go to a commercial break.*

*As we come back from the break, the Accelerator is once again pictured, signing a few more contracts to be put into place for GCWA Heat Wave. As he’s finishing up what he’s signing, something passes in front of the camera, going from right to left. The Accelerator doesn’t notice, moving the stack of papers to the “Out” bin. He turns, then jumps in his seat, gasping before pulling himself back together. He puts his head in his hands, refocusing himself.*

The Accelerator: Sometimes I wonder how you do that… and sometimes I just wonder why?

*The camera zooms outward, letting us see both the Accelerator and the man standing across from his desk, The Lost Soul! The fans are excited to see the X Division Champion, who has a notebook in hand.*

The Accelerator: So I assume you’re here to give me an update on your investigation, huh?

*The Lost Soul shakes his head slightly, then opens the notebook, getting it to the correct place before he starts talking.*

The Lost Soul: I have some questions for you. Ace, where were you on the night of Friday July 31st at approximately 9 PM Central Time?

*The Accelerator looks up, surprised, then annoyed.*

The Accelerator: You know where I was, TLS. I was right here, as I always am on Friday nights. What, now I’m a suspect?

*In response, The Lost Soul flips the notebook to another place, reading off some of the information that he has listed there.*

The Lost Soul: April 30th, 2000. You forced Titan 3 into a title match against you, then made sure that he couldn’t be there, thus allowing you to vacate Titan 3’s GCWA World Heavyweight Title.

The Accelerator: Well…. yeah, I mean, I admit to doing that, but what does that have to do with…

The Lost Soul: January 21st, 2000. You betrayed Enigma in the ICWF, attacking him and joining the House of Pain 2K.

The Accelerator: … I was in a real bad mood that year, I guess…

The Lost Soul: February 2000. You turned on Kylo and threw him out of the House of Pain 2K.

The Accelerator: Ok, ok! So I’ve got a history of back-stabbing and treachery. But that was in my younger days! … well… sort of…

The Lost Soul: So you admit that you were here in the GCWA Arena when the attack on Steve Wilson took place. I’m going to need a hair sample from you.

*The Lost Soul starts to go around the desk, but the Accelerator stands up, getting out of his range.*

The Accelerator: Hey now, I’ve got few enough hair up there as it is!

The Lost Soul: Denying me access is a sign of guilt, Mr. President.

The Accelerator: Why in the world would I want Steve Wilson out of action? It costs me money by not having him compete, for pete’s sake.

*The Accelerator moves over to a nearby television, complete with a DVD set-up. Ace presses play on the DVD, while looking towards The Lost Soul.*

The Accelerator: Before you start condemning me, maybe you’d better watch some footage that Titan 3 brought by, in the course of his OWN investigation…

*The video runs, showing a timestamp of 7/31/2009. In the video, we see Tommy Crimson, fresh off of losing his World Title, appearing at the arena. He’s clearly in a pretty bad mood, as evidenced by the fact that he knocks out the cameraman of Cynthia Hall, who was trying to get an interview with him.*

The Accelerator: A lot of hatred was going through Crimson that day. He had lost the World Title to Marcus Ka’Derrion. He had gotten betrayed by Lurrr and kicked out of the Roman Empire. He was looking for a way to release that anger. And you know what? I’ve got witnesses saying that they spotted Crimson in the vicinity after the assault on Wilson.

*The Lost Soul finishes up some notes, then closes his book.*

The Lost Soul: Crimson’s name keeps coming up. Looks like I have my next destination. But if this doesn’t pan out, I will be back for that sample.

*The Lost Soul leaves the room, quickly and quietly, while the Accelerator rubs at the bald spot on his head.*

The Accelerator: If stress like this keeps up, I may not have to worry about donating…

*The Accelerator sighs and goes back to his desk, as we fade back to ringside.*

Logan: Another suspect recorded by The Lost Soul. Man, his list of possible is getting pretty long! Lurrr, Draco, Donovan, Danger, the Accelerator, and now Tommy Crimson!

Jones: Y’know, I wouldn’t put it past Crimson to have lashed out, after the horrible week he had. Could he really have been the man to take out Wilson?

Logan: Hopefully, The Lost Soul will continue to get to the bottom of it, because we all want to know who did it!

*Before Jones can respond, “Automatic” by American Pearl begins to play, causing the fans to immediately begin booing in response. The GCWA Television Champion, Scott Caine, walks out of the back, dressed in his usual wrestling gear, with the TV Title tucked safely around his waist. He walks down the aisle, heading towards the ring, stopping along the way to get himself a mic.*

Jones: What is Scott Caine doing out here? He was given the night off by the Accelerator!

Logan: Apparently he decided to put in an appearance anyway, Jonesy. Let’s see what he has to say.

Scott Caine: I’m out here to correct an error that has been put into place by the President. Last week, he said that I would have the week off. But the rules of the TV Title say that I have to defend this belt every week. So I am out here to defend it.

