*The picture comes up after the end of the last show, taking us into the Presidential office. The Accelerator is there, earning some cheers from the live crowd as he leans on the desk in front of him, propping his head on his hands. He is studying the two men sitting in front of him, neither of whom look very happy. One is the Intercontinental Champion, Lurrr. The other is his opponent for the night, Jobe Severity. Neither gets a huge ovation from the crowd, unless you count the negativity. The Accelerator sits up, ready to speak.*

The Accelerator: I’m actually happy that neither of you agree to this. It shows that it is the right move. So I’m making it official. For the main event tonight, neither Organized Chaos nor Roman Empire members can be at ringside. Any interference will bring on drastic consequences for you. Trust me. You don’t want to see that. Now get out of my office.

*Both men stand, with Lurrr angrily looking over at Severity, who simply nods, then leaves. Ace and Lurrr look at each other for a moment more, before Lurrr departs as well. Outside the Presidential office, Rick Mathis is waiting for his guy. He looks at Lurrr with an upturned eyebrow.*

Lurrr: Don’t worry about it. I can beat old-man Severity in my sleep. Concentrate on the plan, and we’ll have Marcus Ka’Derrion right where we want him.

*Lurrr & Mathis walk down the hall, with Lurrr laughing to himself, back in a good mood. The picture slowly fades out. After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd’s cheering, the merchandise is flying off the shelves, and the place is electric! Signs range from “Baby Lurrr FTW!” to “I Put Out Steve Wilson!” We head in close, to the announce booth.*

Jones: Good evening, folks, and welcome to Friday Night Inferno! We’ve got an incredible show lined up for you guys tonight, including two incredible title matches! In our main event, the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr, will put his Intercontinental Title on the line against the returning founder of Organized Chaos, Jobe Severity!

Logan: Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see which man inspires more hatred from the crowd.

Jones: Definitely. Of course, competing with them for negativity will be Scott Caine, the Television Title holder, who will be defending against a former champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Logan: I’m looking forward to that one. I think Santana might be able to finally end Caine’s run at the top.

Jones: He might, but Caine’s proven willing to do anything to make sure he keeps the belt, so Santana’s got a lot of work out ahead of him.

Logan: We’ll see. I’m pulling for the kid to become a 2-time champion!

Jones: Those two matches, plus three other great bouts, make this a night you can’t miss! So get your favorite drink, settle back in your couch, and stay tuned for two tremendous hours of wrestling excitement!

Logan: Hey, they should have already gotten their damn drinks! It’s time to begin the action, man!

Jones: How right you are, Anthony. Minos? Take us to our first match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. It will be a Non-Title Match. Now entering the arena, he made his debut last week in the GCWA, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*A small “Arachne” chant heads around the crowd, even as Arachne walks out onto the stage to “Wana” by the Black Horn. He stares at the audience with wide, scary eyes, showing off his green tongue, before heading down the aisle.*

Jones: Here we go again…

Logan: I admit it, he’s a weird dude. But there’s just something so damn entertaining about him, too!

Jones: Well, last week, he came up short against the Big Bifford. This week, he’s facing another tough test. Will he fare any better?

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is a long-time veteran of the sport, who has done it all… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, The Lost Soul!

*The Lost Soul walks out through the curtains, looking around at the cheering fans. Several in the audience have painted themselves up to look like TLS, as usual. With the Friday the 13th theme playing behind him, The Lost Soul approaches the ring, taking off the X Division Title from around his waist.*

Jones: The Lost Soul has been seen all over the arena tonight, apparently searching for any new clues in the Steve Wilson assault case.

Logan: Yeah, he even came to talk to me earlier. Thankfully, I was out here with you, so I had a pretty good alibi.

Jones: Didn’t you run to the restroom during the commercial break?

Logan: … Well, yeah… but the assault took place during a match, didn’t it?

Jones: Ahhh, right. Ok, you’re in the clear, and I stayed out here, so I am, too. That just leaves the rest of the locker room!

Logan: Yep. The Lost Soul has his work cut out for him in figuring this one out.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: It’s time for the Battle of the Face Paint!

Logan: Not only that, but it’s a battle of black vs. white!

Jones: Oh no! Racism rears its ugly head in the GCWA!

*Arachne comes out of the corner, turning his head to the side and glaring at The Lost Soul, who doesn’t seem fazed. TLS tugs on the ropes, stretching, and then comes forward, as Arachne paces along the ropes. All of the sudden, Arachne lets out a blood-curdling yell and runs forward, charging at The Lost Soul! Rather than panic, though, The Lost Soul repositions quickly, grabbing Arachne as he leaps and throwing him overhead with a back body drop! Arachne falls hard to the ground, but immediately starts to get back up. The Lost Soul comes turns him, though, clotheslining Arachne back down. The man won’t stay down, though, as he starts up again, so TLS adds in a second clothesline. But Arachne rises once more, albeit slower, so The Lost Soul changes his game-plan, instead coming in and locking up the smaller wrestler, lifting him up and landing a backbreaker! That one keeps Arachne down a little longer.*

Logan: Clearly, The Lost Soul is not nearly as spooked by Arachne as The Big Bifford was.

Jones: It would take a lot to get into the head of someone like TLS, Anthony. After all, The Lost Soul isn’t exactly a poster child for normality, is he?

Logan: Nope, but against someone like Arachne, he’s looking remarkably sane.

*The Lost Soul is back up, watching as Arachne again finds a way to get back to his feet, showing that the man can take some abuse. The Lost Soul is more than willing to dish out more, though. He comes in and picks Arachne up onto his shoulders, then flips him over, giving him an F-5! Arachne’s down again, and this time he doesn’t get up in time to prevent TLS from going for the pinfall. Trixie’s right there… 1… 2… and Arachne kicks out. The Lost Soul pushes off the mat, then steps around Arachne, applying a submission hold by placing his knee into Arachne’s back, while holding onto his arms to pull him in. Trixie leans in, as if to check for a submission, but she decides better of it, remembering what happened to referee Mitchell last week. Arachne’s clearly not going to submit, anyway, as he’s got a furious look on his face.*

Logan: The X Division Champion is starting to wear down this guy, but I still gotta say, he can take a ton of abuse!

Jones: Definitely. Now if Arachne can just get his head wrapped around strategies and all, maybe he can become a force here in the GCWA!

Logan: Well, he hasn’t learned that lesson yet, at least for this match. The Lost Soul is not going to let control get away from him, not that he has it.

*With no sign of a coherent submission in sight, The Lost Soul releases his hold, letting Arachne drop back to the mat. The Lost Soul seems to consider his options, even as the wild Arachne reaches for the ropes, trying to get himself back up. TLS comes in, grabbing hold of Arachne from behind, who swings back, going for an elbow. The Lost Soul blocks it, but then Arachne turns completely, looking to spit out the green mist!! But TLS swings as he does so, hitting Arachne right in the mouth!! Arachne drops to the ground, choking, even as The Lost Soul wipes off his partially-green hand on his wrestling gear. He reaches down, pulling Arachne up and dropping him with a reverse DDT, before then heading for the ‘buckle. He climbs up, wasting no time to get to the top. With the audience cheering, The Lost Soul raises his arms, then leaps, landing the Souled Out onto Arachne!!! It’s all over but the count, as Trixie drops into position… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, the GCWA X Division Champion, The Lost Soul!

Jones: Complete domination from TLS, including having scouted out Arachne’s main weapon, the green mist!

Logan: Yep, he was waiting for that opportunity. This was not a great match for Arachne, giving him his second loss in the GCWA.

Jones: If he wants to be a star here, he’s going to need to step up his game. That, or get some therapy.

*The Lost Soul gets his hand raised by Trixie, but he’s already thinking about something else, as he rolls out of the ring. He doesn’t give a second glance after grabbing the title from the timekeeper, heading up the aisle and leaving Arachne behind. We cut away from this, heading to the back, where the camera settles on Dangerous Dan! The crowd gives a cheer, although Dan doesn’t look to be in the best of humor. He is wrapping up his wrists, preparing for his upcoming match. He appears to have a lot on his mind. All of the sudden, there’s a knock at the door.*

Dangerous Dan: Who is it? Come on in.

*The door swings open, with Dan making sure that it’s not anything bad. He stands up quickly, though, when he realizes that it’s the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator! Ace walks in, readjusting the suit he’s wearing, as he looks at the young wrestler.*

The Accelerator: Hey there, Dan.

Dangerous Dan: Hello, sir. I didn’t expect to see you tonight.

The Accelerator: Yeah, well, I know you’ve got a match coming up, but I had something I wanted to talk to you about.

Dangerous Dan: Ok.

*The Accelerator grabs a chair from the side and pulls it over, taking a seat. Dangerous Dan, following his cue, takes a seat as well, wondering what this is about.*

The Accelerator: Last week, I know you feel like you had a major setback in what happened with Jobe Severity.

Dangerous Dan: I really wanted that win, but I blew it, Ace. I got too overconfident and let the opportunity slip by. I know I disappointed everyone, and I understand why I’m fighting a new guy this week.

The Accelerator: You know, Dan, you’re wrong on many different levels.

