*After the last shot wraps up, with its credits finished rolling, we go to a moment of darkness. The GCWA logo flashes across the screen, letting you know what you’re in for. We then come up on the Presidential Office in the GCWA Arena, complete with fans cheering at the sight of the Accelerator, throwing some darts at a board. He seems to be enjoying his moment of Zen, but it’s quickly ruined as Titan 3 walks into the room.*

The Accelerator: Are you ready for tonight? Remember, I want a quick response by all security guards. I’m not risking any serious injuries tonight, not with a PPV just next week.

Titan 3: It’s all taken care of, Ace, just like it always is. Have YOU taken care of the referee problem?

*Ace throws another dart, this one hitting just next to the bullseye. Not quite a hit, but a nice shot nonetheless.*

The Accelerator: You mean that little problem with Thomas Mitchell? You know Thomas swears he didn’t side with Crimson, although no one believes him now. Not after his past history with the man.

Titan 3: Yeah, I thought we would have heard you having fired him by now.

The Accelerator: Fire him? With Bell out of action tonight and leaving Trixie all alone? No, Titan 3, I didn’t fire him. But don’t you worry. I’ve got everything planned out for tonight when it comes to the referees. It’s all going to work out, you’ll see.

*Ace fires one more dart, but we don’t get to see where it lands. We only see the President’s smug smile. The picture fades out.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot focusing on Tommy Crimson, massive flames igniting behind him, his hair blowing in the air, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title around his waist. Crimson smiles, as we rapidly zoom in. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are screaming loudly, pumped up for the show. Signs range from “Kill The Ref!” to “TLS Is My Hero!” The cameras head, as always, over to the broadcast table, where Edward Jones and Anthony “Lightning” Logan are ready to go.*

Jones: Welcome once again, ladies and gentlemen, to Friday Night Inferno! We’ve got another great night of action for you here tonight, as we build towards our pay-per-view, now one week away!

Logan: Damn straight, Jonesy! Crescendo’s already shaping up to be a great card, ain’t it?

Jones: We’ve already had a couple of announcements from the President regarding the card, first and foremost being the main event. Last week, in one of the most shocking moments in GCWA history, referee Thomas Mitchell helped Tommy Crimson win the GCWA World Heavyweight Title from Marcus Ka’Derrion. The forums have been buzzing all week regarding the upset, ranging from happiness to anger to utter disdain.

Logan: Yep. And from what I hear, the Accelerator floats right there in the middle, as he’s not exactly pleased that the Roman Empire has the World Title, but that a title change is a title change. He’s not reversing the results.

Jones: Nor should he, Anthony. But he is rectifying the situation for Ka’Derrion, as he has signed a rematch between the two at Crescendo!

Logan: It’s sure to be a thrilling match, Jonesy, as Crimson will attempt to prove that he deserves the title he’s currently wearing around his waist, while Ka’Derrion tries to prove that it was a complete fluke.

Jones: Our other announced match for Crescendo is going to be even bigger. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen some tension building between The Lost Soul, Steve Wilson, and Lurrr. Last week, The Lost Soul’s distraction allowed Wilson to pin Lurrr and win away the X Division Title. This week, TLS and Lurrr face off for the Intercontinental belt in our main event, with Wilson already appointed the special guest referee. Well, it’s been announced that, no matter what happens tonight, these three men will face again, this time fighting inside a Steel Cage! Amazingly, both the X Division and Intercontinental Titles will be on the line, as it will be an “Xscape” Match!

Logan: That’s right, Jonesy. An “Xscape Triple Threat” Match! The first person out will be able to choose the belt he wants, the second person out gets the other belt, and the last person out, well, he had a REALLY bad day!

Jones: I’m sure later tonight, we’ll find out more about what will transpire at Crescendo, but so far, it’s got an incredible line-up! Of course, we’ve got two title matches tonight, as well as some other great matches, so we’ll need to get them going!

Logan: First off, though, Jonesy, I’m told that we have an interview clip to show. It happened earlier today, when Marcus Ka’Derrion arrived at the GCWA Arena.

*We cut to the video, where Marcus Ka’Derrion is shown arriving at the arena with a small gym bag over his shoulder. As he gets close to the door, he is met by Cynthia Hall who has a mic on her hand, ready to do what she does best.*

Marcus: Cynthia, why am I not surprised that you are the first person I get greeted by when I arrive at the arena?

Cynthia: Well you know me all too well Marcus. Can we have a minute of your time or are you going to storm past me again?

Marcus: Ask away Cynthia… No, actually don’t because I know exactly what you are going to ask me… How does it feel to not be the World Champion again right?

Cynthia: More or less… Actually I was going to say that for the first time since you joined the GCWA, you find yourself without gold. How does ‘that’ make you feel?

Marcus: Ah, so you switching it up a bit? Good for you. Well I must admit that I have been spoiled in the GCWA. Since my first match, I have had gold around my waist. For the longest time I went without tasting defeat but that finally came at the hands of the Roman Empire. Now, as you said, for the first time I find myself without a title and that also came at the hands of the Roman Empire.

*Marcus pauses…*

Marcus: How do I feel? I feel sick Cynthia. The Roman Empire is a disease that is eating up GCWA and I am heavily infected by it… But unlike Cancer, this disease has a cure you see… and soon Cynthia, very soon we will deliver that cure.

Cynthia: We?

Marcus: Yes, we… Now if you excuse me, I have a match to get ready for.

*Marcus heads inside leaving Cynthia wondering who he could have possibly meant by “we” and by “the cure.” We leave the clip and return to ringside.*

Logan: So Ka’Derrion’s not letting himself get too down, which is good. He has had a set-back, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Jones: I’m curious about that “we” statement. Does Ka’Derrion have someone backing him up now against the Roman Empire?

Logan: Anything’s possible, Jonesy. After all, the Empire has a lot of enemies.

Jones: Alright, well, now that the interview clip is out of the way, how about we get to some matches?

Logan: Sounds good to me, Edds.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Now coming down the aisle, he made his debut last week and is looking for a more favorable result this week, standing 6’5” and weighing 254 lbs, from El Paso, Texas, here is “The Cowboy From Hell” Ace Aldrige!

*The fans cheer as the Texas appears, coming out of the back to “Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera. He heads down the aisle, cowboy hat still firmly on his head.*

Jones: Last week wasn’t the greatest of starts to a GCWA career, as Aldridge found himself under the assault of the very angry Scott Caine.

Logan: Yeah, but a man’s career is not broken after one match, Jonesy. The guy still has plenty of time to impress the masses.

Jones: Tonight will be a key night for Aldridge, though, facing off against a former Newcomer of the Month.

Minos: His opponent recently competed at Capital Punishment, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 230 lbs, from Brentwood, Tennessee, here is Seth Eldritch!

*Eldritch walks out to the negative boos of the crowd. He has a different look on his face, a look of uncertainty, as he approaches the ringside area. His theme music, “Be Aggressive” by Faith No More, does not seem to match his attitude.*

Jones: I didn’t know if Eldritch would be here tonight. Isn’t his time about up to decide whether to run his father’s old company or become a wrestler full-time?

Logan: It’s pretty close, Jonesy, and I’m sure that decision is weighing on Eldritch’s mind, especially after he fell to “PIC” Steve Wilson at Capital Punishment. This match might be the one to decide what Eldritch is doing next.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Aldridge, clearly alert after what happened last week, waits warily for his opponent’s charge. But Eldritch is still standing in his corner, not moving. The referee for this one, Trixie, comes up to Eldritch, telling him that it’s time to fight, while Aldridge waits impatiently to begin. Finally, Eldritch turns around, shaking his head to clear it. He look at Aldridge and moves forward, with the two men locking up. The Cowboy From Hell quickly uses his size to his advantage, pushing Eldritch backwards into the corner. Trixie calls for the break, and Aldridge quickly backs off, showing a little muscle to the fans before looking back at his opponent. Eldritch is shaking his head again, looking more and more like his heart isn’t in the bout.*

Logan: Well… I can tell this is going to be EXCITING, isn’t it?

Jones: Something’s not right in the mind of Seth Eldritch, Anthony. He is really out of it in there.

Logan: If he’s not in the right frame of mind, then he probably should have stayed in the back. The squared circle is no place to be when your mind isn’t on the action.

*Eldritch slowly comes out of the corner again, with an annoyed Aldridge waiting for him. Aldridge starts saying something to Eldritch, apparently trying to fire him up. When that doesn’t work, Aldridge swings, slapping Eldritch across the face! Eldritch steps back, his eyes lighting up for the first time, which is exactly what Aldridge wanted to see. Eldritch comes forward towards the man who just hit him, taking his own swing and sending Aldridge backwards a step or two from the punch. Aldridge is smiling, though, glad to finally be able to get the fight going. He steps forward, blocking another attempted Eldritch shot, then starts landing repeated shots of his own, staggering Eldritch and getting the fans cheering. He gets Eldritch back to the ropes and sends him off, towards the other side. As Eldritch returns, Aldridge catches him, lifting him up and delivering a spinebuster! Eldritch is sprawled on the mat, allowing Aldridge to go for the cover… 1… 2… and Eldritch kicks out.*

Jones: Looks like Aldridge is enjoying himself in there.

Logan: Yeah, looks like he doesn’t need to consider being a male stripper, does he?

Jones: I don’t think he ever considered that as a career, Anthony. He just stumbled into the wrong place at the wrong time.

Logan: The wrong place? If Aldridge would have played that right, it would have been a memorable night!

