*As the picture fades out from the previous show, you’re left with nothing but blackness. Suddenly, the GCWA logo flashes in and out of the screen, letting you know what’s coming. Slowly, pictures begin to form, showing different wrestlers coming down the aisle. As they do so, the narrator voice from this past weekend airs again.*

Voice: People live their lives sticking to the status quo. They hope for their days to pass as uneventful as possible. Change is not expected, nor is it sought out. But, sometimes, in life, change… is inevitable…

*The video begins showing clips from this weekend’s PPV. We see shots from the opening match, pitting Dangerous Dan, Scott Caine, Robert Santana, and Ace Aldridge against each other. Santana landing the Sensei-Tion on Aldridge and Caine dropping the Sugar Caine on Santana are both shown. We then see shots of the furious fight between Caine and Dan, with Caine using the exposed turnbuckle to win away the Television Title.*

Voice: Sometimes a cycle is begun, wherein chaos takes over. Changes will come in rapid succession, unseating everything that has become commonplace. Sometimes, the circle does not hold.

*We see clips from the tag-team match, with Harvey Danger being forced to partner with Peter Vaughn against D & D. With Vaughn pinned, Danger lost the tag-team titles, the first time he has been without a belt in three months. Draco is shown giving Danger a nod of apparent respect, even as he leaves the ring. We also see clips from the Xscape Match, from Steve Wilson’s suicide dive off the top of the cage to the frantic last moments, where both The Lost Soul and Lurrr seemed to escape at the same time, causing an outrage over who got the belts. Titan 3 is seen, making the unilateral decision to give TLS the X Division Title and Lurrr his IC Title back, angering the leader of the Roman Empire.*

Voice: These events can be handled in one of two ways. Either the system itself cannot handle it, and it falls apart, or the wave continues to build… to a final Crescendo…

*The main event match is shown, with Tommy Crimson defending the World Heavyweight Title against Marcus Ka’Derrion. Some of the epic moments, including both men going from the top of the ladder to outside the ring and landing through a burning table, are covered, hopefully enticing more people to buy the replay and add to the monetary gains from the show. We see Ka’Derrion, at the end, taking out Crimson and making the climb, regaining the World Title. The final shots are of Lurrr coming to the ring, turning, and giving Crimson the Wake Up Call, before showing himself to Ka’Derrion and proclaiming himself the next World Champion. The rock music hits a climax, as Lurrr walks away, while Ka’Derrion places the World Title on his shoulder once again. We fade out.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans, as usual are hyped up, possibly thanks to lowered prices on candy in the GCWA snack bars. Gotta have that sugar rush! Signs are all over, from “Thank You Marcus!” to “I Want Shrimp!” to “If I Sue, Can I Get A Better Seat?” The cameras focus on announcers Edward Jones & Anthony Logan.*

Logan: Welcome to another GCWA Friday Night Inferno! I’m Anthony Logan, and with me is Edward “Daredevil” Jones!

Jones: Daredevil? You think of me like that?

Logan: Of course I do, Jonesy. After all, Daredevil was blind about stuff, too.

Jones: What was that?

Logan: Nothing, man, just clearing my throat. Anyhow, it’s going to be a great night of wrestling following a PPV that blew everyone’s minds!

Jones: That’s right, Anthony. We had FOUR title changes on Sunday, giving us brand new champions in almost every division. The biggest one, of course, was in the main event, when Marcus Ka’Derrion became a two-time World Heavyweight Champion by winning over Tommy Crimson.

Logan: Yeah, and then Crimson was quickly taken out by his former ally, Lurrr, who became the #1 Contender to the title! Ka’Derrion vs. Lurrr II!

Jones: We all know what happened last time, but this time the belt is on the line, which could make all the difference! We start the build to Heat Wave tonight!!

Logan: Yes, and… well, not surprisingly, someone else decided that they’re going to begin it themselves…

*‘Cocky’ by Kid Rock begins to hit the PA and quickly we hear the crowd lash out in boos. Out comes the leader of the Roman Empire Lurrr. He is followed by the big man Rick Mathis, who seems to have a confused look on his face. Lurrr shows off that cocky smile as he acts like he is shining his Intercontinental Title which drapes over his left shoulder. Lurrr walks down and notices a fan holding a poster that says ‘Lurrr and the Roman Empire kick ass!!!’ Lurrr stops for a moment and smiles he then gives the guy a high five. As Lurrr gets to the ring we notice that fan who was admiring the most hated man in the GCWA get a bath in beer as surrounding fans throw beer on him after he acknowledged Lurrr. Finally Lurrr gets in the ring and he gets in the middle of the ring. He asks that his music be cut and takes the mic out of Minos’s hand *

Lurrr: Ladies and Gentlemen you are looking at the Hall of Famer!!!!

*The crowd begins to boo as Lurrr raises both arms while looking up above.*

Lurrr: You are looking at the man who is always part of the Main Event!!!!

*The crowd begins to boo even louder as Lurrr continues to stay in his same pose looking above.*

Lurrr: And no matter how bad you white trash, NASCAR racing loving, and trailer park residents hate me, you are looking at the next GCWA World Heavyweight Champion!!!!!!

*The crowd is at an all time level of hate, they continue to boo as Lurrr now looks out in the crowd with a smile on his face adjusting his Intercontinental Championship at the same time.*

Lurrr: Oh come on guys you know you want to see Lurrr become the World Champ!!!!

*Lurrr mocking the crowd just laughs at them.*

Lurrr: Okay now I know I have the big contract signing with the guy who is some kind of legacy or whatever but let me first address the events of Crescendo this past Sunday night. Now a lot of you out there were probably scratching your empty heads when I gave the former World Champ Tommy Crimson a taste of The Wake Up Call. Well it’s pretty damn simple, I told this guy when he was first allowed entry to my stable that once he was able to get his hands on some gold he would need to hold onto it. Instead the guy goes out and has a title reign that was shorter than Shane Donovan’s, which I thought was a tough mark to beat, I am just saying? Anyways, when Mobley and Hill left on whatever adventure they went on, personally I really don’t want to know what’s going on in Amsterdam, I told myself that there couldn’t be any hiccups in this stable. Now I may have lost the X-Division Title several weeks ago but the following week I won the Intercontinental Title, hell Tommy Crimson couldn’t even get a damn match on Inferno tonight, instead a guy who is washed up that was completely torn away from the wrestling world, Jobe Severity got one? Crimson, when you are ready to talk gold come talk to me but until then you can sit back in the locker room and hold hands with Santana and Crazy Chris!!!!

*The crowd boos as Lurrr sits in the ring patiently waiting for them to shut up.*

Lurrr: You red-necks done?

*The crowd boos even louder, Lurrr just sits there acting like he could do this all night. They finally tone it down somewhat.*

Lurrr: Okay as I was saying earlier I have been put or as some would like to call it I ordered Ace to put me in the Main Event for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship at the biggest show of the year, HEAT WAVE!!! I have beat the man once before and I have no doubts that this crowd will be showering me with cheers when I am holding the World Title at Heat Wave. The owner of this company tried to think of every way known to man to make it a tough road when it came to me and a World Title match. He announces a tournament way back in December and then he thinks he did me a favor by putting me in a Four-Way Match for the title, which I didn’t even lose, some jackass who only lasted three weeks lost me that opportunity. Then he has me playing second fiddle to some of the other so-called talent after I beat the man who was holding the World Title. So yeah, I brought in my legal team because I was owed a lot. I was owed a one on one match for the World Title. When I first signed on the dotted line it wasn’t to win the X-Division Title or the Intercontinental Title, it was for the biggest prize of them all. It is really unfortunate that I had to slap the old man around before he came to his senses, but I have now been granted my match. Hell not only was I granted my match but as I have been saying for 7 months, the boss knew he had to have me in the Main Event at the biggest pay per view of the year, Heat Wave.

*Lurrr waits as another round of boos comes out. It really isn’t bothering him, nor is the “asshole” chant that’s starting to circle around the arena.*

Lurrr: I did have one more problem, and it was that freak of nature, Titan 3, getting in my way on Sunday when he should have been dealing with cleaning up kid puke. But who cares? It worked for me, as my lawyers let Ace have it once again. I don’t know how much more that old man can take. Ace knew I should have gotten the X Division Title again, and he wanted to avoid another threatened lawsuit. You know what he had to pay for it? He had to pay to give me the option of what type of match Marcus and I are going to be wrestling!

*Lurrr lets out a laugh, happy with himself, although the crowd seems pretty upset that the President has given Lurrr another bonus due to threats.*

Jones: I don’t believe it! The President gave that right to Lurrr?

Logan: That’s supposed to be the choice of the champion! Who knows what advantage Lurrr will give to himself now!