*Dan looks up, surprised, as the Accelerator shakes his head.*

The Accelerator: Let me tell you a quick story, man. Back many years ago, there was this young, nobody wrestler who was trying to make a career for himself, yet kept hitting a wall, again and again and again. It was embarrassing. People even called for him to walk away, friends told him to consider other job opportunities, enemies laughed at him. It was pretty bad. But you know what? That guy didn’t give up… and, well, look at me today, y’know?

Dangerous Dan: You were like that?

The Accelerator: Trust me, it’s not really fond memories, but everyone has to get their start and work their way up. You had a set-back, ok. But everyone has those. You wouldn’t believe some of the people I lost to back in the day!

Dangerous Dan: I’m not going to give up, Ace. I am going to keep working for what I want.

The Accelerator: That’s the spirit, man! Oh, by the way, I have one more thing I need to talk to you about. It has to do with… hey, cameraman, give us some space, will you? This is business…

*The cameraman nods, knowing better than to argue with the boss. He turns and leaves, as we fade out to commercial.*

*We come back from commercials to the backstage area, where the floor of the hallway can be seen. It is shiny from a recent mopping. The camera moves to the side, showing a mop finishing up the last section of floor. The camera pans up the mop, showing… Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn! The crowd gives a warm welcome to the ‘wrestler’, as he puts the mop back in his bucket.*

Peter Vaughn: There! The floor is spotless! Even ol’ Ace would be pleased with this one. It’s so satisfying to have a job well done. Who needs wrestling, anyway? Let’s see, what’s next… hmmm… the restrooms… damn… oh well.

*Vaughn pushes his small cart along, heading towards the restrooms next on the schedule. As he heads down the hall, though, he’s distracted by the appearance of Arachne, who is moving slowly through the hall, holding his head. Vaughn moves towards him.*

Peter Vaughn: You alright there, Mr. Arachne? I saw your match, tough break. I’ve been there. You know I was this close to being the GCWA World Tag-Team Champion? I tell you, us fellow wrestlers need to stick together, because…

*As Vaughn continues to talk, Arachne turns towards him, spitting full-out Green Mist into his face!!!*

Peter Vaughn: Aaarrrggghhh!!!

*Vaughn falls back to the ground, blinded and wiping away at his eyes, even as Arachne continues on his way, knocking over the janitor’s cart in anger along the way. Vaughn is still down, unable to get the mist out of his eyes, as we head back to ringside.*

Jones: No! Vaughn got sprayed!

Logan: Janitor down in aisle 6, we need a clean-up on aisle 6!

Jones: This isn’t funny, Anthony! He just got blinded! Who knows what’s in that stuff?

Logan: True. Plus, it makes a big mess. That never makes a janitor happy.

Jones: *sigh* Well, hopefully Peter will be ok. I guess we’ll just continue with the action here tonight.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, making his debut in the GCWA here tonight, he stands 6’3” and weighs 215 lbs, from Des Moines, Iowa, here is Cisco Sheppard!

*”Pokerface” by Lady Gaga plays, bringing out a few cheers for the strange newcomer to the GCWA. Cisco Sheppard comes out, grinning at the fans, before making his way down the aisle and towards the ring.*

Jones: This guy we just don’t know much about yet, other than that he is vulnerable to spatula shots.

Logan: Yeah, that and that he’s straight, straight as an arrow.

Jones: So he says. It’ll be interesting to see what the man can actually do inside this ring.

Logan: As long as Dangerous Dan’s not in a wheelchair, Cisco’s got a shot!

Minos: And now, his opponent, he is a former two-time GCWA Television Champion, as well as a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*The fans rise up, cheering for one of their faves, as “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory plays. Dangerous Dan comes out, looking more confident in himself. He moves purposefully down the aisle, giving some high fives along the way.*

Logan: Dangerous Dan had a funeral to attend this week, with the burial of his cousin, who was killed in a freak tornado strike in Las Vegas.

Jones: It was pretty clear that Dan’s head wasn’t quite in the right place last week, leading him to lose that #1 Contendership match. But I think the pep talk earlier in the night by the Accelerator might have turned things around for him.

Logan: Yeah, he’s looking a lot more energized, isn’t he? That’s not good news for Cisco, who was probably hoping he was facing a man in low spirits.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Cisco Sheppard and Dangerous Dan meet in the center, with referee Adrian Rockwell ready for things to get going. Sheppard extends a hand towards Dan, who moves towards it for a shake. But Cisco instead slaps Dan’s hand away, and then turns to the audience, smiling as if he just got away with something. The fans don’t seem to be on his side, though, so Sheppard turns back… and Dangerous Dan lands a dropkick to the man’s face, sending Sheppard dropping backwards!! Sheppard immediately rolls, getting himself out of the ring and landing on the outside. He rubs his sore mouth with his hand, earning a few taunts from the audience members about his “looking gay”. Sheppard stops to correct them, and then turns back, but Dangerous Dan is already approaching, soaring through the ropes and getting a tope suicide into Sheppard!! The fans are cheering, as Dan gets up on the outside.*

Logan: Dangerous Dan is a house of fire!

Jones: We’re seeing the greatness of a Presidential Pep Talk in action!

Logan: Yeah, but Dangerous Dan is the one doing all the damage!

Jones: Thanks to the President!

Logan: Kiss ass.

Jones: At least I’m not scared of Harvey Danger’s mother!

*Logan has no response to this, as we get back to the match. With referee Rockwell counting upwards, Dangerous Dan is still on the offensive, pulling Sheppard up and holding his wrist. Dan then runs towards the apron, jumping up onto it in one stride, then coming back off and grabbing Sheppard’s head on the way down, while still holding his arm, smashing Cisco down to the pads!! Cisco’s hurting, as Dangerous Dan pulls him up and sends him back into the ring, following right behind to beat the count. Dan then rolls onto Cisco, grabbing his legs and attempting the pin… 1… 2… Sheppard kicks out. Dangerous Dan immediately gets back up, pulling Cisco with him. He whips Cisco into the corner, no, Cisco reverses it. Dan hits back-first, but readjusts, bringing his legs up to kick at the approaching Sheppard. Sheppard reacts, though, grabbing Dan’s feet and throwing him to the side, sending Dan toppling over the top rope and falling to the outside!!*

Logan: Wow! That one came out of nowhere to change the momentum quickly!

Jones: Cisco showed some instincts there, managing to turn Dangerous Dan’s own maneuver against him in a very painful way! Now, though, the man needs to take advantage of it!

*Cisco, after taking a few seconds to catch his breath, drops to the mat and rolls out after Dan, going to the outside. Rockwell watches both men, even as Sheppard picks Dan up and slams him back-first into the apron, leaning in his shoulder to make it a more devastating smash. Dan slumps, hurting, as Sheppard turns him around, sending him back into the ring. Sheppard grabs the ropes and follows, climbing onto the apron. Seeing that Dangerous Dan is already pulling himself up, Sheppard braces up on the apron, grabbing the top rope. He springs over the ropes, going for a splash, but Dan jumps up to meet him, kicking Sheppard in the stomach!! Both men hit hard, with Sheppard clearly having all the air knocked out of him. Dan painfully rolls over, going for the pin, but Rockwell shakes his head, pointing out that Sheppard’s right leg landed sticking through the ropes. Dan reaches over, pulling it off, so that he can make the pinfall… 1… 2… Cisco manages to get his shoulder up.*

Logan: So far, Cisco’s not looking too bad, Jonesy. I mean, he’s clearly facing a tough opponent in Dangerous Dan, but he’s not going down easy. We might have someone here.

Jones: With the GCWA, Anthony, it’s always too early to tell in these kinds of situations.

Logan: True.

*Dangerous Dan hauls Cisco up, looking towards the crowd as he does so. He kicks Cisco in the gut, and then grabs his head, letting out a yell as he attempts a Twist of Fate! But Sheppard pushes him off, getting free. Sheppard then answers with a jumping clothesline, knocking Dan to the mat! Sheppard crawls away, his chest obviously hurting him. Sheppard reaches the ropes, getting himself up, even as Dan starts to recover as well. Seeing Dan start to get up, Cisco looks to the crowd, as if trying to gain some motivation from them, although he’s not exactly enthused when he hears the “Dangerous Dan” chant that is starting to grow, supporting the other wrestler. Cisco turns, seeing Dan’s already up to his hands and knees. Sheppard seizes the moment, though, coming in and hopping over Dan with a roll-up! Referee Rockwell is right there for the count, as Dan’s legs kick frantically in the air… 1… 2… Dan gets free in time, keeping the match going.*

Logan: Wow, now that would have been an upset!

Jones: Did Cisco have the tights there?

Logan: Not sure, Jonesy, but even if he did, it wasn’t enough to keep Dangerous Dan on the mat. He’s going to have to come up with something else.