* Aldridge brings Eldritch back up, giving him a couple of forearms to the head. He then picks Eldritch up easily off the ground, before giving him an inverted slam onto his stomach. Eldritch struggles to roll over, feeling the burn from his back. Unfortunately, this works right into Aldridge’s plan, as the Cowboy From Hell steps over him, applying a camel clutch! He yanks back on Eldritch’s head, focusing on as much damage as possible. Trixie stays near, but Eldritch isn’t giving up yet. He struggles to get free, with Aldridge over him, keeping his neck tightly in place. Slowly but surely, Eldritch wears down, unable to make any progress towards the ropes. However, just as Trixie is moving in to check the arm and see if Eldritch is still able to continue, Aldridge releases the hold, dropping Eldritch to the mat.*

Jones: What? Aldridge had him there, didn’t he?

Logan: Yeah, but I think the Cowboy From Hell doesn’t want to win with a camel clutch. He’s got something else in mind.

*Eldritch, still barely conscious, starts crawling towards the ropes, perhaps thinking of sneaking out of the ring for a quick break. He doesn’t make it very far, as Aldridge reaches down, grabbing his legs and dragging him away from safety. Eldritch uses his arms to push himself up, trying to get up and defend himself. But Aldridge doesn’t let him manage anything, instead booting Aldridge in the stomach, then lifting the smaller man onto his shoulder! The fans are cheering at the show of strength, even as Aldridge backs into the corner, then comes running out, delivering the Astro Slam!! Eldritch is history, as he’s not even moving while the Cowboy From Hell makes the cover. Trixie slides in to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Cowboy From Hell” Ace Aldridge!

Logan: A nice win for Aldridge, getting his career back on track!

Jones: Yep, he showed why the Accelerator decided to hire him here tonight. The question is, where does his career go next?

*Aldridge basks in the heat of the cheers from the pro-Texas crowd, before stepping through the ropes and departing, his cowboy hat already back in place. Eldritch is still down, with Trixie checking on the man’s condition. Eldritch pushes her away, not wanting any help, so Trixie walks away from him. The camera focuses on Aldridge again, giving the fans a few high fives, before we head to the back. Walking down the hall, all on his own, is Tommy Crimson. He has the GCWA World Heavyweight Title proudly strapped around his waist and is grinning. Everyone he’s walking past is turning away from him. One mumbles something under his breath. Apparently, Crimson catches it. He stops and goes back to the man.*

Tommy Crimson: You have something you want to say to my face, *bleep*?

*The man shakes his head, looking terrified. Crimson nods, steps back… and then hits the man in the stomach and delivers the Fury!!! The GCWA employee is down and out, not moving, as Crimson pulls himself up. He looks down at the man with a lot of contempt.*

Tommy Crimson: Did you really think you could talk about your World Champion that way?? *Bleep* you! I’m in charge now! Deal with it!

*Crimson walks away, heading for the entrance way. His match is next. The employee is still down, and will probably be down for some time to come. People come in to help as we fade out to a commercial.*

*As the commercials wrap up, we return back to ringside, where Jones and Logan are waiting for us.*

Jones: We’ve already put one match in the books, but we’ve got four more to get to!

Logan: Yeah, this next one definitely has my interest, as it will be the first match for Tommy Crimson since he did the impossible and took away the World Heavyweight Title!

Jones: Yep. The belt isn’t on the line, but his pride certainly is against the young upstart. Let’s send it to Minos for the introductions!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be a “Non-Title” Match. Now entering the arena, he is a former GCWA Television Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans are excited as Santana comes out of the back to “Sandstorm” by Darude. Santana does a respectful bow and pose on the ramp before making his way to the ring. There are a few bandages visible on his arms.*

Logan: Santana nearly got killed this past week, or so I’m told, after a hunting expedition went awry.

Jones: I’ve never understood why people think hunting is such a great thing. I mean, if you’re trying to feed your family, I guess I understand. But just for fun? Where’s the fun in taking a life?

Logan: Damn, Jonesy. You’re an even bigger wimp than I thought you were.

Jones: And proud of it, damnit!

Minos: His opponent is a member of the Roman Empire and is currently one of the most hated men in the GCWA. Standing 6’4” and weighing in at 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here the current GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

*Crimson walks out of the back, still shining up the World Title around his waist, as “Head Up” by the Deftones plays out of the speakers. It can barely be heard over the outrage coming from the fans. Crimson detaches the belt from his waist and raises it into the air, showing it as if the crowd were cheering him, although clearly the opposite is the case. But Crimson’s not bothered by it, soaking in the boos before putting the World Heavyweight Title on his shoulder and walking casually to the ring.*

Jones: The wrestling world is still recovering from the shocking moment of Crimson beating Marcus Ka’Derrion for the GCWA’s biggest belt.

Logan: Yeah, I think it was pretty clear to anyone watching that referee Thomas Mitchell played a big part in that event.

Jones: Which brings to mind… according to my sheets, Mitchell is supposed to be refereeing this match.

Logan: What? You’re sure? Who the hell let that happen?

Jones: Well, the President makes those decisions, doesn’t he?

Logan: …. Ok, I’m officially depressed.

*The cameras suddenly switch backstage, where controversial referee Thomas Mitchell is getting ready for the next match. The voice of one of the stage-hands yells out to him.*

Stage Hand: Referee Mitchell! Your match is about to begin, we need you out there!

Referee Thomas Mitchell: Calm down, doofus, I’m on my way. Time to earn some more money!

*Mitchell, a smile on his face, starts to move out. However, he stops in his tracks when someone speaks behind him. *

Voice: Sorry Mitchell, but you don’t get to referee Tommy Crimson’s match again this week.

*Mitchell continues to stretch and answers without turning around. *

Mitchell: Oh yeah? Says who?

Voice: Me, your replacement.

*This causes Mitchell to turn around only to catch a quick glimpse of his replacement before being punched in the face! Mitchell drops like a sack of bricks and his attacker quickly moves over to him and pulls the referee shirt off of him. He then puts it on himself and as the camera pans up, the fans cheer upon seeing Mitchell’s replacement, Marcus Ka’Derrion!!! He gives Mitchell a quick kick to the ribs before heading towards the ringside entrance. *

Jones: Oh my gosh, we’ve got another referee down!

*Logan can’t respond. He’s too busy laughing his ass off. Meanwhile, “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park hits the speakers, adding to the fans cheering. In the ring, Crimson is up on the ropes, looking towards the entrance. He looks blown away by what just happened. The crowd hits another notch as the former World Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, comes out of the back, the referee shirt barely covering him due to it being a smaller size. Ka’Derrion doesn’t bother to even button it up. He just makes his way to the ring.*

Jones: Is this… legal? Can Marcus just replace Thomas Mitchell like that?

Logan: He he he… you said it yourself, Jonesy, Ace decides who refs the matches! I guess he wanted this one to be a surprise!

*Ka’Derrion gets into the ring, with Crimson immediately confronting him with a glare. Ka’Derrion ignores it, though, waving Crimson back and signaling to the timekeeper!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Is it me, or did the odds just completely reverse on us?

Jones: Everyone sees Santana as the underdog in here, but Ka’Derrion being the ref for the man who cost him the title? Crimson’s got his work cut out for him!

*Crimson is still arguing with Ka’Derrion, wanting him out of “his” ring, but Marcus is already in his face, apparently threatening a disqualification! Crimson shakes his head, arguing that Ka’Derrion doesn’t have the guts. Ka’Derrion responds by tugging on the ref shirt, showing that he will do it if necessary. In the meantime, Santana is still standing by the side of the ring, letting them argue. While Crimson’s back is wide open, Santana, looking a little unhappy himself, is not taking advantage. He watches the two argue, while the crowd begins a chant of “Kick His Ass! Kick His Ass!” Crimson, noticing the chant, turns around, with Santana standing there, ready to fight but not attacking just yet.*

Logan: I thought Santana would be all over Crimson as soon as his back was turned, but he seems to be playing the waiting game.

Jones: Santana couldn’t stop talking about being a warrior this week. I think part of that code is to do things the honorable way. Attacking someone from behind is a great way to get the advantage, but I don’t believe anyone would call it ‘honorable’.

Logan: Yeah, but this isn’t a ‘nice guy’ like Dangerous Dan. This is Tommy Crimson! None of the fans in attendance would think any less of Santana if he blasted Crimson when the man wasn’t ready.

*Crimson moves over near the ropes, considering his options. The war is between simply walking out, taking away any satisfaction Ka’Derrion could get, or staying around and defeating Santana even with the handicap. The latter wins, as Crimson turns back to Santana, suddenly charging at him! Santana steps back into a defensive posture, blocking Crimson’s initial shot, then delivering a chop of his own, hitting Crimson in the throat with a precision shot! Crimson staggers back, gasping, and Santana follows up with a spinning legsweep, knocking Crimson onto his back! Before Santana can do any more, though, Crimson rolls to the outside, deciding to take a moment to breathe. He leans on his knees, spitting a few times on the outside mat, while Santana backs away from him. Ka’Derrion, however, moves closer, immediately starting a count to 10.*

Jones: Normally, Crimson would have a good 10 – 15 seconds in real time on the outside to recover. With Ka’Derrion, though, he’s almost already out of time!

Logan: He’s my kind of ref, Jonesy. Let’s keep the stalling to the minimum and build up the offense to the max!

*Crimson, realizing how quick the count is going, immediately rolls back in. He turns towards Ka’Derrion, glaring at him, but Marcus is quick to once again show off the stripes of his ‘acquired’ shirt. Meanwhile, Santana comes forward, turning Crimson around, only to have Crimson quickly reach up and rake the eyes, blinding the man! Santana staggers back, but as Crimson begins to come forward to take advantage, Marcus is there in his face! The former champion points to the eyes, warning Crimson that one more move like that will cause the DQ! Crimson starts to argue, but then realizes how futile it is. Instead, he runs backwards to the ropes, rebounding and rushing past Ka’Derrion. Santana, his view blocked by the referee, sees it too late, as Crimson lowers a shoulder, smashing into Santana and sending him falling through the ropes to the outside!! Santana is down, as Crimson turns to Ka’Derrion, telling him to “count that!”, along with some other choice words that, luckily, weren’t fully picked up by the camera.*

Logan: Rough landing for Santana there. He didn’t have time to do any dodging before Crimson plowed into him.

