*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is cheering as always, with many of them dressed in official GCWA merchandise, from The Lost Soul t-shirts to Dangerous Dan headwraps. The cameras focus on one sign, which reads “I’ll Date Harvey Danger!” Unfortunately, the sign is held by an elderly woman, but the thought is still there. The camera moves on, heading towards the announce table, where Jones & Logan are waiting.*

Jones: You’ve reached the right channel once again! Welcome to Friday Night Inferno! We’re currently on the Road To Heat Wave, and that road is starting to really burn up!

Logan: You said it, Jonesy! The Marcus Ka’Derrion/Lurrr World Title match has been officially put on the card, which will be an unbelievable main event several months in the making! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; what other great bouts will we have?

Jones: Well, you can be certain that the X Division Title will be on the line. The question, though, is who will be holding it? In our main event tonight, The Lost Soul defends his newly won title for the first time, putting it on the line against Harvey Danger! Danger recently was given a ‘title’ by D & D, and apparently had been brought into the fold of the tag-team, for reasons known only to Donovan & Draco. What effect will those two men have on our main event?

Logan: Well, if they choose to get involved, there’s nothing a referee can do to stop them. Earlier this week, The Lost Soul made the challenge, making tonight’s match under “Xtreme” rules! That means that weapons are allowed, falls count anywhere, and there are no disqualifications!

Jones: What are we thinking, giving this match away for free??

Logan: Pretty crazy, right? We’ve also got the Television Title on the line, as Scott Caine will continue his quest to overtake Dangerous Dan’s records by defending the belt against 3rd-generation superstar, Ace Aldridge!

Jones: And that’s not all! We’ve also got a #1 Contender’s Match, a bout featuring our World Heavyweight Champion going against the Roman Empire, the Big Bifford in action, and more! It’s going to be a great night!

Logan: Hell yeah! And I can’t wait to get started!

Jones: Well, fortunately, you don’t have to, Anthony. Minos, start us off!

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Coming to the ring, he is making his debut in the GCWA here tonight, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*There aren’t many cheers or boos for the newcomer, although his scary facepaint certainly grabs their attention. Arachne comes down to the ring with “Wana” by the Black Horn playing behind him. He enters, turning towards referee Trixie, who backs off a step from him.*

Logan: I think we can safely say that Arachne’s going to be a strange addition to the GCWA.

Jones: At least we’re expanding our international base with guys like him!

Logan: Yeah, but can he compete with someone like The Big Bifford? That’s the big question…

Minos: His opponent continues to build his legacy in the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, with his manager, Martin Ka’Berryon, here is The Big Bifford!

*The crowd gives a good cheer as “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio begins to play. The Big Bifford quickly appears out of the back, grinning at the fans. He is followed by Ka’Berryon, who hands out a few bags to audience members. You can only guess that shrimp is in the bags, although the question is, has it been cooked? Bifford & Ka’Berryon head for the ring, as Arachne waits for them.*

Jones: I think the Big Bifford is developing a tan.

Logan: The scary thing is, you know there are some women out there who are going to find him attractive now.

Jones: Bifford better watch out for those stalkers. They’re dangerous. They even came after me once.

Logan: Those sick freaks.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Bifford talks with Ka’Berryon, apparently happy that the man across from him in no way resembles Spider-Man. Ka’Berryon encourages Bifford, with Arachne hovering nearby. The face-painted man steps towards Ka’Berryon, apparently with an angry snarl on his face, causing Ka’Berryon to almost bounce as he jumps quickly off the apron. Bifford raises an eyebrow towards Arachne, who is moving back and forth, not staying in one place for very long. Bifford heads towards him, trying to grab his arm, only to have Arachne roll to the side, out of range. Arachne glares towards Bifford, then sticks out his tongue… which is colored green. Bifford steps back, somewhat alarmed, while Arachne goes back to the ropes.*

Jones: This guy is officially creeping me out.

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. There’s something there. I think this kid might actually have potential.

Jones: Are you kidding? He looks like he’s on drugs!

Logan: Even better!

*Bifford, getting some courage back thanks to a pep talk from Ka’Berryon (who stays far away while giving it), begins to move forward again, waving Arachne forward. Arachne, though, moves away from him, still refusing to lock up. Referee Thomas Mitchell, already annoyed at being the ref of the opening match, shouts at Arachne, telling him to get into the bout. Bifford takes this moment to jog forward, catching Arachne in the corner. However, Arachne darts up the turnbuckle, climbing it like a monkey and flipping backwards, landing behind Bifford!! Before the surprised Bifford can react, Arachne attacks, jumping on his back and attacking, raking away at him!!! Bifford, panicking, starts scrambling along the ropes, with Arachne staying in a piggyback position, an arm wrapped around Bifford’s throat!*

Logan: Oh, man, Arachne’s got control!! We could be seeing a monumental upset here!

Jones: It was clear coming into this one that Bifford wasn’t exactly taking this match too seriously. Could that be the biggest mistake of his wrestling career?

*Bifford clings to the ropes, hanging on, even as Arachne continues to apply a version of a sleeper hold to the big man. However, referee Mitchell comes over, verbally calling for the break and counting to 4 before grabbing Arachne’s arm, getting him off. Bifford leans on the ropes, out of breath, while Mitchell angrily tells Arachne that he has to follow orders in the GCWA. Arachne turns away from Mitchell, apparently wanting to go right back on the attack, but Mitchell grabs his arm, not through talking to him. Arachne spins, though, and spits, sending a green mist into Mitchell’s face!!! Mitchell falls backwards, blinded, screaming in pain from the blast. The fans, having actually enjoyed that, give a small cheer for Arachne, who hops over the downed referee and rushes at Bifford… who catches him and delivers a side slam!! Arachne shudders in pain, while Bifford looks over at Mitchell, seeing his green-painted face and apparently wondering if what Arachne has is contagious.*

Jones: Mitchell’s down, but so is Arachne!

Logan: Bifford used that moment of distraction to take the newcomer down… and once Bifford is able to get his hands on you, you’re in some serious trouble!

Jones: Yeah, but Anthony, we don’t have a referee!

Logan: So? Let ‘em fight!

*Arachne gets a helping hand up from Bifford, who is proceeding cautiously. He tosses Arachne into the corner, then runs in after him, giving him an avalanche in the corner! Arachne slumps, crushed, as Bifford then proceeds to lock the smaller man up, lifting him in the air and getting a vertical suplex! Bifford shows his strength, walking while still holding the move, before dropping back and delivering the final impact. Bifford then makes the cover, grabbing the leg. No count comes, though, as Mitchell is still down, blinded. Bifford goes over towards Mitchell, nudging him with his foot, while keeping his distance, but Mitchell doesn’t get up. Meanwhile, behind Bifford, Arachne is slowly getting to his feet. He grabs the ropes for support, while staring over at Bifford with pain in his eyes. Bifford, seemingly feeling the stare, slowly turns around, looking back over his shoulder. Arachne smiles, a strange look given the mixture of paints on his face.*

Logan: Oh, man… run away, Biff!

Jones: Arachne took a few heavy-duty moves, but he’s enjoying it! Holy crap!

*Bifford is now the one on the defensive, moving into his corner, even as Arachne prepares to charge him. With Mitchell slowly rising, getting to his hands and knees, Arachne uses the ref once again, running forward and springing off of him for distance. He flies in towards Bifford, who reaches up, catching Arachne and throwing him overhead!! But Arachne turns his body, landing on the top turnbuckle, an astonishing act of acrobatics! Martin Ka’Berryon, on the outside, shouts a warning to his man, with Bifford spinning around just as Arachne jumps off, soaring towards Bifford with a kamikaze yell! Bifford reacts, though, catching Arachne and spinning him around with a powerslam that shakes the ring!!! Arachne is down and hurting, but Bifford’s taking no chances this time. He reaches down, pulling up Arachne and setting him for the Biff End! He lifts Arachne up and drops him with the maneuver, even as head referee Mark Bell suddenly appears, sliding in the ring! Bifford makes the pin, with Bell hitting the mat… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Big Bifford!

Logan: Wow! Just like that, it was over!

Jones: I think Bifford wasn’t messing around anymore. He wanted this match over with!

Logan: Well, he certainly got what he wanted. Another win for Bifford, while, unfortunately, Arachne’s beginning in the GCWA starts off a little rocky.

Jones: I wonder if the President is going to fine him for attacking a referee?

Logan: Normally I’d say yes, but this is Mitchell we’re talking about. Ace is probably too busy laughing to issue a fine!

*The Big Bifford has already left the ring, conferring with Ka’Berryon as they head up the rampway. Behind them, referee Bell reluctantly checks on Mitchell, who is trying to use his shirt to clear away some of the green paint still in his eyes. On the other side, surprisingly, Arachne has sat up, although he’s clearly showing a little pain from the blast he just took. He looks around, then rolls under the ropes, leaving the ring. Ka’Berryon, noticing that Arachne is moving again, pushes Bifford to move faster, wanting to get away before anything else happens. As they depart, we head backstage, where star interviewer Cynthia Hall is with another wrestling superstar.*

Cynthia Hall: Hello, GCWA fans! This is Cynthia Hall, and I am here with the two-time former GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*The crowd gives a good pop for Dan, who nods to Cynthia. He’s already dressed for combat, as his match is coming up pretty soon.*

Cynthia Hall: Dan, last week you received your rematch against the NEW Television Champion Scott Caine, and many say that you had the match won until Caine intentionally got himself counted out. After the match he came back out and said that you would never get a title shot against him again. What are your thoughts?