*This gets a small rise of cheers from the crowd, if only because there’s now a chance that Caine might lose the belt.*

Scott Caine: I even took things the extra step and went out and chose myself a worthy opponent.

*This gets less excitement from the crowd, who are expecting a double-cross. “Hand Of Blood” by Bullet For My Valentine begins to play, with people looking over, expecting a midget to come out. Surprisingly, though, a powerful-looking man walks out instead, looking towards the ring. He starts his approach, stomping all the way.*

Logan: Who on earth is that guy?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before. But he’s huge!

Logan: Caine really chose this guy as his opponent?? What is he thinking?? We might have a new champion for Crazy Chris to face at Heat Wave!

*The large man enters the ring, glaring at Caine, who has already handed the belt off to the side. Referee Thomas Mitchell, surprisingly, is in the ring, apparently having known about this.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Alright, folks, you’re seeing it here, a surprise Television Title match! Can Caine defeat this massive monstrosity and move on to the Pay-Per-View?

Jones: Hey, anyone got this guy’s name?

Logan: Not a clue, Jonesy, but let’s see what he can do in there!

*Caine moves back and forth, making sure to stay out of the big man’s way, as he walks around the ring after the Television Champion. Caine moves into a corner, then leans himself outside the ropes as the opponent approaches, causing referee Mitchell to intercede, telling him to move backwards. The big man obliges, moving back to the center of the ring. With an angry snarl, he waves Caine forward, wanting to fight. Caine stretches on the ropes, then moves around the ring again, stalling as he apparently tries to figure out what move to use first.*

Jones: So far, Caine is smartly staying away from the grasp of this guy. But eventually, contact has to be made.

Logan: Yeah, c’mon, Caine, you started this, so get it going! We want to see some action!

*The big man shakes his head, then tries to block Caine again in the corner, with Caine managing to roll out of the way in time. The powerhouse turns and once again complains, wanting a fight. He threatens Caine, signaling for a lock-up. After a few seconds, Caine seems to pull in some reserve determination, as he decides to come forward. The two men lock up, with Caine getting a headlock on the big man. He seems to wrench away on the head, with the opponent apparently unable to get free. Suddenly, Caine releases the hold, and the big man falls to the man, not moving!! Caine, laughing, turns and drops on top of him, signaling to the startled referee. Mitchell, not knowing what else to do, drops down for the count, as the fans, realizing that they’ve been had, immediately start booing heavily. This doesn’t stop the count, though… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here… is your winner…. Scott Caine…

Logan: Aw, damnit, we’ve been had!

Jones: It was all a set-up!

*Caine gets himself back up, with referee Mitchell bringing over the Television Title for him. The big man is also rising, with Caine giving him a handshake. The crowd is near riot levels now, unhappy with what just went down. Caine, though, doesn’t care. He gets back on the mic.*

Scott Caine: Boys in the back, meet my new insurance policy, Penance!

*The crowd does not give Penance a warm welcome, although he certainly seems to take it as such, giving them a pose of his muscles. Caine, laughing, can’t continue, enjoying himself.*

Logan: So Caine hired himself a bodyguard, I suppose?

Jones: Man, he’s becoming more like Lurrr every week! That’s just creepy!

*Suddenly, “Mental Health” by Zebrahead begins to play, getting the crowd’s attention. Crazy Chris, the TV Title #1 Contender, walks out onto the ramp, mic in hand. He nods to the crowd, who are pleased to see him. Caine, however, is not.*

Logan: Looks like Crazy Chris is going to weigh in on Caine’s antics here tonight!

*Caine and Penance lean on the ropes, glaring at Crazy Chris, who raises up the mic.*

Crazy Chris: Nice to see you bought yourself a friend, champ.

*Caine scowls at Chris, but the audience liked it.*

Crazy Chris: I know you think you can just have that henchman of yours come in if you’re losing to get you disqualified, or maybe just to pull you out of the ring to get you counted out. That’s how you survived my brother, and that’s how you think you’ll survive me.

*Caine, laughing to himself, doesn’t deny it. He’s too busy remembering the expression on Dangerous Dan’s face when he walked away, keeping the belt.*

Crazy Chris: Sorry, Caine, that’s not going to work this time. I talked to the Accelerator, and he agreed with me. Next week at Heat Wave, when we face… the title will change hands on a disqualification or a countout!

*The crowd roars, excited at the announcement. Caine, in disbelief, shakes his head rapidly, trying to deny what he just heard. Penance is still glowering at Chris, saying nothing.*

Crazy Chris: The winner gets the prize, Caine. You aren’t going to beat my brother’s records. I guarantee it!

*Crazy Chris drops the mic, smiling from behind the mask. Caine argues with referee Mitchell, as if Mitchell had any power in the matter.*

Jones: Caine’s been backed into a corner! He has to get the victory at Heat Wave to retain the title!!