Jones: Crimson actually used the larger Ka’Derrion to his advantage, as a smaller referee wouldn’t have been as effective.

Logan: Crimson’s a veteran of many wars in the wrestling ring. Love him or hate him, you have to respect that he can use almost anything to his advantage in there.

*A disgusted-looking Ka’Derrion watches from the ring as Crimson slides out, going to where Santana is trying to pull himself back together. Santana turns, but Crimson’s already there with a right hand, punching Santana across the face. Crimson follows that by picking Santana up from behind, raising him like he would for an atomic drop. Crimson has another move in mind, though, as he runs forward, slamming Santana into the steel ringpost!! Santana’s right leg goes through on one side, while his left goes on the other, letting you know the extent of the impact. With Santana dangling, upside-down, Crimson walks back, taunting Ka’Derrion, who isn’t bothering to count now that both men are outside the ring. Crimson points to Marcus, throwing out a few more ‘not-for-print’ words, before turning and going back to Santana, kicking at him. Santana, though, manages to raise himself up, causing Crimson to kick the lower part of the post instead!! Crimson hops away, grabbing at his stinging ankle, as Ka’Derrion has a brief laugh in the ring.*

Jones: You can certainly tell that Ka’Derrion is having an effect on Crimson’s wrestling performance.

Logan: The man is distracted, and who can blame him? Plus, it’s not like Santana is a complete rookie. He’s a former Television Champion, after all. Any distraction has to give him the edge in this one.

Jones: Still, nothing’s decided yet. This match is still wide open.

Logan: You seriously believe that Ka’Derrion will count to 3 if Crimson is making the cover?

Jones: Sure. Don’t you?

*Now it’s Logan’s turn to say something not fit for the cameras. Meanwhile, Crimson is back up on the apron, stepping in to beat the count after Santana painfully rolled himself back in. Ka’Derrion shrugs, fine with the match continuing, although he immediately warns Crimson about using any more closed fists. Crimson says he’ll think about it, then pulls Santana up by the head, raising his fist. But Ka’Derrion won’t have it, grabbing Crimson’s arm!! Crimson yanks away from him, preparing to unleash his own assault, but realizes at the last second that it would cost him a victory. Crimson barely controls his anger, instead reaching down to take it out on Santana instead. No, Santana grabs Crimson and rolls him underneath, getting his shoulders on the mat! Ka’Derrion, not having the training of a referee, nonetheless gets into position quickly, slapping the mat… 1.. 2.. and Crimson barely manages to kick out! Santana goes right back to the attack, pulling Crimson up, as Ka’Derrion moves out of the way.*

Jones: Santana nearly pulled off the biggest win of his career right there.

Logan: Man, I would have been laughing the rest of the night if that move had succeeded! I think Ka’Derrion did his best to make it happen with that quick count, but it still wasn’t enough.

Jones: These two have fought a pretty good match so far, and yet we’ve still got a good ways to go!

*In the corner, Santana chops away on Crimson, landing some harsh blows across his chest. Santana then steps in, grabbing hold of Crimson and twisting around him, applying a Tarantula submission around the ropes!! Crimson, grimacing, tries to get free of the devastating move, even as Ka’Derrion walks slowly over to them. Marcus sighs, then starts a count of 1. His count is pretty slow, but he’s still counting, so Santana releases the hold, letting Crimson fall back to the mat. With Crimson down, Santana grabs the ropes and hauls himself up onto the turnbuckle. He sizes things up and leaps into the air, landing a double-stomp onto the World Champion’s back!! Crimson winces in pain, as Santana, recovering, turns Crimson over to make the cover. Once again, Ka’Derrion is right there… 1.. 2.. and Crimson shoots an arm up, keeping the match going!*

Jones: Santana’s trying his hardest to walk out of here with a victory over a World Champion. He’s got Crimson on the ropes!

Logan: He’s got to keep up the pressure, though. You can’t give Crimson any chance of getting back into this one. Constant attacks are the way to defeat him now.

Jones: Crimson’s certainly struggling against the odds here, which makes me wonder where exactly Lurrr and Mathis are?

Logan: Maybe Mathis is prepping Lurrr for his big Intercontinental Title match later on tonight? Who knows? Right now, though, Crimson’s all on his own.

*Santana drags Crimson up again, taking him over towards the corner. He goes to bang Crimson’s head into the ‘buckle, but Crimson manages to block it, using his foot to stop the momentum. He elbows Santana back, then turns and grabs Santana’s head, going for the Fury!! Santana barely manages to break free, stepping backwards off-balance. Crimson, though, darts forward, clotheslining Santana instead! Crimson lands on top, trying to get the quick pin. He waits for Ka’Derrion to get himself into position… 1….. 2….. Santana kicks out. Crimson, shaking his head angrily about the count, decides to go another route. He pulls Santana back towards the center of the ring, then gets on top, applying the rings of Saturn submission hold! Ka’Derrion watches with a little bit of concern as Santana is contorted into a painful position, with nowhere to go to free himself!*

Logan: This is Crimson’s best chance of winning! If he can make Santana give up, or even make him pass out, there’s nothing Ka’Derrion can do to stop him from winning!

Jones: A smart move by the World Champion! He’s going to take the decision out of Ka’Derrion’s hands!

Logan: Of course, that all depends on if Ka’Derrion will call the match even after Santana’s out cold. Will he make Santana suffer just to keep Crimson from victory?

*Ka’Derrion moves to the corner, watching what’s going down. He’s clearly torn on what he should be doing. Meanwhile, Santana is still struggling, yanking to try and free himself from the World Champion’s grasp. Crimson readjusts to apply more pressure, but this gives Santana an opening, as he frees his arm and starts pulling at the mat, getting closer and closer to the ropes! With the fans cheering for him to keep fighting, Santana makes a last, desperate lunge, and gets hold of the bottom rope! The fans cheer wildly as Ka’Derrion comes in, telling Crimson that he has to break the hold. Crimson, though, ignores him, instead pulling Santana back from the ropes! He keeps the hold applied, continuing to grind on Santana. The crowd boos, and Ka’Derrion leans down, telling Crimson that it’s too late, and that the hold must be broken. Ka’Derrion starts to count, 1, 2, 3, 4… and then Ka’Derrion reaches down and grabs Crimson, forcibly pulling him off of Santana! Crimson looks up with a furious expression, as Ka’Derrion steps away from him.*

Jones: I think the fight that everyone’s been expecting is about to go down!

Logan: Crimson looks pissed enough to finally throw this match out the window, but really, it wasn’t vindictiveness from Ka’Derrion there. It was him following the rules.

*Crimson stands up, wiping sweat out from his eyes and staring daggers at Ka’Derrion. Marcus responds by pointing to his shirt, apparently saying that he’s in charge. Crimson grabs at his hair like a madman for a second, breathing heavily, as if working to control himself. Behind the two men, Santana is trying to get up, using the ropes to get himself to his feet. Crimson, not seeing his competition, makes a decision of what he’s going to do next. He walks back towards the other side of the ring, as if leaving the ring. But Crimson then spins around and comes back, going for a running clothesline on the referee!! Ka’Derrion sees it coming, though, and ducks under it, stepping aside… as Santana, seeing an off-balance Crimson, reacts on instinct and lands the Sensai-Tion!!! Crimson is down, with an exhausted Santana falling on top of him. Ka’Derrion gleefully dives in to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: Oh my god, it happened!! Robert Santana defeated the World Champion!!!

Logan: This has been a MONTH full of upsets, Jonesy, and we haven’t even had our PPV!

Jones: Of course, Ka’Derrion’s presence has to be considered a major factor in this one, keeping Crimson from fully concentrating. Still, Santana gets the win, and he should be damn proud of it!

*Ka’Derrion lifts the arm of Santana, who is having trouble standing after so much abuse during the match. That doesn’t stop Santana from smiling, though. Meanwhile, on the other side, Crimson is sitting up, holding his aching head and putting together what happened. He does NOT look pleased. He stands up painfully, as if to confront Ka’Derrion again, but Ka’Derrion and Santana have already left the ring, with Marcus giving the young man a hand getting back. We go backstage, where the camera comes upon the GCWA Tag Team Champion Harvey Danger, who stands nervously facing a closed door. Harvey stares at the door for a moment before clearing his throat and knocking.*

???: Who's there?

Harvey Danger: Harvey.

???: Come in.

*Sighing loudly, Harvey pushes the door open, revealing that it's the dressing room of the tag team D&D. Harvey walks over to Draco, still looking a bit flustered.*

Draco: So what do you need Harv?

Harvey Danger: Well, um, I'm kind of in a bind. You see, I have a tag title defense at Crescendo, and I kinda...don't have a partner. Think you could help me out?

*Draco looks at Harvey for a moment before glancing over at Shane Donovan, who shrugs.*

Draco: Um, sorry Harv, kinda already got a tag partner.

Harvey Danger: Oh.

*Looking a bit dejected, Harvey glances over to Shane.*

Harvey Danger: What about you?

*Shane looks at Harvey before shaking his head. Harvey again looks defeated before glancing down and spotting the one and only Robo-Betsy.*

Harvey Danger: What about... No wait, I don't think Ace would allow that. Darn.

*With that, Harvey turns to leave, a beaten man.*

Draco: Hey Harvey, wait a second!