Dangerous Dan: Well Cynthia, last week Scott knew I had his number, and unfortunately he found a way out. I had Scott beat and he knew it. Every single time Scott and I have faced off against each other, he has tried to cheat in order to win. Just like he did when he won the Television title from me. He claims that he will beat my records and become the greatest Television Champion of all time. Well Scott good luck with that. Now as far as me never getting a title shot as long as he is champion, that’s okay. I have my eyes set on bigger gold.

Cynthia Hall: Speaking of bigger gold, you have your chance at becoming the number one contender for either the Intercontinental or X Division Championship when you face off against Jobe Severity. Some people have said that you are the underdog, and stand no chance against someone like Jobe.

Dangerous Dan: It’s the story of my life, Cynthia. I have always been considered the underdog. Many of the guys in the back don’t consider me a threat or potential competition. They assume I am an easy target. Well, Jobe will be the first on my list to prove wrong. Then when I am done with Jobe, I will be facing one of two champions. I can face The Lost Soul for the X Division title or face the number one contender for the World Heavyweight title and reigning Intercontinental Champion, Lurrr. Now both men are great competitors, but they have never faced Dangerous Dan. I dominated the Television Title division, and boys I am going to do the same with you. Lurrr, TLS, my name is Dangerous Dan, and I will be seeing you soon.

*Dan turns and heads away from the camera, even as Cynthia, smiling, looks after him. She is still looking as the picture fades out, taking us to our first commercial break.*

*We return from the break in the Presidential office, where the Accelerator is sitting, frustrated, at his desk. He looks up as the camera moves, showing us the man standing in front of his desk: the GCWA X Division Champion, The Lost Soul! The crowd cheers for one of their favorites, even as Ace starts to speak.*

The Accelerator: Look, I understand you’re pissed, and you have every right to be. I mean, your tag-team partner got put in the hospital, and who knows when Steve Wilson’s going to be back? But I’ve already asked Titan 3 to look into the issue and figure out what happened, and he doesn’t need you running around interfering in his investigation.

*The Lost Soul leans forward onto the desk, staring at the President before speaking.*

The Lost Soul: Sometimes evil men feel like they can get away with murder. They do not realize that their sinister deeds will catch up to them. They do not see what is coming their way, but I do. I see the future, and for them, it is bleak.

The Accelerator: … So you’re going to investigate anyway. Fine. Just try not to cause me any more of a headache than I already have.

*The Lost Soul turns and leaves the room without another word, as the Accelerator sighs and leans back in his chair.*

The Accelerator: Damn.

*The Accelerator sighs, then reaches over to grab the phone to make a call. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: So The Lost Soul is going to look into the assault on Steve Wilson? Good for him!

Logan: Yeah, man, I gotta say, I’ve known “PIC” Steve Wilson for a while, and I certainly want whoever attacked him to pay for what they’ve done.

Jones: I’m all for that. Of course, it won’t be easy, as there does not seem to be any leads in the case.

Logan: No leads, but plenty of suspects, and you know who my #1 guy is…

Jones: Yes, I do. Lurrr would definitely have something to gain by taking Wilson out. But we’ll see where The Lost Soul’s investigation takes him. Right now, we’ve got a “#1 Contenders” Match to get to!

Logan: Ahhh, right! I’m looking forward to this one!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a #1 Contenders Match for a championship to be determined! First, making his way down the aisle with his ally, Super Creep, he is a former preacher who is seeking to move towards his first gold with the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 223 lbs, from Atlanta, Georgia, here is Jobe Severity!

*The fans are sending some boos Jobe’s way as he comes down with Super Creep. “Day That Never Comes” by Metallica plays behind the two men, fitting with their style. Severity takes a moment to apparently bless a child in the front row, or at least try to, as the child quickly runs away to his father, who glares in Severity’s direction. Severity, unmoved, heads towards the ring instead.*

Jones: Severity had a major reunion this past week, meeting up with his son, a former WWR wrestler named Israel Callahan.

Logan: Severity has a son? A son old enough to be a wrestler? And he’s a former preacher?

Jones: Emphasis on former, Anthony.

Logan: Man, first Bifford, then Severity. The sons are popping up everywhere! Who’s next?

Jones: Well, I guess that depends on what secrets you’re keeping, partner.

Logan: Me? A father? Hah! Although there was that one girl…..

Minos: His opponent has held several titles in the GCWA, including two reigns as the GCWA Television Champion and one run as a co-holder of the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. Standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*The audience is cheering with Dangerous Dan’s appearance, as he walks out through the curtains to “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory. Dan points in the air, showing off a black armband that he’s wearing on his wrist. He looks up, as if viewing someone looking down towards him, then continues on his way to the ring.*

Jones: Tragedy struck this past week, when Dangerous Dan’s cousin, Brian, was apparently killed in a freak tornado that hit Las Vegas. Our prayers go out to his family.

Logan: Yeah, man, that’s awful. I need to talk to Dan, get him to go meet this priest I know. He’s really good at this sort of thing.

Jones: He’s good at counseling him through the trials of grief and depression?

Logan: What? Hell no! He’s good at breaking evil curses! Let’s face it, man, Dan’s had one bad week after another! His brother got hospitalized, his mother got kidnapped, he lost the Television Title, and now his cousins are dying? Dude, we need to get rid of that voodoo, stat!

Jones: I’m not sure that even deserves a response…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Severity and Dangerous Dan walk towards each other, with referee Trixie Anderson signaling for them to begin. Both look confident, expecting to move on tonight as a #1 Contender. They start to lock up, but Dan darts around Severity instead, getting a grip around his midsection. Severity fights against the grip of his opponent, managing to break Dan’s grip before he can lock in anything. He grabs Dan’s wrist and twists, turning around and wrenching the smaller man’s arm. Dan groans in pain, but quickly readjusts himself by doing a backflip, putting his arm back to normal. Before Severity can readjust, Dan comes in close and twists, managing to flip Severity over him with a toss! Severity gets right back up, but Dan comes in quick, catching the off-balance wrestler and pulling him to the ground with a roll-up! Severity fights desperately, kicking his legs, as Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… and Severity manages to get loose.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s striking quick tonight. He wants to get this win and move on to where he thinks he belongs, up in the higher divisions.

Logan: Yeah. Severity’s got the same problem he had last week. He’s got the experience edge, but he’s facing an opponent with incredible speed. In fact, I’d say Dan’s faster than Robert Santana. Severity needs to combat that with a ground game, wearing the speedy wrestler down.

Jones: Yep, Severity can’t try to compete with Dan’s agility. He needs to slow him down.

*Severity isn’t doing much better, as a quick swing misses, allowing Dangerous Dan to sweep Severity’s legs, sending him falling face-first into the ropes! With Severity dangling there, Dan runs in, coming around for a 619 attempt! But Severity dodges it, ducking to the side. Dan spins around, landing himself on the apron. He dodges another Severity clothesline attempt, and then grabs an unsteady Severity from behind, dropping off the apron and causing Severity to spring his back off the ropes and flip forwards to the mat! With Severity down, Dan climbs back up on the apron, grabbing the ropes. He springs in the air, coming down for a springboard assault, but Severity raises both legs, causing Dan to fall right into them!! Dan collapses backwards, his body almost folding in half from the impact!*

Jones: Ouch! A painful mistake by Dangerous Dan early on!

Logan: Yeah, what the heck was that? Dan got a little careless, and the intelligent Jobe Severity suckered him right in!

Jones: Yep, that was exactly what Severity had to be hoping would happen.

*Severity is back on his feet now, pulling Dangerous Dan up. He twists Dan around, immediately placing the smaller wrestler into an abdominal stretch, working to wear the man down. Dangerous Dan is in agony, his spine being placed in positions that it was never meant to use. Referee Trixie stays close, wondering, but seemingly not anticipating a tap out. Severity doesn’t, either, as he only holds the submission for a few more seconds before releasing it, letting Dan fall to the ground. As soon as his opponent hits the ground, though, Severity leans over, grabbing hold of Dan’s legs! He struggles to twist around Dan, but the former TV Champion fights free, managing to kick Severity off and get to the ropes. On the outside, Super Creep comes close, but does nothing, as referee Trixie is watching him closely.*

Logan: Severity wasn’t messing around. He was already thinking of the King James Version that got him the win last week!

Jones: Dangerous Dan felt it coming, though, and was able to quickly escape. He needs to be very careful, as that move could really mean the end of this one.

Logan: Yeah, although I don’t know. Is Trixie acting a little differently to you, Jonesy?

Jones: Huh? Trixie? What do you mean?

Logan: Well, I mean, another thing that Jobe did this past week was to talk about how women were not equal to men, and should be silent in churches. He even quoted an old Bible verse. I wonder what Trixie thinks of that?

*Trixie is shown on camera, watching the action. She says something to Severity, possibly warning him of interfering while Dangerous Dan is in the ropes. Severity ignores her, though, grabbing Dan and pulling him free. But Dan suddenly comes alive, knocking Severity’s hands away and starting to slug away! The fans start cheering as Dan lands a few more punches, staggering the larger man. He runs backwards to the ropes and comes back, driving an elbow into Severity’s chest that almost knocks him over, but not quite. Dan opts to try again, going back to the ropes. As he returns this time, though, Severity is ready, catching Dan on his charge and dropping backwards, giving him a release German suplex!! Dan crashes hard to the mat, with Severity pulling himself up and going towards him to make the cover… 1… 2… and Dangerous Dan kicks out.*

Jones: Severity is really showing his experience edge so far, taking it to the former Television Champion.