Logan: His cheating ways just took a whole new turn, and that match just got a lot more interesting!

*With Penance trying to calm him down, Caine leans over the ropes, yelling something at Crazy Chris about how he can’t do that. Chris, meanwhile, leaves the arena, heading through the curtains. We fade out on Caine’s furious face, heading to another commercial break.*

*We cut to the backstage area, where Marcus Ka’Derrion has settled into his locker room. He pulls off his shirt, showing the massive amount of bandages now wrapped around his ribs. As he works to secure the bandages better, there’s a knock at the door. Ka’Derrion starts to move towards it, but it opens before he can, letting in Dynamic Dynamite!! Ka’Derrion steps back, wary, as the former GCWA wrestler moves towards him.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What do you want, Dynamite?

Dynamic Dynamite: Don’t get your gears twisted, Marcus. I’m just here to talk.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: So say your piece, then leave me be.

Dynamic Dynamite: Delighted to. I heard what you had to say about Lurrr last week, before he beat you up. So you really think Lurrr’s unstoppable, huh?

*Ka’Derrion turns away, saying nothing. He finishes readjusting the tape around his middle, making sure that it’s staying in place.*

Dynamic Dynamite: You know what I think, Marcus? I think you need to take a lesson from your dad.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Oh, great. Another “Punisher” talk from someone who fought him. I’ve heard it all before.

Dynamic Dynamite: Yes, but did you listen? I did fight your dad, and I hated him. But you know what he would be doing right now? He’d say, *bleep* the ribs. *Bleep* how much better Lurrr is. *Bleep* Rick Mathis. This is about the World Title, not some pantywaist belt!

*Ka’Derrion stares at Dynamite, trying to figure out his angle while he listens to the veteran speak.*

Dynamic Dynamite: Your dad would go out there tonight, not even wait for the PPV. He would go out there after Lurrr’s match in the main event and even the score! So, Marcus, are you your father’s child, or not?

*Ka’Derrion looks at himself in the locker room mirror. He locks eyes with himself, then turns back to Dynamite.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Lurrr’s going down. Tonight.

Dynamic Dynamite: That’s what I want to hear! You da man!

*Dynamite turns away from Ka’Derrion, an evil smirk covering his face for just a second as he goes back out the door. We fade away, back to ringside.*

Logan: Ka’Derrion’s going to call out Lurrr tonight??

Jones: But, his ribs! He needs tonight off to recuperate!!

Logan: Dynamic Dynamite always did have a slick tongue. He talked Ka’Derrion into this, assuming that Marcus wasn’t already here for some revenge. I mean, why else would he be in the arena?

Jones: I guess we have something to look forward to later tonight!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Now entering the arena, he is a former GCWA Television Champion, now looking to get himself back into the mix, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The crowd is cheering as “Sandstorm” by Darude hits the speakers. Santana has already made his appearance, walking out on the ramp and giving the crowd an honorary bow, before walking towards the ring. He stops to chat with a fan wearing a “Sensei” headband, as we cut back to the announcers.*

Jones: In a very strange turn of events, Santana found himself under arrest this past week.

Logan: Yeah, that whole thing was BS. I mean, the guy had a gun and was pointing it towards the Presidential vehicle!! Of course Santana stepped in to stop it!

Jones: Well, remember, Anthony, the 2nd Amendment…

Logan: Yeah, yeah, whatever. The guy was a menace, and Santana put him down. I’m glad the courts agreed with me, since Santana’s here tonight, instead of in a cell somewhere.

Minos: His opponent has held many titles in the GCWA, none more impressive than his run as the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… standing 6’0” and weighing 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, he is a member of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, D &D, here is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*The fans aren’t as responsive towards Donovan as they were towards Santana, possibly remembering the earlier events involving Donovan, Danger, and The Big Bifford. “God In Extension” by Jack Daw plays, bringing out the GCWA all-star, coming towards the ring on his own. The GCWA World Tag-Team Title sits around Donovan’s waist, shining in the bright lights of the arena.*

Logan: Donovan’s definitely taken on a major challenge, as he’ll be facing The Big Bifford at Heat Wave!

Jones: That match is guaranteed to be an incredible clashing of styles. But tonight, Donovan’s got a different test, as he goes against a man that has started to become the king of upsets in the GCWA.