*Harvey turns to face Draco, who smiles smugly before putting his arm around Harvey's shoulder.*

Draco: Listen man, it's not that Shane and I are against tagging with you...

*Shane can be heard audibly snickering as Draco makes a "cut it out" motion towards him.*

Draco: It's that your match at Crescendo? It's against us. Good luck finding a partner though, we'll see you then.

*Harvey gives Draco a look quite similar to what you'd expect your six year old to look like when he finds out you accidentally caused Santa Claus to fall off of your roof to his death. Shaking his head, Harvey exits the room as the scene cuts out to a commercial break.*

*Back from the break, we find outselves in the office of the President, the Accelerator. He is finishing up his stacking of papers as he waits for more news to come his way. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. Ace looks up, sighing to himself, wondering what’s going to happen now.*

The Accelerator: Alright, c’mon in. Door’s unlocked, anyways, damn fire hazard code.

*The door swings open and “The Cowboy From Hell” Ace Aldridge walks in. The two Ace’s from Texas stare at each other for a few seconds, before the Accelerator stands and offers his hand. Aldridge shakes it, as the crowd gives a minor push for Aldridge.*

The Accelerator: Hey, Ace.

Ace Aldridge: Hello, Ace.

The Accelerator: Ok, too confusing, just call me President, ok? Now, what can I do for you, “Mr.” Aldridge?

*Aldridge moves forward to sit in front of the Accelerator’s desk. The President waits for his response.*

Ace Aldridge: I’m not looking to bother you, Mr. President, but I wanted to know about the PPV this week. After winning tonight, I wanted to see if I rate a match at the show.

*The Accelerator thinks about it for a minute, trying to decide what to do.*

The Accelerator: Tell you what, Aldridge. I admire the confidence you have in asking me for a match, and I respect that you did beat a former Newcomer of the Month earlier tonight. So I’ll tell you what I’ll do. We have a Television Title match coming up. It should be a good one. With that being said, once they’re done fighting, maybe I can get you a shot at the gold at Crescendo. How’s that sound?

*Aldridge nods, immediately catching onto the fact that he could become a champion in his first month. The Accelerator makes a note on his schedule, then turns to Aldridge.*

The Accelerator: Ok, well, assuming nothing bad happens later tonight, I’ll get you in that match. Don’t let me down, kid. I know your father and grandfather were stars. I’m counting on you to get there as well.

Ace Aldridge: Thank you, Mr. President. You won’t regret this.

*Aldridge gets up and leaves the room. The Accelerator smiles to himself, remembering when he was young and wanting matches. Ace goes back to figuring out any other last-minute changes to the Crescendo card, while we go back to ringside.*

Logan: Ask and you shall receive!

Jones: Yep, Aldridge did the right thing by asking the President for a match! Of course, Aldridge doesn’t know who he’s going to be facing yet, and neither do we! Let’s go to the match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! First, though, it is time to introduce the referee for this match…

Jones: The referee?

Logan: Yeah, well, with Mitchell and Bell out, who’s left but Trixie?

Minos: He is a man very familiar with the title on the line here tonight, having been the first man to hold it! Making his return to the GCWA after many months, back at his refereeing duties tonight, here is Adrian Rockwell!!

*The crowd lets out a welcoming cheer even as Rockwell makes his first appearance in a while, with “Red Velvet” by Outkast playing him out. Rockwell smiles and waves to the fans, then heads quickly for the ring to resume his duties.*

Logan: Adrian’s back! Cool!

Jones: We haven’t seen Rockwell since he was injured by Organized Chaos months ago! He picked a perfect time to return, as our referees have been falling like flies!

*With Rockwell positioned in the ring, Minos continues his announcing, bringing out the participants of the match.*

Minos: Introducing the challenger. He has wrestled in the GCWA for some time now, seeking to earn his first gold here tonight, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*The crowd is already unhappy at the announcement, booing the former fan favorite as “Automatic” by American Pearl plays out. Their boos get louder when Caine walks out, wearing a trademarked Crazy Chris mask!! Caine looks around at the crowd, then, with Benji Sampson following him, walks down towards the ring.*

Logan: That’s a new look for Caine, isn’t it?

Jones: Well, he talked a lot this week about his belief that Dangerous Dan was the one who badly injured his own brother, Crazy Chris. I guess this is all part of the mind games that Caine is playing.

Logan: I gotta admit, I agreed with some of the things that he said he hates. That doesn’t mean, though, that I condone all the attacks he dished out.

Jones: No, Caine has definitely lost control since the Capital Punishment loss to Lurrr. Who knows what he’s going to do here tonight?

Minos: And now, his opponent, having added yet another piece to his growing status as a GCWA superstar at Capital Punishment, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*The boos quickly turn to cheers, as Dangerous Dan walks out of the back. His normally excited expression is muted by the sight that greets him in the ring, with Caine climbing up on the turnbuckle to give him a better look at the mask and gear he is wearing. Dan starts towards the ring, the TV Title in his hands, as Caine waits for him.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s week has mostly been spent at the hospital, as word has it his brother is not doing well at all.

Logan: Yeah, my condolences to the Danger Boiz family, man. It truly sucks that such a great young talent is faring so poorly.

Jones: Hopefully, the hospital will turn things around and help Chris heal up… uh oh, here we go!

*While the announcers were talking, Dangerous Dan sped up, eventually running full-out. He slides into the ring, where Caine is there to meet him, and the two start brawling!!! Dan unleashes two week’s worth of frustration, as Caine tries to fight back. As the brawl continues, Rockwell grins at the fans, nods at the brawling competitors, then waves his hands.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: We’re getting things started rapidly in this one!

Logan: Dangerous Dan and Scott Caine have a long, long history against each other, Jonesy. The mask was just icing on the cake for this one to turn violent!

*Dangerous Dan soon is in full control, taking the masked Caine to the corner and slamming his head violently against the ‘buckles. The crowd counts along, but Dan’s not playing up to them. He’s just working to stun his opponent. After a few more hits, Dan says something to Caine, probably about disrespecting his brother. Dan then holds onto Caine’s head and comes out of the corner, running forward and scoring a bulldog! Caine’s down, holding his head, but Dan’s not looking for the pin just yet. Instead, he grabs the mask on Caine’s head, dragging him backwards even as he starts ripping it off of him!! The crowd cheers as Caine is ‘unmasked’, with Dan throwing the remains behind him. He kicks away at Caine, obviously enraged, with referee Rockwell patiently watching the devestation.*

Jones: I think we can safely say that Caine wearing the mask was a mistake.

Logan: Well, it’s early yet, Jonesy, but it sure hasn’t paid off so far. Caine needs to get back into this one in a hurry, or else he’ll miss out on yet another title opportunity.

*Caine is struggling to get away, as he pulls himself up via the ropes. Dangerous Dan backs off, waiting for Caine to reach the right angle, then comes up behind him, hitting a running knee to the back that sends Caine through the ropes and to the outside! Caine’s manager rushes over to check on him, working to get Caine moving again. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Dangerous Dan is considering his options. He backs himself to the ropes on the other side, as the crowd starts to cheer, wanting to see him fly! Dan runs forward, springing over the ropes… and Sampson pushes Caine and drops backwards, causing Dan to fall between them!!!! Dan takes an unprotected crash to the outside mats, a devastating landing!! Even Caine looks a little bit shocked, as it was more his manager’s call than his. Caine limps over to Dan, looking at him, then Sampson, who points out that he didn’t tell Dan to do what he did. Caine nods, then reaches down and pulls the injured Dan up, tossing him into the ring!*

Logan: That right there is a turning point, Jonesy! Dangerous Dan decided to take a major risk, possibly because of his anger towards Caine, and it really, REALLY backfired!

Jones: Dan’s lucky to even be able to move after a landing like that!! Caine’s now got all the advantage, and he’s going to make use of it.

Logan: I don’t blame him, either, Jonesy. Heck, this could be exactly what Caine wanted to happen due to wearing that mask. His mind games might have just won him the Television Title.

*With Dangerous Dan back in the ring, Caine goes off the ropes and comes back, jumping up and hitting a senton splash on the downed champion. Caine then twists around to get the legs, with Rockwell right there to make a count… 1… 2… and Dan kicks out, with many in the crowd breathing a sigh of relief that he was able to. Caine shakes his head, but doesn’t stress out too much. Instead, he slowly brings Dan back to his feet, then gets behind the smaller wrestler, giving him a German suplex! Caine doesn’t release it, though, as he’s anxious to do a lot more damage. He hits another German, then another, continuing to throw Dan around like a rag doll! The TV Champion is reeling, obviously barely able to focus, as Caine hits one more German, this time turning it into a bridge! Rockwell is once again in position… 1… 2… Dan manages to shoot his shoulder up at the last instant, staying the champion, at least for now.*

Logan: The champion is in a bad way, with Caine really attacking him with abandon!

Jones: Actually, so far, I’m somewhat impressed with Caine. I thought, the way he was acting all week, he was going to come in here completely out of control. But his manager has obviously worked on him, keeping him in the right frame of mind.

Logan: That’s what managers are for, Jonesy. It’s amazing more people don’t have them.

*Caine has the champion up by now, bodyslamming him in the center of the ring. Caine then goes towards the turnbuckle, knowing what he wants to do next. He climbs up, ignoring the jeering fans, who have completely turned against him lately. Caine doesn’t hesitate, as he takes flight, landing a picture-perfect frog splash right on top of Dangerous Dan!! The fans know that this could be it, as they frantically chant for Dan, trying to motivate him. Caine, meanwhile, recovers from the impact and rolls over, putting his arms across the champion’s shoulders in anticipation of his victory. Rockwell makes the count… 1… 2… and Dan gets his arm up again, continuing to surprise his opponent! Caine sits back, holding his head for a second due to the frustration building inside of him. His manager comes to that side of the ring, trying to talk Caine down from losing it, even as Dan rolls over to his stomach, aching badly.*

Logan: Caine’s throwing whatever he can against Dan, but so far, Dan’s weathered the attack.