Logan: Yeah, I think Severity has to be high on people’s lists for guys who shockingly haven’t held any gold in the GCWA. He’s come close a few times, especially when he nearly upset Derek Mobley early on in his GCWA career. Is he finally ready to take that next step?

Jones: Don’t count Dangerous Dan out yet, Anthony. Nothing’s over until the cute ref gets down on her knees.

Logan: ????

*Severity brings Dangerous Dan back to his feet, turning him around to apply a shoulder claw hold! Dan winces from the strain being placed on his neck, driving him to his knees, as Severity uses his leverage to intensify the maneuver. Severity has a peaceful look on his face, which mixes strangely with the upset attitude coming from the arena audience. They start chanting Dangerous Dan’s name, trying to inspire the fan favorite. Slowly, Dan starts to come around, struggling to rise up to his feet, even as Severity tries to hold him back. Dan makes it, though, swinging behind him to break up the hold! He turns towards Severity, moving Severity back with a couple of punches. Severity answers by going to the eyes, blinding his opponent! Dan, unable to see, blinks rapidly, with Severity coming in and grabbing him by the arm, whipping him towards the corner. As Severity follows him in, though, Dan jumps up on the turnbuckle, running up it on instinct and coming off with a Whisper In The Wind, crashing into the shocked Severity and putting both men on the canvas!!*

Logan: Severity didn’t see that one coming!

Jones: This could be Dangerous Dan’s big chance to turn things around and earn that #1 Contender’s spot!

Logan: C’mon, kid, earn that spot!

*Referee Trixie watches as Dan grabs at the ropes for leverage. Behind him, Severity is rising as well, a little dazed, but still moving fine. He turns, but Dan’s coming in, jumping up and sacrificing himself with a leaping reverse cross-body block, knocking Severity backwards! Dan gets back up, slowly building a head of steam, with the fans cheering his every move. He pulls up the taller wrestler and sends him into the corner, then follows, driving his shoulder into Severity’s ribs! With Severity in a lot of pain, Dan climbs up on the ‘buckle over him, punching away to the tune of a 10 count. Severity’s almost out of it from the abuse, exactly what Dan wants to see. He jumps up, getting his feet on Severity’s shoulders to spin him back with a hurricanrana! Dan then gets on top, making the cover as Trixie is there for the count… 1… 2… No! Severity does not stay down!*

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s in control, but he hasn’t been able to put Severity away yet!

Logan: He just has to keep hitting away. Eventually, one of those maneuvers will work!

*With Severity struggling to recover, Dangerous Dan heads high-risk again, climbing up the turnbuckle. He wastes no time coming off the ‘buckle, this time flying down with a double stomp onto Severity’s chest!! Severity coughs badly from the shot, rolling to his side, while a tired Dan stumbles away, then comes back to drop for the pin attempt… 1… 2… Severity kicks free again. Dan shakes his head and slowly gets up, moving to the side, as Severity tries to get to his feet. With Severity rising, Dan starts to come in, only to apparently get tripped up from the outside! Super Creep walks away, content to have distracted the man, as Dan glares out towards him. Severity, seeing an opening, charges at Dan from behind, nailing him in the back of the head with a shot! Dan bends over, in pain, as Severity grabs hold and throws him into the corner, then follows, lifting Dan up!*

Logan: What is Severity thinking here? He’s not a man who usually travels into the high-risk district!

Jones: Special matches call for extraordinary moments, Anthony! Severity’s seizing his opportunity to put Dangerous Dan away!

Logan: Yeah, an opportunity that Super Creep bought for him, damnit!

*Severity, unsteady on the middle rope, still manages to position Dangerous Dan into place, trying to set him up for a Superplex! He strains, but Dan holds on, refusing to let go of the ropes. Severity tries again, but no dice, as Dan throws a couple of punches, stunning the man! A third punch causes Severity to lose his balance and fall, dropping backwards to the canvas! Severity rolls over, struggling to get back up, as Dan goes even higher, getting to the top ‘buckle! The crowd is cheering as Dan raises his arms, waiting. As Severity reaches his feet and turns, Dan leaps skyward, flying in towards his foe…. and Severity reacts, grabbing him on the way down and landing the Blasphemy!!!!! Dan flips backwards, all the fight knocked out of him, as Severity pulls himself up and goes in for the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and a new #1 Contender, Jobe Severity!

Logan: Holy crap! I thought Dangerous Dan had him!

Jones: It didn’t work out that way, Anthony. Dan had his chance, but Severity beat him to the punch there at the end, proving that the Blasphemy is just as destructive as the King James Version!

Logan: So Jobe Severity has earned a shot at either the X Division Title or the Intercontinental Title! I wonder which one he’s going to pick?

Jones: We’ll find out eventually, I’m sure. For now, Dangerous Dan is going to have to wait a little longer for his opportunity, as Severity’s the one taking away his title shot.

*Severity walks away, looking towards the crowd, who are certainly not pleased at how things went down. Dangerous Dan, meanwhile, slowly pulls himself up, feeling a lot of pain in his jawline. He turns torward Jobe, shaking his head. As he does so, though, Super Creep suddenly enters behind him, clobbering Dan from behind!!*

Logan: What? Hey, guys, the match is over! You won!

Jones: Apparently that’s not good enough for Jobe, Anthony!

*Super Creep pulls Dan back up, raising his fist. But Dan fights back, stomping on Super Creep’s foot to distract him, and then landing a couple of shots! Behind him, though, Severity comes over, grabbing Dan from behind and twisting him down with an inverted DDT! Dan’s back down, even as a man comes down the aisle, carrying a couple of items in his hands.*

Jones: Who’s that? I don’t recognize him!

Logan: Hey, isn’t that Jobe’s son, that guy named Israel?

Jones: Yes, I think you’re right… wait, does he have… is that spray paint?

*Jobe meets his son at the ropes, nodding to him in respect. Israel hands over one of the spray paint containers he’s brought, with Jobe turning back to the downed Dangerous Dan. Super Creep gets in some stomps, just to make sure the man stays down, with Jobe hovering over him and spray-painting his back with a sweeping “O C”!*

Jones: O C? Organized Chaos??

Logan: Oh, man, they’re coming back??

*Severity, his work done, turns and walks back to his son. Super Creep follows, with the three men leaving the ring. Dangerous Dan is still on the ground, not knowing what has happened to him. The crowd does, though, and they continuously boo, shouting insults to Severity and his crew as they start to leave the arena. We fade to a commercial break.*

*We’re back from the break, with the Accelerator still in his Presidential office. He’s busy talking with another man, who is shown to be the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3!*

The Accelerator: Look, I tried to tell The Lost Soul to stay out of it, but you know how he is. I still want you guys to look into this Steve Wilson thing as well, and let me know if there’s any legal issues we need to look into here. I mean, I’ve already got the GCWA covering Wilson’s medical expenses, but if we can find out who did the assault, maybe we can get Wilson to sue them instead of us.

Titan 3: Is that all you want, boss?

*Titan 3 says this with a neutral tone, but his eyes say something different, and the Accelerator notices it.*

The Accelerator: You’re still pissed about last week, huh? I admit, I shouldn’t have gotten so riled up at you. I know you were just doing what you thought you needed to do. I’m just tired of all these lawsuit threats, you know? Just… just get this done for me, ok?

Titan 3: I’ll handle it, don’t worry.

*Titan 3 shakes his head and walks out the door, leaving the Accelerator behind. The President leans back on his desk, almost sitting on it. He looks tired from recent events.*

The Accelerator: Man, retirement is sounding better and better…

*Ace throws both hands back against the desk, causing a bang while getting himself back to his feet. He goes around to sit in his chair as the picture fades back to ringside.*

Logan: Man, so we’ve got two people looking into the attack of Steve Wilson, not to mention the rest of the GCWA security team. The perp’s gotta feel like the wolves are all after him!

Jones: I’m just glad that the President is making sure the GCWA is involved. After all, the attacker could have been anyone… and you really don’t want to leave it just to The Lost Soul…

Logan: Why not? The Lost Soul’s a pretty good detective, Jonesy.

Jones: Yes, but he’s also the last person to see Wilson before the attack happened…

Logan: What? You suspect TLS?

Jones: No, no… I’m just not ruling him out…

Logan: Well, until anything else happens, I’m sticking with my main suspect…… and speak of the devil, he will appear!

Jones: Uh oh, here comes the Roman Empire again!

*’Cocky’ by Kid Rock begins to play as out comes the GCWA Intercontinental Champion and the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr. The crowd reaction is dominated with boos but a few cheers in support of Lurrr are heard throughout the arena. Lurrr looks to be alone for some reason as he approaches the ring. He begins to use the rope to his advantage as he gives the ladies a little show while dancing to his theme music. Lurrr hops in the ring and pulls a mic from his back pocket.*

Lurrr: Alright I wanted to clear up a few things before I go on a ‘boring’ rant about my opponent at Heat Wave. I wanted to address a few issues that have been surrounding me for the last few months including my relationship with Mr. Lombardo and the attack of the former Roman Empire member Tommy Crimson. As for Mr. Lombardo he has made it clear to me that I have served my duty in exchange for his services and that all I should expect from them is unconditional support at Heat Wave against the ‘Legacy’ himself, so I am going to close the book on that chapter of my life and move on. Now as for the other issue, you know I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me? I attack a guy who really had been showing some signs of improvements over the last few weeks and had really been giving this group a good reputation. I mean the guy has done something that I haven’t been able to accomplish since being here in the GCWA, he won a World Title. I mean who cares if it only lasted like two weeks, he did have the belt that I am chasing. You know what I feel bad about the situation, why don’t you come on out here Crimson, let’s see if we can work something out.