Logan: Yeah, you can’t take Santana lightly. He’s got wins over Tommy Crimson, Dangerous Dan, and Scott Caine, all of whom were surprising defeats. Can Donovan do enough to keep himself off the Santana Upset List?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Donovan and Santana meet in the center of the ring, locking up in a quick test of strength. Donovan seems to win out, spinning behind Santana with an armbar. Santana struggles, reaching behind him, then manages to twist out of it, getting behind Donovan instead, who pushes himself away. Donovan turns back around and rushes at Santana, trying for a clothesline, but Santana drops his shoulder, sending Donovan over the ropes to the outside! But Donovan twists and lands on the apron, unscathed. As Santana turns around to look, Donovan reaches over the ropes, grabbing Santana by the head and dropping! Santana gets clotheslined on the ropes, falling back into the ring. Donovan, moving quickly, jumps back onto the apron, then uses the ropes, slingshooting himself up and over! He goes for a legdrop, but at the last second, Santana kips himself up out of range, causing Donovan to hit the ground instead of the wrestler! Donovan shudders from the impact, and it doesn’t get any better, as Santana snaps off a quick kick to his chest! Donovan falls over, with Santana trying the first pin… 1… and Donovan kicks out.*

Logan: These two are both pretty quick. I’d probably give the speed advantage to Donovan, but just barely.

Jones: Santana’s got more of an edge in the combat range. He still has the sharpest chops in the business, in my opinion!

Logan: And it looks like Donovan’s about to get a first-hand look at them!

*Santana has Donovan up now, taking him into the corner. He slams Donovan’s head into the top turnbuckle, then spins him around to face him. Santana then cuts his hand across Donovan’s chest several times, the slaps echoing in the arena! Donovan tries to get out of the corner, but Santana keeps up the abuse, chopping away. Donovan’s chest is now a mass of red from the hits, leaving him hurting. Santana follows it up by pulling Donovan out of the corner and suplexing him, before trying another cover, with referee Rockwell in place to make the count… 1… 2… but the co-Tag-Team champion won’t go down that easy. Santana, sizing things up, decides on a different approach, applying a legscissors submission hold across Donovan’s throat! Donovan struggles to get free, refusing to submit, as the fans really start to get into the match.*

Jones: It definitely appears that Santana came here to fight!

Logan: I think most people would have bet money that Donovan was the odds-on favorite in this one, but that’s doing a disservice to Santana, who always seems willing to put up a good battle, even against tremendous odds!

Jones: He beat a World Champion, Anthony. That should be enough to justify him in anyone’s mind!

*Donovan continues to fight the hold, prying at Santana’s legs. He slaps at the leg, almost looking like he’s giving up. But instead, he’s telling Rockwell something, because Rockwell suddenly calls for the break, ordering Santana to release. Santana does so, but wants to know why, with Rockwell pointing at his leg, or more appropriately, the metal brace on his leg. While it’s there to help his leg injury, it’s also not to be used as a weapon. Santana argues with Rockwell, saying that he wasn’t using it. However, during the distraction, Donovan recovers, pulling himself up. Santana turns towards him, but Donovan’s already moving, coming in and grabbing Santana, kneeing him in the stomach! Santana bends over, allowing Donovan to set him in place and lift, landing the Breakdown!!! Santana’s flat on his back, as Donovan regains his composure. After a few seconds, Donovan rolls over for the cover, with Rockwell making the count… 1… 2… no, Santana kicks free!*

Logan: Wow, that was a close one! I thought this match was over right there!

Jones: Donovan landed that move perfectly, using the distraction to his advantage. But he just took a few seconds too long to make the pin.

Logan: Still, Donovan’s fully in the driver’s seat now!

*With Santana crawling away, trying to get to the ropes, Donovan follows, destruction on his mind. He waits for Santana to reach the right height, then grabs his head from behind and bringing his legs up, locking on the Clincher!!! He struggles to drop Santana backwards, where it would just be a matter of time before Santana would be forced to give up. However, Santana’s hanging onto the ropes, clinging, keeping himself from falling! With the ropes in play, Rockwell intercedes, calling for the break. Donovan struggles for a second more, but he can’t loosen Santana, forcing him to release his grip. Santana slumps forward onto the ropes, still hanging onto them for dear life, as if he knows how close he just came to losing. Donovan realizes it, too. He kicks Santana in the back twice, keeping him on the ropes, then runs, bouncing off one side and coming back with a jump, landing his leg across Santana’s neck, doing more damage.*

Logan: Santana’s lucky that Donovan wasn’t able to bring him down with the Clincher!

Jones: Yeah. At least, though, it wasn’t a submission hold on that injured leg of his. I’m surprised Donovan hasn’t concentrated more on that.

Logan: Either Donovan’s being a nice guy, which I’m skeptical about, or he just would rather beat Santana another way.

Jones: There’s a third possibility, Anthony. Maybe Shane is practicing on how to beat a larger opponent like The Big Bifford!

Logan: True, that Clincher is Donovan’s best option, in my opinion, for taking down a 400 pounder.