*As the crowd continues to lay out the hatred, Lurrr pulls out a piece of paper that is in his pocket, he unfolds it and puts in front of the camera.*

Lurrr: Now as for this…. Ace this is a receipt of what the legal team has charged not me but the GCWA for their work. You see not only when I brought this legal team on board would they get me what I wanted but it wasn’t going to cost me a dime, this bill is for you boss!!!!

*Lurrr slams it down in the middle of the ring.*

Lurrr: Hey boss…. Have a nice night!!!!!

*’Cocky’ by Kid Rock begins to play as Lurrr and Mathis leave the ring walking back towards the locker room with smiles on their faces.*

Jones: I can’t believe he’s going to give the bill to the President!

Logan: I can. Lurrr’s a dirty slimebag, after all. If he can get out of paying it, he will. I just wish Ace would start standing up to him again. Recently, it seems like all Ace is concerned about is the bottom line. Any threat of monetary issues is working on him right now. Hey, think I could threaten him for a raise?

Jones: Nope. He would just fire you and find someone cheaper to pay.

Logan: You’re probably right, damn it. Oh well. Let’s just get back to the action that’s brought us here today!

Jones: Alright, Minos, let’s get things started!

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Approaching the ring, he earned the Newcomer of the Month award for May 2009, standing 6’2” and weighing 230 lbs, from Brentwood, Tennessee, here is Seth Eldritch!

*”Be Aggressive” by Faith No More hits the speakers, earning a minor crowd reaction. Eldritch walks from the back, unshaven and looking like he’s had a rough month. He moves slowly to the ring.*

Jones: Eldritch isn’t looking like he’s in the best condition to wrestle tonight.

Logan: Ever since he fell to “PIC” Steve Wilson at Capital Punishment, he just hasn’t been the same. He’s clearly struggling, probably with something in his personal life.

Jones: Well, whatever it is, he needs to shake it. He’s not facing a rookie here tonight. The President put him into a tough test!

Minos: And now, his opponent. He is a former GCWA X Division Champion, making his return to the GCWA after taking on a new employment opportunity, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, with his manager, Martin Ka’Berryon, here is The Big Bifford!

*”Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio leads out The Big Bifford, who is waving to the fans. Martin Ka’Berryon follows him out, wearing the usual grape costume that he’s always seen in.*

Logan: Here comes the GCWA’s shrimp fisherman!

Jones: Does that make Martin Sgt. Dan?

Logan: Yeah, except his disability is that costume. Hey, you think he sleeps in that? I can’t recall ever seeing him out of costume…

Jones: Well, it IS cushioned. He might not even have a bed. He might just lay down on the floor and fall asleep!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Let’s see what Bifford and Eldritch have to show us tonight!

Logan: I just hope Bifford didn’t eat more of that raw shrimp before the match. Seriously, him throwing up? I do NOT need to see that!

*The Big Bifford turns and talks to Martin a little bit longer, apparently finishing off some debate about fishing. Martin shakes his head, and then agrees with Bifford, if only to get him refocused on the match. The Big Bifford smiles and turns back to his opponent. Eldritch, meanwhile, has been walking back and forth, pacing, while running a hand through his hair. He suddenly turns and charges, running right at Bifford! He leaps up at a surprised Bifford, going for a splash! The problem is, he’s not heavy enough, as Bifford catches him in mid-air! Bifford takes a step forward, looking confused, as most people know better than to try that. He looks at Martin, who signals for him to take him down. Eldritch struggles, but he can’t get free at the angle he’s being held with. Bifford seems to shrug his shoulders, then comes forward, dropping forward and crushing Eldritch underneath him!!!*

Logan: Oh, man!! What a mistake by Eldritch!

Jones: Some people might consider what he just did as attempted suicide!

Logan: No kidding! He served himself up to Bifford on a silver platter, and you know Bifford, he loves to be served!

*Referee Rockwell steps in, as if to make the count, but The Big Bifford has already pushed off of the man. He stands up, raising his arms in the air, then turns, smiling, to the referee. Rockwell looks at him with a raised eyebrow, then points, letting Bifford know that the match isn’t over without a pinfall. Bifford waves his hands at Eldritch, who isn’t moving, but Rockwell wants it official. Bifford shrugs and reaches down, pulling up the injured man and repositioning him. In only a few seconds, Bifford has Eldritch up in position for the jumping piledriver! Eldritch isn’t even fighting as Bifford turns and drops, landing The Biff End!! With Eldritch down and out, Bifford looks over at Rockwell, who drops next to him. With almost a sigh of annoyance, Bifford puts his arm on Bifford, allowing Rockwell to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… The Big Bifford!

Logan: Man… I wasn’t expecting a PPV worthy match or anything, but that was just horrific!

Jones: I’m betting this is the last time we see Seth Eldritch in the GCWA, at least for now. He didn’t even bring any fight to the table! It’s like he got the result he wanted!

Logan: Wild. Well, The Big Bifford gets an easy win and can go back to fishing, so he should be happy.

*The Big Bifford gets his hand raised by Rockwell, then turns towards Ka’Berryon, apparently starting up another argument about the necessity of water being around them while fishing. Ka’Berryon leads the way out (or is trying to just get away), as Bifford follows him up the aisle. Eldritch, meanwhile, is being revived and checked on by the ref. The scene cuts backstage, where one half of the newly crowned GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Shane Donovan, stands in front of a door labeled "The President’s Office". Shane glances down at the clipboard in his hand, looking it over quick before knocking. Without even waiting for a response, Shane enters The Accelerator's office, finding the GCWA President seated at his desk.*

Shane Donovan: Gotta talk to you chief.

*The Accelerator looks up from his desk, clearly annoyed by the interruption. He’s obviously got his hands full, as he’s working with a couple of other people through teleconference on the Lurrr situation. He’s definitely not in a good mood.*

The Accelerator: What do you need Shane? I'm busy, damnit.

Shane Donovan: Yeah yeah I know, big bad Lurrr gets his chance at getting his block knocked off by Marcus. I have a more important issue that has to be dealt with!

*The Accelerator raises an eyebrow as Shane puts the clipboard down in front of him. He glances over the cover sheet, shaking his head as he does this.*

The Accelerator: An expense report? What is this?

Shane Donovan: Important stuff to GCWA that Draco and I feel we should be reimbursed for.

The Accelerator: ...Oil change for mascot?

Shane Donovan: Well yes, if Robo-Betsy doesn't get one every five thousand miles she starts making this horrible clicking noise and...

*The Accelerator growls deep in his throat, which is enough for Shane to stop talking.*

The Accelerator: First Lurrr, and now you. What, you guys think this company is made of money? There’s no way in hell I’m signing this, now get the hell out of my office!

*Shane doesn’t move, having expected something like this.*

Shane Donovan: Well I suppose that's okay, so why don't we discuss the matter of the rematch clause in my contract that you haven't honored yet...

*The Accelerator looks at Shane, then back down at the clipboard, before looking back at Shane. Shane merely grins, knowing that Ace is thinking about more lawyer fees possibly being in his future.*

The Accelerator: Son of a….. where’s my pen…

*Pen gets put to paper, and the clipboard quickly gets shoved back into Shane's hands.*

The Accelerator: Here. Now get out of my office, unless you want me to sign your pink slip while I’m at it.

*Shane nods, exiting the room and clicking the lock on the handle as he exits. With the door closed, Shane pulls the paper off of the clipboard, peeling up tape and throwing away the top sheet, revealing a completely different document underneath, containing the Accelerator's signature.*

Shane Donovan: I love it when a plan comes together…

*With that, Shane walks down the hallway as the scene cuts to our first commercial break.*

*We return from commercial in the backstage area, where Cynthia Hall, the GCWA’s main reporter, is standing by.*

Cynthia Hall: Hello, GCWA fans, this is Cynthia Hall, here with the former GCWA X Division Champion, Steve Wilson! Steve, thanks for seeing me.

*The fans cheer at the sight of Wilson, even as he nods towards Cynthia.*

Steve Wilson: It is no problem, Cynthia.

Cynthia Hall: This past weekend, you put your GCWA X Division Title on the line in an “Xscape” Match. During the match, it seemed that you and The Lost Soul were working together. Is there any truth to the rumors that you guys are forming a tag-team?

Steve Wilson: The Lost Soul and I have known each other a long time. I respect him, and I believe he respects me. If we do work together, there is no one who could stop us.

Cynthia Hall: Unfortunately, the PPV match didn’t work out well for you, as both The Lost Soul and Lurrr escaped the cage, leaving you the sole man without a championship. Has this changed any of your future plans?

Steve Wilson: Let me just say this, Cynthia. Lurrr hasn’t heard the last of me. He got lucky on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean I am going to just walk away. I defeated Lurrr once. I am going to do so again, only this time, I’ll be taking the Intercontinental Title away from him. Once I’m done with him, the rest of the GCWA better watch out, because Steve Wilson is going to be a force to be reckoned with!