Jones: Wait, Lurrr’s calling out Crimson? Is he going to let Crimson back into the Roman Empire?

Logan: Don’t do it, Crimson! Stay in the back!

*”Head Up” by the Deftones begins to play and the crowd looks around for the superstar who has really taken a hit as of late. A man comes out of the back, posing to the music. The camera begins to zoom a little closer and the crowd begins to boo loudly as they notice it’s Rick Mathis dressed up as Tommy Crimson!*

Logan: Oh, man, what the hell is this? Not cool…

*You can see Lurrr laughing in the ring, while “Crimson” heads towards him. Mathis has eye makeup on, his wig is colored in hot pink, his fingernails are painted black, he has a fake lip piercing and he is wearing a t-shirt that says F*ck you. Mathis gets down to the ring or as Lurrr sees him, Crimson is now in the ring. The music cuts off and you hear the crowd booing at the disrespect Lurrr and Mathis are showing.*

Lurrr: Alright Crimson first I wanted you to come out here because I wanted to apologize for making you look like my bitch at Crescendo last month. I was a little upset at your lack of talent and thought I needed to vent my frustrations out through you.

*Lurrr is trying very hard to not laugh while he continues to ridicule the former World Champ.*

Rick Mathis: Oh don’t worry about it brother!!!! I know you expected more of me, hell you expected more than a two week run with the belt. I mean my god I lost to a guy who you embarrassed several weeks before. My lack of focus wasn’t there but the bottom-line was that I don’t have the talent you have. You are the best wrestler in the world and I am so embarrassed about the way my match went.

Lurrr: You should be embarrassed Tommy, I mean my god, you looked like my sister in the ring, with you colored hair, fingernails painted, lip piercings, eye makeup… I mean what the hell is going on with you, you look like a female model whose customer focus is those little emo girls!!!

Rick Mathis: Oh come on you don’t like my eye makeup, did I put too much on tonight is it running oh my god, it’s running what should I do…

Lurrr: Alright I can’t take this serious anymore, Mathis you can stop the act now… HaHa!!!!

Rick Mathis: Man I can’t believe we had these people going for such a long, long time.

*The crowd is booing, making it be known that they were not fooled one bit.*

Lurrr: You see I kicked Crimson in the face because not only does the guy dress up like a girl night in and night out, but he actually thinks he looks like a badass. I mean I will be honest with you we kept him around because he had the gold and honestly we were hoping he would continue to be the World Champ because it would have been almost as easy as it going to be at Heat Wave. Now that I have finally closed the book on that whole situation, let me talk to my opponent at Heat Wave. You see I came back to the world of wrestling for one thing, that one thing is what is on Marcus Ka’Derrion’s waist. I have waited patiently dominating the X-Division, winning the Intercontinental belt, and creating one of the most powerful and influential stable’s in the history of the GCWA.

*The crowd begins to boo as they begin to chant Loser, Loser, Loser… Lurrr waits for the chants to die out.*

Lurrr: And even after all of these accomplishments, I am very bored. I am bored with my job, I am bored with my owner, I am bored with my competition, and hell I am bored with you guys!!!

*The crowd begins to break out in a roar of cheers as they feel happy that they have bored the most hated wrestler in the GCWA.*

Lurrr: So here is what I did, I hired a legal team and had them take action. And they were worth every penny that The Accelerator had to pay. I now will be standing in the middle of the ring at the biggest spectacle in our business getting ready to knock Marcus Ka’Derrion’s brains in and there isn’t a damn thing anybody is going to be able to do about it. I do whatever I want, whenever I want, and you people wanna know why????

*The crowd boos.*

Lurrr: Because I can……. Hell I have beat up the boss, I have beat up fans, hell I have even trashed GCWA announce tables and ordered the big man here to power bomb sweet Cynthia. Where else can you be paid like me and get away with murder?? And come Heat Wave, I am going to inch one step closer to a monumental accomplishment, becoming the best in all three divisions, the X-Division, the Intercontinental Division, and the World Heavyweight division.

*’Cocky’ by Kid Rock begins to play as we see Lurrr throw the mic out of the ring as sits on the ropes, enjoying the crowd’s hatred.*

Logan: Man, does Lurrr ever get tired of hearing himself talk??

Jones: He’s still making some good points, Anthony, ones that we should…

Logan: Wait a second, Jonesy, something’s going on here…

*As Lurrr and Mathis start to leave the ring, still laughing to themselves, “Head Up” by the Deftones again begins to play. Mathis, surprised, goes right back into character, flipping his hair back. But this time, it’s not an imposter, as Tommy Crimson walks out of the back! The fans give a small cheer for Crimson, who begins to head for the ring, cursing as he goes. Lurrr and Mathis step back into the ring, with Mathis waving Crimson in. The two Roman Empire men seem happy that it’s going down this way.*

Jones: Tommy Crimson’s back! And he doesn’t look very pleased at what Lurrr and Mathis just said!

Logan: Yeah, but man, you can’t let anger get the best of you here, Crimson! It’s still two against one if you go in there!

*Crimson comes up to the ropes, looking in at the two men. In the meantime, though, three other guys appear from behind, climbing in! Lurrr & Mathis spin around to see Jobe Severity, Super Creep, and Israel Callahan!! Crimson slides in as well, as the four men start to attack the Roman Empire!! The crowd is on the fence, not sure who to root for, but it quickly becomes moot, as Lurrr shoves away Israel and ducks out of the ring, followed closely by Mathis, with the two men heading part-way up the aisle! Crimson, Severity, and the rest watch them go. Lurrr looks steamed, shouting out some curse words that are loud enough to have to be bleeped from the broadcast.*

Jones: I thought Crimson and Severity had separated?

Logan: From what I hear, the two guys reunited after Severity’s health scare. Still, I never expected to see anything like this! Does this mean that Crimson’s back in Organized Chaos as well?

Jones: I guess we’ll find out, Anthony, because Crimson has the mic!

Tommy Crimson: You all tonight have witnessed something very great. This moment will live on forever in the minds of you all. For months I have watched Lurrr do this very same thing to many different people, hell I even helped him do it. Lurrr is a hall of famer, and he is one of the best wrestlers out there. But the Roman Empire is falling apart, and the opportunity is there for a new ruler of the GCWA. Organized Chaos is back, and our first goal is to destroy the Roman Empire! This is a open invitation to any back there in the back who wants to join. There is a test that you will have to take to see if you are Chaos material. Should you pass, you’re in for life. That will be on your resume forever. Lurrr, we are going to cripple you before this is all over, and my friend, Jobe Severity, WILL be the GCWA Intercontinental Champion!

*Lurrr, angrily shaking his head, suddenly pushes Mathis, getting his attention. The two men turn their backs on Organized Chaos, walking way, with Lurrr looking towards the camera and saying “*Bleep* them, I’ve got more important things to worry about.” As they are leaving, though, Jobe gets onto the mic.*

Jobe Severity: Lurrr you have spread your evil through this place since it first opened its doors. I don`t have much to say, I will prove everything I have to when we step in the ring together. Like Crimson said before, you will be a broken man before you meet Ka`Derrion. After you lose everything dear to you maybe then you will see the truth in his light. Not even God can save you from the wrath coming your way. Go home, and pray Lurrr...Get down on your knees and pray to the almighty for protection. Pray to your almighty for protection from the evil that has been let out upon you, Lurrr. Organized Chaos...*

*Israel hands his father a bag, with Jobe opening it up to reveal a snake. But not just any snake; a black mamba! The fans react, shocked by the sight of the deadly snake, as Jobe handles it, showing that he has complete control over it. Lurrr looks back once, seeing the snake. But Lurrr doesn’t react, instead heading to the back, with Mathis right behind him.*

Logan: Organized Chaos is looking stronger than ever, Jonesy, and they’re asking for more people to join them!

Jones: Man, it’s been crazy tonight, and we’re not even halfway! Wild! We’ll be back!

*The camera shot zooms in to focus on Jobe’s serene face, as he holds the black mamba in his hands. Crimson is making sure to stay a few steps out of range, just in case. The two men, with Super Creep and Israel behind them, look out towards the crowd, as the picture slowly fades to commercial.*

*The screen fades to black as we leave the commercials...a Hans Zimmer-ish soundtrack begins to play as we fade into a shot of an ordinary looking man standing in front of an airport. The music slowly quiets down into a faint background theme as the man starts to speak.*

Random Guy: Hello GCWA, my name is Lamar Loper and I am a private detective hired by an anonymous organization for one purpose and one purpose only.

*Loper stops speaking for a moment and starts to walk forward, the camera man walks backwards to keep Loper in focus...as he walks, the identity of the airport is revealed to be Amsterdam Airport Schiphol...the people watching at home all mark out with this revelation...how do we know this? Come on...it's obvious.*

Lamar Loper: I, Lamar Loper, am on a quest to seek out and find two of GCWA's biggest superstars who went missing nearly two months ago...Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill...I will not stop until their whereabouts have been confirmed...stay tuned, GCWA.

*Loper walks off as we fade out with one last shot of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We go back to the ring.*

Jones: A search has begun!

Logan: Wow, you think he’ll actually find them? I mean, they’ve been in Amsterdam for a while…

Jones: Odds are they aren’t looking to be found, Anthony. But we’ll have to keep an eye on Lamar Loper’s pursuit of the House of Pain. For now, we’ve got a title match to get going!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he is looking to make his mark in the GCWA, much like his father and grandfather did before him, standing 6’5” and weighing 254 lbs, from El Paso, Texas, here is “The Cowboy From Hell” Ace Aldridge!