*Sheppard gets back up, getting a little bit cocky as he stands over the former 2-time TV Champion. He slaps Dangerous Dan across the back, causing Dan to wince from the hit, then again looks to the crowd, as if trying to get a “Cisco” chant going. With little success, Cisco shakes his head and turns back, holding onto Dan from behind and going for a backbreaker, only to have Dan shove him off, knocking Sheppard down! As Sheppard gets back up, a surprised look on his face, Dan runs forward, going off the ropes and coming back. Sheppard tries to brace for impact, but he’s not ready for Dan to suddenly leap upwards, doing a somersault flip straight onto Sheppard, and then coming back off with a massive hurricanrana!! Sheppard hits the mat and rolls, hurting badly from the impact. He tries to get up, partially succeeding, at least getting high enough for Dangerous Dan to grab him and spin him around into the Danger Zone!!! With Sheppard out, Dangerous Dan drops to make the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Dangerous Dan!

Jones: Dan pulls out a victory, showing Cisco Sheppard what he’ll have to face here in the GCWA!

Logan: Yeah, that Danger Zone finisher can really come out of nowhere, putting someone away!

Jones: We’ll have to see what Dangerous Dan has up next for him, as he continues to grow as a GCWA superstar!

*Dangerous Dan celebrates outside the ring, talking with the fans in the crowd. Meanwhile, Cisco Sheppard has rolled over, holding his head. He looks up at Rockwell, wondering what happened, with Rockwell simply shrugging his shoulders at him. We leave the ringside area to go backstage, where we see Marcus Ka'Derrion walking down the hall, looking a little more serious than normal. He arrives at his destination, the locker room of The Lost Soul. He knocks on the door and after a few seconds, The Lost Soul answers.

The Lost Soul: Marcus Ka’Derrion, child prodigy. What brings you here?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Hey TLS. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for what you did last week, I really appreciate it.

The Lost Soul: There’s nothing TLS hates more than a happy Lurrr. I look forward to his defeat at Heat Wave.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Well, I don't know if I can do it man...

The Lost Soul: A man who walks into the ring without confidence has already lost the match.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: It's just that Lurrr always has something up his sleeve you know? I'm sure he's going to try to do whatever it takes to beat me. He's done it before, he's going to do it again.

*The Lost Soul pulls out his notepad, jotting something down.*

The Lost Soul: I think you can beat Lurrr.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: I hope so... But even still, I don't know if I can take Lurrr down. He's been unstoppable....

*There is an awkward moment of silence as The Lost Soul stares at the World Champion, who lowers his head, depressed.*

The Lost Soul: You are disappointing me, Marcus. This is not the way a champion behaves.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: I'm not trying to be a downer, but I'm just not 100 confident in my abilities right now. It's like he is a step ahead of me every time... and he should be... He may be an asshole, but he is a great veteran... and I don't even have a year under my belt.

*The Lost Soul leans forward, as if considering slapping Marcus across the face, but before he can, his cell phone rings and he picks it up.*

The Lost Soul: Who? (pause) are you sure? (pause) hold on a second. Marcus, we will talk later.

*The Lost Soul pats Marcus on the shoulder and Marcus just nods. TLS goes back to his phone and turns his back to Marcus and speaks in a whisper. The door to his locker room starts to shut, Marcus starts to walk away when someone speaks behind him.*

Voice: A step ahead? Try a mile ahead, *bleep*hole.

*Marcus turns around to see Rick Mathis standing across from of him. Marcus quickly goes for a clothesline but Mathis ducks it causing Marcus to run right into a super kick from Lurrr! Marcus goes down like a sack of bricks but Rick Mathis quickly picks him back up and lifts him into a bear hug! Mathis shakes him from left to right, damaging Marcus' ribs even further after last week’s attack. Lurrr, meanwhile, leans down, picking up the World Title, which has fallen to the floor. TLS' door starts to open and Lurrr pats Mathis on the shoulder. Mathis quickly releases Marcus, who once again flops to the floor. Both men make an exit, with Lurrr keeping the World Title, just as TLS steps out of his locker room.

The Lost Soul: What?

*TLS goes to check on Marcus who is somewhat conscious now, but holding his mid section, obviously in serious pain.*

The Lost Soul: Young Marcus Ka’Derrion, you have a lot to learn about keeping those eyes in the back of your head open.

*The Lost Soul reaches over, apparently pulling a hair sample from Ka’Derrion and putting it into a plastic bag, which he seals, without Ka’Derrion knowing. The Lost Soul then reaches down to try and help Marcus up to get him to the infirmary, even as we head to another commercial break.*

*Back from the break, doctors are looking over Marcus Ka’Derrion’s ribs, poking at them. He winces, pushing one of the hands away.*

Doctor: These ribs, they look bad. We’ll tape them up, but you need to take it easy. In fact, I think I’d recommend you head to the hospital for x-rays…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Just get me wrapped, Doc. I’m not done here yet.

*The doctor shrugs and goes to work, while we fade back to ringside.*

Jones: I still can’t believe that Lurrr took the World Title like that!

Logan: With the Empire, I believe anything he does. They really did a number on Marcus, though. The World Champion is not in the best shape, neither physically nor mentally.

Jones: I just hope he gets some help with those ribs, or else he may not even make it to Heat Wave!

Logan: Well, we’ve got other matches still to take place, so we need to keep moving. Let’s send it to Minos.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit, and will be a fight for a “#1 Contenderhip” Contract! First, making his way towards the ring with his manager, Martin Ka’Berryon, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion who is now plying his trade on the wide open seas, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is The Big Bifford!

*The crowd gives a warm reception for the Big Bifford, as well as for Martin, with one of the fans holding up her child, who is wearing a grape costume. This seems to bother Martin, who moves quickly away, as if expecting the mother to claim the kid is his son. Meanwhile, the Big Bifford walks happily towards the ring, ready for his next challenge, while “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio plays behind him.*

Logan: The Big Bifford went on another quest this past week, searching for the perfect horseradish sauce to go with his new shrimp business. Along the way, Bifford encountered dictators, ninjas, and other threats.

Jones: I just have one question… does anyone know what happened to Ricky The Stock Boy???

Logan: The world may never know…

Minos: And now, his opponent, coming to the ring with his tag-team partner, Shane Donovan… he stands 5’11” and weighs in at 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is one-half of the Tag-Team Champions of the World… Draco!

*The reception is mixed for Draco, even as he comes out to “Indestructible” by Disturbed. Fans still aren’t sure about D & D, although they’re willing to give them some cheers along the way. Draco approaches the ring, handing off his belt to Donovan before climbing up to enter.*

Logan: Draco’s supposedly been spending a great deal of time in his psychologist’s office, working out some issues.

Jones: Well, considering the man had global amnesia not that long ago, any help in that regard is probably a good idea.

Logan: With every session, you have to wonder if Draco is becoming stronger and more unified. After all, he hasn’t lost a match since June.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! It’s time for one of these men to step into a #1 Contender’s spot!

Logan: Yeah… but which spot is it?

Jones: What?

Logan: I mean, which title will they fight for if they win?

Jones: Gee, y’know, I don’t remember seeing that in the notes… but I’m sure the President has it covered!

Logan: Yeah. Sure. Well, at the very least, we’re getting a great match out of this!

*Bifford finishes talking with Martin over the ropes, while Draco waits for the first assault. Bifford walks forward, a confident strut, as he approaches Draco. His arm is hidden behind him, which catches Draco’s notice. He moves around, trying to see if Bifford has a weapon hidden back there, or just a mid-match snack of shrimp. Referee Trixie also takes notice, watching Bifford carefully. The big man moves in, trapping Draco in the corner for a second, then bringing out his arm. In his hands is a medium-sized cross! Bifford, with a smile on his face, points the cross at Draco, while reciting what sounds like a Bible verse! Draco, disbelief evident on his face, moves forward, grabbing the cross from the astonished hands of Bifford and throwing it out of the ring! Bifford moves backwards, screaming “Daywalker!!”, as Draco follows him.*

Jones: That cross had absolutely no effect on Draco!

Logan: Well, duh! The guy’s not a vampire, Jonesy! He doesn’t even pretend that he is! People just get that from his name.

Jones: Ok, but have you ever seen Draco with a piece of garlic?

Logan: No, can’t say that I have.

Jones: You see??

Logan: *sigh*

*The two wrestlers are now in the corner, with Draco taking advantage of Bifford’s temporary confusion by landing some punches. Draco then steps back, away from the dazed wrestler, in order to get some room to maneuver. He comes charging back in, jumping up high and driving his knee into Bifford’s gut, followed by bringing him out with a bulldog! Bifford’s down, as Draco moves to take advantage, getting behind Bifford and applying a chinlock. He works on the larger man, trying to keep him down, while Trixie circles the duo. Donovan’s clapping on the outside, pushing for Draco to keep it up. Ka’Berryon just looks worried. Bifford slowly fights the hold, raising himself upwards, with some cheers from the crowd backing him. Draco, realizing the hold is lost, releases it before Bifford can grab him, running to the ropes and coming back with a flying forearm! But Bifford moves to the right, batting Draco aside and sending him flying to the mat!*

Logan: Bifford’s speed is once again underestimated, as he is the fastest-400-lb wrestler on the planet!

Jones: That’s a statement in and of itself of the wrestling industry.