*Donovan is back on his feet, after trying another pinfall on Santana without success. Donovan reaches down, pulling on the Sensei’s arm, raising him up. He turns and looks out over the crowd for a second, then pulls Santana into position, preparing for the Vertebreaker!! Before he can land it, though, Santana fights, breaking free of Donovan’s grip! Donovan, surprised, turns, but he can’t block in time as Santana snaps off a Pele kick, sending Donovan flying backwards into the corner!! With Donovan stunned, Santana pulls himself up, coming after him. He grabs Donovan and lifts him onto the corner, then goes up himself. Donovan, recovering, tries to fight back, but a shot to his throat quickly stops him in his tracks! Santana then grabs his opponent’s head and comes off the ‘buckle, leaping with a bulldog to the mat below!!! Santana twists a hurting Donovan over and makes the cover… 1… 2… Donovan manages to escape at the last second!*

Jones: Santana’s pulling out all the stops in this one, trying everything in order to put Shane Donovan away!

Logan: Saving a president plus beating a former World Champion would make this a very successful week for this young man!

*Santana brings Donovan back up, sending him towards the ropes. Santana then tries a high kick, but Donovan ducks under it, running to the other side of the ring. He rebounds and comes back, trying for a flying forearm, but Santana spins out of the way, barely avoiding him. Donovan hits the mat, but gets right back up, although he’s a little wobbly. Donovan turns and comes back again, meeting up with Santana and blocking his punch. Donovan then punches Santana, knocking him back towards the corner. With Santana stunned, Donovan climbs up on the ‘buckles around him, preparing for the Falling Star! He can’t brace in time, though, as Santana responds, clocking Donovan a couple of times and causing him to fall backwards, doing a roll across the ring! Donovan lands on his hands and knees, trying to recover. He starts to get up, but Santana’s already charging, going for the Sensei-Tion!!! Donovan dodges to the side, avoiding it, and then grabs Santana from behind, rolling him up!! No, Santana keeps the roll going, and now Donovan’s shoulders are on the mat!! Rockwell makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Logan: I don’t believe it! The Sensei did it again!

Jones: Santana gets another impressive win to add to his resume, and it came out of nowhere!

Logan: Donovan can’t believe it, but it was a clean count, from what I could see!

*Donovan’s already arguing with Rockwell, while Santana rolls out of the ring, with a happy smile on his face. He shakes out his leg, making sure it’s still doing ok. Donovan looks after him, unhappy with the way things ended up. Santana gives some high fives, quickly departing the arena. We cut away to a backstage shot, showing The Big Bifford and Martin Ka’Berryon watching the match on television. The Big Bifford seems pretty happy with the result, even as he continues to eat some seafood out of the huge bowl he’s got placed in front of him. Nearby, Ludwig the Seal is contentedly munching away on Bifford’s cereal offering of cocoa puffs. Ka’Berryon is drinking some grape juice, apparently not realizing how twisted that looks. The picture fades out to commercial.*

*We fade into a shot of a black screen...plain, white letters appear stating "The Lamar Loper Investigation, Part 3"...it fades...we are taken to a shot of Lamar Loper being released from a local Amsterdam prison...he is handed a plastic, ziplock bag filled with his personal items from a jailor...as he slowly removes them from the bag, the jailor speaks.*

Jailor: Well, as it turns out, you can't be imprisoned for being a moron.

Lamar Loper: I guess the Shane Donovan law hasn't been enacted yet?

Jailor: Who?

Lamar Loper: Exactly.

*The Jailor gives Lamar a sorting look, Lamar places his timex, digital watch on his wrist, presses a couple of dials and smiles, approvingly.*

Jailor: Business kind of slow?

Lamar Loper: Hell no, Timex is the bomb.

Jailor: Sure.

*Loper has all his persona effects and is about to walk out, as the Jailor picks up his local newspaper to pass the time...Loper is half way turned around, about to head out when he sees a file on the desk labeled "Warrick"...Loper's eyebrow raises...he then asks a question.*

Lamar Loper: Warrick?

Jailor: Who?

Lamar Loper: A Warrick Hill, you guys took him into custody, is he still here?

*The Jailor spots the folder Loper is eyeing.*

Jailor: Him? Nah, he was arrested for the same stupidity you were...we had to release him, just like we released you.

Lamar Loper: Who picked him up?

Jailor: I dunno, some guy named Darrell...

Lamar Loper: Derek?

Jailor: Maybe.

*Loper thinks for a second, trying to conjur up a good excuse to get more information.*

Lamar Loper: Well, I'm with the United States Embassy and I need to find these two gentlemen to deliver them back to the states.

Jailor: Really?

Lamar Loper: I'm Lamar Loper, would I lie?

*The Jailor eyes Loper.*

Jailor: I have no clue, but the Warrick guy did sleep with my wife and, in effect, broke up our marriage...it was a dead marriage anyways, the sex had dulled down to a slow crawl, her biological clock...

Lamar Loper: Not interested in your life story, hoss.

Jailor: That's something that Warrick guy would say!