*Wilson turns and walks away, leaving Cynthia behind. Cynthia, used to this response, turns back to the camera.*

Cynthia Hall: This is Cynthia Hall, sending it back to the boys at the announce table.

*The picture cuts back to ringside, where Jones and Logan are waiting.*

Jones: Strong words from Steve Wilson, as he looks to get himself back into contendership!

Logan: Yeah, he may have had one bad night, but that doesn’t mean his GCWA career is over. If I were Lurrr, I’d be thinking about who’s coming after him now.

Jones: We’ve got more matches in store, so let’s go to Minos in the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and is scheduled for a 10-minute time limit. Coming to the ring, he is a third-generation wrestler looking to follow his family’s trend of making a mark on the business, standing 6’5” and weighing 254 lbs, from El Paso, Texas, here is “The Cowboy From Hell” Ace Aldridge!

*Aldridge walks down the aisle to “Cowboys From Hell” from Pantera. The fans give him an alright ovation, although they have lost some of their previous excitement with the man since he fell at the PPV. Aldridge doesn’t let it bother him, entering the ring and preparing himself for competition.*

Logan: I had high hopes for Aldridge, considering his lineage, but so far, he hasn’t really lived up to his legacy.

Jones: Sometimes guys like this get brought up too soon, Anthony. Maybe, if his father and grandfather hadn’t wrestled in the business, Aldridge would have spent more time in the independents before coming here. But since he was a name, the Accelerator decided to give him a chance.

Logan: Well, let’s see what he gives us tonight, and if he’s looking like he can turn things around.

Minos: His opponent recently had a successful night at GCWA Crescendo, and is looking to continue his momentum tonight. Standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Draco!

*”Indestructible” by Disturbed plays, bringing Draco out towards the ring. He looks pretty confident as he makes his way down, especially with the new belt wrapped around his waist. He hands off the title before entering the ring, sizing up the big Texan standing inside the squared circle.*

Jones: Draco earned his first gold this past week, becoming part of the World Tag-Team Champions with Shane Donovan.

Logan: Yeah, I hope it doesn’t go to his head. Winning gold is great, don’t get me wrong, but that doesn’t mean you can take someone like Ace Aldridge lightly. Anyone can win on any given day.

Jones: Well, there’s definitely a major size difference between these two, but if anyone can cut Aldridge down to size, it’s Draco. He’s proven himself on many occasions.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: We almost have a David vs. Goliath here, but will it have the same result as the Bible?

Jones: Let’s see what happens!

*Aldridge finishes stretching and comes out of his corner, ready to match up against Draco. The two come nose-to-chest, with Draco looking up at the 6 inch taller Aldridge, who is smiling. Draco shakes his head… then kicks Aldridge in the shin!! Aldridge, surprised, bounces back in pain, grabbing his leg. Draco, though, targets the other leg, kicking it as well, and Aldridge stumbles away, trying to save his legs from the assault! Draco then gets behind Aldridge and jumps up, getting onto the bigger man’s shoulders and punching away!! Aldridge staggers, with no way to get away from the assault, even as Draco spins around him and drops with a hurricanrana, taking Aldridge down to the mat!! Draco hurries over, continuing the assault in order to keep The Cowboy From Hell on the canvas, as referee Thomas Mitchell stays back.*

Logan: That’s one way to take a larger man down.

Jones: Draco’s nothing if not inventive. There’s a reason he’s had so many title reigns despite his size. He is an aggressive wrestler who can quickly judge an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Logan: Aldridge’s weakness is his ankles. Like Achilles? Cool.

*Draco kicks away at Aldridge, trying to keep the big man down, but Aldridge claws his way up anyway, using the ropes. Draco changes his course of attack, landing a few shots to the ribs before grabbing Aldridge’s arm, preparing to whip him towards the ropes. Aldridge has a good grip, though, refusing to let go. Draco tries again, and surprisingly Aldridge releases, only then to reverse it, sending Draco to the other side instead! But Draco immediately reacts, jumping up onto the middle rope and springboarding backwards, dropping beside Aldridge and landing the Light’s Out!!! Draco sits to the side, as the crowd lets loose a cheer for the maneuver. He puts an arm on Aldridge, with referee Mitchell there to make the slow count… 1…. 2…. and Aldridge gets his arm up! Draco looks at Mitchell with slitted eyes, but Mitchell doesn’t respond to him, simply walking away, avoiding any controversy.*

Logan: That was a pretty long count by Mitchell, Jonesy. Do you think he’s up to something again?

Jones: I don’t think he’s that dumb, Anthony. I’m betting that he got chewed out heavily about favoritism by the President, and now he’s going to be pretty slow for everyone so that he keeps his job.

Logan: Well, as long as he’s even with everyone, I’ve got nothing to complain about.

*With Aldridge trying to get up, but failing, Draco moves to the side and watches. He’s waiting so that Aldridge does all the work standing. As soon as Aldridge is up, Draco comes in, getting in a shot to the temple. Aldridge nearly falls over again, but Draco won’t let him, instead taking him towards the turnbuckle. Aldridge reaches the ropes and tries to fight back, throwing an elbow back that Draco easily ducks under thanks to his size. He grabs Aldridge by the head and bangs it on the turnbuckle again and again, weakening Aldridge further. With a mighty heave, Draco manages to get Aldridge to climb up the ‘buckle, positioning him on the top ‘buckle. Draco follows, grabbing hold of Aldridge from behind and coming off the top with the Hellacious!!!! Aldridge has no defense, crashing to earth with a huge bang!! The crowd knows it’s over, and so does Draco as he makes the cover, waiting for Mitchell to finish his count… 1…. 2…. 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Draco!

Jones: Another short match! What’s going on tonight, did these guys just not want to compete?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. They’re blowing their shots by not being competitive. You can’t just show up to fight a match against a man like Draco. He’ll tear you apart.

*As Draco makes sure to get Ace Aldridge out of the ring, "The Game" by Disturbed hits, and Draco’s World Tag-Team Champion partner, Shane Donovan, makes his way to the ring, being followed close behind by GCWA referee Adrian Rockwell, who has a large suitcase in his hand. The two men enter the ring, while Draco asks for a microphone from the stagehands.*

Jones: Now what is this about? Draco’s not satisfied with the victory?

Logan: Well, in all fairness, Jonesy, they DID win the tag-team titles this week. They’ve earned a little bragging, if that’s what this is.

Draco: Alright, let's cut right to the chase. A major injustice took place at Crescendo, and I must say I'm pretty damn ashamed to have taken part of it. I'm sure my partner here feels the same way.

*Shane Donovan has a huge smirk on his face, but the moment he notices Draco looking at him he lets his shoulders hang and tries his best to look depressed, causing Draco to shake his head.*

Draco: Harvey, come on out here, we need to talk.

Jones: Harvey? Harvey Danger? They’re calling out the former tag-team champ!

Logan: Interesting…

*"No Rain" starts to play as Harvey Danger makes his way to the ring cautiously, looking more than a little surprised to be called out. Draco raises an eyebrow as Harvey slowly enters the ring, keeping his gaze fixated on Draco.*

Draco: Come on Harvey, don't be sure nervous, aren't I your best friend?

*Harvey shrugs before nodding, still looking quite apprehensive about being in the ring.*

Draco: Now, I know you know if not for the fact that Shane and I had the match at Crescendo; one of us would've definitely been your partner.

*Shane looks the other way, rolling his eyes a bit as Draco continues.*

Draco: And I think we're all in agreement to the fact that The Accelerator really hurt your chances of retaining by naming the freakin' janitor as your partner. So, Shane went to The Accelerator earlier and had him sign up the paperwork to give you a new partner: us.

*Harvey looks stunned as Shane motions for Rockwell to walk over with the suitcase. Rockwell does so, holding it up so Shane can open it. Shane then motions for Draco to hand him the mic.*

Shane Donovan: Now Harvey, if you want to tag with us there's an initiation you have to pass first.

*Harvey stares blankly at Shane as he continues.*

Shane Donovan: You see, I had a title prepared specifically for this occasion, one that I'm proud to announce myself as the first holder of. Allow me to present to every here the Harvey Danger Title for Excellence in the Field of Being Awesome!

*Shane reaches into a briefcase, pulling out a custom-made title belt that has exactly what he just said etched onto the front of it.*

Shane Donovan: So, here's your test. I'm the first holder of the HDTEFA Championship, and I know that just rolls off the tongue, but we're going to give you a chance to win the belt right now, which is why Mr. Rockwell here was so kind to come to the ring with us.

*Adrian motions for the bell to ring, and holds up the belt after Shane hands it to him.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Oh, man, Adrian’s even making this look like an official match! This is great!

Jones: I am SO confused right now!

Logan: Just roll with it, Jonesy. Go with the flow.