*Draco is back up, but Bifford has recovered now, coming in and grabbing the smaller man. He lifts Draco into the air, delivering a thunderous bodyslam that causes Draco to shout in pain for a second from the vibrations created in his spine. Bifford shakes his head as if clearing it, then gets Draco back up again, continuing his assault by lifting Draco up onto his shoulders for a Torture Rack!! Bifford bends the tag-team champion, working to crush him, as referee Trixie keeps up her vigil, watching for any submission. Draco, though, refuses to quit, even as he’s getting bent like a pretzel. With Draco not giving up, Bifford opts to take a seat, turning it into a torture rack slam and sending Draco falling to the canvas. Bifford moves himself to make the cover, with Trixie making the count… 1… 2… but Draco kicks out, still in the fight. Bifford shrugs and pulls the man back up, apparently not surprised that it takes more to put a ‘vampire’ out.*

Jones: Draco’s got to find a way to counter the Big Bifford’s massive weight advantage in this one.

Logan: It’s David vs. Goliath, and so far, Goliath’s making a pretty good accounting of himself!

*Bifford brings Draco back to his feet, with Donovan on the outside, trying to yell for Draco to pull it together. Bifford, though, is still in control, putting on a cobra clutch and throwing Draco across the ring with it!! Draco gets snapped like a leather whip, crashing hard to the mat, with Bifford following him to try another cover… 1… 2… Draco continues to kick out. Bifford, again seemingly expecting it, pulls Draco up and whips him towards the corner, following behind. However, Draco, doesn’t hit the turnbuckle so much as run up it, flipping backwards and landing the Light’s out!!! Bifford never saw it coming, getting planted on the mat! Draco, recovering, rolls himself on top of the big man, trying for his own cover… 1… 2… no, Bifford kicks out!*

Logan: I thought Draco might have actually put the Big Bifford out there! He’s got so many moves to nail you with!

Jones: Yep, Draco is one of the most technically-proficient wrestlers we have. His move set is unlike anyone else in the GCWA!

Logan: He needs to keep using that list liberally, if he wants a win here tonight against the veteran!

*Draco is back up now, steeling himself by leaning on the ropes. He waits, watching the Big Bifford reach a kneeling position, then comes in, aiming a kick right into Bifford’s ample side! Bifford rolls over, gasping from the kick, even as Draco goes back to the ropes and runs back, leaping into the air with a running senton bomb!! After a second of recovery, Draco pulls himself on top of his adversary, grabbing a large leg for leverage… 1… 2… but Bifford kicks free, getting a shoulder off the mat. Draco sits up, a little surprised, but Donovan’s shouting encouragement again, if you’d call it that. Draco looks towards Donovan, shaking his head, but then gets up, grabbing Bifford and slowly hauling him to his feet. He pops Bifford in the face a few times with shots, rocking him. Draco then grabs hold and lifts himself up onto Bifford, locking his legs around Bifford’s throat in order to drive him back to the mat!! The leg scissors are applied, with Draco working to keep Bifford from breathing, at least enough to knock him out!*

Jones: Bifford’s in real trouble right now!

Logan: You’re telling me! His face is starting to turn the color of Ka’Berryon’s grape suit!

Jones: He needs to escape now, or else this one really could be over!

*Referee Trixie checks on Bifford, who really is turning a different shade of color, due to the pressure being placed on his head. Draco tightens as much as he can, working to get Bifford out. Ka’Berryon moves close, pounding the apron near Bifford. The big man slowly starts to move, pulling at Draco, who struggles to keep him down, but to no avail. Bifford stands up, with Draco’s legs still around his neck!! Draco tries to turn it into a hurricanrana, but Bifford doesn’t go down, still hanging on. He suddenly swings, then releases, tossing Draco hard into the turnbuckle!!! Draco crumples to the ground, badly stunned, while Bifford takes a knee, sucking in air like water after three days in the desert. Donovan is shown, looking to be in shock. He watches as Bifford slowly gets back up, reaching his feet first and moving towards Draco.*

Logan: I don’t know how Bifford managed that, but he pulled off an amazing escape!

Jones: I was starting to think this one was going to end in a submission hold, which would have been a shocker, given the two men involved!

Logan: Yeah, these guys can be called many things, but I don’t think “quitter” is one of them.

*Bifford brings Draco up, lifting him into the air and delivering the snake eyes maneuver onto the top ‘buckle! Draco bounces away, flopping back to the ground, with Bifford going off the ropes and heading towards him. The fans react in part-excitement/part-horror, as Bifford plops downwards, landing on top of Draco!! Even Trixie seems a little stunned, but she does her job, coming in to make the count on the flattened Draco… 1… 2… Draco manages to get a leg on the ropes!! Bifford jumps up, as if thinking he won, but Trixie quickly shoots that down, pointing out the foot. Bifford denies that the foot was there, trying to tell Trixie that it was a vampire trick, but Trixie won’t change her mind. Sighing, Bifford grabs at Draco and brings him back up, launching him into the corner. He moves in next to Draco, turning his back and driving in with his hindquarters, crushing Draco against the ‘buckles with all his weight! Draco slumps, hurting, while Bifford moves to the other side of the ring.*

Jones: Uh oh! I think Bifford’s preparing for an avalanche!!

Logan: Has the ring been reinforced for this match, or should we start running away now??

Jones: Ummmmm….

*As Bifford prepares to run in, Shane Donovan jumps up on the apron, throwing insults his way. Bifford looks over, waving away the annoyance, while Trixie goes over to tell Donovan to get down or risk a disqualification. Donovan keeps protesting, leading to Martin Ka’Berryon coming over his way and grabbing his boot, pulling Donovan off the apron!! Donovan lands on his feet, then stares, uncomprehendingly, over at Ka’Berryon, who seems to suddenly realize what he’s done. Ka’Berryon turns to run away, but a man in a grape suit is not going to out-run an athlete like Donovan, who runs after Martin, knocking him into the ring steps!! Ka’Berryon goes crashing down, as Donovan stands over him, disrespectfully giving him another kick before turning back. Bifford, though, reaches through the ropes, grabbing Donovan by the head and dragging him up, away from Ka’Berryon!! Donovan struggles, but Bifford doesn’t give him a chance to do anything before popping him in the face, sending Donovan back down! With a smile, Bifford turns back and walks over to Draco… who responds with the Momentum Shift!!!! Bifford crashes to his back, while Draco grabs the turnbuckle and raises himself up, before leaping down with a frogsplash onto Bifford, adding a little more to the Momentum Shift impact! Draco makes the pin…. 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, earning the #1 Contender’s Contract, Draco!

Jones: Draco pulls off possibly the biggest win of his GCWA career, putting away The Big Bifford!

Logan: Yeah, but if Donovan hadn’t gotten involved, who knows what might have happened?

Jones: Bifford got distracted, but that was his own fault, as Draco is too much of a threat to leave alone for that long. He showed why, and now he’s got himself a shot at the gold!

*Draco and Donovan celebrate, leaving the ring together with the World Tag-Team Titles in hand. They’re already joking around about what happened, and although the crowd isn’t particularly pleased, they’re not booing too loudly, either. The Big Bifford has already sat up in the ring, holding his head. Either that, or checking for bite marks. He rolls out, going to check on the still-down Ka’Berryon, while we head to the backstage area, where we see the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3! He’s watching the end of the match on video, shaking his head. Behind him, someone else enters the room.*

Voice: Depressing, isn’t it?

*Titan 3 turns quickly, his wrestling instincts prepping him for an assault. Standing behind him, in the doorway, is Dynamic Dynamite! The crowd gives a few boos for the once-despised heel, who now has a “Legends” contract with the GCWA. Titan 3 sizes him up, then lowers his fists.*

Titan 3: Dynamite. What do you want?

Dynamic Dynamite: Me? I’m just enjoying hanging around the business, y’know? But you… what happened to you, Titan 3?

Titan 3: What are you talking about?

Dynamic Dynamite: You and I, we fought a lot here at the GCWA. I didn’t have much love for you, but I did respect the way you wrestled. But look at you now, huh? Instead of being out there in the ring like those losers, you’re in here, watching it on television during a quick break from crowd control. How’d you let this happen?

*Titan 3 angrily glares at Dynamite, then looks away for a second, controlling himself. He finally looks back.*

Titan 3: What’s it to you, Dynamite? What’s your angle?

Dynamic Dynamite: No angle, my old rival. Just one former wrestler to another, trying to figure out when it happened, so that I can avoid it.

*Titan 3 furiously moves out of the room, brushing past Dynamite while leaving. As the Head of Security slams the door behind him, Dynamite smiles, an evil grin with bad intentions behind it. The picture slowly fades out to commercial.*

*After the break, we come to the backstage area. The crowd comes alive as TLS is shown on the jumbotron with a notepad in his hand and a pencil in his ear. He stops in front of a locker room and places his ear on the door to listen in on what is happening in the locker room. After about 10 seconds, he knocks on the door. The door opens slowly and Harvey Danger is standing in the doorway, he is surprised to see TLS standing in front of him.*

Harvey Danger: Oh hey, strange to see you here. What can I help you with?

The Lost Soul: Strange indeed. Harvey Danger, where were you on the night of Friday July 31st at approximately 9 PM central time?

*Harvey scratches his head, a little confused.*

Harvey Danger: July 31st? I was in the GCWA arena.