Jones: But for how much longer, Anthony? He’s possibly badly injured from that fall to the outside.

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. It looked to me like he got himself flattened out when he hit, which means that he spread out the effect of the impact. Still, he’s not exactly dancing in there. Caine needs to hold it together and just keep up the assault. Sooner or later, he’s going to succeed.

*With his manager continuing to talk to him, Caine shakes things off. He nods to Sampson, then goes to the ropes, coming back and kneeing Dangerous Dan in the face!! Dan collapses to his back, holding both hands to his mouth. Meanwhile, Caine goes back to the turnbuckle, signaling the fans that it’s over, to a chorus of boos. Caine points back behind him, apparently wondering why they are cheering an attempted murderer, but the crowd knows better than that. Caine finally ignores them and climbs, getting to the top. He aims himself carefully, balancing perfectly up on the ropes, then leaps, going for the Sugar Caine!!! But at the last second, Dangerous Dan rolls painfully out of range, with Caine crashing down on his own!! Caine bounces on the mat, his legs killing him, while Dan takes the chance to recuperate.*

Logan: A huge mistake by Caine, taking just a little too much time to go for his finisher!

Jones: There’s a reason that Dangerous Dan is a two-time Television Champion. He knows when to dodge!

*Sampson is pacing nervously outside the ring, waiting, as Caine is the first to get back to his feet. He drags himself over to Dangerous Dan, but Dan is recovered enough to kick out. Even as Caine catches the foot, Dan slips into the second movement, landing the enziguiri kick! Caine falls to his hands and knees, stunned, as Dan hops over him, rolling him up! Rockwell drops… 1… 2… Caine barely kicks free! Both men get back up, with Dangerous Dan having reached his second wind. He grabs Caine by the head and spins him to the mat with a neckbreaker, then pulls himself on top again… 1… 2… Caine again gets a shoulder up. The TV Champion responds by pulling his adversary up to his feet, whipping him into the corner. Caine hits, as Dan charges in after him. Caine grabs at the ropes, pulling himself out of the way of Dan’s charge, but Dan puts on the brakes as well, keeping from any damage. As Caine turns towards him, Dan snaps off a sidekick, knocking Caine to his back!*

Logan: The champion has come roaring back!

Jones: He’s got Caine reeling right now, not the position you want to be in this late in the match!

*Dangerous Dan sags on the ropes for a second, his exertion starting to catch up to him. But the fans cheer him on, so Dan moves to the ropes, then starts climbing, going up the turnbuckle! Meanwhile, referee Rockwell checks on Caine, who reaches up, grabbing Rockwell by the shirt!! The referee struggles to get free, even as Caine uses him as leverage to get himself up! While this is going on, Dangerous Dan reaches the top of the turnbuckle and waits, looking for a clear target. Caine and Rockwell get untangled, but meanwhile, Caine’s manager, Sampson, is up on the apron! He comes forward, surprising Dan by pushing him from behind, sending Dan flipping into the ring!! Dan lands on his back once more, yelling out from the impact. Caine, seeing him hit, starts to move towards him. What he doesn’t know, though, is that Rockwell turned around just in time! He signals to the timekeeper, waving off the match as the bell begins to ring!!*

Minos: The referee has ruled that, due to outside interference, Scott Caine has been disqualified! Therefore, your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!!

Logan: Oh, man, Sampson just cost his man the match!

Jones: He thought that Rockwell was too busy to see it, but he took a second too long to make his move.

Logan: Just when this match was getting good, too!

*Caine pleads his case to referee Rockwell, who isn’t in the mood to hear it. The ref turns and leaves the ring, leaving Caine to look over at Dangerous Dan, who now has the Television Title back in his grasp. Dan holds onto the ropes, raising the belt in the air for the cheering fans. This is too much for Caine, though, as he runs forward, hitting the champion from behind!! The cheers quickly turn to boos, with Caine picking up the Television Title, positioning it on his arm, and coming forward, ramming it into Dan’s skull!!*

Jones: Caine’s temper is erupting again!!

Logan: Jesus, we need security down here!

*With Dangerous Dan on the ground, Caine carries the Television Title in his hands, looking at it. He looks furious. Sampson tries to come in, apologizing, but Caine steps towards him, causing the diminutive manager to hurry away. Caine then turns back, stomping away on the unprotected champion, trying to do as much damage as possible!*

Logan: I can’t believe that Caine has fallen so far as to be doing this!

Jones: Wait, help is on the way, Anthony!

*The fans start cheering as Robert “The Sensai” Santana suddenly appears, jogging towards the ring! He slides in, coming towards Caine, who, in his rage, turns to meet the threat. Santana answers first, though, snapping off a kick to the side that sends Caine staggering back. Caine ducks another kick, then chooses to slide out of the ring, still carrying the GCWA Television Title! He and Sampson get together, moving out, while Santana checks on Dangerous Dan’s condition.*

Jones: Thank goodness that Santana was nearby and willing to help out! This could have been a lot worse!

Logan: Yeah, but in case you didn’t notice, Jonesy, Caine is stealing the Television Title! He didn’t earn that!

Jones: I guess, in his mind, he feels that he did, Anthony!

*Santana helps Dangerous Dan sit up, although the champion seems reluctant to accept the aid from a man he has fought several times for the belt. Santana backs off, allowing Dan to get himself up. Dan then looks towards the entry ramp, where he can see Caine lifting the TV Title in the air, taunting Dan with it while the crowd shows their displeasure. However, the fans soon change their tune, confusing Caine, who looks around at them. Sampson, meanwhile, figures it out and turns around, rapidly tapping Caine on the shoulder. As Caine turns, still thrown off, he gets hit with a big boot to the head, sending him falling down the ramp!!! Sampson dives for cover, even as “The Cowboy From Hell” Ace Aldridge looks down at the man, shaking his head.*

Logan: Aldridge just clobbered Caine!

Jones: Well, the President DID say that Aldridge was going to get a shot at the Television Title. I guess he wanted to ensure that the belt stayed with Dangerous Dan!

*With Caine being helped away by his manager, Aldridge reaches down, picking up the belt. He considers it for a second, as if wondering what he should do with it, but ultimately he makes the call to hand it to a ring attendant, telling him to return it to its rightful owner. Aldridge then walks away, while Dangerous Dan goes to get his gold back. Santana has already left the ring, taking a close look at the belt, ‘his’ belt, while it goes past him. Dan retrieves the gold, holding it tightly, while three other men at different places in the arena watch him with it. We fade to a commercial break.*

*As we come back from the break, loud arguing can be heard coming from the Accelerator’s office. It is echoing down the hall, showing that it’s an intense discussion between two people, a man and a woman. Finally, the arguing stops, and after a few seconds, the door opens. Marie Danger walks out, apparently having gotten what she wanted. She goes off to find her son, Harvey, while the Accelerator, looking out after her, rubs his aching head, then slams the door shut again. We return to ringside.*

Logan: Wow. What was all that about?

Jones: I’m betting it has something to do with Harvey Danger not having a tag-team partner yet for Crescendo, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, I hear people have been staying away in droves. Danger has approached nearly everyone, yet, with even a piece of the Tag-Team Titles on the line, no one’s been willing to deal with Marie.

Jones: Maybe Marie worked out some kind of deal with the President?

Logan: That’s possible. I guess we may find out later, Jonesy. For now, let’s get to our next match, and it’s a doozy!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has been given a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion and is looking for a high-profile victory tonight, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 411 lbs, here is The Big Bifford!

*”Gangsta’s Paradise” begins, with the audience immediately on their feet to cheer for the off-beat wrestler. The Big Bifford walks out, grinning at the reaction. Surprisingly, he’s alone, with no sign of Martin Ka’Berryon to be seen. This doesn’t stop the Big Bifford from confidently making his way down.*

Jones: We haven’t seen much of the Big Bifford since his match at Capital Punishment. There were rumors of food poisoning, although, given Bifford’s way with food, I find that difficult to believe.

Logan: Yeah, it could have been just a made-up rumor. But what matters is that he’s here tonight in a very big match, pitting two men against each other for the very first time!

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion and a former GCWA Intercontinental Champion, and will be getting a chance at Crescendo to add to his list of accomplishments, standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*Ka’Derrion walks out sans referee outfit for his match, with “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park playing behind him. The fans are cheering wildly for the former World Champion, having enjoyed what happened earlier in the night.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion really helped pull a fast one on our World Champion, Tommy Crimson, earlier in the night.

Logan: Yeah, but now it’s not about the referee, it’s about who will survive out of this match. I mean, let’s face it, we’ve got two potential Hall of Famers going at it here today! Why wasn’t this saved for a PPV again?

Jones: Unknown, Anthony. Let’s just enjoy it for now while we can.

Logan: Amen, brother.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Ka’Derrion and the Big Bifford meet in the center of the ring, exchanging a quick fist bump of respect before going at it. Bifford signals for the lock-up, raising up his arms, while Ka’Derrion, having only half of Bifford’s body weight, seems reluctant. He backs away, raising his arms like a boxer. Bifford, meanwhile, drops his, looking confused, since he believes that everyone wants to lock up to begin a match. Bifford shrugs and comes towards Ka’Derrion, putting up his own guard. He slowly backs Ka’Derrion into a corner, cutting off his lines of escape. Ka’Derrion jumps forward, looking to slip around the behemoth, but Bifford manages to grab him and throws him back into the ‘buckles. Ka’Derrion winces, as Bifford steps forward, throwing a hard right hand. Ka’Derrion, though, manages to block it, then starts firing several shots of his own, staggering the big man! With Bifford moving backwards, Ka’Derrion runs to the ropes and comes back, shooting forward with a shoulder block… and Ka’Derrion topples backwards, having not moved Bifford at all!*

Logan: That Bifford is as solid as they come. A lot of the supposed ‘fat’ this guy carries around is more like muscle, making it hard to take him off his feet.