*The fans are still behind their fellow Texan, cheering as Aldridge walks out to “Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera. He dips the cowboy hat he’s wearing towards the female members of the crowd, then, smiling, starts down the ramp.*

Logan: Aldridge has had trouble adjusting to the GCWA life, yet tonight, he has the chance to turn everything around in his career by winning his first championship.

Jones: I wonder if he’ll be able to… wait, look out!

*As Aldridge gets further down the aisle towards the ring, the crowd’s tune changes pitch, becoming more anxious and aggressive. Aldridge, sensing the change, starts to spin around, but it’s far too late, as Scott Caine comes racing at him, title in hand!! The Television Championship strikes, smashing Aldridge in the head hard enough to dislodge his cowboy hat, sending him flying backwards!! Aldridge lays on the ground, even as Caine stands over him, glaring down at his opponent.*

Jones: My lord! Caine, out of nowhere, knocked Aldridge out!

Logan: Man, he came flying out of that tunnel! There was only one thing on his mind: a KO!

Jones: But why? Why not wait for Aldridge to reach the ring, then fight him there??

Logan: Because Caine’s not playing by the company’s rules anymore, Jonesy! Damn! Look at Aldridge’s face!

*Caine drags Aldridge up, who is quickly becoming covered in blood: his own. A gash above his eyebrows is bleeding heavily, blinding the cowboy even as Caine brings him towards the ring, taking a moment to throw him into the guardrail first, just for spite. Aldridge is completely lost, unable to even stand. The blood loss is taking its toll. The fans are seething, hating Caine that much more, as the wrestler rolls Aldridge into the ring, leaving a red smear on the way in. Referee Rockwell, a shocked look on his face, watches as Caine climbs in as well. Caine looks at Rockwell, an eerily calm glance, and Rockwell blinks first, deciding it was time to start the match.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Wait, we’re going to go through with this? Seriously?

Logan: Well, Jonesy, you know how the boss feels about title matches taking place. The fans came here to see a Television Title match!

Jones: This isn’t going to be a match, Anthony! This is going to be a slaughter!

*In the ring, Caine waits, as Ace Aldridge slowly tries to get up, clearing his vision by wiping his arm across his face. Aldridge blinks it clear, then slowly looks around. That was what Caine was waiting for. The champion comes in, leaping up high and slamming Aldridge back with a high knee, dropping him backwards into the corner! Caine then starts stomping away, keeping the taller wrestler on the ground. Rockwell comes in, warning him off, with Caine turning to him, saying something too soft for the mics to pick up. Rockwell unmistakably takes a step back, instinctively going into a defensive posture, even as Caine goes back to work, pulling Aldridge up.*

Logan: Is it me, or is Rockwell actually looking intimidated in there?

Jones: Maybe not intimidated so much as cautious, Anthony. I mean, Adrian Rockwell’s been in the trenches with guys like this. He can see that Caine means what he says, so no reason to put himself in jeopardy. After all, the last time he did that, he was out of action for a while.

Logan: True. I guess I can’t blame him for being a little more skittish.

*Aldridge is almost out on his feet. He stumbles off to his right, trying to get away, as Caine mockingly slashes him across his back with an open hand. Aldridge turns, taking a wild swing out of desperation, but Caine ducks under it, then grabs his head, dropping with the Cainebreaker! Aldridge’s jaw slams shut on Caine’s knees, sending him spiraling off of the champion and to the cold, hart mat. With Aldridge laying in a heap, Caine stands up, turning to the crowd as if asking if they are entertained. They answer in the negative. Caine, ignoring them, heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up. He wipes a hand across his chest, leaving a trail of Aldridge’s blood, before coming off, leaping high and dropping his leg with the Sugar Caine!! Aldridge is gone, as Caine makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and still GCWA Television Champion, Scott Caine!

*The crowd boos mercilessly at the announcement. Caine rises to his feet, smirking at the unhappiness that he has caused. Caine motions his arm impatiently, with Rockwell reluctantly bringing over the Television Title to the champion.*

Jones: That certainly wasn’t much of a match. Aldridge might have been able to do a little better, had he not been ambushed.

Logan: Caine’s said on many occasions that it’s all about keeping the Television Title now. That’s one way to do it, taking out your opponent before the match starts. It’s amazing to see how far Caine has sunk in such a short amount of time.

Jones: Uh oh, he’s got the mic. What’s this about?

*Caine raises the mic to his mouth, speaking loud to get over the boos coming his way.*

Scott Caine: 2 defenses. 4 to go. The reign of Scott Caine continues to get better, and the reign of Dangerous Dan goes further into the past.

*Caine drops the mic and leaves the ring. Aldridge is still down, getting checked on by a medic. The doctor is trying to stop the bleeding with gauze and other bandages.*

Logan: Caine really messed up Aldridge. He got a good swing with that championship.

Jones: It’s sickening, Anthony. You have to wonder what’s happened to this man, and what he’s going to do next.

*Caine is shown going up the aisleway, dodging a hand that tries to grab him from the audience. Caine points to the man, telling the security guards to throw the boy out for trying to invade his personal space, then walks away, smiling, with the Television Title still on his shoulder. We leave the arena behind to once again enter the world of advertising.*

*We get back from the TOTALLY AWESOME commercial to go the backstage area of the arena. Standing down the hall, outside his locker room, is the GCWA Intercontinental Champion, Lurrr! The crowd boos as Lurrr speaks on an unmarked cell phone, apparently not realizing that the camera is there.*

Lurrr: What are you talking about? I know, I know that… but I’m not going to… wait, someone’s here… call you later.

*Lurrr hangs up the phone, then turns, glaring, at the man who has walked up to him: The Lost Soul! The two men stare each other down, with Lurrr preparing for another fight.*

Lurrr: So you want to jump on the Lurrr bandwagon too, huh? Everyone wants to make their name off of me now that I’m the hottest thing going in wrestling.

The Lost Soul: The only thing I want from you, Lurrr, is where you were when Steve Wilson got taken out.

Lurrr: That loser? Mathis and I had a good laugh when he went down. Saved me the trouble of dealing with another *bleep*hole who thinks he belongs in the ring with me.

*The Lost Soul casually moves the arm of his sleeve, exposing a long, metal weapon. Lurrr spots it, immediately taking a step backwards to prepare himself, but not running away.*

The Lost Soul: If you did this, Lurrr…

Lurrr: Hang on, Pagliacci. I’m not crying that the loser is out, but I had nothing to do with it. You can check with my lawyers, as well as Ace’s, working out the last of the contract negotiations. Mathis was there with me, too.

*The Lost Soul stops moving forward, thinking over what Lurrr has said. Lurrr, meanwhile, knowing that he has other work ahead of him tonight, starts to move towards his locker room. He stops, though, looking back over his shoulder.*

Lurrr: Pretty big of you to investigate this, seeing as how you had the most to gain by taking out the former X Division Champion. You were the last to see him, too, weren’t you? If I were looking into this, you’d be at the top of my list, freak.

*Lurrr heads to the locker room door, knocking on it. It quickly opens, with Rick Mathis walking out, holding a steel chair. He was waiting at the door, ready to help his boss if needed. The two men head down the hall towards the ring entrance, disappearing from sight. The Lost Soul, not bothered by the accusation, pulls out a notebook, jotting down a few notes. The camera moves to get a look, seeing that he has written something about checking on the alibis. The Lost Soul flips the notebook shut and walks away, even as the picture goes back to ringside.*

Logan: Lurrr and Mathis have an alibi? Seriously?

Jones: Well, if you trust the lawyers, they do.

Logan: “Trust” and “lawyers” do not belong together, Jonesy. I’m not ready to rule out the leader of the Roman Empire just yet.

Jones: But you’re willing to take The Lost Soul’s word that he had nothing to do with it, even though we haven’t heard an alibi from him yet? That’s pretty hypocritical, Anthony.

Logan: I go with what my gut tells me *shrugs*.

Jones: So be it. Onto the next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. First, coming down the aisle, he is one of the original members of the Roman Empire, standing 6’11” and weighing 345 lbs, from Midland, Texas, accompanied by the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr, here is Rick Mathis!

*”Highway To Hell” by AC/DC begins to play, which is quickly covered up by the jeers of the crowd. Mathis and Lurrr walk out, cocky as ever, doing a quick hand signal to each other before Mathis starts the walk down the aisle, flexing his arms back and forth. Lurrr walks behind him, placing a smirk on his face while putting behind all the confrontations he’s had tonight.*

Logan: It’s been several months since we’ve seen Rick Mathis in an official match, Jonesy. He’s mostly worked as the manager/associate for Lurrr.

Jones: Well, tonight, he gets to earn a little extra money, possibly by softening up the World Champion. I’m betting that the game plan tonight isn’t about Mathis winning so much as laying out a heavy cost on Marcus Ka’Derrion.

Logan: That’d be my bet as well. Mathis is going to be looking to do as much destruction as possible. After all, the contract’s already signed. If Ka’Derrion can’t make the main event of Heat Wave, then Lurrr walks away with the belt that he badly wants to add to his collection.

Minos: His opponent needs very little introduction… he is the son of a legendary superstar, and yet is clearly on his way to surpassing his father’s statistics… standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

*Ka’Derrion gets his usual strong reception from the audience, as he comes out to “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park. The World Title is in Ka’Derrion’s hands, as he shows it to the cheering fans, with fireworks and pyro going off behind him. Ka’Derrion starts the walk towards the ring, already focusing on where Mathis and Lurrr currently are.*

Logan: Tonight, Ka’Derrion is facing the one Roman Empire member he hasn’t fought yet.