*Harvey watches Shane, confused at the whole situation. Shane stares at Harvey, stepping towards him before stopping, clutching his chest. Shane drops first to one knee, then flat on his back. Harvey continues to stare, absolutely flabbergasted at this turn of events. Draco looks at Harvey, then to Shane, before motioning for Harvey to pin him. Harvey merely continues to stare, dumbfounded. Shaking his head, Draco nails Harvey with a hard elbow to the back of the head. Harvey falls forward, and Draco quickly drapes one of Harvey's arms over Shane.*

Logan: Shane’s down! Danger’s got him!

Jones: …. What?

*Rockwell drops to make the count, acting as if he doesn’t know the outcome…. 1… 2… 3!!!*

Logan: Someone tell Minos to announce Danger as the winner!

*Rockwell motions for the bell as Shane jumps back to his feet. "No Rain" starts to play again as Draco helps Harvey up while Shane gets the belt, draping it over Harvey's shoulder as the two men help him to the back. Rockwell is the last one pictured, laughing to himself, before we head to commercials.*

*After the commercial break, we return to the President’s office, where the Accelerator is still working on damage control. The door handle jiggles, but since the door is locked, the person has to knock. Ace nods to an attendant, who goes and opens it, revealing the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3. The crowd cheers as he appears, walking up to the President’s desk.*

Titan 3: You wanted to see me, ‘boss’?

*The Accelerator lets out a sigh, then looks up at Titan 3, not exactly thrilled to see him.*

The Accelerator: Do you know how much your stunt at Crescendo has cost me? What the hell were you thinking, going out and getting involved in that match??

Titan 3: Someone had to do something. I was there. I made the decision. And hell, who cares if it was the right one or not? Someone had to show some *bleeps*.

The Accelerator: You made the decision… you made… since when do you think you have the authority to make that decision, damnit!! I appointed you my Head of Security because I thought you could do a good job beating people down and keeping us from any unnecessary violence! You don’t have the power to decide on titles!

*The Accelerator stands up, staring straight at Titan 3, who doesn’t flinch away. For a second, everyone freezes, wondering if we’re going to see an epic brawl that hasn’t been seen in years. Finally, though, the Accelerator takes a deep breath and sits back down.*

The Accelerator: You know what, man? Take the rest of the day off. I don’t feel like seeing you around here. Oh, and your next paycheck? Expect it to be a little smaller after the fine hits it. Now get out.

*Titan3 angrily straightens up, having to fight hard to contain himself. He just barely manages to stop himself from doing anything violent.*

Titan 3: Alright, Ace, I’ll head home. But you better realize that if you keep making deals with these *bleeps*, you aren’t going to be in control anymore. Grow a pair and stop letting them trample all over you!

The Accelerator: Fine, whatever, now get out!

*Titan 3 shakes his head, disgusted, then turns and goes out the door, slamming it behind him. The Accelerator, meanwhile, goes back to work. We head out to ringside.*

Jones: The President certainly isn’t happy!

Logan: Yeah, well, I think I’m going to have to side with Titan 3 on this. I mean, hell, Ace keeps giving guys like Lurrr and Donovan anything they want, as long as they threaten to bring a lawyer into it! He’s got to draw a line somewhere, and stop being so scared of lawsuits!

Jones: The President’s main role is to make this company successful for the shareholders, Anthony. If he has to pay out a bunch of settlements, then the GCWA is going to be in serious financial trouble.

Logan: Say whatever you want, Jonesy, but Ace can’t let this go on much longer. Are we ready for the next match?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is making his return to wrestling after an extended health absence, standing 6’4” and weighing 223 lbs, from Atlanta, Georgia, here is Jobe Severity!

*Severity comes out slowly, as “Day That Never Comes” by Metallica plays behind him. The fans don’t seem to be sure how to react to the former preacher, although a couple of signs are shown welcoming him back to the GCWA. Others aren’t quite as kind, saying that a child molester isn’t needed here. It’s the usual split reaction for Severity, who takes it all in with a penitent, peaceful look on his face. He walks down the aisle.*

Logan: Man, I didn’t think we were seeing this guy back in the GCWA after his health scare. I mean, he was dying from cancer, wasn’t he?

Jones: Well, apparently he’s gotten a clean bill of health, which, excuse the term, is a miracle.

Logan: Yeah, well, we’ll see what Jobe has to offer in that ring. It better not be a rattlesnake, though.

Jones: No, it doesn’t look like he brought any bags with him, thank goodness.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA Television Champion, looking for some momentum to be built up after tonight, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*Santana walks out to a good wave of cheers, bowing to the crowd as “Sandstorm” by Darude plays through the speakers. Santana walks along the edge of the aisleway on his way down, shaking the hands of several of the kids in the front row.*

Jones: I heard Santana’s son got his leg broken this past week. Hope the kid’s going to be alright.

Logan: Yeah. It’s sad to see young men hurt, especially ones who are wanting to be wrestlers.

Jones: It makes you wonder how prepared Santana is for this match, as he was worried about his son during the week. But then, he’s always been pretty efficient in there. Maybe he’ll do fine.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As Santana comes into the ring, Severity moves towards him, apparently wanting to get things started quickly. He grabs Santana and spins him around, immediately locking his arms around Santana’s attempting a backslide! Santana, surprised, doesn’t manage a counter in time, as Severity takes him over! Referee Trixie, caught off-guard, still gets down in time to make the count… 1… 2.. and Santana manages to free himself in time, falling out of the pin attempt! He jumps up and turns to Severity, but Severity is already coming in, grabbing Santana and twisting him into a Oklahoma roll! Once again, the count begins… 1… 2… Santana kicks free again, escaping a shocking loss. Both men get back up, with Severity landing a forearm to the face, staggering Santana backwards and allowing Severity to stay in control.*

Logan: Man, I was afraid that this match was going to be shorter than even the Danger / Donovan one!

Jones: Severity’s chief weakness in this match is most likely going to be his stamina, after the treatments he underwent. Not surprisingly, Severity tried to take Santana down quickly, and it almost worked!

Logan: Severity’s already showing that he’s got a shot at being competitive here in the GCWA again, a thought that ought to worry many of the current champions in the company.

*Severity has gotten Santana into the corner now, where he gets Santana’s arm bent around the ropes, tugging on it in an arm wrench submission. Unfortunately, using the ropes won’t work, as Trixie immediately calls for the break. Severity, sighing to himself, does so, nodding to the young woman in the ring with him. Trixie looks a little freaked out just by the stare of Severity, who turns back to Santana and chops him hard across the chest. He leans back for another, but Santana responds, grabbing Severity and reversing their positions. Santana then gets in a chop of his own which nearly takes Severity down with its impact!! Santana follows it up with two more, keeping Severity in the corner as the fans get behind the Sensei, cheering him on.*

Jones: Santana’s chops are so painful-looking! He has to have the best chops in the GCWA!

Logan: They certainly aren’t painless, judging from Severity’s face. Santana’s known for his fancy footwork, but his hands are just as dangerous in there.

*Santana has continued the beating in the corner, really laying into Severity’s chest and leaving a long, red mark that will probably be visible for the rest of the night. With Severity hurting, Santana pulls the older wrestler out of the corner and takes him over to the center of the ring, lifting him up into the air with a fireman’s carry. Severity starts to try pulling free, but Santana moves too swiftly, turning the maneuver into a fireman’s carry takeover! Severity falls to the mat, with Santana dropping a sharp fist on him after he lands. Santana then grabs the legs, cradling Severity for a pin… 1… 2… but Severity manages to push free before the third count can hit. Santana is immediately back up, turning Severity around and applying a stretch plum submission hold! Trixie hovers near, watching the action, as Severity immediately begins reaching towards the ropes, his eyes wide as he fights the agony threatening to consume him!*

Jones: Santana is certainly pulling no punches in this one!

Logan: What, you think that Santana should take it easy on this guy? Severity’s wrestled the best in the world! Remember when he nearly beat Derek Mobley for the World Title? This is not a guy to give less than 100 percent against, no matter what he’s been through lately.

*Slowly, Severity manages to squeeze himself further and further in the direction of the ropes, even as Santana tries to slow the momentum while upping the angle. But it’s too late, as Severity reaches the ropes and hangs on. Santana, disappointed but not upset, releases the hold when Trixie tells him to. He doesn’t argue, he just takes a deep breath and moves on to the next move, pulling Severity upwards. Severity staggers and almost falls again, apparently low on energy now after that fight. Santana can’t stop his attack, though. He grabs Severity by the arm and sends him towards the ropes, no, Severity puts the brakes on, spins… and takes Santana down out of nowhere with a crippler crossface!!! The crowd is on its feet, stunned, as now Santana is the one in deep trouble!! Severity locks the hold on tight, prepared to hang on for eternity if that’s how long it takes to get the victory!*

Logan: What a move by Severity!! That came out of nowhere!

Jones: Severity couldn’t have been as tired as he made out! He tricked Santana right into that!

Logan: Hey, if Severity wants a win, he needs to outsmart his opponents, and he did it great right there!