Jones: Ka’Derrion definitely needs to come up with a winning strategy. Throwing yourself at your opponent? It won’t work very well in this one.

*Ka’Derrion is already back on his feet, moving around the ring quickly. He knows that speed is the best weapon to use against a man like the Big Bifford. He runs towards Bifford, but then cuts to the right, avoiding his attempted shot. Ka’Derrion then goes off the ropes and returns, aiming a precise dropkick to Bifford’s leg! Bifford drops to a knee, but isn’t completely down. Of course, Ka’Derrion hasn’t stopped moving, either, as he gets up and races against the ropes and back, jumping up and landing his legs onto Bifford’s shoulders, shoving him down to the mat! With Bifford down, Ka’Derrion immediately grabs for his arms, looking to try for a submission hold. However, he can’t quite get his grip around Bifford’s massive arms, which allows Bifford to suddenly shove backwards, throwing Ka’Derrion off-balance. Bifford then stands, basically lifting Ka’Derrion up in a piggy-back position!*

Logan: That is NOT where Ka’Derrion wants to be right now!

Jones: It’s amazing how strong the Big Bifford really is! He lifted Ka’Derrion like he weighed nothing!

*Ka’Derrion is trying to make the best of things, twisting around and applying a sleeper to the big man. But Bifford isn’t even slowed down, as he drags himself backwards, slamming himself into the corner and partially crushing Ka’Derrion! Bifford gets released, so he steps forward, taking a moment to cough out the trouble in his throat. He turns back, prepared to smash Ka’Derrion, but the former World Champion has climbed up onto the turnbuckle and flies off, going for a missile dropkick!! It connects, with the Big Bifford falling back to a seated position from the impact. Marcus gets himself back up, using the ropes, while Bifford, already trying to shake off the shot, starts working his way up. Marcus, seeing it, shakes his head in amazement, then comes back, diving at Bifford with a splash. But the big man catches Marcus, then throws him overhead with a fallaway slam, sending Ka’Derrion sliding to the edge of the apron!*

Logan: What a toss! Bifford and Ka’Derrion are stale-mated so far in this one!

Jones: It’s about what you would expect, Anthony! These are two of the best in the business!

Logan: Hey, hold on, Jonesy. There’s that grape-wearing fool, Ka’Berryon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him run like that before.

*As the Big Bifford pulls himself up, ready to continue fighting, Martin Ka’Berryon is there, jumping up on the apron. He can’t quite fit through the ropes easily with the grapes costume, so he yells to Bifford instead, grabbing his attention. Bifford tries to wave him off, saying that he’s busy, but Martin clearly yells “It’s Ludwig!”, causing Bifford to look back again. Bifford hurries over, discussing with Martin, then turns and leaves the ring! The referee, Trixie, looks on, confused, as Bifford and Martin head up the rampway! Ka’Derrion comes over as well, stretching out a kink in his arm and trying to figure out what’s going on.*

Jones: Where’s the Big Bifford going? Is he leaving in the middle of a match??

Logan: Well, I heard something about Ludwig, his pet seal. I wonder if something’s gone wrong with the little fella?

Jones: Little? Have you see him after he’s eaten so much Cocoa Puffs? I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor thing is having a heart attack.

Logan: Well, let’s hope it’s not that serious. I mean, it IS a little suspicious that this is happening during the match, when Bifford’s fighting Martin Ka’Berryon’s favorite wrestler.

Jones: You think the grape guy is staging this?

Logan: I don’t have enough evidence either way to judge. All I know is that Bifford is about to be counted out.

*The referee, Trixie, starts to make the ten count, but Marcus Ka’Derrion quickly interrupts her, saying he doesn’t want it that way. Trixie has no choice, though, shrugging her shoulders at the former World Champ. Ka’Derrion jumps out of the ring and runs up the ramp, chasing after Bifford. Trixie tries to get him back, but then, with no choice, begins the ten count again. The fans boo letting the ref know they are not happy with her decision. She obviously doesn’t know what else to do as she continues, reaching five and not stopping… six… seven…. eight… some of the fans actually count along until ten…. Trixie calls for the bell and it rings. She goes to have a quick word with Minos but he, and pretty much everyone else, knows what’s coming.*

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen the ref has unfortunately declared this match a double count out.

*The crowd boo loudly and some begin a “You Suck Ref!” Chant, which clearly makes Trixie unhappy. It’s not the usual reaction to her.*

Jones: Man, what a strange ending to this one! I thought Ka’Derrion was going to bring Bifford back!

Logan: Apparently he couldn’t find him quickly enough… wait, something’s…. ok, we need to cut away to the back.

*Our view quickly changes to the back, and we are surprised to see Marcus Ka’Derrion laying on the floor, getting stomped on by the Roman Empire!!! *

Logan: Marcus got ambushed!!!

Jones: Looks like revenge came a lot sooner than he expected!!

*Mathis picks up Marcus and holds him for both Crimson and Lurrr who take turns punching, kicking and elbowing Marcus until a hand full of refs and security guards arrive. Crimson and Lurrr fight them off until they see Titan 3 and Dynamic Dynamite running down the hall. Mathis quickly pulls back on the head of Marcus and drops him with a reversed DDT on the hard floor before making an exit with Lurrr and Crimson. Dynamite and Titan 3 check on Marcus as they watch The Roman Empire head out, happy with the job they have done. *

Jones: Damnit, Marcus just got laid out!

Logan: After what he did to Crimson earlier? Hell, I’m not that surprised, dude. There are some seriously bad vibes between those two, and I’m sure Lurrr and Mathis are just as happy to see Ka’Derrion get beaten down!

*The footage continues to roll of Ka’Derrion being checked on by security. A medic arrives, but Ka’Derrion shoves him away, not wanting his help. He is trying to stand, with a helping hand from Titan 3. Dynamic Dynamite, meanwhile, steps back, smirking. Apparently he’s enjoying what he’s seeing now that he’s allowed to hang around backstage at GCWA events. Marcus starts to move away under his own power, despite the pain he’s feeling, as we cut away to commercial.*

*We come back from the commercials to the GCWA Arena, where Jones and Logan are ready for the final match.*

Jones: So far, it’s been a pretty good night, action-wise, as we’ve had several competitive bouts.

Logan: We’ve also had a lot more done setting up Crescendo, which is gonna be great!

Jones: I know I’m looking forward to it. We do have a quick medical update of sorts for you guys. Apparently Marcus is doing alright, as security got there quickly enough to prevent any significant injuries. Of course, it’s hard to tell that when Ka’Derrion doesn’t want medical attention, but that’s what they’re going with.

Logan: Good. I’d hate for our PPV main event to be ruined. Crimson/Ka’Derrion has turned into a very surprising match-up indeed!

Jones: Yes, it is… hmmm….

Logan: What’s wrong, Jonesy? What did that attendant just hand you?

Jones: Well, Anthony… it’s a match announcement for the PPV. It’s about the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles…

Logan: Y’see? I knew Marie had worked something out with the President. So who’s it going to be? Oh, please, tell me that witch isn’t going to be wrestling!

Jones: Nope. Not her.

Logan: So who is it? *gulp* Not me, is it?

Jones: Not you either, Anthony. It’s going to be D & D vs. Harvey Danger…. and the Accelerator!

Logan: WHA? Ace is going to be wrestling Sunday night?? How the hell did Marie talk him into that??

Jones: I’m sure it had something to do with the way she was yelling at him. No one can dish out guilt more than that woman!

Logan: Holy crap, so that means that Ace is going to be helping Danger defend the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles!! Shocking!!

Jones: That’s going to be on GCWA Crescendo! Order now! However, we’ve still got our… main event… tonight… ok, looks like they’re starting without us.

*‘Cocky’ by Kid Rock begins to play as we know this means only one thing, the crowd immediately boos and out comes the leader of The Roman Empire, Lurrr. He is followed by the Rick Mathis. They both don’t seem like they have come out to the ring to promote any type of Performance Enhancing activities especially after their encounters with the Media at the site of the Major League Baseball All-Star game this past week. As Lurrr is coming out he sees a young child holding a sign that shows a picture of the Steve Wilson pin that lost him the X-Division Title last week. Lurrr stops, looks at the kid, shakes his head and then rips the sign out his hand tearing it up into several pieces in front of the kid. He then throws the torn up sign out back into the crowd with the crowd taunting the former X-Division Champion. Both men finally arrive to the ring and Lurrr pushes Minos out of the way and takes the mic out of his hand.*

Lurrr: You know I have been in this company for almost seven months now and I truly believe I have given our owner some of the best highlights in the GCWA history. I feel that I have made millions of dollars in revenue product for our owner since I have been here. Hell I single handedly made the X-Division what it is today, a division that any wrestler would be proud to be a part of. But the fact of the matter is that I was screwed out of retaining the X-Division Title last week and I want some redemption. And a Intercontinental Title match against The Lost Soul is not going to be good enough.