Lamar Loper: Channeling the Hill...my bad.

Jailor: Okay, we are breaking character way too much here, back on topic...

Lamar Loper: Good call...soooooo how about that residential information?

Jailor: I hate Warrick...here it is.

Lamar Loper: Thanks!

*The Jailor scribbles down the local residence for Derek and Warrick on a napkin with a Sharpie and hands it to Loper.*

Lamar Loper: Man, I feel like I just picked you up at some sleeze bag bar and jotted down your number in a drunken hurry.

*The Jailor blushes.*

Jailor: Smooth talker…

*Loper turns around and scurries off...he's out of the station with the napkin in hand...he looks at the address, then eyes the camera.*

Lamar Loper: Derek, Warrick...the bell tolls for thee...

*We fade out and head back to ringside.*

Jones: That guy Loper has found out where Derek and Warrick are living in Amsterdam! You think he’s going to bring them back?

Logan: Do we really want them to come back, Jonesy? Remember, the last time we saw them, Derek was going after Marcus Ka’Derrion and they were both part of the hated Roman Empire!

Jones: True, but that doesn’t mean that their minds haven’t changed over there in Amsterdam!

Logan: Yeah… there’s a lot of stuff in Amsterdam that can affect the mind…

Jones: We’ve got one more scheduled match tonight, so let’s get to it!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he made his debut last week and is looking to improve upon it here tonight, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 215 lbs, from Des Moines, Iowa, here is Cisco Sheppard!

*Sheppard comes out to “Pokerface” by Lady Gaga, doing a quick ‘spanking’ impersonation on the rampway, earning some laughs from the crowd. He then walks quickly down towards the ring, seemingly confident despite who his opponent is tonight.*

Logan: Cisco Sheppard is a strange, strange individual. Last week, it didn’t pay off for him against Dangerous Dan. This week, he’s facing the #1 Contender for the GCWA World Title!

Jones: You have to wonder who this guy pissed off in the back!

Logan: He’s certainly got his work cut out for him. We’ll have to see if he can step up to the plate or not.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he has been a force in the GCWA for its entire 2008 run, and until recently was the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, joined by his ally in the Roman Empire, Rick Mathis, he stands 6’5” and weighs 235 lbs, here is the #1 Contender to the GCWA Heavyweight Championship of the World, Lurrr!

*The verdict is unanimous. The crowd hates Lurrr with a fiery passion. He comes out to “Cocky” by Kid Rock, still laughing at Mathis, who is trying to live down what happened this past week. The two men make their way towards the ring, with Lurrr barely even acknowledging the man waiting for him between the ropes.*

Jones: Rick Mathis found himself severely beaten this week in a “Man vs. Food” challenge. You would think a man like him would have the room to down an 11-lb hamburger.

Logan: You’re kidding, right, Jonesy? These guys are athletes. They’re not built like that Adam Richmond guy.

Jones: The dude can sure pack in a lot of food for a guy his size. And did you see the episode where he ate that inferno curry?

Logan: Adam Richmond. My hero.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: This is Lurrr’s last match before he goes for the World Heavyweight Title. Is he ready for this one, or is he already looking ahead to Ka’Derrion?

Jones: The temptation to overlook Cisco Sheppard has to be there, although I think, even with Lurrr not fully focused tonight, the odds are against the newcomer. But miracles have happened before!

*Lurrr slowly comes into the ring, although it’s more due to him finishing his conversation with Rick Mathis than for any other reason. Cisco Sheppard waits for him in the center of the ring, with referee Mark Bell in charge of this one. Lurrr laughs, finishing a joke, then walks towards Cisco, taking him in for the first time. Lurrr doesn’t look impressed. Cisco, though, waits patiently for him, then raises his right hand, offering a handshake! Lurrr, shaking his head with an amused grin on his face, gets closer, considering the hand. Cisco sticks it out further, still smiling. But as Lurrr steps towards his hand, either to shake it or to grab it, Cisco suddenly yanks it back, away from the man, and starts doing a strut away from him, laughing!*

Logan: What the heck? I thought, for a second, that the rookie was trying to get on Lurrr’s good side, if he has one. But now he’s openly mocking the #1 Contender!

Jones: Someone call Dr. Kevorkian, because this guy’s just begging to be taken out!

*Lurrr has a dark look on his face now, for the first time looking like he’s getting serious. Cisco doesn’t seem to notice, though, as he does a quick shimmy towards the female fans in the audience. Chuckling to himself, he turns back towards Lurrr and walks forward, both hands in the air as if to say he didn’t mean anything by it. He extends the hand again, but then immediately raises it back up, turning and laughing like he put something over on Lurrr, who didn’t move. Wiping a tear from his eye, Cisco turns back around… and Lurrr lashes out, smashing him with the Wake Up Call!!!! Sheppard crashes to his back, all the good humor knocked out of him in one single stroke!*

Logan: Cisco Sheppard just got knocked the hell out!