*The Lost Soul pulls out his notepad and jots down some notes, with Harvey trying to see what he’s writing.*

The Lost Soul: Hmmm. Ok so you were in the arena when Steve Wilson was viciously attacked?

Harvey Danger: Oh, this is what this is about. Yeah I was in the arena, and so were you, so were Draco and Donovan.

The Lost Soul: Mind if I come in?

*TLS doesn’t wait for a confirmation and pushes his way past Danger and walks into the locker room. Draco and Donovan are sitting down facing each other, still talking over the match that took place earlier. TLS interrupts them.*

The Lost Soul: Donovan and Draco, you guys have been placed at the scene of the crime on July 31st.

Draco: (rolls his eyes) What are you talking about? You still trying to figure out who took out your best friend Steve Wilson?

Shane Donovan: Well if it isn’t Scary Mason. Look man, we were in the arena, you were in the arena, hell everyone on the entire roster was in the arena.

Harvey Danger: (interjects) That’s what I said.

*The Lost Soul starts circling the three men, still taking notes.*

The Lost Soul: So you admit that you were in the arena? Now will you admit that you attacked Steve Wilson?

Draco: Why in the hell would we want to attack Steve Wilson?

Shane Donovan: If there’s anyone we want to attack, it’s you.

The Lost Soul: Ok, so you admit that you have malicious intent. I can see it. Draco and Donovan were afraid that TLS and Steve Wilson would be a threat to their newly won tag team titles, so they take out Wilson.

Draco: You’re crazy.

*The Lost Soul suddenly spins, pointing back towards Danger.*

The Lost Soul: Or it could be you Harvey Danger, you were jealous that Steve Wilson was now the tag partner of TLS, so you took him out in spite. A jilted ex-partner, gets revenge by taking out the new partner.

Shane Donovan: Are you serious right now? We have other things to worry about than to deal with Colombo over here.

Draco: Look man, we had nothing to do with Steve Wilson getting beat up.

Harvey Danger: yeah, maybe you should check with those guys from Organized Chaos, they like to beat people up for no reason.

*The Lost Soul makes another note, circling it before looking up.*

The Lost Soul: Organized Chaos huh? Ok, this ain’t the last you hear from me. Before I go, do you mind if I get a hair sample?

*The Lost Soul brings out a pair of tweezers, Harvey Danger lifts up his hair, for TLS to pluck as Draco and Donovan pull him back out of the way.*

Draco: Get out of here TLS. We have some important things to discuss and you’re cutting in on our time.

*TLS retreats slowly, and leaves the locker room, as we head back to ringside.*

Logan: The Lost Soul’s search continues! Hey, I wonder why he keeps wanting hair samples. Does he have some evidence?

Jones: Hey, The Lost Soul is a meticulous investigator. If anyone can figure out who assaulted Steve Wilson, it’s him.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Coming to the ring first, the challenger… he is a former Television Champion who is looking to regain some gold here tonight, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans are on their feet, ready to support Santana in his fight for the title. “Sandstorm” by Darude begins to play, with Santana walking out of the back. He stretches his legs, and then moves to the center of the ramp, bowing to the fans before he heads down it. He’s ready for a fight.*

Jones: Santana had an interesting week, as he went as a sidekick to a police officer on patrol in D.C.

Logan: Yeah, and he almost got shot because of it! This Santana just seems to attract life or death situations!

Jones: Well, fortunately, he made it here unharmed. This is his second opportunity to regain the Television Title, and as you can tell, the audience is pushing for him to do it!

Minos: His opponent has gone from one of the young favorites of the fans to one of the most hated men in the company… standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Scott Caine!

*The crowd turns it up a notch, booing heavily and nearly drowning out “Automatic” by American Pearl. Caine walks out of the back, the Television Title in hand. He smiles cockily, holding up the belt as his prized possession. He then heads down the aisleway.*

Jones: Over the past month, Caine has done everything possible to earn the animosity of the audience.

Logan: Yeah, from deliberately getting counted out to keep the belt from Dangerous Dan to assaulting Ace Aldridge before their bout, Caine has been on a tear. He’s shown that nothing is off-limits when it comes to keeping that title.

Jones: Nothing he does tonight will surprise me. It might disgust me, but it won’t surprise me.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Caine comes to the center of the ring, smirking at Santana. He glances down at Santana’s leg, sizing it up for injuries. Santana, seeing where Caine’s looking, suddenly spins, snapping off a spinning side kick, ending it in a defensive posture! Caine has a surprised look on his face, which quickly turns into a dark look of anger. He tosses the Television Title over to the referee, Thomas Mitchell, almost knocking the smaller man down. Caine then moves towards Santana, going for the lock-up. The two men struggle against each other, with Caine managing to twist out of the move with an arm wringer. He wrenches Santana’s arm, but Santana responds by grabbing the nearby ropes and flipping himself completely over, loosening his arm up! Santana then follows up by moving in and grabbing Caine, flipping him with a hip toss! Caine rolls to the side and grabs the ropes, glaring at Santana, who is waiting for another assault attempt.*

Logan: If Caine walked into this one thinking that it was going to be an easy contest, he just got shown that Santana’s not here to lie down for him!

Jones: Nope, Santana’s held that belt before. He’s no pushover. I get the feeling we have a potential show-stealer here!

Logan: If we’re lucky, that’s exactly what we’re going to get!

*Both men are back up, with Caine reluctantly nodding his head at Santana, apparently a gesture of respect. He comes in to lock up, with Santana reaching out, no, Caine immediately twists, going for the eyes! Santana doesn’t have time to block it, as Caine blinds him, raking his nails across Santana’s face!! The crowd is booing at Caine’s tactics, even as referee Mitchell gives Caine a weak warning. Caine smiles at the rebuke before going after Santana, getting in a few kicks to the gut that almost go a little too low for comfort. The referee again warns Caine, who laughs back at him, apparently daring Mitchell to disqualify him. Caine himself doesn’t seem to care, as he moves Santana into the corner and begins punching away at him, before then bringing Santana out of the corner with a bulldog, smashing the Sensei down! Caine rolls over, getting Santana in position for a pin as Mitchell comes near… 1… 2.. and Santana kicks out, plenty left in the tank.*

Jones: Caine’s lack of concern about a disqualification worries me. We aren’t going to see a repeat of what happened against Dangerous Dan, are we?

Logan: I hope not. That was a good match ruined by Caine’s tactics. But remember, Caine still wants to get the win here tonight, proving that he has earned the belt by beating a previous holder of it. If he can get the pin, he’ll take it

Jones: Yeah, but if he can’t? What then?

*Caine brings Santana up, whipping him hard into the corner. Santana shakes from the impact, even as Caine comes in after him, grabbing hold of the ropes with one hand while chopping Santana across the chest with the other! Caine, grinning, leans back, swinging again… but Santana blocks it, and then spins Caine around, putting him in the corner instead! With measured shots, Santana begins to lash out, slashing his open-handed chop across Caine again and again, to the cheers of the crowd! Caine tries to cover up, hurting, but this just makes it easier for Santana to grab Caine by the head, lifting him up and getting a snap suplex out of the corner! Santana rolls over, making the cover, trying to hold Caine down… 1… 2… and Caine kicks out, staying the champion for now.*

Logan: This one’s pretty even early on. These guys have similar experience and similar builds. I’m betting they both have about the same amount of stamina for the long run, too.

Jones: I think this one is going to come down to two things: 1) Caine’s willingness to use dirty tactics, which could succeed or could backfire; and 2) Santana’s great ability to turn things around into his favor.

Logan: #3 just might be the referee. Why on Earth is Mitchell in charge of a title match again??

Jones: Who knows, Anthony, although Mitchell’s been playing it pretty straight-up ever since he was nearly fired for his involvement in Tommy Crimson becoming the World Champion.

Logan: He better keep it even, or else I’ll be the first one campaigning for his departure from the GCWA!

*Referee Mitchell stays back, away from the action, while keeping an eye on things. Santana has Caine up by this point, getting a double-underhook on the Television Champion. Santana lifts Caine up, spinning him around and dropping back down with a Pedigree, banging Caine’s head off the canvas!! Santana once again gets Caine onto his back, trying for another pin… 1… 2… Caine somehow kicks out, causing a wave of disappointment to run through the audience. Santana doesn’t let it get to him, though, as he goes right back to work. He pulls Caine up, no, Caine drops with a jawbreaker, sacrificing his own skull to knock Santana down! Both men hit the canvas, with both probably thinking about the medicinal value of Tylenol. Santana pulls himself up first, moving his jaw as if checking to see that it’s still completely attached. He stumbles towards Caine, but Caine reacts with a legsweep, causing Santana to fall into the ropes, guillotining himself across his throat! Santana rolls away in pain, while Caine takes a moment to breathe.*

Jones: These guys are pulling out all the stops, giving us a match worthy of the Television Title!

Logan: Yeah, I really can’t pick a winner yet, they’re so competitive!

Jones: Will we have a new champion crowned here tonight?