Jones: Really, this almost has to be seen as much of a risk for Mathis as it is for Marcus. I mean, Ka’Derrion defeated Derek Mobley at Capital Punishment, and soon both Mobley & Hill were gone from the Empire. Ka’Derrion defeated Crimson at Crescendo, and he was quickly ousted from the group. If Ka’Derrion beats Mathis, will the big man meet a similar fate?

Logan: If so, that’d basically be the end of the Empire, a sight I would love to see!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Ka’Derrion doesn’t waste any time. As soon as Mathis turns away from Lurrr, Ka’Derrion is coming in, punching away at the big man!! Mathis takes a couple of hits, staggering him, but he reaches out, shoving Ka’Derrion away from him. Marcus does a roll, but gets right back to his feet and comes in again, landing some more shots!! Mathis again pushes him away, using the corner as leverage, then moves towards Ka’Derrion, trying to grab him. But the World Champion dodges his grasp, spinning around him and kicking out into the back of his knee, causing it to fold. Mathis, with no control, falls to his knees, with Marcus right on top of him from behind, punching away at him!*

Logan: We’re seeing a lot of aggression out of Marcus Ka’Derrion tonight!

Jones: Hey, remember that Mathis has had an effect on several Ka’Derrion matches, Anthony. This is his chance for some legal payback!

Logan: Yeah, that and it’s much easier to beat a guy as big as Mathis when you keep him on his knees!

*Lurrr watches on from the outside, looking slightly concerned, as Ka’Derrion continues the abuse, coming around and applying a headlock. He squeezes away, trying to cut off the blood supply for Mathis’ brain. Mathis, though, lifts up, managing to pick Ka’Derrion into the air and toss him away, slamming him to the mat! Ka’Derrion rolls away, trying to get out of range, as Mathis comes lumbering after him. Marcus pulls himself up on the ropes and takes a swing, but Mathis is ready now, catching Marcus’ hand! He grins, using his large hand to crush Marcus’ fist!! Marcus, feeling the pain, swings his other hand, but Mathis catches that as well! He basically readjusts, turning it into a test of strength, with his fingers intertwined in the World Champion’s! With leverage and extreme power, Mathis takes complete control, bending Marcus’ fingers enough to send him downwards, with referee Trixie there to watch on for any signs of a submission!*

Jones: The big man’s caught the champ!

Logan: It isn’t easy to get free from something like this. It’s not just the fingers, it’s also the hands, the wrists, the arms, I mean, the pain is everywhere!

Jones: This is not where Marcus wanted to be! Now that Mathis has caught him, the enforcer of the Roman Empire might not let go!

*The fans are pulling hard for Ka’Derrion, cheering their hearts out for the World Champion. Mathis is shaking his head with a grin towards them, saying that it’s already over. But Marcus isn’t done yet, as he starts to shake, managing to slowly force his way up! Mathis, in shock, watches as Ka’Derrion is rising, fighting against the pressure on his hands! But Mathis doesn’t let Ka’Derrion get up completely, opting instead to knee him in the stomach, releasing the hold as Marcus falls to his back! Mathis, shaking out his hands from the pressure he was just putting on them, steps over, grabbing Ka’Derrion by the hair and pulling him up. He lifts Ka’Derrion into a fireman’s carry, moving towards the corner. Before he can get there, though, Ka’Derrion starts to fight, elbowing away and causing Mathis to lose his grip, allowing Ka’Derrion to slide to the floor! Mathis turns towards him, but this works in Ka’Derrion’s favor, as he jumps up, dropkicking Mathis in the face and sending him into the corner!*

Logan: There’s the World Champion that we all know and love!

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion doesn’t back down from anyone, be it cruiserweights or true heavyweights. Mathis is just another challenge to the man!

Logan: Isn’t it amazing how far he’s come in only a year? The dude’s almost like a veteran now after all the challenges he’s faced!

Jones: Well, there’s still Lurrr on the horizon, don’t forget. He’s the one man that Ka’Derrion has never beaten!

Logan: Yet, Jonesy. Yet.

Jones: I’m glad you’re confident, Anthony, but I remember the last time they faced, with Lurrr ending Ka’Derrion’s undefeated streak. Being placed in a match like this won’t help.

*Lurrr glares through the ropes, yelling at Mathis to get up. But before the big man can pull himself off the turnbuckle, Ka’Derrion is there, splashing into him! Mathis slumps down in the corner, taking a seat, as the World Champion moves off, taking a moment to point towards Lurrr, telling him to remember what he sees. Ka’Derrion then runs forward, aiming a hesitation dropkick straight into his foe!! Ka’Derrion quickly grabs one of Mathis’ treetrunk-like legs and drags him backwards, away from the ropes, so that he can try a pinfall. Trixie is right there for the count… 1… 2… and Mathis tosses Ka’Derrion off of him, showing that he’s still got plenty of power! Ka’Derrion gets back up, though, not letting it trouble him. As Mathis pulls himself up, Ka’Derrion goes off the ropes and returns, leaping to hit a flying forearm!! Mathis falls backwards into the ropes, then rebounds, falling to his face! Ka’Derrion’s there again, rolling him over for another cover… 1… 2… but Mathis isn’t done yet.*

Logan: Ka’Derrion is throwing anything he can at Mathis right now in order to keep him down.

Jones: I gotta say, I’m amazed that Lurrr has kept his distance so far in this one. I thought he’d be interfering every chance he gets.

Logan: Maybe this is a test for Mathis, to see if the big man can do things on his own. Either that, or Lurrr just hasn’t had the opportunity to interfere yet.

*With Mathis still down, Ka’Derrion gets in a couple of stomps, then turns back to Lurrr, who is certainly not looking very pleased at the moment. Ka’Derrion gets back to the action, coming over to Mathis and jumping up, landing a standing shooting star press!! It seems to hit perfectly, but something went wrong for Ka’Derrion, as suddenly he’s starting to come back up quickly… with Mathis’ hand around his throat! Mathis rises up, angrily keeping his grip around Ka’Derrion’s throat. The World Champion tries to get free, but Mathis has too good a hold on him, lifting the man into the air and putting him into the canvas with a chokeslam!! Mathis shoves the hair out of his face and drops, making the cover, as Trixie counts away… 1… 2… Ka’Derrion manages to kick out.*

Jones: For a second there, I thought it was over!

Logan: Mathis really caught Ka’Derrion good, didn’t he? But Ka’Derrion’s still got fuel in the tank.

Jones: Not for much longer, if Mathis continues to hang onto him!

*Mathis reaches down, easily picking up the smaller Ka’Derrion off the mat. Lurrr cheers him on, as Mathis brings Ka’Derrion into the air, then takes him to the ropes, dropping him throat-first! Ka’Derrion rebounds and falls to the ground, choking, with Mathis standing over him, smiling. Trixie watches to see if another pinfall will be attempted, but Mathis has apparently changed his gameplan, as Lurrr is yelling about more damage being done. Mathis is good with that, pulling Ka’Derrion up and locking his arms around his throat in a cobra clutch, then immediately tossing Ka’Derrion across the ring, snapping him like a whip!! The World Champion lands hard, in a heap. Mathis moves slowly over to him, enjoying the power of standing over the man with the top belt in the sport.*

Logan: Mathis is so damn strong!

Jones: It makes you wonder why he hasn’t done more with his wrestling career. He’s always staying with Lurrr, but I think he could have held a title or two by now!

Logan: That’s not his thing, Edds. At least, so far, it’s not.

*Mathis easily pulls Ka’Derrion to his feet, talking trash to him as he keeps him suspended in the air for a second. Mathis then throws Ka’Derrion into the ropes, waiting as he comes back to try a big clothesline. Ka’Derrion, however, ducks under it and stops, turning and hitting a spinning heel kick to the back of Mathis’ head!! Mathis, a surprised expression on his face, takes a second to move, eventually falling forward to the ground! Ka’Derrion takes a deep breath where he fell, recuperating, as the fans start to cheer heavily for him! Ka’Derrion pushes himself up and looks around, moving towards the turnbuckle, even as Mathis, recovering, starts to rise. As Mathis turns around, though, Ka’Derrion is in mid-air, coming in with a flying clothesline that takes the big man to the canvas!! Ka’Derrion jumps on top, grabbing at a leg, as Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… No! Mathis kicks out!*

Jones: Ka’Derrion has taken control, but this one’s still not over!

Logan: Yeah, but the World Champion’s caught a second wind, and by the look on Lurrr’s face, it isn’t a welcome sight!

*Lurrr pounds on the outside apron, yelling at Mathis to get up. The big man makes an attempt, struggling to his knees, and then rising up. But Ka’Derrion is once again on the turnbuckle, leaping off and landing a missile dropkick to the back of the neck!! Mathis topples over, crashing hard to the mat, as Marcus pulls himself up. He moves slowly over to Mathis, looking him over, and then reaches down, grabbing at Mathis’ legs! Fighting for every inch, Ka’Derrion starts to twist the legs around, putting Mathis slowly into the Pain Killer!! The audience is going wild, as Mathis fights the inevitable, trying to avoid what’s coming. He gets some help, though, as Lurrr is suddenly in the ring, pushing Trixie aside and nailing Ka’Derrion in the back of the head with a running clothesline, knocking him down!! The bell begins to ring, as Lurrr continues to attack, going after the World Champion!!*

Minos: Your winner, via a Disqualification, Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Someone get Lurrr out of there! He just ruined this one!!