Jones: He should have known better than to test Lurrr’s patience! The veteran is on too much of a roll to joke around with!

*Sheppard’s still down, not moving, but Lurrr decides that the insult deserves a little more injury added in. He heads for the turnbuckle and goes up, taking himself into high-risk territory. Mathis seems to be fully behind it, although he’s also ready to head to the back for another beer. Lurrr easily balances himself and leaps high into the air, skying downwards with the Last Call!! Cisco doesn’t even begin to move out of the way, as he takes the impact full to his chest!! Lurrr doesn’t waste much time in pulling himself over for the cover, impatiently waving to head referee Mark Bell to finish this one up for him. Bell, reluctantly, does so, making his count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Lurrr!

Logan: A match of the titans it wasn’t!

Jones: No, clearly Cisco Sheppard had no chance in this one, although he still might have fared better if he had taken things seriously. Instead, Lurrr gets himself another victory on his way to Heat Wave!

Logan: Both the Wake Up Call and the Last Call are lethal maneuvers. Hopefully, Ka’Derrion just took a few more notes, because he just got a free showing of both moves.

*Lurrr kicks at Sheppard, making sure to roll him out of the ring, as he’s expecting visitors. Mathis comes up to join him, stretching his arms to prepare for a fight. Referee Bell, taking the hint, gets out as well. Meanwhile, we cut to the back, where we see the locker room door of Marcus Ka’Derrion. The door opens, with the champion coming out. A television can be seen behind him, with Lurrr’s face stuck on it, placed on pause. Ka’Derrion starts down the aisleway, even as a woman comes up alongside him.*

Cynthia Hall: Marcus, hold on, Cynthia Hall here, I wanted to get a few words with you…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Not now…

Cynthia Hall: C’mon, Marcus, this isn’t a good idea! Stop and listen to reason!

*Cynthia looks a little desperate, but she can’t stop Marcus, who moves on ahead, making his way towards the entry area. Cynthia sighs, stopping, knowing that she can’t stop Marcus from what he feels he has to do. The picture slowly fades out.*

*As we return, we’re (you guessed it) in the backstage area. Actually, we’re in front of the Organized Chaos locker room. The Lost Soul walks up, appearing in the shot as he knocks on the door. He waits a second, then knocks again, and again, until finally, the door opens, showing the face of Tommy Crimson. Crimson looks TLS up and down with contempt.*

Tommy Crimson: It’s Shercluck Homie. What a surprise.

The Lost Soul: Tommy Crimson, I’m here to tell you that you are now a prime suspect in the assault case of Steve Wilson.

Tommy Crimson: I could give a flying *bleep* about that Wilson guy. He’s nothing in my eyes.

The Lost Soul: Was it a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Is that why you assaulted him?

Tommy Crimson: *Bleep* you! I don’t need this *bleep*!

*Crimson goes to shut the door, but The Lost Soul lashes out, kicking it open. Crimson staggers back, even as The Lost Soul comes in, grabbing him by the head to get some hair samples! However, Crimson’s not alone, as both Jobe Severity and Super Creep intervene, grabbing TLS and throwing him backwards! The three men come together, glaring at The Lost Soul, who dusts himself off like nothing exciting happened.*

The Lost Soul: Will you submit yourself to a lie detector test?

Tommy Crimson: Hell no! I’m not going to let you trump this up against me! Get the hell out of our locker room, or else we’re going to *bleep* you up!

The Lost Soul: We will have to settle this on Sunday, then. I will get what I want from you, Crimson, even if that means putting my X Division Title on the line.

*The Lost Soul turns and leaves, unruffled, while Crimson talks with his allies about what just happened. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: We’re adding a Crimson/TLS match, now?? The PPV is exploding, man!

Jones: What do you expect from a card we tout as the biggest of the year, Anthony?

Logan: True, true. Of course, a PPV is only as big as its main event, and we’ve got a huge one planned. But it all depends on if Marcus Ka’Derrion survives the next few minutes!

*Lurrr and Rick Mathis are still in the ring, waiting. As they talk, “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play, signaling the entrance of Marcus Ka’Derrion! The World Champion comes out on the stage, moving slowly but still moving. He glares towards the ring, sizing them up. Mathis, meanwhile, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a twenty dollar bill. He hands it over to Lurrr, shaking his head, apparently having lost a wager.*

Jones: So Ka’Derrion is actually going to go after these guys? Alone?

Logan: He’s not thinking straight! Ace needs to get off his butt and get security down here to prevent this, or else our main event might be history!

*Ka’Derrion slowly approaches the ring, looking towards Mathis. He says something that can’t be picked up by the cameras, with Mathis answering by bending over and waving him on, not listening. Lurrr, meanwhile, has gone off to the side, getting himself tossed a mic.*

Lurrr: What’s the matter, Marcus? Too scared to come in with both of us here? I’ll make it easy on you. Mathis, go to the corner and wait. This’ll just be between Marcus and I.