*Caine is back on his feet now, as he tugs on Santana’s leg, dragging him towards the center of the ring. Caine then drops an elbow on the limb, driving it into the muscle. Caine doesn’t release the leg, though, instead, swinging it around and applying a half-Boston Crab submission, focusing on the leg that Santana had hurt two weeks ago! Santana’s already in pain, trying to scramble towards the ropes, with the fans trying to rally him to do so. Referee Mitchell watches, waiting for any sign that Santana can’t handle any more pain. The camera focuses on Caine’s face, as he sadistically smiles, enjoying the fact that Santana is in agony. He wrenches harder on the leg, as if trying to snap it in two. Santana’s hands are on his head, showing the stress that he’s under. Mitchell comes down to ask, with Caine yelling back his own comments on the matter, but Santana still refuses, shaking his head weakly.*

Logan: Santana’s leg can’t take much more of this!

Jones: Caine said that he was going to focus on Santana’s weakness, and he’s definitely headed that way now. It’s like he’s trying to handicap the man!

Logan: There’s nothing that Caine won’t do to win a match, Jonesy. Santana desperately needs a way out, or else we might be calling this one over and done with!

*Slowly but surely, Santana starts moving, trying to head towards the ropes. Caine, though, is intent on not letting him go, struggling to hold him in place. It’s a long struggle, but with the fans supporting him, Santana wins out, managing to grab the rope long enough for Mitchell to call for the break. Annoyed, Caine drops the hold. He turns around, immediately going back onto the leg by stomping away on it, even as Santana tries to protect himself, still using the ropes. Mitchell gets in-between them, though, pushing Caine back! Caine and Mitchell argue for a second, with Mitchell apparently commenting about his job being on the line. Caine, frustrated, pushes Mitchell out of the way, even as Santana pulls himself under the ropes and out onto the apron. He starts to get up, with Caine coming over to grab him. But Santana shoves forward, driving his shoulder into Caine’s gut to bend him over, and then jumps over the ropes with a sunset flip!! Caine fights, but can’t maintain his balance, falling back into a pin! 1… 2… No! Caine kicks free!*

Logan: Santana tried to sneak that one in there, but Caine was able to escape!

Jones: We were inches away from a new Television Champion, Anthony! But the fight goes on! Now Santana has to try and stay on the offensive, even with the pain he’s clearly in.

*Santana and Caine are both back up, with Santana using the ropes for leverage. Caine comes in swinging, but Santana blocks the punch, then fires back his own unique attack, slashing away at the champion! He then steps forward, keeping the weight on his good leg, as he grabs Caine by the head and drops back with a faceplant, banging Caine off the mat! Santana slowly gets up, the strain of the match taking its toll. He rolls over, making the cover… 1… 2… Caine kicks out again, staying alive. Santana gets up, bringing Caine with him. He sets him for a suplex, but suddenly has to drop him, favoring the leg once again. This gives Caine an opening, as he falls backwards, bringing Santana down into a roll-up and grabbing the tights!! Mitchell, on the other side, starts his count… 1… 2… and Santana barely escapes!*

Jones: Santana’s leg is really causing him to struggle here.

Logan: Yeah, the match was almost lost because he couldn’t support the weight of Caine.

Jones: Somehow I bet Caine’s going to capitalize on that.

*Caine is the first one back on his feet. He moves behind Santana, grabbing him from the side and lifting him up with a kneebreaker, adding to the damage there. Santana hobbles away, in a lot of pain, but Caine is not done. He pursues Santana, running towards him and kicking out, knocking Santana’s legs out from under him! With the man down and hurting, Caine then turns and heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up. He gets to the top, rebalancing himself, then looks at his target, who is still down. Caine points his fingers at the booing fans, then leaps off, heading into the air for the Sugar Caine!! But at the last instant, Santana rolls away, getting out of range and causing Caine to crash down!! Caine’s hurting from the impact, while Santana grabs the ropes, pulling himself painfully up. As Caine starts to rise, Santana sees him and reacts, taking a few steps in and nailing Caine with the Sensei-Tion!!!!*

Logan: The Sensei-Tion lands!! It’s over!! New champion!!

Jones: Wait, Anthony! Santana’s down too! The impact there, on his already-injured leg, it might have been too much for him!!

Logan: What?? Santana, the pin, man, the pin!

*Caine is down next to the ropes, not moving. His eyelids can be seen, fluttering, showing that he’s out of it. But Santana’s down nearby, holding his leg with both hands. Santana tries to get up, but the leg is completely out on him right now, sending him back to the canvas. Mitchell checks on him, wondering if he should call the match, but Santana is still struggling, crawling now towards the Television Champion, who’s still not moving. The fans are going wild, wanting the pin to happen. Santana reaches out with a shaky arm, managing to put it across Caine’s chest to the cheers of the audience. Mitchell drops down for the count… 1… 2… and Caine gets an arm on the ropes, causing Mitchell to stop the count!! The crowd can’t believe it, as Santana slumps over, low on options.*

Logan: Man, we’re still going??

Jones: Caine had just enough recuperation time there to manage to get his arm on the ropes. He’s lucky where he landed, because I don’t think he had the strength to kick out!

Logan: What can Santana do now? The guy can’t even walk!

*Santana rolls to the side, massaging his leg with his hands to get the blood flowing through it. Caine gets on his stomach, more on instinct than anything else. He’s clearly dazed from the hit he took. Santana, meanwhile, grabs at the ropes, pulling himself up. He’s limping badly, but at least is still moving. He comes over to Caine, grabbing him and slowly pulling the man up. He positions Caine for a DDT, since he doesn’t need leg strength, and tries dropping backwards. However, Caine blocks it by hanging onto the ropes, sending Santana down on his own! Caine then reaches down, grabbing hold of Santana’s legs and dropping backwards, using the slingshot effect to send Santana crashing into the nearby turnbuckle!!! Santana slumps there, stunned, as Caine struggles to his feet, almost falling back down due to fatigue. He comes after Santana, grabbing him from behind and setting him further up on the ‘buckle. Caine then grabs Santana’s back and leaps off, pulling him off the ‘buckle and landing a Super Backstabber!!!! The fans are in shock, even as Caine struggles back to the turnbuckle, climbing up once more on his own shaky legs. This time, Santana can’t move, as Caine leaps off and lands the Sugar Caine!!! Mitchell makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Scott Caine!!

Logan: Caine retains, after a tremendous match!

Jones: Santana put up a great fight, but it just wasn’t meant to be tonight. I’d love to see these two meet again, though, once Santana’s leg heals up a little better!

Logan: Yeah, it was clearly bothering him, and Caine took advantage of that. At least this time, we can say he earned a victory!

*Caine grabs up the Television Title from Mitchell, showing it to the crowd, even as Santana moves himself to the side, still holding his leg while trying to recover. As Caine climbs the turnbuckle on the other side, raising the title towards the still-booing fans, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm begins to play! Caine stops in his tracks, wearily looking towards the entrance, where the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, is coming out!*

Logan: We have a surprise visit from the Prez!

Jones: Why is the Accelerator coming out here?

*The Accelerator has a mic in his hand, as he stops on the ramp, looking towards the ring. He claps for a few seconds, acknowledging Caine’s win.*

The Accelerator: Congratulations, Scott. I didn’t know if you had it in you to win here tonight. Neither did these fans.

*Caine can be seen in the ring, pointing to himself, then the title, gloating about still being the champion.*

The Accelerator: I don’t want to interrupt your celebrating, but I had some news to pass on to you. It’s one of those “Good News/Bad News” situations.

*Caine waves his arms, wanting the Accelerator to get to the point. The President, however, is taking his time.*

The Accelerator: The good news is, I’ve decided to be nice to you, Scott. For one week, you’re not going to have to defend the Television Title. Next week, you’re getting the week off.

*The crowd isn’t exactly pleased with that, although Caine certainly looks like he is.*

Jones: A week off? But, doesn’t the Television Title have to be defended every week??

Logan: Well, apparently not when Ace says it doesn’t, Jonesy.

The Accelerator: Of course, then there’s the bad news… the reason you’re getting off next week, is so that you won’t have any excuses when it comes to the person you’re going to be defending against at Heat Wave. You see, I found you an opponent that has some personal stake in your title hopes.

*The crowd starts to cheer, as suddenly “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory begins to play! Dangerous Dan walks out, still looking a little sweaty from his earlier match, although he has a big smile on his face. Caine can be seen in the ring, rapidly shaking his head “No”, yelling something towards the President about Dan’s eligibility.*

Jones: Wait, I thought Dan had lost his title opportunity, thanks to Caine walking away from their match!

Logan: I thought so too. Apparently, Caine thinks the same, as he is going nuts in that ring!

*Caine looks furious, kicking at the ropes. Meanwhile, with Dangerous Dan standing next to him, the Accelerator raises his hand, giving the “calm down” signal.*

The Accelerator: Whoa, boyo. Chill out, take a deep breath. You’ve misunderstood. Dangerous Dan is NOT your opponent at Heat Wave. He’s got bigger fish to fry there.

Jones: Dan’s not the opponent? But then, why’s he here?

*Caine, nodding as if to say this is the right decision, seems to calm down. However, the Accelerator is not done.*

The Accelerator: No, Dangerous Dan is here to introduce said opponent. Dan?