*Santana is nowhere near the ropes, which seriously hampers his escape attempts. He opts to use his legs, shoving upwards and rolling, taking Severity with him! The maneuver doesn’t work, as Severity comes back right on top, still with the hold in place! Referee Trixie moves in, as if expecting a tap out. However, Santana’s roll got him just close enough, as he reaches out with his free hand, desperately grabbing at the bottom rope! He manages to get there, causing Trixie to call for the break, a break that Severity doesn’t seem too anxious to deliver. He keeps hanging on as Trixie goes up in her count, reaching 4 before Severity finally releases the hold. He slowly gets up, on shaky legs, even as Santana still has a hand on the ropes, hurting too badly to attempt moving just yet.*

Logan: Both of these guys have been put through the wringer. If these submission holds continue, we’re going to have two Stretch Armstrong dolls in there!

Jones: Stretch Armstrong! Hey, I had one of those! He ruled!

Logan: You had one?

Jones: I mean, my kid had one. Yeah, my kid.

*Severity slowly brings Santana up off the mat, both men feeling the strain of this match as it continues to go on. Severity still seems to be in better shape right now, though, as he picks Santana up and goes after his leg, giving him a kneebreaker! Santana falls to the side, in pain, while Severity takes a moment of contemplation time. Either that, or he needed to catch his breath. He comes back to Santana and ‘helps’ him up again, this time taking Santana back over to the corner. However, before Severity can pull off a move, Santana reacts, elbowing backwards and stunning his opponent! Severity staggers back, as Santana jumps up to the second turnbuckle, then springs back off with a sharp kick to Severity’s head, dropping him to the ground!!! Santana rolls in pain, having used his already-hurting knee for the strike. He recovers enough, though, to roll over and make the cover, with Trixie in place, waiting for him… 1… 2… no, Severity manages to get his shoulder up!*

Logan: Severity’s still in there fighting, which is a lot more than I expected from him in this bout!

Jones: He’s a tribute to cancer survivors everywhere!

Logan: Let’s not go too far, Jonesy. Still, he’s earned a little respect from me, I suppose.

*Santana slowly gets up, limping, as he heads over to Severity. He seems to consider the Sensei-Tion for a second, as Severity is in perfect position right now, but Santana’s leg is just hurting him too much, so he opts for another approach. He lifts Severity up, then gives him a neckbreaker, putting the preacher on the mat! Santana falls on top, trying to finish the older man off…. 1… 2… but Severity kicks out once more. Santana rises back up, pulling Severity off the ground. He sends Severity into the ropes, and then goes for a leaning clothesline, but Severity ducks under it, going off the other side. Santana turns to meet him, but Severity almost looks out of control coming back, as he stumbles and falls straight into Santana’s legs!! The impact flips Santana over, causing a gasp from the audience as he lets out a loud yell, grabbing his right leg!! Both men are down, as Trixie stands over the carnage.*

Logan: Oh, man, that was disastrous!! Santana might just have had some serious damage done!!

Jones: I don’t think that was what Severity was intending, but it may have just worked strongly in his favor!

*Severity slowly gets up, holding his left shoulder, which probably took a pretty good shot itself from the impact. He looks over at Santana, who is still down, clutching at his leg. Referee Trixie seems to be off conferring with someone at ringside, apparently trying to decide whether or not to stop the match. That’s not in Severity’s plans, though. The older wrestler walks over to Santana, immediately leaning over and grabbing at Santana’s legs! Santana tries to fight him off, struggling, but there’s no escape, as Severity turns him over into the King James Version submission hold!!!! Trixie, seeing the move, comes back over, still not knowing what to do. Santana is yelling in pain, as he tries to claw towards the ropes, which are pretty far away from him. The pain must be intense, as Severity has his move applied perfectly. Santana keeps fighting for more than 30 seconds, reaching desperately for the ring ropes, but he can’t make any progress. He lays his head on the mat, in agony, and finally taps, with Trixie quickly calling for the bell to get Severity to release the hold.*

Minos: Here is your winner, Jobe Severity!

Logan: Man, that turned out to be a pretty good match!

Jones: Yep, both men came into it wanting that victory, and both fought pretty hard. But sometimes things happen which decide matches. We just saw one right there, as Severity took advantage of Santana’s injury.

Logan: You have to think Santana was worried about permanent damage, which finally forced him to submit. So we have a successful return from Severity, who now has to have gone on the radar of many of the other superstars in the GCWA with this victory.

Jones: Who knows where his path will take him next?

*Severity, having released the hold, slowly heads for the ropes, heading out of the ring. He doesn’t even look back at Santana, who is being checked over by a medic. Santana is still conscious, but his legs are obviously a major concern right now. Severity, meanwhile, walks quietly up the aisleway, having done what he set out to do. We switch to the backstage area, where The Lost Soul is seen, walking down the hallway with the GCWA X Division Title. Suddenly, he stops, as Steve Wilson steps in front of him. Wilson looks at the title, then looks at The Lost Soul.*

Steve Wilson: Hey.

*The Lost Soul doesn’t say anything. He just looks at Wilson.*

Steve Wilson: I just wanted you to know that there are no hard feelings about what happened. We’ll talk later.

*Wilson turns and walks off, leaving The Lost Soul behind. TLS watches him go, his face unreadable behind the face paint. The picture fades to commercial.*

*We return from the break outside the arena, where a car is seen pulling up. It parks in the GCWA garage, with a man getting out of the driver’s side. It is Tommy Crimson, the former World Heavyweight Champion. He moves slowly around the side, then is startled as Cynthia Hall runs up to him, with a cameraman in tow.*

Cynthia Hall: Hello, this is Cynthia Hall, and I’m here with the former World Champion, Tommy Crimson! Tommy, you had a moment on top of the GCWA, but that moment came crashing to earth this past weekend against Marcus Ka’Derrion. A lot of people are now thinking that your reign will be quickly forgotten, especially since you have been kicked out of the Roman Empire. Do you have any thoughts on what you’re going to do now?

*Crimson looks to Cynthia, then at the camera, then back at Cynthia. He suddenly swings, clocking the cameraman!! The camera falls, showing us a good shot of the roof before falling on its side. We hear Cynthia call her cameraman’s name, and see her come to check on him. In the meantime, Crimson can briefly be seen walking away. He’s not in the mood to talk. The picture cuts out, as we go back to ringside.*

Jones: Well, I guess Tommy Crimson just made his statement.

Logan: I guess I can’t blame him for being in a bad mood here tonight. Cynthia really ought to have known better.

Jones: Hey, it’s her job to get the big stories, and Crimson losing the title is pretty big. She just needs to learn how to phrase her comments better.

Logan: I wonder why Crimson’s here tonight, anyway? I mean, he’s not booked, right?

*Suddenly, the intro to “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play. The crowd gets to their feet, cheering loudly.*

Jones: I’m more interested in why THIS guy is here right now!

Logan: It’s the World Heavyweight Champion! This should be good!

*Once the first drum line of the song hits, they go wild as Marcus Ka'Derrion steps out to the top of the entrance. He stands there, World Heavyweight Title tightly wrapped around his waist, soaking the cheers in while banging his head slowly as he listens to the song along with the fans. As the break of the song hits, Marcus rushes down the ramp as the song continues to get louder and faster. He slides under the bottom rope, stopping in the middle of the ring, jumping to his feet and raising his arms high in the air. The crowd continues to cheer. He asks for a mic as the music dies down and then waits for the cheers to do so as well. Once he has the fans full attention, he speaks.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: The first time was unbelievable, but the second time, I gotta admit, feels just as good if not better than the first!

*Crowd cheers loudly. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I will keep it short and simple unlike Lurrr, long and boring… The Roman Empire took another hit at Crescendo, but the Empire is still standing… Most of the pillars have fallen to the way side but the strongest pillar of them all, the one holding it all together still stands… Lurrr.

*The crowd boos loudly. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Lurrr… you came out earlier and you addressed everything from Tommy Crimson to your lawyers, from the X-Division title to your lawyers, from your history of titles to your lawyers, from Titan 3 to your lawyers… From the Accelerator, to I don’t know who else because I fell asleep during your little rant… Point being though is, there is only one person you need to worry about from here until Heat Wave….. ME!

*More cheers from the crowd. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: and I know what you are saying… I already beat you Marcus. I have nothing to worry about, I can do it again. Can you Lurrr? Last time you beat me you had Warrick Hill at your side… Where is he now? GONE. You had Derek Mobley at your side too… Where is he now? GONE. You even had Tommy Crimson and his little crew of freaks… but you took him out and now he’s GONE. Do you see where I am going with this Lurrr? Last time, you needed all the help you can get to pin me… But now, you are all alone. There is no one else left to help you. Some people in the back may not like me, but no one, not a single person likes you. No one will reach their hand out to help you now Lurrr…. It’s going to be you and me at Heat Wave, one on one. Pick whatever kind of match you want, I will be there… and I will be the one giving you, a wake up call.