Jones: I guess he couldn’t sit back and watch anymore, Anthony! He saw Marcus as vulnerable, and he made his move!

Logan: Man, I can’t believe it ended like that!

*The bell is ringing frantically now, as Lurrr pulls Marcus up, slapping him across the face. Ka’Derrion responds with a punch, driving Lurrr backwards!! But before Ka’Derrion can do anything else, Mathis is back up, grabbing his arms from behind! Ka’Derrion can’t get free, as Lurrr starts pounding away on him, doing damage to his ribs!! Trixie tries to get involved, but Lurrr just shoves her away, sending her tumbling out of the ring!!*

Logan: Damn, we need security out here, fast!!

Jones: Don’t worry, Anthony! Help’s on the way!!

*The fans react with cheers as The Lost Soul suddenly appears, rushing down to the ring!! Lurrr, seeing him coming, orders Mathis to get moving, with the two men heading out of the ring even as TLS slides in, his weapon at the ready! Ka’Derrion, on his hands and knees, is coughing heavily from the abuse he just took.*

Logan: Thank goodness The Lost Soul was waiting in the back for his own match! He may have just saved our main event!

Jones: The Roman Empire may have just lost a match, but they definitely got in some momentum on the World Champion!

*The Lost Soul checks on Marcus, who nods to him and moves away, not wanting any help to stand. Lurrr and Mathis, meanwhile, are halfway up the aisle. Mathis is limping, but Lurrr’s in good shape, smiling at getting the chance to beat on his rival. Marcus glares over the ropes towards him, as we fade to another shot, this one in the backstage area, where Harvey Danger is pacing nervously. The usual cast of backstage characters buzz around him, completely oblivious to his presence and his mild panic. Holding his cell phone, he dials and waits. The call rings once or twice then goes right to voice mail. Harvey's pacing gets more and more frantic until he eventually bumps into an agent who had been hurriedly rushing by. Mumbling his apology, he tries the phone. Voice mail again. Isn't that the worst? Harvey looks to be near tears as he runs his fingers through his hair. Dialing his phone again, he listens for the rings. Once. Twice... Three times. It's going through! A male voice with a heavy Staten Island/North Jersey/Brooklyn accent answers.*

Voice: Yeah, whooze dis?

Harvey: Mom!? Hello, Mom? What have you done with my mother? Who is this?

Voice: I asked youse first! Whooze dis?

Harvey: Harvey. Harvey Danger. Who are you and what on earth have you done to my mother?

Voice: Whooze dat? Marie? She's swimming with da fishes...

Harvey: Swimming with the fishes? You killed her? So help me I'll come back to Florida and... and... and... well! It'll be bad! That's my mother!

Voice: Aaaaay! Who said nothin' about no killin'! She's literally swimmin' with da fishes. She's splashin' around wit' some Flipper fish thing out I'll tell her you called. She's a good woman, kid. You'se guys should cut her some slack...

*The line goes dead. Harvey stares at his open cell phone for a moment. Shrugging, he walks off, as the picture fades out.*

*We return to a shot of Scott Caine, the GCWA Television Champion, proudly walking down the hall. Various people passing him glare back, already angry with his current title run. Caine doesn’t notice, or just doesn’t care. He goes around the corner, almost walking straight into the Accelerator! The fans cheer as Ace looks down at the younger wrestler, sizing him up before speaking.*

The Accelerator: So did you enjoy that quick win you had earlier? Get a kick out of that ‘title defense’?

Scott Caine: I…

The Accelerator: Yeah, great. Just thought I’d let you know, next week? You’re facing Santana for that title. Hope that one’s just as enjoyable.

*The Accelerator turns and walks away, leaving behind a speechless Scott Caine, who takes a moment to look down at his championship. He moves after the President, possibly to protest the decision, as the picture fades back to ringside.*

Logan: Yes! Caine vs. Santana!!

Jones: Those two faced off last month, when Santana was the champion, and Santana ended up successfully defending against Caine! Now Santana will have the opportunity to be a two-time champion!

Logan: Yeah, I can’t wait for that one! That’ll truly separate the men from the boys!

Jones: But we’ve got another title match to concern ourselves with now. It’s time for the main event! Two former partners going against each other for gold! Hit it!

*A video begins to play, showing the face of The Lost Soul. We switch to a clip of The Lost Soul’s infamous collapse during a match against Derek Mobley, causing him to be temporarily suspended due to health reasons. The Lost Soul is seen in never-before-seen footage, being met by Marie Danger, who was looking for a teammate for her son, Harvey. At Blood On The Battlefield ’09, we see Harvey taking on the Danger Boiz for the World Tag-Team Titles, and the mysterious Stranger joining him, helping Danger keep the belt. The two worked together for a few months, with different people wearing the masks. The last person to wear it, though, was also the first. We see the Stranger in action one last time at Capital Punishment, with The Lost Soul unmasking himself due to Marie’s constant interference. The Lost Soul laid out Harvey, leaving the belts with him and moving on to his own stardom, becoming the X Division Champion. The two former partners are shown, side by side, as the video ends.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the GCWA X Division Championship! This match will be fought under “Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification” Rules!

*The fans are certainly pleased by that announcement, as well they should be. Minos continues.*

Minos: First, introducing the challenger… he is a former 2-time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, as well as, I’m told, the holder of two other belts, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Harvey Danger!

*Danger comes out to “No Rain” by Blind Melon, proudly wearing the Harvey Danger Title for Excellence in the Field of Being Awesome ‘championship’. The fans cheer for Harvey, although they seem a little restrained, possibly because of who Harvey is facing tonight. Harvey, though, absorbs it like he’s the greatest champion in the world, showing off for the crowd.*

Jones: The talk lately has been about Harvey’s new ‘association’ with the World Tag-Team Champions, D & D.

Logan: Actually, the way I hear it, Jonesy, Harvey’s actually one-part of the championship tag-team now.

Jones: D & D & D?

Logan: Well, I’m sure it’ll be just two D’s competing at a time. But it could be any combination of them defending the belts!

Jones: Wild. I still don’t know what Donovan & Draco’s motivations are, but I doubt they’re that good for Harvey.

Minos: His opponent has held many titles in his time, including being a former GCWA Intercontinental Champion… tonight, he puts his new championship to the test… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, The Lost Soul!

*The fans hit a higher level, excited to see one of the most popular men in the GCWA. As the Friday the 13th theme plays, The Lost Soul comes out, with the X Division Title around his waist. He makes his way down the aisle like usual, focused on business, as Harvey nervously waits for his former partner in the ring.*

Jones: From what I hear, The Lost Soul will be lucky if he hasn’t been badly cursed!

Logan: What, from messing with a mummy? Don’t tell me you believe in curses, Jonesy.

Jones: I’ve seen plenty of other crazy things in this business, Anthony. A curse would just be one more item in the pile.

Logan: Curses. Sheesh.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! It’s Xtreme rules, which basically means that anything goes!

Logan: I love matches like these!

*The Lost Soul hands the X Division Title off to head referee Mark Bell, who shows it quickly to the audience before depositing it at the timekeeper’s table. The fans are jazzed at this one, wanting to see the former partners go at it. The Lost Soul walks towards Danger, who approaches him as well, extending his hand in friendship, with a cautious smile on his face. He seems to be trying to patch things up between the two partners. The Lost Soul looks around at the crowd, then back at the hand extended to him. He does nothing. Slowly, Danger lowers the hand, with a small sigh of disappointment. He moves back, as The Lost Soul waits for his first attack.*

Jones: Harvey was looking for a “Stranger Danger” mini-reunion, but The Lost Soul was having none of it.

Logan: Well, he didn’t just attack Harvey, either, so it’s not like he hates the man, Jonesy. But TLS knows that this is about his X Division Title. He’s not going to let personal feelings get in the way of a successful defense.

*The fans, sensing the tension between the two men, start up a split chant, saying “Let’s Go Harvey… T.L.S! Let’s go Harvey… T.L.S!” Danger, hearing the chant, seems to love the idea that they’re chanting, at least partially, about himself. He goes up on the turnbuckle, getting some extra cheers by posing for the fans. The Lost Soul, though, is tired of it. He walks over and grabs Danger’s trunks, yanking him off the ‘buckle! Danger turns to TLS, surprised, but this angles him perfectly for TLS to get a grip, lifting Danger up and body slamming him! Danger sits up, pain etched on his face. He gets up, but The Lost Soul is right there, grabbing Harvey and chucking him over the top rope!! Danger manages to land part-ways on the apron, then rolls the rest of the way to the ground, feeling it as The Lost Soul steps out after him, taking the fight to the outside!*

Jones: So much for the love! The Lost Soul is taking this one quickly to the Xtreme!

Logan: The Lost Soul is pretty proud of the uniqueness of the X Division Title. He’s sworn to make it even greater, now that he’s gotten it away from Lurrr. Of course, that means that these matches are going to be as wild as possible!

Jones: I don’t know if Harvey has much experience in a bout like this, but he’s going to get it quickly enough once TLS is through with him!

*Danger tries to get up on the outside, using the apron. The Lost Soul, who is still on the apron, takes the opportunity to stomp on Danger’s hand, causing him to yell out! Danger shakes his hand in pain and stumbles away, trying to get out of range. The Lost Soul, though, runs along the apron, taking a few steps before jumping and doing a flip, crashing into Danger’s retreating frame!! Both men hit hard, knocking the wind out of them, as the fans cheer. The Lost Soul pulls himself up first, moving himself to the ringside area, where he reaches underneath. He pulls out a trash can lid, banging it against the apron. With Danger rising up, looking his way, The Lost Soul takes a swing, crashing it against Danger’s head!! The “Danger” Champion falls to his knees, stunned, as The Lost Soul goes to look for more weaponry.*

Jones: The Lost Soul is charging into control of this one!