*The crowd boos as the camera shows a young boy with his face painted in honor of his favorite wrestler The Lost Soul.*

Lurrr: Let’s face the facts, I am tired of playing trick or treat games with a guy who paints his face like a comic book character. It is flat out embarrassing, very boring, and really not appealing to a man who has brought all the fame and fortune to this company. Rumors in the back are circulating that I am going to be passed over once again this month when it comes to a World Title opportunity. I don’t care who the champion is right now, my opportunity has been long overdue. I have sat back in the wings and waited long enough to see some guys embarrass themselves in their World Title runs. I mean for god’s sake, some of these guys can’t even keep a title for a month.

*Lurrr reaches in his pocket and pulls out a small piece of paper. This piece of paper looks like a document of some kind. Lurrr begins to unfold the document and when finished he holds the document in front of him.*

Lurrr: I am going to read a small clause that I had in my contract when I signed with the GCWA this past December. And I read this word from word…. “In signing this official GCWA document Lurrr and the GCWA agree that he will be given every opportunity to be involved with the top talent, title, and storyline while under contract with the GCWA.” What I just read to you was a guarantee that I would be headlining the big events, fighting the best that the GCWA had to offer, and being involved with the biggest storylines while I was here. This contract is in serious trouble due to the fact that I feel this contract has breached the agreement that our owner signed off on. Yes, I have been the X-Division champion for much of its inception since January, yes I have Main Evented many Friday Night Inferno’s just like tonight, but what about the big enchilada, the World Title. Let’s look back at this, I thrown into an 8 person tourney to see who could come out on top. I was then given another opportunity in a Four-Way Match. But the bottom-line is the owner of the company has refused to give me a one on one match for the most prized possession in our business today. Of course he did throw me in a one on one match against Marcus Ka’Derrion last month but it was a Non-Title match. He used this gimmick and his best talent, being me not Marcus, to shoot his ratings up. And guess what happen, the better man came out on top, but was not awarded the World Title because the owner has not agreed to give me one. You know I should throw this contract down and piss all over it, walk out and kiss you white trash inbred SOB’s good-bye.

*The crowd erupts in hopes that the most hated man in the GCWA may very well be out the door.*

Lurrr: But you see that would be too easy, that would be too easy on you, too easy on the owner of this company, and too easy on the rest of the GCWA roster. Tonight I go toe to toe with a clown who hasn’t beat me in his career. After tonight I expect to hear something from our boss regarding this contract breach as well as contact from my attorney’s and maybe even some of my ‘family.’ Have a nice night boss!!!

*The crowd continues to spew its hatred towards Lurrr, who takes it in like he always does: with a smile. We go back to the announcers.*

Logan: The dude’s a slimeball, there’s no doubt about that.

Jones: I hate to admit it, Anthony, but Lurrr might have a point. He’s a former World Champion and yet he’s never gotten a one-on-one World Title match through 7 months?

Logan: Hey, if he would have beaten Shane Donovan back in the day, he would have moved on in the tournament. He had a title shot in the “Fatal Fourway” Match. He’s won the X Division Title twice and has an IC shot tonight. I don’t see much room for complaining.

Jones: I’m just being the devil’s advocate, Anthony. You have to admit it’s strange that he hasn’t gone one-on-one with Marcus Ka’Derrion for the belt, especially considering that Lurrr holds the first victory over Ka’Derrion in the GCWA.

Logan: Yeah, well, we’ll let the lawyers fight over that one. Tonight is about a different title.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship!! Already standing in the ring, he is a former 2-time GCWA X Division Champion, representing the Roman Empire with his partner, Rick Mathis, he stands 6’5” and weighs in at 235 lbs, here is Lurrr!

*Lurrr keeps his arms down in the corner, chatting with Mathis, while the crowd gets in a fresh round of boos at his expense. A fan wearing an old-school “PIC” shirt from the ICWF days is shown, making the ‘thumbs down’ gesture.*

Jones: Lurrr was spotted this week with Mathis, enjoying the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

Logan: I heard he was there for other reasons, though, Jonesy. Something to do with illegal steroids and other such drugs?

Jones: I’ve heard that, too, but honestly, Lurrr running drugs? Why on earth would he need more money? No, there’s more to the story there.

Logan: You mean like his ties to that mobster, Lombardi? Yep, there’s definitely something there.

Minos: And now, introducing the referee for this contest. He has already made a sizable impact on the GCWA since appearing here last month, standing 6’2” and weighing 220 lbs, from Charleston, West Virginia, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, Steve Wilson!

*As “Hero” by Skillet plays, Steve Wilson walks out of the back, wearing a referee shirt. He’s also bringing the X Division Title with him, wrapped around his waist. He approaches the ring, taking a second to pretend-polish the belt when he knows Mathis & Lurrr are watching.*

Jones: Wilson hit it big last week, when, thanks in part to The Lost Soul’s distraction, Wilson got the X Division Title from Lurrr.

Logan: Y’know, people keep mentioning the distraction, but they keep forgetting that the first distraction was when The Lost Soul’s music played, causing Wilson to leave himself open, which Lurrr took advantage of.

Jones: That’s true, Anthony, but that distraction didn’t cost Wilson the match.

Logan: It could have, if The Lost Soul hadn’t distracted Lurrr as well. Wilson’s going to be the most interesting thing about this match, as I want to see where his loyalties seem to lean.

Minos: And now, our final wrestler… he finally found what he was looking for at Capital Punishment, and seeks to defend it here tonight… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from Parts Unknown, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

*The crowd sends their love out to the veteran, glad he got himself some gold in the GCWA. The Lost Soul comes out to his Friday the 13th Theme, with the Intercontinental Title tucked firmly around his waist. He does not look like he is treating things any differently, though, as he walks down to the ring.*

Jones: I heard The Lost Soul was busy this week helping to search for a missing girl.

Logan: Yeah? Did he find her?

Jones: I think the search is still ongoing.

Logan: Ahh. Well, best of luck, TLS! The man has a gift for searching things out, Jonesy.

Jones: Then he’d better start searching out a way to win with both Lurrr and Wilson waiting for him in the ring.

*Wilson looks at The Lost Soul as he enters, each taking note of the other’s title. Both take off their belts at the same time, with Wilson taking the belt from The Lost Soul and holding both. He hands them over the ropes (reluctantly), then turns back and signals.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Time to decide our main event winner!

Logan: Last week, we had three separate title changes! Are we going to have one more here tonight?

*Wilson steps back, staying out of the way, as Lurrr and The Lost Soul meet up in the center of the ring. Lurrr looks back at Mathis, smirking. This proves to be a mistake, as The Lost Soul immediately kicks out, catching the unsuspecting Lurrr in the stomach and bending him over. The Lost Soul follows that up with a DDT, spiking Lurrr on the canvas! Mathis is in shock as The Lost Soul rolls Lurrr over and quickly goes for a pinfall victory. Wilson, a little surprised at how quick that all was, recovers and jumps in, sliding to a stop to make the count… 1…. 2…. and Lurrr kicks out. The Lost Soul seems to look at Wilson, wondering why the slow reaction, but then goes back to work, pulling up the leader of the Roman Empire and pushing him into the corner, punching away at him. The fans are loving every minute of it.*

Logan: That would have been totally shocking, if The Lost Soul would have gotten a pin that quickly on the former X Division Champion!

Jones: Well, you know that Lurrr has several wins over The Lost Soul during their time here. I’m sure he was thinking it wouldn’t be that difficult. But he’s facing a new TLS now, one that has been recharged and been on a tremendous winning streak.

Logan: Yeah, Lurrr better get himself focused fast. The match can end just that quickly if you’re not careful.

*Ever the brawler, The Lost Soul continues to pound on Lurrr in the corner, even with Lurrr’s hands under the ropes. Technically, referee Wilson should be doing something about it, but he is staying out of the way, content to let the two men beat each other senseless. The Lost Soul drags Lurrr out of the corner, setting him up for a suplex. He lifts, no, Lurrr blocks it, then frees himself with an uppercut. The Lost Soul steps back, stunned, so Lurrr follows that up with a running tackle, taking TLS to the mat! Now it’s Lurrr’s turn to start slugging away on the champion, with Wilson once again not getting involved. Lurrr, noticing this, grins and applies a blatant choke-hold, wrapping his hands around The Lost Soul’s throat! Wilson sees it and starts to act, then thinks better of it, waiting to see what happens.*

Jones: Uh, Wilson, I know you’re new to the ref game, but that’s pretty obviously an illegal act!

Logan: Wilson’s sure playing this one fast and loose. I wonder if it’s because he’ll be facing both of these guys in a week’s time?

Jones: That’s true, Anthony. If something happens in this match to injure one of his opponents and make his job easier at Crescendo, then why should he do anything?

*After a few more seconds pass, Wilson finally comes forward, sending a warning Lurrr’s way. Having already done some damage, Lurrr is more than willing to drop the ‘hold’. He brings The Lost Soul up, the face-painted man gasping for air through his abused windpipe. Lurrr, though, isn’t through with him, as he grabs TLS’ neck and drops him with a stunner, adding to the damage! The Lost Soul tumbles to his back, with Lurrr cockily strutting for a second, in full control. He comes over to make the pinfall, grabbing the Intercontinental Champion’s legs. Wilson moves into position… 1…. 2…. and The Lost Soul kicks free. Lurrr looks over at Wilson due to the slow count, but Wilson just shrugs, keeping it even for both men.*

Logan: It’s going to take a lot of abuse to put either one of these men down for long. Of course, it’s going to be even longer if Wilson sticks to that slow count he’s using.

Jones: At least it’s uniform for both, Anthony. He’s not playing favorites. He just doesn’t want it to be easy for either man.

Logan: Good thing we have a lot of time left in the show, huh?