*Marcus' music hits and the crowd cheers loudly at the newly crowned, and more determined World Champ.* Jones: Marcus just answered Lurrr’s earlier challenge, and we’re already getting the main event fired up!

Logan: It’s going to be history in the making, Jonesy! These two have already said their piece, and we still have the contract signing tonight! Plus we’ve still got a title match!

Jones: It’s good to be a GCWA announcer, Anthony!

*Ka’Derrion walks up the aisle, taking his time while giving some of the fans high fives along the way. As he departs, we head backstage with a split screen, showing two shots. One is of Dangerous Dan, the fan favorite, making his way up a hallway towards the ring. The other shows Scott Caine, shining up the GCWA Television Title before starting his own march. The two men are heading towards the ring for their final confrontation. We fade to commercial.*

*Coming back from commercial, we’re back at ringside, with Jones and Logan.*

Jones: It’s time for the highly anticipated rematch!

Logan: These two guys have been going after each other for 7 months now, in various matches. What will happen here tonight??

*A video begins to run, showing the faces of Dangerous Dan and Scott Caine, as they both made their debuts in the GCWA in January 2009. Shots are shown from Warriors of the Ring III, where Dan and Caine competed for the vacated Intercontinental Title. Dan eliminated Caine in the match. The two faced off in a singles match a week later, with Dan once again winning out, earning the #1 Contenders spot over Caine. Clips are shown of Dangerous Dan with his brother, Crazy Chris, winning the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, while a side shot shows Caine struggling to make any headway in the title scene. However, it also shows a match from April 2009, where Caine defeated Dan with dirty tactics, thanks to the introduction of his manager, Benji Sampson. Caine’s wars with Lurrr are shown, as our Dan’s successful run in the Ultimate Survival ’09 tournament. But it always seemed to come back to the two men, with the two meeting again, along with others, in a “Battle Royal” for the new Television Title. Once again, Dan came out ahead, to Caine’s disgust. We see shots from this month, where Caine faced Dan in a singles match, only to lose, via DQ, when Sampson got involved. At Crescendo, we see shots from the “Fatal Fourway Elimination” Match, with Caine using the exposed turnbuckle to win, finally earning a title while taking it away from his rival. Caine’s dark smile is shown, while Dan just looked ticked off. The video fades out, and the fans are ready for the competition.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. He is a former two-time GCWA Television Champion, now looking for his third reign to begin tonight. Standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*Dangerous Dan comes out to “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory, a little less enthusiastic than usual, but still energetic. The fans are cheering for him as he approaches the ring, intent on taking care of business tonight.*

Logan: The good news is, Dan’s brother, Crazy Chris, seems to be doing better. The bad news is that Dan’s not the champion anymore.

Jones: Yes, and people have been outraged about that all week. Caine clearly cheated to get his victory. Tonight is Dangerous Dan’s chance to get the gold back for a third time.

Logan: He wanted revenge so bad, he cashed in his rematch clause right away. This is his one chance to reclaim the gold.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he succeeded in a lifetime goal this past week, earning gold in the company, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Scott Caine!

*The boos are pretty heavy for Caine when he comes out, with the championship around his waist. “Automatic” by American Pearl plays behind him on the way to the ring, even as he shows off the gold to the fans, a dark smile on his face.*

Jones: The funeral for Benji Sampson was this weekend, which had to be a sad occasion for Scott. I mean, this was the guy who managed him and stayed with him through thick and thin. It must have been like losing a brother.

Logan: Yeah, and I get Scott might be hurting, but he shouldn’t be blaming Dangerous Dan for Benji’s murder. He’s lashing out.

Jones: Can you blame him? The murder’s probably going to go unsolved. That has to make the guy shaky.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Caine and Dangerous Dan approach each other, with referee Mark Bell moving back out of their way, signaling for the match to begin. Caine starts mouthing off to Dan, possibly again accusing him of the attempted murder of Dan’s brother. Dan doesn’t answer while Caine mocks him, pointing to himself and claiming that he is staying the champion. Caine has more on his mind, but he doesn’t get to finish what he’s saying, as Dan swings, snapping Caine’s jaw shut with a punch! Caine steps back, rocked, but Dan is following through, using the extra distance to jump up and dropkick Caine in his chest, sending Caine down to the ground! Caine immediately rolls out of the ring, taking the option of getting away for a while, while Dangerous Dan gets back to his feet and waits, with a roar of cheers surrounding him.*

Jones: The champion just got knocked out of the ring!

Logan: Caine was showing a little bit too much confidence there. You aren’t going to defend that belt by running your mouth, ‘champ’.

Jones: He isn’t going to win by pouting outside the ring, either.

*Caine walks around the ring, thinking things through, as referee Bell continues his 10 count. Caine gets to one point in the middle area, as Dangerous Dan suddenly moves, running towards him. Caine sees him coming, though, and darts away, out of range, as Dan simply spins his legs through the ropes and comes back in. He waves Caine on, wanting a piece of the man, as the TV Champion tentatively walks back to the ring. With the count at 8, Caine orders the ref to keep Dan back, then steps up on the apron and enters. Dan, having no problem letting Caine come back, challenges him to fight like a man, calling him on. Caine, angry, steps forward… and breaks the attempted lock-up by raking Dan’s eyes! Dan, blinded, takes a wild swing, nearly catching Bell, who hurriedly moves out of range. Caine, though, goes off the ropes and runs in, jumping high and getting a spinning roll into Dan’s side! Dan collapses into the ropes, and Caine’s right on him, punching him from behind, even as Bell tries to separate the two.*

Jones: There’s dirty move #1 from Caine.

Logan: He did say he would do anything to keep the title on his waist. The difference now is that he’s got the championship advantage. Seriously, if he gets disqualified, do you think he’s going to be disappointed? It’s all about the belt to him.

Jones: He may say that, Anthony, but you know, in Caine’s heart, he badly wants to get another win over his long-time rival, especially since this might be the last time they face for a while.

*With Dan in the ropes, referee Bell manages to get Caine back, threatening a DQ. Caine shakes his head, but waits, even as Dan pulls himself up. As soon as the challenger is on his feet, though, Caine is right back in, side-stepping the ref and grabbing Dan. He pulls Dan backwards towards the center of the ring, then grabs him by the head and rolls him, putting Dan into a sitting position. Caine runs off the ropes and comes back, kicking at his opponent, but Dan falls back on his own, letting the kick fly over him! Dan then kips up, turning around and meeting Caine’s charge, giving him a hip toss! Caine hits and rolls, leaving the ring once again, but this time Dan doesn’t stay where he is. He charges, doing a baseball slide out right into Caine, sending him backwards into the guardrail! The fans on the outside are loving it as Dan takes the assault to his rival, whipping Caine back into the apron, doing more damage.*

Jones: You can just tell that Dangerous Dan has got it all together tonight!

Logan: Yeah, people have been saying that Dan needs to move up to a higher division, and the way he’s wrestling now, I’m starting to think that too. But this match comes first, as Dan is working to reclaim his lost prize and get some revenge!

Jones: Caine’s going to have to put it into a new gear of his own to keep up with the challenger!

*With referee Bell starting his count, Dan tosses Caine back into the ring, then follows, knowing where he needs to be to win the belt. Caine gets up, trying to clear his head, but he’s still dazed, allowing Dangerous Dan to catch him from behind, bending him backwards. Dan drops him with a reverse DDT, then makes the first cover of the match, with Bell right in position… 1… 2.. and Caine kicks out. Dan immediately reacts, pulling Caine up and whipping him into the ropes. As Caine comes back, Dan flattens out, letting Caine go overtop, then gets back up. But as he does so, Caine jumps onto the ropes and springboards into the air! He flips, then lands, grabbing Dan on the way down and dropping backwards with a Russian legsweep!! The fans are anxious as Caine recovers from the maneuver, then rolls over, making his own cover… 1… 2.. and this time Dan kicks free!*

Logan: So far, this one is pretty damn even. But then, you’d expect that, considering how many times these guys have fought.

Jones: Yes, I believe this is the seventh match that they’ve had against each other, in some form or another, usually involving a title. They have an impressive resume of matches against each other.

Logan: Well, tonight’s the payoff. Who gets to consider themselves the winner of the feud?

*Caine is slowly getting up, as the match is starting to drain on him. Dangerous Dan is doing the same, but Caine takes charge, latching onto Dan and throwing him bodily inbetween the turnbuckle pads, leaving him hanging there after smashing his shoulder! Caine then moves around Dan, climbing onto the ropes, then stepping up onto Dan’s back, standing on him while raising his arms to the fans!! The crowd boos heavily, so Caine drops his hands and jumps, stomping both feet on Dan’s back!! Dan collapses down, with Caine falling off to the side, landing on his feet. He points to the crowd, as if blaming them for what he had to do. He then pulls Dan out of the corner and grabs him from behind, rolling him up into a pinning predicament! Referee Bell is down to make the count… 1… 2… Dan refuses to give up, getting an arm in the air. Caine sits forward, annoyed, but there is nothing that he can do to change things other than to keep up the assault.*

Logan: Caine seems to be taking the crowd reaction personally, Edds.