*Ace hands the mic over to Dan, who takes it with a grin, looking towards his rival.*

Dangerous Dan: So, Caine, you want my TV Title records? You’re going to have to earn them. Because you’re facing a former World Tag-Team Champion, my brother, Crazy Chris!!

*The crowd goes wild as “Mental Health” by Zebrahead explodes through the speakers. Crazy Chris, mask and all, walks out for the first time in months onto the GCWA stage, giving Dan a brotherly hug before looking back towards his opponent. Caine looks to be in shock, sagging on the ropes, even as Crazy Chris points to the screaming fans.*

Logan: Crazy Chris is returning to active competition at Heat Wave?? Awesome!!

Jones: I guess he’s recovered enough from that long hospital stay. But is he in good enough competition to take the Television Title from Caine??

Logan: I guess we’re going to find out!!

*The Danger Boiz, reunited for the first time since Capital Punishment, salute the fans, even as the Accelerator walks away towards the back. Caine’s face, showing the disgust and anger that he has for Dangerous Dan and his family, is the last thing shown, just before we go to another commercial break.*

*Our screens fade into the streets of Amsterdam. Private investigator, Lamar Loper, can be seen standing outside a local Hash Bar establishment. He speaks.*

Lamar Loper: Hello again, everyone, I'm Private Investigator, Lamar Loper and I am still in search of Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill. When searching for two people who are lost in an entire city, it's important to look in places where the two missing individuals might have a vested interest. Thus, I'm here in at one of Amsterdam's more popular Hash Bars, most notably for the attractive women who frequent it's humble abode...let's go inside to see if we can pick up any clues!

*Loper slowly enters the Hash Bar and looks around. He spots a very attractive waitress, standing at the cash register. He walks up to her, quietly.*

Lamar Loper: Excuse me!

*The waitress is caught off guard and screams, throwing her pad and pen in the air and slapping Loper in the face. Loper staggers back, as he does, two huge bodyguards come out of nowhere and grab him by the arms. They start to drag him out, as he tries to get a few questions in.*

Lamar Loper: Guys! Guys! Have you seen Derek Mobley or Warrick Hill??

*They don't respond as they kick the front door open...Loper pulls out a picture of the duo from their ICWF days, wearing the tag team gold.*

Lamar Loper: See, here they are! Couple of good looking Ameriiiiiii....aaaahhhh!!

*Loper is sent reeling onto the concrete pavement, landing on his left shoulder with the side of his head bouncing off the ground...he is slow to get up. One of the bodyguards looks at Loper's picture of the House of Pain and starts to rip it up. As he does, he speaks.*

Bodyguard: You Americans are all alike...you come here and cause a disturbance, just like they did...

*The Bodyguard tosses the ripped pieces of the photo in the air and watch as they are blown, scattering apart, into the street. Loper is on his feet now, rotating his shoulder, trying to loosen it up...something registers.*

Lamar Loper: Wait a minute...they caused a disturbance as well...and, knowing Warrick, like I think I do...or have at least been told, never met the guy personally...he wouldn't take being thrown out too kindly...I bet they got arrested! I have a CLUE!! Sure, it's not like realizing the Candlestick in the Kitchen, but it's a clue nonetheless...stay tuned, GCWA, for Lamar Loper is HOT on the trail!!

*Loper realizes his one and only photo is scattered across the street...he turns and runs, trying to recover all the torn pieces of the photo...as he does, cars honk at him, swerve to miss and yell obscenities...we head back to ringside.*

Logan: The quest continues, although I don’t think it’s going as smoothly as Loper was hoping for.

Jones: I thought Amsterdam was a friendlier place than that.

Logan: Apparently Hill & Mobley rubbed them the wrong way. I wonder where Loper thinks they went next.

Jones: I guess we’ll have to find out next week. For now we’ve got a title on the line in our main event!

Minos: It is now time for the main event of the evening. This next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship!

*The fans are always up for a great title match, as they cheer Minos’ announcement. The powerful announcer waits for the crowd to die down, and then continues.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger. He has recently made his return to the GCWA and is on a successful roll of wins, leading him to this opportunity today. Standing 6’4” and weighing 223 lbs, from Atlanta, Georgia, representing Organized Chaos, here is Jobe Severity!

*Severity walks out of the back to a negative reaction from the crowd, who remember what happened with Dangerous Dan the week before. Severity, though, seems to forgive the crowd, for they know not what they do. He walks piously down the aisle, preparing himself mentally for the battle ahead.*

Jones: Severity apparently spent his time over the past week building himself a church, or, in his words, a ‘temple’.

Logan: Gotta at least admire the guy’s faith. I mean, if I had been falsely accused of a terrible crime, gone through what he did in jail, then have to battle against the threat of cancer, I might not be as able to put things behind me.

Jones: Severity made a huge statement last week, reuniting the members of Organized Chaos. Tonight, though, is a personal battle for Jobe, as he has to fight without any back-up to the Presidential decree.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is the leader of the Roman Empire, and the #1 Contender to the GCWA World Heavyweight Title… standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr!

*As expected, the most negative reaction of the night is for Lurrr, who takes it all in with a bright smile on his face. With “Cocky” by Kid Rock playing behind him, Lurrr walks down the ramp towards the squared circle. He’s in pretty good spirits, as evidenced by the fact that he has two titles wrapped around his arms. One is earned, one is not.*

Jones: I can’t believe that Lurrr is bringing the World Title out here with him like he earned it!

Logan: He’s using it like a trophy, Jonesy, showing off what he did to Ka’Derrion earlier tonight. Still, the World Title isn’t on the line here. This one’s all about the IC Title!

Jones: Lurrr’s really smiling a lot, isn’t he? Is he that happy about stealing the belt?

Logan: Well, there’s that, then there’s the fact that Lurrr found out that the baby that has his genes is going to be a boy.

Jones: Another Lurrr? Damn.

Logan: My sentiments exactly.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: It’s strange to see these two out here without their back-up, especially seeing Lurrr without Mathis. Those guys have been impossible to separate.

Logan: That just means we’ve got a fair fight tonight, and I am loving that!

*Lurrr and Severity meet in the center of the ring, with Lurrr putting out some trash-talk, while Severity just smiles, letting him talk. Lurrr, tired of getting so response, responds to violence, smacking Severity hard across the face with an open fist! Severity shakes off the hit, then comes back with one of his own, an eye for an eye, if you will. The two men start exchanging shots back and forth, getting the crowd a little more involved as the fighting intensifies. Lurrr manages to take control first, landing several punches in a row, driving Severity back into the ropes. Lurrr then grabs his arm, sending Severity, no, reversal, Lurrr’s the one running to the other side. He comes back, with Severity dropping his head to backdrop him, but Lurrr counters by grabbing the head on the run and spinning with a neckbreaker, driving Severity down!*

Jones: Lurrr gets in the first serious shot in what is sure to be a war between these two!

Logan: This is a real test for Severity, who only made his return a few weeks ago after recovering from a fortunately-treatable form of cancer. Severity earned his shot here tonight with his win over Dangerous Dan, but Lurrr has a ton of wrestling experience on his side.

Jones: He’s also got the champion’s advantage, meaning that he doesn’t necessarily have to win here in order to keep the belt.

*Lurrr has Severity up now, getting in a couple more forearm shots to keep him dazed. Lurrr then locks him up, snapping him over with a suplex, then hanging on and adding two more, keeping up the assault. With Severity hurting, Lurrr grabs for his legs, taunting the man, before starting to turn him into a submission. But Severity kicks him away, knowing many ways on how to escape a submission hold like that. Lurrr gets right back up, but Severity is up as well, grabbing Lurrr by the head and slamming it down into Severity’s knee! Lurrr staggers away, a hand to his head. He goes to the corner, but Severity follows, going old-school by slamming Lurrr’s head repeatedly into the turnbuckle pads, with 4 shots into the top one, 3 into the middle one, then 3 more at the bottom, before throwing Lurrr aside, completely stunned. Severity bows his head at the ‘buckle, finishing the maneuver to a small cheer from the fans, before going back after the champion.*

Logan: Preacher on a rampage!

Jones: It’s definitely weird, hearing the crowd cheer for Severity, but obviously Lurrr is the most hated of the two.

Logan: The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Jones: In a way, yes.

*Lurrr starts to get up, trying to maneuver away, but Severity is already behind him, putting his intensive knowledge of technical maneuvers to work by applying a million dollar dream submission hold!! Lurrr, a shocked look on his face, immediately reaches for the ropes, but Severity’s already moving him away, towards the center of the ring! Head referee Mark Bell moves in, watching, while Lurrr fights to get free. He looks around, as if glancing for Mathis, temporarily forgetting that the man’s not in his corner. Lurrr drops to a knee for a second, feeling the blood leaving his head, as Severity keeps the grip on tight. But Lurrr comes back up, desperately calling on all his strength. He shoves backwards, completely out of control, but taking Severity with them as they smash into the corner!! Both men topple forward, with Severity releasing the hold. Lurrr shakes his head, crawling away towards the ropes, as Severity uses the turnbuckle pads.*

Jones: Lurrr almost got caught there, but found a way out.