*Marcus watches as Mathis, sighing theatrically, goes into the corner as instructred. Lurrr raises his arms, as if wondering if that’s good enough.*

Logan: Don’t do it, Marcus! It’s a sucker play!

Jones: I still don’t know why he’s even out here!

*Apparently deciding that this is the best opportunity he’s going to get, Marcus reaches up, grabbing the ropes. He pulls himself up on the apron, with Lurrr, waiting impatiently, looking on from the other side.*

Lurrr: C’mon, cripple, hurry up. The faster we do this, the faster I get backstage for some brew!

*Ka’Derrion angrily steps through the ropes, moving towards Lurrr, who comes to meet him. The two start exchanging punches, with the crowd roaring over the contact!*

Jones: We aren’t going to wait until Heat Wave! It’s time to fight!

Logan: Oh, damnit, Mathis is already moving… I don’t know if I can watch this…

*Ka’Derrion manages to take the advantage, landing a couple of shots that send Lurrr stumbling backwards. However, Mathis is now there, hitting Ka’Derrion from behind! He scores a couple of good shots to Ka’Derrion’s back, then turns him around, preparing to lift him up for another bear hug. But Marcus reacts, freeing his hands and slapping them behind Mathis’ head, boxing his ears!! The taller man moves away, stunned, even as Lurrr comes back in, clocking Marcus from behind! The crowd is booing heavily as Lurrr knocks Marcus into the corner, working him over!*

Jones: The World Champion is in real trouble now!

Logan: Damnit, Marcus, what were you thinking??

*With Mathis moving into the opposite corner, Lurrr directs him to get ready. Lurrr then grabs Ka’Derrion’s arm, yanking him out of the corner and sending him running towards the Roman Empire member! Mathis, smiling, takes a couple of steps himself, charging into Ka’Derrion with a lowered shoulder, spearing his ribs!!!! Ka’Derrion falls to his back, stunned, with Mathis laying partially over top of him! Lurrr turns to the crowd, mocking them, as he enjoys the moment.*

Jones: Man, what a hit! I think it even took out Mathis!

Logan: What? Hey, yeah, Mathis isn’t getting up, is he?

*Lurrr turns back, preparing to congratulate Mathis, only now realizing that his ally is still down. Lurrr moves over to him, pulling on the big man, who isn’t getting up. Meanwhile, Ka’Derrion has moved to the corner, pulling at the bandages on his chest. He manages to break a few of the straps, with something coming off in his hands. Lurrr, his back turned, doesn’t see it, as he’s still checking on Mathis.*

Logan: What is that? Did Ka’Derrion have something strapped to his chest??

Jones: I think he did, Anthony, and I think Mathis ran straight into it!

*Lurrr, confused, turns towards Ka’Derrion, who, to his eyes, still looks like he’s leaning over in pain. The Roman Empire leader comes over to him, intent on doing more damage. But Ka’Derrion turns around and swings, hitting Lurrr in the head with the metal plate he had strapped to his front!!! Lurrr falls to the ground, immediately out cold, as Ka’Derrion stands over him, looking down! The place is going wild at this unexpected development.*

Jones: My god, Ka’Derrion had this all planned!! He knew what Lurrr would want to do if Marcus called him out, and he set him up!!

Logan: The veteran just got shellshocked by the champion!

Jones: Talk about finding a way to even the odds! We’re out of time, so we’ll see you at Heat Wave!! Good night, everybody!

*Lurrr’s face is turned towards the camera as he starts to wake up, a bloody streak coming down his forehead. Mathis is still not moving, having taken a more severe collision. Marcus, though, is already out of the ring, raising up the World Heavyweight Title before departing, having done what he wanted to do: send a message to Lurrr that to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man. The picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Admittedly, this was one of our roughest cards ever. It seemed like everyone had issues, including myself (damn virus). But we've gotten through it, the streak is still alive, and we're heading towards a huge Pay-Per-View event that promises surprises and excitement!

Here's the card:

- Arachne vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana vs. Cisco Sheppard vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn, Fatal Fourway Match

- The Big Bifford vs. "The Man Made Monster" Shane Donovan

- Scott Caine(c) vs. Crazy Chris, GCWA Television Title Match (Belt changes hands on DQ or Countout)

- Draco vs. Harvey Danger vs. Dangerous Dan, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match (Dynamic Dynamite special referee)

- The Lost Soul(c) vs. Tommy Crimson, GCWA X Division Title Match (Xtreme Rules)

- Marcus Ka'Derrion(c) vs. Lurrr, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Match (3 Stages Of Hell)

Roleplaying will be from Friday, August 21st, to Thursday, August 27th, giving you 7 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!