Jones: For a long time, Anthony, the fans were cheering him, because he was going after the Roman Empire. But since that failed, the fans have dropped away from him, even as he’s taken more and more liberties with the rules.

Logan: In a way, to become a success, Caine is starting to act like Lurrr.

Jones: The insanity of wrestling really does boggle the mind, doesn’t it?

*Caine picks Dangerous Dan up, lifting him and giving him a Juvi driver next to the turnbuckle! Dan’s down, so Caine heads for the turnbuckle, making the slow climb to the top. He stands up, once again looking to the fans, which once again let loose the bad vibes his way. Caine closes his eyes for a second, then opens them, glaring down at Dan. He leaps off, going for the Sugar Caine!!! But Dan rolls aside at the last second, and Caine crashes down on his own, causing some serious pain to flash across his face!! The crowd is cheering loudly now, trying to inspire Dan, who is struggling to get up. He lifts up on the ropes and turns, even as Caine starts to get up. But a running clothesline from Dan puts the TV Champion back down. It’s followed by another one, as Dangerous Dan continues to build up momentum, letting out a loud yell to the crowd, who return it in volume.*

Logan: Dangerous Dan has got his second wind, and this adrenaline rush could get him to the end!

Jones: Caine’s thrown a lot against him, but Dan wouldn’t let it end! He wants the victory over Caine just as much as Caine wants a win over him!

Logan: Talk about two men who hate each other!

*Dan, feeling all of the emotions from the past few weeks spilling forth from him, comes at Caine, throwing him into the corner! Dan follows with a running splash, ensuring that Caine was going to stay put, then comes back out of the corner with a running bulldog, planting Caine in the center of the ring! Dan rolls him over and makes the cover, trying to put the champ away… 1… 2… but Caine will not give up, throwing his arm in the air! Dan, a little frustrated, pulls Caine up, even as he signals to the crowd that it’s time for the Danger Zone! He grabs Caine to lift him into position, no, Caine fights free, gets behind Dan, and drives him into the ropes! He tries to roll up, but Dan hangs on, leaving Caine to roll on his own! Dan then turns and comes in, grabbing Caine again, but Caine reacts by lifting the lighter Dan into the air and tossing him overhead!! Dan falls hard to the mat, while Caine drops to his knees, both men nearly spent with the ferocity of this one!*

Jones: These guys are running out of gas! We’re going to see a victor any minute now!

Logan: You say that, Jonesy, but these are some well-conditioned athletes. It wouldn’t shock me to see them go another 20-30 minutes, at least!

Jones: Damn, I hope not, Anthony! We wouldn’t have time for the contract signing!

*Caine slowly gets back up, stumbling over to Dangerous Dan, who is still breathing heavily on the canvas. Caine seizes an opportunity, locking onto Dan’s legs and smacking his back to get the arms up to him, dropping backwards with a surfboard submission hold! The fans are begging Dan to escape, not wanting to see him lose here this way. Dan fights, but there’s nowhere for him to go, even as referee Bell stays near to check on him. Dan refuses to give in. He pulls hard, managing to get one hand free. Caine reacts by shoving Dan up, then getting his knees underneath, causing Dan to land on them!! Dan crumples to the side, with Caine dropping on him for the pin… 1… 2… No! Dan’s still in it, even if Caine can’t believe it!*

Logan: What’s it going to take to stop Dangerous Dan in this one??

Jones: An exposed turnbuckle?

Logan: Hopefully not. We’ve already been down that road!

*Caine, completely frustrated, argues with the referee, who stubbornly sticks to two fingers. As Dan lays on the ground, recovering, Caine suddenly turns, rolling out of the ring. He goes to the ring table, shoving aside the attendant there and grabbing the GCWA Television Title! He comes back to the ring, climbing up with the belt, even as referee Bell moves his way, ordering him not to come in with a weapon! Caine and Bell argue, with Caine threatening to hit Bell if he doesn’t get out of his way. During all this, though, Dan is back up! He grabs the ropes that Caine is holding onto and yanks, causing a surprised Caine to flip over the ropes and into the ring! Dan then rushes in, grabbing Caine on his way up and sets him for the Danger Zone!! He lifts… no, Caine scrambles free, hard enough that Caine spills through the ropes and out of the ring!!*

Jones: Whoa! That close!! If Dan had hit that, the match was over for sure!!

Logan: Yeah, and I think Caine realizes how close it was. He looks shell-shocked!

*With Dangerous Dan still in the ring, taking a moment to breathe, Caine has gotten up with the Television Title. He turns, looking at the man in the ring, then shakes his head and starts away, hurrying up the aisle!! Dan, in shock, suddenly realizes that Caine is taking off. He turns to referee Bell, who has already been counting away, trying to tell him to hang on, but it’s clear that Caine’s not coming back! The TV Champion is heavily booed as he reaches the ramp, walking up it with the title on his shoulder. He flips off a few fans (which is quickly edited out by the production crew), then heads around to the entryway, leaving! Dan, frustrated, watches him leave, even as referee Bell signals for the bell!*

Minos: Here is your winner via countout, Dangerous Dan!

Logan: I don’t believe things ended that way! That is awful!

Jones: Such a great match, ending like that!

Logan: Caine said that he would do anything to keep the title, but I didn’t think that meant walking away!

Jones: Well, to be true, it’s annoying, but I have to admit, he still has the belt. In a way, he showed his smarts once again, going out on his own terms.

Logan: Whatever, man. The guy just proved to me that he doesn’t deserve that belt. Wait, what… ok, Caine is apparently coming back out!

*The cameras show Dangerous Dan hanging on the turnbuckle, possibly feeling enraged over the fact that his chance to get the Television Title walked away from him. He looks up as Caine appears on the Titon Tron, walking back out on the ramp. He’s got the TV Title with him, but he’s also got a mic.*

Scott Caine: Congratulations on the win, Dan. You’d better cherish it. Because this was your only chance to get the TV Title back. I am not giving you another chance. You’re going to have to sit and watch as I take your records, one by one! This belt is going to be mine for a long time. You didn’t take it, and neither will anyone else!

*Caine raises the title into the air slowly, with one arm, displaying it to the world. Dangerous Dan looks furious, hitting the turnbuckle pad in front of him. The crowd is hating on Caine at high levels now, clearly pissed. Caine turns and departs, disappearing through the curtains, leaving the booing crowds behind.*

Logan: Caine better watch his back, because there are going to be a lot of guys gunning for him now. And remember, the Television Champion has to defend every week!

Jones: I wonder who his opponent is going to be next week?

Logan: I… wait, what was that? Sorry, someone’s… what? Ok, we’ve got a breaking story in the back…

Jones: What? Ok, uh, we’re going live…

*The cameras switch to the back, where we see the camera apparently rushing to catch everyone running around them. Yelling can be heard, as a man comes out of the locker room.*

Medic: Give us some room here, please!

*Security moves in, trying to block the scene, although without Titan 3 around, it’s not going well. The cameraman slips through, getting a shot through a locker room door. Inside, it looks like a tornado touched down. Cabinets are on the ground, clothes are strewn across the floor, and there are splinters of wood everywhere. In the center of the room, another medic is working on a downed man, laying in the remains of a medium-sized table. He isn’t moving. The camera spins around to get a better shot of the man.*

Jones: Hey, that’s… that’s Steve Wilson!!!

Logan: Holy crap, someone ambushed the former X Division Champion!!

Jones: They didn’t just ambush him, I think they’ve put him out!! Look at all that blood on his head!!

*The medic continues to work on Wilson, trying to revive him, but Wilson is still unconscious. The medic turns back, possibly to demand where the stretcher is, but he sees the cameraman.*

Medic: What the…. security!! Get him out of here!

*Someone grabs the cameraman, pulling him back. The feed is cut, as we head to our last commercial break.*

*We return to the GCWA Arena with a shot of a stretcher being led down a hallway towards the garage, where the ambulance is waiting. The medics are being careful with Steve Wilson, who has been bandaged up, but is still unconscious. Suddenly, The Lost Soul appears, rushing up next to the stretcher.*

The Lost Soul: What happened? Who did this?

Medic: We don’t know, and we don’t care. We’ve got to get him to the hospital now!

The Lost Soul: Is he going to be…

Medic: Look, we aren’t going to know his condition until we get him to the ER. Now, please, sir, make room!

*The Lost Soul steps away, watching as the stretcher gets pushed past him. Most of the time, you can’t tell The Lost Soul’s expression. Right now, though, his eyes are telling the whole story. He storms off, as the camera continues to follow the stretcher, watching it get placed into the ambulance. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: This is insane, man! Who would do this?