Logan: Yeah, I’ll give him credit. He’s on his own here, but he’s putting up a good fight, for sure. Severity might need a different game plan here to win.

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. The sleeper hold almost worked, and now Lurrr’s lost some of his energy. The game plan doesn’t seem that shabby to me.

*Severity is up first, coming up behind Lurrr and pulling him all the way up. Lurrr ‘thanks’ him by jabbing him in the eyes, blinding him. Lurrr follows that up by picking Severity up onto a shoulder and taking a few steps forward, before dropping him with a running powerslam!! Severity flops on the ground, with Lurrr moving in for the cover… 1… 2… Severity manages to kick out. Lurrr, annoyed, looks over at head referee Bell, then pulls Severity up by the hair, possibly yanking out a few strands along the way. He glares at Severity, talking to him again as he takes him across the ring. He then launches Severity over the ropes, sending the older man crashing off the apron to the floor!!! Lurrr gestures at Bell to count, while Lurrr goes to a neutral corner to wait.*

Logan: Man! Lurrr just disposed of Severity like a bag of garbage!

Jones: That was a hard landing that Severity took. Without the rest of Organized Chaos here to help him up, this might be the end of the match right here!

*The fans are torn, not knowing exactly what they want to happen here. Lurrr is waiting impatiently, wanting the count to go a little faster, as Bell does his duty. As the referee gets to 7, Severity suddenly reappears, mumbling under his breath a bible scripture. He reaches out and gets the ropes, hauling himself upwards and back into the ring, beating the count! There’s a good-sized cheer, showing that many fans have made up their minds on who to root for. Lurrr isn’t pleased. He comes in, stomping away on Severity’s exposed back. With the former preacher in trouble, Lurrr hauls him up, dragging him to the corner. He locks up Severity’s arms, twisting him around and delivering a kill switch!! Severity’s down, as Lurrr heads for the turnbuckle, climbing slowly up. He mocks the crowd, not caring what they think as he leaps off with a flying elbow… that Severity dodges, rolling away!! Lurrr cradles his hurting arm, while Severity tries to get himself back to his feet.*

Jones: This is Severity’s chance!

Logan: He needs to launch a major assault with everything he’s got while Lurrr is down. He’s definitely still got a good opportunity to become the Intercontinental Champion!

*Lurrr tries to rise back up, shaking his arm out. Severity’s there first, though, kicking Lurrr in the stomach, then lifting him up and delivering a side suplex! Lurrr is down, dazed, while Severity reaches down to grab him, but then reconsiders his moves. He thinks it over, then steps over Lurrr, reaching for the man’s legs!! The Organized Chaos member turns the leader of the Roman Empire over, stepping through his legs and locking in the King James Version!! However, Lurrr, knowing what was coming, scrambled quickly, grabbing hold of the ropes before the move was fully locked in, saving himself! Referee Bell demands the break, confusing Severity, who looks back behind him to see what Lurrr is doing. For the first time showing some frustration, Severity reluctantly drops the hold, not wanting to be disqualified when he is this close to victory.*

Logan: Severity almost had Lurrr there, but the veteran was pretty quick to find a way to escape.

Jones: Yep, that was a big mistake on Severity’s part. He should have dragged Lurrr to the center of the ring first.

Logan: Well, it’s not over yet!

*Severity gets up, glancing back at Lurrr, who is leaning on the ropes while on his knees. Severity comes in, grabbing the Intercontinental Champion by the head and pulling him off the ground. Lurrr reacts with an elbow shot to the gut, though, sending Severity stumbling backwards. Lurrr spins, taking a big swing, which sails over the ducking Severity’s head. Severity uses the moment, coming in on the off-balance Lurrr and grabbing his head for the Blasphemy!! He drops, but Lurrr doesn’t drop with him, managing to block it before he went down! Now Severity’s off-balance, and Lurrr then follows that up with a step and a kick, landing the Wake Up Call!!!!! Severity is down!! But that’s apparently not enough for Lurrr, who heads for the corner, climbing up. The fans are booing heavily, knowing what’s coming and also knowing there’s nothing they can do to prevent it. Lurrr quickly leaps off, springing his body in the air with the Last Call!! He lands perfectly on Severity, smashing him into the canvas!! The ref counts… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr!

Jones: Lurrr did it, retaining his title! The Roman Empire triumphs, at least tonight!

Logan: I hate the guy, but I’ll admit it, he did it without any major cheating or interference. He had a lot of control in this match.

Jones: Severity will just have to wait for another opportunity in the future. For now, Lurrr holds all the cards.

Logan: Worse than that, Lurrr’s holding a microphone!

Jones: Uh oh!

*Lurrr gets the two titles, wrapping them around his arms. The crowd is truly upset now, seeing Lurrr gloating with the stolen World Title in his hands. Lurrr puts one of the belts on his shoulder, then gets the mic up.*

Lurrr: Another victory for the good guys!

*The crowd is still booing, but Lurrr is back in a pretty good mood.*

Lurrr: I proved tonight that I can win wherever I want, whenever I want. And you know what I want? I want this.

*Lurrr raises up the World Title in his other hand, earning more complaints from the crowd.*

Lurrr: Ka’Derrion, you don’t know what the hell you’re getting into. I’m not even going to need three matches to beat you. It’s going to be the worst main event in GCWA history, because it’ll be over like that! Everything I’ve done in the GCWA leads up to this moment, when this belt goes to the rightful champion. The man who beat you 1-2-3.

*The audience doesn’t really want to relive that particular incident, but Lurrr isn’t listening. He looks over at his Intercontinental Title.*

Lurrr: No other belt compares to the World Title. Tonight, I didn’t win to defend the IC belt. I won to prove that I could. As for this, well, I’ve got the belt I want now. Who needs this one?

*Lurrr turns and chucks the IC Title, sending it sliding under the roeps and out of the ring!! The fans are booing even harder, as Lurrr raises up the World Title once more.*

Jones: Wait a second, did Lurrr just… did he just vacate the Intercontinental Title??

Logan: That’s crazy! The World Title isn’t even his yet!

*Lurrr walks to the ropes, getting back on the mic.*

Lurrr: It’s so painfully obvious, Marcus. You aren’t going to beat me. I’m going to win the World Title. The belt is all but mine now. So, since they’re going to make me drop the belt anyway WHEN I win, there’s no point in keeping it around any longer. It’s all about this gold, Marcus. The gold in my hands, where it’s going to stay!

*As Lurrr turns away from the ropes, smiling, “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play! The fans erupt as Marcus Ka’Derrion comes out of the back, holding his side but moving determinedly towards the ring!*

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion has come to reclaim his rightful gold!!

Logan: No way, man! The guy’s badly hurt, he shouldn’t be out here!

*The crowd seems to suddenly agree, reaching higher excitement levels as they scream at Marcus. The champion doesn’t listen, grabbing hold of the ropes to pull himself up. However, the fans weren’t screaming because of him. They were yelling because of Rick Mathis, who runs up and hits Marcus from behind!! Marcus winces in pain, as Mathis opts to slide Marcus in under the ropes, where Lurrr is waiting!! He stomps away on the World Champion, aiming for the ribcage with every shot!*

Jones: It was a set-up!!

Logan: Lurrr was baiting Marcus to come out the whole time, just so he could get in some more damage!!

*Marcus is crawling away, trying to get to his feet. Lurrr lets him rise, then raises up the World Title, bringing it in and smashing it across Marcus’ face!!! The World Champion crumples to the ground, still with his arms clutched around his chest. Lurrr, moving away, goes back to grab the mic where he tossed it, even as Mathis applauds from the outside. Lurrr signals to Mathis, who reaches under the ring, pulling out a chair and sliding it in!!*

Lurrr: I knew… I knew you couldn’t resist, Marcus… you stupid fool… you just made sure I get your belt for real…

*Lurrr drops the title next to Ka’Derrion, leaving it there while he goes and gets the chair, coming back with it. Ka’Derrion is already trying to recover, even after the head shot, but he’s got no protection as Lurrr swings the chair, crashing it across his side!!! Ka’Derrion screams, an awful sound, and Lurrr repositions to do it again. However, GCWA Security is on the way, with Titan 3 leading the charge, so Lurrr opts to turn and depart, walking away with Mathis. He’s still got the mic.*

Lurrr: Your hero is no more, suckers. Time to find a new one.

*Lurrr throws down the mic and walks away, laughing with Mathis. Titan 3 checks on Marcus, who appears to be in a really bad way.*

Logan: Jesus!! The World Champion… he might be out of commission!

Jones: Where does this put the World Title match at Heat Wave?? Will Ka’Derrion be able to compete??

Logan: I don’t know, but we’re apparently way over our time, so we’ve got to go!

Jones: Now???

Logan: Yes, now!! See you next week!!

*The cameras zoom in on Ka’Derrion, who is holding his side and groaning. The stretcher is already on its way down for him. Titan 3 moves to the side, picking up the World Title, looking at it, then bringing it over to the champ, making sure that he gets to take it with him. Ka’Derrion’s face is awash with agony as he’s placed on the stretcher. The picture slowly fades out.*

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- Shane Donovan vs. Robert Santana

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