*Lurrr has The Lost Soul back on his feet, hammering him with a few shots to the chest. Lurrr then kicks at TLS, getting him to bend over so that Lurrr can get him positioned for a piledriver. He lifts, but The Lost Soul blocks it. Lurrr tries again, wanting to land the move, but this time when TLS blocks it, he shifts his weight as well, allowing him to flip Lurrr over top of him! Lurrr, amazingly athletic, turns the move into a sunset flip, trying to bring TLS over. But The Lost Soul is too quick, dropping his weight onto Lurrr’s chest for a pin attempt! Wilson’s right there… 1…. 2…. and Lurrr kicks with his legs, wrapping them around The Lost Soul’s shoulders and pulling him backwards into a different pinning combination! Wilson slides further down… 1…. 2…. TLS barely manages to kick out in time! Both men get back up, splitting away from each other, then both turn to charge at the same time, getting a double clothesline!!! Both men are down, as Wilson checks to make sure neither landed on top of the other. Wilson then starts a 10 count, taking it as slowly as possible.*

Logan: Whoever recovers first here is in the driver’s seat!

Jones: You’re assuming one of them is going to recover, Anthony. That was a hard hit they both took.

Logan: Are you kidding? Do you know the outrage we would face if we had a second match with a double countout tonight?

Jones: Good point. C’mon, guys, someone get up!

*Both men are over onto their stomachs now, as Wilson continues to slowly count. Wilson looks bored, really, but he’s still doing the job he was contracted to do. The Lost Soul reaches the ropes on one side and starts to get up, shaky but moving. Lurrr, though, makes it first, turning and seeing his opponent on the rise. He comes in, trying for the Wake Up Call!!! But The Lost Soul ducks out of the way, causing Lurrr to straddle the ring ropes instead!! Lurrr hangs there, groaning, even as TLS returns. He grabs the ropes and shakes them, making Lurrr ride a little bit before the challenger falls back, luckily, into the ring. Before Lurrr can recover any more, TLS moves in, double-underhooking him and lifting Lurrr into the air with a great show of strength, delivering a double-underhook powerbomb!! After a second or two to recover, The Lost Soul rolls over, making the pin attempt… 1…. 2…. No! Lurrr manages to kick free!*

Logan: I thought that move might work, but Lurrr’s got a lot of resiliency for a veteran.

Jones: Well, so does The Lost Soul. And the longer this match goes, I would think the more it favors TLS.

Logan: Why do you figure that? Lurrr’s fought in some epic battles in the past.

Jones: Yes, but The Lost Soul isn’t human.

Logan: Sheesh.

*The Lost Soul brings Lurrr up, stepping behind him and getting an arm wrapped around the man’s throat. He proceeds to continue to up the pressure, cutting off the oxygen to Lurrr’s brain. Mathis, on the outside, protests to the referee that it’s an illegal act. Wilson chuckles, probably remembering that Mathis didn’t complain when Lurrr was doing something similar. However, Wilson then steps forward, warning The Lost Soul to release the hold. TLS doesn’t, as Lurrr is gasping. The challenger manages to reach the ropes, trying to hang on, as TLS continues the pressure. Finally, Wilson has had enough, as he ‘taps’ TLS on the back. The Lost Soul drops Wilson, then turns around, with Wilson getting in his face, warning him that he’ll throw the match out. The Lost Soul shrugs, acting like he doesn’t care, since he’ll retain the belt that way. Wilson, though, knows that it isn’t true. He watches as The Lost Soul pulls Lurrr back to his feet, picking him up and getting a backbreaker across his knee! Lurrr falls to the ground, with TLS leaning over him for the pin… 1…. 2…. but Lurrr still refuses to stay down.*

Jones: Do you sense some tension between Wilson and The Lost Soul?

Logan: I believe the duo had a history of sorts in another federation, which in part explains why The Lost Soul came out to Wilson’s match last week.

Jones: Well, they’re building up that history some more, especially with a two-title match coming up at Crescendo.

*The Lost Soul argues briefly with Wilson about the count, but Wilson’s not budging. So The Lost Soul decides to try a new tactic. He grabs Lurrr’s legs and pulls him towards the center of the ring, dragging him. TLS then grabs Lurrr’s legs and points at Wilson, signaling that he’s going to apply Wilson’s own submission hold, the Texas Cloverleaf! The Lost Soul steps into it… and Lurrr strikes with a series of punches from the ground, knocking TLS back off of him! Lurrr lays on the mat, recovering, while The Lost Soul grabs at the ropes to steady himself. He comes back, but Lurrr kips up, surprising the Intercontinental Champion! He grabs TLS and lifts him over with a belly-to-belly suplex! The challenger crawls over and makes the cover, with Wilson close by already… 1…. 2…. No! The Lost Soul fights free!*

Logan: The close falls keep coming! Man, we’ve got two worthy contenders here, don’t we?

Jones: We sure do, Anthony, and it’s great to see them going against each other. Of course, throw Wilson into the mix, and you’ve got an even greater concoction!

Logan: Yeah, yeah, that’s in the future. Right now, I wanna know who’s got enough left to get the win tonight!

*Lurrr is breathing pretty heavily, as he struggles to get back up. Mathis shouts some encouragement from the outside, rooting on his boss. Lurrr throws his head back to get the hair out of his face, then goes off the ropes and comes back, attempting a legdrop. The Lost Soul sits up to avoid it, though, and as Lurrr tries to recover from the miss, TLS strikes with a sharp kick to the chest! Lurrr’s flat on his back, with The Lost Soul leaning over, blown up by the intensity of the match. He leans down, pulling Lurrr up, and starts to drag the contender towards the turnbuckle, preparing to set him up for the Soul Buster! The fans are cheering as TLS goes to lift Lurrr… and Lurrr uses both hands to rake The Lost Soul’s eyes, blinding him!! TLS drops back to the ropes, his vision now damaged, as Lurrr steps off of the ‘buckle. Wilson, annoyed, comes in and talks to Lurrr, apparently wanting the match to be finished. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, blinks his eyes, trying to clear them. Lurrr speaks to Wilson, arguing with him. TLS hears it and spins, diving forward with a clothesline! Unfortunately, the wrong person gets hit, as Wilson gets knocked to the ground!!*

Logan: Holy crap, what the hell is wrong with those ref shirts, are they cursed or something?

Jones: Wilson takes himself a bump! I don’t think The Lost Soul meant to hit it, but he definitely got a good shot in!

*The Lost Soul clears his vision, noticing for the first time that referee Wilson is the one on the ground. He turns, as Lurrr comes in, swinging. But The Lost Soul ducks the punch, grabbing Lurrr and hip tossing him away! Lurrr struggles to get up in the corner, as TLS rushes in, splashing him!! Lurrr slumps, hurting, as The Lost Soul prepares to lift him up. However, this all changes when Rick Mathis comes into the ring behind him! Mathis grabs TLS from behind, lifting him off the ground with a lock around his throat!! TLS kicks his feet, trying to get free. He reaches out behind him, scratching at Mathis’ face, causing him to release the hold. TLS then turns around and gives Mathis a jawbreaker, staggering the big man back. He gets to the ropes, so The Lost Soul charges him, clotheslining Mathis over the top rope!! Mathis flips over, managing to land on his feet, but he’s still stunned as The Lost Soul turns back to Lurrr… who smashes TLS with the Wake Up Call!!! The Lost Soul falls backwards to the mat, with Lurrr dropping next to him. Nearby, Wilson, who has been trying to shake off the impact he took, turns to see Lurrr making the pin. He comes over to make the count, as is his duty… 1…. 2…. 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr!

Logan: Damnit! The Roman Empire did it to us again!!

Jones: That’s two titles for the Empire! Thanks to a misstep from The Lost Soul, Lurrr has gotten himself a title to replace the belt that Wilson got from him!

Logan: The Lost Soul was so close, too! Damn that Rick Mathis!

Jones: The good news is, he won’t be able to get into the cage at Crescendo. Maybe things will even out better there. It’s been a crazy night, and we’re out of time, people! We’ll see you in Denver for Crescendo!!

*Lurrr rolls to the outside, making sure to collect the Intercontinental Title, as Wilson checks on The Lost Soul. TLS knocks Wilson’s hand away, showing no love lost there. Wilson backs away, then looks to the outside at Lurrr, who is already heading away, mission accomplished. Lurrr and Mathis are met by Tommy Crimson, who is proudly wearing the World Title. The Empire begins to celebrate, while Wilson continues to watch… not knowing that a fuming Lost Soul is standing behind him! TLS spins Wilson around, going nose-to-nose with him. The two men stare each other down, apparently ready to go at it. This, unfortunately, is when the television time runs out, as the picture slowly fades to the credits.*

OOC: Alright, guys, we are now heading towards Crescendo!! Sure, it's only a four match card, but that's because they're some big matches *lol*. Thanks again to the contributors this week to the segments of the card. I do need to say, though, that I wouldn't mind seeing some more segments coming in each week. I think some of you guys have come to rely on Will, Biff, and others always sending stuff in. On weeks like this, when they are unable to, it puts a lot more work on my shoulders. Never be afraid to ask me about a segment you might want your guy to be in. After all, it'll make him that much more relevant (and might get you a high mark on Bobby's Weekly Power Rankings).

Here's the PPV Card:

- Dangerous Dan(c) vs. "The Cowboy From Hell" Ace Aldridge vs. Scott Caine vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana, Fatal Fourway Elimination Match For The GCWA Television Title

- Harvey Danger & The Accelerator(c) vs. D & D, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match

- Steve Wilson(c) vs. Lurrr(c) vs. The Lost Soul, Three-Way Hardcore Xscape Match for the GCWA Intercontinental & X Division Titles. (First man out wins their pick of titles, second man gets the other belt)

- Tommy Crimson(c) vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, July 17th, to Thursday, July 23rd, giving you 7 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!