Logan: You don’t know, Jonesy? I mean, this HAS to be Lurrr, doesn’t it?

Jones: Lurrr?? Why do you think it was him?

Logan: Wilson all but said he was coming after Lurrr and his title earlier tonight. This stinks of a Roman Empire ambush!

Jones: I think you’re jumping to conclusions, Anthony. We really don’t know anything yet, and we won’t learn more until an investigation takes place.

Logan: Yeah, yeah. You wait for the investigation. I’ll go with my gut.

Jones: Anyhow, it’s time for the Contract Signing, so let’s go to Minos, as he brings out the participants!

Minos: It is now time for the contract signing for the GCWA Heavyweight Championship of the World! Introducing first, the #1 Contender. He is a former 2-time GCWA X Division Champion, as well as currently the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, here is the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr!

*The crowd is booing heavily as Lurrr walks out to “Cocky” by Kid Rock, followed by Rick Mathis and another man, who is smaller and wearing a black suit. None of them seem to care about the crowd, with Lurrr even goading them on as he walks down the aisle, laughing at their hate. Mathis pats Lurrr on the shoulder, backing him up on their way down. The man in the suit stays in the background, looking with a little bit of disgust at the masses around them.*

Logan: I still say Lurrr should have earned this title shot, rather than forcing his way into it with threatened lawsuits.

Jones: Well, quite frankly, Anthony, in this business, sometimes that’s the only way to get things done. I don’t think anyone can deny that Lurrr has done a lot in this company. A World Title shot was just the next step.

Logan: Sure, Jonesy, back the Roman Empire guy. You’re just scared they’re going to come over here and attack us again.

Jones: Hey, I was the one who got away, remember? You were the one who got your ass kicked!

Minos: And now, introducing the champion… this past week, he joined an exclusive club, with his victory over Tommy Crimson… standing 6’1” and weighing in at 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is the 2-time GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The place goes wild for Marcus, cheering him on as he makes his way out, the World Title shining from around his waist. “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park follows him out. Marcus walks to the ring quickly, all business. He’s ready to put this match in writing.*

Jones: It’s got to be a little annoying for Marcus. After all, last Sunday, he had one of the biggest matches of his life, winning the World Title for a second time. He barely even got to enjoy it, though, before his next challenger was in his face!

Logan: That’s the life of a World Champion, Jonesy. There’s always someone else waiting around the corner. Still, I’m sure Ka’Derrion is actually kind of happy about this. This feud has been building for some time, with Ka’Derrion going to war against the Roman Empire. Finally, he’s going to get his crack against the leader, this time with the belt on the line!

Jones: We’re seeing history in the making here tonight!

*With both men in the ring, along with Rick Mathis, Minos continues his announcements.*

Minos: Finally, introducing the mediator of this contract signing, he is the President of the GCWA, here is the Accelerator!

*The Accelerator comes out to “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm, to a swell of support from the audience. There are a few that opt to boo him, if only because of his recent decisions regarding Lurrr, but he’s still got a good fan base to cheer him on. The President comes prepared, with several security guards following him out and coming to the ring.*

Jones: Alright, let’s see what happens now! Contract signings rarely go as planned, y’know?

Logan: Yeah, but it’s required, if we really want to see this match take place.

*The Accelerator gets the mic, while holding a clipboard containing the actual contract in his other hand. He looks to both men, then opens the contract.*

The Accelerator: We’re here today to get this official contract signed, setting it up where Marcus Ka’Derrion will defend his World Heavyweight Title against Lurrr at the GCWA pay-per-view, Heat Wave, at the end of August 2009 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York!

*This gets a good cheer from the crowd, as well as a confident smirk from Lurrr. Ka’Derrion is simply intent on the contract.*

The Accelerator: Earlier tonight, I worked with Lurrr’s ‘associate’ to set up the final parts of this contract. According to this contract, the match is as follows: it will be a “Three Stages of Hell” Match!

*There is a definite reaction from the crowd with that announcement. Lurrr smiles at Ka’Derrion, who doesn’t react, possibly because he doesn’t care about the type of match.*

The Accelerator: There will be multiple stages for this match. First, the match will begin in the boiler room of Madison Square Garden, where the first person to escape the room will be declared the winner of that portion! The next part will be an “Xtreme Rules” Match, where the two wrestlers will fight using anything at their discretion to get a pinfall or submission! Finally, if the third part is required, the two wrestlers will continue the fight in a “Last Man Standing” Match! The person who does not answer the 10 count will be the loser, while the winner will leave with the GCWA World Title!

*The crowd is seriously excited by now. Lurrr leans over and speaks to the man in the suit, whispering something to him. Ka’Derrion, meanwhile, is nodding. He’s good with the arrangement.*

The Accelerator: Now, with this contract complete, it is up to the two men here to sign…

*Before the President can finish, Marcus reaches over, grabbing the contract from him! Without even flipping through it to read it, Marcus opens it to the correct spot, then signs his name, making things official on his end! The fans give another cheer, happy that their World Champion is so aggressive.*

Jones: No hesitation on Marcus’ part!

Logan: Nope. I hope the Accelerator was looking out for him, because Marcus didn’t even bother to read the contract!

*Marcus tosses the contract back to the President, who manages to catch it. He shakes his head at Ka’Derrion’s impetuousness, but the signature is already done, so the Accelerator turns towards Lurrr.*

The Accelerator: Alright, well, the champion has signed, which leaves it in your court, Lurrr.

*The Accelerator hands the contract over to Lurrr, but the man in the suit intercepts it. The man starts to read through the contract carefully, even as Lurrr and Mathis wait, enjoying stretching out the moment.*

Logan: What, did Lurrr bring one of his lawyers out here? Haven’t they seen this contract enough??

Jones: I guess they’re just being cautious, Anthony, making sure that the President didn’t add anything after the fact.

Logan: Yeah, but… man, I hate waiting!

*The lawyer turns to the Accelerator, talking to him away from the mic. He’s pointing out something in the contract, with the Accelerator sporting a frustrated look on his face. The two start to argue, while Lurrr and Mathis talk to each other, laughing. Ka’Derrion, meanwhile, is clenching and unclenching his fists.*

Logan: C’mon, man, just get your client to sign the damned thing!

Jones: The lawyer’s only looking out for his client, Anthony.

Logan: What’s missing from it? Only having brown M & Ms or something??

*The conversation between the lawyer and the Accelerator gets more heated, as the fans begin to get impatient. It seems to be bothering Ka’Derrion as well, as he suddenly decides enough is enough. He comes forward, moving into action and nailing the lawyer with a superkick!!!! Lurrr and Mathis are speechless as the lawyer falls backwards, unconscious, amidst a roar from the crowd!!*

Jones: Oh, geez!

Logan: Ka’Derrion takes out the lawyer!! With a Wake Up Call, even! I love it!!

Jones: He may not perform it like Lurrr does, but damn, that was certainly effective on a lawyer!

*As Mathis leans down, checking on the lawyer, Lurrr stares at Marcus, who takes the mic from the Accelerator’s startled hands.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: You hid behind Mobley, You hid behind Crimson, and since there is no one left, you are hiding behind a lawyer... Well, he's out now too... so sign the damned thing!

*Ka’Derrion waits, watching Lurrr, who is considering things. Slowly, Lurrr smiles. He steps over the lawyer, not really giving a crap about him, and reaches down, picking up the clipboard. He signals to Mathis, who tosses him a ballpoint pen. With a flourish, Lurrr adds his signature to the contract, finishing it off. He tosses it over to the President, then steps forward, going face to face with the champion! Of course, this is when security comes in, making sure to separate the two men.*

Logan: It’s official! We’re going to be seeing this match main event Heat Wave!

Jones: Now if the President can just keep them separated before then! We’re running way low on time, so we’ll see you all next week!

*Security slowly moves Lurrr and Mathis back, although it’s clear that if they didn’t want to move, they wouldn’t be. Slowly, the two men leave the ring, with Lurrr’s eyes never leaving Ka’Derrion’s. The tension between the two is already starting to build. As Lurrr departs, the picture slowly fades out, ending the show.*

OOC: Yet another card in the books! This one may not have had the most exciting matches, but I think it turned out pretty well in starting a couple of major storylines on our way to Heat Wave! It's going to be an exciting August!

I didn't have too many hits on my "Match" thread I posted, so I did the best I could for a card. Here's this week's line-up:

- The Big Bifford vs. Arachne

- Dangerous Dan vs. Jobe Severity, #1 Contenders Match (Either X Division or Intercontinental Title)

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Rick Mathis, Non-Title Match

- Scott Caine(c) vs. Ace Aldridge, GCWA Television Title Match

- The Lost Soul(c) vs. Harvey Danger, GCWA X Division Title Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, July 31st, to Wednesday, August 5th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

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