Logan: Hey, the man knows how to swing a trash can lid, no doubt.

*Unable to find a suitable instrument of destruction, The Lost Soul wanders back over to Danger, grabbing him from behind. He tosses Danger towards the steps, no, reversal, and it’s The Lost Soul’s knees that hit the steel!! TLS does a complete flip from the impact, landing hard on the other side, as Danger takes a moment to recover. The fans on Danger’s side are cheering, trying to inspire him. In a way, it works, as Danger takes a deep gulp of air and runs forward, hopping up on the steps and propelling himself into the air, landing, knees extended, onto the X Division Champion’s back!! TLS flattens out from the hit, while Danger rebounds to the mat, pulling himself back up. He comes over to The Lost Soul, grabbing him and dragging him up the aisle, as the fans get excited about their destination.*

Logan: Uh oh! Where is Danger taking him?

Jones: Who knows, Anthony! It’s falls count anywhere! These guys could be going out of the arena, for all we know!

Logan: Well, as long as the cameraman is able to keep up with them, I don’t mind!

*Now near the ramp, Danger stops, grabbing hold of The Lost Soul and flipping him onto it with a hip toss, causing the metal to bang loudly! The Lost Soul slides partially back down the ramp, even as Danger stumbles over to the side, looking around. A fan tries to hand him a metal bracket of some sort, but Danger shakes his head, looking for something else. All of the sudden, a little kid comes over to that area, desperately reaching out something. Danger, with a happy smile, takes the kid’s offering: a Harvey Danger action figure! Danger thanks the kid, running his hand through the kid’s hair (which causes a nervous mother to come over to check on him). Danger then turns, holding the action figure high in the air as he charges at The Lost Soul! But TLS, now back on his feet, ducks, backflipping Danger overhead and sending him careening into the ramp, with a horrible fall!! The Danger action figure rolls away, unscathed.*

Jones: Danger took a little too long deciding on a weapon, and it cost him there!

Logan: Yeah, but on the plus side, that action figure just doubled in value! Maybe that kid can get Danger to sign it after the match!

*The Lost Soul is off to the side, picking up something and dumping it out, as Danger tries to get back up. He definitely looks dazed, and it doesn’t get any better, as he turns straight into TLS smashing a wooden box over his head!! Shrapnel falls everywhere, with Danger taking a couple of steps, smiling, then falling forward on his face, causing a couple of “Wooos” from the audience. The Lost Soul makes his way over, turning Danger over and making the first actual cover of the match, with head ref Bell right there for the count… 1… 2… and Danger kicks out. The Lost Soul, not looking too surprised, reaches down, pulling Danger back up. He takes Danger up the ramp to the stage, apparently thinking about tossing Danger off the top! But as he does so, a clapping sound can be heard. The Lost Soul turns as Shane Donovan & Draco walk out of the back, with Draco waving a little “Harvey Danger” banner! Donovan is clapping his hands, turning to the crowd and yelling out “Let’s go Harvey!”, getting the crowd going again.*

Jones: D & D is here to support Harvey!

Logan: Or to cost TLS the match, Jonesy!

Jones: Wait, I thought you didn’t believe that D & D was really wanting Harvey as a winner?

Logan: Oh, they won’t do it for him, Edds. Remember, Donovan badly wants that X Division Title! It’s one of the two titles missing from his ‘collection’! In Donovan’s mind, I’m sure he thinks it’d be easier to get the belt from Harvey, instead of the veteran!

*The Lost Soul has definitely taken notice of the two men, squaring off in front of them. Donovan shakes his head, though, and walks away from TLS, as does Draco, who apparently also has a box of popcorn with him! The two men head to the other side of the stage, where we notice, for the first time, that a couple of chairs have been set up! Donovan & Draco take a seat, still cheering on Danger, while TLS, seeing them where they are, goes to grab his challenger. Danger, though, has recovered enough, as he comes up from the stage, popping TLS in the side of the head!! The Lost Soul stumbles off, with Harvey following him, grabbing him next to the stage side and trying to launch him off through some tables!! The Lost Soul puts on the brakes, then tries to send Harvey off, but he stops as well. After a second of jockeying, Danger reaches up, grabbing The Lost Soul and opting for a headbutt!! The two smash together, stare at each other for a second… and then both topple over, off the stage!!!*

Jones: Oh, man!! Crash and burn!!!

Logan: Danger and The Lost Soul both found a table to land on!! But, damn, that had to hurt!!

*Donovan and Draco are up now, trying to see what happened without getting too close. Referee Bell moves down the ramp, then carefully makes his way over to the debris, looking around. The fans are stoked, having gotten to see a big-time moment on this show! The cameraman moves into the area, and gets close enough to make out the details. The Lost Soul is laying in one pile of debris, not moving. Harvey, meanwhile, is beside him, apparently having hit the table next store. However, the biggest item of note is that Harvey’s arm is currently on top of TLS!! Donovan & Draco, having seen it, frantically shout at Bell to move his ass and get over there. Bell scrambles the last few feet, checks to make sure The Lost Soul’s shoulders are down, then makes the count… 1… 2… TLS kicks out!!!*

Logan: How… I thought that was it!!

Jones: Somehow, The Lost Soul responded to the count, saving his title in the process!

Logan: Damn ref, he was out of position!!

Jones: Out of position? Because he didn’t jump off the stage with them?

Logan: Ummm, yeah, I mean, do your job, Bell!

*Bell waits, unable to count either man out in a match like this. Slowly, both men start to move, with Danger apparently bleeding from a cut on his arm. The Lost Soul doesn’t look like he’s in much better shape. Above them, Donovan & Draco are watching, with Draco slowly eating his popcorn. Danger is up first, landing a weary punch to The Lost Soul’s side, staggering him. The Lost Soul responds, with the two men fighting as if it’s the 12th round of a prize fight. The Lost Soul scores a good shot, sending Danger reeling. But Danger responds by picking up a piece of table and swinging it, crashing into TLS’ arms as he covers his head! The Lost Soul stumbles back, tripping over the wood, as Danger follows him, getting another piece of debris. As TLS turns around, moving away, Danger swings it sideways, breaking it across the champion’s back!!*

Logan: Danger’s swinging for the fences!

Jones: I don’t think either man has much left, but we can’t end this until someone gets the pin or submission!

Logan: Man, and we’re about out of television time! I’m glad we have a sweet deal with the station! We’re running long, guys! Don’t cut away!

*The two men are now next to the crowd barricade, with fans looking down from above. Donovan & Draco have moved their chairs to the other side of the stage, watching again. Donovan points out something to Draco, who nods. Meanwhile, Danger slams The Lost Soul into the wall, then grabs him from behind, trying a weak roll-up! Referee Bell is right there… 1… 2… The Lost Soul refuses to stay down. Danger can’t believe it, as he holds his injured arm, which is bleeding pretty good from a cut that may or may not still have a splinter in it. Danger hauls The Lost Soul back up, taking the X Division Champion over to the side, where no padding has been laid down. D & D start up a cheer, yelling for Harvey to finish it, as Danger sets up TLS for the Danger DDT!!*

Jones: This could be it! Harvey’s got the champion in trouble now!

Logan: Yeah, well, he did! Where’s he going??

*The cheers from D & D have caught Harvey’s attention, as he brings The Lost Soul over towards them. Donovan, confused, shouts for Harvey to take him out, but Harvey’s having trouble hearing over the roaring crowd, leaning closer as if to figure out what he’s saying. Donovan tries again, doing a pantomime of the Danger DDT, with Danger finally understanding, nodding his head. He pulls The Lost Soul up, showing him to Donovan, pointing to himself, then grabbing the champ’s head, positioning him. He lifts, no, The Lost Soul blocks it! Danger tries again, but TLS keeps it from happening, and then turns it around, lifting Danger up into a brainbuster position and dropping him on the concrete with the Soul Buster!!!! Danger flops on the ground, as Donovan holds his head, not believing what just went down. The Lost Soul falls on top, making the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA X Division Champion, The Lost Soul!

Logan: Man, Donovan’s presence ended up costing Danger this match!

Jones: Inadvertent or not, if they hadn’t been there, Danger might now be the X Division Champion! However, who really knows for sure? All we know now is that The Lost Soul has defended his belt, and is continuing on towards Heat Wave as the champion!

Logan: What a night! But we are so far out of time, it’s not even funny! Good night, America!

*An attendant brings over the X Division Title, with The Lost Soul taking it painfully in his hands. TLS is clearly hurting, but he’s still standing. Draco hops down off the stage to check on Danger, while Donovan stays up on top, his eyes glued to the belt that TLS is holding. The Lost Soul notices his glance, and slowly raises the belt up, creating an eerie image of TLS looking up towards Donovan. The two men stare at each other, as the picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Whew! This was a rough one! Still, it's still Friday (and not even Friday night *lol*), so I'm counting the streak as still intact!

Here's the card for next week:

- Arachne vs. The Lost Soul

- Dangerous Dan vs. Cisco Sheppard

- The Big Bifford vs. Draco, #1 Contenders Match

- Scott Caine(c) vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana, GCWA Television Title Match

- Lurrr(c) vs. Jobe Severity, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match

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